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1. Google Bike Directions

Launched in March, Google Maps provided a new interface for cyclists called "Bike Directions." The utility allows riders to plan routes on more bike-friendly roads and trails, which are now mapped as well.

In November, Google also began mapping Canadian trails.

2. Clark County Closes Trails

Last November Clark County Parks shut down parks and facilities which included two multi-use trails: The Little Miami & Prairie Grass Trails.

Initial attempts by volunteers to help keep the trails open were rebuffed by park officials.

3. AAA Calls For Rescinding Trail Funding

2010 proved a dubious year regarding trail funding. While the 'Complete Streets' movement was gaining momentum, bad economic times had some calling for cutting off all trail funding and returning to the archaic model of old.

"...The president of AAA Mid-Atlantic recently advocated for the elimination of existing federal dollars that help build bicycle and pedestrian trails and sidewalks. These funds have helped create more than 19,000 miles of trails, walking and bicycling facilities across the country—likely including your favorite nearby trail." more...

4. GOBA Cyclist Killed

"...The 57-year-old woman was killed when the driver of a pickup truck failed to respond to a police officer directing traffic at an intersection one the first day's ride. The Columbus Dispatch reports the driver swerved but struck Kazlausky. Police said that the brakes on the pickup truck might have malfunctioned, but are still investingating." more...

5. Huron River Greenway Reopens

"...Erie MetroParks officials said recent court decisions in the park district's favor have spurred them to open the entire trail, which traverses a former railroad path running parallel to the Huron River." more...

6. Assaults / Robbery Along Alum Creek Trail

Since we only managed to find this news in the Yay Bikes! forum, we question how widely these disturbing incidents were ever reported in the media.

"... My husband was pulled off his bike [July 29th] and beaten by two guys hanging around the bike path just north of Livingston at the Alum Creek intersection. African-American males late teens to mid-20’s; one was lounging on the path maybe smoking a cigarette and the other guy moved off the path as he came thru and then knocked into him pushing him over.

"They did not take his bike or anything else – just beat on him. Someone going by continued on but then called 911 – by the time the 6 cop cars came the guys were gone (into the woods there probably as people coming from the direction they went didn’t see them on the trail.)"

"It sounds like this is not the first time there has been some incident in that dark little section of the woods." more...

7. Trail Volunteers Continue To Respond

"Friends of the Little Miami State Park, a non-profit, has set up work crews to clean the popular bike trail that runs from Newtown in the south, then north through Warren County and up to Xenia and Springfield.

"The Friends group formed a year and a half ago to help maintain the trail and eliminate safety hazards that have cropped up because of cuts in state funds. The group has since paved 11 bridges along the trail south of Morrow, and repaired dozens of broken asphalt patches, but they insist more work needs to be done. more...

8. Dayton Earns Bronze

"Dayton is joining Columbus as the only cities in Ohio to be designated as “bike friendly.” The League of American Bicyclists today, May 1, will give Dayton and 15 cities across the country a bronze award for their efforts to promote bicycling." more...

9. More Rumble Strips Coming To Ohio Roads

"The Ohio Department of Transportation plans to spend $4 million to install "rumble stripes" along 1,335 miles of state roads.

"The rumble of tires hitting the grooves is supposed to warn drivers that they're about to go off the road, state officials say, and could reduce crashes into trees, power poles and other roadside objects by about one-third.

"Considering that about 450 people die and 3,000 are injured in Ohio in such crashes each year, that's good news for drivers, said ODOT spokesman Scott Varner.

"But bicyclists aren't sold..." more...

10. Columbus 'Share The Road' Initiative

"To kick off Bike To Work Week today, the city’s Share The Road initiative took another step forward with the unveiling of the first bicycle sharrow pavement marking on North High Street. Mayor Michael B. Coleman, City Council President Pro-Tem Hearcel F. Craig, Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy, Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jolene M. Molitoris, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Chester R. Jourdan, Jr., and Consider Biking Executive Director Jeff Stephens uncovered the first of 189 sharrows that will be installed on High Street between Nationwide Boulevard and Morse Road this spring. The sharrows, in addition to 54 Share the Road signs installed on High Street in the fall of 2009, remind cyclists and motorists that they, by law, must share the road legally and safely." more...

11. Radioactive Site Blocks Towpath

"The Towpath Trail is at the crossroads. Planners of the ambitious and nearly complete hiking and bicycle trail are facing three uncomfortable choices as they try again to stitch together the final few miles through a downtown Cleveland industrial area along the Cuyahoga River.

"Their preferred route is still blocked by the lurking presence of a parcel on the northeast corner of Harvard Avenue and Jennings Road where uranium was once refined during World War II.

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have said that the former Harshaw Chemical site won't be fully cleaned up until about 2016 at the earliest, but once it's done, it should be OK for a bike path." more...

12. Bike Hub Opens At Riverscape

This past summer a new bike hub opened at Riverscape in Dayton, Ohio. more...

13. Towpath Land Controversy

In March a controversy came to light over appaisals for Cleveland-area land to be used for the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail.

A response to the acusations was published later that same month.

April saw a response by ODNR as it held back grant money related to the appraisals.

The last word we came across was this article in October which again pointed out troubling inconsistencies, although the project had since been approved by the state.

14. Tasered Cyclist Gets Justice

"...Patrick and a juvenile were biking through Chesapeake as part of an endurance ride through Lawrence County before returning to Huntington. As they came through Chesapeake, they contend they were stopped and Tasered by Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputy Charles Hammonds and Dennis Gibson, then a village patrolmen and now Chesapeake Police Chief.

"Patrick, then 37, was arrested and taken to Lawrence County Jail where he was charged with obstructing official business, resisting arrest, attempted assault on a police officer and operating a bike on the road." more...

"...Patrick retained a criminal lawyer and fought the criminal charges, filing a Motion to Dismiss. After a hearing at which Deputy Hammonds was the only witness, the court issued a written opinion holding that the Deputy’s order to stop was “unlawful” as Patrick had done nothing wrong." more...

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