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Akron, Ohio is home to two major bike trails, the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath and the Bike-Hike Trail. While the towpath enters from the southwest corner of the city, runs through downtown and exits a bit to the northwest, the Bike-Hike ties together a number of suburbs along the north and northeastern portions of Akron.

Expanding The Network

Recent times has seen the expansion of Portage County Trails which will expand the existing network. When all the trail connections are complete, there will be a number of areas where one can jump onto a trail and take a short ride or an extended journey.

The Trails

Just as the Dayton and Xenia networks are connected by trail, so too are the Akron bikeways and a major Cleveland multi-use trail network, the Emerald Necklace Trail. A key difference is that some of the reservation bikeways in the Necklace are connected by parkway roads instead of contiguous trail. Our experience has been that the roads have lower speed limits and are bike friendly.

Cycling Through Ohio's National Park

The Bike-Hike and Towpath make their way through the nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park which lies only a few miles north of Akron. Not only is this a great way to visit the Cuyahoga Valley, but it also means that more bikeway miles are just up the trail as you draw nearer to the Cleveland suburbs and the Emerald Necklace Trail.

To explore the connections between the Emerald Necklace, Towpath & Bike-Hike Trails, view the area on the Gmap.

Expansion Plans

As mentioned above, future plans call for connecting the Bike-Hike with the Portage Hike & Bike Trail. The Portage Trail has already connected Kent with Ravenna. Future connections may extend to the KSU trails as well, adding more communities to the existing trail network.

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