This bikeway extends extends 4 1/2 miles from Celina to Coldwater in Mercer County in western Ohio. The trail parallels an existing rail line.


Coldwater, OH   photo by David Lee Bolman

The northeastern endpoint is within a block of Grand Lake Saint Marys, the largest inland lake in the state of Ohio. If you enjoy traveling Ohio to ride trails, you may not give the Celina-Coldwater Bikeway much consideration. After all, it's a short trail near the western edge of Ohio with no other bikeways nearby. However, should you decide to spend some of your time in or around Grand Lake Saint Marys, you should find the trip to be worthwhile.

The trail had a well-used, older look during my visit and the signboards at the trail endpoints had faded. The trail surface also showed its age. Fortunately the trail was resurfaced in 2014 and now is reportedly in excellent shape.


A Grand Lake   photo by David Lee Bolman

The signboards at each end of the trail are very helpful (assuming the info is still current). The Coldwater board lists a directory that includes food & drink locations. The Celina board also directs you to public restrooms and phones.

I found this trail to be a pleasant ride. Maybe it was due to the rural feel of the path with plenty of tree and brush cover which I always enjoy. Maybe it was the golfing area I passed along the trail that put me in mind of a relaxing summer day. Or perhaps it was just good trail karma.

photo photo photo photo
Photos by David Lee Bolman

Trail Specs:

Class: A3+

Length: 4.6 miles / asphalt - approx. 10' wide

Condition: Excellent

Facilities: Water fountains at both ends of the trail.

Food: Nearby "food & drink" places were listed on a signboard at the Coldwater end of the trail.

Parking: A small lot at the Celina endpoint at S. Main & Schunck Rd. Md writes, "At the Coldwater end of the trail, make a [right] on the street where the trail ends and crosses the "real" train tracks. Go a block and there is a school where one can park during the summer."

Coldwater Celina
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Trail Route

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