By Michael Flavin

I drove from Columbus to ride the Conotton Creek Trail on one nice July 2010 day of bike riding.


Erecting The Trail Sign

Having ridden 600 miles of rails-to-trails so far this year I found the surface of the Conotton Creek Trail to be far rougher than most. What this means is that the rider should not expect to coast much at all but instead to pedal almost constantly. Riding a high quality mountain bike with 2.4 inch tires I found this to be tolerable but those riding hard tail road bikes may be annoyed.

But what this trail offers that most R2T trails don't is that it is built on an old trolley line through mining country which adds a unique feel to the ride. Also, R2T trails are nearly perfectly flat while the Conotton Creek trail actually has some rolling hills along the way.

Midway through the ride there is a well-kept covered bridge in the small town of Scio, about 75' off the road that is worth taking a few pictures to keep.

There are plenty of benches along the way including several covered shelters in the event of rain. And there are also 40 bird feeders near the trail for the "birders" to enjoy.

There are small parking lots at each end of the trail. I parked in Bowerston but the lot in Jewett would have been fine, too.

Overall, I enjoyed the ride up from Columbus along SR-250 and enjoyed riding the trail, too. The total ride was 22.6 miles round trip.

photo photo photo photo

Trail Specs:

Class: A3+

Length: 11.2 miles / asphalt with gravel top coat - 9-10' wide

Condition: Varies from slightly to very rough - use a fat-tire machine

Facilities: Porto-johns at Bowerston Trailhead & Jewett. A Porto-john at the New Rumley Rd. crossing about 1 1/4 miles from the Eastern end of the trail. Restrooms in nearby park in Scio off the trail.

Food: You'll have to ride into Scio at about the half-way point to find a grocery store and a small dairy stand.

Parking: Parking at Bowerston, Jewett, and on Rt. 646 in Scio directly alongside trail.

Bowerston Scio Jewett
11.2mi 5.1mi 0mi
Trail Route

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