This trail begins at the edge of the Historic Roscoe Village District in Coshocton, Ohio and makes its way over to the Monticello Canal Boat ride just past Route 83.


Monticello Canal Boat in Coshocton, OH

The ride along the old towpath route is a short but pleasant one that includes a river crossing and a short tunnel underneath Route 83. The path skirts by nearby picnic facilities and has restrooms and vending machines right along the trail.

The paved bikeway along the old towpath is only about .7 mile long. It connects with a loop trail that adds another 1.2 miles of asphalt. The loop is named the Coshocton 3 Rivers Bikeway and was dedicated in August, 2000.

The main trail ends just east of Route 83 at the Monticello III canal boat ride. The ride transports tourists along a stretch of canal that is still operational. After hours, fishermen and walkers also make their way along this gravel towpath. At the time of my visit, thick, loose gravel at the dock area discouraged me from exploring the towpath with my skinny-tired road bike.

It was interesting to see an operational canal boat docked in a canal full of water. Certainly an unusual sight these days, and one that gives you a feeling of stepping back in time.

Adding up the mileage along the main towpath trail (paved & unpaved), the two loops and a connector trail to nearby neighborhoods, totals around 3.2 miles. If you ride around the ball fields to the north in Lake Park, you'll find more trail around the grounds.

See the canal boat website for hours of operation.

Trail Specs:

Class: A2++ & B2

Length: 3.2 miles + / asphalt + (~.7mi gravel section ) - approximately 10' wide

Condition: Very Good

Facilities: Restrooms, water & vending machines on the trail.

Food: Roscoe Village has the closest restaurants.

Parking: At Roscoe Village east entrance or Lake Park.

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