The County Line Trail was cosntructed in 2010 and spans 6.7 miles between Creston and Rittman in Wayne County. This distance includes a .9-mile road section between trail segments along Atlantic Avenue (Twp. Hwy. 427).

Much of the trail runs alongside an active railroad giving pleasure to those of us unaccustomed to seeing many trains these days. The line is indeed an active one.

Trees do border the trail in several areas, yet you will be exposed on hot, sunny days along open spaces as well. But shade never seems far away, though you may have to move off the trail to take advantage.

Though the trail has no facilities at this time beyond parking and perhaps one portable toilet, there is a snack stand at trail's end in Rittman. We purchased a bomb pop to get a little relief on a scorching day during our visit.


Safer Road Crossings

There are a couple of design treatments worth noting along the trail. The trail builders incorporated bends in the bikeway at two road crossings. While this is commonplace where roads are not perpendicular to trails, the purpose here was quite different. The pathway was taken slightly uphill in order to give trail users better sightlines at crossings. At a more elevated position, they can see over higher ground and view oncoming traffic, making the crossings much safer.

The other treatment is a textured stop line. The traditional treatment is a bold white line, similar to the stop lines used on roads for cars. Here the red stop lines have a plastic-like surface with small raised bumps. Think ping pong balls sticking out of the ground and you have a good idea of what it looks like.


Textured Stop Line

These unusual lines raised a few questions. Is the plastic surface slippery when wet? If so, that's not good. Why the raised bumps? Is it meant to be a type of a rumble strip for trails? The treatment should be moved back from the crossing, if that's the case. At their current location, you're riding into the road when you cross them.

Jenni Reusser sends word that the center bollards are being removed from the trail. This major improvement will go a long way toward improving safety along the bikeway.

No word yet as to whether the bollards are being replaced, perhaps with a flexible lightweight marker, or simply removed altogether.

Thankfully the old practice of using rigid center bollards is starting fall out of favor in Ohio. And that's a major shift in safety awareness that benefits all trail users.

For those who are unfamiliar with the hazard presented by bollards on a bikeway, read our 'Trail Bollard Hazard' blog series.

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Trail Specs:

Class: A2-

Length: 6.7 miles (includes .9mi on roadway / asphalt - approx. 10' wide

Condition: Excellent

Facilities: A Portable toilet at the Kauffman Ave trailhead.

Food: Snack stop slong east end of trail in Rittman

Parking: Parking in Creston south of the trail on Brooklyn Ave. Also at Eby Rd, Kauffman Ave, along Atlantic Ave, Shorle Rd and at trail's end in Rittman along Grant St.

Creston Sterling Rittman
6.7mi 4.3mi 0mi
Trail Route

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