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Contacting Trail Managers

Q: Can you help me get in touch with a trail manager?

Yes. See this page on how to reach trail overseers.

After you've reported a problem or gotten the info you need, don't stop there. Share your info with other trail users.

Map / Brochure Questions

Q: Can you send me a printed map (brochure) for ________ trail?

We're sorry, but we do not provide any printed materials at this time. To see if a printable map is available for the trail(s) you're interested in, find your trail on the Trail List. Click on the map links in the green shaded area to see if a printable map is available.

Also, check the other Trail List links to see if a trail homepage or trail manager's page (often the local park district) is available. They may offer a map they can send you.

Q: Where can I get a printed map of all the Ohio bike trails? Or Ohio bike route maps?

Periodically, the RTC publishes a book with maps and summaries of Ohio bike trails. Sometimes they include a state map, other times regional maps only.

Ohio bike route maps (road routes, not trails) used to be sold by COP. Contact them for more info.

Planning a Cycling Trip / Route

Q: I am trying to find a route from ________ to ________ and would like to incorporate trails wherever possible. Can you help?

Yes. The new Ohio Trails Google map has a built-in route planner feature. Just follow the directions in the left-hand menu. Or visit the demo page to view the "how-to" videos.

Once you've plotted your route, visit the planning a trip page to fill in the details for your ride including: finding facilities along the trails, places to eat, etc.

Trail Group Help

Q: We are starting a trail group and are in need of resources such as grant opportunities and the like. Can you help?

Yes. Check out the links on our Resources page. A great place to start is the RTC Trail Builders Toolbox. (Select 'RTC Resources Page.')


Q: Why haven't you fixed the broken bench along the ________ trail?

Ohio Bikeways does not maintain or manage any trails. See the Contacting Trail Managers page.

Q: When will ________ trail bridge be open / repaired?

Check the news section for the latest Ohio trail news. If we have a review for the trail in question, check its updates & comments page for recent updates.

If no news or updates have come in to Ohio Bikeways, check with the trail manager.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Visit our Help/Support page.

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