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Alafia River State Park Bike Trails


FL - "The plan was to take the mountain bike out of the garage, pump up the tires and head to Alafia River State Park in eastern Hillsborough County..." more

Exploring Ventura's Waterfront by Bike


CA - "...With beautiful scenery, great parks, and varied topography, Ventura has been on my list of family biking destinations for a while..." more

The 5 E's of Bike Friendly

"Each Bicycle Friendly Community, Bicycle Friendly Business and Bicycle Friendly University recognized by the League is different..." more

9 Great Smart Watches for Cyclists

"Track your heart rate, sleep, cycling routes, and more with these smart watches." more...

Tactical Urbanism

"The latest trend in urban design and planning gets them off of the paper and out of a big room, testing ideas in the real world. It is fun and hands-on, and making many converts." more...

Guide to Riding Your Bike in Traffic

"Here are some quick tips to help you build your confidence and skills while riding along with traffic." more...

The Story of the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps.

"The story of the United States 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps is the story of adventure, triumph and heartbreak." more...

Iota Bike Tracker Review

"The Iota Tracker really piqued my interest - yes, it's a GPS tracker, but it doesn't use the cellular network..." more

Guide to Picking Your Next Mountain Bike

"So you want to buy a new mountain bike. Advancements in material, frame, and suspension design mean bikes are being made for very specific purposes, so the decision of which bike to choose is no longer just about color and size." more...

Honoring the Legend of Major Taylor

"Around the turn of the 20th century, bicycle racing dominated America's sporting scene, with top cyclists commanding the same media attention that A-list Hollywood celebrities enjoy today. Tens of thousands of fans packed velodromes and road race routes around the world to see the greats compete in events ranging from quarter-mile sprints to six-day endurance rides." more...

N. Alabama Could Become a Bike Destination


AL - "For now, it's a concept, but what planners across the region are unofficially calling the 'Singing River Bike Trail' could one day stretch from Fort Payne to the Shoals." more...

Moosehead Lake Region Offering New Trails


ME - "The community in the Moosehead Lake Region is banding together to showcase the area's many natural resources and make outdoor recreation more accessible to visitors..." more

Cyclists will Drink to this B.C. Trip

CAN - "The best thing about cycling the Kettle Valley Rail Trail is that pedalling is strictly optional..." more

The 'Great Bike Cities' List

"In fall 2017, we'll publish the first PlacesForBikes city ratings: a data-driven system identifying the best U.S. cities for bicycling and rewarding those that are improving the fastest." more...

An Endearing Dutch Cycling Activity

"When riding a bike for your everyday needs is readily accessible, practical, and enjoyable, you start to see some unique habits develop." more...

The Innovative Component Lock

"...NutFix is the new and stylish solution for securing bicycle components." more...

Capture the Flags

"One cyclist's journey to visit every country on Earth." more...

Effective Speed


"...The idea of 'effective speed' dates back to the mid-1970s, when Ivan Illich used it to bolster his critiques of institutionalized culture..." more

How to Prep for a Long-Distance Ride


"What better way to experience America's beauty, diversity and history than through rail-trails?" more...

A Hidden Risk of Being a Healthy, Active Cyclist

"Endurance athletes' lifestyle may make them more susceptible to potentially fatal DVT. Here are the risk factors and symptoms to watch out for." more...

Towpath Users Follow Steps of Canal Boat Mules

Stark County, OH - "Repository reporter Tim Botos continues his journey along the Ralph Regula Towpath Trail..." more

Riding the Mickelson Trail

SD - A family cycling adventure on the George S. Mickelson Trail. more...

A Trail Life Well Lived - And Loved


"From a window in his home in Confluence, Pennsylvania, Bill Metzger sees 'a constant parade' of trail users along the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP)..." more

How to Teach a Car a Traffic Sign

"Before self-driving vehicles can truly operate autonomously, they'll need to master Street Sign 101..." more

Exploring the Towpath in Stark County


Stark County, OH - "Repository reporter Tim Botos takes a journey along the Ralph Regula Towpath Trail between Clinton and Massillon..." more

Living without a Car in Cincy

Hiking Raccoon Mountain's High Voltage Trail


TN - "...This approximately 8 mile round-trip hike begins near the boat ramp and takes you to the top of the mountain near Laurel Point..." more

5 Best Bike Dates

"When it comes to romance, don't overlook your bike. From first dates to long-term relationships, building a date around riding can lead to an enchanted experience. Bike dates can also show off some of your best qualities to your better half..." more

Columbus is a Hotspot for Millennials

OH - "...Columbus has become a hipster hangout, young and vibrant with a sizable population of millennials..." more

Nearly 3,000-Miles of Hiking Trails


KS - "Just a few clicks on a website and people can access information on 2,958 miles of trails in Kansas. more...

Lessons on Aging from a 105-Year-Old Cyclist

"At the age of 105, the French amateur cyclist and world-record holder Robert Marchand is more aerobically fit than most 50-year-olds -- and appears to be getting even fitter as he ages..." more

A Look at Columbus

Columbus, OH - "The country's 15th largest city, chock full of creativity and innovation thanks to an influx of youthful residents, gives up its secrets." more...

Before it's Gone (Part 1)

"It seems I am addicted to the remote, mountainous regions of the world. I fear they will soon be changed forever and am keen to explore them before their culture is diluted or their architecture replaced by concrete..." more

Wind, You Jerk

"My friend Jayson and I were out trail running on Saturday, for long stretches exposed to a 50 mph wind..." more

Futuristic Creation Granted Trail Access


NZ - "The Otago Central Rail Trail is usually a motorbike-free zone, but an exception has been made for a Mars Explorer creation." more...

Biking Through Every Season

Marquette, MI - "...According to Down Wind Co Owner Jeff Stasser fat tire bikes aren't just for avid mountain bikers..." more

Thinking Like a Person on a Bike

"When I wrote last week about why I resist the term 'cyclist' and prefer to call myself a 'Person on a Bike,' I received some good responses from some truly amazing people..." more...

Social Secret to Maintaining Your Fitness Habit

"New Strava data suggests that being part of a community is the key to becoming a regular excerciser." more...

Chasing Long Life in Laid-Back Waimea


HI - "Driving uphill from the black lava fields of Hawaii Island's Kohala Coast, you know you've hit Waimea when the world turns green..." more

Kathryn Bertine Had it all Figured Out

"She's the powerhouse behind the women's race at the Tour de France, the athlete who wrote three books, made a documentary, and clawed her way into the professional ranks of three sports..." more

Dream Bike is Awaiting a Trail Blazer


Portland, OR - "...the bike was inspired not just by his love of the team; but by an unannounced visit from a Blazers player last year..." more

The Tasman Great Taste Trail


NZ - "Almost 10,000 people got on their bikes and out on the Great Taste Trail between Christmas and New Year." more...

Bikes, Beer and a Break from Life

IRE - "This story begins at my house, in a small village in the west of Ireland where bank holiday weekend biking plans are being made..." more

Rutting Up Trails is an Act of Pure Selfishness

"The alarm clock squawked obnoxiously at 6am, jerking me rudely from my slumber. I wiped my bleary eyes and tried to figure out what the heck was going on." more...

True or False? You can Bring Your Bike on Amtrak

"Well, it depends. Where do you want to get on and off? Some stations allow you to roll your bike right into the Amtrak railcar, and other stations don't allow you to check your bike at all, even if it's in a box. And that is the problem!" more...

Best Cities for Going Car-Less

"For many city dwellers in some of the largest metros, being able to go to restaurants, the grocery store, or work without having to drive is a high priority..." more

The Pedalshift Project

"A chat with global bike tourist -- and all around awesome person -- Jasmine Reese, on her journey, her four-legged companion, Fiji, and the adventures living the vagabond life." more...

Biko: The App We Never Knew We Were Missing

"Biko's mission is to incentivize urban cycling by offering users rewards for walking, jogging, or biking." more...

Great-Grandmother Cycles 10,000 Miles

"At 65, most people are thinking about getting a senior citizen bus pass. But for Montana woman Ethel MacDonald, that's when she took up tour cycling." more...

Super Bowl Bike Commercials

"The Super Bowl is as much about football as it is about commercials..." more

Electric Trail-Grooming Machine


MT - "...I designed it to create a trail for fat-tire biking. In the winter, I do a lot of grooming for snowmobiles and cross-country skiers, and this does the same thing as my $50,000 PistenBully" more...

Why We Ride

"About halfway up the climb, my toes went numb. Wiggling them in my boots was like rattling little frozen Vienna sausages around in my sock..." more

How Finland Gets People Biking Through Winter


"A city of 200,000 people in Finland has more bike lanes than Canada's largest city." more...

Biking Industry Pedals into Winter on Fat Tires

"It's about five degrees outside and snowing -- it has been now for three days. But that doesn't stop 51 year-old Martha Flynn. She zips up her boots, pulls on her gloves, and jumps on her bike." more...

Bird of Prey Bicycle

The Best Road Bikes of 2017


"These sweet road bikes are some of the year's best and newest offerings." more...

Best Bike Memories

"...This month, we turn our questions to director of local innovation, Kyle Wagenschutz." more...

90-Year-Old Grandma Cycles Every Day

"This 90-year-grandma biked over 260.000 miles -- in the last 40 years." more...

Why You Should Use The Bell On Your Bicycle


"There are few things dorkier than using the bell on your bicycle..." more

Company Records Your Close Calls with Cars

Pittsburgh, PA - "If you ride a bike in an urban environment, you probably have an anecdote or two (or 50) about being passed too closely by a driver." more...

Cities Turn to Cyclists to Save Lives


"When actress Carrie Fisher suffered cardiac arrest near the end of a flight to Los Angeles just before Christmas, some of the first emergency medical crews to arrive on the scene were on two wheels: medics on bicycles..." more

Brays Bayou Greenway Trail

TX - "While not generally known for its greenspace, Houston -- the country's fourth most populated city -- is onto something big..." more

Let's Ride with Bill Nye

Winter Bike Commuting


Steamboat Springs, CO - "In the pre-dawn light of a January morning in Steamboat, with the fat flakes falling straight down, the cyclists appear randomly like wraiths..." more

Central Oregon Backcountry Explorer

OR - "This ride begins and ends in Prineville, Oregon, which is a 50-minute drive from Bend and 3-hour drive from Portland..." more

Trails Linking NYC to Canada by 2020


"Start planning, bike tour enthusiasts: New York Gov. Cuomo wants to create the longest single-state multi-use trail in the nation." more...

The Baja Divide

CA - "I went into the Baja Divide grand depart expecting it to be more of a social occasion than a bike tour..." more

5 Reasons to Ride Mountain Bikes in Sedona


AZ - "We love this town for its world-class trails, but it also caters to those who like to pedal in many other ways." more...

Riding a Bike with a Hidden Motor


"The Vivax model is similar to what pros would use to motor dope -- and this is how it feels to ride it." more...

A Skateboard Startup's Radical Ambition


"...that's the promise of personal mobility vehicles that has raised eyebrows of city planners and investors alike. Also called rideables, the category includes electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards -- all of which can help alleviate traffic, pollution, and the parking problems that cities face." more...

Steel Returns to the Peloton

"The Tour de France used to be dominated by it, but 22 years have passed since the last Yellow Jersey was won on steel..." more

The Great Rivers Expedition

Dayton, OH - "Daytonians have always had the spirit of adventure, from flight to hiking the Appalachian Trail. Three local kayak enthusiasts decided to prove that you don't have to leave home to find adventure by traveling the entire length of the Great Miami River..." more

A Motu Trail Adventure


NZ - "New Zealand's cycle trail network is on track for being one of our great tourist and lifestyle assets - much like Europe's historic canals." more...

Add a Fat Biking Adventure to Your Winter Carnival Trip

ID - "...it's super easy to tap into cross country ski, snowshoe and fat biking trails that are every bit as world class as the ice sculptures." more...

Longest Urban park in Metro Manila


Philippines - "Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a run. You take a quick shower, put on your running clothes, tie your shoelaces, and head out. You make your way to the BGC Greenway Park." more...

The Warmest Winter Cycling Clothes

"These winter cycling pieces have the technical features and materials to keep you ridiculously cozy through your cold-weather rides." more...

Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

"I took part in a radio debate last week. Four guests and a journalist. In that forty-five minutes, I experienced a number of things including, but not limited to, the anti-intellectualisation of our society, emotional propaganda, alternative facts, manipulative and selective choice of facts, The Culture of Fear and the negative branding of cycling." more...

Glamping in style on the Timber Trail


NZ - "An adventure business has been given the green light to build a 'glamping' site on Department of Conservation land." more...

4 Reasons to Ride Every Day

"If you spend even some of your driving time pedaling instead, you'll reap numerous rewards..." more

Investigation into Hidden Motors in Pro Peloton

"Bill Whitaker investigates whether pro cyclists have used secret bike motors to win races -- like the Tour de France -- in a sport notorious for its culture of cheating." more...

Trail is a Million-Dollar 'Saviour' for Monaro


AUS - "...A small committee has been operating for around 18 months looking at the potential of turning the disused and decrepit rail line between Queanbeyan and Bombala into a bike track." more...

O & E Towpath Trail Hike

NE OH - "One of three hiking trails I weekly walk is the Zoar Valley Trail, part of the Ohio and Erie Canal Tow Path corridor..." more

The U.S. Protected Bike Lane Boom of 1905

"Last week I wrote that California was already recommending protected bike lanes, rather than painted ones, in 1972. But did you know that there was an American protected bike lane movement in 1905?" more...

SRAM Eagle

Best Bicycle Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

"Check out these great bicycle documentaries for your Netflix bike-movie fix." more...

The Sun, Surf & a Pair of Bikes

Cozumel, MEX - "...I think I would only like Cozumel about half as much if we didn't have bikes there..." more

Hike into History on King Canyon Trail


AZ - "A short hike up the King Canyon Trail is a journey not only into pristine desert terrain -- but also into the historic and prehistoric past." more...

Do We Take Mountain Biking Too Seriously?

"...Now, I'll be the first to claim that road bikers take themselves way too seriously, and way more seriously than the average mountain biker does..." more

Device Designed to Cancel out Distracted Mobile Phone Use

"Gazelle has created a device that will intercept mobile phone use when the user is traveling over 10MPH." more...

Fat Bikes & How to Use Them


"...Ah, the obese velocipede, the ride with an eating disorder." more...

REI Adventures Launches Women's Adventures Collection


Seattle, WA - "Active travel leader REI Adventures is launching a collection of 19 Women's Adventures in Africa, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand and North America..." more

Biketown YYJ

How to Bike Commute Year-Round


"Tanya Quick, partner at the Language Department design agency in New York City and cofounder of the CycloFemme movement, shares her tips on dressing for the weather, avoiding pedestrians, and not getting doored." more...

Bike Racing Changed This Entrepreneur's Perspective on Business

"From coffee to carbon manufacturing, Doug Zell translates his cycling life into building better companies." more...

Rachel Gitajn - Bicycle Engineer

Why I'm not a Cyclist


"I'll never forget the first time someone called me a cyclist." more...

Most Cyclists are Just People Riding Bikes

"The bicycle is living in troubled times." more...

How Bikes Inspired a Nut-Butter Sensation


"Justin Gold of nut-butter brand Justin's talks bikes, starting a business, and how it only takes one ride to change the direction of your life." more...

A Career Merging Love of Art & Bicycles

"...Greg is one of the four founders of Adventure Cycling, and the only one still on staff after all these years..." more

Greeley guide to adventure: Orienteering


"When the associate geology professor found out about orienteering, he was hooked." more...

The Deeper Meaning of Sharing the Road


"...Angry drivers often argue that if cyclists want to ride on the road, then they should obey all the rules of the road. The fact is, not all vehicles are created equal..." more

Cycling & Coffee


Chicago, IL - "For Robert Curtis, coffee and cycling go hand-in-hand." more...

Talking Fat-Bike Future

CO - "In Summit County and across the High Country, fat biking just might be the unwanted stepchild of winter sports..." more

The Wahoo Kickr V2


"Everything you need to know about one of the best smart trainers available." more...

Do Pedestrian Scrambles Make Sense?

CA - "Pedestrian scrambles have enjoyed some increased popularity lately, popping up at Hollywood & Highland in LA and Brand & Harvard by the Americana in Glendale..." more

Ride 100 Miles a Week in 2017

"With the right strategies, any cyclist can achieve this impressive cycling goal." more...


"This small company wants to change not only where, but how, bicycles are made..." more

10 of Cleveland's Most Notable Architectural Sites

Cleveland, OH - "...From the stunning to quirky, here are ten sites not to miss on a visit to Cleveland." more...

Dayton Places make Ohio Top Attractions List


Dayton, OH - "...Here's a look at our regional favorites that made the list -- and a few more suggestions they may have missed." more...

Is Biking Stressing You Out?

"...How safe people feel on a bike is one of the most significant factors in where, and even whether, they'll ride, experts say..." more

Helmet Shmelmet

NYC - "...the most frustrating thing about being a cyclist in New York City is reading about cycling in the local media..." more

Memorial to a Mountain Biker


NZ - "The Kelly McGarry Foundation will this weekend host a bike festival in Queenstown in memory of the legendary slopestyle mountain biker." more...

Ex-Backpacker Resurrects Ancient Trail


Japan - "Knee-deep in weeds and fallen leaves, Junichiro Matsumoto hacked away trees and removed undergrowth on a one-man mission to clear a long-abandoned mountain 'road for charcoal making.'" more...

Hot on the Trail

PA - "When Cathy and Paul Kentzel lost their jobs and faced a job market teeming with younger, more educated competitors, the Pittsburgh couple struck out on a new path -- literally..." more

Bike Ed and Racing Programs


AR - "It's 7:15 a.m. on a chilly weekday morning, time for the 'bike bus' to begin its scheduled pickup route..." more

Innovative Devices Help Commuters with Last Mile


"As trains, buses and subways unload across America, some commuters emerge carrying a variety of odd contraptions to speed them to the workplace..." more

Biking from Key Largo to Key West

Key Largo, FL - "The plan: Bike the country's 'southernmost century,' cycling-speak for a 100-mile journey in a single day, from Key Largo to Key West." more...

Bikepacking the Colorado Trail


CO - "'Bikepacking?' I asked. 'What the hell is that?' 'It's like canoe-tripping but you carry everything on your bike,' Mike replied. 'Sounds stupid,' I responded." more...

Cycling & Intersections

"With a few techniques under your belt, navigating intersections on a bike becomes a cinch." more...

Lightweight Titanium TiGr Lock


"Quite possibly the most important bike accessory you can own is a lock, and the TiGr models are unique and lightweight alternatives to U-locks." more...

Hop River State Park Trail

CT - "It's hard to pick a favorite season to experience the Hop River State Park Trail, set amidst the dense forests of Eastern Connecticut..." more

How to Set Up Your Own Indoor Cycling Studio

"Besides a bike and a trainer or rollers, you're going to want a few key things when you post up in the pain cave." more...

Life Lessons from 'The Dandelion'


"Pro mountain bike racer Jen 'The Dandelion' Hanks relied on resilience gleaned from off-road riding and racing to battle and beat cancer -- twice." more...

Bicycling in Boulder

CO - "There are fewer places on earth more supportive of cycling than Boulder. And CU is no exception..." more

Thredbo Mountain Bike Park


AUS - "It's been a one hell of a summer so far at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park. With record numbers, new trails and the Cannonball MTB Festival, it has been a massive few months of non-stop action." more...

Biking in the Cold and Snow


Ithaca, NY - "...One of the biggest advantages of Fat Bikes is they can come in either manual or electric versions. Picking up speed in a manual can be challenging in the snow, so electric may work better during the winter..." more

What is an E-Bike?

"An electric bicycle is a bicycle with electric support..." more

4 Reasons Indoor Cycling Doesn't Suck

"You no longer have to dread riding the trainer, if you try these four new trends hitting the inside ride." more...

76-Year-Old Rider Still Bringing Home Medals


"Why this senior Olympian gets up early to ride to this day." more...

Harrowing Bike Crash Caught on Video


"Pro racer Joaquim Rodriguez survives to hammer another day." more...

Ikea's 'Sladda' Bike


"...Along with the bike, Ikea also offers rear and front racks, a helmet, a pannier, and a U-lock." more...

Seattle Cycles Burke 20 Electric


"It weighs just 29.5 pounds and has a battery small enough to meet airline specifications." more...

NYC Cycling Culture

NYC - "Earlier this year, I packed my bags to relocate from the Gehl office in Copenhagen to the Gehl office in New York City..." more

From Bronze to Silver to Gold?

Beaverton, OR - "After a decade of living and biking in Portland, I moved to Beaverton in 2013..." more

Lower Harbor Trail in Acadia National Park


ME - "Difficulty: Moderate. The 1.1-mile Lower Harbor Trail includes narrow bog bridges, small hills, a few steep areas, exposed tree roots and rocky areas..." more

NFL Coach is a Bike Commuter


"Sean McVay bike commuted to Washington Redskins practice with other coaching staff -- and as the new head coach of the LA Rams, he'll be able to maintain his lifestyle." more...

Wanaka is a Winner


NZ - "Though known for skiing, Wanaka is also a paradise for two-wheeled activity. The town even has a month dedicated to celebrating the bike..." more

Why do Cyclists Ride Side-by-Side?

"One of the most common questions people ask about cycling on Google is why do cyclists ride side by side, so we've got the answer." more...

How to Bike the Great Allegheny Passage

The Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve


Lebanan, VA - "Heading to the Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve, be prepared to take a hike." more...

Things I'd Wish I'd Known Before Riding Across the U.S.

"I learned this stuff the hard way so you won't have to on your first bike touring adventure." more...

Why Cyclists Break Traffic Laws

"In full disclosure, I have scoffed the law while cycling..." more

Bike You can Fit in Your Carry-On Bag


"The Kwiggle is a lightweight folding bike that is said to be like 'a pleasant mixture of biking and walking' when riding it." more...

Good Samaritan Buys Back Stolen Bike

Cincinnati, OH - "...He saw a group of young men who were not the person he had seen riding that Felt surrounding it, laughing and holding it up in the air, amazed by how light it was." more...

Old School Places that Rock the Rust Belt


Cleveland, OH - "The Cleveland renaissance is characterized by art galleries and studios blooming in our vintage industrial buildings... But there are places where the Cleveland of yesteryear persists." more...

It's OK that You're Slow


"Maybe I'm saying that about myself, not you. Maybe I wrote that to make myself feel better, and make you feel better, too. Or maybe, just maybe, I wrote that because it's true." more...

Cycling Makes You Happier

"Research from the YMCA confirms what all cyclists already know." more...

The Big Easy Cruising Culture


New Orleans, LA - "...According to the American Community Survey, New Orleans has the 10th highest percentage of people who cycle to work each day and in 2016 was named No. 19 out of 50 of the best bicycling cities in America..." more

Hawke's Bay Cycle Trails Voted in Top 10


NZ - "There's no better time than the middle of a hot Hawke's Bay summer to grab your bike, or hire one, and enjoy the beautiful Hawke's Bay cycle trails." more...

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is Park Unlike any Other


KS - "When it comes to national parks, there aren't many like the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas' scenic Flint Hills." more...

6 Ways to Be the Biggest Distraction on the Road


"Making yourself known is important while out on the road, especially when drivers don't always know to be looking for you." more...

World's First Mountain Bike Tire Cutting Tool

"Believe it or not, mountain bike tire cutting is a thing pros and bike mechanics have been doing for ages, and yet, as far as we know, there's never been an official tool for doing so. Until now..." more

Ford Presents City of Tomorrow Plan

Detroit, MI - "Ford wants consumers to think of it as both an automotive company and a mobility company." more...

Pedal Power

HI - "Daily commuters, devoted athletes, daring tourists -- there are more bicyclists on Oahu's roads than ever..." more

Big City Bike Paths

"Over the Christmas holidays, I visited my home town, Chicago, and saw the "606 Trail" which opened in summer of 2015..." more

Bicycling the Keys

FL - "...The plan: Bike the country's southernmost century, cycling-speak for a 100-mile journey in a single day, from Key Largo to Key West." more...

How to Layer for Winter Riding

"Dress like a pro with this guide to layering at every temperature." more...

Myth-Busting Urban Planning Misconceptions

"...when it comes to designing and building smarter and more successful places, we understand more about the quantifiable science of cities -- the 'math of city-making' if you will -- than ever before." more...

North Bonneville a Surprising Bike Hotbed

WA - "A six-person operation, Volcanic Bikes quietly succeeds as bike maker for police." more...

How To Become a Bro-Brah Mountain Biker

"...In the late 1990s, and at the height of its latter-day usage, the term 'bro' was threatened by 'dude' when the wildly-popular cult classic, The Big Lebowski, was released..." more

How to maximise Your MTB Trail Time


"Are you a serial procrastinator? Here's how to reduce mucking about and get more time on the trails." more...

'The Hub' Combines Bar & Bike Shop


Cincinnati, OH - "Neighborhood bar up front. Bicycle shop in the back and local art installations throughout." more...

A Cincy Skywalk Guide

Cincinnati, OH - "...Cincinnati has scores of them all over Downtown, from private walkways used by business-only personnel to an aging public Skywalk system that links 4th to 6th Street..." more

German Bio/Hybrid Vehicle

Hundreds of Cyclists Brave Moscow Cold


"Plunging temperatures in Moscow failed to dent the enthusiasm of hundreds of cyclists who took to the streets in a mass event." more...

Flying Through Tubes at 760 Mph


"You soon may be able to commute from your home in Pittsburgh to your office in Philadelphia in less than an hour." more...

Top 5 Adventure Rides in Revelstoke B.C.

CAN - "Some call it a hike-a-bike, some call it a summit mission, some even call it a sufferfest..." more

Paths for Hiking, Skiing at Riley Street Trails

MI - "The Riley Street Trails have more than seven miles of terrain to be conquered. These paths are maintained, but they offer activities for the adventurous." more...

How to Wash Your Kit

"It's not rocket science, but there are some tips to keeping technical fabric looking and performing as well as the day you bought it." more...

How I Became a Runner at Age 48


"...One evening, I was feeling particularly peppy and figured I'd give running a try -- and it was hard! I managed to run half a block the first time I tried. It felt good!..." more

The Secret to Staying Young: Get on Your Bike!

"...cycling really does keep the body -- and the mind -- young, scientists say." more...

Amp up Your Ride Photos with a Pocket Drone


"Your selfie stick just got leveled-up." more...

E-Bike Conversion Kit has 100-Mile Range


"The new Falco eDrive promises to turn your bicycle into a long-range ebike, as well as enabling off-season and inclement weather indoor training." more...

Tracking (is) What Matters

Columbus, OH - "On New Year's Day 2016, I happened to be riding with a group of friends. We had ridden about 14 miles when my friend Deanne said we should ride 16, for 2016..." more

How to Fuel Your Trainer Ride


"Whatever you do, don't set up your trainer next to the fridge." more...

Tips to Stay Warm on the Bike

"...A good rule of thumb when preparing for a cold weather ride is to start off just a little cold, because after about 10 minutes of pedaling, you'll warm up quite nicely..." more

The Strida Folding Bike Turns 30


"...In any discussion of the Strida, we have to declare a conflict of interest; I have owned one since 2009 and TreeHugger Graham Hill had two of them since 2008..." more

The Odd Granite Obelisks Of Mount Pleasant


CAN - "...What exactly were these obelisks and what exactly did they mark? And when were they installed?..." more

Winter Bicycling: How to Enjoy It

"When winter arrives, you might think that bicycling season is over. But with a little knowledge and practice, winter riding can be highly rewarding." more...

Skinny Lessons from a Fat Bike


IN - "A big smile. It's the first thing that riders describe about fat biking..." more

17 Bike Rides You Need to Experience in 2017

"2017 is here, and with it brings the tantalizing possibility of new bike routes to explore. Whether you're staying close to home this year or traveling across the globe, here are 17 of our favorite rides to help ring in 2017..." more

Ireland's Most Scenic Rail Trail


IRE - "The Great Western Greenway has been a great success story in the west of Ireland, but it now has a serious competitor..." more

10 Bike Hacks

Longevity and the Year in Fitness

"Two numbers are, to me, particularly emblematic of what science had to tell us about fitness this year." more...

Survive Winter Riding with these Pearls of Wisdom

OR - "The weather outside is frightful, but with the right gear and wisdom it can be delightful." more

Urban Single Track


AK - "Anchorage's trail network on the verge of expansion." more...

How to Ride When It's Windy

"Six ways to make the most out of even the worst headwinds when in the saddle." more...

Smart Bikes


"Trail riding is about to get a whole lot smarter. Thanks to new smart bike designs by LeEco, cyclists will be able to experience smart features whether they prefer riding on the trails or off." more...

Tips to Make Fat-Biking More Fun


"...Here are some tips from veteran rider Diana McFadden of Duluth to make your fat-bike riding more enjoyable." more...

Artifacts of the 1876 Ohio Train Tragedy


Ashtabula, OH - "It's been 140 years since a train disaster killed nearly 100 people when a bridge collapsed over a river in far northeast Ohio, but Dave Tobias is still looking for artifacts from the tragedy." more...

6 Cool Apps for Winter Training

"...Thanks to technology, today's indoor training sessions are far more engaging, effective, and yes, even fun..." more

Train Your Brain to Achieve Your Cycling Goals

"Focus is a critical tool in the cyclist's arsenal -- here's how to harness yours." more...

Ann & Roy Butler Trail to Lady Bird Lake

Austin, TX - "...The city has long been lauded for its progressive attitude towards cycling, and is consistently ranked among the Top 10 most bikeable centers in the US. Case in point: the Ann and Roy Butler Bike Trail." more...

Fat Biking a Year Around Sport


WA - "For those who just refuse to stop mountain biking, even when most Central Oregon singletrack is covered in snow -- fatbikes are an option. more...

Back on the Bike After Horriffic Crash

"...He's still not walking but, for the first time since the event, he's managed to ride a bike according to a post on his Instagram..." more

How I Walked 2,000 Miles in 2016


"Last December, I made an ambitious New Year's resolution: In 2016 I would walk 2,000 miles on an 'imaginary trail.'"... more

Fat Biking in Manitoba Parks


CAN - "One spoke of the local biking community is blazing a trail through the snowy backwoods of Manitoba this winter." more...

Shannon Galpin Wants You To Take Action

"A decade fighting for women's rights in Afghanistan has taught Shannon how to achieve her goals against all expectations. Here's how to get it done in any situation." more...

Tricked Out Custom 1979 Schwinn Bike

"...After being surrounded by a sea of custom lowrider bikes, he vowed to one day ride amongst them..." more

10 Awesome Rail-Trails for Jan. 1 Hikes


"On New Year's Day, state parks around the U.S. offer free, guided First Day Hikes to help children and families kick off the New Year -- and connect to nature. Last year, nearly 55,000 people participated!..." more

Rediscovering the C&O Canal Trail

DC - "...For cyclists, however, the creme de la creme of Washington riding is a trail both older and more beautiful than the National Mall itself. Introducing the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath." more...

Cleveland Dumps Rust Belt Narrative


Cleveland, OH - "Architects, planners, builders and elected officials have toiled for decades to produce the city's striking physical renewal." more...

E-Bikes a Giant Leap for the Sport

Wilkes-Barre, PA - "...It's the only e-bike on the floor in our area that fits the qualifications of being an e-bike that's allowed on the trail..." more

MTB Trails Revitalize 'Forgotten Region'


Cuyuna, MN - "Meth labs. Abandoned trailers. For decades, Cuyuna was a dead zone." more...

Tips to Make Your Fat-Biking More Fun


Duluth, MN - "...Here are some tips from veteran rider Diana McFadden of Duluth to make your fat-bike riding more enjoyable." more...

Philly Teen so Famous, He gets his BMX Bikes Free

"...Murray is 16, a sophomore at South Philadelphia High School, and life revolves around riding his bike..." more

The Heartbreaking Creation of a Ghost Bike

"It starts with a deadly crash, like the one that happened in October on a busy Orange County street..." more

Turn Your Bike Trailer into an Off-Road Beast


"Two of the biggest trends in cycling over the past few years have been the rise of fat tire bikes and the increased popularity of bikepacking..." more

Bikes from Santa puts Smiles on Faces


TX - "...Giving at Christmas is not unusual, but what makes two guys (one with a son sidekick) and their ladies go out and round up nearly 500 bikes and match them up to that many children who would really like a gift?" more...

There was a Papergirl on a Bike...


"I used to deliver newspapers. First the Chicago Daily News, and when that venerable afternoon institution closed, the Chicago Tribune. I was 11 or 12-ish, with no idea that I'd someday be a writer." more...

Fatbike makes Mountain Biking a Year-Round Sport

Bend, OR - "For those who just refuse to stop mountain biking, even when most Central Oregon singletrack is covered in snow -- fatbikes are an option." more...

Hidden Cleveland: Dike 14

Cleveland, OH - "Lift you spirits with a hike at this lakefront nature preserve built on two sunken freighters." more...

A New Way to See Montana


MT - "Take in the sights and sounds near Missoula on two wheels." more...

Lachlan Morton Defies the World

"The true tale of the phenom, his brother, the sacred monolith, and the fountain of youth -- or what happens when the life everyone imagines for you is not what you want for yourself." more...

Legally Speaking: Blinded By The Light

"Roadies are used to hardship; it comes with the territory..." more

How Cold Weather Might Supercharge Your Workout


"New study suggests exercising in the cold could increase insulin sensitivity, reduce risk of Type II Diabetes." more...

Geauga Park District's Observatory Park

Cleveland, OH - "Get a little closer to the Milky Way in Montville Township." more...

How to Start Riding Daily

"We have every reason to ride our bikes daily -- and the key is to start off small." more...

10 Rail-Trail Winter Wonderlands


"When the snow hits, many trail enthusiasts stow their running shoes or tuck their bikes into the back of the garage, missing an opportunity to enjoy rail-trails in a completely different way." more...

Meet the Forrest Gump of Sober Cycling

"This Philly-based social worker wants to get recovering addicts in the saddle, to keep them on the wagon." more...

Where to Donate a Bike


"These charities help distribute bikes to those who need them." more...

Cycling Making a Comeback in China

China - "They're suddenly outside public toilets, tucked in side alleys, on bridges, near underpasses." more...

Exercise May Save You From Dementia

"Promote healthy brain function with healthy activity." more...

Winter is Good Time to Plan Your Rides

"The fire brightening the fireplace in the den brings thoughts of organized bike rides in weather not filled with cold, snow and freezing wind..." more

Winter can be the Most Wonderful Time of Year


Don't stay indoors just because it's cold outside, baby. Believe it or not, when it comes to outdoor exercise, now is one of the most wonderful times of the year." more...

Night Walks a Great Tonic for Urban Stress

"Readers share their experiences of cities at night -- from hearing panther screams in Prague to wandering through the hidden neighbourhoods of Seoul." more...

One-Of-A-Kind Gifts For Everyone Who Loves Bikes

"From our custom kit to coconut embro, these are the Bicycling-exclusive products you don't want to miss." more...

Multi-Tool Fits in Your BB


"...this multi-tool is simply too good to be chucked in your backpack or jersey - it lives in your bottom bracket!" more...

World's Most Bike-Friendly Cities

"...While some cities still have a long way to go, others are the pioneering the way in the shift towards being more bike-friendly." more...

Trail riding in Gisburn Forest

UK - "...With the weather getting a bit colder, in fact, it was hovering just above freezing I decided to have a go at trail riding." more...

Best Bike Multi Tool of 2016

"The best bike multi tool is much more than a cycling accessory." more...

6 Years Without a Car

"I decided to get rid of my car when I was in college at the University of Vermont, learning about the impacts of the automobile on our environment, development patterns and our daily lives..." more

Tamworth Mountain Bike Park a Hidden Gem


AUS - "...Jamieson Murphy looks into this hidden gem of a community facility." more...

4 Add-On Apps That Will Supercharge Your Strava


"Whether you want to compare yourself with riders around the world or tell your followers about your latest epic, there's absolutely an app for that." more...

6 Reasons You Can Ride Farther Than You Think


"Ultracyclist Kelsey Regan, who holds three cross-state records, helps you tackle your hang-ups about pedaling long distances." more...

Trek Recalls Bontrager Bike Lights


"Select models may turn off spontaneously." more...

A Bike Ride Through Tokyo

"...This video, the third in his Go! series, is shot from a first-person perspective and sees him getting on a plane bound for Tokyo before arriving and beginning his adventures..." more

Wide Tires Make for a Sweet Ride in Snow


"...I was about to embark on my first ride on a fat bike, and the setup felt all kinds of weird." more...

Cohen Ends The Bicycle Story


Seattle, WA - "For the past six years, Seattle's Josh Cohen has been documenting bicycle culture and inspiring people powering cycling movements on his excellent blog and podcast series The Bicycle Story." more...

Man Honored for Trail Work

New Castle, CO - "... The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) named Cornely as the Colorado/Wyoming recipient of the Scudamore National Volunteer Leadership Award." more...

DIY Bicycle Wheel Wreath

"...These bicycle wheel wreaths are super easy to make and add such a unique touch to your holiday home. I created two different versions, one a more traditional style and one that's a little funky!" more...

The 25-year-old Cycling CEO

"Adam Miller left his successful fat bike startup, Borealis, to venture into titanium with Why Cycles -- and he's not even 30 yet." more...

Cross-Chaining: Is it Really all that Bad?

"We ask Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo and FSA whether running the chain at extreme angles is a crime against cycling." more...

NASCAR Pro Is Hooked on Bikes


"He's dedicated his life to throttling stock cars more than 180mph down straightaways, but driver Matt Kenseth has fallen for the slower-paced beauty of cycling." more...

Family Continues Tradition of Bike Donation


CO - "The family of a former member of the Loveland Police Department and avid cyclist donates 29 bikes to Santa Cops in his memory." more...

Copenhagen: More than bike lanes


"...For those who have made the pilgrimage to Copenhagen, and come away with a romantic vision of re-making their auto-dominated city into a more bike-friendly place, there's a lot than can be learned..." more

How Matt Long Got Back on the Bike

"In 2005, New York City firefighter and 9/11 first responder Matt Long, 49, was run over by a 40,000-pound bus while riding to work..." more

Pitching In to Preserve Aviation History


Dayton, OH - "...One hundred and thirteen years ago this week, an airplane created by the Wright brothers made the first powered flight..." more

10 Tips for Successful Cycling

"Bicycling in traffic is safe and easy. It does not require athleticism, speed or bravery. Successful bicycling does require a basic understanding of traffic dynamics and a belief in one's equal right to use travel lanes." more...

Mountain Bike Trailer Park: The (Mini) Van Life

"In Part One of The (mini) Van Life, Dan Fausey travels...in a mini-van...to Arkansas for the IMBA World Summit." more...

It's Time to Set Broadway Free

NYC - "On a recent visit to New York, traversing Times Square felt like running a gantlet..." more

My New Hero


"As I pedaled up, I saw her sprawled out on the ground." more...

The New Heroes of Cycling

"Meet the 21 change-makers, organizers, innovators, rabble-rousers, and barrier-crushers who represent a new brand of cycling icon..." more

Mountain Biking at Muleshoe Bend


Austin, TX - "...at Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area, where a total of 9.8 miles of trail twist around a sweeping turn in Lake Travis, the trails rarely draw crowds..." more

Bicycle Sidecar Hauls Your Kids in Style


"The Scandinavian Side Bike can turn your bike into a cargo & kid hauler, and doubles as a snowy weather transport option." more...

The Ultimate Bikepacking Adventure - On an E-Bike

"Father-daughter duo Kerry and Laura Waldman explore Catalina Island with an electric assist - and share why you should consider an e-bike journey, too." more...

These Five Trail Heroes Will Inspire You


"...These five heroes of the trail movement inspire us thanks to what they've overcome and what they've accomplished. Through their stories, we hope you'll find their passion as catching as we do." more...

Could You Power Your Home With A Bike?

"...Pedaling a bike at a reasonable pace generates about 100 watts of power..." more

The North Star Bicycle Route

MN - "Minnesota has a newly designated bicycle route stretching from downtown St. Paul up to Grand Portage State Park near the Canadian border." more...

Legally Speaking: This Little Light of Mine

"...Are you prepared for a night ride?..." more

Everything You Need to Know About Kids' Bikes

"How and where to buy them, kids' bike sizing guide, kids' bike accessories, and how to ride with very young children." more...

14 Ways to Boost Your Indoor Bike Training


"Hammering along on your indoor trainer doesn't have to be a drag; there are quite a few ways to use your indoor riding sessions to your advantage." more...

Green Tide Sweeps Across Walnut Hills

Cincinnati, OH - "Less than a mile from Peebles Corner lies one of Cincinnati's most beloved green spaces, Eden Park..." more

2016 Bikepacking Awards


"To honor all that's been accomplished in the bikepacking community, here is the first of three posts recognizing over 70 people, teams, brands and products who've impacted 2016..." more

Bike-Buying Tips for Short Riders

"How to find a bike that fits, no matter your stature." more...

5 Must Watch MTB Films

"The following five films highlight amazing mountain biking destinations around the world..." more

Backpack Trip Tells Geologic Story


Grand Canyon, AZ - "...To really appreciate the Grand Canyon, you have to go below the rim and hike to its bottom, at the Colorado River, and explore its side canyons and plateaus..." more

Ride a Bike to Work


Murfreesboro, TN - "Biking isn't just for kids anymore. In fact, it's becoming one of Murfreesboro's favorite adult sports..." more

Winter Cycling Gloves with Turn Signals


"A few years ago I reviewed the Zackee turn signal gloves with some trepidation..." more

Biking Downtown with Kids

Seattle, WA - "Monday morning the kids and I escorted Russ and Laura of The Path Less Pedaled to their BoltBus and found ourselves downtown with three bikes, no school, and unexpected great weather..." more

The Bicycle Hotel

Norway - "...the Lillestrøm Train Station now has its own hotel for bicycles." more...

USA Cycling has its Eye on Gravel


"This round of news broke on December 5th, 2016, on the VeloNews.com website..." more

11 Innovators Making Cycling More Awesome


"These designers, artists, inventors, and visionaries represent the resurgence of small-batch, homegrown craftsmanship -- and are making the experience of being a cyclist cooler than ever for the rest of us." more...

Woman Rides 238-Mile Katy Trail on $89 Bike


MO - "It wasn't on her bucket list -- it was a friend's goal to ride the entire 238-mile length of the Katy Trail on a bicycle." more...

Birds in Your Backyard

Summit County, OH - "...From the elusive owl to the overly abundant sparrow, birds are a staple in our everyday lives that are often taken for granted." more...

Why Don't You Need a Bicycle License?

"Short answer: Because it's pointless and expensive..." more

Zwift to Incorporate Running, VR

"Social cycling platform Zwift continues to find new ways to make indoor cycling engaging -- including iOS, running, and virtual reality." more...

Adventure along the Waikato River Trails


New Zealand - "...The Waikato River Trails offers a path for cyclists and joggers alike and is a true New Zealand gem." more...

Pittsburgh: Steel City Revived


Pittsburgh, PA - "...On our visit we walked on the bike trail that follows along the Ohio River and made our way to Bicycle Heaven, a veritable wonderland with more banana seats than you've ever seen..." more

Survival of Faddest


AK - "Fatbikes are everywhere in Alaska and Alaska's largest city these days..." more

Introducing Big Fat Dummy


"...Fat tires and cargo bikes are two things that were sewn onto the Surly flag long ago, but for years the fabled combination has caused trepidation in all but the biggest believers..." more

Exploring Bike-Friendly Davis

Davis, CA - "When I was offered the chance to go to Davis, I jumped at it. Since coming to work at the League in 2012 I had learned about Davis -- the city with the highest rates of bike use in the United States..." more

Bikes Outnumber Cars in Copenhagen

Denmark - "Denmark's capital has reached a milestone in its journey to become a cycling city -- there are now more bikes than cars on the streets... more...

The $600 BMX E-bike


"There are a lot of e-bike options on the market right now, but this electric BMX from Life Electric Vehicles & Prodecotech might be the world's first." more...

10 Best Multi-Tools for Any Type of Ride


"We recommend our favorite all-in-one ride savers." more...

Is this the most Dangerous Bike Trail in the World?


AZ - "Mountain bikers are always looking out for the next challenge: to push themselves beyond their limits and to feel the next huge rush of adrenaline. more...

Riding the King Kong Trail by Supermoon Light

UT - "Darren Berrecloth braves King Kong trail, at night. See Utah's treacherous route tamed in the dark." more...

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