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Towpath Century Rider Spotlight

OH - "The Huntington Towpath Century Ride, June 10-11, 2017, is a fully-supported 101-mile bicycle ride on the historic Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail that celebrates the trail and promotes development of the regional trail system..." more

Teaching a Blind Student to Ride


"...I was asked if I would be interested in teaching Gretchen - a woman who is blind - to ride a bicycle. Without hesitation, I said that I would..." more

Riese & Muller's Electric Cargo Bike

"...if you want to carry kids, a load of groceries, the family dog, or other stuff along with you, a cargo e-bike is the answer." more...

10 Family-Friendly Places to Ride in NJ

NJ - "...Murdock rides locally with his friends, and occasionally likes to try a bike trail. One of his favorites is the Black Run Preserve trail..." more

Trails Along 3 Former Railway Routes

"...They're called rail trails, and New England has some of the best in the country, according to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy." more...

Mountain Biking Trails Around The Commonwealth

VA - "Whether you dream of rolling your fat tires along rocky Appalachian ridges and down mountain hollows, dashing through the alluring pinewoods of the Piedmont, or simply cutting loose at a trail-laden local park, the state of Virginia has a mountain biking destination for you." more...

Yadkin River Greenway Offers lots of Sights


NC - "The Yadkin River Greenway is a disconnected series of paths, many of them paved, along the Yadkin River, Reddies River and other areas in Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro..." more

Bike Commuting Is Preventative Medicine


"Massive study finds cyclists and other active commuters experience dramatically lower risk of dying - from any cause - than those who drive or take public transit." more...

Cargo Bikes Put a New 'Spin' on Reaching Patients

"The usefulness of cargo bikes is being realized by medical and emergency management services." more...

A Guide to Sharing the Road

"In every car versus bike collision, it is the same loser every time: the bicyclist." more...

4 Reasons to Hop on a Bicycle

"Bikes mean big business - and huge health benefits - according to a first-of-its-kind study." more...

A New Tire Size that Doesn't Suck

"Should you go plus or opt for a 29er with high volume tires?" more...

Ditch Your Hydration Pack


"Endless possibilities in this bottle and accessory relocation system." more...

Pedaling Toward a Post-Automotive Future

Cincinnati, OH - "...Greater Cincinnati is improving residents' access to safer routes for non-motorized modes of transportation." more...

Couple Returns Home after Global Cycling Trek

Portland, OR - "After two years on the road pedaling across Europe and South America with their adopted Australian Shepherd, Sora, Jen Sotolongo and Dave Hoch of the Long Haul Trekkers will be returning home to Portland." more...


E-Cargo Trike Could Replace Delivery Vans

"The Tender e-trike is like a bike in the back and a van in the front, and is currently being trialed for grocery deliveries by a Dutch supermarket chain." more...

10 Mistakes You're Making on Century Rides


"Whether you're new to the 100-mile game or a seasoned long-distance rider, there's always room for improvement when it comes to crushing centuries..." more

Traverse City Cycling: An Outdoor Paradise


MI - "...The region attracts cyclists from all over the country - whether they prefer paved pathways, scenic country roads or rugged forest trails - and plays host to lots of major tours and races." more...

Creating an Accessible Local Park

GA - "Discover how one man helped take a local Atlanta park from a tangled mess of overgrowth to a hospitable haven complete with trails. more...

Smart Urban Commuter Bike


"The sleek Vanhawks Valour is a carbon fiber beauty that integrates a 'connected' platform in a bid to reshape urban commuting." more...

Michelin's Newest Mountain Bike Tires Are Pretty Impressive


"Michelin's new Force XC, Force AM, and Wild AM tires offer excellent grip and robust casings." more...

Nuno Teixeira's Fully Faired Track Prototype


"Almost seven years ago Portuguese industrial designer Nuno Teixeira came up with a concept for a fully-faired carbon fiber track bike, named the Pluma..." more

On the Trail of Hannibal... by Bike

"...1500 miles of jagged territory that climbs and falls through the Pyrenees, Alps and Apennines, from Barcelona to Rome..." more

DC's Top Five Family-Friendly Bike Rides


"...Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) is here to bring you five of the most family-friendly bike rides in the DC region." more...

Bikepacking the Colorado Trail by Train

Explore Timerberlake Trails


FL - "For a fun workout with Mother Nature, consider exploring 'Speed Demon,' 'Buggin' Out,' 'Gator Alley' and other cleverly named pathways at the Timberlake Bike Trail Recreation Area." more...

6 Tips for Managing Seasonal Allergies

"There are many methods to handling the worst symptoms of seasonal allergies, from meeting them head-on to pre-planning for the worst..." more

11 US Towns That Are Best Explored By Bike

"As someone once said, 'You can't buy happiness. But you can buy a bike, and that's pretty close.'" more...

North Fork Mountain Trail


WV - "In 1996, Outside magazine named this the best hiking/backpacking trail in West Virginia, and having traversed it three times, I can definitely vouch for that bold statement." more...

The Man Who Started 30 Days of Biking

"It started with a hashtag and a tweet, five years ago." more...

Sanitov's E-Cargo Trike


"Based on the style of a Chinese cargo bike, but incorporating Scandinavian design, this electric tricycle could go a long way toward living a car-free lifestyle." more...

Tesla's Sold in Europe have 'Active Hoods'

"The Tesla Model S is among the safest cars on the road, but it is even safer in Europe, especially for pedestrians." more...

Australia's Longest Downhill MTB Trail


AUS - "...The 900-metre descent covers diverse terrain from spectacular alpine areas scattered with rock boulders, to luscious greenery and water features." more...

Cross Buns and Cross Chaining


"When I started riding, one of the "rules" of cycling that was passed down from more experienced cyclists was never to have the chain in big and big or small and small..." more

How to be Equipment-Ready for a Long Ride

"If you're planning a long-distance ride spanning several days or even a week - you're probably hitting the trails to get in tip-top physical shape. But fitness is only one part of the equation - as the shape of one's bike and gear can also help to determine one's overall experience." more...

A Timeline of Milestones in Biking

"... Here is a short history of the long-ish evolution of bicycles..." more

4 Steps to Finding Your 'Stress Sweet Spot'


"#HappyAthletesGoFaster is all the rage. Here's how to be one." more...

In Memory of Mike Hall


"Endurance cycling was Mike's life, and he died on March 31 doing what he loved..." more

REI Founder Dies at 107

"Mary Anderson, who, with her husband, founded the mountaineering importer in 1938 that became REI and helped it grow into the nation's largest consumer cooperative without betraying its founding principles, died on March 27 in the Puget Sound region..." more

Learning about Bikepacking


"'If you're not here for the stories,' my fellow cyclist and adventurer explained, 'you might as well turn around and go back right now'..." more...

The Growing Influence of Atlanta's BeltLine

GA - "For Ryan Gravel - an urban planner by training who initially proposed the concept of the BeltLine in his Georgia Tech master's thesis and is now an author and urban design consultant - urban infrastructure can serve as a metaphor for an entire culture..." more

How Many Times Can I Patch a Tube?


"Get some life out of your tube with these guidelines." more...

Power-Boosted Bike Wheel

"...Superpedestrian Inc., a Cambridge-based company launched in 2013 to commercialize the power-boosting technology, made its high-tech wheel available for purchase on Tuesday..." more

Everything You Think about Singlespeed is Wrong


"I never know quite what to make of singlespeed reviews..." more

An Irishman's Diary of the Deise Greenway


IRE - "Finding myself in Waterford city recently, with a few hours to spare, I rented a bicycle and, taking to the county's spectacular new greenway..." more

10 Great Rail-Trails for Dog Walking


"Want to enjoy a great rail-trail, but don't want to leave your furry friend behind?.." more

The Man Who Rode Across U.S. Handcuffed to his Bike

"On October 30, 1919, Tony Pizzo arrived in New York City chained to his bicycle. He had pedaled 3,000 miles in five-and-a-half months, attached to his bike by a three-and-a-half-foot chain and handcuffs welded shut around his wrists..." more

The Book: How Cycling can Change the World


"Peter Walker writes for the Guardian in London, often about cycling and cycle culture..." more

How Much Does a Cross-Country Bike Tour Cost?

"...During my bike tour in 2016 I heard the story of two young British ladies who had set the lofty goal of getting from coast to coast without spending a single dollar..." more

Best MTB Escapes from 4 U.S. Cities

"...you can find a handful of great trails within arm's reach of some of the biggest cities throughout the United States." more...

Some Best of the West Rides

"... We asked biking enthusiasts, some casual, others just this side of obsessive, to tell us where they like to point their wheels." more...

Cyclists Led the Charge for Better Roads

"In 1909, a section of Woodward Avenue in Detroit was paved, a one mile stretch that was not the first concrete pavement in the United States, but was by far the longest..." more

Can Kids Keep Up on a Fatbike?


AK - "...Would such a large bike with a 12-year-old in tow require too much skill and deliver too little fun?.." more

MTB Trail Funding is Win, Win


AUS - "Creswick is set to become one of the premier locations for mountain bike riders in Victoria following a massive $2.56 million funding commitment from the state government." more...

Three Rivers Heritage Trail

PA - "Spiraling outward from downtown Pittsburgh, the 24-mile Three Rivers Heritage Trail traces the banks of three waterways - the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio..." more

At Peace: The Film

Mountain Biker Saves Her Own Life

"When Renee McKeirnan-Goldberg experienced early warning signs of a heart attack, she was primed to recognize them as serious." more...

Steve Tilford Raced Until the End

"The winner of multiple national championships is remembered by the cycling community for his passion and generosity." more...

Cardinal Greenways' 'Unsung Hero'


Muncie, IN - "...a retired Monroe Central teacher, he never misses a day of good weather on the Cardinal Greenways..." more

MI's Best Kept Secret for Mountain Biking


Alpena, MI - "...The trail systems in Alpena, Montmorency and Presque Isle counties allow for paved shoreline rides, single-track bike trails, or a limestone covered trail that meanders from Alpena all the way to Mackinaw City and beyond..." more

Thoughts on Car Culture

Portland, OR - "Just over two months ago 53-year-old Alan Marsan was killed while bicycling on North Interstate Avenue. He was going north and a large commercial truck turned right across his path." more...

7 Tips For Successful Bikerafting


"...Few activities will help you navigate the most remote wilderness more swiftly than bikerafting. But how exactly does it work?.." more

Bicycle Friendly Bakeries


"Some things pair particularly well with riding bicycles. Beer. Coffee. Baked goods." more...

Why You Should Try A Folding Bike


"A single ride on a Brompton proves that folding bikes can steal your heart and make commuting an anticipated part of your day." more...

Training Trainers

Columbus, OH - "In March, we trained 16 people from throughout Ohio - Dayton, Cleveland, Fremont, Marietta, Columbus, Waverly, Lima and Massillon - to deliver How We Roll and Ride Buddy rides to members of their communities. more...

The Perfect 3-day Weekend in Cincy

Cincinnati, OH - "...For an ideal weekend in Cincinnati - which was named one of Travel + Leisure's Best Places to Travel in 2017 - spend each day in a different neighborhood, each with its own draw." more...

Bike to the Buffalo


MT - "...Barely 45 minutes from Missoula, this little-known spot sheds its winter snow much sooner than many other recreation sites. And it comes packed with both scenic and historical value." more...

'Blood Road': the Documentary


"The decorated mountain biker tells Bicycling about the film, which takes her on a cycling expedition across Asia in the footsteps of her father." more...

Teacher Raises $80K to Buy Bikes for Students


"When she realized the 650 students wouldn't have childhood memories of riding bikes, she took action." more...

The Long Road Back


"...my legs were limp, my chest hurt, and I was a little shell-shocked. None of which usually describes my state after riding a few miles. It was different because... that day was my first bicycle commute in well over a year..." more...

The Guy Who Creates the Franklin County Road Map

Columbus, OH - "...He uses geometry, trigonometry and several computer programs to detail the county's 12,159 roads. The coming map has over 1,500 changes from the current map..." more

He Serves Community Through Local Bike Shop

Columbus, OH - "Several years ago, when he began volunteering in his South Side neighborhood, Nathan Lynch noticed that many area residents rely on bicycles to commute to work or nearby stores." more...

Early Ride


"An early Saturday gravel adventure, and musings on what makes us crawl out of bed and into the cold, dark world to go ride." more...

How Bike Helmet Laws Do More Harm Than Good


"Bike-share programs have proved hugely popular in hundreds of cities around the world - but not in Australia..." more

Best U.S. Hiking Trails near Breweries

"...We've compiled a list of 11 gorgeous hikes across the country, ideally situated near breweries, for all of your outdoor hiking and patio sipping needs..." more

Why the Bike is Good for More than Moving People

"Better infrastructure for transporting people by bike is great. But cycle freight could free up roads and transform cities and towns too." more...

Summer Fun at Ski Apache


NM - "...Ski Apache also has completed a new 5.5 mile mountain bike trail. This trail travels under the majestic Sierra Blanca Peak from the top of the gondola, back to the base area of Ski Apache." more...

Creswick becomes MTB Mecca


AUS - "...More than 100 kilometres of new trails will put the Central Highlands town on the map." more...

Tandini Tandem Balance Bike

"...The New MiiR Tand-ini bike is a versatile training tool for your energetic crew of tots..." more

Propella Minimalist E-Bike


"Propella's first e-bike offering was a hit with backers and reviewers, and now the company is back with a new version of its affordable lightweight electric bike." more...

Cycling Alone in the Middle East

UK - "When Rebecca Lowe set off solo from the UK for Iran by bicycle, her friends thought she had taken leave of her senses..." more

An Adventure in Your Own Backyard

"...A couple weeks ago, my husband and I set out for an after-work ride from our house..." more

Ambitious Plan To Create The Post-Car City


Paris, FRA - "A year ago, the Georges Pompidou highway next to the right bank of Paris' Seine River was filled with traffic. Now it's permanently car-free..." more

Bikepacking Is Running Away from Home for Grownups


"I think it started with the wooden clunk of Brendan stacking a few small fallen logs across the windward opening of the tarp..." more

Trade Your Used Car In for a New E-Bike


"California e-bike shop The New Wheel attempts to make the trade-in vehicle model work for the cycling industry." more...

Bikes Before Cars at Yellowstone

"...Most park roads are closed until later this month, but every spring Yellowstone opens about 50 miles of its main thoroughfares to bikes only." more...

Get Grandpa On An Ebike


"...This article is about how you're never too old to pick up a new sport and how an electric bike can level the playing field when riding with these young whipper snappers." more...

Bike Program Gets Girls to Ride Off Road


AR - "...Little Bellas is a national program that started in Vermont." more...

Retrofit your Bike into an E-Pedelec


"...Binova has developed an impressive gearbox-free, mid-drive motor that can be retrofitted to nearly any frame." more...

Niche Bike Retailer Reinvents Customer Experience

"...I take pleasure in the way that a new company, the curiously-named roll: Bicycle Company, has replicated the local bike shop experience online..." more

Meet Lisa King, Director of Summit Metro Parks

Summit County, OH - "It took Lisa King awhile to figure out why her job is such a good fit, until one day she thought back to her childhood." more...

Twin Coast Cycle Trail


NZ - "Shandelle Battersby samples the soon-to-be completed cycle way linking the Bay of Islands and the Hokianga Harbour." more...

Best Places for Biking Around Lake Norman

NC - "...the Lake Norman area has several excellent riding options that do not involve praying for your life on a narrow shoulder as cars whiz by." more...

Out Of Town Guests

"Where have all the weirdos gone? That's what Marion Rhodes, 28, of Dunedin, New Zealand wanted to know after riding across America last summer with her friend Victoria Johnstone..." more

Experience Michigan Trails this Spring

MI - "With spring now sprung, a sleeping Michigan giant is waking up - and now is a great opportunity for residents and visitors to see it." more...

Comes with Baggage

Explore Nevada's Southeast


NV - "Slot canyons and spring-fed ponds don't typically come to mind when picturing the Nevada landscape, but both can be found - separately - in the southeast corner of Nevada..." more

Gloria's Yay Bikes! Journey

Columbus, OH - "Our family has explored many places and had many adventures on our bikes, and what's especially meaningful about that to me and Rob, as parents, has been connecting with our kids during those rides..." more...

6 Paved Trails for a Spring Ride

Milwaukee, WI - "...Wisconsin is home to miles of paved city, county and state trails for plenty of hard-surface, off-road options for riding in the spring." more...

Tucson's Rillito Trail an Inviting Destination

"...Walkers and cyclists pass palo verde trees in brilliant bloom and wildflowers in hues of yellow, purple and red-orange." more...

5 Myths about Cycling


"Each year, 100 million Americans jump on a bicycle at least once, especially when the weather gets warm..." more

How It's Made - Mountain Bikes

Can the C&O Canal make Georgetown Hip Again?

D.C. - "...Georgetown Heritage, a nonprofit organization formed to rethink the one-mile, nine-acre portion of the canal in Georgetown, has hired the architect of Manhattan's High Line in hopes of creating an equally buzzy, reimagined urban park..." more

Mountain Bike Georgia's Bartram Trail

GA - "The Bartram Trail is a wooded, picturesque, 27-mile (43 km) long trail along the shore of J. Strom Thurmond Lake on the South Carolina-Georgia border..." more

Hills are Not Harder Than Cycling on the Flat

"...If you struggle in the hills, you're doing it wrong. Let me explain." more...

Jenn's Journey North

ME - "...My journey will start on the East Coast Greenway in Cranford's Nomahegan Park, and end in Gouldsboro, Maine, in the town where that fateful kayak trip took place." more...

How to Get Started With Zwift


"Take your inside riding to the next level with this fun virtual training program." more...

10 Bucket-List Biking Trails

"Stretching from sea to shining sea is an incredible expanse of trails running through forests, farmlands, parks, city centers and wildlife areas..." more

How to Destroy a Small Town

"I have a meeting tomorrow with Augie Wallmeyer, author of 'The Extremes of Virginia,' a book that highlights the perilous social and economic condition of rural/small town Virginia..." more

Mountain Biking Changed my Life

"If I hadn't discovered mountain biking, I'd be a very different person, living a very different life." more...

Ride to Work Every Day with The Elby

"This fun e-bike embraces its identity." more...

Tires Could be Made from Eggshells & Tomato Skins


"Researchers at Ohio State University have figured out a way to make car tires partially from food waste..." more

The Richard Rowe House

Akron, OH - "The Richard Howe House offers a prime location for visitors who are looking to discover more about the history of the Ohio & Erie Canalway system in Northeast Ohio..." more

Ann & Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail


Austin, TX - "...Set around the perimeter of Lady Bird Lake, the 10-mile hike-and-bike trail underwent a beautification project during the 1970s with the support of then-First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson..." more

A Guide to Biking Chicago

IL - "Appearing at the top of more and more lists of bike-friendly cities, Chicago, IL. has seen over 100 miles of new protected bike lanes installed since 2015..." more

Ready Set Glow

"In Poland and the Netherlands, luminescent bike lanes light the way for cyclists..." more

Put Your Business on the Bike Map

"When a trickle of bicycle tourists passing through your city or town turns into a steady flow, how can a local business tap the opportunity?.." more

Perhaps the Most Beautiful Hike in Cleveland


Cleveland, OH - "...there is no shortage of great places for a walk in the woods in Cleveland. But above all the other trails in the city, one path leads you through history to somewhere truly magical." more...

Girl Power


"In the Independent Lens documentary Ovarian Psycos (premiering Monday, March 27 at 10; check local listings), we're introduced to The Ovas - a chicanx (xicanx) feminist group who bike through the streets of East L.A. in honor of sisterhood..." more

Found while Cycling Boston's Streets: A New Spirituality

MA - "...For the Rev. Laura Everett, her daily 6-mile commute is a way of connecting to her adopted city, its residents, and her sense of community and vulnerability." more...

6 Reasons to Downgrade Your Mountain Bike


"...Here are a half-dozen reasons you may end up taking your bike down a notch..." more

A Tour of 109 Historical Markers

Cleveland, OH - "There's plenty of history in Cuyahoga County, but one way to find hidden gems through the area is by visiting historical markers..." more

Trainee on the Trail

"...Although I am a proud member of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy team, I'm not much of a cyclist. In fact, before going out to Iowa to help map trails for our Midwest Rail-Trail Guidebook series, I had never biked more than 15 consecutive miles..." more

Free National Park Maps

"This page lists all National Park Maps pages based on what state or territory they are located in."

Mountain Bikers Shred an Abandoned Mineshaft


"...Finding the mine shaft, he says, was really just a happy accident..." more

Exploring the Ohio River Greenway


IN - "...The Ohio River Greenway offers a splendid route for exploring..." more

Exploring Arlington & Marysville by Bike


WA - "...Both cities are bisected by designated paved riding trails with panoramic views..." more

Lakeway Trails Challenge Mountain Bikers


TX - "I'm chugging my way up a single-track trail, sweat trickling down the small of my back and quads burning like someone stuck a branding iron on them." more...

New Irish Greenway is Spectacular


IRE - "It's finally opened and it looks like a game changer..." more

Best New Nutrition Products for Cyclists

"Whether you eat paleo, gluten free, Whole30, or simply for taste or performance, there's a new ride fuel for you." more...

Dual-Battery E-Bike


"This electric bike is packed with features, including a mid-drive Bosch motor, a rear rack and dual fenders, an onboard lock, and front and rear lights." more...

I've Cycled Through 20 Countries

"My bike needed some TLC. The components were suffering having giving them an absolute hammering by riding across some of the toughest off road miles on the planet..." more

YouTuber Tackles NYC Inaccessibility

"...if you have a mobility-related disability, public transportation - and navigating a city overall - isn't exactly bagel quest-friendly." more...

Waterford's 46km Greenway Opens

IRE - "Off-road track, along an old railway, includes coast, viaducts, tunnel and spectacular gorge." more...

What's Better Exercise: Biking or Walking?

"CityLab investigated this workout showdown." more...

Trail Links Jews and Arabs


"...The trail links Michigan Jewry's Partnership2Gether (P2G) communities of Migdal HaEmek, Nazareth Illit and the Jezreel Valley with the Arab towns of Yafia and Nazareth - a sprawling region of 185,000 people." more...

IMBA to Relaunch Model Trails


"...It was time for IMBA to evolve its Model Trails program to mirror the evolution of our organization and our sport..." more

Singing Bike Path Cyclist


"Fed up with pedestrian traffic? Take a cue from cyclist Noam Osband, whose decision to sing a tune set to the Star Wars Main Theme while cycling recently earned him some elbow room - and made him go viral." more...

40 Years of Mountain Biking

"'Fat Tire Flyer': Charlie Kelly put together an excellent book on the birth of mountain biking published by Velo Press in 2014..." more

Powerful E-Bikes with Massive Style


"If you're looking for an e-bike that blows away pretty much everything else on the market, take a peek at Juicer Bike's electric motorbicycles. more...

How Peds Will Defeat Autonomous Vehicles


"...A recently published paper in the Journal of Planning Education and Research explored how interactions between humans and self-driving cars could change the rules of the road..." more

Amtrak's Bike on Train Demo

"Earlier this month as part of the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Summit, Amtrak provided a demonstration of their bike equipment to attendees..." more

In a Class All Their Own

"It's no secret that U.S. e-bike sales have been climbing steadily for the last few years. But in 2016, those sales rose high enough to propel the bikes into their own stand-alone category..." more

How You Open a Car Door Can Save Lives

"...Most states don't track dooring accidents, so it's hard to determine just how often they occur. However, Grid Chicago analyzed Illinois Department of Transportation data from 2011, and found that one in five bike crashes in Chicago were caused by dooring that year." more...

Park + Vine Owner Gets New Gig

Cincinnati, OH - "...Part of Korman's job will be to gather support for Tri-State Trails and a massive plan to build a 42-mile, regional network of bike trails that would connect communities and job centers." more...

Map Out The Ultimate Weekend Ride

PA - "...Meander around lakes, bike over bridges and pedal your way through Howard County's many miles by following the maps on the Columbia Association's Pathway app..." more

Bicycling For Life

Why Isn't it a Crime To Kill a Cyclist with a Car?

"It was a clear and bright spring morning in central Mississippi..." more

The Best Rides Don't Always Have Hills


"These six incredible low-elevation rides will make you forget all about KOMs." more...

Surprising Hiking Trails in S. IN

IN - "... three destinations that are the perfect combination of proximity, visual beauty and overall hiking experience." more...

Get Your Cycling Mojo Back

"Worry not; motivation ebbs and flows. Here's what you can do to fan the flames when you're all out of stoke." more...

MONO E-Bike for Under $800

"It must be almost spring, because e-bike campaigns are popping up all over." more...

Need 2-Wheeled, All-Terrain Transportation?


"When it comes to moving confidently and quickly over backcountry terrain, electric fat bikes like the Bulls Monster E FS are the best tool for the job." more...

Cincy Neighborhood Wins Major Preservation Award


Cincinnati, OH - "...At a reception that is part of National Historic Preservation Advocacy Week, representatives from the City of Cincinnati's Zoning Department, Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) and the Over-the-Rhine Foundation were presented with the 'Preservation's Best' of 2016 award by the group." more...

Bicycle Bicentennial

"The two-wheeler turns 200 in 2017..." more

E-Bike Wheel Promises 30-Mile Range


"One solution to the dilemma of wanting to keep your favorite bike, while also getting the benefits of electric mobility, is a drop-in wheel replacement." more...

Fatbike Touring - Southwestern USA

How the Burke-Gilman Trail was Created


Seattle, WA - "...that trail isn't there by accident, and it isn't there because of smart City of Seattle transportation policy..." more

Fuji Bicycle Recall

"The rear wheel freehub can slip while pedaling, posing a fall hazard." more...

Cellist Turns Trek Across Spain into Film


Cleveland, OH - "He went to Spain to make a CD but came home instead with a film. That, and a new take on life." more...

Turn Your Weekend into an Adventure

"What do you do when you have to work on your day off? Make an adventure out of it, of course!.." more

71-Year-Old Readies for AT Hike


"...I am a veteran, I was a Girl Scout. This is not the first time I've ever been outdoors, but it's certainly the first time I've been outdoors for this length of time..." more

Jetson is mainstreaming e-bikes

"When e-bikes are available through Kohl's and Walmart, perhaps they've become normalized." more...

Attracting Cyclists to Campgrounds

"With more cyclists on the move and needing overnight accommodations, bicycle-friendly campgrounds are increasing in demand..." more

Riding The Baja Divide

Custom Bike Honors the Purple One

"...When Prince passed away last year, Anna asked Peacock Groove's Erik Noren if he could build her a custom steel-framed folding bike in tribute to the legendary musician..." more

Ultralight Carbon Cargo Bike


"...Based on their existing Cargo model, this bakfiet's style one-off is called the Cargo TT and is handcrafted entirely from carbon fiber..." more

Is Your Town Scooter Friendly?


"...in the last several months that I've discovered the unparalleled joys of the bike's souped up cousin: the scooter." more...

Youthful Vibe in Columbus

Columbus, OH - "...Columbus ranked highest in the Midwest for visitors satisfaction in a 2016 J.D. Power study and in 2015 TIME magazine ranked Columbus third on its list of "Best Cities for Millennials..." more

Indiana's Nickel Plate Trail


IN - "Nickel Plate allows you to detach from everyday life, to really escape from it all on a bicycle." more...

Paralyzed Rider on U.S. Health Care Woes

"Most of us cannot conceive of what it means to become either chronically ill or disabled. I know I couldn't." more...

Perth's Goat Bike Trail


AUS - "202km and 7 hours later... we have a Perth Goat Bike Trail." more...

Aero Bike Computer Can Help You Save Watts


"The capable ELEMNT Bolt does more than tell you how you're riding - it cuts your wind resistance, too." more...

Interning at the Ohio & Erie Canalway

NE OH - "Summer of 2016 was winding down, my senior class schedule was nearly finalized, and I was determined to gain 'real world' experience with an internship in communications..." more

20 Years Ago I Struck & Killed a Cyclist

"...For 20 years, I've said almost nothing about that night..." more

Forget the Velominati's Rules

"It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment I started hating 'The Rules' and everything they represent." more...

Lessons Learned While Riding a Tandem Bike

"...Last year for our anniversary, we spent a weekend near the beach and rented a tandem bike for the first time..." more

eBay Seller Leaves BMX On 7-Year-Old Boy's Doorstep

"After beating a rare childhood cancer, John Wells' cycling-mad son Evan and his brother Corey completed a charity bike ride. But it was what happened next that blew them away." more...

Biking the American River Bike Trail


CA - "Last last week I biked the American River Bike Trail, properly called the Jedediah Smith Memorial Bicycle Trail..." more

Biking Trails in and Around Colorado Springs


CO - "...Here is a short guide to just a few of the many local biking trails in Colorado Springs." more...

Cyclists Conquer Winter Snow on 'Fat Bikes'

Portland, ME - "...The bikes, with comically large tires, have come into the mainstream in the past couple of years, after being introduced about a decade ago." more...

Africa's Bike Hotel in Grabouw

"...The hotel, originally a factory, has been converted specifically with outdoor enthusiasts in mind..." more

Workout May Actually Reverse Aging


"Add this in three times a week, and your cells will thank you." more...

Bikepacking Northern Nevada

"...Our 3 part tour from Pyramid Lake, around the Smoke Creek Desert, and to the Black Rock Desert was a true test of our ability to be bike riding partners..." more

Silent Barriers to Bicycling

"... Today we're looking at fear of robbery and assault, which ranked second only to concerns of traffic safety." more...

Slipstream is Home for Outdoors Films


"With more than 300 adventure films and exclusive access to pay-per-view movies, Slipstream is the video streaming site for the outdoors-film junkie." more...

The 670-mile Oregon Timber Trail


OR - "Something big is about to happen for off-road cycling in Oregon." more...

Why Cycling Feels So Damn Good


"Science confirms what many of us know: Your bike is your happy place." more...

A Ride to Recovery

"'How much time will I have to stay away from my bike?!' I swear the question was the first one to cross my mind when my doctor said the most terrifying words I had ever heard: 'Yes, it is cancer'..." more

Bitten by the Gravel Bug

"I wasn't looking for a new cycling love but that's usually when IT finds you, right?!..." more

Hiking Spain's Oldest Trail


ESP - "More than 1,000 years of relentless feet, hooves, and (now) bike tires have literally carved this trail into the earth, making it likely the most famous 'pilgrimage' trek in the world." more...

Will this Man Revive IMBA?

"Let's be blunt - 2016 was not a banner year for the International Mountain Bicycling Association (or IMBA)..." more

The Benno Boost E-Bike


"his highly-functional e-cargo bike is also wonderfully designed." more...

The City Responsible for 1st U.S. Bike Lane


Davis, CA - "In 1967, Davis broke ground on the country's first true bike lane. Fifty years later, we look back on the inaugural system's impact - and how more work remains to be done to protect cyclists nationwide." more...

10 Trails Named After Influential Women


"One of the early pioneers of the rail-trail movement was May Theilgaard Watts, a naturalist and writer who in 1963 penned a letter to the editor of the Chicago Tribune calling for the transformation of a disused Chicago rail line into a multi-use pathway..." more

Women Breaking Boundaries on Bicycles


"In September of 1895, a young Jewish mother from Boston rolled into Chicago astride a Sterling bicycle and declared victory..." more

Meet Ayesha McGowan

"...Ayesha moved to California last year for better outdoor year-round training opportunities, but she's originally from the East Coast..." more

Premium E-Bike Offers 70-Mile Range, 28 MPH


"The Stromer ST1 X looks to be geared to the hyperconnected city dweller who wants to ditch the car in favor of a two-wheeled electric transport option." more...

Getting to Know Mr Deo


Columbus, OH - "Recently, Yay Bikes! hired a new Program Manager - one Mr Deo Martinez. This is the guy you'll be volunteering with to support all the awesome Yay Bikes! programming, so we thought you'd wanna know a bit about him..." more

Women, Gravel and the Middle Georgia Epic

"...I was out smack in the middle of the USA for work, and no matter what direction I rode my road bike in, I eventually hit gravel..." more

A Guide to Family Biking

"Our latest guide is full of advice and inspiration for getting your family on two wheels." more...

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tries Cycling

"The NASCAR veteran went to Twitter to share an experience that's all-too-common among road cyclists." more...

Pro Rider's Wheel Explodes at 38 MPH


"Front wheel disintegrates in team time trial and causes a terrifying crash, but rider is miraculously unhurt..." more

Newest Biking Boomtown

New Orleans, LA - "...Almost without the rest of the country noticing, the Big Easy has rapidly become one of the nation's leading cities for bike transportation. About one in 30 local residents now gets to work by bike, double the rate from 2007 and sixth highest rate among large U.S. cities..." more

Across Cuba... the Bad Way

"After just a single day into our Cuba traverse, we unanimously agreed that the route should be named 'La Ruta Mala,' or 'the bad way'..." more

What it's like to Fail to Bike Across America

"...Last summer, I attempted the 4000+ mile trek with a group called the Fuller Center..." more

How to Bail out of a Bike Crash

"If you ride any kind of bicycle the odds are that you are going to have a crash of some kind..." more

Abandoned Railroad Could Become Epic Trail

OR - "The man in the silver pickup warned me: If I hiked down the hill to the old railroad tracks, I wouldn't come back." more...

Mountain Biking Helps B.C. First Nations Youth

CAN - "...'B.C. is known as the spiritual home of mountain biking,' said Lucas. 'Trails are being built all over the province and it quickly became obvious that First Nations communities were being left out of the process...'" more...

Cycling to Work: My Path to Health & Happiness

UK - "Lorreine started cycling the 12 mile round trip between Watford and Hemel Hempstead two years ago. She now rides her bike to work at least three times a week come rain or shine..." more

5 Ways Trails Make Us Healthier & Happier


"If you are like most Americans, you probably exercise less during the winter. It is hard to keep those New Year's resolutions when it's snowing outside!.." more

A Survivor's Tale


AK - "Too late Cody Johnson realized he was riding on thin ice over the cold water of the South Fork Kuskokwim River deep in the heart of the Alaska Range..." more

A Cyclist's Guide to Pizza

"Pizza is delicious, and can also make great fuel. Here's the best type of pizza to eat during every part of your ride." more...

What You Should Know About Whole30

"Created in 2009 by certified sports nutritionist Melissa Hartwig, Whole30 is a temporary elimination diet designed around 'whole' foods..." more

Crafting Public Wilderness Trails

"The U.S. National Trails System's 30 Scenic and Historic routes alone span over 50,000 miles, longer than the entire Interstate Highway System..." more

Variety of Travel Modes on Mountains-to-Sea Trail


Elkin, NC - "The North Carolina Mountains-to-Sea Trail is known for hiking, however travelers can use bikes, canoes, horses and even wheelchairs on certain sections, all of which can be found in Elkin." more...

The Team of High Schoolers Who Beat Lance


"How four teen racers edged out cycling's biggest legends to win 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo." more...

Exploring Black & Latino Bicycling Experiences

"Advocates often aim to make cycling a more accessible resource for Blacks, Latinos, and other underrepresented groups. But they may be missing one of the biggest deterrents to bicycling among this population - fear for personal safety." more...

How I Lost 165 Pounds and Fell in Love with Leadville


"Unexpected tragedy left him alone and depressed. A bike helped him find the therapy and community he needed to go on." more...

The Netherlands Bike Intersection

"...the Dutch try to keep the two types of traffic as separate and segregated as possible. The bikes don't slow down the cars, and the cars don't run over the bikes..." more

Dad & Sons Hike, Bike on Camino de Santiago


SPA - "Tom Labuzienski prayed in 'moments of silence' as he and his two oldest sons hiked and biked over a Spanish path of stone, gravel and sand that pilgrims have trampled for more than 1,000 years." more...

We Tried Riding (And Building) Ikea's Flat-Packed Bike

"If you can build a Billy bookcase, you can build an Ikea bike." more...

Giant Mountain Bikes Recalled in AUS

AUS - "Are your mountain bike handlebars wider than 700mm? If your bike is relatively modern it's a safe bet they are, and if you're riding a Giant your steed may have been recalled. Not because they're going to crack, or break, but because of width." more...

Nick's Yay Bikes! Journey


Columbus, OH - "...The first contact Nick had with Yay Bikes! was the Bike to Work Challenge in 2009. And what struck him about it most was the approach of getting people not just to ride their bikes to work, but also to have fun doing it..." more

Gary Fisher Sees E-Bikes as the Next Big Thing

"...eMountain biking is just really fun. It takes away the strenuous part, the five-kilometre journey to the mountain, the super-steep climb. These elements are now simply gone, leaving only the fun part." more...

Chef Rides Hard to Stay Zen in the Kitchen

"Seamus Mullen used healing foods to beat his rheumatoid arthritis and get back on the bike; now, his cycling zen keeps him on the right path." more...

Remembering Eastern Trail Rounder and Champion John Andrews

"ohn Andrews, who founded the Eastern Trail Alliance in 1997, died on February 20 at age 79. Andrews was a tireless advocate and fundraiser for the 65-mile Eastern Trail, which stretches from South Portland to Kittery, Maine, and is a key segment of the East Coast Greenway..." more

Trail House, a new Hangout for Bicyclists, Runners, Hikers


Santa Rosa, CA - "Ever wish you could finish a 10-mile run or a long bike ride and have your favorite cold craft beer just waiting at the end of the trail? more...

Cyclist Captures World's Cutest Animal Pic

"This friendly quokka lives on Western Australia's Rottnest Island and seems to love bikes as much as we do." more...

Bikes, Reclaimed Streets, and Fat Tuesday

New Orleans, LA - "...Despite its reputation as an alcohol-fueled striptease, Mardi Gras is an increasingly rare intergenerational celebration commemorated in countless ways across the city, well beyond the bounds of Bourbon Street..." more

The Auto Engineer that Doesn't Own a Car

MI - "It takes Victoria Schein, a 23-year-old research engineer, about six minutes to bike to work the two miles from her Dearborn apartment to Ford's Research and Innovation Center. more...

Medical Centers are Prescribing Bike Share for Better Mental Health

"It's no secret that access to bike share can help improve physical health and mobility options, but now it is also being used as a component of mental health care." more...

Pure Cycles Launches its 35-pound Volta E-Bike


"The latest in what seems like a near-constant flood of e-bike launches comes not from a startup, but from a conventional bike company..." more

Wheeling Through Winter with a Family in Tow

MN - "It's not impossible to ride bikes for transportation in the winter, even with 3 kids 10 and under..." more

Pedal to Porch Project

Detroit, MI - "Detroit's Pedal to Porch project hopes neighbors will slow down and meet each other." more...

How Vision Zero Became Portland's Top Transportation Priority


Portland, OR - "Just three short years ago Portland's commissioner-in-charge of transportation hadn't even heard of Vision Zero. Now the traffic safety concept is the target of more attention from the Bureau of Transportation than any other issue..." more

What Kind of Cyclist are You?


"Mikael Colville-Andersen, founder of the Copenhagenize Design Co, isn't a cyclist. He's a guy with a bike, like so many other people in Copenhagen..." more

MOAR, a 85-Mile Range Fat Tire Folding E-Bike


"...MOAR Bikes, out of Santa Monica, California, is combining a folding feature with a fat bike, and adding a full set of premium components to yield an 'all-in-one electric bike solution.'" more...

Mapping the Urban Bike Utopias of the 1890s

"...The maps in this post come from an earlier time when cycling mania swept the nation: the 1890s..." more

Top 10 Local Outdoor Spots for the Family


OR - "...the outdoor adventures are endless throughout the Umpqua Valley and National Forest..." more

The Biggest Cycling Fanatic in the NFL

"When he's not taking the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl as the team's general manager, Thomas Dimitroff is all about bikes." more...

How to Explain Cycling to your Dog

"...Every weekend, Churro looks at me as I twist the dials on my shoes, secure my helmet with a click, and and walk out the door..." more

Singapore's Newest & Largest MTB Trail


"It's been two years in the making, but the Chestnut Nature Park (North) network of mountain biking trails is now open for riding..." more

10 Tips for Visiting the CVNP

NE OH - "...Cuyahoga Valley National Park is open 365 days a year; some areas of the park close at dusk, while others remain open 24 hours a day..." more

8 Cool Things I Saw on My Bike Commute


Austin, TX - "Vintage cars, giant cactus, public art, friendly folks -- I saw all those things this week on my daily commute to work." more...

8 Ways Cycling Changes when You Have Kids


"Having a family doesn't spell the end of your cycling days, far from it... but it might change the way you view your time on two wheels." more...

Hiking & Biking in the Okeechobee Area


FL - "...The Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST) provides plenty of opportunities for both hiking and biking..." more

Why We Can't Get Enough of Fat Biking


"Super-wide tires are here to stay. Here's why it's time to get fat." more...

This Computer Will Seriously Enhance Your Ride


"Connectivity up the wazoo enables this easy-to-use bike computer to do much more than track your stats." more...

Revolution on Two Wheels

"Almost 200 years ago, an early form of our beloved bicycle was invented." more...

More than a Sport

Electric-Assist Velomobile has 50-Mile Range


"What looks like a cross between a bike helmet and a high-heeled shoe could help usher in another wave of personal electric assisted vehicles." more...

New Himalayan Cycle Trail


India - "As cycling grows in popularity among Indians, Darjeeling has opened the country's first hill station bike path..." more

Why I Rode Through Cancer


"This longtime cyclist defied his family, his conscience - even his doctors - just to keep riding his bike." more...

Bicycling Advocate Jon Korin


"Jon Korin clambered aboard his first bike at age 2. It was a chunky tricycle, but the carefree feeling of gliding along a pathway made an indelible impression." more...

9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Short Bike Rides


"Whether you've only got your 30-minute lunch break or over an hour to kill, here's how you can maximize your shorter stints in the saddle." more...

Lego Hair Bike Helmet

"...Designed to resemble the toy's funny hair wig, this ingenious bike helmet will hopefully get kids more excited about riding safely." more...

The 10 Weirdest Things I've Found While Cycling

"I have a confession to make: one of the big reasons I ride is to find road booty." more...

Cycling, an Eco-Friendly Transportation Option


Wheeling, WVA - "...Crow, with Quick Service Bicycle Shop in Bridgeport, is one of a number of Ohio Valley residents who ride their bicycles to work most days of the year." more...

Danny Chew Starts Handcycling


"...On Sunday, for the first time since he was paralyzed Sept. 4 from the chest down in a biking accident, Mr. Chew, the iconic Pittsburgh cyclist and founder of the Dirty Dozen bike race, was able to try out a hand cycle outdoors on the road..." more

$400 Full-Size Folding E-Bike


" For those who have been holding off on purchasing an e-bike until the prices come down, Stark Drive might just have broken the cost barrier." more...

Alafia River State Park Bike Trails


FL - "The plan was to take the mountain bike out of the garage, pump up the tires and head to Alafia River State Park in eastern Hillsborough County..." more

Exploring Ventura's Waterfront by Bike


CA - "...With beautiful scenery, great parks, and varied topography, Ventura has been on my list of family biking destinations for a while..." more

The 5 E's of Bike Friendly

"Each Bicycle Friendly Community, Bicycle Friendly Business and Bicycle Friendly University recognized by the League is different..." more

9 Great Smart Watches for Cyclists

"Track your heart rate, sleep, cycling routes, and more with these smart watches." more...

Tactical Urbanism

"The latest trend in urban design and planning gets them off of the paper and out of a big room, testing ideas in the real world. It is fun and hands-on, and making many converts." more...

Guide to Riding Your Bike in Traffic

"Here are some quick tips to help you build your confidence and skills while riding along with traffic." more...

The Story of the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps.

"The story of the United States 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps is the story of adventure, triumph and heartbreak." more...

Iota Bike Tracker Review

"The Iota Tracker really piqued my interest - yes, it's a GPS tracker, but it doesn't use the cellular network..." more

Guide to Picking Your Next Mountain Bike

"So you want to buy a new mountain bike. Advancements in material, frame, and suspension design mean bikes are being made for very specific purposes, so the decision of which bike to choose is no longer just about color and size." more...

Honoring the Legend of Major Taylor

"Around the turn of the 20th century, bicycle racing dominated America's sporting scene, with top cyclists commanding the same media attention that A-list Hollywood celebrities enjoy today. Tens of thousands of fans packed velodromes and road race routes around the world to see the greats compete in events ranging from quarter-mile sprints to six-day endurance rides." more...

N. Alabama Could Become a Bike Destination


AL - "For now, it's a concept, but what planners across the region are unofficially calling the 'Singing River Bike Trail' could one day stretch from Fort Payne to the Shoals." more...

Moosehead Lake Region Offering New Trails


ME - "The community in the Moosehead Lake Region is banding together to showcase the area's many natural resources and make outdoor recreation more accessible to visitors..." more

Cyclists will Drink to this B.C. Trip

CAN - "The best thing about cycling the Kettle Valley Rail Trail is that pedalling is strictly optional..." more

The 'Great Bike Cities' List

"In fall 2017, we'll publish the first PlacesForBikes city ratings: a data-driven system identifying the best U.S. cities for bicycling and rewarding those that are improving the fastest." more...

An Endearing Dutch Cycling Activity

"When riding a bike for your everyday needs is readily accessible, practical, and enjoyable, you start to see some unique habits develop." more...

The Innovative Component Lock

"...NutFix is the new and stylish solution for securing bicycle components." more...

Capture the Flags

"One cyclist's journey to visit every country on Earth." more...

Effective Speed


"...The idea of 'effective speed' dates back to the mid-1970s, when Ivan Illich used it to bolster his critiques of institutionalized culture..." more

How to Prep for a Long-Distance Ride


"What better way to experience America's beauty, diversity and history than through rail-trails?" more...

A Hidden Risk of Being a Healthy, Active Cyclist

"Endurance athletes' lifestyle may make them more susceptible to potentially fatal DVT. Here are the risk factors and symptoms to watch out for." more...

Towpath Users Follow Steps of Canal Boat Mules

Stark County, OH - "Repository reporter Tim Botos continues his journey along the Ralph Regula Towpath Trail..." more

Riding the Mickelson Trail

SD - A family cycling adventure on the George S. Mickelson Trail. more...

A Trail Life Well Lived - And Loved


"From a window in his home in Confluence, Pennsylvania, Bill Metzger sees 'a constant parade' of trail users along the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP)..." more

How to Teach a Car a Traffic Sign

"Before self-driving vehicles can truly operate autonomously, they'll need to master Street Sign 101..." more

Exploring the Towpath in Stark County


Stark County, OH - "Repository reporter Tim Botos takes a journey along the Ralph Regula Towpath Trail between Clinton and Massillon..." more

Living without a Car in Cincy

Hiking Raccoon Mountain's High Voltage Trail


TN - "...This approximately 8 mile round-trip hike begins near the boat ramp and takes you to the top of the mountain near Laurel Point..." more

5 Best Bike Dates

"When it comes to romance, don't overlook your bike. From first dates to long-term relationships, building a date around riding can lead to an enchanted experience. Bike dates can also show off some of your best qualities to your better half..." more

Columbus is a Hotspot for Millennials

OH - "...Columbus has become a hipster hangout, young and vibrant with a sizable population of millennials..." more

Nearly 3,000-Miles of Hiking Trails


KS - "Just a few clicks on a website and people can access information on 2,958 miles of trails in Kansas. more...

Lessons on Aging from a 105-Year-Old Cyclist

"At the age of 105, the French amateur cyclist and world-record holder Robert Marchand is more aerobically fit than most 50-year-olds -- and appears to be getting even fitter as he ages..." more

A Look at Columbus

Columbus, OH - "The country's 15th largest city, chock full of creativity and innovation thanks to an influx of youthful residents, gives up its secrets." more...

Before it's Gone (Part 1)

"It seems I am addicted to the remote, mountainous regions of the world. I fear they will soon be changed forever and am keen to explore them before their culture is diluted or their architecture replaced by concrete..." more

Wind, You Jerk

"My friend Jayson and I were out trail running on Saturday, for long stretches exposed to a 50 mph wind..." more

Futuristic Creation Granted Trail Access


NZ - "The Otago Central Rail Trail is usually a motorbike-free zone, but an exception has been made for a Mars Explorer creation." more...

Biking Through Every Season

Marquette, MI - "...According to Down Wind Co Owner Jeff Stasser fat tire bikes aren't just for avid mountain bikers..." more

Thinking Like a Person on a Bike

"When I wrote last week about why I resist the term 'cyclist' and prefer to call myself a 'Person on a Bike,' I received some good responses from some truly amazing people..." more...

Social Secret to Maintaining Your Fitness Habit

"New Strava data suggests that being part of a community is the key to becoming a regular excerciser." more...

Chasing Long Life in Laid-Back Waimea


HI - "Driving uphill from the black lava fields of Hawaii Island's Kohala Coast, you know you've hit Waimea when the world turns green..." more

Kathryn Bertine Had it all Figured Out

"She's the powerhouse behind the women's race at the Tour de France, the athlete who wrote three books, made a documentary, and clawed her way into the professional ranks of three sports..." more

Dream Bike is Awaiting a Trail Blazer


Portland, OR - "...the bike was inspired not just by his love of the team; but by an unannounced visit from a Blazers player last year..." more

The Tasman Great Taste Trail


NZ - "Almost 10,000 people got on their bikes and out on the Great Taste Trail between Christmas and New Year." more...

Bikes, Beer and a Break from Life

IRE - "This story begins at my house, in a small village in the west of Ireland where bank holiday weekend biking plans are being made..." more

Rutting Up Trails is an Act of Pure Selfishness

"The alarm clock squawked obnoxiously at 6am, jerking me rudely from my slumber. I wiped my bleary eyes and tried to figure out what the heck was going on." more...

True or False? You can Bring Your Bike on Amtrak

"Well, it depends. Where do you want to get on and off? Some stations allow you to roll your bike right into the Amtrak railcar, and other stations don't allow you to check your bike at all, even if it's in a box. And that is the problem!" more...

Best Cities for Going Car-Less

"For many city dwellers in some of the largest metros, being able to go to restaurants, the grocery store, or work without having to drive is a high priority..." more

The Pedalshift Project

"A chat with global bike tourist -- and all around awesome person -- Jasmine Reese, on her journey, her four-legged companion, Fiji, and the adventures living the vagabond life." more...

Biko: The App We Never Knew We Were Missing

"Biko's mission is to incentivize urban cycling by offering users rewards for walking, jogging, or biking." more...

Great-Grandmother Cycles 10,000 Miles

"At 65, most people are thinking about getting a senior citizen bus pass. But for Montana woman Ethel MacDonald, that's when she took up tour cycling." more...

Super Bowl Bike Commercials

"The Super Bowl is as much about football as it is about commercials..." more

Electric Trail-Grooming Machine


MT - "...I designed it to create a trail for fat-tire biking. In the winter, I do a lot of grooming for snowmobiles and cross-country skiers, and this does the same thing as my $50,000 PistenBully" more...

Why We Ride

"About halfway up the climb, my toes went numb. Wiggling them in my boots was like rattling little frozen Vienna sausages around in my sock..." more

How Finland Gets People Biking Through Winter


"A city of 200,000 people in Finland has more bike lanes than Canada's largest city." more...

Biking Industry Pedals into Winter on Fat Tires

"It's about five degrees outside and snowing -- it has been now for three days. But that doesn't stop 51 year-old Martha Flynn. She zips up her boots, pulls on her gloves, and jumps on her bike." more...

Bird of Prey Bicycle

The Best Road Bikes of 2017


"These sweet road bikes are some of the year's best and newest offerings." more...

Best Bike Memories

"...This month, we turn our questions to director of local innovation, Kyle Wagenschutz." more...

90-Year-Old Grandma Cycles Every Day

"This 90-year-grandma biked over 260.000 miles -- in the last 40 years." more...

Why You Should Use The Bell On Your Bicycle


"There are few things dorkier than using the bell on your bicycle..." more

Company Records Your Close Calls with Cars

Pittsburgh, PA - "If you ride a bike in an urban environment, you probably have an anecdote or two (or 50) about being passed too closely by a driver." more...

Cities Turn to Cyclists to Save Lives


"When actress Carrie Fisher suffered cardiac arrest near the end of a flight to Los Angeles just before Christmas, some of the first emergency medical crews to arrive on the scene were on two wheels: medics on bicycles..." more

Brays Bayou Greenway Trail

TX - "While not generally known for its greenspace, Houston -- the country's fourth most populated city -- is onto something big..." more

Let's Ride with Bill Nye

Winter Bike Commuting


Steamboat Springs, CO - "In the pre-dawn light of a January morning in Steamboat, with the fat flakes falling straight down, the cyclists appear randomly like wraiths..." more

Central Oregon Backcountry Explorer

OR - "This ride begins and ends in Prineville, Oregon, which is a 50-minute drive from Bend and 3-hour drive from Portland..." more

Trails Linking NYC to Canada by 2020


"Start planning, bike tour enthusiasts: New York Gov. Cuomo wants to create the longest single-state multi-use trail in the nation." more...

The Baja Divide

CA - "I went into the Baja Divide grand depart expecting it to be more of a social occasion than a bike tour..." more

5 Reasons to Ride Mountain Bikes in Sedona


AZ - "We love this town for its world-class trails, but it also caters to those who like to pedal in many other ways." more...

Riding a Bike with a Hidden Motor


"The Vivax model is similar to what pros would use to motor dope -- and this is how it feels to ride it." more...

A Skateboard Startup's Radical Ambition


"...that's the promise of personal mobility vehicles that has raised eyebrows of city planners and investors alike. Also called rideables, the category includes electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards -- all of which can help alleviate traffic, pollution, and the parking problems that cities face." more...

Steel Returns to the Peloton

"The Tour de France used to be dominated by it, but 22 years have passed since the last Yellow Jersey was won on steel..." more

The Great Rivers Expedition

Dayton, OH - "Daytonians have always had the spirit of adventure, from flight to hiking the Appalachian Trail. Three local kayak enthusiasts decided to prove that you don't have to leave home to find adventure by traveling the entire length of the Great Miami River..." more

A Motu Trail Adventure


NZ - "New Zealand's cycle trail network is on track for being one of our great tourist and lifestyle assets - much like Europe's historic canals." more...

Add a Fat Biking Adventure to Your Winter Carnival Trip

ID - "...it's super easy to tap into cross country ski, snowshoe and fat biking trails that are every bit as world class as the ice sculptures." more...

Longest Urban park in Metro Manila


Philippines - "Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a run. You take a quick shower, put on your running clothes, tie your shoelaces, and head out. You make your way to the BGC Greenway Park." more...

The Warmest Winter Cycling Clothes

"These winter cycling pieces have the technical features and materials to keep you ridiculously cozy through your cold-weather rides." more...

Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

"I took part in a radio debate last week. Four guests and a journalist. In that forty-five minutes, I experienced a number of things including, but not limited to, the anti-intellectualisation of our society, emotional propaganda, alternative facts, manipulative and selective choice of facts, The Culture of Fear and the negative branding of cycling." more...

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