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Hidden Gems of the Cleveland Metroparks


Cleveland, OH - "Many of us think about the Metroparks in terms of the water, the beaches, or trails." more...

WA to CA on Oregon's Largest Bike Trail


"Move over PCT - you can now traverse the entire state on a 668-mile single-track mountain bike trail." more...

The OttoLock

"Stronger than a cable lock, more convenient than a u-lock." more...

Bicycle Books: A Tour of the Best


"The author of The Bicycle Book on the literature no self-respecting bike fan should be without." more...

Everyone Should Wear Helmets

"Author Todd Babin wonders why there this obsession about cyclists and helmets. So do I." more...

How to Pass Properly on a Bike Path

"...there seems to be no universally accepted passing etiquette for cyclists. What's the best way to handle this?" more...

Trek Super Commuter+ 8S review


"I'm forever spoiled for other electric bikes. Sure, it only comes in one color (Viper Red), and it costs $5000, but this bike is Trek at its best." more...

What's the Least Stresfull Way to Commute?

"According to recent research, cycling to work can reduce your risk of early death by 40%. But if avoiding an early demise isn't enough to get you on a bike, there's also a more immediate benefit..." more

A Bucket-List Cycling Destination

Columbia - "With soaring mountains... the South American nation is one of the world's best places to ride." more...

Is it Safe to Bike to Work in L.A?

CA - "...'I love biking,' people tell me, 'but I would never ride in L.A. Isn't it dangerous?'" more...

Why I Choose to Tackle Really Long Rides by Myself

"Ultra-distance cyclist Lael Wilcox, winner of the Trans Am and Tour Divide, shares what drives her to spend so much time alone in the saddle." more...

Foundation to Fight Concussions for Cyclists


"In April during the Tour of the Gila, Chad Young died after a crash where he sustained massive head injuries..." more

The Great Brake Debate

"... The kind of brake you have is something that has dramatically changed in the last decade or so..." more

A Bike Ride Through Wright Brothers Territory

Dayton, OH - "They came up with some of their best ideas while cycling along Dayton's back roads, Orville on his new Columbia 'safety' bicycle (with two small wheels of equal size) and Wilbur on a more modest used model..." more

Ride Yourself Fit in 5 Easy Steps

"Your bike is the fitness trainer that pays you - instead of shelling out gym fees why not get on your bike..." more

The Copenhagen Wheel lives up to the Hype


"In which I get to put this long awaited drop-in e-bike conversion wheel through its paces, and find it to be electrifying." more...

The Ideal Cyclist

"The Ideal Cyclist always wears a helmet. He wears it when he's riding, when he's thinking about riding, and up to 10 minutes after he has finished riding..." more

How Railroad Track Crossing Crashes Happen

Pedaling from Portland to Hood River

OR - "One of the ways I fit cycling adventures into my life is to ride to places where I'm already planning to do something with my family. So, when we planned to meet some friends in Hood River on Sunday, I knew it was a golden opportunity." more...

The Cycle Path Comfort Measuring Bike

"Thierry Jimenez cycles with headphones on a bike festooned with cameras and other monitoring equipment, and he rides with a trailer that can measure the width, smoothness and all-round usefulness of cycle paths..." more

Jimmie Johnson Slow Rolling in Detroit

MI - "The NASCAR superstar joined the Slow Roll crew for a ride around downtown." more...

A Potential Harmful Side Effect of High Intensity Workouts

"Three years ago, Christina D'Ambrosio went to her first spin class, pedaling fast on a stationary bike to the rhythms of popular music as an instructor shouted motivation." more...

6 Beautiful Bike & Train Trips

"Love bikes? Love trains? Why not combine the two into one awesome method of travel?" more...

Mountain to Meadow

MT - "...The Mountain to Meadow trail is designed for fast, smooth corners as it weaves through forest, meadows and across familiar ski runs from Big Sky Resort all the way down to Town Center." more...

A Guide to 650 miles of Trails and Outdoor Fun

NY - "...Until a few weeks ago, it wasn't easy for Finger Lakes residents to find new places to paddle, cycle, or hike. But a new website, GoFingerLakes.org, changes the game..." more

Best Trails in West Michigan

MI - "...Today, we are revealing the best hiking and biking paths in West Michigan." more...

Whistler Bike Park Creekside Trail Expansion


CAN - "After many years in the planning and approval process, crews from three different trail building companies finally broke ground on the much anticipated construction of fifteen kilometres of new trails in the Creekside Zone..." more

Black Forest Trail Backpacking Trip


PA - "If you've had the itch lately to get out there into the backcountry to try something that's definitely on the wild and adventurous side, well, I have just the ticket..." more

Amtrak + Bike Trip

Stand-up E-Big Wheels for Adults


"And for the young at heart, it's also capable of wheel stands and drifting." more...

The City That Tamed Cars

NED - "...Nijmegen, a small Dutch city, was never on my radar. But I found myself in town last month for the Velo-City 2017 conference, and it was a marvel." more...

Science Explains How Cycling Changes Your Brain

"Research has shown that incorporating cycling into your daily routine is not only healthy for your body, but also your brain!.." more

Tall Bikes Will Save The World

Biking the Hiawatha Trail

WA - "The Inland Northwest is home to countless outdoor activates for people to enjoy..." more...

A Slice of Harmony on the Bike Trail


MN - "I was in Preston, near the last leg of my journey on the Harmony - Preston State Trails, when I got my flat..." more

25 of the Most Influential Bicycles of All Time


"The bicycle celebrates its 200th birthday this summer. From the 1817 Draisienne to today's fat bikes, these are the bikes that have shaped how we ride." more...

Massachusetts' Cape Cod Rail Trail

MA - "Nestled in an iconic vacation destination about 75 miles down the coast from Boston, the flavor of the Cape Cod Rail Trail is pure summertime: sun-warmed beaches, sparkling waves, refreshing swimming holes and state park campsites nestled among the pines and oaks..." more

Bike Share Works with Local Artists

Pittsburgh, PA - "Healthy Ride is launching a small fleet of locally designed and crafted bicycles from five local artists in partnership with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and PPG Paints." more...

A Good Guidebook makes the Difference


ME - "...A really good guidebook can make the difference between surviving and not surviving in the wilds of Maine..." more

What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From the Bicycle

"The new episode of Pessimists Archive explores why many companies feared, hated, and resisted the bicycle..." more

Electric Motorbikes with Pedals


"Bump the throttle, spin the pedals, or both, on this electric bike that's halfway between bicycle and motorcycle." more...

Superpedestrian Recalls Copenhagen Wheel

"Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled electric bicycle conversion wheel and contact Superpedestrian to receive a free replacement electric bicycle conversion wheel, including shipping." more...

America On Two Wheels

"In 'Taming the Bicycle,' his 1884 essay about learning to ride a bike, Mark Twain described the way that cycling uncovers the secrets of a landscape..." more

We Need to Ditch All the Old Clich├ęs About Bicyclists

"Bicycling is increasingly popular, but we still labor under the old prejudices that bikers are very well off or very poor. That ignores the big majority in the middle." more...

15 Kinds of Cyclists You'll See on Strava

"The way you share your rides with the world says more about you than you realize." more...

Neematic's Powerful 50 mph E-Bike

"Although many e-bike companies are choosing to build their models so that they seem more like traditional bicycles, some companies are breaking out of that mindset..." more

The Landscapes of Glacier National Park


MT - "Evergreens lined the mountain ridge , as if they had been deliberately painted there, and their scent filled my nose, as soon as I got off the train in East Glacier..." more

Theft Victim Showered with Support


Portland, OR - "What Portland bike thieves took away, our community is giving back." more...

Parking Vs. Bike-Share Spaces

NYC - "Watch New Yorkers swarm a Citi Bike station like mad ants while cars sit virtually idle across the street. more...

The Best Sunscreens for Cyclists


"Our experts tell you exactly what to look for, and recommend the the top sunscreens to protect you on any ride. Because skin cancer sucks worse than climbing." more...

Arbutus Greenway Proving Popular


CAN - "More than 2,000 cyclists and 700 pedestrians recently used the Arbutus Greenway over a 12-hour period, according to the city's latest count." more...

Woman Gives 'Life Lecture' to Bike Thief


UK - "A Glaswegian mother who handed out a hard-hitting 'life lecture' to a teenager caught with her son's stolen bike has been hailed a 'supermum.'" more...

10 Unique Historic Bicycles

"In celebration of the 200th birthday of the bicycle, we wanted to share some of the unique design manipulations that the bicycle has received over the years. Some of these are on display in museums, some you can still purchase and ride today..." more

What You Really Know About Bicycles

"About 94 percent of Americans know how to ride a bike. For some, it's a primary form of transport, for others an occasional diversion." more...

Guided Tour of Little Mountain


NE OH - "...Welcome to Little mountain: a pristine Northeast Ohio hidden gem whose rich diversity of habitats, species, geology and topography..." more

Biking through Buffalo

NY - "...with the abundance of trails/paths and my proximity to a slew of them, I'm now putting hundreds of miles on my 1965 Sears Spaceliner." more...

Focus adds Motors to Performance Road Bikes


"The new e-bikes, called Project Y, each have a 250-watt motor and battery that is almost invisible." more...

Caught on Camera

"Cyclists have long claimed America's roads are unsafe. Thanks to the likes of GoPro, now there's proof. Is it making a difference?" more...

Syrian Refugee Finds Sanctuary in Cycling


"When his dreams are shattered by the brutal civil war in Syria, a promising young bike racer pins his future on an unfamiliar land." more...

Cyclists are taking over the Office Car Park

UK - "In the centre of Glasgow something rare is happening. A large office development is being planned without in-built parking - at least, not parking for petrol or diesel cars." more...

Duck River attracts Trail Enthusiasts

AL - "Most of the Duck River reservoir's nature trail is open, and the full trail may be opening soon." more...

Greenway Sunflower Display


Raleigh, NC - "Those who frequent the Neuse River Greenway Trail may be in for a surprise this weekend - thousands of radiant sunflowers along the path are in bloom. But as beautiful as they are, there is a purpose behind their presence." more...

On Your Bike, Watch Out for the Air


"...Unlike most people who bike to work, the 42-year-old assistant professor of environmental health wears sensors that monitor how much air he breathes in during the trip along with air pollution levels along his route." more...

When Freedom's Just Another Word for "Get Out of My Way"

"Over a recent vacation, I picked up Laura Everett's new book, Holy Spokes, a meditation on the spiritual aspects of urban bicycling, which, it turns out, extend beyond praying for one's life and calling down the wrath of God on that dude who cut you off." more...

The E-Bikes of Sunday River


ME - "...his year, Sunday River has added eight new e-bikes to their existing fleet of rental bikes, making a bike ride on the mountain trails more accessible than ever." more...

Seven Bicycle Infrastructure Wonders of Portland


OR - "Here is my list, in no particular order." more...

Schuylkill River Trail

PA - "There may be no more classic Philadelphia bike ride than the 8.5-mile loop along the Schuylkill River Trail (pronounced 'Skoo-kle,' for those looking to avoid a common visitor faux pas). If you don't believe us, just ask 10 Best, who named it the #1 urban bike trail in the US in 2015." more...

Hiking a slice of the Appalachian Trail


Bluemont, VA - "The slender young man with the chestnut tan and half-moon smile stepped back from the woodland path to let all 11 of us pass. One cordial greeting followed another." more...

Duluth: A Trail Destination


MN - "...Riding my fat bike, I pass climbing instructors as they gather rope for a daily summer lesson where they teach youths to scale the dynamite-blasted rocks..." more

Understanding E-MTB Leadership

UK - "With the pedal-assisted bikes proving to be the fastest growing sector of UK cycle sales, the question is when (not if) MTB leaders will see an e-MTB rider in one of their groups..." more

Driving Cars to Ride Bikes


"Somewhere along the line, I forgot about my local trails." more...

In the Driver's Seat

Sacramento, CA - "James Corless has been called 'a world-class visionary and leader' in transportation, land use and creative urban planning by Roseville Mayor Susan Rohan..." more

Buenos Aires is Thinking about Sustainable Transport

ARG - "...The Argentine capital has been on the leading edge of several transport innovations, such as bikeshare systems, bus-rapid transit and turning streets over to pedestrians..." more

How Google Maps Knows when there's Traffic

"...how is Google able to accurately monitor all of these cars? The answer may creep you out." more...

Relearning how to Share Trail Space


Snowmass Village, CO - "...As a trails manager, I've struggled to figure out how to reach users, to respect each other and natural resources..." more

The Spirit of Columbus

Columbus, OH - "...I was so thrilled in 2015 when Yay Bikes! was invited to take over Bike the Cbus, Columbus' annual neighborhood bike ride event. Now in its 10th year, Bike the Cbus is a shining example of all that makes this city exceptional..." more

Adventure & Mountain Biking in Manawatu


NZ - "Large-scale events and linking with a national network of mountainbike trails are key points of a plan to keep growing the tourism industry Manawatu and Whanganui." more...

A Different Type of Greenway Binds this Community


IL - "...Over the last 30 years, the Western Avenue Greenway Project has purchased run down properties and gradually converted six city blocks into a linear, park-like setting." more...

How helpful is Google Home in Planning a Bike Trip?


"...When I asked which bike would work best on a gravel trail, the Assistant didn't know. None of these questions worked, either..." more

Rahel's Yay Bikes! Journey

Columbus, OH - "As someone who works in the environmental field, sustainability-related concerns are paramount to Rahel Babb..." more

Healing Rides

IL - "...We are looking forward to watching so many elderly and disabled enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a way they never imagined..." more

East Fork State Park MTB Trails

Why I Don't Have an E-Assist

"For years I've joked my way out of answering why I don't have an e-assist..." more

Biking with a Broken Foot

"I broke my foot two and a half weeks ago. I was rescuing a kitten from a burning tree and was attacked by a wolf who clamped onto my right foot and wouldn't let go..." more

The Great Trail in Canada

CAN - "...The nearly 15,000-mile route, formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail, touches each of the country's 13 provinces and territories, and links three oceans..." more

The Minnesota Northwoods is a Hiker's Paradise

MN - "...You can tramp through the big woods, stroll down a backwoods lane, walk along the shoreline or even hike a trail that connects three states." more...

Cyclists Increasingly Facing Drugged Drivers

Cincinnati, OH - "A sure sign the opioid epidemic is getting worse is when Greater Cincinnati cyclists start seeing evidence of drugged drivers every two to three days..." more

Cycling an Integral Part of these Women's Lives


"As she pedals her bicycle along the streets of Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, Elena Shim is greeted by the food vendors and merchants along the way." more...

Hiking the Cleveland Towpath


Cleveland, OH - "Stand at the Ohio & Erie Canalway's Harvard Road trailhead next to the hulking Arconic plant (formerly Alcoa) and face north." more...

Artist Creating Posters for every National Park


Cleveland, OH - "Is it possible to capture America's sprawling National Parks in a single image? Colorado-based artist Rob Decker is on a mission to create posters for every one of the 59 throughout the country as part of his National Park Posters project." more...

Biking Beyond Boundaries


Cincinnati, OH - "A plan to link Cincinnati's scattered cycling infrastructure could empower low-income riders." more...

Exploring Cincy Walkways

Cincinnati, OH - "Summer is for relaxing and exploring, and Cincinnati has plenty of options for both..." more

Lessons from the '70s Cycling Craze


"A new book about bicycling's boom (and bust) has lessons for today's riders and planners." more...

Exploring Towpath Remnants


NE OH - "Cleveland is undeniably an old town with a history that spans many generations, and as such it is bound to hide some secrets..." more

Where to Bike in Cincinnati & NKY

"Whether you're a beginner or expert, looking for flat and easy, hilly and hard or just want nice views, there's a bike trail for you!" more...

PennDesign Seeks to Improve Transpo Safety, Efficiency & Access

PA - "Erick Guerra doesn't own a car. Given his occupation, it's clear that this personal choice reflects the principles of his professional life." more...

Exploring Netherlands Bike Infra


"...I saw much on this journey spending time in a few cities. My first stop - unexpectedly - was the city of Rotterdam..." more

School Bus Lets Kids Bike to Class


"This public transportation system is a tandem bike that encourages kids to move." more...

Vacation Destination: Hocking Hills

Logan, OH - "...Hocking Hills was made by a huge glacier that once covered the land there and gradually receded leaving steep hills and deep gorges, and pockets of unusual northern vegetation found rarely elsewhere in the state..." more

E-Bike Rental Opens Up Gorge Riding Options


Mosier, OR - "'Everybody comes back loving it,' says Stephen Demosthenes, about his new e-bike rental business in Mosier." more...

Dad Bikes Across Country to Hear Daughter's Heartbeat


Baton Rouge, LA - "...Back in January, Conner's daughter, Abbey, died suddenly at 20 years old..." more

How to Lock your Bike

750W Electric Assist Rambler Recumbent Trike


"A leading recumbent trike company is launching an electric assist version of one its popular models, with the new E.V.O. offering a 60-mile range per charge." more...

Transport's Coming Upheaval

"...In 2012, Elon Musk announced that he was working on a 'fifth mode of transport'..." more

Bicycling Never gets Old

"Two hundred years ago this month, an environmental and fuel crisis inspired one of our greatest inventions..." more...

Bike Commute could make your Day Less Stressful

"...according to new research, there may be a simple way to alleviate workplace stress: cycling." more...

Cargo Bike Containerization

"Most of you probably already know that the cargobike is a productive, low-cost, sustainable and city-friendly solution for all of that small goods that is such a big part of city logistics..." more

PA's Most Beautiful Bike Path

PA - "Pennsylvania's Tioga County is home to great small towns and some of the state's best outdoor adventures..." more

Getting a Start on the TART and Area Trails


MI - "...One of my goals this spring and summer is to ride all the trails in the TART (Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation Trails) system..." more

5 Biking Trails Just Outside of Mississauga

CAN - "These biking trails outside of Mississauga will cure your biking itch - from gravel to grass trails, head to one of these locations with your bike and get ready for a scenic workout." more...

Mountain Biking Popularity Growing Fast


CA - "...'I would say about four to five years ago we started to see an upswing,' said Susie Murphy, who in 2015 became the first paid executive director of the San Diego Mountain Bike Association (SDMBA)." more...

John Wayne Rail-Trail


WA - "While the Eastern Washington portion of a cross-state rail trail continues to be snubbed for funding by the Washington Legislature, a few folks continue to explore this world-class route in the rough." more...

Why It Took 27 Years To Build The Klingle Valley Trail


D.C. - "On Saturday, a 27-year-long battle of epic proportions will finally come to an end when Mayor Muriel Bowser cuts the ribbon on the new Klingle Valley Trail..." more

14 Tips for Safer City Cycling

"It goes without saying that staying safe while on the roads is a top priority. We've compiled 14 of our top tips to keep you out of danger when you're out on two wheels." more...

Citizens Want Better Bike Lanes, So They Build Them

"It's a sunny Friday afternoon. Three guys riding bicycles meet on a corner in downtown San Francisco, where they disguise themselves as city employees. Sort of." more...

Cyclist Writes His Own Obituary

"Let's get this straight: If something horrible happens to me on a ride, don't ever say I died doing what I love. I feel no affection about the idea of getting pulverized by a 4,000-pound SUV..." more

Bike the Burbs


"Mountain biking - once derided as the aggravating pastime of reckless teens with little respect for life, the environment or private property - has evolved into a respectable, civic-minded endeavor..." more

Ex-Pro Targets Strava KOMs


"Phil Gaimon rides chopped bars, removed rear brake and at 7.1w/kg 10min power." more...

Fryingpan Hike offers Vast Views


NC - "It's just a short walk from the Blue Ridge Parkway to Fryingpan Tower - 1.5 miles roundtrip - but in a season when wildflowers abound and the ecological intricacies of mountain life are on full display, a curious person could spend hours exploring." more...

4 Secrets to Car-Free Living


"Professional ultrarunner Ellie Greenwood shares her best tips for commuting by bike." more...

Greg LeMond in new Carbon Fibre Venture

"...his latest venture with Victoria's Deakin University will develop new ways to dramatically cut the cost of carbon fibre production for a wide range of uses." more...

Protecting Yourself from Ticks


"Destroy these disease-carrying parasites before they have a chance to make you sick by using this post-workout tick checklist." more...

Biking the Arnhem-Nijmegen Cycle Superhighway


"It's no secret that the Dutch have the best bicycle infrastructure on Earth. And it keeps getting better. more...

Lost Camera's Owner Found


NC - "Almost 300 miles from where Scott Hood found a camera laying on the ground near Blowing Rock, a man in Columbus, Ohio had pretty much written it off." more...

Des Moines' First MTB Flow Trail


IA - "A piece of Colorado-style mountain biking opens Wednesday at Ewing Park on Des Moines' south side." more...

Compact Electric Cargo Bike with 90+ Mile Range


"A bike is a bike is a bike, except when it's a cargo bike..." more

Coasting Down Vail Pass

CO - "With minimal uphill pedaling required and some of the best views in Summit County, it's no wonder that coasting down Vail Pass on a bicycle is one of summer's great activities." more...

Tailwind was Kind on my Birthday Ride


AR - "Three things are good to have when bicycling your age in miles on the Razorback Greenway -- plenty of water, snacks and a tailwind." more...

Your E-Bike Questions Answered


"E-bikes are here, growing, and really fun to ride. Here's everything you need to know." more...

Electric City Bike offers Style & 90-Mile Range


"With a 400W mid-drive Bosch motor, a 500Wh battery, and an internal 8-speed hub, plus an upright riding position and full front and rear fenders, the Arroyo C8 looks to be an excellent electric commuter bike." more...

The Best Kids' Bikes of 2017


"From shredding the sidewalk to mastering the road and trails - we've rounded up 13 awesome bikes for young cyclists." more...

Biking the 1,200-mile Ho Chi Minh Trail


"In mountain bike circles, she's known as the Queen of Pain. But when Rebecca Rusch began a grueling 1,200-mile trek on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the spring of 2015, through previously unridden areas of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, with a film crew in tow, she did so not to suffer, but to heal." more...

The Place for E-Bikes

"As e-bikes become more prevalent in cycling, communities continue to struggle with their implications." more...

The 8 Best Cycling Innovations


"Smart traffic lights, bike paths in high-rises and paying people to cycle are among the trends that stood out at the recent Velo-City 2017 conference." more...

Is Cycling the Cure to Workplace Stress?

"After years of extensive research, the results are in..." more...

Woman, Dog Ride from FL to ME

"...one Florida woman and her Australian shepherd dog are completing the East Coast Greenway this week, riding from Florida through Seacoast New Hampshire to Calais, Maine." more...

Bikepacking Essentials With Sean Conway

7 Spectacular Bike Trails you must Visit in Cornwall


UK - "...Here are some of the best places in Cornwall to take your wheels." more...

Guardian Predicts 'Street Wars 2035'

"It's deja vu all over again as the forces of driverless motordom try to push pedestrians and cyclists off the road." more...

How to Map a Bike Trail with a 'Data Bike'


IA - "The Data Bike was built using off-the-shelf parts - including a Canadian-made iPhone app - to gauge the condition of bicycle trails around Des Moines, Iowa." more...

The Unexpected Resurgence of Cycling

"Unfortunately, it is also a lot of bike bust, too." more...

What Happened to America's Forgotten '70s Bike Boom?


"...US bicycle sales, which had been rolling along at 6 million a year, shot up to 9 million in 1971, 14 million in 1972 and 15.3 million the following year, according to a Bank of America report..." more

6 of the Most Scenic Paved Trails in Utah


"... there are many paved biking/running trails across our state that offer a smooth ride surrounded by pristine landscape on all sides as you make your way toward stunning views." more...

'Miniature' Scotland


"...'Scotland in miniature' refers to the island's remarkable landscape. The moors and the granite peaks in the north resemble Scotland's vast Highlands. The lush, sheep-filled pastures of the south, Scotland's Lowlands." more...

Retired Mayor getting Workout Time on Bike Trails


"Retiring two years ago, Tim Durand decided to turn the many hours he spent in the office into miles on his bicycle." more...

Gateway Green, East Portland's off-road Biking Oasis

OR - "Believe it or not the opening of new bike trails at Gateway Green is just over one week away. Dubbed the 'Dirt Lab,' the new park's skills area, jump lines, and single-track trails will offer an enticing combination of riding experiences unlike anything Portland has ever seen before." more...

Company's New Office Is a Cyclist's Dream

Chicago, IL - "...Recently architecture and design firm Perkins+Will completed what might be the ultimate office for bike lovers in Chicago, the global headquarters of SRAM, the world's second-largest manufacturer of bike parts." more...

Finding the MTB 'Local Line'


MI - "...Out on every trail, there is a line that's known as the local line, that a local may only know..." more

Cycling Computer Features that You're Probably Not Using


"Your bike computer is a more powerful training tool than you may realize." more...

The Waterford Greenway Man


IRE - "Garvin Cummins, known as 'The Greenway Man,' operates a bike hire as well as school trips along the route..." more

New Scenic Bikeway Route in Central Oregon


OR - "Portland's 16th State Scenic Bikeway rolls through river canyons, sacred tribal fishing grounds and the small-town splendor that rural Oregon is known for. Travel Oregon and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department announced the Sherar's Falls Scenic Bikeway today." more...

First New Belgium Oregon Ramble Ride!

20-Most Bike-Friendly Cities in the World


"...This is the fourth bi-annual Bicycle Friendly Cities Index and 2017 offers up as many surprises as the others..." more

I Love Cycling. But I Drive Because I Fear for my Life


"It is not something I admit very often, especially as the Guardian's in-house bike reviewer. But I drive: a lot..." more

Racing, Non-Race Racing, And Lanterne Rouge

"I was chatting recently about the gravel scene with the owner of a coffee shop that caters to cyclists. Gravel racing, he noted, started out as a homegrown affair, as much about having fun with friends as it was about racing..." more

The Capital Crescent Trail

D.C. - "Forming an emerald arc around the northern and western borders of the District of Columbia, the Capital Crescent Trail connects Washington to its Maryland suburbs..." more

Iceland Wilderness

The Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes


"What does the world look like at a top speed of 20 miles per hour?" more...

6 Things You Need to Know for Trail Season


"You, me, and other trail users agree: It's officially primetime for trail season. And whether you're a commuter, a caregiver or a long-distance rider, it's important to know and practice good safety and trail use etiquette." more...

Happy 200th Birthday to the Bicycle!


"June 12, 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the date on which the German Baron Karl Freiherr von Drais took his new invention out for a ride and the modern bicycle was born." more...

Late for Job Interview

The Bicycle is 200 Years Old


"Baron Karl von Drais needed a way to replace his horse; today we need a way to replace the car." more...

DNF 2017 DK200


"Don't read this if you get depressed or bored easily. It's about a DNF experience..." more

E-Bike can Haul 300 lb. Cargo


"And it has a place for your coffee cup right up front within reach. more...

What's it Like to be a Woman on a Bike?

"...we are going to discuss the disparity between male and female cyclists in the United States. Other countries, like Germany and the Netherlands, have about a 1:1 ratio but in the US, that's more about 4:1..." more

How to Teach your Kid to Ride a Bike

Iranian Women Defy the Cycling Fatwa


"...religious leaders at the highest level in Iran are clear: women on bikes constitute a threat to morality." more...

8 Steps You Should Take for a Pre-Ride Checkup

"If you've got the tools, these steps are manageable for even the most modest of amateur wrenches." more...

Can Honey Cure Your Seasonal Allergies?

"A new wave of organic beekeepers are helping bees produce high-quality honey that may keep common ailments at bay." more...

Cleveland Metroparks Adding New Building

Brecksville, OH - "...The new 1,540-square-foot building should be finished by late autumn and is meant to evoke the period look and feel of the Brecksville Nature Center, which was build in 1939." more...

Ride Like a Girl

Like Riding a Bike

NY - "...The Queensbury High School sophomore, who admits he hates school, has found a reason to maintain his attendance - the high school-s new mountain biking club." more...

Are You Ready for a Century Ride?

"6 signs that you're all set to go the distance." more...

The Beginning of the Cape Cod Rail Trail


MA - "...The Cape Cod Rail Trail follows an old railroad right-of-way initially owned by the original Cape Cod Railroad in the mid-19th century..." more

Breckenridge Bike Guide: Flume Trails


CO - "The Highlands trail system, better known to locals as the Flume trails, is a system of singletrack switchbacks and ridges that runs between French Gulch and Gold Run Gulch on the northeast end of Breckenridge..." more

Bicycle Camper Could be a Micro RV for your Bike


"When paired with an electric bike, this tiny camping trailer might be a great green getaway option." more...

The Sounds of Silence


Columbus, OH - "Never did it occur to me I could ride 263 miles in one weekend - at least, not until the century I recently completed with the help of friends..." more

Cycling Gives New Life to a Historic Texas Train Line

TX - "...Say hello to the Katy Trail, part of the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (get it? Kansas-Texas, K.T., Katy)..." more

How Bikes Boosted the Women's Rights Movement

Earning Wheels in Baltimore

MD - "...She hired a team of 'mechanic mentors' with the technical know-how to repair anything from a flat tire to busted brakes. They also try to serve as role models for kids who may face pressure to commit crimes." more...

Does Cycling Make you Live Longer?

"With around two billion bicycle users worldwide, cycling is one of the most popular physical activities..." more

6 Good Rides with Urban Starts


"...Get out of town on one of these six trails with urban starts." more...

Ride the Chichaqua Valley Trail


IA - "A 50-mile bike ride, known formerly as Biking Bondu, isn't for the faint of heart, but it sure is a lot of fun for those who can pedal that long." more...

MTB Coach puts The Bike-Packing on her Bucket List


CO - "Some people dream of hiking all 500 miles of The Colorado Trail. Anne St. Clair dreams of biking it." more...

Montreal's Amazing Murals


CAN - "Public street murals are more than just pretty paintings on walls, they're signs of a healthy city..." more

How Birdie got her Bike Back

"My bike was stolen 2 years ago from work - despite being locked inside our bike cage inside our parking garage..." more

'April Showers, May Flowers' Ride Recap

Columbus, OH - "On May 13th, we had 45+ riders for the April Showers Bring May Flowers ride. The ride was 17 miles and took us out to Clintonville for Flowers and Bread, then back to Easton for Oberer's Flowers..." more

Biking To and Through a Groveland Utopia

Cleveland, OH - "...I live in North Collinwood, close to the Waterloo Arts District, which is an easy jaunt down East 185th and a right on Villaview from my house..." more

Urban Highways can be Giant Bike Paths

"...That's what Toronto does one morning a year for the Ride for the Heart, a charity ride supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation." more...

Guide to Charlotte's Greenways


NC - "Mecklenburg County's greenway system is pretty impressive. Right now, there are over 37 miles of developed greenway throughout the county. From Huntersville to South Carolina, you'll find beautiful paths to walk, bike and run on." more...

Cyclists Exposed to Less Air Pollution than Drivers

"Someone travelling in their car will be subjected to a greater volume of pollution because exhaust from other vehicles enter the car and isn't able to disperse..." more

Bicyclist's Daily Commute was Akron Novelty


Akron, OH - "He didn't wear a bike helmet, kneepads or reflective vest - just a three-piece suit with impeccable tailoring." more...

Fire Station to Become Bike Shop


Anchorage, AK - "Plans are in motion to transform an empty fire station in South Anchorage into a bike shop and new hub for events." more...

Bike Trip to Ride Going-to-the-Sun Road

Ride Hacks: How to Fit Your Helmet


"Bike helmets can make all the difference when it comes to safety - but only if you wear them right." more...

Specialized Turbo Vado 6.0 Review

"Electric assist urban machine." more...

Bike Ride Around Spirit Lake


Spirit Lake, IA - "Over the past decade, the Iowa Great Lakes has become a cycling destination." more...

Why I Started Cycling Less in Seattle


WA - "I realized recently that I don't ride my bike as much as I used to..." more

7 Crazy Things That Happen to Your Body During RAAM


"Can't hold your head up? Join the club. Racing 3,000 miles and 175,000 feet of elevation in 9 to 12 days can really take its toll." more...

Flash E-Bike


"The Flash e-bike promises to be 'an evolution in what a bike can be' thanks to a host of smart features integrated into its design." more...

10 Top Bicycling Reddit Questions Answered

"From buying a new bike to tattoo advice, we take a crack at some of Reddit's top cycling-themed questions." more...

Exploring Cumberland Mountain State Park


TN - "Even though Cumberland Mountain State Park isn't known for spectacular waterfalls or panoramic vistas, this plateau-top natural treasure is certainly worth a visit." more...

Bike Shop Owner is Riding for Governor


"Jared Fisher kicks off a longshot race for the statehouse with a 1,400-mile cross-state listening tour, by bike." more...

A Cyclist's Guide to Amazon

"How to shop the world's largest online retailer for fast delivery and the best deals on bike-related gear." more...

5 Rail-Trails for Viewing National Monuments

"There are countless special places in America, but only about 100 have been distinguished enough to be called national monuments..." more

Building a Bicycle Friendly Community


Iowa City, IA - "...For decades, the area has ranked in the top 20 nationally for bike commuter share..." more

6 of Our Favorite GPS Cycling Computers


"The best ride trackers for metrics chasers." more...

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