The Genoa Township Trail is an important link in the Ohio-to-Erie Trail chain that lies north of Westerville in Delaware County, Ohio.


Genoa Township in Delaware County

The former rail corridor heads north out of Westerville toward Sunbury in a straight line, crossing a few roads along the way before ending at its current northern terminus at Plumb Road.

From this point, in late 2010, a 3/4-mile segment of the Hoover Scenic Trail was completed. To get to the trailhead, turn right (east) on Plumb Rd and ride about 50 yards or so. The Hoover Trail entrance will appear on your left.

The Genoa bikeway offers an environment that's far removed from the urban bustle just to its south. In summer the trail is shrouded in foilage and hidden from nearby Rt. 3 that closely parallels the trail. The vegetation that shrouds the trail provides a pleasant buffer from nearby traffic.

McNamara Park offers a connector to the bikeway near its midpoint. The park offers facilities, parking and more paved trail that skirts the grounds. This is a great place to refill those water bottles before heading further north along the Ohio-to-Erie route.

To its south, the bikeway connects with the Westerville trail network as it makes its way across Mt. Royal Avenue and along Northgate Way over to Maxtown Road where the Westerville Rail Trail begins.

The crossings near the Rt. 3 / Old 3-C Highway split can be very busy. Use caution here. Use the Gmap to view the link.

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Hoover Scenic Trail

The Hoover Trail is about 3/4 mile long and continues on about 50 yards east of the Genoa Trail on Plumb Road.

This short bikeway includes a bridge over the Old 3-C Highway and skirts the Hoover Reservoir. It's the next segment of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail and inches closer to Galena where another bike bridge and 820' of trail await further up the line.

This trail opened in 2010 and extends over to Weise Road.

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Trail Specs:

Class: A1++

Length: 4.1 miles (Hoover trail .75 mile) / asphalt - approx. 10' wide

Condition: Very Good

Facilities: In McNamara Park along with parking.

Food: Nearby Westerville to the south.

Parking: McNamara Park is located just north of Big Walnut Road. The entrance is just north of the Genoa Police and Fire Dept. complex.

The Delaware County Friends of the Trail also list the following parking areas, though some may be a bit further from the trail: Highland Lakes Avenue, the church at Rt. 3 & Freeman Rd, the Fire/Police station at Rt. 3 & Big Walnut Rd and the church at Rt. 3 & Lewis Center Rd.

Westerville McNamara-Park Plumb-Rd Weise-Rd
4.9mi 2.7mi .75mi 0mi
Trail Route

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