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This User Guide provides tips to allow you to quickly grasp and use all the features available on the Ohio Bikeways Google map.

You may also want to check out the Google Map Notes page or the "how-to" video demos.

Quick Start Guide

  • The Bicycle layer can only be seen within a certain zoom range. If the layer is not visible, simply zoom in by using the zoom tool on the left-hand side of the map.
  • All map markers are draggable! So if a mini-marker is obscuring your view of a trailhead or other location, just move it.

Using The Route Planner

  • Follow the instructions in the left-hand margin menu on the map page to plan a route by car, bike or walking.
  • When you plot a route, the distance and estimated travel time is displayed under the "A" marker in the margin menu. This is only for the A to B segment of your route. See distance under "B" for B to C, etc.
  • Click on location markers in the margin menu to zoom in to them on the map.
  • In Bicycling Mode, travel time is calculated using a speed of 12 mph.
  • The larger "plot your route" location markers are also draggable & clickable. Clicking on them reveals the marker location.
  • You can customize your plotted route by dragging the markers or the blue route line.
  • Click on any turn-by-turn direction in the left-margin menu to view it on the map.
  • Click the "Clear" button at any time to remove route markers and route.
  • You can use the Route Planner to measure distance & travel time for routes, trails, trail segments, etc.

Known Bugs

We'll post know map bugs in this section. Report a bug here.

  • Firefox bug: Sometimes the plotted route is not draggable. You may have to refresh the page (perhaps more than once) and plot your route again.

Printing Gmap Copies

You can perform a "print screen" with your computer to save a map copy. Capture the image, then use an image editor to chop off the header (or anything else you don't need), then print.

Don't know how to capture an image on your monitor? For Vista and Windows 7 users, use the Snipping Tool. Here's a link for XP users with a video demo. Here's a clip for Mac users.

Go to the Ohio Bikeways Map.

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Map Notes

Gmap Updates

Gmap Demos

Bicycle routes can be found in the left-hand margin menu under 'Bicycle Routes' & 'City Networks.'

These maps feature color coded roadways based on how bike friendly the routes are.

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