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The new Ohio Bikeways Map uses the Google Map API v3 platform. Below you'll find notes regarding the switch to the newer version.

For more specifics on how to use the map, see the User Guide. For "how-to" videos, visit the demos page.

Why Change/Switch Maps?

The API v3 allows for more features and functionality than v2. Tools for trip planning can be more easily integrated into the map. The end result is the map becomes more functional and useful.

The Bicycle Layer

Google provides a bicycle layer which shows trails, bike lanes and more bike-friendly routes for bikes along roadways. [Bear in mind that YOU are resposible for your safety and that these suggested routes are merely recommendations for you to consider.] These routes are utilized whenever you plot a trip on the map in Bicycle mode and select Get Directions!

These bikeways appear as green lines on the map (see map key). If they are not present, zoom in until the bicycle layer appears.

Far more bikeways are shown on the Bicycle Layer than on the old Ohio Trails map. For example, recreational park trails and loops get equal billing with transporation corridors like the Ohio-to-Erie Trail and bike lanes, thus showing yet more biking options.

Add Or Edit Ohio Bikeways!

Google allows map users to update and edit trail information and bike-friendly roads. See the "how-to" video below to learn more.

Where Are The Trail Restrooms Markers, Etc?

With the new map, we have traded in the individual markers along each trail for a more complete trail overview throughout the state.

The map mini-markers are still plugged into more detailed trail information. Simply click on the links within the marker word bubbles to learn more about a trail or network!

Construction & Closed Trail Sections

Construction alerts will not be posted on the map. Be sure to check the trail reviews (and other resources) for the most current status regarding open trail sections.

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Map Notes

Gmap Updates

Gmap Demos

Bicycle routes can be found in the left-hand margin menu under 'Bicycle Routes' & 'City Networks.'

These maps feature color coded roadways based on how bike friendly the routes are.

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