Review by Greg Schultz

The Heritage Trail in Hilliard, Ohio has a rest "depot" at the trails head in Hilliard. It has benches, a roof and ramps on both sides to accommodate wheelchairs. They also have a message board as well as chin-up bars adjacent to the parking lot.

Just east of the Cosgray Road crossing there's a spur into a newer housing development.

The facilities at Homestead Park on Cosgray Road include restroom facilities and soda machines (including one which contains sport drinks). The facilities are clean and maintained.

All of the architecture for structures along the trail resembles railroad structures including a newer building in the NW corner of the park which resembles a line-side switch building. A Conrail transfer caboose was placed on-site.

The folks who manage the Heritage Trail have done a terrific job of remembering the trails "railroad heritage." Although the trail is currently only 2.5 miles in length [at the time of this review], it is first class.

[The bikeway has been extended closer to Plaiin City and is now 6.2 miles long. You can add another 3/4 mile to your ride by entering Homestead Park, which connects with this bikeway, and riding the loop trail there.]

Trail Specs:

Class: A3+

Length: 6.2 miles - approx. 11' wide

Condition: Very Good

Facilities: At Homestead Park which has a connecting path to the trail. Metro Park also has a porta potty, horse corral & message board.

Food: In Hilliard not far from the east end of the trail.

Parking: In "Old Hilliard" off Main St. Follow the trail sign on Center St. Several connected parking lots parallel Center. The last lot on your left is for trail parking. More parking at Homestead Park & Metro Park.

Plain-City Cemetery-Pike Metropark Homestead-Park Hilliard
(8mi) 6.2mi 2.6mi 1.6mi 0mi
Trail Route

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