The Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail and the Mill Creek Bikeway comprise two completed sections of the Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway in northeastern Ohio. This greenway extends from Lake Erie near Ashtabula, south to a point near East Liverpool along the Pennsylvania border. The projected length of the trail (when completed) is about 100 miles.


Tree Canopy Along The Greenway

The Little Beaver and Mill Creek are roughly 8 miles apart along the same abandoned railroad corridor. Future plans should connect the two, which would create a 29-mile continuous asphalt bikeway.

We parked at the Eagleton Road Trailhead, near 411. This gravel parking lot is just north of a small covered bridge, which lies north of the trail along Eagleton Road. Make your way south up Eagleton, past the bridge and up a small hill and you'll see the trail crossing the road. Turn right to head south on the trail to Lisbon, or left to ride north to Leetonia.

The Little Beaver Trail extends through a watershed area under a canopy of trees. This ensures your ride will be cool and comfortable, even on hot summer days. The water trickling down from the hillside above created small wet spots here and there along the asphalt trail surface. Though it had not rained during our ride, runoff from the previous night's rain was slowly working its way down to the creek on the valley floor below. Water does not appear to pond on the trail, however.

We saw an owl under the darkened tree canopy. I can't say that I've ever seen an owl outdoors during the day, so this was certainly a first for me.

Though this bikeway is a rail-trail, it does have elevation gain. The trail gently rises and falls for much of its length as it makes its way along from Lisbon to Leetonia. How gentle is the grade? Well, I suppose that depends on one's fitness. On our tandem the grades didn't feel subtle. We worked noticeably harder on the climbs and reaped the benefits of gravity on the descents. I don't consider the grades to be steep or typical rolling terrain, but they are steady.


Lisbon, OH

As you ride closer to Lisbon, the trail takes a 1/2 mile detour over the road. There was no traffic during our ride, and the trail connections were clearly marked. As the trail enters Lisbon, it briefly slices through a residential area before coming to a stop.

Toward Leetonia there are a few small wooden decked bridges that are fairly rough. One of these bridges is actually narrower than the trail and might be a tight fit when passing on-coming trail users.

The trail appears to narrow slightly as it moves alongside a wetland near trail's end in Leetonia. Continuing northeastward, the trail soon moves alongside an active railroad line which it follows into southwestern Leetonia and ends at the Washington Street Trailhead.

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Photos by Jim Bentley

Trail Specs:

Class: A3+-

Length: 10.1 miles / asphalt

Condition: Very Good

Facilities: Port-o-johns in Lisbon & Franklin Square. Franklin Square also has vending machines, kiosk with trail info & coin-operated air compressor.

Food: Ruth Ann Reiner writes, "There is a Mexican Restaurant in Leetonia and also a Dairy Queen approximately 1 mile off the trail. In Lisbon there are several places to eat."

Parking: Parking in Lisbon, Coleman, Teegarden, Franklin Square & Leetonia

Lisbon Logtown Teegarden Franklin-Square Leetonia
10.8mi 8.5mi 5.6mi 2.6mi 0mi
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