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Our collection of Ohio bike trail maps and map links is intended to provide a comprehensive picture of Ohio Bikeways, as well as help you find and navigate various trails. (To view the Ohio Google map notes, click here.)

The Best Maps & Tools

The maps that best depict the overall trail picture in Ohio reside in the Map Room.

Add in our Trip Planning page and you're off to a great start on planning your next bike ride or tour.

Map Types

If you have a satisfactory connection speed, the Ohio Trails Map is the premier tool for trip planning or viewing trail networks across the state.

To find more Ohio Trail maps, check the green shaded area at the bottom of each trail listing on the Regional Map List. These links include a variety of map file types and sizes. Most are static maps, some as part of brochures.

Printable Maps

We link to web sites that may offer a number of map file choices as well as some printed versions you can request. But printer-friendly versions are not always available. You may find a map that looks great on your viewport, but won't print out in its entirety or at a proper resolution. Or when you zoom in to see more detail, the image quality may become degraded. Peruse your options to find the one that best suits your needs.

Consider experimenting with print preview and draft mode to avoid wasting ink on maps that won't print well. Using draft or fast mode (but not grayscale) when printing colored maps may give you an acceptable color copy without sacrificing a lot of ink.

Accuracy versus Navigation

Keep in mind that, though the maps on the Regional List page are very helpful, they may not be to scale. Despite that, when they provide enough detail, they can be used in conjunction with an Ohio State road map or GPS device to provide you all the directional info you need to find a trailhead.

The trails shown on the Ohio Trails Map are more accurate in scale and location. This map provides the best option for accuracy and navigation and allow you to view the range and proximity of trail networks across the state.

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too!

Show Me The Maps!

The main menu for maps is the Map page. The Regional Map List of trails can be found here and the Ohio Trails Google Map here. To help keep things in good working order, please report any bad links, errors or other map problems.

Please note that these maps are not intended to suggest preferred or safe parking for cyclists. Got map questions? Email for help.

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Map Notes

Gmap Updates

Gmap Demos

Bicycle routes can be found in the left-hand margin menu under 'Bicycle Routes' & 'City Networks.'

These maps feature color coded roadways based on how bike friendly the routes are.

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