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The Ohio bike trail maps page features trail map collections grouped according to your search preference. For Ohio state-wide perspectives, click on the interactive Ohio Trails Gmap, ODOT or Google Maps icons shown below. To view maps by city or region, peruse the choices on the shaded map further below.

The shaded Ohio map features the Regional Trail & Map List which contains map links for city and regional bike trail networks, as well as a number of individual trail maps. See map notes for more on the different map types.

Maps & Demos


Interactive Ohio Trails Map

odot map


Regional map list

Click on map to visit Regional Trail List.

How To Add Bikeways To Google Maps

Detroit Demo

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Map Notes

Gmap Updates

Gmap Demos

Bicycle routes can be found in the left-hand margin menu under 'Bicycle Routes' & 'City Networks.'

These maps feature color coded roadways based on how bike friendly the routes are.

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