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We'd like to thank you for visiting Ohio Bikeways. And to thank the many folks that have taken the time to email to say how much they enjoy and appreciate the website.

It's because of visitors like you, that visitation numbers at Ohio Bikeways have never been higher and continue to grow each year. We thank you and appreciate your patronage!

Giving Is Good!

This is the point where we're supposed to ask you for a donation. Well, we're not here for a hand out. But there is something you can do to help trail users that visit these pages. Let me explain...

If you've visited us in the past, chances are you know that Ohio Bikeways has been evolving and growing over the years. Your emails, along with the visitation stats, indicate that we're doing well. Perhaps too well.

We noticed a puzzling trend that appeared as we improved the website: While kudos and visitor numbers went up, user submitted trail updates and reviews went down. We scratched our heads at that one for a while.

We asked ourselves, is Ohio Bikeways a finished product? Is it that good? The answer is "no." We feel it's lacking most in user feedback. The day-to-day perspective from the trail that is so valuable to other users.

Without this user input, this resource cannot reach its full potential. So if you appreciate Ohio Bikeways now, imagine how much better it could be with more trail feedback from users like you!


Please help us improve Ohio bikeway coverage by becoming a contributor. Here's a list of things we need on an ongoing basis:

  • Bikeway construction updates on closings and detours
  • Trail surface condition and maintenance updates
  • New trail & trail extension reports
  • Photos for reviews that have none or need updated
  • Guest blogs, interesting trail stories and thoughtful reviews

Without healthy doses of user input, Ohio Bikeways can never be as content rich as originally envisioned. So explore the website and get what you need for your next trail ride. Enjoy the maps, news coverage, reviews and more. Then give something back from time to time.

Got nothing special to give? No problem. Send in some comments / impressions from your last trail ride. It's all good!

Happy Holidays!

Pete Medek

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