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Our goal is to be the single best resource for Ohio Trail users. Our approach is simple: combine good content and helpful tools with links to the best Ohio bikeway resources on the web!

This latest version of Ohio Bikeways.net has continued to evolve and improve over previous editions. In the past we strictly covered Ohio bike trail issues and topics. Today we also feature a robust Newsroom where along with the latest trail news, you'll find coverage of bikeway plans and advocacy, as well as events, tours and features covering a multitude of related topics.

From humble beginnings with few trail maps, we now feature the well-developed Ohio bike trail map collection in our Map Room where interactive state-wide perspectives can also be found.

Looking Forward

As we grow we continue to appreciate your input, contributions and feedback. Though we've come a long way, there is still room for improvement.

Trail users are the daily eyes and ears as to what's happening at ground zero. Their input is invaluable. Our challenge is to encourage more feedback that can be shared with all trail users to enjoy and use before their next trail ride.

If you visit one or more Ohio bikeways this year, consider sharing some trail info!

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