The Mohican Valley Trail is a 4.5 mile span between the Kokosing Gap and the Holmes County Trail in Knox County, Ohio. The three trails follow the same former rail corridor and comprise a significant part of the larger Ohio-to-Erie Trail, a cross-state bikeway. The Mohican Valley's western endpoint is in Danville, while the eastern end lies just east of the Mohican River in Brinkhaven.


Bridge of Dreams over the Mohican River

Where the trail crosses the Mohican River you pass over the 370' long Bridge of Dreams that has been constructed atop an old railroad bridge. This covered bridge is reported to be the longest in Ohio and the 2nd longest in the nation!

The Mohican Valley Trail is horse friendly and as a result offered an unusual configuration. Originally it was constructed as two trails placed side-by-side -- one earthen path for horses & buggies alongside a gravel trail for bikers and hikers. Since that time, Mother Nature has been busy blending the two surfaces together.

On our last visit to the trail in 2011, we found that vegetation growth had narrowed the trail considerably. The former wide swath that accommodated two trails was narrowed to a mere 9-10' making it essentially a single trail. Signs still encouraged buggies to stay to one side and bikes to the other, but these users are now obviously sharing one pathway.

A course asphalt base with a gravel top coat (chip & seal style) was put down in September & October 2015. Reports suggest that the entire trail is now paved with this new surface that's intended to accomodate bikes and horses.

The grade of the trail surface varies. Most of the trail has you either climbing or descending gradual, gentle pitches. The trail does briefly drop down to one road crossing where the inclines on either side are considerably steeper.

As the trail approaches the Mohican River it begins to ride the crest of a ridge with significant drop-offs on either side. Previously you had to be careful here as the gravel sometimes sloped downward along one edge of the trail.

Trail rules here are a bit different and users should take time to read the posted guidelines as many cyclists may not be familiar with sharing a trail with horses. Trail rules can also be found on the Knox County web site.


Trailhead near Brinkhaven, Ohio

The trail is very rural. You will find few amenities along the way. The trailhead at the Mohican River near Brinkhaven has a latrine, picnic shelter and parking. There is no water available here.

Connections to the Kokosing & Holmes County Trails are easy to make. The east end of the Mohican Valley Trail connects directly to the Holmes County Trail (see map) via a new tunnel under Rt. 62 at the Holmes County line. As you pass under the roadway, the trail transitions to an unfinished section of the Holmes County Trail, which is closed at this time.

The west end of the trail is in Danville, a few yards from the intersection of East & North Streets. From here you're only a few blocks from Main Street (Rt. 62). Ride straight for about 3 blocks and turn right on Washington Street. Travel another 2 blocks or so to Main Street, Rt. 62. From here you'll see Bike Route signs that direct you to the Kokosing Gap Trail. You may also notice Mohican Valley Trail signs directing you back to the Mohican Trail.

I hope to visit the trail in the near future to check out the new asphalt surface. If it's similar to the older asphalt on the east side of the Bridge of Dreams, a wider tire will be required to manage the loose gravel top coat.

The Bridge of Dreams is a must-see. But a wider tire platform is still likely the best fit for this trail.

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Trail Specs:

Class: B1-

Length: 4.4 mile asphalt base with gravel topcoat - width 9-10'

Condition: Very Good (skinny tires not recommended)

Facilities: Latrine at the Bridge of Dreams by the Mohican River in Brinhaven. There you'll also find picnic tables under a shelter. No Water stops along the trail. Water & restrooms at the nearby the football field about 2 blocks away from the Danville trailhead.

Food: Dairy stand on Main Street (Rt. 62 in Danville). A drive-thru across the street and a grocery store nearby.

Parking: Parking available in Danville on East Street. Also parking along the trail near the Bridge of Dreams on Hunter Rd off of Rt. 62 near Brinkhaven. When crossing the Mohican River on Rt. 62 look south to see the covered trail bridge.

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