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The Ohio Trail Reviews are pretty straightforward and consist of these parts:


  • Critique - A general overview along with info on potential problems or pleasant surprises along the trails. Please note that surface conditions are rated in terms of how smooth the trail is for road or touring bike use. Reviews of unpaved trails will generally recommend a fat-tire ride.
  • Trail Specs: - Section at the bottom of each review that provides specifics regarding parking, trail class, conditions, water stations, places to eat, etc.

What You'll Find

Reviews also provide the following:

  • Maps - or map links for trailhead(s), trail networks & more.
  • Photos - when available.
  • User Comments, updates & reader reviews.
  • Current trail weather, forecast and radar.
  • Trail riding guidelines, safety tips and more.

What's NOT Included

Ohio Bikeways focuses on cycling and as a result does not list all possible uses allowed for each trail. To find out, for example, if cross-country skiing is allowed in winter, contact the trail overseer.

Trail reviews contain a lot of useful information, but are not all inclusive and should be used in conjunction with other resources when trip planning. Visit the 'Trip Planning' page to learn how to use trail resources more effectively.

How Old Are These Reviews?

The featured (main) review pages act as templates that can be updated by any trail user. Dates are not used since many updates add only a small amount of new info -- such as a new trailhead location -- while the rest may go unchecked. To update or submit a review, go here.

However, comments & updates are dated to show the most recent developments for each trail. To view them, click the 'Updates & Comments' link in the right-hand margin on any review page.

The Review Objectives

Trails share many similarities, yet each has its own special character and personality (at least we think so). But describing what makes each trail unique, fun or interesting is quite a challenge. You can only use the terms 'pleasant' or 'nice' so many times before the words become meaningless. That's why more time is spent describing the trails in these reviews rather than trying to describe how nice we think a trail is.

Things that we find to be interesting or unique along the trails are always mentioned, along with any annoying or troublesome aspects as well. The bottom line here is to provide enough information so that readers can determine whether they want to visit a certain trail and know what to expect when they get there.

What Do You Think?

But we're not just talking about our opinions here. Tell us what you think! Send in your comments, reviews or updates.

Put these reviews & maps to good use -- take them along!

Print off the info and maps contained on these pages for the trail(s) you plan to ride. Grab a GPS unit or an Ohio State road map and you're all set!

Also, check out these Trail Tips before heading out.

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