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Ohio bikeways built on abandoned rail lines and former canal towpaths have become popular havens for many different types of uses. Many trails are handicap accessible. Some also allow horseback riding (usually alongside trails) and cross country skiing in winter.

Using these pathways as a form of alternative transportation for commuting to school or work is also becoming more commonplace.

Multi-Use Trails & Surfaces

Most Ohio bikeways are hard surface multi-use paths that accommodate a number of users such as: cyclists, joggers, hikers, dog walkers, rollerbladers, wheel chair users, bird watchers, nature lovers or folks just out for a stroll.

Crushed stone towpath and other types of natural surfaces can also be found, but asphalt is by far the most common surface.

Note: Trail surface types are categorized by class. Learn more.

There's no question that one of the best ways to enjoy these pathways is by bike. But even if you don't cycle, there's plenty of info here that you'll find useful. For an overview, click here.

Since we take the cyclist's perspective, we do not list all possible uses permitted on each trail. To find out, for example, if cross-country skiing is allowed in winter, contact the trail overseer.

Trail Use Issues

Multi-use trails are very popular and as a result, can be crowded at times. To better cope with issues such as trail traffic, see Trail Riding Tips. The safety page is also worth a look before you ride. To view a typical set of trail rules, click here.

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