The Wright Brothers Bikeway, formerly the Kauffman Avenue Bikeway, is located in Fariborn, Ohio in Greene County. Plans are in the works to connect it with other trails in the area. Currently it is also part of a different kind of trail system, the Buckeye Trail.


Huffman Prairie Overlook in Fairborn, OH

The Wright Brothers Bikeway is one of the more interesting shorter trails in Ohio. Though portions of it may have been a rail line or spur at one time, other sections were definitely not. About half the trail actually goes over some small rolling hills with wide, sweeping turns demonstrating that this is not your typical flat trail ride.

The climb up Wright Brothers Hill will get your attention, while the rest of the bikeway follows a level plane, but also has a few turns along the way.

The Wright Brothers Memorial Park rests at one end of the bikeway atop Wright Brothers Hill, overlooking the Huffman Prairie. The memorial provides parking and a great view of the fields below where Orrville and Wilbur Wright once tested their flying machines. The overlook kiosk provides historical info on the park and the exploits of the two brothers. (For more on this subject, one of the best aviation museums in the world is the USAF Museum on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It's in close proximity to the trail. Allow the better part of a day to visit the numerous exhibits there.)

Descending Wright Brothers Hill by bike is a real test for your brakes. Be sure to have them in good working order!

From the memorial entrance the asphalt path heads in two different directions. Ride north and under the nearby highway to trail's end at Marl Road. From this point you can turn left to road ride to the Huffman Metropark or, turn right to access the aviation fields.

Or, ride east along Kauffman Avenue, which is the main portion of the bikeway. Further along the surface becomes concrete followed by an older concrete section. The older portion was well constructed as the expansion joints are still very much in good alignment. We did notice a jogger running on the grass which reminded us that concrete is not ideal for runners.

The bikeway follows Kauffman Avenue for about 4 miles. It passes close to Wright State University and ends at the intersection of South Central and South Streets. From this point bike lanes wind you through town along city streets, should you be inclined to explore the area.

In the future this trail should connect with the Mad River Bikeway.

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Trail Specs:

Class: A3+

Length: 4.7 miles / asphalt - approx. 10-10 1/2' wide

Condition: Good to Very Good

Facilities: Restrooms at Wright Brothers Park.

Food: Plenty of choices in Fairborn, nothing trailside.

Parking: At Wright Brothers Park from 8 to 8pm. The park is off of Kauffman Avenue close to Rt. 444 that runs parallel. Parking also available at nearby Wright State University within one block of the trail.

Marl-Rd Wright-Bros-Park Wright-State-Univ. South-St.
4.7mi 4.5mi 2.8mi 0mi
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