The Zanesville Riverfront Bike Path, also known as the Zane's Landing Trail, extends from downtown Zanesville, Ohio in Muskingum County along the Muskingum River, north to Riverside Park.

At its starting point at Zanes Landing Park at Market Street, the trail begins where the paddle boat Lorena starts her river journey.

The trail follows an existing rail line as it heads north to finish alongside Riverside Park. The park offers plenty of parking as well as basketball courts, tennis courts, softball fields and a children's playground. These areas all have connecting paths to the bikeway.

We visited the trail on a sunny day and found a little water lying on a portion of the trail at its north end. Some dried mud near this spot indicated that the adjoining active rail line, on higher ground, may sometimes drain rain water onto a small section of the bike path.

Roughly 6 1/2 miles upriver you'll find the nearby Muskingum Recreation Trail.

Trail Specs:

Class: A3+

Length: 2.7 miles / asphalt - approx. 10' wide

Condition: Good

Facilities: Portable toilets at Riverside Park and near the Lorena. Water & soda machines at Zane's Park.

Food: In downtown Zanesville.

Parking: At both ends of trail. Downtown parking at Zanes Riverfront Park. Entrance near Market & 2nd St. North end parking in Riverview Park off Rt. 666.

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Trail Route

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