Galena Brick Trail in SW Ohio

Main Trailhead

Ohio Bikeways Website Set to Close


"Wheels have been set in motion that will prevent current ownership of Ohio from continuing to manage and maintain the website. As a result, this Ohio trail resource will likely be shutting down in the near future." more

Ohio bike trails represent a vital part of a much larger vision that includes: bicycle advocacy for bike-friendly communities, recreational and commuting opportunities and trail networks, preservation of greenspace, eco-friendly and energy efficient transportation and healthy living.

National Road Bikeway
National Road Bikeway in SE Ohio

Long Distance Ohio Trails

Trail Name Region Distance (% Completed)
Great American Rail Trail (OH portion) SW thru NE OH 344 miles (N/A)
Ohio-to-Erie Trail SW thru NE OH 320 miles (~89%)
Great Ohio-to-Lake Greenway NE OH 110 miles (~71%)
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath NE OH 100 miles (~90%)
North Coast Inland Trail NW into NE OH 105 miles (~69%)
Great Miami River Trail SW into NW OH   87 miles (~92%)

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