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Adventure Cycling Interactive Network Map

"...The Adventure Cycling Route Network map is for planning purposes only. The Adventure Cycling route overlays are rough..." more

How Cities Embraced Biking & Walking in 2016

"...While the U.S. is still a few years away from prioritizing people over cars, there were lots of inspiring moments this year that suggest the country is well on its way..." more

Heather Gentry named 2016 Person of the Year


WI - "Today, the stay-at-home mother of two in Allouez is the president and founder of the Green Bay Bicycle Collective..." more

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BikeCleveland 2016 Accomplishments & 2017 Plans

Cleveland, OH - "...New on-street bike facilities, the roll out of the 250 unit UHBike bike share system and adoption of a city-wide safe routes to school travel plan are just some of our accomplishments this year..." more

Police Powerless to act after Dad Tracks Down Bike Thief


AUS - "When David Frearson saw a man riding his nine-year-old son's stolen new mountain bike and tracked him to a block of units, he held high hopes of retrieving the treasured gift." more...

Why are so Many Peds Being Killed on our Roads?


Toronto, CAN - "46 pedestrians were killed by cars in The City of Toronto, where I live, in 2016 so far, the worst carnage since 2003..." more

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Homeless Evicted for Freedom Trail Construction


Akron, OH - "An estimated 50 homeless men and women were notified by Summit Metro Parks they must move out of their camps by Jan. 7 to clear the way for construction of the park's Freedom Trail." more...

Towpath Times E-News

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Man Charged in Death of MTB Pioneer

"The mountain bike Hall of Famer disappeared mysteriously from his Colorado home in 2009. Police finally have charged someone with his killing." more...

How a Bike Mayor Can Change a City


"A bridge between cyclists and city hall, Amsterdam's chief bike advocate plans to take her talents abroad in 2017." more...

Bike Production Rolling Back to U.S.

"After decades of offshoring, established bicycle brands and entrepreneurs are bringing bicycle manufacturing back to the United States as overseas costs rise and companies realize the value of 'local for local' production." more...

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Bike Park Enters Design Phase

Lebanon, OH - "A group of Lebanon residents is about to begin planning the transformation of the city's former landfill into a dirt-track bike park." more...

A Cyclist's Thanks for New Ohio Law

"...In the past four years, I've ridden my bicycle 35,000 miles, mostly around southwest Ohio. I'm glad the state has just made it the law that motorists must give three feet of clearance when passing cyclists." more...

2016 a Great Year for Bicycle Friendly America Program

"What a year it's been for the Bicycle Friendly America program! With 2016 coming to a close, now is a great time to celebrate the accomplishments of our flagship advocacy campaign." more...

Bike Networks with Only Trails, is Like a Car Network with Only Freeways


"...Greenways remain an important endeavor to link our region and provide recreational opportunities, but as recognized by a growing number of cities, on-street protected bikeways are much more effective at providing transportation options and connecting a city." more...

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Wasson Way Construction to Begin June 1


Cincinnati, OH - "The first phase of construction of a nearly eight-mile bike path in Cincinnati is set to begin June 1, project organizers have announced." more...

Designated Bike Route in Scioto County


Scioto County, OH - "...the route is from the bridge on Mackletree Road Bridge in Shawnee State Forest to the Otway Covered Bridge which is about 40 miles round trip." more...

New CVNP Visitor Center to Open in 2019

CVNP, OH - "Cuyahoga Valley National Park will open a new Visitor Center to help orient guests and connect them to the park's amenities such as the Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail and Brandywine Falls." more...

Juries Side with Injured Cyclists


Seattle, WA - "Juries in two separate cases that concluded in recent weeks awarded large sums to people injured while biking in Seattle." more...

Bikers Brings Benefits for Motorists


"Studies show more biking and bike-friendly policies reduce auto traffic, accidents." more...

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Extending the Western Reserve Greenway to Lake Erie


Ashtabula, OH - "A historic agreement between Ashtabula County Metroparks and the City of Ashtabula caps the first phase of a process that could extend the Western Reserve Greenway Trail to Ashtabula Harbor and Lake Erie..." more

Projects Continue at Bicentennial Commons


Middletown, OH - "...The park, which also includes the AK Pavilion is along the Great Miami River Recreation Trail... more

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Cyclists Are Winning Commuting

"They're more likely than drivers, walkers, and straphangers to get to work on time and feeling good." more...

Forest Service Proposing Shared Use Trail at Tracy Ridge


PA - "The U.S. Forest Service has released its environmental assessment and proposed action for Tracy Ridge on the Allegheny National Forest -- a shared use hiking and biking trail for 12.5 miles of the 34-mile trail system." more...

Lorry Drivers Made to Ride Bikes on London Roads


UK - "More than 1,500 drivers of vans and lorries in London have been put through a day of training to make them more aware of how cyclists on the roads feel." more...

Cleveland Way National Trail On Google Street View

UK - "Volunteers have spent months capturing footage along the Cleveland Way National Trail to give access via computer screens to 360-degree views all along the route's full 109-mile length." more...

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DIY Bike Lanes as a Form of Activism


"Meet the shadowy group that's arguably outpacing San Francisco when it comes to protected bike lanes." more...

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Van Wert Park District Seeking Funds for Bike Path


Van Wert, OH - "The Van Wert Park District is conducting a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 for maintenance and capital improvements of the Van Wert Recreational Trail." more...

Runners to Get Their Own Lane on the Lakefront Trail


Chicago, IL - "...On a busy summer weekend, more than 100,000 people pack the 18 miles of the Chicago Lakefront Trail, all moving at different speeds." more...

Trials Show Uber's Self-Driving Cars Pose Threat to Cyclists


"Backlash from San Francisco cyclists, and a lack of permits, prompts Uber to move tests of its driverless cars from California to Arizona." more...

Is Cycling Safe?

"Do our perceptions about the relative safety of bicycling, driving, motorcycling, transit, and walking match the available data?" more...

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Oxford's New Trail Could Impact Businesses


Oxford, OH - "A recreational trail encircling Oxford has been a dream of many in the community for a long time..." more

Medina Parks May Take Over Brunswick Lake


Brunswick, OH - "...If the transfer should take place, Brunswick Lake Park would become part of the Medina County Park system..." more

Mom Fined By Police for Vigilante Traffic Calming


"Frustrated with speeding drivers on her street, San Antonio mom Kristi Flanagan posted a homemade sign that said 'Drive like your kids live here.' But motorists ignored it." more...

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New Visitor Center & Trail Funding for CVNP


Akron, OH - "...the Conservancy received a $100,000 grant from the S.L. Gimbel Foundation Fund of the California-based Community Foundation. The grant will fund completion of the East Rim mountain bike trail, as well as a sustainability assessment and restoration of existing trails." more...

UH Bikes Here to Help You Ride This Winter


Cleveland, OH - "...The thinking is that once you're outside more often, riding your bike in the cold might not seem like such an insurmountable hurdle..." more

Uber Bike Lane Snafu Appears Unique to SF


"Pittsburgh officials say it hasn't come up in their city." more...

San Fran Gets its First Protected Intersection


CA - "...San Franciscans may now enjoy the city's first protected intersection, navigating curb-protected bike lanes, raised crosswalks, and new sidewalks to overhaul a confusing intersection with a history of crashes..." more

Old Rail Line to be Transferred to State


MO - "A 144-mile stretch of the former Rock Island rail line is set to be transferred to the state by the end of 2017 for eventual use as a bike trail..." more...

Technologies to Help Peds Deal with Self-Driving Cars

"City Observatory has its own modest proposals for making 'Smart City' streets safer." more...

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$788,421 Grant to Help Connect Columbus Trails

Columbus, OH - "...The projects will connect neighborhoods to the regional trail system, said Tony Collins, Columbus' recreation and parks director." more...

Chillicothe Eyes Bike Route Designations

Chillicothe, OH - "... it will consider a request to approve bike routes through the city as part of a larger Ohio Department of Transportation effort." more...

1,265 Bike-Friendly Businesses


"Today, the League of American Bicyclists awarded 42 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses (BFBs). There are now 1,265 BFBs in 49 states and the District of Columbia ranging from local business to Fortune 500 corporate headquarters." more...

$12M Donation to Separate Lakefront Trail


Chicago, IL - "The dangerous free-for-all between cyclists and runners would end along the entire length of Chicago's 18-mile lakefront bike path..." more

Your Cheat Sheet for Hacking Safer Streets

"As far as monikers go, 'guerrilla urbanist' invokes an exotic, even frightening image..." more

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Ohio Gets 3-Feet Passing Law


OH - The new law takes effect on March 19. more...

Hit-and-Run Victim Searching for Good Samaritan


Middletown, OH - "A Middletown woman is searching for the Good Samaritan that came to her rescue when she said others just passed her by." more...

Best U.S. Bike Lanes in 2016


"If 2013 was the year protected bike lanes went national, 2014 was the year they got beautiful and 2015 was the year they got durable, 2016 has been the year they did something even more valuable." more...

Uber Admits to Self-Driving Car Problem in Bike Lanes


"Engineers were working to fix programming flaw that could have deadly results for cyclists..." more

Enlisting Bikes In the Fight Against Inequality


Baltimore, MD - "Liz Cornish of the bicycle advocacy group Bikemore talks about how bike infrastructure can help solve a host of woes in Baltimore." more...

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A Greenway Corridor Between Uptown & Downtown

Cleveland, OH - "It's time to connect downtown's Public Square and Uptown's University Circle..." more

Pittsburgh Bike to Expand Share


PA - "Pittsburgh's Healthy Ride bike-sharing system has received a $200,000 state grant to expand the number of stations it operates by 50 percent." more...

Children in Bike Trailer Struck in Crosswalk


Winter Springs, FL - "A young family got the scare of a lifetime, and a local mother is standing up and demanding action. Her children were on a bike ride when someone crashed into them." more...

How Sweden Has Redesigned Streets

"Vision Zero was created in Sweden -- and you see can how its implementation has changed the way cities there work." more...

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Metroparks Exec Director gets Raise, $20K Bonus


Butler County, OH - "The executive director of MetroParks of Butler County has received a new contract and bonus that board members said was needed for competitive reasons." more...

From Parking Garage to Community Space

"One architect's proposal for 'a place that would be interesting for playing.'" more...

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New Towpath Trail Bridge Opens


Massillon, OH - "A new bridge has been put in place on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail by the Stark County Park District. The bridge is between the Bridgeport Quarry and the Forty Corners Trailheads." more...

Holiday Sale on Red Bike Annual Pass

Cincinnati, OH - "A Red Bike Annual Pass is the perfect Holiday Gift for your friends and family who live, work, or go to school in Cincinnati's urban core..." more

Survey Shows Decline in Biking Numbers


Steamboat Springs, CO - "As some mountain bikers in Steamboat Springs push the city to build more challenging trails, some elected officials are pointing to the results of a recent summer survey as evidence the city might want to invest more in flatter, more accessible trails instead." more...

Transport Secretary Doors Cyclist


UK - "Transport Secretary Chris Grayling knocked a cyclist off his bike outside Parliament in what his spokesman said was an 'unfortunate accident.'" more...

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Mayor's Office Requests Intersection Design Changes

Cleveland, OH - "We learned today that the Mayor's Office has, in fact, formally alerted ODOT about the original designs proposed for the intersections at and near West 25th/Detroit and requested a variety of design revisions. The city is now awaiting ODOT's response." more...

Cold Doesn't Stop Columbus Cyclists


Columbus, OH - "During the winter, most of us enjoy a warm car ride into work. But there are a few diehards who say cycling to work is the way to go." more...

Philly Guy Builds his Own Bike Lane


PA - "After visiting a friend in the hospital twice -- for two bike crashes in the course of a single year -- Dave Brindley was moved to action." more...

City Cycling Pop-Up Offers Bike Lane Lessons


"How do you get a city more accustomed to biking trails to pedal the streets? Paint a whole lot of lanes." more...

Cement Truck Driver Kills Cyclist


NYC - "A cement truck driver killed a woman riding a bike near the Hudson River Greenway in Hell's Kitchen this morning." more...

Wasteful Spending Rampant on Niagara Greenway


NY - "...The 50-year, $450 million Niagara Greenway was supposed to establish a 'Niagara River corridor (of) unique ecological, cultural and economic importance to Western New York'..." more...

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Trump's In - Part 2


As many bike advocates -- as well as others -- continue to suffer from PESD (Post Election Stress Disorder), we continue our blog coverage on the bigger picture in U.S. politics today. Read Part 2.

Proposed Trail Would Connect Cleveland with Erie, PA


Geneva, OH - "Officials from across the region met in Ashtabula County Wednesday to discuss plans for a new network of bike paths and pedestrian trails that would connect Cleveland to Erie." more...

Regional Bike/Hike Trail Planning

Cincinnati, OH - "...For several decades, the $100 question was 'When will the Loveland Trail connect to Lunken Airport?'..." more

Dayton Could get Mountain Bike Park

Dayton, OH - "A Dayton beer distributor wants land from the city to expand, and could fund a new mountain bike park in the process." more...

Loveland Trail Project to Honor Women

Loveland, OH - "All outstanding women of Loveland will have the chance to be honored alongside the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail." more...

Cyclist Pulled Over for Slapping Car

Portland, OR - "Chris Lind was just trying to get home and avoid the snowpocalypse." more...

Sean Kelly Collides with Wild Boar During Descent


"Former World Number one cyclist Sean Kelly was fortunate to emerge relatively unscathed after colliding with a wild boar on a descent in Spain." more...

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Elgin Boys Clear Trail


Marion, OH - "...Roughly 3.6 new miles of the trail opened on Nov. 29. Prior to the opening, boys basketball players braved cold conditions and snow flurries to remove roughly three truckloads of debris from the new section of trail." more

Olentangy Trail Section to Reopen Until August

Columbus, OH - "The Ohio Department of Transportation is ready to reopen a Worthington-area portion of the Olentangy Trail, but only temporarily." more...

New Phila Moves Forward on Riverfront Park


New Philadelphia, OH - "The city is moving forward with plans to install a boat ramp and develop a riverfront park along the Tuscarawas River." more...

Bike Cleveland 2016 Accomplishments

Cleveland, OH - "Greater Cleveland became safer for people on bikes in 2016. New on-street bike facilities, the roll out of the 250 unit UHBike bike share system and adoption of a city-wide safe routes to school travel plan are just some of our accomplishments this year..." more

Driver's Test Could Include Bike/Ped Safety Questions


Trenton, NJ - "Looking to head off tragedies involving pedestrians and cyclists, a group of New Jersey lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require the state to quiz would-be drivers on the rules of sharing the road." more...

Car-Free Living in the United States


"...Can growth in car-free living actually be detected in national-level and state-level data?..." more

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Controversy Over Old Trolley Line


KY - "...A possible bike path along an old trolley line in Park Hills just south of Covington sparked a controversy over who should control the land." more...

Idaho Stop Could Save Cyclists' Lives


"...The DePaul researchers cited an analysis of 707 bike crashes from 2010 to 2013 that showed that intersections with signals were associated with more bicycle crashes." more...

RTC Announces 2016 Rail-Trail Champion

"Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) is pleased to name former U.S. Congressman Tom Petri as the 2016 Doppelt Family Rail-Trail Champion in recognition of his decades of support for rail-trails and active transportation infrastructure." more...

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New Bikeway Spur Opens in Athens


Athens, OH - "...The completed construction project connects the bike/jogging/walking path on the northwest part of the city north of the Hocking River, to Columbus Road with an extended spur and bridge over the river." more...

Police Wrongly Ticketing Cyclists

Richmond, VA - "Bike Law's Tom Bowden took control of the travel lane to justice this week in Richmond Circuit Court, on appeal from General District Court, by successfully appealing a traffic ticket wrongfully issued to Taylor Wyant for not riding on the far right of the roadway..." more

Pittsburgh's Growth as a Transportation Innovation Center

PA - "Pittsburgh's size, relationships and vision continue to raise the region's transportation profile on a national level." more...

USDOT Seeks Applicants for Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers

"The U.S. Department of Transportation is seeking applicants to create a network of 'centers' using academic activities and programs focused on providing solutions to transportation issues..." more

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Heart of Ohio Trail Closer to Completion

Knox County, OH - "...A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Friday in Centerburg to open the two-mile section of trail from Clayton Street in Centerburg to Huffman Rd." more...

County Adding 200 Acres to Parks Property


Clark County, OH - "One of Clark County Park District's natural preserves will be expanding. The park property near Spangler Road will be increasing by more than 200 acres." more...

Mountain Biker Suffers Serious Injuries

Santa Barbera, CA - "A man was flown to Cottage Hospital after crashing on his mountain bike on Snyder Trail near Paradise Road Saturday afternoon." more...

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Task Force Formed to Build Trails


KY - "...The proposed Kentucky Caves Trail would be 70 miles of multi-use trails from Louisville through Breckinridge County..." more

Go Danish To Save Lives


UK - "British Cycling, the AA and the RAC Foundation have joined forces to call for the next edition of the Highway Code to have a Danish-style priority rule with motorists giving priority to cyclists at junctions..." more

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Search for Pilot Bike Lane Project Narrows


Cleveland, OH - "The city may choose Superior, Community College or Lakeside avenues - for a pilot version of a Midway Cycle Track, a new type of two-way bike path running down the center lanes, separate from traffic." more...

ODOT Intersection Redesign Fails Vulnerable Users

Cleveland, OH - "...ODOT has proposed many features that are designed to speed traffic through and around the intersection rather than protect vulnerable road users. Most deadly is their proposal for extra-wide, 14-foot traffic lanes." more...

Godspeed, John Glenn!


Massillon, OH - "The longtime aviator and U.S. Sen. was recognized in 2000 with a statue and plaque in Stark County on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail." more...

Bicycles Catch On in Traffic-Clogged Mexico City


MEX - "The city is filled with two wheelers from the presence of bicycles in public art to the many bike deliverers." more...

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Ohio 3-Feet Passing Law Deadline Approaching

Columbus, OH - "...'The full senate must pass our bill by December 31,' said Smith. 'If they and the governor do not act by the end of the year we would have to start all over again next year.'" more...

Contact your senator.

Cincy's Rank Among Top Bike Cities


Cincinnati, OH - "The 2016 biennial list from shows Cincinnati ranked 36th out of 50 bike-friendly US cities..." more

East End Infrastructure & Streetscape Improvements

Akron, OH - "...The streetscape, a main throughway and centerpiece of Akron's East End, is a 1.4 million-square-foot, mixed-use redevelopment at the former Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. campus." more...

Cleveland Metroparks Honored


Cleveland, OH - "Cleveland Metroparks has won two first-place awards from the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association (OPRA)." more...

Do We Really Want Funding For Bicycle Projects?


"...Asking for funding for bicycle facilities is backwards. It's inefficient, can result in poor or over-priced outcomes, and sometimes the funding can be sidetracked..." more

Safe Routes to School E-news

Read the December issue.

UPS Debuts Delivery by Electric Bike

"'s testing delivery by electric bicycle in Portland, a first for the company in the United States..." more

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Oregon Bike Path to be Extended


Oregon, OH - "Oregon City Council on Monday approved a $71,954 contract with Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc., of Bowling Green, to design a multi-use bike path between Seaman and Brown roads." more...

Canalway Association Awards $363K in Grants


OH - "The Strategic Initiative program funds enhancements to the Towpath Trail and Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area." more...

Ohio Senate passes 'Annie's Law''


Columbus, OH - "... Lyaker says neighboring states like Kentucky and West Virginia have already enacted similar laws and have seen their OVI deaths cut in half." more...

Vancouver's Multi-Modal Success Story

CAN - "One of the best transportation stories of 2016 comes from Vancouver, British Columbia, which achieved its goal of having transit, biking, and walking account for 50 percent of all trips a full four years ahead of schedule. Bicycling is a big part of that shift, and now one of every 10 work trips is by bike." more...

When Motorists Kill People They Need to be Held Accountable


"...As they pedaled down the shoulder of Old Stage Road, a two-lane highway, around 7 PM, a 16-year-old boy - who happened to be a former student of Janice's - struck the couple from behind with an SUV..." more

Fatalities In The War On Cars Are Never In Cars


"...Toronto police couldn't prove Taylor was using her cellphone while she was driving and, despite testimony from two eyewitnesses who said Taylor was speeding, police concluded 'no reliable evidence of speeding' existed..." more...

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A Long-Awaited Link to the Lakefront

Cleveland, OH - "...To actually get to the green, breezy parks on the shore of the lake, residents have to go miles out of the way." more...

What's Become of the Licking River Greenway & Trails Project?


KY - "The City of Covington was awarded a $1 million grant to study the feasibility of turning an abandoned water bridge over the Licking River into a pedestrian and cyclist path from Kenton to Campbell County, connecting to the City of Wilder." more...

The BeltLine's Big Year

Atlanta, GA - "While 2016 was a busy year for the Atlanta BeltLine, 2017 is shaping up to be one of its biggest yet." more...

Plowing Protected Bike Lanes


Minneapolis, MN - "... there's a lot more interest in winter maintenance of bike lanes than there was 10 years ago..." more

Woman Struck by Car on Fall Line Trace Trail


Columbus, GA - "...Police said the crosswalk activation switch from where the pedestrian was crossing was inoperative... more

Mayor Pledges Nearly $1B for Bike Projects


London, UK - "After criticism that he has not been as forceful in promoting bike infrastructure as his predecessor Boris Johnson, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has promised to spend 770 million euros ($980 million U.S.) on cycling initiatives over the course of his term..." more

Defending Multi-Modalism


"An efficient and equitable transport system must be diverse to serve diverse travel demands..." more

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The Exclusion of Buses from Public Square

Cleveland, OH - "Cleveland's renovated Public Square was an instant hit when it opened this summer with its rolling expanses of grass, bandstand and miniature water fountains, perfect for splashing children. Part of that success stemmed from the square's temporary closure to buses and other vehicular traffic..." more

However, some say Mayor Jackson got it wrong.

Thoughts on Trail Vandals


CO - "Mountain bike trail 'vandals' come in a variety of hues -- from clueless to misguided to malicious." more...

Proposal to Bury London's Traffic

UK - "The proposed CarTube supposedly reclaims streets for people by moving cars on to a underground network of automated tracks..." more

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Make Ohio Safer for Cyclists

"Every year, Ohio bicyclists experience an unnecessary and avoidable number of fatalities due to collisions with motor vehicles..." more

47-Mile Link to Katy Trail Opening Soon


MO - "...cyclists next Saturday will be given cause for celebration when a new 47.5-mile link to Missouri's Katy Trail opens in Pleasant Hill, Mo." more...

Bike/Ped Projects Create More Jobs


"Bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects create more jobs per dollar spent than other road construction projects, according to an America Bikes press release and the study, Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure: A National Study of Employment Impacts..." more

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Madisonville Trail to be Extended

Cincinnati, OH - "Little Duck Creek Trail to be extended and a significant portion of it paved." more...

Platinum Bicycle Friendly Trifecta

Davis, CA - "...On my first ride, as I rode in an exceptionally wide bicycle lane while sipping iced coffee before entering one of many bicycle roundabouts on the UC Davis campus, it was immediately apparent why close to 25% of people in Davis choose to commute by bike and close to 50% of students choose to arrive at campus by bike: it's safe, it's easy and there's no reason not to." more...

National Speed Fatality Map Highlights Tragic Losses

"Elevating safety over speed would save thousands of lives each year." more...

Australian Study Recommends Criminalizing Drinking & Walking


"We have talked often about 'the criminalization of walking' about blaming the walking person when he or she gets hit by a car for looking at their phones or wearing headphones or being dressed in black. Now in Australia they are taking it to a new level..." more...

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Bike Trail Culvert Failure Repaired


Milford, OH - "A collapsed section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail in Milford has been fixed and the area is once again open to bike and vehicular traffic." more...

Bridge Over Stow Trail Replaced

Stow, OH - "...the bike trail will be partially opened on a limestone base by late December the winter and spring..." more

Franklin Seeking Federal Aid for Safety Projects


Franklin, OH - "...[Plans include:] Clear Creek Bike Path Connector: Construction of a bike path to connect Hazel Woods Park to Franklin Community Park..." more

Gatlinburg Fires Originated From Chimney Tops Trail

Nashville, TN - "Officials with the National Park Service have stated early indications are the Gatlinburg fires stem from a man-made fire that originally started at the Chimney Tops Trail last Wednesday." more...

The 'Peanutabout' Concept for Diagonal Streets


"...On Tuesday, the Boston Cyclists Union shared the inspiring back story behind a new concept for the long, complex seven-way intersection created by the acute crossing of Cambridge and Hampshire streets..." more

Do Bike Share Systems Actually Work?


"Bike sharing was launched in the United States seven years ago, and it's about time we considered whether the systems are actually benefiting cities and their residents." more...

Are Car-Free Bridges the Future?


"On Portland's newest bridge, there's just one rule: no cars allowed. Other cities may follow the progressive city's lead." more...

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Olentangy Trail Section Opens Dec. 8

Columbus, OH - "...Even though the trail will be open, it will not be complete. There will be overnight closures and daytime flagging as crews complete work on or above the trail..." more

Related: [3rd Avenue to Lane Avenue] - Beginning December 12th through January 6th there will be soil boring equipment accessing several locations along the berm of the trail. Warning signs will be posted. The path will remain open. Use extra caution in this section of the trail during this period."

Plans to Replace 80-Year-Old Viaduct

Camp Washington, OH - "...The new design would also have better access for pedestrians and bicycles. Right now, there's little to no space for either..." more

Bowling Green: A Case in Point

Bowling Green, OH - "...On October 12 Kathleen Watkins and I led a Professional Development Ride with the City Engineer, Fire Chief, Civil Engineer and Assistant Municipal Administrator.

"I returned November 7 and hosted two Professional Development Rides with the Director of Public Works, 2 City Council members, a Bowling Green University student organization representative, a reporter from BG Independent News and one from the Sentinel-Tribune, 2 City Council Members, Ohio Department of Transportation District 2 Engineer and 2 local bicycle advocates..." more

Officials Put Brakes On Proposed Rail To Trail Project


Northampton Twp., PA - "... the Newtown Rail Trail has received widespread support from Northampton residents. But those living adjacent to the old overgrown tracks are fiercely opposed -- a classic case of not in my backyard." more...

Why U.S. Roads are More Dangerous that Europe's


"...We are on track to kill 38,000 vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians in 2016." more...

Flexible Roadway Design Key to Safer Streets

"...when it comes to designing highways and other roads, our local partners are often unaware of the flexibility they have to safely accommodate all road users -- including bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders." more...

2017 Trail Development Applications Being Accepted

"RTC launched a new grant program in 2015 to support organizations and local governments that are implementing projects to build and improve multi-use trails. Under the Doppelt Family Trail Development Fund, RTC will award approximately $85,000 per year, distributed among several qualifying projects, through a competitive process..." more

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Towpath Bridge Could Open Dec. 16


Massillon, OH - "A six-figure upgrade to the Ohio and Lake Erie Towpath is ongoing in the northwest part of the city." more...

Bike Path Rapist Sentenced

Dayton, OH - "...The 29-year-old Congo native was found guilty of raping a 90-year-old woman near a Dayton bikepath in 2013. He'll serve 11 years for rape and two years for felonious assault." more...

Gnadenhutten Trail Meeting a Success


Gnadenhutten, OH - "The recent opening of the Route 36 Gnadenhutten bridge over the Tuscarawas River, complete with a hiking and biking lane separated from traffic lanes, seems to have sparked interest in trail building in the village. more...

54 Trail Projects Receive Federal Funding


WV - "A new equestrian trail at Barboursville Park in Cabell County, a rail-trail along the route of the former West Virginia Northern excursion train in Preston County and Charleston's planned Virginia Street West bike trail are among 54 projects divvying up more than $7 million in federal funding..." more

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New Section of Tallgrass Trail Opens

Marion, OH - "...The new section, stretching 3.6 miles through a wooded corridor, starts at Osbun Road and crosses DeCliff Road, Dry Lane Road and Ohio 37 before reaching its western terminus near Riley Road." more...

Walkability, Bikeability at Heart of Walnut Hills Plan


Cincinnati, OH - "... It's designed to reinvigorate the central-city neighborhood and make it more of a destination, and less of a passageway between other communities." more...

Donated Bikes in Need of Safety Helmets

West Chester Twp., OH - "An area non-profit is looking to donate more than 175 bicycles to children via local organizations, but first wants to raise enough money to purchase new safety helmets to go along with the toys." more...

Bike Parking Means Business


"In 2015, Yelp incorporated bike parking into reviews. There was no fanfare, but it is a big deal. Why? No parking means no business, and that goes for bicycles as much as for cars." more...

The Accident Is Not the Major Problem

"Sweden's top traffic safety strategist visits New York to share lessons from the original 'Vision Zero.'" more...

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Car-free in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "...Either by choice or by circumstance, a number of residents are living a car-free lifestyle..." more

Philly Struggling with Traffic Fatalities

Philadelphia, PA - "...In the two weeks since Kelley Yemen took charge of the newly created Office of Complete Streets, four pedestrians have been killed in car crashes and a fifth was gravely injured." more...

Feds Propose Guidelines to Curb Distracted Driving


"...The subject of distracted driving is getting increased attention after U.S. highway deaths spiked to 35,092 last year, the highest one-year increase since 1966..." more

More News...

Feds grant $28M for Mitchell Point Crossing

OR - "Oregon Department of Transportation has found a light at the end of the tunnel in its endeavor to fully restore the Historic Columbia River Highway as a single trail." more...

Subsidizing Automobile Dependency

"...We subsidize driving by designing our neighborhood streets to allow fast driving while discouraging walking and making bicycling dangerous..." more

More News...

National Bike Routes Coming Through Lorain County

Lorain County, OH - "Lorain County's North Coast Inland Trail has become part of a national bikeway." more...

More Downtown Bike Lanes Coming


Pittsburgh, PA - "Making more room for bicyclists in Downtown Pittsburgh will trigger lane adjustments on three thoroughfares next year, including a reduction in street parking along Fort Pitt Boulevard, a city planner said this week." more...

Right Angled Intersections Safer for Cyclists

"Bicycle riders are more likely to be seriously injured in vehicle crashes at intersections where streets don't meet at right angles, according to a study in New York City." more...

More News...

Advocates Fight for Electric Bike Trail Use


"...Unable to entirely power a bicycle on her own, she found the solution in an electric pedal-assist bike. But the U.S. Forest Service sees her bike as a motor vehicle and thus not allowed on mountain bike trails..." more

Yay Bikes! October Advocacy Report

Columbus, OH - "Welcome to the monthly feature in which we round up all our events, earned media, program delivery, meetings and speaking engagements for the month..." more

Pedestrians Have Rights, Too

CAN - "...The killing of pedestrians is an overlooked tragedy in a car-centred culture that prefers to regard road deaths as both accidental and inevitable." more...

ODOT Funds Newark to Heath Trail Connection


Heath, OH - "...The Hopewell to Forry Multi-Use Trail extension project will build a safe crossing of Hopewell Drive, and create a paved, multi-use trail from Hopewell Drive in Heath to Forry Street in Newark..." more

Spike in Crashes Results in Call for Safer Streets

"...Twenty-five cyclists were killed in Ohio in 2015, the most in 40 years. Last June, a man under the influence of drugs plowed his pickup truck into a group of Michigan bicyclists, killing five." more...

ODOT wins $28M Grant for Historic Highway Project


OR - "The Oregon Department of Transportation has inched ever closer to its goal of reconnecting a 75-mile paved path and low-volume road between Troutdale and The Dalles..." more

REI's CEO's Quest Inspired To Take Back Black Friday


"In 2013, when Jerry Stritzke took over as CEO of the retail cooperative REI, he decided to rename the position of the sales associates working in their retail stores to 'Inspire Guides'..." more

More News...

Trump's In -- What Now?!


"...There is usually a bigger picture than the one you or I are currently focusing on, on any given day. That generally holds true whether your focus is on personal matters or how your country is run." more...

Central Ohio Greenway Survey


Columbus, OH - "The Central Ohio Greenway Trails are an extensive series of multipurpose trails connecting communities, neighborhoods, downtown Columbus and other destination points..." more

Why Protected Bike Lanes Save Lives


"A new study shows how cities with separated cycling infrastructure saw big safety improvements and higher ridership numbers." more...

Ottawa Opts for 'Less Safe' Bikeway Design


CAN - "...The city insists the lane is safe. But it doesn't deny it chose an option that was somewhat less safe for cyclists..." more

More News...

Apartments Offering Bike Share Memberships


Columbus, OH - "On Friday, local developer CASTO announced a unique partnership with the local CoGo bike share system that would entitle all apartment residents of The Barrett to complimentary bike share memberships..." more

Transit & Active Transpo Have Good Year


"...Nearly 400 local and state transportation funding initiatives graced ballots around the country, including about 100 that focused on transit and active transportation infrastructure. Of those 400 ballot initiatives, almost 200 passed - resulting in an estimated $200 billion in funding to improve the quality and access of local and regional multimodal transportation systems." more...

Making Vision Zero Real


Seattle, WA - "One morning in early May of this year, shortly before leaving for work, I checked my Twitter account and learned that police activity had closed a street a few blocks from my office near Tillicum Place in north Belltown. A man had been killed by a car, the tweet said..." more

Separated Bikeways are Setting the Standard for Safety


"...In order to encourage bicycling, cities have been constructing new infrastructure that physically separates cyclists from motor vehicle traffic..." more

Blame Road Design for Ped Fatalities

Portland, OR - "As the death of a Lewiston child shows, we can no longer tolerate high-speed streets in populated areas." more...

Fishing Line Strung Across Bike Path


Medford, OR - "Medford Police are issuing a warning to cyclists, after they said someone strung fishing line across the Greenway, causing a bicyclist to crash." more...

More News...

Hit-and-Runs Trending Up


Cincinnati, OH - "...Just last month this trend seemed to be hitting a fever pitch when eight pedestrians and cyclists throughout the region were killed within a four-week period." more...

Trails 'to Nowhere' Annoy Cyclists


Des Moines, IA - "...It seems like the city is basically spending almost half a million dollars to build two trail segments to nowhere..." more

In China, Bikes are Back


"Cars ruled as the nation grew rich. But now, reports Adam Minter, two wheels are back in vogue due to worsening road congestion and air pollution." more...

More News...

Peoria Works to Become Bike-Friendly


Peoria, IL - "Once a hub for bicyclists from all over the world in the 1890s, Peoria is now working to become bike-friendly in the 21st century." more...

Loved Ones Speak Out About Traffic Deaths


Seattle, WA - "Loved ones of just a couple of the 240 people killed in Seattle traffic in the past decade spoke to a gathering of friends, first responders, city officials, safe streets advocates and neighbors Thursday at City Hall." more...

More News...

Heath Bike Path to be Extended


Heath, OH - "...The Licking Park District announced it has secured money to extend the paved path three-quarters of a mile, across Hopewell Drive, near the Goodwill store, and into Newark, ending at Forry Street..." more

Elyria Developing Active Transportation Plan


Elyria, OH - "Could interconnectivity between city and county parks and attractions via bike paths and walking trails drive down obesity rates while also serving as a tool for economic development?" more...

New $5M U.S. Rt. 39 Bridge


Gnadenhutten, OH - "...The new bridge includes a lane for pedestrians and bicycles, which will help development of trails in the area." more...

Submitted by Scott Krocker

Rivers, Trails Projects Spark Tri-State Growth


Cincinnati, OH - "...access to parks, trails and other walkable or bikeable outdoor amenities are becoming key draws for those looking to rent or buy new homes." more...

More News...

Lima Named Bicycle-Friendly City

Lima, OH - "...On Wednesday, the city was named a bronze-level bicycle friendly city by the League of American Bicyclists..." more

Reimagining the Akron Towpath


Akron, OH - "...David Fierabend with Groundswell Design Group was involved in the vision of placing lighting throughout Lock 4 and Rt. 59 to draw surrounding communities to the center of Akron." more...

Levy Passage Allows Clermont Parks Improvements


Clermont County, OH - "...The 0.5-mill tax parks levy, to be collected for the next 10 years, will enable the park district to get started on a fix list totaling about $1 million and much more." more...

Billions for Bikes

"From large bicycling hubs like Austin, Texas to lakeside villages like Grand Haven, Michigan, Americans said 'Yes!' to bikes during this year's election. New funding dedicated to biking totals at least $4.7 billion." more...

Cycling Good for Your Health & the Economy


"While the health benefits of cycling are well-documented, a new study out of Colorado shows that the sport has another, unexpected benefit: It can stimulate a state's economy." more...

More News...

Columbus Seeks Input on Transpo Plan

Columbus, OH - "This week is the last chance for Columbus residents to provide input on the city's long-range transportation plan." more...

Related story: City Set to Unveil Transportation Recommendations.

Refugee Road Upgrades Proposed


Pickerington, OH - "...the project also will include reconstruction and resurfacing, improvements to intersections, curbs, gutters and storm sewers, upgrades for pedestrians including ADA-compliant curb ramps, and a bike path." more...

Rails-to-Trails E-news

Read the latest edition.

Cities with Bike Lanes Getting Safer


"American cities still have a long way to go before they're considered safe for people of all ages and abilities to bike. But many of them have made a lot of progress recently, especially the ones building protected bike lanes." more...

More News...

Wasson Way Trail Design Unveiled

Cincinnati, OH - "... Planners unveiled renderings of some concepts for the 4.1 mile trail at a meeting Tuesday night..." more

Commissioners Scout Wayne Forest for Bike Trail Installation

Athens, OH - "...Kotses and the commissioners toured the park to look for trash that had been illegally dumped there and discussed a possible solution for that problem." more...

103 Bicycling Friendly Communities Awarded


"Today, the League of American Bicyclists welcomed 26 new and 77 renewing Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC). This is the largest application round in the BFC program's 13 year history. In total, 140 communities applied for recognition, a 62 percent increase from the previous largest round. There are now 404 BFCs in all 50 states." more...

Teen Killed in Crash While Riding Bike to School

Pacoima, CA - "A 15-year-old was struck by a vehicle and killed while riding his bicycle to school after two trucks crashed in Pacoima Tuesday morning." more...

The Importance of Bicycle Infrastructure to Public Health


"American cities that have adopted Vision Zero goals for walking and biking have their work cut out..." more

More News...

Bowling Green Cyclists Learn to Take the Lane

Bowling Green, OH - "'I've cycled for over 60 years, in multiple countries,' said Steve Langendorfer and the others rode a few feet into the road, about where the passenger tire of a car would travel. 'It was fascinating,' he said." more...

Alum Creek Trail Section Closure

Columbus, OH - "Trail closure for boardwalk improvements (Between Mt. Hood Ct. and Strawberry Farms Park) starting Thursday Nov. 17th at 9am and will re-open Friday Nov. 18th by 5pm."


Five Major Trail Developments in America's Heartland

"Today, I am joining representatives of 22 bike/ped organizations and government agencies from six states who are convening in Illinois for Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's (RTC's) 2016 Midwest Policy Summit..." more

Tech Distractions Blamed for Rise in Traffic Fatalities


"...The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating an Oct. 26 crash near Tampa that killed five people. A passenger in one car, a teenager, recorded a Snapchat video showing her vehicle traveling at 115 m.p.h. just before the collision." more...

Safe Routes to Parks

"Ensuring safe access to public parks is key to improving health outcomes in America..." more

Barbed-Wire Booby Trap Catches Rider by the Throat


UK - "A cyclist said he was nearly 'beheaded' after he hit barbed wire which had been stretched across a bike path." more...

More News...

45-Acre Park Will Double as Trailhead

Columbus, OH - "...Camp Chase Trail is a very central segment of the Ohio to Erie Trail, so we're happy that we have a place where people can just ride right over to find water, restrooms, shelter, a repair station, all the kinds of things you'd want on a long distance ride..." more...

Complete Streets Coming to Toronto


CAN - "...A draft internal copy of Toronto's new complete-streets guidelines lays out dozens of ways to make changes to this city's roadways. They specify that the safety of vulnerable road users has to be considered 'at every stage.'..." more

Minneapolis Leads the Way in Cutting Bike Crash, Injuries


MN - "...The crash rate per 100,000 trips in Minneapolis plunged 75 percent during that period [2000-2005] and the rate of severe injuries and fatalities fell 79 percent." more...

More News...

Shawnee Run Trail Section Reopened

Milford, OH - Little Miami Scenic Trail updates: "...The trail is now OPEN at Shawnee Run in Milford! You don't have to walk around any more! Also, the trail at Ft. Ancient is expected to open in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, weather permitting."

Source: Friends of the Little Miami State Park

Connecting Frisco's Trail System with Commercial & Recreation

TX - "...For years the city has been plotting a trail system that would provide connections throughout major commercial and residential developments in Frisco and to the surrounding cities." more...

More News...

Wasson Way Trail Plan Shortened/Compromised


Cincinnati, OH - "...Described in recent years as a 7.6-mile hike and bike trail, Wasson Way is now a 4.1-mile plan, according to Cincinnati city officials..." more

Reroute of Trail Raises Questions


CO - "...In the month since this column gave voice to mountain bikers 'sickened' by the work done on a long-awaited trail reroute west of Colorado Springs, Forest Service and El Paso County parks personnel have spun a rosy tale." more...

More News...

Proposed Bridge Overhaul Could Cost $9M

Elmore, OH - "...Additionally, the bridge could widen to accomodate two 12-foot-wide lanes; two four-foot-wide shoulders; a six-foot-wide walkway, and a 10-foot-wide bike lane." more...

Firefighters from Across U.S. Battle Appalachian Wildfires

Atlanta, GA - "...'It just smells like a campfire' along the Appalachian Trail in north Georgia, said Carlie Gentry, who works at the Mountain Crossings store at Walasi-yi, a popular stop for hikers." more...

Give Walking & Cycling Equal Status with Cars


"The United Nations Environment Programme says making walking and cycling safer is vital for reducing pollution and climate-changing emissions..." more

More News...

Time is Running Out for Ohio 3 Feet Passing Law

Man Found Guilty of Rape/Kidnapping on Bike Path


Dayton, OH - "Jean Paul Mpanurwa has been found guilty of kidnapping and raping a then-90-year-old woman in Dayton." more...

Dallas a Few Tweaks Away From 50-Mile Trail Loop


TX - "Dallas is one step closer to having a trail system that links throughout the city..." more

How Cities Are Making Their Residents More Active

"Planners of cities both large and small are working overtime to build the parks, trails, and bike paths to help residents be more active than ever." more...

Sidewalks are Critical Infrastructure

"Writing in Strong Towns, Kevin Posey asks 'Does it matter who pays for sidewalks?'..." more

More News...

Red Bike Provided Free Rides to the Polls


Cincinnati, OH - "Cincy Red Bike, Greater Cincinnati's bicycle-share service, [offered] free election day rides with the use of a promo code." more...

Dividends Expected Along Rt. 256 Corridor


Fairfield County, OH - "...Right-of-way ditches were enclosed and storm sewers were installed, along with curbs, a new sidewalk from state Route 256, new guardrails, a bike path and the pavement was widened to allow for a center turn lane..." more

Little Miami Scenic Trail Newsletter

SW OH - Read the latest edition.

Seattle Streets Get a Little Calmer


WA - "Most streets in Seattle officially had 5 mph knocked off from their speed limits yesterday. Non-arterial streets dropped from 25 mph to 20 mph and arterial streets near Downtown Seattle dropped from 30 mph to 25 mph. Slower speeds in Seattle are one part of the City's Vision Zero efforts to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities on city streets by 2030." more...

Number of Bikes Greater than Cars in Copenhagen

"...For the first time since the City starting counting traffic entering the city centre, there are more bikes than cars. Indeed, since last year, 35,080 more bikes were counted..." more

This Bike Lane Can Save Your Life


"Adding bike lanes makes a city healthier - even for people who never climb on a bicycle." more...

More News...

Talking Biking in Cleveland


Cleveland, OH - "'Why doesn't Cleveland have more bike infrastructure?' my friends who are transportation cyclists ask me over drinks." more...

North Royalton gets $200K for 12-Acre Park


North Royalton, OH - "...Chippewa Creek Headwater Park will lie behind and between the North Royalton branch library and North Royalton Family YCMA. The city owns the 12 acres." more...

Clark County Road to get $2.7M in Safety Upgrades


Clark County, OH - "...Construction plans between Gerlaugh and Dille roads include the addition of a sidewalk, bike path, streetlights and the consolidation of driveways." more...

More News...

Upcoming Towpath Section Closings

Brecksville, OH - "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed south of the intersection of Highland Road for a distance of about 4,100 feet from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays Novmeber 7, 2016 through January 15, 2017, according to a news release." more...

Dead Teen Found on Teds Jones Trail

Ferguson, MO - "...There was my baby's body, wrapped up in a rug on the bike trail." more...

E-Bikes Not Permitted on Some Colorado Trails

CO - "...For example, Durango this spring outlawed e-bikes on its trails. Since 2014, Boulder has allowed e-bikes on some of its multi-use trails, but rules dictate all cyclists must keep speeds under 15 mph. Denver has not specifically addressed the issue of e-bikes on its trails. However, the Cherry Creek and South Platte trails only are open to non-motorized uses. more...

$500K Offered for Ideas to Stop Bicyclist/Ped Deaths


CO - "The topic is a bit morbid, but it must be addressed: The number of bicyclists and pedestrians dying on Colorado roads is not declining..." more

Turning Rail Corridors into Public Spaces


"A number of cities have taken the initiative to transform abandoned railway corridors into public city parks..." more

More News...

Great Miami Trail Route Bridge Construction

Dayton, OH - "This week the City of Dayton began work to replace the Helena Street Bridge over the Great Miami River. The project is expected to take more than a full year to complete, and it does close a small portion of the Great Miami River Trail in Dayton." more...

Arkansas Next Big Opportunity Comes Riding In


AR - "It was a dramatic moment as delegations from Arkansas and Tennessee set out at high noon on Oct. 22 from the West Memphis and Memphis ends of the newly christened Big River Crossing -- otherwise known as the Harahan Bridge -- to meet in the middle, shake hands, and dedicate one of the longest bike-pedestrian bridges in the world." more...

More News...

iTowpath Project Lights Up Highway Underpass


Akron, OH - "...iTowpath encompasses 20 projects all aimed at linking Akron's neighborhoods and creating a hub for community life and recreation around the trail..." more

People for Bikes Advocates for Dangerous Bike Lane Separator

Commentors to this article have pointed out the obvious hazard this treatment presents to cyclists: "No, please don't install these anywhere, they create a massive fall hazard." "Yet again, an organization lobbying safety for all cyclists fails to see the dangers of bad infrastructure design." "Wow, How dangerous!..." "Is this an April Fool's joke?"

Read the article.

Police Hand Out Driving Citations on Protest Night


Portland, OR - "On the same night hundreds of community members took over the lanes on the St. Johns Bridge for a solemn memorial and protest event, the Portland Police Bureau was doing their part to raise awareness of safety issues." more...

More News...

New Camp Chase Trail Section Coming

Columbus, OH - "...During 2017, Metro Parks will construct a 1 mile segment of the Camp Chase Trail & Ohio to Erie Trail Connector inside the Indian Ridge area of the Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park." more...

Man on Trial for Rape on Bike Path


Dayton, OH - "On Thursday, Montgomery County prosecutors recounted details of a now 93-year-old woman's alleged rape on a Dayton bike path in 2013." more...

Bike Crashes Decline Following Safety Campaign


Grand Rapids, MI - "...Between May and September of this year, there were two reported fatal or serious-injury bicycle crashes involving a motorized vehicle. That's an 81-percent decrease from the 11 crashes during the five-month period in 2015." more...

Protected Intersections: The Latest Trend in Cycling Safety

"Cities across North America are investing heavily in protected bike lanes to increase bicycle ridership but a bikeway is only as good as its weakest link." more...

More News...

Top 5 Cincy Mean Streets

Cincinnati, OH - "...Cincinnati, as of late, has been awash in automobile vs. pedestrian collisions. In just one short week in October, three pedestrians were killed..." more

Land Conservancy Spreads Green Throughout Northern OH


"...The organization boasts a diverse portfolio. It even celebrated the Cleveland Cavaliers winning season by launching an effort to plant 433 trees..." more

Ohio Hiker May Be Missing


"...Beavercreek, Ohio native Kris Fowler, age 31, set out on a planned, 2,660-mile in May 2016. He had regularly checked in with those who know him, but hasn't been seen or heard from since Oct. 12..." more

JCDecaux's Bike Shares Surpass 700K Long-Term Subscribers


"...number one in self-service bicycle hire, today announces that it has surpassed the 700,000 mark for global long-term subscribers of its bike-sharing schemes..." more

Bikes Belong on Main Streets


"...Trivia question 2: Of all the bicycle trips taken by U.S. adults, how many lead to or from somewhere other than work?" more...

More News...

UH Bikes Cleveland-Cuyahoga Bike Share

'Great Miami Riverway' New Brand for Corridor


Miami Valley, OH - "Whether you're looking for restaurants or shops, paddling or cycling, museums or events, you'll find it along the Great Miami Riverway, the new brand for the river corridor." more...

Pueblo Spending $30K on Bike Lane Removal


CO - "Bike lanes that were put in over a year ago in Pueblo are being removed." more...

A Floating Bike Trail On The Chicago River?


Irving Park, IL - "The push is on to create a continuous bike trail along the Chicago River, but one of the biggest obstacles to developing such a path is the lack of available land along various stretches of the waterway." more...

Pedestrian Shaming - an Annual Rite of Halloween


"More pedestrians are killed on Halloween than any other day of the year - by far..." more

How not to Improve Walkability Measures

"Last week, we noticed a small item on Streetsblog: 'Where Walk Score falls short.' Because we're keenly interested in to walkability, and routinely use Walk Score to benchmark walkable places, we clicked the link." more...

More News...

$850K Grant for Whiskey Island Connector

Cleveland, OH - "...This project includes engineering, design and construction of a 1 mile all-purpose trail (APT) adjacent to Ed Hauser Way, that connects Edgewater Park and Wendy Park/Whiskey Island." more...

New London-Greenwich Rail Trail Report


"New London-Greenwich Rail Trail Inc. has received a grant to purchase 7.1 miles of Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway property between New London and Greenwich. This group has been working for years to acquire this abandoned rail line to convert it into a rail trail, so this is huge news for them.

"The grant is one of the many Clean Ohio Trails Fund grants given out this year."

Submitted by Joshua Wyrick

Oxford Receives $750K Grant For New Bike Path

Oxford, OH - "...The new trail is only the second phase of a larger trail plan that will encircle Oxford like a wheel, acting as a highway between historic landmarks, neighborhoods and sites like the Black Covered Bridge, Talawanda High School and the Knolls of Oxford." more...

The Midway Protected Bike Network Plan

Cleveland, OH - "The Midway is a proposed world class cycling network, built for everyday Cleveland residents. Cycling is an important mode of transportation for any city. The network will cover 80+ miles to allow safe and convenient mode of active transportation for people on bikes all over the city." more...

Long-Distance Bike Routes to Run Through Tri-County Area


Mansfield, OH - "...A total of five U.S. bike routes and 18 state bike routes are planned throughout Ohio, according to Adam Mellen, ODOT transportation engineer. Two state bike routes and one U.S. bike route will traverse Ashland, Richland and Crawford counties." more...

Protest Ride will 'Take the Lane' on St. Johns Bridge


Portland, OR - "With the community reeling with sadness and anger about the death of Mitch York, a protest ride will happen on the St. Johns Bridge this Thursday." more...

Why Trucks Are So Deadly for Peds & Cyclists


"Large trucks are a leading killer of cyclists and pedestrians in urban areas. While London has recently decided to kick the most dangerous trucks out of the city, in the U.S., truck safety regulations are much further behind." more...

More News...

Who Says Bikes & Cars Can't Get Along?


Pittsburgh, PA - "... the bike-vs.-cars debate is as pointless to me as two people arguing the relative merits of the wrench over the screwdriver..." more

Pedestrian Shaming Campaigns

"New York and Pittsburgh are the latest cities to blame walkers for their deadly street design." more...

16 Ways to Design a Better Intersection

"If you think the only purpose of intersections is to move cars past each other, you solve problems like a plumber: with bigger pipes. But wide, barren streets full of traffic don't make a livable city..." more

More News...

$15M to Fund Ohio Trail Expansion


Columbus, OH - "...The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says it has approved the funding through Clean Ohio Trails Fund, NatureWorks and Recreational Trails Program grants." more...

More News...

Grant Aids Lakefront Connector Trail


Cleveland, OH - "The Cleveland Metroparks system has won an $850,000 Clean Ohio Grant that will help cover a connecting trail between Edgewater and Whiskey Island. more...

Janette Sadik-Khan at the City Club


Cleveland, OH - "...At about 31:35 [In the video below] Ms. Sadik-Khan discusses the 'new status quo' in Cleveland including the Towpath Trail." more...

Degrees of Separation and Why They Matter

"...Cyclists are not random boxes of corn flakes that you store up on a shelf, out of sight - out of mind." more...

Police Holding Off on Enforcing E-Bike Rules


Steamboat Springs, CO - "...the Steamboat Springs Police Department has not been enforcing the city's current rules that prohibit the bikes on popular commuter trails such as the Yampa River Core Trail." more...

More News...

Honoring the Little Miami Trail & It's Creators


Yellow Springs, OH - "Once controversial but now widely used, the local bike path turned 25 this fall..." more

Hamilton Avenue Gets Some Safety Improvements

Cincinnati, OH - "...Neighbors and business owners demanded something be done after a car hit and killed Sarah Cole, owner of burger restaurant Tickle Pickle, in early September." more...

Yay Bikes! Monthly Newsletter

Read the November edition.

Close Calls Database

"...What Ezis came up with, the Close Call Database, is really ingenious. First, Ezis wants to get as many cyclist 'eyes and ears' out on the road as possible. Now it's not just you out there, but hundreds of other cyclists in your area, all connected via the database." more...

Santa Ana's Bold Plan to Eliminate Traffic Collisions


CA - "...most compelling is the language in the plan that hints at a culture shift in the city away from motorist convenience and towards a focus on pedestrian and bicyclist safety." more...

Planning a Walking School Bus

"...A walking school bus program can be one of the most effective components of a thriving Safe Routes to School program and a healthy, active school environment..." more

Bike Paths Lift Home Values


"Bicycle-friendly amenities are contributing to a surge in property values in communities across the globe, marshaled by developments in urban centers and suburban outposts that accommodate 'active' transportation." more...

More News...

Powell, Liberty Twp. Work to Connect Paths


Powell, OH - "...The Ohio Department of Transportation earlier this month wrapped up work on a $6 million effort to widen Route 750 at and near its intersection with Sawmill Parkway. As part of the project, ODOT constructed at 10-foot-wide multiuse path, which pedestrians and cyclists can follow west to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium." more...

Nighttime Ribbon Cutting for Towpath Underpass

Akron, OH - "You are invited to 'Light The Night' on Thursday, November 3 at 6:00 pm at the Russell Avenue Underpass for this first-ever nighttime ribbon cutting on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail." more...

Companies Donate to Conotton Creek Trail


Harrison County, OH - "Those who use the Conotton Creek Trail in Harrison County will be seeing upgrades to the path, made possible by a pair of nearly $10,000 donations from oil and gas companies." more...

Angry Driver Knocks Man Off Bike During Charity Ride


Carlsbad, CA - "A local radio host wants to know why Carlsbad police did not arrest a motorist who knocked him off his bike." more...

Bicyclist Attacked by 4 Men on Bike Path

Madison, WI - "...The men made enough room for the bicyclist to pass by, but as he rode past they knocked him to the ground and beat him." more...

Fairness in Bicycle Planning and Design


"A new bicycle advocacy movement has been growing across the US, and its putting equity at the forefront." more...

More News...

Owl Creek Trail Phase II

Fredericktown, OH - "Council awarded the second phase of the Owl Creek Bike Trail project at a special meeting Monday." more...

Weighing in on Veterans Trail Options


Hudson, OH - "Hudson has proposed three alignment options which all contemplate the use of existing rights of way along public streets in an attempt to reduce the bike path costs to the city..." more

Policy Priorities from Bike/Ped Professionals

"...Here are the lessons learned from the APBP/League Leaders survey." more...

Q&A with DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx


"...The DOT chief, previously mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, reflected on the promise of autonomous and connected cars, the recent Smart City Challenge, the massive increase in traffic deaths, the potential of the shared vehicles unfolding right outside the window, and more..." more

UN Calls for 'At Least 20%' of Transpo Budgets for Cycling & Walking

"...Lack of investment in safe walking and cycling infrastructure is contributing to the deaths of millions of people and overlooking a great opportunity to contribute to the fight against climate change..." more

More News...

Trail Safety Sign Vandalized


DC - "...The mobile message board warned bicyclists on the trail to slow down as they approach Little Falls Parkway where 81-year-old cyclist Ned Gaylin was struck and killed on Oct. 17." more...

Old Theme Park Could Become Bike Park


NJ - "A North Jersey theme park where animals once roamed free may soon become the state's first mountain bike park." more...

More News...

Sidewalks Make a City


Toledo, OH - "A memo sent to Toledo City Council last week raised alarms for one of the city's most essential public spaces: sidewalks." more...

UC Approves $21M for Campus Upgrades

Cincinnati, OH - "...The board unanimously approved $8.2 million in funding to fund the design and construction of a new pedestrian-centered plaza..." more

Bike Share can Help You Build a Strong Town


"...The number of bile share bikes in the world first reached 1,000 with the launch of the Velo'v system in Lyon, France in 2005. By 2015, over 1 million bikes were in circulation on 900 systems worldwide..." more

Should Cities Decriminalize Biking on Sidewalks?


MN - "...The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition... found that biking while black means you're disproportionately likely to get ticketed by police, prompting them to propose decriminalizing biking on the sidewalks in busy business districts..." more

Your Good (& not so Good) Bike Racks


"This week, as part of our Bikability campaign, we asked readers to share examples of good (and not-so-good) bike racks in their communities..." more

More News...

Group Developing Ped/Bike Plan for Cheviot


Cheviot, OH - "A group of residents are working on a plan the city can use to develop a transportation system for pedestrians and bicyclists." more...

Bay Bridge Bike Path Opens to Yerba Buena Island


San Francisco, CA - "...The 4.5-mile long bike path on the new Bay Bridge opens all the way to Yerba Buena island this weekend." more...

More News...

Design is Better Than Enforcement to Make Cities Safer

"Ticketing drivers isn't the answer to create streets that are friendly for pedestrians and cyclists." more...

Senate Approves Road Safety Bills


Kalamazoo, MI - "...The legislation would change state law so drivers must allow five feet of space when they pass a cyclist on the road..." more

More News...

Park Service to Help with Steubenville Trail


Steubenville, OH - "The National Parks Service has agreed to provide the city assistance in assessing future opportunities and a decision on the feasibility of the city's proposed Ohio Riverfront bike and walking trail." more...

$1.4M Trail Bridge Nearly Complete

Athens, OH - "...City Engineer Andy Stone said the construction is part of a citywide effort to connect every part of Athens by spurs on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway..." more

Galena Brick Trail Grand Re-Opening


Galena, OH - "The Village of Galena invites you to the grand re-opening of the Galena Brick Trail, improved with a $286,592 Clean Ohio Trail Fund grant and many local contributions, at noon October 26 at the Depot Lot, 268 N. Walnut St."

Source: Bike Commuting in Columbus

Cleveland Metroparks Dedicates New Trail


Bedford Heights, OH - "The Cleveland Metroparks' Forbes Crossing trail that was dedicated early Thursday afternoon may well be a model for low-cost improvements." more...

$Millions Shine on a Promising Future for Florida Trails


FL - "The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) recently awarded more than $44.4 million to 45 trail projects across 21 counties through its Shared Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail program!..." more

Bike Trail Crash Suit Settled


NE - "...According to the lawsuit, Nathan, then 13, was riding with his dad in Wilderness Park when his bike hit the ties and he fell 25 feet into a gap between the edge of the bridge's path and a guard rail..." more

City of Cycling: Networks

NYC - "...The idea of a network of bicycle lanes, greenways, and speedways is so new to New York City that the potential for interconnection is just beginning to surface..." more

How a Little Paint can Transform a Street

Quito, Ecuador - "It doesn't take long to change the character and safety of a street. All you need is some paint, plantings and more space for pedestrians." more...

Kid Uses Lamborghini as a Stunt Ramp


Singapore - "A teenager in Singapore got off shockingly easy after he was caught on camera riding his bike across the hood of a Lamborghini last week." more...

More News...

Akron Zoo Unveils New Bike Shelter


Akron, OH - "Biking to the Akron Zoo, and around Akron, is now more convenient, thanks to the zoo's new bike shelter and amenities." more...

UA Trying to Make Bike Share Connections


Upper Arlington, OH - "...Last month, Upper Arlington joined with Bexley, Grandview Heights and Columbus to apply for a $912,450 grant that, if awarded, would provide funding for the installation of 26 new bicycle-sharing stations in the four communities." more...

Village Renames Greenway Trail


Mayfield, OH - "...The name of the two-year-old all-purpose trail that winds its way through scenic sites and a business district west of S.O.M. Center Road is now known as the Bruce G. Rinker Greenway..." more

Your City Wants to be Bike Friendly. Now What?


Cleveland, OH - "...The idea is to test where bike lanes will do the most good. If they aren't increasing ridership or improving safety, that may indicate a larger issue with the road (that bike lanes cannot fix)." more...

Does Walk Score Walk the Walk?


"...Walk Score does NOT serve as an accurate, reliable measure of walkability for neighborhoods with Walk Scores under 70 and in lower-income areas." more...

When People Aren't Afraid to Walk in the Street


"'Shared spaces' are streets where driving is allowed but walking and biking take priority..." more

Transforming 16 Cities into Tech-Friendly Labs


"Cities across the country are clamoring for technological upgrades to transform themselves from cities of the past into 'smart cities' of the future..." more

More News...

Wasson Way Trail Project Receives $750K


Cincinnati, OH - "The City of Cincinnati has been awarded $750,000 in federal Transportation Alternatives grant funding for the Wasson Way Trail project. The funds will go toward construction of Phase 2A of the trail, which will extend from Floral Avenue in Evanston to Tamarack Avenue in Hyde Park." more...

OKI Funding in OH, KY


Cincinnati, OH - "...More than $4.9 million will fund the widening of Harrison Avenue from Wesselman Road to Harrison Greene. Sidewalks will also be installed. A shared use trail will be constructed from South Filview Circle to Wesselman Road." more...

Trails as Part of the Transportation Network


"Keith Laughlin is the president of Rails to Trails Conservancy, which transforms unused rail corridors into vibrant public places - ensuring a better future for America made possible by trails and the connections they inspire..." more

New Guide for Street Planners


"...The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) and the Global Designing Cities Initiative just unveiled the Global Street Design Guide, the first-ever worldwide standard for redesigning city streets..." more

More News...

Pavement Marking Work on Columbus Greenways

Columbus, OH - "During the week of October 17th-21st there will be pavement marking installations taking place along the Olentangy, Scioto, and Alum Creek Greenway trails. The trails will remain open and warning signage will be placed in the work areas."


MetroParks Not Resting on its Laurels


Dayton, OH - "...The FiveRivers MetroParks, having recently been recognized for its quality of operations, is rolling out a 10-year master plan aimed at how it can improve the park system in the Dayton region..." more

20 Bike Share Stations Opening in Baltimore


MD - "In a little under two weeks, bike share will officially launch in Baltimore. That means if you don't own a bike, but feel like going for a ride, you can do so through a rental station for as little as $2." more...

81-Year-Old Trike Rider Killed in Crosswalk

Bethesda, MD - "...Ned Gaylin, of Chevy Chase, died after he was hit in a marked crosswalk on the Capital Crescent Trail, crossing Little Falls Parkway, Montgomery County police said." more...

Why Don't Drivers and Cyclists Get Along?

"The tension between drivers and cyclists sometimes escalates into frightening bouts of rage and even intentional damage and injuries." more...

More News...

Cyclist Struck; Driver Flees on Foot

Cincinnati, OH - "A bicyclist suffered life-threatening injuries Sunday after being struck in Over-the-Rhine..." more

Bike Activists Plan Rally After Recent Deaths


Cambridge, MA - "Bicycling advocates plan to rally at Cambridge City Hall Monday night as officials convene to discuss proposals to make the streets safer in a city that has seen the deaths of two cyclists in recent months." more...

More News...

New Towpath Dedicated in Bolivar


Bolivar, OH - "...The group dedicated a section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail that connects State Route 212, on the west side of Bolivar, with the segment that runs along village sidewalks..." more

Bronx River Greenway to get $40M Facelift


NYC - "...The event announced the start of an approximately $40 million multi-phase project restoring the Bronx River's shoreline, extending Starlight Park and closing a major 2/3-mile gap in the 23-mile Bronx River Greenway." more...

More News...

More 'Share the Road' Signs Coming Down

Toledo, OH - "...Lucas County officials are trying to promote harmony between car drivers and bicycle riders on a busy stretch of Monclova Road that is a favorite route for bicyclists who use the Wabash Cannonball Trail." more...

Police Warn Peds, Drivers During Spike in Road Deaths

Cincinnati, OH - "...Six Tri-Staters have been killed by cars while walking or biking in the last month. That doesn't include the 77-year-old woman fighting for her life after a hit-and-run driver struck her down in a crosswalk at Ninth and Central Downtown Tuesday night." more...

Mansfield Considering Bike Routes


OH - "Mansfield City Council is set to consider resolutions supporting the designation of two official bike routes through Richland County." more...

Trail Mail - LMST Newsletter

Read the October Issue.

Rails to Trails eNews

Read the latest edition.

Popular Trail Earns Scathing Reviews from Mountain Bikers


Colorado Springs, CO - "...Instead of the rough-and-tumble singletrack he'd traveled 90 minutes to experience, what he and two companions found was a freshly cut scar in the woods wide enough for a car... more

Bike Boxes Finally Approved in U.S.


"The wheels of change grind slowly at the institutions that guide the American traffic engineering establishment, but they are moving forward." more...

How Pope Francis Got More People Riding


"#PopenStreets - seriously! - helped Philly's bike advocates (and one cycling skeptic) get more butts on bikes." more...

More News...

Changes to Center Street in Hilliard

Hilliard, OH - "...It now is a one-way street for vehicles but a two-way thoroughfare for bicycles and pedestrians, who have a dedicated lane." more...

World-Class Trail Network Being Developed

DC - "...Although D.C. currently has hundreds of miles of trails on the ground -- used and cherished by the area's 3 million residents as well as tens of millions of visitors annually -- they are not all connected in a cohesive, easy-to-navigate network..." more

Student Attacked on Bike Trail

CA - "A female student was attacked on the bike trail located near the American River while leaving campus on Thursday morning, police said." more...

L.A.'s Bike Share not as Popular

CA - "RRidership on Los Angeles County's new bicycle sharing system has been smaller in its first months than on similar programs in other major U.S. cities, a Times analysis found." more...

Tech Alone Can't Make Cycling Safer


"...The terrible news is that the increase in cyclists has been accompanied by an increase in gruesome accidents..." more

China Might Lead the World Back to the Bicycle

"...As recently as 1986, 63 percent of Beijingers used a bike as their primary mode of transportation." more...

Robin Williams' Rare Bike Collection goes to Auction


"Late actor's private bicycle collection is put up for auction in aid of charity, includes rare team, one-off and limited edition road bikes." more...

More News...

Towpath Work in Zoar

Zoar, OH - "Work is scheduled to begin next Monday, October 17th, to construct bike lanes along State Route 800 for the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath Trail at the intersection of State Route 212 in Tuscarawas County east of Zoar." more...

Plan for Harbin Park Upgrades


Fairfield, OH - "Expanding or adding walking and biking trails along with replacing the main playground are just some of the components of a draft master plan for Harbin Park." more...

What's a Mixing Zone?

"...A mixing zone, also called a combined lane, is where bicyclists and motorists can expect to merge. The most common mixings are a right turn lane and bike lane at an intersection..." more

Pittsburgh Emerging as a Transportation Leader

PA - "Pittsburgh's time to shine has come. The city has been thrust into the national spotlight, viewed by many transportation leaders as one of the nation's promising blueprints for how cities can finally do transportation well." more...

Youths Accused of Robberies on Trail


Houston, TX - "Houston police examine a gun that they said they recovered from eight youths accused of robbing people on a hike-and-bike trail on Houston Avenue Wednesday." more...

Edmonton's Quick-Build Protected Bike Lane Grid


CAN - "...On Monday, Edmonton proved how contagious a good idea can be." more...

Cycling Desire Lines


"...So how do you start deciding where to place bike lanes? The best strategy is to build bike lanes where people are already cycling..." more

More News...

Bolivar Towpath Completion Ribbon Cutting

Bolivar, OH - A newly completed section of the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail will be dedicated this Saturday, October 15. Learn more about this new trail section in the Towpath Times Newsletter.

Babysitter Struck, Killed While Pushing Stroller


Cincinnati, OH - "A Greenhills woman has died one day after she was struck by a pickup truck while walking with two children in a stroller Monday, police said." more...

Driver Runs Down Protesters


Reno, NV - "The Reno Police Department has not arrested anyone in connection to a Monday incident in which a driver drove through a group of Columbus Day protesters and seriously injured 59-year-old Kitty Colbert." more...

The War on Bikes Should be History


Seattle, WA - "The Seattle Police Department is investigating who has been spreading carpet tacks along the Westlake bike track in recent weeks." more...

Florida gets $44M to Design and Build Trails


FL - "...Of the region's four projects that received money, all but one are part of the 275-mile Coast to Coast Connector between the Canaveral National Seashore and downtown St. Petersburg..." more

Want to Stop Pedestrian Deaths? Criminalize Walking!


CAN - "That's what they are doing in Toronto these days, and citizens are revolting." more...

Utrecht Claims More Road Space for People

Netherlands - "...The current council is delivering on what the former council decided: the car is no longer king in Utrecht. The closer to the city centre, the more people friendly the city has to be..." more

More News...

Guerrilla Bike Lane Posts To Become Official

San Francisco, CA - "You may have noticed a new set of soft-hit posts on the right-hand turn from John F. Kennedy Drive to Kezar Drive appear in the last couple of weeks. A group of private citizens put them there without permission. ..." more

Mountain Bikers Take Cover From Gunfire


WA - "They were riding on trails in the Capitol State Forest when bullets whizzed within fifteen feet of them - and you thought big gaps were scary!..." more

Bear Attacks Hiker in San Gabriel Mountains


Sierra Madre, CA - "A 53-year-old hiker who had encountered one bear was attacked by another Monday in the San Gabriel Mountains east of Los Angeles, authorities said." more...

Toronto Offers Lessons for Chicago Cycling


CAN - "In Canada's largest city, bike lanes are as plentiful as poutine." more...

How to Make city Street More Friendly


"...The Friendly Streets Initiative grew out of a group of volunteers working with various neighborhood organizations to make biking and walking safer in St. Paul..." more

More News...

Philly Employer Adds New Benefit for Bicycle Commuters


PA - "...This means that for regular bike commuters, expenses like tuneups, new bike lights and replacement handlebars will be covered for up to $20 per month or $240 per year." more...

St. Paul's First Elevated Bikeway Debuts

MN - "The Capital City Bikeway, a new two-way bike route elevated to be level with the sidewalk, debuted this week along Jackson Street in downtown St. Paul..." more

London's Media is Seriously Hating on Bicycle Lanes

UK - "Complaints about new bike lanes are common - and inaccurate." more...

More News...

Kingston Seeks $40K for Rail Trail Staircase


Kingston, NY - "...The 35-foot-tall staircase will reduce the length that trail users have [to travel] to get out of the section that runs a combined 1,000 feet for the tunnel and adjacent ravine..." more

Greenway Trailhead Project Upgraded


Leetonia, OH - "The village will be investing more money into the Greenway Bike Trail trailhead project at the coke ovens, but will receive even greater funding to enhance the finished product." more...

The 2016 Bike Cities Hall of Shame

"Because even the greatest cycling towns sometimes get it wrong." more...

Innovative Capital City Bikeway Opens


St. Paul, MN - "...Though it doesn't get you very far right now, the bikeway lays out an ambitious vision for downtown streets, where if you use your rose-colored imagination, it's possible to glimpse a streetscape revolution..." more

More News...

Lake Loop Trail Dedicated

Marion, OH - "The Marion Tallgrass Trail officially welcomed a new feature with the recent dedication of Marion Community Foundation Lake and a ribbon cutting to open the Lake Loop Trail." more...

Lunken Airport Trail Closed


Cincinnati, OH - "Lunken Airport Running/Biking Trail (5 mile trail) is closed near MM 1.00 for the next 2 weeks due to a Duke Energy project..." more

Cars Don't Have Exclusive Domain


Columbus, OH - "The Monday Dispatch article 'Changing the mix' included the unfortunate headline 'North High Street drivers to lose territory to parking lanes, bicycles and wider sidewalks.' It perpetuates the ideology that streets belong only to cars. Wrong." more...

Cleveland Metroparks Named Nation's Best


Cleveland, OH - "...This award is the fourth time the Cleveland Metroparks system has earned the award, and the first time under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Brian M. Zimmerman." more...

Summit Meto Parks Purchases Valley View Golf Club


Akron, OH - "Akron might have lost a golf course, but it's gaining some park space and access to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath - thanks to the Summit Metro Parks' purchase of the Valley View Golf Club." more...

Cyclist Struck During Pedestrian Safety Rally

Cincinnati, OH - "...David Lowe was carrying a sign on his bike, trying to honor his friend, Sarah Cole, who was killed on Hamilton Avenue four weeks ago, when he became a victim himself." more...

London's Bold New Plans to Cross The River Thames


UK - "Three new eastern crossings are promised - for trains, bikes, and cars. Guess which one is controversial. more...

Electric Mountain Bikes Face Bans in Bay Area

CA - " their numbers on Bay Area trails grow and land-use officials ponder restrictions, conflict and controversy are bound to follow. more...

More News...


Warren, OH - "...the fourth phase will be about four miles in length and link the cities of Warren (at Burton Street SE) and Niles (Church Street near downtown), completing about 70 miles of bike trail, traversing four counties." more...

Bike Route Proposed for Old Lincoln Highway


Mansfield, OH - "Ohio wants to designate the Old Lincoln Highway that follows the former route of U.S. 30 through Richland County as part of the state's first U.S. and state bike route network." more...

Grove City Wants Bike Paths to Link Parks

Grove City, OH - "Grove City is seeking financial assistance to get rolling on a long-term goal of creating a bicycle path that would lead from the Meadow Grove Park to the new Scioto Grove Metro Park." more...

Yay Bikes! Newsletter

Read the October edition.

Safe Routes to School Newsletter

Read the October edition.

BeltLine Visionary Speaks Out on His Very Public Resignation


GA - " was a big deal last week when Gravel announced he was resigning from the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Board - the funding arm of the project - due to concerns about gentrification." more...

10% Rise in Traffic Deaths in First Half of 2016


"Traffic deaths in the United States rose 10.4 percent in the first half of this year compared with the same period in 2015, maintaining a steady climb." more...

Feds Aim to Eliminate Traffic Deaths


"..."'Our vision is simple -- zero fatalities on our roads,' said Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Anthony Foxx..." more

More News...

Cyclist in Critical Condition After Being Struck

Columbus, OH - "Police are investigating a crash that sent a person riding a bicycle to the hospital in critical condition." more...

Owl Creek Bike Trail Phase 2

Fredericktown, OH - "...Phase II includes removal of a house near the Kokosing River, as well as clearing of the area around the property." more...

Does Cycling Contribute to a City's Gentrification?


"...does this urban phenomenon really arrive on two wheels - or is new cycle infrastructure a sign the street has already transformed?" more...

1st U.S. Dutch-Style Unsignalized Intersection


TX - "...The protected intersection includes bright green solar luminescent pavement markings used to delineate the bicycle pathways - also a first use in the United States..." more

Jogger Wields Knife to Fight Off Attacker


Detroit, MI - "...The victim, armed with a knife, swung it at her attacker and he took off." more...

Mother Dies from Bike Crash


UK - "...Carmen Greenway, 41, is believed to have had one hand on the bike as she hit a bumpy patch of road and lost control while returning from having dinner at a pub." more...

More News...

North Coast Inland Trail to Link to Lake Erie

Lorain County, OH - "By the summer of 2018, hikers and bikers will be able to travel from Kipton, in the southwestern corner of Lorain County, to Lake Erie in Lorain near the Spitzer Marina, thanks to a new, 11,000-foot trail." more...

Trail Runners Chased by Clown


Newark, OH - "...Chase Prior claims he and friend Patrick Williams were out for an early morning run in Newark, Ohio, when they saw a man dressed as a clown nearby." more...

Bear Knocks Woman Off Bike

Florence, MA - "One minute Sam Rizzo was riding her bicycle to work in the darkness before dawn. The next, she says, she was fleeing a black bear." more...

Traffic Garden Teaches Kids Rules of the Road


Seatlle, WA - "...But beyond just being fun, the playground (sometimes referred to as a 'traffic garden') can also teach kids how to bike on public streets safely..." more

Maybe It's Time to Change Road Rules for Cyclists


"Like many bicycle commuters across America, Kurt Holzer looks at a stop sign and sees a suggestion rather than a command..." more

The 4 Biggest Sins Committed By Reporters Covering Pedestrian Deaths


"...Maybe it would seem more urgent if the press covered pedestrian deaths as the preventable outcome of a broken system, instead of a series of random 'accidents.'" more...

More News...

North High Street Slated for Road Diet


Columbus, OH - "...City officials say High Street already functions with only two lanes during rush hour because the curb lane is occupied by cars parked at meters..." more

The Economic Impact of Chicago's Repurposed Railways


IL - "...Calling it a bike path doesn't really do The 606 justice; it's a linear park, with heavily landscaped gardens, swooping on-and-off ramps, and public art..." more

Removing Urban Freeways Gains Fresh Traction

"When highways reach the end of their useful life, it is often cheaper to extract them than it is to replace or repair them." more...

More News...

Milford Trail Repair Options Considered


Milford, OH - "It could be some time before a small section of the Little Miami Scenic (bike) Trail closed in Milford due to a culvert failure reopens." more...

Hit-and-Run Sends Reporter to ER


New Orleans, LA - "...For the past few months I've been riding my bike to work, a distance of about 4 miles each way..." more

More News...

Westerville Contracts Sunbury Rd Work

Westerville, OH - "...It will also add curbs, storm sewers, street lights, a sidewalk on the west side of the street and a multi-use trail along Hoover Reservoir on the east side." more...

More News...

New Ohio-to-Erie Trail Maps Coming in February

Columbus, OH - "The pre-sale for OTET 2017 maps begins October 1..." more

Trust Donation to Build Trail at OSU


Marion, OH - "...The Ray and Charlotte Baldauf Charitable Trust is contributing $100,000 toward planning and construction of a trail loop that will incorporate the leg already constructed adjacent to University Drive." more...

Driver Pulls Gun on Cyclist and Son


SC - "Former professional cyclist George Hincapie has posted details of an incident whereby a motorist pulled a gun on him after trying to run him off the road as Hincapie and his 8 year-old son Enzo were out on a bike ride." more...

Bicycle-Friendly Streets Are Good for People Who Don't Ride

"Benefits abound for those with no intention of ever getting on a bike." more...

Why Does Technology Continue to Put Cars before People?


"On Australia's roads, one pedestrian is killed every two days, the majority in metropolitan areas..." more

How "Within Walking Distance" Does not always Mean "Walkable"


"I like to ride the San Diego Trolley when I visit family there, but the mile walk from the station to their house is so, so awful that it always makes me think twice about riding the train..." more

More News...

Upcoming Towpath Closure in CVNP

Brecksville, OH - "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park will be closed to the general public starting at dusk Saturday, October 8 until 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 9 [due to the Towpath Marathon]..." more

Aurora Looks at Future of Cycling

Aurora, OH - "...On Sept. 17, a mix of about 20 local officials and area bicyclists met to discuss ways to improve bicycling." more...

Great Miami River Trail Closure

Dayton, OH - " The North Great Miami Recreation trail is closed between Little York/Rip Rap area and 5949 Rip Rap Road. This area is behind the Miami Villa neighborhood and will be closed for two to three days while the Miami Conservancy District works to reinforce the river bank in the area."


Property Owner Offers Towpath Progress Report

Bolivar, OH - "...In Sept 2016 the village of Bolivar, Ohio and the Bolivar Mainstreet Association Towpath Trail Committee developed the trail from downtown Bolivar to about 20 feet from my property line..." more

Coach Cited in Crash with Bicyclist

Columbus, OH - "...Columbus Police Sgt. Brooke Wilson said Schiano ran a red light at the intersection of Lane Avenue and Fred Taylor Drive around 6:30 a.m..." more

Sandusky Gears Up for National Bicycle Network

Sandusky, OH - "The path for a new national bike trail network spans through Sandusky." more...

3 Feet Law goes to Ohio Senate

"...we need to get HB154, the 3-foot rule, through the Ohio Senate so it can become state law..." more

More Bike Lanes set for Downtown, East Street


Pittsburgh, PA - "Bicyclists navigating Downtown thoroughfares should have another dedicated route to avoid cars and trucks by late 2017." more...

Why Are American Traffic Fatalities Rising So Quickly?


"Summer is barely over but this much is already clear: Traffic safety on American streets is taking a big step backward in 2016." more...

Highlighting the Need for Bike Infrastructure


"...It's important that our policy makers understand the importance of having good bike infrastructure." more...

More News...

Does Columbus Do Bike Lanes Right?

Columbus, OH - "What is it about a growing city that breeds a contemptuous relationship for bikers?" more...

Citi Bike Routinely Hitting 60,000 Trips Per Day

NYC - "With 67,489 trips last Wednesday, Citi Bike hit a new daily ridership peak for the ninth time this month, according to an email sent to members this morning. Riders have made 10 million Citi Bike trips so far in 2016, reaching the milestone more three months earlier than last year." more...

2016 Deadly Year for Minnesota Peds


MN - "Minnesota crash statistics paint a glum picture of pedestrian deaths in 2016, and the long-term trends around pedestrian injuries aren't much better." more...

Redesigning Crosswalks Could Make Cities Safer

"...What we wanted to do was think about making [crosswalks] into a park-like space..." more

Cities Around the World are Eliminating Parking Lots


"It's a traditional complaint about urban life: there's never anywhere to park. But in the 21st century, do cities actually need less parking space, not more?" more...

More News...

Proposed Bike Lane Divides Columbus Residents

Columbus, OH - "While motorists are preparing for Indianola Avenue to slim down, cyclists can expect things to get a little easier." more...

Book-a-Bike Program

Centerburg, OH - "Book-a-Bike is a new program at the Centerburg Library where, with a library card, guests can check out a bike for a ride on the Heart of Ohio Trail..." more

The Future of Transportation in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "...When it comes to transportation in Cleveland, area residents have a lot of ideas, as evidenced at the 2016 Sustainable Cleveland Summit." more...

What Kind of Transportation System do you want in NE Ohio?

Provide your input.

An Awful Week for Bike Crashes in the Chicago Region

IL - "This has been a terrible week for bike fatalities and injuries in the metropolitan area, with at least two deaths and two serious injury crashes in the city and suburbs..." more

Paris will Turn Highway along Seine Into Walkway

FRA - "The Paris City Council has approved a controversial plan to transform a stretch of highway that runs along the Seine River through central Paris into a pedestrian-only zone." more...

'Share the Road' is an Insidious Phrase

"It's hardly uncommon for a phrase to transform into a policy statement purely by virtue of being glib, but perhaps nowhere is this more so than in the road safety industry..." more

The Right and Wrong Way to Do Vision Zero


"Vision Zero is the Swedish strategy that has successfully and dramatically reduced the number of deaths of pedestrians...

...The Big New Idea for protecting pedestrians [in Toronto] is to put up big yellow signs telling drivers that they must yield to pedestrians/cyclists instead of crushing them..." more

Bike Manufacturer Reduces Shipping Damage by Tricking Shippers

"Dutch manufacturer Vanmoof discovers that printing a picture of a flatscreen TV on their bike boxes reduces delivery damages by 70-80 per cent." more...

More News...

Vancouver's Network of Safe, Protected Cycletracks

Do Cycling Helmets Save Lives?

"A new study has put to bed the notion that helmets can make cycling injuries worse or prevent people from riding, researchers say." more...

Read a counterpoint perspective on this study.

More News...

Cleveland Radio Show Angers Cyclists

Cleveland, OH - A radio show that spewed hateful comments toward cyclists has drawn outrage from the cycling community. Here's a letter from Bike Cleveland that's directed at CBS Radio, the owners.

Amtrak Expands Bicycle Program along National Routes

"Amtrak is offering customers the opportunity to travel with their bicycles on more routes to different regions throughout the U.S..." more

More News...

Construction Brings Intermittent Trail Closures


Newark, OH - "The city of Newark has announced work being done on the bike path between Granville Road and Ohio 16 from Sept. 26 to Oct. 28." more...

Cleveland Among The Nation's Best Cities For Bicycling


Cleveland, OH - " Bicycling magazine has ranked Cleveland the 41st best bicycling city in the nation..." more

Tragic Death Prompts Northside Traffic Calming

Cincinnati, OH - "In the wake of the death of a popular Northside business owner killed while crossing Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati City Council Wednesday asked the city administration to make changes to signs and streets to make the neighborhood safer to walk and bike in." more...

Shelli Snyder Medical & Cheer Fund


"While biking from Cleveland (Our Fair City) to Seattle (Home of Max the Yeti, her fiance), Shelli Snyder was struck from behind on Sunday, September 18, 2016 by a motorist at 60 mph." more...

Guerrilla Traffic Calming on Hawthorne has Unknown Future


Portland, OR - "...Smart's death has also left something physical and tangible. Hours after the tragedy, someone painted an unsanctioned crosswalk across Hawthorne at 43rd. Along with the crosswalk, signs and traffic cones sprouted up in the center turn lane that was used recklessly by Smart's speeding killer." more...

Tacks Causing Punctures on New Cycle Track


Seattle, WA - "A new cycle track along a portion of Westlake Avenue North has only been open for a week, but some cyclists are already dealing with a big problem." more...

More News...

OSU Coach Hits Cyclist with Vehicle


Columbus, OH - "...A 26-year-old male student on a bike was struck in the intersection. He was taken in stable condition to Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University..." more

"Gridlock Sam" Weighs in on Columbus Transportation Issues


Columbus, OH - "The Center for Urban and Regional Analysis at OSU recently brought former New York City Transportation Commissioner Sam Schwartz to town..." more

Good Riddance to the Prospect Park West Bike Lane Lawsuit


NYC - "The people suing to remove the Prospect Park West bike lane have given up, more than five years after initiating a lawsuit that nearly sank New York City's bike program." more...

Will Self-Driving Car Rules Make Streets Safe


"This week, U.S. DOT released guidelines for self-driving cars, a significant step as regulators prepare for companies to bring this new technology to market..." more

Bike-Friendly Netherlands Named Best Place in the World to be a Driver

"...It may seem counter-intuitive, but a key ingredient in creating the world's most enjoyable driving conditions is providing the freedom to leave the car at home..." more

More News...

NEO's Transportation Future

NE OH - "At the beginning of this year Akron, Cleveland, and Canton joined 75 other cities around the country in a contest to win $ 40 million dollars from the U-S Department of Transportation." more...

Pokemon Trainers Invade Metro Parks


Columbus, OH - "When 'Pokemon Go' launched on Wednesday, July 6, it was as if a magic magnet attracting new visitors to Columbus Metro Parks dropped out of the sky..." more

The Hocking Hills of Franklin County


Franklin County, OH - "...The land will be part of Blendon Woods Metro Park. The plan is to build a trail that connects that park with Rocky Fork Metro Park north of New Albany. The trail would run through the newly acquired property and the Hoover Dam area." more...

Kalamazoo Bike Crash Survivor Testifies for Bike, Ped Law

Lansing, MI - "...The bill would make it a felony, with up to 15 years in prison, for drivers who kill bicyclists or other vulnerable roadway users -- that includes pedestrians or those in wheelchairs. It would also establish a misdemeanor charge for drivers who injure them." more...

Council to Consider $800K for Bike Lanes

PIttsburgh, PA - "Pittsburgh is preparing to spend $800,000 to complete a long-awaited bicycling link from the Smithfield Street Bridge to Point State Park via Fort Pitt Boulevard." more...

New Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail Section Completed

OR - "The State of Oregon is inching ever closer to re-connecting the Historic Columbia River Highway -- an engineering marvel that opened 100 years ago this year but fell into disrepair when Interstate 84 was built." more...

Feds Find Unspent $10M to Extend Trail

D.C. - "The federal government will provide almost $10 million to extend the Onondaga Creekwalk in Syracuse and build a new section of the recreation trail looping around Onondaga Lake." more...

New Study: Bike Helmets Reduce Injury Risk by Almost 70%


"No more Dutch style cycling for you..." more

New Buses that Blare at Pedestrians


"...the Swedish auto-manufacturer is fitting its detection tech to its fleet of buses, which will begin automatically sounding warnings to alert unprotected road users of potential collisions." more...

More News...

Dayton Could Get Indoor Bike Park


Dayton, OH - "...Bisig wants to build a variety of indoor of tracks, trails, rails and other amenities inside the facility..." more

UH Bikes Rolls Out Another 250 Bikes


Cleveland, OH - "Two months after the first bikes rolled into the city, Cleveland's bike share program officially is launching." more...

Driver Who Paralyzed Cyclist Could Face Tougher Sentence


IA - "A driver who claimed he was distracted when he hit and paralyzed a Pennsylvania cyclist last month could face stiffer penalties than Iowa law generally permits." more...

CIty Changes Ped Safety Campaign After Criticizm


CAN - "The city is spiking a proposed ad campaign that suggested pedestrians wear reflective clothing so they aren't hit by motorists, following a strong backlash." more...

Baltimore Gets its 1st Protected Bike Lane


MD - "...The city's first parking protected bike lane is now open for use...." more

Amtrak Announces Easier Bike Storage


"Forget the box. Amtrak has new baggage-car racks on most all routes." more

More News...

Pathway Planned Around Sports Complex

Sandusky, OH - "Three major entities joined forces to begin building a continuous path spanning along Sandusky Bay and beyond." more...

Bike Cleveland Co-Founder Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries

"A Cleveland resident and Bike Cleveland Co-Founder suffered life-threatening injuries Sunday when she was struck by a car in Montana." more...

Heather Goss Crash Injury Fund

Cleveland, OH - "...As some of you may have heard, my teammate, Heather Goss was in a bad crash during a bicycle race Saturday, September 10..." more

The Technique that Could Save Cyclists' Lives

"...Michael Charney, a 70-year-old retired doctor from Cambridge, Massachusetts, is spearheading a grassroots campaign to end dooring forever..." more

The 50 Best Bike Cities of 2016

"The coolest discovery from our biennial roundup of the best places to ride in the United States? Cycling in America has never been better..." more

Vicious Assault on Portland Bike Trail


OR - "A cyclist doesn't know how she was left badly beat up while she was riding her bike on the Columbia Slough Trail Tuesday night." more...

It Takes More Than Bike Lanes to Make Cycling Safe

"Cities need to give bikes a dedicated, prominent place on our streets." more...

It's Hard to See Vision Zero When You're Looking Through a Windshield

NYC - "...You can't go five minutes in a bike lane without running into somebody illegally parked..." more

More News...

Cyclist Struck, Hospitalized


"While biking from Cleveland to Seattle (Home of Max the Yeti, her fiance), Shelli Snyder was struck from behind on Sunday, September 18, 2016 by a motorist at 60 mph." more...

100 Bikes Given to Children

Louisville, KY - "The city of Louisville teamed up with the Schwinn Bicycle Co. to honor the legacy of Muhammad Ali by giving away 100 free bikes to deserving kids." more...

Mag Picks Chicago as Most Bike Friendly U.S. City


"...Bicycling magazine is set to announce Monday that Chicago is now the best bike city in the United States, unseating New York City..." more

IMBA Membership Survey


"IMBA conducted a survey of its members during the Spring 2016 membership drive to gather input on IMBA's plans for 2016 through 2020..." more

$5M Bike Bridge May Face Demolition


AUS - "A $5.3 million cycling bridge in Melbourne's west - finished less than two years ago after almost a decade of campaigning by bike groups - could soon be knocked down to add extra car lanes to the West Gate Freeway." more...

First Look at the Proposed Orlando Bike Loop


FL - "Mayor Buddy Dyer let slip at the September 15 Budget Hearing that the City is planning to construct an 8-mile bike trail loop soon." more...

How a Pedal Strike Can Start a Wildfire

"When fire investigators blamed a mountain-biking misstep for a wildfire last month, some cyclists called foul. But it's not as wild a claim as you'd think." more...

Ford's Interest in Bike Sharing: It's Not About The Bike

"...Listen, here's the deal. The opportunity is not bikes. That's not why Ford's in it. The opportunity is data, and the data is super valuable..." more

More News...

What Tops the Charts in Trail Use?

"In August 2016, we asked our awesome members and supporters to let us know via our short-but-sweet 2016 Trail Use Survey about their best (and least) trail use habits and received an overwhelming response with approximately 54,000 completed surveys..." more

When the Cop Gets it Wrong

"Jason, a 41-year-old husband and father of two young boys, was riding lead. His father-in-law and two friends were behind. As they approached a T-intersection, Jason signaled and began to make the left turn..." more

Cyclist Dies in Bike Accident at Rio Paralympics


Brazil - "...Bahman Golbarnezhad, 48 years old, crashed his bike around 10:40 a.m. local time while descending a mountainous stretch of the cycling course in western Rio..." more

Bike Rack Receives Notoriety on BYU Campus


Provo, UT - "This week has been an eventful week for a lowly bike rack on the campus of Brigham Young University." more...

More News...

4 Miles of Future Wasson Way Trail Purchased

Cincinnati, OH - "The city of Cincinnati has closed on the purchase of more than 4 miles of unused railway to extend the region's bike trail network." more...

MetroParks Projects Move Forward

Butler County, OH - "...MetroParks envisions the River Center will serve as a hub for those who walk, run and bike along the Great Miami River Recreation Trail and will enable trail users to access downtown shops, restaurants and businesses." more...

How Will Trails Change America?

"...In 2036, my grandkids will be 24 and 22. I imagine them coming of age in a place much healthier than today's America..." more

Docs Detail Government Damage to Trail of Tears

Coker Creek, TN - "The U.S. Forest Service has ripped up a portion of the Trail of Tears in the Appalachian Mountains..." more

Forest Service Fees Challenged in Court


CA - "Although a July court ruling said the United States Forest Service can continue in limited fashion to charge money to enter the four national forests in Southern California, the ruling was also a partial victory for those who like us believe these fees are bunk." more...

Undercover Bike Cop Launches 'Best Ever' Cycle Safety Scheme


UK - "Campaigners hope the operation, that sees plain clothes police on bikes pull over drivers that pass too close, will be taken up across the country." more...

More News...

Medlar Bikeway Closed Sept. 21-24

Miamisburg, OH - "The Medlar Bikeway and parking lot will be closed to all traffic starting at 8 AM on Wednesday, September 21. It is scheduled to re-open Friday, September 23, at 4 PM. This schedule is weather-dependent and may change."


37-Block Minneapolis Greenway Proposal Stirs Debate

MN - "...There are folks on the block that hate it, don't like it, are upset that it was done. There are people on the block who think it's amazing..." more

Complete Streets Won't Work Without Complete Bridges

"Networks of safe walking and biking infrastructure won't work very well if they're interrupted by bridges that are dangerous or stressful to cross...." more

FHWA's New Goal: Eliminating Ped & Cyclist Deaths

"...In a new strategic plan, the agency calls for reducing serious injuries and deaths 80 percent in the next 15 years, which would be an intermediate goal on the way to zero." more...

E-Bikes Sales Grow in Minnesota


MN - "As electric bikes sales grow, their presence on local trails, paths and roads has made some bicyclists envious, others dubious." more...

Zipcar to Launch Bike Share on College Campuses


"Zipcar made a name for itself by making it easy for anyone to borrow a car. Now the company has a new project - bikes." more....

Cities Can Build A Better Bike Lane

"There's a new term that has become popular in city planning circles: tactical urbanism. The idea is that small experiments, done cheaply and quickly, can make cities better, and more nimble." more...

New Census Data on Bike Commuting


"Today the Census Bureau released its annual estimate of how Americans get to work..." more

More News...

Proposed Bikeway Deal is a Win-Win?

Grove City, OH - "...the repaving of Southern Grove Drive and the addition of roadway markings would eliminate the need for adding the bike path on each side of the road." more...

Portland's New Surge in Bike Commuters


OR - "...The great gasoline plunge of late 2014 hasn't cut the rate of Portlanders biking to work, at least not in 2015." more...

Driver Plows into Cyclist, Gets Warning

Taylorsville, UT - "A man bicycling in Taylorsville Tuesday morning got hit by an SUV, sending him flying up onto the hood of the vehicle." more...

Largest Pop-Up Bike Lane in the World


Macon, GA - "...Volunteers... will work from September 13 to September 16 building the 8-mile route throughout the city." more...

Self-Driving Car Smiles At Pedestrians


"Even when algorithms are driving our cars, we still need to find a way to recreate the subtle interactions that keep us safe on the streets." more...

More News...

Buck Creek Trail Receives $249K for Repairs


Springfield, OH - "...water is undermining the retaining wall of the bike trail, causing part of the trail to collapse..." more

Shared Use Path Recommended


Dayton, OH - "A paved path for pedestrians and cyclists is being recommended for one of the key arteries linking the areas east and west of Interstate 75 near the Dayton Mall." more...

Auto-Centric Cleveland at Higher Risk for Traffic Accidents

Cleveland, OH - "Cleveland's automobile-centric mindset is putting residents at risk, a new study finds." more...

Little Miami Trail Newsletter

Read the latest edition.

The Bicyclists' Manifesto for an Autonomous Vehicle Future


"'Policy goals' won't be enough to protect bicyclists once the cars start driving themselves. more...

Bike Trips Up, Car Use Down along Greenway


CAN - "The two-kilometre Comox-Helmcken Greenway in downtown Vancouver cost more than $5 million and took two years to complete, but the time and expense were worth it, according to a UBC study that examined local residents' behaviour and health before and after completion." more...

More News...

Toledo Eyes Bike Sharing

Toledo, OH - "Metroparks wants grant to bring stations to city." more...

Yellow Springs Trail to Celebrate 25 Years


Yellow Springs, OH - "Next month, the Little Miami Scenic Trail opening from Xenia to Yellow Springs will celebrate its 25th birthday..." more

New Trail Bridge Construction to Bring Road Closure


Hilliard Twp., OH - "When bicycle trails meet highways, the best solution is for the trail to go over or under the road. That's not always possible, but it will happen where the Heart of Ohio Trail, which follows an old railroad right of way, crosses U.S. 36/Ohio 3 southwest of Centerburg." more...

Is Mountain Biking the Next Big Tourist Draw?


Chillicothe, OH - "...the first step toward trying to make Ross County a destination for mountain bikers was taken late last week." more...

Towpath Times Newsletter

Read the latest edition.

Trucker's Comments Provokes Twitter Anger


CAN - "Three days after a truck driver was charged in the death of an Ottawa cyclist, the head of the Greater Ottawa Truckers Association is defending truck drivers, saying bikes shouldn't have been made equal to trucks on the road." more...

More News...

Galena Brick Trail Progress

Galena, OH - See construction photos.

Cycling Deaths in Montreal


CAN - "Montreal's latest ghost bike was installed in early September on a street corner in Rosemont where Justine Charland St-Amour died too young." more...

Ford's Mobility Solutions

"...Ford is teaming up with major global cities - beginning with San Francisco - to help solve congestion issues and help people move more easily - both today and in the future..." more

More News...

Trail Underpass Funded

Mt. Vernon, OH - "The Ohio Department of Transportation informed the city this week that funding has been approved for the project to route the bicycle trail under the Main Street viaduct.." more

Hit-and-Run Driver Held at Gunpoint by Citizen

Albuquerque, NM - "A video sent to KRQE News 13 by a viewer shows an armed man holding another man, suspected of hitting a bicyclist and fleeing, at gunpoint until police arrive." more...

2 Men Shot on Bike Trail


Los Angeles, CA - "...One pulled out a gun, demanding a bike. Moments later both the father and his son-in-law were shot - their bike stolen..." more

Trail Ramp Foiled by High Bids


PA - "...Cohen is one of hundreds of thousands of people who use [the GAP] each year, but he is just one of a few who have mastered the portion of the trail between Smithfield Street and Point State Park." more...

Cyclists say Their Lives at Risk from Road-Raging Motorists

CO - "...he crouched down, trying to make out the plate number. Then he saw the driver's hand stretch out his window and heard a loud bang." more...

Growing List of Cycling Firms Affected by Shipping Company Collapse


"...Of its fleet of 141 ships, 89 are currently estimated to be either in difficulty, or seized at ports around the world..." more

More News...

Long-Awaited Springfield Trail Now Open


Springfield, OH - "The $1 million Little Miami Scenic Trail extension project to move the bike trail from Springfield streets and onto to dedicated bike paths is now open to the public." more...

More Details on Little Miami Trail Sinkhole


Milford, OH - "...State officials do anticipate that the replacement project will probably last somewhere between 30 and 60 days and they do caution people to not bypass or go around any prohibitive or restrictive signs in that area." more...

MCD Named Bike Friendly Business


Miami Valley, OH - "The Miami Conservancy District (MCD) has been named a bronze level Bike Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists." more...

A Safer Way: Road Diets


"There's evidence that road diets have a positive effect on traffic crashes while addressing important questions of equity and climate change, an official with the Federal Highway Administration told a group in Cleveland this week." more...

Endangered Bat Regulations Restricting Trail Tunnel Use


WI - "...Dave Heileman, head of the Friends of the Elroy Sparta State Trail organization, said closing the tunnels in October could affect other events..." more

Ford Backs Massive Bike Share Expansion


San Francisco, CA - "...Ford's sponsorship will see the Bay Area's supply of shareable bikes expand from 700 to 7,000 by 2018..." more

How Parking Requirements Kill Cities

CAN - "The City of Ottawa has a wonderful walkable, cyclable and even skateable downtown core but is surrounded by a lot of sprawl..." more

More News...

Columbus Cyclists Can Vote on South Side Bikeways Options

Columbus, OH - Go here to cast your votes.

Artwork is Blooming in the Metro Parks

Summit County, OH - "Summer wildflowers are fading. But thanks to the Akron Art Museum, some of the Metro Parks still have pops of color. Four parks and one trail feature artwork as part of the fall 2016 installment of Inside/Out." more...

Cincinnati Cycle Club Newsletter

Read the September edition.

NYPD Force Cyclists Onto West Side Highway at Rush Hour


NYC - "For four and a half hours last night, NYPD shut off bike access to the Hudson River Greenway between 44th Street and 55th Street, a major bike transportation artery used by several thousand people each day." more...

Citi Bike Breaks Daily Record with over 60,000 Trips


NYC - "...For the third time since May, Citi Bike has broken a daily ridership record and in doing so eclipsed the 60,000 trip mark for the first time ever." more...

Bike Accident Leaves 'Million-Mile Man' Paralyzed


"A beloved figure in the cycling world has suffered a terrible crash, but aims to keep pedaling." more...

What the Next Great BikeShare Will Look Like


D.C. - "We've come a long way from when the first U.S. bikeshare opened in Washington, D.C. six years ago..." more

How to get Inventive Transportation Projects Right Early On

"In 2013, the city of Nice, France, launched an ambitious 'smart parking' service that allowed drivers to find available parking spaces in real-time through a smartphone app." more...

More News...

2nd Little Miami Trail Closure


"Fort Ancient Trail Closure Begins Sept. 12: The Little Miami Scenic Trail will be closed between Senior Road in Morrow and Route 350 in Oregonia from September 12 through the end of November, 2016. No detour is available. The trail will be open for planned event participants only on certain weekends.

"The closure in this area near Fort Ancient is due to erosion of the Little Miami River riverbank as its course has changed to undercut the trail berm. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the remediation which includes stabilizing the bank and building a small bridge over the affected area to accommodate trail use while allowing natural changes in the course of the river.

"For updates on all trail closures please see the Friends of the Little Miami State Park website,

Submitted by Friends of Little Miami State Park

[Another closing in Milford was reported earlier this week.]

More Bike Lane Antics in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "...I guess that someone decided downtown didn't need that pesky bike lane any more..." more

Vandalia to be Part of National Bike Route

Vandalia, OH - "Vandalia City Council heard and approved a resolution on Tuesday, Sept. 6 to add Vandalia as a stop on U.S. Bike Route 25..." more

Akron Gets $5M to Connect Public Spaces


Akron, OH - "Akron has won $5 million to revitalize and connect public spaces along three miles of the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail." more...

River of Grass Greenway Debate Continues


FL - "...We keep reiterating that where they put the pathway we consider it land of the (Miccosukee Simanolee) Indigenous Peoples, which we consider sacred land..." more

Safe Routes to School Newsletter

Read the September Issue.

Rail Trail Projects Proving Their Worth


UK - "Around the UK, abandoned railway lines are being turned into world-class cycling and walking trails that are boosting local tourism and recreation." more...

More News...

Police ID Woman Struck, Killed in Delaware


OH - "A Delaware woman who was struck and killed late Sunday night by a motorist apparently was walking along the road after the car she was in broke down." more...

Police Losing Battle Agains Distracted Drivers

West Bridgewater, MA - "...The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates nearly 3,500 people were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers in the mainland U.S. and Puerto Rico..." more

This is What a Bike Map Should Look Like

CO - "...Graphic designer Zach Lee's aptly named Boulder Bike Map borrows from subway schematics and ski resort maps to present Boulder, Colorado's, extensive road (and groad) rides in a manner that is simultaneously detailed and wonderfully simple." more...

Latest List of Bike-Friendly Businesses

"The League of American Bicyclists welcomes 57 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses (BFB) to the Bicycle Friendly America program today. Over 1,200 visionary businesses from across the country have earned this status. Now there are BFBs in 49 states and the District of Columbia." more...

UFC Star Assists After Hiking Accident


NV - "UFC star Miesha Tate says she's inspired by the tough little girl who broke her arm while hiking near Las Vegas..." more

More News...

Camp Chase Trail Update


Columbus, OH - "The trail through Hilltop is almost done. There is about 1/4 mile left to pave but I already see bikers and runners out on the trail as you can now access it from Georgesville Road at the tracks." more...

New Little Miami Trail Section Almost Finished


Springfield, OH - "The $1 million Little Miami Scenic Trail extension to move the bike path off city roads and onto a dedicated trail is expected to completed late next week." more...

Cyclists Oppose Bike Lanes

Spain - "...the city's plan to build 30 new bike lanes is being met with a chorus of criticism - from cyclists..." more

How Strava App is Reshaping City Planning

"Strava started as an app to help map your rides. Now, its data is being harnessed to transform the urban landscape." more...

Binational Bike Trail Would Connect Brownsville and Matamoros


TX - "...Thousands of people commute each day between the two cities for work and school, including Mauricio Ibarra. He's the planning director for the city of Matamoros and he has an idea for making the two cities feel even more connected..." more

More News...

Top Ped & Bike Crash Locations Mapped

Columbus, OH - This mapped data is from 2011 - 2015.

Bill Protects Cyclists Riding Through Crosswalks

NE - "...Legislative Bill 716 went into effect in July. Its major provision gives bicyclists the right-of-way when riding through a marked intersection using a crosswalk where a recreational trail crosses a street..." more

Olympia Pedalling Toward Bike-Friendly Future

WA - "A collection of proposed 'bike corridors' reflect Olympia's movement in a more bicycle-friendly direction." more...

Keep Bikes Off Our Wilderness Trails


Palm Springs, CA - "...The first mountain bikes were not widely sold until 1981, 17 years after the Wilderness Act became law..." more

Submitted by Nelson Shogren

Jeremy Clarkson Shows His Ignorance Regarding Cycling


UK - "In his Sun column, Jeremy Clarkson calls Jeremy Vine's cycling 'selfish' and says that motorists in a rush shouldn't be held up by 'sanctimonious cyclists.'" more...

More News...

Sinkhole Closes Little Miami Trail Section


Milford, OH - "...The sinkhole is near the Shawnee Run overpass, according to Milford police." more...

Trans Canada Bike Route - Is it as Good as it Looks?


CAN - "... some users say that there are still lots of concerns to be ironed out - hardly surprising in a project of this scale." more...

More News...

Troy Trail to Join National Route


Troy, OH - "Council will consider a resolution to add the city of Troy's bike path - dubbed U.S. Bike Route 25 - to be a designated state and national bicycle route at Tuesday's regular meeting." more...

Huntington Center Renovations to Include Bike Storage


Columbus, OH - "The Huntington Center office tower at 41 S. High St. will be renovated to lure new tenants and retain existing ones." more...

Illegally Parked & Abandoned Cars Plague Greenway


NYC - "A bicycle and pedestrian greenway that connects protected bike paths on the waterfront to Queens Plaza and Queens Boulevard has become a parking lot, with private and government-placarded cars lining its southern curb for months." more...

More News...

2016 'Share the Trail' Poll Results


"...Special thanks to those of you who participated in our Share the Trail polls on social media..." more

AAA Ohio Covers Cyclists


"For more than 100 years, AAA has been providing world-class automobile emergency roadside assistance - and it still does. But as new forms of transportation become increasingly popular, AAA is reinventing what roadside assistance means, providing you safety, security and peace of mind when on the road on four or two wheels!" more...

Riverfront Commons Honored as "Trail of the Year"


KY - "...The ambitious recreational trail project that will eventually stretch from Ludlow in the west to Fort Thomas in the east, linking Northern Kentucky's River Cities, was honored at last week's Regional Trails Summit." more...

Our Streets are Killing Us


"Traffic deaths will continue to increase unless cities prioritize humans over cars." more...

More News...

Columbus Phasing Out 'Share the Road' Signs

Columbus, OH - "...The city's Bicycle Coordinator, Scott Ulrich, said the shift was 'in response to to a growing body of research - and broad consensus in the bicycling community'..." more

$3.8M Project Includes Bike Path

Reynoldsburg, OH - "Livingston Avenue in Reynoldsburg is undergoing a $3.8 million upgrade that includes improved intersections and traffic signals, curb repairs and a new surface, plus new bike and recreation trails to join central Ohio's ever-growing trail network." more...

Ohio Trail Connections Growing


"The day soon will come when a bicycle rider in Cleveland can pedal 330 miles all the way to Cincinnati along dedicated trails that largely are free of auto traffic..." more

Final Traffic Calming Options for Liberty Street


Cincinnati, OH - "...bad news for cyclists came out of Tuesday's meeting: Neither remaining option includes bicycle infrastructure..." more

Towpath Times Newsletter

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Woman Sentenced to 13 Years for Killing Cyclist

Cincinnati, OH - "...Prosecutors say Melinda Woodall was high on 10 different drugs when she hit Michael Prater on Kellogg Avenue last January.." more...

Will Peds be Able to Tell What a Driverless Car Is About to Do?

"For self-driving vehicles to succeed, they'll have to earn the trust of walkers, joggers, and bicyclists." more...

More News...

Dusting Off the Red Line Greenway Plans

Cleveland, OH - "Plans for the Red Line Greenway (RLG), a three-mile elevated linear park spanning Cleveland's west side and downtown, originated as a pie-in-the-sky dream more than 40 years ago..." more

Roundtown Trail Becoming Reality


Circleville, OH - "After six years in the planning, ground has been broken on the Roundtown Trail connecting the Pickaway County Family YMCA to the Circleville educational campuses..." more

Commissioners to Decide Fate of Historic Road


Portsmouth, OH - "...members of the Scenic Scioto Heritage Trail are working to organize an effort to ask the commissioners not to vacate, for historic reasons." more...

More News...

New Bike Routes Coming to Bucyrus

Bucyrus, OH - "...Two separate plans to provide routes for bicycles will come before Bucyrus City Council in September. The first of those plans won't cost city taxpayers any money..." more

Investigation Continues in Cyclist's Death

Akron, OH - "...Police continue to investigate whether the incident was a vehicular hit-and-run or if Whitmire lost control of his bike." more...

'People Before Cars' Can Help Curb Traffic Congestion

MD - "'The congestion in our region is real. Very real. Every-single-day real,' writes RTC Director of Government Relations and Mayor of College Park, Maryland, Patrick Wojahn..." more

Controversy Continues Over Pedal-Strike Blamed for Wildfire


CA - "...I've gotten calls from people saying, 'I know you're getting a lot of flak from this (conclusion about what started the fire) but, by the way, we've seen this happen before'..." more

Unsafe Construction Zones, Trashed Bike Lanes Endangering Cyclists


Chicago, IL - "Popular biking corridors like Milwaukee Avenue have turned into dangerous places to ride." more...

2015 U.S. Traffic Fatalities Data Released


"...7.2% more people died in traffic-related accidents in 2015 than in 2014. This unfortunate data point breaks a recent historical trend of fewer deaths occurring per year." more...

Bontrager Encourages Daytime Running Lights for Bikes

"They've been on motorcycles forever, and more recently cars have adopted them too, so why not bikes?" more...

More News...

Completing the Ohio-to-Erie Trail in Central OH


Galena, OH - "As long-sought connections are completed between bike paths throughout Franklin County, a race is on to connect Delaware County trails before developers gobble up the land." more...

Sentencing for Driver Who Killed Cyclist

Cincinnati, OH - "This Wednesday at 9am Melinda Woodall will be sentenced for killing Michael Prater. She was convicted of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide - Possession of Drugs - Possession of Drug Tools." more...

Is Cincy RedBike the Most Successful Bike Share?


Cincinnati, OH - "...When RedBike opened to the public on September 15, 2014 it included 29 stations, but has since swelled to 57 stations spanning two states, four cities and more than a dozen neighborhoods..." more

Opportunity Corridor is Grappling Ground for City, State


Cleveland, OH - "The city of Cleveland has stalled the transfer of city-owned land needed to complete the $331 million Opportunity Corridor because of wrangling between the city and the state of Ohio." more...

Thieves Target Trail Users on 606 Trail


Chicago, IL - "Thieves have targeted people on the 606 Trail, including a 69-year-old grandfather who was mugged in broad daylight on Saturday." more...

The Mortal Toll of Sprawl

"A federal report this week revealed that traffic deaths have risen 9 percent over the last year and have totaled 19,100 in the first six months of 2016. More than 2.2 million people have been seriously injured in that time..." more

More News...

Does Air Pollution Reduce Cycling's Health Benefits?

"Columbia University scientists use innovative tools to investigate how vehicle exhaust impacts cyclists." more...

Geese an Issue at Lancaster Park

Lancaster, OH - "...He said the park is littered with goose feces and some of the more aggressive geese will actually attack people..." more

Push to Complete NJ-PA Bike Trail


PA - "It was supposed to hug both sides of the Delaware River between Trenton and Philadelphia, stretching 50 miles for bicyclists, joggers, and walkers to enjoy." more...

More News...

Construction Underway for Valley Pkwy Connector

Brecksville, OH - "The Valley Parkway Connector Trail project [is being] built in two phases to fill a 6-mile 'missing link' in the Emerald Necklace Traill..." more

Carothers Leads Trail Charge in Tri-State Area


Cincinnati, OH - "Robin Carothers has had trails on the brain for decades." more...

Annual List of Worst Intersections


Columbus, OH - "The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) revealed its annual list of high-crash intersections yesterday afternoon..." more

Cyclists Fire Back After Driver Uses Car to Threaten Them


Charlotte, NC - "A woman accused of nearly hitting bicyclists and caught in a fit of rage on camera is now seeking legal counsel." more...

Branson Cheats Death in High-Speed Bike Crash

"Sir Richard Branson has revealed how he feared he would die after crashing head first onto a road in a high-speed bike crash on the British Virgin Islands." more...

More News...

Toxic Brew Co. Building Along Great Miami River


Dayton, OH - "...The view of the west riverbank includes a railroad trestle and the Great Miami River bike/recreation trail." more...

Cyclist's Death Shows Biking Perils Persist in NYC


"At 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday, like so many mornings before, Michael Schenkman, 78, was doing what he loved: riding his bike near his home in Queens." more...

Law Enforcement Greenway Sweeps


OR - "Two-day effort by multiple agencies results in 12 arrests and 38 citations, most for prohibited camping." more...

More News...

Developing Trails in and Around Grove City


Grove City, OH - "Residents are a driving force behind Grove City's effort to develop more bicycle trails, and local leaders say they are pleased to build on that momentum." more...

Portland's Speed Limits Ignore Cyclists & Peds


OR - " had been an exceptionally bloody month on Portland roads." more...

MTB Pedal Sparks Forest Fire


CA - California fire ignited by a pedal striking a rock, investigation claims." more...

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Ongoing Efforts to Make Streets Safer for Cyclists


Cleveland, OH - "...the League of American Cyclists named Cleveland a bronze-level bicycle friendly community in 2013. But even as they praise the city's progress, many cyclists say that more work remains." more...

Volunteers Provide Maintenance Along B&O Trail


Lexington, OH - "Members of the Mid-Ohio Bikers not only ride the Richland B&O Trail as often as they can; some also volunteer regularly to make sure the trail is mowed and clear of trees and branches..." more

Submitted by Nelson Shogren

Sonar Catches Drivers Who Drive Too Closely To Cyclists

"...After launching in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 2015, the technology, called C3FT, is now in 11 cities, including Minneapolis, Houston, and Las Vegas. One of the latest is Ottawa, Canada." more...

Streets Succeed When They Do More Than Move Cars


"What makes a street successful?" more...

Death in Crosswalk Sparks Controversy


Portland, OR - "The death of Fallon Smart has torn our community apart..." more

12-Year-Old Fights for Safer Bike Trail


Billings, MT - "When not catching crayfish and learning to play guitar, 12-year-old Emma Power has spent the past two years corresponding with her city government." more...

USDOT Faces Widespread Opposition to Proposed Congestion Rule


"Nearly 5,000 individuals and 150 organizations - including dozens of local chambers of commerce and elected officials - joined with T4America to oppose USDOT's flawed proposal for measuring traffic congestion and urge them to rethink their approach." more...

The Big Jump Competition

"...Final applications are due in late October for the Big Jump, a new three-year PeopleForBikes project focused on doubling or tripling biking in 10 neighborhoods or districts around the country..." more

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Residents Want Trail Atop Dam

Buckeye Lake, OH - "Some residents awaiting a new Buckeye Lake dam want the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to pave and stripe the top when it's finished to create a waterfront bike and walking path along its 4.1-mile length." more...

Runners Struck Crossing Street

Franklin, OH - "Two members of the Miamisburg High School cross-country team were struck by a vehicle Monday afternoon, police said." more...

Bike Lanes are Evolving


"...Cities are increasingly changing them to make them safer in light of fatal crashes involving cyclists and cars." more...

Peter King Drives In Bike Lane, Suffers Wrath Of The Internet


San Diego, CA - "When King hit 'send' on this tweet, I'm sure he thought he was just sharing a harmless bit of humor..." more

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Better Blocks Bring Redevelopment Ideas to Life

OH - "... Better Block events, three of which are going on in the Akron area this summer and fall, are a way to give improvement ideas a trial run." more...

Heritage Farms Offers Camping Next to Towpath

Peninsula, OH - "Heritage Farms in Peninsula, Ohio, has opened 5 primitive tent camping sites and 3 Scandinavian style camping shelters set in the woods and tree fields of the farm..." more

Downtown is Not a Place for Cars

"...Although one of my friends has a car, she didn't want to drive because 'there's never anywhere to park'..." more

Hungary to Spend Millions on Cycling Routes

Hungary - "Hungary's Ministry of National Development has announced that it will spend 30 billion Hungarian forint (£96 million) on cycling infrastructure. more...

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Cop Tries to Convince Cyclist to Ride on Sidewalk

Oviedo, FL - "A police officer in Oviedo, Florida, attempted to pull over a bicyclist for riding in the street..." more

More Explosives Found in Woods after Suspect's Death


Harlan, KY - "...Mark Sawaf was arrested in June, accused of concealing explosives in trail cameras and leaving them in the woods." more...

Hennepin County Considers Closing Historic Greenway Bridges


MN - "The century-old bridges that carry streets over Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway could face $40 million worth of repairs or replacement..." more

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Roundtown Trail to Break Ground


Circleville, OH - "Construction on the Roundtown Trail is set to begin at the end of the month..." more

Prairie Grass Trail Repairs Continue


Madison County, OH - "...The path has been undergoing a crack fill and seal coat process for several day, which was delayed due to bad weather. It will re-open by middle of next week. more...

Towpath is Most Popular Attraction in CVNP


CVNP, OH - "...The most visited sites or trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park are..." more

Bus Stop of the Future


"Four years ago, the regional transit agency in Paris, RATP, set out to create the 'bus stop of the future.' This bus stop would be designed to give riders and even passersby a comfortable place to relax. In addition to a sleek shelter, it featured a bike-share station, a library, and snacks and coffee. more...

Sullivan Trail Bridge Opens in Valley Forge

PA - "Bicyclists, runners and walkers were more than thrilled Friday to venture across the new Sullivan Trail Bridge in Valley Forge National Historical Park." more...

Opening Wilderness Areas to Bikes Also Opens Debate


"...A bill in Congress would open up biking in federally designated wilderness, where 'mechanical transport' has been banned since President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Wilderness Act in 1964..." more.

Submitted by Nelson Shogren

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Protected Bike Lane Connects Downtown with Towpath


Akron, OH - "...The path is part of the city's effort to become more bicycle friendly and to encourage people to leave the Towpath Trail and experience downtown." more...

Updates to Ohio-to-Erie Trail Route

OH - "Here are the many changes that have taken place in the past three years..." more

Corroded Cables Brought Down Alum Creek Suspension Bridge


Columbus, OH - "The new bridge deck on the suspension bridge over Alum Creek near Wolfe Park was too heavy for the old, cracked and deteriorating cables that supported it..." more

Dayton Expands Bike Share


Dayton, OH - "...New locations have been added at RTA's Longworth Campus, the Montgomery County Job Center and Tech Town - bringing the total number of Link stations to 27." more...

CVNP Becoming Bigger Tourist Draw


Brecksville, OH - "...In the last 10 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in out-of-state visitation..." more

602-Foot Long Trail Bridge Opens


PA - "...The new Sullivan's Bridge, a 14-foot-wide, 602-foot-long bike-and-pedestrian bridge that crosses the Schuylkill, connecting the Schuylkill River Trail by Betzwood Park to the trails of Valley Forge National Historical Park..." more...

Autonomous Ubers Coming to Pittsburgh


PA - "Near the end of 2014, Uber co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick flew to Pittsburgh on a mission: to hire dozens of the world's experts in autonomous vehicles..." more

Remembering Deb Hubsmith

"Today marks one year since the passing of Deb Hubsmith, founder of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership..." more

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Canal Dover Association Planning Bike Routes & Trails


Tuscarawas County, OH - "...several groups are working to create safer cycling routes on roads and more off-road trails. Others are exploring the possibility of connecting the region's existing and planned bike paths." more...

Ohio Canal Greenway Connector Ribbon Cutting


Hebron, OH - "The Ohio Canal Greenway Connector will have a ribbon cutting at noon Friday at Canal Road, Hebron." more...

Guerrilla Bike Lanes Show Cities How to Make Safer Streets

"Since the city won't keep bikers safe, a group of San Francisco bikers is taking matters into its own hands..." more

Deadly Street Car Tracks?


Seattle, WA - "A look at her helmet explains the pieces of the story Melissa Riesland can't recall..." more

Helmet-Hating Rider Fined $220

AUS - "...In a seven-year battle against bike helmets Sue Abbott has had her driver's licence suspended, bikes confiscated and four criminal convictions recorded..." more

Driverless Buses to hit Finnish City's Streets


Finland - "Finland has been testing autonomous EasyMile buses on public roads for a little while now..." more

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Obstacles Stand in Way of Hudson Trail


Hudson, OH - "The city's park board proposed a north-to-south hike and bike paved trail through Hudson years ago, but as city engineers examine the proposed route, obstacles may change plans." more...

Officials Hope to Extend CoGo into Suburbs


Columbus, OH - "...Bexley, Grandview (Heights) and Upper Arlington are very, very close to Downtown and there seems to be a demand there..." more

Rescuers Find No Hiker at John Bryan State Park


Yellow Springs, OH - "...A caller reported hearing someone screaming, and that call prompted the dispatching of rescuers." more...

Star House Bike Rack Project

Columbus, OH - "My brother, Ryan, and I are fundraising money for a bike rack service project for the Star House..." more

Rails-to-Trails E-News

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Manhattan's Oldest Neighborhood Goes Car-Free, Kind of...

NYC - "Cars restricted to 5mph over 60 blocks of Financial District at weekend, as transport department runs Shared Streets event inspired by Bogota and Paris." more...

Top 10 U.S. Cities with the Most Walkable New Construction


"...Walkability is one of the reasons the popularity of mixed-use developments has taken hold in the U.S..." more

10 Cities that are Starting to go Car-Free


"...Norway is preparing a bill that, if passed, would ban the sale of gas-powered cars in the country by 2025." more...

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Man Charged in CVNP Shooting


Akron, OH - "An Akron man is charged in federal court with shooting a woman three times in the head and leaving her in Cuyahoga Valley National Park over the July 4 weekend." more...

Towpath Times

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Bear Chases Runner Along Vancouver Trail


CAN - "...Christopher Lubell says he was jogging when he saw a bear sitting in his path." more...

'Pocket Lanes' Debut in D.C.

D.C. - "There are some unusual new bike lanes at two intersections in DC." more...

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Funding Secured for Bluffton Bike Path


Bluffton, OH - "Construction of the Lions Way-Augsburger Pathway in Bluffton will begin soon, with completion likely in late October..." more

Carless in Columbus


Columbus, OH - "People like the idea of living without a car. Why don't they?" more...

Plan Includes over 1,000-Miles of Bike Lanes

El Paso, TX - "...Creating an interconnected network of bike lanes is the goal, according to the plan..." more

Transpo Leaders Flabbergasted by Biketown Success

Portland, OR - "...While Biketown users don't have to sign up for annual memberships, more than 2,000 people have taken that step..." more

Rio Drops the Ball on Non-Motorized Travel

BRA - "...ahead of the Games, event ticketholders received a curious set of instructions via email, which specifically advised them to avoid non-motorized transportation, including bicycles, to reach Olympic venues." more...

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Knoxville Expected to add 24-Miles of Connective Greenways


TN - "During Thursday's public meeting at the John T. O'Connor Center, Knoxville Mayor, Madeline Rogero, unveiled a plan to add 24 new miles of connective greenways in 13 different corridors." more...

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5 New CoGo Bike Share Stations Being Added


Columbus, OH - "Representatives from CoGo Bike Share and the City of Columbus released a joint announcement today about their system expansion..." more

Driver Guilty of all Counts in Causing Death of 2 Pedestrians


Columbus, OH - "...Franklin County Common Pleas jury found Terrance Trent guilty of all charges in the deaths of Stephanie Fibelkorn, 21, and William Lewis, 58, and for injuring two other people on Dec. 12, 2014." more...

Thieves Cut Down Tree to Steal Bike

PA - "A recent bike theft in Fishtown, Pennsylvania, has one owner scratching his head." more...

Even Drivers Prefer Protected Bike Lanes


"When it comes to allocating street space, it is often taken for granted that anything that benefits people on bikes harms people who drive..." more

Bike Route from St. Paul to Canada


MN - "Minnesota is about to get its second U.S. Bicycle Route." more...

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Smart Planning Led to $8M Grant for Waterfront Trails


Cleveland, OH - "...The big, brilliant idea behind a nearly $8 million federal TIGER grant won by Cleveland Metroparks in late July is that the agency packaged five separate trail initiatives as a single new project..." more

Help Police Find Bike Thieves


Cleveland, OH - "About 20 bikes were stolen from the Tremont Lofts recently, and Cleveland police have released images related to the theft." more...

Clinics Held to Help Cyclists Ride Safely with Streetcars

Cincinnati, OH - "As Cincinnati gears up for the debut of the streetcar, city leaders want to make sure bicyclists will safely adjust to the changes." more...

Animated Maps Show Bike Share Popularity


"Bike-share systems, which make fleets of bicycles available for common use in a city (usually for a small fee), are catching on..." more

Big Cities Move Away From Car-Based Planning


"...Peter Newman, an expert of sustainability who has been researching car use since the early 1970s, sees a change underway..." more

Amtrak Bike Service: What Is It & Where To Find It


"Bike services found on Amtrak depend on multiple factors: train equipment, station staffing, station platform design, train scheduling, etc. And many passengers don't realize it, but not all Amtrak trains are completely controlled by Amtrak..." more

Why Land Use Matters for Cycling Advocacy

"Stephen and Kate Downing live in Palo Alto, California, where they split the rent with Stephen's sister and her family..." more

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Hockhocking Bikeway to be Extended

Athens, OH - "... It will run in front of Holzer Clinic and connect with Canaan Road. That project is expected to be finished in 2018." more...

Camp Chase Trail Gives Westside Greater Connectivity

Columbus, OH - "...The Camp Chase Trail is a notable development for Columbus because it reflects the city's progress on an issue that metro areas across the nation are grappling with: transit equity..." more

Delaware Considers Countywide Trail System

Delaware County, OH - "Delaware County officials plan to create a new committee to examine the possible paths forward for the expansion of multiuse trails throughout the county." more...

Park Bench Added to Bike Trail Mural

Mansfield, OH - "A park bench was installed Wednesday on the B&O bike trail under the West Fourth Street bridge near North Lake Park in Mansfield." more...

Little Miami Trail Newsletter

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Bicyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run

Columbus, OH - "A bicyclist was killed after being struck by a car at the intersection of East Livingston Avenue and Westphal Avenue on Wednesday." more...

Summit Bike Share Encourages Cycling


Akron, OH - "...With the Akron program, which was funded with a $19,500 grant from the Knight Foundation, riders are encouraged to run errands over lunch or check out the Towpath Trail from downtown using one of the available bikes." more...

Better Block to put focus on Cuyahoga Falls


Cuyahoga Falls, OH - "When Getta Kutuchief and Samantha Coldwell look at the buildings located along the Front Street pedestrian mall, they are reminded of their travels to Europe." more...

Clintonville Swapping Car Lanes for Bike Lanes


Clintonville, OH - "If you drive through Clintonville, you can expect changes to an already busy stretch of roadway." more...

Potential changes to Over-the-Rhine's Main Street

Cincinnati, OH - "What many consider to be the heart of Over-the-Rhine could be getting a serious facelift..." more

Plans for Youngstwown Corridor Still Alive

Youngstown, OH - "...The project, dubbed the Youngstown SMART Corridor, includes plans to re-size roadways to fit current traffic and use the remaining space to create multi-usage roads." more...

RedBike Lands New Sponsor

Cincinnati, OH - "A new urban apartment complex has signed on to become the latest sponsor of Cincy Red Bike." more...

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Bicyclist Leads Police on I-275 Chase


Cincinnati, OH - "A bicyclist led Campbell County police on a more than six-mile-long chase Tuesday afternoon..." more

Scioto Trail Incident Leads to Potential Lawsuit

Columbus, OH - "On an unseasonably warm December weekend on a multi-use trail in Downtown's North Bank Park, a Rollerblading personal-injury attorney crossed paths with a Westerville family out for a stroll." more...

Ideas from Metro Parks Visitors Guiding Strategic Plan


Columbus, OH - "Metro Parks visitors want more trails and want them to connect to other parks and communities..." more

NTSB: Ohio Drivers are the Worst

Washington, D.C. - "...Though the Board continues to frown upon individuals driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs, we wish to remind motorists that their greatest threat while traveling on the nation's highway system remains cars with Ohio license plates." more...

Female Cyclists Harrassed


Philadelphia, PA - "Women say they are forced to go through red lights and stop signs to escape motorists' sexual comments and threats." more...

USDOT's New Rule Focuses Only on Highways


"If a person uses a trail to get to work or school, and no one is around to measure the trip, do they count? They certainly should." more...

City Requests Bike Trail be Made out of Old Highway


Nicollet, MN - "...Counselors reasoned that leaving that segment of shoulder would allow bikers and walkers to have an entire loop around the city..." more

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Prairie Grass Trail Closure Coming

London, OH - "...please note that sections of the Prairie Grass Trail in Madison County will be closed during August 15-17 for seal-coating the asphalt..." more

Bike Brecksville Forms


Brecksville, OH - "About 10 bicycle enthusiasts in Brecksville have started a new club that aims to promote safe cycling in town." more...

Quick-Thinking Cyclist Saves a Life on the Ledge

NYC - "...The guy was a 19-year-old from Massachusetts. He had climbed over the rail that separates the path from the concrete ledge..." more

DOT Will Study Widening the Brooklyn Bridge Walking & Biking Path


NYC - "The days of pedestrians and cyclists fighting for scraps of space on the Brooklyn Bridge may be numbered." more...

NTSB Finally Takes an Interest in Cycling Safety


"...Network blog Systemic Failure relays the news that NTSB is doing something unusual: It is investigating a fatal crash where the victims were cycling..." more

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Woman Running Across US for 9/11 Memorial Trail

"Jan Walker, an ultra distance runner began her Rise Up for the Fallen: Run Across America on March 1 in Oceanside, California, and will arrive at the Pentagon Memorial this summer." more...

A Month After Kate & Heather's Deaths, Mayor Takes Action

San Francisco, CA - "It's a little over a month since two cyclists were killed in one night on San Francisco's streets: Kate Slattery, who was killed South of Market, and Heather Miller, who died while riding in Golden Gate Park. Today, in a rare move, Mayor Edwin Lee, after talks with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, issued an Executive Directive to bring safety improvements to the locations where they were killed." more...

Cyclists Push for Action Against Hoon Motorcyclists


AUS - "Cyclists want tougher penalties to help stamp out what they claim is a growing problem of motorcyclists putting lives at risk by hooning on bike paths." more...

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Academy Park Bridge Finally Reopens


Columbus, OH - The Academy Park Bridge has been reopened along the Alum Creek Trail.


Missing Ohio Teen Found in Grand Teton National Park


"Searchers located an Ohio teen who went missing in Grand Teton National Park on Saturday and tracked her down after she fled when authorities tried to rescue her." more...

Brecksville Dam Targeted for Demolition


Brecksville, OH - "A plan to enhance fish and other wildlife in a cleaner Cuyahoga River may soon come to fruition with the removal of the last impediment to a free-flowing river from Akron to Lake Erie." more...

Cleveland Metroparks Building Food Forest


North Olmstead, OH - "...We are repurposing it into a food forest, which is basically using forest plants -- shade loving plants -- that will provide food for wildlife..." more

BikeTown Protest Sign Draws Attention

Portland, OR - "No true Portlander can resist leaving a passive-aggressive note. But some of those notes are better than others." more...

Beating Traffic on Two Wheels

BRA - "Leave it to the Dutch to use two-wheeled transport to dodge Olympic-sized traffic snarls in a city where bike culture is still in its infancy." more...

3 Cycling Rules of the Road Police Officers Often Get Wrong

"While most police officers make an effort to enforce traffic laws fairly, they can still get them wrong..." more

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ODOT Designating Bike Routes in Butler County

Butler County, OH - "...The Ohio Department of Transportation's Districts 7 and 8, which includes Butler County, are working with local jurisdictions to designate seven possible U.S. and state bike routes." more...

Volunteers Sought for Bench Installation


Mansfield, OH - "Mankind Murals Inc in collaboration with Richland Public Health and local residents will assemble and install a six-foot park bench next to the new mural, '6:07 AM' which was recently completed at the Fourth Street bridge on the B&O bike trail." more...

Parking Lot Paving Closures Along Towpath


CVNP, OH - Canal Exploration Center will be closed August 8 and the Lock 39 Trailhead at Rockside Road will be closed August 9. more...

Wheels4Change Works to get Vets on Bikes


Clinton, OH - "...the group will soon make bicycles available for veterans to borrow at Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park." more...

Perception of Women at Risk Undermines City Trails


Janesville, WI - "Women are not using Janesville's bike and walking trails as often as men, and it may be caused by a perception that women are not safe on them at times, a recent report suggests." more...

What the Latest Version of Google Maps tells Us about Cities


"...But beyond making money for Google, the redesign acts as an activity guide to the city for users -- both visitor and resident alike..." more

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Marble Cliff, UA Partner on Trail Project

Marble Cliff, OH - "...The two communities plan to replace the asphalt on the roadway and create a separate multiuse path for bicyclists and pedestrians on the south side of Fifth Avenue that will connect with the Scioto Greenway Trail." more...

Road Project Includes Multiuse Trail

Westerville, OH - "...The project will cost nearly $10 million, and according to plans, will add an additional lane to Sunbury Road between County Line and Maxtown roads, as well as adding curbs, storm sewers, street lights, a sidewalk on the west side of the street and a multi-use trail along Hoover Reservoir on the east side." more...

Mom uses Social Media to Recover Stolen Bike for Son


Staten Island, NY - "On Sunday afternoon, 9-year old Anthony Valois left his bike in front of his house in Richmond to go inside for a glass of water." more...

Cyclist's iphone Ignites after Crash

"An Australian mountain biker wound up in the hospital after his cell phone caught fire and burned through his spandex." more...

Woman Arrested after Driving Down Bike Trail


WI - "A woman has been arrested for her 7th OWI after police found her driving down a recreation trail Wednesday." more...

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Metroparks to Add Mountain Bike Trail


Toledo, OH - "The Metroparks of the Toledo Area's well-known network of trails for walkers, bicyclists, runners, and equestrians is set to be enhanced with a new single track trail for mountain bicyclists." more...

How to Build a Thriving, Equitable Bike-Share System


"...Our latest collaboration with the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) examines how to build a thriving, equitable bike-share system." more...

Safe Routes to School Newsletter

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Runner Found Strangled

NYC - "A woman was killed on an early evening run in a secluded section of a marshland park after her father warned her it might not be safe to go there without him, police said Wednesday." more...

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ODOT Planning Bike Route Through Covington


Covington, OH - "...State Bike Route 36 (SBR36) extends from the Piqua area and utilizes back roads that mostly run parallel along US Route 36, including Ingle Road through Covington..." more

Bicycle-Mounted Police Unit Stay On After RNC

Cleveland, OH - "...Bicycle-mounted officers will not continue patrolling in units of 30-40 as seen at the RNC, rather units will 'probably be two or four guys together working as teams doing things in the neighborhood,' bike patrol head Capt. Thomas Mandzak told's Eric Heisig." more...

Cascade Locks Park Association Receives Foundation Grant


Akron, OH - "...The Cascade Locks Park Association's mission is to preserve, protect and promote the industrial, commercial and cultural heritage of the Cascade Locks Park along locks 10 through 16 of the Ohio and Erie Canal..." more

Kimber Perfect Injured in Car-Bike Collision

Columbus, OH - "...Perfect was cycling in Port Clinton, Ohio near Lake Erie on Wednesday morning when she was struck by a car..." more

Outpouring of Good Will to Troubled Touring Cyclist

AL - "...Alabama ranks dead last on the League of American Bicyclists list of bike-friendly states. The Alabama Department of Transportation has been about as gracious to bikes as motorist Ronald Levi Hughes was to cyclist Max Mioducki on Monday." more...

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UHBikeShare Bringing GPS-Enabled Bikes this Fall


Cleveland, OH - "...There are 100 University Hospital Bikes in 10 stations around downtown right now. Come September, there will be 250 bikes in 30 stations, from Tremont, to downtown, to University Circle." more...

Drone Gives Different Perspective of Pickaway Parks


Circleville, OH - "...Now residents will be able to get a bird's-eye view of ... Pickaway County trails before they set out on a hike, thanks to the latest in drone technology." more...

Central Pkwy Crashes Comparable Before & After Bike Lanes


Cincinnati, OH - "...The question arose earlier this year: Has adding the bike lanes to Central Parkway's traffic configuration caused more crashes along the stretch?..." more...

Towpath Times Newsletter

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Lift Station Malfunction Causes Fish Kill


Lima, OH - "A lift station malfunction causes hundreds of dead fish to pile up around the Auglaize River." more...

Work Continues to Link Canadian & US Trail Systems


"...East Coast Greenway's executive director Dennis Markatos-Soriano is hoping to link it to the 2,000 kilometres of trails in New Brunswick and from there the 24,000 kilometre trail system across Canada." more...

Road Rage Encounter Cuts Cross-Country Ride Short


AL - "...The dispute resumed and Hughes began revving his engine. Mioducki said he moved out of the way thinking Hughes was going to run over him..." more...

Should a Bike-Share Ride Cost the Same as the Bus?


"...if there were an option to use bike-share the way I use transit -- paying $2.50 to $3 for a single ride from point A to B -- I would use it far more often." more...

Shouldn't all Cities have a 'Cycle Superhighway' Plan?'


AUS - "It might look like all political gain and no financial pain, but the WA Government's Cycling Network Plan is a valuable and important exercise that governments elsewhere should emulate as soon as possible." more...

People For Bikes Announces Grants for Bike Projects


Boulder, CO - "PeopleForBikes has announced its latest round of community grants." more...

Halving Traffic Deaths & Injuries by 2020


"The UN has an ambitious goal to cut road deaths and injuries by 50% in five years. Are governments and donors finally prioritising the issue?" more...

More News...

Suspect Arrested in Car-Bicycle Hit-Skip

Lakewood, OH - "...The woman gave police a description of the car and was taken to Fairview Hospital. Officers located a car matching the description..." more

Columbus' Bike Cops See New World of Policing


Columbus, OH - "...A bike can do what three officers can do on foot..." more

Bike Sharing Still a Hit in Fargo

ND - "Thanks to bikers, Fargo is still holding the national record for the most rides per bike per day through bike sharing." more...

More News...

Monroe Moving Ahead with Great Miami Trail Extension


Monroe, OH - "Monroe is planning to move forward to develop its portion of the Great Miami River Recreation Trail by engaging an engineering firm to begin construction drawings for the project." more...

Warrior Bike Trail Dedicated


Ohio City, OH - "...The Warrior Bike Trail cost more than $400,000 with most of funding was made possible through the Clean Ohio Fund." more...

Yay Bikes! July Report

Columbus, OH - Read the July advocacy report.

More News...

Bicyclist Abducted, Murdered

Toledo, OH - "...The University of Toledo student went missing on July 19 while riding her purple bicycle in rural Fulton County, west of Toledo." more...

New Bike Path Connector Proposed in Moraine


Moraine, OH - "...The 10-feet wide connector from Deer Meadow Park on Pinnacle Road would run 0.85 miles and eventually help extend a branch of the paved Great Miami River Trail..." more

Cleveland & Akron Selected from Hundreds of Grant Applicants


Washington - "More than 500 communities sought $9.3 billion in transportation grants from a program that gave Cleveland and Akron projects close to $13 million this week..." more

NPS Reopens Brandywine Gorge Trail Bridge


Brecksville, OH - "...The bridge provides safe crossing over Brandywine Creek for hikers on the Brandywine Gorge Trail, which starts at Brandywine Falls in Sagamore Hills..." more

Separating Peds & Bikes Along the Lakefront Trail


Chicago, IL - "...For years, trail users have advocated for separate trails. Last November two paths -- one with crushed gravel for pedestrians and a paved asphalt trail for cyclists -- were opened..." more

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Teen Arrested for Groping Trail Runner


Mariemont, OH - "A teen from Madisonville is locked up after police said he groped a woman who was running on a trail in Mariemont." more...

Visual Tour of Lake to Lakes Trail

Shaker Heights, OH - "...Lake to Lakes makes use of existing trails such as the Lakefront Bikeway and the Harrison-Dilliard Bikeway in Cleveland..." more

Not-Smart Grants?

OH - "This has been a big week for bike and pedestrian mobility in Northeast Ohio..." more

Part Bike-Lane, Part Sidewalk - Shared Trail Raises Fears

CAN - "Crews are getting ready to pour concrete for Edmonton's newest set of bike lanes, but cyclists and others worry they look more like sidewalks." more...

Bike Professional of the Year


"...During 16 years of public service to the City of Palo Alto, Kathy created one of the most successful Safe Routes to School programs in the nation, and it has been a model for many others." more...

More News...

Important Bike Trails Coming to Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "...This is huge. It has been dubbed the 'Reconnecting Cleveland' project, and it's estimated to cost a hair more than $16 million..." more

Athens Bike Path Taking Shape

Athens, OH - "...The Columbus Road Bikepath Spur being built by the City of Athens will take the existing path across the Hocking River to connect to the north end of the city." more...

$5M to Complete Downtown Promenade

Akron, OH - "...The city will use the money from the U.S. Department of Transportation to build a green corridor on Main Street, with street and sidewalk repairs, new on-street parking and dedicated bike lanes. The city also will add transit and traffic enhancements, a roundabout, new signage and green infrastructure." more...

Body Found in Park; No Foul Play Suspected

Marysville, OH - "...A Marysville police officer who was patrolling the Jim Simmons Trail on a bicycle arrived on the scene and saw body in the water about 10 feet from the shore." more...

Measure the Movement of People, Not Cars


"The federal government hands states about $40 billion a year for transportation, money they can basically spend however they want..." more

Where the Sidewalk Funding Ends


"...A quick survey of sidewalk ordinances around the country reveals of patchwork of policies, with no regional or political patterns..." more

More News...

Bikes vs. Cars... Doo Dah, Doo Dah!


"For those who thought the Bikes vs. Cars wars were over (like in NYC), I have bad news. The latest battle lines were drawn at the Doo Dah parade in Columbus, Ohio and quickly spread to all-out combat online." more...

Towpath Gets 400-Foot Mural


Akron, OH - "...Jessica Lofthus' 400-foot mural sort of happened by mistake. Instead of taking an example of her work and applying it to a 20-foot portion of the wall, her tech savvy husband misunderstood the requirements and applied her art to the entire wall..." more

Underground Railroad Center on Track for 2020 Opening


Oberlin, OH - "It's pretty well known that Oberlin was a famous stop on the Underground Railroad, which helped runaway slaves escape to Canada..." more

RAGBRAI Fatality Prompts Call for New Bike Laws


Des Moines, IA - "A deadly start to the 2016 Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa has Governor Terry Branstad preparing to tackle the problem head-on." more...

Florida-to-Maine Bike Path Picks up Speed

"A continuous Maine-to-Florida cycling path that's been kicking around since the first Bush administration has been getting a whole lot of attention as of late." more...

1st US Bike Share Death Highlights Need for Better Infrastructure


IL - "Chicago's Divvy bike share system witnesses its first fatality and highlights need for better bike infrastructure." more...

Cyclists Have Mixed Feelings About New Road Safety Campaign


Pittsburgh, PA - "Bicyclists in Pittsburgh are reacting to a new billboard along Baum Boulevard in the East End, which tells drivers 'Riders aren't always in the right. But they are always fragile.'" more...

'Pokemon Go' puts Pedestrians in Harm's Way


San Antonio, TX - "10-15 percent of children in trauma center were hit by motor vehicles." more...

Why Banning E-MTBs Could Hurt Mountain Biking


"...By dictating which group of riders gets to ride where, we're dumping fuel on an already scalding hot set of coals..." more

More News...

Metroparks gets nearly $8M for Bike & Ped Paths


Washington, D.C. - "Cleveland Metroparks has been awarded a $7.95 million federal transportation grant to build more than four miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails in central Cleveland, including a bridge to connect the existing Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail to the lakefront..." more

New Bike Lanes on Madison Avenue in Lakewood

Money Pledged for Towpath Bridge Replacement


Akron, OH - "...The council also agreed to contribute $70,000 toward rebuilding a wooden section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail that was damaged by fire earlier this year." more...

Man in Wheelchair Injured in Hit-Skip


Columbus, OH - "Before Chandler Dailey could process that a car was headed right for him, he was struck head-on and thrown from his motorized wheelchair." more...

Road Upgrades to Improve Bike Safety


Clark County, OH - "A series of safety upgrades along Croft Road in Clark County are planned to make the roadway share-able and safer for bikers and pedestrians." more...

Plans to Buy Fitness Center Land on Hold


Canton, OH - "A plan to purchase 5.5 acres of land near Hall of Fame Fitness Center for a bike trail has stalled." more...

It's Time to Build Protected Bike Lanes in Iowa


IA - "For one week of the year, thousands of riders take to Iowa roads for RAGBRAI. For the remaining 51 weeks, most riders will return back to the safety of the trails..." more

Will More Bike-Share Systems Opt for "Smart Bikes?"

"When Portland launched its bike-share system last week, it became the biggest American city to go live with a 'smart bikea model..." more

RTC Releases TrADE Report


"Federal funds have played a key role in building many trails across the country, and as an advocate for these places, RTC continues to keep a close eye on federal programs with its annual Transportation Enhancements and Alternatives Spending Report." more...

What is a Two-Stage Left Turn Queue Box?

"A Two-Stage Left Turn Queue Box (Left Turn Box) is the technical name for the painted green square a cyclist can use to make a left turn..." more

More News...

Licking County Parks Celebrates 25 Years


Newark, OH - "...The district has brought back programs that died away. It's made repairs to its 11 parks and to the nearly 40 miles of bike trails it maintains..." more

More News...

Improvements Coming to Loveland Trail


Loveland, OH - "...In conjunction with ODNR's repaving, the city will improve safety and traffic flow at the two bike trail crossings." more...

Roll Turns to Building its Own Bikes


Columbus, OH - "...Hunter is launching Roll Bicycle Co. with a party Thursday night, a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise $40,000 and plans to be selling Columbus-assembled bicycles to customers by November..." more

How 7 Cities Got More People Biking


"There's now even more data to suggest that building out bike infrastructure is central to increasing bike ridership and equity..." more

More News...

Incidents Reported on Newly Designed Summit Street


Columbus, OH - "...It was the second time in about six months Roe had been hit while riding her bicycle. Both times were on Summit Street..." more

Gnadenhutten Council Approves Hiking Trail


Gnadenhutten, OH - "Council approved the development of a bicycle, hiking route proposed by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Village officials feel it will be an asset to the community and the county." more...

Two-Wheel Dreams

Cincinnati, OH - "When it comes to sharing the road with bikes, Cincinnati is not Amsterdam. Yet." more...

Bookmobile Brings Books on Bike


Yellow Springs, OH - "...The mobile library consists of a brand new blue bike pulling a trailer bedecked in library insignia, which features two fold out shelves filled with books..." more

Quality Bike Facilities Increase Ridership & Make Biking Safer

"NACTO research in seven cities shows that pairing bike share with protected bike lanes encourages riding, increases the visibility of people on bikes, and reduces overall biking risk." more...

Bike Trail Artist named Getting Results Award Winner


"...For the past four years, Sonksen has been painting non-stop. He's painted more than 1,000 works that stretch for nearly a mile..." more

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy E-Magazine

Read the Green Issue.

More News...

Study Confirms: Protected Bike Lanes get more People on Bikes


" research from the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) concludes that decent protected bike infrastructure not only dramatically increases the number of people riding and reduces the number of people injured or killed, but that it is important for social and economic equity..." more

Over 2,300 Trips on Biketown Bike Share in Girst 24 Hours


Portland, OR - "It hasn't taken long for Portland to embrace bike share..." more

More People Bike and Biking Gets Safer


"The more people bike on the streets, the safer the streets are for everyone who bikes. This phenomenon, originally identified by researcher Peter Jacobsen, is known as "safety in numbers." And that's exactly what American cities are seeing as they add bike infrastructure..." more

Pedestrian Hit on Hike-and-Bike Trail


TX - "...The trail has been the scene of auto-pedestrian accidents before, and city officials have wrestled with how to improve safety there." more...

More News...

Elyria Bicyclist Hit, Killed in Lorain County

New Russia Twp., OH - "...The van's right rearview mirror hit Snyder, knocking him off his bicycle." more...

Cyclist's Killer to be Sentenced in August

OH - "...once there is a Guilty finding, you CAN get involved. You can write a letter to the judge and tell the judge what YOU think the sentence for Ms. Woodall ought to be..." more.

Pokeman Go Crash

Auburn, NY - "So a driver crashed into a tree while playing Pokemon Go on his smartphone in Auburn, N.Y. No one saw that coming, right?" more...

Elvis Trail Opens


Tupelo, MS - "It has taken nearly two years, but the Elvis Presley Birthplace Trail in Tupelo is now finished. more...

Teens Attack Man on Redding River Trail


Redding, CA - "...Officers responded to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon on the River Trail on the north side of highway 44 near Sundial Bridge Drive." more...

Motorists Want Protected Bike Lanes Too


"...the majority of motorists also reported feeling greater comfort with more separation." more...

More News...

Madison County Bike Trail Use on the Rise


Madison County, OH - "...They're coming from all over the country..." more

Woman Pleads in Crash that Killed Cyclist


Hamilton County, OH - "An Amelia woman who officials said was under the influence of prescription drugs when she drove an SUV into a cyclist, killing him, has pleaded no contest to charges including aggravated vehicular homicide." more...

Seattle Settles Kung Estate Claim for $3.5M


WA - "...Kung was killed at 2nd and University in August 2014 just ten days before the dangerous paint-only bike lane on the street was upgraded to a protected bike lane..." more

Trail Attack Victim Speaks Out

Waterloo, IA - "Police continue to investigate multiple reports of attacks on the trails, one of those attacks leaving a woman with a broken foot." more...

Neighbors Demand Fix after Second Crosswalk Death

MD - "Another bicycle rider is dead in the very same Silver Spring crosswalk where a teenage cyclist died six and a half months ago." more...

More News...

Further Action Needed to Curb Violent Threats at Doo Dah Parade

Columbus, OH - "A death threat is not free speech, it is terrorism. In our violent age, all threats are serious." more...

Building the Longest Hiking Trail in Missouri


MO - "Long-term goal to connect St. Louis toFort Smith, Arkansas, via trans-Ozark trail." more...

Welcome Mat out for Once-Shunned Mountain Bikers

CA - "Mountain bicyclists used to be called bad boys of the trails: young, cocky and fast-riding outlaws whose behavior led to them being banned from many natural public lands around the Bay Area." more...

Chris Boardman's Mother Killed in Cycling Crash


UK - "...Carol Boardman, herself a former racing cyclist, died from injuries sustained in collision with a pick-up truck..." more

More News...

Ride to Remember Benefits Bluffton Bike Trails


Bluffton, OH - "...More than 150 riders turned out for this year's event, compared to about 100 a year ago..." more

Pittsburgh Group Recruits Bicyclists to Help Monitor Air Quality

PA - "A group trying to clean up Pittsburgh's air is now using a unique method to check the quality of the air we breathe." more...

More News...

Preview of AASHTO's Bike Guide


"As the most influential U.S. transportation engineering organization rewrites its bike guide, there seems to be general agreement that protected bike lanes should be included for the first time." more...

Homeless Teen Bikes 6 Hours to get to College


Barnesville, GA - "At just 19 years old, Fred Barley has proven he knows what he wants out of life and he'll do anything to make it happen." more...

Mayor Plans To Clear Homeless Camps From Bike Path


Portland, OR - "Portland Mayor Charlie Hales says the city will move hundreds of homeless campers off a southeast Portland bike path." more...

More News...

UHBikes Pre-Launch to Roll Out in Time for RNC


Cleveland, OH - "...The pre-launch station locations will be in the downtown area, while the full system of 250 red-colored bikes, branded with UH logo, will be available across the city in September." more...

Unanimous Vote to End Unjust Insurance Law

D.C. - "On Tuesday, the DC Council unanimously approved a bill to end the extremely unjust 'contributory negligence' rule which frequently forbids people who are hit when walking or biking from collecting medical costs from a driver's insurance." more...

Alligator Captured on Minnesota Bike Trail


Brainerd, MN - "People using a lakeside bike trail in central Minnesota might expect to encounter some wildlife along the way. But not an alligator." more...

Snarky Signs Tell Drivers to Respect Cyclists

CAN - "Hey drivers: chill out. That's the message behind some snarky new road signs on the McIlraith Bridge in Old Ottawa East. more...

World's 'Most Polluted Street' Will Go Pedestrian-Only

UK - "London's Oxford Street will ban cars, buses and taxis starting in 2020." more...

More News...

Construction Continues on Tallgrass Trail


Marion, OH - "...Construction of the next three-mile stretch of the trail is now underway,.." more...

Lakewood Bike Lanes Feature Intersection Crossings


Lakewood, OH - "...The new bike lanes will run for more than two miles, most of the length of Madison avenue, and will include two safety features that are a first for Northeast Ohio..." more

Most Drivers Admit Road Rage

"Nearly 8 of every 10 U.S. drivers admit expressing anger, aggression or road rage at least once in the previous year..." more

Changes Made After String of Attacks on Trail

Durhan, NC - "...Durham police say they've increased bike patrols on the trail since the attacks. Signs have also been places around the trail, reminding walkers and bikers to be alert when using the trail." more...

Bicyclist Dies after Riding Over Downed Power Line


Tampa, FL - "...He was identified as 47-year-old Gregory Patterson, an active officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission." more...

Teenagers Cited for Pokeman while Driving


AUS - "Sydney police say the teenagers, who were each fined $325, put themselves and others at great risk." more...

The Cycle & Ped Smart Traffic Light


Holland - "...In Holland, they're aiming for both efficiency and safety, tackling the traffic problem with technology." more...

More News...

Renowned Firms Hired to Design Wasson Way

Cincinnati, OH - "The city of Cincinnati has hired three firms to design the Wasson Way bike trail along an all-but-abandoned railroad track that stretches from Xavier University through Cincinnati's east side." more...

Protected Bike Lane Appears, Then Disappears

Boston, MA - "For just a few moments Tuesday morning, cyclist Doug Johnson cruised down a portion of Beacon Street without worrying about a car door flying open in his path, or a bus or large truck encroaching on the designated bike lane." more...

The Road to Fear-Free Biking

Boston, MA - "...Pedaling through Copenhagen, I saw that safety is just the baseline benefit of world-class cycling infrastructure..." more

Americans Are Walking Again Because of a Video Game

"Hundreds of reporters - and all of your Facebook friends - are talking about Pokemon Go, the 'augmented reality' game that lures people to go outside and explore in search of virtual critters." more...

Vehicular Cycling is Finally Dying

"Take a ride on downtown L.A.'s first major protected bike lane and you're rolling over something more than asphalt and paint: the symbolic end to vehicular cycling, an idea that dominated American urban bicycle advocacy for nearly 40 years." more...

Stop Bashing E-Bikes

"...for some people, some cities and some commutes, they are a really useful alternative for getting people out of cars..." more...

Warning to Peds: Small SUVs Have Lousy Headlights


"How many times have we heard that pedestrians should 'do the bright thing' or 'Police say it was dark and the driver could not see the cyclist'..." more

More News...

Eastside Greenway Plans Move Forward


Cleveland, OH - "A comprehensive plan to create a greener, more connected Cuyahoga County is moving into its next phase as planners seek public comment in the Northfield-Warrensville area." more...

Little Miami Trail Crack Sealing


Warren County, OH - "Crack sealing along the Little Miami Scenic Trail with hot tar will start on Tuesday, July 5, weather permitting, at the Warren-Greene County line (about trail mile 9 ) and proceed south to Morrow (mile 28)..." more

What RedBike Needs to do Next


Cincinnati, OH - "Red Bike, Greater Cincinnati's non-profit bike-sharing system that operates in Ohio and Kentucky, has experienced rapid ridership growth since it launched in September 2014..." more

Cool Parklets in Cincy

Cincinnati, OH - "...So what exactly is a parklet? It can be really anything that extends the sidewalk experience for pedestrians. It normally appears for a brief period of time in one or two parking spaces..." more

Caught on Camera

"Cyclists have long claimed America's roads are unsafe. Thanks to the likes of GoPro, now there's proof. Is it making a difference?" more...

Supervisor Expresses Reservations about Interstate Bike Route

WI - "...'There are no [road] shoulders,' he said. 'You're inviting disaster.'" more...

More News...

Google Testing Project in Ohio

Columbus, OH - "Sidewalk Labs, Google's secretive urban development division, plans to revitalize public transportation with subsidized ride-sharing and more efficient public parking, and it's starting in Ohio." more...

Piqua Power System Honored for Environmental Excellence


Piqua, OH - "...The new additions to the bike path included new pavement, benches and bike racks, and a concrete deck overlooking the Great Miami River." more...

Woman Killed by Hit-and-Run on Eastside

Columbus, OH - "...According to Columbus police, 21-year-old Amy Stewart was crossing the six-lane intersection at Brice Road when she was hit by a van or SUV. The driver stopped and got out after the crash to look at his vehicle, but quickly left the scene." more...

RedBike Annual Report 2015

Cincinnati, OH - "...With 50 stations in four cities and tow states, Red Bike is the fourth largest BCycle bike share system in the country." more...

The Ever-Expanding Dutch Bicycle

"...Almost 40 per cent of Dutch bikes have outgrown the standard size - and many are too big for standard cycling racks." more...

Commuting by Bike can Ease the Pain of SEPTApocalypse


Philadelphia, PA - "Philadelphia among the most bicycle friendly cities in the nation, with hundreds of miles of trails and bike racks at train stations." more...

More News...

Plans Unveiled for New Pedestrian Bridge

Columbus, OH - "The City of Columbus has released renderings that show the most fleshed-out plans yet for streetscape improvements and a pedestrian bridge over the Olentangy River at the far western terminus of Nationwide Boulevard..." more

Bike Commutes on the Rise During Metro Track Work


D.C. - "With major Metro track work shutting down parts of the Blue and Yellow lines near Reagan National Airport this week, many commuters are considering biking..." more

Body Discovered Near Popular Riverdale Bike Trail


Riverdale, UT - "...The case was investigated as a suspicious death due to the location where he was found..." more

More News...

Temporary Towpath Closure in Valley View


Brecksville, OH - "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed at 6 a.m.. Monday to 6 p.m. Tuesday from Hillside Road to Stone Road in Valley View. There will be no detour available. more...

An Incremental Approach to Protected Intersections


"Protected cycling infrastructure is catching on across North America as cities become aware of the economic, health, social and spatial benefits of cycling..." more

Neighbors at Odds Over Greenway Pilot Project


Minneapolis, MN - "Five-block pilot route sparks arguments over safety, access, livability." more...

More News...

Alum Creek Trail Paving

Columbus, OH - "Construction will begin Monday July 11th 2016 to resurface and improve the section of trail through Hayden Park between 5th Ave and Airport Dr."

See map for alternate route through July 22nd.


Yay Bikes! Newsletter

Columbus, OH - Read the July edition.

Cherry Creek Trail Drug Use


Denver, CO - "Images of people using heroin in broad daylight along the Cherry Creek bike trail disturbed Denver Mayor Michael Hancock." more...

Building a U.S. Bike Route Through Minnesota


MN - "Contribution to fledgling system puts focus on existing infrastructure - and what's lacking - on its proposed route." more...

East Coast Greenway now 31% Complete


"If you live along the East Coast of the United States, you may have noticed road signs that designate a particular stretch of road or path as part of the East Coast Greenway..." more

Robot Cars Recognize Cyclists' Hand Signals Better than most Cyclists

"Meet the only car that will let you take over the whole lane, bikers." more...

Could Bike Lanes Slow Climate Change?

"Scientists at McGill University connect increased bike infrastructure to decreased fuel emissions." more...

More News...

Branches Placed on Newark Trail


Newark, OH - "I ride the bike trail between Cherry Valley road and Granville. 2 times this past week someone has placed large branches across the bike paths (mid way thru the cow section) I ride to work in the morning, so I am probably the first person to find out about these." more...

More Doodah Parade Fallout


Columbus, OH - "...many people are saying that one parade participant took it too far this year." more...

How Cleveland Heights Became a Bicycle Friendly Community


Cleveland Heights, OH - "In recent years Cleveland Heights has paved bicycle lanes on well-traveled roads, organized rides, added signs encouraging motorists to share the road with cyclists, installed more racks and helped complete a pedestrian and bike trail between Shaker Heights and University Circle." more...

Towpath Times

Read their latest newsletter.

Safe Routes to School E-News

Read the July Newsletter.

Young Victim in Bike Path Killings had a Backstory Few Knew


AK - "Marcella Foisy says she knows almost nothing about why her daughter was on a bike path near downtown Anchorage on the morning she was killed..." more

More News...

Bluffton Bike Path Project Proceeds


Bluffton, OH - "Work on the Augsburger bike path is scheduled to be completed by the end of October." more...

Shooting Victim Found Near Valley Bridle Trail


Brecksville, OH - "...Authorities say the woman was found near the Valley Bridle Trail north of Bolanz Road just before 9:30 a.m." more...

New MTB Trail Opens in Summit County


Nordia Hills, OH - "A new 1.12-mile loop is open at the Mountain Bike Area of Hampton Hills Metro Park, 2092 Theiss Road in Akron." more...

Doo Dah Parade Entry Offends Cyclists


Columbus, OH - "...The black sport utility vehicle had a bike affixed to the front of it and a pair of stuffed legs draped over the roof..." more

Naturally, advocates were/are offended by the entry.

Read our blog on this subject.

Pleasure Ride on Bike Trail Keeps Rolling


Van Wert, OH - "...Tom Gordon's Pleasure Ride was introduced for senior citizens who are unable to enjoy the Van Wert County Park District Hiking/Biking trail due to lack of mobility..." more

Annie's Law


"...Today, we remember Annie Rooney, taken from us on the Fourth of July, what was supposed to be a celebration of our country, our freedoms." more...

More News...

RTA Offering Full-Service Bike Repairs

Dayton, OH - "Greater Dayton RTA will now offer full-service bike repairs at its new Wright Stop Bike Shop downtown." more...

NYC 2016 Needs the Wide, Generous Sidewalks of 1906

NY - "The Times ran a feature on the pedestrian crush in New York City today, and as good as the photos are, they don't do the situation justice. To get a sense of just how inadequate the sidewalks are in Midtown, you need to go there - or failing that, watch this Streetfilm from 2009 with narration by Streetsblog publisher Mark Gorton." more...

Victim of Brutal Madison Bike Path Rape Moves out of State


WI - "...At the time, police said the assault was so vicious, they were calling it an attempted homicide..." more

Missouri, Kansas Pioneer Trail is Nearly Complete

"A hiking and biking trail through Missouri and Kansas will allow people to follow in the footsteps of pioneers in a few years." more...

Anatomy of a Protected Cycling Lane Network


"Calgary's pilot network of protected bike lanes is an excellent example of bicycle infrastructure done along the quicker, lighter and cost effective frame of mind." more...

More News...

1st Bike Share Death in U.S.


Chicago, IL - "A 25-year-old woman riding a Divvy bike who died Friday morning following a crash involving a flatbed truck in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood is believed to be the first person killed while riding a bike-sharing bicycle in the United States." more...

Police Investigating 2 Deaths along Ship Creek Trail


AK - "A man and a woman were found dead on Ship Creek bike trail early Sunday morning, Anchorage police said." more...

Grizzly that has Charged at People Attacks Again

AK - "...Officials say the juvenile grizzly bear attacked a 28-year-old woman about 7 p.m. Friday while she was hiking on the Savage Alpine Trail in Denali National Park." more...

More News...

Buck Creek Trail Section Collapsing from Erosion


Springfield, OH - "...The bike trail was built in the late 1990s, Heck said. The speed of the current from the creek is undermining the retaining wall of the bike trail, causing it to collapse." more...

More News...

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse


"...When I was growing up, we were taught basic life tenets in public school. One of those tenets was: 'ignorance of the law is no excuse.' Fast forward to today and we find that ignorance of the law by law officers is not that uncommon. What's their excuse?" more...

Pedestrians Given Priority in Public Square

Cleveland, OH - "...The square has been transformed as an expansive pedestrian mall - a space that includes a road but invites people to linger, lie down, lunch, play and make connections in equal measure." more...

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway Gets New Mile Markers


Athens, OH - "...Over a two-day period, volunteers worked in teams to stencil mile markers throughout the entire bike path in an effort to improve it for first time users, and promote healthy living." more...

Cyclists Cross Susquehanna River


MD - "...on Friday morning, Rappoport, 66, became one of the first five cyclists to cross the 7,600-foot steel-truss span. The state of Maryland opened the bridge to bicyclists for the first time at 9 a.m." more...

Man Fatally Shot on the St. Louis Riverfront Trail


MO - "...Police said it appeared that the people in the van were just enjoying the view along the river." more...

E-bikes Challenge Regulators and Traditional Trail Users


WY - "...The e-bike riders Metten met on Munger Mountain were friendly. When asked if they were on motorized bikes, they said no, they were on e-bikes." more...

New Program for Bike-Firendly U.S. Cities

"...Everyone agrees that connected, high-comfort bikeway networks can make bicycling an ordinary part of life for many more people. But U.S. cities have a very difficult time connecting them..." more

More News...

Aiming to Bring a Trail to the Riverfront


Steubenville, OH - "...Officials hope the trail will join with the West Virginia trail system already in place in neighboring counties." more...

Is Cleveland the new Portland?


Cleveland, OH - "...a Cleveland barista named Robert Stockham tells the magazine: 'People ask me why I left Portland, and I tell them that Cleveland now is very similar to what Portland was 15 years ago.'" more...

Report a Surface Hazard in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "With more and more bike specific infrastructure coming online in Cleveland, we want to make sure the facilities currently in place are maintained properly. The best bike facility in the world is useless if it's full of glass..." more

The Legal Policy That Makes Collisions Harrowing for Cyclists


"In four states and the District of Columbia, the contributory negligence standard bars most injured bikers from compensation." more...

Pedestrians Are Taking to the Streets in NYC


NYC - "Ivette Singh hardly bothers to walk on the sidewalk on her way to work in Midtown Manhattan anymore. Too many people, too little space. Not enough patience." more...

Families Flock to London's Cycle Superhighways

UK - "...The children absolutely loved the freedom of the cycle tracks and not having to be shouted instructions at every few minutes - in contrast to the un-protected routes we took to get there..." more

Could Intercity Cycle Highways Revolutionise the Daily Commute?


"In 2010, when the motorway between the German cities of Duisburg and Dortmund was closed as part of a cultural project, three million people walked, skated or cycled along the road..." more

More News...

Warrior Trail nears Completion in Ohio City


Van Wert County, OH - "...Though the full 10-mile trail will not be fully completed for awhile, the first phase of the project will be done in just a few weeks." more...

Midway Plan Wins Conceptual Approval


Cleveland, OH - "The Cleveland Planning Commission kicked off a series of public meetings on the feasibility of the Midway, a dream hatched three years ago by a pair of 'avid cyclists' who proposed a network of protected bike lanes surrounded by green space that would run right down the middle of the road." more...

Locked Bollards Create Problems for 1st Responders


IL - "A Wheaton family had some scary moments on a DuPage County bike trail earlier this month when their son had a medical emergency and first responders couldn't get to them." more...

Grizzly Kills Mountain Biker


MT - "A grizzly bear attacked two men Wednesday as they rode mountain bikes on a trail near Glacier National Park, killing one of the men, reports say." more...

Bear Attack Victim Seeks Mercy for Wildlife

NM - "A black bear protecting her cubs attacked Karen Williams during a marathon." more...

More News...

Residents Offer Input on Veterans Trail


Hudson, OH - "Some residents were excited to have a trail in front of their homes that would allow them to walk to downtown Hudson while others were concerned how much of their property would be impacted by the 10-foot wide asphalt hike and bike trail." more...

Caesar Creek Storm Damaged Trails, Building

Waynesville, OH - "Last week's storms - which included two tornadoes that touched down four times in the region - also tore through Caesar Creek State Park, toppling 12 trees..." more

Trail Advocates Applaud Higher Priority in Regional Transportation Plan


Cincinnati, OH - "For the first time in recent history, bicyclists and pedestrians have become a priority in the Greater Cincinnati region's transportation policy, the organization Tri-State Trails said in a news release." more...

Mapping our Urban Heat Island, by Bike


Columbus, OH - "...We are looking for 5-6 bike commuters who are willing and able to attach a device to the front of their bikes for a week or two to collect data during their normal commutes." more...

114-Year-Old Former Railroad Span to be Demolished

Toledo, OH - " studies have determined the rusting, 114-year-old hulk to be so unsound that it can't be renovated for use as part of a bicycle and pedestrian trail along abandoned sections of that railroad." more...

East Coast Greenway Progress


"...The East Coast Greenway Alliance has been working since 1991 to connect the whole geography of the Atlantic seaboard with protected bike paths. So far, 850 miles of trail have been designated as Greenway. The project is about 31 percent complete..." more

Outrage Over Bicycling Deaths is Not Enough


San Francisco, CA - "The deaths of Heather Miller and Kate Slattery, two more people killed riding on San Francisco's dangerous streets, has left the entire safe-streets community rattled and heart broken. Cycling advocates took San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and SFMTA head Ed Reiskin to task for a tone-deaf press conference held Thursday about the carnage..." more

More News...

Bike & Hike Trail Section Closing


Boston Heights, OH - "A 1/3-mile section of the Bike & Hike Trail, between Route 8 and Route 303 in Boston Heights, will be closed beginning July 5. The closure is expected to be in effect up to 30 days...." more

Protected Bike Blvd Planning Begins


Cleveland, OH - "The city's planning department on Wednesday will kick off three meetings to start examining whether it's possible to redesign at least one existing city street with a two-way bike path running down the center, separated from traffic." more...

Naches Trail Could Soon Link to Yakima Greenway


WA - "If all goes as planned, the Naches trail could finally link to the Yakima Greenway, allowing bicyclists and walkers to travel from Union Gap to Naches." more...

Insurers Try Scare Tactics to Avoid Paying Victims of Reckless Driving


D.C. - "If a driver strikes you while you're walking or biking in D.C., there's a good chance you won't be allowed to sue for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering under the law." more...

How Small Businesses are Learning to Love Bike Lanes


CAN - "Outside Alforno Bakery & Cafe, the newest addition to Teatro Group's seven Calgary restaurants, there's a bright yellow compressor hose and accompanying 'free air' sign, ample parking for bicycles, and a sticker on the front window in support of the cycle track network." more...

How to Counter the Victim-Blaming


"When a driver strikes someone walking or biking, the tendency to blame the victim runs deep. Ask Raquel Nelson, who lost her young son to a hit-and-run driver, then got convicted for vehicular homicide, even though she was just trying to walk across the street with her children from a bus stop to her home..." more

More News...

Hamilton Considers Developing Urban Trail


Hamilton, OH - "The City of Hamilton is looking at the possibility of acquiring approximately 36.5 acres of land from CSX Corporation following its filing for abandonment of the former freight railroad..." more

Hemlock Trail Preview Hike


Parma, OH - "...The trail will be the largest connection to the Towpath Trail along Canal Road and is part of the Greenway Master Plan..." more

Temporary Greenway Draws Praise & Protest


Minneapolis, MN - "...The test path has been in place for a month and some residents absolutely love it." more...

Battle Ahead for Iconic MTB Park Land


CAN - "Parks Canada is preparing to go to the public with plans for a $66-million, 107-kilometre bike trail adjacent to the Jasper-Banff highway - one of the country's most scenic drives." more...

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NACTO Advocates for Self-Driving Vehicles

"...Here's what she [Sadik-Khan] said about self-driving cars: 'Autonomous vehicles offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reset our streets and address the fundamental issues of traffic safety, congestion, and mobility as our cities grow ever larger.'" more...

Advocates Envision Multiuse Trail Where Wagons Rolled


MO - "...We're hoping that it's going to be a combination bike-pedestrian trail, very similar to the Katy..." more

Legendary Bike-Pedaling Times Fashion Photographer Dies at 87


NYC - "...he was an easy one to spot, riding his bicycle through Midtown, where he did most of his field work..." more

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Judge Rules to Keep Utility Trucks Off Bike Path

Mentor, OH - "A natural gas company is no longer allowed to use a former horse and carriage lane that has been converted into a bike/hiking path to access a Mentor gas well." more...

Section of Ohio 725 Near Mall Targeted for Change


Dayton, OH - "Improving pedestrian and cycling access will be the focus of a study centering on a busy section of Ohio 725 that runs under an interstate and links Miamisburg, Miami Twp., and the Dayton Mall." more...

Yay Bikes! June Activity Report


Columbus, OH - View the report.

Massillon's Streetscape Plan is Coming Along Slowly


Massillon, OH - "Making downtown an inviting, thriving destination spot for visitors is the goal of a planned streetscape effort." more...

Officials Puzzle over Recurring Bike in Tree

ID - " Officials in northern Idaho are stumped by how and why a bicycle keeps ending up 60 feet into the same tree." more...

Columnist Tweets Out History's Dumbest Anti-Bike Rant


"... In response to the death of Amanda Phillips, 27, who was struck and killed by a truck driver earlier this week, Jacoby went straight to the old bike ban argument..." more

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CAMBA Patrolling CVNP trail


CVNP, OH - "Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP), the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) have partnered to enhance the safety, security and riding experience at the CVNP's first off-road mountain bike trail - East Rim..." more

Child Struck by Car

Granville, OH - "A 12-year-old boy is recovering after being struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle Tuesday afternoon in Granville." more...

Gardens Must Be Uprooted for Bike Trail


Wyoming, OH - "...The community gardens, which comprise 38 plots on about an acre of land along the Mill Creek and North Park Avenue, would have to be filled in to grade the land for the project..." more

Indian Hill Considers Single File Law for Cyclists


Indian Hill, OH - "...We are in the early stages of researching a possible change in our bike law..." more

Mountain Bike Skills Course Opens at Huffman Park


Medina, OH - "The city is fast becoming a destination of choice for mountain bike enthusiasts..." more

Little Miami Trail Newsletter

Read the June edition.

Bicyclist Dies Along Clive Trail


IA - "...Police said the man was found 20-30 feet down the creek bank, partially submerged, and still had his bike helmet on..." more

3 Cycling Fatalities in Bay Area


San Francisco, CA - "Officials are investigating after three separate fatal bicycle accidents occurred in the Bay Area in the past 24 hours." more...

Two of these incidents were hit-n-runs. Read more....

Bike Winnipeg Opposes Garry Street Cycle-Path Plan


CAN - "Bike Winnipeg has some ideas to share with consultants who think a two-way bike lane on Garry Street is the best option for a cycle route through downtown." more...

Should Your Driverless Car Hit a Pedestrian to Save Your Life?


"The issue of robotic morality has become a serious question for researchers working on autonomous vehicles who must, in essence, program moral decisions into a machine." more...

Will Robocars Kick Humans Off City Streets?


"Self-driving cars could encourage policies that end public access to America's roads." more...

Vehicular Cycling is Dead, Just Don't Bury the Body Yet


"The biggest argument in urban cycling of the last 20 years is pretty much settled. So why are we still arguing about it?" more...

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Moonville Trail Projects Underway


Moonville, OH - "...The new signs are just one part of an ongoing Moonville-area improvement effort, which will feature a brand-new bridge spanning Raccoon Creek to help visitors reach the tunnel..." more

Franklin Considers New Park Amenities, Expansion


Franklin, OH - "Franklin's Community Park could see some major improvements over the next few years as expansion plans are being discussed for the newly purchased land west of Ohio 123." more...

What's Missing in Cleveland Opportunity Corridor Planning?

Milwaukee, WI - "...Because the project is nearly fully funded by Ohio through bonds backed by turnpike tolls, with strong support from Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the Opportunity Corridor boulevard will be finished by 2020, whether the city is prepared or not." more...

Suspect in Fatal Kalamazoo Bike Crash Drove While High


Kalamazoo, MI - "The man accused of hitting nine bicyclists with his truck, killing five people, faces new charges..." more

Greenway Cuts Coming, Charlie Baker Says


Boston, MA - "Gov. Charlie Baker said he is committed to eventually cutting off taxpayer funds to the controversial nonprofit that manages the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway..." more

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Columbus Awarded $50M in Smart City Grants


Columbus, OH - "Columbus will be the U.S. Department of Transportation's Smart City." more...

Ohio Highway Patrol Officer Harrasses Cyclist

Riverscape Construction Brings Trail Closing


Dayton, OH - "...While construction is underway, parts of the Great Miami Trail along the riverfront will be closed. The closures will continue during the city of Dayton's Lights in Flight Fireworks Show and Festival on July 3. Snow fencing will mark the parts of the trail that will be closed." more...

Bike Trail Vandalism Subsides

Madison County, OH - "The vandalism on the bike trail has come to an end, but leaders are still hoping to make some security improvements." more...

How Much RedBike Use in NKY?


KY - "...It's clear that folks in Northern Kentucky were excited about Red Bike and they were looking forward to being connected to each other and to downtown (Cincinnati) and to Over-the-Rhine..." more

Street Life Tough on Downtown Trees; 30% Dead

Toledo, OH - "Downtown Toledo is apparently unsafe for trees." more...

Minneapolis tries to Topple Portland as Most Cycle-Friendly U.S. City


"The Twin City's ambitious new bike plan includes 144 miles of protected lanes and a doubling of cycle numbers by 2020..." more

Spectacular Art on Greenway Came with Eye-Popping Price Tag

Boston, MA - "...It was originally budgeted for $500,000. Instead, the final bill came in at $1.7 million, and that didn't include the amount the artist, Janet Echelman, received from private donors for her design work." more...

Mapping Tool Helps Disabled City Dwellers

"After MS left him unable to walk, Jason DaSilva developed AXS Map to help those like him navigate urban environments." more...

The Myths That Lead to Required Licenses for Cyclists


"When mandatory licenses for cyclists get discussed in state and local legislatures, a lot of misinformation can get thrown around." more...

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Great Miami River Trail Section Closing

Dayton, OH - "The Great Miami River Trail will be closed between the Fishburg Road parking lot and Little York Road beginning Wednesday, June 22 through Wednesday, June 29. The trail will be marked with closure signs and trail users will be able to detour onto Rip Rap Road between the Fishburg Road lot and the parking lot for Rip Rap Park.


Bike Cleveland E-News

Cleveland, OH - "Read the latest edition.

The Social Benefits of Open Streets Events


"...As open streets events, modeled after Bogota's Ciclovia, have spread across the U.S. in the past several years, they've brought not just opportunities for physical activity, but a joyful new way to use streets as public spaces." more...

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OU Engineering Seniors Design Custom Tricycle


Athens, OH - "For many children, learning to ride a bike is an important rite of passage..." more

10 Years of Streetsblog and Streetfilms

"Ten years ago [on June 16], Aaron Naparstek hit 'publish' on the first official Streetsblog post." more...

Woman Dies During Mountain Bike Ride

Phoenix, AZ - "...This woman had been out in the heat for several hours, but she took all the right steps to avoid getting sick and the heat still proved to be too much for her." more...

10 Smartphone Apps That Improve Your Ride


"Ride faster, sleep better, train smarter, and have more fun on the bike with these great cycling apps." more...

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Architecture Can Make A City More Bike-Friendly

Atlanta, GA - "When Atlanta finally kicked off its bike share program last week, city officials boasted of the new infrastructure in place for cyclists, like buffered bikes lanes." more

Riders Attempt to set Guinness World Record


Fountain Valley, CA - "More than 300 riders on Saturday attempted to establish a Guinness World Record for the largest parade of electric bike riders." more...

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New Ohio Bike Law Aims to Improve Road Safety

OH - "Ohio hopes to join the 37 states and the District of Columbia that have a mandatory minimum of three feet of separation between motor vehicles and bicycles when passing." more...

Mowing Along Great Miami River Trail


Dayton, OH - "Five Rivers MetroParks will be clearing heavy brush and reach arm mowing on the Great Miami River Trail from Fishburg Road south starting Monday, June 20, 2016 from 9 am to 3 pm daily."


Spraying Along Iron Horse Trail

Kettering, OH - "The Centerville-Washington Park District will conduct a spraying operation along the Iron Horse Trail on Tuesday, June 21, 2016..." more

Teen Found near Hiking Trail Died of Natural Causes


Jackson, WY - "...Kayden Quinn Tapia's body was found by passers-by on the Snake River dike Tuesday morning." more...

Tourist Fined for Collecting Thermal Water at Yellowstone National Park


WY - "Park rangers issued a $1,000 fine to a tourist visiting Yellowstone National Park after he walked off a boardwalk and collected thermal water from Mammoth Hot Springs, park officials said." more...

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CVSR adds Bike Aboard! Train on Saturdays


Akron, OH - "...The train will be for Bike Aboard! or Hike Aboard passengers only and will depart at 11:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. from Akron Northside station..." more

New Downtown Bike Lanes: A Rider's Perspective


Columbus, OH - "...I was a bit surprised to read that, according to Dispatch Reporter Rick Rouan, the bike lanes are troublesome for car drivers..." more

Bug Your Bike

Columbus, OH - "Increase the chance your bicycle will be returned if lost or stolen by registering your property with the City of Columbus." more...

Local Parks 1st in Ohio to be Mapped for Google Maps


Dayton, OH - "Volunteers and Five River Metroparks staffers are taking images using a 15-camera, 49-pound device of local hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, water and paved trails for Google Maps." more...

Towpath Riders Don't Like to Signal When Passing


Peninsula, OH - "...As I walked I was passed by over a dozen bicyclists, only two of whom had the courtesy to warn me of their presence while traveling at a brisk and silent pace..." more

Cyclists Shouldn't Have To Risk Their Lives Just To Use The Road


"Last week's horrific crash involving a pickup truck driver who mowed down nine cyclists, killing five of them, shows that many rural roads fail to account for bicycle safety, advocates said." more...

States and Cities Rethink Their Approach to Transportation


"...In 2015, Atlanta got its first chief bike officer..." more

The Problem with Electric Mountain Bikes

"There's been a lot of vitriol thrown at electric-assist mountain bikes..." more

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New Bike Lanes Causing Confusion, Delays


Columbus, OH - "...City officials, bicycle advocates and even drivers agree that traffic problems with the new bike lanes on 3rd and 4th streets through Downtown will improve with time and familiarity." more...

Grant Helps with Potential Bike Path Spur


Athens County, OH - "Athens County has been awarded a grant to buy property that could be used for a bike path spur to Chauncey." more...

Water Taxi up and Running in the Flats


Cleveland, OH - "...The main purpose of the water taxi is to connect our trail system, but people are using it as a connector to get across the river." more...

Teens Arrested after Bike Trail Stabbing Incident


Fairfield, CA - "Three suspects were arrested in connection with a stabbing on a bike trail in Fairfield on Tuesday." more...

East Coast Greenway Overview & Update


"The East Coast Greenway Alliance is developing a greenway from Maine to Florida, closing gaps in the system and converting previously unsafe routes into an accessible linear park for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy..." more...

Little Yellow Bike Button Making a Difference


"...The yellow handlebar buttons, called "Flic" buttons, combine the best of so many things needed to advocate for safer bicycling streets..." more

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Cincy Business District Supports Liberty St. Road Diet


Cincinnati, OH - "So far, neighborhood residents have been quite consistent in their support for reducing Liberty Street's width..." more

Bill Gordon Memorial

Columbus, OH - "On Saturday June 11th Bill Gordon suffered a massive heart attack and died during a ride with his friends..." more

Off Duty Cop Pulls Gun on Cyclists


NYC - "An off-duty sergeant was videotaped Monday pulling a gun on a bike messenger during a tense standoff over an apparent near-miss crash in the West Village that ended with the cyclist under arrest." more...

Man sues Police over K-9 Takedown

Punta Gorda, FL - "A man is suing the city after his attorney says he was nearly killed by a police dog in a traffic stop over a bicycle." more...

Towpath Times

Read the latest edition.

Performance Bicycle Raises over $17K for Rails-to-Trails


Chapel Hill, NC - "Leading cycling retailer matches donations for nation's largest trails organization." more...

Lessons from London's failing 'Quietways' Cycle Scheme


UK - "The troubled trajectory of the capital's backstreet bike routes has repercussions for cycling policy across the country." more...

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Safe Routes in North Ridgeville


North Ridgeville, OH - "Efforts to encourage students to walk and bike to school on safe pathways is at the top of the list in North Ridgeville this summer." more...

Pedestrian Struck, Flown to Columbus Hospital


Newark, OH - "...Licking Township firefighter Jon Paul Letki said an adult female was struck in what officials think was a hit-and-run incident." more...

New App Puts Key to Green Spaces in Your Pocket


NE OH - "A new learning app designed by three local nature-loving entities is offering a deeper perspective on Northeast Ohio's robust parks systems." more...

Rails-to-Trails E-News

Read the latest edition.

Driver in Kalamazoo Crash to Face Murder Charges

MI - "...the Michigan legislature is fast-tracking a bill that would intensify penalties against drivers who injure and kill cyclists." more...

Related story: ''NTSB studying Kalamazoo bike crash'.

Suing for Sidewalks


"...A generation after the Americans with Disabilities Act, cities across the United States are still broadly inaccessible to many who live in them..." more

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$109M Capital Acceleration Plan Ignores Adopted Bike Policy


Cincinnati, OH - "...City Hall, however, has fallen woefully behind on the implementation of the recommendations made in the Bicycle Transportation Plan; and the current administration has even made a point of noting that they do not generally support the idea of on-street bike facilities..." more

Vision Zero Is About Road Design

"...But the reason Vision Zero was successful in Sweden, where it was developed, is that it focuses on the road design..." more

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$300K Upgrade Coming to Xenia Park


Xenia, OH - "The City of Xenia is planning to add over $300,000 in upgrades to Sol Arnovitz Park on Towler Road to make it a regional destination, according to city officials." more...

Michigan Bike Crash Highlights Dangers


MI - "...Bicycle safety is again in the spotlight after five people were killed and four others were injured Tuesday near Kalamazoo, Michigan, after being hit by a driver who had reportedly been driving erratically..." more

Your Ride of Silence Didn't Change Anything

"...You ride, psychopath or inattentive schmo kills you, police shrug, and the moral of the story is that it sucks to be you, dead dude. You should have played golf." more...

Bronx Cyclist Killed by Hit-and-Hun Driver


NYC - "She knew her boyfriend was only a minute away from her apartment, so when he didn't show up, she went looking for him." more...

Camarillo Woman Distracted by Phone Kills 2 Cyclists

CA - "Two grieving widows who lost their husbands in what the California Highway Patrol called a distracted driving crash were shocked to find out the driver accused of killing them was charged with misdemeanor manslaughter." more...

BMX on a Pronto with Steven Bafus

Seattle, WA - "To most users, Pronto bikes are just a convenient way to cruise from point A to point B." more...

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Cyclist Struck by Car, Critically Injured


Columbia Twp., OH - "...Rodney Harms, 64, of Valley City, was traveling south on state Route 252 shortly before 7:30 p.m. when an Oldsmobile sedan driven by Bradley Denington, 20, of Spencer, struck him just south of Squire Road, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol." more...

Cleveland Heights Getting Buffered Bike Lanes


Cleveland Heights, OH - "More than a mile of buffered bike lanes along North Park Boulevard will now be buffered for additional safety." more...

Pickaway Trail Gets Kiosks


Circleville, OH - "...The kiosks were recently completed by 17-year old Nicholas Hixon, who designed and built the structures for his Eagle Scout project." more...

NOACA Poised to Approve Vital Grant for Irishtown Bend


Cleveland, OH - "The board of the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, aka NOACA, is likely to approve an $80,000 grant at its Friday meeting to fund a critically important project to plan trails, a park and new bulkheads on the Irishtown Bend hillside along the Cuyahoga River." more...

Safe Riding at MOMBA

Dayton, OH - "...But before you hit the trails, FOX 45 Anchor Deborah Linz says there are some important things you need to do to keep yourself and your family safe." more...

Strava Data Could Be Used to Ban Cyclists from Trails


"California cities are using speed and GPS info to bolster anti-cyclist measures. Here's what you can do to keep your local trails open to MTB." more...

Death in Boiling Hot Spring Shows Challenges Rangers Face


Billings, MT - "The death of a tourist who left a boardwalk and fell into a boiling, acidic spring in Yellowstone National Park shows the challenges that rangers face as they confront soaring numbers of visitors - including some who break the rules." more...

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Metro Parks Cuts the Ribbon for its 1st MTB Trail


Summit County, OH - "...Today's ribbon-cutting marked the opening of the 3-mile Hampton Hills trail..." more

Mountain Bike Rider Injured at Huffman MetroPark


Fairborn, OH - "A mountain bike rider, injured on the MoMBA trail at Huffman MetroPark, walked out under his own steam after a medic unit had been called for him." more...

Little Miami Trail Newsletter

Read the latest edition.

Towpath part of Bridge Sustainability Efforts

Cleveland, OH - "How does road & bridge construction become a sustainable process?..." more

Fallen Cyclists Honored

Cooper Twp., MI - "...Stunned biking enthusiasts joined relatives and friends of the riders Wednesday in mourning them, leaving flowers, a commemorative 'ghost bike' and a small wooden cross at the crash scene and gathering by the hundreds for a 5-mile 'silent ride.'" more...

Reading another post regarding this tragedy.

Cities Need to Be Anti-Car to Be Pro-Bike


"A new book on how some European cities have high cycle usage, and others do not, has been published in the Netherlands..." more

No One Would Design an Urban Roadway Like This Today

Albuquerque, NM - "On Friday, the Albuquerque Journal ran a front page story 'New Mexico is No. 1 in pedestrian deaths.' Sadly, the Journal seemed to swallow the standard line that this is due to drunkenness and jaywalking..." more

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Driver Plows into Cyclists, Kills 5


Cooper Twp., MI - "Five bicyclists were killed and four more were hurt Tuesday evening when they were hit by a pickup truck north of Kalamazoo." more...

Cincy Attracting Attention for Green Initiatives


Cincinnati, OH - "...It's been named one of the country's best cities for an active lifestyle and recently the League of American Bicyclists cited Cincinnati's growth in bike commuting the third fastest in America." more...

Olentangy River getting New Kayak Access Point


Columbus, OH - "A spot at the intersection of Olentangy River Road and King Avenue is slated to become a new access point to the Olentangy River." more...

Businesses Thriving Along Little Miami Trail


Loveland, OH - "On a crisp, sunny spring Sunday the patio at Julian's is always packed." more...

Bike Shares Testing Single Trip Fares


"A new payment option rolled out by Capital Bikeshare in DC last week makes it easier to grab a bike if you just want to make a single trip. The pilot program offers a base fare of $2 to check out a bike, with additional fees after the first 30 minutes. Previously, you would have had to commit to at least an $8 24-hour pass to use the system." more...

Campaign to Extend Greenway is Full Steam Ahead


UK - "An ambitious campaign to re-open a footpath across an historic viaduct..." more

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Cincinnati Bike Center Finding New Niche


Cincinnati, OH - "...The Cincinnati Bike Center serves downtown commuters, as well as tourists and locals who may want to take a spin around riverfront parks and urban neighborhoods." more...

Complete Street Vision for Liberty Street

Cincinnati, OH - "...The Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corp. commissioned its own master plan... It had a 'complete street' vision for Liberty Street that included far more robust biking and pedestrian facilities..." more

Akron Bike Racks have Character

Akron, OH - "...the 17 new racks are being used to encourage bike travel throughout the downtown area and to highlight the unique nature of nearby attractions and businesses." more...

Future Transpo Plans must be Less Auto-Centric

Cleveland, OH - "A new long-term transportation plan for Northeast Ohio should be drafted by the end of the year. The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency is asking the community for input on what it should look like." more...

Open Spaces Bring Light to Downtown Columbus

Columbus, OH - "The capital city of Ohio adopted a reconstruction plan for encouraging development 14 years ago that emphasized three unexpected ingredients: more grass, less water and targeted taxpayer spending." more...

Earmarks for Road, Trail Projects being Reallocated


D.C. - "...The money has gone untouched for a decade or more, intended to pay for roads, bridges and recreation paths that never got built, and for a ferry that was supposed to transit Lake Erie, from Cleveland to Port Stanley, Ontario, before the plan sank." more...

Increasingly Common Tragedy: Death by Crosswalk

MN - "...a woman tried to cross the street in a legal marked crosswalk when one driver stopped for her but was hit by another car driver on an unsafe road in an urban neighborhood." more...

Nashville eyes $40M elevated Greenway


TN - "Metro Nashville is seeking $30 million in federal funds for an ambitious $40.2 million proposal to build a new elevated greenway for pedestrians and cyclists on an approximately seven-mile stretch of Interstate 440." more...

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Bike May Use Full Lane Signs Go Up

Columbus, OH - "...That's right! Columbus recently posted their first Bicycles May Use Full Lane signs on Long Street and Mt Vernon Avenue!..." more

Birds Flocking to Newly Preserved City Wetland

Athens, OH - "...The wetland, created as a part of the city's now-finished project to extend the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway from the West State Street Park to Armitage Road, was built with the help of a Clean Ohio Conservation grant fund..." more

The Dangers of Riding Against Traffic

Controversial Plan to Replace Train Tracks with Bike Trail


NY - "When Gov. Andrew Cuomo tried to find a compromise over how to best utilize a corridor in the Adirondacks, he opened old wounds from a decades-long debate." more...

Accurate Bicycle Counter Could Give Advocates a Boost


"...For a long time, ACS numbers and one-day hand counts by advocates, volunteers or city staff were among the only ways to glean ridership numbers..." more

More News...

Towpath Trail Dedicated in Spencerville

Spencerville, OH - "A newly re-constructed towpath along the Miami-Erie Canal was dedicated today in Spencerville." more...

Bike Lanes Sought for Trail Connections


Tallmadge, OH - "...The project is all about connectivity - connecting the Freedom Trail with the Kent Hike and Bike Trail by adding on-street bike lanes...more...

National Bike Summit & Women's Forum Special Issue

Read the e-magazine.

More News...

Wolf Creek Bikeway Section Closes for Repairs


Dayton, OH - "The Wolf Creek Trail between Philadelphia bridge and Gettysburg Avenue (in front of Adventure Central) will be closed for repairs June 4 through 18.


Ride & Build Cyclists Pedaling Through

Manchester, OH - "Travelers on U.S. 52 in Adams and Brown counties may have seen small groups of brightly dressed cyclists headed west on Friday." more...

Miami Valley Watershed named National Water Trail System

SW OH - "The Great Miami Watershed Water Trail has been named a National Water Trail System by the Secretary of the Interior - a designation that could lead to more riverfront investment. The water trail includes the Great Miami, Stillwater and Mad rivers and is the only national water trail in Ohio." more...

Bike Used as Weapon in Trail Attack

Chicago, IL - "A cyclist was injured in an armed robbery on the Lakefront Trail on Thursday..." more

L.A.'s Newest Greenway is 67 Miles Long

CA - "...The 67-mile Backbone Trail connects many of the the Santa Monica range's peaks and opened this week after 40 years in the making..." more

2016 Doppelt Grant Awards


"Today is National Trails Day - the perfect opportunity for RTC to announce the winners of our 2016 Doppelt Family Trail Development Fund grant awards." more...

Cliff Bar Recall


"Clif Bar issued a voluntary recall for three flavors of the company's energy bars." more...

More News...

Freedom Trail & Magic Mile win Top Trail Awards


Brecksville, OH - "Two Summit County trail projects were hailed as gold-medal winners on Thursday..." more

Huffman Metropark Trails Meant for all Skill Levels


Dayton, OH - "Riders of all ages and skill levels will be served by a suite of three new trails opening soon at Huffman MetroPark's mountain biking facility." more...

Amazon Fires its Seattle Bike Couriers


Seattle, WA - "Amazon has fired dozens of bike couriers with little warning, apparently planning to deliver one-hour and two-hour Amazon Prime Now packages by driving in Seattle traffic instead. Good luck with that!" more...

Miami Is Deadly for Cyclists

FL - "...Any regular cyclist in Miami-Dade will tell you that hopping onto a bike here is an act of faith..." more

Uberbike Launches in Amsterdam


"...UberBike lets cyclists order a car equipped with a bike rack. The idea here is that lots of people cycle, but not everyone wants to ride everywhere they go..." more

E-Bikes are Commuting Staple Around the World


"...But Americans have been slow to adopt so-called e-bikes, which typically employ an electric motor to supplement pedaling." more...

Why Helmets Aren't the Answer to Bike Safety


"Better street design and getting more people on bikes - not blind faith in helmets - are the keys to making cycling safer, recent research has shown." more...

More News...

Hamilton Applying for State Grant for Rec Trail


Hamilton, OH - "City officials have been given the OK to apply for a state grant that would go toward the purchase of land needed for the Hamilton Beltline Recreation Trail." more...

Photographer Falls into River, Gets Rescued


Yellow Springs, OH - "...The young man, believed to be in his 20s, wasn't injured, the chief said, but was a little frightened after his ordeal." more...

New App Helps Parkgoers Interact With NE Ohio Trails


NE OH - "...It has maps of the trails, marks more than 250 points of interest, and guides hikers through five interactive Adventure Tracks." more...

Death Toll Climbing on U.S. Roadways

"...Since the time of Zachary's death [in 2009], another 32,000-plus pedestrians have been killed in the United States..." more

Sidewalk Labs and Transportation for America Team Up


"...The organizations will partner with local governments in more than 70 U.S. cities to use data and technology to reduce congestion and develop more high-tech and multimodal streets." more...

DOT Engineers Say They'll Do Better on Walking, Biking, Transit


"In a welcome sign from an industry group that has been slow to embrace street designs that prioritize walking, biking, and transit, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) released a statement last week saying it intends to 'better address multi-modal issues.'" more...

More News...

Request For Bike Trail Funding Falls Flat


Cincinnati, OH - "A request for local matching funds to connect some bike trails in Hamilton County failed to get support from commissioners..." more

Yay Bikes! Activity Report for May

"Welcome to the monthly feature in which we round up all our events, earned media, program delivery, meetings and speaking engagements for the month..." more

Safe Routes to Schools E-News

Read the June issue.

Consumer Reports Tests Child Bike Helmets

"Bike accidents happen in a split second and often it's young adults and children who get hurt..." more

Man Arrested for Riding Bike on Sidewalk

Merced, CA - "On April 28, Officer Martinez of the Merced, California, police department stopped 19-year-old Jordan Lloyd on a sidewalk in the city to supposedly cite him for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk..." more

Why 20 MPH Should Be the Limit on City Streets


"Speed kills, especially on city streets teeming with pedestrians and cyclists." more...

Top 10 Deadliest States for Pedestrians


" If you would rather not get plowed into by a car during your evening stroll, Minnesota might be a better place to settle down than New Mexico..." more

More News...

Officials Discuss 'Miami to Miami' Connector

Butler County, OH - "A feasibility study done in 2002 by a group of Butler and Warren county communities is getting some new attention again." more...

Hampton Hills Metro Park Trails Impress

Summit County, OH - "Cliff Thompson was impressed by his first peek at Summit Metro Park's first mountain bike trails." more...

Minneapolis Adopts 'Complete Streets' Policy

MN - "...The city is far from the first to join the movement - some 950 cities nationally already have adopted such policies, including many Twin Cities-area suburbs..." more

Beijing's Electric Bikes Face Traffic Backlash

China - "A squeal of brakes, the screech of ripping metal and a battery-powered, three-wheel scooter - top-heavy with parcels for delivery - tips over after hitting a car..." more

Submitted by Nelson Shogren

Dutch Considering Ban on Cell Phones when Biking

Netherlands - "The Dutch government is considering banning the country's millions of cyclists from using their cellphones while riding, saying pedaling and phones are a dangerous mix." more...

How Long Should Ghost Bikes Stay on Public Property?


"A year ago today, prominent architect Roger du Toit was killed while riding his bike. A week later this ghost bike was installed..." more

Why Complete Streets Make Economic Sense

"We know that walking and cycling can help extend and enhance your life, but we seldom think about how these two modes of travel - collectively called 'active modes' - can enhance business opportunities..." more

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Motorized Bikes are Making Inroads


"...Motorized bikes are coming on strong, some of them souped up to go over 40 mph. On a recent bike tour in Spain, we saw them in every bike shop - front and center in the showroom windows. They're taking over Europe." more...

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Thriving Rail Trails Energize Communities


PA - "...Pennsylvania's rail trails... are viewed as successes among the network of 1,970 trails covering more than 22,300 miles in 50 states." more...

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Officials Dedicate 1st Phase of Spartan Trail


Springfield Twp., OH - "...This year, 1,350 lineal feet will be added to the trail. The process has begun and is anticipated to be completed this summer." more...

Challenges Persist For Central Parkway Bike Lane

Cincinnati, OH - "With National Bike Month coming to a close, the rhetoric surrounding the fate of the city's lone protected bike lane continues..." more

Plan for Path Moving Forward

Columbus, OH - "A much-needed infrastructure upgrade for a small portion of West Third Avenue just west of Olentangy River Road appears to be moving forward..." more

The Scary Trend Of Booby-Trapped Bike Trails


"People who 'just don't like' bikers are responsible for shockingly malicious acts that imperil cyclists and pedestrians alike, often causing serious injury..." more

Court Dismisses Lawsuit in Fatal Hike-and-Bike Trail Crash


Austin, TX - "...a dangerous stretch of the hike-and-bike trail along Lady Bird Lake allowed a car to jump the curb and kill a man in 2012." more...

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Water Taxi Service Starts this Weekend


Cleveland, OH - "...The water taxi - a 26-foot Crosby Yacht called the "eLCee2" - can hold 18 passengers and up to four bicycles at a time..." more

4 Lessons the D.C. Bikeshare Could Teach Cleveland

D.C. - "With more than 3,100 bikes at 370 docking stations throughout the nation's capital and neighboring communities, the Capital Bikeshare system is hailed as a way to boost exercise while reducing traffic congestion and cutting car emissions." more...

State DOTs Allowing Increased Street Design Flexibility


"A committee of top engineers representing state departments of transportation this week adopted a resolution directing the development of more flexible highway and street design guidance." more...

Prioritizing Pedestrian, Bike Projects

"For decades, highway engineers have had a universally accepted means of measuring the effectiveness of new or improved roads, and that metric, known as "level of service..." more

The Supply And Demand Of Street Space


Seattle, WA - "Approximately 35% of the land area of Seattle constitutes public right-of-way. Today, most of this space is dedicated to general purpose lanes and parking and is utilized mostly by single occupancy vehicles..." more

Cyclists Must Dismount on Greenway, No One Knows Why

NYC - "Parks Department officers are ordering cyclists to dismount on the Hudson River Greenway in Midtown and ticketing people who don't comply." more...

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Park District gets Trail Grant


Fremont, OH - "The Sandusky County Park District has taken another step toward expanding the North Coast Inland Trail..." more

Cranley Announces Funding To Buy Wasson Way


Cincinnati, OH - "Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said Wednesday his proposed budget revisions will include $12 million to buy the former Wasson Way line from Norfolk Southern..." more

Third Bike Lane Report Underway


Cincinnati, OH - "...Mayor John Cranley has called for a third safety report. It is underway." more...

Man's Bike Stolen While Shopping for Bike Lock


South Euclid, OH - "A man said May 19 his bike was stolen from a bike rack in front of Walmart while he was in the store shopping for a bike lock..." more

Nearly Finished Public Square Reno Looks Spectacular


Cleveland, OH - "...It looks like the square, which is on schedule and on budget for completion in June, in time for the Republican National Convention in July, is going to be knockout beautiful..." more

Distracted Drivers are Hitting New Lows


MN - "...Distracted driving accounts for 1 in 4 crashes and at least 70 deaths and 350 serious injuries a year in Minnesota..." more

Cycling Advocate Calls on Federal Government to Upgrade, Finish Trans Canada Trail


CAN - "The Trans Canada Trail needs a lot more work before it can be called a fully useable, safe, country-wide experience, says a cycling advocate from Alberta." more...

Paris Unveils Bicycle Highway


FRA - "Paris has officially opened the first segment of its new 'bike highway' in France, a 600-metre stretch near Bastille." more...

Cyclists Deserve Protection During Construction Too


"In Toronto where I live, there is construction everywhere. Under the rules, there has to be protection for pedestrians. But what about cyclists?..." more

Missing AT Hiker Kept Journal of Deadly Ordeal


ME - "An Appalachian Trail hiker whose remains were discovered last year survived at least 26 days after getting lost, kept a journal of her ordeal and ultimately resigned herself to the idea she was going to die..." more

America's Fittest Cities Are Safer for Walking and Biking


"...For the third report in a row, Washington, D.C. was ranked as the most fit metropolitan area in the nation..." more

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Shaker Dedicates Trail


Shaker Heights, OH - "...Shaker and Cleveland Heights dedicated the the Fairhill Road connector of the Lake-to-Lakes trail..." more

$1M Price Tag for Viaduct Bike Path


Mt. Vernon, OH - "City Council gave its approval Monday for the administration to apply for Ohio Department of Transportation alternative funding to design and build a bike path under the southernmost arch of the viaduct on South Main Street." more...

Hockhocking Trail Getting New Mile Markers

Athens County, OH - "Saw the new mile markers going down today on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway." more...

Bike Share Coming to Downtown Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "A new bike sharing program is coming to downtown Cleveland and University Circle in mid-July..." more

Westwood, Wasson Trails Win Majority of City's Bike Spending Proposals


Cincinnati, OH - "A proposed mixed-use trail cutting through Westwood will get the lion's share of bike program funding in 2017, if council approves the city administration's recommendations." more...

Lakewood, a City Friendlier to Cyclists

Lakewood, OH - "This city of 52,000 on the western edge of Cleveland has seen an uptick in bicycle riding since 2012, when the local government decided to make the city more conducive to cycling." more...

Walkable Neighborhoods Cut Obesity and Diabetes Rates


"Neighborhoods designed for walking may decrease the rates of being overweight or obese and having diabetes by more than 10 percent, a new study concludes." more...

8 Cities That Are Great for Bike Commuters


"...these cities are role models for safer cycling in the US." more...

League of American Bicyclists Spring/Summer Digital Magazine

Read this issue.

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Councilman says Bike Lane can Stay


Cincinnati, OH - " One member of city council has softened his stance on the Central Parkway protected bike lane, but not without renewing his view that it's dangerous and a public safety hazard." more...

Man Riding Bicycle Struck, Killed

Toledo, OH - "...Police are looking for the driver of the vehicle." more...

Towpath Times Newsletter

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Police Bikes being readied for RNC


Cleveland, OH - "...Dean Ayers of Kent Cycle is one the dozen technicians on the first three-hour shift assembling the nearly $1,400 a piece Safariland/Kona bikes." more...

An Interview with Lancaster Bicycle Club's President


PA - "...John Mullineaux, president of Lancaster Bicycle Club, has been cycling since the 1980s." more...

Met Branch Trail Sees Record Use on Bike to Work Day


D.C. - "Breaking the previous record during the Metro shutdown in March." more...

Why are New Yorkers Bicycling to Work in Record Numbers?

Engineers Should not Design Streets


"...The friendly woman riding next to me asked me what could be done to to better educate engineers so they would start to build streets that were about more than simply about moving cars..." more

Foxx Envisions a "Gradual Shift" Away From Car Dependence


"...Foxx's power to set transportation policy pales in comparison to Congress and the White House, but he could be doing more to speed up a shift of priorities at the federal level..." more

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Trains Returning to Athens County


Athens, OH - "By late July, Athens County residents living near the old Norfolk Southern railroad line likely will hear daily train whistles again, a sound that's been missing the last three and a half months." more...

Cyclists want more than Bike Lanes


San Diego, CA - "Lockers, showers, and considerate drivers will encourage more bike commuters, riders say." more...

Inventory of Protected Bike Lanes

"Between 1874 and 2011, only 78 protected bike lanes existed nationwide. By winter 2016, 270 protected lanes were on the ground across the country, and the number keeps rising..." more

Stupidity Epidemic Hits National Parks

"Common sense might not be common, but really, it doesn't take much of brain to know that you shouldn't pet a thousand - pound bison..." more

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Cyclist Claims Driver tried to Run Him Down


Shoreline, WA - "A local cyclist says an incident at a Shoreline intersection was one of the most aggressive road rage he has ever experienced and it was caught on camera." more...

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Dayton Passes 3-Feet Law


Dayton, OH - "Motorists in Dayton are now required to give bicyclists a three-foot buffer zone while passing." more...

Bold Plan for New University Circle Greenway


Cleveland, OH - " Case Western Reserve University is planning a dramatic new greenway that will slice across the Cleveland Museum of Art's south front and across Rockefeller Park to connect CWRU's main campus to its emerging western campus along East 105th Street." more...

Cleveland Bike Share coming this Summer

Cleveland, OH - "A new bike sharing program is coming to downtown Cleveland and University Circle in mid-July, just in time for the onslaught of visitors converging on the city for the Republican National Convention." more...

Ohio 3-Ft Passing Law & Distracted Driving

"We recently learned that the Ohio House will finally be taking HB154 to the floor for a vote. That vote will take place on Wednesday, May 25th." more...

Renovated Cabins at Mohican State Park


Loudonville, OH - "...Twenty of the 25 cabins at the Mohican State Park Campground will be completely remodeled and ready for renting by Memorial Day." more...

Cop Kills Pedestrian While in Hot Pursuit of Perfume Thief


CAN - "...When Constable Remo Romano hit her with his F150 pickup truck he was going 115 (71MPH) in a 60 km/hr (37 MPH) zone. According to one article, her body was thrown 80 meters..." more

Rails-to-Trails Newsletter

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Annie's Law Passes Ohio House

Athens, OH - "The Ohio House today passed House Bill 388, which allows judges to grant the use of ignition interlock for individuals on their first OVI offense..." more

Possible Black Bear Sighting


Newark, OH - "...Newark Police are tracking the bear, which has been seen in the vicinity of Wilbur Street, Cleveland Avenue, the Pomeroy Trail and Creek Road by Papermill Road." more...

5 Companies That Crush Bike to Work Day


"...All companies should be celebrating like these ultra-bike-friendly businesses." more...

Bike Lanes Can Be More Efficient Than Car Lanes


"Contrary to all those cranky newspaper columns about how every last inch of asphalt needs to be allocated to motor vehicles, bike lanes can actually move more people with less street space than general traffic lanes." more...

Body Found on Hiking Trail in Northern Wisconsin


Phelps, WI - "...Luann Beckman, 47, was found on a hiking trail in Phelps on Tuesday. She was last seen riding her bike Sunday afternoon." more...

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Shaker Heights Earns Bicycle Friendly Status

Shaker Heights, OH - "...Shaker Heights joins a cutting-edge group of 372 communities across the United States, and only 13 communities in Ohio that are transforming the American landscape. Locally, they join Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Lakewood, and Oberlin as cities who have achieved this status." more...

PA's Emerging Trail Network

PA - "You probably don't know it, but there are three designated bicycle routes crossing Pennsylvania from east to west and four running north-south." more...

Metal Spikes Found On Mountain Bike Trail


CO - "Mountain bikers are wary after a trail was sabotaged with metal spikes..." more

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Conneaut will Study Bike Lane Linking Downtown to Lake


Conneaut, OH - "Bicyclists may enjoy a dedicated pathway linking Conneaut's downtown district to Lake Erie if a councilman's idea becomes reality." more...

East Golf Hike & Bike Trail Hours Extended


Youngstown, OH - "...The trail will now be open from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. year round - the same hours that the MetroParks Bikeway is open. The East Golf Hike and Bike Trail had previously closed at dark." more...

Fremont Adds Downtown Bike Lanes


Fremont, OH - "...The bike lanes in downtown Fremont are part of the North Coast Inland Trail, a bike and pedestrian trail which runs through Lorain, Huron and Sandusky counties, including through the city of Norwalk..." more

Bike Cleveland Newsletter

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Bicyclist Robbed, Nearly Killed on Lafitte Greenway


New Orleans, LA - "A bicyclist is, perhaps, lucky to be alive after being the victim of an armed robbery on the Lafitte Greenway." more...

Ped Deaths in US up 10% in 2015


"The Governors Highway Safety Association's latest look at what's happening to pedestrians in America is out, and it is not pretty; there's a ten percent increase in 2015 over 2014, and a 19 percent increase since 2009..." more

The Crucial Connection Between Street Width and Walkability


"There's a good deal of empirical evidence that narrower travel lanes are safer for everyone because they slow motorist speeds." more...

Unusual Patent to "Protect" Peds from Self-Driving Cars


"In a world with self-driving cars, Google envisions the inevitable: accidents involving pedestrians. But the firm is exploring an unusual solution. Think flypaper." more...

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Bike-to-Work Week Kicks off with 'Duckling Rides'


Cincinnati, OH - "It's National Bike-to-Work Week, and many Tri-Staters brave enough to face the cold temperatures Monday morning will be gathering for 'Duckling Rides' with veteran cyclists showing newbies the ropes to two-wheeled commuting." more...

76 Bicycle Friendly Businesses Awarded


"... Nearly 1,200 visionary businesses from across the country have earned this status. Now there are BFBs in 49 states and the District of Columbia." more...

Crackdown on Drivers Who Violate Bike Lane Rules

NYC - "The NYPD will work this week to make bicyclists safer by focusing on dangerous violations in bike lanes, with a crackdown in all 77 precincts on drivers who do not play by the rules." more...

Teenager Sues Over Being Pulled From Bike, Tasered and Arrested


WA - "Monique Tillman was 15 years old when, she says, a police officer pulled her off her bicycle, slammed her to the ground and tased her after she rode through a mall parking lot in Tacoma, Wash..." more

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Conservancy Adds 26 Acres to Bike Path Preserve


York Township, OH - "...the Athens Conservancy purchased a 26-acre addition to the Poston Preserve, bringing the land total of the preserve to 48 acres. The new tract is located on both sides of the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway..." more

Stark County Bike Share Program Returns for 2nd Year


Stark County, OH - "...The BikeSmart program will start up again today with changes. It'll be less of an honor system and more like a free car rental..." more

Video Shows Cop Car, Bicycle Collision

San Francisco, CA - "...The video was captured on May 12 by an Uber driver using an app called Nexar. The incident occurred in San Francisco at Second and Mission streets." more...

Love Riding your E-Bike along Anchorage's Trails? It's Illegal


AK - "...the law needs to support electric cycles that offer people new ways to commute. The electric rides might one day provide the basis for a new industry in Alaska..." more

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STEM Collaborative Teaches Kids to Build their own Bicycles


Cincinnati, OH - See the video.

City to City Ride kicks off Kalamazoo Bike Week


Portage, MI - "...This ride gives political leaders a chance to see the biking infrastructure firsthand, and to see the neighborhood on bike instead of in a car..." more

Representative calls Springwater Trail "A Disaster"

Portland, OR - "Representative Jeff Reardon of Happy Valley wanted to see what the homeless situation along the Springwater Corridor Trail looks like for himself, so he organized a special bike ride." more...

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Plans for Mountain Bike Trail Suspended


Troy, OH - "The Riverside Cemetery's proposed mountain bike project has come to a halt, according to city staff." more...

Hiker Hurt on Clifton Gorge Trail


Yellow Springs, OH - "A female hiker hurt at Clifton Gorge in Yellow Springs needed medical attention before firefighter-EMTs rescued her off one of the trails..." more

Feds Don't Require Streets to Speed Car Traffic


"When advocating for a street redesign that will take some space away from cars, it's common to run up against this classic brush-off from your local transportation agency: The federal government won't allow it." more...

It Just Got Easier for Cities to Design Walkable, Bikeable Streets


"...Last week, the Federal Highway Administration struck 11 of the 13 design rules for 'national highways' - a 230,000-mile network of roads that includes many urban streets." more...

Walk Signals are bad for Walking


"Conventional wisdom says that walk signals make crossing the street safer for people. But they actually make walking slower and more dangerous." more...

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Twinsburg Eyeing Expansion of Hike and Bike Trail


Twinsburg, OH - "The three-quarter mile Tinkers Creek trail could be gaining an extra mile, offering the ability for residents to hike and bike to downtown destinations..." more

Bicyclist Killed in Dayton Crash

Dayton, OH - "...The Montgomery County Coroner's Office identifies the victim as 68-year-old James Schneider." more...

Partnership Proposes Maumee River Water Trail


Defiance, OH - "With the confluence of the rivers as a backdrop, officials with the Upper Maumee Watershed Partnership unveiled a proposal for a Maumee River Water Trail." more...

Local Businessman Looks to Introduce Quadricycles

Toledo, OH - "A Toledo area businessman is pushing for city council to approve guidelines for commercial quadricycles - with on-board drinking allowed - so his fleet of the pedaled vehicles, modeled after the classic Jeep CJ, can hit the streets." more

Seattle Tops Lst of Most Bike-Friendly Cities


WA - "...Analysts measured the number of miles of protected bike lanes in the city and tallied up the number of rental listings that mentioned bike storage." more...

How Did 9,000 Trail Users Impact Northeast Communities?


"Over the past 10 years, RTC has implemented 20-plus rail-trail surveys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to determine just how much of an impact trail users have had on the region..." more

Bear bites Appalachian Trail Hiker


Gatlinburg, TN - "A hiker says he was bitten by a bear as he slept along the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park." more...

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Towpath Detour in Akron

Akron, OH - "In this video, the Akron Waterways Renewed! communications team shows viewers the new route of the Towpath Trail during construction of the Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel."

New Bike Lanes, Improvements on Scranton Road


Cleveland, OH - "On Monday, May 9th the City of Cleveland began resurfacing operations on Carter Road..." more

Bolivar Awards Contract for Towpath Trail Phase 2


Bolivar, OH - "Council awarded a contract to Wenger Excavating for excavating and preparation of the walking path for Phase II of the Towpath Trail..." more

Washington Cop Attacks Girl for Riding Bike


WA - "A Washington police officer who is responsible for training other officers was caught on video physically abusing a 15-year-old girl, then claiming she had attacked him." more...

Dunwoody Installs Pedestrian Scramble


GA - "A unique type of crosswalk is helping pedestrians scramble between two new parks in the city of Dunwoody." more...

How Can Cities Move More People Without Wider Streets?


"How can cities make more efficient use of street space, so more people can get where they want to go?" more...

Trikes, Electric Bikes, Cruisers fill Boise Cycling Niches


ID - "A ride on the Greenbelt, or a tour through a local bike shop, shows a seemingly endless variety of bikes." more...

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Section of Bike & Hike Trail Closing


Stow, OH - "A .6-mile section of the Bike & Hike Trail, between Sowul Boulevard and Norton Road in Stow, will be closed beginning May 16. The closure is expected to be in effect until early 2017." more...

Freedom Trail Extension Approved


Akron, OH - "...Summit Metro Parks on Tuesday approved spending nearly $2.7 million to extend the trail two miles from Eastwood Avenue in North Akron to near the University of Akron campus at the Mill Street Trailhead." more...

Towpath Times Newsletter

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With $300K Yanked from Riverfront Commons, What's Next?

KY - "One of the casualties of Governor Matt Bevin's veto pen was $300,000 that was expected go towards Riverfront Commons, the recreational trail system being developed along Northern Kentucky's River Cities." more...

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Middletown's River Center Project Moves Forward

Middletown, OH - "...According to MetroParks, the River Center will will serve as a hub for those who walk, run and bike along the GMRT." more...

Artists Selected for Towpath Archway, Mural

Akron, OH - "Local artists John Comunale and Jessica Lofthus have been selected for art installations along the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail..." more

New Central Parkway Bikeway Report

Cincinnati, OH - "A new version of a report on the Central Parkway bike lane remains largely unchanged from the original, which was issued in late March, with one exception..." more

Development Becomes City's First Bicycle Friendly Residential Destination


Cincinnati, OH - "One of Pendleton's newest multi-family residential developments has not only saved a historic structure from the wrecking ball, but it has also become one of the city's most bicycle friendly destinations in the process." more...

Keeping Cyclists and Dogs Safe


Washington County, OH - "...Deputies want you to know if don't restrain your dog, you can face a $150 fine and even jail time." more...

75 Bicyclists Sneak onto closed Viaduct for Night Ride

Seattle, WA - "About 75 cyclists Thursday night realized the dreams of many pedalheads: A relatively flat, wide-open ride through downtown Seattle, with stunning views of Puget Sound and not a car in sight." more...

City Planners tap into Wealth of Cycling Data from Strava


"Sheila Lyons recalls the way Oregon used to collect data on how many people rode bikes..." more

Woody Allen Opposes Upper East Side Bike Lanes

NYC - "Woody Allen may be respected in the filmmaking community, but when it comes to the cycling scene, he's not a favorite..." more

New Plan would add 525-KM of Bike Routes


Toronto, CAN - "...The plan... identifies 525 km of new bike lanes, cycle tracks, trails and other routes that, if built, would create the kind of connected network Toronto's bike advocates have long pushed for." more...

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Fulton County Looks to Improve Wabash Cannonball Trail


Fulton County, OH - "...The park district has applied for a state grant that would cover about 95 percent of the estimated $2.8 million cost to improve 10 miles west of the Lucas-Fulton county line." more...

The Growing Movement for a U.S.-Mexico Border Bike Lane

"As the crossing at San Ysidro-Tijuana undergoes a major expansion, advocates are pushing for more cycling infrastructure throughout the border zone." more...

Buildings Get Bike Friendly

"...It was the bike rooms, one in each of the towers, located not in a shadowy basement but right on the ground level, with big windows letting in abundant light." more...

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Group Clears Paths in Poland Municipal Forest


Poland, OH - "...Mentzer was among six Rust Belt Revival Trail Coalition members who spent much of Saturday morning reclaiming, rerouting and clearing portions or all of several trails that meander through the 265-acre wooded area." more...

Metroparks Eyeing Projects with new Levy Funds


Ashtabula, OH - "With about $850,000 in new annual levy funding, the Ashtabula County Metroparks board is looking forward to reviewing several potential projects at parks around the county." more...

Strava Used to Ban Cyclists from Trails


CA - "... the proposed ban was bolstered by looking at the riders Strava data and some are now saying that a worrying precedent has been set." more...

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The Feds Just Made It Easier to Fit Bike Lanes on Streets


"A large car is less than seven feet wide. But thanks in part to an obscure federal rule, millions of miles of traffic lanes on local streets around the country are 12 or more feet wide." more...

Durango Bans Pedal-Assist Bikes on Trails


CO - "...The city has banned the bikes whether or not the motor is engaged, said Cathy Metz, Parks and Recreation director." more...

Using Stress Maps to Identify Gaps in the Bike Network


"Here's an interesting way to evaluate how well a street network works for biking." more...

Why Biking to School is Banned In Some Areas

"In light of national Bike to School Day, what can we do for kids in areas where commuting by bike is banned?" more...

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Public Meeting about linking Trails in Mahoning County

Canfield, OH - "...That addition would start where the trail ends now, on Western Reserve Road in Canfield, and continue along an old railroad line to the Columbiana County border in Washingtonville." more...

Planning Underway for Downtown Bike Hub

Columbus, OH - "Planning is underway by the City of Columbus on a bike hub that would be located on the first floor of the new city parking garage being built at the northwest corner of Front and Long streets downtown." more...

New Scioto Grove Metro Park opens Friday


Franklin County, OH - "...Scioto Grove, which will celebrate its grand opening at 10 a.m. Friday, is the system's 19th park. It has more than 7 miles of trails, two picnic areas, a playground and five overlook decks situated along the river." more...

D.C. Consults with Dutch Planners Regarding Bike Infrastructure


D.C. - "In late April, Dutch cycling experts met with DC area planners, engineers, and feds to look at cycling conditions in the West End neighborhood..." more

How to Heal Divides Left By Urban Highways


"...Yesterday the [US DOT] announced the Every Place Counts Design Challenge, which asks cities to submit proposals for 'reconnecting' communities 'bifurcated' by transportation infrastructure..." more...

Do You Legally Have to Ride Single File?


"Well, it depends. Generally, bicycle safety laws regarding two-up riding can be classified into three types." more...

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Defiance City Council Approves Grant Application for Bike Path


Defiance, OH - "Defiance City Council approved a grant application during its meeting Tuesday night to help build a bicycle path to Independence Dam State Park." more...

How to Use the Left-Turn Boxes at Cleveland Ave. & Spring St.

Columbus, OH - "Had a chance to use one the new two stage turn boxes for bicyclists?" more...

Pulaski Bridge Bike Path Open in NYC

New Bikeshare Data Standard opens doors for Apps & Analysis


"After years of messy, inconsistent bikeshare data, a new standard has emerged to unite major systems." more...

Bike Accidents: Blaming the Victims

"When sussing out blame at the scene of bike accidents, most police officers are motorists, and many see the world from that perspective." more...

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Bike Lanes Removed from North Cory St. Plan


Findlay, OH - "North Cory Street in Findlay will not get the bike [lanes] that were originally part of the downtown Findlay Transportation Alternative Plan." more...

Cincy Cycle Club Newsletter

Cincinnati, OH - Read the latest edition.

Crowdfunding Raises More Money Than Needed to Extend Trail


Middleville, MI - "...The crowdfunding campaign was designed to raise the matching funds needed for a $10,000 state grant that will complete a 0.9-mile stretch of trail..." more

Safe Routes to School Newsletter

Read the May edition.

Careful Jaywalking Saves Lives


"...Drivers hit pedestrians when turning more often than when they are driving straight ahead. At a red light, drivers who are about to turn wait alongside pedestrians. The changing signal sends both into the intersection at the same time - maximizing the opportunities for collisions." more...

Cougar Charges at Hikers on Blackcomb Mountain Trail


CAN - "When the hair on her dog Dazy's back stood up, Lauren Sampson figured there must be a bear nearby." more...

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Hamilton Bike Path Project wants Regional Backing


Hamilton, OH - "...The inclusion of the proposed $7.49 million Hamilton Beltline Recreational Trail project in OKI's master plan is necessary in order for it to be eligible for future federal funding." more...

Temporary Detour Around Damaged Towpath Bridge

Akron, OH - A detour is open! more...

Cadiz Trail Receives $400K

Cadiz, OH - "...The trail, which is slated to receive $400,000 in the capital appropriations bill, would link the new kindergarten through grade 12 complex that Harrison Hills City Schools will be building on state Route 9 south of Cadiz with the Belmont College-Harrison County Center, the Harrison County Fairgrounds, Sally Buffalo Park lodge and amphitheater, boys and girls baseball and softball fields, the Harrison Hills athletic field house and neighborhoods in Cadiz." more...

Richland B&O Trail Needs Volunteers


"Gorman Nature Center is looking for volunteers for the Richland County B&O Trail. more...

Yay Bikes! Newsletter

Read the May edition.

AAA Offers 'Bike Breakdown' Service


Columbus, OH - "... AAA of Ohio is now offering a new service to it's members if your bike breaks down far away from home." more...

Tell USDOT that People are What Should Count in Transportation

" the newest batch of proposed performance measures, the USDOT is saying that what matters is moving as many cars as quickly as possible - and that people walking, bicycling, and taking transit aren't even worth counting." more...

Cycling Booming in London


"Boris Johnson says that one of his goals as mayor of London was to make cycling 'more popular and more normal.' As Johnson's eight-year tenure winds down, it looks like the progress he made in his second term has accomplished that mission." more...

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Thief Rides off on $2,000 Bike

Columbus, OH - "Investigators are looking for a man who swiped a specialized bicycle from outside a north Columbus bank." more...

Chemical Dumping Results in Fish Kill

Canton, OH - "The Bolivar Dam is partially closed as authorities work to protect the Tuscarawas River from chemicals that reportedly killed several thousand fish..." more

Bicyclists Getting One Sweet Ride across Schuylkill


PA - "...This summer, PennDot's new Sullivan's Bridge - a $9.2 million, 14-foot-wide, pedestrian/cyclist river crossing built in the footprint of the Betzwood - will open..." more

Hiker Found Dead in Denali National Park


AK - "...authorities believe he fell and suffered a fatal head injury." more...

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Mt. Vernon Trails Connection Nearly Complete


Mt. Vernon, OH - "...The only thing left to completely unite the Heart of Ohio Trail and the Kokosing Gap Trail is the trail loop under the Viaduct..." more

The Rise of American Protected Bike Lanes


"...Until you've seen with your own eyes a full network of protected bike lanes... a city where bikes are the vehicle of choice for most short trips sounds like 'something out of science fiction'..." more...

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Beavercreek Considers Flashing Beacon Technology


Beavercreek, OH - "City council is considering intersection improvements on the Creekside Trail that could make it safer for bicyclists and pedestrians to cross busy roads." more...

New Mile Markers Coming to Hockhocking Adena Trail

Athens, OH - "New mile markers will be painted on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway on May 11 and 12. Bikeway patrons are being asked to exercise increased caution on these days." more...

Riverfront Commons Progress will slow after Bevin's Veto


KY - "The 11-mile trail on Northern Kentucky's riverfront known as Riverfront Commons will take longer to complete after Gov. Matt Bevin vetoed $300,000 over the next two years for the project." more...

$21M Project links 20 miles of Detroit Pathways


MI - "A $21 million project linking 20 miles of walking, running and biking paths in Detroit has wrapped up as part of an effort to boost recreation activities, better connect redeveloping neighborhoods and spur growth." more...

Driver Who Ran Cyclists Off Glendale Road Charged With Assault

CA - "A driver caught on video using his car to assault a pair of cyclists in Glendale has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon..." more

More News...

Towpath Bridge Arson Investigation Continues

Akron, OH - "As the investigation into an intentionally set bridge fire on the Towpath Trail continues, local officials are working to create an alternate route and looking into reconstructing the structure." more...

Athens Commissioners Receive Rail Corridor Donation

Mineral, OH - "Waterloo Twp. has donated former railroad right-of-way to the Athens County Commissioners that could eventually become part of a link between the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway and the Moonville Rail-Trail..." more

Towpath Trail Receives $250K Green Infrastructure Grant

Cleveland, OH - "...The funds will go towards the creation of wetlands, bioretention cells and a detention basin within Stage 3 of the Towpath Trail Extension Project. These green infrastructure elements will remove stormwater from the combined sewer system, treat stormwater drainage and reduce run off pollution to the Cuyahoga River." more...

Medina County Gearing up for Better Bicycle Map


OH - "Medina County is home to a network of bicycle paths, but without signage, the routes are often unclear or unknown, according to County Commissioner Tim Smith." more...

Piqua City Manager Gives State of the City Address


Piqua, OH - "...The various awards and recognition that the city has received are a product of both its everyday operations and big-picture goals..." more

10 Ways the U.S. Bicycle Route System Benefits America

"...Here are the top 10 ways that the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) benefits everyone in America." more...

More News...

Bike Trail Relocation Stalled in Lebanon

Lebanon, OH - "A split city council delayed - for at least a week - a decision on the purchase of a sliver of land needed to relocate a stretch of the local bike path in Lebanon." more...

Police Seek Hit-n-Run Driver


Mount Healthy, OH - "...The 38-year-old male bicyclist was taken to Mercy West Hospital with a leg injury after the crash..." more

Putting Akron's Roads on a Diet

Akron, OH - "...Segedy, Akron's relatively new director of planning and urban development, is on a mission to help the city's diverse neighborhoods attract and keep residents by becoming more livable, walkable and bikeable..." more

6-Year-Old Boy Riding Bike hit by Car

Akron, OH - "A 6-year-old Tallmadge boy is in critical condition after being hit by a car while he rode his bike." more...

Razo Gets Life Sentence


Painesville, OH - "...Razo earlier tried to rape a 14-year-old girl at a county park. He later shot and wounded a woman walking with her children on a bike path..." more

New Exercise Equipment, Trail Paving at Southerly Park


Shaker Heights, OH - "A new cluster of exercise equipment awaits installation along the Southerly Park fitness trail, which will also see some repaving." more...

CVNP Tourism Brings $203M in Economic Benefits


CVNP, OH - "A new National Park Service report shows that in 2015 2.3 million visitors to Cuyahoga Valley National Park spent $144 million in communities near the park. That spending supported 2,415 jobs in the local area and had a cumulative benefit to the local economy of $203 million." more...

Deplorable Conditions on Colorado Springs Trail


CO - "...There are probably 50 tents in the 4-mile stretch with trash everywhere. What's more, the squatters let us know that we were invading their turf." more...

More News...

Women Groped on Creekside Trail


Beavercreek, OH - "...The suspect has been described as a white male in his 20's with sandy blond or brown hair. He has a thin build with a pale complexion and something unusual about his cheek or jawline, according to victim reports." more...

Read another article on this topic.

$1K Reward Offered in Towpath Arson Case


Akron, OH - "Councilman Mike Freeman, who represents Ward 9, has offered a $1,000 reward for anyone providing information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual who torched a wooden Towpath Trail bridge in South Akron." more...

Open House Explores Two-Way Main Street


Cincinnati, OH - "...Tomorrow, April 27th, the City's DOTE will host its third open house regarding the possibility of converting Main Street from one-way to two-way traffic..." more

CVNP Plans for New Visitors Center

CVNP, OH - "As the Cuyahoga Valley National Park has attracted more visitors from out of state, a corresponding need has grown for a full-service visitor center..." more

Chardon Police Department Puts Officers on Bikes


Chardon, OH - "A different kind of lawman just rode into Chardon." more...

Help Make Cycling in Ohio Safer

"The Three Foot Rule makes our streets safer and saves lives. Every year, Ohio bicyclists experience an unnecessary and avoidable number of fatalities due to collisions with motor vehicles..." more

Feds Performacne Measures Ignore Biking

"The measures proposed in this rule focus on single occupancy vehicles, how reliable their trips are, and how much delay they experience. None of the proposed measures include anything about non-motorized travel..." more

Amsterdam Is Appointing a Bike Mayor


"This summer, Amsterdam will go one step further to cement its reputation as the most bike-friendly city on the planet, appointing the world's first ever bicycle mayor." more...

More News...

Cincinnati Sues over Purple People Bridge

Cincinnati, OH - "The city of Cincinnati has filed an 11-page lawsuit against Newport, the state of Kentucky and others in an attempt to force repairs to the Purple People Bridge that spans the Ohio River." more...

Cincy Needs Bike Lanes

Cincinnati, OH - "...Our real-world family excursion one Wednesday on RedBikes made it clear -- Cincinnati needs dedicated bike lanes..." more

Pickaway Parks Receive Improvement Grants


Pickaway County, OH - "Six parks in Pickaway County will see much-needed facility improvements thanks to $4,900 in grants handed out by the Park District..." more

Towpath Times Newsletter

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Woman Attacked on Popular Jogging Trail

TX - "...The woman says she was riding her bike when she was assaulted." more...

Bikes Almost Roll in the way of Buses, Trains in Close-Call Videos

Portland, OR - "Sometimes we all make mistakes. TriMet wants more people to think about the fact that some mistakes can be fatal." more...

Dutch City Takes Protected Bike Intersections Further

"...Eindhoven installed flashing LED lights at several street crossings to alert drivers to approaching cyclists." more...

The Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Investment Act

"...Congress has created a breakthrough financing tool for communities ready and willing to connect and accelerate the completion of their trail and active-transportation networks..." more

How to Make Custom Routes with Offline Maps


"Saving maps offline can save you a whole lot of trouble. But not every app has all the offline abilities you might want or need, especially if you're a cyclist." more...

More News...

Bike Rentals Coming to Metro Parks Greenway


Canfield, OH - "A partnership between Mill Creek MetroParks and a local business soon will allow park visitors to rent bicycles at the MetroParks Bikeway's Kirk Road Trailhead." more...

NOACA's Next Long-Range Plan Not All About Cars

Cleveland, OH - "Northeast Ohio's top transportation planning agency is preparing a new, 20-year vision for the region that will focus on improving social equity, particularly for households without cars." more...

Cyclists Encouraged to Explore Area Along Detroit River

MI - "A partnership between the U.S. and Canada is encouraging people to use bikes to explore both sides of the Detroit River." more...

Building a Bikeable City for All


"As bicycle advocacy evolves and municipalities invest more in making way for riders, bike equity must be more than a conversation." more...

The Simplest Way to Avoid Bad Street Design

"Models matter. Let's design more streets like the streets we already love." more...

More News...

The Magic Bike -- Part 2


"...Many law-makers and law enforcement officers are also confounded as to where e-bikes fit in. Are they motorized vehicles that belong on the road with cars -- or still bikes?" more...

Hundreds Spruce up Middletown


Middletown, OH - "The city of Middletown got a spring cleaning Saturday, with more than 200 people participating in Keep Middletown Beautiful's annual effort to spruce up various parts of the city." more...

US Bike Route Facilities By The Numbers

"One thing cyclists like to know before setting out on a bicycle tour is what kinds of facilities their route uses -- off-road trails, county roads, city streets, rural highways, or sometimes even interstate highways." more...

More News...

Monroe to Consider Parks and Recreation Plan


Monroe, OH - "Establishing a true parks and recreation department, implementing programs and building one of the missing links on the regional bike trail were key components of Monroe's new Parks and Recreation master plan." more...

Bike, Pedestrian-Friendly Cities are worth the Fight

"Bicycle lanes and plazas that take up space previously used by cars are controversial at first, but once people see that "carmageddon" doesn't result - and there are actual benefits for people and businesses..." more

Trail Users Help Kill Anti-Bike/Ped Bill

TN - "...For the past two months, RTC worked with Bike Walk Tennessee to fight two companion bills in the House and Senate that would have stripped the ability of the state and local communities to use gas tax revenue for non-automobile, non-highway projects, including bike lanes, recreational trails and greenways..." more

More News...

Crowdfunding Effort to Repair Burned Towpath Bridge


Akron, OH - "A grass-roots group has launched a crowdfunding effort to raise money to repair a bridge on the Towpath Trail in South Akron that was burned by vandals." more...

Philly Expands Bike-Share Program


PA - "...Kenney admitted to being surprised by the success of the program, which by the end of 2015 reported 8,300 memberships and 421,000 rides taken." more...

The Why, Where and How of Adding Bike-Share Stations

"Smart bike-share choices can make a new docking station a natural partner to trips by foot or transit, whereas poorly positioned stations can contribute to crippling a whole system..." more

Fake Jaywalking Tickets for Kids


Louisville, KY - "...In Louisville, where the pedestrian fatality rate is higher than average, a city agency called Bike Louisville will be using grant funds on a safety education program that issues fake jaywalking citations to kids..." more

More News...

ODOT, AAP Distributing Free Bike Helmets


Columbus, OH - "...More than 10,000 bicycle helmets will be distributed this year as part of the Ohio AAP's 'Put a Lid on It!' bike helmet safety awareness campaign..." more

Bike Panel Gives Ideas for Safer Streets

Bowling Green, OH - "The wheels continued to turn on the city's Complete Streets efforts Tuesday as Bowling Green's Bicycle Safety Commission met with City Engineer Jason Sisco." more...

Rebecca Billings Testimony


NE OH - "In September 2015, a group of cyclists from the Akron Bicycle Club were legally riding eastbound on Snowville Road in Brecksville when they were struck by Timothy Wolf who was making an illegal left hand turn in his truck by failing to yield to oncoming traffic. Matthew Billings was killed instantly, while Jim Lambert succumbed to his injuries days later. The City of Brecksville filed charges against Mr. Wolf who claimed he could not see because of sun glare. Despite his obvious negligence and an outgoing text occurring at 7:08pm (the same minute of the crash), the jury acquitted him of all charges." more...

'No Helmet, No Bike' Keeps Kids Safe

Dayton, OH - "Last year, Dayton Children's emergency department treated almost 400 children for injuries related to bicycle accidents..." more...

Increased Trail Violence Could end Kids Bike Camp


Portland, OR - "An increase of homelessness and violence along the metro area's Springwater Corridor trails could mean the end of a poplar kid's biking camp, the group's director announced Monday." more...

Growing Wildfire Burns in Shenandoah National Park


Luray, VA - "A fire in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia has burned through more than 5,600 acres and closed a portion of the Appalachian Trail." more...

Protecting Bike Lanes can cut the Cost of New Roads

"As protected bike lanes arrive in American suburbs, some city builders are making an unexpected discovery." more...

Bicycle-Dependent Urban Expansion

"There's a lot of excitement around urban cycling these days. According to the 2015 Menino Survey of Mayors in the US, 70 percent of them would take lane space from driving and parking and reallocate it for bicycling..." more

More News...

Park District to Acquire Canal Land


Paulding, OH - "Nearly 200 hundred acres of Miami Canal property in Paulding County may soon be under Paulding County Parks District management." more...

The Newest View of the Cuyahoga River


Cleveland, OH - "The newest view of the Cuyahoga River in Downtown Cleveland is in the footprint of Canal Basin Park." more...

Our Infrastructure Fails Seniors Who Don't Drive


"In 10 years time, 55 million U.S. citizens will be over 65 years of age. Most of them (over 75%) will live outside cities, in rural and suburban areas. And if they can't drive, they're screwed..." more...

More News...

Fire Damage Closes Towpath Bridge


Akron, OH - "Alert: The first Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail bridge north of Wilbeth Road in Akron was destroyed by arson this morning. The trail is closed in this area." more...

Pedestrian Bridges to be Improved

Oakley, OH - "...The Oakley Community Council is working with the city to improve the condition and aesthetics of the pedestrian bridge on Madison Road..." more

Hollingsworth Racing again to Remember Hoffman


Nashport, OH - "...Brad Hollingsworth and his friend Brenda Hoffman were midway through a planned 20-mile bike ride, traveling single file north on Ohio 60, when a van swerved to the right." more...

Bike Cleveland E-News

Read the latest edition.

Foxx to Visit Copenhagen Next Week

"The US secretary of transportation, Anthony Foxx, will visit Copenhagen next week as part of an inspirational trip to see how the capital caters to its many cyclists." more...

Doctor Struck, Killed while Cycling

KY - "A well-known Lexington cardiologist was hit and killed while he was riding his bicycle Sunday afternoon in Bourbon County." more...

A New Way to Measure Road Safety

"...Traditionally, road safety analysis has relied on historical data of actual crashes. However, the drawback of this 'crash-based approach' is that it is reactive - we have to wait for crashes to occur in order to prevent them..." more

More News...

Forest Service & Bike Club Working on MTB Trail Plan

Athens, OH - "A plan to construct a 50-mile mountain-bike trail system on Wayne National Forest land near Chauncey is in the early stages of development." more...

Trail-Side Camping Opens for Cyclists

London, OH - "...Although more work will be done to the camping area during the next few weeks, two raised wooden tent decks are installed." more...

The Gospel of Overnight Bike Lanes


"...SDOT took the Second Avenue project from design to installation in just four months..." more

Local Greenway Gets State-Wide Recognition


VA - "...The Luray Hawksbill Greenway Trail just won a gold medal at the 2016 Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards." more...

More News...

Southern Hemisphere's Longest Bike Tunnel Re-Opens

NZ - "A historic Nelson train tunnel closed for more than half a century has reopened, becoming the southern hemisphere's longest cycle tunnel, after shutting amid fierce protests in 1955." more...

Police Start 'Dude, Where's My Bike' Campaign

IA - "A local police department want to return stolen or misplaced bicycles to their owners." more...

More News...

Teen Arrested for Groping Cop's Daughter on Towpath

Akron, OH - "...The Coventry Township boy, an eighth-grader, is charged with sexual imposition, a misdemeanor, in Summit County Juvenile Court." more...

City Approves Lakefront Greenway Plan


Cleveland, OH - "The city's Planning Commission on Friday voted unanimously to adopt a plan for an East Side lakefront greenway loop with new connections to neighborhoods." more...

Opening Day for Trails Across the Region & Country


Dayton, OH - "...Locally, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is hosting events across the Miami Valley to celebrate the kick-off of biking and walking trails for the spring and summer season." more...

Trail Closes for Dam Repairs


Newark, OH - "The bike path along the south side of Ohio 16 will be closed between West Church Street and Cherry Valley Road from now through April 22." more...

NCIT Route Through Fremont Needs Improvement

Fremont, OH - "...There is a marked on-road 'route' to connect the ends of the NCIT through the city. But a route is not a trail, and certainly is not suitable for the vast majority of riders..." more

Could Utahns See Bike Super Highways?


UT - "With the Wasatch Front's population projected to nearly double by 2050, some unusual methods to help handle the resulting extra traffic are now under consideration." more...

Car-Free Streets Drawing Big Crowds


San Antonio, TX - "...This was the tenth Siclovia, which happens twice a year. About 65,000 people came out to bike, jog, Zumba and play along 3.4 miles of streets winding through the heart of the city..." more...

More News...

How Safe is Biking in Stark County?


Canton, OH - "...except for new bike lanes in downtown Canton, bicyclists say it can be hazardous biking on many roads in the county that were designed with only cars in mind." more...

$61M for Cuyahoga County Projects

Cleveland, OH - "A lakefront pedestrian bridge and improvements to the Flats East Bank were among the 37 Cuyahoga County projects included in the two-year state capital budget bill." more...

Homicide Charges Filed in Bike Crash


WI - "A Rib Lake woman accused of texting while driving faces homicide charges in connection with the death of a bicyclist last summer." more...

New #FreshKermit Bike Lanes Continue to Sweep Twitter

"...when I started the #freshKermit hashtag with this quick post a few years back, I wasn't thinking of the friendly amphibian riding a velocipede, I just saw those bright green colors in some of our newest NYC bike lanes and, well people remembered." more...

Distracted Driving Awareness Month


"The U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently teamed up with other agencies and activist groups to launch the first Distracted Driving Awareness Month." more...

More News...

New Trail Plan for Cleveland Lakefront


Cleveland, OH - "On Friday, the Cleveland City Planning Commission will hear a proposal to build a pedestrian and bicycle trail that would connect downtown, the lakefront and near east side neighborhoods." more...

Read another article on this topic.

ODOT Says Road is Dangerous, But Won't Lower Speed Limit


Medina, OH - "After a slew of accidents on a five-mile stretch of State Route 18 in Medina County, 476 crashes and nine deaths since 2008, the Ohio Department of Transportation wants to do something about it." more...

Rails-to-Trails E-News

Read the latest edition.

Metro Council set for Public Hearing on Tualatin Mountains Plan

OR - "In over 10 years covering bike issues in Portland I had never been to a protest outside Metro headquarters. That changed last week when about two dozen people marched and held up signs in opposition to Metro's plans to build new trails on two parcels in the hills north of Forest Park." more...

More News...

Knight Cities Challenge Winners


Akron, OH - "Two Akron winners have been announced in the Knight Cities Challenge, a contest held in the 26 communities once served by Knight-owned newspapers that recognizes ideas to improve their cities." more...

New Jersey Should Kill Bill That Would Jail Peds

NJ - "A Care2 petition is urging New Jersey legislators not to pass a bill that would jail pedestrians for texting while walking on the state's roadways..." more

750-Mile Network Has Sparked a Greater Philly Transformation


PA - "Imagine being able to walk out your door and have the opportunity to bike to work, visit world-class cultural sites, stroll along a wooded pathway for bird watching, go for a morning jog or walk with a friend to Bartram's Garden, the oldest living botanical garden in America - all the while in a safe environment absent of traffic." more...

How Bike Trails Became Philly's Most Valued Amenity


PA - ", developers are now opting for bike paths over parking lots..." more

New Active Transportation Leadership Institute


"In conjunction with the Alliance for Biking and Walking, we are happy to announce today the formation of an Active Transportation Leadership Institute, a new program of the League of American Bicyclists..." more

More News...

From Innerbelt to Mountain Bike Park?


Akron, OH - "Highland Square's Jonathan Morschl wants to turn the soon-to-be-vacated Akron Innerbelt into an urban mountain bike park." more...

Where did People Ride Capital Bikeshare during the Metro Shutdown?


D.C. - "The sudden Metrorail shutdown on March 16 took nearly everyone by surprise... it did provide agencies with an opportunity to observe how the other components of the D.C. region's transportation system handled the new demand." more...

Worst U.S. City for Walking Takes Steps for Improvement


OK - "Oklahoma City ranked dead last for walkability in a 2009 study of 500 communities by Prevention magazine and the American Podiatric Medical Association..." more

More News...

Multi-Use Trails to Increase Connectivity in Green

Green, OH - "Added connectivity is coming to the city of Green this summer for those wishing to walk or bike through the city. more...

The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2015

"More than 60 communities passed Complete Streets policies in 2015, and these policies are some of the strongest and most effective ever passed..." more

Texas School Bans Walking to School

"Not only does Bear Branch Elementary School in Magnolia ISD prohibit walking to and from school: Montgomery County constables will arrest scofflaws." more...

Regional Trail Users find Common Ground Despite National Controversy


MT - "As wilderness advocates and mountain biking groups spar nationally over allowing bikes in wilderness areas, a regional group of trail advocates does not want to see the controversy derail a local history of productive collaboration." more...

Forest Service Clashes with Mountain Bikers over Unauthorized Trails


SD - "A newly issued Forest Service threat of an aggressive crackdown on unauthorized trail - building in the Black Hills National Forest - including warnings that violations could result in criminal prosecution and even prison time - has ignited a defiant backlash among some area mountain-bikers." more...

Bike-Share Stations in the U.S

"The U.S. has a total of 2,655 bike share stations in 65 cities, according to a new report Bike-Share Stations in the U.S. issued today by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics..." more

More News...

Visitors Seek Trail Info in Mt. Vernon


Mt. Vernon, OH - "...Mavis said he received a letter from Carol Grubaugh, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, citing a number of questions they get from visitors on the trail..." more

Geese Targeted on Scioto Greenways


Columbus, OH - "...Beginning April 15, crews from the service will be down at the park twice a day, removing dead or injured geese... They will also addle, or shake, eggs to limit the population." more...

Bike Shop Opens on Great Miami Trail


Troy, OH - "...The new location of J&D Bicycles is just across the street from the Great Miami River Trail entrance at Treasure Island Park." more...

Little Miami Scenic Trail Newsletter

Read the latest issue.

Hamilton County's Largest Park is Getting Bigger


OH - "Miami Whitewater Forest is expected to expand by 273 acres this year - and take steps toward one day connecting to the Fernald Preserve." more...

RNC Police Bike Bid goes to Florida Company

Cleveland, OH - "Three hundred police bicycles will be rolling into Cleveland for the Republican National Convention from Florida -- because no local companies put in a bid." more...

Cycling, Walking Trails Blossom in Florida

FL - "...with $25 million rolling into a state program every year, trail activity has blossomed so that wish-list maps depicting state-crossing and multicounty-loop routes stand to become reality even within this decade." more...

More News...

Cycling in Ohio

"While riding a bike is a healthy and cost friendly mode of transportation, it's not always the easiest in an urban setting..." more

Artist-Designed Public Racks

"Since 2012, ArtWorks has been bringing artist-designed, functional bike racks to public spaces throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky..." more

Residents Oppose Planned Bicycle Path


Omaha, NE - "A busy street is scheduled for an extreme makeover, surprising neighborhood residents who thought the plan had evaporated." more...

Reflections on a Crash that hits Close to Home

OR"...Both of us were hit while riding lawfully in a clearly marked bike lane..." more

More News...

Park District Explores Tax Levy

Circleville, OH - "The Pickaway County Park District is in the early stages of drafting a proposed tax levy that would help pay for maintenance and improvements at all Pickaway County parks." more...

Bike Lanes not a Simple Proposition in CA

CA - "For many years, Berkeley bike advocates have pushed for their own lane on a two-block stretch of Fulton Street. The conditions seem ripe for one..." more

Anti-Grail Group Influences Bike Access Plans

Portland, OR - "Once again improvements to cycling access in an off-road area near Portland is in jeopardy because of opposition from people who claim the new trails will harm wildlife." more...

Motorist Carjacked at Gunpoint Near MetroCenter Greenway


TN - "Police are searching for two men who allegedly stole a car at gunpoint at a north Nashville greenway early Friday morning." more...

Deaths on the Rise as Cities Encourage more Biking & Walking


"...While many communities have seen a rise in the number of residents biking to work, automobile collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists represent a growing portion [of] traffic fatalities and injuries, according to a recent report from U.S. Government Accountability Office." more...

Bike League Launches Bike Friendly America Portal


"...The new online system was built around valuable feedback we've received from applicant communities, businesses, and universities over the years, and the League is pleased to be able to offer a variety of new features and improvements." more...

More News...

How Red Bike Stacks Up

Cincinnati, OH - "Cincinnati's bike sharing system does well when it comes to how close its stations are to public transit, according to a new report by the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics..." more

Glen Helen, Buckeye Trail Sign Agreement

Yellow Springs, OH - "Glen Helen is celebrating a historic a partnership with the Buckeye Trail Association, encouraging hikers to step off of the paved bike path and continue onto the earthen trails of the nature preserve." more...

Whole Foods Markets to Donate to Cleveland Velodrome

Cleveland, OH - "Two local Whole Foods Market locations will donate a portion of Wednesday's sales to the Cleveland Velodrome." more...

Connect Protected Bike Lanes Fast, Watch Riders Pour In

"...let's take a moment to recognize the North American city that has used these tools better than any other to rapidly improve its bike infrastructure." more...

World Health Organization: Build Cycle Infrastructure


"In a major new health report the World Health Organization stresses that Government's across the globe have to get people out of cars for short journeys, and create better built environments so people choose to cycle and walk instead." more...

Map Shows Where Cylists Stress Out


MD - "Montgomery County just released a cool online map showing the relative safety risk for bicyclists in the suburb." more...

More News...

Committee Seeks to Link Bike Trail to Key Sites


Fremont, OH - "A state grant is being sought to study possible expansion of the North Coast Inland Bike Trail to connect to key sites in [Fremont]..." more

Biking & Walking: How are We Doing?


"As spring tempts us to pick up the pace of our outdoor activities, it's clear that not all places have equal footing. more...

Transportation Options are Looking Different - Sidewalks Should Too


"...Few (if any) planners specialize in comprehensive sidewalk design. But sidewalks are the new urban-planning frontier..." more

When to Use Protected Intersections?


"If 2015 was the year protected intersections arrived in the United States, 2016 is the year the country's bikeway pros are starting to really figure them out." more...

DC Used to Fly the Skull and Cross-Bones


D.C. - "...It's always revealing to go back and look at how Americans responded to traffic deaths before they were regarded as an unavoidable aspect of everyday life..." more

More News...

Springfield Trail Improvements to Begin Next Year


Springfield, OH - "Portions of the multi-use trails in Springfield - which average thousands of bicycle riders per day - will be receiving about $225,000 worth of improvements next summer." more...

Complete Streets Concept Rolling out in Akron

Akron, OH - "The City of Akron is beginning to embrace a new model for streetscape design that attempts to serve more than just cars." more...

Towpath Times Newsletter

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Columbus Riverfront wins Planning Excellence Award

Columbus, OH - "Restoring the Scioto River provided more than just improving public access to the riverfront. It spurred community reinvestment and created five new downtown parks, removed two low-head dams, restored the riverfront ecosystem and revitalized adjacent neighborhoods..." more...

Crowd Funding Campaign Helps Bike Trail Raise $10K


Middleville, MI - "The state of Michigan is helping citizens of this Barry County community in a crowd funding campaign aimed at helping them get the $10,000 they need to extend the Paul Henry-Thornapple Trail by nearly a mile." more...

1st Broadcasting Channel Dedicated to Cycling Rides


UK - "Bike, the first broadcasting channel exclusively dedicated to cycling, has launched across the UK, set to broadcast 24 hours a day on Sky and Virgin Media." more...

Breathalyser Firm: Never Drink & Cycle


UK - "Cyclists are being warned that they are at 10 times more risk of injury after drinking alcohol versus being sober." more...

What If We Measure Streets for Walking?


"...What if we measured the transportation system for pedestrians the same way we measure it for drivers?" more...

AP Writer's Stylebook Changes Guidelines for "Accidents"


"The Associated Press has tweaked its guidance for journalists about when to call traffic collisions 'accidents.'" more...

Safe Routes to School State Report Cards

"We've developed state report cards which provide a snapshot of how supportive each state is of walking, bicycling, and physical activity for children and adults as of 2016." more...

More News...

Trail to Connect Bradford to Greenville


Greenville, OH - "It won't be long before local bike riders and hikers will be able to enjoy the Darke County Recreational Trail from Bradford into downtown Greenville." more...

Athens City Council to Consider Proposed Bike Path


Athens, OH - "...The proposed new bike path will span from Armitage Road to Columbus Road, according to the ordinance authorizing the path's construction." more...

Bridge-Building Project Comes to Cucumbertree Trail


Athens, OH - "...The Cucumbertree Trail is one of the most popular and convenient access routes to the trail system that is shared by Strouds Run State Park, the city of Athens preserve land, and the Athens Conservancy's Blair Preserve..." more

Reminder: West Branch Seasonal Trail Closure

Summit County, OH - "West Branch Trails are still CLOSED due to wet and muddy conditions and the seasonal closure until the 3rd Saturday of May!! Please respect the trails and all the dedicated volunteer efforts to build and maintain them." more...

Green Twp. to Install Sidewalk along Bridgetown Rd.

Green Twp., OH - "...When we started discussing the sidewalks plan Bridgetown Road and West Fork Road jumped out as priorities because of the existing schools, libraries and parks..." more

Study Looks at Why Bike Share Rides are Safer


"Here's a remarkable fact: Not a single person has died using bike share in the United States." more...

More News...

Bike Share Bikes: Slow, Heavy & Awesome

"If you are used to the sleekness of a road bike or the agility or a mountain bike, climbing onto a bike share ride might feel like sitting atop an elephant..." more

More News...

Why are we Adding Capacity When there's no Road Congestion?


Cleveland, OH - "...of the 174 cities for which TomTom had traffic data, just 7 of them have less traffic than Cleveland..." more

Reimagining the Civic Commons Initiative


Akron, OH - "Although they are only a few miles from each other and tied together by the Towpath Trail, downtown Akron and Summit Lake might as well be worlds apart." more...

'Bike Speed Stakeouts' Coming to Marin County


CA - "The long arm of the law is going to be holding a radar gun on the majestic mountain bike trails of Marin County, and the other hand is probably going to be holding a book full of citations." more...

6 Accused of Robbing 2 Juveniles near High Point Greenway Trail


NC - "...Jones and five other males are accused of robbing and assaulting two juveniles of their bicycles, shoes and cell phones..." more

More News...

Kiwanis Club Gives Local Autistic Teenager New Bike


Athens, OH - "...Members of the Athens Kiwanis Club and the Downtown Athens Kiwanis Club, both service-project organizations, combined to provide the Albany teenager, who is diagnosed with autism, with a tricycle to promote exercise and healthy living." more...

Yay Bikes! Newsletter

Read the April edition.

Bike-Share Fight Brews in New Jersey

NJ - "A dispute about bike-share and bike parking is bubbling in Jersey City and neighboring Hoboken..." more

Federal Officials Assume Control of San Jose Streets

"When something goes wrong and people get hurt on a train, national transportation safety officials swoop in immediately to root out the source of risk and prevent future loss of life.ntsb-logo-tag

How surprising and refreshing to see them apply the same scrutiny to the road system as well..." more

More News...

Update on the Industrial Heartland Trail Network


"...The Industrial Heartland Trail Network is an envisioned trail network which will span 48 counties across four states, running through western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio and reaching into the southwest corner of New York State..." more

Portland's "Pedestrian Problem" is not Going Away


OR - "There's been yet another crash in Portland involving a vulnerable road user. It marks a very troubling start to 2016 that should force the city to do a gut-check about its commitment to Vision Zero. more...

Why Bike Lanes Might Appear Underutilized

"We hear complaints that bike lanes are underutilized." more...

Ottawa Plans $66M World Class Trail


CAN - "The federal government is planning to spend nearly $66 million on a "world-class" biking and walking trail through Jasper National Park..." more

Safe Routes to School Newsletter

Read the March issue.

More News...

Trail Signs Going Up in Springfield Twp.


Springfield Twp., OH - " Parks and Recreation Director Doug Foltz, presented three signs that will be placed along the Spartan Trail to identify the three sections of the trail -- the Lakefront,Tri-County and Springfield High School paths." more...

Some Users Confused by Mohican Valley Trail Surface


Danville, OH - "...Recent calls reporting a white powder on the trail were investigated by Lori Totman, director of the Knox County Park District, only to be determined that the current condition of what looks like a white powder is completely normal." more...

More Violent Crimes along Metropolitan Branch Trail


D.C. - "...In Tuesday's incident, the victim was beaten by a group of assailants near 5th and T Streets NE about 5 p.m..." more

A Crusade to Defeat the Legacy of Highways Rammed Through Poor Neighborhoods


"As a child, Anthony Foxx knew he couldn't ride his bike far from home without being blocked by a freeway. By the time he became U.S. transportation secretary he understood why." more...

More News...

Yay Bikes! March Report


Columbus, OH - "Welcome to the monthly feature in which we round up all our events, earned media, program delivery, meetings and speaking engagements for the month..." more

Fast Changes to City Streets: A 9-Step Guide


"...From the experimental lawn chairs scattered across New York's redesigned Times Square on Memorial Day 2009 to the row of plastic posts on Denver's Arapahoe Street after a bike lane retrofit last fall, city projects are tackling big problems with solutions that are small, cheap, fast and agile..." more

Can We Bike Our Way to a Stable Climate?


"Earlier this week, I had the chance to talk about the role of bicycling in addressing climate change at the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C..." more

Valley Transportation Planners Making Room for Bikes & Peds


PA - "After a half century of dominating the Lehigh Valley's transportation planning, it is time that cars and trucks move over to make way for bikes and pedestrians." more...

More News...

Sketchy Trail Crossing Raises Safety Concerns


Columbus, OH - "Cars zip over the crossing on Hall Road, kicking up debris as bicyclists and pedestrians using the new Camp Chase Trail wait for a chance to cross." more...

Pedestrian Deaths Jump in Ohio

Columbus, OH - "The number of pedestrians killed by motor vehicles soared in Ohio in the first six months of 2015, with Ohio leading all states in the percentage increase over the same period in 2014." more...

Cleveland Heights Working on 'Safe Routes to Schools'

Cleveland Heights, OH - " When it comes to 'Safe Routes to Schools,' the city is working to get everyone on the same page." more...

Monon Greenway to be Widened in to Avoid Overcrowding


Indianapolis, IN - "...The Indianapolis Star reports that Mayor Jim Brainard and City Council members expressed concern with overcrowding near City Center and the Arts & Design District..." more

Highline Trail Unofficially Open


UT - "...The Highline Trail starts at the mouth of Logan Canyon and sits atop the canal that runs down it. When the canal company covered the structure in 2013 it had inadvertently created a nearly flat walking path that snaked along the side of the canyon." more...

More News...

Official Fights to Have Pasco Included in Coast-to-Coast Trail


FL - "Much to the disappointment of Pasco leaders, a Florida Department of Transportation study team has recommended a route for the planned 275-mile coast-to-coast trail that excludes the county." more...

More News...

Bikers Offer To Clean Up Trail System


Cincinnati, OH - "A group that promotes mountain biking will be helping Fort Thomas keep a local trail system in shape..." more

Riverfront Commons Comes into Focus

KY - "...what better place is there to enjoy those outdoor activities in Northern Kentucky than a spot along the Ohio River?.." more

More News...

City Manager Weighs in on Central Pkwy Bike Lanes


Cincinnati, OH - "A new report detailing Central Parkway traffic accidents says that the number of them along a stretch of the road that has protected bike lanes isn't out of the ordinary..." more

Debate Continues Over Liberty Street

Cincinnati, OH - "Liberty Street runs like a scar across the middle of Over-the-Rhine. But how to heal it is a source of contention..." more

Bike Shares Need Subsidies to Keep Rolling


"...Starting a bike share program requires substantial capital, typically about $4,000 to $5,000 per bike, which also covers the cost of docking stations and kiosks..." more

A Bike Trail Along The Entire Chicago River?


IL - "Transportation advocacy groups are eyeing what could be the holy grail of bike trail locations for Chicago's next big project - the Chicago River." more...

More News...

Bike Trail Campground Clearing Under Way


London, OH - "The pile of brush aside the Prairie Grass Trail head grew to huge proportions Tuesday morning as volunteers started work creating a small campground area adjacent to the bike path." more...

Miami Valley Gets $18.9M for Transportation Projects


Dayton, OH - "Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission has awarded $18.9 million in federal funding for nearly three dozen transportation projects in the region. more...

COTA Workers Buy Teen New Bike After Crash


Columbus, OH - "COTA workers pooled their money to buy 14-year-old Osman Mayo a brand new bike after his was destroyed in a crash while it was on the rack of a bus." more...

Seattle's Bike Share Investigation


WA - "The city's top transportation official, Scott Kubly, is at the center of an ethics investigation that questions his ties to the bike-sharing Pronto program." more...

Hit-and-Run Driver Nearly Kills Bicyclist

Bellevue, WA - "A bicyclist was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries Wednesday morning after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver and thrown 100 feet, police say." more...

Man Charged with Raping Woman on Charlotte Greenway


NC - "A man was arrested Wednesday and charged with sexually assaulting a woman on the McAlpine Greenway." more...

More News...

Aurora Trail Not Likely Anytime Soon


Aurora, OH - "For years, there's been talk of extending the Portage Park District's Headwaters Trail from Mantua northwest into Aurora along the abandoned Erie Railroad bed." more...

Towpath Times Newsletter

Read the latest edition.

Teacher Killed by Cop in Crosswalk

NYC - "NYPD and the city Law Department are fighting a lawsuit filed by the family of a Brooklyn man who was killed in a crosswalk by an on-duty officer, on the grounds that the victim behaved recklessly by crossing the street." more...

West Ashley Bike Lane Test


SC - "On April 2, Charleston County will temporarily block a lane on the T. Allen Legare Bridge to see what, if any, effect dedicating one lane of the bridge to bike riders and pedestrians will have on morning commuters." more...

2016 Advocacy Award Winners

"The League of American Bicyclists was honored to work with the Alliance for Biking & Walking to present Advocacy Awards at the 2016 National Bike Summit & Women's Forum..." more...

More News...

Olentangy Trail to Stretch into Worthington Hills


Columbus, OH - "Columbus plans to extend the Olentangy Trail from where it ends at the Olentangy Valley Centre shopping center to the entrance of Worthington Hills." more...

CoGo Adding Five New Stations


Columbus, OH - "The CoGo Bike Share system will continue to grow and expand this year with the addition of five new station locations this summer..." more

New Jersey Bill Would Ban Texting and Walking


NJ - " a world where we should be getting people our of their cars, instead we are making it almost illegal to walk." more...

Is D.C. Moving Fast Enough On Bike Lanes?

D.C. - "In what is now considered one of America's top bicycling cities, with an estimated 4 percent of commute trips taken by bike, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is rolling out its 2016 construction plans..." more

Safer Streets Ahead for Bikers and Walkers


"Last Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released a new and improved set of requirements designed to increase transportation safety - including safety for people who walk or bike." more...

More News...

Great Miami Trail Detour


Piqua, OH - "The Great Miami River Trail behind the former power plant in Piqua, OH will be closed beginning Monday, March 21, 2016.

"The closure is scheduled to last 2-3 days. A detour around the front of the former power plant will be available. Signs will be in place marking the closure."


Penalties for Errant Drivers Remain Light

Des Moines, IA - "...Cyclists are frustrated that the growing support for two-wheeled transportation has only rarely led to tougher penalties for drivers who hit bikes..." more

More News...

Blimp City Bike & Hike Opens Along Towpath Trail

Akron, OH - "...The new location is directly adjacent to the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail for more than 300 feet." more

NE Ohio Mountain Bike Trail Conditions

"The embedded Twitter feed below shows the latest updates from volunteer trail monitors for the Northeast Ohio mountain bike trails that post their updates on Twitter..." more...

Inland Rail Trail Bikeway Takes Shape


CA - "Construction has commenced at San Marcos on the missing link of the Inland Rail Trail bikeway to Oceanside." more...

Widening Planned for Portions of Lakefront Trail


Chicago, IL - "Some stretches of Chicago's often-packed lakefront trail would get split into separate lanes for bikers and joggers under a plan Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to announce... more

Hikers Find Human Skull Near Hollywood Sign


Los Angeles, CA - "...two hikers stumbled on the skull Saturday afternoon about 400 feet from the Brush Canyon trail near the Hollywood sign." more...

Cyclist & Ped Killed in Separate Incidents


Portland, OR - "...There was another fatal crash involving a vulnerable roadway user last night. A 58-year-old man was struck and killed by a motor vehicle operator while trying to cross NE Cully at Mason." more

More News...

Mt. Vernon Bike crossing Getting Signs


Mt. Vernon, OH - "Safety measures for pedestrians and bicyclists are part of the recent projects for the Heart of Ohio Trail in Mount Vernon..." more

Xenia-Themed Bike Racks Unveiled


Xenia, OH - "Several new Xenia-themed bike racks were recently installed around the city..." more

Cop-Killer Kills Self on Swamp Rabbit Trail


SC - "They say a self-admitted gang member shot and killed himself after shooting and killing a police officer." more...

5 Strategies for Equitable Active Transportation Planning


"It started as a lively discussion on the Bike Equity Network - a listserv for mobility and equity advocates working within walk/bike advocacy and planning - related to a Washington Post article that examined the notion of bike lanes as symbols of gentrification..." more

More News...

Lancaster Bicyclist Struck, Killed

Berne Twp., OH - "...Ralph R. Conrad was riding a bicycle southbound when he was struck from behind by a 2007 Chevy Impala." more...

Plan Seeks to Connect 430 Miles of Trail


Bridgeport, OH - "...Should this plan come to fruition, Wheeling, Weirton, and Pittsburgh would have a walking and bicycling path connecting the cities with Washington, D.C." more...

Jaywalkers Being Ticketed in Cincy

Cincinnati, OH - "...Police records provided us with numbers from September 13, 2014 thru January 6, 2016.

In that time, roughly 710 people have been given a pedestrian violation..." more

No Prosecution for Drinking Driver who Admitted to Checking Phone Before Deadly Crash


Portland, OR - "A case from Corvallis should send a shiver down the spine of anyone who uses our roads." more...

Metropolitan Branch Trail Extremely Popular During Metro Shutdown


D.C. - "Despite its history of infrequent use and various safety concerns, cyclists flocked to the Metropolitan Branch Trail on Wednesday when Metro closed its rail system to conduct inspections and repairs..." more

More News...

Trail Beautification Project to Begin this Spring

Mansfield, OH - "Local artist Mark Calloway is lending his talent to help brighten a portion of the Richland B&O Trail." more...

Alum Creek Trail Bridge Update

"A large tree has fallen and taken out a section of timber boardwalk on the north side of Innis Park. Repairs of the section will begin immediately, and the section is expected to be re-opened for trail use by March 21. Please obey the barricades."


Canoe Livery Proposed near The Plains


Athens, OH - "...Barron is exploring alternatives for accessing the property, including crossing the bike path where Maiden's office has built a temporary road..." more

$2M Trail Center Opens

PA - "Like a spring awakening, a staffed $2 million trail center opens today in Columbia to serve as the hub of the 14-mile Northwest Lancaster County River Trail." more...

Louisville Streets a Pedestrian Danger Zone


KY - "...The parents of Ryann Tewell, who was killed when struck and dragged by a cement truck, remember her and talk about their frustration after her death." more...

More News...

Groundbreaking for the Warrior Bicycle Trail


Ohio City, OH - " will be constructed from Liberty-Union Road to Rt. 127 on the abandoned railroad track..." more

Peds Run for Their Lives in St. Paul


MN - "St. Paul is not a pedestrian-friendly city. An average of one pedestrian is struck by a vehicle every other day. If you walk the streets of the city, you're probably surprised the number isn't higher." more...

A Little Accountability for State DOTs on Bike & Ped Safety


"In a win for bike and pedestrian safety, the Federal Highway Administration announced yesterday that it will require state transportation agencies to do something they have never had to do before: set goals to reduce bike and pedestrian fatalities, and track progress toward attaining those goals." more...

Workshop to Help Prevent Crime, Injuries on Monon Trail


IN- "IMPD is teaming up with city leaders to make sure people are keeping themselves and each other safe while enjoying trails and bike lanes." more...

More News...

Alum Creek Trail Bridge Out Near Innis Park


Columbus, OH - "Section of the Alum Creek Trail is closed..." more

Road Closed for Bridge, Bike Path Construction


Deerfield, Twp., OH - "...The current two-lane bridge will be replaced with a five-lane bridge with a bike path." more...

Razo Pleads Guilty to Murder Charge


Painesville, OH - "...Authorities said Razo tried to rape a 14-year-old girl at a park and shot a 40-year-old woman walking along a bike path before the slaying..." more

Brewery Donates $30,777 to Cleveland Metroparks


Middleburg Heights, OH - "Fat Head's Brewery has donated $30,777 in what has become an annual donation to the Cleveland Metroparks trails fund." more...

John Volz Trail Opens


Covington, KY - "... An amazing natural surface trail at the front of Devou Park facing downtown Cincinnati..." more

Council Bails Out Seattle's Bike Share Program


Seattle, WA - "Optimism beat trepidation Monday, as the Seattle City Council overwhelmingly voted to release $1.4 million in city funds to bail out the insolvent 'bike share' system Pronto..." more

Time to Ban Right Turns on Red


"Last fall, the Seattle Department of Transportation banned right turns on red (RTOR) at 10 downtown intersections. The spot bans came as part of the city's implementation of a Vision Zero plan..." more

More News...

Sheriff's Office Searching for Vehicle in Fatal Hit-and-Run


Franklin Twp., OH - "The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is searching for a vehicle that struck a 15-year-old cyclist on U.S. 62 north of Ransburg Avenue late Saturday night.

"...[the bicyclist] was pronounced dead on the scene." more...

A Playbook on the Politics of Better Streets

"In conversation with former New York City transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan." more...

More News...

Work on Southern End Will Improve Busy Intersections


Hudson, OH - "...A multi-use path will be added on the north side of Norton Road from state Route 91 to the Metro Parks hike and bike trail, she said. Sidewalk improvements and additions will be added to the remaining legs..." more

MetroParks, City of Hamilton Sign Agreement


Hamilton, OH - "MetroParks of Butler County is continuing its efforts to collaborate with other local goverment entities on regionally significant parks and recreational opportunities." more...

Sinkholes Remain on Chief Ladiga Trail


Jacksonville, AL - "...Possibly the result of heavy rains, both sinkholes take up the width of the trail. Now, cyclists have to detour through three miles of car traffic." more...

Foxx Announces 7 Finalist Cities for Smart City Challenge


"...The finalists are: Austin, TX; Columbus, OH; Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, OR; and San Francisco, CA..." more

More News...

Eye-Catching Bike Racks in North Ridgeville

North Ridgeville, OH - "A touch of artistry has been brought to the parks in North Ridgeville with the addition of six bicycle racks in four parks..." more

More News...

Little Miami Trail Link Recommend for $1M in Funding


Cincinnati, OH - "A small but important bridge over the Little Miami River is poised to get a big infusion of cash from the state of Ohio..." more

Plan in Works to Connect Trails in Butler & Warren County


"Plans for a multi-use trail linking the Great Miami and Little Miami trails in Warren and Butler counties are taking shape again." more...

Road Work to Begin Soon, May Include Medians

Bexley, OH - "Landscaped medians placed at various intersections along East Broad Street could help slow traffic, prevent accidents and make the thoroughfare safer for cyclists, according to Bexley city officials." more...

AMATS Releases 2015 Annual Report


Akron, OH - "...The 2016-19 Transportation Improvement Program includes more than $1 million for Phase 3 of Summit Metro Parks Freedom Trail..." more

Council OKs Retail End of Towpath Development

Akron, OH - "...The developer is renovating an old tire factory located at the corner of North Howard and West North streets, opposite of the Mustill Store along the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail." more...

The Rails-to-Trails Movement Reaches the Balkans


"An old train route connecting Croatia and Bosnia will become a 124-mile bike track." more...

Sharrow Inventor: "I Was Always Under Pressure to Do Less"


"Sharrows, what are they good for? A recent study suggests that one thing shared lane markings don't do is improve safety for cyclists. The conclusion has sparked an online debate ..." more

More News...

Bike Lane Under Review Due to Safety Concerns


Cincinnati, OH - "...According to Police, there were 62 car wrecks between 1600-2000 Central Parkway in 2015. Some believe the bike lane is to blame because what once was a through-traffic lane, is now a parking lane." more...

B&O Trail will get Mural


Mansfield, OH - "Local nonprofit organization Mankind Murals Incorporated has plans to bring two more murals to Mansfield, starting with one along the Richland B & O Trail at the 4th Street bridge..." more

NYC to Install a Record Number of Protected Bike Lanes


NYC - "New York City will be getting over 15 miles of physically protected bike lanes in 2016 - more than any year previously, officials said." more...

The Cool Bike Path That Will Soar Over the River


IL - "The long-gestating Addison Underbridge Connector - a section of riverfront bike path that will connect Belmont on the south to Montrose on the north - finally has a tentative start date and a far less awkward name." more...

More News...

Cyclist Pepper Sprayed on Mill Creek Metroparks Trail


Canfield, OH - "...The victim told police that he was riding a bike on the trail when he was assaulted by a man who was on foot..." more

Ohio Seeing More Peds Dying in Traffic Accidents


"...Ohio saw the largest increase in pedestrian traffic deaths than every other state in the country." more...

U.S. Pedestrian Death Rate Climbing


"...Fatal crashes on the road are decreasing. For drivers, that is. For pedestrians, however, the story is very different." more

Woman Arrested for Revving Engine at Boy on Bike

IA - "A woman was arrested for assault for allegedly revving her engine at an 8-year-old cyclist who was riding in the street." more...

Peatonito: Protecting Pedestrians in the Crosswalk


NYC - "Peatonito ("little pedestrian") might be the most beloved figure in the world of street safety. How can you not love a superhero who protects pedestrians from cars?!.." more

National Trails of England and Wales to Hit Street View


UK - "...Google is enlisting the help of seasoned walkers, as well as offering a little of their own expertise, to map 15 of the UK’s National Trails..." more

More News...

Is Bikesharing Safer Than Regular Bicycling?


"...Aside from the sturdier build and slower speeds of bikeshare bicycles, other factors may influence their unexpectedly good safety record..." more

More Charges for Man Accused of Summer Greenway Attack


Roanoke, VA - "Alexander Billow was indicted by a grand jury in Roanoke Monday for three additional felonies." more...

A Biker's Guide to Dealing With Street Harassment


"It's pretty much inevitable. Once you start riding your bike in the streets with any frequency, you will find yourself growing increasingly indignant about the poor skills and general lack of awareness and courtesy exhibited by a strikingly high proportion of drivers in your city..." more

More News...

Yay Bikes! Hoping to Continue Ride Buddy Program


Columbus, OH - "Yay Bikes is looking for funding to continue a program that Executive Director Catherine Girves calls 'the best thing we've ever done.'" more...

Towpath Times Newsletter

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Solar Roads Coming to France

"France's Agency Of Environment And Energy Management has just announced plans to test photovoltaic solar panels on about 1,000 kilometers (or 621 miles) of roadway, supplying power to millions of people..." more

More News...

Enact State-Wide 3 Foot Passing Law for Ohio Cyclists

OH - "We propose that the traffic laws be amended to improve safety for cyclists on Ohio roadways..." more

KSU $5.1M Project Slated for Construction


KY - "A $5.1 million pedestrian walkway will be constructed over East Main Street to link the north and south sides of the Kentucky State University campus..." more

Copenhagen Adding Bike-Friendly Traffic Lights

Denmark - "...Copenhagen coordinated the traffic lights so that cyclists riding at a speed of 20 km/hour will hit all green lights on their commute into the city during morning rush hour and again on their commute home in the evening..." more

More News...

River Center Moving Forward in Middletown


Middletown, OH - "...The $1 million project that will serve as a hub for those who walk, run and bike along the Great Miami River Recreation Trail will be built on the southern part of the Bicentennial Commons park area..." more

Little Miami Trail Newsletter

Read the latest edition.

Wire & Spikes Gound on Nanaimo Mountain Bike Trail


CAN - "A Nanaimo woman made an alarming discovery Feb. 27 when she came across a wire strung at neck level and wooden jagged stakes in the ground along a trail used by mountain bikers and others, police said Friday. more...

Can Vancouver Avoid Seattle's Bike Share Missteps?

"The City of Vancouver hopes the five years it's spent starting and restarting its bike share will pay off in a robust system that will be successful like Boston - not a bust like Seattle." more...

Safe Routes to School Newsletter

Read the March edition.

More News...

Construction to Begin on Columbus Road Bike Path

Athens, OH - "...The overall project, which includes construction of a bike path bridge over the Hocking River, will tie into the Adena Bikeway..." more

CVNP Receives $2.2M to Fix Bridges & Rail Crossings


CVNP, OH - "...The badly rusted bridges have been closed to foot traffic since 2009, because the structures over deep ravines are unsafe." more...

Narrowing Liberty Street Might not be Feasible

Cincinnati, OH - "A compromise might be the best shot neighbors have at getting some traction to fix a broad gap through the middle of Over-the-Rhine." more...

Dayton Ranks in "Best Places to Live"

Dayton, OH - "...Dayton is one of six Ohio areas that made the top 100: Cincinnati placed highest at #37..." more

Traffic Cone Activism in Portland


Portland, OR - "Portland's traffic coning revolution is spreading." more...

400-Mile Trail Network Takes Hold in Southeast Wisconsin


WI - "In October 2014, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) formally launched an initiative in Southeast Wisconsin that could have an enormous transformative effect on the region and America's rail-trail future..." more

Norway to Invest Almost $1B in Bike Highways


"...As part of a plan announced last week, the country will spend a massive 8 billion Norwegian Kroner ($923 million) creating 10 broad, two-lane, cross-country bike tracks in and near Norway's nine largest cities..." more

More News...

First Tenants Set to Move into Cascade Lofts

Akron, OH - "This weekend, more urban dwellers will start to call Akron home as the first tenants begin moving into Cascade Lofts, a former tire factory that has been transformed into 24 apartments on North Street near Howard Street near the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail." more...

Yay Bikes! Newsletter

Columbus, OH - Read the March edition.

Bike Counts Rising Fast Around the World

"...a France-based firm that has installed 12,000 automated people-counters around the world to measure bike and foot traffic..." more

Kalamazoo Getting Protected Bike Lane


Kalamazoo, MI - "...A protected bike lane will connect the two branches of the KRVT through downtown Kalamazoo, linking together a continuous 22 mile ride through the county..." more

Masked Man Attacks Teen on Bike Trail


AUS - "Police are on the hunt for a man who wore a "Scream" mask while carrying out a terrifying attack on a cyclist at Narrabeen on Wednesday." more...

Summit Advocacy Awards Finalists Announced


"The League of American Bicyclists is proud to announce the finalists for the 2016 Advocacy Awards that will be presented at the National Bike Summit & Women's Forum's Awards Night on March 7..." more...

More News...

Twinsburg Wants Safe Routes to School


Twinsburg, OH - "...The city, along with the school district and village of Reminderville, will seek a grant through the Ohio Department of Transportation's Safe Routes to School program..." more

West Shoreway Project will Cost Millions More than Initial Bid

Cleveland, OH - "Upgrades to a section of Cleveland's West Shoreway will cost taxpayers millions more than first thought." more...

Police Arrest Man Who May Be Responsible for Bike Trail Attacks


VA - "19-year-old Santos Efrain Vasquez-Lopez has been arrested in connection with a sexual assault last summer." more...

Nike's New Bike Path Through the Woods


Portland, OR - "Nike has just opened a new bike path through a forested parcel adjacent to their world headquarters." more...

Safety Advocate will Never Attend Another DOT Meeting


MN - "...I and other community members invested thousands of hours of our time in a good-faith effort to come up with the Multi-Modal Plan. By throwing out large portions of it, MnDOT wasted our time, betrayed our trust, and wasted public money." more...

Female Bike Messengers Fighting Harassment


"...female bike messengers often fight against additional obstacles, as a new video on cat-calling and street harassment from the Women’s Bike Messenger Association makes clear." more...

More News...

Main Avenue Connector Project Design Unveiled

Cleveland, OH - "...The Chicago-based firm, which specializes in urban design and civic environments, unveiled the latest version of designs for its proposed Main Avenue Connector project Thursday." more...

Avon Lake Bike Path may be Coming


Avon Lake, OH - " Four years ago representatives from the City of Avon Lake met with officials from the Cleveland Clinic about a proposed bike path..." more

Yay Bikes! February Report


Columbus, OH - "Welcome to the monthly feature in which we round up all our events, earned media, program delivery, meetings and speaking engagements for the month..." more

QC Group Taking on National Trail Work


IL - "The Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau is taking over marketing and administration for the American Discovery Trail..." more

Funding Bills Could Restrict Bike Lane, Trail & Sidewalk Projects


TN - "...Matt Farr, executive director of Bike Walk Tennessee, and Johnson City cyclist Dan Reese are trying to get the word out that tightening Tennessee's budget on the backs of recreational types is the exact opposite strategy to what it should be doing." more...

Santa Monica Getting Pedestrian Scrambles


CA - "...A pedestrian scramble is not a cannibalistic breakfast dish, but a method of traffic control that supposedly makes crossing the street safer for pedestrians. It simultaneously halts car traffic in all four directions..." more

Teen Gunned Down on Greenway Trail


Richmond, CA - "...The victim was apparently found on the Richmond Greenway trail. Police said witnesses reported seeing a male suspect running from the scene." more...

More News...

Metroparks Plans to Rebuild Fort Hill Steps


Norrth Olmsted, OH - "Plans are under way by the Cleveland Metroparks to replace the popular Fort Hill steps in the Rocky River Reservation. Work will begin in the spring..." more

Mental Health Suffers When We Surrender to Car Culture

"...Of all the many things we surrender when we commit to making most, or all, of our trips by car, the most important may be the most difficult to measure: our mental health..." more

More News...

Change Made to Improve Crossing Safety for Cyclists


Mt. Vernon, OH - "...vehicles heading down Columbus have not been stopping to watch for bicycles crossing Main Street at the new crossing." more...

The Prospect Park West Bike Lane War Rages On

NYC - "...The hearing in Brooklyn Supreme Court was the first in the case in two years, and the only people representing the opponents of separated space for non-motorized travel were members of a five-person team from the law firm Gibson Dunn..." more

Program Teaches Middle Students Bike Maintenance


La Crosse, WI - "...Any student can bring his or her bike to Bike Works for repairs, help and learn how to fix up a bike donated to the club. Students can also earn their own bike and helmet by getting their hands dirty." more...

More News...

Mad River Trail Closes for Bridge Construction


Dayton, OH - "The section of the Mad River Bike Trail that goes under the Harshman Bridge will be closed for the remainder of the bridge construction. Detour signs are posted directing to the traffic light at the Eastwood MetroPark entrance.

"...The section of the Mad River Bike Trail that goes under Webster St. Bridge will be open and closed intermittently during the demolition and construction..." more...

Towpath Section to Close for Repairs


Brecksville, OH - "The National Park Service (NPS) will temporarily close the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, from Fitzwater Road to Frazee House, from Tuesday, March 1 through Friday, March 4 and again from Monday, March 7 through Friday, March 11. The trail will be open weekends only during this time. No detour is provided. NPS maintenance staff will be repairing a breach in the canal. more...

Portland's New Bike Rack Design Aims to Thwart Thieves


OR - "...PBOT has engineered a new rack that should be much harder to compromise. The new design includes a steel crossbar, a wire cable that floats inside the steel pipe, and a stronger method for anchoring the rack to the ground." more...

California Approves $133 Million for Trails


CA - "...RTC recently learned that the California Transportation Commission has approved $133 million for 59 trail projects and separated bikeways..." more...

Bicyclist has Gun Pulled on Him on Greenway Trail


San Antonio, TX - "A man said he experienced bike path rage on the northwest side, when another bicyclist pulled a gun on him." more...

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The Magic Bike of the Future


"Bike advocates are always looking for the next big thing that will get more people out of their cars and riding bikes." more...

Bike Path Spur to Chauncey Pursued


Athens, OH - "A bike path spur that would tie Chauncey into the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is once again being pursued." more...

$1.1M Recommended in State Funding for Wasson Way Trail


Cincinnati, OH - "...If approved by State legislators, the funding would go toward construction of Phase 2 of the trail..." more

Ohio-to-Erie Trail Campsites in the Works

Madison County, OH - "New ideas are on the table for installing campsites along the portion of the Ohio to Erie bike trail that runs through Madison County." more...

Driver Who Killed Cyclists Found Not Guilty

Brecksville, OH - "...Throughout proceedings, the defense attempted to complicate and distort a simple truth: two people are dead because of the reckless actions of another..." more

Read another report on this topic.

Y-Not Cycling Moving Closer to Bike Trail


Mt. Vernon, OH - "...Y-Not Cycling and Fitness will be relocating its bicycle store from 133 S. Main St. to 206 S. Main St. in downtown Mount Vernon." more...

Oregon is 2nd State to Drop 'Share the Road' Signs


Portland, OR - "...The State of Oregon has decided that those signs mean different things to different people so they've taken the step of officially phasing them out..." more

Police Cite Illegal Campers on Greenway Sweep


Portland, OR - "...Police said usually about two tons of trash are removed from these cleanups..." more

Protected Intersections Arrive in the U.S.


"Protected intersections - long a fixture in Dutch urban design - arrive to increase cycling safety in four US cities." more...

Making a Case For Sharrows


"These days, sharrows can't get no respect... But are they really the dregs of bike infrastructure?.." more

Want Community? Build Walkability

"...Build places where it's delightful to walk, and pedestrians magically appear. Make it safe to bike, and cyclists come out of the woodwork." more...

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Councilman Wants to Remove Part of Central Parkway Bike Lane

Cincinnati, OH - "Cincinnati Councilman Christopher Smitherman wants nearly a half mile of the Central Parkway protected bikeway removed." more...

Removing Central Parkway Bikeway Is a Bad Idea

Cincinnati, OH - "...Making taxpayers cough up money to remove safety infrastructure designed to protect cyclists from drivers because drivers aren't paying attention to signage seems perverse to me." more...

Metroparks Ready to Launch Water Taxi in the Flats


Cleveland, OH - "...the 26-foot, canopied boat - which can carry 18 passengers and four bikes -- will shuttle people only between the east and west banks of the river directly below the Main Avenue Bridge..." more

Bike Cleveland News

Cleveland, OH - Read their January E-news.

Riverfront Commons Trail to be part of first Urban Trail Town


KY - "...the state of Kentucky has the smallest part of the American Discovery Trail but we could market our part of the trail as 'the state you can do in a day'." more...

Possible Designs for Covington's Riverfront Emerge

KY - "Without question, the City of Covington has lagged behind its neighbors in terms of attracting residents and visitors to its riverfront..." more

Custom-Built De-Icer for Protected Bike Lanes

TN - "As we wrote the other day, clearing snow and ice from protected bike lanes isn't hard. It just requires some effort.

"Fortunately for Chattanooga, Tennessee, that's no problem." more...

9 out of 10 Drivers Admit Risky Behavior


"Almost 90 percent of drivers admit to engaging in at least one risky behavior while behind the wheel within the past month, according to AAA." more...

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Springfield Bike Path Extension will link Parks


Springfield, OH - "The Springfield Conservancy District will spend about $500,000 to extend the bike path underneath the Plum Street bridge, connecting Veterans Park and Snyder Park..." more

Trial Begins For Driver Who Struck, Killed Cyclists

Brecksville, OH - "...Timothy J. Wolf, 42, is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and one count of willful or wanton disregard of public safety..." more

Sights set on New Earthworks Acquisition


Chillicothe, OH - "...that five-acre corridor would be part of the land acquisition to be converted into a pedestrian or multiple-use pathway that would allow visitors to spend a day exploring both earthworks and perhaps be able to tie into existing bike trails..." more

Bridge to be Replaced, Bike Path Added


Deerfield Twp., OH - "...The now two-lane bridge will be replaced with a five-lane bridge with a bike path..." more

Cyclist Pulled Off Bike, Beaten, Robbed on 606 Trail


Chicago, IL - "A cyclist who was riding on The 606 after it closed for the evening late Friday was attacked and mugged by a group of men..." more

Program Provides Gentrification Defense Near Chicago's 606 Bike Trail


Chicago, IL - "That beautiful new bike lane, known as the 606, in Chicago has brought along with it local concerns about gentrification..." more...

Swedish Road Design & Vision Zero


"Road safety in Sweden follows a basic concept: human beings are flawed." more...

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'Was She Texting?' Asks Injured Bike Rider


Angier, NC - "...Two cyclists hit by a car Saturday in Angier have been released from the hospital, while two other riders hit remain in WakeMed's Intensive Care Unit." more...

Bike Theft Task Force Receives $4K Donation


Portalnd, OR - "The City of Portland’s Bike Theft Task Force has received a financial boost from the largest bike club in town." more...

State Officials Say No to I-30 as Boulevard


AR - "Transforming the Interstate 30 corridor through downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock into a tree-lined boulevard has "aesthetic benefits" but would worsen "safety and mobility" within the corridor, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department said." more...

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Piqua Receives 2nd Bike-Friendly Award

Piqua, OH - "After the city of Piqua was recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community in November, Piqua's municipality is stepping up its efforts as well when it comes to embracing the bicyclist lifestyle." more...

Kinnear Road to get Pedestrian-Friendly Upgrades

Columbus, OH - "...The sidewalks have been discussed for a long time, Franklin County Projects Engineer Ted Beidler said in an email..." more

Learn More About Ohio Bike Laws


"Explore bike law throughout the MORPC region..." more

Bicyclists Mobilize to Fight Bill

TN - "...The bill, sponsored by Carter, R-Ooltewah, in the House and Sen. Todd Gardenhire, R-Chattanooga, in the Senate, would ban the use of state gas tax revenue to pay for many bicycle and pedestrian transportation projects." more...

Driver Attempts Unsafe Pass, Hits 4 Cyclists

Angier, NC - "Four experienced cyclists are being treated at WakeMed Hospital after authorities say they were thrown from their bikes after being hit by a driver. more...

Hikers Concerned With Trail Expansion


IN - "When several hikers arrived at the Tecumseh Trail in Morgan - Monroe State Forest earlier this month, they weren't prepared for what lay ahead of them." more...

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Embrace the bike, Cincinnati


Cincinnati, OH - "...Statistics suggest Cincinnati is catching on to this. The number of bicycle commuters in Cincinnati grew 350 percent from 2000 to 2014..." more

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Groups Working Toward More Bike Paths in Oxford


Oxford, OH - "Efforts to increase the number of dedicated bike paths and lanes as well as expanding the area's recreational trails were all discussed during a recent forum on providing more facilities for physical activity in the city." more...

Woman Indicted in Fatal Hit-Skip

Medina, OH - "...The bicyclist, John Zavisva, 48, of Brunswick, died Nov. 6 at MetroHealth Medical Center..." more

Cyclists' Responsibilities Under the Law

Columbus, OH - "Around these parts we focus much more on cyclists' right to the road than their legal responsibilities..." more

Change Is Afoot on the Country's Most Important Street Design Committee


"...The obscure but powerful National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, which has often been a drag on changes in American street design, is now moving on several fronts to bring in new blood and prepare U.S. streets for a future that'd be much friendlier to biking and walking." more...

The Last Days of Dave Mirra

"When news broke that Dave Mirra, the most dominant and decorated BMX star in X Games history, had committed suicide at age 41 in his hometown of Greenville, North Carolina, on February 4, his friends thought it was an Internet hoax..." more...

Trails not Built for E-Bikes: Orillia Councillor


CAN - "...As Ralph Cipolla continues his quest to have the bikes turfed from local trails, the Ward 2 councillor is turning back the clock for the evidence he says will put the matter to rest." more...

Germany's New Bike Highways

"...For a long time, the Danish capital, Cope