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Vote Kills Fair Train, Clears way for Greenway


IN - "...The plan by the Nickel Plate Heritage Railroad would kill the popular Indiana State Fair Train for good." more...

Swapping Cars for Bikes, Not Diesel for Electric


"Cycling can be a huge part of the fight to tackle city air pollution. Tim Burns of Sustrans explains how their Active Travel Toolbox can help us get there." more...

Amateur Racer Disqualified from Race for Mechanical Doping

"The third-place finisher reportedly admitted to using a motor, but now denies the confession." more...

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Lessons from the Cultural Trail

Cleveland, OH - "...Before the Cultural Trail, 'we didn't have a bad reputation, we had no reputation,' Payne told a full house of about 150 at the City Club." more...

Senator Loves to Talk about Taxing & Criticizing Cyclists

CO - "...'I think there's a lot of pent-up anger out there - a bunch of people that have had to deal with bad situations with bicyclers - and I think it's got that group pretty fired up,' Scott said." more...

Land Managers Ponder Future with E-Bikes


"...E-bike use has exploded over the past year. Once spurned by cyclists, they are now getting more respect in a cycling industry always on the prowl for the next niche segment." more...

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East Coast Greenway Making its Mark


"...Right now, about a third of the East Coast Greenway - more than 900 miles - consists of protected traffic-free trails..." more

Concord Hopes to Demo a Protected Bike Lane


NH - "Concord cycling advocates are planning to demonstrate a different type of bike lane that uses parked cars as a barrier between traffic and riders." more...

Cycling Helps Relieve Parkinson's Symptoms

"Biking brings hope - and relief - even when modern medicine can't." more...

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Tree Removal along Towpath Section

CVNP, OH - From, "There will be removal of hazardous trees along the Towpath between Station Rd. and Red Lock. This will take place the week of 7/31. Please be aware of the work zone and equipment in this area."

Body Found along Hike-Bike Trail


Kearney, NE - "An autopsy has been ordered on the body of a man found Thursday night inside a tent along Kearney's hike-bike trail." more...

Let's Keep Motors off our Bike Trails

"...The manufacturers are hoping electric bicycles will help them dramatically increase sales. And they're working with some surprising partners to win electric bicycles access to the precious few areas where bicyclists now are free from motorized traffic: off-road routes such as the Capital Crescent Trail." more...

Do Jaywalking Laws do more Harm than Good?


"The concept of 'jaywalking' has become deeply embedded in American culture, but if you go back just a few generations, the idea that your mere presence in the street could be illegal was a novel idea..." more

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Olentangy Trail Section to Close Again

Columbus, OH - "A popular stretch of the Olentangy Trail will close again as work on the interchange at Interstate 270 and state Route 315 continues." more...

Possible Suicide on North Coast Inland Trail


New Russia Twp., OH - "The coroner's office is investigating an apparent suicide on the North Coast Inland Trail by Butternut Ridge Road." more...

Pittsburgh Looks to Reboot Bike Share


PA - "...the ridership trends have inspired officials to revamp the system into a hybrid docked-dockless system as well as expand." more...

Montgomery County Leads D.C. Area in Cycling Infrastructure


D.C. - "If you were heading out on a tour of Washington's greatest bike lanes, you might think to start with 15th Street..." more

Appeals Court Revives Injured Woman's Lawsuit


San Diego, CA - "A San Diego appeals court on Thursday reversed a ruling that threw out a lawsuit by a woman who sued the city over injuries she suffered when a tree branch fell on her in Mission Bay Park." more...

Should Police be able to Block Bike Lanes?


"A lot of cyclists complain about cops parking in bike lanes..." more

Speed Kills, and We're Not Doing Enough to Stop It


"More than 112,500 people lost their lives in speed-related crashes from 2005 to 2014, accounting for 31 percent of all traffic deaths in America over that period..." more

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Holmes County Trail Construction Update


Holmes County, OH - From Greg L, "The trail is beautifully paved from the Rte 62 underpass north to Township/County Rd 75. It is paved farther north of that (not into Glenmont yet), but it's not the finished layer.

"They have painted the trail overpasses a bright white. Today they were working in 4 different sections of the trail...

"The trail in Glenmont from County/Township Rd 7 heading south to Brinkhaven was still dirt as far as the eye could see. However they were working there too..."

Tri-County Trail Bridge may be Closed

Ross County, OH - From Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc., "The Ross County Park District has completed a preliminary inspection of bridge 15 (mile 23) located 1.1 miles north of Old US 35 and 1.2 miles east of Fairview Rd (Fayette County). The preliminary bridge inspection shows that there are some issues with the deck and abutments. A full inspection will be completed soon.

"The bridge may be closed to trail traffic as early as Monday, July 24 until repairs can be completed. If there are closed signs please obey them.

"Detour: If you are east bound turn right onto Fairview Rd, then left onto Old US 35 and proceed 2.1 miles and turn right back onto trail. If westbound turn left onto Old US 35 and go 2.1 miles, turn right onto Fairview Rd and proceed .5 miles to trail. Total distance of detour is 2.6 miles. The detour is only .1 miles longer than trail route."

Sandusky Township Seeks Public Input


Sandusky Township, OH - "Residents can get a first look Tuesday at a master plan for a proposed new Sandusky Township Park along Ohio 19 that could eventually link up to the North Coast Inland Trail..." more

Sandusky Considers Bike Lanes along Shoreline Drive


Sandusky, OH - "...During a recent public meeting, planners hired by Sandusky city commissioners unveiled three artist renderings reimagining what Shoreline Drive’s entire stretch spanning downtown might look like." more...

Car-free Schuylkill Bridges


Philadelphia, PA - "...Completing the recently opened trio of traffic-free, trail-connecting Schuylkill crossings is the rehabbed $5 million Pencoyd Bridge, a serene, pale-green beauty between Manayunk and Lower Merion, a mile downriver from the Manayunk Bridge..." more

New Bait Bike Program in Portland


Portland, OR - "A new program being run by the Portland Police Bureau Bike Theft Task Force is showing early returns." more...

Bodies of Man, Dog Found Along Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

D.C. - "A man and a dog were fatally shot Wednesday along a Northeast D.C. trail, sources say." more...

Citi Bike Worries about Proposed Helmet Law


NYC - "...The legislation would require that any person operating a bike wear a helmet. This would impact Citi Bike, an organization with more than 10,000 bikes all over the city." more...

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CORA: Don't Blame Us for Damaged Burial Mounds


Mariemont, OH - "The Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance (CORA) says it is not responsible for a trail extension and offshoots in a Mariemont park that apparently led to an increase in mountain bikers and damage to Native American burial mounds and pioneer sites." more...

NOACA Receives $300K for Active Transportation

Cleveland, OH - "The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency has received more than $300,000 in grants to support "active transportation" initiatives, such as bicycling and walking." more...

City Leaders Plan 'Complete Streets' Project

Akron, OH - "City leaders have set in motion a long-term plan to raise nearly $12 million for a 'complete streets' makeover of North Main Street from the Y-bridge to Cuyahoga Falls." more...

New Metroparks Signs for the Colorblind


Toledo, OH - "...These signs will still have the usual color dot and mile marker on them. But now a trail abbreviation makes them readable to a very specific segment of the population." more...

Police to Step Up Greenway Speed Limit Enforcement


Carmel, IN - "The Carmel police chief has pledged to install more speed limit signs along the Monon Greenway after a city councilman raised a concern about bicyclists speeding on the popular trail." more...

Bicyclist Not Charged With Hitting Runner

Sacramento, CA - "Sacramento Running Association Hall of Famer Bill Finkbeiner was severely injured in a collision with a bicyclist last month while he was running on the American River Parkway." more...

[Interestingly, the article makes no mention of the runner's take on how the accident occurred.]

Oregon's 668-Mile Cross-State MTB Trail


OR - "...Starting in Hood River and extending south to the mines of Modoc County, California, the route projects to take 20 to 30 days to complete..." more

Why Biking to School is Often Illegal


"...When you learn to ride a bike, there's a big pride in that, especially the first time you cross a bridge in New York City or the first time that you ride your bike home by yourself..." more

The Hysteria over 'Distracted' Walking


"To read the news lately, you'd think thousands of millenials are so distracted by their iPhones that they are walking off cliffs and stepping in front of trucks..." more

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Mountain Bikers Damage Native American Burial Mounds


Mariemont, OH - "Mountain bikers have damaged two Native American burial mounds and some historic pioneer sites in Mariemont's Dogwood Park." more...

Dayton High Line Likely Years Away


Dayton, OH - "...The project has a lot of community support, but acquiring the line and transforming it could be a lengthy process, likely taking years, said Brian Inderrieden, acting director of Dayton's department of planning and community development." more...

Making the Most of Dayton's New Indoor Bike Park


Dayton, OH - "...The two-story bike park has been a labor of love for Bisig and more than 100 volunteers who helped transform the 50,000-square-feet of space into a challenging and fun facility for the entire family..." more

Towpath Times - Special Edition

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Trail Users Ignoring 'Closed' Signs


PA - "...Work on the trail with the use of heavy machinery to roll and compress limestone can pose dangers to trail users, and they should go to another part of the trail that is open, Haven said." more...

Electric Bikes Approved On Local Trails


Walnut Creek, CA - "If you own an electric bike, you just got two new options for commuting to work - the Contra Costa Canal Regional Trail and the Iron Horse Trail..." more

Community Takes Notice to Greenway Cleanup Efforts


Medford, OR - "The Bear Creek Greenway is getting a lot of attention from law enforcement." more...

Fayetteville Lunches Tactical Urbanism Program


Fayetteville, AR - "Residents who want to take care of their neighborhood's immediate concerns, such as safely crossing the street, slowing down cars or creating bicycle lanes, now can do so on their own with city approval." more...

Rescuers Save Stranded Hikers


AZ - "As Steve West dangled from a rope hooked to a hovering helicopter, he wrapped his arms tightly around the 4-year-old boy he had just plucked from raging floodwaters below." more...

Pickup Driver Beats 74-Year-Old Cyclist with Club


CAN - "A driver exited his vehicle and was caught on camera beating a cyclist with a club." more...

The Future of Transportation Taxes


"Oregon's new $5.3 billion transportation package includes an interesting wrinkle: a bicycle tax..." more

Rails-to-Trails Green Issue

"Rails to Trails magazine is pleased to present our 2017 Green Issue, featuring a collection of amazing videos and slideshows highlighting America's trails..." more

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Upper Arlington Gets New Bike Path


Upper Arlington, OH - "...Once completed, the new bicycle boulevard will extend west-to-east along West 5th Avenue between Riverside Drive and Arlington Avenue, connecting Upper Arlington and the village of Marble Cliff's existing bike lanes and paths to the Scioto Greenway Trail..." more

Beating & Robberies along Chicago Bike Trail


IL - "A string of robberies on the popular 606 bike trail has residents on high alert, and police are warning about the thefts." more...

Dockless Bike Shares Launch in Seattle


WA - "...Upon hearing about these services launching in my town, I got excited..." more

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Tree Down on Simon Kenton Trail


Urbana, OH - "Where this trails splits in Urbana to head towards Bellefontaine at the Depot Coffee House in Urbana, about .5m up the path there is a downed tree across the bike trail. It extends across the path almost to the train tracks.

"It is still attached at the trunk so I was unable to move it. You will have to walk around it to continue on to Bellefontaine or to finish coming into Urbana."

Submitted by D Andy

Legislation Looks to Allow E-Bikes on Michigan Trails

Montague, MI - "As electric-assisted bikes begin to pick up speed across the country, Michigan is also trying to take advantage of the market." more...

$53M to U.S. National Parks

CO - "...The Interior Department says in a release that Congress has provided $20 million, and $33 million will come from outside organizations. The funding will help improve trails, restore buildings and increase visitor access to the parks." more...

Is Mountain Biking the Next Golf?


NZ - "The surge of interest in mountain biking is proving a boon, not just to individual fitness, but also to the regions keen to embrace the sport." more...

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Summit Metroparks Reports Car Break-Ins


Summit County, OH - "Officials from the Summit Metro Parks are asking for the public's assistance in helping to prevent break-ins like a series of seven that were reported July 20.

"Seven cars parked in six locations had windows smashed and purses taken, according to rangers." more...

Family MTB Trail Ribbon Cutting


Medina, OH - "...The new family path covers basically flat land with obstacles and features that are fun and challenging without being too difficult..." more

Artists Create Mural for Red Line Greenway Project


Cleveland, OH - "...The 2.5-mile Red Line Greenway is the brainchild of the Rotary Club of Cleveland. It will run along the Regional Transit Authority's Red Line, from the Zone Recreation Center at West 65th Street to downtown Cleveland at Superior Avenue and West Ninth Street..." more

Calgary Cyclist's Injury Claim was Fraudulent

CAN - "Cochrane RCMP have laid charges against a Calgary cyclist who claimed he was hurt while riding along a trail in Bragg Creek." more...

Want People to Bike? Skip the Sweet Talk and Build


"People don't start biking because they like bicycles. They start to like bicycles because they bike." more...

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Man Robbed, Threatened in Wildwood Park

Cleveland, OH - "A 20-year-old man was robbed of his bike while hiking in Cleveland Metropark's Wildwood Park." more...

Ohio & Erie CanalWay Founder Dies

NE OH - "We are deeply saddened by the passing of Congressman Ralph Regula, founder of the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area..." more

Lakewood's Trikeable Treats

Cleveland, OH - "...Jeff and Torey Worron of Lakewood are changing things up in the mobile food business by selling treats from a bike." more...

Detroit gets $750K for Belle Isle Trail

MI - "...$750,000 will go towards a 6-mile long trail that will loop around the island and will be handicap accessible." more...

City to Close Trail to Clear Homeless Encampments

HI - "...Starting next month, the city will be cleaning up the Pearl Harbor Bike Path in an effort to revitalize the trail and keep the community safe." more...

Massive Sinkhole only 1 of Greenway's Problems

NYC - "A massive sinkhole that has opened up on the East River Greenway near 23rd Street..." more

Biggest Infrastructure Project is a 3,000-Mile Trail

"...As lawmakers grapple with how to fix the country's crumbling roads, bridges, and dams, local governments are quietly at work on the East Coast Greenway, a 3,000-mile, mostly car-free bike path through 15 states." more...

Has Precedent Been set to Tax Bikes?

"Oregon has yet to collect a penny from a pioneering tax on bicycles to pay for infrastructure, and already at least one lawmaker from another state is thinking about getting into the act." more...

Undercover Cops Target Drivers Who Make Dangerous Passes


London - "Drivers who fail to give cyclists enough space when overtaking will be pulled over, and officers will explain how to overtake cyclists safely." more...

What a Chinese Bike-Sharing Company Can Teach Global Businesses


London - "On the morning this issue went to press, I borrowed a stranger's silver-and-orange bicycle, rode it two kilometers, then left it leaning against a streetlamp at a city intersection." more...

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Cincy Offers Too Few Transpo Choices


Cincinnati, OH - "...Our transportation network in Cincinnati is unbalanced, unsafe, and not focused on the modes of transit that people are demanding today and that growing and prosperous cities around the country are offering..." more

Paving Projects in North Canton, Plain Township

North Canton, OH - "...One of the projects already underway is the construction of the Hoover Trail West in North Canton and Jackson Township. The pedestrian/bicycle trail will begin at the Hall of Fame bridge on Dressler Road and continue along West Maple Street to Cleveland Avenue and then to the North Canton YMCA." more...

City Adds Bike Lanes & Parking Spaces


Lancaster, PA - "...Adding on-street parking creates a buffer that puts sidewalk pedestrians at ease and helps out nearby businesses, the study says." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Users Abandoning Santa Ana River Trail


CA - "...It wasn't that I thought I would be intentionally attacked. But neither did I feel safe slowly threading between people who were either mentally ill, drug addicted or both." more...

FL Coast-to-Coast Bike & Hike Trail Segment Opens

St. Petersburg, FL - "...A critical 5-mile segment extending the Pinellas Trail to the Pasco border opens today..." more

Protected Bike Lane Removed, Replaced with Parking

Atlanta, GA - "...People were caught off-guard last week when a 1,000-foot section of the bike lane in front of the church was completely removed by the City - and replaced with dedicated parking spaces..." more

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'Opportunity Corridor' Isn't About Opportunity At All

Cleveland, OH - "The official line on the $331 million road project was that it was supposed to help poor Cleveland residents, not whisk people past their neighborhoods to reach the Cleveland Clinic. Now an official at the Clinic says otherwise." more...

Towpath Times

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66-Miles of Bike Trail Being Discussed


Hardeeville, SC - "...They've been working for three years on a master plan that will create 66 miles of linear trail in and around the city." more...

Armed Robbery on Lafitte Greenway


New Orleans, LA - "...According to the NOPD, a woman was riding her bike on the trail near St. Louis and Galvez around 9 p.m., Monday night when a young man approached her, pulled out a gun and demanded her bike." more...

Woman Steals her Stolen Bike Back

UK - "...Jenni Morton-Humphreys, 30, turned the tables on the thief with an ingenious sting, even though she was advised against doing so by the police." more...

How to Make Protected Bike Lanes More Effective


"...Protected bike lanes should go where people are already biking." more...

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Dayton Pushes Ahead for Trail Corridor


Dayton, OH - "The city of Dayton wants to contract with a consultant to help it land the 6.5 mile stretch of abandoned rail line it envisions for a new elevated bike trail." more...

Towpath Secures Funding

D.C. - "A federal program that pays for improvements at the Ohio & Erie Canalway will get the same amount of money it got last year..." more

Police Release Sketch of Murder Suspect


Delphi, IN - "...Indiana State Police are hoping the sketch will lead to the identification of the suspect in the murders of Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, on the Delphi Historic Trails on Feb. 13." more...

A Brilliant Plan for Bikes?


Pittsburgh, PA - "...D.J. Bryant, a designer at AE7 Planners and Architects, proposes an ambitious new idea - the Brilliant Branch Rail-to-Trail - that would increase connectivity and access to safe, affordable transportation options for several communities in the city..." more

Man Pleads Guilty to Hit-and-Run Killing


Georgetown, KY - "...The defendant faced charges of murder, wanton endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, fleeing or evading police, and no operator's license. [Police also say he was drunk.]" more...

Cyclist Punched, Chased by Teens


Waterloo, IA - "...I estimated 10 black teenagers on the trail blocking it and I knew this wasn't a normal situation..." more

Latinos & Family Biking

"Most people find it pleasant to bike with people they know. But there's growing evidence that one category of Americans are particularly interested in it." more...

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Troy Considers Test Bike Lane

Troy, OH - "Troy city officials are weighing the potential impact of a Troy city plan to close parking on the south side of Water Street including near the Miami County government and courts buildings to test a proposed bike lane." more...

Lick Run Greenway Plans


Cincinnati, OH - "Within the next few years, South Fairmount will be home to a lush, verdant park with a stream running through it -- an idyllic little patch of greenery known as the Lick Run Greenway." more...

Bill Targets Distracted Peds/Bicyclists

Honolulu, HI - "There is a ban to prevent distracted driving on Oahu, but now distracted pedestrians could also face fines..." more

Man Invents Leaf-Blower Bike

Clear Creek, CO - "...This is my invention of a bike vehicle sweeper and it's designed to get rid of debris that collects in the bike lanes and safety shoulders..." more

1st Bike Highway in Nova Scotia


CAN - "'They're going to be more prevalent around Canada', says highway design engineer." more...

Dockless Bike Shares hits the UK

UK - "China's 'Rainbow wars' are coming to the UK, as rival bike share firms set up operations: Ofo in Cambridge, Mobike in Manchester, and, just this week, Singapore's Obike arrived in London..." more

Drivers' Attitude Affects Their Behavior

"The attitude of the person at the wheel may affect how well they see people on bicycles." more...

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Cincinnati Uptown/MLK Corridor Vision

Cincinnati, OH - "... The new MLK will frame a harmonious set of land uses geared to walkable commuting and auto-independence..." more

Rehab Starts on Greenway River Crossing


Westfield, MA - The bridge is going to connect two portions in the city over the Westfield River." more...

The End of Individual Car Ownership?

"A historic photo taken on Easter Sunday, 1900, shows a street filled with horse-drawn carriages..." more

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Law Enforcement Patrols on Springfield Trails


Springfield, OH - "...The Little Miami Trail, Simon Kenton Trail and the east-west connector, Buck Creek Trail will be patrolled by certified bike patrol officers to off-duty staffing from now into early fall, Clark County Combined Health District officials said Friday." more...

Bike/Ped Bridge not in New Development Plans


Columbus, OH - "...The list of infrastructure improvements announced by the City of Columbus to complement the new OhioHealth offices does not include a bridge to connect the Olentangy Trail..." more

Little Miami Scenic Trail News

Read the July edition.

Hit-and-Run Won't Deter Injured Rider


"After getting struck by a driver along the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee, Tyler Noe says he intends to get back on the bike when he's physically able." more...

How Ethical Is Your Driving?


"...Perhaps because driving is so routine here, we tend not to give it much thought..." more

Rails-to-Trails E-News

Read the July edition.

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Olentangy Trail Section Closing Aug. 1

Columbus, OH - "...The Olentangy Trail will be closed between Worthington Hills and Olentangy River Parklands at Wilson Bridge Road." more...

A Walking Plan for Downtown Akron

Akron, OH - "The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is giving the Downtown Akron Partnership $1.5 million to help make the city's center more vibrant by making it a more inviting place for pedestrians." more...

Towpath Times - Special Edition

NE OH - "We need your help!" more...

Milwaukee Will Get First Bike Boulevards

WI - "The Riverwest neighborhood will likely be the site of Milwaukee's first 'bike boulevards,' on a stretch of N. Fratney St. between E. Keefe and E. Meinecke avenues..." more

Detroit gets $2M Trail Grant


MI - "Detroit has been awarded a $2 million grant for design plans to finish a pedestrian and bike path that encircles the city, officials said." more...

Body Found on Bike Path near Camp Lejeune


NC - "A body of an unidentified female was found near the main gate of Camp Lejeune Thursday morning..." more

Landscaping used as a 'Jaywalking Repellant'


FL - "...The state Department of Transportation installed the landscaping several months ago and is studying its effectiveness now." more...

The Fall of the Tiger?


"...A 2014 Government Office of Accountability report found that TIGER projects often violated internal controls, doling out funding to projects that had applied after deadlines or which were rated inferior to other applicants." more...

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Flooding Alert Issued for Columbus Greenways

Columbus, OH - From metroparks, "Expect flooding on all trails. Use Caution in areas of high water."

Upcoming Bike & Hike Trail Closure

Akron, OH - From summitmetroparks, "The Bike & Hike Trail, from Sowul Rd. to Norton Rd. in Stow, will be closed from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday, 7/14 and Monday, 7/17. The trail will be open on the weekend. There will be additional trail closures in the near future as the contractor for ODOT and the City of Stow works to complete the project."

The Story Behind the High Street Ped Tunnel


Columbus, OH - "...Inside the simple tunnel, a few old yellow flood lights illuminate white concrete walls..." more

Bike Share Collaborates with Artists

Pittsburgh, PA - "...These 'Unicorn' bicycles are bikes that exist within the bike share system, but have a custom design..." more

Woman Pleads Guilty in Fatal Bike Crash, Pays Fine

Jonesboro, AR - "...a plea of guilty to the charges of overtaking a bicycle, and careless and prohibited driving." more...

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Roundtown Trail Officially Open

Circleville, OH - "...Chris Mullins, Pickaway County Engineer, said the trail is 1.5 miles long with two bridges; the one near OCU is a 16-foot steel truss bridge, and at the other end is a 12-foot pre-cast concrete structure." more...

Paving Underway along Holmes County Trail


Holmes County, OH - Paving has begun on the Holmes County Trail section from the Rt. 62 tunnel, near Brinkhaven to Glenmont.

'Dooring' on the Rise in U.S.

Cleveland, OH - "...They're also happening, with sometimes life-altering consequences, in Cleveland, where miles of newer bike lanes are ushering in the increasingly popular form of transportation." more...

Cyclist Forced off Bike Path by Truck Driver

Portland, OR - "A man in a pickup truck allegedly forced a bicycle rider off the I-205 bike path in southeast Portland Saturday afternoon." more...

Man Arrested in Greenway Assault Case

Grand Forks, ND - "...Robert John Burr, 48, is the man East Grand Forks Police and Polk County prosecutors believe barreled into a woman on the Greenway and physically assaulted her June 26." more...

Was Barbed Wire Booby Trap Trail Story Faked?

CAN - "Recent reports of a mountain biker being clotheslined by a booby trap consisting of barbed wire strung across a popular mountain bike trail in West Bragg Creek, Alberta, are being met with suspicion by local Alberta mountain bikers online..." more

Oil Poured on Capital City Trail


AUS - "Melbourne cyclists have raised concerns for their safety after the fire brigade was called to remove oil from Capital City Trail twice in one day." more...

Kids Push Bike into Street to Upend Cyclists


UK - "Instagram video shows the shocking moment a group of children deliberately pushed a bike into the path of a group of cyclists." more...

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100 Speeding Tickets Dismissed

Toledo, OH - "...Those ticketed were fined for driving over the school zone speed limit, but were actually driving outside the school zone..." more

Driver Convicted in Deadly Hit-n-Run in 2007, Gets More Charges


Columbus, OH - "...A judge took Andrews' license away and sentenced him to four years in prison after he pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide in a 2007 crash that killed 19-year-old Michael Sonney.

"...Charges of OMVI and hit-skip were dropped in that case." more...

Firm Hired to Build Chippewa Creek Headwaters Park


North Royalton, OH - "The city has chosen an Akron firm to build the 12-acre Chippewa Creek Headwaters Park at the southeast corner of State and Wallings roads." more...

Box Cutter Attack on Greenway


Nashville, TN - "A man was slashed with a box cutter during a Sunday afternoon walk on the Richland Creek greenway." more...

Murder on Bike Trail

D.C. - "FBI and Metropolitan Police are asking for help in looking for a man who fatally stabbed a woman on a bike trail in Southeast D.C." more...

Distressed Hiker Rescuers Robbed


Los Angeles, CA - "Add armed robbery to the threats facing hikers this year on the Pacific Crest Trail." more...

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Woman Injured on Bike Trail

PA - "A woman had to be rescued Sunday after falling off her bicycle and sliding down a steep embankment on a trail in Tilden Township." more...

Proposed Bike Trail Next to Busy Highway


VA - "...biking aficionados who welcome the addition of the trail but say, if built as proposed, users will be too close to cars whizzing by on the interstate and exposed to toxic exhaust fumes." more...

Bringing Bikes to the Causeway

Miami, FL - "...the Florida Department of Transportation is evaluating Lansburgh's idea, which would close the right lanes of the MacArthur and Julia Tuttle Causeways to motor vehicle traffic from 6 to 11 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays." more...

Man Accused of Jaywalking gets Beat Down


Mesa, AZ - "...Barton claimed he was tackled to the ground, and punched and kneed by the officers, with one allegedly telling him, 'you're lucky you're alive and not dead,' during the arrest." more...

Teen Bit, Dragged by Bear


Ward, CO - "...The 19-year-old woke up at around 4 a.m. to a 'crunching sound' with his head inside the mouth of the bear..." more

Vehicles used as Weapons of Terror


"...As terrorists overseas increasingly turn to vehicles as weapons, cities across the United States, concerned such attacks could happen here, are ramping up security in public spaces to protect areas with heavy pedestrian traffic." more...

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Coshocton Looks to Extend Bike Path


Coshocton, OH - "Coshocton officials hope a pleasant walk along the river is in the city's future, as they pursue grants to help pay for an extension of the walking path that connects the city to Lake Park..." more

Trail Sabotage Injures Rider


CAN - "On July 7, 2017 a rider was injured when riding into barbed wire strung at neck height on a trail in West Bragg Creek (the area is south of Calgary)..." more

Electric Bikes Offer An Efficient Transpo Alternative

"Bikes with electric assist - E-bikes - are taking off around the world, and for good reason: They are arguably the best form of motorized transportation..." more

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Community Gardens Displaced for Trail Expansion


Wyoming, OH - "The city of Wyoming is extending its hike/bike trail, but the new pathway has left a long-time community garden is its wake, and several advocates say not enough is being done to find a replacement." more...

Lyme disease Cases on Rise in Tuscarawas Valley

Harrison County, OH - "The Harrison County Health Department is warning residents about a significant spike in the number of Lyme disease cases in the county - a trend that is being observed throughout the Tuscarawas Valley." more...

City Van Swallowed by Sinkhole


Cleveland, OH - "A sinkhole swallowed a Cleveland water department van Thursday afternoon on the city's East Side, according to city officials." more...

Oregon Enacts a Bike Tax


OR - "...The accusation that people who ride bikes don't pay for roads is familiar to anyone who's tried to argue for bike infrastructure in a public setting..." more

Rumble Strips Got You Grumbling?


"We all like to ride on rural roads, but these areas are often rife with bad road designs of all types: Rumble strips (gasp!), no shoulders (gasp!!), or worse - chip seal..." more...

More News...

Nail Traps Found on Butler County Roads

OH - "Residents along Ohio 177 near Darrtown are concerned about nail devices placed in the road in an apparent attempt to pop vehicle tires." more...

Detroit Transport Mode Race

MI - "...s Detroit's new streetcar the fastest way to get around town?" more...

Lakefront Trail Section Now Separated


Chicago, IL - "...The section, which has been opened to users, is part of a two-year project to divide the popular 18-mile trail to help ease congestion and reduce collisions..." more

E-Bikes not Allowed on State Park Bike Paths

Portland, OR - "Last week we posted a story about how electric bicycles have opened up new riding opportunities\ in the Columbia River Gorge. But it turns out it's illegal to ride an e-bike on the Historic Columbia River State Trail - or on any other paved bike path within the Oregon State Parks system." more...

Drivers: Bikes are Vehicles, Too - Get with the Program


"You might think drivers in rural towns would be friendlier toward cyclists, but, believe me, they're not." more...

Runner Escapes from Bears


Auburn, ME - "A professional runner from Kenya who was out training on a nature trail in the woods near his home in Maine says he encountered two charging black bears but was able to outrun them during a frantic sprint to a nearby vacant house for cover." more...

More News...

New Study Looks at Drivers' Attitudes Toward Cyclists


"It is a regular topic of discussion on TreeHugger and other sites like Streetsblog: Why do drivers hate people on bikes so much? Why, when there is a crash, do drivers (and the police) always blame the cyclist?..." more

Wayne County Rail-Trails Newsletter

OH - Read the latest edition.

Bike Bits Vol. 19

From Adventure Cycling.

Bike Tourist Has Everything Stolen in Portland

OR - "Portlanders are rallying to the aid of a man whose bike - and all of his belongings - were stolen last week." more...

Sherriff's Office drops 1 or 2 Tickets Against Jaywalker


Jacksonville, FL - "The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office dropped one of the traffic tickets issued last month to a 21-year-old man who was stopped in Arlington for jaywalking in a recorded incident that went viral." more...

What have We sacrificed for Transportation Independence?


"Imagine I told you there was a revolutionary transportation idea that would give everyone the freedom to go anywhere, relatively cheaply and easily..." more

More News...

Teen Who Died in Tinker's Creek Identified


Bedford, OH - "...The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not yet made a ruling on Jalen's cause of death." more...

Man Dies in Biking Accident on Snowmass Trail


CO - "A 65-year-old man died Monday after crashing his mountain bike while descending the Valhalla trail at Snowmass Ski Area." more...

Bike Lane Test in Downtown Duluth


MN - "...The experiment features east-west lanes for cyclists and a 3-foot buffer zone indicated by 'flexible delineation posts' that separate the bike lanes from the eastbound traffic on Michigan Street." more...

Jaywalking While Black


"Late last month, in Jacksonville, Fla., Devonte Shipman, who is black, walked across the street. A white sheriff's officer saw him, and about 20 minutes later, Mr. Shipman had been served a $62 fine for jaywalking and a $136 fine for 'failing to provide I.D.'..." more

Why is London Mayor such a Stick in the Wheel?

UK - "...the mayor has by my count built and opened 80m (260 ft) of new segregated lane. Work is progressing, extremely slowly, on another half-mile or so. And that is about it." more...

More News...

Hit-and-Run Injures Cyclist

Cincinnati, OH - "Victim was in bike lane on Spring Grove Avenue." more...

More Trees Down on Sippo Trail


NE OH - "The sections from Ben Fulton and West Lebanon Roads were hit with downed trees and debris some time yesterday. I don't know how far the damage extends -- one tree before WL Road was too large to lift my bicycle over."

Submitted by Sharon Cole

Offensive Graffiti on Mill Creek Bikeway

Austintown, OH - "Mill Creek Park Police say they have increased patrols along the bikeway as they investigate graffiti ranging from pro-nazi symbols to a message supporting rape." more...

Man Acquitted in 2016 CVNP Shooting


Youngstown, OH - "A federal jury on Monday acquitted an Akron man suspected of being the driver in a shooting in Cuyahoga Valley National Park over last year's Fourth of July weekend." more...

Body of 15-Year-Old Boy Pulled from Tinker's Creek'


Bedford, OH - "...The teen was swimming with a group near Viaduct Park Saturday evening when he got caught in the current, officials said." more...

Cyclist Shot with Pellet Gun


WA - "Some terrible person shot Haley Keller with a pellet gun Monday night while she and her husband Dave were biking home from watching the sunset at Golden Gardens." more...

Cyclist Death by Bad Design, Suit Claims


Tribeca, NY - "Officials failed to address traffic safety issues at an intersection where a cyclist was killed a year ago - despite the fact they knew the crossing was 'hazardous,' a new lawsuit charges." more...

Should Bike Owners Have to Pay a Licensing Fee?


Seattle, WA - "Seattle launched a mandatory, fee-based bicycle registration program in the late 1970s and it quickly flopped. Here's what officials have to say about instituting a similar system now." more...

More News...

Seattle to Test Stationless Bike Share

WA - "...A new pilot program for privately-owned bike share companies was launched on Friday, and could lead to hundreds of rentable bikes on Seattle streets by July 7." more...

Another Attempt at Bike Share in St. Louis


MO - "A new effort is underway to start a bike-share program in St. Louis similar to one already in place in numerous other American cities." more...

Body Found on Ojai Bike Trail


CA - "...Ventura County Fire Department personnel responded to the scene sometime after 11:20 a.m. when authorities received reports of a person not breathing on the path, authorities said." more...

New Bus Tech that Automatically Brakes for Peds

"Considering that pedestrians basically surround buses all day, it's a bit surprising that pedestrian detection wasn't yet built into this type of public transportation. But thanks to Daimler Buses, that's about to change." more...

More News...

Western Reserve Greenway Bridge Reopens


Bristol, OH - "...The bridge had been closed since August 2015 until the Trumbull County MetroParks was recently able to get liability insurance..." more...

Gas-Powered, Micro Cycles a No-No for Bike Trails


Springfield, IL - "Springfield Park District Police have a clear message to people with gas-powered bicycles or micro motorcycles: Neither is allowed on bicycle trails, and riders will be ticketed. more...

Bikers & Hikers Work Together on Reshaping Rich Fork


High Point, NC - "...Conversations about Rich Fork were much less civil a year ago, when community members were mired in a contentious debate over the fate of the property that centered mostly on whether mountain biking should be permitted." more...

More News...

Shoreline Erosion Closes Section of Bike Trail


Geneva, OH - "...Erosion has become a large enough issue at Geneva State Park to cause a portion of the bike and hike trail near Breakwater Beach to be closed and a detour to be set up." more...

Lake to Lakes Trail Reroute Coming

Cleveland, OH - "...For approximately 3 weeks beginning July 10, there will be a signed reroute for the Lake to Lakes Trail in Ambler Park. The reroute will take you onto Stokes Blvd, Cedar Ave, and MLK Jr Drive. During this 3 week period a temporary path will be under construction, one that will skirt the edge of the park and be used for nearly 4 years." more...

Teenager in Critical Condition after Park Shooting


Cleveland, OH - "...The 16-year-old was shot in the arm and abdomen about 3 a.m. at Topeka Park off Aspinwall Avenue in the city's South Collinwood neighborhood." more...

Chef Takes over 5 Points Drive-In Near Bike Trail

Butler, OH - "The '5 Points Drive-In,' located just off the Richland B&O Bike trail has been providing comfort and serving comfort food to locals for years." more...

Wear a Helmet, Get a Free Pizza

Streetsboro, OH - "City police are once again handing out tickets for free personal pizzas to safety conscious kids." more...

Seattle's Dockless Bike Share: A Guide


Seattle, WA - "The demise of Pronto Cycle Share led to a big bike share black hole in Seattle. Now, multiple companies are vying for a spot in Seattle's transportation landscape - but there's no need to rebuild those docks." more...

80-Year-Old Knocked Down, Bitten by K-9


Enfield, CT - "...Keane says he had been walking on a trail at the Enfield Senior Center when he was bitten in December 2015..." more

Elly Blue says 'Bike Lanes are White Lanes' is Cultural Myth

"The 14th issue of Taking the Lane feminist bike zine is all about intersections of class, race, and money." more...

Converting Unsustainable Roadway to Urban Trail Brings Environmental Benefits


D.C. - "I can't claim to be an expert in roadway engineering. But when an urban roadway literally washes into the stream below, that strikes me as problematic design." more...

More News...

Forum on Bike Safety in Era of Drugged Driving

Mt. Adams, OH - "...Two bicyclists have been killed recently by people police say were high behind the wheel. Now, bicyclists are learning how to keep safe from tragedies like these." more...

Summit Metro Parks Searches for Housing Enclave


Akron, OH - "...the Summit Metro Parks -- which bought the golf course for $4 million in 2016 and plans to turn 194 acres into a park connecting Sand Run, Cascade Valley and Gorge Metro Parks..." more

Toronto Addressing Bike Lane Blockers


CAN - "...Kyle Ashley spends half his day bicycling around Toronto doling out $150 tickets to bike lane blockers and much of the rest of the day doing outreach and education about the problem through social media and in person." more...

Trail System Allows Golf Carts

GA - "With the planned inclusion of neighborhood electric vehicles able to travel a maximum of 25 mph, CV Link is billed as a path unlike any other." more...

More News...

Triathlon Racers Report Aggressive Driver

Delaware, OH - "Investigators from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office are looking into claims of aggressive driving and harassment of cyclists during a triathlon this past weekend." more...

Lake Link Trail Unveils a Wonderland in the Flats


Cleveland, OH - "...Those responsible for creating the trail have literally created a diamond from coal..." more

Cleveland Metroparks Mill Creek Connector

"Officials along with several dozen, gathered for the dedication of the Cleveland Metroparks Mill Creek connector trail." more...

$7.5M for Dowtown Bridge Project


Akron, OH - "...Construction of the two-way bridge with a pedestrian/bike lane will coincide with a $14.5 million remake of the Main Street Corridor from the bridge to Mill Street toward the northern end of downtown..." more

What Do Drivers Really Think of Cyclists?


"New research shows how biases affect motorist behavior toward people on bikes." more...

Euro Car Designs Better Protect Peds


"We recently noted how Tesla cars sold in Europe have what is called an 'active hood' that pops up to protect pedestrians, but American Teslas do not..." more

More News...

New Renderings for Downtown Revamp


Lexington, KY - "...New York - based SCAPE Landscape Architecture has released new images of an urban park in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky..." more

Settlement Reached on Baltimore Bike Lane


MD - "The Potomac Street protected bike lane will remain in place after cycling advocates and Baltimore officials reached a settlement agreement on Tuesday evening." more...

Bike Share Concerns in Honolulu


HI - "As Honolulu's bikeshare program nears debut, some residents remain concerned about safety and affordability." more...

More News...

Teenager in Critical Condition after Crash

Mayfield Heights, OH - "The young girl was struck by a car while riding her bicycle on Lander Road. She is currently hospitalized..." more...

York City Bike Share Begins Friday


PA - "A Zagster bike share program will launch in three locations around York City this Friday." more...

Woman Dragged, Assaulted on Greenway


Grand Forks, ND - "...A female was rollerblading northbound on the bike path when an unidentified male riding a bicycle crashed into her..." more

More News...

Columbiana Park District Eyes Trail Expansion


Columbiana County, OH - "...The district has applied for a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation that would pave pay for the construction of a three-mile trail extension - featuring a short bridge - to the Day's Inn." more...

Commissioners Found Not Guilty of Violating Sunshine Law


Akron, OH - "Portage County Commissioners did not violate Ohio's Open Meetings Act when it held an emergency session to discuss the Hiram Hike and Bike Trail, the 11th District Court of Appeals recently ruled." more...

Downtown Akron is 1/3 Parking Lots

Akron, OH - "A third of Akron's downtown land is parking lots, a statistic Akron officials and planners want to reduce through better transit and design..." more

Governor Reconsidering Cross-State Trail


MO - "...state officials under Nixon's successor, Eric Greitens, are reconsidering whether to accept the planned donation of the rail corridor by Ameren, which bought it in 1999 through a subsidiary." more...

Woman's Death Ruled Homicide


Everett, WA - "The Everett Police Department is investigating the death of a woman whose body was found along the Pigeon Creek public access trail." more...

Cities Revive an Old Idea to Become More Ped-Friendly


"'Pedestrian scrambles' surged in popularity half a century ago. Some places are bringing them back." more...

Can't Ban Cars from Downtown? Take Away Parking Spaces

"Oslo had a plan to lower its emissions by drastically limit car travel in its center. Now you can drive, but it might not be worth it." more..

More News...

25-Acre Park Opens alongside Little Beaver Creek Trail


Leetonia, OH - "...The 25-acre park connects the 10-acre coke ovens facility with the [Little Beaver Creek Greenway] Bike Trail." more...

NYC Bike Lane Bonanza

Volunteers Help Finish Long-Distance Trail


Rushville, NE - "...A group of volunteers from Rushville and Gordon have taken the Cowboy Trail into their own hands after the state halted work despite having 120 miles left to develop..." more

Ghost Road Becomes Trail


D.C. - "A stretch of D.C. road that sat in disrepair for almost 25 years has re-opened, but cars are not allowed on it." more...

Wet Winter Brings New Dangers to Hikers


Los Angeles, CA - "...Sellsted is one of several hikers who reported harrowing incidents tackling the 2,650-mile (4,265-kilometer) Pacific Crest Trail across this year's massive snowpack..." more

More News...

Great Miami Flood Wall Work & Flooding


Dayton, OH - From, "The flood wall in downtown Dayton is under repair, and work on the wall may result in intermittent closures of the Great Miami River Trail at the location on the south bank of the river, just a couple hundred feet downstream of RiverScape MetroPark.

"Detouring around this area is a simple matter. The simplest detour is to use the Great Miami River Trail on the north bank of the river. Traversing through Downtown from RiverScape MetroPark to another trail access point down stream of the project location is another option.

"Low spots along the trail in downtown Dayton are under water, including at RiverScape MetroPark and at River Run Structure 2 near the Dayton Art Institute."

Hoover Trail Construction

N. Canton, OH - From, "The 4th phase of the Hoover Trail project will construct a hiking and biking trail from the Kent State and Stark State campuses using the south side of the Dressler Rd./Hall of Fame bridge connecting to Price Park in North Canton. Construction should be complete by fall 2017.

"Future plans include extending the trail on the road from Price Park to the North Canton YMCA."

Pedicabs Coming to Hamilton

Hamilton, OH - "...We're going to start off with four pedicabs, and the demand will dictate the total number of pedicabs we're able to have..." more

The Latest on CoGo


Columbus, OH - "Ridership on the CoGo bike share system in the first half of 2017 is up about 28 percent compared to last year, according to the City of Columbus." more...

Bike Trail Battle in Swampscott


MA - "...while creating a bike trail might seem like one of the least controversial moves a town could make, a bike path is dividing one North Shore community." more...

Bike Shares, Trail Maps, Encourage Alternative Transpo


NE - "...With help from a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska wellness grant, the college now has a free bike share program." more...

Cyclist Chases Down Stray Puppy in Traffic


"He takes some big risks, but still can't catch this ball of fluff to get him out of harm's way." more...

Yet Another Reason to Bike Commute


"...Research from Concordia University has shown that the first 45 minutes of your workday can be significantly less stressful if you opt to pedal to work rather than driving." more...

More News...

Olentangy Trail Section Closed


Columbus, OH - From Franklin MetroParks, "Utility work has closed the trail between King Avenue and John Herrick Drive. Estimated timeline of 3-4 weeks.

"Canon Drive is an alternate route. [See detour map.]"

Moonville Trail Vandalism

Brown Township, OH - "...Vandals have lined the bridge with graffiti, while others are illegally driving their vehicles across it." more...

Closed Innerbelt to Become Pop-Up Forest

Akron, OH - "...Residents and visitors will likely see 'pop up' forest next spring or summer. The space will include a green space, seating and an area for movie screenings." more...

Opinions Mixed on Park Plans


Toledo, OH - "...Plans call for the park to take up a part of undeveloped land on the east bank of the Maumee River, across from downtown Toledo." more...

Cincy Provides more Funding for Wasson Way

Cincinnati, OH - "...The recreational trail will get $500,000 from the capital budget, up from the $300,000 in the city manager's proposed budget..." more

Detroit to Build Greenway Loop


MI - "...The city has struck a deal with Conrail to purchase 76 acres of railroad property, which will be transformed into a bike and pedestrian-friendly greenway." more...

Transpo Planners Want Bikes on the Sidewalk


Menlo Park, CA - "...designers somehow weren't able to find any space to install bike lanes nearest to Marsh Road, where the street is a massive 80 feet wide..." more

Push Back on Bike Share Station Location


Honolulu, HI - "...Alethea Rebman, president of the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society, says she has concerns about the placement of the bike docks." more...

Federal Action Needed to Expedite New Bike Facilities


"...Throughout the United States, cities have embarked on new street designs to make people who bike and walk safer, but these designs have not yet reached wide acceptance. Standing in the way of wide acceptance is the federal government's role in street design and traffic controls..." more

More News...

Irishtown Bend Park Designs Meeting

Cleveland, OH - "Potential designs for a new park space at Irishtown Bend in Cleveland will be presented to the public Tuesday evening." more...

Missing Man's Body Found


Cortland, OH - "...Sample's family reported him missing June 12 after he left home the night before, saying he was taking a friend to Akron. His car was found in a wooded area along the Niles Greenway bike trail early June 12." more...

COMBO E-Mountain Bike Survey

Do you mountain bike in Ohio? If so, take the survey.

PA Joins Bicycle Route System

PA - "Pennsylvania's first nationally designated bicycle route - U.S. Bicycle Route 50 - was officially approved in May by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and makes Pennsylvania the 25th state to join the developing U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS)." more...

More News...

Alum Creek Trail Connector Closed

Columbus, OH - From Franklin MetroParks, "Alum Creek Connector Trail @ Emrick Dr. / I-270 on north-side closed for the next 12 months for construction by Kokosing."

Police Increasing Bike Patrol along Tweetsie Trail


Johnson City, TN - "...People in the community say they've noticed an uptick in crime activity like bicycle theft and vandalism." more...

Cyclist Death is Sober Reminder of Failure to Accommodate Bicyclists


Baltimore, MD - "...On Monday night, there was a sobering reminder of the vulnerability of bicyclists even on one of the widest and most heavily biked of local thoroughfares with the death of Aaron Laciny, a cyclist struck by not one but two vehicles..." more

Like it or Not, E-Bikes are Coming


CO - "...Someday, when the young legs of pedal purest give out (and the legs will give out) you will see those folks grinning while riding an e-bike..." more

If you Build it, They will Ride

"Last September, the town of Macon, Georgia installed a network of temporary bike lanes. In the two weeks that the lanes were up, bike traffic increased by nearly 900 percent..." more

Crash Stats & Pedestrian Safety


"New research from Minneapolis shows that there is safety in numbers for pedestrians." more...

More News...

Bridge Removal Would Affect Pedestrians

Toledo, OH - "Norfolk Southern wants to raze it." more...

More Details on Quarry Development


Columbus, OH - "...there's about two miles of frontage along the Scioto River. We're looking to partner with the City of Columbus to get them to extend their existing bike trail up from West Fifth Avenue..." more

Highway Planners Pause to Consider the Effect of Road Widening


MI - "...highway planners in Michigan are starting to listen to people who say they want something different." more...

Teen Killed after Road Rage Incident


VA - "A man has been charged with murder after police found the body of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, who was attacked with a baseball bat and murdered..." more

Bike Share Is Faster Than Cabs When It Matters


NYC - "As the city strives to cut carbon emissions, backseat travelers should know when there's a quicker, cleaner route." more...

Clown Arrested for Chasing People on Bike Path


Anchorage, AK - "A man dressed in a clown costume was arrested by Anchorage Police Sunday evening." more...

Teen Killed by Black Bear During Race


Anchorage, AK - "Patrick Cooper had already turned around after reaching the halfway point in a popular mountain race in Alaska when he somehow veered off the trail and became lost..." more

More News...

New Metropark Site in West Columbus


Columbus, OH - "A sprawling limestone quarry in west Columbus will be turned into scenic parkland surrounded by mixed-use development under a joint plan by Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks..." more

Cyclist Attacked with Rock on Bike Trail

Sacramento, CA - "Kevin Meagher said he was cycling home from work along the American River Parkway bike trail Wednesday when he was attacked by another man on a bike." more...

Homeless Problem on Feather River Trail


Sacramento, CA - "...Since this winter's flooding, the southern part of the path has become a trail of a different type: of graffiti, tents, tarps, bagged trash, trash left to blow in the wind, and scorched earth caused by fires." more...

Amtrak Bike Service Questions


"In March, we asked our members and supporters if they had any questions about bike service on Amtrak. And wow, did you have questions..." more...

Can Cities Afford to Let 'Rogue' Bike Shares Run Wild?


"There's a reason cities and companies partner up to launch bike-share systems. Disrupting this model could cause more harm than good." more...

Bikeshare Association Hires first Executive Director

"The North American Bikeshare Association has hired its first executive director, Samantha Herr." more...

More News...

Western Reserve Trail Bridge to Reopen


Bristol, OH - "...the county finally has liability insurance coverage for the sandstone arch bridge over Baughman Creek in Bristol that closed in August 2015..." more

Trooper Detains Attacker on Bike Trail


Cookeville, TN - "A woman was assaulted while walking along the Central Tennessee Heritage Rail Trail bicycle/walking trail in Cookeville." more...

Stabbing Death on Katy Trail


OK - "Police have arrested a suspect in the stabbing death of a man whose body was found Friday morning on the Katy Trail downtown." more...

More News...

New Cleveland Trail Link gets Thumbs-Up


Cleveland, OH - "CHEERS . . . to the newest half-mile section of the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Lake Link Trail on the West Bank of the Flats that opened last week..." more

Texas Man Shoots Cyclist from Car


TX - "A 19-year-old Texas man is accused of aggravated assault for allegedly firing a shotgun at a cyclist from a car so he could 'blow off steam,' police said." more...

Another Plunger-Protected Bike Lane Goes Permanent


"Tactical urbanism projects are prompting cities to improve the bike-riding environment." more...

Video Contradicts Police Report on Citi Bike Rider Death

NYC - "Security camera footage from a West 26th Street building appears to contradict preliminary NYPD statements and media reports that 36-year-old Dan Hanegby 'swerved' away from a parked vehicle before fatally colliding with a moving bus on Monday morning." more...

VA DOT to Add Trail next to Highway Expansion


VA - "When a bike path is added to a highway expansion project, it risks being an afterthought, resulting in a low-quality, high-stress route. Like this one, now in the works in Northern Virginia." more...

Cars Predominately Cause Bike Collisions

AUS - "...To keep our cyclists safe, it may be time to adopt the approach of many European nations by introducing legislation that, in civil cases, presumes that car drivers caused a collision unless there is evidence to the contrary." more...

Would you let your Child Cycle Here?


"For generations, Danish urban planners have made it a priority for children to be able to ride to school alone. The result is not just more social, cheerful, healthy children - but more social, cheerful, healthy adults." more...

More News...

Oxford Opens First Phase Of Trail System

Oxford, OH - "...The trail section that opens on Wednesday is just over one mile long and is referred to as the "Black Bridge Connector" because it crosses the historic Black Covered Bridge that connects Kelly Drive to Leonard Howell Park on Bonham Road." more...

Body in Bristol may be Missing Warren Man


Warren, OH - "...He told his family he was taking a friend to Akron, but Niles police found his car abandoned Monday morning near the Niles Greenway Bike Trail." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy E-News

The June edition.

Council President Clarke calls for Vision Zero


Philadelphia, PA - "In response to the death of Peter Javsicas, a multimodal transportation advocate who was hit by a driver on Tuesday while walking on the sidewalk near 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard, City Council President Darrell Clarke introduced a resolution Thursday calling for hearings on Vision Zero..." more

Can Cyclists and Driverless Cars Co-Exist?


"...A report last month estimated that by 2035 up to 25% of new vehicles sold could be fully autonomous..." more

More News...

City Set to Connect Bike Lanes


Cincinnati, OH - "James Heller-Jackson was on an everyday bike commute between work in Camp Washington and home in Northside when he was run off the road by a motorist on Spring Grove Avenue..." more...

Art Bomb's Freedom Trail Mural

Akron, OH - "The Art Bomb Brigade's latest public mural is putting paint to poetry at the Mill Street overpass on the University of Akron campus." more...

Free Water Taxi Rides


Cleveland, OH - "Visitors to Cleveland's Flats can enjoy a free water-taxi ride across the Cuyahoga River on weekends during the summer season." more...

Transportation Advocate Killed on Sidewalk


PA - "...Javsicas died after a minivan traveling west on John F. Kennedy Boulevard on Tuesday morning tried to switch lanes at 16th Street, but instead struck an SUV, then jumped a curb..." more

Conservancy Meeting Divided Over Greenway


RI - "The Roger Williams Park Conservancy Community Meeting at the Casino on Thursday took a contentious turn as a pocket of residents continued to protest the one-way greenway." more...

The Unintended Consequences Of Bicycle Helmets

"From personal experience I can attest that it is almost impossible, in the US at least, to have an intelligent conversation about bicycle helmets..." more

More News...

Storm Downs Trees on Sippo Valley Trail


"Due to the severe thunder storms and high wind on Tuesday, several trees are down across the path.

"I went as far ar Deermont Ave NW to Manchester Rd. (Rt 93) and turned back. I spotted 11 trees across the trail in that short stretch alone."

Submitted by Sharon Cole

Man Goes Missing near Bike Trail

Warren, OH - "...Brandon's family says police found their sons car abandoned Monday morning near the Niles Greenway bike trail off of State Street." more...

Westerville Bike Sharing Survey

Westerville, OH - "The City of Westerville has organized a steering committee to explore bike sharing in Westerville. The committee is actively seeking input from residents, the workforce and visitors on their level of knowledge and perceived use of such a program..." more

iCan Bike Cleveland Helps Disabled Kids Ride Bikes

South Euclid, OH - "...Twenty-five kids with cognitive or physical disabilities are participating in the week-long program to teach them how to ride regular bicycles without training wheels." more...

Judge Stops Mayor from Removing Bike Lane

Baltimore, MD - "...On Friday, Baltimore City circuit court judge Althea M. Handy, finding 'immediate, substantial and irreparable harm,' granted a temporary restraining order preventing the city from removing the bike lane." more...

'Freezeway' gets Funding for Frozen Trail

ND - "...The first stretch of Freezeway will probably be no longer than 600 yards, Jensen said, possibly featuring some looping sections to keep things interesting. By the winter of 2018-19, skaters may have as much as 2.8 miles of frozen trails to explore." more...

81-Year-Old Suffers Brutal Attack on Greenway


UK - "Pensioner Samuel Cooper was enjoying a walk with his dog in the Greenway at midday last Thursday when he was approached by a stranger." more...

More News...

Sharrows Debut in Canton

Canton, OH - "The city's first bicycle road markings, known as sharrows, debuted last month." more...

Midland to Add Bike Sharing

MI - "Midland City Council votes unanimously to approve three bike sharing stations to be set up on city-owned property, making it the 2nd city in Mid Michigan to boast a bike sharing program." more...

First Citi Bike Death, Police Say


NY - "...Dan Hanegby, 36, an Israeli special forces veteran with two kids in Brooklyn Heights, was riding alongside a charter bus on 26th Street near Eighth Avenue when the two collided, police said." more...

Group of Cyclists Mowed Down by Driver


Austin, TX - "...A witness told police, as he was sitting at a traffic light, he saw a white Buick strike several bicyclists..." more

Caltrans Strands Bicyclists on Bay Bridge

CA - Cyclists get caught behind a locked gate on the new bridge bike path -- a serious safety issue." more...

Arrest Made in Bike Trail Sex Assault Case


San Antonio, TX - "An unsolved assault on a San Antonio bike trail is one step closer to being closed." more...

Vision Zero Data Suggests Progress


" data is emerging that gives policymakers a better picture of where Vision Zero is working. And more data tools are on the way that could help address dangerous conditions before traffic deaths or injuries occur." more...

More News...

Little Miami Trail E-News

Read the June edition.

Brookhaven using Eminent Domain for 19-Acres of Greenway


GA - "...With their mind set on owning this property, Brookhaven is forging ahead with using eminent domain - asking a Judge to decide the fair market price the City will pay the owner when they take ownership..." more

E-Bikes Stance Softens


CO - "Owners of electric bikes who faced an uphill battle to ride on the Colorado Riverfront Trail may see a smooth road ahead." more...

More News...

Lebanon Adding Bike Park, Trail Extension


Lebanon, OH - "...This extension is expected to provide non-motorized access to the region's trail system of more than 340 miles to Lebanon residents on the east side of the Ohio 48 bypass." more...

Brainstorming Bike Trail Expansions


Indianapolis, IN - "...The Indiana Bicycle Trails Task Force, created by House Enrolled Act 1174, will develop plans and estimate the costs of connecting Indiana's bike trails..." more

More News...

GT MTB Recall


"About 1,240 bikes have faulty handlebars that can crack, according to the company." more...

Free Roadside Assistance for Cyclists


Hartford, CT - "...Roadside assistance for bikes isn't a new invention, but the Hartford BID appears to the be the first business district in the United States to offer it - for free, seven days a week..." more

Oregon Cyclist Tax Could Raise Price of New Bikes


"Oregon might be the first state to introduce a specific tax on new bicycles, if a massive state transportation bill is passed." more...

Teen Arrested for Robbery, attack on Greenway


Charlotte, NC - "Police are urging people on McMullen Creek Greenway to walk or run with a partner after a second crime this year was reported on the greenway." more...

More News...

Bike Movement Beginning to Move in Cleveland


Cleveland, OH - "Only a few years ago, the path to becoming an avid cyclist in Cleveland was no easy ride. Rentals were scarce, as were bike lanes..." more

Bloomington Woman Circulates Petition to Prevent Bike Lanes


IL - "...Teresea Enyeart lives on Washington and, after knocking on 34 doors, has gathered 22 signatures of people who oppose the bike lane. She said the neighborhood is not against bikers, but they don't think Washington is a safe place for a bike lane." more...

NACTO Wants to Design Better Streets, Faster


"Is your city government taking too long to deliver safer streets? The National Association of City Transportation Officials is on the case.a" more...

Ranking Spotlights New Complete Streets Policies


"...According to a new report ranking municipalities on the accessibility of their roadways for biking and walking, more cities saw the light last year than ever before..." more

More News...

Lake Link Trail in Flats opens Friday


Cleveland, OH - "The newest section of the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Lake Link Trail on the West Bank of the Flats is a small part of a much bigger trail network emerging in Cleveland." more...

Hamilton Trail gets Downtown Connection


Hamilton, OH - "A large new ramp now connects Hamilton's hiking/biking path along the shoreline of the Great Miami River with the city's new Marcum Park near the RiversEdge amphitheater..." more

Cleveland Bike Lane Closed

Cleveland, OH - "Late last month, social media reports and photos of the dreaded orange barrels placed in the bike lane on Detroit-Superior bridge began to emerge. They were in the eastbound bike lane, and when they popped up - the reason wasn't readily apparent..." more

'Ghost Bike' Memorial returns to Fatal Crash Site


Kalamazoo, MI - "Five "ghost bikes" have been returned to the site of last year's fatal bicycle crash in Kalamazoo to commemorate the five bicyclists who were killed." more...

Related: Survivors reflect on year after fatal bike crash in Michigan

Adventure Cycling E-News

Bike Bits Volume 19, June 7, 2017.

Mystery Creature Captured on Video near Hiking Trail


La Crescenta, CA - "The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating after a man captured a mysterious, ape-like animal on video during a walk in the woods." more...

Analysis of the Biking Networks in 299 U.S. Cities


"...PeopleForBikes, has just made the first attempt to measure and compare local bike networks on a nationwide scale." more...

Can Algorithms Design Safer Intersections?


"Cities and tech firms are deploying new technology to gauge risks at dangerous intersections..." more

California's Billion-Dollar Active Transportation Plan

CA - "On the tail of a historic three-year funding ride for biking and walking projects, California upped the ante this spring by announcing a $1 billion increase to its innovative Active Transportation Program (ATP) over the next decade." more...

More News...

What Will Replace Akron's Innerbelt?

Akron, OH - "About two-dozen people met in Kent over the weekend to brainstorm ideas for the future of Akron's Innerbelt highway." more...

Roadway Improvements Include Shared Use Paths

Columbus, OH - "...A shared-use path for pedestrians and bicycles will be added on the west side of Olentangy River Road from West North Broadway to McConnell Drive, and the new OhioHealth Boulevard and the as-yet-unnamed east-west road will include shared-use paths..." more

Cyclist Paralyzed after Trail Bollard Crash

WA - "...While riding through the Cecil Moses Memorial Park the victim struck an unmarked bollard that had been installed in the middle of the path..." more

Learn more about the trail bollard hazard.

Tracking Chips for Bikes


"Many years ago - back in my days - I wrote an article about the possibility of using RFID to track bikes." more...

Bike Parking & the Bottom Line


"5 reasons why retail business can no longer afford to ignore bicyclists." more...

More News...

Ohio Launches 'Your Move' Campaign

Columbus, OH - "...Fatal and serious accidents in Ohio involving bicyclists and pedestrians hit their highest levels in a decade last year..." more

Key Bank Bike Giveaway

Cleveland, OH - "What began as a competitive team-building exercise for 145 summer interns at KeyBank ended Friday with a lesson in giving back to the community." more...

DOT adds 'Dutch Reach' to Driver's Manual

MA - "...The department announced Tuesday that the Registry of Motor Vehicles has added the 'Dutch Reach' safety procedure to its latest driver's manual, in an effort to reduce the number of 'dooring' incidents involving cyclists. more...

Bike Lane Bikelash in Baltimore


MD - "Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has given in to bikelash, downgrading a new protected bike lane while the city was in the process of installing it..." more

Police Report on Cyclist Fatality


NC - "Wilmington police have released the accident report that details the deadly collision between a tanker truck and a bicyclist on South 17th Street last month." more...

Cyclists Claim Security Barriers are Unsafe


UK - "Cyclists have complained that new security barriers on London's bridges make roads less safe for them, just hours after they were installed to protect pedestrians from terror attacks." more...

Survey Reveals Driver Ignorance

UK - "A new survey by eBikes Direct has revealed how ignorant British drivers are about the rights of cyclists despite daily contact." more...

More News...

Upcoming Blacklick Trail Closing June 12

Columbus, OH - From Franklin MetroParks: Trail to be rerouted to traffic across Winchester Pike-Shannon Road. Area to be closed ~40 days.

Ohio-to-Erie Trail Newsletter

Read the 2017 Spring edition.

More News...

More Details on 5 Cyclists that were Struck


Cleveland, OH - "...Dungy was arrested on scene for aggravated vehicular assault and suspected OVI, according to a police spokesperson." more...

Ann Arbor's $55M Trail Plan


MI - "Ann Arbor's plan for a new greenway trail for pedestrians and cyclists is taking shape, and there's now a preferred route showing how the path would wind through the city..." more

More News...

5 Cyclists Struck, 3 in Critical Condition


Cleveland, OH - "Cleveland Police say that early Saturday morning, five cyclists were struck by a car, and one of the victims was struck again by a hit-skip driver before police had a chance to respond." more...

Akron Innerbelt Design Charrette


Akron, OH - "Craig Thompson Architecture is putting out a call to artists, developers, architects and other creative types interested in brainstorming new designs for Akron's Innerbelt." more...

Lakefront Parks are Flourishing


Cleveland, OH - "...Clough's vision for the shaping of Cleveland's lakefront is anchored by an audacious proposal to create hundreds of acres of park and green space on land now bisected by the Shoreway." more...

Improving Dangerous Bike Route for Kids


Grand Traverse County, MI - "...Three Mile is a highway and it is one of our main corridors. Even if the shoulder was widened it still would not be safe for kids getting to and from school..." more

Cycling Community Tracks Down Stolen Bikes

Safety Fencing installed on Bike Trail: Memorial Planned


CAN - "Geoffrey Bercarich has been making 'ghost bikes' for fallen cyclists for more than a decade, but he's never made one this small. more...

More News...

Northside Waits for Bike Lane Approval


Cincinnati, OH - "Northside residents are waiting for City Council to approve bike lanes along Spring Grove Avenue, but time is running out." more...

Summit and Portage Lay Out $5.5B in Transpo Projects

NE OH - "...recommending more than $5 .5 billion be spent on highway infrastructure. The plan also recommends more than $2 billion in public transportation benefits and $33 million for bike and pedestrian transportation." more...

Wayne County Rails-to-Trails Newsletter

Wayne County, OH - Read the June edition.

Dirty River Bicycle Works

Akron, OH - " Dirty River Bicycle Works, a new specialty bicycle shop, is opening in Akron's North Side Arts District." more...

Do-It-Yourself Approach to Taming Extra-Wide Streets


Houston, TX - "Impatient at the slow rate of change on Houston's streets, advocates and urban designers took it upon themselves to tame some of their city's wide roads - and are promising to come back for a second round soon." more...

Neighbors Don't like Raleigh's Greenway Plan


Raleigh, NC - "The city plans to build a walking and biking path to connect downtown Raleigh to Dix Park, but some neighbors say the route doesn't make sense and could be dangerous..." more

Doppelt Fund Helps 6 Trails

"Today, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) announced the recipients of the 2017 Doppelt Family Trail Development Fund grant program, awarding more than $100,000 to enhance or complete multiuse trail projects in six communities across the United States." more...

Medical Cost from Crashes Soaring


"...The medical cost of dealing with squished cyclists is increasing dramatically..." more

More News...

Temporary Closure Along Little Miami Trail


Yellow Springs, OH - "The Little Miami Scenic Trail in the area of Xenia Avenue will be closed for a short period Thursday, June 1 for brush removal..." more

Pedestrian Beacons Catching On

Worthington, OH - "Nearly two months after the hybrid pedestrian beacons on High Street were activated, downtown Worthington visitors still are adjusting to them." more...

Miami Valley Trails Newsletter

SW OH - Read the 2017 Spring Issue.

Greenway Stabbing Victim had just Moved to the Area


Knoxville, TN - "...Within the first six hours in his new city, he was stabbed to death." more...

Bike Share Boom a Cautionary Tale


China - "Cyclists flood the streets of a country once known as the Kingdom of Bikes - but often ignore traffic rules and abandon their rides all over the city. Now, national policy is stepping in to curb the chaos." more...

Study Tests a Bike Network's Effects on Safety and Ridership


"Which is more important to making a city great for biking: the number of high-quality bikeways, or whether they're connected to each other?" more...

More News...

Fall Kills Kentucky Man at Blackhand Gorge


Newark, OH - "...Bartley climbed a tree on top of the trestle and then slipped and fell out of the tree and off the edge of the trail..." more

Towpath Times Newsletter

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Are Bikes Lanes Bad for Business?


"To bike lane or not to bike lane?" more...

Bike Paths: Why Cities should focus on Quality


Vancouver - "He's the point man for transport planning in Vancouver, which wants two-thirds of all trips by 2040 to be made on foot, bikes or transit, with cycling taking centre stage..." more

Copenhagen Cyclists get Traffic Info Screens

"Cyclists in Copenhagen will now be able to pick up information about two-wheeled traffic jams en route through the Danish capital." more...

More News...

Towpath Closures in Summit County


From, "The Towpath Trail is closed between Beech Street and Route 59 due to storm damage." And "The Towpath Trail is closed north and south of the Clinton Trailhead due to flooding."

Has Norfolk's Bike Lane Loop Defied Critics?

Norforlk, VA - "...Some commuters cried foul when bike lanes replaced a lane of traffic on Llewellyn Avenue..." more

Body found near Trolley Track Trail

Kansas City, MO - "...The recent killings on another trail -- the Indian Creek Trail -- where the latest death occurred about three miles away from this location, has some wondering if this incident is related." more...

Toronto's Big Cycling Challenge


CAN - "City has 10-year plan to build cycling network, but advocates calling for more lanes sooner." more...

Radical New Vision for Transport in U.S.

"The 2017 Strong Towns Summit was almost two months ago, but we're still feeling energized and excited by all the ideas that were discussed in Tulsa..." more...

More News...

From Starkparks, "The trail will be closed just north of Wooster St. in Navarre until further notice for a construction project next to the trail. We are working with the contractor and Village of Navarre to have the trail open on weekends during the summer season. Varying trail conditions should be expected until after the trail reopens. Please use caution and be aware of construction equipment in the area. More permanent repairs after recent flooding will be in progress as weather permits."

Loveland Fire Damages Historic District


Loveland, OH - "...A massive fire gutted the upper floors of three buildings on West Loveland Avenue, near the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Everyone escaped unharmed." more...

Driver Sought after Bike Trail Hit-and-Run


FL - "...Manny Vargas, 38, of Lake Worth was walking southbound along the bike trail in the 3400 block of S. Militrary Trail when a vehicle entered the bike trail and struck him, pushing him approximately 75 feet, officials said." more...

Lakefront Construction in Full Swing


Chicago, IL - "...Segments of the 18-mile multi-use path are being ripped up and repaved to separate cyclists from everyone else - and a $60 million project to build a 'flyover' over the congested downtown area near Navy Pier remains in progress." more...

Better Safety Needed on Bike Trails


CAN - "The heart-breaking death of a 5-year-old boy last week has underscored the urgent need to improve the safety of the Martin Goodman Trail - and others like it - throughout the city." more...

More News...

Bike Route Links 15 Counties


IN - "A 360-mile cycling route connecting 15 counties from the northern tip of Indian to the southern end has officially launched during National Bike Month this May." more...

Shreveport Opens First Bike Lane

LA - "Around three dozen cyclists gathered on the Creswell Street side of Columbia Park as the black tarp was pulled off of the new bike [lane] designation sign." more...

Bike Rental Competition in Singapore

"In less than half a year since bike-sharing made its debut in Singapore, some bike-rental kiosks and companies have taken a hit due to [the immense competition], with one reporting a drop in revenue of around 20 to 30 per cent." more...

More News...

Are Downtown Dwellers Ready to Leave Cars Behind?

Akron, OH - "...Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan has said he wants to increase downtown residency from about 3,600 people to at least 10,000." more...

Attempting to Gauge the Impact of "Near-Miss" Incidents

Houston, TX - "...More than two-thirds were near-misses between cyclists and car drivers, while about one in three were between pedestrians and drivers." more...

Proposed Bike Route would Span 6 Counties


IA - "...The Frontier Iowa Trails Network is working on the designation of the Lewis and Clark Today Route, which will span from Woodbury County in the north, southward to Fremont County. more...

More News...

Red Bike to Surpass 250,000 Rides this Month

Cincinnati, OH - "...Red Bike started putting bike stations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in September 2014. Today they have 59 stations and 442 bikes..." more

Cincy Launches New Bike Rack Web App

Cincinnati, OH - "The City of Cincinnati has launched a new web app that allows residents and visitors to help the City update its bicycle rack inventory..." more

"We Will Pull You Over for Texting"


Toledo, OH - "...Now, Toledo Police and other law enforcement agencies say they will pull you over for it, based on an Ohio law that is separate from statute 4511.204..." more

PENNDOT Abolishes the Bikeway Occupancy Permit


PA - "...The BOP, which had been law up until now, required a municipality that wanted a new bike lane to maintain any bikeway in PENNDOT's right of way." more...

Louisville Bike Share Launches


KY - "...A network of nearly 30 LouVelo bicycle sharing stations are now operational and placed strategically throughout downtown Louisville, NuLu, Old Louisville and Butchertown, to make your riding dreams come true." more...

Vision Zero and Traffic Safety

NYC - "...In NYC, Vision Zero consists of reengineering intersections and streets..." more

Toronto to Study Safety Measures after Child's Death


CAN - "The city of Toronto will look into safety measures for the Martin Goodman trail following the tragic death of 5-year-old boy who fell into traffic from a bike trail next to Lake Shore Blvd. W., Wednesday night." more...

Launch Lessons


"For small businesses cropping up and cashing in on bicycle tourism, it's not always easy..." more

More News...

Roanoke Launches Bike Share


VA - "While the rain Wednesday morning did not make for nice biking weather, it didn't deter some from hopping on one of Roanoke's new bikes for a spin around downtown." more...

Brother says Streetcar Tracks to Blame for Sister's Death


Seattle, WA - "The brother of a bicyclist killed a year ago has filed claims against the city of Seattle and Sound Transit, saying the First Hill Streetcar trolley tracks were to blame for the crash." more...

Legalizing MTB Riding at Whiskeytown Recreation Area


CA - "For decades mountain biking and mountain bike racing have gone at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area - all of it illegally." more...

200 Attend Ride Honoring Trail Homicide Victim


Kansas City, MO - "...He was murdered last week while walking his dog on the Indian Creek Trail. Officials say his killing has similarities to other homicides on the same trail." more...

White House Budget Sets Troublesome Tone for Trails


"...the budget does outline principles that will guide the administration's philosophy toward infrastructure and serve as warning shots." more...

The Way we Talk about Traffic Deaths is All Wrong

"...driving is so pervasive in our culture that when a tragedy occurs on our streets, we as a society are often quick to protect the drivers, rather than the most vulnerable." more...

How can Doctors Prescribe Cycling when Roads are Unsafe?

"...As a specialist in critical care, I look after trauma patients all the time. I have seen pedestrians folded in half by snowploughs, cyclists with crushed chests, and all manner of injuries caused when soft, squishy humans meet momentous objects unexpectedly." more...

More News...

Cyclist Assaulted on Warren Trail


Warren, OH - "...Robert Burson III of Warren said he was riding the Garrett Wonders Bike Trail, part of the Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway, when someone came at him with a baseball bat..." more

Bike Advocates Discuss Fatal Hit-n-Run

Cincinnati, OH - See the video.

Euclid's Waterfront Improvement Plan


Euclid, OH - "With Lake Erie right in Euclid's 'back yard,' the city is ready to move forward in its shoreline restoration project." more...

Seattle's Protected Bike Lanes Increase Commute Rates


WA - "There's no question about it: comfortable, safe bicycle infrastructure plays a significant role in encouraging people to ride..." more

Patrols Increase on Murfreesboro Greenway

TN - "Police are on the hunt for a man who allegedly exposed himself to a woman on a greenway walking trail in Murfreesboro." more...

More News...

Heroin Using Driver Kills Bicyclist


Anderson Twp., OH - "A 61-year-old bicyclist was killed Monday by a driver who admitted to using heroin before getting behind the wheel..." more

NOACA Pedestrian and Cyclist Study

NE OH - "Volunteers spent three days last week counting pedestrians and cyclists in Northeast Ohio as part of region-wide study." more...

Pop-Up Comics Push for Better Bike Lanes


Boston, MA - "Boston's latest do-it-yourself bike lane intervention might seem a bit sketchy - because it uses comics to prod City Hall for needed safety improvements." more...

Body Found on Greenway Identified

Longmont, CO - "A 42-year-old Longmont man was found dead on the St. Vrain Greenway on Sunday..." more

Why More People Didn't Get Hurt in Times Square

NYC - "Twenty-two people were injured and one person was killed when a driver raced through a busy sidewalk in Times Square on Thursday..." more

Nicky Hayden Dies after being Struck by Car in Italy


"American motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden has died, five days after he was hit by a car while training on his bicycle, an Italian hospital said Monday. Hayden was 35." more...

Is Montreal Still North America's Cycling Capital?


"As bikes boom in Canada's second largest city, advocates warn the city might not be taking safety seriously enough." more...

Cities Misinterpreting the Safety of Streets


"Crash data on reported collisions may not be telling the whole story about whether our streets are safe for bicyclists and pedestrians." more...

Connecting Cities' Scattered Bikeways


"When the low-hanging fruit has all been eaten, there's only one thing to do: climb higher." more...

What Happens to Drivers Who Kill Cyclists?

"We researched fatal crashes in seven cities to find out..." more

More News...

Barlow Rd Improvements Includes Trail

Hudson, OH - " Improvements to Barlow Road will continue through the next two years with the addition of a trail from the Metro Parks Bike and Hike trail on the west side of Terex Road to state Route 91." more...

Contractor Clears all Trees along Stretch of Trail

Muncie, IN - "A lawsuit might follow the clearing of trees and bushes from along hundreds of yards of the Cardinal Greenway trail north of Muncie." more...

Mayfield Bikeway Funding OK'd


KY - "...Watson announced construction of the Mayfield Bikeway on Friday morning during a news conference at Mayfield City Hall..." more

Mapping America's Bike Commuters

"In honor of Bike to Work Day, we dug into where the largest share of these intrepid workers get to their jobs on two wheels." more...

More News...

New Hiking Trails Open in Hocking Hills

Logan, OH - "Hocking Hills State Park now features two new hiking trails that officials expect will increase the popularity of a recreation haven that already attracts more than 1 million visitors each year." more...

4 Murders Along Indian Trail in 9 Months

Kansas City, MO - "...Police say while there is no physical evidence tying the four cases together, all four victims white men and three of them were walking their dogs either on the trail or close to the trail..." more

St. Paul-to-Canada Route Added to U.S. Biking Network


MN - "An existing set of roadways and bike paths between St. Paul and Grand Portage State Park has been designated U.S. Bike Route 41." more...

More News...

Alum Creek - Sharon Woods Connector Trail

Westerville, OH - "Construction [is underway] of approximately 4,000 linear feet of asphalt pathway along Cooper Rd and Copeland Mill Rd to provide a paved trail connecting the existing multi use trail along Alum Creek to Sharon Woods Metropark." more...

Riverfront Bike Trail Considered in Stubenville


Steubenville, OH - "Steubenville and Jefferson County officials are making more moves this week for a shared-use trail and bike path to the Steubenville Marina." more...

Central Ohio Greenways Launches New Website

Columbus, OH - "Central Ohio Greenways (COG) is connecting the Central Ohio region with over 180 miles of trails for everyone to explore parks, neighborhoods, rivers, and the vibrant, diverse culture of one of the nation's greatest places to live, work, and play." more...

Pedicab Service Opens in Dayton

Dayton, OH - "First Through Fifth will be providing free pedicab service - with tips encouraged - throughout downtown Dayton starting May 19..." more

30-Mile Trail Project Nears Completion


MI - "Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission hopes to complete $41-million plan linking Grand Haven to Grand Rapids in five years." more...

Plan for MTB Trail Ditched after Nasty Year-Long Battle


Elizabeth, NJ - "A deeply divided Union County Freeholder Board on Thursday narrowly voted to drop a proposal for creating a mountain bike trail in the Watchung Reservation." more...

'Data Bike' Helps Maintain Iowa Trails


IA - "...It's part of the Des Moines Metropolitan Planning Organization's effort to measure the health of recreational trails and arm the agencies that maintain them with valuable data to aid budgeting decisions and respond more quickly to damage." more...

More News...

Cars Using Section of Camp Chase Trail

Columbus, OH - "...She was riding with Rob Luikart on the Camp Chase Trail in Columbus when a car illegally came driving down the path..." more

Man Knocked Unconscious, Bike Stolen

Portland, OR - "While riding on the Springwater Corridor path early Wednesday morning, someone knocked Portland resident Vincent Rodarte off his bike. The impact caused him to lose consciousness. When he woke up, his custom-built mountain bike was gone." more...

Driver gets 42-Month Sentence for Killing Cyclist

Portland, OR - "...Schrantz's driving record is littered with at least 40 tickets for driving uninsured and without a license (he was also convicted for hit-and-run in 2015)..." more

Body Found on Bike Trail along Indian Creek

Kansas City, MO - "Police are now calling the death of a man whose body was found Thursday along a bike trail right off of Indian Creek in south Kansas City a homicide." more...

The victim has been identified.

Thief tries to Steal Bike Off Back of Moving Car


UK - "This is the moment a brazen thief tries to steal a £2,500 bike off the bike rack of a moving car in the middle of London, thankfully not succeeding." more...

Global Street Design Guide Now Available


"As s of this week, the Global Street Design Guide, a handbook for cities around the world to design safe, sustainable streets, is available to the public as for free online." more...

More News...

Stow Considers Walkable Downtown

Stow, OH - "Stow City Council has unanimously voted to fund a study on whether to create a walkable downtown retail district." more...

New MTB Trail Caters to all Riders

Whitehouse, OH - "A new attraction at Oak Openings is appealing to both extreme sport enthusiasts and cycling novices alike..." more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Cyclist Shot During Ride


New Orleans, LA - "Video captured the moment a man was shot in the back while biking with a group in New Orleans..." more

San Fran Tries to Ban Delivery Bots


CA - "A little more than a month after a startup announced it was unleashing robots to deliver food to San Franciscans, a city lawmaker wants them curbed." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits - May 17

Read the latest edition.

'Rideables' Could be Future of Urban Mobility


UK - "...'Rideables,' as they are known, are not intended to supersede bicycles, but to democratise access to the cycle lanes..." more

More News...

Hoover Trail Construction

North Canton, OH - "A project to extend the Hoover Hike and Bike Trail in North Canton will close busy Route 43 for about a month starting May 31st." more...

Residents Upset after Building Expansion Encroaches on Trail


MD - "Community members said the car dealership's proposal isn't enough to compensate for structure's encroachment on the trail easement." more...

Guerrilla Toilet Plunger Bike Lanes Are Officially a Trend


"Another illegal bike lane crafted out of plumbing tools hit streets recently, in Providence, RI - and the mayor is cool with it." more...

Family of Deceased Cyclist get $4.5M Settlement


Los Angeles, CA - "After Edgardo Gabat was killed during a road ride in LA three years ago, his family sued the city for neglect in maintaining its streets." more...

Storm Drainage Can Be a Transportation Twofer


"...on-street storm drainage can be a great deal for taxpayers and safe streets alike." more...

More News...

Arial Tour of Proposed Dayton 'High Line' Trail

Dayton, OH - "...Although it's still in the conceptual stage, the City of Dayton has taken the first steps to acquire 6.5 miles of railway that could eventually become 'high-line' bicycle trail and parks on the elevated railway." more...

AAA for Bike Breakdowns in Cincy

Cincinnati, OH - "The Greater Cincinnati chapter of the American Automobile Association will now pick up stranded bicyclists under a new initiative by the organization, whose focus has traditionally been on problems people have with their cars." more...

Road Raging Driver Brought to Justice

"The road-raging driver had just endangered the life of the cyclist and his toddler, and now he was spoiling for a fight..." more

New Law Fails to Prevent Cyclists Deaths

Orange County, CA - "...A review of Orange County Coroner records and published reports found that despite new laws, thousands of dollars spent improving safety and more 'share the road' signs, we averaged a bicycle death by vehicle every month." more...

Chicago Virtually Stops Ticketing Distracted Drivers

IL - "If you text and drive in Chicago, worry about crashing. But don't worry too much about getting ticketed. The Chicago police appear to have all but given up enforcing a city ordinance against distracted driving." more...

More News...

Cincy Cycling Community Growing


Cincinnati, OH - "Recent surveys list Cincinnati as one of the fastest growing bicycling cities in the country." more...

New Bike Park Set to Open


Louisville, KY - "...The bike park will be in the Turkey Run Park section of the vast four-park, recreation corridor along Floyds Fork in far eastern Jefferson County..." more

Fairbikes Bike Share adds Stations, Doubles its Fleet


Fairbanks, AK - "...Anyone with a smartphone app can check availability, rent and unlock bikes at stations throughout town..." more

Can Seattle Deliver on Promises Made to Cycling Community?


WA - "When voters passed the levy to 'Move Seattle' in 2015, big promises were made on what it would buy for cyclists..." more

China's Bike Share App Floods Sidewalks with Bikes

CHN - "China's renewed love affair with the bicycle is proving a boon for mobile bike-sharing apps but is causing headaches by congesting city sidewalks." more...

More News...

Cincy Bike Commuting Survey

Cincinnati, OH - "Supporters of the Wasson Way bike trail project have voted to extend the proposed bike trail an additional 1.1 miles so that it reaches Avondale..." more

Commission Turns Down Preferred Rail Trail Route


CA - "A divided California Coastal Commission voted to reject Encinitas' preferred route for a segment of the Coastal Rail Trail that will run through Cardiff-by-the-Sea, leaving elected officials and residents who attended the hearing stunned." more...

Lafitte Greenway Growing in Fits & Starts


New Orleans, LA - "...New Orleans Deputy Mayor Jeff Hebert acknowledges that the 2.6-mile trail is still pretty much an ongoing construction site, even though it officially opened 18 months ago and is used by an average of 750 people daily." more...

More News...

Little Miami Trail Section Repaved

Loveland, OH - "...An 8-mile section of trail from Camp Denison to Loveland was recently repaved, thanks to a $750,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The work included drainage improvement and widening of the trail through downtown Loveland." more...

Dayton to Eliminate 'Scary' Gap in Bike Trail


Dayton, OH - "Getting from downtown to the University of Dayton campus on a bicycle can be tricky..." more

$2.1M Bike Trail Project in MI


Muskegon, MI - "A $2.1 million project to connect non-motorized trails around West Michigan is in full swing with better weather conditions and is scheduled to be completed by spring of 2018." more...

Take a Virtual Ride on a Contra-Flow Greenway


Chicago, IL - "...The new $65,000 bikeway, which is largely completed, runs on Glenwood from Brywn Mawr to Carmen in the Edgewater neighborhood, providing a safe north-south alternative to busy Clark and Broadway..." more

DIY Plungers Keep Cars From Clogging Bike Lane


RI - "...advocates in Providence have taken a page from Wichita, Kansas, by installing plungers to unclog a bike lane - leading city officials to come up with a permanent fix." more...

More News...

County, Villages Agree on NCIT Extension Effort

Elmore, OH - "Ottawa County, Elmore and Genoa each entered into agreement Thursday as they continue to move forward on efforts to extend bike paths between the two villages, connecting the North Coast Inland Trail from Lucas to Sandusky County." more...

Bike Safety Program in Marietta


Marietta, OH - "May is Ohio Bike Helmet Safety Month and the City of Marietta Health Department is partnering with the state to educate children and their parents about the importance of riding safely." more...

Trail Office Vandalized

West Newton, PA - "Glass in a window and door were broken and a bicycle intended as a raffle prize was damaged late Tuesday or early Wednesday..." more

NYC Seeks the 'Holy Grail' of Street Design

NYC - "Why do some intersections have such high pedestrian injury rates? It's not all about the number of cars." more...

Bikes Share for People with Disabilities

"...Next month, Portland plans to start offering speciality bicycles branded to match the rest of its Biketown bike-share system..." more

Physically Separated Bike lanes are Crucial for Safety


"...The two researchers had already shown that more bike lanes mean more cyclists and that bikes keep you skinny, but now demonstrate that cycle tracks keep you alive..." more

More News...

Dayton has 180-Days to Make 'High Line' Deal

Dayton, OH - "A federal board has given the city of Dayton 180 days to try to negotiate a deal to purchase or lease 6.5 miles of rail track it wants to convert into a 'high line' trail overlooking the urban center." more...

Bike-Friendly Communities Announced


"Today, the League of American Bicyclists recognized 37 communities with Bicycle Friendly Community awards out of 50 applicants. This round saw six communities move up from an Honorable Mention to Bronze, nine communities receive a Bronze award on their first application, and 22 communities renewing as BFCs, including five that moved from a Bronze to a Silver award." more...

Driver Jailed for Ramming Cyclist


UK - "Justine Henshaw-Bryan, 25, used 'car as a weapon' after Damien Doughty confronted her about using phone while driving." more...

The Prioritization of Order over Safety

NYC - "...Watching police officers respond to the deaths of people on bikes by ticketing people on bikes is frustrating beyond belief, but it's nothing new..." more

3 Revolutions of Transport Coming


"...The three revolutions happening all at once are the move to electric vehicles, automation, and sharing." more...

Bike-Friendly Streets Even Better for People Who Don't Ride


"From London to San Francisco to Toronto, bike lanes are fought every inch of the way by drivers and the politicians voted into power by drivers..." more

More News...

Here's How We've Been Using UH Bikes

Cleveland, OH - "Alex Baca knows one thing about Clevelanders. When it gets nice, they go outside..." more

Bike Month Discount at Akron Zoo


Akron, OH - " The Akron Zoo will be celebrating National Bike Month in May with 50 percent off admission for anyone who rides their bicycle to the zoo from May 15-31 and uses the zoo's new bike shelter that opened late last year." more...

2 New Hiking Trails Open in Hocking Hills State Park

Logan, OH - "...Folks traveling to Hocking Hills State Park can now hike on a revitalized trail to the second-largest cave in Ohio, along with witnessing spectacular views." more...

Students on Bikes Jam Rt. 513


NJ - "Nearly two dozen Voorhees High School students caused an early morning traffic jam on Route 513 on Friday, April 28, and will now have to face the consequences with detention and court appearances, according to police." more...

Man Posts Sign Telling Drivers Not to Stop for Bikes/Peds

VA - "A Northern Virginia man is sparking outrage among many cyclists and pedestrians after he set out homemade road signs telling drivers not to stop for them." more...

Suspected Greenway Killer 'Had a Thirst to Kill'

Knoxville, TN - "Opening statements were given Monday in the murder trial of 26-year-old Timothy Dwayne Ison, who is accused of fatally stabbing a woman on the Third Creek Greenway in 2015." more...

Denver's Commuting Corridors no Longer just for Cars


CO - "Transportation planners say changes could increase capacity by making transit, biking more attractive." more...

Froome Victim of Hit-and-Run


France - "The three-time Tour de France champion is luckily okay after being hit by an aggressive motorist while riding - but his bike, not so much." more...

4 Ways Slower Driving Creates Better Cities


"Traffic crashes kill 1.25 million people every year and cause permanent disability to millions more. No matter the location, speed is frequently a factor." more...

More News...

MTB Trail Construction Continues


Cannonsburg, KY - "...The bike trail is part of the group's overall goal for Cannonsburg to be an official Kentucky Trail Town..." more

Chester County Commissioners Endorse Circuit Trails


PA - "...Chester County is the first of the nine counties in the region to formally endorse the initiative, spearheaded by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. This action helps to support the Coalition's short term goal of 500 miles of trails by 2025." more...

The Case for Bikes Inevitable Triumph over Cars

"That's the conclusion of Horace Dediu, a prominent analyst of disruptive technologies, who has spent the past three and a half years researching the future of transportation." more...

More News...

Towpath Section Closure May 9 & 10

CVNP, OH - From the CVNP, "...The Towpath Trail south of Highland/Vaughn Road will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, May 9 & 10 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. No detour will be posted. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this allows us to repair flood damage, the result of all this rain."

New MTB Trail at Oak Openings Metropark


Swanton, OH - "... a new single-track trail in Oak Openings Preserve, north of the Wabash Cannonball Trail near Swanton, officially opens to the public." more...

Area Trails Reopening after Wildfires


NC - "It's been six months since a wildfire ripped through thousands of acres of South Mountains State Park." more...

More News...

ExploreAFoot Offers Local Bike or Hike Adventures


Akron, OH - "...One of two Akron winners in Knight's 2016 Cities Challenge, ExploreAFoot was awarded $70,000 to create a program that helps people more easily explore the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and surrounding parks." more...

Candidate Makes No Apologies For Confrontation With Bicyclist

Pittsburgh, PA - "A confrontation between a Pittsburgh City Councilwoman, who is also a mayoral candidate, and a bicyclist over the city's controversial bike lanes was caught on video." more...

Should NYC Have a Bicycle Mayor?

E-Bikes in Portland


OR - "E-bikes are everywhere in Portland..." more

Cyclist Struck from Behind, Sued by Driver

"...Nakatsuka contacted the driver's insurance company about her medical bills - she'd suffered a concussion, severe bruising, and permanent damage to her glutes - she discovered the LAPD had never filed a report..." more

More News...

Ohio Celebrates a Safer National Bike Month

Columbus, OH - "Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) is celebrating a very special National Bike Month. After spearheading a seven-year effort, the only statewide advocacy organization representing bicyclists since 1980 finally welcomes a law requiring Ohio motorists to give bicyclists at least three feet..." more

UH Bikes Expanding in Cleveland


Cleveland, OH - "Cuyahoga County residents have embraced bike sharing, and UH Bikes is expanding this summer, officials said." more...

Local Organizers Hoping Bike Month Garners New Riders


Cincinnati, OH - "...Starting last weekend, advocates, riding groups and local businesses have roughly 50 events planned across the region through early June." more...

Towpath Times Newsletter

Read the latest edition.

Newport's DIY Skate Park

KY - "How a ragtag group of sk8er boys turned a concrete pad under an interstate into a skatepark, won over Newport's mayor, and built a community in the process." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the May edition.

More News...

The RoboCop of Twin Cities Cycling

MN - "Ward Rubrecht is not your typical cyclist. Armed with two cameras, an air horn, baton and a mirrored face-shield, his cycling kit is more akin to that of an extra in a Neill Blomkamp film, than that of a daily commuter..." more

Test Riding a Stationless Bike Share Bike


Seattle, WA - "I took a ride on what could be one of Seattle's next bike share bikes and made it up one of downtown's steepest hills." more...

Truckee River Floods Bike Path


CA - "...water traveling out of Lake Tahoe and down the Truckee River has flooded parts of the bike and pedestrian trail along California Route 89." more...

Fire Burns along Santa Ana River Trail


"A fire burned two to three acres of vegetation Wednesday along the Santa Ana River bike trail in Colton. more...

100-MIle Trail Connects Croatia to Bosnia & Herzegovina


Concord, CA - "Biking enthusiasts looking to explore cities in the nations of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina can now do so on the Ciro trail." more...

Why Bike Share & Open Streets Should Partner Up


"Bike share staff and partners are always seeking new methods of drawing in diverse members, and open streets events are a big opportunity for bike share to make a splash." more...

More News...

New Design for Wasson Way Trail Unveiled


Cincinnati, OH - "...The images show a path lined with trees, plants, grass and benches that is bifurcated in one part between a paved path for fast users and a gravel path for slower ones." more...

Dayton Lands International Trails Symposium


Dayton, OH - "...'The symposium is really what American Trails would say is a premier event for trail managers, trail governors, industry leaders, planners, designers, and enthusiasts worldwide, to come together to communicate and experience an inspirational and educational conference,' Dingle says. 'It really puts Dayton on the map, on a worldwide platform.'" more...

Google Street View Coming to Hamilton County Parks

OH - "Hikers will soon be able to preview Hamilton County park trails online. Google is planning to photograph the trails much like it does with roads with the Street View function." more...

New Restrictions Sought for Peds


Lexington, KY - "...If okayed in its current form, the ordinance would also stiffen existing penalties. For instance, those found standing on the road or on medians in specified areas could run the risk of a $100 fine if observed by police." more...

Judge Apologizes To Driver Who Fatally Struck Cyclist

NY - "A Department of Motor Vehicles judge read from an erroneous police report and apologized to a driver, who fatally struck a cyclist, during a recent hearing." more...

Cities That are Replacing Bad Infra with the Best


"In car-dependent Dallas, parking lots are ubiquitous downtown. But one lot will soon be de-paved and turned into a park..." more

More News...

Bikepath Mystery Solved

Athens, OH - "...County officials have been puzzled for quite some time over a plaque that mysteriously appeared on [the Hockhocking Bikeway] fence a few years ago. It reads: 'Here marks the crash landing site of Don Huling. May he rest in peace.'" more...

Pittsburgh Won't Install Bike Lanes on Fort Pitt Blvd.


PA - "Pittsburgh has decided not to install bike lanes on Fort Pitt Boulevard and will take a step back while it reviews how to coordinate the connection between the Great Allegheny Passage trail and Point State Park with other Downtown transportation projects." more...

50% Increase in Bicycle 'Dooring' Crashes

IL - "...In 2015, 302 bicyclists were "doored," according to data released by the Illinois Department of Transportation..." more

Who's Tops in Bikeways?

"It's a tight race between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver." more...

Cycling Trail in Canadian Rockies is a Brilliant Idea


CAN - "A proposed trail linking Banff and Jasper is being criticized for potential environmental damage. Never mind the thousands of cars that travel the same route each day." more...

Flo System Helps Cyclists Catch Green Lights

Introducing Bike Walk Action


"...Bike Walk Action is a new coalition of bicycling and walking advocacy organizations focused on influencing federal policy and bringing local voices to members of Congress..." more

More News...

Protest for Peds in Milwaukee

WI - "A coalition of groups staged a demonstration Wednesday raising awareness for pedestrian safety at the intersection of 35th and Mitchell, where 62-year-old Israel Soto-Colon was killed little more than a week ago." more...

Bike Share Coming to Columbia


SC - "...The first phase of the bike share likely would put 135 bikes at 15 stations around the downtown core..." more

More News...

How 1 Bike Share Ride Cost ~$60,000

"This Chinese commuter racked up a ridiculous fee for using a shared bike in Zhejiang." more...

A Look at Chicago's Trail Separation Project

IL - "...This afternoon I took a spin to the South Side to check out the in-progress trail separation project between 31st and 41st, which broke ground last August and is almost done..." more

How to Make Roads Safer for Cyclists

"Eleven experts weigh in with their biggest, craziest ideas - all of which are eminently doable." more...

Filtering Dirty Air Riding a Bike

"Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde imagines a smog-clearing bike as a solution to China's dual problems of road congestion and poor air quality..." more

More News...

The Aftermath of Philly's Teen Bicycle Freeway Takeover

PA - "...Earlier this week, police said there were no injuries or arrests related to the unsanctioned bike ride. Yet on Thursday morning, state police arrested an unnamed teenager for organizing the ride and charged him with disorderly conduct." more...

Lake Monroe Trail Loop Controversy

Sanford, FL - "...Residents tell FOX35 they don't want this bike trail because it would be too close to their homes..." more

The $18M Bike Path that Won't Let Locals in


AUS - "An $18 million bike path running along river frontage in Ivanhoe, Alphington and Kew... is to be completely inaccessible by the main suburb it passes through." more...

Chad Young Succumbs to Injuries


"...Young's death comes just a week after Michele Scarponi was killed during a training ride near his home in Italy." more...

More News...

Summer Plans for the Purple People Bridge

Newport, KY - "Exciting plans for the Purple People Bridge this summer include a fresh coat of paint, food and ice cream vendors..." more

Greenway Plan could Depend on Yonkers


NY - "...'The riverfront greenway is not a priority for them,' said Bob Bender, chair of Community Board 8's Hudson River Greenway committee..." more

Greenway Dispute goes to Federal Board for Resolution


Roanoke, VA - "...On Friday, Norfolk Southern tried to abandon those tracks so the city could take over, but the foundry sent a letter, saying those tracks are not the railroad's to give." more...

Nearly $100B Spent Annually on Bikes in U.S.

"With great spending power comes great opportunity!" more...

More News...

Body Found on Tecumseh Trail


New Carlisle, OH - "...New Carlisle Medics were dispatched to the bike path for 'a man down, not breathing with blood coming from his head'..." more

Detroit Bike Share Launches in May


MI - "In a warehouse in Detroit's Milwaukee Junction area, hundreds of bikes are being readied for their debut." more...

Man Fined $500 for Criticizing Red Light Cameras

OR - "...'Criticizing the government's engineering isn't a crime; it's a constitutional right,' said Sam Gedge, an attorney at the Institute for Justice..." more

U.S. Bicycling & Walking 2016 Benchmarking Report

"...For the first time, users have access to critical data online in order to explore the intersections between transportation, health, economics, equity, government funding and advocacy efforts." more...

A Gamechanger for Cycling in England


UK - "The government has said it can achieve its goal of doubling cycling, and is now legally bound to do so." more...

More News...

Bicyclist Hit by Driver on Cleveland Bridge


Cleveland, OH - "A 40-year-old man was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike on the Memorial Veterans Bridge..." more

The Potential of Irishtown Bend Park

Cleveland, OH - "...Irishtown Bend lies at a key central point amid regional trail systems now under construction or in planning, including the Towpath Trail, the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Lake Link Trail, and the proposed Red Line Greenway nearby." more...

Teens on Bikes Takeover Expressway

Philadelphia, PA - "A horde of young people disrupted traffic on a major Philadelphia highway this weekend." more...

Greenway Deal Halted for Now

Roanoke, VA - "Roanoke officials were mere hours from acquiring the last half-mile of land needed to complete the Roanoke River greenway Friday." more...

Nail-Studded Rope on Greenway Issue Resolved

ND - "...The story that was relayed was that there were kids down on the Greenway making a fort of some sort ... and in order to put up defenses against older intruders, they made themselves a defense line." more...

Human Remains Found in Oregon Trail Badger Hole

Boise, ID - "...investigators [are] trying to determine if they have discovered a double homicide or the disturbed grave of young 19th century pioneers who died going west on the nearby Oregon Trail..." more

Cyclist Tells People not to Ride the Trans Canada Trail


"With much of the trail following the shoulders of busy highways, Edmund Aunger says the trail is dangerous and should not be promoted as a tourist attraction." more...

More News...

Nail-Studded Rope Hung over Grand Forks Trail


ND - "Grand Forks Police and Greenway managers are asking the public to be on alert after reports surfaced this weekend that a rope with nails driven through it was discovered hanging across a trail in south Grand Forks." more...

Cop Tickets Driver for Tailgating Cyclist

Bike Theft: The Unpunished Crime?

"...In Los Angeles and virtually every city in North America, bicycle theft has almost become a crime without consequence, so widespread that it is treated less as a problem and more like one of the costs of urban life..." more

Pro Rider Attacked on Training Ride


France - "Yoann Offredo was assaulted by box cutter and baseball bat wielding attackers during a training ride." more...

"Greenwave" LED Bikeway Lights

More News...

Little Miami Trail Paving

Miamiville, OH - From Friends of the Little Miami State Park, "Repaving begins April 24, on the southern end (Camp Denison/Miamiville) section of the trail and will move north through Loveland over the next 2 weeks.

"The TRAIL WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL USERS in areas of active paving. Please look for alternate routes to avoid the rolling closures."

Holmes County Trail Construction

Holmes County, OH - "Construction work has begun on the Glenmont to Brinkhaven section of the Holmes County Trail.

Pittsburgh City Councilor in Verbal Altercation with Cyclist

Pittsburgh, PA - "Pittsburgh City Councilor Darlene Harris (D-North Side) is running for mayor, but her campaign hasn't produced many detailed plans on how she plans to improve the city. Instead, she's provided a critical, almost-laser-like focus on one issue: bike lanes." more...

Walkability a Goal for Bowling Green

KY - "...Through new greenways, sidewalks and multi-use paths, officials are working on making the city and county a place where feet are an increasingly popular mode of transportation." more...

"Science Says" 14-Year-Olds Shouldn't Cross the Street Alone


"...research from the University of Iowa that determined that children 'lack the perceptual judgment and motor skills to cross a busy road consistently without putting themselves in danger.'" more...

E-Bike Sales on the Rise in U.S.


"More people eager to get behind handlebars of motorized 2-wheelers." more...

More News...

New Towpath Section Breaks Ground


Cleveland, OH - "...All four sections, or "stages" of the trail in Cleveland are scheduled for completion in 2020..." more

Little Miami Trail Newsletter

SW OH - Read the latest edition.

Snowmobilers Continue Rail-Trail Expansion Efforts


Montpelier, VT - "...32 miles have been completed of what is becoming the 93-mile Lamoille Valley Rail Trail across northern Vermont between Swanton and St. Johnsbury. It is open to snowmobilers, cross-country skiers, bicyclists, horseback riders, runners and others." more...

Michele Scarponi Killed During Training Ride


"Cyclist Michele Scarponi, who was declared the winner of the 2011 Giro d'Italia after Alberto Contador was stripped of his title because of doping, was killed Saturday when he was hit by a van driver..." more

More News...

Gates Installed on Trail for 'Safety'


Van Wert, OH - "...Gorman, with the help of Van Wert Safety Service Director Jay Fleming and the City of Van Wert's Street Department, installed the barriers on Friday afternoon on both sides of the bike trail that crosses the highway." more...

[OB: Placing solid objects in the path of trail users is a known hazard. Learn more at the Federal Highway Administration Rec Trails page.

2 Fatalities as a result of bollard crashes (another form of a solid structure on a bike trail) have occurred in Richland County, OH. Learn more about the Trail Bollard Hazard.]

Groundbreaking set for Pedestrian Mall


Cuyahoga Falls, OH - "...Front Street will be converted to a curving, 25 mph pedestrian-friendly road with two-way traffic..." more

'Ball of Snakes' Photo Credit Fraud


Charlotte, NC - " The woman who claimed to have taken a photo of what appeared to be a snake mating ball while walking along a North Carolina greenway admitted she was sent the picture from a friend." more...

More News...

Towpath Times Newsletter

Read the latest edition.

Kalamazoo Crash Study Results


"The National Transportation Safety Board's first investigation into cycling safety in decades sheds light on the crash that killed five cyclists and injured four in Michigan last June." more...

NYC 4-Boro Protected Bike Lane Ride

The Riverfront Path That Tesla Built


OR - "...This new piece of path is just the latest domino to fall in the march toward completion of the Willamette/South Waterfront Greenway path..." more

Bold Proposal for New Bike Bridge

FL - "A new exhibit at the Coral Gables Museum is now on view, providing a deeper look into 'Plan Z for Miami,' a proposal to create a snaking elevated platform that would provide pedestrians and cyclists with safer passage from Miami to nearby Virginia Key and Key Biscayne." more...

Cycling to Work May Cut Your Risk of Premature Death


"Using your bike to get to work could cut your risk of developing cancer and heart disease by almost half."" more...

More News...

More Details on New Towpath Section


Cleveland, OH - " undertaking that connects 100 miles of paths from New Philadelphia to Cleveland's lakefront - is one step closer to completion with the launch of the project's stage three." more...

Empire State Trail: Where Will it Go?


NY - "Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature have agreed to spend $200 million to create a 750-mile hiking and biking trail from Buffalo to Albany and from New York City to Canada." more...

$34.9B Added to U.S. Economy due to National Park Visits


San Francisco, CA - "Today, during National Park Week, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced that 2016's record visitation of 331 million visitors at America's 417 National Park Service sites..." more

More News...

Summit Parks Trail Safety Tips


Akron, OH - " Summit Metro Parks rangers released safety guidelines for pedestrians and bicycle riders visiting the Bike & Hike, Freedom and Towpath trails." more...

Man ID'd In Deadly Mountain Bike Crash


Murrieta, CA - "Coroner's officials say the man suffered a neck injury during a tragic fall on a local bike trail." more...

10 U.S. Cities Pushing Biking Forward


"New infrastructure, better bikesharing, and safer streets." more...

How Smartphones can Help wth Road Design

"The combination of the gyroscope, GPS and accelerometer in all smartphones turns them into really powerful sensors." more...

More News...

Woman Finds "Ball of Snakes" Along Greenway


Charlotte, NC - "...Christine runs the same path on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway with her dog just about every day. What she saw Monday morning was so unbelievable she just had to snap a snake pic." more...

Cyclist Killed by Driver, So Cops Start Ticketing Cyclists

NYC - "...Witnesses said that she was pinned under the truck, a tire on her ribs..." more

NYPD cite cyclist error in a situation where the cyclist clearly had the right of way.

Greenway Slaying May Test Reason for Death Penalty


TN - "Knoxville's first greenway slaying may become the first statewide test case of the newest reason a killer can be put to death - randomness." more...

Trail Ridge Rd. Opened to Bikes & Peds


CO - "Rocky Mountain National Park has opened its spectacular Trail Ridge Road to cyclists and pedestrians for the next month or so." more...

Distracted Driving Study


"...Drivers use their phones during 88 out of 100 trips." more...

More News...

Louisville Bike Share Coming

KY - "...Mayor Greg Fischer, acknowledging 'it's been a long time coming,' said Friday that the program will finally be put in operation soon after the Kentucky Derby." more...

"Dockless" Bike Shares Coming to U.S.


"...Dockless bike sharing is something that people worry about until they realize it's a benefit..." more...

Helping Danny Chew

Pittsburgh, PA - "Our brother, Pittsburgh native Danny Chew, was in a catastrophic bicycle accident on September 4, 2016. Danny suffered a T1-C7 spinal cord injury and is now paralyzed from his chest down." more...

More News...

Website Launched for Upstate Cycling Enthusiasts


SC - "Cyclists finally have a one-stop resource to help them find mountains to climb, towns to visit and outdoor places to enjoy in the Upstate. more...

Park, Bike Trail Reopen after Pasco Fires


FL - "...The Suncoast Bike Trail from State Road 52 to State Road 54 and the trails going into Starkey Park are also open..." more

More News...

Cave Country Trails seeks Connection to National Bike Route


KY - "A multi-county effort to connect various trails in the Barren River area is working to establish a network of pathways from Franklin to a bicycle trail that crosses the country." more...

More News...

Flooded Trail Reopens


Niles, OH - "A 250-foot section of the Greenway Bike Path near Route 46 in Niles has reopened." more...

New Bay Village Master Plan


Bay Village, OH - "...the creation of bike paths and a town center that connects the city are just a few of the highlights from Bay Village's newly completed master plan." more...

10,000 Bike Helmets Donated to Children


OH - "Thousands of children across Ohio will receive free bicycle helmets in the coming weeks, as Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Month approaches." more...

NACTO Says No to "Rogue" Bike Shares


"...The new startups - including Bluegogo in San Francisco, Spin in Austin and the forthcoming LimeBike in the Bay Area - allow users to find and check out free-roaming bikes with a smartphone and leave them anywhere they want..." more...

Crossing a Street in FL or DE? Good Luck

"The two states hold the dubious distinction of the highest rate of pedestrian fatalities in the country, according to newly released data." more...

Blaming Traffic Violence Victims for "Drunk Walking"


"...the status quo approach to traffic safety is failing the most vulnerable people on our streets..." more

Oslo: The Journey to Car-Free


NOR - "In 2015, the newly elected city government of Oslo, Norway, announced its intention to make the downtown car-free by 2019. I immediately put it on my list of places to check out for Streetfilms. Last fall I made the trip, not knowing exactly what I'd find." more...

A Chat about London Bike Infrastructure


London, UK - "...Since Sadiq Khan has taken over, Gilligan has vocally criticised a complete stagnation of cycling infrastructure projects." more...

More News...

Trail Network Surpasses 340 Miles

Miami Valley, OH - "A new map, produced by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC), highlights the growing 10-county regional trail system that has officially surpassed 340 miles and is expected to continue to increase in length." more...

Driver Who Hit Cyclists Taken into Custody

Elyria, OH - "The road rage suspect accused of attempting to run over a bicyclist April 10 while driving in Elyria, has been arrested..." more

Here's a report on the assault.

Road Safety Culture Absent in U.S.

Bowling Green, OH - "...Studies show it takes 28 seconds 'to fully re-engage' with the driving environment after using a smart phone at an intersection..." more

Yay Bikes! Newsletter

Read the April edition.

Copenhagen's Fantastic & Stupid Bicycle Bridge

Denmark - "...If you need to put warning signs on a design, it is basically a crappy design. Period." more...

'Jaywalker' Brutalized by Police


Sacramento, CA - "...Sacramento PD's statement maintained that Cain was jaywalking, but it turns out that his only offense was walking while black..." more...

More News...

MWCD Looking to Develop Master Plan for Trails


Perrysville, OH - "...Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District officials met with area recreational trail advocates, seeking ideas on trails within the parks or connecting to other trails, parks, communities and attractions." more...

Upgraded 'Fix it Cincy!' App

Cincinnati, OH - "...Now, service requests filed using the app go directly into the City's Customer Service Request (CSR) system." more...

Man Charged with Criminal Sexual Assault for Trail Attack

Chicago, IL - "A man accused of raping a woman on the Lakefront Bike Path Sunday night, April 9, appeared in Bond Court..." more

What to Do if You are Hit by a Car


"I was injured in a hit-and-run crash last year, and unlike so many others, the driver is being brought to justice..." more

How to Host a Pop-Up Traffic Calming Demo


"At the Strong Towns Summit in Tulsa, I was lucky to lead a group of enthusiastic Strong Town supporters through a quick traffic calming demonstration..." more

More News...

Trail Bridge Reopens


Massillon, OH - "I was on the Sippo Valley Trail early this morning (April.10) and found the bridge open again. Some work has been done (rocks placed where erosion washed away) and plywood placed so we can walk or ride across again... Stark Parks has a great turnaround time for repairs."

Submitted by Sharon Cole

Fake Speed Limits in Whitehouse

Whitehouse, OH - "...The posted 35-mph limit, however, is fake and contrary to state law, which sets a 50-mph limit for that part of Waterville Street because it's part of State Rt. 64..." more

Used Needles along Midtown Greenway Trail


Minneapolis, MN - "Used condoms, feces, and needles--those are the top three objects Rand Ratterath regularly finds along a five-and-a-half mile stretch of the Midtown Greenway trail." more...

Creative Village puts Cars Last


FL - "...The development just west of downtown would trade off 20 percent of planned traditional parking spaces for those accommodating bikes, electric vehicles and scooters..." more

More U.S. Cities Embracing Vision Zero


"Nobody knows the ins and outs of a neighborhood better than the people who live there..." more

More News...

Sippo Valley Trail Bridge Closed

Massillon, OH - "Heavy erosion has closed the bridge between Skyland and Route 93 (Manchester Rd.). When I drove by Thursday the trail was closed to traffic."

Submitted by Sharon Cole

Volunteers Maintain Red Line Corridor

Cleveland, OH - "...Their goal is creation of the Red Line Greenway, an ambitious linear park like New York City's 1.4-mile High Line Park." more...

Biking Cincy's Bridges


Covington, KY - "If you're trying to travel between Cincinnati and Covington by bicycle, you might find your options leave something to be desired..." more

State-Wide Trail Study in Indiana


IN - "...In the initial study, feedback was collected from trail users and adjacent property owners along six trails in Indiana. The new study expands to nine trails..." more

Draft Proposal for E-Bikes Released


Durango, CO - "...City law prohibits e-bikes, bicycles with motors, but they are growing in popularity and residents have requested the city change the rules..." more

Smart Traffic Lights

"...These smart lights reduce travel time by 25 percent, braking by 30 percent and idling by more than 40 percent." more...

More News...

Cyclists Respond to New Trail Possibility

Dayton, OH - "It's in the very preliminary stages, but the city of Dayton is looking to add another bike trail in the city that would connect with other trails in the area, as well as the city of Kettering." more...

Towpath Times E-News

Read the latest edition.

Bike Helmets Required for Riders under 15


Columbia, MO - "...In Columbia, any rider under 15 years old is required to wear a helmet while riding their bike. Failure to do so could lead to a $5 to $25 fine and the rider could even have their bike impounded." more...

More News...

Western Reserve Greenway Receives Funding


Youngstown, OH - "...the Lake to River Greenway Bike Trail connecting Lake Erie to the Ohio River will be completed in Mahoning and Trumbull counties..." more...

Building Restoration to Include New Bike Shop

Middletown, OH - "...The Montgomerys are proposing to redevelop the three-story building into a retail bicycle shop on the ground level to be called Spoken Bicycles LLC..." more

City Engineers Using Bikes to Survey Roads

Columbus, OH - "...What these engineers can detect from the seat of a bike is far more advantageous than anything they learn behind a desk or traveling by in a car." more...

Bike Boxes Coming to Ohio

OH - "What is a Bicycle Box?" more...

Body Found Along Bike Trail


Kalamazoo, MI - "A 44-year-old Kalamazoo man was found dead Friday morning along the Kalamazoo Valley River Trail bike path, according to Kalamazoo Public Safety officers." more...

Residents Want E-Bikes on Public Trails


Boise, ID - "...the laws governing where these bikes can operate in Idaho are hazy, and legislative efforts to clarify them failed to move forward this year..." more

More News...

Bike Trail Flooded in Trumbull County


Niles, OH - "... the trail is closed between State Route 46 and Rupple Road, just north of Salt Springs Road. The whole trail is under water there." more...

Dayton Could get its Own 'High Line'


Dayton, OH - "The city of Dayton would like to transform an unused, elevated rail line that begins downtown and runs southeast into a bike trail..." more

Couple gets $4,600 in Fines During Bike Ride


NYC- "Cyclists claim they ran two red lights at most, but were ticketed for four." more...

Greenway within 5 Years of Filling Gaps


Roanoke, VA - "Within five years, the Roanoke Valley could have an uninterrupted greenway from just west of Salem to Explore Park - a distance of more than 25 miles." more...

Walkability Starts When Street Harassment Ends


"...Even now, street harassment is justified or explained away as harmless banter or 'compliments'..." more...

More News...

Cbus to Build $2M Bike & Ped Bridge


Columbus, OH - "The project, estimated to cost up to $2 million, would create a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge spanning across the Olentangy River to the western edge of West Nationwide Boulevard." more...

$84M for California Trails

CA - "The California Transportation Commission (CTC) recently announced the results of California's Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 3 funding awards - and it's good news for trails in the amount of $84.1 million." more...

Bike Bits Vol. 19


Read the latest edition of Bike Bits from Adventure Cycling.

Bicycle Friendly Business Program

"Today, the League of American Bicyclists welcomes 59 new and renewing businesses to its Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) program. There are now over 1,300 BFBs in 49 states and the District of Columbia." more...

Steve Tilford Dies in Car Crash


"Still competing at 57, the four-time US cyclocross national champion had also won multiple masters world championships." more...

More News...

NCIT Construction Continues


Huron County, OH - "An ODOT project is currently underway that will connect Wakeman and Kipton with a new section of the North Coast Inland Trail.

"The new paved bikeway will be built within US 20 right of way from the Lorain County line to the edge of Wakeman, where it will enter Red Cap Park and end at State Route 60.

"Further details about this project and other trail developments can be found in the latest Firelands Rails to Trails newsletter." (See detailed maps of the Huron County NCIT.)

Submitted by Joshua Wyrick

CoGo Station Expansion

Columbus, OH - "The city of Bexley continues to explore the possibility of installing bike-rental stations as part of a joint effort with Columbus, Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington." more...

CVNP Lowering Speed Limits for Safety

CVNP, OH - "...The 20 mph reduction is an effort to make it safer for bicyclists, horseback riders and pedestrians who share the curvy and hilly roads with cars..." more

Greenway Policing Plan


Charlotte, NC - "...Police Chief Kerr Putney wants to create a new division solely dedicated to transportation, with officers responsible for greenways, light rail and the airport." more...

Greenway Assault Investigation Closed


Yakima, WA - "Yakima police have closed an investigation saying they have been unable to verify a woman's Facebook posting that she'd been assaulted during an attempted rape on the Yakima Greenway last month." more...

Why Shared Bike & Walking Path Could Ruin Beach


AUS - "A coastal ecology expert says vegetation would be lost and the Tennyson Dunes system left more vulnerable to being washed away in a storm, if a concrete bike and walking path goes ahead." more...

1 in 4 Drivers Using Phone Before Crashing

"...The company's research also found that significant phone distraction occurred on nearly one-third of trips..." more

More News...

Broadview Heights Area Trail Plans

Broadview Heights, OH - "...The Campus Loop Trail project - along with Cleveland Metroparks' $4.2 million plan to build 10-foot-wide paved all-purpose trails along the east-to-west Valley Parkway, just south of the City Hall campus - would expand and enhance the trail network in the Ohio 82 area." more...

Portage Park District Acquires 215 Acres


Ravenna, OH - "The Portage Park District just grew by 215 acres." more...

Tables Turning in Greenway Land Dispute


Roanoke, VA - "For a long time, it appeared that a foundry along the Roanoke River had the upper hand in the city's efforts to use some of it's land for a greenway extensions. Now it it looks like the other way around." more...

A Bike-Share Success Story in Bed-Stuy

NYC - "Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration set out to show how bike-share can help neighborhood residents, and it's making an impact." more...

The Principles Behind Vision Zero

Carmaggedon Stalks Atlanta


"Why predicted gridlock almost never happens and what this teaches us about travel demand." more...

More News...

Cycling on the Rise in Honolulu


HI - "...the Hawaii Bicycling League said Hawaii actually ranks 10th in the nation when it comes to bicycling in the city." more...

The Real Cause for the Rise in Ped Deaths

"...We know street design is part of this problem because there are patterns to where fatal collisions occur..." more

Are Stationless Bike Shares the Next Step?

"A new wave of dockless bike-share startups want to revolutionize cycling..." more

Elevated Cycling Freeway for Melbourne's Commuters


AUS - "An elevated cycling freeway will be built above Footscray Road, transporting cyclists faster into Melbourne's CBD." more...

More News...

Greenway Proposed for Coal Run Hollow


Fairmont, WV - "A transformation of Coal Run Hollow to a family-friendly greenway was proposed during the city of Fairmont's economic development work session last week." more...

More News...

Today Show Blames Peds for Rise in Fatalities


"...The report's author concluded that increased use of smartphones is to blame for the uptick." more...

Advocates Back Expansion of Dedicated Bike Lanes


MA - "...In Massachusetts, more than 71,500 people commuted to work on bicycles in a 2010-2011 Massachusetts Travel Survey..." more

App Lets Companies Pay You to Bike to Work

"...We found that the two best motivators for people to even consider cycling to work are financial incentives and the social aspect..." more

Foot Trail Reconnects Big Sur after Devastating Storms


Big Sur, CA - "A foot trail has reconnected two parts of Big Sur that were divided after a recent bridge collapse." more...

More News...

Be a Voice for Ohio Trails!

"The Ohio Legislative Trails Caucus is a way for state legislators to come together and talk about an issue that's important to you: trails - and how legislators can help communities like yours build, maintain and connect more trails across the state." more...

Jogger Attacked on South Charlotte Greenway


Charlotte, NC - "...a man jumped out of the woods and threatened her with a knife, police said." more...

Using Bikes to Build a Future on a Freeway's Footprint


Providence, RI - " of the country's oldest cities is about to learn what happens when you move a freeway out." more...

Spinning Our Wheels

Sacramento, CA - "Despite having one of the country's great biking paths along the American River, Sacramento is trailing the nation when it comes to safe urban cycling options..." more...

More News...

Ohio Bicycle Laws

Cleveland, OH - "A new bike passing law on Ohio roads fueled a lot of conversations locally about sharing the road." more...

Bike Aboard Season Opens April 1

Peninsula, OH - "...The service enables cyclists and hikers who use the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail to ride the train back to their beginning destination for $3. The ticket is valid for one, one-way trip per day. more...

A Road Diet Could Have Saved my Daughter's Life

Atlanta, GA - "...A road diet, converting the four-lane road to three with a center turn lane, improves visibility and discourages speeding, so that even if my daughter had been hit, she would have had a much better chance of walking away from the crash." more...

Ped Fatality Rates Highest in 2 Decades


D.C. - "Pedestrian deaths are climbing faster than motorist fatalities, reaching nearly 6,000 deaths last year..." more

Concerns with Icefields Parkway Bike Path


CAN - "It sounds like a no-brainer -- a bike trail alongside a world-famous scenic highway through two of Canada's best-loved national parks." more...

How U.S. Bike Planning Has Changed


"...Without a [statewide] plan, things don't get done..." more

Redesigning Main Street


"As someone who moves through town primarily on my own two feet I am constantly aware of how our public infrastructure is completely geared toward the automobile." more...

The Cars That Ate Paris


FRA - "...Paris is leading some of Europe's most aggressive efforts to fight back." more...

More News...

Skull Found Along Towpath

Independence, OH - "A skull was discovered along the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail last week, park officials say." more...

CVNP MTB Trail Construction Begins

Peninsula, OH - "Cuyahoga Valley National Park has begun construction of a 6.5 mile extension of the 2.3-mile section of the East Rim mountain bike trail..." more

Lanespotter Coming to Cleveland


Cleveland, OH - "...LaneSpotter is just weeks away from having the first version of the platform complete. And, in partnership with Bike Cleveland, Cleveland will be a pilot city..." more

Cedar Road Paving Underway


Cleveland Heights, OH - "...the 'uphill' side of Cedar Glen Parkway will have a new multi-purpose fitness trail installed in what is expected to be the early stages of the project." more...

County Alters Swamp Creek Greenway Plan

Zieglerville, PA - "Montgomery County planners claim they've heard and learned from area residents who objected to a preliminary proposal..." more

Runner Attacks Cyclist


Golden, CO - "...When Andrew passed, he says he shook his head at the runner and the runner screamed expletives at him." more...

The cyclist has posted a detailed account of the incident here.

More News...

Mom Stops Destructive Road Widening Project


Toledo, OH - "Dana Dunbar was new to transportation policy and activism. But that didn't stop her from waging a successful grassroots campaign against a road widening in her neighborhood." more...

Upcoming Railroad Abandonment in Montgomery County

OH - "On or about March 15, 2017, Norfolk Southern Railway Company filed for the abandonment of 6.5 miles of track in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio..." more

Police Crack Down on E-Bikes


NYC - "The crackdown seems to be targeting deliverymen, and cops were parking in bike lanes in order to hand out the tickets." more...

E-Bike Use on the Rise

NZ - "...E-bikes not exceeding 300W have been permitted on the rail trail since a rule change in mid-2015." more...

Trail will Link NJ's 2 Largest Cities


Kearny, NJ - "...Twenty percent of New Jersey's population lives within five miles of the proposed Meadowlands Connector, which will provide the first shared use path/multi-modal connection between Newark and Jersey City." more...

Girl's Attitudes about Bicycling Decline with Age


"...Given that women bike far less than men (at least in the US), and attitudes are a strong predictor of why people, particularly women, do not ride, I wanted to explore this further..." more

How Dangerous is Cycling?


"Statistically, cycling is much safer than prospective riders imagine, but it's what they imagine that matters..." more

More News...

Work Begins on Nord Family Greenway


Cleveland, OH - "The Cleveland Museum of Art and Case Western Reserve University have quietly begun creating the Nord Family Greenway, one of the biggest park and landscape projects in the city's recent history. more...

How Cleveland Could Benefit by Rethinking Parking

Cleveland, OH - "With transit holding steady and cycling surging, cities find themselves in an interesting position. They'd like to encourage more of this kind of 'mode shift' - but how? Inevitably, the stickiest of all wickets is parking." more...

Paying Commuters to Give Up Cars

"Would you change how you get to work for $10 a month? $50? How about $100?.." more

Silicon Valley Bike Vision Plan Is a Great Tool for Advocates

"A new report on the state of bicycling in Silicon Valley takes a unique regional view on what biking can do for cities, and especially the cities of the San Francisco peninsula." more...

Uber Suspends Tests After Self-Driving Car Crash


"...Another car failed to yield for the Uber car, causing the autonomous vehicle to flip on its side, according to the police report." more...

More News...

Railroad will Consider Trail Along Tracks


Ann Arbor, MI - "...The greenway trail that's envisioned along the historic alignment of the Allen Creek would run parallel to the railroad and would be separated from the train tracks by a physical buffer and fencing..." more

Students Spruce up Roaring Run Trail


PA - "A group of more than 80 students from Grove City College occupied the Roaring Run Watershed in Kiskiminetas Township on Saturday." more...

Woman Grabbed along Dark Bike Trail Section


Seattle, WA - "The street lights haven't worked for months under a section of the West Seattle Bridge, plunging a bike trail along Southwest Spokane Street into inky blackness." more...

Lines in the Dirt - Part 1

More News...

Blacklick Trail Detour

Columbus, OH - From Franklin County Metroparks, "Blacklick Trail under construction at Winchester Rd. Trail temporarily rerouted to cross Winchester Rd. at the light."

Trail Tunnel Closed Indefinitely

Powell, OH - "...The city in mid-February blocked off a multiuse path where it tunnels under the CSX railroad tracks just northwest of Adventure Park. The tunnel allows access to the park from west of the tracks and a path to Sawmill Parkway from east of the tracks." more...

Mill Pond and Mud Brook Greenway


Cuyahoga Falls, OH - "...A master plan created for the 2015 acquisition envisioned trails and light recreation, but studies have since indicated..." more

Submitted by Michael Musgrave

Groups Seek Scenic Train Depot

Akron, OH - "A business group is hoping to get a train depot built in Akron's Merriman Valley." more...

Towpath Times E-News

Read the latest edition.

More News...

Building the Largest Cycling Route in the World

"Ohio designated 313 miles of U.S. Bicycle Route 50 (USBR 50) in 2014 and signs went up along the route in the summer of 2016..." more

Cleveland Vigilante Changes Speed Limit Signs


Cleveland, OH - " unidentified man in a hard hat and a reflective vest was recently photographed while replacing 35 mph hour signs with 25 mph) signs." more...

Bob Shook Passes Away


Troy, OH - "...he was perhaps best known for his leadership in the completion of the Miami County bike trails..." more

Campaign to Eliminate 'Beg Buttons'

Seattle, WA - "A petition in Seattle is calling on the city to do away with 'beg buttons' and automatically give pedestrians a walk signal at every traffic light in its 'urban villages' -- areas that are walkable and transit-oriented." more...

Kids Required to Wear Bike Helmets

France - "Riders under 12 will be required to wear a helmet according to a new law that came into affect March 22 -- and the decision spawned plenty of support and opposition." more...

More News...

Dayton MTB Park Could Open by Summer


Dayton, OH - "The city of Dayton has selected a firm to design and construct a new mountain bike park at Welcome Park near UD Arena, and it could open in late summer or early fall." more...

Officials Want to Deport Murder Suspect


Raleigh, NC - "Federal immigration officials want to deport the Salvadoran 18-year-old charged with murdering a man whose body was found Sunday on a Raleigh greenway trail." more...

Could a Video Game Make Biking Safer for Kids?


"...for now the game's designer, University of Helsinki cognitive scientist Esko Lehtonen, says the game may be especially useful for kids, who aren't familiar with the rules of the road and still have developing brains..." more

More News...

Police Searching for Hit-n-Run Driver

Columbus, OH - "...Police says the bicyclist was struck while riding on the sidewalk and then dragged out into the roadway..." more

Drivers Passing Within 3 Feet of a Cyclist are Breaking the Law


Columbus, OH - "A new bicycle law requires motorists to make room when passing bicyclist traveling along the road in the same direction." more...

Council Says No to Road Widening

Toledo, OH - "...The long-debated proposal to widen the street between West Bancroft Street and Markway Road ended today when Ottawa Hills Village Council voted 4-2 not to move forward with the project." more...

Teen Charged in Greenway Murder


Raileigh, NC - "...Jose Humberto Lara-Pineda is charged with murdering Fredys Odilo Del Cid Ramos, 28, who died of an apparent strangulation..." more

2nd Child Dies After Car Plows into Peds


Phoenix, AZ - "A second child has died after being struck by a vehicle that hopped a sidewalk and plowed into a crowd of pedestrians Sunday in Phoenix, officials said." more...

Bike Share is Changing U.S. Cities


"Ten years ago, bike share was a novelty in the U.S., with a few thousand bikes in operation. Today, there are 55 systems spread across across the country, with over 42,000 bikes available in cities of all sizes..." more

Trail Crash Victim Calls for Safety Upgrades


AUS - "A cyclist thrown from his bike in a head-on crash with another rider on a 'blind corner' of the EastLink Trail is calling for safety upgrades along the path." more...

Are Women Really More Risk-Averse on Bikes?


"There's a widespread belief in the biking world that one reason to build comfortable bike infrastructure is that if streets are safer, more women will bike..." more

The Bike Helmet Debate


"...which has the bigger benefit: increased physical safety, or creating a better environment for people to cycle helmet-free?" more...

More News...

3-Feet Law Takes Effect Today

OH - "...The good part about it is it reinforces the bicyclist's right to be on the road. They belong there..." more

3 Things Cincy Cyclists Need


Cincinnati, OH - "...three things the Tri-State's bicycle community should work to make reality, now that the 3-foot law is here..." more

Thoughts on Proposed Bike Lanes

Athens, OH - "The proposed bike lanes on East State Street are a good idea exactly because of safety..." more

Gorge Dam Removal Moving Ahead

Akron, OH - "...The dam is the last in a chain of local dams stretching from Kent to Cuyahoga Falls that have been demolished over the past several years, greatly improving the water quality of the Cuyahoga River." more...

Debate over Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link Heats Up


Seattle, WA - "What began as a quiet rally ended in a heated face off." more...

E-Bike Catches Fire in Newport Beach

CA - "An electric bike caught fire Sunday, shooting battery parts as it burned, authorities said." more...

Study says Bike-Friendly Streets are a Solid Investment

"...The study examined the 4.5 miles of bike lane that New York City built for about $8 million in 2015, and it found that the added lanes may increase the probability of riding bikes by about 9%..." more

Mobike Rides into Singapore


China - "A bicycle with airless tires, a solar panelled basket and a GPS tracker isn't your typical mode of transport." more...

Tax Cyclists for Road Upgrades?

WI - "I talk to a lot of state legislators. At least among majority Republicans, a question I often get is something along the lines of, 'why don't cyclists want to pay for their own bike lanes?'" more...

More News...

The President's Budget: What Does it Mean for Biking?


"...The budget lays out a 13 percent cut to the DOT including a zeroing out of TIGER..." more

Body Found on Greenway


Raleigh, NC - "A dead man was found by bicyclists on the Capital Area Greenway in Raleigh on Sunday, police said." more...

Biking While Black

Chicago, IL - "As Chicago police ramp up their ticketing of bicyclists, more than twice as many citations are being written in African-American communities than in white or Latino areas, a Tribune review of police statistics has found." more...

In Beijing, Two Wheels Are Only a Smartphone Away


China - "...Cao Dachui kicked down its metal stand and locked the back wheel. Her half mile ride from a nearby subway station cost just 14 cents, and she could leave the bike anywhere." more...

More News...

Man Dead After Shooting on Bike Trail


Boise, ID - "...the man threatened trail users in the Hulls Gulch area and fatally shot a dog..." more

Cave Springs City Council Freezes Greenway Plans

AR - "The City Council on Tuesday unanimously froze Mayor Travis Lee's initiative to connect the city to the Razorback Greenway." more...

More News...

Long-Awaited Riverfront Trail

KY - "A decade's worth of planning, intermittent construction and grant writing will pay off for Northern Kentucky's riverfront this summer..." more

Safety is Worth Transpo Fixes


Columbus, OH - "In reading several recent reports of traffic deaths in Columbus involving pedestrians and bicyclists, and the Dispatch March 9 editorial on new bicycle-safety rules, I see progress and also gross failure..." more

The Start of Bike Lane Backlash?

Seattle, WA - "...The Times then transitioned into a more broad discussion of traffic issues in Seattle and it didn't take long for bike lanes to become their target..." more

Driverless Car Fail: Passes Too Close to Cyclist

"'I was a little scared for him', says nervous passenger." more

The Wisdom of Engaging Nervous Cyclists

"It was clear to the City of Toronto that engaging less confident cyclists that make up 60% of the population, yet seldom come to community meetings, might be the key to dramatic mode shifts in the city. Here's how it happened." more...

Bosnia Repeals Cycling Helmet Law

"Bosnia and Herzegovina has become the first country in the world to repeal an all-ages cycle helmet compulsion law." more...

More News...

Vulture's Knob GoFundMe Campaign

Wooster, OH - "... Beginning in the early 90's, this 126 acre parcel has consistently offered up technical single track challenges that have encouraged cyclists to push their abilities, physically and emotionally. Though considered a 'local' trail for many reading this, last year alone saw visiting riders from 20 states and 4 countries. Family focused, the Knob has seen two generations create memories in this special place." more...

Metroparks to Take Over most of Parmadale

Cleveland, OH - "...Ultimately, that will add nearly 80 acres to the Metroparks' 326-acre West Creek Reservation." more...

Fire Officials Block Street Safety Upgrades

San Francisco, CA - "...The Fire Department's concern is one walking and biking advocates are all too familiar with: fire trucks won't have enough street space to quickly respond to emergencies." more...

Busting the Myth of the 'Scofflaw Cyclist''

"...Researcher Wesley Marshall and his team surveyed 18,000 people online about their compliance with traffic laws when they are driving, biking, or walking..." more

Duluth Trails Promoted in Europe


MN - "...Minnesota is one of the most bike-friendly states in the country. Duluth has world-class mountain bike trails. We have a designation as a gold-level ride center from the International Mountain Bike Association. There are only five other cities in the world that have that designation..." more

Residents Upset over Rail Bike Tours


Olive, NY - "Residents of the Town of Olive are up in arms about Rail Explorers, the company whose contract with Ulster County will allow them to run tours of rail bikes down the Ulster & Delaware tracks..." more

REI Co-op Gives Back Nearly 70% of Profits to the Outdoor Community


Seattle, WA - "...REI CEO and President Jerry Stritzke talked about the co-op's sustainability work and its efforts to deliver inspiring outdoor experiences to local communities by creating access to the outdoors for all." more...

More News...

Entities Collaborate on Sandusky Trail Project

Sandusky, OH - "...This collaborative conceptual design approach could take the Sandusky Bay Pathway to the next level by creating a hub for other amenities related to active transportation, like bird watching and paddle sports..." more

Jaywalking Crackdown Gives out $206 Ticket

AZ - "...I just think it's a poor use of public resources to have officers waiting to catch people doing this." more...

Cyclist Receives Settlement after Sidewalk Crash

"A California cyclist received a massive $4.85 million settlement this week in a personal injury lawsuit with the City of San Diego for its negligence in sidewalk upkeep - one of the largest settlements a cyclist has ever been paid by a US city." more...

Adventure Cycling Newsletter

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Cyclists Save Cardiac Patient on Trail


GA - "A North Georgia doctor and firefighter are among a group of cyclists credited with saving a man's life after they happened to see him collapse during a hike on Saturday." more...

LimeBike Raises $12M for BikeShare Without Kiosks

"A startup called LimeBike has raised $12 million in venture funding to make Chinese-style bike sharing mainstream in the U.S." more...

More News...

Detour not Recommended for Towpath Closure

Valley View, OH - "...'Some people may choose to move onto Canal Road, but we don't recommend that,' Barnes said. 'It's really not safe, and we don't want people to be surprised by the closure and make a wrong choice.'" more...

Attempted Robbery on Trail

Eugene, OR - "...Residents in the area say they're shocked and concerned about the crime in their own back yard...." more

Woman Fabricated Trail Attack

MIlford, MA - "After a thorough investigation, it turns out that a woman who said she was assaulted while hiking on a trail in Milford made the whole story up." more...

MT Senate Kills Cyclist Bill

MT - "...President of the Senate Scott Sales, R-Bozeman, opposed the bill and said he does not want any more cyclists in the state and thinks there are too many of them as it is." more...

U.S. Street Design Still Playing Catch Up

"...The bibles of American street engineering still don't recommend designs like protected bike lanes. If these industry standards ever do catch up to modern practice, the pace of change would accelerate..." more

Demand for Wider Bike Paths


Melbourne, AUS - "...Cyclists now account for almost a fifth of all vehicles coming into the city between 7 and 10am, new data has shown." more...

More News...

Riverfront Commons Project Will Start in Spring


KY - "...The 11.5-mile recreational trail along the Ohio River will ultimately connect Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, and Fort Thomas..." more

Little Miami Scenic Trail Newsletter

SW OH - "Read the lastest edition.

Is Seattle's Fiercest Bike Fight Settled?


Seattle, WA - "...Since 1996, business owners have argued that constructing the missing link along their driveways would impact day-to-day operations and increase the risk of collisions between trucks and trail users." more...

Toilet Plunger Campaign Leads to Bike Lane Makeover

Witchita, KS - "Cyclists pedaling through one Old Town intersection have a little more protection now, thanks in part to activists with toilet plungers." more...

Women Sexually Assaulted & Beaten on Trail


CAN - "A 32-year-old woman is now recovering after being beaten and sexually assaulted late Sunday night while jogging on a popular trail in a residential area of Colwood near Victoria." more...

Study Reveals Streets are 'Wild West'

"...Just as many drivers accept violations of speed limit laws as the norm in certain situations, bicyclists often accept violations of some traffic regulations as the norm under certain circumstances." more...

A Bike for Bradley

"...Bradley has made tremendous progress in recovery, and until he can play the sport he loves again, Kicks for a Cause will organize and play games to assist him in his return to the pitch!" more...

More News...

Bike Club Launches '3-Feet Law' Safety Campaign


Youngstown, OH - "A local bicycling club wants to make motorists aware of a new Ohio law, taking effect Sunday that will require motorists to leave at least 3 feet of clearance when passing bicyclists." more...

Austin Tries a No-Frills Private Bike Share


TX - "A San Francisco startup, Spin, debuted a station-free bike share in Austin. Is it the next big thing or are they just spinning their wheels?" more...

More News...

Lancaster County Developing Walking, Biking Plan


PA - "...Lancaster's Active Transportation Plan - which aims to improve walking and biking infrastructure and public transit to make it easier for people to get around without a car - is moving full steam ahead, thanks in part to citizen input." more...

More News...

Towpath Times Newsletter

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

New Bike Trail has Unique Feature


Houston, TX - "Along with walkers and cyclists, the path will also accommodate golf carts. Those vehicles will have their own designated lane." more...

Driver gets 1 to 4 Years for Killing Cyclist


NYC - "The hit-and-run driver who killed cyclist Olga Cook on the Hudson River Greenway is going to jail." more...

More News...

Cleveland Towpath Stage 3 Groundbreaking


Cleveland, OH - "...Stage 3 of the Towpath Trail Extension will run 1.9 miles from the Northern entrance of Steelyard Commons to Literary Ave. This stage will provide an important link between Tremont, Steelyard Commons and the public outdoor recreation area Clark Fields." more...

Residents Debate Bike Lanes

Athens, OH - "Some residents of Athens' Far East Side and others have raised concerns about the city moving forward with putting in bike lanes onto East State Street during a road renovation project." more...

Bay Bridge Path Closed - Mostly

CA - "...Alden Wong pedaled along the path leading to the Bay Bridge, building speed as he prepared to head up the incline and across the east span to Yerba Buena Island. Then he discovered that the bridge's bike and pedestrian path is open only on weekends." more...

Bike Share in the US: 2010-2016

"Bike share is growing at an astounding clip across the U.S., with over 88 million trips made on a bike share bike in the U.S. since 2010. In 2016 alone, riders took over 28 million trips, on par with the annual ridership of the entire Amtrak system, and higher than the number of people visiting Walt Disney World each year." more...

Lost MTBer Found After Major Search


IRE - "A mountain biker who lost his way while exploring the Ballyhoura trail was rescued at 2am after an extensive search operation." more...

More News...

Towpath Closures in Valley View


Valley View, OH - Major river bank stabilization work has closed a towpath section south of Highland Road in Valley View. This closure is expected to be lifted by the end of March 2017. No detour is provided. View map.

There's another closure between Hillside Road and Stone Road in Valley View. This one is expected to continue from March 6, 2017 through March 2018. From March 6 to May 26, 2017, this section will be completely closed.

On May 27, 2017, it will be open on weekends and holidays, but closed Monday - Friday through July 31, 2017. After July 31 a complete closure will be in effect. No detour is provided for this closure. However, the towpath does closely parallel Canal Road in this area. View map.

3-Feet Law Takes Effect This Month


Columbus, OH - "...Ohio joins 29 other states that specify a minimum safe-passing distance. The Ohio Bicycle Federation lobbied for the requirment for seven years before achieving success in December, when Gov. John Kasich signed HB 154 into law." more...

Protected Bike Lanes Coming to Jersey City


NJ - "...Fulop, speaking inside the City Council chambers to an audience of about 500, said the protected bike lane would be expanded to other major roadways once it is installed on Grand Street..." more

E-Bikes May be Key to Increasing U.S. Cycling

"...Many people surveyed say that having to pedal up hills and arriving at their destination sweaty are major deterrents to commuting by bike, even when bike lanes and other facilities are there." more...

More News...

Bowling Green Considers Support for Bike Route


Bowling Green, OH - "...A portion of the route would run through the city to the Slippery Elm Trail." more...

Ludlow Connector Trail to be Completed


KY - "...The Ludlow Connector Trail is a shared-use path that will connect the eastern and western parts of Devou Park as well as provide pedestrian and cyclist access to the large park from Ludlow, which only has access to Devou Park by car today..." more

A Look at D.C. Protected Bikeways


D.C. - "...With about 16 miles of protected bike lanes already built in its downtown core, D.C. is well on its way to making a connected network that people can use to zip around on bikes with the same (if not better) ease and convenience as other modes..." more

Drivers Pack Bike 'Protected' Bike Lane with Cars


"Parking drama along one short block in San Francisco exploded on Twitter over the weekend, after a number of cars were spotted in a newly completed 'parking protected' bike lane that was installed on Valencia Street last October." more...

Uber Driver Injures Cyclist at Greenway Crossing


NYC - "...NYPD told us there were 'no serious injuries.' But the FDNY press office said the victim was unconscious and was transported to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition..." more

Teaching Motorists to Share the Road


"...After two bicycle riders died in the 'Platinum' level bicycle-friendly city Fort Collins, Colorado in 2015, the main bike advocacy group held a town hall. Because both victims were riding legally and safety when hit, many people asked, 'What are we doing to educate people who drive?'" more...

More News...

Can Bike Share Change Louisville?


KY - "After a number of delays, Louisville's bike share program is in the home stretch, with hopes to begin this summer..." more

Epic Saga Over Unfinished Trail May Be Over


Seattle, WA - "...In Seattle, the Burke Gilman Trail's 'Missing Link' saga will go down in the annals of contentious, obstructed bike plans..." more

Homeless Tent City Along OC Bike Trail


Anaheim, CA - "Several videos posted on social media have captured images of an emerging homeless 'tent city' along the Santa Ana River in Anaheim." more...

Mountain Biker's Fatal Encounter with Grizzly


Great Falls, MT - "...Treat collided with a grizzly bear with his bike at a high rate of speed after rounding a blind curve on the trail." more...

Berlin Plans Network of Bike Superhighways


Germany - "...At the heart of the plan lie 13 new bike superhighways, approved at the end of February..." more

More News...

Western Reserve Greenway Connection Coming


Warren, OH - "...The final phase, estimated to be complete around 2020 or later, will run four miles from Burton Street on the south end of Warren through Howland and Weathersfield townships to the trailhead of the Niles Greenway in downtown Niles." more...

While Buses Return to Public Square, Bikes are Snubbed

Cleveland, OH - "At some point this week during the preparation for the reopening of Public Square - the bicycle markings within the shared lanes disappeared - deeply scrubbed from existence. The signage vanished from the roadsides as well." more...

Pittsburgh Mayor Stands Behind Bike Lanes


PA - "...It would be easier for me to budget a UFO landing site than to put in the budget a dedicated bike lane in an area that's unsafe for both motorists and cyclists..." more

Lancaster Active Transportation Planning


Lancaster, PA - "The consultants helping Lancaster County develop a comprehensive walking, biking and transit plan said they're encouraged by the high level of public interest here." more...

DHL Expands Urban Delivery with Cargo Bikes

"DHL Express is piloting a new City Hub concept that will enable increased use of cargo bicycles for inner-city deliveries." more...

Engineering Standards for Cars Endanger Peds

"...Part of the problem, Furth says, is that transportation engineers have standards for measuring motorist delay but not pedestrian delay..." more

The Next-Generation Intersection

"Emerging traffic technologies promise to improve safety while moving everyone - not just drivers." more...

More News...

Closing the Trail Gap in London

London, OH - "...The land has been purchased for the trail segment between Maple St and Walnut St for Phase I of the trail gap project." more...

Greenway Team to Meet with Railroad Company


Ann Arbor, MI - "...Much of what the community envisions in terms of creating a greenway trail within the rail corridor, alongside the freight tracks, hinges on getting cooperation from the railroad's owner..." more

More News...

MSD Gearing Up to Construct Lick Run Greenway


Cincinnati, OH - "...The Greenway includes a mile-long bioengineered creek in a park-like setting through the valley corridor." more...

Moving Towards The Ultimate Connected City

"Smartphone owners feel connected much of the time, for better or worse. But shouldn't that be the goal for physical movement as well, to be literally that connected -- with a transportation system that could take one anywhere at any time?" more...

More News...

Towpath Easement Granted


New Philadelphia, OH - "Tuscarawas County has secured an easement for use on either side of the Fink Truss Bridge near Zoarville..." more

Expanding NCIT Connections in Sandusky County


Fremont, OH - " Local officials are backing the expansion of the North Coast Inland Bike Trail to several key destinations in Sandusky County." more...

$535K Settlement in Dangerous Bike Lane Case


Portland, OR - "...Mike Cooley, who was 59 at the time, was on his way home from work at the downtown post office when he was hit from behind by someone driving a large white truck..." more

Sadik-Khan Touts Detroit's Wide Streets


MI - "...Detroit, which was built for a population several times its current size, has a key advantage." more...

Pending Transportation Regulation Could Help Vulnerable Users


"...It is uncertain whether the U.S. Department of Transportation -- now under the authority of newly confirmed Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao -- will actually implement the rule..." more

Pedrail, a Barrier to Protect Cyclists & Peds


"...They have developed a simple system that uses a 'proprietary Longitudinal Channelizing Device' to lock the guardrails together and sandbags to hold them down..." more

More News...

Aurora Continues Effort to Establish Trails

Aurora, OH - "The city is in the process of purchasing a small property on the southwest corner of the Hartman property, which could be a key to connecting the city's east side parks via a bike trail..." more

Yay Bikes! Gearing Up for 2017


Columbus, OH - "...We have a new plan, a new person and plenty of opportunities for you to apply your passion to what we're up to..." more

Groups Urge Lawmakers to Ok $53M Mega-Trail Plan

Albany, NY - "Outdoor enthusiasts and activists from across New York will gather in Albany to urge state lawmakers to back Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan for a 750-mile trail system." more...

Analyzing U.S. Bike Share Usage Data


"...we compiled a year's worth of ride data (10/01/2015 to 09/30/2016) from six major cities: New York City; Washington, DC; Boston; Seattle; Chicago; and San Francisco." more...

Bike Industry Joins the Battle Over Public Lands


"It's about so much more than one monument in Utah. Here's what the move means for cycling's access to public land -- and what it says about the purpose of public land in general." more...

Will Trump Infrastructure Rebuild Include Safety Improvements?


"...Recent traffic fatality statistics reveal an alarming trend. Growth in deaths among pedestrians and bicyclists, who now account for 18 percent of all traffic fatalities..." more

More News...

Attempted Abduction on Olentangy Trail

Columbus, OH - "...Police described the suspect a white male, wearing black sweatpants and a T-shirt..." more

Lima, Allen County Dangerous for Bikes, Peds

Lima, OH - "Allen County and Lima are the most dangerous mid-sized population areas in Ohio for bicyclists and pedestrians during a five-year span from 2011 to 2015, according to a study." more...

Smart Columbus Update

Columbus, OH - "When Columbus was announced as the winner of the $40 million federal Smart City grant last summer, much was made of the additional $90 million in matching resources that were secured from local corporate and institutional partners." more...

Congressman Introduces Vision Zero Bill


"U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer introduced a bill today to help cities across the country to move forward with Vision Zero policies, plans and projects." more...

Road Fatalities are Soaring

U.S. - "U.S. roadways in 2016 yielded another bumper crop of carnage as vehicle fatalities soared 6 percent, following a 7 percent jump in 2015 - the biggest two-year spike since the 1960s..." more

London Parents not Allowed to Drop Off Kids by Car at School


UK - "...The decision to fine any vehicles seen dropping off or picking up kids within a particular zone of east London stems from city councillors' prolonged efforts to make the area safer and less congested..." more

More News...

Groundbreaking Set for Oxford Bike Path


Oxford, OH - "After nearly three years of planning, the city of Oxford will host its official groundbreaking ceremony for a new multi-use recreational trail." more...

How Far is 3 Feet?


Cleveland, OH - "We are nearing the effective date for the statewide 3' Foot Passing Law for cyclists, and there is a lot of excitement in the riding community surrounding an enforceable measure of safety while passing..." more

St. Pete to Titusville Bike Route Closer to Reality


FL - "...The Coast-to-Coast project is just one of several under way in Pinellas County that will benefit area cyclists, walkers and runners..." more

Austin Looking at Reclaiming Trail Corridors for Rail Use


TX - "...The legislation would allow the transportation authority to build up to 30 miles of track without voter approval." more...

Did Driver Who Killed Cyclist Lie to get Light Sentence?

Chicago, IL - "...Cann's [cyclist's] girlfriend, Catherine Bullard, says that San Hamel's [driver] apparent falsehoods represent yet another way the driver has made the cyclist's family suffer." more...

Hairdryers Used Against Speeding Drivers

UK - "Villagers dressed in fluorescent jackets are pointing hairdryers at cars to mimic police using speed cameras in a bid to deter fast drivers in Moray." more...

More News...

Big Wins for Cycling Community in Lincoln


NE - "...The bill also repealed a side path law that prohibited bikers from safely riding on the road even if there wasn't a path available or in safe condition to ride on." more...

Can History & Recreation Co-Exist?


GA - "...Crawford says members immediately became concerned that bikers might see the [historical] earthwork fortifications as 'challenges.'" more...

Bike & Trail Races Denied Permits by Forest Service


SD - "...Organizers of the races say they are trying to work with the Forest Service to make sure those races happen, but acknowledge some races may need to be canceled." more...

Cities Looking at Lower Speed Limits


"Jurisdictions across the United States, including those in the Washington region, are embracing lower speed limits as the key to reversing the recent rise in traffic fatalities." more...

More News...

What Will it Take to Keep Bike Lanes Clear?

"...If you're a cyclist, you're familiar with the problem. Whenever normal street service is interrupted, the bike lane is co-opted..." more...

More News...

Volunteers Clean Up Warren Bike Trail


Warren, OH - "If you plan to hit the bike trail in Warren this spring, you may notice that things look a little nicer." more...

Lake Twp. Approves Bike Route


Lake Twp., OH - "A resolution of support for a proposal to develop a series of corridors crossing Ohio as numbered bicycle routes has been approved by the Lake Township trustees." more...

New Shuttle Service along Virginia Capital Trail


Richmond, VA - "If you've been itching to try out the Virginia Capital Trail but are afraid you may not have the stamina to make the entire trip, help is on the way." more...

Boise Struggles with E-Bike Legislation


ID - "Idaho Rep. Phylis King's proposed bill adds one sentence containing 37 words to Idaho Code -- a simple change to resolve a confusing problem, or so she thought." more...

More News...

Scioto Trail Extension Planned

Columbus, OH - "...this year, Upper Arlington and Marble Cliff intend to jointly fund construction of a shared-use path that will extend the Scioto Trail along the south side of West Fifth Avenue from Arlington Avenue to Riverside Drive." more...

Trail Plans for Wayne National Forest

Athens, OH - "Imagine 100 miles of new mountain-bike trails in the Wayne National Forest and hundreds of people from southeast and central Ohio using the trails to ride and enjoy themselves." more...

Can Greenways Help Fight Chicago Crime?

IL - "...crime of all types decreased at a faster rate in neighborhoods along Chicago's 2.7-mile Bloomington Trail - better known as The 606 - than in similar neighborhoods..." more

Snowy Winter Keeps Greenway Workers Busy


WA - "...Every time it's snowed even an inch, we were out there to plow..." more

€200 Subsidy on E-Bike Purchases

FRA - "In a bid to get more people on their bikes, and to boost alternative transport methods, France is offering its citizens a financial incentive for purchasing an e-bike." more...

More News...

Bicycle and Car Collide

Belmont County, OH - "One person was sent to the hospital after a bicycle and a car collided in St. Clairsville." more...

Buses Returning to Public Square

Cleveland, OH - "The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority plans to reopen Public Square to buses in less than two weeks, if all goes as planned." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Giving Power Back to Pedestrians


"...deference to people on foot, is what Adam Millard-Ball sees in future cities full of driverless cars." more...

Booby Trap Impales Runner's Foot


NC - "Pinnacle Park in North Carolina closed after police found 60 hidden spikes littering a trail system, leaving one runner injured." more...

Trail Crash Fatality Leads to Safety Investigation


AUS - "A cyclist slammed on his emergency brakes before veering into Dandenong Creek and drowning in shallow water, a coroner's report has found." more...

More News...

Work Begins on Wasson Way Trail


Cincinnati, OH - "Norfolk Southern Railway is removing railroad tracks and ties along the site of the future Wasson Way bike trail so that the city of Cincinnati can begin construction this summer." more...

Unused Ohio Transpo Funds Redirected


"...Money that was dedicated for a trail leading from Fairview Park to the Cleveland Metroparks, before the topography proved to be too difficult, now will go for streetscape improvements on nearby Lorain Road." more...

Plans Underway for Statewide Greenway Along Canal


NJ - "...there is an effort by the New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority to link the recently developed properties to create a statewide greenway connecting Jersey City with Phillipsburg along the route of the former Morris Canal..." more...

Bicycle House Opens in Sweden


"...All 55 apartments are rented out and there is no doubt that bike-minded people were among the first to move in..." more

More News...

Philly's Bike Lane Vigilante


PA - "A Philadelphia cyclist is 'sticking it to' motorists who illegally park and stop in the city's bike lanes." more...

Proposal would allow E-Bikes on Yampa River Core Trail


Steamboat Springs, CO - "...The city also wants the commission to consider allowing some types of e-bikes on other hard- and soft-surface trails following a broader planning effort." more...

Giant Sinkhole Next to Trail


Spring, TX - "Along Cypress Creek Hike and Bike Trail, you'll find a sinkhole that's been growing for months." more...

More News...

Rails-with-Trails are Safe

Cincinnati, OH - "Regarding the story "Railroad company: Don't build bike trail on Oasis line": Rail-with-trail facilities have been a steadily growing trend around the country for 20 years..." more

Man Shot Dead During Bike Theft


Phoenix, AZ - "A homeless man was shot and killed Sunday morning by a suspect demanding his bicycle, police said." more...

Cellophane Strung Across Popular Bike Trail


Omaha, NE - "...Because the plastic wrap is clear, it's hard to notice it until you get right up on it." more...

More News...

Wood County Joins National Bike Route Plan

OH - "...Ohio is joining a 'national trend' that has already designated 11,000 miles of signed biking routes in 23 states..." more

City Cycling Survey

"A new survey wants city dwellers on two wheels to add their two cents about cycling infrastructure and culture." more...

Man Fined for Punching Cyclist


UK - "...The cyclist, who was avoiding an icy patch on the A1500 by cycling in the middle of the road..." more

Cyclist Shot Multiple Times


AUS - "Police believe at least six shots were fired at a bike rider at Everton on Saturday, with at least one bullet hitting him in the head and multiple rounds hitting his chest." more...

More News...

Century Cycles Earns Gold-Level Status

NE OH - "Century Cycles is proud to be officially recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Business by both Bike Cleveland and the League of American Bicyclists..." more

Route Options for Ann Arbor Greenway Trail

Ann Arbor, MI - "Four route options are under consideration for the proposed Allen Creek Greenway trail through Ann Arbor." more

Jogger Who was Hit by Tree Settles Lawsuit


Austin, TX - "...The man was seriously injured in 2013 when he was jogging along the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail." more...

Birmingham's Electric BikeShare

AL - "I recently spent a few days in Birmingham, AL and got to try their new Zyp bikeshare system -- the first public electric bikeshare system in the US..." more...

Cities may be Liable for Crashes where Street Design Encourages High Speeds

"On December 22, the New York State Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, ruled that municipalities may be liable for traffic injuries when the design of roads contributes to reckless driving or excessive speeding..." more

Don't Demonize Driving, Just Stop Subsidizing It

"...When we subsidize roads, socialize the costs of pollution, crashes and parking, and even legally require that our communities be built in ways that make it impossible to live without a car, we send people strong signals to buy and own cars and to drive -- a lot..." more

More News...

Bicycle Friendly Community Attitudes & Behaviors


"...This survey was modeled after selected questions from the 2012 National Survey of Bicyclist and Pedestrian Attitudes and Behavior by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)..." more

Stranded Hiker, Dogs Rescued from Mountain


Franconia, NH - "Authorities say rescuers communicated by text and trudged through waist-deep snow and poor visibility to reach a stranded hiker who was huddled with his two dogs atop Mount Lafayette in New Hampshire." more...

Man Sought in Double Homicide along Trail


Delphi, IN - "Authorities said they were searching a home in northern Indiana on Thursday looking for clues to the deaths of two teenage girls whose bodies were found on a trail where they had been dropped off to go hiking." more...

More News...

Bike Path Vision Becoming Clearer


Hamilton, OH - "The first phase of a nearly 3-mile bike path that would connect a large part of the city's West Side could be finished by 2018..." more

Barberton to Host Better Block


Barberton, OH - "...The best ideas will be activated during the Barberton Better Block to see if they're doable in the long run." more...

More on Rubber City Heritage Trail Concept


Akron, OH - "...While not officially part of the iTowpath project in downtown Akron, the Rubber City Heritage Trail would fit nicely with the idea of using connectors to bring bicycle riders, joggers and walkers into contact with downtown and its attractions..." more

Where Should Newport's New Red Bike Stations Go?


KY - "Newport has received a state grant to add two or three new Red Bike stations. The River City News is partnering with Red Bike and the City of Newport to find out where you think those stations should go." more...

Gruesome Discovery off of Greenway Trail


Nashville, TN - "...It seemed like it was straight out of a horror film..." more

Statewide Trail Programs


"...With fewer opportunities at the federal level to acquire critical funds, states and local jurisdictions have increasingly taken the funding of trails and active transportation programs into their own hands..." more

SUV Drives into Protest Crowd

Nashville, TN - "Nashville police say based on the information they have now, they will not charge the driver of an SUV who was involved in an incident at an immigration rally on Sunday." more...

U.S. Traffic Deaths Rise Again


"...The two-year increase -- 14 percent -- is the largest in more than a half a century." more...

Town adds Lightlines for Distracted Peds


Netherlands - "...A pilot project in the city of Bodegraven called +Lightlines (or +Lichtlijn in Dutch) is the latest take on in-ground sidewalk crossing signals and it puts a bright, laser-like strip of green and red LEDs right where multi-tasking pedestrians can see them." more...

Do Bike Shares Complement or Replace Transit?

"Public bikesharing has emerged as one of the latest transportation innovations, transforming North American cities and providing people with more transportation options..." more

More News...

Oregon to Consider U.S. Designated Bike Route


Oregon, OH - "Oregon council on Monday will consider a resolution supporting the establishment of a U.S. numbered bicycle route in Northwest Ohio." more...

Bike Route Network Study


PA - "A recently awarded pair of grants will fund the hiring of a firm to determine roadway bike routes that will connect Titusville to a statewide network and an extension of the Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail into Hydetown." more...

The Traffic Engineer Who Stresses Safety


"Streetsblog once called Seattle City Traffic Engineer Dongho Chang 'the coolest traffic engineer in the world.'" more...

Armstrong Headed to Trial in $100M Lawsuit


"Judge denied disgraced cyclist's request to have federal government's case against him thrown out." more...

More News...

Montpelier Looks to Bike Trail to Gain Visitors


Montpelier, OH - "The village is on course to build a bike path to attach to the Wabash Cannonball Trail." more...

RTA Riders Rally for Public Square Bus Access


Cleveland, OH - "...Local transit advocates want to see city government take action to reopen Superior Avenue through Public Square to buses before it's too late." more...

Man Found Dead on Sunriver Bike Path


Sunriver, OR - "Authorities say a man found dead on a Sunriver bike path had earlier been seen walking with blood coming from his neck." more...

'Safety Stop' Bill for Cyclists

CO - "...Senate Bill 93, introduced Jan. 18 by Sen. Andy Kerr, D-Lakewood, would permit a person riding a bike or 'electrical-assisted bicycle' to pass through intersections without stopping if the rider 'slows to a reasonable speed, yields to vehicles and pedestrians, and can safely proceed or make a turn.'" more...

How Chao can Move Vision Zero Forward

"...the focus of her note -- that she 'look(s) forward to working... to ensure that the safety and efficiency of our country's transportation systems are second to none' -- offers a glimpse into priorities she may set." more...

Barcelona's Car-Taming 'Superblocks' Meet Resistance

SPA - "Barcelona's plans to slash car traffic may be some of the most innovative in the world, but right now their introduction isn't going all that smoothly..." more

More News...

Transport Planner Struck by Car While Riding Trail

Clearwater, FL - "Time slowed down as Whit Blanton was launched over the handlebars of his bike, flew over the hood of a Honda Fit and crashed onto the surface of the Duke Energy Trail." more...

Edmonton's 'Beg Buttons' a Problem


CAN - "It's a major irritant for Edmonton's pedestrian subculture, especially on popular bus routes where people watch their bus pull up, stop and drive off before the long cycle finishes and the walk light turns on." more...

Mountain Bikers Vow to Defy Marin's 'Hostile' Trail Rules


CA - "In the birthplace of mountain biking, Marin County, knobby tire enthusiasts are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of mountain biking access. Some are so upset, they're going on the warpath." more...

Read a counterpoint piece on this subject.

Taking Vision Zero to the Next Level

"Vision Zero shorthand boils down the initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities to three E's: education, enforcement and engineering..." more

More News...

Franklin, Middletown Move Forward with Trail Project


Middletown, OH - "Work on completing the final link of the Great Miami River Recreation Trail moved another step forward this week." more...

300-Mile Trail Closer to Reality


FL - "Picture a 300-mile ribbon of pavement for walking, running, bicycling or skating that stretches from Clearwater through Naples." more...

Incidents along RiverWalk


GA - "Two of my friends had similar experiences recently on the Chattahoochee RiverWalk that have led them to the same conclusion." more...

Don't 'Balance' Modes - Prioritize Walking, Biking, and Transit

Denver, CO - "...Successful multimodal cities aren't just about what your city starts doing -- i.e., funding transit -- it's what you stop doing -- i.e., widening roads..." more

Air Canada Gouges Cyclists on Bike Fees

"Bike fees are one thing, but charging more than the cost of your plane ticket crosses a line." more...

Berlin's Bicycle Referendum

Germany - "Have you heard about Berlin's Bicycle Referendum, the world's first citizen-initiated cycling referendum?..." more

More News...

Concept Trail: Rubber City Heritage Trail


Akron, OH - "...City administrators, council members and caretakers of the Ohio Erie Canal Way are entertaining the idea of a Rubber City Heritage Trail. The route would originate in Middlebury and merge with the Towpath Trail..." more...

Naples to Miami Trail Scrapped


Collier County, FL - "A proposed hike and bike trail through the Everglades from Naples to Miami is no more. The plan to connect the two cities was taken off the table on Friday afternoon." more...

How CitiBike Pays Riders to Balance System


NYC - "Any member of a bike share program has come up against one of two frustrating scenarios: a full dock at the end of a trip, or an empty dock at the start." more...

China's First Cycleway in Air Starts Trial Operation

More News...

Finding Safer Bike Routes in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "...Many smartphone users are accustomed to using Google Maps to get to and from unfamiliar places. What a lot of users don't realize is that there is a Cycling setting within that powerful mapping app..." more

Designers to Envision Irishtown Bend Transformation


Cleveland, OH - "The Port of Cleveland took a big step Thursday toward shaping a new vision for the crumbling Irishtown Bend hillside, which could become a 17-acre park on the Cuyahoga River with superlative skyline views and links to the Towpath Trail and Whiskey Island on Lake Erie." more...

Seattle May Replace Some Traffic Lights with 4-Way Stops


WA - "Here's an intriguing idea to make city streets safer. Seattle is reviewing 10 intersections to see if traffic signals should be replaced with four-way stops." more...

Charlotte Installs 'EcoCounters'


Charlotte, NC - "...CDOT, in partnership with NCDOT, is part of a statewide pilot program to install permanent pedestrian and bicycle counters..." more

More News...

Upcoming Closure for LMST Section


Warren County, OH - "Retaining wall installation along the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail under the Jeremiah Morrow bridge requires a two-week closure beginning Monday, Feb. 20." more...

Nation's 1st Solar-Powered Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Lane

TX - "...The university boasts that the lane is the nation's first 'non-signalized, Dutch-style intersection ... [that] includes bright green solar luminescent pavement markings used to delineate the bicycle pathways.'" more...

Lakefront Trail Separation Moves Forward


Chicago, IL - "...the Chicago Park District board approved a $1.7 million contract for engineering and design services." more...

Mountain-Bike Park Could Be Crippled by a Court Decision


Portland, OR - "...Because of a court ruling last year, she and the other volunteers building the park's bike trails can be sued if a visitor to the park gets hurt." more...

Cyclists Perplexed at Speed Bumps in Cycle Lane


Paris, FRA - "Cyclists near Paris are demanding that speed bumps installed on a cycle path in a suburb of the French capital be ripped up -- although the local council says that they have been put there to protect bike riders from motorists." more...

Opening Ochoco Forest Roads to OHVs Means Fewer Elk


OR - "An experimental forest is an area administered to provide for the research necessary for the management of the land, as defined by the U.S. Forest Service. The concept began in 1908..." more

More News...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Bike Route Will Pass Through Wauseon


Wauseon, OH - "An Ohio Department of Transportation-driven resolution to designate the city's portion of Wabash Cannonball Trail as part of a larger system of state and U.S. bike routes was passed during a Monday meeting of the Wauseon City Council." more...

$23M Expansion for Monon Trail


IN - "Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard announced plans Monday for a $23 million makeover to the Monon Trail in downtown Carmel." more...

MTB Trail from Washington to California

OR - "...They're taking 650 miles of already-extant trails and combining them into a massive, state-spanning single-track mountain bike trail." more...

Conflicting Views on Safe Road Riding


"Ride in the right tire track of the right hand lane. 'Be predictable.' Always wear a helmet. Thousands of people in North America are exposed to these rules of thumb in cycling training courses each year. But how good is the advice?" more...

More News...

2017: Year of the Trail


Xenia, OH - "Honoring the impact the paved trail network offers Greene County, the Board of Greene County Commissioners recently resolved that 2017 will now be known as 'Year of the Trail in Greene County'..." more

Toxic Soil Clean up Delays Towpath Section


Cleveland, OH - "...Residents and Towpath Trail enthusiasts who had anticipated the completion of the renovation project this year must wait at least until 2018 or later, as funding for the remediation work remains tangled in the bureaucratic red tape of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency." more...

Avon Seeks Trail Grant


Avon, OH - "Avon residents may see the construction of a pedestrian trail from Detroit Road to Route 611 within the next two years." more...

SF Takes a Step Back From Raised Bike Lanes


San Francisco, CA - "...The city had planned on installing a two-inch raised, mountable lane on a section of Polk Street, where, on average, cars hit one cyclist and one pedestrian every month..." more

Cycling Advocates Call for Action After 2 Fatalities


Houston, TX - "They say the city's proposed Bike Plan would help keep cyclists out of harm's way." more...

Transients Plead Guilty to Killings


San Francisco, CA - "Two transients pleaded guilty Monday to murder in the deaths of a Canadian tourist who was camping in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park during a music festival and a yoga teacher walking his dog on a popular hiking trail." more...

More News...

RTC Co-Founder Passes Away


"This past week, the world lost a passionate conservationist and environmentalist. On the anniversary of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's (RTC's) founding, rail-trail visionary and co-founder David Burwell passed away on Feb. 1, 2017, after a hard-fought battle with leukemia." more...

Cyclists not Happy with Proposed Bike Bill

MN - "A legislator's bid to require bicyclists to have special permits to use bike lanes in urban areas is drawing sharp criticism from Minnesota cyclists." more...

Driver Rams Cyclist Who Turns out to be Police Officer

Canary Islands - "A heated argument in Tenerife between a cyclist and driver resulted in the motorist of a white van taking a run at the cyclist." more...

More News...

Hamilton Beltline Trail Feedback

Hamilton, OH - "Most people who submitted comments about the proposed Hamilton Beltline bike path are in favor of the project to re-purpose the former CSX rail corridor and rail yard." more...

$22M Greenway Investment Coming to Asheville

NC - "...There are more than 16 miles being built and planned at an estimated $24 million." more...

Trail Supporters Look to Take Advantage of Earthquake


NZ - "...Momentum is building for the proposal, to extend a cycleway from the Marlborough Sounds some 350 kilometres south to Christchurch along the east coast." more...

Super Bowl Cities: Which is Better for Cyclists?


"How the two cities compare on a cyclist's playing field." more...

More News...

Tremont Towpath Integration Plan

Cleveland, OH - "Tremont West in partnership with Tremont Pointe applied for and received an Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing Strategies Fund grant to carry out a neighborhood-wide engagement and planning process to identify strategies that will integrate the Towpath Trail into the fabric of our neighborhood..." more

Freiberger Field Awaits Permits for Construction


Cleveland, OH - "...On May 20, 2016, Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Museum of Art announced an agreement to collaborate on the construction of a new greenway that will stretch from Freiberger Field to the Milton and Tamar Maltz Performing Arts Center..." more

Committee Studying E-Bike Use in the Valley


ID - "A subgroup of the Blaine County Regional Transportation Committee is working to understand just what electric-assist bikes are and where they can, or could be, allowed." more...

Do You Know How to Safely Open a Car Door?

"...changing your habit and opening the door with your right hand -- increasingly known as the 'dutch reach' -- could save a life." more...

More News...

Bike Riding Now Legal in Downtown Youngstown


Youngstown, OH - "...Since 1974, it's been against the law to ride bicycles and motorcycles along Federal Plaza..." more

Sunbury Supports Sandel Trail

Sunbury, OH - "Late last year the name of the Big Walnut Community Trail was formally changed to the Sandel Legacy Trail..." more

Yay Bikes! Newsletter

Columbus, OH - Read the February edition.

Man Dies on Greenway

Hendersonville, NC - "A man died on the Oklawaha Greenway near downtown Hendersonville on Thursday, according to Hendersonville Police." more...

Marin Bike Activists Demand Better Trail Access


CA - "...We represent 40 percent to 45 percent of the users out there, but we're relegated to less than 10 percent of the trails..." more

What If Bike Paths Looked Like Subway Maps?


"...His cool idea: Make maps for bike infrastructure as if the lanes, trails, and paths constituted a connected transit system." more...

Is BikeSharing Contagious?


"Bikeshare systems are relatively new, highly visible additions to urban transportation systems that provide opportunities to cycle or combine cycling with other modes of transportation..." more

Automakers will have to Adapt or Die

"Ford is trying to figure out what transportation will look like in 100 years but knows the future is data driven." more...

More News...

A Look at Cleveland's Public Square Controversy


"Against most wishes, Frank Jackson is refusing to open the dedicated bus lanes that run through the celebrated space." more...

Public Supports Safer Streets

Cleveland, OH - "...75% of voters WANT policies that aim for more complete streets, and facilities that make transportation safe and effective for a wide range of users -- not just cars..." more...

Local STEM Bike Clubs Gain Momentum

Cincinnati, OH - "Students at 12 local schools will receive 160 bicycles this week, which they will learn to disassemble and reengineer -- eventually ending up with a finished product and a new mode of transportation." more...

Battle Ready


Columbus, OH - "...The goal of transportation engineers is shifting dramatically, from an emphasis of moving cars to an emphasis of moving people..." more

Woman Sexually Assaulted On Bike Trail


El Dorado County, CA - "Authorities are looking for a young man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman who was walking on a bike trail near Placerville." more...

Snow Removal Plan Doesn't Include Greenways


Portland, OR - "...Instead of plowing residential streets that are the backbone of our biking network, Commissioner Saltzman announced two other changes to the City's storm response plan..." more

The Self-Driving Car's Bicycle Problem

"Robotic cars are great at monitoring other cars, and they're getting better at noticing pedestrians, squirrels, and birds. The main challenge, though, is posed by the lightest, quietest, swerviest vehicles on the road." more...

The Best of 2016 Bicycling Advocacy


"2016 was a big year for bicycle advocacy all over the country. From new and improved routes and signs to better Amtrak accommodations, bicycle travel is becoming more convenient, accessible, and safer than ever..." more

Dutch Bikeway Design Manual Updated


"...word of mouth has made the main guide to Dutch bikeway engineering a critical darling, at least among the nation's hipper street designers. And after a 10-year hiatus, its latest edition dropped in January." more...

More News...

Green Corridors Add to Quality of Life


Milbury, OH - "...Not only will bike trails connect the parks, Metroparks, in conjunction with TARTA, will offer three to seven bikes for rent at each of 17 locations in the East Toledo-Downtown area..." more

Oakland Protected Bike Lanes Show Stunning Results


CA - "Less than a year after opening a dramatic redesign of Telegraph Avenue in downtown Oakland, the city is reporting huge benefits from the project..." more

American Cities Trying to End Pedestrian Deaths

"As dozens of cities try to emulate Sweden's success, they're learning what works and what doesn't." more...

Safe Routes to School E-News

Read the February Newsletter.

More News...

Grant Sought to Close London Trail Gap


London, OH - "The Ohio to Erie bike trail is getting closer to downtown London, after Madison County commissioners approved a grant application Monday to purchase a plot of land to expand the bike path." more...

Alum Creek Trail Section Closing for Repairs


Columbus, OH - From Franklin MetroParks, "Alum Creek Trail will be closed for repair Feb. 1-17 near Agler Rd bridge. Please use caution and do not cross into work zone."

Project Underway to Make Wright State Bike-Friendly


Dayton, OH - "...What we would like to do eventually in the next year or two, is to have a plan to make Wright State a bike friendly campus by 2020." more...

More News...

Water Trail Proposed for Maumee River


Toledo, OH - "Several groups in northwestern Ohio are taking steps to designate the Maumee River a state water trail to promote kayaking and canoeing." more...

Lawmaker Wants to Require Permits for Road Cyclists

MN - "A rural Minnesota lawmaker is suggesting that bicyclists be required to undergo safety training and get a special permit to use dedicated traffic lanes, an idea that quickly drew scorn from cyclists who called the idea misguided." more...

More News...

Park District Looks to Acquire Land for Trailhead


Lisbon, OH - "The Columbiana County Park District is working with the Western Reserve Land Conservancy to acquire 30 acres near the Franklin Square area of the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail." more...

Former Amusement Park to Become Part of Bike Trail

Monroe, OH - "...Part of the plan includes using a section of the property to extend the Great Miami bike trail." more...

Let's Complete Trails on Both Banks of the Mon


PA - "Seven years ago, the Great Allegheny Passage trail did not go past Kennywood and Sandcastle, so it did not reach Pittsburgh. That trail has since been completed, so today trails connect 320 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C." more...

Corpse Found in Woods Along Greenway


NYC - "Detectives are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found in a wooded area along Inwood's Hudson River Greenway Saturday, officials said." more...

Hiring Freeze Blocks National Park Service Permanent Hiring

"National Park Service officials have been told to stop filling vacant permanent positions throughout the National Park System under the federal hiring freeze President Trump ordered..." more

More News...

Bill to Let Cyclists Roll Through Stops Gains Speed

Denver, CO - "Bill finding support in Denver's biking community would mimic 35-year-old Idaho law." more...

Fight to Bring Citi Bike to Bronx & Staten Island


NYC - "While Citi Bike stations have already popped up in New Jersey, the bike sharing service has only made it to three of the five boroughs in New York -- leaving residents in The Bronx and Staten Island feeling snubbed." more...

Houston Greenways 2020


Houston, TX - "The Bayou Greenways 2020 project is transforming more than 3,000 acres of land along Houston waterways, and has a goal of creating a network of 150 miles of connected parks and trails." more...

More News...

All 119 U.S. Bike Shares Ranked by Size

"...There are at least 119 systems nationwide, covering all but two of the 20 largest urban areas." more...

Bring on the E-Bikes


"...Studies have shown the prospect of arriving at work sweaty is one of the biggest impediments to getting would-be bike commuters out of their cars..." more

Man Gets 20 Years for Raping Cyclist


Portland, OR - "A Portland man convicted nearly 30 years ago of attempted murder has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping a cyclist who was trying to fix her flat tire." more...

More News...

High Water Overtakes Bike Paths

Dayton, OH - "...Many stretches of the bike paths near downtown Dayton are covered with water." more...

Student to Launch Bike Share Program

Cleveland, OH - "...Facing History New Tech High School 10th-grader Randy King recently received a $5,000 grant for his project -- the Cleveland Bike Library -- and has secured support from two bicycling advocacy organizations in the city..." more

County to Pursue Stavich Trail Grant


"The Lawrence County planning office is seeking a grant to provide further development of the Stavich Bike Trail." more...

Detroit to get $4M Velodrome


MI - "...It will be the second indoor velodrome in the country." more...

The Big Jump Project

"PeopleForBikes is helping 10 cities radically reimagine their bicycling infrastructure, propelling communities nationwide into a better future for biking. The new initiative, called the Big Jump Project, aims to double or triple bike ridership in specific neighborhoods over the course of just three years -- proving that when cities make smart changes, more people ride bikes, and communities become better places to live, work and play." more...

Suspicious Device Removed from Bike Trail


Bedford, MA - "A suspicious device has been safely removed from the side of a bike trail in Bedford, said police." more...

More News...

Geneva Applies for Clean Ohio Trail Funding

Geneva, OH - "City Council took a step forward Monday in its quest for a multi-use trail running along the Route 534 Corridor." more...

9 Peds Hit in Boston in 1 Day


MA - "Nine defenseless pedestrians - including one in a wheelchair - were hit in one day last week - the same day Mayor Martin J. Walsh promised safer streets for everyone." more...

Fishing Line Strung Across Bike Trail


Withcita, KS - "...He was enjoying a bike ride at the Sedgwick County Park when something caught his attention..." more

New Congress, New President: What's Ahead for Trails?


"This is a significant time for America. The 115th Congress is underway, and a new administration is taking its place in Washington, D.C. On the heels of what has arguably been the most divisive presidential election in modern history, there is much uncertainty about what's to come, including for active transportation - trails, walking and biking." more...

Study Finds Familiarity Breeds Acceptance of E-Bikes


Golden, CO - "...Seventy-one percent of the people who demo'ed [an e-bike] said the test ride changed their perception of e-bikes..." more

Do Pedestrian Scrambles Make Sense?


CA - "Pedestrian scrambles have enjoyed some increased popularity lately, popping up at Hollywood & Highland in LA and Brand & Harvard by the Americana in Glendale..." more

More News...

Montpelier Approves Bike Route


Montpelier, OH - "Montpelier Village Council approved a resolution supporting the designation of a proposed state bicycle route through the village at the regular meeting Monday." more...

The NYPD Doesn't Think This Is A Crime

NYC - "On Friday afternoon a woman was run over in Brooklyn by a school bus driver as she walked across the intersection of Nostrand Avenue and Avenue M. Graphic video of the collision shows the driver turning directly into the woman..." more

Rockslide Closes Bike Trail


CA - "Rain and wind over the weekend caused a rock slide on the American River bike trail near Lake Natoma." more...

Montreal's Car-Free Street Network


CAN - "...Block by block, experiment by experiment, the city's pedestrian streets are growing." more...

More News...

Proposed Trail Makes Strong Case for Funding


Youngstown, OH - "...The proposed $890,000 Center City to Mill Creek Connector Trail deserves to remain strongly in the running for approval among this year's myriad funding proposals to the Clean Ohio Trails Fund..." more

The Demise of Seattle's Bike Share

"...A lot of people are blaming the helmet law in Seattle for the failure of the bike share..." more

More News...

Snow Train Cancellation Leads to Trail Hopes


NY - "At least one Warren County supervisor is advocating for the county to take another look at potentially using the county-owned rail line for a bike trail after the operator of a tourist train on the line cancelled its winter trains for the second year in a row." more...

More News...

ODOT's Bike Routes Plan


Bluffton, OH - "Ohio Department of Transportation's long-range plan, called Access Ohio 2040, hopes to coordinate efforts with local communities to designate Ohio's first U.S. and State Bike Route network." more...

Ohio State Chosen to Lead U.S. Transpo Solutions

Columbus, OH - "U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced this week that The Ohio State University has been named one of 18 institutions across the country to lead research on transportation challenges outlined in the Department of Transportation's Beyond Traffic 2045 report." more...

Park District Continues Growth at 50 Years


Miami County, OH - "The Miami County Park District has grown over the decades from a five-acre park along the Stillwater River to 15 parks spread across the county." more...

Bill Would Ban Cyclists From Roads


MT - "Bicyclists from around the state are rallying against a proposed bill that would ban bicyclists and pedestrians from using virtually every two-lane road in the state that doesn't have a paved shoulder." more...

More News...

Northern Towpath Section Receives Funding


Cleveland, OH - "...Stage 4 of the Towpath Trail Extension will run 1.5 miles from Literary Ave. to the future Canal Basin Park in Downtown Cleveland's Flats. This stage will be the final northern Towpath connection between Tremont and Downtown Cleveland." more...

Cyclists Give Input on Proposed Trail


Youngstown, OH - "The area's leading bicycle club was vocal Thursday afternoon about what they want in a proposed trail linking downtown Youngstown to Mill Creek Park." more...

Chinese BikeShare Co. Eyes San Fran

San Francisco, CA - "Bluegogo, an app-based bike-share company, plans to launch in the city within days, but local politicians are stepping in to put the brakes on it." more...

PlacesForBikes Initiative Launched


"...The new program will jumpstart the construction of bike-friendly infrastructure, as it helps develop, connect, and promote great places to ride..." more

More News...

Stark County Trails Flooding Report

Stark County, OH - "Heavy rains and flooding closed several trails across Stark County in early January. The Middle Branch Trail, south of Martindale Ave., remains closed after heavy flooding in that area. All other trails have been reopened with temporary repairs made..." more

Trail Design Costs Shock Council Members


Hudson, OH - "...The design for Phase III of the Veterans Trail which extends from downtown to Barlow Road will cost $250,000 for the design, according to City Engineer Thomas Sheridan." more...

Lima to be Part of Statewide Bike Route Network


Lima, OH - "...'This is really exciting stuff,' Elstro said. 'Some of this is already in place. You can go from Cincinnati to Lebanon and Piqua. This would put Lima on the map for bike networking.'" more...

Homeless Encampments along Trail Causing Problems


HI - "...The park used to be known for its view of Pearl Harbor but over the years its reputation has changed." more...

Bill Could Help Drivers Avoid Liability in Cyclists' Death


ND - "A new bill introduced in the North Dakota state legislature would legally relieve drivers of responsibility for hitting cyclists who impede traffic." more...

Trump's Inaugural Walk will be along a Bike Path

DC - "...The 1.8-mile inaugural procession down Pennsylvania Avenue dates back to Thomas Jefferson's second inauguration in 1805..." more

Could Fatbiking be as big as Snowboarding?


CA - "Fatbiking is booming, with more and more ski resorts introducing the sport, including Tahoe Donner in the Sierra Nevada..." more

Women-Only Internship Program


"QBP launches new initiative to get women on bikes and in shops." more...

More News...

Hamilton Residents can Weigh in on Trail Proposal


Hamilton, OH - "The city of Hamilton begins a 14-day comment period today, Jan. 17, to accept environmental questions, comments or concerns about the proposed Beltline bike path." more...

Ground Work E-News

OH - Read the latest edition.

Greenway Crossings "A Disaster Waiting to Happen"


NYC - "Pedestrians and cyclists traveling along the Hudson River Greenway regularly face 'near-death experiences' at crossings along the route, advocates say." more...

The Rise of U.S. Protected Bike Lanes


"The PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project has been a five-year mission to accelerate the spread of protected bike lanes throughout the United States. Today is the project's final day." more...

Making the Case for Transpo Language Reform

"...Much of the technical vocabulary regarding transportation and traffic engineering was developed between 1910 and 1965..." more

More News...

Alum Creek Trail High Water Alert


Columbus, OH - From Franklin County MetroParks, "High water in areas between Cooper Park and I-270. Please use caution."

Park & Greenway Master Plan for Johnstown


Johnstown, OH - "Johnstown should have a Park and Greenway Master Plan this spring at no cost to the village." more...

USDOT Agrees to Measure People, not just Cars


"Because of your support, US DOT has acknowledged that biking and walking have a role to play in reducing congestion and improving air quality!" more...

Surge in Traffic Deaths Outpaces Increase in Travel

"Traffic deaths surged about 8% in the first nine months of last year, continuing an upward spiral that began in late 2014..." more

National Park Visits Hits Record High


Salt Lake City, UT - "Visits to U.S. national parks set a record in 2016 for the third consecutive year as landmarks such Zion, Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain experienced historic levels of popularity..." more

More News...

Podcast: The Hilltop & Camp Chase Trail


Columbus, OH - "...On the occasion of their newly completed Camp Chase Trail, Jody Dzuranin and Betty Jaynes sat down to discuss the new trail..." more

Fate of Naples to Miami Trail Plan


FL - "The Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization will have to decide if it wants to keep plans alive to build a 75-mile bike path from Naples to Miami." more...

Trail System Could Draw Tourists


NY - "Lake George, Saratoga Springs and Fort Ticonderoga will be stops on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed 'Empire State Trail,' a statewide system of bicycle and walking trails." more...

Pittsburgh Delays Plans to Help Bike Lane Critics

Pittsburgh, PA - "On Wednesday, Pittsburgh City Council tabled a bill that would create an advisory board on bike lane infrastructure with plans to take it up again next week after it's reworked." more...

Bike Path Could Link Nampa, Meridian & Boise


ID - "...Obstacles aside, one thing is certain about a Treasure Valley rail-with-trail: The possible end result is impressive." more...

Ice Can't Stop Man From Biking to Work


Wichita, KS - "...Callison came to Wichita in September, having bicycled from California to find a job..." more

More News...

Cyclist Sues City after Crash


Marietta, OH - "Injured bicyclist claims city failed to mark fire hose." more...

Closing the Trail Gap Between Genoa & Elmore


Port Clinton, OH - "...The roughly five-mile proposed link between Genoa and Elmore would be part of the North Coast Inland Trail..." more

Input Needed for Proposed Trail in Youngstown


Youngstown, OH - "The public is being asked to give their input on a new recreational trail that would connect Downtown to Mill Creek Metroparks. more...

See a proposed map of the route.

Warren Planning to Add Trailhead


Warren, OH - "The City of Warren is planning to use federal funds to construct a trailhead for the Great Ohio Lake to River Greenway." more...

Little Miami Scenic Trail E-News

Read the latest newsletter.

Empire State Trail Would Expand Hudson River Valley Greenway


NY - "Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Tuesday proposed completing the Hudson River Valley Greenway and Erie Canalway trails by 2020 to create the Empire State Trail, a 750-mile network..." more

Pronto will Shut Down March 31


Seattle, WA - "...This officially ends a frustrating era for bike sharing in Seattle, making the city one of very few in the world where a modern public bike system has failed." more...

More News...

Land Donated to Extend Towpath Trail


New Philadelphia, OH - "The Towpath Trail in Tuscarawas County is four miles closer to completion thanks to a license agreement signed Thursday between commissioners and the Kimble Co." more...

Towpath Trail Flooding


Stark County, OH - "Parts of the Ohio and Lake Erie Towpath Trail were shut down indefinitely due to high water, according to Rick Summers, operations manager for the Stark County Park District. Signs are posted in flooded areas north of Massillon and at other locations alerting trail users to keep their distance." more...

CVSR Ridership Reaches All-Time High


CVNP, OH - "...The excursion railroad that takes riders through Cuyahoga Valley National Park tallied 214,063 passengers in 2016, the highest number in its 44-year history..." more

No Evidence Bike Use Would Degrade Trails


PA - "There is no evidence that bike use of the area would degrade the trails at all and certainly to the point in which wilderness designation would be improbable." more...

60 Days for Killing a Cyclist?

"Yesterday was the sentencing hearing for the man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of my friend, Glenda Taylor. Glenda was struck and killed by Todd Kidwell at the Kansas State Time Trial Championships in June of 2015." more...

Filmmaker Wades into Trail Paving Debate


NC - "A local filmmaker will explore diversity and controversy in the Bolin Creek forest Sunday while raising money to help preserve the land." more...

More News...

Trump's In -- What Now?! Part 3

In Part 3 we take a final look at propaganda and the bike advocacy writers that choose to dispense it. more...

Downed Trees Along Sippo Valley Trail


Due to recent high winds, downed branches and trees can be expected along some Ohio trails this week.

Sharon Cole reports, "...several trees are down on the Sippo Valley Trail between Alabama and Deerfield Roads."

Lick Run Greenway Construction


Cincinnati, OH - "The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) is gearing up to construct the Lick Run Greenway, which includes a mile-long urban waterway in a park-like setting through the heart of South Fairmount." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Tell the Trump Administration: Trails Connect Us

"...Sign our petition below to urge the Trump administration to make sure trails, walking and biking are key parts of our nation's investment in transportation." more...

Citi Bike Launches Laserlight Pilot Program

NYC - "A bright idea is coming to New York City streets as Citi Bike launches a pilot of the Blaze Laserlight on 250 of its bikes..." more

Biketown Bike Share vs. Snowmaggedon

Portland, OR - "How does Biketown, Portland's bike share system, stack up against other modes of travel during extreme weather? How would it work -- or would it work at all -- during a major snowstorm?" more...

Most Dangerous U.S. Metros for Peds

"Between 2005 and 2014, more than 45,000 people were struck and killed by cars while walking in the United States. In the two years since, walking has only grown more dangerous." more...

More News...

Cleveland's Deadliest Roads

Cleveland, OH - "138 Clevelanders were killed by a motor vehicle while walking on area streets between 2005 and 2014..." more

Environmental Study of Summit Lake


Akron, OH - "...The groups first must know how the community can use the 100-acre lake before attempting to improve the neighborhood..." more

51 PennDOT Projects to Improve Transpo Alternatives


PA - "...Making these improvements will enhance pedestrian and bicycle facilities, improve access to public transportation, create safe routes to school..." more

750-Mile Trail Plan for NY


NY - "...'We want to build the largest multi-use trail in the nation,' said the Democratic governor..." more...

Bike Path Attacks Prompt Self-Defense Class

Marquette, WI - "...Concerns about the bike path have spiked since the September 2015 brutal beating and rape of a 33-year-old woman just east of downtown, leaving her critically injured. Her attacker was never found." more...

Dangerous by Design 2016


"Between 2005 and 2014, a total of 46,149 people were struck and killed by cars while walking. That averages out to about 13 people per day." more...

More News...

Katy Trail Becomes Nation's Longest

"A simple name change for a 47.5-mile trail in Missouri means the Katy Trail is now the longest rail-trail in the US. Washington's John Wayne Pioneer Trail, which had been No. 1 for several years, dropped to second place." more...

The Future of Transportation


"The Trump administration will take over at a time when transportation in the US is undergoing somewhat of a revolution..." more

Beyond Traffic: DOT's 30 Year Framework

"When the United States Department of Transportation was created, the Secretary of Transportation was charged by law to report on both the current and the anticipated future conditions of our nation's transportation system. Beyond Traffic 2045 is U.S. DOT's most comprehensive assessment of current and future conditions in decades." more...

The Complete Guide to 'Border Vacuums'


"...large-scale highways, parks, and big buildings can all divide communities, discouraging street life and sucking the life out of cities..." more

More News...

Columbus Ped Deaths Nearly Double

Columbus, OH - "...Although the number of people killed in traffic crashes citywide decreased slightly from 61 deaths in 2015 to 59 in 2016, the number of pedestrian deaths increased from 12 to 21." more...

Why Look at Fatal Bike Crash Reports?

OH - "Shortly after the new year began Ohio suffered its first fatal bicycle crash. We are still waiting to hear the details." more...

Bike Safety in Springdale


PA - "When a Springdale woman's car plowed into a group of five cyclists on the borough's Pittsburgh Street in early December, two riders were struck and expensive bikes were damaged." more...

Man Gets 35 Years in Prison for Hit-and-Run Spree

Woodland, CA - "...Houston, driving 20-30 mph faster than the teens were riding, intentionally ran them over with the SUV and sped away from the injured riders..." more

Fonta Flora Trail to Link Foothills, Mountains


NC - "...The newest unit of the North Carolina State Parks System, the Fonta Flora Trail aims to unify Western North Carolina towns from the foothills to the mountains, stringing together spots from Morganton to Asheville..." more

More News...

Proposed 3-Feet Law for KY

KY - Read the proposed bill.

Ann Arbor Secures Another Piece of Future Greenway


MI - "Another potential piece of the future Allen Creek Greenway trail through Ann Arbor is being put in place." more...

More News...

Bicyclist Killed Friday Morning

Columbus, OH - "A 35-year-old bicyclist was killed after he crossed into oncoming traffic early Friday morning in the North Side..." more

Bike Lane Guidelines

Cleveland, OH - "Questions about the how cars should interact with bike lanes, and how cyclists can make the most of them are common. The questions persist because both driver and cyclist education on the subject has not kept pace with the expansion of the infrastructure itself." more...

Wayne National Forest Trail Project

SE OH - "We are currently raising funds for Phase 1 of this project, which will include..." more

Bike Cleveland Welcomes New Staff Members

Cleveland, OH - "Bike Cleveland is excited to announce new staff members for 2017!..." more

Fear for How Uber Robot Cars Make Right Turns

Portland, OR - "The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is so afraid of how Uber's autonomous vehicles take right turns at intersections that they've posted a warning for bike riders and have started a petition to force the company to end the practice." more...

More States Diverting Federal Walking/Biking Funds

"...Advocates in some states have successfully fought attempts to loot TA funds. Pedroso says motivated New Jersey advocates were able to convince the state DOT to reverse its decision to divert money." more...

Northland's Coast to Coast Trail Opens


NZ - "After many missed deadlines the northern-most of the 22 Great Rides that make up the New Zealand Cycle Trail is open all the way from Opua on the east coast to the Hokianga Harbour..." more

More News...

Council OKs RiverTrail Project Manager


Marietta, OH - "Marietta City Council authorized the hiring of a project manager Thursday night to ensure engineering for the Ohio River Trail connection..." more

Cincy Downtown Traffic Study


Cincinnati, OH - "The City of Cincinnati hasn't reviewed downtown traffic patterns in more than 20 years -- just ask anyone who walks, drives, bikes or rides the streetcar." more...

MassDOT Shift Bike Strategy from Trails back to Streets


MA - "...After years spent developing dedicated bike paths, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation plans to focus on making everyday streets more accommodating to bike transportation, including in the Berkshires." more...

Safes Routes to School

Read the January E-News.

50-Year Vision for Bicycle Thruways


Detroit, MI - "How will we be getting around Detroit in 50 years? How will our major streets incorporate different modes of transportation?..." more

Drunk Driver Gets Prison Term for Killing Cyclist

Toronto, CAN - "A 23-year-old repeat drunk driver who killed a Toronto cyclist and fled police at 200 kilometres per hour has been sent to prison." more...

Madrid Will Ban Cars From Its Main Street


Spain - "Visit Madrid's Gran Via in five years' time and you won't find a car in sight." more...

Side-Street Bikeways Great if You have Protected Bike Lanes


"Can we, as a planet, please retire the idea that cities face a choice between putting all-ages bikeways on low-traffic side streets and putting all-ages bikeways on busy arterials?" more...

More News...

Road & Trail Improvements Slated for Loveland


Loveland, OH - "Multiple improvements will be made to the roads and Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail in downtown Loveland in 2017." more...

Columbus Greenway wins Landscape Award

Columbus, OH - "...The Greenways have transformed Columbus's downtown riverfront through the use of green space reclaimed from the removal of the Main Street Dam..." more

Vancouver's Cycling-Friendly Side Streets

CAN - "...Sixty per cent of the 280 kilometres of Vancouver bike lanes are on side streets..." more

More News...

Geneva-on-the-Lake Council Seeking Grants

Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH - "...One [resolution] allows the village to apply for a Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grant to help pay for constructing a bicycle easement path through the village to encourage tourism and provide greater safety for cyclists." more...

Park District Achievements in 2016


Granville, OH - "As 2016 fades into memory, the Licking Park District is also looking expectantly toward 2017..." more

Motorist Buzzes Cyclists, Tells Them to Get Off Road

CA - "Two videos have been posted online showing an incredibly close pass by a motorist pulling a trailer and the subsequent encounter between the driver and the two cyclists." more...

Colorado Springs Removing Disputed Bike Lane

CO - "The city of Colorado Springs will scrap a wide bike lane along Research Parkway." more...

Wichita Selects $1.6M in Trail Projects

Wichita, KS - "Three bike paths in Wichita will be expanded this year after the Wichita City Council on Tuesday approved $1.6 million in funding." more...

Protected Intersections in U.S.: From 0 to 12 in 2 Years

"The country's newest major bike-lane innovation is very young. But so far, it's spreading faster than the protected bike lane did." more...

Saferails: A New Safety Concept for Cyclists


"...I have written about how sometimes cyclists and streetcar tracks don't mix. And this is not just a North American problem..." more

More News...

Yay Bikes! 2016 Annual Report

Columbus, OH - "Yay Bikes! influences the conditions that help people safely and comfortably ride bicycles for transportation." more...

German Village Looking to Improve Sidewalks

Columbus, OH - "...German Village residents have said in surveys that one of their biggest priorities is getting their bumpy, wavy sidewalks fixed." more...

Feds Demand RTA Repay $12M

Cleveland, OH - "The debate over whether or not Public Square should be a thruway for buses has come to a head. A federal agency has demanded that the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority repay $12 million in federal grants." more...

Hands-Free Phones are no Better when Driving


"...a new study from Queensland University of Technology has determined that using a phone in hands-free mode is just as distracting as a hand-held phone." more...

Cyclists & Runners Take Stand Against Trail Rules


Oklahoma City, OK - "...They wanted to show their solidarity against a new city park rule that would keep pedestrians off of a natural bike trail." more...

Paper Bike Helmet wins Award


"...The EcoHelmet is made from recycled paper, and is constructed in a radial honeycomb pattern that is said to distribute blows 'from any direction as effectively as traditional polystyrene,' while also being able to fold up flat when not in use..." more

More News...

Pathways To Healthy Aging Project


South Williamsport, PA - "...thanks to a donation from the community cycling advocates, David and Louisa Stone, they will be able to explore the Riverwalk trail on wheels - specifically three wheels!" more

Separating Bikes & Peds Along Lakefront may be Tricky


Chicago, IL - "...the separation of the 18-mile Chicago Lakefront Trail into pedestrian and bicycle paths, planned over the next two years, will raise its own design puzzles." more...

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