Trail Classes

Attention! Many facilities along Ohio trails have been closed due to COVID-19. This can include restrooms, water fountains, vistor centers and other indoor facilities. Please plan your trail visit accordingly.

Class A - Hard Surface

Class B - Crushed Stone

Class C - Other Natural Surface

Sub Class 1 - connects with 1 or more trails

Sub Class 2 - connects via road routes *

Sub Class 3 - stand alone trail

++ Restrooms & Water

+ Limited Facilities

! No Drinking Water

Example 1: A3+ = A stand-alone hard surface bikeway with limited facilities.

Example 2: B1 = A class with no red characters indicates that facility & water status is not currently available. You can report that info to update a trail's class.

Tip: Distances between facility & water locations will vary. Be sure to plan ahead!

* Routes may not be signed or bike-friendly.