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Columbus, OH Bikeways

The Columbus area bike network continues to grow. [Scroll past 'Trail Facts' to continue reading.]

Latest News: 6/12/19 - More on Bus Lane Controversy

Columbus, OH - "...But Catherine Girves of Yay Bikes! said she fears those buses will push away bicyclists." more

6/10/19 - City Planning to Allow Buses to Use Bike Lanes

Columbus, OH - "...The City of Columbus is planning to allow COTA buses to travel in the bike lanes downtown on Third Street during evening rush hour. In the days since Yay Bikes! was alerted, we have been actively working to reverse this decision..." more

6/4/19 - Details on Cyclist Fatality

Columbus, OH - "Delaware County troopers tell NBC4 39-year-old Michael Tighe, of Westerville, was doing everything he was supposed to be doing safety wise while riding his bike early this morning when he was struck and killed by a car." more

5/29/19 - Expanded CoGo in Upper Arlington

OH - "The unveiling of a new bicycle-sharing station outside a Lane Avenue bistro earlier this month marked the completion of a project to install five of the docks throughout Upper Arlington." more

5/28/19 - New Bike Path Construction Coming to Westerville

OH - "Westerville plans to add another bicycle path along the south side of College Avenue with construction starting in the fall, according to city officials." more

5/23/19 - Paved Trail Section Closed

Columbus, OH - "The Lazelle Rd paved trail is dug up and inaccessible from Worthington-Galena Rd west to just before Sancus." more

5/21/19 - ODNR Announces New Statewide Trails Plan

Columbus, OH - "...This is an exciting time for trails in our state, and the 2019 Ohio Trails Vision will help guide development as we continue to build Ohio’s world-class trails system..." more

5/13/19 - New Scooters, E-Bike Startup Coming to Columbus

Columbus, OH - "...Roam Bikes, a startup founded by local entrepreneur Kelly James, plans to deploy 200 e-bikes on the streets of Columbus this June, with a total fleet of about 500 in place by the fall." more

5/11/19 - The Importance of Documenting Car / Bike Collisions

Columbus, OH - "...Catherine Girves, executive director of the bike advocacy group Yay Bikes!, wants city police officers to interview all parties and take reports on all bicycle-motor vehicle collisions, even when no one is obviously hurt..." more

4/30/19 - Break- In at Franklinton Cycle Works

Columbus, OH - "Saddened to see that Franklinton Cycle Works building was broken into. Two bikes and their cash drawer were stolen." more

4/16/19 - Thousands of Children to Receive Bike Helmets

Columbus, OH - "This spring, 9,000 children within the state of Ohio will receive bicycle helmets, thanks to the 'Put A Lid On it!' campaign." more...

4/10/19 - Camp Chase Trail Construction

Columbus, OH - "New trail along Georgesville Rd connecting the Camp Chase Trail to Sullivant Ave..." more

4/3/19 - Moving Forward on Scioto Trail Extension

Columbus, OH - "...The city's parks and recreation department recently put out a request for proposals for design and engineering to extend the Scioto Trail from its current end point at 5th Avenue to Griggs Park..." more

3/25/19 - Bikes for All Celebrates 5 Years

Columbus, OH - "One Columbus organization has given away dozens of bicycles to children in its community over the last five years." more...

3/1819 - West Broad Street to Get Bike Lanes, Lose Parking Spaces

Columbus, OH - "For 28 years, Chuck Sugarman has operated his office furniture retail store at 971 West Broad Street in Franklinton, but he says if a 2020 street reconstruction project happens, it could spell the end for his store." more...

2/22/19 - New Look at Olentangy Corridor Ideas

Columbus, OH - "The latest plans for a west campus “innovation district” have inspired planners at Ohio State University to take a new look at where recreation facilities are located and how they can better be aligned with the Olentangy River." more...

2/20/19 - Projects Involve 700 Acres of Farmland West of I-270

Columbus, OH - "Two large development projects with contrasting approaches have been proposed for land that sits on the western edge of metropolitan Columbus." more...

2/2/19 - Plan for More Trail Connections

Columbus, OH - "The Ohio State University’s City and Regional Planning Department’s Transportation Studio will be working with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), Columbus Recreation and Parks, and Central Ohio Greenways (COG) on the development of six new trail connections throughout the Central Ohio region..." more

1/31/19 - New Infrastructure Improvements Planned for Linden

Columbus, OH - "...The city is designing the reconstruction of Hudson Street between Interstate 71 and Cleveland Avenue, to the south of Linden Park. That $11.7 million project could include sidewalks on the north side of the street and an “urban greenway trail” on the south side of the street, providing a rare east-west connection to the city’s major bike trails..." more

1/29/19 - Lime Bike Share Pulls Out of Dublin

Columbus, OH - "We quite recently heard that Lime has pulled out of providing their bike share to City of Dublin, Ohio - Government. Apparently due to low rider numbers..." more

1/28/19 - Council Approves Funding Polaris Parkway Road Project

Columbus, OH - "...It also will resurface a smaller portion of Olde Worthington Road/Orion Place, add sidewalks and a shared-use path, replace traffic signals, and build a retaining wall, street lighting and landscaping in the area." more...

1/28/19 - The Future of Performance Bike

Columbus, OH - "The closing sale at Performance Bicycle at 6674 Sawmill Road will conclude in February — but the store could reopen soon afterward, assuming that the chain’s purchase out of bankruptcy goes through." more...

1/23/19 - CoGo Ridership Down in 2018

Columbus, OH - "2018 saw the first significant decline in CoGo ridership since the bike share system was established in 2013..." more

1/21/19 - Road Diet Doing its Job

Columbus, OH - "...Indianola Avenue, however, has stayed on its “road diet” for a year and half now." more...

1/20/19 - Snow Removal on Columbus Trails

Columbus, OH - "Many Greenway Trails had snow removed earlier today [1/20/19] thanks to Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks crews..." more

12/11/18 - Ohio Passes E-Bike Law

Columbus, OH - "Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill making Ohio the 11th state with an e-bike law supported by the industry." more...

12/5/18 - Sierah’s Law’ passes Ohio House

Columbus, OH - "...In 2016, 20-year-old Sierah Joughin of Fulton County was riding her bike when she was attacked, kidnapped and murdered...." more

11/14/18 - Park Could Blaze Quarry Trails as Regional Attraction

Columbus, OH - "Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks hasn’t broken ground yet for its 20th central Ohio park, but its project already has won an award from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission for collaborative efforts to push it forward." more...

11/9/18 - Developer Hopes RV Park Will Draw Cyclists

Columbus, OH - "A new “upscale RV resort” planned for 20 acres of land behind the Columbus Hollywood Casino will feature 135 spots for campers and trailers, a central lodge and fitness center, and a vertical camping platform designed to attract thru-bikers on the Ohio to Erie Trail." more...

10/18/18 - E-Bikes Arrive on Columbus Streets

Columbus, OH - "...A Lime spokesperson said that the new bikes were deployed starting the second week of October around the Ohio State University campus..." more

10/2/18 - Scooter Numbers Rising Fast

Columbus, OH - "...Our August scooter census showed 150 on the streets. By the end of September, there were like 16,000..." more

9/21/18 - New CoGo Bike Share Stations Open

Columbus, OH - "...Many of the two dozen-plus new stations are already stocked with bikes, and the attached kiosks..."

"...The new additions bring the total number of stations to 72..." more

9/19/18 - Columbus to be 'Lenient' with New Scooter Rules

"...In order to embrace these new types of mobility we’re going to be rather lenient. There will be a learning curve for everybody..." more

9/17/18 - Protected Bike Lane Attracting Riders

"When plans for two new bike lanes stretching from Downtown to Hudson Street were first announced in 2015, it was clear that the project was meant to be a departure from the norm for the city." more...

9/12/18 - The State of Alternative Transportation in Columbus

"Over the course of the last five years, there has been a lot of transportation news in Columbus..." more

9/11/18 - E-Scooters Banned from Columbus Sidewalks

"The ban of electronic scooters on city of Columbus sidewalks proposed by mayor Andrew Ginther is now in effect." more...

8/28/18 - 500-Mile Trail Network Concept Proposed

"Central Ohio Greenways wants to add 500 miles of multiuse trails through eight counties over the next three decades..." more

8/28/18 - Columbus Regulates Shared Scooters / Bikes

"The city of Columbus on Tuesday began regulating shared mobility devices, most commonly known as shared scooters and bicycles." more...

8/27/18 - Police get E-Bikes for Bike Patrol

"...Five e-bikes were deployed in the Downtown area. The sixth is being used on the West Side." more...

8/20/18 - Columbus Considers E-Scooter Regulations

"...Since their arrival, there have been several calls to the emergency rooms and we know one accident even resulted in a death in Cleveland." more...

8/13/18 - Limebike Expands Bike, Scooter Service to OSU

Columbus, OH - "Lime introduced 125 dockless bicycles and an unknown number of scooters to the Ohio State University campus Monday, as thousands of students are returning to the area for the start of fall semester classes Aug. 21." more...

8/1/18 - Cyclist's Complaint Spurs Positive Action

"...Tonni was experiencing hostility on a segment of her daily commute—the narrow, one-lane bridge with a hill on St Claire Avenue that doesn't readily allow cars to pass when she's taking the full lane for safety (as is her right)..." more

7/25/18 - CoGo Coming to UA by Late September

Upper Arlington, OH - "Upper Arlington is expected to get its first bicycle-sharing stations by the end of September as part of a project to bring more than two-dozen new stations to Columbus and three suburbs." more...

7/11/18 - Bird Scooters Come to Columbus

"...The dock-free, motorized scooters have begun popping up Downtown and in the Arena District, Short North and Bexley..." more

7/9/18 - CoGo to Add Stations at Easton

"CoGo Bike Share has announced new bike stations will be coming to Easton as ongoing plans for expansion into Bexley, Grandview Heights, and Upper Arlington are underway." more...

Columbus Trail Facts:

Location: Franklin County

Number of Trails: 11

Trail Miles: 110.1 (does not include the Ohio-to-Erie Trail mileage outside of Franklin County)

Worth Noting: For more trails that are being developed in Franklin County, such as the Big Run, Hayden Run and Rocky Fork Trails, visit Central Ohio Greenways.

Trails in this Region: SW OH Trails List

Construction of the Alum Creek Trail was finished in 2015. At around that same time, the 33-acre riverfront park along the Scioto Trail was also completed. Area trail and park expansions continue, as the city's commitment to greenspace moves forward.

Columbus Trails

The Olentangy and Scioto Bikeways have been a fixture in Columbus, Ohio for many years. But the completion of the Alum Creek Trail in 2015, along with the (near) completion of the Camp Chase Trail, not only brings more trail miles to the table, but it lays down the route for the cross-state Ohio-to-Erie Trail through the city.

[5/18] Construction has begun to close the gap in the Blacklick Trail. From, "A final critical gap in the trail occurs near the intersection of Refugee Road and Hines Road. Approximately 750 l.f. of trail... including an approved underpass beneath the Norfolk Southern Railway."

Columbus: The Hub for State-Wide Trail Connections

When completed, the 320-mile Ohio-to-Erie Trail will not only connect Columbus with Cleveland and Cincinnati, it will also link Columbus with the other 2 most developed bikeway regions in the state. The result of that connection will mean that the 3 largest trail regions in Ohio will all be linked by trail, thanks to the cross-state Ohio-to-Erie Trail.

More Trail Options

Major trail routes are not the only trail options in the Columbus area. The city park network also offers trails within its borders, as do suburbs such as Dublin and Westerville.

Advocacy & Infrastructure

Columbus-based Yay Bikes! may well be the most effective, far-reaching bike advocacy organization in Ohio. They take education seriously and commit to not only teaching new riders road-riding skills, but they also manage to put city officials and transportation planners on bikes as well!

There's no better way to demonstrate the bicyclist's perspective to local officials, than to put them on two wheels and in the road with traffic. So simple, yet brilliantly effective.

Yay Bikes! has also taken their show on the road, working in other Ohio communities. And of course, they put on rides and events throughout the year in Columbus, including 'Bike the Cbus.'

Bike Share

The city's bike share is CoGo. Check out their bike station map.

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