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Conotton Creek Trail

The Conotton Creek Trail is known for its rural tranquility. [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

Trail Sign
Erecting a Trail Sign

Latest Update: 10/27/16 by OB - Donations Fund Improvements

From, "Those who use the Conotton Creek Trail in Harrison County will be seeing upgrades to the path, made possible by a pair of nearly $10,000 donations from oil and gas companies.

"...The committee is planning on using some of the money to purchase a generator and paint sprayer to seal the numerous covered bridges that are peppered along the trail. It is also planning to build a winterized bathroom for trail goers in the near future."

New Covered Bridge Near Scio - 6/25/14 by OB

"From, "Another covered bridge has been constructed on the Conotton Creek Bike Trail near Scio, according to Dee Horstman, trail committee member.

"The bridge is off the new OEU access road by way of state Route 151."

Doubts About Trail Widening Project - 4/17/13 OB

From, "Twenty-one to five against was the 'straw vote' when the Conotton Creek Trail Committee met Monday, April 8, to debate widening two short sections of the Conotton Creek Trail to accommodate Amish buggies.

"...Lack of fund-raising effort by the Amish was a sore spot with Trail Committee members in attendance.

"...calls were against it, and all for the same reason. Horse manure."

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Harrison County, OH

Class: A3+!

Length: 11.2 miles / coarse asphalt

Condition: N/A

Facilities: Some portable toilets should be available along the trail.

Parking: A centrally located lot in Scio, OH. (See trail map for more optons.)

Worth Noting: There may not be any water sources on the trail. Expect to venture into one of the 3 small towns along the trail for hydration.

Map: Conotton Creek Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: Mostly flat

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Stunning views may not abound here, but rural peacefulness is the order of the day, according to many visitors of the trail.

The trail is a source of great pride in Harrison County. Locals volunteer their time and effort to not only maintain the trail, but to construct the 5 covered bridges along the 11-mile trail route.

The trail surface is unique in a couple of respects. The surface is mostly flat, like many rail-trails. Though I do recall one or two very slight undulations that were a welcome break from the monotony.

Trailside Wetland

Also, the trail has a history of having a coarse asphalt surface. Originally topped off with a thin layer of gravel, the solid yet coarse surface was not conducive to roller blading or thin-tired bikes. However, larger tires do a fine job of smoothing the ride.

In late 2016, the trail committee applied for a grant to resurface the trail. No news yet on whether the grant was obtained, or whether the resurfacing project will result in a smoother, finished surface when completed.

In the meantime, take your hybrid or mountain bike to ride this trail. It will make your visit a smooth one.

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