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Creekside Trail

The Creekside Trail, along with a portion of the Mad River Trail, combine to connect the Great Miami River Trail in Dayton with Xenia Station. [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

Latest Update: 5/28/19 - Mad River Trail Section Closed

Dayton, OH - "Mad River Recreation Trail in Dayton between Findlay Street and Eastwood MetroPark will be closed until this damage can be cleared..." more

9/6/18 - Rolling Closures Coming Sept. 19

Greene County, OH - "We've received word that the Creekside Trail in Greene County will experience temporary and rolling closures beginning Sept. 19, for three weeks as an overlay of asphalt is applied..." more

8/17/17 by Gretchen Rives - Upcoming Trail Improvements/Closures -

Greene County, OH - "Nearly $133,000 from the Transportation Administration Funds... will be invested into the maintenance of Greene County's paved trails managed by GCP&T with a crack filling and seal coating project scheduled for September.

"...Greene County Parks & Trails will invest $64,046 as matching funds for the program.

"'With the voter's approval of Issue 18 in 2015,' says GCP&T Director Chrisbell Bednar, 'the park agency is able to maintain and improve the 62 miles of paved trails managed by the organization...'"

"The Little Miami Scenic Trail from the Village of Yellow Springs to the Clark County line, Creekside Trail from Alpha to the Montgomery County line and the Xenia-Jamestown Connector from Washington Street in Xenia to Jasper Road in Silvercreek Township will be impacted by the project.

"The paved trails improvement project will create temporary and rolling closures through early September. Seven to ten days prior to the start of the project, the Ohio Department of Transportation will place signage regarding the upcoming trail closures.

"For more information or up-to-date information on the trail closures, contact Greene County Parks & Trails at 937.562.6440, email or visit"

4/27/16 - Women Groped on Creekside Trail

From abc22now, "...Police tell us the incidents are all occurring near Creekside Reserve between Factory Road and North Fairfield Road. The three female victims were all groped on the backside.

"...Police reports describe the suspect as a thin man, around 20 year-old, with sandy blonde hair. He has a something distinctive about his jaw line, but law enforcement did not elaborate beyond that."

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Greene County and Montgomery County, OH

Class: A1++

Length: 15 miles / asphalt

Condition: N/A

Facilities: At some of the trailheads and parks along the route.

Parking: Beavercreek Station (See trail map for more options.)

Worth Noting: The Creekside Trail is a major connecting route between Dayton and Xenia-area trails.

Map: Creekside Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: West to east

More Trails in this Region: SW OH Trails List

In Xenia, the Creekside Trail is 1 of 5 trail segments that converge at or near Xenia Station. For more details regarding this one-of-a-kind trail junction, see the Xenia Station page.

Connecting trails to create mobility and travel networks continues to be a goal for trail builders. And the Creekside Trail plays a vital role in that regard in SW Ohio by linking the Dayton trail network with the network at Xenia Station.

In doing so, the bikeway also links the Dayton area with the cross-state Ohio-to-Erie Trail. This in turn connects Dayton to Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland by trail as well!

Trail builders, likely anticipating the significance of these connections and the resulting traffic, built the Creekside Trail 12' wide. At that time -- and still today -- many Ohio multi-use trails are typically 10' wide or less. This has proven to be forward-thinking, as heavily congested trails around the country have begun expansion projects by widening their pathways, or building add-on lanes to separate walkers from bicyclists.

Despite its relatively modest length of 15 miles, the Creekside Trail connections include:

  1. Mad River Trail - Dayton, OH
  2. Iron Horse Trail - Dayton, OH
  3. Little Miami Trail (2 segments - north & south) - Xenia, OH
  4. Prairie Grass Trail - Xenia, OH
  5. Xenia - Jamestown Connector Trail - Xenia, OH (a .2-mile road ride from Xenia Station)
  6. Ohio-to-Erie Trail - Xenia, OH

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