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Cycling Around the U.S.


"...Eli Orzessek finds five of the country's best bike trails." more...

Big Man, Big Bike

"Here's proof they DO make bikes big enough for Shaquille O'Neal!" more...

Cycling is the Healthiest Way to get Around


"There are so many reasons to give up the car and get on a bike; here are two more." more...

Ian MacKay on 2nd Cross-WA Bike Tour

WA - "...Ian was injured in a California bike crash in 2008 that paralyzed him from the neck down..." more

Cancer Survivor Describes AT hike


"...It was during his recovery when Millsaps decided he needed to get out of his comfort zone and embark on a journey of self-realization: a 2,000-mile hike down the Appalachian Trail, also known as the AT." more...

The Jamis Eden 26+ Sport


"This entry-level, women-specific trail bike is a great option if you don't have much off-road experience." more...

A Bicycling Adventure

OH - "The steep hills and sharp curves of the roadway in Darbydale and Georgesville can pose a challenge for any biking enthusiast..." more

New England’s Rail-Trail System

"...In Massachusetts, there are currently 69 rail-trails, covering 347 miles..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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How a Rigid Mountain Bike Made Me a Cyclist

"When I fell in love with the Bridgestone MB-1, I had no idea how it would change my life." more...

12 City and Commuter Bikes


"Whether you're on a small-town roll or a big-city commute, the right bike for you is on this list." more...

The Augusta Canal Trail

GA - "Like the fabled yellow brick road, Georgia’s Augusta Canal Trail unfolds with a soft orange hue and unexpected delights with every footstep or turn of the wheel..." more

CSVR adds Historic Zephyr Cars


CVNP, OH - "...We're really ecstatic to bring a fleet like this into the Cuyahoga Valley National Park..." more

Her Favorite Bike Routes Around the World

"The cyclist and personal trainer explains why the best way to see the world is by bike." more...

Sidewalk Cycling can be a Savior


Portland, OR - "When I lived in Seattle I often said the best pieces of bicycle infrastructure were sidewalks." more...

Mountain Bike Of The Decade

"It's that time of year when bike manufacturers start to announce what's coming for the next model year..." more

Saving the World One Artwork at a Time

Richland County, OH - "Walking down the path of the Richland B&O Trail, only one shade envelops the world around you: green." more...

Ireland Idyllic Escapes

IRE - "Neil Hegarty, Telegraph Travel’s Ireland expert, selects the best ‘green’ breaks on the Emerald Isle." more...

Ghost Bikes, Infrastructure of Grief

"Part memorial, part protest symbol, these all-white bicycles mark the places where cyclists have been killed by cars." more...

Finding Mr. X

"The story of an anti-cycling hate-page (and the cyclist behind it)." more...

Gravel Bikes Buyer’s Guide


"We pick out some of the best gravel bikes and adventure road bikes on the market, and explain what defines the genre and what to look for." more...

Build a House, Ride a Bike

"...At The Fuller Center for Housing, we have built or repaired almost 5,000 homes for 20,000 people who needed a hand-up around the country and the world. Yet, in our experience, one of the most important tools has proven to be one that's not sold in most hardware stores — the good old-fashioned bicycle." more...

Gallipolis Celebrates French, Welsh Heriitage

OH - "...Hikers will find several trails in the county, including the paved Gallia County Hike and Bike Trail on an old railroad bed running from Gallipolis toward Bidwell; and the wild and rugged Symmes Creek and Morgan Sisters trails in Wayne National Forest." more...

Hitting the Trail to Health

OH - "Growing up, I always was active. I lived in Bucyrus until I was nine and living in town made it easy to be active where I could ride my bike, play with neighbors, and walk to school..." more

LeBron Promises New Bikes & Helmets


"...In 2011 James started a program called Wheels for Education that gave every new class of third-graders in Akron a new bike and helmet. The new school takes his outreach work to the next level, promising bikes to every student..." more

Meredith Kessler's Comeback Trail


"The American fan favorite dishes advice on how to get back to triathlon after a break." more...

Bridging Past & Present on a Landmark


Sioux Falls, SD - "About once a week, Kameron Carlson sneaks out of his office, grabs an ice cream cone and heads to the Yankton Trail Bridge..." more

Inspiring Health on America's Trails

"What’s better than a farmers’ market or community garden for providing locally grown food and encouraging good eating? Why, a market or garden next to a trail, of course!.." more

When Moms Escape... by Bike


Portland, OR - "While the kids are away the moms will play." more...

Do Cyclists Live Longer?

"The fountain of eternal youth hasn't been located yet, but the bike in your garage is a good place to star." more...

Team Garwood

Bike Trails, Breweries and a Charming B&B


Menomonie, WI - "...The 14.5-mile crushed stone rail-trail follows the Red Cedar River from Menomonie south to Downsville..." more

70-Year-Old Drysdale Special Road Bike


"In today's carbon-framed fat-tubed push-button bicycle landscape, it can be difficult to find a bike that truly stands out..." more

How Bobby Sax got a New Bike


Asheville, NC - "...Sadly, his routine of riding his bicycle to busk, saxophone bag hanging from the handlebars, was interrupted on a recent summer night when his bike was stolen." more...

Who is Justin Williams?


"He just won back-to-bak National Road & Criterium Championships..." more

The Fuji Jari 1.5


"Fat tires, huge clearance, and mounts for bottles, racks, and fenders make the Jari ready for adventure." more...

5 Great Bike Rides in the Erie Region


PA - "Cycle through the rest of summer — and into the fall, too — with a few beautiful rides around town, regional parks and along Lake Erie." more...

The Essential Visitors Guide for Cleveland


Cleveland, OH - "Here's what's on Mark Raymond's must-do list in Cleveland." more...

Expedia Says Detroit Among America's "Hidden Gems"


MI - "...Expedia listed the Motor City as one of 15 under-the-radar cities that everyone should visit..." more

8 Great Bento Boxes

"Keep food, tools, and other goodies at your fingertips with these handy top-tube bags." more...

The Mechanic's Trail Kit


"...When I see someone walking their busted bike down the trail, chances are, I can get them rolling again..." more

Indiana's New Hall of Fame Trail

IN - "Indiana’s Cardinal Greenway Trail, which covers 62 miles and connects Marion, Muncie and Richmond, has been announced as the 32nd honoree of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) Hall of Fame." more...

Bike Ride on the Volcano

The Angels Who Keeps Citi Bike Working

NYC - "New York's Citi Bike, one of the largest bike-share programs in the world, relies on a volunteer army to help redistribute some 12,000 bicycles among 750 stations each day..." more

How to Adjust Rim, Cantilever & Disc Bike Brakes


"Avoid a DIY disaster with these expert tips and tricks." more...

Best Sunglasses for Every Road or Trail

"Look good, see the road, and protect yourself..." more

Scavenger Hunt on Philly Circuit Trails

PA - "... The Circuit Trails Scavenger Hunt, running now through Sept. 22, provides the perfect opportunity to revisit some favorite spots or explore new ones on the ever-expanding 300-miles-plus trail system throughout Philadelphia, and Camden, New Jersey." more...

Embrace the Outdoors with Hike and Bike Trails


Austin, TX - "...No matter where you are in the city, there is most likely a trail right around the corner..." more

Kids Riding Too-Small Bikes


Portland, OR - "...As a parent I’ve learned the hard way to keep pace with growing kids." more...

Will Drinking Coffee Before You Ride Dehydrate You?


"A new study puts conventional wisdom to the test." more...

15 Awesome Fixies


"Quit freewheeling and engage in your commute with these simplistic fixed-gear bikes." more...

The Gravel Boom Could Save Road Biking's Soul

"As biking (and racing) on unpaved roads explodes in popularity, gear has changed in a way that's affecting the whole cycling industry—for the better." more...

The Best Bikes from SoulCycle


"Hooked on riding inside? Here's how to get that same mind-body workout when you're ready to take the fun outdoors." more...

Riding Giant's Trance 29 in the Alps


"Bicycling's biggest manufacturer returns to 29er trail bikes." more...

10 Best Bikes From Giant

"...they don't just make a lot of bikes, they make a lot of great bikes." more...

For the Cyclist Who has Everything

"Gear up for the cyclist on your list!" more...

More Florida Trails to Explore

FL - "Gainesville offers easy access to a number of bicycle trails." more...

Nigel Sylvester Is Gonna Keep Going Bigger

"The rebellious superstar is breaking all the rules-and he doesn't need your permission to do it." more...

The New Rules of Cycling

"...I don’t think these 'rules' were meant to exclude. I think they were fun, tongue-in-cheek, maybe a reference, but they have been misapplied.." more

9 Beginner Cycling Mistakes


"Dodge these common pitfalls when you're just starting to ride." more...

The Beginner's Guide to Mountain Biking


"Experts give us the rundown on the gear and skills you need before you hit the trail." more...

Quebec Bike Route is Awesome


CAN - "...The Route Verte is a 5,000 km bike network that crosses 18 of Quebec's 22 tourist regions..." more

Florida Bike Trails

FL - "Pick a trail — we have many — and hit the pavement for exercise and adventure." more...

Biking the Medicine Bow Rail Trail

WY - "...Moose are a fairly common sight along the Medicine Bow Rail Trail..." more

Midlands Tourism set to Bloom


IRE - "The Slieve Bloom Mountain Bike Trails, which will extend to 100km, will put this beautiful, but neglected, region back on the visitor map." more...

The Scientific Reason Pelotons Go So Fast

"Researchers crunched the numbers, and the energy savings of a group ride are staggering." more...

Some Timemachine Bikes & Frames Recalled

"BMC is recalling its Timemachine 01 bikes and frames because in some situations the front tire can hit the downtube, posing a fall hazard." more...

Norwalk Extends Hospitality to Cross-Country Bicyclists

OH - "...On the way to First Baptist Church, the bicyclists traveled through the North Coast Inland Trail..." more

Great Western Greenway


IRE - "When it was completed in 2011, this wonderfully scenic route along the northern side of Clew Bay was the longest greenway in Ireland..." more

The New Sun Valley trails

ID - "Biking Baldy, for many, starts the moment they retrieve their bicycle from the gondola ride up." more...

Think Big for the Glorious Greenway


IRE - "...Last week it was announced that almost €200,000 has been allocated by Limerick City and County Council to development a greenway from Castleconnell to Montpelier." more...

A Youth-Led Bike Shop


Indianapolis, IN - "A bike shop opened last month near downtown Indianapolis. It’s operated out of a garage and run by a dozen kids from the neighborhood..." more

Trio of Tourism Trails in Mansfield

OH - "...The Mansfield Wine & Ale Trail, The Shawshank Trail and Haunted Mansfield trail take visitors around Richland County, immersing them in some of the destination’s most iconic and memorable experiences..." more

Swampy Lakes Trails

OR - "10-mile loop offers a good mix of climbing and downhill." more...

Bike Tours & Routes


"...this is just a sampling of places to ride – pretty much wherever you go, there’s likely a chance to hop on a bike." more...

The Secret to Techy Riding


"The Vida MTB coach will session that log with you until you get it." more...

Exploring the Historic Oregon Trail

"...five multiuse pathways that have connections to the Historic Oregon Trail and that showcase the arduous struggles and triumphs that once took place on this epic journey." more...

Bike Culture Motivates Riders

Youngstown, OH - "...Motivation to overcome is practically the centerpiece of not just competitive cycling, but bicycling in all its varied forms..." more

LeBron James Gives Students Bikes

"It's just one initiative at the heart of the NBA star's new school designed for at-risk kids." more...

How toTackle Rough Surfaces on a Road Bike


"Gravel, dirt, and cobbled roads can be unpredictable. Here's how to navigate them with ease." more...

The E-Cargo Bike You’ve Been Looking For


"Haul it all with this affordable, pedal-assisted around-town commuter." more...

A Journey on the Ohio to Erie Trail

OH - "It was an epic journey for an epic pathway: This summer, three friends from Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) and another pal pedaled the length of the Ohio to Erie Trail, which runs right down the middle of Ohio at a diagonal from the shores of Lake Erie to the mighty Ohio River..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Family Biking Profile: Elizabeth Decker


Portland, OR - "Elizabeth Decker is relatively new to family biking and she does it with an infectious glee that’s not uncommon..." more

A $500 Road Bike That Rocks

"You get good shifting, good looks, and a good ride for a great price." more...

How to Fix 5 Common Bike Pain Causes

"Avoid pain and strain, stay comfortable and ride more." more...

Get Out & Ride!

Youngstown, OH - "...From Weathersfield Township to Canfield, the Mill Creek MetroParks Bikeway features 11 miles of traffic-free pavement for locals to explore. [It's part of] the Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway, stretching from Ashtabula harbor to Columbiana County." more...

5 Myths About Group Rides

"...Have you been curious about joining a bike group (or other type of group) but felt just a bit intimidated?" more...

Strava Redesigns its Premium Membership Program


"Strava has broken up its premium membership program into three packages, available as a bundle or a la carte." more...

How to Deal with Cycling in the Heat


"Your guide to staying cool and riding strong all summer long." more...

Niner’s Carbon RLT 9 RDO Gravel Bike


"With wide tires, a plethora of rack mounts, and all-day comfort, the RLT 9 RDO 2-Star lets you leave civilization -- and paved roads -- behind." more...

Grand Targhee, the Cool MTB Playground


WY - "It's the coolest mountain bike playground that you’ve never heard of." more...

The 30 Hardest Hill Climbs


"If you're looking for a leg-busting, air-sucking slog (and some gorgeous views), this list is for you." more...

The Floating Cyclist That Fishes for Plastic

"...back home in London, he pieced together a bamboo bicycle, put yellow floats on either side, and added a rudder and a pedal-powered propeller to the front..." more

4 Weeks of E-Biking Can Boost Your Fitness Level


"E-Biking may also help your heart work better, too." more...

The Cannondale Slate Force 1


"With wide tires, a lefty fork, and vibration-absorbing seatstays, this gravel bike is ready for off-road explorations." more...

The Quest in Your Own Backyard

CVNP, OH - "It had gotten dark and I was lost in the woods. I wasn't scared; I simply wanted to figure out where on the trail I had made a wrong turn and finally finish my two-day, 46-mile trek..." more

African-American Mens Running Club


Columbus, OH - "...Members of Black Men Run hit the multipurpose trail at Blacklick Woods Metro Park for a weekly 4-mile jog." more...

History of Greenway is the History of East Boston

MA - "...The East Boston Greenway, a three and one-half-mile-long urban park that bisects Eastie, traces back to the legacy of Noddle’s Island as a natural passageway to the north..." more

30 Gorgeous Roads in America

"Roll through stunning miles on some of the most popular rides in the country." more...

The Canyon Endurace

"This well-spec'd, entry-level, dashing-blue endurance bike will be the buzz of the group ride." more...

Retro Bike Tech Isn't All Bad

"There’s still joy in riding a bike that’s out of style." more...

The Extreme Cyclists of the Navajo Nation


"For some Navajo, cycling offers a way to connect with their landscape and heritage." more...

Bike-Friendly Apartments are Popular with Cyclists

"...many companies are looking to design and develop rental properties that make it easy for residents to own, store, service and ride their bicycles..." more

His Bike Flies Free


"...A pilot for JetBlue, Mr. Chue requests specific trips that allow him to use layovers to explore new terrain or compete in enduro races..." more

The Cargo Bike That Hauls it All


"Strap 400 pounds to this cargo bike..." more

Why Carbon Fiber Bikes Are Failing

"The high-tech material has been used to build frames and components for decades, but as bikes age, catastrophic failures are leading to lawsuits." more...

Gravity Logic Crafts Epic MTB Trails


"...The group started as an in-house business unit of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, and was ultimately spun off as an independent company..." more

Hal Grades Your Bike Locking

The Vélo Barber

"...He brings a full-service barber shop experience to his clients in New York city, by bike..." more

Scraper Bike Team Murals Unveiled

San Francisco, CA - "This Thursday morning the Scraper Bike Team unveiled two murals under the BART tracks near the Coliseum BART station..." more

Trek Recalling Bontrager Flat Pedals


"Trek Bicycle is recalling about 10,000 Bontrager Lin Pro flat pedal because the pedal spindles can break." more...

Port Angeles Celebrates Biking About

WA - "...The Olympic Peninsula’s extensive bike trail network – the Olympic Discovery Trail and the Olympic Adventure Trail – punctuates Port Angeles’ cool bike culture, events and year-round biking scene." more...

Cyclist 'Breaking Away' at 78

Indianapolis, IN - "...while you may not know his name, you probably know the movie he inspired - 'Breaking Away'..." more

You Should Ride for 10 Hours Every Week

"...That’s the take-home message of a new study from the University of Sydney..." more

The State Elliston Deluxe


"This city bike can hold your groceries, keep water off you bum, open your beer, and even make you look better..." more

Hidden Gems along Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway


Boston, MA - "The 17-acre Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is one of the nation’s most prized linear parks." more...

New Greenway Home to World's Largest Pathway Network

CAN - "...The new, nearly-completed Greenway works its way around Calgary, connecting existing paths with those of other neighbourhoods, combining for over 1,000 kilometres of connected paths..." more

As Easy as Riding a Bike

"Your brain performs complicated engineering feats to allow you to balance on a bicycle. To thank it, wear your helmet..." more

How Cycling Can Help Protect Your Heart


"Pollution is tough on your ticker, but cycling could lower your risks." more...

Low-Cost Flow Mountain Bike Helmet


"The company's first mountain bike helmet features full back protection and an indexed visor." more...

Top 5 Things-to-Do at Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Cleveland, OH - "How do you make the most of a trip to the National Park?.." more

Light at the End of the Tunnel

IRE - "...The route follows that of the old railway line between Waterford and Dungarvan. It lay abandoned for years, a relic to an era when Ireland was criss-crossed by thousands of kilometres of train track..." more

The Paparoa Track

NZ - "The Paparoa ranges hold some of New Zealand's most pristine wilderness." more...

The Year’s Most Exciting E-Bikes

"Jump onto one of these expert picks to see why everyone who's tried an electric bike says they're so much fun." more...

Bike Shorts Are Fashion Now


"Cycling gear is showing up on celebrities and runways..." more

Calgary's 138-KM Greenway

CAN - "Pathway connects 55 Calgary communities and 400,000 Calgarians." more...

East Coast Greenway: Cape-to-Connecticut Ride

Bristol, RI - "...It was second day of a four-day ride to explore by bicycle the southern New England portion of the East Coast Greenway, a planned 3,000-mile route of connected trails from Maine to Florida..." more

Alberta Trail Takes You Through the Rockies

CAN - "A truly memorable experience that should be on every Canadian's bucket list!" more...

Man Bicycles 700KM to Croatia to Look at Adriatic Sea

"Heartbreaking story of a brave Polish man on a journey to see the beautiful sea sunset for the first and last time in his life." more...

6 Fun Bike Paths in the San Fernando Valley


CA - "While the heat continues to deter some Valley residents from leaving their comfy air-conditioned homes on their days off, many brave, well-hydrated souls are itching to get out and explore the San Fernando Valley." more...

109 miles of Trails in Fort Wayne

IN - "The paved trails in the Fort Wayne area — 109 miles of them so far — radiate from the city center like five evenly placed spokes on a wagon wheel..." more

The 25 Safest (& Most Dangerous) U.S. Cities for Cyclists


"A security company crunched the data. Where does your city rank?" more...

Using Bike Share Bikes for Naked Ride

Boston, MA - "...those companies are also encouraging users to be cognizant of the people who may use the bikes after they’re done." more

Inured Dog Gets Bike Ride & New Life

"...He was thin, hadn’t eaten in a while and had obviously been hit by a car." more...

How to Treat Road Rash


"Follow these easy steps to safely tend to your wounds and avoid long-lasting scars." more...

From Sea to ‘Shining Sea Bikeway’

MA - "...a visit to the Shining Sea Bikeway in Falmouth—the only bikeway on Cape Cod to feature a seaside section—is the perfect way to combine both summer treats, trail and beach, for an unforgettable experience." more...

The Ride From Portland to Eugene


OR - "So often while driving down Interstate 5 south of Portland my mind wanders: Could I ride to Eugene? What would the roads be like?" more...

Ohio Tourism Trails

"...TourismOhio has unveiled a map of Ohio Adventure Trails at" more...

8-Year-Old's Letter to Bike Thief


MO - "...A heartfelt, handwritten plea, taped to a sign." more...

21 Best Touring Bikes

"Getting to know the 'bicycle touring enthusiasts' on-line community, I’ve got the feeling that too many people assume you’ll need expensive gear to get on a bicycle tour..." more

Swiss MTB Heaven in Visp

"The Romans didn't have mountain biking on their agenda when they built Visp, but if they had it's unlikely they'd have found a better location..." more

The Razorback Greenway

AR - "...The Razorback Greenway is the perfect trail to bike one's age..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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9 Beginner Bike Rides in Boston

MA - "’s never been an easier time to get started, what with a veritable cornucopia of bike-share options across the region and a persistent effort to improve biker safety." more...

The Giant Contend 3


"This durable, aluminum road bike has the parts and price every entry-level rider needs." more...

Tunnel Trail Adventure

Heath, OH - "...Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve in Licking County is home to 10 miles of trails that showcase some incredible views, Ohio history and other unique features..." more

There’s a Bicycle Paradise in North Carolina

NC - "...Ocracoke Island, otherwise known as bike heaven." more...

Alaska Fat Biking Adventure


AK - "...on a harrowing fat bike-packraft expedition, they finally found their limits." more...

Plan Your Fall Getaway to Allegany County

MD - "...The beauty of Allegany County is unparalleled and region features 60,000 acres of public wildlands- one in four acres is public land..." more

Sara Schooley is Sure You'll Like E-Bikes Too


Portland, OR - "...This week we chat with Sara Schooley, a mom of two little ones who lives in north Portland." more...

RTC Staffer Honored as "Emerging Leader"

"...Avery Harmon, was designated out of more than 150 applicants nationwide as one of 30 “Emerging Leaders” by SHIFT (Shaping How we Invest For Tomorrow), a program of The Center for Jackson Hole, in Wyoming." more...

Electromobility for All

"If there’s one thing on which manufacturers, retailers, and advocates can agree, it’s the potential of the electric-assist bike—or pedelec—to swiftly push city cycling into the mainstream..." more

Lock That Bike!

"Last week, I tuned up a friend's bike. She's having a great time on it now. But she asked what lock she should use to keep it secure." more...

18 Best Fitness Apps


"Don't have time to ride? Turn your phone into a personal trainer and try out a new routine." more...

5 Most Common Saddle Issues for Women

"...and how to prevent them." more...

Raccoon River Valley Trail is a Gem


IA - "...The Raccoon River Valley Trail also has a 72-mile interior loop passing through 13 various Central Iowa small towns." more...

Is This the Scariest Walk in the World?

SPA - "The King's Path is a unique walkway in Spain but not one to attempt if you are scared of heights." more...

How an E-Bike Got Me Riding Again

"Watching my dad crash scared me off riding for two decades..." more

Out of Shape? Try a Bike

"...The pivotal moment came while he was assistant basketball coach at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky and was asked to coach the cycling team..." more

Are Tour de France Riders Healthy?

"Training and racing the tour definitely takes a toll, but it also seems to (mostly) pay off in the long run." more...

Minnesota's Best Bike Trails


MN - "The unpredictable Mesabi Trail carries cyclists 135 miles from the Mississippi River to the Boundary Waters." more...

Lewisville Trail Ranked as a Top Scenic Trail


TX - "...The Denton County Transportation Authority’s (DCTA) A-train Rail Trail – a 19-mile trail that runs alongside the rail line from the Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC) to Hebron Station..." more

Danes Bike for the Same Reason Americans Drive

"...Among European cities, it’s not just Copenhagen but Amsterdam too that are especially well-known for cycling as a popular way to get around..." more

The Capacita May Change the Way You Think About E-Bikes


"It looks like a bike but can schlep a family." more...

The Fastest Bikes of the Tour de France


"Electronic shifting, disc brakes, custom paint, and never-before-seen bikes- find it all at this year's TDF." more...

Myth: Disc Brakes Work Better Than Rim Brakes


"Disc brakes have become popular on allroad bikes for a variety of reasons. One of them is that they are perceived as offering superior braking..." more

Doctor Says Helmet Saved Him in Bike Crash

IA - "A renowned Des Moines doctor who was hospitalized this week following a serious bicycle accident credits his helmet for saving his life." more...

Bike Helped Him Drop Nearly Half His Weight

"Dangerously overweight, Chris Quick needed to make a change..." more

3D Printing Could Revolutionize Steel Frames


"Reynolds to invest heavily in additive manufacturing." more...

Velofix Collaborates with Zwift Training Platform


CAN - "Velofix and Zwift have announced a partnership for Velofix’s mobile bike shops to provide installation of Zwift’s online training platform." more...

Wyoming’s North Pathway


WY - "Tucked into Wyoming’s scenic northwestern corner, the North Pathway is what summer vacations are made for..." more

10 Scenic Miami-Dade County Bike Routes

FL - "...we have right now dozens and dozens of miles of greenways and trails already built." more...

6 Secret U.S. Mountain Bike Destinations

"You might live closer to a cycling paradise than you thought." more...

The Weaponization of Jaywalking

"...What was once called a 'motor killing,' we casually describe as a 'car accident' today." more...

8 Cooling Towels That Work Like Magic


"Throw one in your pack to provide relief during and after a long, hot ride." more...

ECT Pedicabs Celebrates 10 Years


Columbus, OH - " Biundo and Ryan Craig have helped lead the legitimization of pedicabs in Columbus..." more

8 Best (& Worst) Bike Rides in Minnesota

MN - "You've got lots of amazing options..." more

We Ride-Tested LeBron's Route to Work

CA - "...Mapping his potential commute illustrates the absence of a direct, safe and simple crosstown bike route in Los Angeles." more...

What Happens to TDF Riders' Legs?

"Last year, Bora-Hansgrohe rider Pawel Poljanski broke the Internet after Instagraming a photo of his “tired legs” following stage 16 of the Tour de France." more...

Bike Trail Building Not All Work


"While many of us are turning on computers and downing our morning coffees, mountain bike trail builders around the country are starting their days with a shovel, a bike and morning mist on a mountainside." more...

Steve Wartenberg’s Journey

Columbus, OH - "...In November 2013, Steve was riding his bike in Upper Arlington on a beautiful Sunday morning when a driver under the influence of drugs struck him from behind..." more...

I Moved to Portland to Live Car-Free

OR - "Kathleen Youell has been a fixture in the Portland family biking scene for a long time..." more

Sun Glare Driving

"One of the things we teach savvy cyclists is that a bright sun, low on the horizon, can be a dangerous condition..." more

Alison Tetrick Did Not Sign Up for This

"How the gravel superstar came back from a traumatic brain injury to be the best she's ever been." more...

A 'Smart Jacket' for Cyclists(?)


"It's actually a pretty nice jacket with some useful features. But there's a problem..." more

Two Franklintons

OH - "Timothy Baker loves bikes, and on weekends he likes working on them at Franklinton Cycleworks..." more

BMX In The Bronx

NYC - "At Mullaly Bikepark in the South Bronx, cheers compete with the clicking of wheels and the thump of tires..." more

Cheap & Dirty Bike Camping for Beginners

"The four things anyone needs to go on an overnight bike camping trip are..." more

Why Such Misplaced Hatred for Cyclists?

"...Every time a news story appears in which a cyclist is harmed in a collision with a vehicle, people come out of the woodwork condemning the cyclist." more...

Google Is Building a City of the Future

"...would anyone want to live there?" more...

11 Great Bike Paths

"Explore the country this summer on these historic, stunning routes." more...

No, Cycling Isn't Elitist

"And neither are cargo bikes. It's time to let go of this silly notion once and for all." more...

Home of the 2-Wheel Loaner Vehicle


CT - "...Mitchell Auto Group is the first U.S. auto retailer to achieve the league's gold rating for bicycle-friendliness..." more

Cycling on Special Needs Tricycles

NLD - "...In the Netherlands cycling is a viable transport option for young and old and also for people with a disability." more...

Juli Furtado Opens Up About Battling Depression


"...Furtado was one of the most dominant riders in mountain bike racing history..." more

History Along the Headwaters Trail


Portage County, OH - "A pleasant walk along the Headwaters Trail, managed primarily by the Portage Park District, between Garrettsville and Mantua, in northern Portage County is both a lesson in natural and human history..." more

Teens Cycling from Loveland to Niagara

Loveland, OH - "Fifteen at-risk teens bicycling their way from Loveland to Niagara Falls will encounter their first big challenge before the journey begins." more...

Rotor's 1x13 Hydraulic Drivetrain

CeramicSpeed DrivEn


"Ceramic-bearing drive shaft is twice as efficient as Dura-Ace, company claims." more...

The Latest Products from Lezyne, GT and Magura


"Lezyne goes bigger in GPS, GT tunes up its suspension for trail and all-mountain, and Magura pulls the lever on a grip of new offerings in BRAIN’s latest roundup of new products." more...

From the Seat of My Car

Columbus, OH - "...I'm often planning routes for rides in places I don’t know well, I will typically draft them first in Google Maps, then drive them upon arrival to town..." more

On the Grand Staircase Loop


UT - "In this Route Report, Yuto Watanabe checks in after a hot and dusty ride around Utah’s Grand Staircase Loop, bringing back a wealth of great photos from the area’s meandering dirt roads and rugged canyons..." more

4,000 Miles of Detroit Art

MI - "...And after bicycling 2,200 miles of Detroit streets the past 16 months, Thomas Leeper is about halfway to his goal..." more

Restoring Used Bikes in Prison Was a Path to Freedom


"Behind the prison, outside the wire, hundreds of cast-off bicycles lean in a rainbow of disrepair." more...

Can Keytones Make You Faster?


"There's been a lot of hype around this new 'Superfuel' lately..." more

The Pascagoula Bike Trail


Pascagoula, MS - "Pascagoula is encouraging people to hop on their bikes, get a little exercise, and explore the city on the historic Pascagoula Bike Trail." more...

Tumalo Ridge-Skyliners Loop


OR - "13-mile loop offers some of Central Oregon’s best mountain biking trails." more...

Pope Lick Park

Louisville, KY - "...The Pope Lick stretch, about six miles one-way, is part of the 100-mile Louisville Loop that’s being built and is bookended by more challenging hills..." more

Hannah Roberts rises to top in BMX


South Bend, IN - "...The next potential star for USA Cycling in the Summer Games is getting ready for her senior year of high school. The 16-year-old Roberts, already one of the best BMX freestyle riders in the world..." more

Boa Technology, MIPS Collaborate on New Helmet System


"Boa Technology and MIPS have collaborated on a new integrated helmet system that the companies say will provide improved fit and protection for cyclists and snowsports athletes." more...

The Ideal Grade for Climbing

"Some climbs can make almost anyone feel like a hero -- here's why." more...

Why Chip Seal Is the Worst Surface for Road Riding


"All the totally objective reasons why this road treatment is terrible." more...

9 Dehydration Symptoms


"You'll start seeing other subtle signs of dehydration after just 2 percent fluid loss." more...

Hobo Stand for Hollow Bottom Brackets

New Products from: Hed, WTB & Brose


"Product introductions continue in earnest this week heading into the start of Eurobike on Sunday, July 8..." more

Bikes & Brews

MIddletown, OH - "Spoken Bicycles merges craft beer, cocktails and cycling culture in downtown Middletown." more...

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route

Factors that Make Descents Unforgettable

"It all comes down to gradient and curve, experts say." more...

Trishaw Helps Elderly Enjoy Greenway


IRE - "A small but very significant step was taken during the recent Leitrim Cycling Festival in Dromahair with the launch of a trishaw that will help elderly members of the community enjoy the village's Greenway." more...

The 2019 Santa Cruz 5010

"...The new 2019 version is longer, slacker, and more adjustable..." more

Preludes to Pedaling Their Own Wheels

Portland, OR - "I was taught to bike the old-fashioned way. My mother tossed me and a little red bike off the end of the pier by our house and I pedaled with all my might for land..." more

Biking the Hayduke Highway

I Posted a Note for the Thief Who Stole My Bike


"My bike was stolen on a weekend in early March. It was half my fault, half my husband's fault, and 100 percent the fault of the person who stole it..." more

Trading Football for Fat Tires

MS - "The Magnolia State's first high-school mountain bike team wants to build a cycling culture, one pedal stroke at a time." more...

The New Specialized Venge


" lighter, faster, smoother, simpler and more rider friendly." more...

Giro, Cannondale, & Orbea Kick Off New Products

"With Eurobike and the Tour de France coming up, expect a flow of new product introductions this week." more...

Biking Is the Best Way to See Your State


"For us and other cyclists we’ve met along the way, rail-trails are passages to the mysteries of a state that are concealed from the window of a vehicle." more...

Adventure Cycling Association E-News

Read the latest edition. & Bunyon Travel Launch Print Publication

CO - and Bunyan Velo are working together to introduce a new bi-annual print publication called The Bikepacking Journal..." more

4 questions with Mel Huie


Portland, OR - "For Mel Huie, passion for urban planning began in his youth. His family didn’t have a car, so the native Portlander walked, took the bus or rode his bike everywhere..." more

Help Select 2018 Rail-Trail Hall of Famer


"With fireworks, flags and a fervor billowing about for the birth of our country, we felt that it was the perfect time to pick America’s next Rail-Trail Hall of Fame inductee..." more

Building Hope in Appalachian Ohio

"In southeastern Ohio, diverse efforts to build vibrant communities and a new economy show real promise..." more

Fastest 11-Year-Old BMX Racer

An E-Bike can be Life-Changing

"Many of you are aware that I developed a heart arrhythmia five years ago that I’ve been coming to terms with ever since..." more

Giro's Aether Redefines Head Protection


"Giro's proprietary MIPS spherical system is claimed to offer the safety benefits of MIPS..." more

Paul's Yay Bikes! Journey

Columbus, OH - "Paul Westrick, designer and business guru behind the patented zer0z wallet, has become well known among Downtown enthusiasts during the seven-or-so years his shop has graced the Gay Street corridor..." more

Trailblazers Tour Rock Island Tunnel


MO - "Bats darted throughout the cool, dark Tunnel No. 3 beneath Eugene on Thursday as about 20 people escaped the humid afternoon heat to stroll through the Rock Island Line Corridor tunnel." more...

The Humble Beginnings of MTB Racing

"I wasn’t prepared for the shaved legs..." more

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