Towpath Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

Franklin County Metro Parks Turns 70

Columbus, OH - "2018 not only marks the Year of the Trails, it’s also the 70th anniversary of the opening of Blacklick Woods, the first park in what would later become the Columbus & Franklin County Metro Parks." more...

Sebago to the Sea

ME - "...Some of my favorite Maine rides are the Kennebec River, Narrow Gauge and Eastern Trails..." more

Hit the Trail in Cape Girardeau

MO - "...Cape LaCroix Recreational Trail meanders through the city of Cape Girardeau following the Cape LaCroix Creek..." more

Pedal to Camp with the Kiddos


Portland, OR - "Biking is fun. Biking with kids is double the fun. Bike camping with kids is triple the fun, triple the exhaustion, and the biggest adventure I’ve ever experienced!" more...

Pedaling the Cherry Creek Trail


Denver, CO - "...Ultimately stretching 42 miles in length, this multi-use trail follows its namesake stream from Denver’s Confluence Park to Castlewood Canyon near Franktown..." more

Escape the City on Two Wheels

CAN - "Framed by verdant forest and a temperamental June sky, the view of Brock’s Monument hasn’t changed much since the last time I pedalled up the Queenston Heights more than a decade ago." more...

America's Best Gravel Riding Destination?


OR - "The town of Burns in Harney County is one of the most remote places in Oregon..." more

5 Cheap(ish) Things for Bike Commuting Bliss


"Your stuff doesn’t need to be fancy but it does need to work well. These are our favorite picks." more...

HED Cycling Reinvents the Bicycle Wheel

"Maggie Pew, shipping manager at HED Cycling, packs a new wheel into a box for shipping." more...

Trail Buddies is Positively Fort Wayne


IN - "...The YMCA's Trail Buddies program is launching its second season. It's designed to help people with special needs like seven year old Mallory Short who has cerebral palsy..." more

Bicycle Quarterly's Biggest Adventure Yet

Myth 11: Rear Tires Should Run at Higher Pressures

"To celebrate Bicycle Quarterly‘s 15th anniversary, we are looking at myths in cycling..." more

What You Need to Know If You Think You Have a Concussion

"We got the facts on how to identify concussion symptoms and treatment." more...

Alzheimer’s Couldn’t Stop My Father From Riding

"As his mind vanished, big rides became a way back to himself." more...

Fairhaven & Mattapoisett by Bike

MA - "This is the fourth year now that I have done this ride in Fairhaven over to Mattapoisett and back and it is still as fresh as the first time." more...

How to Keep Riding

"Ride more and enjoy more rides with these pro tips for overcoming all the reasons you don't get out as often as you'd like." more...

The Man Making Mankato More Bike Friendly


MN - "If you call Richard Keir a pioneer, he's likely to give you a dubious smile." more...

8 Best GPS Cycling Computers


"Love data? Check out one of these GPS-enabled cycling computers." more...

Maryland's WB&A Trail


MD - "The stars seem aligned for Maryland’s WB&A Trail, a straightforward, 13-mile pathway—beautiful in its simplicity and surroundings—that is rapidly becoming a key connector in a growing movement to improve walking and biking options in the Mid-Atlantic region..." more

5 Life-Changing Benefits of Bike Riding


"Your don't have to do a century for a ride to 'count.' Riding even a little each day can make a big difference in your life." more...

The Best Road Bikes for Less Than $1,500

"Looking to ride a century or join a local group ride without blowing your budget? We've got the bike for you." more...

No Chain, No Derailleur, 12 Speeds


"With its jet-black finish, unassuming geometry, and absolutely silent ride, the Priority 600 commuter bicycle won’t turn many heads. But it quietly houses the latest in cycling tech..." more

Top-End E-Bike Retails for $10,000


Oberwangen, SUI - "Stromer said its new top model, the ST5, offers new integrated features, class-leading power and exceptional battery life." more...

Conservative & Liberal Bike 2,700 Miles Together

"...New Orleans was their starting point for what they named The Unity Ride - a cycling trip following the Underground Railroad route from Louisiana to Canada." more

The Scenic Rivers of Ashtabula County


Ashtabula, OH - "...Sunday’s gathering at the Harpersfield Covered Bridge Metropark to mark the 50th anniversary of the state’s Scenic Rivers program a perfect time to take a deep breath and truly marvel at the majesty of nature that is all around us in Ashtabula County." more...

8 U.S. Hills You Must Climb


"...We crave the challenge because it’s there, because we know joy is the flip side of suffering..." more

Riding 100 Miles on a 102-Year-Old Bike


ITA - "...Riding any type of bicycle in this beguiling region would have been stunning. Riding a vintage bike (even a loaner of questionable provenance) was transcendent..." more

The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt


"...the cycling computer designed with aerodynamics in mind and used by current road world champion, Peter Sagan..." more

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Reflects on 32 Years


"Approximately 32 years ago, a group of people, including walking and biking enthusiasts, conservationists, history buffs and active-transportation advocates, began to gather in Washington, D.C. to discuss how they could mobilize to preserve unused rail corridors for public use." more...

Riding to Work in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "...My personal urban ride adventure…choosing first commute bike to work on same day as Indians daytime game, letting out at rush hour, and followed by Cavs playoffs game shortly after, Yikes!.." more

Man Finds "Angel" Who Helped Him Survive Cycling Accident

ME - "Liam Somers had to find the woman who kept him calm, focused and alive after a crash last fall almost killed him." more...

The Priority Bicycles 600


"Designed to be simple, efficient, and low maintenance, this versatile city bike is as fun as it is practical." more...

Tozuda Helmets Have Impact Sensors

"You’ve just had a crash. You think you hit your head in the process, but how hard?.." more

The Rise of Cargo Bikes in Germany

GER - "Whether they're hauling parcels or children, cargo bikes are becoming a familiar sight in German cities as the nippy, clean alternative to cars and delivery vans – and shaking up urban transport in the process." more...

An Afternoon in Houten

NLD - "...Dutch cities are famous for re-orienting their larger cities around bicycle transportation since the 1970s. What’s somewhat less known is that some of their newer suburban communities have never been auto-oriented." more...

Hundred-Year-Old Bike Replicas Being Sold

"...The olive-green cruiser is a tribute to a bicycle sold by Harley in 1917..." more

Rocking a Naked Bike Ride


"It's summer, and therefore it's prime season for joining a world naked bike ride near you." more...

Portland's First-Ever Interscholastic MTB Team


OR - "...The Portland Metro Composite MTB Team is the latest evolution of the fledgling Oregon chapter of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association we first reported on back in December." more...

Wardrobe Changes

Columbus, OH - "A recent study out of England evaluated whether a cyclist's appearance made any difference in how they were treated by passing motorists. So during Bike to Work Week, I decided to replicate that experiment..." more

2-Wheel Tour of the City

Grove City, OH - "...Enjoying a leisurely morning bicycle ride through the city is one of my favorite ways to get moving on a nice day." more...

Learning to Fix Bikes

"...Bike shop owner Berri Michel was having trouble finding good employees and mechanics for her bike shop and wondered why there was no education outlet for students interested in the field..." more

Train Like Olympian Chloe Woodruff


"The american cyclist has her eye on Tokyo 2020." more...

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Electric Scooters

Santa Monica, CA - "...Before going to the Los Angeles region last week for work, I had heard about the area’s invasion by dockless, rent-by-the-minute electric scooters..." more

Best Bike Trails in the Bend

IN - "One of the best ways to explore The Bend is on two wheels." more...

65-Foot Brandywine Falls


Cleveland, OH - "All that remains of the once flourishing Brandywine Village are the 65-foot falls, the foundation of George Wallace’s 1814 saw mill..." more

Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail

Hikers Rave About Greenway Loop

Chicago, IL - "...Readey said they estimated the trip — which began on May 29 — to be about 170 miles, but now he has recalculated and it would seem to be more like 210 miles..." more

Make Way for E-Mountain Bikes?


"...With technological advances, major manufacturers are introducing e-bikes designed for off-road use..." more

IKEA Bike Recall

"...a mechanical defect means that Ikea wants them back–and they’re ending the program entirely." more...

Sarah's Yay Bikes! Journey


Columbus, OH - "Like many people, Sarah rode her bike as a kid...until receiving her driver’s license..." more

The Foldable Vehicles Commute

ER Doc Paralyzed by Bike Accident is Back at Work

MN - "...Grossman, 37, lost the use of his legs less than a year ago, and he's already back at work." more...

Automation Makes Bike Production Dream a Reality

"...Taking lessons from the auto industry, the twins decided to try and reinvent the way a bike frame is produced..." more

Coping With Road Rage in NYC

NYC - "Are you relatively new to this bustling metropolis? Don't be shy about it, everyone was new to New York once upon a time..." more

Cyclo Knitter

"I decided on making waiting for your train in the winter more enjoyable." more...

13 Reasons to Get Stoked About E-Bikes

"Sales of battery-boosted bikes are soaring. Here's why everyone loves e-bikes... and you probably will, too." more...

5 Cool Things

"Its a gravel tyre and tool fest this week." more...

The Giro Synthe


"Light, aero, and exceptionally airy, the Synthe will suit just about everybody." more...

New Coffee, Bike & Book Shop

Cleveland, OH - "...The bikes on the walls aren’t just decoration..." more

Wheeling Group uses Biking to Bring Community Together


WV - "...The City of Wheeling is all about revitalization and bringing the community together. Bike Wheeling has been all about that, as they incorporate bike riding and community into each event." more...

Adventures in Activism


Portland, OR - "My bike advocacy career started on North Williams Avenue..." more

4-Year-Old Cyclist Gives Trucker Thumbs-Up


"Rhoda Jones thanked the driver for passing her and her dad safely." more...

The Brilliant L Train


"This steel-frame commuter bike is low maintenance, high style, and the answer to one big problem." more...

Explore Razorback Greenway Spurs

AR - "Today let’s hop on our bikes and pedal along two spur trails of the Razorback Greenway, one in Springdale and another in Fayetteville." more...

The Bicycle of Springs

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Our Surrender to the Automobile

"Drivers think cyclists hold up traffic. It’s actually the other way around..." more

Malcolm Gladwell Rides a Bike


"An avid cyclist takes on the bestselling author and avowed runner to see whose sport reigns supreme." more

Taking Kids & Bikes on MAX Light Rail


Portland, OR - "Using Portland’s public transit system to cart kids and bikes around can be a godsend when it works out; but it takes some getting used to..." more

What’s at the Core of Road Rage Toward Cyclists


"The German couple was out to see America by bicycle. It was day two of their big adventure..." more

Schwinn’s Limited-Edition ‘Stranger Things’ Bicycle

"Fans of the throwback Netflix series can cop an oh-so-'80s recreation of Mike Wheeler's cruiser bike." more...

The Best Budget Bikes for Road and Trail

"Top-end bicycles are higher tech and better than ever. But so are the budget models." more...

Knowing the 3 Steps to CPR Could Save a Life


"CPR is easier than you think - and there's no mouth-to-mouth required." more...

Lisbon Makes Headway in Revitalization Efforts

Lisbon, OH - "...Revitalizing the downtown business district has been Morenz’s top priority since being elected mayor of Lisbon in 2015." more...

Leon Creek’s Mountain Bike Trails

TX - "...There I was again, lost somewhere along the Leon Creek Greenway, but enjoying it..." more

Unfortunately, E-Scooters Are Fantastic

"But can they succeed despite their essential dorkiness?" more...

ReTyre Zips New Tread Over Your Tires


"ReTyre’s concept is simple – everyday we wear different shoes based on where we go, so why do everyday bikes get tires that almost never change until worn out?.." more

Raleigh’s Smart Redux 2

"Simple, light, smooth, and quick - the Redux 2 urban bike is as pleasurable as it is purposeful." more...

Meet the Newest National Recreation Trails


"This week, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced 19 new National Recreation Trails in 17 states, including a half-dozen amazing rail-trails." more...

10 Awesome Hikes in the Triangle


NC - "Here are some of my favorite beautiful local places to enjoy a healthy walk..." more

Cyclist Safety, Bikeways Infrastructure Planning

UT - "...Currently, many Moab residents commute by bicycle using the existing paths and bikeways..." more

The Best Apps for Cyclists

"Make your phone as useful as your multi-tool with these 10 essential, road-tested services." more...

The Raleigh Retroglide iE


"With a mid-drive motor and step-through frame..." more

On a Roll with Franklinton Cycle Works

Columbus, OH - "Jonathan Youngman began what’s now Franklinton Cycle Works as a way to connect the Franklinton neighborhood while addressing transportation needs at the same time." more...

Zwift Launches Training Plans

"The indoor cycling app now offers workouts tailored to users' goals and schedules." more...

Raleigh’s Smart Redux 2

"Simple, light, smooth, and quick - the Redux 2 is as pleasurable as it is purposeful." more...

16 Best Cycling Sunglasses

"The best sunglasses for cycling, from Oakley, Smith, POC, and more." more

Introducing The X20

"The world's first BMX wheel designed for drifting." more...

E-Bike Ownership One Month On


"...While many reviews (including my own) have focused on the very real benefits of the distance you can travel, or the ability to turn up to meetings composed and unsweaty, I think there are several other benefits to e-bikes that too often get overlooked..." more

Deputy Takes Teen's Tall Bike for a Spin

FL - "...While responding to a car stuck in a ditch near Cairo and Decatur streets in Pensacola, ECSO deputies spotted 16-year-old Jacob Weekley atop one of his homemade tall bikes..." more

The Appalachian Trail

"Millennials could learn a thing or two from my heroic hike of it—the first few hundred feet, anyway." more...

Cycling for All

MN - "Program gives people with disabilities chance to bike on greenway." more...

The 7-Speed Civia Lowry Step-Thru

"The affordable and classic city bike is lightweight, reliable, and easy to grap and go." more...

How to Bike Commute in Summer


"Biking to work in summer can be hot work..." more

Downtown Xenia Showing Signs of Life


Xenia, OH - Business development is on the uptick. more...

Hiking 170 Miles Around Chicago


IL - "As far as Jay Readey knows, no human has ever hiked the entire path he and his fellow trailblazers embarked upon Tuesday." more...

Bad Mountain Biking Habits

Twitter Encourages Cyclist

"Steve James reached out for training advice, and the response was overwhelming." more...

Family Biking Profile


Portland, OR - "This week on the column we’re going to share a profile of one of our readers." more...

Man Who Built Bikes for Kids Dies

Oakland, CA - "The Oakland man known for building snazzy bikes out of scrap parts, died Saturday at 62 after a bout with lung cancer." more...

How to Dress for Mountain Biking

"Top-to-toe beginner advice for your summer trail rides." more...

The Fastest Way to Build Cycling Endurance

"You can have your day job and your fitness base, too. Here's how." more...

Using Old Bike Tires for "Crumb Rubber"

CAN - "A local recycling company is looking to partner with bicycle shops across Nova Scotia to give old tires a second life under the hooves of horses, instead of seeing the rubber dumped into the province's landfills." more...

Touring the American River Bike Trail

CA - "...The trail offers more than 40 miles of paved, relatively flat cycling through stunning riparian scenery, with miles of additional side trails for hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding." more...

5 Great Yakima-Area Bike Routes


WA - "... The region’s breathtaking landscape and proximity to the Cascade Mountains make it an ideal spot for aspiring cyclists to learn the ropes and veteran cyclists to continue doing what they love." more...

Why Bikes are Better Than...

This other stuff...

Trail Running, a Great Escape & Grueling Challenge


"...What is trail running? It's not that complicated, it's running on trails. But it's really more than that. It's life outdoors, in the forests and great parks of our region." more...

The East Coast Greenway

ME - "The three thousand mile trail stretches from Maine to Florida." more...

Revelstoke Adaptive Bike Trail


CAN - "The ribbon was cut for the new ‘Miller Time’ adaptive bike trail this weekend southwest of Revelstoke, creating a universally accessible spot for riders in the region." more...

The Inconvenient Truth About E-Bikes

"...The latest resistance to the progress of mountain bike technology—and by far the most controversial—is the electric mountain bike..." more

The New Pivot Trail 429


"Last week Pivot Cycles introduced its newest mountain bike called the Trail 429..." more

First Look: Shimano XTR M9100

Biking in Kent

WA - "Craving a new place to bike without all the hustle and bustle? Plan a trip to the scenic, user-friendly trails in Kent..." more

Is Bicycling a Catch-22 Situation?

"...What am I breathing on my daily commute?" more...

'Bird Hunting" Scooters in L.A.

"'Bird hunting' has become a pastime and a side hustle for teens and young professionals, but for some it’s a cutthroat business." more...

New Commuter Gear

"Make your ride across town a little easier and more stylish with these accessories and apparel." more...

The Felt FR2W Disc

"Bold in more than just looks, this bike will catapult you toward the finish line and never hold you back." more...

Waterloo Region a Hub For Cycling


CAN - "Routes and events are in place for everyone from bike tourists to competitive cyclists." more...

Fighting to get Back on the Bike

PA - "...Doctors and witnesses would later tell Regan her leg was pulled into the wheelbase of the truck, and she was dragged along the sidewalk..." more

100 Ticks in Less than 24 Hours


MN - "We could see them everywhere." more...

I Support Rails-To-Trails Conservancy


"...I joined the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Chicago in 2013..." more

Shimano's New 12-Speed XTR M9100

"The new generation of Shimao's best mountain bike group is the biggest and boldest yet." more...

Ikea Recalls 4,900 Bikes


"Ikea is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall about 4,900 SLADDA bikes in the U.S. because the bikes' belt drives can break..." more

MT Bike Trail Guide: Black Rock Trail


OR - "Trail skirts the edge of a vast lava flow between the Deschutes River and Lava Butte." more...

6 Tricks to Better Climbing

"Here are simple strategies that will make even the hardest climb a little (or a lot) easier." more...

Auto Dealership Gets Bike Friendly Business Award


"...They stood out for being strong advocates for bicycling and for bicycle infrastructure while supporting local bike-related businesses..." more

The Redesigned Scott Genius 920

"...The newest version of the Genius 920 blends a rowdy get-it-happening attitude on rough terrain with a ride that is efficient and precise on undulating singletrack, and especially sharp when climbing." more...

I Survived NYC Traffic On A Bike Commute


NYC - "...I recently retrieved my bike back from my hometown in Michigan, more than a year after moving to New York City, and I used it this morning to commute to work. I didn’t die, and it was rad." more...

Racing Winter, A Yeti Tribe Story

Tuesday Cycles E-Bikes

"This $1,400 beach cruiser-style e-bike has a laid-back, social vide and a confident, no-joke attitude." more...

New Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

"We put Fitbit's new gps-connected smart watch to the test. Here's why it's a winner." more...

The Colnago C64 Is Magical

"Strong, light, and durable, the C64 is a stiffer and more aerodynamic version of the C60." more...

The Longest Paved Trail West of the Mississippi

UT - "...Golden Spoke network is over 100 miles of safe, separated, and connected multi-use trails linking Ogden and Provo." more...

Hocking Hills New Shuttle Service

Logan, OH - "Travelers now have an easier way to move between the most popular natural features of Ohio’s dazzling Hocking Hills region, without the hassle of driving and parking..." more

Riding Up to Paradise Pass

WA - "At 14,411 feet, the summit of Washington’s highest peak, Mount Rainier, is inaccessible without technical rock-climbing gear. But you can get up to Paradise Pass, at 5,398 feet, on a bike." more...

Bike Lanes are for Cars


"People do not need bike lanes to ride a bike. People driving cars need bikes lanes to protect them from intimidating or harming people on bikes." more...

New Elite Borson Bike Case

"This lightweight, easy-to-use travel case will make you want to take your bike wherever you go." more...

Biking the Indy 500 Motor Speedway

IN - "In the mornings leading up to the world's biggest auto race, a small group of racers trade their indycars for bicycles." more...

MT Bike Club Pushes Kids to New Heights

Wheeling, WV - "Youngsters climbing on mountain bikes at Camp Russel in Oglebay Park on Saturday morning thought they were just having a good time learning about this challenging, but fun sport." more...

There Are Better Ways to Get Around Town

"The debate continues over how to make New York City’s streets less crowded, safer and better for people as well as cars..." more

Pizza Leads to Prosthetic Arm for 4-Year-Old Girl

Mount Orab, OH - "A young girl rode her bike for the first time Wednesday, thanks to a waiter at a local pizzeria." more...

Fuji’s Supreme Aero Bike

"The women's aero road bike is light, comfortable, and easy to live with." more...

Akron's Earliest Bicyclists Had Daring Adventures


Akron, OH - "The nickel-plated machines were real beauties, gleaming contraptions that commanded attention..." more

Hand-Crafted Wooden Bike Stolen

Cleveland, OH - "Peter Debelak is a master craftsman who can turn an ordinary piece of wood into something beautiful." more...

Ironman Competitor with Rare Lamborghini Bike


"Italian luxury carmaker Lamborghini and Canadian Cervélo Cycles only made 25 P5X Lamborghini Edition models, high-end triathlon bikes..." more

How to Get Motivated to Ride Again

"Love ebbs and flows. Here's how to get fired up to ride when your mojo's running low." more...

The Custom Enigma Extensor

"This stainless-steel road bike is sharp and complex like carbon, with the toughness of titanium." more...

The P2P: A World-Class Trail Network

"...The P2P corridor heads east out of the Ohio River port city of Parkersburg, along the North Bend Rail Trail, through small, rural communities like Cairo, West Union and Salem..." more

Bike Through Southern California’s Wine Country

CA - "Southern California's Temecula Valley contains over 30 wineries and the best way to experience it all is on a bicycle..." more

Would an E-Bike Get You Pedaling?

"By providing a boost to get up hills or give older bones and weary muscles a bit of a break, electric-assist bicycles make cycling a practical option for getting around." more...

The Ritchey Comp Logic

"Ritchey's finest steel frame is priced right." more...

The Bike Dress


Portland, OR - "Portlanders Amber and Beth Bogdewiecz want to make biking in a dress easier..." more

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

VT - "During the pleasant summer months of northern Vermont, the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail offers an extraordinary experience as it journeys through a verdant river valley tucked among the forested slopes of the Green Mountains..." more

Helena’s Trail Rider Shuttle Season


MT - "On Friday morning, the first Trail Rider shuttle of the year rolled into downtown Helena..." more...

Africa's First Cable Car for Mountain Bikes

"...there is one thing, that the North can now claim, which Cape Town will never have: cable car assisted mountain biking..." more

Best Cycling Movies of All Time

"Time to get out the popcorn or your trainer." more...

The Custom Enigma Extensor

"This stainless-steel road bike is sharp and complex like carbon, with the toughness of titanium." more...

Silicon Valley Startup Peddles 3D-Printed Bike

CA - "...has produced what it says is the world’s first carbon fiber bicycle with 3D-printed frame." more...

Vaccinate Your Bike

Seattle, WA - "...there’s now a campaign to vaccinate bikes this month, and volunteers will be at fourteen Celebration Stations on Friday morning to register bikes." more...

When Did People Forget They Could Walk?


"...whenever I leave the city, I'm struck by how little people who can walk seem to be aware that they have legs..." more

Bicycling in Pilsen


IL - "For 30 years, Amado Lopez has lived in Pilsen and gotten around by bicycle." more...

The Bianchi Aria

"Bianchi bikes come with a rich heritage and racing pedigree—and usually a high price to match..." more

Quebec's "Mario Kart" Style Bike Path

CAN - "In case you didn't know it yet, the province of Quebec has some of the most beautiful and spectacular bike paths in the country." more...

Adventure Cycling E-News


Read the latest edition.

Everything to Know About Bike Fit

"A proper fit (DIY or Pro) can make you more comfortable and even faster on the bike." more...

Electric/Pedal Hybrid Claims Highway Speeds


"...It's primarily an electric vehicle, but with a pedal function that you can use to recharge the battery (a bit!) and/or get a workout." more...

The Benno Ballooner 8i

"This aluminum, step-through model is a cruiser bike when you want it to be and a commuter when you need it to be." more...

Bike Trail Could Become Agritourism Corridor

FL - "With one key section of an area bike trail nearing completion, Herb Hiller can imagine days where hundreds of cyclists pedal through the county, stopping for meals and maybe light shopping at small restaurants or food trucks or even roadside produce stands." more...

Then & Now: The Richland B&O Depot(s) in Lexington


Lexington, OH - "...After the last train passed through town in 1987 the depot was repurposed as the Lexington Senior Civic Center, and the adjacent tracks evolved into the Richland B&O Trail." more...

Bikepacking the Oregon Outback Trail

OR - "My six day, 364-mile journey through rain, sleet, wind, and more rain." more...

Talking About Family Biking


Portland, OR - "Do you remember the first time you saw a family biking together?" more...

The Liv Suede 1 Is a Cruiser

"This step-through cruiser is ready for more than ice-cream runs." more...

Putting Arkansas on the Fat-Tire Map

AR - "How a couple of heirs to an American retail dynasty are putting Bentonville, Arkansas, on the fat-tire map." more...

Why You Should Love Climbing

"Hills are hard. Hills hurt like hell. But hills can transform you -- if you let them." more...

Apple Store Selling a Bike Helmet


"The Lumos helmet’s integration with the Apple Watch makes a cool gadget even cooler—and shows us the promise of smartwatches." more...

10 Battery Packs to Keep Your Gadgets Going

"When your smartphone's battery can't get you through your bike commute, always have a back up plan." more...

Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc 8.0

"This disc-equipped, aero road bike is race-day and everyday comfortable." more...

Explore Atlanta’s Proctor Creek Greenway Trail

GA - "Initial stretch of the Westside path is a journey through nature and postindustrial relics." more...

Amherst State Park is a 'Hidden Gem'


NY - "...Construction of a stone dust trail connecting both sides of the park is nearly complete..." more

Family Fun Rides


NH - "...[Here] are some 'family friendly' riding options in the Mount Washington Valley area." more...

The Best Bike Saddle Bags & Packs

"Bikes are convenient -- except when your hands are full." more...

BMC Teammachine SLR02 Disc

"...This $4,999 SLR02 Disc One will win space in your garage." more...

Riding with Emus

AUS - "An Australian rider kept pace behind five of the large, flightless birds." more...

Max Knauer & Kittie Weston-Knauer

"At nearly 70 years old, Kittie Weston-Knauer is the oldest female BMX racer in the United States." more...

Bike to Work: A Beginner’s Guide

MN - "May in Minnesota is when bike season kicks into high gear..." more

PlayStation, SRAM and Di2 Mashup


"Specialized mechanic Tyler Marchesano reveals how he made crazy custom shifters." more...

Life on Wheels

"What is the future of transportation? Film-makers David Hodge and Hi-Jin Kang Hodge have been asking everyone from Steven Chu to William Clay Ford to 80 other experts for their new full-length documentary Life on Wheels." more...

Get Thee to Middle Fork, Cyclists

Seattle, WA - "Skirting the eastern edges of the greater Seattle area, the Snoqualmie River flows down from the Cascades through a broad river valley spread with farmland and old railroad towns..." more

How E-bike Share Can Spark a Design Revolution

"...With all of the innovation occurring within the two-wheeled space, shared e-bikes and pedal-assist bikes have the greatest potential to transform mobility in urban and suburban locations alike..." more

Knowing Your Cycling Personality

"Are you an adventure seeker or a data geek?.." more

Tubolito the Lightest, Smallest, Strongest, Fastest Inner Tube?

"...The Austrian-made Tubolito Tubo, announced last year during the annual trade show circuit, is perhaps the most advanced bike tube ever created and is constructed of materials typically used in mobile phones..." more

Wooden City Bike Crate

"Get your stuff from point A to point B in style." more...

Adventure Awaits on the Buckeye Trail

OH - " my opinion, there is no better way to explore our state than the Buckeye Trail." more...

Specialized Recalls ~1,800 Bikes with Stout Cranks

"Specialized is recalling some Fuse Comp and Fatboy SE bicycles with Stout cranks because the driveside crankarm can disengage and cause the rider to lose control, posing fall and injury hazards." more...

Hike the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

IL - "Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie was established in 1996, making it the first national tallgrass prairie and the closest federally protected outdoors area to Chicago..." more

Inside an Apartment Building “Bike Lounge”

Portland, OR - "It was the River City Bicycles vending machine that first caught my eye." more...

Gym Uses Pedal-Power to Keep the Lights On

CA - "Sweat, or you'll be working out in the dark." more...

An Unspoiled Island

ISL - "Over the past decade, tourism to Iceland has reached meteoric heights, making it one of the fastest-growing destinations in the world..." more

Bike Trail Dedicated to Bartali

ISR - "Cycling single [track] dedicated in Israel’s Haruvit Forest in honor of renowned cyclist Gino Bartali, who helped rescue Italian Jews during the Holocaust." more...

Mike Cimbura is One Hell Of A Cyclist

"How one rider defies the degenerative disease that has taken almost everything from him." more...

Specialized Venge Pro Disc Review

"Sexy to look at and fast as hell, this aero road-race bike is one of the best we've ridden." more...

The Topeak Front Basket

"This easy-to-use bicycle basket slides on and off its mount so you can carry it everywhere." more...

Ernie's Bike Shop Celebrates 40 Years

Massillon, OH - "Ernie’s Bicycle Shop has been selling and fixing bikes in Stark County for 40 years." more...

‘Afghan Cycles’ Premieres After 5 Years of Controversy

"Producer Shannon Galpin talks about the trials and tribulations of bringing a women's cycling revolution to the big screen." more...

Why I Want to Bike With Other Families on Mother's Day

Portland, OR - "...I’m exhausted, and have been for 11 years and 21 days..." more

'Induced Demand' Singer Paul Rippey


Portland, OR - "As the Oregon Department of Transportation bulldozes their way to several freeway expansion projects in the Portland region — including one in the central city that even Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler supports — grassroots activism against the projects has flourished..." more

8 Bike Lights Reviewed

"Night ride with confidence with some much-needed illumination." more...

Ideas That Cycled From Dayton

Dayton, OH - "One Dayton man stopped making sewing machines to manufacture Huffy bicycles. The Wright brothers fell in love with bikes and turned that passion into the invention of manned flight." more...

Be a Bike To Work Ambassador


"Commuting to work by bike can be easier said than done. There can be a lot of hurdles that keep people in their cars..." more

Where Will Augmented Reality Take Your Next Ride?

"Solos Smart Glasses have landed. Here's our take on the frames from the future." more...

11 Best Bike Baskets

"Whether you're toting a week's worth of groceries or just a Teacup Yorkie in a bowtie, we've got the perfect basket for you." more...

Getting Air Again, Against All Odds


"This is my house, I live in Colchester, Connecticut. Lindsey had come here previously a few times to ride my pumptrack and so we chose this place for the jump because it was familiar..." more

Lowrider Bikes

Compton, CA - "Lowrider bicycles are all but the official vehicle of one California community..." more

Check Out These L.A. Bike Trails


CA - "...Biking on the beach is a Southern California tradition, and there’s nowhere better to do it than the Marvin Braude Bike Trail..." more

What Happens When You Kill a Bicyclist?

"Twenty months after a brilliant surgeon was killed riding her bike, a controversial police investigation ruled it a tragic roadside collision. But that’s just the beginning of the story." more...

Go Smaller to go Bigger on Gravel


"Gravel bikes have traditionally bridged the gap between road and mountain bikes. Now, with companies like Open and 3T offering bikes with the 650b wheel size, that gap has nearly disappeared." more...

Flywheel Sports Launches New Indoor Cycling Class

"In the quest for Spin studios to stay relevant in the ever-changing fitness world, Flywheel Sports, one of the leaders in indoor cycling, has launched its newest, most challenging class yet." more...

15 Hot New Pieces of Cycling Gear

"Innovative, cool, and helpful gear you need to check out." more...

How to Test Tire Performance

"...Tires, more than anything else, change the performance, feel and comfort of your bike..." more

3D-Printed Airless Bike Tires Ride Smooth

"Dump the air pump. These 3D-printed flexible bicycle tires could be the future of riding." more...

Keep Your Bike Safe, Secure

"It takes a good bike thief just under a second to cut a cable lock and maybe a day or two to sell your stolen bike on Craigslist..." more

What You Need to Know to Ride & Maintain Your Bike


"When you were a kid, all it took was begging your mom for permission to jump on your bike to claim the open road..." more

Tour New England by Bike


"Everything we love about New England is better by bike..." more

Scotland’s Secret Huts Are a Bikepacking Dream

"Across the country, a network of rugged, ancient cottages offers shelter to weary bikepackers -- if you find them before sundown." more...

Dream of New Schwinn Bicycle Inspires Hard Work

"...It wasn’t a pony I lusted after. It was a bike. Not just any bike. It was one I had seen in the Sears catalog..." more

How to Set Your Saddle Height

"...Here's how to adjust your saddle height for perfect pedalling." more...

Year of the Dog Saddle


Taiwan - "Velo Saddles is continuing its Chinese Zodiac collection of saddles with this year's Year of the Dog model, featuring an image of a Golden Retriever." more...

Cleveland, OH - "Imagine stepping outside for a breath of fresh air and taking in the gorgeous Cleveland skyline..." more

Ride a Bike 2018

People Who Bike to Work Live Longer

"...Overall mortality among bike commuters is significantly lower than among people who don’t bike or walk to work, according to a robust study recently published in the British Medical Journal..." more

Slowing Down Drivers on Montavilla's Main Street


OR - "Kate Walker lives in the Montavilla neighborhood and wants to make its main commercial street safer..." more

9 Great Bike Locks

"A bike is only as good as the lock that keeps it safe..." more

Why Isn't Cycling Normal in London?

He's Cleaning Up Mansfield

Mansfield, OH - "...he participates in nearly every available program, including Earth stewardship programs, the downtown Clean Sweep and the Operation Clean Sweep stream clean-up program. He has been at it for some 20 years..." more

Woman Attacked by Bison in Yellowstone

"The woman, identified as Virginia Junk from Boise, Idaho, was butted in the thigh, pushed and tossed off of a trail by the bison." more...

E-Bikes Really are Magic: Part 2


"...Yes, I've followed the ins and outs of the e-bike trend for a while, and believe they could play a major role in shaping our cities. But I don't know my hub motor from my chain drive..." more

LeMond Settles Suit with Alleged Cybersquatters


MN - "After boths sides reported that they had settled their issues, U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a case that Greg LeMond filed against a father and son who LeMond said were cybersquatting..." more

Bicycling the Pacific Coast

"Seattle bicycling writer Bill Thorness says riding a bicycle down the Pacific Coast is an epic adventure. I found that opinion hard to dispute after talking to him about his recent guidebook..." more

The Barcelona Superblock of Poblenou

SPA - "...The Superblock of Poblenou is a pilot project to show what the city of Barcelona will be like when the plans of the superblocks become a reality..." more

A Heads-Up on Bike Helmet Safety


"What you need to know about choosing a bike helmet and making sure it fits." more...

Custom Bikes


"In this article and video I will outline the custom bikes (Road, Touring, Cyclocross and Mountain) that were on display at the recent Handmade Bicycle Show..." more

E-Assist Velomobile Sharing Service

CAN - "VeloMetro Mobility today launched its initial fleet of five velomobiles for public use at the University of British Columbia." more...

Tourists Flocking to 'Rainbow Mountain'


Peru - "Tourists gasp for breath as they climb for two hours to a peak in the Peruvian Andes that stands 16,404 feet (5,000 meters) above sea level..." more

Eastside Rail Corridor is Ready for Bikes

WA - "If you’re looking to explore “new” bicycling routes on Seattle’s Eastside this weekend, you can visit the two, long-awaited, completed sections of the Eastside Rail Corridor." more...

Adventure Cycling E-News

Read the latest edition.

Historic Gabrielino Trail Nearly Restored


CA - "...The 2009 Station fire and the rainy season that followed it rendered impassable much of a 26-mile stretch of the trail." more...

Trail Advocates Praise Benefits for Next Generation


Minnetonka, MN - "To bring a mountain bike trail to Lone Lake Park is an opportunity for younger generations to get outside and get moving, advocates for the trail said." more...

Explore Hidden Gems in 5 Parks


Youngstown, OH - "...With the promise of warmer weather and more sunshine, five hidden gems await visitors." more

When Bikes Ruled Seattle

Make This Your Best Spring Ever


Portland, OR - "...So here’s a list of things to make it your best spring ever..." more

Lumos ’Smart Helmet’ Goes on Sale


CA - "Three hundred Apple stores in the U.S. and Europe will begin stocking Lumos Helmet's "smart" bike helmet on May 1, the start of Bike Month..." more

13 Reasons to Get Stoked About E-Bikes

"Sales of battery-boosted bikes are soaring..." more

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