Kokosing Gap Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

Car Crashes Are an Epidemic We Can Solve


"Government and public health officials routinely face problems that exceed their capacities and powers. Traffic deaths are not one of them..." more

Bikepacking the Arizona Trail

What Happens When an Auto Giant Buys a Scooter Startup?


"Spin Co-Founder Euwyn Poon details the advantages and challenges of working under Ford Smart Mobility, including its impact on growth and labor management." more

Studio Barry’s Launches a New Indoor Cycling Concept


"...This hybrid class replaces the treadmill and instead, pairs indoor cycling with traditional strength training for a 50-minute, high-intensity interval class..." more

The Car Addiction

"...I think about car culture every day. It’s hard not to when you’re constantly confronted by it, whether it’s having to press a beg button to get permission to cross the street, or having to ride a bike on a dangerous road with no separated cycling infrastructure." more

Alps 2 Ocean by Bike

NZL - "...for nine years NZ has quietly been developing a world-class network of 22 multi-day bike trails that criss-cross the National Parks of the North and South Islands..." more

Roll: Bicycle Company Expanding Footprint


Columbus, OH - "...Roll is on a … growth curve. It is adding a fourth store in March as part of an aggressive expansion plan for 2020..." more

Top 10 Places To Ride

When it Comes to State Parks, Hoosiers talk Turkey Run


IN - "Hoosiers love Turkey Run State Park." more

The Real Potential of the Electric Vehicle Revolution


"...while electric cars would be a big improvement over the gasoline status quo, they wouldn't solve most of the biggest problems created by cars. In fact, they are far from the most promising electric vehicles on the market..." more

Mountain Biking on View in Santa Cruz


CA - "... The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH) has collaborated with its neighbor to the north to recount the history and burnish the legend." more

Californian Gravel Bikepacking

Ruth Holliday Blazes Trails


KS - "Ruth Holliday has been a longtime local trailblazer in helping convert unused railroad lines into recreational trails." more

Confessions of a Law-Breaking Cyclist


"This week the big story in the cyclist community has been about the teenager who was arrested for ignoring a stop sign while on his bicycle. The accompanying video was demonstrative proof of his infraction, and for me an admission that I too have been that bike rider." more

Covering Jersey Barriers with Art


NYC - "The vibrant murals on protected bike lanes are about enhancing quality of life and creating inviting and welcoming streets." more

Deloitte Talks Bikes


"You know that bicycles are on the rise when one of the largest financial advisory consulting firms publishes a report about them, their users and the benefits to society..." more

1,400 Miles on The Buckeye Trail


You Can’t Do THAT On A Bike! Can You?


"...Here are a few photos that bust stubborn myths about what you can’t do on a bike..." more

British Folding E-Bike Brand Re-Enters the US Market

San Diego, CA - "...The brand pulled back and when it relaunched about 18 months ago, Thorpe found a different reception." more

The Thermal Belt Rail Trail

NC - "...Today, the 13.6-mile Thermal Belt Rail Trail lies where the old Southern Railroad, and later the Thermal Belt Railway, once ran." more

Get to know the Cuyahoga ValleyTrail System


CVNP, OH - "...Trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) offer something for everyone regardless of your ability." more

Niner Bikes Ghost Towns & Gravel

Club Members Take Over as GAP Trail Ambassadors


Cumberland, MD - "...Members of the Western MD Wheelmen, Chris McCagh-Herring and Nancy Twigg, are uniting to continue the work of the trail ambassadors along the Great Allegheny Passage..." more

The Benefits of Different Exercise Intensities


"A new study published in the journal Brain Plasticity found that mixing up the tempos of your workouts—like adding a few sprints to your longer rides, for example—can lead to some big benefits to your brain." more

Teaching Kids Through Bike Mechanic Classes


IN - "...Currently, all of this learning happens inside a 48-foot-long trailer that doubles as a 'mobile bike shop'...” more

My Ride Tribe Helped Me


"...I was looking for something fulfilling that I could pour my heart into, and my corporate marketing career just wasn’t doing it..." more

This Top Tube Bag is so GOOD!

How to See Every Driver As A Future Cyclist

"I've had many beautiful and joyful memories of biking around the city this past summer, but I also have a number of biking memories that still cause anger, frustration, and sadness..." more

Heart Conditions Force Pro Cycling Brothers to Retire

"Jimmy Turgis, a French pro cyclist with team B&B Hotels-Vital Concept, has been forced to retire after being diagnosed with a heart condition at 28 years old." more

9 Romantic Trail Destinations

"...we thought it was a great time to bust out this list of top romantic trails in the United States, chosen for their 'swoon-worthy' romantic views, date-worthy amenities and just plain good old-fashioned charm." more

Steve’s Big Adventure

TX - "Rolling around town on rental bikes is a lot easier and more fun than you can imagine." more

Mountain Biking St. Helena

Grand Canyon Trail Bike Now Has a Motor


"...The Grand Canyon is the third mountain bike chassis from Canyon to get the e-bike treatment..." more

The 16 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

"You don’t have to drop a boatload of cash to get into trail riding..." more

Badlands, Black Hills, Buffalos & Bikes

"I didn’t think I could be wowed more than yesterday’s bike ride along the Mickelson Trail to the Crazy Horse Memorial..." more

Consumer Direct Bike Brands -- Good or Bad?

Upgraded Anti-Theft System for E-Bike Fleets


UK - "E-Bike fleet technology firm eBikeLabs has upgraded its eBikeSafe anti-theft system, designed specifically to deter and inhibit thieves targeting electric bike sharing schemes..." more

Hand Numbness While Cycling

"Diagnosing the cause of hand numbness can often resemble the hunt for the source of an elusive click or rattle coming from our bikes..." more

The Best Cheap Indoor Exercise Bikes


"...getting outside for a ride isn’t always the safest or easiest option..." more

E-Bikes at Grand Fondos & Group Rides

"The first time the e-bike rider showed up to the weekly group ride, Eric Hall was nonplussed..." more

Metro Parks Moments of 2019

Summit County, OH - "Another year is in the books, and it’s been a busy and exciting one here at Summit Metro Parks. In no particular order, here’s a look at some of the most significant SMP stories of 2019." more

Riese & Müller Nevo GT Electric Bike Review

When Does Someone Die, and When is Someone Killed?


"It seems that when there is a car involved, it's the former rather than the latter." more

What's Hot in Cycling for 2020?'

"Versatility is the name of the game, and dirt is the playing field. The players are battery-operated, too." more

I Broke the Law on an E-Bike

CA - "...As it turns out, e-bikes are multiplying faster than public agencies can make rules to regulate them..." more

Grip It and Whippet

‘The War on Cars’ is Coming to Denver

CO - "The name can be a turnoff but a co-host says cars have been waging war on humans for 100 years." more

Beltline Eyes More Movie Shoots


GA - "...Clyde Higgs, CEO of Atlanta Beltline Inc., thinks the Beltline has plenty more to offer the entertainment industry..." more

Want Action? Here’s How to Photograph a Pothole

"If your streets department won't build a protected bike lane, the least they can do is fix the streets you've got." more

Happy Trail Adventures

Worthington, OH - "...The home-based business, which eventually will move into a brick-and-mortar spot in Worthington, was created to show women they can be comfortable in the great outdoors either by themselves or with a companion..." more

Globe, NC

How to Get the Most Out of Google Maps

"Google Maps turns 15 this week, and many of the 1 billion-plus people who turn to Google's app globally each month do so for more than navigation guidance." more

Marlies Henderson, a Steward of the Outdoors


MA - "Hiking, biking, paddling — when she’s outside Marlies Henderson is in her element." more

How to Build Your Own Smart Bike


"You don't need to spend $2,200 on the [Peloton] bike and $39 per month on the service. Check out these much cheaper DIY options." more

A Thousand Miles of Snow

"To get from Tucker County, W.Va., to Nome, Alaska, you’ll need a plane ticket and lots of time..." more

Wheelies Are Easy - ?

Is Tubeless Sealant Bad for the Environment?


"...How does tubeless sealant degrade? Are the particles in tubeless sealant biodegradable?" more

Short Intervals Yield Bigger Gains


"According to a recent study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, short, 30-second, high-intensity efforts with 15 seconds of recovery deliver significantly greater performance gains than longer intervals." more

Liv’s Thrive E+ EX Pro


A stable, comfortable commuter e-bike with customizable assist modes and route-mapping capabilities." more

The City Where Cyclists are not Welcome

BWA - "'I will hit you with this car,' Mpaphi Ndubo remembers a driver of an open white truck screaming at him..." more

The High Line- Purgatory For Recreation

A Snowy Winter Adventure in the CVNP

OH - "...Cuyahoga was absolutely magical when we arrived. It was completely covered in snow..." more

Court Denies Ryan Guettler's Request

"A district court judge has denied BMXer Ryan Guettler’s request for an injunction that would prevent Walmart and Hyper BMX from selling products with his likeness." more

Winning Isn’t Everything—Progress Is


"Even before I signed up, I knew I wouldn’t win this year’s Zwift Academy competition..." more

Ford Develops Emoji Jacket


"...By indicating the feelings and intentions of a cyclist, Ford claims the jacket could help to 'ease tensions' between drivers and cyclists, potentially reducing accidents." more

Hi-Viz Clothing has No Effect on Driver Passing Distances

"...Some 269 cyclists rode bikes fitted with distance-detection devices and dressed in a range of cycling kit, including lycra cycling kit, a casual rider’s normal clothing and several types of high-vis vest." more

Metro Parks Trails Prove Healing for Local Man

Columbus, OH - "Many people swear by exercise as a form of medicine. For Chad Engler, the results are clear and life-changing." more

Strava Struggles and Stats

Portland, OR - "...My tweens and husbeast would go speeding up ahead of me, while I struggled behind, pulling the hard-bottom Burley trailer, our picnic stuff, and our kindergartner..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest issue.

Gear Gude Puts Spotlight on Park City


UT - "When BIKE Magazine set out to find a location to conduct its 2020 Bible of Bike Tests, its January issue that provides lengthy analyses and reviews of the year’s new models, the publication needed, basically, a unicorn." more

Woods Canyon Trail a Creekside Haven


Sedona, AZ - "...Some hikers say there are no bad hikes in Sedona, but some hikes are better than others and Woods Canyon Trail is one of the best..." more

A Counterintuitive Argument Against Bicycle Helmet Laws

"New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio recently faced a backlash from bike safety advocates for supporting mandatory helmet laws for the city’s bike-share riders..." more

Using Tech to Breakdown Barriers to the Outdoors


"...For Ben Huntzinger, the accident that made him a paraplegic also gave him a purpose in life: to make the outdoors accessible for other individuals like himself..." more

Jeep Introduces a Mountain Bike


" Lost among the Hummers and the Audis and the Gladiators, Jeep introduced an e-bike, of all things, at the end of a clever commercial starring Bill Murray, a huge Jeep pickup truck and a groundhog..." more

What to Do When a Driver Hits You

"...if you ride a bike, you need to plan for potential disaster." more

Cycling Through Europe's Deadliest Air


"Cities in parts of Europe have been suffering from some of the worst air quality in the world." more

Man Creates Traffic Jam on Google Maps with Cell Phones


"By pulling 99 phones down empty streets, artist Simon Weckert made it look like they were gridlocked on Google Maps." more

Jennifer Kriske Tells Her Story


CO - "Machines for Freedom's founder, Jennifer Kriske, is Kristin Carpenter's latest guest on the Channel Mastery podcast." more

The Bikepack


"Steven M. Johnson is at it again." more

The World's Most Traffic-Choked Cities

"...The report, which the Dutch navigation and mapping company released Tuesday, ranks cities by the average time added to a trip..." more

Hiker Finds SD Card, Searches for Owner


CAN - "A Kelowna resident is hoping to reunite some family memories with their rightful owner. more

The ‘Roselandia’ E-Bike

Portland, OR - "A local recumbent expert wants to bring relaxed, comfy, fun riding to the masses..." more

The Cervélo Áspero Gravel Bike


"The Canadian brand, best known for its coveted road frames, is getting in on the adventure racing game." more

The Specialized Epic Hardail Pro


"The new Epic Hardtail Pro is unapologetically race-oriented and ready to be ridden hard." more

Cycling Essentials for Winter Riding

"Riding in the cold can actually be awesome, if you have the proper winter-riding gear..." more

8 Scenic State Parks Along the Great American Rail-Trail

"...To experience a trail of such length—the Great American spans more than 3,700 miles—some may prefer to hop in an RV to cover greater distances and experience more trails within the route..." more

An Infrastructure Tour of Auckland

"...Over the winter break I was in New Zealand, so I thought I’d give a quick tour of what caught my eye." more

Vet Says Goodbye to B-Cycle


CO - "...Howard said he never thought of himself as a cyclist, but the bikes changed his life..." more

Dirt Rag Is Dead; Long Live Dirt Rag


"...Sadly, in January of 2020, Dirt Rag and all of its extended properties closed in the face of insurmountable financial odds." more

Man Buys Stolen Bike to Return it to its Owner


"...Ste Burke, of Liverpool, U.K., tweeted out on January 20 that he had purchased a mountain bike that was obviously stolen. How did he know?.." more

11 Cities that Joined the Car-Free Revolution


"From Amsterdam to Tempe, Arizona, more and more cities are finding that eliminating cars from their streets makes people happier and healthier." more

Sand & Snow

Sustainability & The Velomobile Guy


CA - "I noticed the bright orange vélomobile stuck in homebound traffic on the day the Kincade Fire evacuation was lifted..." more

Roaring Fork Valley a ‘Gold-Level’ Mountain-Biking Area


CO - "The International Mountain Biking Association has named the Roaring Fork Valley as a gold-level 'ride center,' making it the first destination in Colorado and the fifth in the nation to earn the designation." more

Five Great Trail Activities

"...We’ve rounded up a few activities for you to try out on the trail—plus shared some of their health benefits..." more

Local Loam in Pittsburgh, PA

Will 2020 Be the Year Gravel Begins to Suck?

"Gravel cyclists have never had it so good. We’re swimming in new tech, and our most popular races brim in minutes with fields of homegrown, and even world-class talent." more

San Fran's Oldest Bike Shop up for Sale


CA - "Of the many reasons shop owners decide to sell their businesses, seismic retrofit is not usually one of them..." more

Bird's Head on Sustainability of Micromobility


"Melinda Hanson talks to TreeHugger about taking back the streets." more

13 Fun Family-Friendly Bike Rides in L.A.


CA - "...As part of Streetsblog L.A.’s occasional #streetsr4families coverage, we’ve compiled thirteen transit-accessible family-friendly places to bike." more

Dirt Rag Shuts Down


"It is with a heavy heart that we’re writing to say, that after 30 years of publishing, Dirt Rag is shutting its doors and ceasing all operations, including the website and Dirt Fest." more

Paparoa Track Film


People Who Bike to Work May Live Longer


"A new study examining the transportation habits of 3.5 million New Zealanders found that people who bike to work had a 13% reduction in mortality." more

Mountain Bike Etiquette: We Are Not Entitled

"In an ideal world, mountain bike etiquette would be a given..." more

Ghent Streets are "More Alive"'

BEL - "Ghent readers on a car-free city centre..." more

Bike Lanes and Identity Politics


"When people use the phrase “identity politics” transportation policy does not come to mind. Yet if you examine the debate over bike lanes, there are undertones of a cultural divide that mirrors national politics." more

Haro Bicycle and Plaintiff Agree to Settle Suit

NY - " Haro Bicycle Corp. and a New York man have agreed to settle the man's lawsuit over the bike company's website." more

The Cowichan Valley 8

CAN - "The Cowichan Valley 8 is a 190km figure-eight bikepacking route that starts and ends at the parliament buildings in downtown Victoria, British Columbia..." more

Seats and Undercarriage Issues

Portland, OR - "...After riding 10 miles on my stock seat it was like bad teen sex..." more

How to End Traffic


"European cities offer a roadmap for life with fewer cars." more

Longtime Park Director Retires


Youngstown, OH - "Today marks the end of an era for Mill Creek MetroParks and its planning and operations director Steve Avery." more

Ride What Ya Brung

Safe and Secure Bike Parking


"As scooters and e-bikes proliferate, we need a place to put them." more

Best Folding Electric Bikes of 2020


"Zip from home to the train to work or anywhere else with these super folding e-bikes." more

More Research Shows Bike Lane Benefits


CAN - "Research into the economic impact of a protected bike lane in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has reinforced the findings of similar studies elsewhere – cycling infrastructure benefits businesses located on such routes by encouraging people to visit more frequently, and to spend more once they are there." more

Company Offers E-Bikes to Compliment Tesla Trucks


CO - "RLE Bike, a Russian-French e-bike brand, has announced a super light e-bike model designed to pair with the Tesla Cybertruck, a stainless-steel clad electric pickup Tesla hopes to put into production next year." more

A Cycling Parable from Dingo the Clown


Portland, OR - "...Riding a tall bike dressed as a clown for so many years has given Dingo a unique perspective on life..." more

How to Find Your Training Sweet Spot

"...As he started spending more training time in lower heart-rate zones, his overall speed went up when he put the hammer down." more

Their Son’s Heart Saved His Life


"...Mike Cohen was in trouble. It was day one of his 1,426-mile ride across the United States, and his heart was not cooperating..." more

Experiences Winter Cyclists Can Relate To


CAN - "... Commuting and even training through the snow, slush and icy-bits makes us stronger and more confident cyclists when the summer comes around..." more

roll: Bicycle Opening 4th Location


Dublin, OH - "A Columbus-based, custom-designed bike business, roll: Bicycle Company, is expanding by opening a new location at Dublin Plaza, a CASTO owned and managed property, with an anticipated opening date of March 1." more

Continuous Sidewalks

They Call Themselves ‘Fat Cyclists’

"Marley Blonsky, 33, of Seattle, describes herself as a “fat cyclist” and is working to make cycling more inclusive." more

The RadRover Step-Thru Could be the Perfect E-Bike


"Roll over everything and get on and off easily on this powerful fatbike." more

11 Places In Canada to Fat Bike


CAN - "When you live in the True North, fun outdoor activities don’t stop when the weather turns cold and snowy..." more

Can Gravel Riding Maintain its Renegade Status?

"The gravel phenomenon that’s taken root in American cycling shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. New events are selling out in a manner of minutes..." more

The Blind Mountain Biker

"Brian Bushman lost his sight at age 14. So, he did what any kid who loves riding bikes would do—spent the following years learning to echolocate, like a bat, so he could continue to ride his mountain bike..." more

The Wilds of Worcester


MA - "...I found that Worcester has a remarkable treasure trove of unsung parks and green areas..." more

Let’s be like Leslie Carlson

Portland, OR - "...What started as an exercise in modifying my own behavior has become an interesting social experiment in watching other drivers react." more

Survey Says: Toronto Not Doing Enough for Road Safety


CAN - "70% say city not doing enough, 80% support building more bike lanes." more

Destructive Lanternflies Found 15 Miles from Ohio

PA - "...The invasive insect is known for killing off grapes, hops and certain trees." more

What Makes a City Great?

WTF Apple? - and Other Route Questions

Portland, OR - "...comparing recreational biking to commuter biking is comparing apples and oranges." more

JARVIS Smart Trainer Coming to the US


CO - "Colorado-based distributor Italian Bicycle Group N.A. is now distributing the JARVIS smart trainer from MagneticDays." more

The Malecón in La Paz

MEX - "...The Malecón (English for promenade or sea wall), is a three-mile stretch of Paseo Alvaro Obregon along the edge the bustling city of 250,000 in Baja California Sur 90 miles north of Cabo San Lucas..." more

Top 10 Videos of the Decade

She Wants You to Feel Better about Biking & Walking


Boston, MA - "Stefanie Seskin oversees parts of Boston government that have had some of the most notable effects on the city’s streets over the last decade." more

Eagle Scout Leads Bike Trail Improvements


OR - "...The project included making picnic tables, a bike rack and gravel for a resting area..." more

14 Great Smart Watches for Cyclists

"Every year GPS watches become more like dedicated bike computers, adding cycling-specific features to their ever-growing list of fitness-tracking capabilities..." more

U Bike Bicycle Library Program


WA - "...Unlike many other bike share or bike rental options, the U Bike program is unique in that it allows students to rent a bicycle for long periods of time, rather than for just one ride or one day. .." more

Bikepacking the Kokopelli Trail

A Guide to Bike Tire Pressure

"...you might be a little surprised to hear that bike tires need to be checked far more regularly than those on your car..." more

Elementary Students Thrilled to get New Bikes


CAN - "It’s Christmas in January for 14 students from Courtenay’s Arden Elementary." more

Lessons Learned from Biking Around the World

"Catherine 'Cat' Dixon and Rachael 'Raz' Marsden are currently pedaling their way through the American Southwest on a bright pink tandem bicycle named Alice. more

Mountain Biking Helped Me Cope

The Snow Dog Packs Trails in Duluth

MN - "Bryon Amo came riding along behind the Snow Dog, smiling as he maneuvered the machine through the woods at Hartley Park in Duluth." more

I Cheerfully Yell Rude Things at People from My Bike


"...I notice that the objects of my enthusiasm often respond with vulgar insults, obscene gestures and threats of violence. Am I missing something?.." more

Fast Frankie Slows Down


CA - "Frank Torres makes you want to quit drinking. Quit drinking and ride a bike. Quit drinking, ride a bike and get your head right." more

Time to Stop Buying Cheap Carbon Bikes

"You really want a carbon bike, right? What if I told you that on a limited budget, you’d be better off sticking with metal?" more

North Country Trail Podcast

"We talk about the North Country Trail, the premier hiking path across the northern tier of the US..." more

What I Learned from Riding 42 Bikes

One Wheel, Zero Buttons


"This week the hosts debate whether one wheel is better than two, and whether having a few buttons on a smartphone is better than none at all." more

The Best Bike Repair Stands

"...There are generally two types of repair stands..." more

The MCT Goshen Trail

IL - "Nestled in southwestern Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, lies the MCT Trails system, an interconnected web of nine scenic multiuse trails that most people outside the area may never have heard of—but should." more

This Is What London's Low Line Will Look Like

UK - "Last year, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) challenged architects, artists, engineers, ecologists and designers to come up with London's answer to the Manhattan High Line:.." more

No Wrong Season

Study Says Bicycles are the Future of Urban Transport


"Deloitte has released a study on the growing popularity of bicycles as a form of transportation around the world, especially in cities." more

Best Men’s and Women’s Cycling Shoes


"Cycling shoes come in many styles, with different features and for different types of riding..." more

How Paris Became a Cycling Success Story


FRA - "...New protected bike lanes have led to a doubling, and even tripling, of the number of riders on some busy main roads..." more

Into The Clouds

Deep Dive 1 – Gears and Tires

Portland, OR - "...For me and the others out here learning… how far down the bike repair rabbit hole do we need to go?" more

Gravel Riding Is Making All Bikes Better

"Even if you're not into groad, the trend is probably improving your cycling experience." more

Alan Hershey Builds Trails and Community


"From September through May Alan Hershey *69 heads into the woods and meadows typically Sunday mornings with a group of volunteers. Armed with shovels, pickaxes, crowbars, saws and other tools..." more

10 Best Rail-Trails In America


U.S. - "...rail-trails are beloved amenities in communities all over the country. Here are 10 of the best." more

unPAved 2020 Teaser

Shining a Light on Winter Travel

OH - "Despite the short days and cold temperatures, there are plenty of interesting things to encounter in traveling the trails at this time of year." more

Yes, You Can Shop on a Bike


"...Of course, the easiest way to carry shopping on a bike is with a handlebar basket..." more

Schwinn Releases a Third ‘Stranger Things’ Bike

"On January 13, Schwinn is releasing its third special-edition Stranger Things bike, modeled after the one ridden by Lucas Sinclair in Season 3." more

Bicyclist Bonds with Driver Who Hit Him


CA - "On a beautiful morning last Memorial Day weekend, two worlds collided on the Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. What followed would be an act of extraordinary forgiveness..." more

Cycling in The Netherlands

Bike Shoppe Hopes to Keep on Pedaling

Independence, OH - "If you’ve driven down Brecksville Road, your eye may have caught some creative signs in the window of the Independence Bike Shoppe..." more

A Look at the Swedish Bike Scene


"It’s an exciting time for Swedish MTB..." more

Organic Transit is For Sale


"Why aren't people lining up for this enclosed solar powered e-cargo tricycle?.." more

Why Mountain Bikers Can’t Have Nice Things


"Bad behavior might be jeopardizing access to Kingdom Trails, one of the premier networks on the East Coast. Here’s what we can learn from it." more

Scout Creates 'Bicentennial Bike Route'


Avon Lake, OH - " When Alison Steele was a young kid growing up in Avon Lake, she loved riding her bike everywhere in town..." more

Ep.12 Unicycling Across America

Watopia, a Great Place to Ride this Winter

"...In just five years, it has arguably become the number-one winter destination for cyclists..." more

Trail Building is an Art Form


VT - "...Mountain biking has influenced the way a trail is built more than any other form of recreation, and that continues to change because mountain bikes are always evolving..." more

Little Bellas Hope to get Girls on the Trail


TN - "...Little Bellas, a national mentoring and biking program for girls..." more

Exploring Amsterdam by Bike

Happy Trails to Youthful Davis Riders

Davis, CA - "...The Davis mountain biking team, featuring riders of mostly high-school age, has 12 ultra-committed participants who are about to embark upon yet another spring season." more

I Bought a $37 Skinsuit on Amazon

"Earlier this season, I went in search of an unbranded women’s skinsuit for cyclocross season..." more

The Almost Perfect Solar E-Bike / Car


"The Wello Family solar-powered electric bike/car was just showcased at CES 2020, demonstrating how families might be able to transport kids or cargo with a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional transportation." more

I Biked Every Street in Rockville, MD


MD - "...Over the course of 13 months, I rode my bike 324 miles over every block of nearly every street in Rockville." more

5 trails to Explore in Orlando


FL - "...the City of Orlando has over 300 miles of off-street paths and bicycle lanes for riders to explore." more

Bikepacking Trans Germany

An Argument Against Dedicated Gravel Bikes


"...I feel that a good portion of the 'gravel genre' is just skillful marketing aimed at convincing folks to buy another bike that they likely don’t need..." more

The Best Folding Bikes

"Foldable bikes are a versatile and often-overlooked cycling option..." more

9 Best Women’s Road Bikes

"From entry-level frames that can take you from your first pedal stroke to your first century, to high-end builds..." more

The 13 Best Indoor Cycling Trainers

"Whether you’re training for an early-season event, just trying to keep a regular riding schedule..." more

Cycling in Japan

"...Japan takes care of its roads, all of them..." more

New Zealand Cycle Trail a Great Alternative


NZL - "...Cat Dixon and Raz Marsden, who are attempting to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe on a tandem bike, say Kiwi motorists are the least cycle-friendly in the world." more

Winter Bike-Packing with a Hot-Tent.

We Have Hourly Rates

Portland, OR - "...when two weeks after getting rid of my car, I had to go to Tualatin to transport 54 bolts of fabric back to North Portland (about 20 miles, with hills), this presented a conundrum." more

The 9 Best Triathlon Bikes

"Triathlon bikes are like the bike industry’s playground. Free from the stringent guidelines that govern bikes designed for road racing, engineers are open to explore radical shapes and designs..." more

Greet the New Rail-Trails of 2019

U.S. - "...Today, more than 24,000 miles of completed rail-trails traverse the nation, often serving as backbones for regional trail systems that are transforming the places where we live, work and play. Here are just a few of the exciting new rail-trails added to the ranks in 2019." more

Wild Virtue

Bowlus Earns Eagle Scout Rank

Fremont, OH - "...Bowlus wanted to do something to benefit the cycling community in Sandusky County for his Eagle Project and installed two bicycle service stations on the Northcoast Inland Trail..." more

Santa Cruz Tallboy X01 CC Reserve

"Of the many regions that have hosted the Bible of Bike Tests over its 11 years, none is as aptly named as Park City..." more

Manta5's E-Bike Rides on Water

"It has taken nearly a decade to bring a commercial hydrofoil bicycle to market." more

Has the Beltline Trail Met Expectations?

Atlanta, GA - "Locals share perspectives on a Beltline segment that hardly resembles its Eastside Trail counterpart, for better or worse." more

Lessons from the Most Bicycle Friendly City


"...In this lesson, you will learn how one city grew to become the most bike-friendly city in the world and the reasons residents love it..." more

Photos from a 1939 Cross-Country Bike Trip

U.S. - "When Orkin was 17 she wanted to see the 1939 World’s Fair that was in New York City. She somehow managed to convince her parents to allow her to bicycle across the country..." more

The Best E-Bikes You Can Buy

"...Liberated from some of the normal constraints of standard bike design like weight and gearing, e-bike design has exploded..." more

5 Stylish Cyclists

"How these cyclists found their signature look..." more

Trail Project to "Green" South Berkeley

CA - "A coalition of community members, UC Berkeley students and Berkeley High School students is working to transform several blocks of the old Santa Fe Railroad right-of-way in South Berkeley into an elongated greenspace, encompassing walking paths, dog parks, play areas and community gardens." more

A Nature Trail Across San Francisco

CA - "The Crosstown Trail connects Candlestick Point to Lands End, taking in some of San Francisco's most beautiful natural areas along the way." more

Yakima Man & His Dog Keep Running


WA - "Walk along the Yakima Greenway or Cowiche Canyon Trail, and you might run into an unusual pair..." more

Biking Lawyer Knows What it's Like to be Hit by a Driver


CAN - "...One thing Toronto bike riders don't know or understand is what their rights are..." more

Segway is Back with a "Wall-E" Style People Mover


"Segway has announced a new product, the S-Pod. It’s a chair on wheel..." more

17-year-old Muralist Gains National Recognition


Cincinnati, OH - "...Tenzing, 17, is a senior at Clark Montessori. He is also a professional artist, award-winning muralist and the youngest participant in Blink's Secret Walls competition – which, he won." more

Student Develops Katy Trail Story Map

MO - "If you’d like to know about Katy Trail State Park before you go, you can now take a virtual tour of the trail..." more

Could Farming Secure U.S. National Parks?

"An experimental project underway at a national park in Ohio could hold the keys to protecting not only American land but the American farmer." more

Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium

European Union’s Roads Are The Safest In The World

"...In a recent analysis in the Road Safety Annual Report 2019, published by the Paris-based International Transport Forum... the U.S. ranked 33 out of 40." more

Canyon Bicycles Hit by 'Massive' Cyber Attack


Germany - "Canyon Bicycles was hit by a criminal cyber attack just before the start of the year, the company announced Monday. While the company was locked out of its IT systems at its Germany headquarters, its e-commerce website and U.S office's IT system was not affected." more

Mountain & Gravel Bike Tech Predictions for 2020


"From fork legs to gravel bars, here's what we reckon will blow up." more

7 Top Trail Picks From Trail Lovers

U.S. - "...These bucket-list destinations come from some of the top submitters of trail photos on TrailLink.com, which currently lists more than 4,000 multiuse trails across America..." more

I Loved Bike Touring—Until I Got Paid to Do It

"Seduced by the idea of turning my hobby into a paycheck, I led bike tours across the U.S. throughout my twenties..." more

Japanology - Bicycles

Trans Canada Trail Section Doubles as Logging Road


CAN - "In spite of the growing popularity of non-motorized rail trails in B.C., the province is allowing an unspoiled section of the Trans Canada Trail to be turned into a logging road. Not only that, but the Ministry of Forests is allowing a dozen other logging roads on rail trails." more

Will E-Bikes be the Top-Selling E-Vehicles for the Next Decade?


"...By 2023, the total number of e-bikes in circulation around the world—owned by both consumers and organizations—should reach about 300 million, a 50 percent increase over 2019’s 200 million..." more

River Surfing Making a Splash in the Midwest

OH - "When, out of the corner of his eye, Shannon Thomas saw one, two, then three police cars roll up close to him along the Great Miami River in Ohio two years ago, he was more than a little surprised..." more

What Is Fasted Cardio?


"If you’ve ever woken up at 5 a.m. to squeeze in a morning ride and haven’t stopped on the way out the door to scarf down a banana or an energy bar, then you’ve done fasted cardio..." more

Electric Future Will Be Led by Bikes

"By 2025, expect to see 12 million electric vehicles being sold worldwide each year—and more than 40 million electric bikes." more

Best places to Fat Bike in Steamboat

Steamboat Springs, CO - "With snow falling at the rate that it is, cyclists only have one thing on their mind: when and where can they roll a fatty — ride a fat bike, that is." more

NYC's Landscape Will Change in 2020

NY - "What to expect from New York’s transit, parks, megaprojects and more..." more

Benefits of Exercise Includes Tuning Out Background Noise

"According to a new study published in the journal Sports Health, athletes are better at tuning out background noise than non-athletes." more

The Best GPS Cycling Computers


"...Like most electronics, GPS cycling computers evolve and change rapidly..." more

Stats from Strava’s 2019 Year End Report

"...the report technically only covers data from Oct 1st, 2018 to Sept 30th, 2019. I think for Christmas this year I’m going to send Strava a calendar to explain how years work..." more

Your Tires are Lying to You!

Rethinking the Floor Pump Pressure Gauge

"...Unfortunately, floor-pump pressure gauges have not caught up to the low-psi movement." more

Gear Me Up

Portland, OR - "...Is it cool just to stroll into a bike shop and start asking questions?" more

Reid Bikes Pledges to Plant a Tree for every Bike it Sells

AUS - "...Reid is not only concerned with making cycling accessible to everyone, it wants to ensure a better environment..." more

The Birth & Death of a Bike Company

"What happened to SPEEDX?" more

25 of the Best Bike Products of 2019

"This roundup is part of This Year in Gear, a look back at the year’s most notable releases..." more

Park District Establishes Civilian Ranger Patrol

Clark County, OH - "The Clark County Park District has established a new ranger volunteer program for teens and adults." more

Urban Freeride Lives 3

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Trail Users Bring Cash to Lemhi County

ID - "When Lemhi County applied to become a gateway community for the Continental Divide Trail in 2016, people were enthusiastic." more

Road to Gold

CAN - "Road-Trip Objective: Explore the northern Canadian territory known as Yukon..." more

London Trials Noise-Emitting Electric Buses

UK - "The buses are designed to emit a noise that alerts people to their presence." more

Velomobile Spotted on Florida Trail



How Oregon got the Idaho Stop

Portland, OR - "...the idea to correlate stop sign law with natural and safe riding behavior stuck with Bjorn. And 13 years later he would still be around to see a stops-as-yields law finally pass the Oregon legislature." more

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