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Q&A with Eric Oberg

Columbus, OH - Part of the 'Behind the Scenes' interview series by Central Oho Greenways. more

The "Pope" of Urban Cycling

FL - "The man dubbed 'the pope of urban cycling' was unimpressed to hear Pensacola has been painting bike lanes on the fringes of its major roadways in an effort to be more bicycle friendly." more

Ride On Rollins: A Visual Recap

"Earlier this summer a couple of us made the ride from Denver to Winter Park via Rollins pass. The 90 mile ride crossed the Continental Divide at Rollins Pass, elevation 11,676ft..." more

Riding with an Anti-Bike Council Candidate


WA - "My tire wobbled and I swerved to correct my path. A car hissed by me while the driver laid on his horn..." more

The Treadwell Remixte

"Behind this cruiser is a capable commuter and fitness bike." more

Students Bike the Pacific Coast Trail

NM - "700 miles, 14 days, three friends, one Pacific Coast Trail." more

Mountain Biking in Finger Lakes


NY - "...With the rolling landscapes in Tompkins County and the Finger Lakes region, it comes as no surprise that mountain biking also has a passionate following locally." more

North Coast Trail

CAN - "The wolf ran along the beach, pausing to consider the black bear munching on bugs. It decided to give the larger animal a wide berth, then glanced up at the five of us watching..." more

Five Scenic Tampa Bay Bike Routes


FL - "From the breweries of Dunedin to the Tampa Riverwalk, these rides show off Tampa Bay’s character." more

Zwift Wants You to Hit the Trail, Indoors

"...this time virtual pavement is nowhere to be found. Instead, it wants to bring mountain biking trails to your living room." more

Bike Lane Vigilante Speaks His Mind


NYC - "The former New York Ranger doesn't care who he pisses off [including cyclists]..." more

Can New Orleans Keep Cyclists Safe?

LA - "...Later that night in March, the headlines trickled in. At least eight people in a bike lane had been hit, and two of the cyclists — Sharree Walls and David Hynes — had died..." more

Riding in Richmond


VA - "The Richmond area is designated by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) as a Bronze Level Ride Center, meaning it’s one of the best places in the country to experience a variety of mountain-biking terrain..." more

Giant Announces Aluminium Revolt Range

"Giant claims that ‘over half the world’s roads are unpaved’, and if that’s true, you could be missing out if you haven’t got a bike capable of exploring that terrain..." more

7 Cool Smart Trainers

"It’s that time of year when the temperature begins to dip daily (in most parts of the country) and we are left with fewer daylight hours to fit outside rides..." more

5 Colorful Rides this Fall


IL - "...You must go where the trees are, of course. Fortunately, that's where many of the best bike trails and routes are, too." more

Crooked River Reflections

CVNP, OH - "In 1926, Helyn Fielder and Evelyn Harris began first grade in the one-room Everett School..." more

Activist Hosts ‘Cyclist Lives Matter’


"This time last year, Samantha Flores was in a coma. When she woke up days later, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever ride a bike again after a hit-and-run left her in the hospital with critical injuries..." more

‘Truck Trike’ Maker Seeks Partner

Portland, OR - "...The Truck Trike was a pioneer in what is now a very hot market of zero-emission urban delivery services..." more

Wahoo’s New KICKR Bike


"The all-new Wahoo KICKR Bike smart trainer was released at this year’s Eurobike, and it is pretty freakin’ rad..." more

10 Beginner Bike Rides in Chicago


IL - "The thought of cars and buses whizzing by while pedaling in a narrow bike lane can make urban biking in Chicago a frightening prospect..." more

New Hiker Shuttle Service At Lake Placid

NY - "...Beginning September 13 and running through October 6, and Friday through Monday during Columbus Day Weekend, Essex County will offer complimentary rides to and from the Whiteface Landing Trailhead, Copperas Pond Trailhead, Whiteface Mountain Ski Lodge, and Bear Den Trailhead at Whiteface Mountain." more

E-Bike Popularity Skyrockecting with Older Riders

"When first-timers take an electric bike out for a test ride, they return smiling from ear to ear..." more

Hottest New Cycling Gear


"You may be thinking about winter gloves and indoor training tools, but bike brands are already showing off their latest products for next spring..." more

The Specialized Tarmac Disc Pro

"The Tarmac Disc Pro delivers the high performance you’d expect from the top-of-the-line S-Works Tarmac, at a much more affordable price." more

Getting Back on the Bike after a Crash

"...once the handlebars are straightened and the bones have healed, there’s one thing left to recover: our confidence." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 6

Cycling Saved My Life

"...I was 360 pounds when I went to get a physical at the VA in Madison, Wisconsin, just before my 60th birthday." more

Buying an E-Bike Online?


"If e-bikes are going to replace cars, they should be taken seriously and maintained properly by people who know what they are doing." more

The New Indoor Bike From Stages

"Stages is already a strong player in the spin/studio bike world, but the new StagesBike ($2,600 to $2,800) is the brand’s first dedicated indoor bike aimed at the enthusiast cyclist." more

Keeping the Midtown Greenway Safe

MN - "...Paule, 59, a buoyant aerospace physicist who lives at the eastern end of the Greenway, is the de facto, though officially undesignated, leader of Trail Watch..." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 5

The Wiggle Cycling Route

San Francisco, CA - "...The zig-zagging route between Duboce Park and the Panhandle is the undisputed best option for cyclists to avoid thigh-crushing inclines. But it turns out the route dates back to before bicycles were even invented." more

Along the Delaware River Waterfront

PA - "Your guide to the piers, trails, parks, and more along the water." more

50 Mph E-Bike has Pedals


"Just when you thought it couldn’t get any wilder in the electric bicycle space, this happens. UBCO has just revealed their upcoming UBCO FRX1 Freeride Trail Bike featuring motorcycle level specs, speeds of up to 50 mph (80 km/h), and functional bicycle pedals." more

Why Can't Amsterdam's Cyclists & Peds get Along?

NLD - "As Amsterdammers jostle for space, the city government is trying to ease conflicts between those on bikes and on foot." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 4

Two Tweens on a Family Bike

Portland, OR - "I just realized I can still carry both my kids on my bike! But just barely..." more

Clear Creek County’s Emerging Trail Network


CO - " The 1.3 mile downhill trail, called The Sluice, is a key feature of the new Floyd Hill Open Space trail system that reaches over the hill into Clear Creek Canyon." more

Remembering Robyn Hightman


"This story does not begin or end on Sixth Avenue. That heartbreak in New York City, which hardly defines the life of Robyn Hightman, will come soon enough." more

What E-Bikes Mean to the Lost Sierra Trails

CA - "...Over the last three years, SBTS has studied electric-assist mountain bikes closely, as they are the newest form of recreation on our public lands. And what we mean by “study” is we’ve actually ridden Class 1 electric-assist mountain bikes – e-bikes with pedal assist up to 20 mph..." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 3

Gloves or No Gloves?

"...There were situations for which I needed them: winters in the Rocky Mountains, several muggy years in Japan, most mountain bike rides. Otherwise, I rode barehanded..." more

Fi'zi:k 3D-Printed Saddle

"... Unveiled on the opening day of Eurobike, Fi'zi:k’s Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive saddle uses innovative 3D-printed material for its cushion..." more

ABS Brakes Come to Electric Mountain Bikes

"German bicycle brand Bulls is now selling electric mountain bikes fitted with anti-lock braking systems as standard." more

The Rock Island Corridor Battle

MO - "...While Chamberlin and his neighbors worry about how having this trail run through their land could affect their livelihoods, the state has a host of issues to deal with to realize its multimillion-dollar vision for the Rock Island Trail." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 2

Coastal Rail Trail: From Oceanside to the Santa Fe Depot

CA - "The Coastal Rail Trails, when complete, will offer an opportunity to walk, hike, or bike (out of vehicular traffic) the 44 miles from Oceanside to the Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego..." more

9 Great Fall Rides


NY - "For many in Western New York, biking is a warm-whether activity, something you do to enjoy summer vibes whether pedaling to work or strapping on your Bern helmet for a casual weekend cruise along the waterfront." more

A Boston Beer Garden Tour by Bike


MA - "Take a bike tour of these hoppin' pop-ups before they close for the season..." more

Hey Cyclists: Be Nice to Pedestrians


"Cars may have driven us apart, but we’re natural allies. Here’s how to do your part to heal the divide." more

Bikepacking the GAP

Divvy Partners with Bike Shops for Youth Training Program


Chicago, IL - "Divvy, a bike-share service now owned and operated by Lyft, will partner with several local organizations to run an education and job training program for students interested in learning about the city’s bicycle industry." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Fitness Levels of E-Bikers


"...those who ride e-bikes get more exercise minutes per week than those who ride normal bikes." more

The Untold Stories of the Cowboy Trail


NE - "If the Cowboy Trail could talk, it would tell hundreds of stories across its nearly 200 miles..." more

Simon Kenton Pathfinders Manage without Park District


Springfield, OH - "...The all-volunteer [trail] group originally started with 13 members and has since grown to 275 members..." more

Bike Crash Survivor Launches Safety Campaign

"After surviving getting hit by a truck while riding, Triny Willerton of Boulder, Colorado, has launched a campaign called It Could Be Me to raise awareness for cyclist safety." more

England & Scotland Connected by Trail


"An 800-mile off-road cycle route has been launched connecting England and the north coast of Scotland for the first time." more

How a Titanium Bike is Made

Why Some Joggers Prefer Streets to Sidewalks


"As a jogger, let me explain one major reason I choose the street over the sidewalk. It’s safer." more

Cutting a "Grinder-Proof" Bike Lock

"...when Altor asked if we’d like to attempt to cut the mighty SAF Lock ourselves, we took the company up on the challenge." more

Yakima Greenway Reclaims Riverfront Property


WA - "...The Greenway is a 20-mile system of parks and pathways along the Naches and Yakima rivers around the city..." more

Mountain Biking in High Country


NC - "...There is no shortage of mountain trails in the High Country. One of the most popular is the Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park..." more

GRX Gravel Components

Bike Helmet Saved Daughter's Life


"...Her life changed April 24. While riding legally in a Boulder bike lane, she was the victim of high-speed impact by an underinsured motorist that turned left illegally in front of her..." more

West Annapolis Experiments with ‘Parklets’


MD - "...Temporary sidewalk platforms called parklets that were initially part of Mayor Gavin Buckley’s failed bicycle lane on Main Street have been re-purposed for Annapolis Street." more

America's Largest BMX Park Opens

Houston, TX - "...Located near the Bush Intercontinental Airport... the Rock Star Energy Bike Park features a massive bike track and public recreation space, spanning a total of 23 acres just north of the city." more

Camping, Bikes & Family Fun

NH - "...As the summer wanes, there’s still time to camp one more time and ride the bikes..." more

First Purpose-Built Downhill Trail on Colorado's Front Range


CO - "Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) held an opening celebration for The Sluice aka Segment 4 on Wednesday, August 21, with more than 100 riders in attendance..." more

10 Best Railway Cycle Paths in the UK


UK - "Former railway lines up and down the country now offer great, family-friendly off-road cycle trails..." more

World's Oldest Off-Road Cycling Club

UK - "...The U.K.’s Rough-Stuff Fellowship (RSF) was established when one man, a certain Bill Paul of Liverpool, put an advert in The Bicycle magazine..." more

A Bike is Stolen Every 30 Seconds


"Over two million bicycles are stolen each year in the U.S. and Canada. Out of those, only 20 percent are ever reported to the police as stolen." more

Revisiting the Great Wall of China Ride

"Kevin Foster can recall the last morning of his ride across the Great Wall of China, 29 years ago this past June." more

Family Bikepacking in New Zealand

NZL - "Joachim Rosenlund, his wife Melanie, and their 11-month-old daughter Alva head out on a New Zealand adventure in search of their first quiet time as a new family..." more

Touring Bikes are not Gravel Bikes

Mysterious Rolling Balls of Poop

"In what may be the oddest public notice ever issued by the National Park Service, tourists are being alerted that brown balls seen rolling across trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are animated animal poop." more

Serious Injury Changed Cyclist Ian Mackay’s Life

"It takes a certain kind of dedication to get out on a trail every day. Like, every day..." more

Cuyahoga Valley Railway History

CVNP, OH - "The Cuyahoga Valley Railway served as the primary source of rail transportation for the Cuyahoga Valley from 1871 – 1915..." more

Linking up "The Crazy Eight"


WY - "After a summer of putting a lot of miles on my mountain bike, I felt ready to embark on a longer adventure than usual..." more

Ultra Cycling & Bikepacking are Growing

"Self-reliant, ultra-distance cycling is on the rise as riders hunt for the next big challenge." more

How to Travel Using an E-Bike or Scooter


"If you follow the safety precautions, an electric bike, scooter or motorbike is an easy and cheap way to tour most urban centers." more

Harley Davidson Moves on the E-Bike Market

"Motorcycle label Harley Davidson has unveiled a line of electric bikes at a recent dealer meeting, signalling a move into the space." more

2016 Towpath Guide

NE OH - Though this guide is not the most current, it is very informative in terms of the trail connections yet to be made in the Cleveland area, as well as other towpath details of which you may not be aware. more

When the Hocking River Turned


Athens, OH - "A 1960s-era project on the Hocking River has left a modern-day impact on the rivers’ biome." more

Oregon Cascades Bike Tour a Gem

OR - "At the crest of central Oregon’s 5,325-foot McKenzie Pass, a black-and-gold swallowtail butterfly landed on the handlebars of my bicycle before flitting to my open hand..." more

Indoor Cycling Teams Up With College Football

MT - "If you’ve ever been inside Montana State University’s football stadium in Bozeman, Montana, it was probably for a football game..." more

The Fuell Fluid E-Bike


"...It’s not a bicycle that’s has been powered up, it’s a motorcycle that’s been stripped down." more

367 Miles on the OTE on a Custom Bike

OH - "Because it is there? That was one of the best answers I could come up with when family and friends asked why I suddenly had to ride from Cleveland to Cincinnati in one go..." more

A Ride on the Cross Vermont Trail


VT - "...The 91-mile Cross Vermont Trail, about 30 miles of trail and bike paths and 60 miles of paved and dirt roads, traverses north central Vermont from the splendid shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington’s Oakledge Park to the flowing Connecticut River in Wells River." more

6 Top Alpine MTB Adventures


CAN - "Alpine mountain biking is a unique, usually unforgettable experience. It combines many of the best parts of our sport..." more

Bernie Bernstein on Cycling Safety

"Although it's been over a month since he was nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver in Boulder County, elite-level cyclist Andrew 'Bernie' Bernstein remains hospitalized..." more

In Defense of the Department Store Bike

"These ubiquitous and inexpensive bikes are oft-maligned—but when it comes to accessibility, they win." more

The World's Smallest Bike Share

NOR - "The tiny, remote fishing village of Skrova, Norway, on an island north of the Arctic Circle, is home to fewer than 200 people..." more

Runner Chases Down Alleged Thief

"On August 13, Karly Tardiff of Winnipeg, Manitoba chased down and caught an alleged thief who had stolen the wheel from her bike..." more

Chardon's Historic Square


OH - "During a visit to Chardon’s historic downtown square, you’ll see families strolling down the brick sidewalks and vendors selling produce at the Friday farmers market. ..." more

Every Type of Bike Ride You Will Do

"We put our heads together to reminisce and daydream about every incredible, life-affirming, death-defying, terrifying, wondrous ride, from your first to your last, and everything in between..." more

The Born-Again Parking Garage

"America's old parking behemoths are falling tinto disrepair. But some of them have a future." more

The Rise of Heli-Biking

"...This summer, Whisper Ridge Utah became the first operation in the Lower 48 to load up their helicopters with mountain bikes, sending riders down brand new high-country trails on their private tenure in the northern Wasatch Mountains..." more

Working to Create the Lake Erie Water Trail


Cleveland, OH - "To satisfy the growing paddlesports community, Cleveland Metroparks are working with cities across Cuyahoga County’s waterfront to create an official Lake Erie Water Trail, with a map, signage and marked access points." more

New Trails Ease Access to Popular Beaches


NV - " two of Tahoe’s favorite beaches are accessible via bike or foot." more

Bike Camp Hacks

OR - "...If you’re looking for a quick-and-dirty way to camp with your bikes, maybe it’s time to think outside the box." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Cyclists Are Migrating to Dirt

"...A Canadian Shimano distributor informs me that bike shops in Toronto are selling gravel bikes (beefed-up road bikes with fatter rubber) at a nine-to-one ratio to road models..." more

Changing Lives, One Bike at a Time

CA - "For years, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association tried to start a mountain bike team in the inner-city community of Richmond..." more

Trail Elves Aren't Real


WY - "When I started mountain biking I had no idea how trails were made, and honestly, I didn’t really care..." more

The Cult of the Fantasy Pedestrian

MA - "...The Fantasy Pedestrian, you see, is more than happy to abide by the law. Every law. In all circumstances." more

Bill Walton to Bike Ride with Trail Blazers Fans


OR - "Portland Trail Blazers great and 1977 NBA Finals MVP Bill Walton will be back in the Rose City this weekend for a bike ride with fans ahead of the team’s 50th anniversary season." more

World's Biggest Bike Parking Facility

NLD - "In the Netherlands, where there are more bikes than people, serious money is being spent encouraging even more people to get on their bikes." more

Chicago’s Sidewalk Space Crunch

IL - "Sidewalk cafes in Chicago are booming, and the number of complaints about them is going up, too." more

Nursing Homes Put Older Adults on Wheels

MN - "Cycling Without Age gives older adults with limited mobility a thrilling change of scene on electric bikes." more

Tech Sparks Nimble Innovations In Transportation


"It’s evening in Portland’s South Waterfront District, and Annie Rudwick is getting her kids loaded for the trip home from work and daycare." more

E-Cargo on the Cheap


"The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon is a reliable e-cargo steed for thousands less than competitors." more

Hell Biking Revisited

AK - "Staring at the inscription filled walls and the cabin’s log book, I imagined there would be plenty of grand stories that could be spun from these four walls..." more

Fort Worth Trail Buddies Program


IN - "Three seasons and going strong. Trail Buddies is a program that provides bike mobility for those with limited mobility. It’s holding a special picnic celebration this month for riders, pedalers and volunteers." more

Still Time for an Ohio Road Trip


OH - "There is still time to make the most of the remaining summer days, and one need not go far to find waterfront views, live music or inspiring museums..." more

Best E-Bikes You Can Buy

"Electric bikes are here in a big way. Liberated from some of the normal constraints of standard bike design like weight and gearing, e-bike design has exploded..." more

Paddle Share Comes to Key Biscayne


FL - "PADL is introducing a new way to rent paddleboards right from your smartphone, and will be launching a new station this week at the Village of Key Biscayne’s Beach Park on Friday August 23rd..." more

Connecting the Lower Rio Grande Valley by Trail

TX - "...The Caracara Trails will be a system unlike any other in a truly unique and special part of America—more than 428 miles of connected multiuse trails, U.S. Bicycle Routes and paddling trails..." more

Metroparks Kayaks Step Up Tech


Toledo, OH - "Metroparks Toledo on Friday dedicated its second 'FitPark,' this time one that promotes kayaking." more

Ride Your Way to Better Sex

"Exercise isn’t just good for your heart health—it’s also really good for your love life..." more

E-Bikes Tested on Phil’s World ATV Trails


CO - "Electric bikes are becoming more popular, so to learn more about them, a group of Bureau of Land Management officials organized a test ride on the motorized trail system..." more

2020 Fuel EX 9.9 Is a World-Class Trail Bike

"New geometry, more travel, and even better suspension..." more

Long Rides along the Great American Trail

U.S. - "What better way to experience the beauty of America’s amazingly diverse landscapes than by bicycle?.." more

The Beach Cruiser Built a Bike Movement


"In the 1970s, the signature fat-tired mobility mode of beach towns managed to turn vacationers into bicycle riders." more

Random Acts of Kindness


"My early-teen granddaughter and I were going for a bike ride on the Mon-Yough section of the Great Allegheny Passage Trail." more

Small Boost in Exercise Can Help Protect Your Brain


"People who increase their physical activity by as little as 3,300 steps a day as they get older have less accumulation in their brains of a protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease..." more

Batch Bicycles Releases 1st E-Bike


"Miamisburg, OH - "Batch Bicycles is launching its first e-bike, a $1,999 commuter that the company says is among the lowest priced Bosch mid-drive e-bikes on the market." more

Plogging on the East Coast Greenway

CT - "Ever heard of the term ‘plogging’? It’s a multi-tasking effort that’s being employed by Connecticut runners to help clean up local trails." more

Get Rid of Free Parking Like Amsterdam Did

NY - "...The famed 'bike capital' of the world was once as congested and car-choked as the worst Western cities. So how did it became so renowned for its livability and sustainability?.." more

The Bike Sail

Turning a Freeway Right-of-Way Into Green Space


CA - "For more than 50 years, a two-mile strip of land in southeast Santa Rosa remained vacant and unused..." more

E-Bikes Lead Bike Share Programs

TX - "Some cities are aiming to replace the clunky, conventional bicycles in their bikeshare programs with sleek, speedy electric models." more

The ABCs of a Summer Bucket List

Portland, OR - "...I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping to sneak in a few more fun things on bikes before we’ve got to get back to the books...." more

Underground Bike Parking in Amsterdam

"The Amsterdam Beursplein (“Stock Exchange Square”) has been restored in a beautiful way. The 1903 square had been used as car parking space until 1982, after which it had been a sea of parked bicycles. Now the square is clear of most vehicles and its space can be used by people." more

The Flying Monkey Trail

3 Things Needed for E-Bike Revolution

"...Good affordable bikes, safe places to ride, and secure places to park." more

Hydrogen- Powered E-Bike


"E-bikes will eat cars, and H2-bikes will eat Toyotas." more

Bike City USA

Portland, OR - "To say that bicycling is popular in Portland would be an understatement." more

Rad Power E-Bikes will Power Domino’s Pizza Deliveries


Seattle, WA - "Rad Power Bikes will provide e-bikes exclusively to Domino’s pizza franchises later this year, according to an agreement announced Tuesday." more

Return to Gravel 2019

Is Gravel Biking the New Power Sport?


"It’s attracting financiers, entrepreneurs and C-suite executives with a contrarian streak..." more

StatCap Warns of Low Tire Pressure

AZ - "After those first few pedal strokes, tire pressure becomes an afterthought for most cyclists. An undetected slow leak can change that in a hurry." more

Camp Adventure Tower

A Day of Fun in New Bremen

OH - "...While we are not strangers to New Bremen, the Bicycle Museum of America is one place that we had not visited until recently..." more

The 1st Bike Path to Cross America


U.S. - "...The Great American Rail-Trail, a bike path that will connect Washington state to Washington, D.C., is over 50% complete." more

Lance Brags About Passing Mike Pence on Bike Trail


"...when Armstrong tweeted about whizzing past Mike Pence on a bike path in Nantucket, he was met with a lot of eye rolls." more

What We Carry on Every Ride

Cycling from Nairobi to Mecca

"Every year, millions of Muslims make the annual religious pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia." more

New Boat Ramps on Tuscarawas River

New Philadelphia, OH - "A flotilla of canoes and colorful kayaks inaugurated New Philadelphia’s two new boat ramps on the Tuscarawas River following a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the facilities on Saturday." more

Study: E-Bike Riders get as Much Exercise as Regular Bike Riders

"E-bikers use their bikes more, go longer distances, and often substitute it for driving or transit." more

1st Grader Opens Up Shop Along Greenway


TN - "Piper Gibson sits along Virginia Avenue waiting for customers to stop by her new business." more

6 Carmakers Betting on E-Scooters & Bikes

"Carmakers are increasingly looking towards new ways to move people around, including tapping into the rising trends of e-bikes and e-scooters." more

Interesting Sites Along the Kokosing Gap Trail

Knox County, OH - "Bicycling on the Kokosing Gap bike trail between Mt. Vernon and Danville provides both exercise and a chance to see interesting geology or geology-related features along the way..." more

The Shoreline Greenway Trail

CT - "A close-up look at Connecticut’s beauty." more

Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway

FL - "...Tallahassee is home to one of the most beautiful sceneries where a canopy of live oak trees dot a hidden trail..." more

Blacksburg Bike Park Takes Off

VA - "Cyclists interested in mountain biking but still leery about the tough discipline can now go to 4 acres of land at the foot of Brush Mountain to get a taste of what it’s like to ride on craggy terrain." more

Cancer Survivor Tackles Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb


"Tim Norton had an uphill battle just to get to the start of Saturday’s Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb." more

Hulu Is Looking for Naked Cyclists

"A casting call posted by Adam & the Background is looking for background actors who are willing to ride their bikes naked for the hit Hulu series Shrill." more

Meet Alex Nouanesengsy

Columbus, OH - A Q&A with Central Ohio Greenways board member Alex Nouanesengsy. more

Getting "Doored"

"...I was riding my bicycle down Market Street near 5th Street when the Uber driver in front of me came to an abrupt stop..." more

The Greatest Worst Brake Ever

"...When these brakes were on the market (introduced in 1984, only readily available in ’86, and dropped by ’92), they grabbed the attention of cyclists all over the world..." more

The Ludicrously Chunky Bike Lock


"Altor’s SAF is a ludicrously chunky 6.25kg behemoth of a lock which claims to be the world’s first U-lock that can withstand an attack from an angle grinder for more than 30 minutes." more

Cleveland Metroparks Challenge Map


Cleveland, OH - "A local Cleveland company is encouraging you to get outside while the weather is nice and explore places that are right in your own backyard..." more

Peds vs. Bicycle Lobby in NYC


NY - "...Dedicated bike lanes may offer some protection to cyclists, but by eliminating the threat of traffic for long stretches between intersections, they also foster inattention and unsafe bicycle speeds." more

Border Route Trail still gets Overlooked


MN - "The trail showcases the border lakes of Minnesota and Canada." more

Pedaling to Beat Chico Traffic


CA - " Biking in Chico in the summertime is its own special pastime, and a newcomer to cycling around town might be surprised by how many beautiful sights you can enjoy from the pedals while beating the heat, and the traffic." more

Mountain Bikers Showing Trails the Love


NH - "Nearly 40 people turned out late last month to give a few popular trails off Hurricane Mountain Road some general maintenance during a White Mountains chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association trail work day." more

Riding at the Rocky Point Recreation Area

OR - "...Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA) announced a groundbreaking partnership with Weyerhaeuser Company that opened up 3,100 acres of off-road riding..." more

Bike, Hike or Paddle


NH - "...Whether you like to bike, paddle or hike, each of these has something to offer that is unique and rewarding." more

Planning Your Bike-to-School Route

Portland, OR - "Yikes, August has snuck up on me and the school year is just three weeks away. That means it’s time to plan out your bike-to-school route." more

English Heritage Builds Tintagel Castle Footbridge


UK - "A dramatic footbridge connecting two halves of Tintagel Castle on the north coast of Cornwall - the legendary birth place of King Arthur - is opening on Sunday." more

36 Hours on Outer Cape Cod


"Wine-tasting, bird-watching, biking and gallery-hopping..." more

Who is Fiona Kolbinger?

UK - "What we know so far about an elusive German medical student who stormed to an overall victory at the brutal Transcontinental Race, in what will go down as one of the most remarkable sporting stories of the year…" more

Short Film on Biking to Surf

OR - "Portlanders do the craziest things on bikes." more

Charting a New Course for Bike Analysis


WA - "...99Spokes built software tools allowing it to quickly scrape the information from brands' websites, and it's always adding more." more

Group Learns History on Old North Trail


MT - "...the origins of the Old North Trail are lost in time and nature. Prairie grasses, shrubs and our own modern roads now cover portions of what used to be well-worn footpaths and wagon ruts." more

Steady-State Exercise or HIIT Workouts?

"HIIT was found to improve blood flow to the brain more so than steady-state exercise, especially in older adults." more

Bike to Victoria, B.C.


CAN - "...The former rail route has few hills, but my wife isn’t an avid cyclist, so for fun we rented her an electric-assist bicycle to take the work out of the ride." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Honey Bees Beautify the Greenway


TN - "...Founder of The Good of the Hive, Willey is on a quest to paint 50,000 honey bees around the world, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators..." more

Full-Size E-Bike to be Sold by Best Buy

CO - "Swagtron has announced its first full-size e-bike, the EB12 Electric City Bike. The brand has previously offered only compact and folding e-bikes." more

4 Key Functions of MTB Clubs


"...Different bike clubs engage in different activities, but there are four main reasons why bike clubs exist..." more

NFL Players Team Up with Boys & Their Bikes

WI - "July 25 marked the continuation of an annual Green Bay Packers training camp tradition, where the players team up with a young fan to ride their bike." more

Appalachian Trail Still Beckons


OH - "...He and companion hikers had to cut the trip short last year because the upper regions of the trail, at Katahdin, closed in October." more

1 Month on a Rental Scooter

"Riding down Market Street on my Bird scooter last month, wearing AirPods and staying out of the way of much faster-moving cyclists weaving around me as I chugged along at a painful 12 miles per hour, I began to think that maybe I was the problem." more

The CAAD Optimo Sora


"The CAAD Optimo Sora is a race-worthy bike hung with cheap but reliable parts to create a great all-around road bike for only $1,000." more

Man Dies of Rare Tick-Borne Illness


"Because of all the time you spend outside riding, it is important to understand that ticks can pose a serious health threat—and not just because of Lyme disease..." more

High Rockies Trail

CAN - "It was a warm Friday evening in Banff, Alberta. A small group of friends and I gathered to set off on a three-night bikepacking adventure right in our own backyard..." more

6 of Atlanta's Best Bike Trails


GA - "...Atlanta boasts more than 40 different bike trails when you can bring your own or rent docked bicycles." more

An Ode to Bikepacking

"Ignorance is bliss – until you see what’s waiting on the other side." more

A Q&A with Danny Harris


NY - "Danny Harris is taking the helm of one of New York’s most influential street-safety advocacy organizations at a particularly dangerous time for New York cyclists..." more

Repurposing Bikes into Furniture


"...What happens to all the bikes when they get old? Or are simply abandoned?" more

8 New Mountain Bike Trails Open

And two of them are in Ohio!

Our Freedom and Safety


U.S. - "More than two cyclists are killed each day in the United States by drivers. And that number seems to be rising..." more

Late Summer Get-a-Ways Near Cleveland


OH - "...Here are six recommended getaways near Cleveland to consider before fall comes calling..." more

Madrone Trail Offers Secluded, Direct Access to Canyon Lake


TX - "Texas natives aren’t strangers to Canyon Lake, but most have not heard of Madrone Trail, a 7.6-mile point-to-point hike and bike trail that winds its way through a peninsula along the north side of the body of water." more

Multi-Generational Bikepacking

"...In his first multi-generational tour, he, his six-year-old son, and his seventy-three-year-old mum enjoy three days bike riding and camping around the gravel paths of the New Forest..." more

Plenty Of Scenic Bike Trails To Rehoboth Beach


DE - "For many travelers, the best way into Rehoboth Beach is catching the ferry and pedaling down to town. The area is known for its accessible bike trails." more

Diamond Peaks Trail Offers Great Views


NH - "...The 27,000-acre Second College Grant, given to Dartmouth College by the state in 1807, is a gem of wild land..." more

The Face of a Bike-a-thon & Cancer Fight was also a Fake

"After John Looker announced he had brain cancer, he became a star fund-raiser and the heart of Pelotonia, a charity event in Ohio that raises millions of dollars. But something wasn’t right." more

Meet the Man They Call "Doom"

Seniors Enjoy PedNet's Giving Rides Program


MO - "Five ladies from Colony Pointe Senior Living were in for a treat Friday morning: a bike ride..." more

Drivers' Ed Instructor Talks Cycling Safety

"...Azzolino — who also runs the biking group Get Women Cycling — received funding from the Department of Transportation earlier this year for a four-month pilot program to speak about cyclist safety in driver’s ed courses..." more

Potential Class Action Suit Against Bike Helmet Makers

TN - "A Knoxville lawfirm is investigating a potential class-action lawsuit against companies that sell bike helmets lacking new anti-concussion technology like MIPS." more

Group Rides Offer Fun, Security


IA - "...Group rides are a great chance to be social and also bike with peace of mind." more

22 Cycling Quotes for Inspiration

"...we all have moments where we doubt our abilities, shy away from pushing our limits, or just don’t feel like riding." more

The Fight to Save Professional Cycling


"There’s a move afoot to fix international bike racing before it’s too late." more

A Look at the 1,444-Mile Long Buckeye Trail

OH - "The Buckeye Trail winds its way through every corner of Ohio, with markings ever few yards to show the way." more

How to Spot a Walkable Neighborhood

"...Before you buy or rent, here’s how to suss out whether a neighborhood you’re interested in will let you get out from behind the wheel." more

Priority High Power Bike Horn

Trails Make for Healthy Communities

"From neighborhood paths to cross-country treks, trails serve as our ‘happy places’ but are also quiet moneymakers for communities through which they pass." more

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