County Line Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

New Bike Helmet Tech


"...The company says research proves WaveCel is up to 48X more effective than common expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam at preventing concussions caused while cycling..." more

Inner Journey along the Caledonia Way

Your ‘Performance Age’


"Your performance age—or how fit you are—is a better predictor of how long you’ll live than your chronological age..." more

5 Best MTB Tires


"Getting the right tyres can make all the difference to your run while you're out on the trails..." more

A Badass Race Bike You Can Afford


"The Specialized Allez Sprint is like a spring-weather day in the depths of winter..." more

Biking Gains Traction on Maui

HI - "Hawaii is one of the worst bicycle-friendly states in the U.S. at No. 49, but Maui County has taken strides to improve bikeways and increase rider safety..." more

Susquehanna River Valley

MTB Trails Energize Town’s Property Market


TAS - "...I have sold 50 properties in that time in Derby and the surrounding area, in no small part because of the world-class Blue Derby mountain bike trails. It brings tonnes of people to the area." more...

Yamaha Wabash Electric Gravel Bike


"Gravel bikes are a category of bicycles growing nearly as quickly as electric bicycles..." more

Campagnolo Goes Electric with New Super Record

"Campagnolo joined SRAM in the 12-speed arms race with the unveiling of its new Super Record EPS 12-speed group..." more

Mountains to Sound Greenway Receives National Designation

WA - "A 1.5-million acre swath of land surrounding Interstate 90, from Seattle to Ellensburg, is now a National Heritage Area, after the passage of the largest public-lands bill in more than a decade." more...

Man Seeks to Create New National Scenic Trail

"...Having recently completed the North Country Trail, which stretches 4,600 miles from eastern New York to Central North Dakota, Jordan was intrigued by the possibility of pioneering a new National Scenic Trail..." more

Watch the 'Great Ride' Documentary

View it here.

The Making of a Park

IN - "...When the preparations are completed, Ruble Park will comprise 30 percent of the county’s 2,700 acres of parkland. It will become the largest county park..." more

Pedalshift Project: Bicycling the Ohio to Erie Trail

OH - "The Ohio to Erie Trail spans 326 miles diagonally across Ohio, linking up Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland and everything in between. On this episode, we chat about the trail and the experience biking across Ohio!" more...

Adventure Shorts Trailer

Seven Ways to Spice Up Your Walks

"...With many parts of the country drinking in more daylight and waving goodbye to winter, we here at RTC thought it was a prime time to let walking step into the spotlight and to share a few suggestions to spice up your walks. Plus, with Opening Day for Trails just around the corner on Saturday, April 13—there’s no better time to spring onto the trail for a walk solo, with friends or at a special Opening Day event." more...

Specialized Launches 'Click-and-Collect'

CA - "Specialized is the latest major bike brand to launch a click-and-collect program, which will allow consumers to order bikes and other products from the company's website and have the order fulfilled at a local Specialized dealer." more...

Every Type of Bike Ride You Will Do


"We put our heads together to reminisce and daydream about every incredible, life-affirming, death-defying, terrifying, wondrous ride, from your first to your last, and everything in between..." more

North Coast Inland Trail Flyover

Family Uses Cargo Bike to Haul Groceries

"This week's meal-prepping interview is living proof that you don't need a car to feed a growing family." more...

Bike Tire Makers React to Enve Warning


MA - "Two road tire makers have responded to a safety warning that Enve issued last week about the use of some clinchers on its carbon wheels." more...

Fasting While Training Hard


"...Last summer, my friend and cycling coach was raving about intermittent fasting. He believed his power numbers improved as a result of fasting, which piqued my interest..." more

Best Sunglasses for Cyclists


"We tested the best shades..." more

Hennepin Canal Parkway

IL - "Stories run deep in the Hennepin Canal and the old towpath that runs alongside it." more...

Agent Works to Spur Buffalo Creek Tourism

WV - "...Shamblin and his colleagues have worked on the Buffalo Creek Recreational Trail which utilizes an inactive railway running along the namesake creek, offering jitney rides and rail biking with pedal cars up to six miles one direction..." more

Bike Love Trailer

Made-In-the-USA Carbon Frame for Less


"The revolution is being staged from a non-descript brick building on a gritty industrial block in Denver..." more

Pressure Relief Nut Saves Your Rims


"Did you ever imagine that there was a real risk, when you pumped up your road tubeless setup to your tire’s max PSI, that you could delaminate your carbon rim?.." more

Pope Francis Blesses Cyclists

"Pope Francis met with representatives from the 32nd Annual Congress of the European Cycling Union (UEC) and the eighth Assembly of the African Cycling Confederation (CAC) on March 9." more...

1st Impressions of the Surly Big Easy E-Cargo Bike


"...Before my full review, I’d like to offer some quick first impressions..." more

The Cheap & Sturdy Raleigh Redux 1


"...big-ass tires, a wide, flat handlebar, and aggressive geometry..." more

Why We Love Getting Air


"The drop was a bridge to nowhere, a gangplank to oblivion, a wooden sidewalk that ended in a big scary question..." more

The Reality of IBD E-Bike Market Share


"...E-bikes are not the Next Big Thing. They are the Right This Minute Big Thing, and only getting bigger from here..." more

Cancer Leads Athlete To Tough Choice

"BrittLee Bowman had a huge decision to make as she lined up at an elite cyclocross race..." more

Vogel Gets Her Own Barbie Doll


"...The track cyclist was paralyzed in a crash during a training ride last summer." more...

Converting a Rail Corridor into a Trail


IN - "I continue my look at the trails both old and new that can be found all across Indiana..." more

Inside Knowledge from 'Bicycling'

"Advice and insight that will help you crush any ride." more...

7 Bike-Rafting Tips

This Bike Erases the Line Between Gravel & Pavement


"Diamondback's thousand-dollar gravel bike can do exceptional things." more...

Building a Bike Network in S. Brooklyn

NY - "...a new generation of activists is working to get southern Brooklyn its fair share of bike lanes and let the world know that bikes are welcome south of 65th Street." more...

Pittsburgh Recognized for Lewis & Clark Trail


PA - "The federal government has recognized Pittsburgh as the starting point for the Lewis and Clark expedition." more...

The Bike Industry Doesn't Really Exist'


"...We ... all of us, use that phrase 'The Bike Industry' a lot..." more

Smith’s Best Road Helmet Yet

"The Smith Trace replaces the company’s top-end Overtake road helmet that was discontinued at the end of 2018..." more

Snowbound Streets & Bike Paths

MN - "From snowbound bike lanes to paths, challenges abound." more...

Building a Smarter Operating System for Bikes

"Hammerhead founder and CEO Piet Morgan is a bicyclist, and he started the company because he wanted a better navigation system." more...

What You Should Have in Your MTB Trail Pack


Portland, OR - "...Whether you prefer a mountain bike backpack or a biking fanny pack or waistpack, you’re going to need a pack of some sorts to haul everything efficiently..." more

The Raleigh Lorry

"This multipurpose bike is ready for your commute, errands, and casual spins." more...

Hitting the Road on a Bike


"With the cold getting ready to finally break in the next couple weeks, hopefully that means all the snow is going away..." more

A Bold New Seattle Waterfront Is Coming

WA - "After more than 65 years of being cut off from downtown Seattle, a new waterfront is set to unfurl, dramatically changing the city’s landscape." more...

Smaller Gears

Best Way to Lock an E-Bike?

"They can be heavier and more expensive than regular bikes, but many of the same rules apply." more...

Porn Pedallers Kicked Out of British Racing


UK - "The Porn Pedallers Cycling Club lost its British Cycling affiliation this week, allegedly over its name and sponsors." more...

The Rocky Mountain Growler 20


"The Rocky Mountain Growler 20 is too good for its price." more...

Tire & Rim Standards Move Closer to Conformity


CO - "Installing and removing clinchers could become a bit easier in the near future as the industry has completed work with two standards bodies to revise dimensions for tire bead and rim diameters..." more

Stupid Rules Cyclists Have Followed


"Cycling has a deep tradition of rules to ride by..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Bikes Have Come a Long Way


"Bike technology is moving fast. Like, really fast." more...

Selma Blair Uses 'Walking Bike'

"Selma Blair, 46, posted a photo of herself riding a walkable bike called the Alinker." more...

MTBiker Survives Rattlesnake Bite

AZ - "Jim Watkins, 75, was riding his new bike with a friend on the Apache Wash Trail in Phoenix when he lost his balance on a steep hill..." more

The Cairngorms are Calling

How Green Bike Boxes & Lanes Work

Portland, OR - "There are many separated green bike lanes and bike boxes across Portland..." more

Why Upright is the Way to Ride

"Bike designer Mark Sanders channels my mom and tells me not to slouch." more...

Cyclist Drops 100lbs, Becomes National Champion


"John Croom weighed 305 pounds when he decided to start racing his bike..." more

Rent an Apartment, Get a Bike

MD - "When tenants begin signing leases for apartments in the Wheelhouse in Federal Hill this July, the landlord plans to give them a bike along with the keys." more...

Eagles Learn to Live in Ohio's Industrial Heartland

OH - "...One day we came down here and we were able to count 20 eagles at one time..." more

He Lost His Ability to Walk, So He Rode Across the Country

"When he was 17 years old, Kyle Bryant learned he had Friedrich’s ataxia..." more

Naked Florida Man Bikes Backwards on Highway


FL - "A man was spotted biking naked backwards on a highway in Florida." more...

Breakaway or Bust

OH - "...Lead by local cycling advocate Ray George, the Gravel Grinders explore Ohio's rural roads..." more

Follow a Trail, See an Entire Country


"Think like a camel, ride like a tiger, and drink like a Viking coming from the battlefield..." more

Exploring the Everglades


FL - "...Marshes, sawgrass prairies, forests and a diversity of habitats define this water-dependent wilderness..." more

Sunrise Rides

FL - "Eve Mart knows exactly when the sun peeks over the ocean near her home in Aventura, Florida, just outside Miami..." more

Cycling, the Happiest Form of Transport


"A new study confirms what every cyclist already knows." more...

LeBron James' 36" Mountain Bike


"...DirtySixer, known for specializing in bikes for really tall riders, just released details of the custom mountain bike it built for the 6’8” NBA star." more...

Maryland Communities Are Hungry for Trails

"With several landmark trail networks in progress, the State of Maryland is poised to serve as a nationwide example for other states." more...

Death of Champion Cyclist was Avoidable

"The death of a champion British endurance rider in Canberra was avoidable, but could become a catalyst for safety improvements for cyclists travelling on roads..." more

What Strava Looks Like When You Get Hit By a Car


"...His Strava segment showed the moment of the crash, as well as the aftermath..." more

Enjoying Winter on a Fat Bike


Gorham, ME - " If you enjoy biking and you're looking for an excuse to to get outside, than fat biking is for you." more...

Did Strava Steal Its New Route Builder?


" indie app developer says the company stole his idea for their latest mobile feature…and that he can prove it." more...

Indiana Dunes National Park Packs a Punch.


IN - "After 53 years as Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the southern shores of Lake Michigan were renamed the United States’ 61st national park..." more

MTBiking Moab's Portal Trail after Sunset

Cycling Is Only as Hard as You Make It


"...It's perfectly normal to want to believe what you're doing is hard, because it gives you a sense of accomplishment..." more

Nail Your Saddle Shape


"...the right saddle isn’t just about comfort..." more

The Best U.S. Cities for Bikes

"...To find the U.S. cities that are best for biking, we turned to, which promotes walkable neighborhoods, biking and public transit..." more

‘Indiana Jones’ Bridge Wins Award

Hocking Hills, OH - "The Hemlock Pedestrian Bridge received the Outstanding Special Purpose Bridge Award from the Association for Bridge Construction and Design." more...

From Passengers to Partners on the Baja Divide

CA - "...the Clark family set out to ride the 1,700-mile Baja Divide route, and something extraordinary happened along the way..." more

Weekend Bikepacking Gear List

He Rode His Bike on a Wall for 5 Months


"Pro road cyclist Petr Vakoc broke six vertebrae when he was hit by a truck on a January 2018 training ride in South Africa..." more

The North Coast Great Redwood Trail Vision

CA - "The first steps toward making a more than 300-mile walking and cycling trail from the San Francisco Bay to Humboldt Bay, crossing some of the North Coast’s most scenic, least-traveled landscapes are set to begin later this year." more...

Heart of Louisiana: Biking the Beast

LA - "While it seems a bit out of place Louisiana, some biking enthusiasts say one of the best trails for mountain biking is right here in the Bayou State..." more

From Portland to the Summit of Mt. Hood & Back, by Bike

OR - "Have you ever been on a bike ride in Portland on a clear day, then looked east to see the magnificent snowy peak of Mt. Hood?.." more

Hitting the Trails in Sedona

AZ - "About a century ago, dentist turned author Zane Grey first laid eyes on Oak Creek Canyon..." more

Road-Racing Cherokee Elder

AZ - "...The 73-year-old from Tahlequah logs several thousand miles a year bicycling throughout the Cherokee Nation..." more

Commuting by Bike in Tampa


FL - "...Many people, including my friends and family, are frightened by what is reported often about Tampa Bay Area’s dangerous roadway conditions for bicyclists..." more

Bikepacking Kyrgyzstan in Winter

"It’s pitch black as I sit sheltering from the wind and snow in a remote valley in Kyrgyzstan..." more

Breakfast with Muskox

" more

Whose Bike Lane Is It?


NY - "New York City forgives millions of dollars in delivery-truck parking tickets, angering cyclists who the trucks force into traffic." more...

The Evolution of Fat Bikes in Fairbanks


AK - "As recently as a decade ago it was uncommon to encounter someone on a bicycle on the winter trails near Fairbanks..." more

An Injury Can Put a Bike Messenger Out of Work

"The Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund gives grants to working cyclists hurt on the job." more...

Rotor 1×13 Single Ring 13-Speed Hydraulic, Disc Group


"One of the key elements of the new Rotor 1×13 groupset is its modularity..." more

Bikes are Everywhere in Seville


ESP - "...Visit the Spanish city of Seville today and it is hard to believe that in the early 2000s cars were a status indicator and the roads were becoming increasingly clogged." more...

Hiking Sedona’s Fay Canyon Trail


AZ - "...When approached without expectation or mind-muddling electronic devices, whimsical forms hiding among the trail’s sandstone cliffs seem to pounce from their precipitous perches." more...

How to Tip Bike Mechanics


"...Bike mechanics are largely paid like crap..." more

How to Bikepack Across Ohio on the OTE

OH - "The Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET) crosses the state of Ohio on a diagonal, from Cincinnati in the southwest, through Columbus and on through Akron and Cleveland..." more

Chasing Trail: Farwell Canyon

Are E-MTBiikes Ruining Trail Systems?

"There was a time when mountain bikers were the 'drunk uncle' at the outdoor buffet..." more

The New Surly Big Easy


"The Surly Big Easy is the Cadillac of the bike lane..." more

Getting the Skinny on Fat Bikes


"Cycling is a sport best reserved for warmer weather and dry trails. At least, that’s what we’ve always been told." more...

How to Make Your Sad Group Ride Rad

"A few weeks ago, pro gravel racer Alison Tetrick tweeted that her group ride needed a few 'nightclub rules'…and maybe a bouncer to keep the pack in line." more...

CTS Coach Smacks Down Zwift

"Dylan Johnson calls out Zwift... more

Hacking the Humble Road Bike

"Think of bicycles, and your first mental image could be something pretty fancy..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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The Nasty Cyclist

"The Nasty Cyclist, I: Stick the word 'nasty' in a sentence and it’s guaranteed to spark curiosity among our faithful readers..." more

SRAM Recalls I-Motion Gear Hubs


D.C. - "SRAM is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall i-Motion 3 three-speed internal gear hubs with a coaster brake that were sold on some Electra model bicycles with no redundant braking system. The recalled hubs were also sold as aftermarket parts for other bicycles." more...

New Welding Process for Lightweight Alloy Bike Frames


"Developed in the 1940s, AA7075 is an aluminum alloy that's almost as strong as steel, yet it weighs just one third as much. Unfortunately its use has been limited..." more

Hot on the Bike Trail - Even in Winter


ID - "Next time you cringe over trekking to your car in all this snow and ice or navigating our narrower roads on four wheels, put yourself in Jamie Morgan's pedals." more...

How to Choose a Bike That Suits You


UK - "We discussed the metrics that make up bicycle character with a man who spends all day matching riders to geometry charts." more...

Do You Have the Cycling Gene?

"We tested three world tour riders and one average Joe to find out if genetic fitness tests are legit." more...

Biking Thru a Protected Intersection


"...I biked through the one at Quebec Street and 1st Avenue and it felt a lot like biking in the Netherlands." more...

MTBikers Offer to Build Trails

FL - "Riverbend Nature Park, the site of past arrests for lewd behavior by men, still retains an unsavory image. Could this scenic area across Airport Road from the airport become busy with family activities?" more...

New Trails Coming To Antur Stiniog Bike Park

UK - "...Established back in 2007 just outside Blaenau Ffestiniog, Antur Stiniog is a true trail centre gem in the wild Welsh landscape..." more

Our Favorite Mountain Bike Tires for 2019


"...In this article we’ve gathered some of the favorites that we’ve been able to try over the past year or so." more...

Strava’s New Route Building App

"For cyclists who want to plan safe, exciting rides in new places, a new Strava feature called Route Builder for Mobile is promising to make that process easier." more...

Funding for Pittsburgh Heritage Areas

PA - "Rivers of Steel is Pittsburgh’s go-to resource for anybody looking to learn more about the region’s industrial past." more...

Adventures in Portage County


OH - "Have you tried snowshoeing yet? It’s fun exercise and a wonderful way to enjoy the winter..." more

Kenmore Square Square

E-Bikes Growing in Popularity


Racine, WI - "...Others might travel or start a part-time job. But for Racine resident Russ Wahl, he spends the majority of his days riding his e-bike." more...

83 and 75-Year Old Cyclists Ride 20,000 Miles

"They've been crossing the country for a good cause since 1999." more...

Winter Biking Taking Off in Michigan


MI - "...Fat-tire biking, or fat biking, first came to Michigan by way of the West Coast and Alaska, where bike frame-builders in the 1990's began tinkering with frames to accommodate wider tires..." more

Winter MTBiking @ Schindler's Way


MN - "...After several years of being established on private property owned by Hormel Foods, Schindler’s Way Mountain Bike Trail is now open to the public for usage..." more

Bikers on a Budget get a Break


Portland, OR - "...Portland’s Community Cycling Center (celebrating their 25th anniversary this year!) is dedicated to making cycling accessible to everyone..." more

The Best and Worst Airlines for Cyclists


"Little about air travel today is easy, especially the fees..." more

Most Natural-Feeling E-Mountain Bike


"The 2019 Remote CTRL is Kona’s first dual-suspension e-mountain bike..." more

The Mahoning Shadow Trail

PA - "For one midwinter day each year, the world turns its attention to the small western Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney..." more

Riding Toward the Rail Trail


CA - "...The Coastal Rail Trail, in the planning stages for decades, has had another boost with the start of Santa Cruz’s San Lorenzo River Parkway Trestle Trail Project..." more

Bone Deth

A Bike Crash Took Her Fiance's Life


"By the time Bonnie got to Colorado, Will had already been cremated." more...

Why Tandem Bikes can be Great

"Husband and wife Jackson and Rose Green, both cyclists, have been inseparable since they met in 2005..." more

How to Build a Trail System

"...More than two decades ago, a group of people in Cuyuna, Minnesota had a vision. A mountain biking mecca that would revitalize the town and region..." more

Eagles Return for 12th Year to CVNP

Brecksville, OH - "...Since 2007, a pair of bald eagles have sought out an area within the Pinery Narrows area in the CVNP and have successfully fledged a total of 15 eaglets." more...

New Ohio Presidential Trail


Columbus, OH - "...The trail is one of dozens included in TourismOhio’s new marketing pitch to draw visitors to the state. Other trails include the Ohio Buckeye Candy Trail, Ohio Ice Cream Trail and Ohio Antique Trail." more...

Developing Trail in Lincoln

NE - "...Welcome to Nebraska’s tallgrass prairie, a rapidly disappearing ecosystem that Nebraskans are racing to preserve—and they hope to do just that with a new corridor and trail: the Prairie Corridor on Haines Branch." more...

MTBiking is Booming in Appalachia


"Prior to 2012, Anniston, Alabama, was about as far away from a mountain bike destination as a community could get..." more

Take a Hike on the Buckeye Trail


OH - "It started with a Columbus Dispatch article written in 1958 and evolved into a 1,444-mile trail that loops around the state of Ohio..." more

Garmin Will Buy Tacx


"The acquisition is promising news for people who love riding inside." more...

The East Coast MTBikers that Don't Want New Trails

"A cabal of old-school riders in New England is fighting to keep their singletrack the way they like it: illegal and empty." more...

Is a High Cadence Actually Slowing You Down?


"Will forcing yourself to spin faster make you ride better?.." more

The 10 Best Multi-Tools

"Once installed and adjusted, today’s bike components are likely to perform as intended for a long, long time..." more

Historical Adventure in Tuscarawas County

OH - "Did you know hidden among rolling hills and curved roads of Tuscarawas County, Ohio are historical gems?.." more

How to Throw a Winter Bike-to-School Party

Portland, OR - "...At Woodstock Elementary, we just threw a party, very much like our October Walk to School Day Party..." more

Gravel Bike vs. Mountain Bike

The Neighborhood Group That Helps Get Your Stolen Bike Back

Seattle, WA - "Tyler Scholes knew he hadn't done a good job locking up his bike. He just needed a few things from the City Target near Pike Place after work..." more

To Everyone Who Loves a Cyclist


"Sorry for always being late, never making it to brunch, and trying to turn every trip into a bike ride." more...

6 N. Michigan Trails to Ride This Winter


MI - "...we checked in with Chris about the best Northern Michigan winter trails." more...

Cerro Gordo

I Tried (Almost) Every Kind of Cycling

"...Elliott is one of the busiest women in bike racing. She has lined up for almost every discipline you can imagine—and some you can’t..." more

Why I Ride


"Davis resident Nico Fauchier-Magnan’s love affair with bicycles goes back a long way..." more

Best New Gear This Month


"The coolest gear, plus useful tips, and strong opinions from Bicycling's test zone." more...

Coast-to-Coast Bike Trail Offers Scenic Tour of 12 States

U.S. - "...The RTC first dreamed of the Great American Rail-Trail more than 30 years ago, and they’ve spent the last 18 months working to make it a reality..." more

Trailer: The Bikes of Wrath

Can This Woman Save Biking in Washington State?


WA - "...Chamberlain joined WSDOT from the bike advocacy world with a mandate to develop a new division that puts active transportation at parity with other modes of transportation..." more

Amsterdam's 9-Year-Old Junior Cycle Mayor


"...Lotta is the first junior cycle mayor in the world and her working area is the Dutch capital. It is her mission to inspire children to cycle every day and draw attention to the obstacles that kids on bikes are facing." more...

A Bicycle Built for Two

"Is there a secret to making a marriage go the distance? For Mel and Barbara Kornbluh, of Pittsgrove, New Jersey, there is: riding a tandem bike." more...

A Journey Through Jordan

"There is something satisfying about riding from one end of a country to another, even more so when you either start or finish (ideally both) at the sea..." more

MTBiking the 2019 EWS Destinations


"...Provided you can scrape together the cash to port yourself and your bike to one of this year’s eight EWS locations, some beautiful singletrack awaits..." more

Inspiration & Tips for Snowmageddon

Portland, OR - "...As we brace for yet another go-round with frozen sunshine, here are some tips to keep in mind..." more

Save a Life with the "Dutch Reach''


"...What’s a dooring? That’s the technical term for what happens when a car door crosses a cyclist’s path..." more

Let Me Take You on My Commute

MD - "I live in Baltimore, work in the county, and don't have a car. People ask 'How on earth do you do that commute without a car?'.." more

Best Hiking Spots in the Inland Northwest

WA - "...many of us are dreaming of summer hikes by the lake. Here are some spots to put on your bucket list." more...

Major Reggie Brown's Bicycle Journey

LA - "...These days he bikes for his health, but as a teenager a bicycle was the only way he got around..." more

Getting Hit By Cars


"...One foot in the crosswalk; ice water coursing through my veins; staring down the fellow mom in the Mazda who is not slowing down to yield to my right-of-ass way." more...

Former Pro Cyclist Arrested for Dealing Cocaine


"Juan Pablo Vencia allegedly used his seat tube to transport and deliver the drug." more...

Milwaukie Mayor Leads with Cycling


OR - "Surprisingly, the loudest political voice for bicycling in our region doesn’t come from Portland City Hall. It comes from a city hall six miles south of Portland in Milwaukie, in the office of Mayor Mark Gamba." more...

Bike Life in Davis

CA - "...Davis is the bicycle capital of the United States because of its high volume of bicycle use, its renowned system of bikeways and bicycle-friendly facilities, and supportive city and university programs." more...

The Historic Fink Truss Bridge

Zoarville, OH - "The Zoarville Station Bridge at Camp Tuscazoar is one of the landmarks of Tuscarawas County. The bridge, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the last remaining Fink truss bridge in the United States." more...

My Brief Career as an E-Scooter Charger

"Although e-scooters claim to be 'carbon neutral,' that's not entirely true." more...

Year-Round Cycling in Mt. Shasta

CA - "...there’s a lot more cycling action off road, especially this winter, on the winding paths of the Gateway Trail on the lower slopes of Mount Shasta, the Cabin Creek Trail near McCloud, the Sisson Callahan Trail..." more

Bringing More Women Along for the Ride


Portland, OR - "...I’m riding with these husbands and boyfriends and I’m wondering, where are their wives and girlfriends?" more...

Ashland Trail Perfect for New Fatbikers

WI - "When I was in high school, a farm about 30 minutes away from my hometown is what got me hooked on cycling. It had miles of singletrack cut into the fields and forests by hand..." more

Bike Shop Offers Overdose Reversal Drug


"After the death of his son, store owner James Moore knew he needed to help fight the problem..." more

Troja Bike theft Device


SRAM’s Game-Changing Eagle 1x12 Drivetrain


"Eagle AXS is the name of SRAM’s new 1x12-speed, wireless electronic mountain bike derailleur and shifter..." more

Wireless RockShox Reverb AXS Dropper


"Control this seamless wireless dropper post right from your road shifters." more...

7 Wonders of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail

OH - "The developing Ohio to Erie Trail crosses the Buckeye State at a diagonal like a prized sash, featuring some of the best sights and experiences Ohio has to offer. Here's a quick, guided tour of some of the major highlights..." more

‘Bicitaxis’ and the Streets of Cuba

"The streets of Cuba are bustling with people in every town, big and small. Pedicabs or 'Bicitaxis' are ubiquitous..." more

The Realities of Cycling in Dublin


IRE - "We're people with families, friends and jobs we're trying to get to safely. But we become targets on two wheels." more...

1st 3-D Printed Airless Bike Tire

"Airless, 3D tire from BigRep is idea that's anything but flat." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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What it’s Like to Bike at 20 Below

MN - "All it takes is the right equipment to stay warm and safe on a bike, even in the middle of a polar vortex..." more

Ugandan Entrepreneur & his Bamboo Bikes

"The Bamboo bikes are made by Noordin Kasoma, who comes from the outskirts of Uganda’s capital, Kampala..." more

Learning to Ride a Pedal Bike


Portland, OR - "...For some of us, it takes a while to get pedaling — my younger brother started riding without training wheels long before I was able to. But fear not, I have some tips for you!" more...

Biking Across U.S. after Heart Surgery

"...Six months after graduating undergrad, and three months into her career as a middle and high school science teacher, Cayley Hallahan found out she had to undergo an open-heart surgery..." more

NICA Relaunches its Teen Trail Corps Program

Berkeley, CA - "...NICA Teen Trail Corps is a program that provides student-athletes the opportunity to serve and volunteer their time towards bike related advocacy activities while earning merit badges..." more

Daring to Bicycle in Pakistan

"On a Sunday in early December, about two dozen women and girls weaved their bikes down the streets and alleys of the gritty Lyari neighborhood in the Pakistani city of Karachi." more...

MTBiking Mental Health Pilot Program

UK - "The mental health benefits of mountain biking are being examined thanks to the world renowned trails of the Borders." more...

Bird CEO on Scooter Startup Copycats & More

CA - "Bird’s electric scooters were on full display at the Upfront Summit in Malibu last week..." more

Cardio Endurance Can Cut Your Heart Attack Risk

"Poor cardiofitness can up your risk, even if you're healthy in other ways." more...

Niner’s New RIP 9 RDO


"Niner’s RIP 9 RDO gets a ground-up overhaul for 2019..." more

Krka National Park Becomes a Cycling Heaven

HRV - "Blogger Dražen Breitenfeld decided to try out some of the 500 kilometres of new bike trails in the Krka National Park..." more

Fitchburg, a Cycling City


MA - "...(Bikeability) is something we always look at when we're rebuilding a street to check if the lanes are wide enough..." more

Volunteers Prep Children's MTB Trail


MO - "...volunteers Brandi Bergthold, Jim Bell and Cary Maloney clear out a wooded area Sunday at Binder Park where they hope to construct a new children's mountain bike trail..." more

Does Excessive Riding Make Your Bones Weak?

"New research links cycling to lower bone density - but there's an easy way to stay safe." more...

Surrounded by Spirit Animals


AR - "As an avid cyclist, most weekends I can be found riding the Arkansas River Trail unless it's raining..." more

A Nearly Empty Island

GA - "It’s the morning of New Year’s Eve, and the exact moment I step out of my tent, I spot a dorsal fin..." more

All-Black 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps

"We delve into the story of the little-known 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps, an all-black group of badass bikers who crossed 1,900 miles of the American frontier in service to the country." more...

Running on E on Henderson Trails

NV - "...Some call it cheating; I call it reality-based bike strategy..." more

The Trouble With Legitimizing 'Pirate Trails'


"For years, mountain bikers have been kind of like the woodsy version of skateboarders in a city: using the landscape not built for them, carving their own paths into the hills..." more

Naming Football Teams After Bikes


"It started with a Slack message. 'There needs to a be a cycling team called the Los Angeles SRAMS'..." more

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