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Wayne County, OH

Rose River Tail is a Scenic Creekside Hike


VA - "Here in Virginia, we have a bountiful selection of hiking trails to enjoy..." more

The Bicycle Makes A Comeback


"...The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we travel, particularly in cities, and it’s creating a miniature green travel revolution in its wake." more

Fatbiking Alaska's Gulf Coast

Consider a Practice Bike Ride to School on Calmer Streets

Portland, OR - "...With calmer streets and less people driving, there’s been a surge of children and families riding bikes together." more

Bike Tech FAQ


"Lennard answers questions about rebuilding a Serotta - Schwinn Paramount with a new fork, mixing and matching Shimano and SRAM components, and making a mathematical correction." more

Mountain Bikers Need to Play it Safe Too

WA - "...Give safe distances. Don’t go out riding with your friends. This is not the time to do that. Ride with your close family members or ride by yourself..." more

Sidewalk Etiquette

"If you need to be out and about during physical distancing, please mind your sidewalk manners." more

Gear List for BikePacking the BajaDivide

4 Best Bike Shops in Orlando

FL - "...Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top bike shops in Orlando, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list..." more

But Did You Name It?


Portland, OR - "When I started this car-free adventure at the beginning of winter, I thought for sure my bike was not going to cut it..." more

Smiles on Wheels Tour

CAN - "In times of stress, a Vancouver Public Schools teacher is bringing joy to her neighborhood — albeit at a safe distance." more

It Took a Pandemic to Halt Crackdown on E-Bikes


NY - "As COVID-19 ravages New York City, delivery workers are zipping through near-empty streets on a mysterious brand of cheap, illegal e-bikes." more

Inflating Your Tires

Rediscover the Joy of Riding Alone

"Flatten the curve, skip the group ride, and head for the hills solo—it'll do wonders for your body and mind." more

Escaping People & Coronavirus with Trails and a Canine

CA - "Under a statewide shelter in place order, you have to get out for fresh air sometime." more

Great Trails near Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti & Jackson

MI- "...many state, county and local parks are leaving their trails and outdoor spaces open to the public as Michigan continues to weather the COVID-19 crisis." more

Are Bike Lanes Really Safe?


"I’ve had two recent cycling accidents in which I had the right of way but inattentive drivers cut me off." more


80-Year-Old Finds a Way to Ride


Portland, OR - "...Back in 2005 I heard about a guy who was on a quest to ride his bike on every single public paved street in Portland: cul-de-sacs, dead-ends, everything. It was an impressive goal..." more

Yep, Exercise Can Increase Brain Function


"Recent research published in Brain Plasticity found that aerobic exercise may help lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease." more

A Cyclist's Experience with Coronavirus

"...On March 21, I became a new kind of cyclist. I am now a cyclist with COVID-19.." more

Resources for Safe Outdoor Activity


"...a list of resources that offer guidance on how to be safe in the outdoors, as well as the latest updates on closures of trails, parks and related facilities. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) will continue to update this list as more information becomes available." more

Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The Magic of the Universe

"Once upon a road in Kazakhstan, two men converge in the desert. Strangers born an ocean apart, riding bicycles burdened like camels, they emerge from either horizon, slowly approaching a common point..." more

Now is a Great Time to Buy an E-Bike


"...Let’s look at all of the reasons why e-bikes are really the best mode of transportation for our new pandemic way of life and why this is a very good time to get one for yourself (if you’re fortunate enough to still be employed)." more

In a Global Health Emergency, the Bicycle Shines

"As the coronavirus crisis forces changes in transportation, some cities are building bike lanes and protecting cycling shops..." more

Biking Rising In Popularity Across Delaware Valley

Philadelphia, PA - "Since the coronavirus outbreak, biking all across the Delaware Valley is way up. Kelly Drive is, by far, the area’s most popular biking destination." more

Checking Your Quick Releases

Dedham Trails

MA - "...The Dedham Trails, also known as the Kiski Trails, is a network of gravel roads and trails located on the 680-acre Kiski Lot in Dedham..." more

Lost Sierra’s Earn-A-Bike Program

CA - "...Participants agree to volunteer with SBTS learning trail stewardship and provide community service at least 15 times in order to earn a mountain bike." more

Safe Riding Tips

UK - "How much distance should you leave to the cyclist ahead in a time of pandemic?" more

Self-Cleaning Handlebars for E-Bikes?


"...Wheels has just announced a partnership with the company NanoSeptic, which developed a a self-cleaning surface innovation." more

Lubing Your Chain

Strava Rolls Out Significant New Routes Feature

"While this might not exactly be the best time to roll out a new feature focused on exploring the outside world around us running or cycling, it’s still a super cool new bit of functionality that will keep you distracted for a while sitting in your living room lockdown..." more

Road Bike of the Year Special


UK - "Our biggest test of the year is complete and having crowned our Bike of the Year winner we sit down to talk through the contenders." more

And Now a Word from Rebecca Jones...


Best Bike Trails In Columbus


OH - "Whether it’s a leisurely family ride or you’re training for a triathlon, Columbus is full of epic bike trails." more

Discovering New Off-Road Options at Rocky Point


OR - "Earlier this month I shared two stories on the progress out at Rocky Point Trail system in southern Scappoose. On Saturday I finally got out there myself." more

Fenders and Pedals


Portland, OR - "In the Pacific Northwest it looks like we’ve hit that time in spring when we alternate sunny weeks with rainy weeks, which gets me thinking about what changes are in store for biking in spring..." more

How to Prep Your Bicycle

"The daylight hours are growing longer, and the weather is thankfully turning warmer—signaling to cyclists and other recreational riders that it’s time to dust off their bike and pull it out of storage..." more

Winners of Adventure Cycling Award

MT - "Adventure Cycling Association has chosen four young adults to receive the 2020 Greg Siple Award for Young Adult Bicycle Travel..." more

Hidden Gem Trails in Boston

MA - "...we’ve put together a roundup of the best places to take a lap or a hike in and around the city..." more

9 Secluded Hiking Destinations

CT - "...there are plenty of places off the beaten path where hikers can find peace, solitude and that suddenly all-important 6-foot social distancing..." more

Strava Routes Promises Personalised Rides


"Ride-logging platform Strava has today announced Routes, a new tool that aims to help athletes find the best places to ride (and run) using data the company has harvested from its more than 50 million users." more

One Small Change to Your Bike Setup Could Save Your Life

"...A study carried out in Denmark in 2012 showed a 19 percent reduction in accidents when using daytime running lights compared to riding without them..." more

Strickland Streaks to Nation's Top Gravel Cyclist


TX - "Colin Strickland's surge to the top of gravel bicycling world was unexpected and came via an unexpected route." more

Cleveland-to-Pittsburgh Trail Would be a Big Link

Pittsburgh, PA - "...Some of the 220-mile Cleveland-to-Pittsburgh Corridor, or 'C2P' for now, is to be part of the Great American Rail-Trail, one that the national Rails-to-Trails Conservancy announced in May is to eventually come through Pittsburgh on its 3,700-mile run..." more

White Ridge Bike Trails Offer Fascinating Geology

NM - "...Regarded as one of New Mexico’s top mountain biking destinations, White Ridge (also known as White Mesa) offers big views and big thrills in the high desert just southwest of San Ysidro." more

Mayo's Greenway is 10 Years-Old

IRE - "THE Great Western Greenway is 10 years old." more

13 NJ Hiking Trails for Cabin Fever

NJ - "As New Jerseyans adjust to a life of social distancing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it’s important to remember that as cabin fever sets in, you can still go outside..." more

Sidewalk Serenades with Local Musicians

MD - "Leave it to the Creative Alliance to use these strange times to get, well, creative." more

Exercise Is Good for Your Brain Health

"According to preliminary research, staying active as you age—even at a low intensity—can lead to better brain function and a lower risk of cognitive decline and dementia." more

Diagnosing Coronavirus


"Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, body aches, chills—obviously, you know you’re under the weather when symptoms like these appear, but how can you tell which storm it is?" more

How to Start Biking During COVID-19

"And why, if you can, you should." more

Steam Trains & Gravel Roads

Outdoor Adventures in Northeast Ohio’s Parks


Cleveland, OH - "What’s there to do in Northeast Ohio now that life’s at a virtual standstill as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?.." more

Canadian Teen Fat Bikes to School Through the Yukon Winter

CAN - "...and he’s the only student who bikes to his school year-round." more

Portland Streets area a Surreal Dream Right Now


OR - "...When you remove drivers and their cars from the equation, cycling is suddenly sublime no matter what street you’re on..." more

Thoughts on Chasing Down Bike Thieves


CAN - "A bike store manager was injured a year ago in Chino, California, trying to stop two men stealing a bike..." more

Adventure is...

Mountain Biking the Janapar Trail


"...People turn to tourism throughout the year to change their environment, to get away from their region, experience someplace different, or go somewhere that offers some serenity..." more

Antonio Gallarbo's Photography


"... we look at the work of Mexican photographer Antonio Gallardo, who shares a vibrant selection of images from a yearlong ride through Iran, Central Asia, India, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Japan..." more

Sonya Looney Talks Pedaling Through Her Pregnancy

"...That pump track video is pretty rad. What did it feel like being more than 40 weeks pregnant?" more

Outdoor Recreation in the Days of COVID-19

U.S. - "In the space of a week, the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have grown exponentially in the United States..." more

California Girls: Tanlines

Some Bay Area Stores Remain Open Despite Order


San Francisco, CA - "Despite an order from Bay Area health officials that all 'non-essential' businesses close Tuesday, at least a few bike shops remain open, arguing that they are performing an essential service during the region's shelter in place order." more

Biking as a Barrier-Busting Identity


Portland, OR - "I imagine most of you bike because it’s just what you do and who you are. But what about folks who aren’t there yet?" more

Solar-Powered E-Bike Charging Setup

"As far as electric vehicles go, electric bicycles are famously energy-efficient. Most can easily travel 100 miles (160 km) on around $1 of electricity. But what if instead of paying for that electricity, you could capture it from the sun instead?.." more

COVIC-19 Prevention Tips for Visiting Parks & Trails

OH - "Encourage your community to follow these social distancing guidelines when enjoying local parks and trails." more

E-Biking Thru Austria's Lake District

AUT - "Helen Coffey gets her kicks e-biking around the peaks and lakes of this laughably attractive pocket of Austria made famous in 'The Sound of Music'." more

Longest Urban Downhill Run

Indio Hills Trail


CA - "...Tucked in the hills overlooking the Golf Club at Terra Lago, the Indio Hills Trail is one of the east valley's outdoor jewels with its sweeping views, ample number of parking spaces and expansive terrain that can accommodate plenty of hikers." more

The New Way to Think About Streets & Plazas

"...Increasingly, designing for the future means incorporating more flexibility, and offering people an abundance of quality choices for how they get around and what they do..." more

Bike Registration is Better

OR - "The way J Allard sees it, 529 Garage is a combination of crimewatch, crime stoppers and motor vehicle registration. And it, along with Bike Index, might be the best way for retailers to protect their bikes." more

The Worst Training Advice Ever

"...We put out the call for the worst training advice cyclists ever got, and the answers you gave on our social media feeds delivered..." more

Traveling the Iditarod Trail by Bike

AK - "495 miles down the Iditarod Trail, a cyclist gets ready to ride on the frozen Yukon River." more

A Bicyclist’s Adirondack Dream

"Rail trails could reshape the park into a biking destination." more

Little Trail Hunter: Part Two

Researcher Seeks Subjects for First of its Kind Electric Bike Study

OR - "...This is the first US study to gather real-time travel data from e-bike users..." more

Making the Trails Safe for Women

"...Over the years, I have heard about different incidents that women have encountered on the paved bike trails and running on the sidewalk, everything from inappropriate comments to physical attacks..." more

Hellersdorf by Bike

"From early June to late November, Friedrichstrasse is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists..." more

50+ Greenways Across America

U.S. - "...Parade pulled together more than 50 greenways, at least one from each state, in hopes that you’ll be inspired to meander with us..." more

Rash of Smash & Grabs Puts Bike Retailers on the Offensive


CAN - "The internet age has helped bike thieves organize networks to sell stolen goods from retailers quickly and efficiently." more

Own The Trail - Nikki Whiles

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

COVID-19 Tips for Bicycle Retailers & Fitters


CO - "We, like most of you, have been forwarded multiple documents from well-meaning people with advice on how to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak in our lives..." more

Kitsbow's Shift to Domestic Manufacturing Paying Off


NC - "A year ago, Kitsbow Cycling Apparel committed to a goal of eventually manufacturing all clothes domestically..." more

Scientific Reasons Why Being in Nature is Relaxing

"That feeling of bliss that washes over you when you Fget away from it all' isn’t just in your head..." more

My Bike Ride Across America

U.S. - "An ode to traveling slow on two wheels and burning just enough calories each day to eat a large pizza each evening." more

Nebraska and Iowa’s Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge


"...Even after the bridge was built, people said it was a bridge to nowhere. What’s fascinating now is people understand that the bridge is the somewhere. People just flock there—it’s a destination." more

Bikepacking the Baja Divide-Part 10

Going Intermodal


Portland, OR - "...Do you regularly use human-intermodal transportation options?.." more

E-Mountain Bike Make Great Commuter Bikes

"Electric mountain bikes are usually designed for winding around dirt paths and climbing steep mountain trails. And they’re great at that, but they can do so much more..." more

The Best Bikes for College Students

"Unless you have a legit reason to bring a car with you to school, chances are good the only vehicle you need at college this year is a bicycle..." more

Should You Move to Detroit?

MI - "...Detroit’s population has been on a steady decline over the last half-century, and the city needs some new residents." more

Serial plaintiff Sues Louis Garneau USA

Brooklyn, NY - "An Astoria, N.Y. man who is legally blind is the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit filed against Louis Garneau USA. The suit alleges the Vermont-based company's website is not compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act..." more

Porsche Versus Mountain Biker

The Redwood Sky Walk

CA - "Sequoia Park Zoo staff, city officials, project planners and representatives from Humboldt, Eureka and Arcata Lodging Alliances broke out the gold shovels and giant novelty checks this afternoon at a groundbreaking ceremony for the 'Redwood Sky Walk,' which is the new, official name of the Redwood Canopy Walk project." more

Guide to Ride: Park City, Utah

UT - "With spring fast approaching, it’s nearly time to start planning summer road trips and two-wheeled vacations...." more

Can SoulCycle Compete With Peloton?

"SoulCycle, the indoor cycling studio chain, is now selling an own at-home stationary bike, along with a subscription for streamable classes." more

Will E-bikes Make Cycle Highways Happen?

NY - "Cycle highways have been built predominately in Western Europe, but with the recent popularity and adoption of e-bikes, this infrastructure could be having a moment..." more

Google Maps & TrailLink Making Trails Accessible


U.S. - "...In late 2007, we launched a dynamic partnership with Google Maps, providing them with trail data that was pivotal to helping them build out their biking and walking directions to provide safe, low-stress routes for map users..." more

Rocky Point Trail System is an Exciting Work in Progress


Portland, OR - "... Now known in mountain biking circles as the Rocky Point Recreation area, this trail system is located on private timber land and made available for mountain biking through a recreation-based lease to local mountain bike advocacy organization the Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA)." more

How to Fix Dangerous Intersections

"Expert advice for transforming your street corner." more

SABR: Winter is for Fat Bikes


NH - "Have you noticed those bicycles that look like they are two-wheeled monster trucks?.." more

Danish Company Offers New Power Meter Tech

"Sensitivus Gauge of Denmark made news recently when it dropped a press release that began, “Sensitivus Gauge ApS is now enabling any manufacturer to add a power meter to a crankset at a cost of $6.” more

Wheel Life

FL- "Metro Orlando boasts more than 250 miles of paved bike paths, more lie just outside our area, and there’s a coast-to-coast connector in the works..." more

Remembering Tess Rothstein


CA - "One year ago, Tess Rothstein was cycling to work on Howard Street, riding in a conventional striped bike lane alongside a row of parked cars..." more

The Woodpackers

Cheap and Boring Transportation Solutions

"There’s a tension in transportation news..." more

Why Your GPS Will Never Log Your Best Ride

"The advent of cycling apps such as Strava - while beneficial in many ways - has the potential to ruin your cycling mojo and sheer riding pleasure..." more

Mechanic Finds a Hypodermic Needle Inside a Tire


CA - "...The owner and mechanic of Archer Bicycle was changing a flat in November, checking the inside of the tire casing for sharp objects." more

Road Design Shouldn't be Subjective

D.C. - "A fundamental tenet of Vision Zero is the explicit acknowledgment that the transportation network needs to be designed for the safety of everyone..." more

Google Tracking Turns Bicyclist into Criminal Suspect

FL - "The email arrived on a Tuesday afternoon in January, startling Zachary McCoy as he prepared to leave for his job at a restaurant in Gainesville, Florida." more

Climb up to Mt. Hopkins Observatory

Woman Documents Her Zwift Journey, One Doodle at a Time

"Olya Perevalova Cohen wasn’t sure what perils lay ahead as she embarked on her Tour de Zwift journey in January: Would she bonk five minutes in?.." more

New Geological Guide to Northwest River Trail


PA - "...It’s a beautiful path along the river with such varied attractions as Chickies Rock, the White Cliffs of Conoy, remnants of great iron furnaces, canal locks, an eagle nest and the river towns of Columbia and Marietta." more

Jimmie Johnson Could Become Cycling's Biggest Advocate

"...The 2020 Daytona 500 is three days away, but today, the seven-time NASCAR champion is about to take to the 2.5-mile circuit on two wheels." more

Finding Shangri-La On Sherman Reservation


TN - "...within this area mostly off the beaten path for outdoor enthusiasts, I found several nice places that are quite peaceful and full of grass and old trees." more

The Perfect Saddlebag?

‘Into the Wild’ Lures the Unprepared to Alaska Wilderness

"For nearly a quarter-century, the old bus abandoned in Alaska’s punishing wilderness has drawn adventurers seeking to retrace the steps of a young idealist who met a tragic death in the derelict vehicle." more

Master the Gorge for Just $30

OR - "...At the start of this month, the Hood River County Transportation District (a.k.a. Columbia Area Transit or CAT) launched the GOrge Pass, a golden ticket that allows unlimited rides on the Columbia Gorge Express..." more

Harbison State Forest - A MTBiker's Haven

SC - "...It’s in Saint Andrews just minutes from Lexington. My grandpa and I have been wanting to try out mountain biking for a good while now, and Harbison seemed like a great place to start..." more

Fat Bikes, From Fringe to Mainstream


WA - "...The wide tires (a fatbike is defined as a bike with 3.8-inch or wider tires) are great for rolling over rocks or [pedaling] on snow..." more

Ashton Lambie’s Road Goes on and on

"I’ve never been a fan of the term 'Olympic hopeful.' After winning my first track cycling national title in the fall of 2017 and joining the USA Cycling national team, I felt like the Olympics were more than a hope..." more

Beach Camping at the Sea of Cortez

The Way We Talk About Bike Helmets


"When it comes to motor vehicle-bicycle collisions in Colorado, we often start by asking whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet. Safety advocates say that's a troubling form of victim blaming." more

Sensitivus Unveils Power Meter Technology


"Sensitivus Gauge is offering manufacturers a way to add a crank-based power meter for as little as $6." more

The Squamish Cycling Paradox


CAN - "...In 2011 the District’s Multi-Modal Transportation Study revealed the average household in Squamish had three to four bicycles ready for action..." more

20-Minute Neighborhoods

"...The 20-minute neighbourhood is all about ‘living locally – giving people the ability to meet most of their everyday needs within a 20-minute walk, cycle or local public transport trip of their home." more

Danny Macaskill Rides the New Santa Cruz E-Bike

Getting Around Austin Without a Car


TX - "Whether you’re visiting Austin, have lived here for ages, or something in between, there are plenty of ways to get around the city without having a car. Let us count the options." more

The KHS Aguila

"The Aguila is a budget friendly bike that’s perfectly suited to all–weather and multi–surface commuting as well as casual trail rides." more

Towpath Terrier Beer Introduced


Akron, OH - "...The six-packs of Towpath Terrier will retail for $10.99. The can features a map of the 87-mile Towpath Trail which runs from Cleveland to Zoar." more

Designation Sought for Coal River Water Trail


WV - "...The 88-mile Coal River Water Trail includes parts of Boone, Lincoln, Raleigh and Kanawha counties. The trail has 20 boat launches and follows the channels of the Little Coal and Big Coal rivers..." more

Unicycling Across America

Oregon now has Gravel Training Camp


Portland, OR - "What’s the latest sign that gravel riding has taken over the cycling world?" more

5 Incredible Bike Trails


"...You might not think of bikes as instruments of social change, but according to the National Women’s History Museum, bicycles had a “revolutionary impact” on the women’s movement in the early 1900s..." more

What You Need to Know About Iliac Artery Endofibrosis


"...the Pilates instructor and triathlon coach from Wauconda, Illinois, tried to ignore the occasional pain she experienced in her right leg while biking or running..." more

Teach The Children Well


Portland, OR - "...It took me four years and one day to teach her to ride a bike..." more

Man Completes AT Thru Hike


IN - "Friends and family know him as P.K. Brunnemer. On the Appalachian Trail, fellow hikers know him as “Mule” for his tendency to overpack." more

Pursuit of the Mountain Life

KHS Bicycles Resumes Shipments after System Hack


CA - "KHS Bicycles has resumed some shipments following an IT system hack over the weekend." more

The Batch E-Commuter


"...The Bosch 400Wh battery lasts up to 80 miles in turbo mode." more

Bringing Art to the Bike Path

Delaware County, OH - "Members of the Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails (FMCPT) are always looking for ways to enhance the bike path experience." more

Camp Mowana, the Mini Mohican

Mansfield, OH - "...The camp — run by Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Ohio — closed last year after a 78-year run. Since then, Richland County Park District has taken ownership and plans to turn the property into a public preserve called Fleming Falls." more

Hitting the Border Route Trail

MN - "When he’s not piloting a big old jet airliner, Eric Chandler likes to be outside and in motion..." more

Trading in Flywheel’s Home Bike for a Peloton

"Flywheel Sports customers may be eligible to trade in their indoor bike for a refurbished Peloton bike, following a lawsuit that was initiated by Peloton over patent infringement." more

Has the Road Bike Been Perfected?


"...I’ve ridden hundreds of road-race bikes, and I can say the differences among those top-end models are getting narrower every year." more

Rail-Trail Cases That Have Shaped the Movement

U.S. - "When Andrea Ferster became Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s (RTC’s) general counsel in October 1992 after seven years with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and in private practice, the legal framework around rail-trails was relatively undeveloped. Now, 25 years later, Ferster—who has represented RTC in more than 60 cases defending rail-trails—is one of the nation’s leading experts on rail-trail law." more

Cyclery Owner Pedals Bikes & Community Change

PA - "For Jarrod Bunk, bicycling is a passion that not only has given his life fulfillment – it’s something he’s turned into a career." more

Eagle Population Growing in Centrail Ohio

OH - "...The bald eagle population is growing and now is the best time to take the kids outside to see them." more

Catch Criminal Behavior with On-Bike Camera

"...When he slowed the video down, Hank was shocked to see that the vehicle’s passenger held a knife in his outstretched hand." more

6 of the Best New Hybrid Bikes


"No longer dull, hybrid 2.0 bikes combine practicality and speed." more

Stalkers on E-Bikes

"...A couple minutes later, I looked back, and there he was, just a few bike lengths behind me on this empty road. A few minutes later, still there. Forty-five minutes later, still there..." more

Arches National Park Offers Endless Beauty

UT - "With towering red rock formations, natural stone arches and 77,000 acres of land to explore, Arches National Park in Utah lives up to its name." more

Bay Area Retail Chains go Mobile


San Francisco, CA - "Mobile bike repair presents opportunities for brick-and-mortar operations to branch out, reach new customers and generate more revenue..." more

Serotta Relaunching his Bike Brand

NY - "After spending the past six years traveling the world as a bike designer and supply-chain consultant, Ben Serotta will relaunch his iconic bike brand this spring." more

Bike Lanes Missing from Lego World


"The popular toy is under fire for reinforcing car culture." more

A Tribute to Rail-Trail Visionary Charlie Marshall

D.C. - "Charles 'Charlie' Marshall exemplifies this spirit of service and stewardship, and we had the great privilege of honoring his contributions at our February meeting in D.C.—where he retired from the board after 22 years..." more

Improved Cadillac Pathway Now Offers Fat Tire Winter Trail

MI - "The Cadillac Pathway recently received some much needed loving care." more

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an E-Bike

"Riders and experts answer your questions about e-bikes." more

Sunscreen Can End Up in Your Bloodstream

"According to a new study, sunscreen creams and sprays don’t just sit on top of your skin—some of the ingredients get absorbed into your bloodstream." more

Owning a Car is Bad for Your Health

"'s hard to know which came first – the active healthy person who likes biking or the sedentary person who chooses to drive..." more

Tips for Cycling in NYC

NY - "...Friends often ask us how we can continue to ride in the city, given the uptick in deaths in 2019." more

Change Maker: Jessica Robertson

"Jessica is an Associate Principal at Utile, a Boston-based architecture and planning firm, where she has helped lead citywide plans for Boston, Cambridge, and Beverly, MA..." more

Together We Rise

The Best Cycling Accessories

"Bikes are relatively simple machines, but you can ensure every ride is fun and fuss-free by adding a few cycling accessories to your life..." more

Bill Walton Loves to Cycle

"At 6 feet 11 inches, NBA legend Bill Walton is not someone you can miss on a group ride. Not just because of his height, but because of his infectious enthusiasm..." more

The Razorback Greenway Then & Now

AR - "20 years ago, the NWA Regional Planning Commission formed a task force. Its mission? To link six communities with a regional trail – starting in Fayetteville and ending in Bella Vista." more

5 Questions with Charles A. Flink


"...Charles A. Flink is a professor of practice in landscape architecture at NC State University and the author of The Greenway Imperative: Connecting Communities and Landscapes for a Sustainable Future..." more

Is a Custom Bike Worth it?

Getting Deeper into Community Activism


Portland, OR - "...So far, I’ve started small and local. I joined the traffic team around my local elementary to try and help keep the kids safe..." more

5 Ways Hiking Is Good for You

"Hiking in nature is not only good for our bodies, it’s good for our moods, our minds, and our relationships, too." more

Car Crashes Are an Epidemic We Can Solve


"Government and public health officials routinely face problems that exceed their capacities and powers. Traffic deaths are not one of them..." more

Bikepacking the Arizona Trail

What Happens When an Auto Giant Buys a Scooter Startup?


"Spin Co-Founder Euwyn Poon details the advantages and challenges of working under Ford Smart Mobility, including its impact on growth and labor management." more

Studio Barry’s Launches a New Indoor Cycling Concept


"...This hybrid class replaces the treadmill and instead, pairs indoor cycling with traditional strength training for a 50-minute, high-intensity interval class..." more

The Car Addiction

"...I think about car culture every day. It’s hard not to when you’re constantly confronted by it, whether it’s having to press a beg button to get permission to cross the street, or having to ride a bike on a dangerous road with no separated cycling infrastructure." more

Alps 2 Ocean by Bike

NZL - "...for nine years NZ has quietly been developing a world-class network of 22 multi-day bike trails that criss-cross the National Parks of the North and South Islands..." more

Roll: Bicycle Company Expanding Footprint


Columbus, OH - "...Roll is on a … growth curve. It is adding a fourth store in March as part of an aggressive expansion plan for 2020..." more

Top 10 Places To Ride

When it Comes to State Parks, Hoosiers talk Turkey Run


IN - "Hoosiers love Turkey Run State Park." more

The Real Potential of the Electric Vehicle Revolution


"...while electric cars would be a big improvement over the gasoline status quo, they wouldn't solve most of the biggest problems created by cars. In fact, they are far from the most promising electric vehicles on the market..." more

Mountain Biking on View in Santa Cruz


CA - "... The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH) has collaborated with its neighbor to the north to recount the history and burnish the legend." more

Californian Gravel Bikepacking

Ruth Holliday Blazes Trails


KS - "Ruth Holliday has been a longtime local trailblazer in helping convert unused railroad lines into recreational trails." more

Confessions of a Law-Breaking Cyclist


"This week the big story in the cyclist community has been about the teenager who was arrested for ignoring a stop sign while on his bicycle. The accompanying video was demonstrative proof of his infraction, and for me an admission that I too have been that bike rider." more

Covering Jersey Barriers with Art


NYC - "The vibrant murals on protected bike lanes are about enhancing quality of life and creating inviting and welcoming streets." more

Deloitte Talks Bikes


"You know that bicycles are on the rise when one of the largest financial advisory consulting firms publishes a report about them, their users and the benefits to society..." more

1,400 Miles on The Buckeye Trail


You Can’t Do THAT On A Bike! Can You?


"...Here are a few photos that bust stubborn myths about what you can’t do on a bike..." more

British Folding E-Bike Brand Re-Enters the US Market

San Diego, CA - "...The brand pulled back and when it relaunched about 18 months ago, Thorpe found a different reception." more

The Thermal Belt Rail Trail

NC - "...Today, the 13.6-mile Thermal Belt Rail Trail lies where the old Southern Railroad, and later the Thermal Belt Railway, once ran." more

Get to know the Cuyahoga ValleyTrail System


CVNP, OH - "...Trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) offer something for everyone regardless of your ability." more

Niner Bikes Ghost Towns & Gravel

Club Members Take Over as GAP Trail Ambassadors


Cumberland, MD - "...Members of the Western MD Wheelmen, Chris McCagh-Herring and Nancy Twigg, are uniting to continue the work of the trail ambassadors along the Great Allegheny Passage..." more

The Benefits of Different Exercise Intensities


"A new study published in the journal Brain Plasticity found that mixing up the tempos of your workouts—like adding a few sprints to your longer rides, for example—can lead to some big benefits to your brain." more

Teaching Kids Through Bike Mechanic Classes


IN - "...Currently, all of this learning happens inside a 48-foot-long trailer that doubles as a 'mobile bike shop'...” more

My Ride Tribe Helped Me


"...I was looking for something fulfilling that I could pour my heart into, and my corporate marketing career just wasn’t doing it..." more

This Top Tube Bag is so GOOD!

How to See Every Driver As A Future Cyclist

"I've had many beautiful and joyful memories of biking around the city this past summer, but I also have a number of biking memories that still cause anger, frustration, and sadness..." more

Heart Conditions Force Pro Cycling Brothers to Retire

"Jimmy Turgis, a French pro cyclist with team B&B Hotels-Vital Concept, has been forced to retire after being diagnosed with a heart condition at 28 years old." more

9 Romantic Trail Destinations

"...we thought it was a great time to bust out this list of top romantic trails in the United States, chosen for their 'swoon-worthy' romantic views, date-worthy amenities and just plain good old-fashioned charm." more

Steve’s Big Adventure

TX - "Rolling around town on rental bikes is a lot easier and more fun than you can imagine." more

Mountain Biking St. Helena

Grand Canyon Trail Bike Now Has a Motor


"...The Grand Canyon is the third mountain bike chassis from Canyon to get the e-bike treatment..." more

The 16 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

"You don’t have to drop a boatload of cash to get into trail riding..." more

Badlands, Black Hills, Buffalos & Bikes

"I didn’t think I could be wowed more than yesterday’s bike ride along the Mickelson Trail to the Crazy Horse Memorial..." more

Consumer Direct Bike Brands -- Good or Bad?

Upgraded Anti-Theft System for E-Bike Fleets


UK - "E-Bike fleet technology firm eBikeLabs has upgraded its eBikeSafe anti-theft system, designed specifically to deter and inhibit thieves targeting electric bike sharing schemes..." more

Hand Numbness While Cycling

"Diagnosing the cause of hand numbness can often resemble the hunt for the source of an elusive click or rattle coming from our bikes..." more

The Best Cheap Indoor Exercise Bikes


"...getting outside for a ride isn’t always the safest or easiest option..." more

E-Bikes at Grand Fondos & Group Rides

"The first time the e-bike rider showed up to the weekly group ride, Eric Hall was nonplussed..." more

Metro Parks Moments of 2019

Summit County, OH - "Another year is in the books, and it’s been a busy and exciting one here at Summit Metro Parks. In no particular order, here’s a look at some of the most significant SMP stories of 2019." more

Riese & Müller Nevo GT Electric Bike Review

When Does Someone Die, and When is Someone Killed?


"It seems that when there is a car involved, it's the former rather than the latter." more

What's Hot in Cycling for 2020?'

"Versatility is the name of the game, and dirt is the playing field. The players are battery-operated, too." more

I Broke the Law on an E-Bike

CA - "...As it turns out, e-bikes are multiplying faster than public agencies can make rules to regulate them..." more

Grip It and Whippet

‘The War on Cars’ is Coming to Denver

CO - "The name can be a turnoff but a co-host says cars have been waging war on humans for 100 years." more

Beltline Eyes More Movie Shoots


GA - "...Clyde Higgs, CEO of Atlanta Beltline Inc., thinks the Beltline has plenty more to offer the entertainment industry..." more

Want Action? Here’s How to Photograph a Pothole

"If your streets department won't build a protected bike lane, the least they can do is fix the streets you've got." more

Happy Trail Adventures

Worthington, OH - "...The home-based business, which eventually will move into a brick-and-mortar spot in Worthington, was created to show women they can be comfortable in the great outdoors either by themselves or with a companion..." more

Globe, NC

How to Get the Most Out of Google Maps

"Google Maps turns 15 this week, and many of the 1 billion-plus people who turn to Google's app globally each month do so for more than navigation guidance." more

Marlies Henderson, a Steward of the Outdoors


MA - "Hiking, biking, paddling — when she’s outside Marlies Henderson is in her element." more

How to Build Your Own Smart Bike


"You don't need to spend $2,200 on the [Peloton] bike and $39 per month on the service. Check out these much cheaper DIY options." more

A Thousand Miles of Snow

"To get from Tucker County, W.Va., to Nome, Alaska, you’ll need a plane ticket and lots of time..." more

Wheelies Are Easy - ?

Is Tubeless Sealant Bad for the Environment?


"...How does tubeless sealant degrade? Are the particles in tubeless sealant biodegradable?" more

Short Intervals Yield Bigger Gains


"According to a recent study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, short, 30-second, high-intensity efforts with 15 seconds of recovery deliver significantly greater performance gains than longer intervals." more

Liv’s Thrive E+ EX Pro


A stable, comfortable commuter e-bike with customizable assist modes and route-mapping capabilities." more

The City Where Cyclists are not Welcome

BWA - "'I will hit you with this car,' Mpaphi Ndubo remembers a driver of an open white truck screaming at him..." more

The High Line- Purgatory For Recreation

A Snowy Winter Adventure in the CVNP

OH - "...Cuyahoga was absolutely magical when we arrived. It was completely covered in snow..." more

Court Denies Ryan Guettler's Request

"A district court judge has denied BMXer Ryan Guettler’s request for an injunction that would prevent Walmart and Hyper BMX from selling products with his likeness." more

Winning Isn’t Everything—Progress Is


"Even before I signed up, I knew I wouldn’t win this year’s Zwift Academy competition..." more

Ford Develops Emoji Jacket


"...By indicating the feelings and intentions of a cyclist, Ford claims the jacket could help to 'ease tensions' between drivers and cyclists, potentially reducing accidents." more

Hi-Viz Clothing has No Effect on Driver Passing Distances

"...Some 269 cyclists rode bikes fitted with distance-detection devices and dressed in a range of cycling kit, including lycra cycling kit, a casual rider’s normal clothing and several types of high-vis vest." more

Metro Parks Trails Prove Healing for Local Man

Columbus, OH - "Many people swear by exercise as a form of medicine. For Chad Engler, the results are clear and life-changing." more

Strava Struggles and Stats

Portland, OR - "...My tweens and husbeast would go speeding up ahead of me, while I struggled behind, pulling the hard-bottom Burley trailer, our picnic stuff, and our kindergartner..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest issue.

Gear Gude Puts Spotlight on Park City


UT - "When BIKE Magazine set out to find a location to conduct its 2020 Bible of Bike Tests, its January issue that provides lengthy analyses and reviews of the year’s new models, the publication needed, basically, a unicorn." more

Woods Canyon Trail a Creekside Haven


Sedona, AZ - "...Some hikers say there are no bad hikes in Sedona, but some hikes are better than others and Woods Canyon Trail is one of the best..." more

A Counterintuitive Argument Against Bicycle Helmet Laws

"New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio recently faced a backlash from bike safety advocates for supporting mandatory helmet laws for the city’s bike-share riders..." more

Using Tech to Breakdown Barriers to the Outdoors


"...For Ben Huntzinger, the accident that made him a paraplegic also gave him a purpose in life: to make the outdoors accessible for other individuals like himself..." more

Jeep Introduces a Mountain Bike


" Lost among the Hummers and the Audis and the Gladiators, Jeep introduced an e-bike, of all things, at the end of a clever commercial starring Bill Murray, a huge Jeep pickup truck and a groundhog..." more

What to Do When a Driver Hits You

"...if you ride a bike, you need to plan for potential disaster." more

Cycling Through Europe's Deadliest Air


"Cities in parts of Europe have been suffering from some of the worst air quality in the world." more

Man Creates Traffic Jam on Google Maps with Cell Phones


"By pulling 99 phones down empty streets, artist Simon Weckert made it look like they were gridlocked on Google Maps." more

Jennifer Kriske Tells Her Story


CO - "Machines for Freedom's founder, Jennifer Kriske, is Kristin Carpenter's latest guest on the Channel Mastery podcast." more

The Bikepack


"Steven M. Johnson is at it again." more

The World's Most Traffic-Choked Cities

"...The report, which the Dutch navigation and mapping company released Tuesday, ranks cities by the average time added to a trip..." more

Hiker Finds SD Card, Searches for Owner


CAN - "A Kelowna resident is hoping to reunite some family memories with their rightful owner. more

The ‘Roselandia’ E-Bike

Portland, OR - "A local recumbent expert wants to bring relaxed, comfy, fun riding to the masses..." more

The Cervélo Áspero Gravel Bike


"The Canadian brand, best known for its coveted road frames, is getting in on the adventure racing game." more

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