County Line Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

The Mahoning Shadow Trail

PA - "For one midwinter day each year, the world turns its attention to the small western Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney..." more

Riding Toward the Rail Trail


CA - "...The Coastal Rail Trail, in the planning stages for decades, has had another boost with the start of Santa Cruz’s San Lorenzo River Parkway Trestle Trail Project..." more

Bone Deth

A Bike Crash Took Her Fiance's Life


"By the time Bonnie got to Colorado, Will had already been cremated." more...

Why Tandem Bikes can be Great

"Husband and wife Jackson and Rose Green, both cyclists, have been inseparable since they met in 2005..." more

How to Build a Trail System

"...More than two decades ago, a group of people in Cuyuna, Minnesota had a vision. A mountain biking mecca that would revitalize the town and region..." more

Eagles Return for 12th Year to CVNP

Brecksville, OH - "...Since 2007, a pair of bald eagles have sought out an area within the Pinery Narrows area in the CVNP and have successfully fledged a total of 15 eaglets." more...

New Ohio Presidential Trail


Columbus, OH - "...The trail is one of dozens included in TourismOhio’s new marketing pitch to draw visitors to the state. Other trails include the Ohio Buckeye Candy Trail, Ohio Ice Cream Trail and Ohio Antique Trail." more...

Developing Trail in Lincoln

NE - "...Welcome to Nebraska’s tallgrass prairie, a rapidly disappearing ecosystem that Nebraskans are racing to preserve—and they hope to do just that with a new corridor and trail: the Prairie Corridor on Haines Branch." more...

MTBiking is Booming in Appalachia


"Prior to 2012, Anniston, Alabama, was about as far away from a mountain bike destination as a community could get..." more

Take a Hike on the Buckeye Trail


OH - "It started with a Columbus Dispatch article written in 1958 and evolved into a 1,444-mile trail that loops around the state of Ohio..." more

Garmin Will Buy Tacx


"The acquisition is promising news for people who love riding inside." more...

The East Coast MTBikers that Don't Want New Trails

"A cabal of old-school riders in New England is fighting to keep their singletrack the way they like it: illegal and empty." more...

Is a High Cadence Actually Slowing You Down?


"Will forcing yourself to spin faster make you ride better?.." more

The 10 Best Multi-Tools

"Once installed and adjusted, today’s bike components are likely to perform as intended for a long, long time..." more

Historical Adventure in Tuscarawas County

OH - "Did you know hidden among rolling hills and curved roads of Tuscarawas County, Ohio are historical gems?.." more

How to Throw a Winter Bike-to-School Party

Portland, OR - "...At Woodstock Elementary, we just threw a party, very much like our October Walk to School Day Party..." more

Gravel Bike vs. Mountain Bike

The Neighborhood Group That Helps Get Your Stolen Bike Back

Seattle, WA - "Tyler Scholes knew he hadn't done a good job locking up his bike. He just needed a few things from the City Target near Pike Place after work..." more

To Everyone Who Loves a Cyclist


"Sorry for always being late, never making it to brunch, and trying to turn every trip into a bike ride." more...

6 N. Michigan Trails to Ride This Winter


MI - "...we checked in with Chris about the best Northern Michigan winter trails." more...

Cerro Gordo

I Tried (Almost) Every Kind of Cycling

"...Elliott is one of the busiest women in bike racing. She has lined up for almost every discipline you can imagine—and some you can’t..." more

Why I Ride


"Davis resident Nico Fauchier-Magnan’s love affair with bicycles goes back a long way..." more

Best New Gear This Month


"The coolest gear, plus useful tips, and strong opinions from Bicycling's test zone." more...

Coast-to-Coast Bike Trail Offers Scenic Tour of 12 States

U.S. - "...The RTC first dreamed of the Great American Rail-Trail more than 30 years ago, and they’ve spent the last 18 months working to make it a reality..." more

Trailer: The Bikes of Wrath

Can This Woman Save Biking in Washington State?


WA - "...Chamberlain joined WSDOT from the bike advocacy world with a mandate to develop a new division that puts active transportation at parity with other modes of transportation..." more

Amsterdam's 9-Year-Old Junior Cycle Mayor


"...Lotta is the first junior cycle mayor in the world and her working area is the Dutch capital. It is her mission to inspire children to cycle every day and draw attention to the obstacles that kids on bikes are facing." more...

A Bicycle Built for Two

"Is there a secret to making a marriage go the distance? For Mel and Barbara Kornbluh, of Pittsgrove, New Jersey, there is: riding a tandem bike." more...

A Journey Through Jordan

"There is something satisfying about riding from one end of a country to another, even more so when you either start or finish (ideally both) at the sea..." more

MTBiking the 2019 EWS Destinations


"...Provided you can scrape together the cash to port yourself and your bike to one of this year’s eight EWS locations, some beautiful singletrack awaits..." more

Inspiration & Tips for Snowmageddon

Portland, OR - "...As we brace for yet another go-round with frozen sunshine, here are some tips to keep in mind..." more

Save a Life with the "Dutch Reach''


"...What’s a dooring? That’s the technical term for what happens when a car door crosses a cyclist’s path..." more

Let Me Take You on My Commute

MD - "I live in Baltimore, work in the county, and don't have a car. People ask 'How on earth do you do that commute without a car?'.." more

Best Hiking Spots in the Inland Northwest

WA - "...many of us are dreaming of summer hikes by the lake. Here are some spots to put on your bucket list." more...

Major Reggie Brown's Bicycle Journey

LA - "...These days he bikes for his health, but as a teenager a bicycle was the only way he got around..." more

Getting Hit By Cars


"...One foot in the crosswalk; ice water coursing through my veins; staring down the fellow mom in the Mazda who is not slowing down to yield to my right-of-ass way." more...

Former Pro Cyclist Arrested for Dealing Cocaine


"Juan Pablo Vencia allegedly used his seat tube to transport and deliver the drug." more...

Milwaukie Mayor Leads with Cycling


OR - "Surprisingly, the loudest political voice for bicycling in our region doesn’t come from Portland City Hall. It comes from a city hall six miles south of Portland in Milwaukie, in the office of Mayor Mark Gamba." more...

Bike Life in Davis

CA - "...Davis is the bicycle capital of the United States because of its high volume of bicycle use, its renowned system of bikeways and bicycle-friendly facilities, and supportive city and university programs." more...

The Historic Fink Truss Bridge

Zoarville, OH - "The Zoarville Station Bridge at Camp Tuscazoar is one of the landmarks of Tuscarawas County. The bridge, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the last remaining Fink truss bridge in the United States." more...

My Brief Career as an E-Scooter Charger

"Although e-scooters claim to be 'carbon neutral,' that's not entirely true." more...

Year-Round Cycling in Mt. Shasta

CA - "...there’s a lot more cycling action off road, especially this winter, on the winding paths of the Gateway Trail on the lower slopes of Mount Shasta, the Cabin Creek Trail near McCloud, the Sisson Callahan Trail..." more

Bringing More Women Along for the Ride


Portland, OR - "...I’m riding with these husbands and boyfriends and I’m wondering, where are their wives and girlfriends?" more...

Ashland Trail Perfect for New Fatbikers

WI - "When I was in high school, a farm about 30 minutes away from my hometown is what got me hooked on cycling. It had miles of singletrack cut into the fields and forests by hand..." more

Bike Shop Offers Overdose Reversal Drug


"After the death of his son, store owner James Moore knew he needed to help fight the problem..." more

Troja Bike theft Device


SRAM’s Game-Changing Eagle 1x12 Drivetrain


"Eagle AXS is the name of SRAM’s new 1x12-speed, wireless electronic mountain bike derailleur and shifter..." more

Wireless RockShox Reverb AXS Dropper


"Control this seamless wireless dropper post right from your road shifters." more...

7 Wonders of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail

OH - "The developing Ohio to Erie Trail crosses the Buckeye State at a diagonal like a prized sash, featuring some of the best sights and experiences Ohio has to offer. Here's a quick, guided tour of some of the major highlights..." more

‘Bicitaxis’ and the Streets of Cuba

"The streets of Cuba are bustling with people in every town, big and small. Pedicabs or 'Bicitaxis' are ubiquitous..." more

The Realities of Cycling in Dublin


IRE - "We're people with families, friends and jobs we're trying to get to safely. But we become targets on two wheels." more...

1st 3-D Printed Airless Bike Tire

"Airless, 3D tire from BigRep is idea that's anything but flat." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

What It’s Like to Bike at 20 Below

MN - "All it takes is the right equipment to stay warm and safe on a bike, even in the middle of a polar vortex..." more

Ugandan Entrepreneur & his Bamboo Bikes

"The Bamboo bikes are made by Noordin Kasoma, who comes from the outskirts of Uganda’s capital, Kampala..." more

Learning to Ride a Pedal Bike


Portland, OR - "...For some of us, it takes a while to get pedaling — my younger brother started riding without training wheels long before I was able to. But fear not, I have some tips for you!" more...

Biking Across U.S. after Heart Surgery

"...Six months after graduating undergrad, and three months into her career as a middle and high school science teacher, Cayley Hallahan found out she had to undergo an open-heart surgery..." more

NICA Relaunches its Teen Trail Corps Program

Berkeley, CA - "...NICA Teen Trail Corps is a program that provides student-athletes the opportunity to serve and volunteer their time towards bike related advocacy activities while earning merit badges..." more

Daring to Bicycle in Pakistan

"On a Sunday in early December, about two dozen women and girls weaved their bikes down the streets and alleys of the gritty Lyari neighborhood in the Pakistani city of Karachi." more...

MTBiking Mental Health Pilot Program

UK - "The mental health benefits of mountain biking are being examined thanks to the world renowned trails of the Borders." more...

Bird CEO on Scooter Startup Copycats & More

CA - "Bird’s electric scooters were on full display at the Upfront Summit in Malibu last week..." more

Cardio Endurance Can Cut Your Heart Attack Risk

"Poor cardiofitness can up your risk, even if you're healthy in other ways." more...

Niner’s New RIP 9 RDO


"Niner’s RIP 9 RDO gets a ground-up overhaul for 2019..." more

Krka National Park Becomes a Cycling Heaven

HRV - "Blogger Dražen Breitenfeld decided to try out some of the 500 kilometres of new bike trails in the Krka National Park..." more

Fitchburg, a Cycling City


MA - "...(Bikeability) is something we always look at when we're rebuilding a street to check if the lanes are wide enough..." more

Volunteers Prep Children's MTB Trail


MO - "...volunteers Brandi Bergthold, Jim Bell and Cary Maloney clear out a wooded area Sunday at Binder Park where they hope to construct a new children's mountain bike trail..." more

Does Excessive Riding Make Your Bones Weak?

"New research links cycling to lower bone density - but there's an easy way to stay safe." more...

Surrounded by Spirit Animals


AR - "As an avid cyclist, most weekends I can be found riding the Arkansas River Trail unless it's raining..." more

A Nearly Empty Island

GA - "It’s the morning of New Year’s Eve, and the exact moment I step out of my tent, I spot a dorsal fin..." more

All-Black 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps

"We delve into the story of the little-known 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps, an all-black group of badass bikers who crossed 1,900 miles of the American frontier in service to the country." more...

Running on E on Henderson Trails

NV - "...Some call it cheating; I call it reality-based bike strategy..." more

The Trouble With Legitimizing 'Pirate Trails'


"For years, mountain bikers have been kind of like the woodsy version of skateboarders in a city: using the landscape not built for them, carving their own paths into the hills..." more

Naming Football Teams After Bikes


"It started with a Slack message. 'There needs to a be a cycling team called the Los Angeles SRAMS'..." more

Guide: Best MTBiking in New Zealand


NZL - "The coastal port city of Nelson has a strong cycling culture, and is said to be home to some of the best mountain biking in New Zealand, including the infamous Wairoa Gorge, a private bike park built by American billionaire Ken Dart." more...

Pedalling a Dream of a Brockville Trail


CAN - "...Melchers, a civil engineer, stumbled across the Brockville and Westport rail bed while working at a summer job as a surveyor." more...

Bike Tour Through Iraq & North Korea


"Former paratrooper Tom Bodkin wants to take you riding through the most extreme places on earth." more...

How to Bike Safely in Winter


MN - "Chad Brinsfield of St. Paul goes everywhere on his bicycle — even when the temperature drops well below zero." more...

How He Made His Daughter's Route to School Safer


Portland, OR - "...For my project, I chose to improve SW 47th Drive, because my daughter goes to Bridlemile Elementary School..." more

Minuteman Rail Trail

MA - "The Minuteman Trail is a 10-mile-long bike trail that starts in the Arlington neighborhood north of Boston and leads you all the way out to Bedford..." more

Largest Citi Bike Dock In NYC

NY - "With the recent addition of 30 docks at East 35th Street and the East River, the station now has a record 79 docks." more...

Woman Hosts MTBiking Camp


IN - "Sundance Midwest Mountain Bike Camp will host its 14th annual women’s clinic June 7-9 in Nashville, Ind." more...

‘Spin Doctor’ Wants You to Keep Riding

"Physician Laurence Kinsella believes movement is medicine..." more

10 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes


"...these are the most affordable mountain bikes we love right now." more...

Bike Racer Becomes Bank Robber


"Tom Justice's custom steel bike was the perfect getaway macine, until it became the clue that brought him down." more...

Fat Tire Winter Biking


MI - "Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean cycling enthusiasts have to put their bicycles away..." more

MOAB Riding

"Fact: Riding Moab’s deserty goodness on a mountain bike is always a good time..." more

3 Days Riding in Victoria's High Country

AUS - "In each of the Victorian High Country’s ride destinations, at any time of year and on almost any given day, the buzz of coasting freewheels is ever-present as riders of all shapes and sizes spin past you..." more

Family Biking: No, You Don’t Need an E-bike


Portland, OR - "...I got the impression some readers think it’s impossible to be a carfree family without an e-bike and I’d like to counter that it is possible..." more

Xenia: Bicycling Capital of the Midwest

OH - "How a small town in Ohio transformed itself into an oasis for bicyclists — and what other cities can learn from their success." more...

Hollywood Jumps on E-Bike Craze

"So say entertainment fans, from Ellen DeGeneres to William Shatner, of the latest electric vehicle to swarm Santa Monica and L.A. streets: 'The older you get, the bigger fan you become.'" more...

Hilarious Peloton Trainer Twitter Thread


"If you have an indoor trainer set-up at home, it’s probably hidden away somewhere like the garage or a spare bedroom..." more

BMXer Drops In on 700-Foot Hotel


"Kriss Kyle wanted to conquer his fear of heights..." more

Chrome’s Stanton Rain Trench

"This wind-and rain-beating jacket doesn't impede your movement on the bike." more...

Greenway Goes from Dream to Reality

Jeffersonville, IN - "...The ambitious project had a name, the Ohio River Greenway, as well as thrilling promise..." more

Bentonville's Coler Mountain Bike Preserve


AR - "...Coler Mountain Bike Preserve in Bentonville attracts crowds of off-road cyclists to its twisting, rocky trails for a thrilling ride. It's also a dandy place for a hike..." more

Tale of Two E-Bikes

NYC - "...This new policy is unfair… The city is going to permit only some electric bikes, but not the ones that we, the workers, use." more...

Riding Safe on Anchorage Roads


AK - "...For Pierce Schwalb, the director of advocacy group Bike Anchorage, neither slush nor low temperatures can keep him from his favorite means of commuting..." more

Sorry, Not Sorry


"Because there’s no apology like a backhanded apology." more...

Best MTB Destinations for 2019


"For a mountain bike destination to bucket-list worthy, there should be high-quality, purpose-built trails, places to stay or camp close by, and plenty of choices for eating after a ride." more...

The Marvellous Moving Sidewalk Circa 1900


"It's like a moving High Line, and is still a very good idea." more...

The Best Affordable E-Bikes

"Every electric bike on this list is sub $1,500..." more

Sand Traps no Problem for Fatbikes

OR "Bulky looking bikes makes you feel like a kid, riders say." more...

High-Tech Bikes for Riding Aficionados


"They’re bikes, but not as you know them..." more

Knox County Offers Great Getaway


OH - "...The recently finished Heart of Ohio Trail starts in Centerburg, winding its way towards Mount Vernon; along the former Pennsylvania/Conrail railroad right of way." more...

The 15 Best Fat Bikes


"A fat bike is the perfect tool for extending your riding season if you live where it’s snowy or wet..." more

Cargo Bikes & Urban Deliveries


"...Last fall we asked Which is the future of delivery: e-cargo bikes or drones?.." more

The Will to Keep Going


"...the 60-year-old accountant from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, shouldn’t have been in the triathlon with notoriously tricky elevations, let alone beaten almost 300 able-bodied competitors as the only adaptive athlete brave enough to enter the fray..." more

The Sportful R&D Intensity Jacket

"Warm enough for slow, cold base miles, breathable enough for sweat-inducing intervals." more...

Winston-Salem Greenways

NC - "The cyclist rides the serpentine path of the Waughtown Connector trail near Quarry Park..." more

Extending The Trans Dinarica

HRV - "...The Trans Dinarica, a scenic bike trail which currently connects Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has plans to add five more countries to its route..." more

Nothing Beats a Bike

"My son’s recent injury caused by a simple fall from a bike prompted me to rethink cycling as a mode of transportation..." more

E-Bikes, a Viable Transportation Option

MD - "Marko Dolan, a local resident, rode an e-bike for the first time earlier this month because he did not want to wait for a midday bus." more...

New Bike Brand Launch: Atherton Bikes


"...The siblings will partner with renowned suspension designer Dave Weagle and utilise ground-breaking additive manufacturing technologies combined with carbon fibre tubing to 'create our ultimate range of bikes'..." more

Exploring the Ohio-to-Erie Trail

OH - "For the last ten years or so, our family has been utilizing various segments of the ever evolving Ohio to Erie Trail. more...

The Woodward Opera House Rises Again

Mt. Vernon, OH - This historic gem resides a few blocks from the Ohio to Erie Trail in downtown Mt. Vernon, Ohio. more...

Reconnecting Western NY’s Regional Biking Network


NY - "Ethan Johnson made the decision in the early 2000s to trade his car in for a bike as a means of transportation..." more

Playing Driver Exoneration Bingo


"Actually, it is played on the news every day." more...

Woman Turning Bike Parts Into Art

"Clocks from chainrings, earrings from chainlinks - and Marianne Koops is just getting started." more...

The Great American Rail-Trail


U.S. - "Imagine ... pedaling across the entire country on a safe, seamless and scenic pathway..." more

The Rise of the Bikepackers

"If cycling wasn’t hard enough, a new ultra-tough hardcore has developed on the fringes – and is growing rapidly." more...

Engaging the Curve

The Case Against Internet Bikes

"Understanding some of the perils of buying a bike off the Internet instead of at your local bike shop." more...

Weight Difference Between Derailleur & Pinion / Rohloff Bikes

"I’ve recently noticed some very inaccurate numbers being thrown about regarding the weight difference between gearbox bikes and derailleur bikes (hint – it’s not even close to 3kg)..." more

The Right Bikes Helped Them Go Car-Free


Portland, OR - "...Portlanders Jonathan and Tracy Kurten have been able to replace tricky transit trips and car trips with joyful bike trips — thanks in part to their useful new bikes." more...

Former Coach Accuses Cycling Greats of Doping

"Former Festina coach Antoine Vayer published a few years ago an electronic report and subsequent book, Not Normal?, that all but accused some of the biggest names in cycling of doping." more...

The Highest Lift Accessed Bike Park in New Zealand


NZL - "During the winter season, Cardrona is well known as one of New Zealand’s best ski resorts..." more

Down the Bitterroot Mountains


ID - "The front entrance to the welcome center is not entirely legible, because years of snow and harsh Idaho winters have rubbed the black paint into a faint gray..." more

The Urban 8.0


"This low-maintenance bike from Canyon will crush any commute - and is up for weekend adventures, too." more...

5 Adventures You Can’t Miss


"Jordan is booming with adventure, indoors and out. From Petra to Wadi Rum, this guide outlines bike tours, ancient archaeological visits, and nights under the stars. more...

Riding for Focus Program

How Riding A Bike Can Keep You Grounded

"...I don’t own a car, so I ride my bike to work almost daily. There’s something truly magical about riding a bike..." more

Wide Tires for a Winter Ride

VT - "...On days that skiing’s bad, the fat biking’s good..." more

The Ultimate Gravel Travel Bike


"...Bikes are becoming more suitable to handle any type of terrain or circumstance we throw their way." more...

Waterford Greenway Named Ireland's Favourite

IRE - "...'stunning scenery', with highlights ranging from the 'epic' Ballyvoile viaduct and the "kinda spooky" Victorian tunnel at Durrow to sweeping views of the sea and River Suir." more...

12 Cities That Are Unexpectedly Good For Hiking


"...There are cities around the world that are unexpectedly good for hiking, which means you can have your city adventure and your country escape at the same time..." more

Fatbiking in Minnesota


MN - "A few weeks back we hit the snowmobile trails for a day in the backwoods." more...

Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga Trails


GA - "Start preparing now for a spring ride on the 94-mile trail to Alabama." more...

Lance Armstrong Is a Now a Venture Capitalist


"...Armstrong has emerged as a co-founding partner at Next Ventures, an investment firm with a focus on sports, fitness, and wellness tech." more...

Sculptures Decorate New Section of Greensboro's Greenway

NC - "Twin monuments for a new portion of the Downtown Greenway pay tribute to two late community leaders." more...

The Best Heart Rate Monitors


"Our top picks for everything from professional-level training to comfortable, all-day monitoring." more...

New Bike Trail will Connect 8 Euro Countries

"The Trans Dinarica provides a corridor to cities, remote mountain villages, and ancient traditions." more...

Expansions to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail System


NY - " of the coolest and most accessible facets of our industrial legacy is the region’s network of rail trails." more...

Rodeo Cow Continues to Wander Anchorage Trails

AK - "A rodeo cow named Betsy has evaded capture for six months as she wanders the trails of Alaska's biggest city, the cow's owner said." more...

Can You Drive in Bus/Bike Lanes?


"...Yes, you can travel in these dedicated lanes, but only within the single block of travel necessary to turn right..." more

Head to Raven Trails this Winter


WI - "...The trails east of Minocqua in Oneida County are like the Swiss Army Knife of winter trails, with designated trails for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and fat-tire biking..." more

The JoyRiders Program

PA - "As soon as Karen Primm of Smithton saw the video — about an Australian man who designed a tandem bicycle with a wheelchair in the front... — she knew she needed to bring something similar to Pittsburgh." more...

Central Ohio Sledding Hills

Columbus, OH - "Grab some snowsuits and check out 32 popular slopes around town." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

The Jamis Xenith Comp


"Upgrading to a carbon road bike is a big deal..." more

Alaska’s Tony Knowles Coastal Trail


AK - "With views of the rugged Chugach Mountains and tidal inlets, Alaska’s Tony Knowles Coastal Trail offers a breathtaking experience unlike any other rail-trail in the country..." more

The Real Place to Party on Ibiza!

Shift Up Podcast Looks at Mobility


"'Mobility' is a common buzzword in the tech and transportation industries, and in the European bike industry. In the U.S. bike industry? Not so much." more...

Custom Bikes for Phoenix Suns Players

AZ - "...Based on State’s 6061 Black Label series, each bike is individually named and numbered for the player..." more

The 12 Best BMX Bikes for Every Rider

"...there's a bike on this list for you." more...

Picking Fights with People Who Park in Bike Lanes

NYC - "Sean Avery's 10-year stint in the NHL will be remembered for a lot of things, almost all of them involving him pissing someone off in some way..." more

Bicycle Drag Racing

E-Bike Motors Explained


"Everything you need to know about motor mechanics, pedal asist, hub motors..." more

Anonymous Donor Who Gifted Over 1,700 Bikes

"Over the course of three decades, a man in Montreal has anonymously given away more than 1,700 bikes to underprivileged kids..." more

The Best $570 Bike We've Ever Tested

"A super cool bike for people who ride to get things done." more...

The Empty Chair to My Left

"Phil Liggett reflects on the sad loss of Paul Sherwen." more...

Better Naito Will Return 3 Months Early


Portland, OR - "...The agency announced today that Naito Parkway will be upgraded with a protected lane for bicycling and walking from January 28th through the end of September..." more

Joey Gough Goes Huge

"There was only so long I could watch Joey's infamous GoPro videos before I suggested we got together to shoot a short film..." more

The Best Cycling Tech


"From smart bikes to the smoothest shaves, here are 11 amazing products you need to know about." more...

Turn any Object into a Cageless Bike Bottle


"The Fidlock magnetic, cageless water bottle design first debuted with partner Restrap two years ago..." more

Cleveland Hiking Club


Cleveland, OH - "...Hikers have experienced changing conditions throughout the first part of winter, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting outdoors..." more

Preserving Columbus History

Columbus, OH - "...Follow efforts to save memorabilia and photographs of Diavolo, a cycling daredevil legend in Columbus..." more

Get Ready for the E-Bike Boom of 2019


UK - "Are you all set for the great UK e-bike boom of 2019? Actually to tell the truth it won’t quite be a boom. Not in the sense that we had the BMX boom, the MTB boom and the Road boom..." more

Meet the Fastest Ultraendurance Racer in the World


"She rides 2,000 miles at a time..." more

Meet Coleen, an E-Bbike


"...Audrey Lefort and Thibault Halm have introduced Coleen, an electric bike modelled after the Prouvé bike..." more

Hiking Adventures in the CVNP


OH - " If you’re thinking about throwing on a backpack and getting out to explore nature, that adventure doesn’t have to mean traveling to another part of the planet..." more

Nalu Standup Paddle & Surf Shop


Rocky River, OH - "Nalu Standup Paddle & Surf is expanding to teach paddle fitness classes, lead tours and travel adventures and host a series of races on Lake Erie." more...

Truck driver Paul Thompson Wants You to Know He’s Sorry


Portland, OR - "In the early morning hours of August 21st, 2017, Paul Thompson was on his usual route picking up recycled cardboard from businesses in Portland’s central eastside industrial district. A truck driver for over three decades, Thompson had a spotless record before that morning." more...

Adventure Bike of the Year 2018/19

UK - "Want to get off-road on a gravel and adventure bike? These are the best we've tested in the past year." more...

Lea Davison 3-Step Secret to Happiness


"Don’t even think about telling Lea Davison that #happinesswatts aren’t real. This two-time Olympian and World Cup mountain bike racer knows better." more...

How Bicycles Turn You Into a Superhero


ID - "On Saturday I was riding a fat bike along the Harriman State Park trails and reveling in the feeling of joy and novelty of two-wheeled travel over snow." more...

The Best Bicycle Multitool?

Victorians Riding Bikes


"People were trying out all kinds of crazy bike designs back then." more...

11 Best Tents for Bikepacking


"You can have the best bike and great cycling gear, but the wrong tent can easily ruin any bikepacking or camping trip..." more

Sizing Riders to MTBikes


CA - "...even though — or maybe because — they've pored over geometry charts, measured their existing bike and done some test rides, many of these savvy shoppers still need help finding the right size." more...

Specialized Steerer Tube Collar Recall

"If you own a Specialized bike with a Future Shock, listen up. Specialized just announced a voluntary safety recall which affects the Roubaix, Ruby, Diverge & Sirrus, and includes bikes from the 2017 to 2019 model years." more...

How to Train Your Dog for Trail Rides

"Tips and tricks to help your pup become a top-notch trail dog." more

'Cherish The Bicycle' Says Dutch Government

"British Prime Minister Theresa May arrived at a “Brexit breakfast” in The Hague on 11 December 2018 in an armored luxury car. Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands arrived on his bicycle." more...

The Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Trainer

"...this sturdy smart trainer is a reliable workhorse." more...

Teen Finds ‘American Dream’ As Bike Mechanic

"At first, Faustin Dushimimana's only tools were a screwdriver and a hammer..." more

Do Most People Bike for Work or Fun?


"I recently got in an argument with a friend about cycling. I argued that, when you see someone biking in New York, they're usually trying to get somewhere..." more

Panasonic Launches New E-Bike Line


NV - "Panasonic is working with Kent International to launched three models of e-bikes that will be sold under Kent's Univega USA and Van Dessel brands..." more

Biker vs Top Event Horse

Stava Art in Ottawa

CAN - "GPS artist Stephen Lund made this version of Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' by cycling a precise route around central Ottawa Tuesday." more...

Clara Brown Found Solace in Cycling


"...when she was 12, she fractured her C5 and C6 vertebrae at gymnastics practice. She was paralyzed from the neck down." more...

The $20,243 Bike Crash


CA - "I spent a year writing about ER bills. Zuckerberg San Francisco General has the most surprising billing practices I’ve seen." more...

Tweet Sparks Bicycle Retail Survival Debate


UK - "A plaintive message on the shutters of a closed down London bicycle shop has attracted the attention of talk-show host James Corden..." more

Biking 189 Miles Around the Whites

Watts Bike Club Helps Keep Kids on The Right Track

CA - "Bikes are more than just a mode of transportation for the East Side Riders bike club. Bicycles offer a sense of purpose, education, and community." more...

Why the Peloton Bike Community Raised $37K


"You may be familiar with Peloton, the company that sells home exercise bikes paired with livestream classes..." more

10km-Long Poem on Bike Path


AUS - "The words etched on the white lines in the middle of the bike path look like graffiti at first. But as they form sentences that snake along whole city blocks, they begin to tell a different story." more...

6 Great State Parks for Hiking


"...If you enjoy hiking, here are six state parks that are worth a visit." more...

Fat Gike Use Growing in Alberta Parks

CAN - "Winter sport is getting space on established recreational trails west of Calgary." more...

The Rise of the Electric Mountain Bike


"Amid concerns over trail conflicts and land-management issues, e-mountain bikes just keep getting better and better." more...

Firefighter Flies On Mountain Bike Trail


Huntington Beach, CA - "This Orange County mountain biker shows first hand what it looks like to go pell-mell down the steep trails of Laguna Canyon, full speed." more...

Hauraki Rail Trail is an Easy Rush


NZL - "Riding alongside the roaring Ōhinemuri River through the Karangahake Gorge it's hard to believe the place was once declared a sludge channel, where gold miners were free to dump toxic tailings." more...

E-Cyclists Setting Records on Strava


"Amateur cyclists on the popular site Strava are in an uproar over alleged e-bike cheaters." more...

Foundations East

A Pedal-Powered Lathe

"Last April, the editor of American Woodturner asked me to do a SketchUp drawing of a unique lathe..." more

2017 Glacier National Park Adventure

MT - "The trip was inspired by a book that claimed only 3% of the US population has been on a train..." more

Tandem Downhill Mountain Biking

Modern Roads Were Made for Bicycles, Not Cars


"Drivers should be thanking 19th century cyclists." more...

This Ride Scared Me—So I Did It 10 Times


"To conquer your greatest cycling fears, you need to do the rides you dread." more...

Drive Sharper, Live Longer, Look Sexier...

"Cycling doesn’t just make you healthier, happier and more prosperous; study after laborious study shows that getting on your bike also helps make you a sharper, more thoughtful driver and it can even improve your sex life..." more

My Car Broke Down So I Used a Bike


"...Seattle has had a strong bike culture for a long time, and a lot of my friends have been riding for years. There was an appeal there that I couldn’t explain..." more

RIP Dan Hanebrink


"Dan Hanebrink did not make it to the new year, but many of his creations will be driving the evolution of two wheeled sport long after his passing..." more

My First (Bike) Love


"The old road bike felt foreign, ungainly, and uncomfortable. It also changed my life." more...

Cyclists Rescue Kitten from Forest

"A couple was out biking when they heard a loud sound coming from the side of the road..." more

A Look at Winter Trail Grooming


SD - "On a bitter Sunday morning following the three-day December snowstorm, Shane Taylor was at work clearing knee-high snow from Lake Mitchell's bike trails." more...

Vintage Video From Rocky River Trail Opening

Cleveland, OH - "Chicago Historian Jeff Nichols, who can be found tweeting out vintage photos and videos from around the world right here, recently shared some gloriously-shot footage from a paved bike trail ribbon cutting ceremony at Rocky River Reservation from what looks to be at least 50 years ago." more...

Culmination of Wright Brothers’ Inventions

"December 17 mark[ed] the 115th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight, a major milestone in the history of aviation..." more

The Best Walking Trails In Plainfield

IL - "...Here are some of the best places to stretch your legs in Plainfield." more...

Emily Brooke & the Cycle Laser Beam


UK - "2018 was the year her company (best known for the visibility-boosting, green-hued Laserlight found beaming from the frames of the capital’s 11,700 Santander Cycles) raised more than £100,000 on Kickstarter..." more

Visiting Little Kelly Canyon Trail with Grandkids


ID - "About a half-mile up the snowy trail on Saturday, my 8-year-old granddaughter started complaining that her toes were cold." more...

The Art of Walking, Running or Biking Thru a City

"To truly experience a place, one should encounter its streets as a pedestrian and feel the joy of discovering a destination by foot or pedal." more...

How Detroit Became a Model for Urban Renewal


MI - "...American cities are excellent laboratories for innovation. And no city better reflects this than Detroit." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Getting Back on the Bike

"...Here's how to get fired up to ride when your mojo's running low." more...

Upgrading Your Mountain Bike


"...Upgrading components to make a mountain bike more aggressive is also one of my favorite hacks...." more

8 Amazing Bike Rides In L.A.


CA - "...all of these rides take place on roads that are entirely car-free or have light traffic. They'll also work for folks of all fitness levels..." more

Shift Up Podcast: Improving Women's Off-Road Cycling Experiences


Denver, CO - "In the latest Shift Up podcast, host Arleigh Greenwald is joined by Elorie Slater from Sports Garage Cycling in Boulder, Colorado." more...

The Specialized Alibi C Step-Through

"You won't need an alibi for missing your next ride with this near zero maintenance machine." more...

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