Galena Brick Trail in SW Ohio

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

Awesome Trails in the Champaign-Urbana Area


IL - " There is no better time to get out and enjoy all the beautiful bike paths in Champaign-Urbana that helped Urbana earn the title of “Bicycle Friendly Community” from the League of American Bicyclists." more

Biking the Cape Cod Rail Trail

Bike Shop Recycles Bicycles back into Community

CO - "Recycled Cycles Bicycles and Fitness bike shop is recycling commuter bikes in Fort Collins to give back to the community during a pandemic." more

Garmin Acquires Firstbeat Analytics


CHE - "Garmin Ltd. has acquired Firstbeat Analytics Oy, a privately-held provider of physiological analytics and metrics for consumer devices in the health, wellness, fitness and performance markets." more

23 Awesome E-Bikes

"...The beauty of e-bikes is that they make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people in so many ways..." more

Try Bicycle Camping

"...Camping by bicycle — bike-packing — adds to the adventure and sense of accomplishment, they say..." more

16 New Mountain Bike Trails


U.S. - "...Earlier this year new trail openings were pushed off due to various travel restrictions and stay at home orders. Now that it’s June, we’re tracking more than a dozen new mountain bike trails that have opened to the public this month." more

How to Be a Rider

"Joshua Page, 29, a framing and conservation technician in London, shares what he thinks makes him a true rider..." more

Juiced Scorpion E-Bike Review


"...The Juiced Scorpion may be an electric bicycle by definition, but its retro-inspired design harkens back to the classic mopeds of decades past..." more

Aerodynamics Benefits Are Real— Just Not Always Realistic

"Before you whip out your credit card to buy the latest aero wheels in an attempt to take the lead on a local Strava segment, consider this..." more

Catching Up with E-Bikes


"What’s an aging cyclist to do when the hills get too long and steep..." more

Enjoy the Outdoors in Ashtabula County


Ashtabula, OH - "Plenty of adventures await outdoor enthusiasts who visit Ashtabula County. Here’s a sample of what the county offers..." more


ODNR Designates Ohio’s 14th State Water Trail


Findlay, OH - "Ohio Department of Natural Resources has designated the Blanchard River Water Trail as Ohio’s 14th state water trail, according to an ODNR news release." more

Katy Trail State Park Is More Popular Than Ever


MO - "...We have been seeing about double our normal visitation at all of our trailheads..." more

The Best Cheap Road Bikes


"If your budget for a bike is close to a grand or less, now is a good time to shop..." more

11 Awesome Hitch Racks

"The latest generation of hitch racks makes it easier than ever to transport your bike without the hassle of wrestling it into your car..." more

Specialized Issues Safety Notice


CA - "Specialized Bicycle Components has issued a safety notice about certain 2019 and 2020 Sirrus and Sirrus X models because of incorrect crankset installation." more

Overnight Bikepacking Towpath Ride to Bolivar

A Response to the Name “Dirty Kanza”

"...Last year, for the first time, I signed up to race in the Dirty Kanza..." more

How to Convert a Bike to E-Power


"With all the noise currently being made about electric bikes, you might be tempted to get some extra push on your rides..." more

Revonte's ONE E-Bike Drive System


"Revonte are a Finnish company offering a complete drive system for ebikes, but with a twist..." more

Hitting the Trails in the Toledo Area

Toledo, OH - "...'Trails are the number one reason people say they come to the park,' said Scott Carpenter, spokesman for the Metroparks Toledo." more

The New Trails at Bike Park Wales

3 Trails that Offer Quiet Treks Thru Lush Landscapes

D.C. - "The pandemic, for all its misery, has made me fall in love with the Washington area all over again. This is a green paradise, its nature offerings serene under the human retreat." more

The Power of Cargo Bikes

"...Cargo bikes, especially the electric-assisted kinds, have already shown their value as a means for freight transportation under the right circumstances..." more

7 Mountains You Can Climb

"With no races on the calendar, Everesting has become the hottest trend amongst cycling’s elite and diehard fans of the sport who are looking for a new challenge to tackle..." more

A Cycling Overnight on the Holmes County Trail


Millersburg, OH - "...For years, I have contemplated an overnight bike trip..." more

Reggie Miller on StacheTV

Northville Biking Trails Open Just in Time

MI - "As a biking renaissance surges throughout southeastern Michigan, Northville Township displayed impeccable timing Friday with the opening of a beginner-friendly mountain bike trail..." more

Detroit Bike Introduces its First E-Bike

Detroit, MI - "Detroit Bikes is releasing a new e-bike called the E-Sparrow, a $900 commuter based on its popular Sparrow model..." more

Gravel-Biking is Well-Suited for the Strange Summer Ahead

"Despite a crippling pandemic, biking's hottest trend is here to save you during 2020's hottest months." more

Lessons From the Mountain Kingdom


"...Johan Wahl and his wife Jana picked up a couple of bargain vintage bikes from their local classified ads and headed off on a three-week, 700-kilometer journey across Lesotho..." more

Jekyll Island's Bike Trails


GA - "... Jekyll Island's bike trails in Georgia will take you away from reality for a bit to really make your vacation one of a kind." more

Bike Cleveland Is On A Roll

Cleveland, OH

Adventure Biking in Southern Idaho

ID - "Biking adventures can be found nearly anywhere in the Magic Valley and in northern Nevada." more

High Country offers a Bustling Road Cycling Community


NC - "Cyclists of all ages love to experience the beauty of the High Country and breathe the fresh mountain air from the seat of a bicycle." more

How Uber Turned a Promising Bikeshare Company Into Garbage


"...Former employees told Motherboard how getting acquired by Uber led to JUMP bikes being destroyed by the thousands." more

Apple to Add Bicycling Directions


"On June 22, Apple announced the new features coming to WatchOS, iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS at its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference..." more

Best Bike & Hike Trails in NE Ohio


Cleveland, OH - "...Ever wonder 'where the best bike trails near me' are in Northeast Ohio?" more

Trails Worth Exploring near Philadelphia


PA - "...The Greater Philadelphia region is home to hundreds of miles of trails. Some greet you with riverside views. Others are scattered with historic attractions..." more

Their Only Portait

Kids on Bikes get Creative


Holland, MI - "...These bike-loving kiddos are out riding and participating in the Velo Kids Summer Bike Adventure." more

Bicyclists Paved Way for Better Roads

OH - "...Most of the original roads in central Ohio were dirt trails 4 to 5 feet wide..." more

Best MTB Trails on the Western Slope


CO - "Determining where Colorado’s best mountain biking exists is like choosing your favorite child: it’s not going to happen." more

Happy Rebirthday Cuyahoga River!


Cuyahoga County, OH - "...Another Cuyahoga River infrastructure project that had a major impact on the vitality of the river was the Scranton Flats portion of the Towpath Trail extension project, where a former steel-jacketed section of the river was converted into a fish-friendly naturalized riverbank..." more

5 Most Common Bike/Car Collisions

The Crown Zellerbach Trail


OR - "...The Crown Z (what Columbia County would prefer you to call it) underwent a major facelift late last year and with summer finally here, this rail-trail is ready for its close-up." more

Santa Barbara Named 3rd Best Cycling City

CA - "...In 2019, Santa Barbara ranked 12th in the U.S. in the City Rankings. This year, as a result of our robust bike culture and enhancements to our biking infrastructure, Santa Barbara placed in the top five across the nation." more

Prevention is Key During Tick Season


OH - "...ticks hide in tall grassy areas waiting to attach themselves to clothing or fur." more

Revel Bikes Introduce the Ranger Trail Bike


"In keeping with the tradition of making the bikes we want to ride, we are thrilled to announce the new Revel Ranger!" more

Is It Safe to Ride in Groups Again?

"While there are still many unknowns about coronavirus spread, experts consider risk to be lower in outdoor settings where safe social-distancing practices are in place." more

Devonian Pathway is "a Real Gem"

CAN - "One can derive endless pleasure from a civic treasure that is known colloquially as the bike path." more

Old Cemetery on Hiking Trail Spurs Curiosity


Middlesex, PA - "It’s a curious sight to come upon while walking the Appalachian Trail in Cumberland County: a tiny, ancient cemetery, nearly consumed by trees, brush and earth." more

Tiffanie Stanfield Fights Hit-and-Run Driving

"...I started Fighting H.A.R.D. after my sister Jameca was killed in a hit and run crash on April 12th, 2016 — our mother’s birthday..." more

Upcoming Google Maps Features Uncovered

"...Today, Jane Wong posted to Twitter a bunch of new features coming to Maps — here’s a breakdown." more

The Annapurna Circuit

"The Annapurna Circuit is one of the world's most beautiful high-altitude hiking trails, winding its way through some of Nepal's tallest mountains and encircling Annapurna I, which towers at 26,545 feet (8,091m)..." more

5 Best Hiking Trails in Philadelphia

PA - "...To help you find the best Hiking Trails located near you in Philadelphia, we put together our own list..." more

Buddy the Welsh Terrier

'Bob the Bike Guy'

"During the pandemic, many of us have been stuck at home whether working or out of work, but not Bob Charland." more

Zanardi in Artificial Coma after Horrific Handbike Crash


ITA - "Ex-Formula One driver and four-time Paralympic gold medalist Alex Zanardi remains in an artificial coma after suffering severe head injuries in a horrific cycling race crash." more

Demetrius Dallas

Cincinnati, OH - "As Demetrius Dallas sat on his porch in North College Hill one night, he witnessed a scene that would come to impact him immensely." more

New Pandemic Bikers have lots of Questions


MN - "With interest in biking on the rise due to COVID-19 boredom, a lot of questions about cycling rules and regulations are coming..." more

5 Great Summer Hangouts

Muncie, IN - "...Muncie has a trail system for cyclists and pedestrians that makes other communities jealous." more

Pedaling ‘Pure Michigan’


MI - "There are more than 1,300 miles of biking trails in Michigan to explore. Add another two miles to that opportunity when the Argentine Township portion of the LAFF (Linden, Argentine Township, Fenton Township, Fenton) pathway is completed." more

Bicycles Fly off the Racks in Boise


ID - "2020 has been a bad year for nearly everything else, but bicycles are having a moment." more

Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 8.0 Di2


"A fast, fun carbon road bike with Di2 electronic shifting..." more

The New Trek Émonda


"The Émonda SLR is a benchmark pro race bike—and it’s surprisingly rider friendly." more

Rocky Mountain Bikes Recall


CAN - "...we have decided to initiate a voluntary safety recall of specific alloy only Instinct, Instinct BC and Pipeline bikes of 2018, 2019 and 2020 model years. Carbon models are not affected." more

Redlands gets Broze Medal for its Trails


CA - "...When the International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA) hit this area’s trails system with a bronze award earlier this year, it became a big deal — a first for California." more

Must See U.S. 40 Sites


Cambridge, OH - "Long before it was hip to take a trip on Route 66, the National Road (Route 40) served as America’s first highway to adventure..." more

The Mystery of the Light-Speed Cyclist


"...New research breaks down the ways our eyes would process an object moving at light speed." more

Thinking About Riding a Bike?


"These days, with limits on public transportation and daily protests, cyclists dominate cities around the country. Here’s how to become one." more

6 Cincy Bike Trails to Ride


Cincinnati, OH - "With more than 570 miles of trails, we asked Tri-State Trails Director Wade Johnston his picks for the six best trails people should bike this summer..." more

Couple Celebrates their Anniversary Riding the Ohio-to-Erie Trail

OH - "Louise and Lawrence completed a round trip on the trail, riding 675 miles in 11 days to celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary..." more

Triumph Motorcycles Enters E-Bike Market


UK - "...the company took the motorcycle world by surprise with the electric bicycle launch this week..." more

Evil Bikes Offering Bike Demos


Winter Park, CO - "Evil Bikes is offering bike demos in this mountain bike destination town this summer, at an unusual but fitting venue: a craft brewery's tap room." more

How to Get Your Stolen Bike Back

"...Think positive and operate under the assumption that you will recover that bike..." more

Mountain Biking the Black Rock Trail


OR - "Although only 4½ miles long, Black Rock Trail might be one of the most important paths within the vast network of Central Oregon singletrack..." more

Bikepacking in Sedona

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Getting Stoked About E-Bikes

"...Electric bike sales jumped by an incredible 91 percent from 2016 to 2017 alone..." more

Bird Launches Navigation App


"Bird is rolling out a new standalone app, called Bird Maps, in Paris and Tel Aviv that will provide turn-by-turn navigation for riders who want to use bike or micromobility lanes for their entire trip." more

Does the UCI Understand Gravel?

"...The UCI reached out to me on this date with a proposal for a potential gravel gran fondo series..." more

Prepping For An Overnight Bikepacking Trip

11 Best Handlebar Tapes


"Your handlebar tape covers two of the five contact points you have with your bike..." more

Learn How to Bunny Hop

"Big air isn’t just for mountain bikers..." more

People for Bikes to Redo City Rankings


"...It’s not uncommon for cities to get left out, Wagenschutz said. Some bigger cities with well-established infrastructure routinely choose not to submit applications..." more

A Rookie's Guide to Biking in Philly


PA - "...In Philly, with our robust urban biking community (in 2019 alone, Indego bike share usage increased by 11 percent, to 740,000 trips, and bike traffic last fall increased by 53 percent) it can feel intimidating for newbies to know where, or how, to get started..." more

From Couch Potato to Bike Trails


MI - "Out on the Dequindre Cut on a nice day in Detroit, anyone on two wheels these days finds lots of company." more

The Next Great Bike Boom Is Here

"...If you’ve found yourself experiencing mixed feelings about this proliferation of new riders, you’re not alone..." more

10-Year-Old Backflips his Bike


"Just a few weeks ago, we saw 10-year-old mtb phenom Harry Schofield learn to backflip his BMX bike..." more

Bikepacking Iranian Kurdistan

"Photographer Ana Zamorano spent a month pedaling through Iranian Kurdistan..." more

Finding the Perfect Saddle

"A love letter to the Pro Stealth Superlight." more

Exercise Can Boost Your Immune System

"A recent review published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science found that aging, obesity, and inactivity can have negative effects on the immune system." more

The Best Cities for Bikes

U.S. - "PlacesForBikes is a data-driven approach to identifying the best U.S. cities and towns for bicycling to help city leaders pinpoint improvements, and make riding better for everyone..." more

Creepy Fatique

Bridging the GAP


PA - "On a sunny Saturday in June, Ohiopyle is a happy jumble of hikers, cyclists, rafters and kayakers. Located at Horseshoe Bend on the Youghiogheny River, aka “the Yock,” this Pennsylvania town of 59 permanent residents thrives as a jumping-off point for outdoor experiences." more

Mountain Town Expanding Network of Trails


CO - " with the expansion, it will become a destination for trail running and mountain biking in the summer..." more

Biking in Birmingham


AL - "It’s no wonder that the biking industry has experienced a massive surge due to coronavirus. It’s an activity that makes social distancing easy, it provides a solid workout and it’s really fun..." more

Q&A with 'The Greenway Imperative' Author


"...We hope you enjoy this Q&A and extended preview of the book with author Charles A. Flink. An award-winning author, planner, and landscape architect..." more

Chisholm’s Redhead Mountain Bike Park

MN - "Construction began last summer for the new 15-mile bike trail, so Friday couldn't come soon enough for riders to test out the addition." more

Picking Up Glass in the Bike Lane

D.C. - "I saw this kind man who was collecting glass on the 15th St bike lane by flashlight last night..." more

Wanna Bike?


NY - "4 trail systems available within minutes of Oneonta." more

10 Best Bike Baskets for Hauling

"No matter what you need to haul across town—beer, groceries, a rashly adopted puppy—there’s a bike basket for the job." more

Dick's Sporting Goods Ends Furloughs


Pittsburgh, PA - "Dick's Sporting Goods restored salaries and ended furloughs for employees after stores closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic." more

Explore the Outdoors in Mansfield


OH - "Ohio has a lot to offer those seeking the outdoors, scenery and beauty. One place to see is Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield, now open year-round." more

Fixed Gear Bogotá

Specialized Pledges $10M to Outride

"...Specialized is pledging $10 million over the next three years towards improving diversity and inclusion in cycling." more

SRAM Eagle 520 Flattens the Hills


"New 10-52 cassette offers 20% more range." more

Hiawatha Bike Trail Provides a Family Challenge

ID - "Midway into the one mile-and-one-half long, cold, pitch-black, and muddy Taft Tunnel it started: My 10-month-old son was not happy." more

Pinery Dam


CVNP, OH - "Three weeks ago construction workers began notching the Brecksville Dam, the first step in the removal of a concrete structure that’s spanned the Cuyahoga River since 1951. As water from the dam pool has been released, another dam dating back to the beginning of the Ohio & Erie Canalway is slowly being unveiled. And there’s a lot of history behind the Pinery Dam." more

How to Corner on a Bike

"...I attacked early, railed the corner, and opened a gap. I raised my arms in victory at the finish, only to be told that this gesture was against the rules..." more

Central Maine Cycling Clubs Experiencing Ups & Downs


ME - "Though rides have been canceled, some clubs have seen active participation, increase in volunteers." more

Become a Bike Enthusiast this Summer

"...The longest lines right now aren’t at grocery stores but outside the bike shops..." more

Austin Earns Spot Among Best Bike Cities


TX - "...The city received an overall score of 3.0 out of 5, tying with Los Angeles, Detroit and New Orleans while securing the 20th spot on a list of 567 North American cities..." more

Cycling with America’s First Black Sports Hero


"...It’s a book about cycling, and about race relations at an earlier time in the United States." more

11 Best Beginner Bikes

"Beginner bikes are more affordable and better than ever..." more

Pennsylvania’s Tacony Creek Trail


PA - "Philadelphia is tucked between two major rivers, the Delaware to the east and the Schuylkill to the west; between them, Tacony Creek—a tributary of the Delaware—runs its course through the city’s northeast neighborhoods..." more

Regional Trail Network Adds New Opportunities


WI - "Area bicyclists have been afforded some new opportunities, with the addition of shared-use paths in Waunakee and Westport this spring." more

The Kit You Can't Take Off

"...Every time I leave my house on two wheels, I have to contend with the fact that at any time, for no reason at all, somebody might kill me..." more

The Golden Gate Bridge is Humming

CA - "If you are anywhere in the vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge right now, you are probably asking yourself: What in the world is that sound?.." more

How To Lock Your Bike

More People Taking Off on 2 Wheels

"...Believe it not, toilet paper isn’t the only essential product coronavirus-obsessed Americans have been guilty of hoarding." more

Many People Dusting Off Old Bicycles


Lewisburg, PA - "...Study findings also reveal that cycling’s popularity is likely to prevail, with half of Americans (50 percent) planning to ride their bike more after the COVID-19 pandemic is over." more

Visit Historic Miamisburg

Miamisburg, OH - "Miamisburg holds all the charm it did when it was originally settled next to the Miami River banks." more

Bikepacking the Arizona Trail

To E-Bike or Not?

CO - "...An e-bike can be a great tool to help you ride trails or climb hills that maybe you would otherwise not be able to. But e-bikes are not approved for use on all trails, especially singletrack..." more

Rail-Bikes in West Sacramento

CA - "A long-awaited attraction has finally opened in West Sacramento. The Sacramento RiverTrain’s railbikes are now taking on some of its first riders." more

The 3T Exploro RaceMax

"The 3T Exploro RaceMax blurs lines and defies categorization." more

A Bridge of Dreams Crossing


Brinkhaven, OH - On the Mohican Valley and Ohio-to-Erie Trails in Knox County, Ohio.

Exploring Chuck Flink’s 'The Greenway Imperative'


"Grand Canyon National Park is one of our most beloved and visited national parks, but few know the story behind the indelible greenway that winds through its pine forests and along the canyon’s rim. “The Greenway Imperative” by Charles A. Flink gives us a peek behind the curtain to its creation and that of nearly a dozen other impactful greenways." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Fly Away From it All on a Bike


"...Lines of toilet paper seekers outside Costco have been replaced by lines of bike seekers outside bicycle shops..." more

Superpedestrian Launches E-Scooter Service


"...CEO Assaf Biderman tells The Verge Link will soon launch in four cities in the US and in Europe..." more

Montana’s Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail

MT - "Thompson Park beckons on the southern outskirts of Butte, where the vast openness of Big Sky Country gives way to the backcountry beauty of lodgepole pine, spruce and Douglas fir..." more

Go Local

Watch Cyclists Charge a Tesla

"A Finnish inventor has come up with a new way to charge a Tesla: using human power." more

Why You Should Exercise for Stress Relief


"...research is emerging about how the past couple months are driving anxiety and stress toward record levels." more

13 Best Sunglasses for Cyclists


"...Performance eyewear is designed to integrate seamlessly into your ride..." more

25 Great Trails in Ohio

"...We’ve assembled a hiking and biking guide to 25 great trails across the state of Ohio..." more

5 Reasons to Explore the World on A Bicycle


"As World Bicycle Day spins around again on June 3rd, digital travel platform Agoda shares five reasons you should explore the world on two wheels, as well as great cycling routes to help you get on your bike now or bookmark for later travel." more

Preparing for Mountain Biking in Duluth


MN - "...Day Tripper guides kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and biking trips. Co-Owner Jake Boyce says he's already had a surge of business with the warm weather." more

Logging Changes Bike Trail Aesthetic


CAN - "I remember the first time we rode up Munday Grind to the Bacon turnoff as a family..." more

A look at the United States Bicycle Route System


U.S. - "...The USBRS was established in 1978 by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the same body that coordinates the numbering of interstate highways and U.S. routes..." more

Cancer Survivor Conquers Tanglefoot Trail


MS - "A woman who grew up in New Albany did not let cancer stop her from biking the 44-mile Tanglefoot Trail." more

A Unique Hiking Experience


NC - "...We have so many places to camp that we should be known for our camping opportunities..." more

The 26 lb. Eeyo E-Bike


"...E-bikes don’t all need to be heavy cargo haulers or feel like you’re riding a battery, so we created the Eeyo 1 to be ultralight, quick, responsive, and fun..." more

13 Best Bike Saddles of 2020

"It’s a great time to shop for saddles. Not only is riding weather upon us, but the products keep getting better..." more

Anchorage’s Terrific City Trail System

AK - "...Anchorage boasts more than 120 miles of paved bike and multi-use trails, not to mention 130 miles of plowed winter walkways, 105 miles of maintained ski trails and 87 miles of non-paved hiking trails..." more

Jam Session by Bike

Stephanie's Trail is Mountain Biking Delight


CO - "...Please, a moment of silence for Stephanie the cat." more

More Training Plans During the Pandemic

"...Not only are more riders riding (we can see that by just looking out our windows and reading the news), but also more riders are performing structured training, according to data just released..." more

Tips for Mountain Biking During the Pandemic


OR - "...much the way that society and businesses are reopening with cautionary measures, mountain bikers should continue with the same cautionary measures to which we have grown accustomed the past two months." more

Surprising Reasons A Biking Boom Is Great

"...It’s good for our health and the environment — but there are some less obvious benefits too." more

E-Bicycle Sales Blooming Since The Lockdown

"Many a bicyclist will tell you that they feel better after even a short trip on a bicycle..." more

Council Bluffs’ Recreational Trail


IA - "Did you know that Pottawattamie County is the Trail Capital of Iowa?.." more

Milepost 35 Bike Camps


"...With the rise in popularity of mountain biking and the continuous expansion of trails in Northwest Oregon, it only made sense to go all-in..." more

Best Fitness Trackers for Cyclists

"More powerful than those first bands that only counted steps and calories, the latest activity trackers have tools and features that are much more relevant to cyclists..." more

Broadmeadow Greenway gets the Go-Ahead


IRE - "The long-awaited project that is the Broadmeadow Way can finally begin construction after An Bord Pleanála gave the walkway and cycleway across the Broadmeadow Estuary, the green light." more

The Best Bikes for Every Type of Ride

"My world changed when I bought my first bicycle..." more

Running During the Pandemic and Beyond


"I noticed the buildup immediately after Governor Cooper issued the stay at home order March 27. Greenway trails I frequent were suddenly replete with cyclists, walkers, and runners..." more

Students Open Bike Rental Shop on Riverfront Trail


AR - "Students in an entrepreneurship class at the Future School will be running Riverside Rides on the Greg Smith Riverfront Trail." more

The Shutdown Taught Me Something New About Training

"My name is Bobby and I’m addicted to training..." more

Five Trail Tales of Success

U.S. - "For nearly three decades, Transportation Alternatives (TA) has been the largest source of federal funding for trails and active transportation, providing more than $15 billion for more than 36,000 projects..." more

Milwaukee River Greenway

WI - "...One spot that hikers gravitate toward would have been unthinkable and largely inaccessible just a decade ago: the Milwaukee River Greenway." more

What I Learned about L.A. from Daily Bike Rides

CA - "While trying to avoid catching or spreading the Covid-19 virus, I have ventured outside to take long bike rides in my own neighborhood, and in many adjacent Wilshire area neighborhoods." more

Chicago Transit Hikes

IL - "For local author Lindsay Welbers, the May 15 release of her first book, 'Chicago Transit Hikes: A guide to getting out in nature without a car,' has been a case of 'it was the best of timing, it was the worst of timing'.” more

Distributor Brings Peugeot Back to Montreal

CAN - "Quantum, a Montréal-based e-bike retailer and manufacturer, is now distributing Peugeot bikes in Canada, where the brand has been unavailable for about 20 years." more

Biking Trails in Stark County

OH - "Summer bicycling is on the horizon. And, we couldn’t think of any individuals more qualified to give advice about what bicycle trails enthusiasts should travel upon..." more

Canal Remnants offer Glimpse into Ohio History

"...Canals are of great historic interest, both as pre-industrial engineering marvels and as economic catalysts that changed the course of Ohio history..." more

It's Raining New Cyclists

CO - "Marketing expert Kristin Carpenter hosted a live presentation on BRAIN's Facebook page on Wednesday, focused on how suppliers and retailers can meet new bike consumers where they are, without judgment." more

He Lost His Leg, Then Rediscovered the Bicycle

"Leo Rodgers is in flight. He’s bouncing and sliding in soft sand along an abandoned railway line that runs north from downtown St. Petersburg..." more

How to Adjust Bike Brakes Yourself

"We’re all bound to deal with squeaky, tight, or maladjusted brakes at some point during our time on the bike..." more

Virtual Bike Ride - Great Miami River Trail


Miamisburg, OH

Lake Tahoe Bike Loop

CA, NV - "...To date 33 miles of the Tahoe Trail are in the ground, with full build out of the 72-mile route expected in 2045." more

Detroit Bikes Builds Domestic Capacity


MI - "...Detroit Bikes announced last week that they will build 500 Schwinn Collegiate 125th Anniversary bikes for Walmart..." more

Walkers Found After 19 Days in the Wilderness


NZL - "...after getting lost in fog they were both injured in a fall." more

Can L.A.’s Scooter Craze Survive the Pandemic?

CA - "A year ago Los Angeles embarked upon the nation’s largest experiment in micromobility..." more

Cannondale’s Topstone Carbon Gravel Bikes


"It’s fast, it’s smooth, it’s heavy, and it’s good." more

6 Scenic Bike Trails In Florida

FL - "The Sunshine State is a nature lover's paradise..." more

The South Downs Way

" more

Pandemic a Boon for the Bicycle

CA - "Joel Johnson hadn’t owned a bicycle since he was 15, but the pandemic changed all that." more

8 Things You Need to Know to Everest


"...The best part about Everesting on a bike is that you don’t actually have to go to Everest..." more

New RadWagon E-Cargo Bike

"Rad Power Bikes is the largest e-bike company in the US and is known for its diverse lineup of affordable e-bikes..." more

I Miss Group Rides

"You know that guy who shows up to every group ride 10 minutes late with a flat tire and a hot Starbucks coffee?.." more

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot

River Trail Cycles Deals with Spike in Business


WI - "...Although coronavirus has caused an uptick in the bike shop’s sales and repairs business, it’s also put a stop to its rentals of bicycles and bicycle trailers for children..." more

Social Distancing and Traffic?


PHL - "Riding a bicycle for mobility in the Philippines isn’t just a lifestyle choice, it’s an act of resistance." more

Cannondale Scalpel SE Hits the Sweet Spot

"I’ve ridden my share of fast bikes with 120 or 130mm of travel but never had any desire to own one, until now..." more

'Lance,' the Documentary


"...'LANCE'—the latest documentary in ESPN’s 30-for-30 series, directed by Marina Zenovich—takes a dive into the life and career of the controversial, polarizing athlete and public figure." more

Walking Across Ohio on the OTE


Columbus, OH - "If I ever walk across Ohio, I will do it the Randy Gabel way." more

Biking the 13-mile Mill Creek lLoop

Cleveland, OH - "...The Mill Creek loop is a route that includes three Cleveland Metroparks Reservations, the Morgana Run Trail and a stop at the beautiful Mill Creek Falls..." more

Pandemic Turns Dutch Bike Brand into Global Hit

"About a month ago, Taco Carlier noticed something unusual. A tool to measure the daily performance of the Dutch bicycle company he had founded was suddenly registering wild spikes..." more

Love on the Mountain Bike Trail

NY - "On Friday afternoons in the small Adirondack town of Wilmington, N.Y., local mountain bike enthusiasts gather for 'Hardy hour'..." more

Ski Resorts Prepare for Hiking & Biking Season

Boise, ID - "...The Idaho Ski Areas Association compiled a list of all Idaho ski resorts that are transitioning to mountain biking, hiking and other summer activities..." more

Crusin' on the Holmes County Trail


Interest in Cycling Shifts Upward

TX - "... walkers, joggers and cyclists hit the trail in numbers some Rio Grande Valley municipalities describe as unprecedented." more

This Cyclist Is Living Her Best Life

"Zoe Zeerip was 13 years old when she was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, an illness that abruptly and painfully entered her life with no explanation..." more

Losing 200 lbs. to Keep Up on Group Rides

"In the back of my mind, I was cognizant of the fact that I wasn’t healthy. But it really hit me when I went for a ride with some of the people I used to work with at the local bike shop..." more

The Incredible Lake Tahoe Bike Trail

CA - "...Between the alpine lakes, lush forests, and unique topography, the area is a bicyclist’s mecca." more

Everesting Is Having a Moment


"Last Monday Phil Gaimon broke the world record for fastest completed Everest by climbing Mountaingate Drive, north of Los Angeles, 60 times in 7:52:12. [This record was broken 4 days later.]" more

Everesting Record Attempt

The 3 Biggest Bike Helmet Fails

"It happened again. I was flying south down the Hudson River Greenway when I spotted another cyclist pedaling north and noticed something seemed… different..." more

Need Riding Lessons?

Portland, OR - "It’s often said that we 'never forget how to ride a bike.' But what if you never learned?.." more

Automated Delivery Cashes in on Pandemic Demand

"...The reality right now is that goods delivery is a bigger market than moving people..." more

Old Canal Mill Restoration in St. Marys


St. Marys, OH

Evil Following MB Bike Check

Be a Bike Ambassador


"...We want people to enjoy themselves riding during the outbreak and experience using bikes for fun and transportation..." more

A Biking Revolution in Latin America?


"...Already, city leaders in Bogotá, Lima, Buenos Aires and elsewhere have taken steps to promote biking as a reliable form of transportation for essential workers..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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The Best New E-Bikes


"If you think electric bicycles are clunky and ugly, it’s time to take another look." more

Wrap Handlebar Tape the Smart Way


"Dollar for dollar, no new part takes a bike from dingy to dashing as noticeably as new handlebar tape..." more

Route of the Hiawatha Bike Trail Opens


ID - "...The popular trail winds through the Bitterroot Mountains along the Idaho/Montana border. Riders go through railroad tunnels and across trestles, along 15 miles of beautiful scenery." more

American River Parkway’s Jedidiah Smith Trail

CA - "...The Parkway and its Jedidiah Smith Trail offer a network of well over 40 miles of paved trail, and an almost endless array of side trails into riparian forests..." more

Mountain Guardian

Group Aiming to Save Mavic


FRA - "A French newspaper is reporting that a business lawyer is planning to 'save' Mavic, which was placed in receivership earlier this month." more

Thinking of Buying a Bike?

"...Get ready for a long wait." more

E-Bikes are Eating the Market


"...E-bikes enable people to go farther, to flatten hills, in crappier weather conditions than they usually do on regular bikes, and there has never been a better time to try them..." more

Tallahassee's Greenway Network

FL - "...Whether it is the Munson Hills trails, Lake Overstreet, Phipps Park, the Miccosukee Greenway, Rails to Trails. or one of dozens of less known trails, COVID-19 has pushed a lot of runners, cyclists and walkers out the door and onto the trails..." more

True Story: Ben Hildred

Cycling Guide: Rolling through RFV?


CO - "Mountain-biking trails in the Roaring Fork Valley rightfully earned international acclaim last fall with Gold Level status, but if road riding is more your style the valley has you covered as well." more

Firefighters Swapping Cars for E-Bikes

Seattle, WA - "Seattle firefighters are among the commuters swapping cars for e-bikes to avoid the traffic nightmare caused by the emergency shutdown of the West Seattle Bridge." more


"Fiendishly simple, yet brutally hard..." more

VO2 Max and Your Lifespan May Be Related


"According to a recent study in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, your cardiorespiratory fitness level—indicated by your VO2 max—is an important factor in determining how long you might live." more

Local Parks Rated for Running

OH - "During the pandemic, more of us are outside being active." more

Trailer Released for 'LANCE'

"ESPN has released the trailer for “LANCE,” a documentary centering on the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong’s cycling career. more

E-Bikes Can Solve Commuting Problems


"Demand has rocketed as people consider how to get into work after lockdown..." more

Mountain Biking Lincoln County

ME - "There are several places to go mountain biking in Lincoln County. The best two choices are the Schmid Preserve in Edgecomb and Hidden Valley Nature Center in Jefferson..." more

Enjoying Minnesota Bike Trails


MN - "There are more than 4,000 miles of terrain to explore." more

Front Range “Free-For-All”


CO - "How Fruita became a battleground between locals and outsiders." more

Visit Wyoming's No. 1 Bike Trail System


WY - "..Sweetwater County offers plenty of outdoor activities to practice social distancing and still have fun, especially the bike trails scattered all over the county." more

Girona to Portugal Cycling Adventure

Geologist Shares the Dirt on Local Trails


Portland, OR - "...A bike saddle is the perfect vantage point for viewing landscapes and the geology that forms them..." more

Favorite Routes in Western Colorado


CO - "Surround yourself with heartpounding enjoyment from Aspen to Grand Junction." more

Photos of Cities Closed Streets to Cars


"Photos show how cities have closed streets to cars so people have enough space to get outside during the pandemic." more

Most Dangerous U.S. Cities for Cyclists


"...Although cyclist fatalities have been on the rise nationwide, the risk varies widely by location..." more

E-Mountain Bike

London's New Golden Age of Cycling?


UK - "A labyrinth of bollard-protected cycle lanes begins to crop up across London..." more

Cities are Transforming as E-Bike Sales Skyrocket


"...Bicycles are the ideal mode of transportation as cities emerge from quarantine, made even more appealing now that summer is approaching in the US and Europe.." more

10 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes


"From entry-level cross-country builds to those designed for more technical terrain, women-specific bikes now span the entire mountain bike spectrum..." more

We Are Running Out Of Bikes


"Two months ago, bike shops were facing the same challenge as every other business: Stay above water when it seems the whole world is drowning..." more

DIYgravel Belgian Waffle Ride

Couch Curve Gets a "Bike Bar"


Portland, OR - "...I understand the importance of urban design aesthetics, but we need places to park bikes..." more

Saddles Sores and Other Indoor Bike Trainer Problems

"...those Zwift-athons can come with some less-than-desirable side effects..." more

22 Awesome E-Bikes


"It’s official. Electric bikes are here to stay, and their popularity is through the roof..." more

SRAM Adds Lower Gearing Options to Its eTap AXS Groups


"When SRAM rolled out the new Force eTap AXS group last year, the lowest 2x option offered was a 10-33 cassette and a 33/46 chainring combo..." more

Veteran Bike Mechanic has Common Bond with Cyclists


"When the COVID-19 stay-at-home order was relaxed in late April, Bob Hammond was finally able to launch his dream business, Common Bond Mobile Bike Shop..." more

How the GAP Transformed a Region

"Since its formal inception in the 1990s, the 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) ( in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Western Maryland has gone from a vision to a premier rail-trail destination in the United States." more

Pandemic Impact on Bike Retail in North America & Beyond


"...Bike shops are, in many ways, the heart and soul of cycling..." more

Birth of a Bike Brand

Lewis And Clark National Historic Trail


"Faithful students of American history know that Lewis and Clark started out from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for their historic trek across the West to the Pacific Ocean..." more

VanMoof Raises $13.5M to Capitalize on E-Bike Boom


"...The funds will be used for international expansion following the launch of the new electric VanMoof S3 and X3 bikes." more

Trails—The Perfect Salve to an Aching Soul

"Writer Andrew Findlay checks in from his quarantine outpost on Vancouver Island." more

The Rise of the E-Bike


UK - "How battery-power is promoting cycling as part of a new active-transport revolution." more

Choosing to Live

Buying a Bike


Portland, OR - "Bike sales are through the roof — in Portland and across the country..." more

Pro Cycling Left Me with an Eating Disorder

"It’s hardly a secret that weight is important to cyclists, and that this is amplified once riding a bike becomes your career..." more

Peloton’s Revenue & Membership Surges


"...because many are choosing to stay active indoors, Peloton, the popular indoor bike and fitness company, has experienced a jump in revenue and memberships..." more

Montana’s Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail


MT - "Thompson Park beckons on the southern outskirts of Butte, where the vast openness of Big Sky Country gives way to the backcountry beauty of lodgepole pine, spruce and Douglas fir..." more

A Trail in Every Community


U.S. - "...Across the country, people have sought places within a short walk or bike ride from their homes where they can safely be active and find solace. Essential workers have relied on walking and biking routes to get to the front lines when transit or other transportation options aren’t available..." more

Fumpa Pumps

Shimano Technology Monitors Component Wear with AI


"Could a “Check Engine” light be coming to bikes?.." more

Giro’s Manifest Mountain Bike Helmet

"A high-end mountain bike helmet with exceptional ventilation and enhanced protection." more

The 10 Best Bike Pumps

"The pump is the unsung hero of cycling..." more

New Hampshire Rail Trails get Plenty of Use


NH - "From Upper Coos to Hinsdale, New Hampshire has hundreds of miles of recreational rail trail..." more

Long History of Recreation in the Cuyahoga Valley

CVNP, OH - "...When Congress established CVNP as a recreation area in 1974, it noted that the park provides, 'needed recreational open space necessary for the urban environment'...” more

Does Tread Affect Speed on Gravel?

Snobbery on the Bike Trails

OR - "...I’ve noticed new signs put up on the Phil’s Trail system by the USFS and the Central Oregon Trail Association posting 'No E-bikes' and 'No Pedal Assist'." more

What’s Faster, a 29er or Mullet Bike Setup?


"Are big wheels always faster? Or can a 'mullet' setup with a smaller back wheel give you more speed and style?" more

Who are Greater Manchester's New Cyclists?

UK - "Cycling has risen by 22 per cent during lockdown. Is Greater Manchester's £5m walking and cycling plan enough to persuade them to stick to it?" more

Former Exec Rolls into the Bicycle Business


Columbus, OH - "As an avid cyclist who has a background in retail analytics, operations and logistics, Ryan Hughes joined Roll Bicycle Co. late last year to help the company get its customizable bikes into shops across the country..." more

I Was Hit By a Driver — And de Blasio Failed Me

NYC - Caiti Borruso wrote the following op-ed after she was hit by a driver on May 2, the first day that the city opened up some streets for socially responsible recreation..." more

Off-Roading with the Swytch E-Bike Conversion Kit


"The Swytch Kit is an e-bike conversion kit that markets itself as ultra-lightweight and easy to use..." more

Wet Condition Lead to Treacherous Bike Ride


MT - "Mother Nature wreaks havoc during outing at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park." more

Cycling is Taking Off in Tasmania


TAS - "...Tasmania has historically had some of the worst rates of bike usage in the country..." more

Trails: More than an Amenity


CO - "As residents of western Colorado, we enjoy the proximity of public lands managed by state and federal agencies..." more

New Gazelle Medeo T9 Mid-Drive E-Bike


"...the company’s latest release today of the Gazelle Medeo T9 brings that Dutch heritage to North American riders with a comfort bike designed for both city commuting and recreational trail riding." more

Review: Electra Townie Path Go!


"This premium ebike is a stylish, spendy ride with top-of-the-line performance." more

The 2021 Specialized Diverge

"Smoother, better handling, and more capable, the new Specialized Diverge is one of the best gravel bikes you can buy." more

Nature's Steel: Bamboo Bikes

CHN - "In many ways, Beijing is my dream city. I’d always wanted to live somewhere that young and the old alike flooded the streets on their bicycles..." more

Trail Access in Vermont

VT - "Vermonters can now take advantage of the nicer weather and enjoy the great outdoors, following relaxed restrictions to the 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' order on Wednesday." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Mavic Put into Receivership in France

FRA - "Mavic has been put into receivership at the French commercial court in Grenoble, after being put under the management of a turnaround firm in February." more

Back to Bicycles


"As a student of 9th class in 1972, it was mandatory for us to read a magazine named 'Science Today'..." more

Boom Time for Bikes

UK - "Fear of catching coronavirus on public transport has helped lead to a boom in cycle-to-work schemes." more

Behind the Handlebars with Joe Flood

D.C. - "...He and I recently sat down to talk about all kinds of things related to riding bikes in DC, from plugging into the bike community via social media to how to make DC safer for cyclists." more

Weekenders: Santa Barbara

Goalie Turns to Cycling

" ...A German native who currently resides in Denver, Grubauer has played for the Colorado Avalanche since last season..." more

Recipient Of Bike Trail Kindness


MO - "...As a casual, occasional rider I don’t carry tire repair kits or even air..." more

Crooked River Reflections

CVNP, OH - "How biomimicry may help people with disabilities enjoy the Cuyahoga Valley National Park." more

‘Bike Tag’ Website to Spread Popular Game


Portland, OR - "A fun game that encourages people to get out and ride bikes might help cure your cooped-up coronavirus blues..." more

Border to Border on the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Bike Culture Happy Hour


Portland, OR - "...I’ve had a couple Zoom meetings with sewing friends and an incredible, live online 'Bike Culture Happy Hour'..." more

The Best Cargo Bikes


"...The latest generation is more customizable and wieldy than ever..." more

What Do States Teach Drivers About Biking?


U.S. - "...Our research found that in one-fifth of states, drivers may never receive training on how to drive alongside bicycling infrastructure or how to drive safely around a bicyclist..." more

The Power of a Neighborhood Ride

"This spring, life is different..." more

Bicycle Parking Garages of the Netherlands

Bicycling Booms & Busts

"...Has bicycling ever been this popular? Yes. In the early 1970s..." more

Quieter Roads Make Cycling Easier


IRE - "...These days, the quiet passing of a bike is accompanied by chatting and laughter from parents and children enjoying the quieter, safer road environment..." more

Taking the Road Less Traveled


NY - "...for me, riding in a cramped subway or car was out of the question for now. This meant thinking of new means of getting around. As it turned out, I didn't have to look very far." more

Extension Connects Mission Reach & Medina River Trails

TX - "...It’s now possible to walk, run, or ride a bike from Brackenridge Park all the way to Medina River Natural Area on the South Side, a more than 35-mile journey roundtrip." more

Spotlight on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PA - "Explore and play along Pittsburgh’s three rivers to get a better understanding of the roots of this historic city." more

The 4.3m-Long Social Distandem

UK - "This ludicrously long tandem intrigues and horrifies all at once." more

The Performance-Enhancing Trick


"The placebo effect is well known for its medical benefits, but there is evidence it could give athletes an edge, too." more

Creating a Path for Those Who Like to Bike

TX - "Like many mountain biking enthusiasts, brothers Rhett and Will Warren will travel an hour or more – even several hours – to ride a trail..." more

Boy Reunited with his Bike

HI - "...A trio of DOCARE officers are being called heroes for finding Makai Prejean’s bike near Sacred Falls State Park after it was stolen Thursday." more

Der Junge Muss Von Der Strasse

Isak Leivsson's Homemade Steel Downhill Bike


"As the test pilot for the wild Pole downhill bike a couple of years ago, Isak Leivsson is no stranger to out-there geometries..." more

Best Road and Mountain Helmets

"The first step in buying a helmet is determining how you will use it..." more

Roll Bicycle Opens Fourth Shop


Columbus, OH - "The shutdown has inspired a resurgence of outdoor exercise, and the custom bicycle purveyor hopes people will keep moving." more

Mobile Parklet Provides Space for 8 Bikes

"Famous Dutch bicycle brand, Union, has launched a pop-up installation to replace an ordinary paid parking spot for cars..." more

Home Is Where the Bike Is

"Home was not a place I wanted to be. My dad had an unpredictable rage that often exploded at my older brother..." more

Reducing Your Risk of Stroke

"...making lifestyle changes such as getting more physical activity, eating healthier, and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk of stroke, no matter what age you start." more

Brooklyn Bicycle Company's Ryan Zagata


NY - "...Before we talk too much about Brooklyn Bicycle Company, tell me what it’s like operating a business in the epicenter of the virus." more

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