Towpath Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

Trail Running: The Coast-to-Coast Route


UK - "The 192-mile route over the Lake District and Pennines is usually plodded by hikers but our writer zips across on a new guided running trip." more...

Ten Questions About eBikes

"...Today on the Adventure Cycling blog, we’re sharing PeopleForBike’s answers to our 10 questions about eBikes." more...

Fat Bikes Popularity Growing

ME - "More ski centers are offering rentals, events and trails specifically for bikes with wide tires." more...

2017 Top Divvy Rider Pedaled 6,000 Miles

"...Roland says he started using Divvy for deliveries after thieves nabbed three of his personal bikes, one of which he'd spent hundreds of dollars customizing..." more...

The Cycling Treadmill

"The humble turbo trainer revolution continues, bringing a new age of smart training, of which the latest result is the Tacx Magnum." more...

Pennsylvania’s D&L Trail

PA - "If you’re only planning to take one bike trip this year, eastern Pennsylvania’s D&L Trail is not only at the top of our list, but also ranks in the top 10 most-viewed trails on by trail users..." more

The Story Behind Ireland's Greenway Success


IRE - "Greenways have achieved the seemingly impossible task of convincing land owners to allow strangers on their land without any compensation – how did they manage it?" more...

One Man's Abandoned Bike is Another Man's Freedom

Marysville, WA - "Unclaimed bikes piling up at the Marysville Police Department are wending their way to Africa." more...

What It Takes to Climb Mont Ventoux


"You’ll feel like you’re about to win the TdF as you summit this storied climb." more...

Man Gets Stolen Bike Back After 2 Years

Phoenix, AZ - "...thanks to a tight-knit bicycle community, a man was reunited with his bike that was stolen two years ago." more...

Cities With Badass Winter Bike Commuters

"Ever wondered how these cold-weather all-stars stay so warm and motivated? Here are their secrets." more...

Simply Propelled

Ponderings from the Pampa

Peru - "It can be lonely up on the Andean pampa. But it’s a good kind of lonely..." more

Fat Bikes Keep Campus WheelWorks Rolling in Winter


Buffalo, NY - "...Campus WheelWorks is among dozens of year-round enterprises in Western New York that has looked to make more room for winter fitness and fun – both inside its walls and beyond." more...

The Bike Bag That Does it All


"Commuter bag by workday, hydration pack for the weekend, this lightweight bike bag will be your go-to to get it done." more...

Exercise Alters Our Microbiome

"Exercise may change the composition and activity of the trillions of microbes in our guts in ways that could improve our health and metabolisms over time, a new study finds." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits E-News

Read the latest edition.

Best Bike Bags to Organize All Your Gear


"Go long, go hard, carry it all!" more...

Tips for Buying a Second-Hand Bike

"...step-by-step guide to get the best for your money, and stay safe online." more...

What the 2-Wheeled Tourist Brings to Tiny Towns

MT - "...For the last five years, Ovando has become known by the cycling community around the world as a place to stop and sleep, refuel and chat with the locals..." more

Mural to Honor Bicycling Musician

OK - "...Littell moved to Portland in 2014 with the Norman-born hip hop group ADDverse Effects, which returned as a main stage act during Norman Music Festival in 2017..." more

So Long, Cirque

"What's a trials phenom to do after retiring from the circus?" more...

4 Cool New Bikes


"You have goals, and we have four awesome bike recommendations to help you meet them." more...

Gnargonauts Bring MT Biking to Acton Youth


MA - "...Routinely, Nolde said, they are putting between 18 and 28 kids on area bike trails two or three times a week and 13 to 18 kids in NEHSCA Saturday races." more...

Becky James: Finding the Right Balance

"Becky James stunned the cycling world in August by announcing her retirement, aged just 25..." more

18 of the Best Fat Bikes

"There are more snow, slop, sand, and trail-busting options than ever. These are our current favorites." more...

Man Finds Creative Way to Walk Snow-Covered Trail


ID - "...The 91-year-old Michigan native walks the Henry's Fork Greenway almost every day..." more

E-Biking the Otago Rail Trail


NZL - "Atop two speedy e-bikes, we tackle the most popular section of the Otago Rail Trail." more...

The Allied Alfa All Road

"This US-made bike is ready to throw down wherever you ride." more...

The Bicycle Desk

" ...When I first saw it, it looked like a dream come true..." more

Australia's Old Railways getting New Life


Sydney, AUS - "In the Australian countryside, it is not unusual to stumble across the relics of a vast abandoned rail network that once connected the nation..." more

Is Road Riding with Kids Reckless?

"In short, your children are in vastly more danger in their own driveways than they are in a bicycle child seat." more...

The Super Warm Sealskinz Cycling Glove

"The Sealskinz Highland Claw takes the sting out of harsh, cold-weather rides." more...

Cycling Through History in Death Valley

NV - "...Death Valley prides itself on being the Hottest, Driest, and Lowest National Park. It, along with the deserts of Africa and the Middle East, is one of the hottest places on Earth..." more

MT Biking Revitalizes Black Hill Reserve


AUS - "...The $320,000 City of Ballarat funded mountain bike trail upgrade was completed late 2017 and has since attracted a new group of users to the reserve." more...

Tips for Winter Bike Riding

Columbus, OH - "The topic of winter bike riding begs an important question: Why the hell ride in winter?" more...

How to Keep Your E-bike Safe from Thieves

"Useful tips and gear advice to help you keep your e-bike safe and secure." more...

How to Get Traction when Riding in the Snow

"...Over the years Bike Hacks has been online we have seen a few different solutions to riding in the snow and I thought I would pack them all into one entry for easy reference..." more

7 Trainers and Rollers We Love


"No matter what your training or indoor riding needs are, we have a recommendation for you." more...

Everything You Need to Know About Connected Workouts


"How tech and artificial intelligence will make you fitter this year and beyond." more...

Remove Pedals When Teaching Kids to Ride

"...A way for kids to become comfortable on a two-wheel bike before they start riding is to skip the training wheels and start without the pedals..." more

Exploring the Wabash Cannonball Trail


Maumee, OH - "The super-flat Wabash Cannonball Trail is the premier rail-trail in northwest Ohio." more...

106-Year-Old Record-Breaking Cyclist Hangs up His Helmet


"After breaking records at the velodrome as recently as last year, French rider Robert Marchand will finally retire from competitive cycling..." more

Riding a Bike Can Fix a Broken Heart—Literally

"Research shows that exercise like cycling can reverse age-related heart damage, but you have to start before it's too late." more...

4 Wearables from CES 2018


"These four awesome wearables help you track your health in new ways." more...

Irvine Offers a Beautiful Ride


CA - "...Irvine, located in Orange County in southern California offers perfect weather and is a great place to ride. It has become a cyclist's mecca." more...

On the Ride with Floow


SGP - "Floow MTB coaches Christina Teh and Sylvia Tan share how they’re hoping to positively impact Singapore’s mountain bike scene. more...

I Zwift, and I Like It


"...I travel to an exotic cycling paradise (in my living room), sprint at 35 miles per hour (without wearing a shirt) and climb the steepest goddamn road on the planet (while my kid eats jelly beans and laughs at me)." more...

Ben Serotta Returns With a New Venture


"Serotta, who began building bikes in the 70s, is pouring his knowledge into two exciting new options." more...

The Best Microadventures in SE U.S.

"...To help you get your wanderlust on, we’ve created a state-by-state guide to the best microadventures on offer. So far, we’ve covered the West, Southwest, and Midwest. Today is all about the Southeast..." more

High Miles And Heartbreak

"When Lael Wilcox pulled up at the starting line of the coast-to-coast Trans Am Bike Race in June of 2016, she was surrounded by impressive athletes, men and women." more...

Poetic Mount Megunticook


ME - "...A favorite personal endeavor is what I call the 'Megunticook Hike and Bike.' Leaving from the parking lot at park headquarters, I bike up Mount Battie Road for about a mile to the Tablelands Trail..." more

Resolutions All Cyclists Should Make

"Here are our top 10 new year's resolutions we think all cyclists should have for 2018..." more

Biking the Great Allegheny Passage

"...The GAP, as it’s called, is a 150-mile hard-pack dirt/crushed limestone trail on an old railroad line..." more

I Ditched My Hiking Boots for Cycling Shoes

"An experienced backpacker embarks on a three-day bikepacking adventure. Here's what his trip can teach you about trying your first bike trip." more...

Her Goal? Become a Pro Cyclist


"...After a postgraduation move to New York in 2010, it wasn't long before McGowan got her first taste of bike racing, on a fixed-gear bike, doing alleycats..." more

Weird Front-Wheel Drive Bike

"With a totally unique upright riding position, front wheel drive, and the ability to assemble it in different configurations, the Bellcycle might just be weird enough to catch on." more...

Adventure by "Ordinary Road Bike"


AUS - "...During an adventure by "ordinary road bike" from Hobart to Canberra in 1956, Feeken revealed that he camped with Gerda, his wife, and Sygun, their 14-month-old daughter..." more

Bike Videos of the Week by Bicycling Mag

15 Tips on Traveling with Your Bike

"BikeRadar readers reveal their top tips..." more

12 Myths in Cycling

"...we’ll look at some of these myths. We’ll explain why we (and everybody else) used to believe them, and how things really work..." more

Fat Tire Bikes keep Adventurers Active During Winter

AK - "The bigger the better, right? When it comes to bike tires, plenty of people in Homer would have to agree." more...

5 New Rules for Winter Training

"From social cycling apps to Arctic-proof winter wear, these trends and tech help you ride hard all winter long." more...

Tips & Inspiration for the New Year

"If you’re planning to cycle to work as part of a new year’s health kick here’s our tips to make sure you enjoy the ride rather than endure it." more...

Gnarliest MTB Trail in the World?

How to Bike Safely & Comfortably in Bad Weather

D.C. - "...I recently asked my fellow Greater Greater Washington contributors about what they wear when they bike and walk to work and they had lots of good advice..." more

Forget the Car, Get on a Bike

"There are alternatives to driving that can work just about anywhere." more...

Filmaker Hopes to Shoot Cyclocross Nationals on 'Super 8'

Portland, OR - "...Coleman is a filmmaker who started shooting local cyclocross races this summer. He’s also started a YouTube channel under the Local Cycling Network banner..." more

Tackling Icy Streets On Recumbent TerraTrike

"It’s slow, oversized, and ill-suited to road travel – but boy is a winter trike fun!" more...

Don't Waste Your Winter on the Trainer

"...before you break out the trainer and resort to the hamster wheel, it's important to think about what you're doing..." more

Savvy E-Biking To A Car-Free Future

"My sister warned me. 'After you ride mine, you’ll want one.'" more...

Skiing, Skating, Hiking Possible in Frigid Temps

Canton, OH - "Despite the frigid temperatures and wind chill, outdoor recreation is still possible if you are dressed properly and take precautions." more...

Intro to Fat Biking


"...What killed me over the weekend was the soft snow on a gently rolling trail to a cabin at Red Shirt Lake, in the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area near Willow. The instrument of my demise: a fat-tire bike." more...

Bar Mitts Are the Best Thing Ever


"We get it—your hands get really, really cold, but they won't anymore." more...

The Cool Strava Snowman

"A London Strava artist just won winter with an elaborate, festive route you have to see to believe." more...

Top 5 Windiest Places to Ride in Canada

CAN - "The locations in Canada where the wind blows strongest." more...

The Bigger Story


"…'Mr. Marsden, there’s a dead guy!' Hank’s voice sounded frantic, but he was a pretty good faker in class. 'Oh my gosh! Mr. Marsden, there’s a dead guy back here!' His face was white." more...

What's In / What's Out - Mountain Biking, 2018

"Possibly the most fun we get to have all year." more...

What Frame Material Will You Choose?

"Frame material is at the heart of your bike choice - how do the top four stack up against your requirements?" more...

Raising a Glass

"...The appeal to me of more recreational bikepacking trips is likely the same as it is for many others who also enjoy them..." more

How Bike Sharing Conquered the World

"A two-wheeled journey from anarchist provocation to high-stakes capitalism." more...

Hacks to Help You Stick to Your Fitness Resolutions


"Most people don't achieve their New Year's fitness goals. Don't be like them." more...

Cycling Your Way to a Healthier You

"...Why is it so hard to make time for exercise, and stick with it?.." more

How Cycling Tours Help Recovering Addicts

Hong Kong - "Having had her own struggles with drugs, Lee Man-ying is no stranger to dealing with addiction." more...

Brompton Recalls 8,000+ Folding Bikes


"Faulty bottom bracket cartridges could break during use, potentially causing a fall and injury." more...

A Backcountry MT Bike Route Across Oregon

OR - "...It is called the Oregon Timber Trail, and it has some mountain bikers and long-distance bikepackers giddy with excitement..." more

Epic Idaho Adventures


ID - "...We asked several of our contributors to offer their suggestions about outings you should consider to make 2018 memorable." more...

What to do When Your Bike Breaks Down

"How to handle even serious gear failures in any situation." more...

Haven Sticks with Hiking Trail Issues


PA - "After 11 years as a supervisor and now a Freeport Area School Board member, John Haven can't stay away from the Butler-Freeport Community Trail." more...

Episode #2 - Spun Cycles

Cincinnati, OH - "...Episode #2 of The Distiller was recorded at one of Brandon’s happy places: Spun Bicycles in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood..." more

Venice Island Loop Showcases Bike-Friendly Community


FL - "...Her goal is to introduce uneasy riders to group cycling and offer a slower-paced six-mile route that showcases the Venice Island Loop in the silver-rated Bicycle Friendly Community..." more

New Year Resolutions

"...this year, choose positive resolutions that add to your cycling fitness and give you a new outlook on your goals." more...

Don't be Afraid to MT Bike in the Dark


"...That's right, I said it. Real mountain bikers sometimes do it the dark." more...

World's Lightest Production Road Biike

"...Trek Bicycle Corp.'s launch this past summer of its latest super-high-end road bike was a good example of how brands try to conduct under-the-radar real-world testing before unveiling bikes in prime time..." more

What's Your New Year's Trail Resolution?

"The New Year is upon us! With that said, we’re pleased to bring you this list of 30 resolutions that we hope help inspire you to get out on the trail and get active." more...

Ride all the 7 Stanes Trail Centres in 2018


UK - "Scot’s cycling bucket list continues with some off the best mountain biking in the UK." more...

Why Cyclists Should Scare Themselves Silly


"Own your fears to be a more badass (and happier) bike rider." more...

The Rise of Bikepacking... & its Growing Pains


AZ - "...This proposed bikepacking route would also be part of a new Canada–Mexico bikepacking route dubbed “The Wild West Track” being created by a new nonprofit organization called Bikepacking Roots..." more

The Troublemakers


"The evolution of the 29er." more...

A Trail for All Seasons: Hop River Trail

Bolton, CT - "Enjoy a fat-tire ride or cross-country ski in winter..." more

Top 10 Road Biking Questions, Answered


"...We’ve got the answers to all your beginner road cycling questions." more...

7 Great Bikes

"Our monthly Bike Crush includes stunning bikes from Colnago, Jaegher, State, Brookyn, and more." more...

6 Types of Winter Riders

"...Here’s a look at some of the personalities you might encounter – or recognise within yourself – this wet and windy season…" more

Comfortable Knee and Leg Warmers for Cold Weather


"Because sausage leg is real." more...

Fat-Bike Grooming

MI - "Fat tread on fresh snow has a cult following around the world. But on Michigan’s U.P., in and around the Lake Superior town of Marquette, the obsession is strong." more...

Like can be a Beach - on a Bike


South Africa - "Red Cherry Adventures’s cycling packages the ultimate off-road experience along the coast." more...

No Country for Fat Tires

"...Biking as an adult seems pretty straightforward—what could be more “like riding a bike” than riding a bike? But adults like to complicate everything." more...

Star Wars Cycling Apparel

"Belgian speedwear clothing brand Bioracer joins together with Disney to launch a collection of shorts and shirts featuring Star Wars icons, just as the second to last episode of the saga commercialized by the movie giant is about to hit theaters around the world..." more

PDW’s Daybot Tail Light

Portland, OR - "...I picked up one of their latest tail light models, the Daybot. I was impressed by the Daybot as a product, but also because it’s a local company..." more

Biking Helps KC Make 'Best Towns' List

MO - "...Outside Online wrote that KC has the 'best mix of barbecue and biking'...” more

18 Best Fitness and Hybrid Bikes of 2018

"Run errands, commute to work, and get fit on these fun, stylish, versatile rides." more...

Women's Peloton Forms Union

"Nearly half of the women’s UCI peloton races for less than 5,000 Euros (U.S.$7,700) a year, with 17.5 percent of that group going completely unpaid..." more

Change Your Whole Cycling Life

"Don't switch everything up this year. Instead, any one of these simple changes can improve your weight, health, performance, and other fitness goals across the board." more...

82-Year-Old Closes 2017 with his 100th Bike Ride


"At 82, Paul Brinson still rides his bicycle three days a week, covering more than 3,000 miles a year." more...

A Bit of Adventure in the Valley of the Sun

AZ - "...Just beyond Phoenix’s nondescript subdivisions, we stumbled upon challenging hikes, exotic food and even an olive farm." more...

U.S. Strava Ride with the Most Kudos

"If you’re looking for more kudos on your next Strava ride, take some notes from Erik Binggeser..." more

Students Create Bike for Girl with Autism

Boulder, CO - "A group of University of Colorado engineering students came together to change the life of a girl diagnosed with autism." more...

Disabled Woman & Her Trike

"On Nov. 2, 1996, Cynthia Pletcher experienced the unthinkable: she was in a car accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury." more...

The Helmet That Every Bike Commuter Needs

"The Lumos helmet has a built-in light. Testing it has changed how I ride." more...

Riding Across Namibia

View this program on Red Bull TV.

The MTB Capital of Austrailia


AUS - "A few years ago, Derby was a typical Tasmanian town — few job opportunities, a falling head count and bargain basement real estate. But then the Blue Derby mountain bike trails were built..." more

Bicycles Change Lives

Kenya - "Dianah Mwanika is 19 years old. She lives in Kenya’s Western Province..." more

Axiom's Axle Runners

"Turn any bike into a be-fendered winter wagon with these nifty nubbins." more...

All I Want for Christmas is to Get Back on My Bike


"... Ossola had her world turned upside down less than two months ago, when she nearly lost her life after colliding with a vehicle on the north side of Santa Fe." more...

One Last Shot

"He hadn’t competed in years—hell, he hadn’t ridden in years. But before his health took him down for good, 74-year-old Wally Ghia was determined to race his bike again." more...

10 Reasons to Discover and Ride Gravel

"Curious about gravel road riding? Let us help convince you to give it a try with these top 10 reasons to get out and pedal on some gravel." more...

Your Mood Is an Important Ride Metric

"Keeping track of your mood can help you harness emotional energy, avoid overtraining, and improve performance." more...

First Look: Arkel Rollerpacker 15 & 25

John's Yay Bikes! Journey

Columbus, OH - "...The cool thing people may not realize about Yay Bikes! is how much it spawns so much more awesome within our bike community, where people gain confidence riding with the group and then split off from it to offer their own unique thing..." more

Pinarello’s NYTRO E-Road Bike​

"Pinarello has designed the ultimate e-road bike, but it’s not available in the US …yet." more...

Bicycle Tie and Bow Tie

"...The world’s first combined reflective and night glow tie and bow tie for enhanced safety in traffic - and in nightlife..." more

Bicycle Batman

Seattle, WA - "He made a promise on the wheels of his stolen bike that he would rid his city of the evil that took his ride..." more

Quebec's Fat Bike Trails

CAN - "...Here are the best winter riding locations around Québec City." more...

Into NYC by MTBike


NYC - "Sometimes the most crowded landscapes are also the most expansive." more...

7 Ways Cycling Changes Your Body

"​‘Will cycling make you swole?’ and other answers to common questions about how biking shapes your body." more...

Overcome the 4 Biggest Cycling Fears


"...Here’s how four cyclists faced down what scared them most—and how you can do it too." more...

Try Biking at Slaughter Creek Preserve


Austin, TX - "...The preserve features 5 miles of winding multi-use trail, built by the Austin Ridge Riders, that take cyclists up gentle hillsides and down cascading steps of limestone rock..." more

Following a World Cycling Team on the Island of Hvar

"...TCN followed them around the December roads of the island. It was quite an experience." more...

The Skinny on Fat Tire Biking


"People who love to bike don’t have to stop just because there is snow on the ground." more...

The World's Greatest Cyclocross Rider

"...The Belgian retired last year, but not before winning 140 races, including seven World Cups and two World Championships." more...

18 of the Best Helmets for 2018


"Selected by our editors, these are the best helmets for road, mountain, commuting, and casual riding in 2018." more...

Jordan Trail Among Best 21 Tourism Destinations

"...The Jordan Trail is a long route that extends over 650 km, crosses the entire Jordan, from Umm Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south." more...

Cycling Put Me on the Road to Happiness

"I found comfort with CBT and medication – but then I discovered cycling, and it saved me, revealing a mental strength I didn’t know I possessed." more...

Carnage From Corbet's Couloir Mountain Bike Descent


"The terrifying crash didn't seem to phase Casey Brown." more...

Ultralight Jersey Might Become Your Next Kit Obsession


"So comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there." more...

Springwater Path One of Strava's Top U.S. Segments

Portland, OR - "One of Portland’s most iconic paths has made it on the list of Strava’s all-time busiest bikeways..." more

Humbled by Nature on the Big Island


HI - "...We'd already traversed miles through the park, after a night of tent camping and a pre-dawn wake-up to watch the lava lake spit fire inside the Halemaumau Crater at sunrise..." more

Super-Warm Cycling Gloves for Winter

"Keep your hands warm in all conditions with these gloves." more...

18 Things That Might Be Better Than Base Miles


"Winter weather can take all the fun out of long hours on the bike. But can you stay in prime cycling shape with these alternatives?" more...

5 Myths about Cycling & Bad Weather

UK - "...We wanted to look at some of the myths about bad weather and cycling to see if they're really true." more...

How to Dress for Winter Cycle Commuting


"...Joe tells us how to dress for winter cycling, and recommends lotsa layers..." more

5 Best Cleveland Hikes

OH - "...If you can only ever do five hikes, you simply must travel along these routes..." more

Cycling Gives Me Focus

"I am not a morning person, jumping out of bed full of vim and vigor is not something that happens to me at 6AM..." more

MTBiking Runs in the Family


"'Mountain biking runs in the family' could be Jonathon Dodd's motto." more...

"Casual Pace” and Other Lies

"'Casual pace,' my ass! You know what that means; your riding buddies are going to try and rip your legs off." more...

7 Problems Only Slow Cyclists Understand

"The struggle is real for those of us who fight to keep from falling off the back." more...

Timberjack for Kids

"Timberjack 20 and Timberjack 24 are our plus-sized 3″ tire kids’ bikes designed to help turn your child’s daydreams into reality..." more

Cycling in a Winter Wonderland

NL - "...With snow from Friday to Monday, leading to a “code red weather alarm” that last day in the Netherlands, public life came to a grinding halt..." more

Waterford Greenway Proves Popular


IRE - "The Waterford Greenway is proving a major addition to the tourism infrastructure of the south-east..." more

10 Best Scottish Cycle Rides


"...Scotland is not short of opportunities for tallying up an impressive inventory of experiences." more...

Specialized Recalls 2018 Allez Models

"Riders are asked to avoid riding the affected models, as fork crown failure may lead to injury." more...

Bike Touring along the GAP

"We’re another 43 miles down the road, just a day’s ride from the end of the Great Allegheny Passage..." more

Biking with Biosensors in NYC

Remembering Pedestrian Pete

"...Through videos, poetry and editorials, Brown championed walkability and neighborhood-level planning in a city that struggles with the concepts still..." more

Why Is No One Talking About Bicycle Tourism?

"...just in case you’re among the many who haven’t been brought up to speed, allow us to give you a crash course in one of the most exciting (and underrated) developments in the modern cycling world." more...

Making Bicycles a Part of Daily Life

Memphis, TN - "In 2010, Memphis was the 18th-largest city in the country but had only 1.5 miles of bike lanes. Now, just seven years later, the city is on track to have 400 miles of bike-friendly thoroughfares." more...

Making Thunder Bay a Mountain Bike Destination


CAN - "...The master plan was developed by the Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club in partnership with the City of Thunder Bay Parks Division..." more

How Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest Problems

"There’s tantalizing data suggesting that biking could go a long way to solving America’s obesity crisis..." more

Grande Lakes Orlando Adventure Activities


FL - "...The recently completed Hidden Lake bike trail gives guests a two-mile track to ride on new Scott bicycles over boardwalks and trails through wooded areas..." more

Bike-Riding Book Peddler Takes on New Orleans


"Veronica Brooks-Sigler is putting a new spin on the bookmobile while she saves up for a bricks-and-mortar store in her home state of Connecticut." more...

From Couch Potater to 50 Stater

Cleveland, OH - "...As luck would have it, around this time, I happened to see an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on mountain biking..." more

Views & History on the Hornbeck Trail


CA - "...The mostly level, popular four-mile dirt trail runs through the foothills along the east side of Keswick Reservoir..." more

Embracing Fear


"...I started riding a bike as a little girl, somewhere around 3 years old..." more

Balance Bike with Lefty Fork


"The Cannondale Trail 12" is the high-performance balance bike you've been looking for." more...

Sweet E-Bike With a Huge Range


"​This powerful e-bike lets you go and go and go (seriously, it has a 137-mile range) in style." more...

Peaceful Trails in S. King & Pierce Counties


WA - "It’s the Seattle conundrum: you want to enjoy some natural beauty and exercise on your bike. But you dread the chaotic congestion of the Burke-Gilman trail..." more

The Best Fat Bike Trails In BruceGreySimcoe


CAN - "...BruceGreySimcoe, located in Ontario's snow belt, is the perfect playground for adventure seekers looking to take a fat bike out for a ride..." more

The Lifer

"Don’t feel bad if his name doesn’t ring a bell. His biggest win came at a race you’ve probably never heard of. His greatest strength was not sprinting or climbing or time trialing." more...

The Case Against Bicycle Repair Nihilism

"...I see and hear bicycles in varying states of fixable disrepair everyday, and it drives me crazy to know that people can be so disinterested in the fast moving machinery between their legs..." more

Cycling Club Gives Students 'Important Balance'


CA - "...Unlike the majority of sports teams at Sac State, the cycling club — which practices every day of the week — doesn’t hold official tryouts and welcomes newcomers onto the team right away..." more

Biking the 2,800-Mile Great Divide MTB Route

"...Marty Bannon decided to experience the nearly 2,800 miles from Banff, Alberta to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico from his bicycle..." more

I Don’t Know How to Ride for Fun Anymore

"Tracking every detail of my workouts is too ingrained." more...

Tips for Riding on Ice & Snow


"How to ride your bike through a wintery wonderland without falling off." more...

Fat Biking in the Snow


"If you’ve been bike shopping lately, you may have seen a peculiar bike niche gaining some strides in the bike market: the fat bike..." more

Mystery of Mike Rust's Death Finally Solved


"The mystery behind the death of Colorado mountain-biking pioneer Mike Rust has finally been solved..." more

Best Perks at Bike Companies

"Here’s a shocker: Jobs in the bicycle industry come with serious benefits for bike lovers..." more

What Makes a City Great for Cycling?

"North American cities rarely make the list of the world’s best biking cities. So what can we do better?" more...

2 People Get Pro Cycling Contracts Through Bike App


"If you’re on a stationary bike and you’re feeling strong, you will get a good workout. Now, you may even find yourself being offered a pro-cycling contract." more...

Foldable Bike Helmets


"By folding into a size small enough to fit into a bag, LID Helmets aims to help cyclists avoid a common excuse for not wearing head protection." more...

Breathless Amid the Beauty of San Francisco

CA - "...Fellow bicyclists had warned me that San Francisco was not very bike-friendly..." more

Oregon's Niagara Falls

OR - "...Our small hiking party sported cameras in hand and each had a photo mission in mind as we trekked in the coast range hills of the Nestucca River watershed and we were on a trail you’ve likely missed." more...

Strava's 10 Most Popular U.S. Ride Segments


"Good luck scoring a KOM or QOM on one of these highly ridden stretches." more...

The Importance of Dressing Down

"You don't need to get kitted up before every ride." more...

Should You Ride Your Bike Today?

"Here's how to decide whether to power through an illness or take a zero day." more...

Cyclist Takes to Elevated Median for Safe Route

FL - "Miami's MacArthur Causeway has bike lanes, but not very good ones. So one rider took a different approach." more...

Man Uses Segway to Run Dog on Greenway


NE - "When people see Alan Forbes rolling along on his fancy scooter, connected by a leash to his Yorkshire terrier, some wonder if the dog is pulling him." more...

Less-Crowded National Park Options


U.S. - "...Instead of lining up at one of the most popular parks, trek the less-trodden path with these alternatives." more...

4 Tips for 4 Season Riding

"It’s here. The cold weather has done a fair job of staying away, but I’m afraid the real deal is here for a while. Let’s talk about a few tips to stay warm and comfortable – because NOT riding all winter is the biggest mistake you can make." more...

Is Road Riding Worth the Risk?


"After getting hit by a car, our bike-test director comes to terms with distracted driving and a society that devalues cyclists." more...

Wisconsin’s Oak Leaf Trail

WI - "It’s a jewel of southeast Wisconsin. The more it connects, the better it gets." more...

9 Best Bikes for (Little) Girls


"Whether your little shredder is into MTB, road, or just pushing around, we’ve got great options." more...

Making Your Workplace More Bike-Friendly

"Even if you don’t control office policy or purse strings, there are important things you can do to make your workplace more cyclist-friendly..." more

But It's Raining Outside!

"It’s been a wet fall, but riding a bike in the rain is not as bad as it may seem..." more

The End of the Road for the IBD


"...What the current IBDs need to do is bite the bullet, stop resisting and alienating online consumers and just face the fact that the internet is here to stay..." more

Biking, Beer & Back Roads


WI - "...I felt that the mishap didn't bode well for the Epic Three-Day Weekend of the 2017 Runnin' and Ridin' in Wisco Project..." more

Lyin’ Eyes

"...while maintaining eye contact may be crucial when you're interviewing for that job or interrogating that kid who came home smelling like weed again, it shouldn't serve as the basis for public policy regarding cycling and street safety..." more

Cleveland Makes Best of the World List


"If your clients asked you, 'Where should I go next?' would you answer Ethiopia?" more...

Remembering Rich Roat


"...He contributed stunning work to clients around the world, including Bicycling." more...

Man Gets Stolen Bike Back from Philippines


CAN - "Unlike most cyclists in Toronto, Warren Hull got his stolen bike back — but not before it took a trip around the world." more...

The 9 Best Multi-Tools for Cyclists


"Whether you’re a roadie, an MTBer, or need a clean commute, these multitools have your back on every type of ride." more...

The 4 Cycling Workouts You Really Need


"Do these each week and you've got your basic training covered." more...

4 Cool Bike Racks for Your Home

"Whether you’re looking for a beautiful way to display your favorite bike or just save some space, there’s a bike storage solution for you." more...

Got Errands? Get a Bike and Go!

"...A friend had given me her old Cannondale road bike and suddenly I had a reason to use it: work was 12 minutes away and bike parking was free." more...

10 Tips on Riding All Winter


"While everyone else is hiding inside, these riders are joyfully spinning their wheels in the cold and snow. Here are their secrets." more...

Get Your Bike Ready for Winter

"...The extreme weather conditions can torment you as well as your bike, so we have compiled tips & tricks on how to get your bike ready for the cold season." more

Bike Trailer Can Deliver as Much Cargo as a Minivan

"With an electric bike, you can pull 400 pounds of cargo–and not get stuck in traffic." more...

Bike Videos of the Week

"These awesome bike videos will get you stoked to ride..." more

Dale Jr. Shares Bike Stories


"Earnhardt, who picked up cycling from fellow NASCAR vet Jimmie Johnson, recalls learning to draft, awkward kit moments, and angry drivers flipping him the bird." more...

Hacking the Citi Bike Points System

NYC - "A program offers modest benefits to riders who help rebalance the city’s network of bicycles. One man outdid its expectations." more

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