County Line Trail

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I Miss Group Rides

"You know that guy who shows up to every group ride 10 minutes late with a flat tire and a hot Starbucks coffee?.." more

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot

River Trail Cycles Deals with Spike in Business


WI - "...Although coronavirus has caused an uptick in the bike shop’s sales and repairs business, it’s also put a stop to its rentals of bicycles and bicycle trailers for children..." more

Social Distancing and Traffic?


PHL - "Riding a bicycle for mobility in the Philippines isn’t just a lifestyle choice, it’s an act of resistance." more

Cannondale Scalpel SE Hits the Sweet Spot

"I’ve ridden my share of fast bikes with 120 or 130mm of travel but never had any desire to own one, until now..." more

'Lance,' the Documentary


"...'LANCE'—the latest documentary in ESPN’s 30-for-30 series, directed by Marina Zenovich—takes a dive into the life and career of the controversial, polarizing athlete and public figure." more

Walking Across Ohio on the OTE


Columbus, OH - "If I ever walk across Ohio, I will do it the Randy Gabel way." more

Biking the 13-mile Mill Creek lLoop

Cleveland, OH - "...The Mill Creek loop is a route that includes three Cleveland Metroparks Reservations, the Morgana Run Trail and a stop at the beautiful Mill Creek Falls..." more

Pandemic Turns Dutch Bike Brand into Global Hit

"About a month ago, Taco Carlier noticed something unusual. A tool to measure the daily performance of the Dutch bicycle company he had founded was suddenly registering wild spikes..." more

Love on the Mountain Bike Trail

NY - "On Friday afternoons in the small Adirondack town of Wilmington, N.Y., local mountain bike enthusiasts gather for 'Hardy hour'..." more

Ski Resorts Prepare for Hiking & Biking Season

Boise, ID - "...The Idaho Ski Areas Association compiled a list of all Idaho ski resorts that are transitioning to mountain biking, hiking and other summer activities..." more

Crusin' on the Holmes County Trail


Interest in Cycling Shifts Upward

TX - "... walkers, joggers and cyclists hit the trail in numbers some Rio Grande Valley municipalities describe as unprecedented." more

This Cyclist Is Living Her Best Life

"Zoe Zeerip was 13 years old when she was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, an illness that abruptly and painfully entered her life with no explanation..." more

Losing 200 lbs. to Keep Up on Group Rides

"In the back of my mind, I was cognizant of the fact that I wasn’t healthy. But it really hit me when I went for a ride with some of the people I used to work with at the local bike shop..." more

The Incredible Lake Tahoe Bike Trail

CA - "...Between the alpine lakes, lush forests, and unique topography, the area is a bicyclist’s mecca." more

Everesting Is Having a Moment


"Last Monday Phil Gaimon broke the world record for fastest completed Everest by climbing Mountaingate Drive, north of Los Angeles, 60 times in 7:52:12. [This record was broken 4 days later.]" more

Everesting Record Attempt

The 3 Biggest Bike Helmet Fails

"It happened again. I was flying south down the Hudson River Greenway when I spotted another cyclist pedaling north and noticed something seemed… different..." more

Need Riding Lessons?

Portland, OR - "It’s often said that we 'never forget how to ride a bike.' But what if you never learned?.." more

Automated Delivery Cashes in on Pandemic Demand

"...The reality right now is that goods delivery is a bigger market than moving people..." more

Old Canal Mill Restoration in St. Marys


St. Marys, OH

Evil Following MB Bike Check

Be a Bike Ambassador


"...We want people to enjoy themselves riding during the outbreak and experience using bikes for fun and transportation..." more

A Biking Revolution in Latin America?


"...Already, city leaders in Bogotá, Lima, Buenos Aires and elsewhere have taken steps to promote biking as a reliable form of transportation for essential workers..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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The Best New E-Bikes


"If you think electric bicycles are clunky and ugly, it’s time to take another look." more

Wrap Handlebar Tape the Smart Way


"Dollar for dollar, no new part takes a bike from dingy to dashing as noticeably as new handlebar tape..." more

Route of the Hiawatha Bike Trail Opens


ID - "...The popular trail winds through the Bitterroot Mountains along the Idaho/Montana border. Riders go through railroad tunnels and across trestles, along 15 miles of beautiful scenery." more

American River Parkway’s Jedidiah Smith Trail

CA - "...The Parkway and its Jedidiah Smith Trail offer a network of well over 40 miles of paved trail, and an almost endless array of side trails into riparian forests..." more

Mountain Guardian

Group Aiming to Save Mavic


FRA - "A French newspaper is reporting that a business lawyer is planning to 'save' Mavic, which was placed in receivership earlier this month." more

Thinking of Buying a Bike?

"...Get ready for a long wait." more

E-Bikes are Eating the Market


"...E-bikes enable people to go farther, to flatten hills, in crappier weather conditions than they usually do on regular bikes, and there has never been a better time to try them..." more

Tallahassee's Greenway Network

FL - "...Whether it is the Munson Hills trails, Lake Overstreet, Phipps Park, the Miccosukee Greenway, Rails to Trails. or one of dozens of less known trails, COVID-19 has pushed a lot of runners, cyclists and walkers out the door and onto the trails..." more

True Story: Ben Hildred

Cycling Guide: Rolling through RFV?


CO - "Mountain-biking trails in the Roaring Fork Valley rightfully earned international acclaim last fall with Gold Level status, but if road riding is more your style the valley has you covered as well." more

Firefighters Swapping Cars for E-Bikes

Seattle, WA - "Seattle firefighters are among the commuters swapping cars for e-bikes to avoid the traffic nightmare caused by the emergency shutdown of the West Seattle Bridge." more


"Fiendishly simple, yet brutally hard..." more

VO2 Max and Your Lifespan May Be Related


"According to a recent study in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, your cardiorespiratory fitness level—indicated by your VO2 max—is an important factor in determining how long you might live." more

Local Parks Rated for Running

OH - "During the pandemic, more of us are outside being active." more

Trailer Released for 'LANCE'

"ESPN has released the trailer for “LANCE,” a documentary centering on the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong’s cycling career. more

E-Bikes Can Solve Commuting Problems


"Demand has rocketed as people consider how to get into work after lockdown..." more

Mountain Biking Lincoln County

ME - "There are several places to go mountain biking in Lincoln County. The best two choices are the Schmid Preserve in Edgecomb and Hidden Valley Nature Center in Jefferson..." more

Enjoying Minnesota Bike Trails


MN - "There are more than 4,000 miles of terrain to explore." more

Front Range “Free-For-All”


CO - "How Fruita became a battleground between locals and outsiders." more

Visit Wyoming's No. 1 Bike Trail System


WY - "..Sweetwater County offers plenty of outdoor activities to practice social distancing and still have fun, especially the bike trails scattered all over the county." more

Girona to Portugal Cycling Adventure

Geologist Shares the Dirt on Local Trails


Portland, OR - "...A bike saddle is the perfect vantage point for viewing landscapes and the geology that forms them..." more

Favorite Routes in Western Colorado


CO - "Surround yourself with heartpounding enjoyment from Aspen to Grand Junction." more

Photos of Cities Closed Streets to Cars


"Photos show how cities have closed streets to cars so people have enough space to get outside during the pandemic." more

Most Dangerous U.S. Cities for Cyclists


"...Although cyclist fatalities have been on the rise nationwide, the risk varies widely by location..." more

E-Mountain Bike

London's New Golden Age of Cycling?


UK - "A labyrinth of bollard-protected cycle lanes begins to crop up across London..." more

Cities are Transforming as E-Bike Sales Skyrocket


"...Bicycles are the ideal mode of transportation as cities emerge from quarantine, made even more appealing now that summer is approaching in the US and Europe.." more

10 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes


"From entry-level cross-country builds to those designed for more technical terrain, women-specific bikes now span the entire mountain bike spectrum..." more

We Are Running Out Of Bikes


"Two months ago, bike shops were facing the same challenge as every other business: Stay above water when it seems the whole world is drowning..." more

DIYgravel Belgian Waffle Ride

Couch Curve Gets a "Bike Bar"


Portland, OR - "...I understand the importance of urban design aesthetics, but we need places to park bikes..." more

Saddles Sores and Other Indoor Bike Trainer Problems

"...those Zwift-athons can come with some less-than-desirable side effects..." more

22 Awesome E-Bikes


"It’s official. Electric bikes are here to stay, and their popularity is through the roof..." more

SRAM Adds Lower Gearing Options to Its eTap AXS Groups


"When SRAM rolled out the new Force eTap AXS group last year, the lowest 2x option offered was a 10-33 cassette and a 33/46 chainring combo..." more

Veteran Bike Mechanic has Common Bond with Cyclists


"When the COVID-19 stay-at-home order was relaxed in late April, Bob Hammond was finally able to launch his dream business, Common Bond Mobile Bike Shop..." more

How the GAP Transformed a Region

"Since its formal inception in the 1990s, the 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) ( in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Western Maryland has gone from a vision to a premier rail-trail destination in the United States." more

Pandemic Impact on Bike Retail in North America & Beyond


"...Bike shops are, in many ways, the heart and soul of cycling..." more

Birth of a Bike Brand

Lewis And Clark National Historic Trail


"Faithful students of American history know that Lewis and Clark started out from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for their historic trek across the West to the Pacific Ocean..." more

VanMoof Raises $13.5M to Capitalize on E-Bike Boom


"...The funds will be used for international expansion following the launch of the new electric VanMoof S3 and X3 bikes." more

Trails—The Perfect Salve to an Aching Soul

"Writer Andrew Findlay checks in from his quarantine outpost on Vancouver Island." more

The Rise of the E-Bike


UK - "How battery-power is promoting cycling as part of a new active-transport revolution." more

Choosing to Live

Buying a Bike


Portland, OR - "Bike sales are through the roof — in Portland and across the country..." more

Pro Cycling Left Me with an Eating Disorder

"It’s hardly a secret that weight is important to cyclists, and that this is amplified once riding a bike becomes your career..." more

Peloton’s Revenue & Membership Surges


"...because many are choosing to stay active indoors, Peloton, the popular indoor bike and fitness company, has experienced a jump in revenue and memberships..." more

Montana’s Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail


MT - "Thompson Park beckons on the southern outskirts of Butte, where the vast openness of Big Sky Country gives way to the backcountry beauty of lodgepole pine, spruce and Douglas fir..." more

A Trail in Every Community


U.S. - "...Across the country, people have sought places within a short walk or bike ride from their homes where they can safely be active and find solace. Essential workers have relied on walking and biking routes to get to the front lines when transit or other transportation options aren’t available..." more

Fumpa Pumps

Shimano Technology Monitors Component Wear with AI


"Could a “Check Engine” light be coming to bikes?.." more

Giro’s Manifest Mountain Bike Helmet

"A high-end mountain bike helmet with exceptional ventilation and enhanced protection." more

The 10 Best Bike Pumps

"The pump is the unsung hero of cycling..." more

New Hampshire Rail Trails get Plenty of Use


NH - "From Upper Coos to Hinsdale, New Hampshire has hundreds of miles of recreational rail trail..." more

Long History of Recreation in the Cuyahoga Valley

CVNP, OH - "...When Congress established CVNP as a recreation area in 1974, it noted that the park provides, 'needed recreational open space necessary for the urban environment'...” more

Does Tread Affect Speed on Gravel?

Snobbery on the Bike Trails

OR - "...I’ve noticed new signs put up on the Phil’s Trail system by the USFS and the Central Oregon Trail Association posting 'No E-bikes' and 'No Pedal Assist'." more

What’s Faster, a 29er or Mullet Bike Setup?


"Are big wheels always faster? Or can a 'mullet' setup with a smaller back wheel give you more speed and style?" more

Who are Greater Manchester's New Cyclists?

UK - "Cycling has risen by 22 per cent during lockdown. Is Greater Manchester's £5m walking and cycling plan enough to persuade them to stick to it?" more

Former Exec Rolls into the Bicycle Business


Columbus, OH - "As an avid cyclist who has a background in retail analytics, operations and logistics, Ryan Hughes joined Roll Bicycle Co. late last year to help the company get its customizable bikes into shops across the country..." more

I Was Hit By a Driver — And de Blasio Failed Me

NYC - Caiti Borruso wrote the following op-ed after she was hit by a driver on May 2, the first day that the city opened up some streets for socially responsible recreation..." more

Off-Roading with the Swytch E-Bike Conversion Kit


"The Swytch Kit is an e-bike conversion kit that markets itself as ultra-lightweight and easy to use..." more

Wet Condition Lead to Treacherous Bike Ride


MT - "Mother Nature wreaks havoc during outing at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park." more

Cycling is Taking Off in Tasmania


TAS - "...Tasmania has historically had some of the worst rates of bike usage in the country..." more

Trails: More than an Amenity


CO - "As residents of western Colorado, we enjoy the proximity of public lands managed by state and federal agencies..." more

New Gazelle Medeo T9 Mid-Drive E-Bike


"...the company’s latest release today of the Gazelle Medeo T9 brings that Dutch heritage to North American riders with a comfort bike designed for both city commuting and recreational trail riding." more

Review: Electra Townie Path Go!


"This premium ebike is a stylish, spendy ride with top-of-the-line performance." more

The 2021 Specialized Diverge

"Smoother, better handling, and more capable, the new Specialized Diverge is one of the best gravel bikes you can buy." more

Nature's Steel: Bamboo Bikes

CHN - "In many ways, Beijing is my dream city. I’d always wanted to live somewhere that young and the old alike flooded the streets on their bicycles..." more

Trail Access in Vermont

VT - "Vermonters can now take advantage of the nicer weather and enjoy the great outdoors, following relaxed restrictions to the 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' order on Wednesday." more

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Mavic Put into Receivership in France

FRA - "Mavic has been put into receivership at the French commercial court in Grenoble, after being put under the management of a turnaround firm in February." more

Back to Bicycles


"As a student of 9th class in 1972, it was mandatory for us to read a magazine named 'Science Today'..." more

Boom Time for Bikes

UK - "Fear of catching coronavirus on public transport has helped lead to a boom in cycle-to-work schemes." more

Behind the Handlebars with Joe Flood

D.C. - "...He and I recently sat down to talk about all kinds of things related to riding bikes in DC, from plugging into the bike community via social media to how to make DC safer for cyclists." more

Weekenders: Santa Barbara

Goalie Turns to Cycling

" ...A German native who currently resides in Denver, Grubauer has played for the Colorado Avalanche since last season..." more

Recipient Of Bike Trail Kindness


MO - "...As a casual, occasional rider I don’t carry tire repair kits or even air..." more

Crooked River Reflections

CVNP, OH - "How biomimicry may help people with disabilities enjoy the Cuyahoga Valley National Park." more

‘Bike Tag’ Website to Spread Popular Game


Portland, OR - "A fun game that encourages people to get out and ride bikes might help cure your cooped-up coronavirus blues..." more

Border to Border on the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Bike Culture Happy Hour


Portland, OR - "...I’ve had a couple Zoom meetings with sewing friends and an incredible, live online 'Bike Culture Happy Hour'..." more

The Best Cargo Bikes


"...The latest generation is more customizable and wieldy than ever..." more

What Do States Teach Drivers About Biking?


U.S. - "...Our research found that in one-fifth of states, drivers may never receive training on how to drive alongside bicycling infrastructure or how to drive safely around a bicyclist..." more

The Power of a Neighborhood Ride

"This spring, life is different..." more

Bicycle Parking Garages of the Netherlands

Bicycling Booms & Busts

"...Has bicycling ever been this popular? Yes. In the early 1970s..." more

Quieter Roads Make Cycling Easier


IRE - "...These days, the quiet passing of a bike is accompanied by chatting and laughter from parents and children enjoying the quieter, safer road environment..." more

Taking the Road Less Traveled


NY - "...for me, riding in a cramped subway or car was out of the question for now. This meant thinking of new means of getting around. As it turned out, I didn't have to look very far." more

Extension Connects Mission Reach & Medina River Trails

TX - "...It’s now possible to walk, run, or ride a bike from Brackenridge Park all the way to Medina River Natural Area on the South Side, a more than 35-mile journey roundtrip." more

Spotlight on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PA - "Explore and play along Pittsburgh’s three rivers to get a better understanding of the roots of this historic city." more

The 4.3m-Long Social Distandem

UK - "This ludicrously long tandem intrigues and horrifies all at once." more

The Performance-Enhancing Trick


"The placebo effect is well known for its medical benefits, but there is evidence it could give athletes an edge, too." more

Creating a Path for Those Who Like to Bike

TX - "Like many mountain biking enthusiasts, brothers Rhett and Will Warren will travel an hour or more – even several hours – to ride a trail..." more

Boy Reunited with his Bike

HI - "...A trio of DOCARE officers are being called heroes for finding Makai Prejean’s bike near Sacred Falls State Park after it was stolen Thursday." more

Der Junge Muss Von Der Strasse

Isak Leivsson's Homemade Steel Downhill Bike


"As the test pilot for the wild Pole downhill bike a couple of years ago, Isak Leivsson is no stranger to out-there geometries..." more

Best Road and Mountain Helmets

"The first step in buying a helmet is determining how you will use it..." more

Roll Bicycle Opens Fourth Shop


Columbus, OH - "The shutdown has inspired a resurgence of outdoor exercise, and the custom bicycle purveyor hopes people will keep moving." more

Mobile Parklet Provides Space for 8 Bikes

"Famous Dutch bicycle brand, Union, has launched a pop-up installation to replace an ordinary paid parking spot for cars..." more

Home Is Where the Bike Is

"Home was not a place I wanted to be. My dad had an unpredictable rage that often exploded at my older brother..." more

Reducing Your Risk of Stroke

"...making lifestyle changes such as getting more physical activity, eating healthier, and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk of stroke, no matter what age you start." more

Brooklyn Bicycle Company's Ryan Zagata


NY - "...Before we talk too much about Brooklyn Bicycle Company, tell me what it’s like operating a business in the epicenter of the virus." more

Getting Back on the Bike?

"...Are your friends getting on a bike for the first time in years, too?.." more

Bike Farm Needs Help


Portland, OR - "...This nonprofit, volunteer-run cooperative is a welcoming place full of used parts, tools anyone can use, and people eager to help you use them. They demystify bike repair and create self-reliant riders who are the backbone of our resilient transportation system." more

Magic of the Bicycle - 1965

9 Bike Safety Tips


"...From correctly fitting a helmet, to checking your breaks, there are a few safety tips for bike riders. And if you drive a car, there are some steps you can take to ensure the safety of bike riders." more

15 Best Bike Locks

"In five minutes time, you can order a coffee, check your email, politely glance at the other café-goers, receive said coffee, and return to where you left your unlocked bike, which was stolen four minutes ago..." more

An Opportunity to Reinvent Dallas


TX- "...When lockdown ends, and it will, our streets will reopen. But instead of returning them to the status quo ante, why not take this opportunity to rapidly paint in bike lanes and adapt our streets to better suit the needs of pedestrians..." more

Some Good News for Bicycling


"...Families are biking together and exploring, many for the first time. Kids are biking around their neighborhoods and essential workers are commuting by bike as a safer, cleaner option than public transit..." more

Best 20-Inch Kids Mountain Bike

"Lightweight, well designed, and reasonably priced for a premium model..." more

The Best Road Bikes

"In the past year, we’ve ridden and evaluated more than 100 of the top road bikes..." more

Drivers Disguised as Car Seats

"It may look and smell like a prank, but dressing someone up as a car seat is a serious endeavor." more

Connecticut Rail Trail Usage Spikes

CT - "In a two-hour span on a nice Sunday afternoon in mid-April, John Hankins of Mansfield rode his bike 20 miles on the Charter Oak and Hop River rail trails and passed 530 people." more

Escape to Historic Farms and Quiet Backroads


OR - "...I live in north Portland (about three miles from City Hall downtown) and I can pedal south, north, east or west and be among 100-year-old 'Century Farms' or wild places and natural areas in about an hour or so..." more

Stunning Bike Path That Cuts Through a Pond

UK - "The trail - called 'Cycling Through Water' - is 200 metres (656ft) long and three metres (10ft) wide." more

Cities Like New York, Paris, and Berlin Are Adding More Bike Lanes


"With millions staying indoors, there have been astounding (and at times, eerie) photos of empty cities around the world..." more

Pro Cyclist Rides 3,000 Miles in 13 Days—Indoors

"...That’s 230 miles each day, on average. In place. Solo." more

Greensboro’s Art-Dotted Greenway


NC - "...Not only has the Downtown Greenway become a timely recreational asset for the city, it has also proven to already be an economic driver for the city’s core, bringing with it $502.5 million in completed and planned investment." more

What to Look for in a Great Bike

"...the secrets to finding the perfect bike." more

Teen Builds Mountain Bike Trail at Home

WI - "...The freshman from Memorial High School wanted to continue his love of mountain biking during the pandemic, so he decided to build his own course at home." more

Insurance and Economics


Portland OR - "The insurance post regarding cars, uninsured motorists, and cyclists was fine and all, but what about a kayak?.." more

Pandemic Check-in with Specialized's Founder


CA - "Mike Sinyard was in his mid-20s when he founded Specialized Bicycle Components in 1974, selling his old Volkswagen van for $1,500 and leaving for Europe..." more

Bike Shop Reopens to Booming Business


TX - "While some businesses are shutting down, there are some seeing an unlikely uptick in customers." more

There’s Something About Scooters


"Dockless scooters seemed at first like a sidewalk scourge, but they’re changing city streets for the better." more

The Rebuilder

13 Great Smart Watches for Cyclists

"...This roundup is by no means an exhaustive list of cycling-specific smart watches..." more

The Best Bike Repair Stands


"...for the most efficient home-repair experience, a good work stand is a must..." more

Business is Rolling at Redding Bike Shop


CA - "...Cyclists who need repairs can hand-off their bike to an employee in the parking lot and once the repairs are finished their bike is disinfected and returned." more

Pandemic Turns NYC into a Ghost Town

NY - "...Normally, the bridge's pedestrian walkway and bike lanes are so crowded it can be hard to move without stopping every few steps..." more

Wearing a Mask While Riding

"...riding with a mask is not that big of a deal—it makes it slightly harder to breathe, but it is really only uncomfortable when I am riding hard." more

Copper City Trails a Gold Mine for Mountain Bikers


MT - "It’s not exactly a secret to those involved in the mountain biking community, but for a newcomer like myself learning about the Copper City Trails was an unexpected delight." more

John Forester Dies at 90


"Perhaps no individual has had a greater impact on the way American cyclists experience riding on the road than John Forester, the father of the controversial 'vehicular cycling' movement... This extensive Q&A, conducted at Forester’s home last summer, is the last long interview that Forester gave about his life and work." more

Pirelli Bike Tires Coming to the U.S.


ITA - "Pirelli bicycle tires will now be distributed by KASK America in the U.S., the Italian company announced." more

How To Bicycle Tour?

Short Hike To A Hidden Mountain Lake

SC - "...This secret trail in South Carolina will take you through a wooded forest and to a hidden lake." more

Images of Central Parkway... When it was a Canal

Cincinnati, OH

View images.

Staying Safe on the Road or Trail

NE OH - "With warmer weather on the horizon and the state stay-at-home order still in effect, many people have been taking the opportunity to break out their bicycles or their walking shoes to get some safe fresh air and exercise." more

A Look at the Ohio & Erie Canal

NE OH - "Exploring the Ohio Erie Canal offers travelers biking, hiking and interesting roadside stops along its 110 miles of scenic byway." more

See Seattle on these 5 Street-Cycling Loops


WA - "...Here are five routes that offer scenery through much of the city, rides that stay on arterials and side streets..." more

World Champion Is Baking & Delivering Babka by Bike


"...People can’t really go out to their favorite bakeries right now, but it’s still safe for us to ride bikes in Colorado. I just thought, I can bring people some happiness by delivering baked goods." more

Will the Pandemic Produce a New Generation of Runners?

OH - "With gyms and exercise studios closed during the pandemic, people are taking to streets and trails." more

Rail Trail Hall of Fame Sneak Peek


U.S. - "... settle in and explore these rock star trails from home, and get ready to plan your future trail adventures." more

How the Life of Bike Couriers has Changed


Philadelphia, PA - "Bike couriers who make their living delivering food have had to change their strategy during the pandemic." more

Ideas to Bolster Cycling During the Pandemic & Beyond

"Cities around the world have turned to biking to help ease crises, leading to permanent mobility changes..." more

Teaching Resilience Thru Bike Repair Classes


Portland, OR - "...throughout my adult life I’ve pursued varied work building, fixing, and doing things, which has frequently involved bicycles..." more

Peloton Resumes Its Live Classes


"Peloton will reintroduce live classes for its members tomorrow, streaming directly from instructors’ homes." more

Maximizing Your Bike During COVID-19

"...In a five-video series titled How-to Commuter Lessons, Courtney shared all the essential tips to empower the use of a bicycle to get groceries and more..." more

Lose Yourself on a Literary Trail

"...Celebrate World Book Day (March), National Library Week (April) and Book Lovers Day (August) with a trip down these literary-themed trails." more

Even Steven


Portland, OR - "... I love seeing my neighbors out on their bikes more, but I’m frustrated our city isn’t giving more road ownership to pedestrians and cyclists during this unprecedented time." more

Exercise Benefits Your Metabolism More Than We Thought


"According to a new study in the journal Cardiovascular Research, exercise may be even more efficient at helping us burn fat and convert food into energy than previously thought." more

The Only Gravel Bike You Need


"...the Revolt models are fast, comfortable gravel bikes—with excellent parts—that you’ll want to ride anywhere." more

Biking After Social Distancing


"...People are turning to biking in a big way during this [pandemic] as it is one of the few family activities that we can do together outside during social isolation..." more

Bike Geometry 101


"Here's how to make sense of them..." more

Race Against The Machine

6 Tricks to Help You Climb Better

"You can be a walking pair of lungs atop a set of monster quads and still struggle up climbs without the right pacing, approach, and technique..." more

11 Best Handlebar Tapes

"...Quality bar tape is essential for comfort and control, especially at high speeds and in tricky corners..." more

How the Pandemic Got Me Back on the Bike

"Having not been in the saddle for 15 years, Toby Chasseaud overcomes his nerves to beat the travel shutdown." more

New Yorkers Showing Signs of Resilience & Creativity

NY - "As the country shelters in place, these scenes from across New York City in April show some of the impact on the city." more

Rothrock State Forest Pennsylvania

With Racing on Hold, Here’s What Ruth Winder Is Doing

"This isn’t how Ruth Winder expected to be spending her spring..." more

The Best Cheap Road Bikes

"If your budget for a bike is a grand or less, now is a good time to shop..." more

The Erie Canalway Trail

NY - "...The 363-mile trail stretches from Albany to Buffalo, following many sections of the original canal from Albany to DeWitt, just east of the city of Syracuse..." more

Firefighters Surprise Boy with New Bike

OR - "Firefighters who helped a little boy who wrecked his bike off a 40-foot cliff at Blue River Dam - and his mother, who dove over the cliff after her son..." more

Best 3 Bike Upgrades

From Her First Bike to Lockdown in Andorra

"The former British champion shares her lockdown training tips and reflects on her early racing career." more

When Parents are Liable for Their Children

CAN - "An eight-year-old child is generally not liable for an accident in road traffic. However, parents can be held liable for the offspring if they have violated their duty to supervise." more

Reggie Miller Learns How to Zwift

"...[Reggie] Miller has picked up another training method: Zwift." more

Guidance on Outdoor Activity and COVID-19


"As Americans work to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 across the United States, public health professionals continue to provide important safety guidance on engaging in outdoor physical activity—which experts maintain is important for individual health and wellness..." more

Bicycle Heaven

VanMoof to Launch Affordable Version of Stunning E-Bike


"One of the best electric bikes you can buy, without any doubt, is VanMoof's S2..." more

Great E-Bikes for Under $1,200


"The first wave of stimulus checks for up to $1,200 are being distributed by the IRS right now. And believe it or not, $1,200 can actually buy some pretty useful electric bikes for yourself or someone in need." more

50 States, 50 Trails

U.S. - "...I’ve rounded up the best hikes in all 50 states based on recommendations from local hiking experts, lengthy research, and the occasional Red Bull ultrarunner." more

Paradise Bike Trail is Great for a Brisk Ride


CA - "...Despite the still blackened trees towering around us, the trail was peaceful and green under a partly cloudy sky." more

Max Cadence Rollers Challenge

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Community Cycling Center’s Helping Hungry Families


Portland, OR - "When schools closed due to the pandemic, so did access to food for thousands of Portland families. Bikes are now helping close that gap thanks to an emerging program created by the nonprofit Community Cycling Center." more

Should I Report My Neighbors for Improper Social Distancing?

"A professional ethicist answers the tricky questions that we face during the Covid-19 pandemic." more

Serious Balance Skills

11 Things to Do at Home

"...If you don't have access to your favorite trail or a safe outdoor space, fear not. There are many ways you can love trails and be part of the larger movement..." more

Insurance and Bike Cams


Portland, OR - "...When I first started [riding], there were suggestions of getting some sort of insurance in the event I was hit by a person driving a car, and either they kept going or were under/uninsured..." more

Cyclists are Redefining Their Relationship with Riding


"I’ll be honest. At first I didn’t think my relationship with cycling would change dramatically during this time of physical distancing and COVID-19..." more

Meet the Experts Who Tested Your Next Bike

"Bicycling’s Test Team is as enthusiastic about bikes as you are..." more

Best Hiking & Biking Trails Near Boston

MA - "...We’ve gathered some great spots in the city and nearby to walk and hike, but before heading out, make sure you double-check the trail’s website and social media handles to make sure it’s still open during this time period." more

Female Architects Are Shaping Cleveland

OH - "...Women still are not super-represented in architecture, but of any city in the country today, I believe that Cleveland might be the place with the most women involved in reshaping the city..." more

How to Use Hand Signals While Riding

The Benefits of Exercise

"According to a recent study, if you were active as a teenager, you are more likely to have those habits stick with you for life." more

Tales of Mountain Biking in Iran


"How cool would it be to have a sibling who is also your friend and race mate?.." more

Free Trial Memberships from Adventure Cycling

"...This free 6-month trial membership is valid only for new members..." more

A Gravel Awakening In Moab

UT - "The invitation came from out of the blue, but there it was; my old industry friend and proprietor of Western Spirit Tours Ashley Korenblatt invited me to experience a four-day tour of the White Rim trail located deep in the Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah." more

Spreading Quarantine Cheer

Cyclist Keeps Spirits Up by Shouting Messages

"Matthew Fleming was angry, frustrated, and—quite frankly—bored..." more

15 Cycling Docs You Should Watch

"...This article is a collection of some of cycling’s greatest documentaries. It’s far from an exhaustive list..." more

Biking in Times of Crisis

Columbus, OH - "In this strange moment many things are canceled. Biking is not one of them." more

Coast-to-Coast Chronicles

IN - "To say that Brian Stark is well-traveled would be an understatement." more

Sky Islands Odyssey

Remembering our Friend Dave

OH - "...He preserved 35 special places and over 5,000 acres for people in Ohio. One of his biggest accomplishments was launching the West Creek Greenway..." more

Cyclist Heading Home after 8 Years on the Road


"...He has been crisscrossing the country since May 7, 2012, with his bike and trailer." more

The Toughest Jackets on Earth


"Inside Gore’s environmental testing chamber, the ambient air temperature is a balmy 95 degrees Fahrenheit..." more

Enjoying Nature while Staying Safe

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...With movie theaters and other entertainment venues closed, parks and bike trails are one out of a narrowing filed of destinations for family fun..." more

Long Island’s Greenbelt Trails

NY - "For Long Island hikers, the term 'Greenbelt' has expanded significantly over the years." more

Social Distance Bike

The Benefits of Mindfulness

"A new study published in the journal Aging & Mental Health suggests that there’s a link between present-moment attention and wellbeing that gets stronger with age." more

The Best Bikes Under $1,000


"There's never been a better time to get into cycling." more

Music Can Be Beneficial to Your Heart Health

"According to recent research presented at the American College of Cardiology’s annual scientific session, listening to relaxing music can help lower your risk of heart failure, heart attack, and cardiac-related death." more

Nurse's E-Bike Stolen...

NZL - "Kathy Hughes, an ICU nurse at Wellington Regional Hospital in New Zealand, discovered that her e-bike had been stolen from outside the hospital after her shift on March 25." more

Garmin Stats Show Virtual Cycling Up 63%

KS - "In the second half of March, Garmin device users recorded a 63% increase in indoor cycling, compared to the same period the year before..." more

Chip Foose's Rare Vintage Bicycle Collection

New Zealand Street Once Again the World's Steepest


"A street in New Zealand just got its title back after the Guinness World Records organization changed the way it measures these things." more

BikePortland Turns 15


Portland, OR - "Can you believe this site started with an innocent, 100-word post about biking to an ice cream shop with my wife and daughter 15 years ago?.." more

A Bikey Birthday Gathering


Portland, OR - "The coronavirus has changed a lot of things about our daily lives, but it hasn’t stopped Portland’s bike-inspired street culture from blossoming." more

Public Spaces During a Pandemic

"COVID-19 proves the civic commons is critical for communities." more

How to Get (Back) Into Biking


"Whether you need a new bike or just need to tune up your old one, now's a great time to get back into cycling. Here's how." more

This is British Gravel

Jesse Shares His Local Whistler Mountain Bike Trails


CAN - "We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jesse Melamed about some of his favorite haunts and hollers in his hometown of Whistler, British Columbia..." more

Social Distancing Tips for Mountain Bikers


"In California, where Gavin Newsom became the first governor to enact stay-at-home restrictions on March 19, cyclists, runners, surfers and many other types of athletes have sought clarity on where they're allowed to ride or train outdoors." more

High-Vis Clothing Only Matters if Drivers Pay Attention

"Increasing my visibility profile on the bike seems like a great way to improve safety. But does it matter?" more

5 Hidden Jewels along the Emerald Necklace


Cuyahoga County, OH - "If fresh air is the only thing getting you through in this age of social distancing, chances are you're looking for some new spots off the beaten path in order to avoid like-minded crowds..." more

5 Great Places to Walk in Muncie

IN - "...Muncie is also blessed to have areas where you can experience fountains, sculptures, wildlife, nature, gardens, an arboretum and scenic overlooks without fear of getting run over by a motor vehicle." more

Indoor Cycling Hacks

NYC Bike Match Program

NY - "The pro-bicycling nonprofit Transportation Alternatives in New York City has launched a program called Bike Match, with the goal of bringing unused bikes to people who need them for transportation." more

Cats and Quarantine

Portland, OR - "...When we got the kitten I carried her to the vet in a traditional cat carrier, but even with her tiny body, that was cumbersome and awkward in the rain..." more

Dick's will Furlough Employees Beginning April 12


Pittsburgh, PA - "...Dick’s closed all of its stores, including Golf Galaxy and Field & Stream, on March 19 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online and mobile app ordering will continue..." more

Counterpoint: No, Bike Shops are not "Essential"

"...I’d like to explain that I currently work in a bike shop in Albuquerque, NM (for now, until I’m fired because of this)..." more

Family-Friendly Bike Trails on Long Island


NY - "Biking is a great way to get your wheels turning on Long Island..." more

Make Your Mark

Ohio Nature Preserves

"Life in Ohio (and elsewhere) is definitely getting difficult with people advised to stay home..." more

COVID-19 May Change the Way We Think About Bikes

"...Cycling has a strategic role to play in local transport resilience – key workers are able to get to work in towns and cities without public transport or relying on lifts." more

Covid-19 Small Bike Business Resource Guide: Part 3

Portland, OR - "The final installment of our three-part series written by Rebecca Small and Shawn Small." more

The Londonderry Rail Trail

NH - "...About a 45-mile drive northwest of Boston’s virus hotspot, a rail-trail in the quaint southern New Hampshire town of Londonderry offers locals a slice of tranquility in an otherwise upside-down world with a 4.5-mile jaunt through verdant forests and wildlife-rich wetlands and along scenic ponds..." more

The Green Dream of Portland

OR - "Decades ago, Portland, Oregon established an image as the most environmentally friendly city in the world. But is the progressive city’s progress still too slow?" more

Backyard BikePacking

Boulder, CO

Young Cyclist Rides to School Every Day for 1,000 Days

"He even figured out how to haul his cello and saxophone through two feet of snow." more

Exploring And Searching For Greenways, Part 7

TN - "...Knowing the shelter-in-place order was to go in effect at 12 a.m. Saturday, I hurriedly went around and took some pictures Friday afternoon of some greenways and open space areas near my home..." more

The Best Stationary Bikes

"...There are plenty of indoor cycling bike options that don’t require you to leave your living room..." more

Should I Wear a Mask While Riding?


"...CDC guidelines have recently been updated to recommend 'wearing cloth face coverings in public settings'..." more

Why Long Bike Tours are a Bad Idea Right Now


DEU - "...On the bike tour for some fresh air and exercise you should but do not go to any popular destinations or routes. There it will be particularly difficult to keep the distances between people. And cyclists should now also have an ID document with them to be able to prove their place of residence..." more

Wapusk Trail 721km Fatbike Expedition

Pandemic Disrupts Appalachian Trail Dreams


"When Alexandra Eagle first mentioned plans to hike the entire Appalachian Trail alongside her new husband, her sister told her they'd either be divorced in five months or married forever." more

Shimano Expands Commitment to U.S. Mountain Bike Advocacy


CO - "...In addition to its ongoing partnership and working relationship with IMBA, Shimano will become the Founding Sponsor of IMBA’s Dig In program through a multi-year donation to fund the creation of new mountain bike trail projects." more

NeSmith Builds Community with Bicycles


CO - "As a self-described Jill-of-all-trades, Jolie NeSmith brings an array of unique experience to her role as executive director of Pike Ride, Colorado Springs’ first and only nonprofit bike share program." more

A Cyclist’s Guide to Tick Prevention


U.S. - "As spring weather beckons us outside, keep in mind that venturing into warmer woods means more exposure to ticks in most parts of the country..." more

Lowellville Man Beautifies Village


OH - "...A man wearing boots, jeans and a flannel jacket was spotted this week not too far from the Stavich Bicycle Trailhead, carefully reaching over pond water to pick up another bottle to start a new pile." more

Niner Bikes Ghost Towns & Gravel,

There Are Never Enough Mountain Bike Trails


View Cartoon.

'Pee-wee’s Big Adventure' 35 Years Later

"This past weekend, stuck in that space between gobbling up the latest news about the coronavirus and information overload, I decided to treat myself to a movie..." more

COVID-19 Small Bike Business Resource Guide: Part 2


Portland, OR - "...Like most small business owners, Stacy Blumberg, CEO of the cargo-bike operated food delivery company Portland Pedal Power, says her biggest concern in the midst of this pandemic is for her staff..." more

The Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike

"An affordable cargo bike that can handle heavy loads and gentle inclines." more

8 Beautiful Bike Rides in Chicago

IL - "...Whether your kid is an expert on a mountain bike or still riding the Radio Flyer three-wheeler, there are great trails in and around Chicago to take in the smells of spring and the sights of the city once the stay-at-home order is lifted." more

How One Cyclist Supported Local Bike Shops

"Amid all the uncertainty and forced solo riding due to the spread of COVID-19, cyclist Tobie DePauw wanted to do something to support his local bike shops of Madison, Wisconsin." more

Anchorage GRIT

Reimagined Street Signs for Social Distancing

NYC - "Given that covid-19 is raging throughout the five boroughs, and that a formerly packed Gotham is now as barren as a post-apocalyptic desert, you may not be thinking too much about New York street signs while sheltering in place..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Trademark Board Sides with Ross Family

VA - "A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office board ruled that Century Sports, Inc. abandoned the Ross bicycle trademark, opening the door for Ross family members to register it and relaunch the brand." more

Get Some Fresh Air & Hike or Ride

Detroit, MI - "...Fortunately, Metro Detroit is home to a multitude of scenic trails where you can get out and seriously stretch your legs, enjoy some elbow room and breathe in fresh air..." more

Now Is the Time to Get Into Bicycles

"...These open surface streets are the stuff of your third-grade dreams, and that sensation of speed hasn't changed from your pre-car days..." more

Family Bike Life Under New UK Rules

Virtually Hike the Appalachian Trail

"...The first step is to download the app Walk the Distance, which was developed last year and is currently free due to the pandemic..." more

Fox Enduro Helmet Earns Top Score

CA - "A fairly unusual helmet from Fox Racing, marketed for enduro and e-bike use, was the top-scoring helmet in Virginia Tech's latest bicycle helmet ratings..." more

The Best Bike Lights

"Over the past decade, brands have made big improvements in increasing the output and reducing the weight of their bike lights..." more

Life Goes On in Central Ohio: Week 3


OH - "...This is Week 3 of ThisWeek Community News’ photo series on central Ohioans living their lives in the best ways they can. .." more

Biking the Razorback Greenway

AR - "...The Razorback Greenway is comprised of many trails across the region. In this route, you’ll travel along Scull Creek Trail which turns into Frisco Trail near Wilson Park." more

Path to the Future: Ashokan Rail Trail

NY - "Gently and gracefully skirting the northern shore of the majestic Ashokan Reservoir, the 11.5-mile long Ashokan Rail Trail (ART) fits the landscape like a well-sized crown..." more

Adjusting Seat Height

Ride Spot Ambassador Program

CO - "...PeopleForBikes is recruiting ambassadors for Ride Spot, a new digital biking platform developed to make it easier for people to discover, share and enjoy great bike rides." more

1927 Plan to Finish the Cincinnati Subway

Cincinnati, OH - "...a rare, detailed snapshot into the city's transit history." more

Script Ohio on Strava


Wayne County, OH

Rose River Tail is a Scenic Creekside Hike


VA - "Here in Virginia, we have a bountiful selection of hiking trails to enjoy..." more

The Bicycle Makes A Comeback


"...The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we travel, particularly in cities, and it’s creating a miniature green travel revolution in its wake." more

Fatbiking Alaska's Gulf Coast

Consider a Practice Bike Ride to School on Calmer Streets

Portland, OR - "...With calmer streets and less people driving, there’s been a surge of children and families riding bikes together." more

Bike Tech FAQ


"Lennard answers questions about rebuilding a Serotta - Schwinn Paramount with a new fork, mixing and matching Shimano and SRAM components, and making a mathematical correction." more

Mountain Bikers Need to Play it Safe Too

WA - "...Give safe distances. Don’t go out riding with your friends. This is not the time to do that. Ride with your close family members or ride by yourself..." more

Sidewalk Etiquette

"If you need to be out and about during physical distancing, please mind your sidewalk manners." more

Gear List for BikePacking the BajaDivide

4 Best Bike Shops in Orlando

FL - "...Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top bike shops in Orlando, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list..." more

But Did You Name It?


Portland, OR - "When I started this car-free adventure at the beginning of winter, I thought for sure my bike was not going to cut it..." more

Smiles on Wheels Tour

CAN - "In times of stress, a Vancouver Public Schools teacher is bringing joy to her neighborhood — albeit at a safe distance." more

It Took a Pandemic to Halt Crackdown on E-Bikes


NY - "As COVID-19 ravages New York City, delivery workers are zipping through near-empty streets on a mysterious brand of cheap, illegal e-bikes." more

Inflating Your Tires

Rediscover the Joy of Riding Alone

"Flatten the curve, skip the group ride, and head for the hills solo—it'll do wonders for your body and mind." more

Escaping People & Coronavirus with Trails and a Canine

CA - "Under a statewide shelter in place order, you have to get out for fresh air sometime." more

Great Trails near Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti & Jackson

MI- "...many state, county and local parks are leaving their trails and outdoor spaces open to the public as Michigan continues to weather the COVID-19 crisis." more

Are Bike Lanes Really Safe?


"I’ve had two recent cycling accidents in which I had the right of way but inattentive drivers cut me off." more


80-Year-Old Finds a Way to Ride


Portland, OR - "...Back in 2005 I heard about a guy who was on a quest to ride his bike on every single public paved street in Portland: cul-de-sacs, dead-ends, everything. It was an impressive goal..." more

Yep, Exercise Can Increase Brain Function


"Recent research published in Brain Plasticity found that aerobic exercise may help lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease." more

A Cyclist's Experience with Coronavirus

"...On March 21, I became a new kind of cyclist. I am now a cyclist with COVID-19.." more

Resources for Safe Outdoor Activity


"...a list of resources that offer guidance on how to be safe in the outdoors, as well as the latest updates on closures of trails, parks and related facilities. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) will continue to update this list as more information becomes available." more

Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The Magic of the Universe

"Once upon a road in Kazakhstan, two men converge in the desert. Strangers born an ocean apart, riding bicycles burdened like camels, they emerge from either horizon, slowly approaching a common point..." more

Now is a Great Time to Buy an E-Bike


"...Let’s look at all of the reasons why e-bikes are really the best mode of transportation for our new pandemic way of life and why this is a very good time to get one for yourself (if you’re fortunate enough to still be employed)." more

In a Global Health Emergency, the Bicycle Shines

"As the coronavirus crisis forces changes in transportation, some cities are building bike lanes and protecting cycling shops..." more

Biking Rising In Popularity Across Delaware Valley

Philadelphia, PA - "Since the coronavirus outbreak, biking all across the Delaware Valley is way up. Kelly Drive is, by far, the area’s most popular biking destination." more

Checking Your Quick Releases

Dedham Trails

MA - "...The Dedham Trails, also known as the Kiski Trails, is a network of gravel roads and trails located on the 680-acre Kiski Lot in Dedham..." more

Lost Sierra’s Earn-A-Bike Program

CA - "...Participants agree to volunteer with SBTS learning trail stewardship and provide community service at least 15 times in order to earn a mountain bike." more

Safe Riding Tips

UK - "How much distance should you leave to the cyclist ahead in a time of pandemic?" more

Self-Cleaning Handlebars for E-Bikes?


"...Wheels has just announced a partnership with the company NanoSeptic, which developed a a self-cleaning surface innovation." more

Lubing Your Chain

Strava Rolls Out Significant New Routes Feature

"While this might not exactly be the best time to roll out a new feature focused on exploring the outside world around us running or cycling, it’s still a super cool new bit of functionality that will keep you distracted for a while sitting in your living room lockdown..." more

Road Bike of the Year Special


UK - "Our biggest test of the year is complete and having crowned our Bike of the Year winner we sit down to talk through the contenders." more

And Now a Word from Rebecca Jones...


Best Bike Trails In Columbus


OH - "Whether it’s a leisurely family ride or you’re training for a triathlon, Columbus is full of epic bike trails." more

Discovering New Off-Road Options at Rocky Point


OR - "Earlier this month I shared two stories on the progress out at Rocky Point Trail system in southern Scappoose. On Saturday I finally got out there myself." more

Fenders and Pedals


Portland, OR - "In the Pacific Northwest it looks like we’ve hit that time in spring when we alternate sunny weeks with rainy weeks, which gets me thinking about what changes are in store for biking in spring..." more

How to Prep Your Bicycle

"The daylight hours are growing longer, and the weather is thankfully turning warmer—signaling to cyclists and other recreational riders that it’s time to dust off their bike and pull it out of storage..." more

Winners of Adventure Cycling Award

MT - "Adventure Cycling Association has chosen four young adults to receive the 2020 Greg Siple Award for Young Adult Bicycle Travel..." more

Hidden Gem Trails in Boston

MA - "...we’ve put together a roundup of the best places to take a lap or a hike in and around the city..." more

9 Secluded Hiking Destinations

CT - "...there are plenty of places off the beaten path where hikers can find peace, solitude and that suddenly all-important 6-foot social distancing..." more

Strava Routes Promises Personalised Rides


"Ride-logging platform Strava has today announced Routes, a new tool that aims to help athletes find the best places to ride (and run) using data the company has harvested from its more than 50 million users." more

One Small Change to Your Bike Setup Could Save Your Life

"...A study carried out in Denmark in 2012 showed a 19 percent reduction in accidents when using daytime running lights compared to riding without them..." more

Strickland Streaks to Nation's Top Gravel Cyclist


TX - "Colin Strickland's surge to the top of gravel bicycling world was unexpected and came via an unexpected route." more

Cleveland-to-Pittsburgh Trail Would be a Big Link

Pittsburgh, PA - "...Some of the 220-mile Cleveland-to-Pittsburgh Corridor, or 'C2P' for now, is to be part of the Great American Rail-Trail, one that the national Rails-to-Trails Conservancy announced in May is to eventually come through Pittsburgh on its 3,700-mile run..." more

White Ridge Bike Trails Offer Fascinating Geology

NM - "...Regarded as one of New Mexico’s top mountain biking destinations, White Ridge (also known as White Mesa) offers big views and big thrills in the high desert just southwest of San Ysidro." more

Mayo's Greenway is 10 Years-Old

IRE - "THE Great Western Greenway is 10 years old." more

13 NJ Hiking Trails for Cabin Fever

NJ - "As New Jerseyans adjust to a life of social distancing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it’s important to remember that as cabin fever sets in, you can still go outside..." more

Sidewalk Serenades with Local Musicians

MD - "Leave it to the Creative Alliance to use these strange times to get, well, creative." more

Exercise Is Good for Your Brain Health

"According to preliminary research, staying active as you age—even at a low intensity—can lead to better brain function and a lower risk of cognitive decline and dementia." more

Diagnosing Coronavirus


"Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, body aches, chills—obviously, you know you’re under the weather when symptoms like these appear, but how can you tell which storm it is?" more

How to Start Biking During COVID-19

"And why, if you can, you should." more

Steam Trains & Gravel Roads

Outdoor Adventures in Northeast Ohio’s Parks


Cleveland, OH - "What’s there to do in Northeast Ohio now that life’s at a virtual standstill as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?.." more

Canadian Teen Fat Bikes to School Through the Yukon Winter

CAN - "...and he’s the only student who bikes to his school year-round." more

Portland Streets are a Surreal Dream Right Now


OR - "...When you remove drivers and their cars from the equation, cycling is suddenly sublime no matter what street you’re on..." more

Thoughts on Chasing Down Bike Thieves


CAN - "A bike store manager was injured a year ago in Chino, California, trying to stop two men stealing a bike..." more

Adventure is...

Mountain Biking the Janapar Trail


"...People turn to tourism throughout the year to change their environment, to get away from their region, experience someplace different, or go somewhere that offers some serenity..." more

Antonio Gallarbo's Photography


"... we look at the work of Mexican photographer Antonio Gallardo, who shares a vibrant selection of images from a yearlong ride through Iran, Central Asia, India, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Japan..." more

Sonya Looney Talks Pedaling Through Her Pregnancy

"...That pump track video is pretty rad. What did it feel like being more than 40 weeks pregnant?" more

Outdoor Recreation in the Days of COVID-19

U.S. - "In the space of a week, the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have grown exponentially in the United States..." more

California Girls: Tanlines

Some Bay Area Stores Remain Open Despite Order


San Francisco, CA - "Despite an order from Bay Area health officials that all 'non-essential' businesses close Tuesday, at least a few bike shops remain open, arguing that they are performing an essential service during the region's shelter in place order." more

Biking as a Barrier-Busting Identity


Portland, OR - "I imagine most of you bike because it’s just what you do and who you are. But what about folks who aren’t there yet?" more

Solar-Powered E-Bike Charging Setup

"As far as electric vehicles go, electric bicycles are famously energy-efficient. Most can easily travel 100 miles (160 km) on around $1 of electricity. But what if instead of paying for that electricity, you could capture it from the sun instead?.." more

COVIC-19 Prevention Tips for Visiting Parks & Trails

OH - "Encourage your community to follow these social distancing guidelines when enjoying local parks and trails." more

E-Biking Thru Austria's Lake District

AUT - "Helen Coffey gets her kicks e-biking around the peaks and lakes of this laughably attractive pocket of Austria made famous in 'The Sound of Music'." more

Longest Urban Downhill Run

Indio Hills Trail


CA - "...Tucked in the hills overlooking the Golf Club at Terra Lago, the Indio Hills Trail is one of the east valley's outdoor jewels with its sweeping views, ample number of parking spaces and expansive terrain that can accommodate plenty of hikers." more

The New Way to Think About Streets & Plazas

"...Increasingly, designing for the future means incorporating more flexibility, and offering people an abundance of quality choices for how they get around and what they do..." more

Bike Registration is Better

OR - "The way J Allard sees it, 529 Garage is a combination of crimewatch, crime stoppers and motor vehicle registration. And it, along with Bike Index, might be the best way for retailers to protect their bikes." more

The Worst Training Advice Ever

"...We put out the call for the worst training advice cyclists ever got, and the answers you gave on our social media feeds delivered..." more

Traveling the Iditarod Trail by Bike

AK - "495 miles down the Iditarod Trail, a cyclist gets ready to ride on the frozen Yukon River." more

A Bicyclist’s Adirondack Dream

"Rail trails could reshape the park into a biking destination." more

Little Trail Hunter: Part Two

Researcher Seeks Subjects for First of its Kind Electric Bike Study

OR - "...This is the first US study to gather real-time travel data from e-bike users..." more

Making the Trails Safe for Women

"...Over the years, I have heard about different incidents that women have encountered on the paved bike trails and running on the sidewalk, everything from inappropriate comments to physical attacks..." more

Hellersdorf by Bike

"From early June to late November, Friedrichstrasse is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists..." more

50+ Greenways Across America

U.S. - "...Parade pulled together more than 50 greenways, at least one from each state, in hopes that you’ll be inspired to meander with us..." more

Rash of Smash & Grabs Puts Bike Retailers on the Offensive


CAN - "The internet age has helped bike thieves organize networks to sell stolen goods from retailers quickly and efficiently." more

Own The Trail - Nikki Whiles

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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COVID-19 Tips for Bicycle Retailers & Fitters


CO - "We, like most of you, have been forwarded multiple documents from well-meaning people with advice on how to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak in our lives..." more

Kitsbow's Shift to Domestic Manufacturing Paying Off


NC - "A year ago, Kitsbow Cycling Apparel committed to a goal of eventually manufacturing all clothes domestically..." more

Scientific Reasons Why Being in Nature is Relaxing

"That feeling of bliss that washes over you when you Fget away from it all' isn’t just in your head..." more

My Bike Ride Across America

U.S. - "An ode to traveling slow on two wheels and burning just enough calories each day to eat a large pizza each evening." more

Nebraska and Iowa’s Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge


"...Even after the bridge was built, people said it was a bridge to nowhere. What’s fascinating now is people understand that the bridge is the somewhere. People just flock there—it’s a destination." more

Bikepacking the Baja Divide-Part 10

Going Intermodal


Portland, OR - "...Do you regularly use human-intermodal transportation options?.." more

E-Mountain Bike Make Great Commuter Bikes

"Electric mountain bikes are usually designed for winding around dirt paths and climbing steep mountain trails. And they’re great at that, but they can do so much more..." more

The Best Bikes for College Students

"Unless you have a legit reason to bring a car with you to school, chances are good the only vehicle you need at college this year is a bicycle..." more

Should You Move to Detroit?

MI - "...Detroit’s population has been on a steady decline over the last half-century, and the city needs some new residents." more

Serial plaintiff Sues Louis Garneau USA

Brooklyn, NY - "An Astoria, N.Y. man who is legally blind is the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit filed against Louis Garneau USA. The suit alleges the Vermont-based company's website is not compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act..." more

Porsche Versus Mountain Biker

The Redwood Sky Walk

CA - "Sequoia Park Zoo staff, city officials, project planners and representatives from Humboldt, Eureka and Arcata Lodging Alliances broke out the gold shovels and giant novelty checks this afternoon at a groundbreaking ceremony for the 'Redwood Sky Walk,' which is the new, official name of the Redwood Canopy Walk project." more

Guide to Ride: Park City, Utah

UT - "With spring fast approaching, it’s nearly time to start planning summer road trips and two-wheeled vacations...." more

Can SoulCycle Compete With Peloton?

"SoulCycle, the indoor cycling studio chain, is now selling an own at-home stationary bike, along with a subscription for streamable classes." more

Will E-bikes Make Cycle Highways Happen?

NY - "Cycle highways have been built predominately in Western Europe, but with the recent popularity and adoption of e-bikes, this infrastructure could be having a moment..." more

Google Maps & TrailLink Making Trails Accessible


U.S. - "...In late 2007, we launched a dynamic partnership with Google Maps, providing them with trail data that was pivotal to helping them build out their biking and walking directions to provide safe, low-stress routes for map users..." more

Rocky Point Trail System is an Exciting Work in Progress


Portland, OR - "... Now known in mountain biking circles as the Rocky Point Recreation area, this trail system is located on private timber land and made available for mountain biking through a recreation-based lease to local mountain bike advocacy organization the Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA)." more

How to Fix Dangerous Intersections

"Expert advice for transforming your street corner." more

SABR: Winter is for Fat Bikes


NH - "Have you noticed those bicycles that look like they are two-wheeled monster trucks?.." more

Danish Company Offers New Power Meter Tech

"Sensitivus Gauge of Denmark made news recently when it dropped a press release that began, “Sensitivus Gauge ApS is now enabling any manufacturer to add a power meter to a crankset at a cost of $6.” more

Wheel Life

FL- "Metro Orlando boasts more than 250 miles of paved bike paths, more lie just outside our area, and there’s a coast-to-coast connector in the works..." more

Remembering Tess Rothstein


CA - "One year ago, Tess Rothstein was cycling to work on Howard Street, riding in a conventional striped bike lane alongside a row of parked cars..." more

The Woodpackers

Cheap and Boring Transportation Solutions

"There’s a tension in transportation news..." more

Why Your GPS Will Never Log Your Best Ride

"The advent of cycling apps such as Strava - while beneficial in many ways - has the potential to ruin your cycling mojo and sheer riding pleasure..." more

Mechanic Finds a Hypodermic Needle Inside a Tire


CA - "...The owner and mechanic of Archer Bicycle was changing a flat in November, checking the inside of the tire casing for sharp objects." more

Road Design Shouldn't be Subjective

D.C. - "A fundamental tenet of Vision Zero is the explicit acknowledgment that the transportation network needs to be designed for the safety of everyone..." more

Google Tracking Turns Bicyclist into Criminal Suspect

FL - "The email arrived on a Tuesday afternoon in January, startling Zachary McCoy as he prepared to leave for his job at a restaurant in Gainesville, Florida." more

Climb up to Mt. Hopkins Observatory

Woman Documents Her Zwift Journey, One Doodle at a Time

"Olya Perevalova Cohen wasn’t sure what perils lay ahead as she embarked on her Tour de Zwift journey in January: Would she bonk five minutes in?.." more

New Geological Guide to Northwest River Trail


PA - "...It’s a beautiful path along the river with such varied attractions as Chickies Rock, the White Cliffs of Conoy, remnants of great iron furnaces, canal locks, an eagle nest and the river towns of Columbia and Marietta." more

Jimmie Johnson Could Become Cycling's Biggest Advocate

"...The 2020 Daytona 500 is three days away, but today, the seven-time NASCAR champion is about to take to the 2.5-mile circuit on two wheels." more

Finding Shangri-La On Sherman Reservation


TN - "...within this area mostly off the beaten path for outdoor enthusiasts, I found several nice places that are quite peaceful and full of grass and old trees." more

The Perfect Saddlebag?

‘Into the Wild’ Lures the Unprepared to Alaska Wilderness

"For nearly a quarter-century, the old bus abandoned in Alaska’s punishing wilderness has drawn adventurers seeking to retrace the steps of a young idealist who met a tragic death in the derelict vehicle." more

Master the Gorge for Just $30

OR - "...At the start of this month, the Hood River County Transportation District (a.k.a. Columbia Area Transit or CAT) launched the GOrge Pass, a golden ticket that allows unlimited rides on the Columbia Gorge Express..." more

Harbison State Forest - A MTBiker's Haven

SC - "...It’s in Saint Andrews just minutes from Lexington. My grandpa and I have been wanting to try out mountain biking for a good while now, and Harbison seemed like a great place to start..." more

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