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10 Best Rail-Trails In America


U.S. - "...rail-trails are beloved amenities in communities all over the country. Here are 10 of the best." more

unPAved 2020 Teaser

Shining a Light on Winter Travel

OH - "Despite the short days and cold temperatures, there are plenty of interesting things to encounter in traveling the trails at this time of year." more

Yes, You Can Shop on a Bike


"...Of course, the easiest way to carry shopping on a bike is with a handlebar basket..." more

Schwinn Releases a Third ‘Stranger Things’ Bike

"On January 13, Schwinn is releasing its third special-edition Stranger Things bike, modeled after the one ridden by Lucas Sinclair in Season 3." more

Bicyclist Bonds with Driver Who Hit Him


CA - "On a beautiful morning last Memorial Day weekend, two worlds collided on the Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. What followed would be an act of extraordinary forgiveness..." more

Cycling in The Netherlands

Bike Shoppe Hopes to Keep on Pedaling

Independence, OH - "If you’ve driven down Brecksville Road, your eye may have caught some creative signs in the window of the Independence Bike Shoppe..." more

A Look at the Swedish Bike Scene


"It’s an exciting time for Swedish MTB..." more

Organic Transit is For Sale


"Why aren't people lining up for this enclosed solar powered e-cargo tricycle?.." more

Why Mountain Bikers Can’t Have Nice Things


"Bad behavior might be jeopardizing access to Kingdom Trails, one of the premier networks on the East Coast. Here’s what we can learn from it." more

Scout Creates 'Bicentennial Bike Route'


Avon Lake, OH - " When Alison Steele was a young kid growing up in Avon Lake, she loved riding her bike everywhere in town..." more

Ep.12 Unicycling Across America

Watopia Is the Best Place to Ride

"...In just five years, it has arguably become the number-one winter destination for cyclists..." more

Trail Building is an Art Form


VT - "...Mountain biking has influenced the way a trail is built more than any other form of recreation, and that continues to change because mountain bikes are always evolving..." more

Little Bellas Hope to get Girls on the Trail


TN - "...Little Bellas, a national mentoring and biking program for girls..." more

Exploring Amsterdam by Bike

Happy Trails to Youthful Davis Riders

Davis, CA - "...The Davis mountain biking team, featuring riders of mostly high-school age, has 12 ultra-committed participants who are about to embark upon yet another spring season." more

I Bought a $37 Skinsuit on Amazon

"Earlier this season, I went in search of an unbranded women’s skinsuit for cyclocross season..." more

The Almost Perfect Solar E-Bike / Car


"The Wello Family solar-powered electric bike/car was just showcased at CES 2020, demonstrating how families might be able to transport kids or cargo with a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional transportation." more

I Biked Every Street in Rockville, MD


MD - "...Over the course of 13 months, I rode my bike 324 miles over every block of nearly every street in Rockville." more

5 trails to Explore in Orlando


FL - "...the City of Orlando has over 300 miles of off-street paths and bicycle lanes for riders to explore." more

Bikepacking Trans Germany

An Argument Against Dedicated Gravel Bikes


"...I feel that a good portion of the 'gravel genre' is just skillful marketing aimed at convincing folks to buy another bike that they likely don’t need..." more

The Best Folding Bikes

"Foldable bikes are a versatile and often-overlooked cycling option..." more

9 Best Women’s Road Bikes

"From entry-level frames that can take you from your first pedal stroke to your first century, to high-end builds..." more

The 13 Best Indoor Cycling Trainers

"Whether you’re training for an early-season event, just trying to keep a regular riding schedule..." more

Cycling in Japan

"...Japan takes care of its roads, all of them..." more

New Zealand Cycle Trail a Great Alternative


NZL - "...Cat Dixon and Raz Marsden, who are attempting to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe on a tandem bike, say Kiwi motorists are the least cycle-friendly in the world." more

Winter Bike-Packing with a Hot-Tent.

We Have Hourly Rates

Portland, OR - "...when two weeks after getting rid of my car, I had to go to Tualatin to transport 54 bolts of fabric back to North Portland (about 20 miles, with hills), this presented a conundrum." more

The 9 Best Triathlon Bikes

"Triathlon bikes are like the bike industry’s playground. Free from the stringent guidelines that govern bikes designed for road racing, engineers are open to explore radical shapes and designs..." more

Greet the New Rail-Trails of 2019

U.S. - "...Today, more than 24,000 miles of completed rail-trails traverse the nation, often serving as backbones for regional trail systems that are transforming the places where we live, work and play. Here are just a few of the exciting new rail-trails added to the ranks in 2019." more

Wild Virtue

Bowlus Earns Eagle Scout Rank

Fremont, OH - "...Bowlus wanted to do something to benefit the cycling community in Sandusky County for his Eagle Project and installed two bicycle service stations on the Northcoast Inland Trail..." more

Santa Cruz Tallboy X01 CC Reserve

"Of the many regions that have hosted the Bible of Bike Tests over its 11 years, none is as aptly named as Park City..." more

Manta5's E-Bike Rides on Water

"It has taken nearly a decade to bring a commercial hydrofoil bicycle to market." more

Has the Beltline Trail Met Expectations?

Atlanta, GA - "Locals share perspectives on a Beltline segment that hardly resembles its Eastside Trail counterpart, for better or worse." more

Lessons from the Most Bicycle Friendly City


"...In this lesson, you will learn how one city grew to become the most bike-friendly city in the world and the reasons residents love it..." more

Photos from a 1939 Cross-Country Bike Trip

U.S. - "When Orkin was 17 she wanted to see the 1939 World’s Fair that was in New York City. She somehow managed to convince her parents to allow her to bicycle across the country..." more

The Best E-Bikes You Can Buy

"...Liberated from some of the normal constraints of standard bike design like weight and gearing, e-bike design has exploded..." more

5 Stylish Cyclists

"How these cyclists found their signature look..." more

Trail Project to "Green" South Berkeley

CA - "A coalition of community members, UC Berkeley students and Berkeley High School students is working to transform several blocks of the old Santa Fe Railroad right-of-way in South Berkeley into an elongated greenspace, encompassing walking paths, dog parks, play areas and community gardens." more

A Nature Trail Across San Francisco

CA - "The Crosstown Trail connects Candlestick Point to Lands End, taking in some of San Francisco's most beautiful natural areas along the way." more

Yakima Man & His Dog Keep Running


WA - "Walk along the Yakima Greenway or Cowiche Canyon Trail, and you might run into an unusual pair..." more

Biking Lawyer Knows What it's Like to be Hit by a Driver


CAN - "...One thing Toronto bike riders don't know or understand is what their rights are..." more

Segway is Back with a "Wall-E" Style People Mover


"Segway has announced a new product, the S-Pod. It’s a chair on wheel..." more

17-year-old Muralist Gains National Recognition


Cincinnati, OH - "...Tenzing, 17, is a senior at Clark Montessori. He is also a professional artist, award-winning muralist and the youngest participant in Blink's Secret Walls competition – which, he won." more

Student Develops Katy Trail Story Map

MO - "If you’d like to know about Katy Trail State Park before you go, you can now take a virtual tour of the trail..." more

Could Farming Secure U.S. National Parks?

"An experimental project underway at a national park in Ohio could hold the keys to protecting not only American land but the American farmer." more

Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium

European Union’s Roads Are The Safest In The World

"...In a recent analysis in the Road Safety Annual Report 2019, published by the Paris-based International Transport Forum... the U.S. ranked 33 out of 40." more

Canyon Bicycles Hit by 'Massive' Cyber Attack


Germany - "Canyon Bicycles was hit by a criminal cyber attack just before the start of the year, the company announced Monday. While the company was locked out of its IT systems at its Germany headquarters, its e-commerce website and U.S office's IT system was not affected." more

Mountain & Gravel Bike Tech Predictions for 2020


"From fork legs to gravel bars, here's what we reckon will blow up." more

7 Top Trail Picks From Trail Lovers

U.S. - "...These bucket-list destinations come from some of the top submitters of trail photos on TrailLink.com, which currently lists more than 4,000 multiuse trails across America..." more

I Loved Bike Touring—Until I Got Paid to Do It

"Seduced by the idea of turning my hobby into a paycheck, I led bike tours across the U.S. throughout my twenties..." more

Japanology - Bicycles

Trans Canada Trail Section Doubles as Logging Road


CAN - "In spite of the growing popularity of non-motorized rail trails in B.C., the province is allowing an unspoiled section of the Trans Canada Trail to be turned into a logging road. Not only that, but the Ministry of Forests is allowing a dozen other logging roads on rail trails." more

Will E-Bikes be the Top-Selling E-Vehicles for the Next Decade?


"...By 2023, the total number of e-bikes in circulation around the world—owned by both consumers and organizations—should reach about 300 million, a 50 percent increase over 2019’s 200 million..." more

River Surfing Making a Splash in the Midwest

OH - "When, out of the corner of his eye, Shannon Thomas saw one, two, then three police cars roll up close to him along the Great Miami River in Ohio two years ago, he was more than a little surprised..." more

What Is Fasted Cardio?


"If you’ve ever woken up at 5 a.m. to squeeze in a morning ride and haven’t stopped on the way out the door to scarf down a banana or an energy bar, then you’ve done fasted cardio..." more

Electric Future Will Be Led by Bikes

"By 2025, expect to see 12 million electric vehicles being sold worldwide each year—and more than 40 million electric bikes." more

Best places to Fat Bike in Steamboat

Steamboat Springs, CO - "With snow falling at the rate that it is, cyclists only have one thing on their mind: when and where can they roll a fatty — ride a fat bike, that is." more

NYC's Landscape Will Change in 2020

NY - "What to expect from New York’s transit, parks, megaprojects and more..." more

Benefits of Exercise Includes Tuning Out Background Noise

"According to a new study published in the journal Sports Health, athletes are better at tuning out background noise than non-athletes." more

The Best GPS Cycling Computers


"...Like most electronics, GPS cycling computers evolve and change rapidly..." more

Stats from Strava’s 2019 Year End Report

"...the report technically only covers data from Oct 1st, 2018 to Sept 30th, 2019. I think for Christmas this year I’m going to send Strava a calendar to explain how years work..." more

Your Tires are Lying to You!

Rethinking the Floor Pump Pressure Gauge

"...Unfortunately, floor-pump pressure gauges have not caught up to the low-psi movement." more

Gear Me Up

Portland, OR - "...Is it cool just to stroll into a bike shop and start asking questions?" more

Reid Bikes Pledges to Plant a Tree for every Bike it Sells

AUS - "...Reid is not only concerned with making cycling accessible to everyone, it wants to ensure a better environment..." more

The Birth & Death of a Bike Company

"What happened to SPEEDX?" more

25 of the Best Bike Products of 2019

"This roundup is part of This Year in Gear, a look back at the year’s most notable releases..." more

Park District Establishes Civilian Ranger Patrol

Clark County, OH - "The Clark County Park District has established a new ranger volunteer program for teens and adults." more

Urban Freeride Lives 3

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Trail Users Bring Cash to Lemhi County

ID - "When Lemhi County applied to become a gateway community for the Continental Divide Trail in 2016, people were enthusiastic." more

Road to Gold

CAN - "Road-Trip Objective: Explore the northern Canadian territory known as Yukon..." more

London Trials Noise-Emitting Electric Buses

UK - "The buses are designed to emit a noise that alerts people to their presence." more

Velomobile Spotted on Florida Trail



How Oregon got the Idaho Stop

Portland, OR - "...the idea to correlate stop sign law with natural and safe riding behavior stuck with Bjorn. And 13 years later he would still be around to see a stops-as-yields law finally pass the Oregon legislature." more

7 Newest MTB Trails Around the World


"Trail builders around the world are closing out the year with grand openings! Here are the newest mountain bike trails offering fresh dirt this month." more

City Cycling: Health Versus Hazard

"Are the fitness benefits of riding your bike worth the risk of an accident? Lesley Evans Ogden takes a tour of seven cities on two wheels to find out." more

Auto Exhaust Can Damage Your Carbon Wheels

"...Twice, after just a 10-minute commute, the rim closest to my car’s exhaust was warped or buckled...." more

New World-Class Trails await at Buffalo Outdoor Center

Ponca, AR - "The bar for mountain bike trails in Arkansas has once again been raised, this time to resort status..." more

A Resolution That Will Guarantee More Riding Time


"...Every week I beg, borrow, and steal time on my bike. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it feels like a major coup just to sneak in an hour." more

Canyon’s Speedy Dude Fat Bike


"...a fat bike that focuses on speed and lightness, not epic adventures." more

Winter Hikes in Ohio

OH - "... Embrace the season and plan your next trip in Ohio with this list of winter hikes." more

Creating a Welcoming Cowntown in Mantua

OH - "The Village of Mantua is doing its best to revitalize its downtown area, located near the intersection of Route 44, the Cuyahoga River, as well as the Headwaters Trail and the Buckeye Trail, which briefly merge in town." more

Land Run 100

Rainbow Routes Challenges Residents to Hike, Bike and Snowshoe

CAN - "The skies are grey and the rain is melting the snow on this late December day, but time spent outdoors is always a good idea..." more

Former Addict Receives "Yellow Jersey"

UK - "Martin Williams from Birmingham was homeless, living on the streets, taking drugs and suffering from anxiety and depression before he was put in touch with the Big Bike Revival group, New Roots." more

7 Dreamy Bike Paths

"...From a trail that cuts through abandoned stone buildings to a route that maps out a scale model of our solar system, these paths will scintillate experienced cyclists and amaze amateurs." more

Austin's Oldest Hike-and-Bike Trail Offers Unique Journey

TX - "...The trail has multiple access points and a variety of experiences, from almost spooky wooded stretches to wide open meadows, picnic areas, historical markers, and springs..." more

2019 Was Bonkers!

Fatbiking Continues to Roll Up Admirers

MN - "Fatbiking has its own culture, gear choices, and quirks. We got some experts to offer tips and ideas." more

Gravel Rides to Add to Your Bucket List

"...everyone needs an adventure to look forward to, and this wide-open country won’t explore itself..." more

The 2020 Bible of Bike Tests is Coming

"25 modern bikes tested in Park City, Utah." more

Peloton Husband Buys his Real Girlfriend a Peloton


"Canadian actor Sean Hunter took to his Instagram on Wednesday night to share a photo of his girlfriend - Cassidy Baras - posed on top of her new Peloton bike." more

Once Upon a Trail: The Death March


"...he had a weird crash on his bike that day on a seemingly benign section of trail. It was as if his arms couldn’t properly hold up his weight..." more

There's No Such Thing as the "Wrong" Bike

"We live in an age of hyper-specialization when it comes to cycling..." more

PedalPower Kids

Cycling Without Age

"Ole Kassow, of Copenhagen, Denmark, was riding his bike to work one morning in 2012 when he noticed an old, disabled man sitting on a bench outside a local nursing home..." more

10 Trails for Long Distance Solitude

"In 2017, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy recorded 1,173 people as finishing the Appalachian Trail, and 1,013 of them were thru-hikers. On the Pacific Crest Trail, it’s just as crowded..." more

Going Fast Was the Least Risky Thing I Ever Did


"And I went plenty fast. Fast enough to sustain a 10-year career as a professional mountain bike racer..." more

A True All-Around Mountain Bike Trail Tire


"The Honcho is a new mountain bike tire from Teravail that’s designed to be versatile enough for most trail riding conditions..." more

39 Products That Changed Cycling


"There has arguably been more major technological advancements in cycling over the last decade than in several decades prior..." more

Every E-Bike We Reviewed in 2019

"This year has seen a bumper crop of interesting, exciting, and sometimes oddball electric bicycles..." more

Mountain Biking in the Napa Valley

CA - "Napa County offers a wealth of parks and trails for new to experienced mountain bike riders..." more

$100,000 For One Bicycle?

"...Opt for lighter wheels, pimped out with ceramic bearings, and commission a highly-detailed paint job, and you could be landed with a bill for $35,000..." more

12 Best Commuter Bike Bags

"We all want to ride a little bit more, and one of the best ways to do that is to use your bike for transportation..." more

Is the E-Mobility Decade Next?


"...The ket to the success of the New York and Montreal [bike share] systems was the realization that bikes alone are not enough; you need a safe place to ride them..." more

Ghost Bike Helps Houston Family Heal


TX - "Poinsettias, candles, holiday garland and a small red Christmas stocking with the letter “D” adorn a white bike at the corner of Heights Avenue and 8th Street." more

Greet the New Rail-Trails of 2019

U.S. - "On the cusp of a new decade—hello 2020!—the rail-trail movement continues to thrive and bring benefits to millions of people across the country..." more

World's Best Cycling Holidays


"There is something satisfying about riding from one end of a country to another..." more

Best Hikes In Yellowstone National Park

MT - "Home to majestic mountains, big skies, and everything huckleberry, Montana is a uniquely beautiful (and delicious) place..." more

Murals along Trail Capture Appalachian Beauty

VA - "Stretching over 2,000 miles, the Appalachian Trail has enticed outdoor explorers to flock to the woods for as long as the trees have stretched their branches to the clouds..." more

How to Stop Hitting People who Walk or Bike

"...Forty-one people who walk were killed in Toronto this year by people who drive..." more

9 Great Road Bikes That Cost $1,000 or Less

"If your budget for a new bike is a grand or less, now is a good time to shop..." more

9 Ways Mountain Biking Became More Accessible


"What our sport needs more than anything is to grow..." more

Michigan’s Great Lake-to-Lake Trail


MI - "It’s no secret that Michigan is a great trail state, hosting more than 2,400 miles of rail-trails, and exciting developing trail network projects like the Great Lake-to-Lake Trails, which is building momentum..." more

Meet Amsterdam’s Bicycle Mayor

NLD - "...The 45-year-old sports teacher and program manager at the University of Amsterdam chose to study, live, and raise her family in the Dutch capital because she wanted to be able to bike every day..." more

Why Minnesotans Love to Ride in Winter

MN - "In Minnesota, nothing stops cyclists — not even snow or negative-degree weather." more

Some Minneapolitans Embrace Car-Fee Lifestyle

MN - "Kenny Fennell grew up in Boston without a car and, since moving to the Lyndale neighborhood in June, he’s continued to live car-free, biking most days to his job in Downtown Minneapolis." more

Scooters Now Sharing the Delivery Lane

"The delivery services industry is starting to think small. It’s getting away from big delivery trucks and finding more compact vehicles to get around." more

You Need a Super-Gravel Bike

"I’ve had this itch lately to hop onto a bike loaded with camping gear and ride way out there..." more

Mountain Bike of the Year Winner


"The Mountain Bike of the Year award is a broad category, one that's open to everything from ultralight cross-country machines to World Cup-worthy DH bikes..." more

Ideas for the Future of the I-285 Perimeter

GA - "If a 22-mile loop of old railroad tracks can (eventually) become a network of multi-use trails, parks, and transit, who says the car-choked Interstate 285 Perimeter can’t become something magical, too?" more

Oonee Debuts Bike Parking in Brooklyn

$1.5M Agreement Permanently keeps Utah Trail Open

Salt Lake City, UT - "A Utah farming family has reached an agreement with land officials allowing permanent access to a portion of private land along a trail bordering Zion National Park." more

5 new places to bike or walk in Charlottesville

VA - "Peter Krebs, community outreach coordinator for the Piedmont Environmental Council, leaned over the edge of a boardwalk in Greenbrier Park." more

Community Replaces Man's Bike

WI - "...Burch, 20, is autistic and cannot drive. He uses a bicycle to get around town instead..." more

Becky Jo’s Carfree Life

Portland, OR - "...Funny story, or at least I hope I’m able to laugh at it someday. My family has gone completely carfree..." more

Shannon Galpin Isn’t Done Yet

"...Galpin first traveled to Afghanistan in the fall of 2008, as the founder of Colorado-based Mountain2Mountain, a non-profit that aspired to support women in countries lacking modern-day women’s rights..." more

The Coming E-Decade

"130 million e-bikes are expected to be sold globally between 2020 and 2023." more

West Palm’s Future 3-D Sidewalk Art Iillusions

FL - "Hector Diaz’s artwork includes 3-D paintings that make it look like the sidewalks have broken through..." more

Parks with Irregular Shapes may Boost Longevity

" More and more studies are emphasizing the importance of green spaces for longevity..." more

The Most Mountain Bikey Gravel Bike Ever

"Follow the trends in mountain bikes and you’ll see progressively longer front-centre reaches matched with forever shortening stem lengths..." more

Andy Pruitt Retires From Specialized

" Cycling should not be uncomfortable..." more

Whatcom Park’s Chanterelle Trail

WA - "The Chanterelle Trail at Lake Whatcom Park offers views that rival more popular destinations like Oyster Dome and Mount Baker—but without the crowds..." more

Construction Begins on $100M Greenway Project

NYC - "...The EMG will address the city’s lack of connection to the waterfront for East Midtown communities by creating a continuous 40-ft. wide esplanade over the water parallel to FDR Dr., allowing pedestrians and cyclists to experience water on both sides..." more

Favorite Gravel Bikes of 2019

Aventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Our 9 Favorite Mountain Bikes

"...Looking back, these are our favorites bikes from 2019..." more

Matrix Helmet Is Genuinely Futuristic

"The best, most high-tech way to stay safe on wheels is to wear this." more

25 Bike-Friendly Cities

U.S. - "...Check out GoBankingRates.com's list of the 25 most affordable cities across America for bicyclists." more

Abandoned Rail Line is a Strange, Urban Paradise

NJ - "...The Bergen Arches are tunnels and an 85-foot deep cut built in 1906 below street level in Jersey City to carry Erie Railroad trains under and through the Palisades to a Hudson River terminal..." more

Riding Gravel - the Dirty Reiver

National Park Service takes Unprecedented Step to Save Bats

TN - "...They decided to reopen the cave after it had been sealed for a year." more

E-Bikes Used to Teach E-Motorcycle Riders

"Believe it or not, an unassuming little electric bicycle may just be a gateway drug into the fun, exciting and environmentally friendly world of electric motorcycles." more

5 Great Winter Hikes

OH - "Winter hiking is underrated and if you have never taken a winter trek, you are missing out on some of the best hiking there is..." more

Tips for Commuting By Bike

Does a Hybrid Bike Need Suspension?

"While hybrid bikes have never offered suspension in the past, newer models are including the feature..." more

The Velocker E-Bike

The e-bike with lockable panniers. more

E-Biking Benefits

NZL - "...I've lost 30kg, it cut down my commute from 45 minutes to 12. It allowed me to be mobile again because I've got massive joint problems..." more

BMC recalls Teammachine SLR01 Disc Bikes & Framesets


"BMC is recalling all 2018 and 2019 Teammachine SLR01 Disc bicycles and framesets because the fork steerer tube can crack or break during use, posing a fall hazard." more

Best Bike Accessories of 2019!

An Old Cemetery Gives Up Its Secrets

MT - "An estimated 72 people died during construction of a rail tunnel through the Montana mountains. After more than 100 years, their final resting place has been found." more

Bike with Heated Grips for Winter Riding

"Keeping your extremities warm in winter is one of the endless battles in cycling..." more

6 Max Heart Rate Training Myths

"For decades, athletes have used maximum heart rate as a way to figure out which zones they should be training in..." more

Green Spaces May Help You Live Longer

"Green space can reduce stress and improve mental health, which may lead to more physical activity." more

Q&A with Scott Ulrich

Columbus, OH - "Our next COG Board Member Q&A interview is with Scott Ulrich with Columbus Public Health..." more

Blurring The Line Between Bicycles And Motorcycles

"...Electric bicycles are getting bigger, faster, and more powerful. The line between them and motorcycles is starting to get blurry." more

City Parks Lengthens Bluestem Prairie Open Space Trail

CO - "...The extension of the trail has turned what had been a rather unremarkable hike into a more scenic trek." more

6 Max Heart Rate Training Myths

"For decades, athletes have used maximum heart rate as a way to figure out which zones they should be training in..." more

Cycling the Erie Canal, An Audio Tour

NY - "'Cycling the Erie Canal: A Path Through History' is an audio tour of Montgomery County historic sites available through a free app that can be downloaded to smartphones..." more

The Wolf's Lair

Bike Buddy Helps Kids Learn to Ride

TX - "Bike Buddy LLC dropped by the KETK studio to explain how their product works." more

Cycling Style, As Informed by Gravel

"Times have changed. Espresso and aero everything are out, pour-over and flannel are in." more

The Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes You Can Buy

"...the hardtail is the workhorse of the mountain bike world." more

Surly Racks Recall


D.C. - "After announcing a safety notice in October regarding some Surly bike racks, QBP is now conducting a recall of the racks in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission." more

Wintertime Trails And Fat Bikes


OR - "Gravel riding isn't the only wintertime jam for cycling enthusiasts." more

Being Fast Is Pointless


"I spent most of my twenties sweating on a bicycle, with the singular focus of being fast..." more

Autonomous Delivery Bot in the Bike Lane


"A new delivery bot is here to bring you lunch. But this one has three wheels and travels on its own from the restaurant to your address..." more

The Safest Road & MTB Helmets

"Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab has released its safety assessments of 86 helmets it has tested in 2019..." more

Cyclists Spending More Time Indoors

"This year marks Strava’s 10th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than to comb through a staggering amount of data to track the trends in cycling from this year past." more

Torridon Featuring Martha Gill

Atlanta Mobility Edition

GA - "What 2019 had in store for trains, bikes, and anything else but automobiles was remarkable." more

800 East Bay Kids Will Ride In Style

CA - "More than 800 East Bay kids in need will have a new mode of transportation soon thanks to some 300 volunteers who gathered Saturday at the Alameda County Fairgrounds to assemble and distribute bikes and helmets..." more

I Bought a Bike Off the Internet

"I have a confession: I love internet shopping..." more

Dungeness Trails Awaits

WA - "If you’re into mountain biking or gravel bike riding, there’s a new game in town: Dungeness Trails." more

Peloton Shares Tumble

NY - "Shares of exercise bike company Peloton were under pressure Tuesday from a scathing research report that comes on the heels of blowback from its widely mocked ad." more

Boy Vents Anger at Driver

West Town’s Protected Bike Lanes Decorated

NY - "A holiday vigilante (or vigilantes) brought Christmas cheer to bike lane bollards along Milwaukee Avenue..." more

Women are Less Comfortable Biking to Work Than Men

"...When crunching the numbers for 2019, Strava found a disconcerting trend with female cyclists: They were less likely to bike to work than men." more

Profile Design Recalls Carbon Aerobars


D.C. - "Profile Design is recalling about 260 of its Aeria Ultimate carbon aerobars because they can crack and break." more

Ben Appleby is a Modern-Day Trailblazer

Zanesville, OH - "Ben Appleby is a trail builder. Literally. He travels here and there under his company name Linear Active LLC – and builds trails. " more

Beeline Velo Explained

How to Ride Your E-Bike All Winter

"It's a little bit different from how you ride your bike, but not much." more

Why are Most E-Scooter Riders Men?

"...Fixing that gender gap may take more than just adding safety features." more

Memphis Becoming More Bike Friendly

TN - "In 2010, Bicycling Magazine named Memphis one of the worst cities for biking in the country." more

Planning Your Ride Routes

Portland Rocked my Two Wheels

OR - "When I visit urban areas, I tend to view them through a different lens than a typical visitor might, mainly due to my years of working as a bicycle advocate..." more

Most Popular U.S. Strava Segments

"What makes a bike route so extraordinary that people keep coming back to ride it again and again?.." more

Art Center Students Design Greenway Benches


NY - "Teens and young adults at the Bronx River Art Center are finally seeing their park bench designs come to life..." more

Bicyclists, Doormen & Tourists Battle for Turf


NYC - "Jason Seda saw the car door open and the man get out. He also saw the bicycle coming." more

Walking, Biking and Transit in Buenos Aires


"...Buenos Aires devotes enormous space to wide avenues which often spread to six or more lanes. Like in much of the world, its streets are often gridlocked But the city is walkable, bikable and accessible by commuter rail..." more

Piano Group Helps Raise Funds for Trails


ID - "...Dueling Pianos is one of two premier fundraisers held annually for the Portneuf Greenway Foundation..." more

Biking all the Way


RI - "For the last month, Bike Newport’s volunteer elves have been fixing, restoring and polishing dozens of donated children’s bicycles - getting them ready for the annual bike giveaway at Pell Elementary School..." more

2020 Specialized Roubaix on the Cobbles


"With a forthcoming trip to the absolute heartland of cobbles – the Flanders region of Belgium – the plan was hatched..." more

Trek Recalls Super Commuter+ E-Bikes


D.C. - "Trek is recalling 2,840 of its 2017-2019 model Super Commuter+ 8S e-bikes because a front fender bolt can unthread causing the fender to fall into the front wheel." more

The New Ashokan Rail Trail


NY - "Having heard enthusiastic reports from friends who’ve walked or biked the Ashokan Rail Trail since the October 18 opening of the West Hurley trailhead, I was curious to get a look at the western section, which opened on Thanksgiving Day..." more

Why Don't Women Cycle to Work?'


"When I moved back to the US two years ago, buying a bike was at the top of my to-do list..." more

Activist, Who Me?

Portland, OR - "Activist is a loaded word." more

The Women Pushing FreeRide MTB


"There have been numerous calls for a women’s Rampage, but to progress women’s freeride the industry needs to think beyond just a singular event..." more

Rejuvenating a Famous Nevada Rail Corridor

NV - "The developing Historic Virginia and Truckee Trail (fondly referred to as the V&T) inhabits one of the most famous railroads in Nevada History, offering a unique experience for current and future trail users." more

Ryan Chao & Eric Oberg Answer Questions

U.S. - "...Through a special live-streamed Ask Me Anything-style conversation, we caught up with Ryan Chao, president of team RTC, and Eric Oberg, director of trail development for the Midwest Regional Office..." more

Trail Bike Dirt Jumping

"The morning that we shot this Video Log, I put up a YouTube community post with a survey..." more

Kids Bikes Closer to Getting China Tariff Relief

CO - "...an initial review stage found that exclusions should be granted to 19 requests..." more

The Gear Hound Evolves


"Maybe it started when I was a little kid, and the Sears catalogue would show up in the mail." more

The Parkersburg to Pittsburgh Trail Corridor

"The P2P: It’s a small acronym that holds a world of promise. Extending from Parkersburg to Pittsburgh (P2P), the developing 238.5-mile route connecting northern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania by trail would be a game changer..." more

Bike Bags

The Bike Rack Is Closing


D.C. - "The space occupied by The Bike Rack has been taken over by another bike store. Conte’s, a Virginia-based regional chain of bike stores, opened at The Bike Rack’s 14th and Q Streets location on Saturday..." more

9 Best Bike Baskets

"No matter what you need to haul across town—beer, groceries, a rashly adopted puppy—there’s a bike basket for the job..." more

Weight Weenies Wowed By Bicycle Inner-Tubes


"...there’s now an inner tube material that’s much lighter and stronger than butyl, and lighter and stronger than latex but with better air retention." more

Trail Pays Tribute to Johnny Cash

CA - "The Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom is a 2.5-mile paved pedestrian trail from downtown Folsom, along Folsom Prison’s outer boundary and out to the dam..." more

Riding a Unicycle Across Death Valley

Physician Plays Role in Canal Success

Sidney, OH - "...His idea: build a canal feeder, or extension, from the village of Lockington east through Sidney to Port Jefferson with a terminus at the Great Miami River..." more

The Perfect Photo Opp

"Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) is pleased to join our friends at REI each year in encouraging people to #OptOutside on Black Friday and spend more time outdoors every day." more

How Citi Bike Has Improved My Dating Life


NYC - "...even though getting to a date was easy for me, it sometimes made the leaving part more complicated. But Citi Bike has solved that problem for me." more

Best Bike Trips in the World

"...when you devote your vacation days to do nothing but eat, drink, and ride your way around an unfamiliar destination, that experience becomes next level..." more

New York’s Ashokan Rail Trail

NY - "...Though the trail opened in autumn, the ART, as it’s colloquially called, offers year-round views..." more

Iceland Divide Bikepacking Expedition

Central Ohio Greenways Interview Series

Columbus, OH - Meet Tony Slanec.

Study Suggests E-MTBs Offer Nearly Same Workout


"A study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) completed this summer suggests that riding eMTBs provides a workout that is nearly as hard as mountain biking without a motor." more

The People Behind the New Bike Path


CA - "...It’s 10 days after the opening of the new bike lane down the center of Fremont Street in North Monterey, and we’re all on bikes..." more

Bikepacking in the Oxford Forest, Canterbury

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Indoor Cycling Programs to Crush Your Goals

"Dave Ambrose, a 34-year-old venture capitalist in New York City, had a problem most of us can relate to: Work got busy and his time to ride outside evaporated..." more

Best Saddle Bags for your Road Bike


"The best saddle bags for road bikes are secure, stable, subtle and stylish, and have enough room for your ride essentials..." more

Peloton Accused of "Sexist" Ad


UK - "...The Peloton bike company saw its share price plummet by over nine per cent on Tuesday following the launch of its new Christmas advert, which was criticised as sexist." more

Electric Waves

How to Travel Car-Free With a Family


"When I moved to New York and started a car-free travel blog in 2007, I was a recovering Los Angeles transplant..." more

Low-Rider Piecycle

"Outsiders Pizza Company came to us with an open-ended request for something radical, inviting us to invent a new way for their field marketing team to engage with consumers at street-level." more

Keith Laughlin Named 2019 Rail-Trail Champion


"When Keith Laughlin became the second president of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) in 2001, he did not envision he’d help usher in a golden age for trails..." more

Onboard the Transcontinental Race

Priority, Big Shot Bikes Granted Tariff Exclusions


D.C. - "...The exclusions apply to all importers of China-made products meeting descriptions published in the Federal Register on Nov. 29..." more

The Economic Impact of Trail Towns

"Sustained by more than half a century of vigorous growth, outdoor recreation has become one of the largest economic sectors of the American economy." more

The Postman

Norway Has The Safest Roads

"Only two road traffic deaths per 100, 000 inhabitants were reported in Norway in 2019, making the Scandinavian nation the best-performing country for road safety. " more

Ticketing Cyclists Is Pointless

"On the bike, laws are secondary and survival is paramount." more

An Affordable E-Bike

"Want a sign of the times? The gig economy is now so big that transportation businesses are specifically targeting gig workers." more

The Salado Creek Greenway


TX - "...Ride or walk for long enough along the Salado Creek Greenway and you’ll see a little bit of everything." more

Springfield Cyclist Looks to Open Bike Shop


Springfield, OH - "...Francis, a cycling enthusiast, wants to establish his shop close to the Little Miami Scenic Trail that cuts through town..." more

10 Great Biking Moments in Movies

"...Many of these films remind us of just how much we have to be thankful for..." more

Portland Trails - A Case Study

OR - "Portland Trails Executive Director Kara Wooldrik traveled to Japan as part of an international team consulting with local officials on the role trail networks can play in disaster recovery and community development." more

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