Towpath Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

Cycling Seattle’s New 520 Trail


WA - "Bike trail across bridge adds a welcome new dimension to riding around Lake Washington." more...

Living Like a Car-Less Tourist

Portland, OR - "...we decided to spend a week exploring Portland like a stranger might..." more

How a Stolen Bike Changed Two Lives


ME - "Jacob Whitehouse’s bicycle was stolen last week, hardly a day after his parents had taken it out of storage at their East Millinocket home." more...

We Tooted the World’s Loudest Bike Horn

"Ah, Amsterdam in spring. The sunshine glitters across the canals, the streetside bars bustle, and tourists trample all over the cycle lanes." more...

Women’s Turbo Vado 3.0 E-Bike

"With 28 mpg max pedal assist and up to 75 miles of battery life, this e-commuter will trump your car any day of the week." more...

How a Rail-Trail Divided a County

CA - "...This much-debated rail trail would be Santa Cruz County’s portion of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail (MBSST)..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits


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Another Greenway to try in Co Limerick


UK - "One of the great advances in off-road walking in recent years has been the development of greenways on abandoned railway lines..." more

Garmin’s New Bike Computers

"Garmin has announced two new computers and an updated version of its Varia radar light..." more

Wine and Waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge


Hood River, OR - "...The gorge is an 80-mile-long (129-kilometer-long) canyon with dozens of waterfalls spilling down towering cliffs. The most famous is Multnomah Falls, 620 feet high (189 meters)." more...

RockyMounts Recalls Some Hitch Racks

Boulder, CO - "RockyMounts, Inc. is working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall 565 of its auto bike racks because a weld can fail, causing the rack to separate from the vehicle." more...


Hennessy Honors Unsung Cycling Hero

"...Marshall “Major” Taylor may not be a household name even among racing fans, but a little more than a century ago he was known as the world’s greatest athlete..." more

Reggie Miller Is All-In on Mountain Biking

"Cycling is helping the basketball star channel his competitive drive..." more

Riding an E-Bike was Nothing Like I Expected


"...A bike store employee pulled out a black bike that looked like it had gotten an MBA and was now working for Microsoft..." more

The PA to Parkersburg to Pittsburgh Corridor


"The P2P: It’s a small acronym that holds a world of promise. Extending from Parkersburg to Pittsburgh (P2P), the developing 238.5-mile route connecting northern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania by trail would be a gamechanger..." more

8,000-Miles on a Bamboo Bicycle

"A British woman has just completed an incredible 8288-mile journey through South America using a bicycle made from bamboo." more...

Shimano or Shimona?

"Mechanics say Shinano, Shimona and SunRun components are showing up on bikes bought online." more...

The Ingenious Cyclewear Victorian Women Invented


"Patents by female inventors from the 1890s reveal the creative ways women made their body mobile through clothing." more...

Make Your Hub Bearings Last Longer

The 'Fight Club of Cycling'

VA - "When the workers clock out, the fixies, unicycles, and penny-farthings roll in for an evening of races where 'anything goes.'" more...

East Rim Trail Review

Cleveland, OH - "...I had just finished a lap on the East Rim Trail in northeastern Ohio, and I couldn't decide which element of its novelty was more improbable: that I had flown from my home in the Colorado Rockies to mountain bike in Cleveland--and loved it; or that I had just ridden a ripping flow trail in a national park." more...

Photographing Early 20th Century Bike Life

"There’s truly not a more fascinating way to explore history than through the photograph – for me anyway..." more

Use Dockless Bike Share to Pedal Around


D.C. - "The DMV boasts more than 40 miles of bike lanes and 8,000 miles of trails, making it the ideal area for planning a pedaled escape." more...

The Running Trail Ahead


IA - "...I’m not talking about bike paths or anything paved, I’m talking about running on dirt through some of our local forest preserves/wooded areas." more...

Gravel Biking Thru Wales


"A cycle route takes in misty lakes, forest tracks and quiet lanes amid a remote, magical part of Powys. The epic ride ends in a cosy pub just as rain sweeps in." more...

Hiker Turns Passion into Successful Business


"Ryan Linn, with two partners, runs a company called Atlas Guides that makes map-based navigational apps for smartphones." more...

Blazing Some New Trails


CO - "The grand opening for the new First/Third Flats Trails, Snakeskin, Good Vibes, and Second Thoughts was this past weekend, and if you haven't checked out these trails yet, you should." more...

Bike Season Begins in Avon


Avon, CO - "...Sunday, April 15, marks both the Closing Day for Beaver Creek Resort and the Opening Day for the mountain biking trails that it faces in the West Avon Preserve." more...

Giant's Defy Advanced 3 Is a Steal

"A carbon frame, nice parts, and hydraulic disc brakes at this price?.." more

The Cheap E-Bay Bike Challenge

Saudi Women Embrace the Bicycle

Jeddah, SAU - "When Amirah al-Turkistani left Boston in 2015 after earning a graduate degree, friends mocked her decision to ship her beloved pistachio-colored bicycle back home to Saudi Arabia." more...

GÜP KWIKI Inflates and Seals Tubeless MTB Tires


"I’m not sure if this should be filed under 'sounds too good to be true' or 'why didn’t I think of that?'.." more

The Affordable Specialized Allez Elite

"This snappy little road bike is one of our favorite bikes at any price." more...

VanMoof+ Offers Monthly Payment Plan

"The Dutch urban smart bike manufacturer VanMoof has just announced that it will be offering its new Smart S and Smart X models to consumers via a subscription based service in Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, London, Paris, San Francisco and New York." more...

Yellowstone in Springtime

"...The park opens portions of its interior roads to travelers on April 20. Until then, you can ride a bike, skateboard or rollerblade partway from either the West Yellowstone or Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming, entrances into the park before cars are allowed." more...

The Carfree Historic Columbia River Highway Vision


OR - "There’s been a steady trickle of news here on BikePortland in recent years from agencies and advocates who see a future for carfree traveling in the Columbia River Gorge. But it turns out the idea isn’t as futuristic as you might think." more...

The Ethics of Breaking Traffic Laws


"...the perception among the “Get off my lawn!” demographic is that cyclists are the scuds of the transportation landscape—a bunch of thrill-seekers who live for nothing more than exhilarating near-misses with decent, lawn-tending Americans..." more

Palm Beach Pedal Club Circa 1935

FL - "During the Depression, two dozen seasonal Palm Beachers bicycled as a group around the island as a way to declare their newfound affiliation." more...

How Did You Learn to Ride a Bike?

Portland, OR - "Our favorite looks on Portland's streets this week." more...

How to Choose Family-Friendly Riding Routes

Portland, OR - "Call me crazy, but I have four different routes for each destination. In order of comfort, high to low..." more

4 MTB Trails in the Phoenix Area


AZ - "...If you’re in the Phoenix area, here are four trails to shred with your new ride." more...

Danny MacAskill & Claudio Caluori: Home of Trails

Campagnolo Rolls Out New Wheels & App

"Campy claims lowest-drag wheel on the market." more...

The Stradalli San Remo

"Miami-based online direct-to-consumer brand Stradalli has earned a reputation for well-designed bikes (both on- and off-road) with excellent components, at prices lower than the competition..." more

Alcoy and Maigmó Greenways

ESP - "A dictator's failed public works is reborn as two linked cycling trails through spectacular scenery." more...

Paul Freedman’s "BooLander"

"...I was intrigued to hear that he had created a new bike, a tall, bamboo, electric, cargo, adventure, tandem bike called BooLander." more...

What It’s Like to Ride Paris Roubaix

"This may be useless, but I’ll tell you anyway." more...

The New Campagnolo 12 Speed


"Campagnolo launches 12-speed Record and Super Record groupsets, but will it be the next cycling revolution?" more...

Sunglasses Promise a Fog-Free Ride

"The brand known for cycling sunglasses introduces its latest innovation..." more

Goodyear Returns to Bicycle Tire Market


"Goodyear Tires need no introduction, but for many younger cyclists, the idea of a Winged Foot on a bicycle tire may not be familiar..." more

Sunday in Hell: The Dark Side of Professional Cycling


"Serious bike riding is healthy, environmental and increasingly trendy. But an expert’s new book documents the gruelling, often dangerous reality of the sport." more...

Cycling Club Helps Homeless Women


UK - "Two Sustrans staff members explain how offering residents of a women’s hostel the freedom of cycling is helping to improve their mental wellbeing." more...

Q&A with Marcel Kittel

"The high-powered pro sprinter dishes on the tour, spring classics, his training, and hipsters in the peloton..." more

Best Road Bikes Under $1,500

"You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to have a great ride..." more

Q&A with Ray's MTB Park Manager


Cleveland, OH - "...Keith Miller, keeps riders rolling at what he calls the nation's oldest and biggest indoor tracks for mountain bikes and BMX's." more...

Mapping Eurasia's Forgotten Hiking Routes


"...We are working towards transforming the ancient connecting routes of local shepherds into world-class hiking and biking trails." more...

How to Make You Ride to Work more Like Paris-Roubaix

" are a few ways you can make your rides feel more like the Hell of the North." more...

How Far to the Right Should You Ride?

"Read on to find out what the law says — and means." more...

Shockstop Suspension Road Stem

Bicycling on the Key Peninsula

WA - "...The Key Peninsula has a lot to offer those who enjoy the simple pleasures of a bike ride..." more

Bike Maintenance: 7 Essential Tips

"...Whether you bike regularly to work, race, or just head out on the trails a couple times a month, you need to stay on top of basic maintenance..." more

Fabric Bike Spokes Are Stronger Than Steel

"...These unassuming, flexible fabric spokes made from the world’s strongest polymer will revolutionize bike wheels forever..." more

The Ultimate Bike Basket

"Probably the only good decision I ever made for my bodily health as a bike messenger was to mount a Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket to my fixed-gear handlebar to give my spine a little messenger-bag relief..." more

The Seven Greenway SL

"Six grand for this commuter bike? Yep, and here’s why." more...

Hudson Valley Bike Routes

NY - "...The Hudson Valley region’s bike trails are a 'mixed bag,' according to Robert Hermann, president of Westchester Cycle Club..." more

Family Cycling Trail in the UK


UK - "...From Morecambe Bay to the Mendips, here are our readers’ favourite family cycle trails." more...

Community Honors All-Weather Cyclist

WA - "Bad weather doesn’t stop Bob Stiles from biking and busing from Edmonds to Seattle every day – not even snow..." more

Shimano's New Clutch-Enabled Road Derailleur

"Shimano’s latest addition to the Ultegra line features a part that might be more familiar to mountain bikers—a clutch mechanism..." more

The Propella E-Bike

WA - "Founder of Propella Electric Bike Ben Tarassoli tells us why his bike is better for local Seattle riders..." more

Columbus Bike Fancy


Columbus, OH - "...Columbus Bike Fancy is a blog loosely based on the blog out of Chicago of the same name that focused on stylish folks on bikes. Here in Columbus though, we focus more on the beauty of the bicycle rather than the rider's style of clothing..." more

How The Humble Bicycle Can Save Our Cities


"Copenhagenize offers a blueprint for how cities can welcome the bicycle–and all the positive outcomes that being a biking-centric city brings." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits


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Mountain Biking in Colorado Springs

CO - "...Colorado Springs has an abundance of open space parks, and you’re likely to find trails at every level in most of them..." more

How To Restart Your Passion For MT Biking

Fighting for Safer Streets in L.A.

CA - "...While riding a bike on the road can be potentially dangerous in any city, Rogers is trying to make streets safer for cyclists in Los Angeles, a city that is widely known for its car culture and the worst traffic in the world." more...

Cycling & Bike Trails Expand in Popularity

FL - "...Cook is part of a fast-growing sport in College Park and beyond as cycling evolves as a favorite pastime — and exercise — luring young and old, families and couples, singles, and group riders." more...

Bikes are for Boys: Cycling while Woman

"As a young girl I rode my bike everywhere around town, to the corner store for my daily candy stash, through the lovely wooded areas around Seattle, and the beaches along Lake Washington..." more

The Liv Amiti-E+ 2 Is a Women's E-Bike

"This E-Bike can boost you to the top an any hill without bottoming out your budget." more...

The Scott Foil 10 Disc

"Fast, comfortable, and outfitted for adventure, it might be the most versatile aero road bike you can buy." more...

North Chickamauga Creek Greenway

TN - "...this trail is great for anyone who wants to ease into hiking or trail running because there are multiple options..." more

Pierce Brosnan Spotted Biking on Lady Bird Lake Trail


Austin, TX - "A cyclist spotted Pierce Brosnan on the Butler Hike and Bike Trail along Lady Bird Lake Monday and snapped a pic with the iconic actor." more...

Yes, E-Bikes are Magic


"OK, I'm a convert. Mass adoption really could change urban and suburban transportation." more...

Why Do You Ride in the Middle of the Lane?

"Driving in the middle of the lane actually protects cyclists against the most common motorist-caused crashes..." more

Introducing the Surly Bridge Club

"Just announced, the Surly Bridge Club is a pavement-ready, dirt-centric touring bike designed around 27.5×2.4″ tires and built to keep things simple..." more

12 Lessons from a 500 Mile Solo Bike Trip

"I had only biked 45 miles once in my life prior to this trip. Here are the most practical lessons I learned..." more

Useful Biking Gear for Trails

"...I asked my colleagues at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC), some of America’s most experienced trail riders, what equipment they’ve found super useful..." more

Where Do All the Cyclists Live?

"...there are a host of things people say repeatedly in service of preserving parking and the car-dominant status quo." more...

The Masi CXRc Comp

"The Masi CXRc walks the line between cyclocross racing and gravel riding..." more

Review: Bontrager SE4 29 x 3.0 tires


"I’ve been a fan of Bontrager’s Chupacabra tires since they first hit the market..." more

Bike Lanes & Fried Chicken

Las Vegas, NV - "... I also learned that the road cycling in Vegas is stellar. Not just the desert scenery, but the in-town infrastructure..." more

Bond Between Two Unlikely Friends

Bucks County, PA - "At one basement repair shop in Bucks County, a two-person team takes apart old bikes and build them back up. What no one saw coming was the unique friendship that sparked it all." more...

Top 10 Reasons to NOT Make the Biking Pledge

"...let’s be honest, this challenge isn’t for everyone. There are lots of reasons why people are not going to take part in 30 Days of Biking..." more

7 Bike Gadgets to Modernize Your Riding

"The future of cycling is here -- and it's techy..." more

Thule’s Roundtrip Snowsports Duffel

"If you drive to ride, it’s critical to have a bag that can tote your gear..." more

Medina River Natural Area


TX - "Medina River Natural Area is a place I associate with several of my South Texas firsts..." more

Alpe Du Zwift


"Zwift, the indoor-cycling gaming app, just unveiled a long-awaited Alps-style climb that promises to test the legs of even the fittest KOM/QOM chasers." more...

13 Cycling Essentials

"The gear you'll need to make the most of your ride." more...

The Pello Romper

"...the Bike You’ll Wish You Had When You Were a Kid." more...

How It Works: Brake Pads

"They're easy to take for granted, but your brake pads are one of the most important parts on your bike." more...

Google Self-Driving Bike

Find These Unique Park Bridges


Columbus, OH - "Have you found the bridge in Scioto Grove Metro Park? National Take a Walk in a Park Day, held annually on March 30, is a great day to find it." more...

Bike Over the Bay From Tampa to Clearwater


FL - "...The Courtney Campbell Trail runs over 9.5 miles from Tampa to Clearwater along the entire southern side of the Courtney Campbell Causeway..." more

Test Riding LimeBike's Dockless Electric Vehicles


Portland, OR - "...The first thing I grabbed was the scooter..." more

Tour de France Wannabes Struggling on Country Roads


UK - "When the Tour de France departed from a rural town in Yorkshire it prompted an influx of cyclists coming to enjoy the country roads, but councillors are now warning that bike lovers visiting the dales might not be as fit as they think they are." more...

Rolling with Virginia’s Bike Ambassadors


VA - "As the weather warms, one popular activity is the Virginia Capital Trail. Along the scenic route, “bike ambassadors” provide an important role - for frequent users and newcomers..." more

MTB Expert Shares Simple Trail Etiquette


UT - "...since trails are only a pencil-width in comparison to the world around them, they face problems when filling up quickly – not only with mountain bikers but with hikers, trail runners and in some areas equestrians." more

What Cyclists Need To Know About Trucks

"...Sometimes these crashes are caused by the truck driver passing a cyclist prior to turning right, but very often they are caused by the cyclist passing the truck on the right. In both cases, the cyclist has the power to avoid the crash." more...

The Liv Langma Advanced Disc

"This women's racing and climbing bike is fast, responsive and a great value." more...

Riding More Comfortably in the Rain

"Nobody prefers riding in the rain, but it can’t be denied that the improvements in fabric technology over recent years have made it a lot less unpleasant..." more

Riding Down Memory Lane


Dublin, OH - "At retirement community, virtual rides allow users to ‘visit’ places from days gone by." more...

Bikepacking the Desert of Wales

Self-Driving Cars Won't Save Cyclists


"Researchers say cyclists are a “problem” for self-driving technology, but the real problem is the cars." more...

Putting the Vision Zero Focus on How We Drive


Portland, OR - "One of the many things I do that annoys my two (teen and pre-teen) daughters is that I drive exceedingly slowly and cautiously..." more

My Husband's Health Kick: Cycling to the Pub

IRE - "...Recently during a Sunday lunch at a bar two miles from our house, a waitress seemed to be very familiar with my husband..." more

10 Useful Bike Hacks

10 Bicycle Upgrades


"From tires to toolkits to saddle bags, these drool-worthy upgrades will make your rides easier." more...

Training for Your First Multi-Day Ride

"This 16 week training plan will give you the fitness, confidence, and know-how to nail your first big multi-day ride." more...

Off-Season in Sandusky

Sandusky, OH - "...Downtown revitalization efforts over the last two or three years have started to take advantage of the natural destination Sandusky already is: a coastal town with local fervor..." more

Scottish Winter Trail Bike Vibes


"It’s been pretty wild this winter..." more

Biking with Youngsters


"... If you don’t bike with your young children, why not?" more...

Lima's Beautiful Blvd Bike Paths

Peru - "I biked my way through Lima, Peru, earlier this month, and while the streets are crazy congested, one of the features I enjoyed the most was the capital city's extensive system of boulevard bike paths..." more

Custom Leather Bicycle Seats


Bemidji, MN - "In the basement of his Bemidji home, Jerry Smith is busy hammering a design into a flat piece of leather..." more

SRAM XX1 Eagle Review

"The XX1 Eagle 1x12 groupset is SRAM's top-of-the-line mountain bike drivetrain—and the only one you'll ever want to ride." more...

2018 Santa Cruz Highball

"The 2018 Santa Cruz Highball features a modernized geometry and some trail-friendly touches, without sacrificing weight or efficiency." more...

5 Things with Judi Lopresti

Cincinnati, OH - "...This week’s FIVE THINGS is with Judi LoPresti, Co-Owner of Spun Cycles in Banjo Eric's hometown of Cincinnati..." more

Machu Picchu Via the Adventure Route


Peru - "Forgo the Inca Trail for something a whole lot more adrenaline-filled..."more

The Reawakening of Bike Season

CAN - "...With snow still on the ground, it will be a later start to riding season in Kamloops than in previous years, but it’s still only a few weeks away." more...

Raleigh Mustang Comp Electric Review


"The Mustang has long been the star of Raleigh’s adventure range. Now it also comes with a powerful electric motor." more...

Badwater Basin to White Mt. Peak

New Singletrack Sisters Fat Bike Team


Cadillac, MI - "A new club in Cadillac is working to bring local girls together through the bond of a sport." more...

Pro Cyclist Coryn Rivera

"She's one of the world's best cyclists, and she has her routine dialed." more...

An Exercise That Gives You the Immune System of a 20-Year-Old

"...In the study, published in the journal Aging Cell, researchers looked at 125 very active adult cyclists who were between ages 55 and 79..." more

Shimano Patent Reimagines the Crankset


"Direct mount design abandons crank arms as we know them." more...

A Bike-Friendly Town


Jefferson, Iowa - "...We've finally found the pedestrian and bicycle friendly community we were looking for. It was hiding in plain sight." more...

Pedaler’s Palate at SXSW

"...As excited as I was, I admit I was still expecting a lot of discussion to focus on granola and protein bars (which I don’t enjoy)..." more

Myth 7: Tubeless Tires Roll Faster

"When tubeless tires first became popular on mountain bikes, it was their resistance to pinch flats (above) that made them popular..." more

Man Uses Bike Repair Skills to Help Those in Need


VA - "...It started for the former FBI agent late last summer, when he took a look at an old mountain bike that wasn’t getting much use..." more

The Felt Tote'm Electric Cargo Bike


"You'll have a blast hauling groceries—or kids—around town on this easy-to-store midtail model." more...

Columbus to Qatar

Columbus, OH - "Through a rather bizarre series of events (ask me about it sometime), I was recently invited to speak at Qatar University (at the pleasure of the Princess, no less) about creating communities that welcome bikes for transportation..." more

East Texas Hikes That Take You to Another World

TX - " East Texas, the 128-mile Lone Star Hiking Trail, the state’s longest continuous hiking path, offers at least a sample of what a thru-hike can feel like..." more

Community Blooms Around Fixed-Gear Freestyling


Portland, OR - "A reunion of old friends has sparked a resurgence in Portland’s fixed-gear freestyle scene." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 8.0 Aero


"Go long and feel fast on this women’s endurance road bike." more...

Paradise Garage Celebrates 10 years

Columbus, OH - "A decade ago Dan and Emily Monnig’s passion for bicycling and love of the Short North manifested as the Paradise Garage, our neighborhood’s oldest and largest source of bikes, parts, gear, apparel, mechanical services, and bike-oriented special events..." more

Slow Cycling isn't Just for Fun

"In cities, people use bicycles for far more than just commuting and recreation..." more

What to See & Do Along Charlotte's Trails


NC - "...walking, jogging and biking. Charlotte’s greenways and trails offer a unique way to see the city." more...

Why We Ride

"Very few things are more conducive to conversation—real, deep, true conversation—than long rides..." more

The Cheapest Digital Power Meter for Cyclists

"Cyclists, listen up — there’s a new app for your smartphone that claims to record your cycling power..." more

Bikepacking Thru New Zealand


NZL - "They had their share of challenges, but three Ahwatukee natives are having the time of their young lives bike-packing through New Zealand and the South Islands." more...

The Trail You’re On


"...I was present in Sedona, Arizona with a bunch of friends for a mountain bike trip. This trip has become an annual tradition for me, a pilgrimage to my holy land." more...

What New Research Misses About Cardio, Strength Training


"Beware of clickbait headlines around new research pinning cardio against strength training." more...

10 Folding Bikes You Have to See

"These convenient folding bikes make it easy to travel, commute, and keep riding." more...

Surly Midnight Special: The Fat Tire Road Bike

"The Surly Midnight Special is a drop bar bike that fits big tires – real big tires..." more

Louis Garneau Recalls About 1,200 helmets

"Louis Garneau is working with U.S. and Canadian officials to recall about 650 helmets in the U.S. and 550 in Canada, according to a notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission." more...

David Byrne on Traveling the World by Bicycle

"The former Talking Heads frontman, who’s touring the world for his album ’American Utopia,’ on his penchant for two-wheeled exploration, losing his way in a Swedish forest and his devotion to leftovers." more...

Sunday Getaway: Dillon Point

CA - "Dillon Point and Glen Cove in the Benicia State Recreation Area have shoreline trails with gorgeous water views up and down Carquinez Strait..." more

With Great Horsepower Comes Great Responsibility

" a cyclist, you don’t have the same rights as drivers. Not only are there thousands of miles of roadway to which you have zero access, but you can’t even get service at the drive-thru..." more

The BMC Speedfox 02


"New Trailsync feature lets you adjust the suspension settings and dropper post with the flick of a single lever." more...

Indiana's Erie Lackawanna Trail


IN - "Northwest Indiana’s Erie Lackawanna Trail offers an experience of beautiful contrasts. The region boasts sandy dunes, a glimmering Great Lake and windswept prairies, but also has a rich industrial and railroad heritage, some of the largest cities in the state, and the urbanization and cultural vibrancy that comes with its close proximity to Chicago..." more

Spectacular Places To Cycle In Dallas


TX - "Ten years ago, cycling wasn’t really part of the fabric of Dallas..." more

No Excuse not to Get Out & Ride

UK - "This week is Ride To Work Week and, with the clocks going back on Sunday 25th, that means lighter mornings and evenings for you to enjoy the amazing rewards of cycling." more...

How Polarized Lenses Play Tricks On Your Eyes


"Polarized lenses are known for causing some interesting visual phenomena..." more

The All-City Cycles Cosmic Stallion


"...Here’s what our tester racked up on this steel road bike, all in one day." more...

Ariel-Foundation Park is Stunning


Mt. Vernon, OH - "...Residents flock to the park to walk their dogs or to go fishing, and bicyclists traveling the Heart of Ohio Trail and the Kokosing Gap Trail often stop to enjoy the scenery." more...

Connecting the Route of the Badger in Union Grove

WI - "...Two moms balancing work, family and the urge to reconnect with nature, Petrick and Gallagher have dedicated themselves to establishing and raising awareness for the Union Grove Rails to Trails movement—an initiative to convert the Canadian Pacific Railway Corridor, an 11-mile abandoned rail corridor between Vandenboom Road and Sturtevant, into a hiking and biking trail..." more

Chasing Trail in Iran

Woman Learning to Ride a Bike

"First, let me assure you that this is not a victor’s tale. This story contains no triumphs." more...

Niner’s Trail Bikes get a Makeover


"Niner’s Jet 9 RDO and RIP 9 RDO trail bikes have not only received a color upgrade, but also now utilize Niner’s internal guide routing system for easy cable and housing installation..." more

Q& A with Karina Ricks

Pittsburgh, PA - "...I caught up with Karina Ricks, director of the City of Pittsburgh’s Office of Mobility and Infrastructure. We talked about the city’s mobility needs and world-class trails—and the intersection of opportunity and infrastructure in a city that’s at the forefront of the future of mobility." more...

Boulevard Trail Serves USU Commuters

UT - "Over the course of its 12-year existence, the Boulevard Trail, with its impressive views and winding path, has grown into the envisioned role of serving as an artery to Utah State University for alternate modes of transportation." more...

Ladies: Cycling Can Boost Your Sex Life


"Women who bike don’t need to worry about sexual or urinary function, according to a massive new study..." more

Canyon Grail CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2


"The Canyon Grail is an innovative gravel bike worthy of your craziest quests." more...

The Ultimate Aero Road Bike


"Packed with top-end tech, this bike proves there's no such thing as too much awesome." more...

Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail

NZL - "Seven lakes, six campgrounds, five nights, three kids, 275km..." more

How to Date a Non-Cyclist

"Because your Garmin can’t help you navigate your relationships." more...

What Cycling Tourism Offers Tiny Towns

MT - "Cycling tourism contributes nearly $377 million annually to Montana’s economy." more...

All-New Kona Process 153

"The popular mountain bike gets a carbon frame—and a few new tricks." more...

Specialized Jumps Into Power Meters


"The brand claims its new Power Cranks are the most accurate power meter in real-world conditions." more...

Scandinavia Peddles a Future with Pedals

Stockholm - "There is really nothing enjoyable about hopping on a bike in the dead of winter just a few miles south of the Arctic Circle." more...

Art Revives Retro Bike Culture


"...Coming off the press this month, a project by a London-based illustrator brings some two-wheel history back to life." more...

Get Your Bike Ready for Your First Long-Distance Trail Ride


"If you’re planning a long-distance ride spanning several days or even a week—you’re probably hitting the trails to get in tip-top physical shape. But fitness is only one part of the equation—as the shape of one’s bike and gear can also help to determine one’s overall experience." more...

Fitbit Launches a New Smartwatch


"The health and fitness tech brand announces the launch of Fitbit Versa and introduces a new feature specifically for women." more...

The Eddy Merckx Liege 75


"This smooth and sporty steel bike is incredibly fun to ride, and has style to spare." more...

25 Years of Biking & Walking Progress

WI - "There was not a single mile of recreational trail or bicycle lane in northeastern Wisconsin when my family and I moved here in 1993..." more

MT Biking: The Stress Breaker

"How many of us are looking for ways to deal with stress?.." more

The Found Key Chain


VA - "The other day, I was walking on the greenway in front of Roanoke Memorial Hospital..." more

The Niner RLT 9

"The hardest part about testing bikes is breaking up with them when the test period is over..." more

Seniors Cycle Their Way to Good Health


NE - "...More people are looking for ways to exercise as they age and cycling has become an alternative for some seniors..." more

Rapha’s New Bike Gear Line

"The new kit from Rapha offers more versatility, longer wear, and lots of interesting pockets." more...

Wahoo Tickr Fit Heart-Rate Armband

"Finally, heart-rate monitor you don't have to strap across your chest." more...

7 Reasons You Should Go on a Trail Adventure

"...Thankfully, with more than 3,800 rail-trails and multiuse trails crisscrossing the nation, and more on the way, there is 32,000-mile-long list of possibilities for every type of adventurer, of every age and ability, to experience..." more

MT Biking Taking Off


PA - "...While road bikes are still popular, local bike shops have seen an increase in popularity of mountain bikes — most likely because people enjoy the tranquility of exploring nature, and the adventure of off-roading..." more

How Cycling Can Slow the Aging Process


"New research finds that older adults who bike can reverse muscle decline and keep their immune systems strong." more...

The 80/20 Rule

"...I’m not sure who came up with it. I’m not even sure whether I’m using it right. (Story of my life). But in any event, my version of the 80/20 rule goes something like this..." more

An Interview with Islabikes Founder


Portland, OR - "You’ve probably seen them: Young kids zipping around on great-looking (usually red) bikes with the Islabikes name on the downtube..." more

Keep it Waterproof


"We spend a lot of time choosing our gear carefully and as we know cycling gear is expensive!.." more

The Jamis Dragonslayer 27.5+ Sport

"Looking for your first mountain bike? This could be it." more...

Locals Love Bentonville’s Trails, Art

AR - "A trip to Northwest Arkansas is not complete without a stop in Bentonville, where you can stretch your legs on Crystal Bridges Trail and explore the grounds of neighboring Compton Gardens..." more

Planning an Overnight Cycling Trip?


"...The nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association, among others, and a host of enthusiastic cyclists who share trip reports online say that you can do it. Here’s how." more...

Cycling Keeps Your Immune System Young


"The sport also preserves muscle and helps maintains stable levels of body fat and cholesterol." more...

Ride More Than 100 Miles in 8 Weeks

"You can conquer the century ride even if you're new to cycling with this step-by-step training plan." more...

The CERO One Cargo eBike

"Although eBikes get a lot of attention because of their ‘performance enhancing’ benefits (read: “mechanical doping”), their real potential is at the utilitarian end of the spectrum..." more

The Internet is Transforming Bike Shops

"Bike shops, like many other retailers, have not fared well in the Age of Amazon, as anyone with a shop will tell you..." more

Adventure Cycling Association Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Riding a Bike Takes Work

"Here’s one thing about riding a bicycle that’s worth being honest about: it takes work." more...

The Dirty Secret Of Bicycles

"People at an east London workshop are paying to learn how to make their own bicycle..." more

Interview with a Shopify Store Owner

"...Stuart Hunter is passionate about bicycles. He is the founder and CEO of roll: Bicycle Company, based out of Columbus, Ohio..." more

St James Cycle Trail


NZL - "My Canterbury friends would often speak of Hanmer Springs like a piece of paradise the rest of the country was not privy to." more...

The Bicycle Traders from Sudan

"Can you imagine cycling for two days just to buy coffee or juice?" more...

Biking with the Family Dog

"What’s a family biker to do when the kids have graduated to riding their own bikes? One way to conquer the empty [bike] nest doldrums is by joining the #carrypupolympics." more...

Cannondale Synapse Disc 105

"This alloy-frame endurance bike is great for all-day adventures and fast group rides." more...

VeloRacing Bag Review


"This durable, waterproof bag does an amazing job of keeping your gear and essentials organized." more...

The Big Snow

WI - "’s time for some serious snow commuting! The weather guy on Channel 9 initially said 3-5 inches of snow was expected." more...

Bianchi Impulso All Road 105


"This alloy road bike is ready for commuting, touring, or almost any adventure you can dream up." more...

Vibration Therapy for Recovery

"More athletes are using vibration to help their muscles recover. Does the tech really work?" more...

Cyclevision Bike Helmet


"Here's a good reason to put on a helmet: you can record every jerk on the road." more...

3 Rides to Help You Ride Faster

"Hit these high notes in your training to watch your speed skyrocket." more...

Unridden Lines Crossing the Purcells

"Real" Cyclists

Columbus, OH - "...Every few weeks I find myself in conversation with someone (let's be real—it's typically a woman) who shares their experience of bicycling and then demurs: 'but I'm not really a cyclist'..." more

Taylorville Has New Bike Advocate


IL - "For years, Bud Altman didn’t pay much attention to part of a 14.8-mile asphalt paved bike/hike rail trail near his Taylorville home. But now he’s an advocate for its upkeep." more...

NASCAR Drivers Working to Make Cycling Safer

"How NASCAR racer Scott Lagasse deals with angry drivers, and other stories from the pro motorists working to make cycling safer." more...

The "Kahuna" of Gravel Riding


OR - "...The 66 year-old former dairy farmer, IBM retiree and Beaverton resident has been riding unpaved country roads his whole life..." more

Bicycle School Ready to Roll

WA - "Port Townsend’s skilled woodworkers may soon be creating not only boats, but bicycle frames and wheels..." more

7 Bike Locks You Won't Leave Home Without


"Thwart thieves with these clever and secure locks, offering every level of security." more...

Cleveland Ohio Shines Again

"I’m walking in a renovated city. Buildings, staples of 20th century American urban architecture, stretch for blocks. Boarded up for most of my life, now they’re home to some of the region’s finest dining establishments, hotels, and bars." more...

'Moksha,' the Film


"The short documentary will be available to screen online on Thursday, March 8, for International Women’s Day." more...

At 106, Cyclist Refuses to Stop Pedaling

FRA - "In France, most people retire at around 62 years old. But it wasn’t until he turned 100 that Robert Marchand set his first world record in competitive cycling." more...

​Trek's First True Gravel Bike


"The new bike's features and lower-cost versions make it a compelling multi-surface option." more...

The 4 Worst Things To Do For Sore Muscles


"You might be making your aches even worse." more...

Former Coal Towns That Converted to Trail Towns

"...As the steel and coal industries fade, small towns are dying out. But for the past twenty years, some entrepreneurs have quietly been working on a different narrative..." more

Monte Bello Can Set You Free

Santa Clara County, CA - "What sets you free? You likely can find the answer at Monte Bello Open Space Preserve." more...

Virginia’s Creeper Trail Offers an Inspiring Model

OR - "The Salmonberry Trail is a project that will make use of a derelict rail line from the current end of the Banks-Vernonia Trail all the way to the Oregon coast..." more

WCU's Trail Maintenance

NC - "Since its opening in early 2013, WCU’s trail system has become a well-loved recreation option for Western’s students. What often goes unseen is the work put into maintaining trails like these here and around Western North Carolina." more...

Tackling the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

NZL - "An impending adventure looms shortly — tackling 300-odd kilometres on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail..." more

A Great Springtime Hike


Hocking Hills, OH - "...Hocking Hills is a large section of trails with surrounding views like caves, waterfalls and other naturally formed rock landscapes..." more

La chouineuse

125 Years Ago: Bike Club gets New Uniforms

Sioux City, IA - "An interesting party was given at the home of the Wall family at 411 Market St. It was a Hard Time Party where there was not a chair in sight and everyone sat on the floor..." more

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