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Oregon Scenic Bikeways Program Marks 10 Years

OR - "The idea was simple: Codify a network of Oregon’s best cycling routes into state law so that people could access a Cycle Oregon-like experience for free, any time." more...

Why Do Americans Hate Bikes?


"How low will some of us go to keep our neighborhoods bike-free?.." more

Pedal Power on the Hudson River?

NJ - "New Cycleboats to launch out of Liberty Harbor on May 3." more...

The Cyclepaths of Tryon Estates


NC - "Tryon Estates residents show that age is just a number." more...

Find a Nearby Scooter Using This App

"I have admittedly been reluctant to embrace the scooters that are infiltrating our cities..." more

Cuyahoga Named River of the Year

Cleveland, OH - "To celebrate 50 years of environmental resurgence, the Cuyahoga River has been named 'River of the Year' by American Rivers." more...

New York’s Warren County Bikeway


NY - "A scenic and safe riding route with endless opportunities to explore nearby communities and local points of interest along the way." more...

Meet ‘Route Master’ Ryan Francesconi


Portland, OR - "...He’s one of the leaders behind the local gravel riding revolution. He’s the chief moderator of the “Unpaved” Google Group and he (along with his friend Ron Lewis) is one of the main leaders and organizers behind the legendary Our Mother the Mountain (OMTM) rides..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Thru-Hikers on Coping with Post-Trail Depression


"We asked hikers for advice on how to readjust to life after the trail." more...

The Best Hike in Every State

U.S. - "...we rounded up a bucket-list-worthy, best-of-the-best guide." more...

A Meaningful Journey

A Surprising Benefit From E-Bikes


"Outdoor stimulation and physical activity are known to help prevent age-related cognitive decline." more...

The Hottest New Bikes


"Bike buying season is in full bloom." more...

The Best New Bike Gear


"When the trails turn from brown to green and the knee warmers get left at home, we know it’s time to gear up for another year of riding..." more

Creating Custom Bike Frames


NY - "There’s a village of artists in the shadow of Manhattan across the East River. In this commune are musicians, performers, and, in one of three Airstream trailers parked next to shipping containers, Seth Rosko, a bike-frame builder." more...

Drivers are the Worst

"...Sure, I’ve endured the 'punishment pass' from motorists while I was cycling. But I’ve also been cut off, brake-checked, and swerved at on the highway while driving..." more

A Q&A with Trey Moore

Memphis, TN - "Explore Bike Share (EBS) announced the launch of a new pricing system last week. The Flyer talked with EBS executive director Trey Moore this week to find out more about the new prices, barriers to using bike share, expansion plans..." more

The New Brompton Electric

"The best folding commuter bike is about to get better." more...

The Bike Fit System of the Future


"In the never-ending quest for the perfect bike fit, Selle Italia partnered with Professor Luca Bartoli from Ergoview to develop their own semi-automated fitting system, known as ID Match Bike Lab..." more

Exploring Central Montana


MT - "...Central Montana is unique, which is a bit of a two-sided coin..." more

Volunteers to Build Kid-Friendly Bike Trail

Buckhannon, WV - "The city park will be getting a new attraction, courtesy of the volunteer Upshur County Trails group that has already spruced up miles of trails at Buckhannon-Upshur High School." more...

Springtime is Bike-Time for Scraper Team


Oakland, CA - "The team joined Bike East Bay and the Rails to Trails Conservancy to highlight the need for more bicycling infrastructure in East Oakland." more...

Canyon’s Aeroad CF SL 7.0

"I challenge you to find a better equipped race-ready bike at this price." more...

The Liv Intrigue E+


"The Liv Intrigue E+ is an excellent electric mountain bike for experienced riders..." more

Playgrounds With A Purpose

D.C. - "...Last month, school officials cut the ribbon on what they call a 'traffic garden.' The new addition to the playground mimics the complicated streets of the District." more...

Bike Swap Shopping


WA- "...Perhaps the most unique bike at the swap, bike corral director Michael Ebinger said, was a pre-1960s J.C. Higgins bike, sold by the J.C. Penney company..." more

Berd Polyethylene Spokes

MN - "Polyethylene spokes from Berd LLC can shave up to 200 grams from a wheel while offering an improved fatigue life compared to metal spokes..." more

The Schwinn Paramount Is Back


"The Paramount is the light and highly compliant road bike for your next long ride." more...

The E-Bike You’ve Been Waiting For

"The Cannondale NEO SE is the bike for riders who want the assist from an e-bike but don’t want to give up the feeling of riding an 'acoustic' bike." more...

Miami Valley’s World-Class Bike Trail System

SW OH - "Did you know that Dayton and the Miami Valley region boasts the largest connected paved trail system in the entire country?" more...

Downtown Xenia Sees Resurgence

OH - "Downtown Xenia is experiencing a resurgence as new businesses and revitalization efforts make their way into the city core." more...

The Pro's Closet

"In a unique twist to online retail, this shop certifies pre-owned bikes and offers a guaranteed buy-back program." more...

The E-Cargo Bike that could Replace Delivery Vans


"The electric quadracycle is clad in a composite made from hemp and cashews." more...

Walmart Launches High-End Viathon Bike Brand


"...with the launch of Viathon, 'Walmart bike' could take on a new, more favorable, meaning." more...

Best Places to Ride in Dayton


OH - "...The Gem City is situated in the heart of 330 miles of paved bike trails connecting to other towns and venues through Southwest Ohio and across the state." more...

Great Park Getaways in Metro Columbus


OH - "There are many parks to have you, that special someone or the entire family to getaway for the afternoon in Metro Columbus." more...

Woman Spots Image of Jesus along Trail


Lynchburg, VA - "A Lynchburg woman says she spotted what appears to be Jesus while walking along the Blackwater Creek trail around the first day of Spring." more...

Leeds Urban Bike Park

UK - "UK towns and cities are starting to wake up to the value of urban trail developments..." more

Adventures in Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon

UT - " Utah’s public lands offer no shortage of terrific family-friendly activities." more...

'Shoreline Shred' Gaining Traction


OK - "...The hardworking team behind the Claremore Mountain Bike Trail still claim they're the best kept secret in their own town." more...

Scenic Rim Walking Trail Adventure


AUS - "A new five-day, 55-kilometre walking trail through the Scenic Rim has been approved by the Queensland Government." more...

In Defense Of: The Fred

"...'Fred' is a derisive term used by 'serious' road cyclists to describe other cyclists who do not conform to serious road cyclists' norms with regard to dress and equipment, and appear amateurish to them..." more

Mountain Bike Trail Guide: Maston

OR - "The relatively flat, desert singletrack is a good option for novice riders." more...

The Farfarer Trailer

CA - "We were pretty intrigued by the Farfarer Trailer when we first heard about it a couple months ago, so we stopped in to Frances Cycles in Santa Cruz to meet its maker, Joshua Muir..." more

The Health Benefits of E-Bikes

"A study of the cognitive and psychological effects of outdoor cycling finds equal results for normal bikes and e-bikes." more...

A Skeptic’s Guide to Popular Portland Bike Rides


OR - " don't get people who bike for fun." more...

He Was Left to Die on a South L.A. Street

CA - "...He and some friends had planned to bike to the beach, 15 miles and a world away from their home in South Central Los Angeles." more...

Five Campsites You Can Bike to From Portland


OR - "Each is accessible to beginners, but still scenic enough to satisfy more seasoned riders." more...

Walmart Launches High-End 'Viathon' Bike Brand


"...Walmart getting into higher end bikes is interesting because, between their purchasing power and the direct to consumer business model, they have the potential to disrupt the bike industry." more...

Renewing the Cuyahoga River


OH - "... the national park staff is embarking on a number of large-scale restoration projects this year..." more

Remnants of Akron’s Streetcar Era

OH - "Road construction crews digging near Akron Children’s Hospital uncovered a piece of the city’s past..." more

World Cycling, Moto Racing Organizations Clash

International Cycling Union officials denounced the International Motorcycling Federation for sanctioning electric mountain bike races and warned of penalties to any rider who took part in them." more...

Protected Bike Lanes along Nashville’s Music Row

TN - "...Running along three miles of Music Row, this design places bike riders up against the left-side of the curb, making cyclists more visible to drivers and reducing the risk of collision with parked or turning cars..." more

15 Scenic Waterfalls Near Cleveland

OH - "These Northeast Ohio waterfalls are thrilling to visit any time of year, and most of them are found in the park systems in the Greater Cleveland area." more...

Girls Building MTB Trails

CAN - "...the North Shore Mountain Bike Association is now hosting trail building days for girls..." more

A Light You Can See a Mile Off

How Many Bikes Shops Are There?


NY - "...Our answer to the first depends on how you define 'bike shop'..." more

The Easton EC90 SL Disc Wheelset


"Who it’s for: Riders who use 25mm or 28mm tires and want a carbon wheelset they can ride every day..." more

Best Compact Digital Cameras for Your Jersey Pocket


"...While new phone cameras are advancing, you can still benefit from a real digital camera to properly capture a landscape or fast-moving action shots..." more

The Koers Cycling Museum

BEL - "How many cycling world champions hail from your hometown? If you live in Roeselare, Belgium, the answer would be four. Just one reason why the massive Koers Cycling Museum exists here." more...

Rick Vosper: E-Bikes, Part 3


"...Will bikeshare programs put more Americans on bikes? Almost certainly. Will that translate to increased sales for local bike shops? Not so much..." more

Sarajevo Bobsled Bikers


"Who do you think you are anyway?" more...

What is the Dutch Reach?


"... I’m going to guess that most people have never heard the term 'Dutch Reach'...” more

Uganda’s Bicycle Ambulances

"In rural Uganda, ambulances made with bicycles and electric scooters are giving more people access to health care." more...

Bikes for Those With Disabilities


MD - "...The engineers modify the bikes to assist the riders depending upon their needs as VME tries to find a solution — often something simple — for which there is no commercial solution..." more

Elderly Residents Get Mobile on the Razorback Greenway


AR - "A new program to help elderly residents enjoy the Razorback Greenway trail kicked off in Bentonville." more...

One of the Best Kids’ Bikes Ever


"This is the bike you wish you had as a kid." more...

Liv Avail 1 Women’s Road Bike


"The Avail 1 endurance bike is a top pick for women who want great value at an entry-level price." more...

A Guide to Cycling in Amsterdam

"Taking in a new city is all the more fun - and eco friendly - on wheels. We took to the saddle and biked around Amsterdam." more...

I Live Car-Free in ATL

Atlanta, GA - "Despite roadway hazards and irrational drivers, I’ll always prefer to walk and bike." more...

The Hazards of Telling People You're a Cyclist

"Why telling people you ride elicits serious bike-splaining..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Draymond Green Loves SoulCycle


"NBA star Draymond Green revealed that he’s a SoulCycle fan, using it to stay in shape during the offseason." more...

This City Bans Cars Every Sunday

COL - "A little over 75 miles of Bogotá's roadway are turned over each Sunday to the Ciclovía, and as many as one-and-a-half million Bogotanos come out to bike or ride." more...

Detroit’s Lexus Velodrome


MI - "Detroit’s Lexus Velodrome opened in January 2018 and got 35,000 visitors in its first year." more...

Turning Salvaged Lumber & Steel into Bikes

"For Caleb Campbell, the beauty of riding a wooden bicycle is, well, the beauty." more...

Biking to the Cherry Trees in Waterfront Park

Portland, OR - "On Sunday, my boys and I had the same idea as a lot of other Portlanders: visit the cherry blossoms in the Japanese American Historical Plaza..." more

SRAM’s New Force eTap AXS


"The guts of Red eTap AXS remain, but now you can actually afford them." more...

The Capital with "No Traffic"

"A combination of factors ranging from conflict to diplomatic isolation have unintentionally turned the Eritrean capital into a cycling paradise." more...

Cities Can See Where You’re Taking That Scooter

"Thanks to technology developed by Los Angeles (and opposed by Uber), they know more about the movement of dockless vehicles than ever before." more...

The 1st Electric Stationary Bike

"Because why should exercise be hard?" more...

We Tested a $28 Trainer

"...Tucked between the toilet paper and pool noodles, and across the aisle from the frozen food section, we found an indoor trainer..." more

Glenwood Rolls out Hanging Lake Reservation System

CO - "...The new reservation system through Visit Glenwood will be a drastic change from the unregulated, first-come-first-serve system." more...

Salsa Bikes & Frameset Recall


D.C. - "QBP is recalling about 1,900 Salsa Warbird Carbon and Salsa Vaya bikes and framesets because the fork legs can break..." more

Alex Honnold Has Biked Hundreds of Miles


"Alex Honnold, the climber and star of the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo, planned two major expeditions where he biked between climbs." more...

Black Girls Do Bike

IL - "A group of almost 50 African American women gathered recently on a cold, late winter night at a bicycle shop in Homewood to discuss their shared interest in bicycling." more...

10 Greatest Cycling Upgrades


"The biggest game changer for training was the ability to accurately quantify training loads using power meters..." more

Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1 Touring Bike


"The ADV 1.1 is a touring bike designed to handle enough gear for a solo trip and still be fixable from the roadside." more...

Gravel Riding is Everywhere

"Back in 2006, there were 34 riders standing on the start line in downtown Emporia for the Dirty Kanza 200—a 200 mile 'gravel grinder' in the Flint Hills of Kansas..." more

Hockhocking Adena Bikway

New Enduro E-MTBike

"The consumer-direct brand is already known for enduro bikes; now, it’s launching an electrified version that aims to make chairlifts obsolete." more...

5 Best Bike Shops in Orlando

FL - "Wondering where to find the best bike shops [in Orlando]? more

The $529 KHS Flite 150


"...Who Should Buy It: Riders looking for a reliable road bike that's just as good on a daily commute as it is on a MS150." more...

Great Bike Rides in Central PA


PA - "...If you’re looking for good rides, in central Pennsylvania and beyond, PennLive has put together some suggestions..." more

Trail Magic, the Film


"...The film was about Emma “Grandma” Gatewood from Southeast Ohio who became the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail solo and in one session..." more

Man Cycles Every Day, Dies at 111


"Henry Tseng, who rode a stationary recumbent bike every day for 30 minutes, has died at age 111..." more

The Open New U.P.


"The Open New U.P. is a light, fast drop bar bike that combines the fit and feel of a road bike with the capacity for giant tires of a gravel bike for an awesome ride wherever you ride." more...

How Alex Howes Is Fueling His Cycling Comeback


"Just last year, Alex Howes thought his career was over. In August of 2018, he started feeling sick during the Tour of Utah and lost 10 pounds in just two weeks..." more

Spring Ride: The Yelm-Tenino Trail


WA - "Spring is here and it’s time to get that bike out of the garage and back on the road..." more

Q& A with Paul Willerton

"Paul Willerton was a US professional road racer when it wasn't as fashionable as it became during the Lance Armstrong era. Willerton raced and trained beside Greg Lemond at his height and when he retired was instrumental in the downfall of Armstrong..." more

Danny MacAskill's Youtube Channel

"Bike video legend Danny MacAskill launched his own YouTube channel this week." more...

Is ‘HIIPA’ the New HIIT?

"The benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are well established, but sticking to a program can be challenging." more...

The Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0


"I know some cyclists will never consider an e-bike a 'real bike'” But I dare anyone else to remain a hater after riding the Turbo Vado..." more

Path to the Future is along a Greenway

"...There are now more than 600 kilometers of greenway in Shanghai..." more

Why is Gravel so Popular?

M-Check your Mountain Bike

"Make sure your bike is ready to ride with this simple pre-ride checklist." more...

Biking Around Colorado Springs


CO - "Even with all the nifty new bike lanes popping up throughout Colorado Springs, nothing beats zipping through the city on tucked-away trails that weave in and out of nature and urban landscapes..." more

The Salsa Warroad


"The venerable Salsa Warbird gravel bike got a new sibling today—a similar, but speedier option called the Warroad..." more

Greenway Movement Sparked By Letter

NJ - "In less than a month, a consultant for the state Department of Transportation will present a final feasibility study on three concepts for converting a nearly 8-mile-long unused railroad line traversing six Northern Valley towns into a greenway." more...

Long-Term Vision for Downtown Mt. Vernon


OH - "...Gottke presented the second chapter of a long-term vision for the downtown area during a Streets and Public Buildings Committee meeting..." more

Guilty Until Proven Helmeted

"When a driver hits a cyclist—even a child on a bike—the victim is almost always the one who gets blamed, unless they're wearing a helmet." more...

Converting 1 Parking Spot into Space for 8 Bikes

"Famous Dutch bicycle brand, Union, has launched a pop-up installation to replace an ordinary paid parking spot for cars..." more

Surly’s ‘Big Easy’ Smooths out Family Biking and Cargo-Hauling


"...After sharing my initial impressions two weeks ago, I’m ready to share a full review of Surly’s new Big Easy electric cargo bike..." more

The Battle to Protect Your Brain

"...Bontrager came out swinging with its WaveCel [helmet] technology — a plastic material that collapses and shears on impact to reduce rotational forces — and now MIPS is fighting back by disputing Bontrager’s claims with its own testing." more...

Patagonia Epic Ride

Pedaling Through Timber Reserves in Columbia County


OR - "...We started by hugging the Nehalem River; first on smoothly paved highway, and then on unpaved logging roads." more...

Our 27 Favorite Cycling Tips


"They say you should work smarter, not harder. We believe in doing both..." more

Study Links Sugary Drinks to Early Death


"Are sports drinks sending us to an early grave?" more...

Confronting a Driver

"Sometimes the best offense is none at all." more...


"Hera Van Willick is a Dutch cyclist who knows how to pound out the miles. She seems to live on the bike, her panniers closets, the saddle, her couch..." more

6 Pro Cyclists And Their Struggles With Depression


"...That pro athletes aren't immune to depression and anxiety may surprise some, but the road to success is often riddled with emotional turmoil..." more

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Bike Rack

"...your rack will work better and longer when you commit to giving it periodic love and attention..." more

The Jamis Ventura Comp


"A full featured bike with a sweet ride for a great price." more...

Things-to-Do in Cleveland Before You Die

OH - "The warmer spring weather means more outdoor activities in the Cleveland area." more...

Longtime Bike Seller, Repairman Still Wrenching


PA - "When Karl Tringhese of Southwest Greensburg started working in a bike shop in his native Johnstown as a teenager in the 1960s, there were no internet sales..." more

E-Bike Market Reality, Part 2


"...Although its share of market is growing, IBD brands still only represent a 25-30 percent of e-bike unit sales in the USA, depending on whose numbers you use..." more

Experts Share Bike Security Tips


CAN - "...Bicycle theft is one of the leading types of property crimes in Penticton and many other regions..." more

Two Hot New Shoes From Rapha

"Rapha designed two new shoes—one for the road, the other for gravel—both of which have similar features and construction, with tweaks where they’re needed most." more...

Best Cycling Routes in Luxembourg

LUX - "With 23 national cycle trails and 600km of cycle paths, it's hard to choose the best routes." more...

10 Years and $20M to Redesign One Street


Los Angeles, CA - "On Aug. 30, 2018, Los Angeles officially completed renovations on 4.5 miles of streets along the Figueroa corridor..." more

Q&A With Renee Callaway


"...Along the way, Callaway, 49, has organized bike races, served on the boards of several bike groups and was a volunteer publicity coordinator for the Nordic Ski Club." more...

Urban Greenways Spur Physical Activity


CAN - "...And a new study from the University of British Columbia shows that the closer you live to an urban greenway, the more physically active you are." more...

The Motobecane Gran Premio Elite


"...Aggressive handling and crisp shifting highlight this high-value roadie." more...

Verde Valley Hiking Trails Show off Views


AZ - "Just a few miles north of Camp Verde, Wet Beaver Creek cuts a meandering course through high-desert plains and sparse mesas..." more

The Singular Vision

"...Today, I would argue strongly that a bicycle shop could be many things..." more

The Schiller Water Bike


"If you love bikes and love water, this might be the perfect invention." more...

Students Repair and Share Bicycles


UT - "Judge Memorial students deliver 30 'like new' bicycles to kids." more...

Urban Commutes Are Better With a Brompton


"...Bromptons are the ultimate, purpose-built tool for commuting in an urban environment..." more

Hike or Bike Your Way from Maine to Florida


"...In 2017, over a stretch of 89 days, Boewe biked the entire greenway from Key West, Florida, to Calais, Maine, pulling a trailer and accompanied by her 6-year-old Australian shepherd, Murf..." more

New Plan for Beargrass Creek

KY - "...Right now, 'it’s kind of an eyesore'..." more

Genesee Valley Greenway offers Glimpse Through Time


Nunda, NY - "The Nunda Area Historical Society recently hosted a tour down the Genesee Valley Greenway, sharing the history of the small towns that grace its path." more...

30 Years of Piece-by-Piece Conservation


NY - "...The Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT) is celebrating their 30th anniversary being at the forefront of conservation efforts in the region as they work tirelessly to protect the habitats of local wildlife. Additionally, FLLT has preserved the land for hiking and other outdoor activities." more...

SRAM Announces fRED Groupset

"Component manufacturer SRAM has confirmed the impending release of its new fRED 33 groupset, specifically aimed at the over-45 hobbyist road market..." more

The Future of Cycling is the Land Run 100

"The future of cycling in America has been a hotly contested topic over the past few years. How do we get more people riding bikes? Why is road racing in decline? Is dirt/gravel the future?.." more

Cleveland Outdoor Adventures


OH - "Did you know there's primitive camping in the Cleveland Metroparks? Have you seen the latest mountain bike trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park?" more...

Take a Trip to Cincinnati


OH - "Looking for a budget-friendly spring break escape?.." more

An E-Bike that Costs Less than a New York Metrocard


"A monthly transit pass, the Metrocard, in New York City costs $121, or $1,452 per year. That's a lot of money for a broken, crowded system..." more

The Playful Haro Beasley 27.5


"The Takeaway: The Beasley 27.5 is both a utilitarian commuter and a toy for playing hard." more...

Stromer Recalls ST5 E-Bikes


D.C. - "Stromer is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall its ST5 e-bike because the stem can break, posing crash and injury hazards..." more

Ten years of Yay!

Columbus, OH - "Ten years ago, Meredith Joy found herself at a particularly low moment. An organization she started became something she didn’t want to be a part of anymore..." more

Peloton Faces $150M Lawsuit


"A group of music publishers sued Peloton on Tuesday, claiming the indoor cycling streaming platform used more than 1,000 unlicensed pop songs in its workout videos." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits


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How to do a Proper Spring Bike Check

"Before you rush out the door to ride your bike this spring, spend some time checking your equipment to ensure that first ride is amazing and drama free..." more

New Helmet Technology is 48 Times Safer


"Trek on Tuesday unveiled the Bontrager WaveCel, a new helmet that the company says represents the biggest advancement in protection against cycling concussions." more...

Planning a Bikepacking Route

"...I’ve spent the last decade charting both short and expedition-scale bikepacking adventures all across the globe, and I’ve learned many lessons about some of the most productive ways to plan for trips..." more

1 HIIT Session May Stop Cancer Cell Growth

" research suggests that high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, may help thwart the growth of cancer cells..." more

Apple’s Largest-Ever Health Study

"Aside from tracking your heart rate, workouts, steps, and more, the Apple Watch 4 now has a feature to notify you of irregular heartbeats..." more

A Primer on Tire Pumping


"...Have you ever excitedly greeted your dusty, neglected bike in the garage on the first nice day of the year only to find it has two flat tires?.." more

The War on Cars Meets Car Talk

"For nearly thirty years, brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi were the hosts of NPR’s “Car Talk” and the voices of American car culture..." more


Want to Keep Kids Riding for Life?

"'Do you want ride-ride, or an explore-ride?' asks Sarah Tescher, surveying the three teenagers who have mustered the enthusiasm to bring their bikes to a local park on this cold, drizzly Wednesday in October." more...

Pro's Closet Launches 'Certified Pre-Owned' Bike Program


CO - "The Pro's Closet has launched a certified pre-owned program for bikes that includes a buyback guarantee..." more

New E-Bike Design from Avial

"This Finnish design doesn’t look quite finished but it is ingenious." more...

New Bike Helmet Tech


"...The company says research proves WaveCel is up to 48X more effective than common expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam at preventing concussions caused while cycling..." more

Inner Journey along the Caledonia Way

Your ‘Performance Age’


"Your performance age—or how fit you are—is a better predictor of how long you’ll live than your chronological age..." more

5 Best MTB Tires


"Getting the right tyres can make all the difference to your run while you're out on the trails..." more

A Badass Race Bike You Can Afford


"The Specialized Allez Sprint is like a spring-weather day in the depths of winter..." more

Biking Gains Traction on Maui

HI - "Hawaii is one of the worst bicycle-friendly states in the U.S. at No. 49, but Maui County has taken strides to improve bikeways and increase rider safety..." more

Susquehanna River Valley

MTB Trails Energize Town’s Property Market


TAS - "...I have sold 50 properties in that time in Derby and the surrounding area, in no small part because of the world-class Blue Derby mountain bike trails. It brings tonnes of people to the area." more...

Yamaha Wabash Electric Gravel Bike


"Gravel bikes are a category of bicycles growing nearly as quickly as electric bicycles..." more

Campagnolo Goes Electric with New Super Record

"Campagnolo joined SRAM in the 12-speed arms race with the unveiling of its new Super Record EPS 12-speed group..." more

Mountains to Sound Greenway Receives National Designation

WA - "A 1.5-million acre swath of land surrounding Interstate 90, from Seattle to Ellensburg, is now a National Heritage Area, after the passage of the largest public-lands bill in more than a decade." more...

Man Seeks to Create New National Scenic Trail

"...Having recently completed the North Country Trail, which stretches 4,600 miles from eastern New York to Central North Dakota, Jordan was intrigued by the possibility of pioneering a new National Scenic Trail..." more

Watch the 'Great Ride' Documentary

View it here.

The Making of a Park

IN - "...When the preparations are completed, Ruble Park will comprise 30 percent of the county’s 2,700 acres of parkland. It will become the largest county park..." more

Pedalshift Project: Bicycling the Ohio to Erie Trail

OH - "The Ohio to Erie Trail spans 326 miles diagonally across Ohio, linking up Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland and everything in between. On this episode, we chat about the trail and the experience biking across Ohio!" more...

Adventure Shorts Trailer

Seven Ways to Spice Up Your Walks

"...With many parts of the country drinking in more daylight and waving goodbye to winter, we here at RTC thought it was a prime time to let walking step into the spotlight and to share a few suggestions to spice up your walks. Plus, with Opening Day for Trails just around the corner on Saturday, April 13—there’s no better time to spring onto the trail for a walk solo, with friends or at a special Opening Day event." more...

Specialized Launches 'Click-and-Collect'

CA - "Specialized is the latest major bike brand to launch a click-and-collect program, which will allow consumers to order bikes and other products from the company's website and have the order fulfilled at a local Specialized dealer." more...

Every Type of Bike Ride You Will Do


"We put our heads together to reminisce and daydream about every incredible, life-affirming, death-defying, terrifying, wondrous ride, from your first to your last, and everything in between..." more

North Coast Inland Trail Flyover

Family Uses Cargo Bike to Haul Groceries

"This week's meal-prepping interview is living proof that you don't need a car to feed a growing family." more...

Bike Tire Makers React to Enve Warning


MA - "Two road tire makers have responded to a safety warning that Enve issued last week about the use of some clinchers on its carbon wheels." more...

Fasting While Training Hard


"...Last summer, my friend and cycling coach was raving about intermittent fasting. He believed his power numbers improved as a result of fasting, which piqued my interest..." more

Best Sunglasses for Cyclists


"We tested the best shades..." more

Hennepin Canal Parkway

IL - "Stories run deep in the Hennepin Canal and the old towpath that runs alongside it." more...

Agent Works to Spur Buffalo Creek Tourism

WV - "...Shamblin and his colleagues have worked on the Buffalo Creek Recreational Trail which utilizes an inactive railway running along the namesake creek, offering jitney rides and rail biking with pedal cars up to six miles one direction..." more

Bike Love Trailer

Made-In-the-USA Carbon Frame for Less


"The revolution is being staged from a non-descript brick building on a gritty industrial block in Denver..." more

Pressure Relief Nut Saves Your Rims


"Did you ever imagine that there was a real risk, when you pumped up your road tubeless setup to your tire’s max PSI, that you could delaminate your carbon rim?.." more

Pope Francis Blesses Cyclists

"Pope Francis met with representatives from the 32nd Annual Congress of the European Cycling Union (UEC) and the eighth Assembly of the African Cycling Confederation (CAC) on March 9." more...

1st Impressions of the Surly Big Easy E-Cargo Bike


"...Before my full review, I’d like to offer some quick first impressions..." more

The Cheap & Sturdy Raleigh Redux 1


"...big-ass tires, a wide, flat handlebar, and aggressive geometry..." more

Why We Love Getting Air


"The drop was a bridge to nowhere, a gangplank to oblivion, a wooden sidewalk that ended in a big scary question..." more

The Reality of IBD E-Bike Market Share


"...E-bikes are not the Next Big Thing. They are the Right This Minute Big Thing, and only getting bigger from here..." more

Cancer Leads Athlete To Tough Choice

"BrittLee Bowman had a huge decision to make as she lined up at an elite cyclocross race..." more

Vogel Gets Her Own Barbie Doll


"...The track cyclist was paralyzed in a crash during a training ride last summer." more...

Converting a Rail Corridor into a Trail


IN - "I continue my look at the trails both old and new that can be found all across Indiana..." more

Inside Knowledge from 'Bicycling'

"Advice and insight that will help you crush any ride." more...

7 Bike-Rafting Tips

This Bike Erases the Line Between Gravel & Pavement


"Diamondback's thousand-dollar gravel bike can do exceptional things." more...

Building a Bike Network in S. Brooklyn

NY - "...a new generation of activists is working to get southern Brooklyn its fair share of bike lanes and let the world know that bikes are welcome south of 65th Street." more...

Pittsburgh Recognized for Lewis & Clark Trail


PA - "The federal government has recognized Pittsburgh as the starting point for the Lewis and Clark expedition." more...

The Bike Industry Doesn't Really Exist'


"...We ... all of us, use that phrase 'The Bike Industry' a lot..." more

Smith’s Best Road Helmet Yet

"The Smith Trace replaces the company’s top-end Overtake road helmet that was discontinued at the end of 2018..." more

Snowbound Streets & Bike Paths

MN - "From snowbound bike lanes to paths, challenges abound." more...

Building a Smarter Operating System for Bikes

"Hammerhead founder and CEO Piet Morgan is a bicyclist, and he started the company because he wanted a better navigation system." more...

What You Should Have in Your MTB Trail Pack


Portland, OR - "...Whether you prefer a mountain bike backpack or a biking fanny pack or waistpack, you’re going to need a pack of some sorts to haul everything efficiently..." more

The Raleigh Lorry

"This multipurpose bike is ready for your commute, errands, and casual spins." more...

Hitting the Road on a Bike


"With the cold getting ready to finally break in the next couple weeks, hopefully that means all the snow is going away..." more

A Bold New Seattle Waterfront Is Coming

WA - "After more than 65 years of being cut off from downtown Seattle, a new waterfront is set to unfurl, dramatically changing the city’s landscape." more...

Smaller Gears

Best Way to Lock an E-Bike?

"They can be heavier and more expensive than regular bikes, but many of the same rules apply." more...

Porn Pedallers Kicked Out of British Racing


UK - "The Porn Pedallers Cycling Club lost its British Cycling affiliation this week, allegedly over its name and sponsors." more...

The Rocky Mountain Growler 20


"The Rocky Mountain Growler 20 is too good for its price." more...

Tire & Rim Standards Move Closer to Conformity


CO - "Installing and removing clinchers could become a bit easier in the near future as the industry has completed work with two standards bodies to revise dimensions for tire bead and rim diameters..." more

Stupid Rules Cyclists Have Followed


"Cycling has a deep tradition of rules to ride by..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Bikes Have Come a Long Way


"Bike technology is moving fast. Like, really fast." more...

Selma Blair Uses 'Walking Bike'

"Selma Blair, 46, posted a photo of herself riding a walkable bike called the Alinker." more...

MTBiker Survives Rattlesnake Bite

AZ - "Jim Watkins, 75, was riding his new bike with a friend on the Apache Wash Trail in Phoenix when he lost his balance on a steep hill..." more

The Cairngorms are Calling

How Green Bike Boxes & Lanes Work

Portland, OR - "There are many separated green bike lanes and bike boxes across Portland..." more

Why Upright is the Way to Ride

"Bike designer Mark Sanders channels my mom and tells me not to slouch." more...

Cyclist Drops 100lbs, Becomes National Champion


"John Croom weighed 305 pounds when he decided to start racing his bike..." more

Rent an Apartment, Get a Bike

MD - "When tenants begin signing leases for apartments in the Wheelhouse in Federal Hill this July, the landlord plans to give them a bike along with the keys." more...

Eagles Learn to Live in Ohio's Industrial Heartland

OH - "...One day we came down here and we were able to count 20 eagles at one time..." more

He Lost His Ability to Walk, So He Cycled Across the Country

"When he was 17 years old, Kyle Bryant learned he had Friedrich’s ataxia..." more

Naked Florida Man Bikes Backwards on Highway


FL - "A man was spotted biking naked backwards on a highway in Florida." more...

Breakaway or Bust

OH - "...Lead by local cycling advocate Ray George, the Gravel Grinders explore Ohio's rural roads..." more

Follow a Trail, See an Entire Country


"Think like a camel, ride like a tiger, and drink like a Viking coming from the battlefield..." more

Exploring the Everglades


FL - "...Marshes, sawgrass prairies, forests and a diversity of habitats define this water-dependent wilderness..." more

Sunrise Rides

FL - "Eve Mart knows exactly when the sun peeks over the ocean near her home in Aventura, Florida, just outside Miami..." more

Cycling, the Happiest Form of Transport


"A new study confirms what every cyclist already knows." more...

LeBron James' 36" Mountain Bike


"...DirtySixer, known for specializing in bikes for really tall riders, just released details of the custom mountain bike it built for the 6’8” NBA star." more...

Maryland Communities Are Hungry for Trails

"With several landmark trail networks in progress, the State of Maryland is poised to serve as a nationwide example for other states." more...

Death of Champion Cyclist was Avoidable

"The death of a champion British endurance rider in Canberra was avoidable, but could become a catalyst for safety improvements for cyclists travelling on roads..." more

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