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Cyclist or Biker?

"...Bicycling took to social media to ask our readers this important question, hoping to solve it once and for all..." more

How Exercise Can Boost Your Brain


"A recent study published in Nature looked at fitness levels in young people and compared that to their brain function." more

10 Great Bikes for Girls

"...While most of us learned to ride a bike using training wheels (or the close-your-eyes-and-pray method), kids today have balance bikes..." more

The Swytch Conversion Kit


"...I am so intrigued by the Swytch e-bike conversion kit, up on Indiegogo. It’s the latest version of a unit that sold 3,000 copies in 45 countries..." more

20 Fall Bike Rides

U.S. - "...Add some excitement to your fall calendar by planning a getaway bike trip for the coming weeks..." more

Bike Lane in the Middle of a Highway


PRK - "...In South Korea, there's a solar bike path that shields riders from the sun while at the same time generating power from it..." more

E-Bikes Stir Up Controversy

CO - "A new mode of transportation is joining the ranks of popular outdoor activities in the valley, but not without a touch of controversy." more

Great Smoky Mountains Travel Guide

"Despite being one of the most popular destinations in the U.S., the Smokies make it easy to plan a last-minute trip and avoid crowds year-round..." more

Electrifying Change


WI - "The promise and peril of e-bikes and scooters." more

The Rise of Gravel Cycling in Vermont

VT - "The persistent zipping of tires on dirt and the panting of riders fills the late-summer air as bikers lean into their mounts—and their suffering—to make the climb up a long steep dirt road in the Green Mountain Forest in Lincoln..." more

Designing for People, Not Cars in Copenhagen

"...It will come as no surprise to urbanists that the city of Copenhagen offers a vision of what that could look like..." more

Carson Storch Redefines Train Hopping

Family Biking: Intersections are Scary

Portland, OR - "...until they’re protected, or we get more leading bicycle intervals, intersections will remain the spookiest part of most bike rides..." more

6 Lessons from Portland

OR - "In August, the Civic Commons Learning Network hosted a multi-day learning journey to the Pacific Northwest. We started with two and a half days in Portland, Oregon where they pride themselves on doing things differently..." more

History of American Anti-Car Protests

U.S. - "A wave of traffic safety activism in the 1970s helped reshape Dutch streets. But the U.S. had its own anti-car movement earlier, led largely by women." more

Family Dispute Alters Cycling Scene

OR - "For the past 50 years, the Alpenrose Velodrome has been the centerpiece of Portland's racing community. A family argument threatens to shut it down." more

What Does This Street In Zürich Mean?

"If you see how cars, streetcars, bikes, and pedestrians use this Swiss street, you can better understand what’s wrong with so many other urban thoroughfares." more

Which Hill Will I Die On?

"San Francisco... You have so many hills..." more

The Best Bike Lights

"Over the past decade, brands have made big improvements in increasing the output and reducing the weight of their bike lights..." more

A Link to the Future


CA - "A couple bumps in the road hardly deter Tom Kirk from championing a supersize bike path giving pedestrians and small electric vehicles a healthier route across the Coachella Valley." more

When Biking and Bears Don’t Mix


MT - "The death of a ranger, Brad Treat, in 2016 was a wake-up call for grizzly bear biologists." more

There’s Nothing “Controversial” About Bike Lanes


"Cycling is already mainstream. It’s time for the media to catch up." more

9 Tips for Cycling Longevity

"At 41 years old, Katerina Nash is one of the most decorated off-road racers in the world..." more

The 9 Best Balance Bikes

"... it took about a decade for the pedal-less, two-wheel balance bike to become ubiquitous this side of the Atlantic..." more

History of Cycling in New York City

"...Following the Civil War, cycling became trendy again, fulfilling a growing population’s need for transportation and recreation..." more

Hit These Colorado Trails for Days


CO - "Colorado is a mecca for multi-day cycling, known as bikepacking." more

McAllister Park Offers Fast, Fun Off-Road Bike Trails


TX - "After four years of riding off-road at McAllister Park in north central San Antonio, it feels like an old friend, and it’s always gratifying seeing friends change for the better." more

Endurance Exercise May Slow Alzheimer’s

"Endurance exercise can reduce the progression of atrophy in a part of the brain associated with memory among people at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study found." more

The Cadillac of Fat-Tire Road E-Bikes


"The Evelo Aurora Hub-Drive really surprised me with its usability." more

Million-Dollar Views on Tahoe Pyramid Trail

NV - "The newest segment of the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail between Reno and Truckee features a million-dollar view. Literally." more

Judean Desert Blooms on Cycling Tour

"At the end of our six-hour bike ride through the Judean Desert, Tal Rozow apologized to my husband and me." more

Complete Guide to Buying a Bicycle

"...Before you head to the bike shop to pick up your new favorite mode of transportation, it’s helpful to know all the little details that will make the bike buying process easier..." more

Zwift gets Cyclist Back to Racing

"Indoor cycling is not what is used to be. Gone are the days of stationary riding monotony..." more

Marin's Alpine Trail 8

"The Alpine Trail 8 is a competent climber and a thrilling descender that straddles the line between enduro bike and trail bike." more

Wetlands Park Scenery a Feast for Cyclists

NV - "Looking to boost your odds that a coyote or a roadrunner will cross your path?.." more

Bikepacking Accident in Peru

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

How to Fix a Flat

"Whether you ride on smooth pavement, rough gravel, or rocky singletrack trails, at some point your bike will get a flat tire..." more

10 Best Kids Bikes

"The world of kids’ bikes has been turned upside down in the past decade..." more

Best Fall Rides in the Midwest

"...Fall is a fantastic time to take a Midwest cycling trip." more

Summit, Portage Counties Work to Attract Visitors


OH - "While the north coast of Lake Erie doesn’t draw the same crowds as Florida or warm ocean beaches, local business leaders and officials say attracting people to town is an important part of their economies." more

The Best Apps for Cyclists

"Regardless of whether your ride competitively or for leisure, you should check out these apps for optimizing your cycling game." more

Insider's Guide: The Grand Canyon


"From dayhikes to weekends to weeklong hikes, our Grand Canyon experts will have you ready to hit this natural wonder in no time." more

The E-Scooter with a Swappable Battery

"...One of the problems with electric vehicles (and with cars in general) is that many people do not own parking spaces, so they don't have an easy way to charge their cars..." more

John Forester - The Complete Interview

This appears to be the full interview with John Forester, part of which was posted earlier this week on StreetsBlog.

To follow the debate between vehicular cyclists and those that support separate cycling infra, see the StreetsBlog post comments section.

7 Bucket List Rail-Trail Destinations Around the World

"With more than 24,000 open miles of rail-trails to explore—more than any other country in the world—trail lovers in America are a pretty lucky bunch. But the rail-trail movement is not limited to our borders. Thousands more miles of rail-trails are available all across the globe..." more

5 Amazing Fall Hikes

Columbus, OH - "In case you haven’t heard, fall has officially arrived." more

The High Line at 10

NYC - "Manhattan's elevated walkway inspired both a movement and a backlash. A decade later, Karrie Jacobs revisits the project and discovers a surprising truth." more

Why I Ride My Bike to Work

NLD - "...It's little wonder Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte enjoys commuting to his office there. And recently he's made the journey by bike as often as possible." more

8 Great California Bike Trails

CA - "The Santa Clarita Valley has great places to ride for bicycle enthusiasts..." more

Alcoa's Most Scenic Greenway

TN - "...It’s been called the 'Pistol Creek Greenway, Phase IV' in planning procedures. But it could also be called the 'missing link' in Alcoa’s already large network of pedestrian paths as it will link two existing sets of trails." more

Biking with Bijker


MN - "Willmar visitors discover that riding bicycle here is different than in their home country of The Netherlands." more

8 Things Every Cyclist Should Do in the Fall

"...fall is a great time to explore..." more

Can Shimano GRX Save the Touring Drivetrain?

"There was a time, not so long ago, when mountain and road drivetrain parts from the world’s biggest manufacturer played nicely together..." more

A Spiraled Bike Path in Belgium


"This summer, a new elevated circular bike path was built that winds through the Belgian forest about an hour outside of Brussels..." more

Best Fall Color Spots in NE Ohio

OH - "...In Northeast Ohio, there's no shortage of parks to take in the beauty of fall..." more

World's Larges Bike Parking Garage

Getting Around Portland by Bike


OR - "...As it does most days, Monday morning starts with an exact two-mile bike ride to my work in NE Portland, starting at my apartment in Nob Hill..." more

86-Year-Old Woman Takes First Bike Ride

CA - "Despite leading an adventurous life, June Clark never rode a bicycle until a tandem ride Thursday at a local park." more

The Best and Worst Places to Live Car-Free

U.S. - "...being able to go without a car isn’t just a matter of personal commitment—it depends a lot on where you live..." more

Ithaca Considered a Top City to Live Car-Free


NY - "...if you live in the downtown urban area, it’s a great place. There’s a reason we scored so well in that study — there’s a lot of nearby destinations, the walking environment is actually quite good..." more

Plan For Low-Stress Bike Route


Chicago, IL - "...The greenway would create a continuous, low-stress bicycle connection between the North Shore Channel Trail and the Lakefront Trail by incorporating pedestrian median islands, raised crosswalks, contraflow bike lanes and bike-friendly speed humps on Leland Avenue." more

New Mural Celebrates Pinellas Trail Expansion


FL - "...These images are all part of a mural titled Be Right Back by artist Stephen Palladino, the first step in Pinellas County’s attempts to minimize vandalism and increase public art." more

Deputy Replaces Boy's Stolen Bike


CA - "A Shasta County Sheriff's Office deputy is being hailed for his amazing act of kindness after he bought a boy a bike." more

Why I Love Cycling in the City

"...Every city is different, but each has its own beauty, and when you’re on your bike you’ll reconnect with that beauty and remember just why it is you live there..." more

The Neponset River Greenway


MA - "The Neponset River Greenway, a multi-use trail along the banks of the Neponset River in Milton and Boston, was just named one of the Great Places in America in 2019..." more

Mobility Options Abound in Izmir, Turkey

"Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey and has a population of 3 million people..." more

Atlanta's Shareable Bikes


GA - "Holy market disruption, Batman!" more

Frog Bikes for Young Riders


Portland, OR - "I recently visited Clever Cycles to see what they recommend for kid bikes and I really liked what I saw in Frog Bikes." more

Pittsburgh to West Newton on the GAP

PA - "A trip on the Great Allegheny Passage is a tour through Pennsylvania history." more

The Bike Commute in Tysons

VA - "...Tysons is essentially a suburban office park that was built around cars..." more

Outdated Bike Works Just Fine

AUS - "An embarrassingly outdated cyclocross bike from eight years ago 'works just fine,' despite its lack of electronics and hydraulics, primitive braking, tubed tyres and paucity of gear options." more

Expensive E-Road Bikes Won't Save Cycling

"High-end electric roadies are cool, but they won't reverse cycling's decline. What will? Affordable, urban-oriented models." more

Get Politicians Out of Cars

"...I propose a movement to get all politicians—or at least mayors and other urban politicians—to spend at least one day a week working car-free..." more

Okanagan Rail Trail Getting Better

CAN - "With the recent paving of a new section of the Okanagan Rail Trail, you can now cycle on smooth asphalt from downtown Kelowna and the Rotary Marshes:to the north end of Kelowna International Airport..." more

Hiking Columnist Takes His Bike to the Aspetuck Valley Trail


CT - "...I have written about the AVT before in this column, but that was five years ago, and the trail has since grown..." more

Why Is Bill De Blasio Trying to Kill Me?


NYC - "...I never expected that the risk-assessment skills I developed in war zones would be relevant to my life as a Brooklyn dad with a desk job in Manhattan, but that was before I started biking to work..." more

Nonprofit Shop Provides Free Bikes to Community

FL - "...The bike shop had its grand opening on September 14 and requires people to put in 10 hours of work for a new ride." more

8 Great Gloves for Cold Weather

"Nothing takes the fun out of cold-weather activities like numb hands and feet..." more

Best Road and Mountain Bike Trails

U.S. - "...Here are some of the coolest, most visually stunning, and fun bike trails across the country..." more

Cuyahoga River Becomes Official Ohio Water Trail

OH - "...We’ve taken the 40-minute drive from Cleveland’s eastern suburbs to the headwaters of the Cuyahoga to spend the morning paddling downriver." more

Crazy Aussie Driver Caught on Video

"Crikey, don’t ride near this bloke." more

Strava Rolls Out New Features

"Fitness-tracking app Strava announced two new features that measure your overall fitness." more

Safety through Oasis on the Midtown Greenway

MN - "Donovan Harmel, manager of Vera’s Garden, leaves a legacy of beautification and community placemaking." more

4 Ways Traffic Engineers Drop the Ball

"...There are four common methods traffic engineers use assert their power and thwart the will of elected officials and the public those officials represent..." more

Ridiculous Intersections

Atlanta, GA - "Anyone who’s found themselves on Glenwood Avenue where it meets Moreland Avenue near East Atlanta Village has probably pondered the oddities—if not incomprehensible missteps—of city planning." more

An Open Letter to the Person Who Stole My Bike

"...You were waiting to snip off that cable lock and ride away with my bike, which for the record probably has no monetary value whatsoever..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

The New Liv Intrigue 3

"The new Liv Intrigue 3 just made it easier for women to get rowdy." more

Indoor Cycling Helps Parkinson’s Patients

"Riding on an indoor bike three days per week appears to significantly decrease Parkinson’s symptoms, according to a new study published in the Lancet Neurology." more

Small Park Solitude Soothes the Soul

OH - "I’m up on the ridge when I hear rocks being kicked around the bottom of the small ravine, some 60 feet below me." more

Volunteer for Middle-Schooler Rides

Portland, OR - "Cycling education in local schools isn’t new — the City of Portland has been helping students learn bike safety skills since 2005. With partners like The Street Trust, the transportation bureau educates hundreds of elementary students through their Safe Routes to School program. This year they plan to graduate the program up to middle school." more

Best Hike in Every National Park

"We asked the experts—and this is the one trail you can't miss in each of the 61 U.S. national parks." more

Super Versatile Roof Rack

"...I started researching all the bike racks. I wanted something that’d work for both bikes, so mounting using the frame likely wouldn’t work..." more

Surly Bike Rack Safety Warning

"We’re writing today to let you know that we have recently received reports of a small number of Surly 8-Pack and 24-Pack Racks loosening, contacting the front wheel and causing accidents." more

Meet Andrew Overbeck

Columbus, OH - Enjoy this behind-the-scenes interview.


The Rally Car of the E-Bike World

"UBCo's latest is more motorcycle than e-bike, so get ready to tear up the trails." more

FSA Launches Hub Drive E-Bike System

DEU - "Taiwanese component giant FSA has launched its first e-bike motor system, called the FSA System." more

Cleveland Metroparks is Home to 300 Miles of Trails

Cuyahoga County, OH

10 Best Bike Trails Around The World

"...Around the world, there are paths dedicated to people that like to hop onto two wheels and go for a ride..." more

A Night on the ‘East Buttes’

OR - "Last night I learned the buttes overlooking east Portland are full of hidden gems that are much easier to appreciate with an experienced guide." more

Full speed ahead for Cold Lake Bike Trail

CAN - "What was once a young bike enthusiast’s dream will soon become a reality." more

This Grandma Became a Cross-Country Cyclist

"Patricia McNeal biked across America five years after surviving a stroke. And she's going to do it again." more

Littleton Cyclists Find Happy Trails

CO - "...'The trail system here is killer,' said Tyler Burns, a tour guide with Littleton's GoodTurn Cycles..." more

I Learned How to Cycle Like a Dutchman

"In the bike-friendly Netherlands, cyclists speed down the road without fearing cars. For an American, the prospect is thrilling—and terrifying." more

Open Streets in Ethiopia


"Sunday 22 September is World Car Free Day - but in Ethiopia it happens on the last Sunday of every month, across the country." more

10 Amazing Mountain Biking Trails

"...These trails are located all across the globe and are only for the most avid and capable riders in this sport..." more

I’m a Fat Cyclist

"My weight doesn't need to change. But the bike world's attitude toward me does." more

Paving the Way for Handcyclists

"Brandon Lyons became paralyzed in 2014..." more

Central Park has Become an Obstacle Course

NYC - "...I ride in Central Park because it’s supposed to be safer than riding on the street — but this summer it’s been worse than ever." more

Cleveland Travelers Offer Tips on Solo Vacations

Cleveland, OH - "...Thrasher, 32, is part of an increasing number of Americans traveling alone, fueled by both adventure-seeking baby boomers and experience-oriented millennials." more

York Composite Cycling Club

PA - "Interscholastic mountain biking has seen its numbers grow across the country in recent years and the York Composite Cycling Club is the perfect example." more

E-Scooters: Fast, Unregulated and Everywhere

Detroit, MI - "...They’re a source of anxiety and annoyance for pedestrians dodging them on sidewalks and some city officials puzzled by what laws govern them, provoking bans and impounds in Ann Arbor and East Lansing." more

A Glimpse of Reno's Bicycling Future

NV - "...For a look into the state of safe biking in and around Reno/Sparks and the future of biking infrastructure in the region, Joanna Trieger and Andrew Samuelsen of the Truckee Meadows Bike Alliance stopped by the Innevation Center recently to record this edition of The Wild Hare podcast." more

Falling Waters Trail

MI - "...Though this destination rail-trail is on the shorter side at 10.5 miles, it’s onto something big. Actually, two really big things: it’s nestled within the Great Lake-to-Lake Trail route spanning the entire Lower Peninsula from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron, as well as the even more massive Iron Belle Trail, which connects 2,000-plus miles of trail all across the state." more

U.S. Bill to Award Greg Lemond


D.C. - " A California congressman helped push through a bill that would award Greg LeMond a Congressional Gold Medal. The bill passed the House Thursday and now heads to the Senate." more

Learn Basic Bike Repair

"Keeping your bike in tip-top shape means regular maintenance, preventative measures, and the occasional on-the-road quick fix." more

"Little Libraries" Coming to the Greenway

TN - "...Books are borrowed and returned from the Little Libraries on the honor system..." more

Downhilling Comes Back to Loon Mountain

NH - "There were happy whoops and speed-induced grins along the new lift-serviced downhill mountain biking trails at Loon Mountain last weekend, as the resort made its official return to downhill biking after a 17-year hiatus." more

Cycle Path Bicycles Reopens

Athens, OH - "...the explosion in April 2018 caused them to close for almost a year and a half." more

One Street Tells the Story of the Importance of Protected Bikeways

D.C. - "...the most recent and dramatic transformation was on the 1200 block of First Street, SE in Navy Yard, DC. What was once the most habitually blocked bikeways in DC, has now become the envy of most bikeways in the District." more

Pedal-Assisted Delivery Trike

Portland, OR - "A Portland manufacturing company is confident that a pedal-assisted, light electric vehicle can play a big role in the future of urban delivery..." more

Downhill Speed Freaks Take to North Wales Peaks

UK - "t's downhill all the way - as two venues help north Wales stake its claim to being one of the world's top extreme mountain biking destinations." more

Steel Road Bike Is Unbelievably Cheap

"...a no-frills women's road bike with a buttery-smooth ride." more

Iconic Slickrock Trail Turns 50

UT - "A lot of people say that the Slickrock bike trail is what first put Moab on the map..." more

Mikael Colville-Andersen Peddles Bike-Friendly Cities

"Mikael Colville-Andersen is perhaps best known internationally as a champion for good bike infrastructure, but his true focus is creating cities that are safe, interesting, efficient and designed for people." more

Aussie Hiker "Carries" Broken Leg for 2 Days


"An Australian hiker who was injured in a 6m (20ft) fall down a waterfall says he had to "carry" his broken leg while crawling for two days to be rescued." more

America’s Premier Beer-Biking Trail

"Own a bike and want to get outdoors this fall? Great. Like beer? Even better." more

Accessories That Will Enhance Your Ride


"Bikes are relatively simple machines, but you can ensure every ride is fun and fuss-free by adding a few cycling accessories to your life..." more

Meet Ontario's First 'Bicycle Mayor'

CAN - "Three years ago, Shelley Carr started biking to school every morning. She’d also ride to the grocery store, to appointments: basically, wherever she could..." more

Buying an E-Bike Online -- Good or Bad?

"...In my post, 'Why I think buying an e-bike online is a really bad idea,' I suggested that e-bikes should be bought from and maintained by people who know what they are doing..." more

A Pinch of Type II

Kate Courtney Wants to Empower Female Riders

"You can be feminine and girly and sparkly and be a really badass bike racer as well." more

The Hottest New Bikes This Fall

" season isn’t over yet. In fact, it’s always new-bike season as brands have largely moved away from model-year launches..." more

10 Gorgeous Fall Foliage Walks & Runs

Philadelphia, PA - "Soak up fall's stunning vistas at these local spots — all within 45 minutes of the city — that are prime spots for view-filled fall foliage hikes." more

11 Best UK Trails for the Family


UK - "From off road to on track, explore the great outdoors on two wheels." more

Escape from the Ordinary

How to Ace Walk + Roll to School Day

Portland, OR - "International Walk + Roll to School Day is in three weeks (October 2nd) and now’s the time to make sure you have a plan to take advantage of it." more

Sycamore Canyon Hike has Dramatic Views


AZ - "Roughly 23 miles southeast of Williams, Arizona’s second largest canyon splits the landscape at the juncture of three national forests and two wilderness areas." more

Trails Growing in Michigan


MI - "...Bob Wilson, director of the Michigan Trails and Greenway Alliance, says that 75% of a 275-mile trail is complete that would cross the Lower Peninsula from South Haven to Port Huron on the state’s east coast..." more

Second City Divide

BRAIN Gear Guide Now Available Online

CO - "BRAIN's Gear Guide, an 8-page, advertiser-supported directory to dozens of the latest products on the bike market, is now available for digital reading or download." more

SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger

"If you’ve ever bent or broken a derailleur hanger and been stuck without a replacement for days (or weeks!), then you know why this is long overdue..." more

Cannondale’s SuperX Force 1 ’Cross

"The SuperX Force 1 has been and continues to be a great cyclocross bike, and Cannondale has wisely chosen not to mess with a good thing." more

Q&A with Eric Oberg

Columbus, OH - Part of the 'Behind the Scenes' interview series by Central Oho Greenways. more

The "Pope" of Urban Cycling

FL - "The man dubbed 'the pope of urban cycling' was unimpressed to hear Pensacola has been painting bike lanes on the fringes of its major roadways in an effort to be more bicycle friendly." more

Ride On Rollins: A Visual Recap

"Earlier this summer a couple of us made the ride from Denver to Winter Park via Rollins pass. The 90 mile ride crossed the Continental Divide at Rollins Pass, elevation 11,676ft..." more

Riding with an Anti-Bike Council Candidate


WA - "My tire wobbled and I swerved to correct my path. A car hissed by me while the driver laid on his horn..." more

The Treadwell Remixte

"Behind this cruiser is a capable commuter and fitness bike." more

Students Bike the Pacific Coast Trail

NM - "700 miles, 14 days, three friends, one Pacific Coast Trail." more

Mountain Biking in Finger Lakes


NY - "...With the rolling landscapes in Tompkins County and the Finger Lakes region, it comes as no surprise that mountain biking also has a passionate following locally." more

North Coast Trail

CAN - "The wolf ran along the beach, pausing to consider the black bear munching on bugs. It decided to give the larger animal a wide berth, then glanced up at the five of us watching..." more

Five Scenic Tampa Bay Bike Routes


FL - "From the breweries of Dunedin to the Tampa Riverwalk, these rides show off Tampa Bay’s character." more

Zwift Wants You to Hit the Trail, Indoors

"...this time virtual pavement is nowhere to be found. Instead, it wants to bring mountain biking trails to your living room." more

Bike Lane Vigilante Speaks His Mind


NYC - "The former New York Ranger doesn't care who he pisses off [including cyclists]..." more

Can New Orleans Keep Cyclists Safe?

LA - "...Later that night in March, the headlines trickled in. At least eight people in a bike lane had been hit, and two of the cyclists — Sharree Walls and David Hynes — had died..." more

Riding in Richmond


VA - "The Richmond area is designated by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) as a Bronze Level Ride Center, meaning it’s one of the best places in the country to experience a variety of mountain-biking terrain..." more

Giant Announces Aluminium Revolt Range

"Giant claims that ‘over half the world’s roads are unpaved’, and if that’s true, you could be missing out if you haven’t got a bike capable of exploring that terrain..." more

7 Cool Smart Trainers

"It’s that time of year when the temperature begins to dip daily (in most parts of the country) and we are left with fewer daylight hours to fit outside rides..." more

5 Colorful Rides this Fall


IL - "...You must go where the trees are, of course. Fortunately, that's where many of the best bike trails and routes are, too." more

Crooked River Reflections

CVNP, OH - "In 1926, Helyn Fielder and Evelyn Harris began first grade in the one-room Everett School..." more

Activist Hosts ‘Cyclist Lives Matter’


"This time last year, Samantha Flores was in a coma. When she woke up days later, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever ride a bike again after a hit-and-run left her in the hospital with critical injuries..." more

‘Truck Trike’ Maker Seeks Partner

Portland, OR - "...The Truck Trike was a pioneer in what is now a very hot market of zero-emission urban delivery services..." more

Wahoo’s New KICKR Bike


"The all-new Wahoo KICKR Bike smart trainer was released at this year’s Eurobike, and it is pretty freakin’ rad..." more

10 Beginner Bike Rides in Chicago


IL - "The thought of cars and buses whizzing by while pedaling in a narrow bike lane can make urban biking in Chicago a frightening prospect..." more

New Hiker Shuttle Service At Lake Placid

NY - "...Beginning September 13 and running through October 6, and Friday through Monday during Columbus Day Weekend, Essex County will offer complimentary rides to and from the Whiteface Landing Trailhead, Copperas Pond Trailhead, Whiteface Mountain Ski Lodge, and Bear Den Trailhead at Whiteface Mountain." more

E-Bike Popularity Skyrockecting with Older Riders

"When first-timers take an electric bike out for a test ride, they return smiling from ear to ear..." more

Hottest New Cycling Gear


"You may be thinking about winter gloves and indoor training tools, but bike brands are already showing off their latest products for next spring..." more

The Specialized Tarmac Disc Pro

"The Tarmac Disc Pro delivers the high performance you’d expect from the top-of-the-line S-Works Tarmac, at a much more affordable price." more

Getting Back on the Bike after a Crash

"...once the handlebars are straightened and the bones have healed, there’s one thing left to recover: our confidence." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 6

Cycling Saved My Life

"...I was 360 pounds when I went to get a physical at the VA in Madison, Wisconsin, just before my 60th birthday." more

Buying an E-Bike Online?


"If e-bikes are going to replace cars, they should be taken seriously and maintained properly by people who know what they are doing." more

The New Indoor Bike From Stages

"Stages is already a strong player in the spin/studio bike world, but the new StagesBike ($2,600 to $2,800) is the brand’s first dedicated indoor bike aimed at the enthusiast cyclist." more

Keeping the Midtown Greenway Safe

MN - "...Paule, 59, a buoyant aerospace physicist who lives at the eastern end of the Greenway, is the de facto, though officially undesignated, leader of Trail Watch..." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 5

The Wiggle Cycling Route

San Francisco, CA - "...The zig-zagging route between Duboce Park and the Panhandle is the undisputed best option for cyclists to avoid thigh-crushing inclines. But it turns out the route dates back to before bicycles were even invented." more

Along the Delaware River Waterfront

PA - "Your guide to the piers, trails, parks, and more along the water." more

50 Mph E-Bike has Pedals


"Just when you thought it couldn’t get any wilder in the electric bicycle space, this happens. UBCO has just revealed their upcoming UBCO FRX1 Freeride Trail Bike featuring motorcycle level specs, speeds of up to 50 mph (80 km/h), and functional bicycle pedals." more

Why Can't Amsterdam's Cyclists & Peds get Along?

NLD - "As Amsterdammers jostle for space, the city government is trying to ease conflicts between those on bikes and on foot." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 4

Two Tweens on a Family Bike

Portland, OR - "I just realized I can still carry both my kids on my bike! But just barely..." more

Clear Creek County’s Emerging Trail Network


CO - " The 1.3 mile downhill trail, called The Sluice, is a key feature of the new Floyd Hill Open Space trail system that reaches over the hill into Clear Creek Canyon." more

Remembering Robyn Hightman


"This story does not begin or end on Sixth Avenue. That heartbreak in New York City, which hardly defines the life of Robyn Hightman, will come soon enough." more

What E-Bikes Mean to the Lost Sierra Trails

CA - "...Over the last three years, SBTS has studied electric-assist mountain bikes closely, as they are the newest form of recreation on our public lands. And what we mean by “study” is we’ve actually ridden Class 1 electric-assist mountain bikes – e-bikes with pedal assist up to 20 mph..." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 3

Gloves or No Gloves?

"...There were situations for which I needed them: winters in the Rocky Mountains, several muggy years in Japan, most mountain bike rides. Otherwise, I rode barehanded..." more

Fi'zi:k 3D-Printed Saddle

"... Unveiled on the opening day of Eurobike, Fi'zi:k’s Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive saddle uses innovative 3D-printed material for its cushion..." more

ABS Brakes Come to Electric Mountain Bikes

"German bicycle brand Bulls is now selling electric mountain bikes fitted with anti-lock braking systems as standard." more

The Rock Island Corridor Battle

MO - "...While Chamberlin and his neighbors worry about how having this trail run through their land could affect their livelihoods, the state has a host of issues to deal with to realize its multimillion-dollar vision for the Rock Island Trail." more

Trailheads Bikepacking Episode 2

Coastal Rail Trail: From Oceanside to the Santa Fe Depot

CA - "The Coastal Rail Trails, when complete, will offer an opportunity to walk, hike, or bike (out of vehicular traffic) the 44 miles from Oceanside to the Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego..." more

9 Great Fall Rides


NY - "For many in Western New York, biking is a warm-whether activity, something you do to enjoy summer vibes whether pedaling to work or strapping on your Bern helmet for a casual weekend cruise along the waterfront." more

A Boston Beer Garden Tour by Bike


MA - "Take a bike tour of these hoppin' pop-ups before they close for the season..." more

Hey Cyclists: Be Nice to Pedestrians


"Cars may have driven us apart, but we’re natural allies. Here’s how to do your part to heal the divide." more

Bikepacking the GAP

Divvy Partners with Bike Shops for Youth Training Program


Chicago, IL - "Divvy, a bike-share service now owned and operated by Lyft, will partner with several local organizations to run an education and job training program for students interested in learning about the city’s bicycle industry." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Fitness Levels of E-Bikers


"...those who ride e-bikes get more exercise minutes per week than those who ride normal bikes." more

The Untold Stories of the Cowboy Trail


NE - "If the Cowboy Trail could talk, it would tell hundreds of stories across its nearly 200 miles..." more

Simon Kenton Pathfinders Manage without Park District


Springfield, OH - "...The all-volunteer [trail] group originally started with 13 members and has since grown to 275 members..." more

Bike Crash Survivor Launches Safety Campaign

"After surviving getting hit by a truck while riding, Triny Willerton of Boulder, Colorado, has launched a campaign called It Could Be Me to raise awareness for cyclist safety." more

England & Scotland Connected by Trail


"An 800-mile off-road cycle route has been launched connecting England and the north coast of Scotland for the first time." more

How a Titanium Bike is Made

Why Some Joggers Prefer Streets to Sidewalks


"As a jogger, let me explain one major reason I choose the street over the sidewalk. It’s safer." more

Cutting a "Grinder-Proof" Bike Lock

"...when Altor asked if we’d like to attempt to cut the mighty SAF Lock ourselves, we took the company up on the challenge." more

Yakima Greenway Reclaims Riverfront Property


WA - "...The Greenway is a 20-mile system of parks and pathways along the Naches and Yakima rivers around the city..." more

Mountain Biking in High Country


NC - "...There is no shortage of mountain trails in the High Country. One of the most popular is the Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park..." more

GRX Gravel Components

Bike Helmet Saved Daughter's Life


"...Her life changed April 24. While riding legally in a Boulder bike lane, she was the victim of high-speed impact by an underinsured motorist that turned left illegally in front of her..." more

West Annapolis Experiments with ‘Parklets’


MD - "...Temporary sidewalk platforms called parklets that were initially part of Mayor Gavin Buckley’s failed bicycle lane on Main Street have been re-purposed for Annapolis Street." more

America's Largest BMX Park Opens

Houston, TX - "...Located near the Bush Intercontinental Airport... the Rock Star Energy Bike Park features a massive bike track and public recreation space, spanning a total of 23 acres just north of the city." more

Camping, Bikes & Family Fun

NH - "...As the summer wanes, there’s still time to camp one more time and ride the bikes..." more

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