Towpath Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

Bloom Brewery Finding Success along GAP


West Newton, PA - "...'When I first started, we were only open Saturday afternoons,' said owner Jeffrey Bloom, 52. “Now we are open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and we are growing all of the time..." more

Kilian Bron Tempts Fate in the Dolomites

"The freeride thrill-seeker is back with another hair-raising video." more

The Fraught Relationship Between Cyclists & Cops

"In New York City, as well as many other places in America, the relationship between police and cyclists can be fraught..." more

Cycling Thru the Winter Blues

"...When it comes time to prepare for biking in the cold winter months, our Bicycle Friendly Universities, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and The University of Vermont (UVM) know how to encourage their students, faculty, and staff to safely brave the cold!" more...

80-Year-Olds Riding Mountain Bikes

"...I started mountain biking when I was 70 years old. I had just had cancer and I decided I needed some exercise to keep me well or try and get me fit again." more...

The Cervélo S5


"...It’s fast, it’s quick, it’s stable, it’s light, it climbs swiftly, handles superbly, and feels like it could push through the sound barrier on descents..." more

Soma Portfolder Folding Rack


"The alloy Soma Portfolder rack is a bit of a city commuter bike transformer, mixing up the benefits of a wide platform porteur-style rack with the compactness of a front pannier rack..." more

Big Box Store Bikes Fail Basic Safety Checks


"It's Christmas shopping time and for many that means purchasing a new bike..." more

Steve Carell Hit by Driver


"Steve Carell was out riding near his Los Angeles home a few weeks ago when a driver struck him from behind..." more

Mayor of the B&A trail, Tom Caraker, Dies at 84

MD - "The Baltimore & Annapolis Trail has lost its mayor." more...

Ultrarunner Can’t Get Enough of Gravel Riding


"Taylor Nowlin, Ultrarunning's bright new star, also has some serious skills on a bike." more...

Ottolock Cut in Two Seconds

Portland, OR - "A popular YouTuber has created a bit of a public relations headache for a local company." more...

Strava Art Gets Festive


UK - "...Anthony Hoyte has created a festive Strava masterpiece on the streets of Birmingham." more...

Advice for Winter Bike Commuters


Seattle, WA - "...Seattle Bike Blog asked readers for their advice to someone commuting by bike for the first time in the dead of winter..." more

Is Gatorade Good for You?


"When it comes hydration, you want to make sure you're making the right choices..." more

Healthier Responses to Bad Drivers


Portland, OR - "...I used to get all heated-up about people driving unsafely around me and my kids. You know, like a protective mama bear. Grrr..." more

This is who E-Bikes are for...

Fit Seniors Can Have Hearts That Look 30 Years Younger

"...people in their 70s who have been exercising regularly for decades seem to have put a brake on the aging process..." more

The 13 Best Indoor Bike Trainers


"How to find the right one for you..." more

Can Vitamin D Improve Your Aerobic Fitness?


"A new study finds an interesting link-but you might not need to start popping the supplements just yet." more...

Why We Need to Talk About Driver Aggression


"... while I may know that I may be safer on my bike than flying around in a deadly, high-speed machine, that knowledge doesn’t keep the tension out of my shoulders as cars pass at accelerated speeds that are far too high for the neighborhood I live in..." more

Building an E-Bike for My Wife

How to Stay Joyful When Biking in Winter

"I never considered myself a hard-core winter bike commuter before last year. I still don’t know if I can call myself that, but I’m getting there..." more

Are Clif Bars Healthy?

"Two registered dietitians explain when it's best to reach for these bars." more...

A Journey along the Underground Railroad Bike Route

"When most people think about long distance trails in the United States, they probably go straight to the big-name classics like the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail..." more

Really Big Bike Journey

Adventures in Activism: Tools of the Trade


Portland, OR - "...For every person who considers themselves a transportation advocate, there are ten more who are interested in learning more but don’t know where to start..." more

How Pro Laurens Ten Dam Fuels His Rides


"He loves coffee, pancakes, bacon, and barbeque, but it's all about balance for the 10-time Tour de France racer." more...

Otago Central Rail Trail

NZL - "The Otago Central Rail Trail is on track to have its busiest year on record..." more

A Dog, a Violin, and a Cross-Country Bike Trip

"Jasmine Reese doesn’t have an address..." more

Advice for Cycling in Winter

Lexington, KY - "...Cycling experts shared tips Thursday at the Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library at University of Kentucky..." more

Are Bicycle Belt-Drives a Good Thing?


"...Of course, as with most innovations in the world cycling technology, it’s all a bit ‘chicken and egg’ when it comes to introducing belt drives to the masses..." more

This Guy Rode Rollers for 24 Hours Straight


"Cycling coach Daniel Matheny shares his tips on how to ride crazy long indoors." more...

David Byrne Rode His Bike to Our Office...


"Talking Heads and police shootings. Janelle Monáe and stage fright..." more

The Bkool Smart Go


"Join the virtual cycling world with one of the cheapest smart trainers on the market." more...

Freefall Down a Tree Trunk

"Bear Mountain’s mountain bike course designer Jordie Lunn tests his limits." more...

The Debate Over the Danger of Wearing a Bike Helmet


"...over the last decade, cyclists and the scientists studying them have been debating the veracity of one rumored negative consequence of wearing a helmet..." more...

Bike Lanes: One Size Does Not Fit All


"...European bikeways are the product of years of evolution, and not every local attempt meets the same high standards..." more

Arkansas’ Southwest Trail

AR - "...the Southwest Trail—could bring both national attention and important local benefits." more...

Your Next Biking Adventure Vacation

"Hundreds of miles of the U.S.-Mexico border region have been turned into a biking paradise—showcasing a region with a rich history that has been overshadowed by ugly politics." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Why Paul Sherwen’s Death Hurts


"I was just out the door to take the dog for a hike when I got the news that Paul Sherwen had died in his sleep Sunday..." more

The Perfect MTB Vacation

"from dirtbag cheap to high roller, we have the outdoor adventure destination for your budget." more...

British Cyclists Undergo Heart Scans

UK - "British Cycling athletes will undergo yearly heart scans after high profile sporting names have suffered cardiac arrests." more...

AT's Ultimate 48 State Road Trip

"From Kentucky, I made my way North to Ohio where I met up with Zach Overholt, Tom Holaday and Shane Garan for a ride out at Ceaser Creek State Park...." more

Swedetown Trails Groomed, Ready for Winter


Calumet, MI - "...We've got about 30K of trails here. They've all been dragged. They are tracked. Conditions are pretty darn good for this early in the season..." more

Is 'Level of Service' Stuck in the Stone Ages?

"For over 50 years, Level of Service (LOS), the predominant method of measuring traffic generated by new developments, has done more harm than good." more...

Our Annual Tree-by-Bike Tradition


Portland, OR - "...Over the years we’ve bought trees near and far. Our closest was five blocks from home..." more

A Salute to Major Taylor & Peoria's Biking History

IL - "...Major was one of the highest-paid athletes in the world at the time he competed. He was probably as young as 13 when he first competed in Peoria in the 1890s..." more

Elephant Bike: Buy One, One Gets Donated

"There are so many upsides to buying an Elephant bike that it’s not easy to know where to begin..." more

LiteLok Gold Cut in 16 Seconds!

1896 Map Shows Portland’s Cycling Culture


OR - "In 1896 Portland had a thriving cycling culture complete with bike-specific fashion purveyors, bike-friendly restaurants, bike shops, and local businesses hoping to cater to our many “wheelmen” and women." more...

Mark Weir Survives the Widowmaker


"The legendary mountain biker shares the serious signs he ignored until it was nearly too late." more...

Cycling the Katy Trail

The Most Bike Friendly State


"...According to the report, the most bike-friendly state in the U.S. in 2018 was..." more

Anonymous Artist Installing Bus Benches

Los Angeles, CA - "...Over the past 11 months, the artist has surreptitiously installed more than a dozen wood benches around the Eastside, and he has it down to a science..." more

Yorkshire Grit

Paul Sherwen Dies, Aged 62

"Iconic cycling commentator Paul Sherwen has died aged 62 at his home in Uganda." more...

Cuyahoga River’s Amazing Recovery to be Celebrated


Cleveland, OH - "...The hope is the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will time its “Water Trail” designation for the Cuyahoga River for June 22, 2019. That would be the 50th anniversary of the day the Cuyahoga River last caught fire because of flammable pollutants..." more

Best Cycling Routes in Kent


UK - "The beautiful Kentish countryside can be enjoyed on leisurely walks and train rides but one of the best ways is to pick up your bike." more...

Cold-Weather Essentials You Need This Winter

"From lights and fenders to wool socks and base layers..." more

5 Great Bikeways in the Cleveland Area

OH - "The Cleveland-Akron area is home to dozens of bike trails. The paths listed here are built for long bike rides that provide an escape into nature." more...

Fat Bikes on Howelsen Hill

Steamboat Springs, CO - "Wintertime on Howelsen Hill isn't just for the skiing." more...

Strava’s Year in Sport Numbers


"See how your cycling habits stack up against Strava trends." more...

The Best Roadies Can Make the Worst Mountain Bikers

"Despite world domination on the road, Mara Abbott has a humbling experience on a mountain bike." more...

Holiday Fun in Cleveland

OH - "Northeast Ohio offers plenty of under-the-radar attractions from which to craft a seasonal day trip." more...

How to Start Fat Biking this Winter


CO - "...I’d rather go fat biking. There’s no traffic and no crowds. It’s just me and my friends in the woods." more...

New Indoor Cycling Game


"Make room, Zwift, there’s a new virtual cycling game in town. And this one wants to take indoor riding to alternate dimensions." more...

5 Easy MTBike Tricks

Murder on a Mountain Bike

"When 60-year-old Tim Watkins disappeared on a stretch of singletrack outside Colorado Springs, no one suspected that the truth of how he died..." more

Paving the Way for Toronto's Waterfront Trail

CAN - "Long before Bloor Street had a bike lane, before council approved its first bike plan, and even before the city had a mayor who was maligned for riding his bike to work, Toronto had Winona Gallop." more...

Horses & E-Bikes Keep William Shatner Fit

"Shatner says he relies on horseback riding and cycling, including this e-bike, to maintain balance and stay fit." more...

A Train Accident Took His Arm—But He Still Shreds


"I'm not an inspiration, I'm a mountain biker." more...

Whatever Happened to Singlespeed Mountain Bikes?

"They may not be for everybody, but they were always awesome—and even more so now that they’re totally uncool." more...

Öhlins Recalls Suspension Forks


"Öhlins and Specialized are working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall about 6,000 Öhlins suspension forks that were included on some Specialized mountain bikes and sold in the aftermarket." more...

Settling Into Family Biking


Portland, OR - "‘Tis the season for giving and receiving new bikes. With that in mind, I want to share a few tips on how to comfortably settle into a new rig." more...

How HED Cycling's Anne Hed Picked Up The Pieces

"For triathletes and professional bikers, HED Cycling has been a go-to-place for fast wheels since Steven Hed started manufacturing them in his St. Paul, Minn., bike shop in the mid-1980s..." more

9 Best and Brightest Mountain Bike Lights

"Light up the trail with these blazing-bright LED lights." more...

Canyon’s Neuron Trail Bike Now Available in the U.S.


"If you were already having trouble deciding what mountain bike you wanted to buy in 2019, Canyon's newest bike will probably make the decision tougher..." more

Injury Recovery is Serious Business

"My 2018 race season ended with an exclamation point. Not the tattoo I hoped to sport from a victory at Single Speed World Championships (SSWC), but with a broken clavicle in pursuit of said tattoo..." more

Hating Cyclists is Classist


"Pedestrians and drivers alike seem to reserve a special kind of hatred for cyclists..." more

The E-Scooter is Taking Over Paris

FRA - "Hundreds of the two-wheeled vehicles have appeared on the city's streets..." more

Most Important Bike Accessory


"Sometimes it's the simple things that make all the difference." more...

The Future of Bicycle Retailing


"The recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by the owners of Performance Bicycle should make it clear to anyone who is paying attention: The future of bicycle retail is in single-branded stores." more...

Blazing a Trail for Mountain Bike Adventures


IRE - "It's one of the lesser-known facts about Ireland's outdoor adventure scene that we have no less than four world-class mountain bike trail centres..." more

Martha Stewart's First Uber Ride: Not a Good Thing

"The first car didn’t show up and the second arrived 10 minutes late and stopped halfway up the block..." more

Hope Technology: Elements

Mountain Biker Builds Trail for Kids


VIR - "...You still see Hutchins on the trails every Sunday. When not riding for his own enjoyment, he conducts clinics or leads informative tours for cruise passengers..." more

10 Best Specialized Bikes

"From e-mountain bikes to world tour winning endurance bikes, Specialized makes great options for every sort of rider." more...

Hidden Trolley Network Set for Revival


Philadelphia, PA - "...They're turning the remains of the trolley line — whose artifacts include elegant bridges of stone and brick, a 1940s car barn, and the platform where thousands once embarked to Woodside Park, now consumed by forest — into a 4.5-mile Trolley Trail..." more

The History of Goes Station


OH - "Goes Station is a quiet community located between Xenia and Yellow Springs..." more

World Champion vs Electric Bike!

Church Leaders Become Evangelists For Bicycling

UK - "...Cycle to church for body, soul, and planet." more...

Cyclists are just Narcissists, says Broadcaster

UK - "Lucy Beresford said cyclists carry a 'sense of entitlement' and need to recognise they're not 'the only people on the road'." more...

Y-Not Cycling & Fitness

Lexington, OH - "...Y-Not Cycling was opened by Tony Minardi and Bob Stieber in the late 1940s. They became the first bicycle dealer in Mansfield..." more

Holiday Woodlands Preserve offers Hiking

MI - "With the firearms deer hunting season at the midway mark, I always like to offer readers a suggestion as to where they may hike, mountain bike or just get outdoors yet feel safe..." more

The Rise of the Cargo Bike

"...While the category is hot today (Ford and VW both have skin in the game), it’s more of a comeback than an all-new phenomenon..." more

Mountain Biking Craigieburn Backcountry Trails

NZL - "...the locals know that the forest is home to some of the best singletrack mountain biking in New Zealand." more...

The Rise of the "Shreddy" 29er


"...a 29er resurgence that is challenging the middle wheel size head on." more...

Winter Fat-Tire Trails Slowly Taking Shape

CO - "The swelling popularity of fat-tire biking in the wintertime has the U.S. Forest Service working with local mountain-bike groups on a potential proposal for new routes where they would be allowed." more...

He Spent 6 Years on His Bike

OR - "Stephen Swift, 57, of Newport, Oregon, has been on the ride of his life—one that has been six years and 24,762 miles in the making." more...

E-Bike Routes put the Fun Back into Riding

ZAF - "...According to Neill Kemp, founder of E-bike Adventures, e-bike usage has grown at a rapid rate since its introduction into South Africa a few years ago." more...

I Suck At Mountain Biking And So Should You

"A how-n-why guide to the importance of trying something new." more...

$490 Commuter Bike From Batch Blew Us Away

"This sweet bike is impossibly good for the price." more...

What is Cranksgiving?

Portland, OR - "Cranksgiving is a bike-based food-and-supplies drive, treasure hunt, costume contest, and bike race. This is the sixth year for the event in Portland, but it started back in 1999 in New York City..." more

Time to Light Up Your Community

"The end of Daylight Saving Time can do more than give you a case of the winter blues. When it gets dark earlier in the evening, commuters are at increased risk of getting in a crash, especially if they are not equipped with the proper gear to heighten visibility..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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SIU’s New Premier Multi-use Trail System

IL - "Could Southern Illinois University Carbondale soon boast one of the Midwest’s premier mountain biking parks?" more...

12 Toasty Ear Warmers to Warm Winter Rides


"When wearing a cap or balaclava under your helment just isn't in the cards..." more

Ohio Art Corridor

McConnelsville, OH - "...When completed, the Ohio Art Corridor will cover 230 miles, which Griesmyer said would make it the largest outdoor art gallery in the world." more...

Hiking in Hong Kong


HKG - "Three less travelled walking trails in Hong Kong have emerged as top picks this hiking season..." more

10 Best Santa Cruz Bikes

"For over 25 years, Santa Cruz has innovated mountain bike suspension, frame materials, and more." more...

Swarmlike Collective Behavior in Bicycling


"Whether it's the acrobatics of a flock of starlings or the synchronized swimming of a school of fish, nature is full of examples of large-scale collective behavior..." more

E-MTBike Saved My Commute

PA - "How an e-mountain bike saved my commute in winter storm Avery." more...

3D Printed Cycle Helmet

"Meet Hexo, the world’s first custom 3D-printed cycle helmet." more...

Can You Forget How to Ride a Bike?

" is it that we can ride a bicycle when we haven’t done so in years?" more...

Snake Hollow Bike Park Grand Opening


UT - "...the highly-anticipated opening of Snake Hollow Bike Park now provides a 'cold blooded' course for experienced bikers, as well as a mild course for beginners and everything in between." more...

How a Pro Cyclist Landed a Contract at 6 Months Pregnant


"Former world champion Lizzie Deignan on riding through pregnancy..." more

The Kona Rove is a Go-Anywhere Gravel Bike


"The Rove climbs strong, bombs descents, eats gravel, and is built to last..." more

Cozy Cycling Caps for Cold Winter Rides


"Keep your noggin warm and dry with these thermal, fleecy, wind - and waterproof options." more...

I Tried to Fix My Bike

"...I recently discovered a tree-lined bike path that stretched for miles, so I took my old bicycle out and attempted to ride from one city to another." more...

Injury Leads to Trying a Bike

"...Until three years ago I did not even own a bike — actually had not owned a bike in 20 years..." more

The Little City That Could


Canon City, CO - "...Working with the city, they planned and eventually built a bike-suitable network on this impressive bit of geology right next to town." more...

Tahoe Trails Project

NV - "The ultimate idea is to ring all of Lake Tahoe with high-quality trails for both folks on bicycles and those who just want to put one foot in front of the other." more...

The Best Hikes In Birmingham

AL - "...he Birmingham metro area has plenty of trails and parks where anyone can get in a good and scenic hike..." more

Kansas’ Flint Hills Trail

KS - "Nestled into the gentle greens and golds of a vast prairie, rolling under leafy branches arched overhead like cathedral rooftops, and connecting small towns with friendly Midwestern charm, the Flint Hills Trail State Park proves there’s no place like Kansas..." more

The Oregon Timber Trail

OR - "...And as a new trail that’s only two seasons old (it launched in 2017), it’s a gem that’s still a little rough around the edges." more...

Gear You Need to Winterize Your Bike


"The snow, ice, and muck that cover the roads in winter can add a layer of difficulty to riding when the temperature drops..." more

U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines Updated


"The key to a healthier life? Move more and sit less..." more

The ‘Smart’ Bike Helmet


"...Packed with enhanced electronics, it promises to improve safety by reducing rider distractions and increasing visibility." more...

Winter Biking Strategies

IA - "The president of Think Bicycles Johnson County shared tips for winter biking..." more

Russians Dress Up as a Bus to Cross Bridge

"Back in 2012, the city of Vladivostok, Russia opened a shiny new bridge over the Zolotoy Rog Bay to make life easier for everyone, and then in 2015 they stopped letting people cross it on foot..." more

Crushing the Trails in Bellingham

WA - "I love some Bellingham, WA Fall time moisture, it raises the trail shred level to 11!.." more

Best Bike Saddles of 2018


"Bike seats for everyone..." more

Get Ready for Puddle Season


Portland, OR - "...Officially, I believe one should always avoid puddles because you never know what’s hidden under the water. Unofficially, they’re really fun to ride through!" more...

Biking From Austria to Slovakia

"...When a friend suggested we bike ride from Vienna, in Austria, to Bratislava, in Slovakia, I thought it sounded a grand idea..." more

Loose Cow Startles Anchorage Cyclists

AK - "In Anchorage, it’s not unusual to encounter a moose on a trail. And bears, while not always a welcome sight, are a part of living in Alaska, too. But wild Alaska cows?.." more

Build Your Own Bamboo Bike

"It's a miracle of sorts, transforming a pile of sticks into a traveling machine." more...

Gravel Race Helps Me Cope with Parkinson's


"Heidi Myers, founder of the Rasputitsa Spring Classic, lives with a degenerative disease that has no cure. But gravel racing is giving her a reason to fight." more...

15 Best Cargo Bikes


"Shun the mall parking lot and strap your groceries, goodies, and offspring to these versatile haulers." more...

Earn a Degree in Bicycle Design & Fabrication

Red Wing, MN - "...Next fall, Minnesota State College Southeast's campus in Red Wing, located 60 miles southeast of the Twin Cities, will introduce Bicycle Design & Fabrication, a two-year associate of applied science degree program." more...

Q&A with Colleen Abrams

MA - "Colleen S. Abrams, 66, president of Wachusett Greenways, whose members are creators and stewards of the Central Mass. Rail Trail, received the Silver Star Award from the Greater Worcester Land Trust Nov. 9." more...

These Cycling Photos Will Send You Back in Time


"From the very first hobby horse to Lawson Craddock's heroic tour this summer, cycling has had a long and glorious history." more...

Leading a Bicycle Coalition in San Fran


CA - "Riding a bike in San Francisco can be perilous. There are speeding cars and potholes. Then there is the politics of cycling, which can be as unforgiving as the road." more...

How Bikes Have Changed in the Last 25 Years

"Bikes may still look roughly the same, but looks can be deceiving." more...

Cycling the Danube River Trail


NE - "There’s nothing better than exploring Europe from the seat of a bicycle, as my husband Rich and I first discovered in 1990 when we bicycled through Switzerland, France and Italy..." more

The Mountain-Sea Bike Trail


TWN - "Mountain-Sea Bike Trail in Taitung links history, art, and ecology with stunning views." more...

Rebuilding My Bike Nearly Broke Me

"These laws, like when to use a hammer, apply no matter what you're fixing." more...

A Day in the Life of a Mountain-Bike Trail Builder


"Building some of the country’s best trails isn't just about crafting flowing ribbons of singletrack. It's also about navigating miles of red tape." more...

Field Trip: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

OH - "...It’s got history with the Towpath and the Ohio and Erie Canal cutting through the area..." more

Stop Hitting Cyclists with Your Car Door

"Saving a life is as easy as checking for cyclists. So naturally nobody does it." more...

Mountain Biking at Fitzgerald Mountain


AR - "...we grabbed a bike, some cameras and a Strava app for mapping every last section of trail on the mountain – even a few lines that aren’t yet open for riding." more...

All-Terrain Run Around Flores Island

"...With a population of almost 3800 people, the island is famous for virtually untouched natural beauty and canyoning..." more

How to Get Better in Spin Class


"Whether you're drawn by the off-season fitness gains or the social perks, here's how to make the most of an indoor cycling class." more...

Cyclists Faster In Cities Than Cars

"Smartphone data from riders and drivers schlepping meals for restaurant-to-home courier service Deliveroo shows that bicycles are faster than cars..." more

Heritage Cycles in Grove City


OH - "...Prior to opening Heritage Cycles, Stamper was the lead mechanic for CoGo where he was responsible for assembling and repairing all of the bikes around the city..." more

The Giant Bike Wheel Dome


"Just another wild creation from bike mechanic, sculptor, and penny-farthing racer Philippe Leblond." more...

Bike Deliveries Growing

"Increasingly, restaurants come to you..." more

Dad Carries Infant Son Across NYC Marathon Finish Line


NY - "...Earlier this year, on March 12, my wife gave birth to our son, Wyatt. He was born with Down syndrome..." more

Kenyon's Historic & Forbidden Towers

Gambier, OH - "...Atop the gentle slope of the eastern Village, Peirce Hall and its Philander Chase Memorial Tower salute travelers of the Kokosing Gap Trail..." more

Woode Wood Brings Music, Love, Positivity to Trail

TX - "An an average walk, run or bike ride on the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike-Trail, outdoor enthusiasts can not only expect to hear birds chirping and dogs barking, but also music playing." more...

Why You Need to Do a Weekly Group Ride

"Weekend epics get all the glory - but here's why you should find yourself a weeknight group ride." more...

Portlander Makes Pedal-Powered Leaf Sweeper


OR - "Bill Stites of Portland-based Stites Design likes to create human-powered vehicles that can do amazing things." more...

The Bulls E-Core


"A 250w Shimano motor helps pull this 150mm-travel enduro bike up steep climbs." more...

Healthier Lifestyles in Greater Philly


PA - "Since 2015, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has been connecting hundreds of walkers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to healthier lifestyles through Prescribe-a-Trail (PAT), a program in which Philadelphia-area hospitals and health-care organizations lead outings on local trails..." more

5 Cool Bike Tools

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Jonathan Cantwell Dies at 36


"The Australian rider retired from the sport in 2014 after a high-profile legal fight with his team." more...

The Silca Ypsilon “Y” Wrench


"As with many of Silca’s products, their latest tool called Ypsilon Wrench caught my eye and I could not resist..." more

5 Great MTB Trails in Cleveland


OH - "When Bike Magazine writer Devon O'Neill visited Cuyahoga Valley National Park earlier this year, he noted the irony that he had flown from his home in the Colorado Rockies to go mountain biking in Cleveland... and loved it..." more

Obligatory Bike Lights Post

Seattle, WA - "...the typical evening commute will happen in the dark and twilight hours for the next several months. So lets talk about bike lights." more...

Family Biking: Let’s (Not) Talk About Safety

Portland, OR - "...this week I figured I should write about safety. Or rather, why I don’t write about safety." more...

Mountain Bike Skills: The Master List


"The master list on how to do everything." more...

Specialized's New Power Mimic Saddle


"Can't find a saddle that suits you? This new women's bike seat may be your solution." more...

Make Driving Dangerous Again

"...Making cars more dangerous will make our roads safer." more...

Rage, Revenge, Then Dialogue


Portland, OR - "...a few days later Mark said he woke up and realized all four tires of his car had been slashed and someone had left a spooky and threatening note on his windshield." more...

Why I Stopped Wearing a Bike Helmet

"Let’s just cut right to the chase: I haven’t worn a bike helmet in five months..." more

Who Belongs in the Everyday Cycling Hall of Fame?

"As a new road cycling pantheon is launched, we ask who should be honoured for their efforts to promote cycling for all..." more

The Most Accurate Smart Trainers


"Power data accurate within .5% makes this trainer one of the most accurate means of measuring power." more...

The Mekong Discovery Trail


Laos - "Liz Dodd takes to the saddle on a forgotten cycling trail by the Mekong, from Phnom Penh into deepest Laos." more...

Fall Colors Peaking in Ohio


"Fall colors are finally popping this season with near peak conditions reported statewide." more...

Meet the Mountain Biking Loggers Down Under

NZL - "...We were deep within the Redwoods Mountain Biking Park in the Whakarewarewa Forest near central New Zealand’s Rotorua..." more

New Whatcom Trail


WA - "The trails in and around Lookout Forest Mountain Preserve are the perfect place to enjoy a pretty fall day or two..." more

Poor Cardio Fitness May be Deadly


"on the flip side, in-shape folks enjoy some serious life-lengthening benefits." more...

A Look at Historic Loveland


OH - "...Loveland has really taken off in the past couple years and the downtown community has definitely seen the benefits with the opening of some fantastic businesses..." more

Mountain Biking is not What You'd Expect


"One frosty Friday evening, a group of students standing outside the Outdoor Resource Center prepared for their mountain biking excursion to Harriman State Park." more...

The Artistic Cyclist That Will Amaze You


"Artistic cyclist Viola Brand shares the unique training behind her mind-blowing bike tricks." more...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Keeps Crashing His Bike


"The actor flipped over his handle bar while filming his new movie 'Power,' but it wasn't his first on-set bike crash." more...

Where to Run & Bike in Indianapolis


IN - "...Bike the city trails or strap up your laces to run the serene, man made canal..." more

County Biking Routes Ideal for Autumn Riding


PA - "...Berks has plenty of lightly traveled country roads, miles of accessible trails and scenic vistas for cyclists to enjoy." more...

Mr. Fix-It at the Bike Co-op


NH - "...His passion for this mode of transportation took off once his bike broke..." more

Warrenton Greenway Created Linkage


VA - "...It’s a little piece of Heaven for Warrenton. You have people from all over coming here..." more

Bike Fleet Helps Portland Street Medicine Expand Their Reach


OR - "...Portland Street Medicine is a team of medical doctors, social workers, EMTs and volunteers who provide free care to people who live outside..." more

Out of Control

Houston, TX - "Walking, cycling in Houston region can be risky." more...

Mason Tract Pathway Offers Tranquility, Serenity


MI - "...This has been a favorite northern Michigan pathway from the time I first hiked it 38 years ago..." more

Chicago Bike Culture on Display


IL - "...a Divvy next to a 1970s banana-seat Schwinn next to giant-front-wheeled cycles from the 19th century, all of them designed, in one way or another, in Chicago." more...

What E-Bikes Mean for Your Hard-Won Fitness


"Does new pedal assist technology diminish your years of hard work? We dig in to find out." more...

Adrien Costa Is Back on a Bike


"Three months after losing his leg in a climbing accident, the once-promising young racer is riding again." more...

How Tech Geeks Hacked #DawnPatrol

CA - " of the country's coolest bike commutes." more...

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