Towpath Trail

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180 Miles of New Bike Trail Envisioned


"It’s still patchwork, but the Greater Yellowstone Trail is under way through this amazing ecosystem." more...

Roads Less Traveled -- Rasputitsa

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits - Nov. 15

Read the latest edition.

3 Mistakes You're Making Washing Your Bike


"Get more life out of your bike components and enjoy a smoother ride with these pro cleaning tips." more...

Kenda Tire Test Track - N. Canton, OH

Stewart Tunnel Ice Formations

Belleville, WI - "Stewart Tunnel, a former railroad tunnel that’s now part of a bike trail, has great ice formations that form from water dripping from its roof..." more

Boats Once Traveled the Lafitte Greenway


New Orleans, LA - "For decades, a weedy strip coursed through New Orleans’ historical heart, unnamed, underutilized and barely noticed except as a nuisance..." more

Retail Bike Sales Down 3.5%


"Trek Bicycles CEO John Burke has sent a video to the company’s US dealers confirming that demand for bikes is soft..." more

8 Things Only Daily Bike Commuters Know

"Helmet hair is real, but so are the cost savings." more...

Meet Mr. Bicycle

PA - "Ross Willard’s all-volunteer nonprofit in Harrisburg, Pa., took shape after he noticed that children were riding bicycles with brakes that didn’t work." more...

Copper City Trails


MT - "...The Copper City Trails comprise one of the newest networks of trails in the region..." more

13 Best Reasons to Date a Cyclist


"From embrocation swaps to post-ride dinner dates, dating a cyclist is the best." more...

What's Not to Love About E-Bikes?

UK - "A week on an electric bike may have earned Leo Mirani the scorn of hardened London commuters, but he can see only upsides to the new cycling revolution." more...

The 110th Anniversary of the "Flying Bicycle"


"The primitive helicopter – a twin-rotor craft powered by a 24-horsepower engine – only lifted Cornu about 1.5m off the ground, holding him there for 20 seconds at Coquainvilliers, near Lisieux in France." more...

MTBiking Takes off in Bangor


Bangor, ME - "A nurse, an attorney, an engineer and a high school teacher were among the 15 women who gathered in the morning sun on Saturday, Nov. 4, on the gravel road leading into Bangor’s Rolland F. Perry City Forest..." more

MTB Documentary ‘Blood Road’ is Now Available to Stream


"...Eschewing the typical mountain bike videos that feature hard charging, massive airs and tons of riding, “Blood Road” follows professional mountain biker Rebecca Rusch on her quest to bike the entirety of the 1,120-mile Ho Chi Minh Trail through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia." more...

The Year's Best Cycling Gear

"These new bikes, components, and accessories deserve a place on your lust list." more...

5 Things Cyclists Are Told That Are Totally Wrong

"How often have you heard this unhelpful cycling advice?" more...

Don’t Be A Creep

"Say hello before you jump in the draft of a stranger." more...

Connecting Neighborhoods with Low-Stress Bike Routes

"For me, a good bike ride is both relaxing and stimulating—a chance to revel in the passing scenery as I feel the wind blow across my face. But I never expected to experience this in New York City..." more

Grobike Brings Sharing Economy to Kids

"Why buy a kid's size bike when you can rent the right size bike every year?" more...

How a SDOT Staffer Changed the Bike Share World

Seattle, WA - "...In a few short years, he would make himself indispensable to the department, take a career risk on a doomed bike share program and somehow turn it into a success that caught the world’s attention." more...

Retail Revamp

"How do you build business and community? Try a protected bike lane..." more

The Eastside Beltline

Atlanta, GA - "Ever since we moved to Atlanta I’d wanted to check out the Beltline. Built on railroad corridors that used to encircle Atlanta, it’s a rails to trails project that will ultimately connect 45 intown neighborhoods along a 22 mile loop, with a total of 33 miles of mixed use trails..." more

The Road Less Traveled


VT - "A group of adventure-minded cyclists have formed a new team, called the Vermont Bicycle Shop Adventure Club, and their aim is to explore new terrain together by bike..." more

Can't Get There From Here

"The struggle with where the sidewalks won't go." more...

11-Year-Old Saving Lives Through Bike Safety


"Gage Duke may be only 11, but he’s already started a nonprofit to support a cause he believes in: bike safety..." more

Pop-Up Bicycle Racks Only Appear When You're Stashing Your Bike


"Bike racks are pretty damn vital to public spaces, but what if we could put them away them until we needed them?" more...

Rail-Trails Honoring America’s Veterans


"... In recognition of Veterans Day, we’ve highlighted three rail-trails that offer quiet, reflective places to honor and remember our country’s servicemen and women." more...

The Animas River Trail

CO - "...The connection between the trail and the train—it’s real, and it’s kind of untapped..." more

Best of the Boat Trail


Steamboat Springs, CO - "...the newest addition to Steamboat's mountain biking scene rode away as town's Best Mountain Bike Trail." more...

How Drivers Should Safely Pass a Cyclist

"Here's what every driver should know when overtaking a cyclist on the road." more...

15 of the Best Tech Gifts for Cyclists

"Apps, games, training aids, and other tech gifts for any cyclist on your shopping list." more...

Ohio's "Year of the Trails"

OH - "This fall 2017 kicks off Ohio’s Year of the Trails, so named by the state legislature, and with multiple trail networks under development—at the local, cross-state and even interstate levels—there is definite cause for celebration." more...

Cincinnati's "Frail Sisterhood"

Cincinnati, OH - "Bicycles really captured Cincinnati’s imagination in the mid-1890s. Dozens of bicycle clubs sprung up, newspapers launched bicycle columns and the Cincinnati Police initiated bicycle patrols. It seemed like everyone in town was riding a 'wheel' as bicycles were known then. Even Cincinnati’s 'frail sisterhood' enjoyed the fad." more...

A Cannonball Run Attempt to Bike from Pittsburgh to D.C.

"I’m not exactly sure how or when we came up with the idea, but my friend Johnny X and I decided we were going to attempt a straight through pull from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC via The Great Allegheny Passage/ C and O Canal trails (GAPCO)..." more

On the Ride: Sabah

MAL - "...Blessed with the Crocker Range of mountains, Sabah’s geography is naturally mountainous, making it an ideal setting for mountain biking, especially for Enduro and Downhill disciplines..." more

Winter Cycling Safety


CAN - "I’m always looking for ways to make January more bearable, and last year I hit on a big one: riding my bike whenever possible..." more

Why Amsterdam Works So Well for Bikes

NL - "People unfamiliar with the idea of the bicycle as real transportation sometimes see Amsterdam—the famously bike-friendly Dutch capital—as a fantasyland..." more

Mountain Biking Around Las Cruces


NM - "With some of the best weather in the country, the open lands around Las Cruces are even more alluring to those who tread the paths with their bicycles instead of their shoes." more...

Can a 200-Mile Bike Ride Fix the Worst Year Ever?


"She thought conquering the Dirty Kanza 200 gravel race would turn her bad luck around. Then life got in the way (again)." more...

A Beginners Guide to Night MTBiking


CAN - "...While some cyclists are putting their bikes away for winter, some members of Edmonton's mountain biking community are gearing up for a different side of the sport: fall and winter night riding." more...

Strength Training Can Add Years to Your Life


"A study found that adding weights to your workout routine lowers your risk of an early death by 23 percent." more...

A Great Bike Passage from Pittsburgh to D.C.


"Last year, a pal from college days introduced me to the joys of long-distance biking by guiding me on a 10-day tour through the rolling hills of Tuscany. This year, I told him we didn’t have to go nearly as far to find a beauty of a bike trip. We decided to check out the Great Allegheny Passage..." more

Chief Standing Bear Trail

NE - "Until 2015, Larry Wright Jr. had never walked the abandoned Union Pacific railway that ran alongside the Big Blue River in southeastern Nebraska..." more

8 Easy Bucket List Hikes

Columbus, OH - "...If you’re looking for some hiking adventures that would be enjoyable for little ones, seniors, and anyone in between, check out some of the beautiful easy trails around Columbus." more...

Everyone Hates E-Bikes


"E-bikes could be the future of urban transit, but no one wants to let them on the road." more...

Learning to Ride a Bike as an Adult


"I can speak three languages, build websites and distinguish the difference between various types of bottled water, but up until last weekend — I couldn’t ride a bike." more...

Pittsburgh's New Bike Advocate

PA - "...Smith-Schuster’s beloved Ghost Square Cross 5 is his primary mode of transportation around the city of Pittsburgh, as he has neither a driver’s license nor car..." more


"I fell in love at a very young, impressionable age. From across the room, I saw the beckoning curves of this new companion, and was seduced by the chance to explore..." more

Levi's New Commuter Jacket That's Powered by Google


"This just might make riding around town even more fun." more...

Schuylkill River Trail

PA - "Bike Riders are plentiful in Berks County, even during the winter months..." more

Best Bike Videos of the Week


"...our roundup of the best bike videos of the week..." more

Find the Best Bike Routes Near You With This App


"LaneSpotter uses data crowdsourced from real cyclists to map out the safest—and most dangerous—bike routes." more...

Cycling to Work as Good as Going to the Gym

"The research conducted at the University of Copenhagen involved 130 overweight people and discovered those who commuted daily by bike for six months shed virtually as many pounds..." more

Electric-Assist Velomobile

"The PodBike quadricycle claims to be human-powered, but not directly, as its pedals turn a generator instead of the wheels." more...

Celebrating 90 Years with 90-Mile Bike Ride


IA - "...Beasley, a well-known Iowa City geriatric exercise guru, will turn 90 on Nov. 27." more...

Hydrogen Fuel Cell E-Bike

"The αlpha electric bike, from Pragma Industries, is another attempt at using hydrogen as a battery in transportation, but it might only make sense for fleets." more...

Olympic National Park in 3 Days

WA - "On Day 1, we hiked through snow. On Day 2, we sweated in a rainforest. And on our third day in Olympic National Park, we unlaced our hiking boots and dipped our toes into the icy waters of the Pacific Ocean." more...

Going Small


Columbus, OH - "(Gulp…) So I never thought I’d say this but…I think I’m a recreational cyclist now..." more

A Day with the People at Biketown


Portland, OR - "...While there’s a great deal of technology that goes into powering Biketown, a lot of the work boils down to decisions made by the individual employees..." more

Rainier: A High-Elevation Destination for Ohio Hikers


WA - "I'm a Cuyahoga Valley hiker: Give me a relatively short, relatively flat trail, and I'm fine." more...

Adirondacks are being Loved to Death


"Mountaintops are no longer a place to be alone. At least not in the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks..." more

Make Your Own Energy Bars

Pumpkin Bike Helmet

UK - "Dan Charlton creates amazing Kask Pumpkintone for club pumpkin carving competition." more...

Folding Electric Bike

"The JOLT eBike boasts that it's the best electric bike on the planet, even though it hasn't actually launched yet." more...

What to Do When You Get Caught in a Lightning Storm


"You can’t always predict the weather pre-ride; here’s how to deal when storms strike fast and hard." more...

Bicycles Are Perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse

"...13 reasons bicycles make the perfect vehicle for the zombie apocalypse." more...

Bike Packing

Busting 10 Myths about E-Bikes


"...Fact is stronger than fiction, so here are 10 e-bike myths and the truth behind them." more...

Bike Fender that Doesn't Touch the Frame

"After 30 years of tinkering with his idea for a simple, effective fender, Chris Howard is finally bringing it to life..." more

My Ride across America (in 1992)

"The guy with the shotgun showed up just as we were setting up the tent..." more

Knowing When to Fold

"Sometimes the best performance upgrade is portability." more...

Make Your Own Sports Drink

Mobile Bike-Powered Warming Hut

Portland, OR - "Powered by leg muscles and fire, the SaunaVelo is the manifestation of many passions for southeast Portland resident Simon Lyle..." more

All-Terrain E-Bike Tackles the Alps


ITA - "Over the last year, I started identifying a trend of new electric bikes that are so powerful that they are creeping into the electric dirt bike category – blurring the line between the two." more...

Wild Horse Bike Trail System

Coldwater Trails Attracting Riders from Across Country


AL - "Bruce Martens didn’t come to Anniston in 2015 to ride the Coldwater Mountain bike trails, but when he did ride them, he knew he’d return." more...

9 Easy Hacks to Winterize Your Bike


"Prepare your body and your bike for year-round riding with these DIY tricks." more...

Historic Look at the Ohio & Erie Canal


Cleveland, OH - "...Before the advent of railroads, boats were the best way to transport goods throughout the country. But without wide enough rivers and streams in some parts of the country, artificial waterways needed to be built in the form of canals." more...

Chillicothe Vet Setting Records on Bike

Chillicothe, OH - "...I couldn't just settle with being a disabled veteran. So I just started riding my bike as a hobby for something to do and then over time we realized it was helping with a lot of the issues..." more

How MT Biking Saved a Mining Town

MN - "...six years after the state opened 25 miles of mountain biking trails through the recreation area, 5,000 acres of rugged land that had been left behind after decades of mining – bikers have re-energized this city of 2,400..." more

Bike the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail


AL - "...The trail is a paved, winding trail that snakes through Orange Beach and Gulf Shores..." more

Danish Bike Fan Brings Pedal Power to the Elderly

"Even Ole Kassow thought he was crazy when he showed up unannounced at a Copenhagen nursing home on a three-wheeled rickshaw bike and offered to take anyone who wanted for a bike ride." more...

MTB Trail Guide: Horse Ridge

OR - "Central Oregon riders have many trail choices through the fall and winter." more...

Man Bikes 40-Miles Daily in Memory of His Wife

Winter Garden, FL - "Winter Garden resident Dan Muken makes it his job to make others smile and laugh as he performs magic tricks for them during his daily bike rides on the West Orange Trail." more...

4-Wheeled Hybrid E-Bike Concept


" The Hybrid Module Mobility concept isn't pedaled directly, but instead employs a pedal-powered alternator for riders to partially recharge its batteries." more...

How to Start Mountain Biking

"It's not as scary as it seems. Here's all you need to know to get out for your first ride." more

The New Downtown Columbus

OH - "A guide to up-and-coming neighborhoods and the next chapter in Columbus’ central city renaissance." more...

Podcasts That Will Keep You Stoked To Ride

"Stay stoked to ride with these podcasts on everything from bike touring to the pro peloton." more...

How To: Clean your bike properly

"Regardless of the time of year and riding conditions, every bike needs a good cleaning every now and then..." more

How to Fall off a Bike and Not Get Hurt

"...Keep these basic tips in mind to prevent injuries the next time your wheels slide out from under you." more...

How to Know When You Need to Chill Out with Your Training

"Need to take a mental breather? Here are some telltale signs that may be the case, according to experts." more...

The Zombie-Proof Bike


"Actually, on some streets this would be useful every day. more

I Broke My Phone While Biking Alone in Europe


"Without being able to reliably use GPS, I felt lost." more...

Strava Artist Draws Incredibly Detailed Face


UK - "Anthony Hoyte covered nearly 79 miles on his bike to complete the drawing." more...

How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Car

"So I'm pedaling my younger child to his preschool. We're on the right-hand side of a two-way street free from traffic when a motorist beeps behind me..." more

How to Make a Safe Left-Hand Turn in Traffic


"Follow this easy advice to stay safe in the saddle at busy intersections." more...

Redbank Valley Trail


PA - "...Now I have to say that I’m getting to be quite the rail trail guy, having ridden on some of this country’s most amazing RT’s over the last couple of decades. But darn, this stretch of RT just blew my socks off..." more

A Shining Star Among Bike Paths

MA - "...We recently toured the path, and liked it so much we went back the following weekend to do it again..." more

Zion National Park Hike

UT - "What we found was a very accessible, reasonably priced, genuine adventure that anyone in average physical shape can experience and be thrilled by." more...

How to Properly Lock Your Bike

"...Doctors agree, getting your bike stolen causes severe sadness, stress, and irritability..." more

Cycling is the Go-To Sport for Enjoying the Outdoors


"Whether they’re doing it for health, camaraderie, an activity that’s easy on the joints or simply to get outside, more older people than ever are turning to biking." more...

Saving Our Alleys & Steps


Cincinnati, OH - "Tracy Hawes' death in Pendery Alley is the latest chapter in a pervasive narrative surrounding the city's more than 500 urban alleys and stairways: that they're dark, dirty, and dangerous." more...

House Calls by Bike


"Northwestern Medicine nurse practitioner Dwayne Dobschuetz, 70, not only makes house calls, he does them via a big, purple Northwestern-branded cruiser bike, racking up 15-20 miles a day..." more

The Happiest U.S. Cities

"National Geographic Explorer and best-selling author Dan Buettner searched for the happiest Americans. Where he found them will surprise you." more...

Load Touring HS Could Replace Your Minivan


"This e-cargo bike is comfortable and easy to maneuver—but can it pass the Costco challenge?" more...

Stories From the Road


"We all have stories. When it comes to bicycling, they are all too often negative..." more

Neighborhood Coop Teaches Bike Repairs

Columbus, OH - "...The former warehouse offers an open space jammed with boxes of bike parts, work stations and knowledgeable volunteers who teach newcomers how to repair their two-wheelers." more...

Freedom Bicycles in Alexandria

Alexandria, OH - "...Doug Berling, now 50, has lived in the Alexandria area for years but he grew up in Chillicothe with a passion for bicycles." more...

Traverse City’s In-Town Mountain Bike Trails


MI - "As fall colors blaze, head to the Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City to spin the unexpectedly bueno mountain bike trails in the hilly forest." more

Bike Locks Destroyed [Tested]

Bike Helmet with Laser Lights

"The Beacon Helmet laser-projects a green bicycle-warning symbol to let motorists know a bike is coming." more...

7 Haunted Tales from American Trails

U.S. - "...In the “spirit” of fun this Halloween, RTC searched for the spookiest tales we could find on America’s diverse collection of rail-trails and multiuse pathways." more...

Virginia Creeper Trail Invites Bikers to Take it Easy

Damascus, VA - "It was an invitation even teenagers who had hoped to be watching college football or playing video games couldn’t resist: a mountain bike ride — all downhill." more...

The Thrill of Mountain Biking

CO - "...Mountain biking has become a thriving activity in Colorado and there are so many phenomenal locations that deserve to be conquered and seen." more...

Jack the Bike Man


FL - "...Throughout the year, Jack the Bike Man gives away thousands of bikes to underprivileged kids, the homeless, women reentering society from prison, recovering addicts in halfway houses and people living below the poverty line..." more

The 7 Best Phone Mounts for Cycling


"Keep your screen safely in view—and out of the way—with these seven mounting systems." more...

5 Great Places to Hike with Your Dog

Columbus, OH - Check out the list.

How Climbing the Mountain I Dreaded Helped Me


"When I was 14 something terrible happened to me at the top of Highway 9. Years later, I returned with my bike." more...

Bicycle Suspension Is Evil

"...Since at least the mid-'90s, the prevailing notion has been that buying a mountain bike without a suspension fork is like buying a house without an indoor toilet..." more

Strider 14x 2-in-1 Balance Bike Launched

"The new two wheeler has a claimed weight of 12.5 pounds in balance bike form, and 15.5 pounds when pedals are added." more...

Strava’s New Expanded “Posts” Feature


"Starting today, all community members can create race reports and other social news entries." more...

Bike Lanes: No Thanks

"...Bike lanes are a placebo that makes the disease worse..." more

Lowrider Bikes as Activist Tools

"General Dogon's practice of creating custom bikes as art pieces began with a shopping cart." more...

The Swinging Bike Rack

"More access, less hassle. That’s what Rocky Mounts BackStage Swing Away Platform Hitch Rack is all about." more...

How a Bike Saved my Life


"I am a working stiff in the corporate rat race where I spend most days tethered to desks, meeting rooms, conference calls, cocktail bars, and motor vehicles..." more

5 Ways to Find the Group Ride of Your Dreams


"Riders weigh in on how they formed and found their ultimate cycling squads." more

69-Year-Old Tears Up the BMX Track

Fort Wayne, IN - "Kittie Weston-Knauer is a 69-year-old grandmother who'd rather spend her free time on wheels." more...

8 Ways to Help Someone Start Riding a Bike


"Cyclists write open letters to the people who got them hooked on bikes." more...

Chocolate Spokes

Tested: The Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch

"The good and the bad of Fitbit's newest bike-friendly GPS smart watch." more...

Trail of the Month: Simon Kenton Trail

Urbana, OH - "Western Ohio’s Simon Kenton Trail, named for a 18th-century frontiersman (and friend of Daniel Boone), offers the perfect opportunity for today’s travelers to do their own exploring of the state’s scenic woodlands and rural landscapes on a 35-mile adventure stretching from Springfield to Bellefontaine..." more

New England in Autumn

"In the northernmost reaches of New England, nature’s autumn spectacle begins to whisper through the trees of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire in late September before peaking mid-October..." more

Favorite MTB Trails in Portland


OR - "Riders favor many of the same in our Top 5 list." more...

Bicycling to Work in the Suburbs


"Bicycling has always been part of my life." more...

The Glide

"The Hitch Bike Rack with Instant Hatch Access." more...

The Best Bike Single Track near Cincy

Cincinnati, OH - "...there’s no better way to burn off calories from endless bowls of Cincinnati-style chili than going for a mountain bike ride!" more...

Bike Magazine visits Marquette Trails


MI - "...Bike Magazine selected the trail system in Marquette for its ninth annual 'Bike Bible,' which is what the magazine calls the most comprehensive mountain bike gear guide in the industry..." more

Lanesboro Charms Visitors

MN - "If you want to see the vitality that a bike trail can bring to a community, visit Lanesboro, Minnesota on a weekend..." more

Friction Drive E-Kit has 30-Mile Range


"EAZY Bike aims to make it simple and affordable to convert a bicycle to an e-bike with its $160 system." more...

Your Body's Natural Fountain of Youth


"The mythical Fountain of Youth may not be as far out of reach as you think!" more...

L.A. River Restoration Sparks Urban Renewal

L.A., CA - "...the LA River is being transformed into one of the best urban renewal stories around due to the vision and perseverance of many partners..." more

Stories of Amazing Trail Volunteers

"...I’ve had the pleasure of sharing more than 100 trail stories with RTC members over the years—and have been awed, inspired and impressed by the tireless work of trail advocates and volunteers..." more

Postcards from Paris


"...Mixtes are to Paris what those old old, upright, bomb-proof, black dutch bikes are to Amsterdam..." more

The Official Trailer for MAMIL

"'Middle Aged Men In Lycra!' At last, the love that can finally be shared - that of man for bike..." more

Georgia Gould on Motherhood & Racing

Baltimore, MD - "...A bronze medalist at the 2012 London Olympic Games mountain bike race, she has been at the top of off-road racing for over a decade, winning multiple mountain bike national titles, as well as scores of races and series in mountain biking and cyclocross." more...

Cycling: The Ultimate Social Sport

"...It doesn’t matter if it’s during smooth tarmac road rides, pot hole filled back roads on our loaded up touring bikes or just sunset cruising the bike path of our local communities with the whole family – cycling is a social activity." more...

70 Miles of MTB Trails near Orlando


FL - "...Santos has six trailheads and the main one features a campground, restrooms, picnic pavilions with grills, a bike-wash stand, and maps..." more

The Bicycle Maker That’s Creating Good Jobs for Ex-Cons

MA - "Massachusetts-based 1854 Cycling Co. is teaching newly released prisoners career skills." more...

MTBiking Booming Among MN High Schoolers


MN - "...we've grown to 1,300 student athletes, 60 teams, 550 coaches that actually cover over 100 schools..." more

Retrofit any Bike with E-Drive System

"The electric bike conversion market is about to see a new entry in the form of a mid-drive unit from a company that just raised close to $1 million in crowdfunding." more...

Mountain Biking in Fort Collins with J. Yoder

CO - "...I started mountain biking early, probably around nine or ten..." more

8 Ways to Be the Best Bike Shop Customer

"Want to get the most out of your bike shop?..." more

Quest to Rediscover Lost 45-Mile Walking Trail


UK - "A councillor is set to embark on a quest to rediscover a lost 45-mile walking trail to raise money for a stroke charity." more...

Rider Selling Around-the-World Bike on Ebay

UK - "...The online auction started early on Tuesday morning, with the highest bid already taking the price up to £10,000..." more

How to Choose a Gravel Bike


"...Lots of gravel events are blurring the lines and making bike selection tricky..." more

CVSR & 'Bike Your Park' Day

NE, OH - "...We were on our way to bike along the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. We’d ride north all day, then load our bikes onto the train and enjoy the 1 1/2 hour trip back to Akron..." more

3 Wood River Valley Biking Trails


ID - "It took a while. But, finally, the aspen leaves in the ridges and ravines around Sun Valley are starting to turn." more...

6 Colorful Suburban Rides this Fall


"One big benefit of riding a bike is you can see more fall foliage in one outing than you can while, say, hiking, and get a better look at it than you can while, say, driving through it." more...

Toddler Hikes Appalachian Trail


"...she learned [to walk] while in the middle of the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail." more...

Why the Transcontinental Needed to Continue

"I was somewhere in the middle of the Australian desert on that fateful morning of March 30th, racing from coast to coast in the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race..." more

Stolen Bike Reinforces Important Lessons from Mom

Garfield Heights, OH - "After friends manage to retrieve Tristan Anton's stolen bicycle, the 11-year-old sheepishly acknowledges to his mother that he has learned a lesson." more...

A Conversation with Gary Fisher

"The mountain bike was a thing and would sell." more...

Online Fight OverStrava KOMs


"Two riders duked it out over KOM etiquette, while cyclists the world over got to watch and weigh in." more...

How to Enjoy Cycling in Your Middle-Age

"Olympic gold medallist and British Cycling policy adviser Chris Boardman, 49, reveals the best ways for older riders to embrace the fun and fitness benefits of cycling." more...

MilKit - Easy Tubeless Tire Maintenance


Scenes From My Amsterdam Vacation

"...Even though I wasn’t working, I managed to snap a few photos of wonky street scenes, bicycles, and the people who ride them." more...

A Whole Different Enchilada

Let's Talk About Bike Lights


"...Unfortunately, bikes in our country don’t just come standard with proper lights, and there are a huge array of confusing bike light options available out there..." more

The Bike Helmet That Saved My Life

"These eight cyclists share their terrifying close-call stories—and the helmets they credit with saving their skulls." more...

Your Favorited Rides Around the World


"Our readers on their most cherished cycling routes, from remote Scottish islands to Japanese mountain ranges." more...

An Epic New Zealand Cycling Adventure

"It’s been a couple of weeks since I pulled into Bluff at the very bottom tip of New Zealand after riding 2,336 kilometres in 13 days..." more...

TrailFit City Guide To Working Out In London

UK - "For so many of us in London, exercise is a chore that needs to be fitted in between work, social engagements and everything else we have to do..." more

Interview with a Bike Polo Player


"...She has graced bike polo courts and on both coasts when not cultivating some serious acumen as a bicycle mechanic. Her most recent challenges have been framebuilding and cyclocross." more...

How to Patch a Tube

Ramped Up on Coler Mountain


AR - "Coler Mountain Bike Preserve a thrilling addition to Arkansas’ network of mountain bike trails." more...

10 Weirdest Things I've Found On the Road

"A chronicle of one cyclist's best ride finds." more...

Avoid These 5 Risky Maneuvers

"...So, let’s look at five things you may do (or fail to do) on your rides and the possible consequences..." more

I’m 44 and I Want to Get Rad

"A lifelong roadie turns to dirt jumping—and finds himself paralyzed by the fear of crashing..." more

I Carried a Folding Bike Everywhere for a Week

"One unexpected thing I learned: Drivers treat folding bike riders differently." more...

A Bike Ride Between 2 Minnesota Icons

MN - "Someday the Gitchi-Gami State Trail might extend 89 miles along Minnesota’s North Shore from Two Harbors to Grand Marais — a cyclist’s answer to the 310-mile Superior Hiking Trail." more...

MTBiking Opportunities in Douglas


MN - "...The 55-mile Central Lakes Trail runs through the heart of the area and offers cyclists the chance to take long rides through the countryside..." more

Hitting the Trail along the National Cycle Route

UK - "...Our attempt at the route this summer was a first for us in many ways..." more

Biking to Work, Arriving in Style

NYC - "With the subways faltering and Citi Bikes expanding, biking is now an established part of New York City’s commuting culture." more...

Students Designs Used on Bike Lane Symbols

Portland, OR - "Bicyclists in Portland will soon see some new colorful creations on their commutes." more...

Letter from the Ćiro Trail

"A breathtaking bike trail along an abandoned railway in the Balkans." more

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Walmart Bike

"Bike shopping on a tight budget? Here's what to know before dropping cash on a mass-market bike." more...

Safe Cycling on Athens Streets


Athens, OH - "...The educational ride through Athens was offered through the statewide How We Roll campaign..." more

Someone’s Riding a Bike in the Road!

"It was a Friday night of a holiday weekend. I was on my way (by bike, of course!) from my suburban office into downtown Portland, Maine, to lead July’s First Friday Slow Ride..." more

A Bus Driver who Bikes to Work


Portland, OR - "...I’m not sure if riding my bike up to Pittock Mansion or negotiating narrow streets in a large vehicle is the greater challenge..." more

Scenes From Our Bike Move


Seattle, WA - "A couple weeks ago, my spouse Kelli and I moved from the Central District to the Wallingford/U District area. And with the help of nearly 20 amazing friends — old and new — we did it by bike." more...

Seattle Cyclists Travel Across Canada

"Jessica Levine and Irena Netik are two cyclists from Seattle who have been biking across Canada this summer." more

Exploring Ecuador’s Capital by Bike

"I had an interesting opportunity to visit Quito for a long weekend with my bike..." more

Cleaning Bennett Gap

NC - "Jeff Lenosky shreds another bucket list trail to pieces—including the unrideable bits." more...

Cross-Country Bike Network Could Help Keep Long-Distance Cyclists Safe


U.S. - "Advocates are working with states to (slowly) build the U.S. Bicycle Route System, piece by piece." more...

New Folding Carbon Break-Away Outback Gravel Bike

"Ritchey almost slipped this Break-Away Outback past us, as it didn’t make it to Eurobike in person..." more

Best Smartwatch for Every Type of Cyclist

"Which style of watch-wearing rider are you? Plus, how to research and choose the smartwatch that's perfect for your style of adventure." more...

How to Build Friggin' Awesome MTB Trails

"...Not all trails and features are appropriate for all landscapes because not all landscapes are the same..." more

Raleigh Electric's Tamland


"Raleigh Electric’s Tamland IE bike is a drop bar e-bike that can handle a variety of terrain." more...

Enjoying the Mill Creek MetroParks Bikeway


Mahoning County, OH - "...The 11-mile paved trail — the Mahoning County section of the 110-mile Great Ohio Lake to River Greenway — is a place where bikers, hikers, skaters, walkers, runners and cross country skiers can participate in their favorite pastime..." more

Hiking the Camino de Santiago


"Picture a wildflower-bedecked trail winding among picturesque mountains, vast mesas, and lush river valleys..." more

Upgrade Your Bike for Gravel Rides

"Less grind, more grin: This gear will elevate your gravel game." more...

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