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Best Bike Trips in the World

"...when you devote your vacation days to do nothing but eat, drink, and ride your way around an unfamiliar destination, that experience becomes next level..." more

New York’s Ashokan Rail Trail

NY - "...Though the trail opened in autumn, the ART, as it’s colloquially called, offers year-round views..." more

Iceland Divide Bikepacking Expedition

Central Ohio Greenways Interview Series

Columbus, OH - Meet Tony Slanec.

Study Suggests E-MTBs Offer Nearly Same Workout


"A study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) completed this summer suggests that riding eMTBs provides a workout that is nearly as hard as mountain biking without a motor." more

The People Behind the New Bike Path


CA - "...It’s 10 days after the opening of the new bike lane down the center of Fremont Street in North Monterey, and we’re all on bikes..." more

Bikepacking in the Oxford Forest, Canterbury

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Indoor Cycling Programs to Crush Your Goals

"Dave Ambrose, a 34-year-old venture capitalist in New York City, had a problem most of us can relate to: Work got busy and his time to ride outside evaporated..." more

Best Saddle Bags for your Road Bike


"The best saddle bags for road bikes are secure, stable, subtle and stylish, and have enough room for your ride essentials..." more

Peloton Accused of "Sexist" Ad


UK - "...The Peloton bike company saw its share price plummet by over nine per cent on Tuesday following the launch of its new Christmas advert, which was criticised as sexist." more

Electric Waves

How to Travel Car-Free With a Family


"When I moved to New York and started a car-free travel blog in 2007, I was a recovering Los Angeles transplant..." more

Low-Rider Piecycle

"Outsiders Pizza Company came to us with an open-ended request for something radical, inviting us to invent a new way for their field marketing team to engage with consumers at street-level." more

Keith Laughlin Named 2019 Rail-Trail Champion


"When Keith Laughlin became the second president of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) in 2001, he did not envision he’d help usher in a golden age for trails..." more

Onboard the Transcontinental Race

Priority, Big Shot Bikes Granted Tariff Exclusions


D.C. - "...The exclusions apply to all importers of China-made products meeting descriptions published in the Federal Register on Nov. 29..." more

The Economic Impact of Trail Towns

"Sustained by more than half a century of vigorous growth, outdoor recreation has become one of the largest economic sectors of the American economy." more

The Postman

Norway Has The Safest Roads

"Only two road traffic deaths per 100, 000 inhabitants were reported in Norway in 2019, making the Scandinavian nation the best-performing country for road safety. " more

Ticketing Cyclists Is Pointless

"On the bike, laws are secondary and survival is paramount." more

An Affordable E-Bike

"Want a sign of the times? The gig economy is now so big that transportation businesses are specifically targeting gig workers." more

The Salado Creek Greenway


TX - "...Ride or walk for long enough along the Salado Creek Greenway and you’ll see a little bit of everything." more

Springfield Cyclist Looks to Open Bike Shop


Springfield, OH - "...Francis, a cycling enthusiast, wants to establish his shop close to the Little Miami Scenic Trail that cuts through town..." more

10 Great Biking Moments in Movies

"...Many of these films remind us of just how much we have to be thankful for..." more

Portland Trails - A Case Study

OR - "Portland Trails Executive Director Kara Wooldrik traveled to Japan as part of an international team consulting with local officials on the role trail networks can play in disaster recovery and community development." more

Are Ohio Highways Based On Indian Trails?


OH - "...Much of what we call U.S. Route 23 was once known as the the Scioto Trail, which was the great highway of the Shawnee Tribe..." more

Fallen Cyclist was Bicycling Advocate

MN - "Alex Wolf gave the Twin Cities biking community a powerful image in the fight for safer streets." more

Hiker Recovers Lost Ring on Mountain Top


NH - "A man’s quest to find his wedding ring on a 4,000-foot snow-covered mountain in New Hampshire has been completed by a couple of hikers — and a metal detector." more

2019 Gear of the Year

"Sometimes, a product calls to you..." more

Bicycle Helmet Ratings

"In collaboration with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, we have rated a total of 86 bike helmets using the STAR evaluation system..." more

Q&A with Jacob VanSickle

Cleveland, OH - "Jacob VanSickle heads Bike Cleveland, a nonprofit organization advocating throughout Greater Cleveland for safe streets..." more

Exploring Tallahassee’s Trail Network

FL - "...Florida’s capital became a cycling and hiking mecca." more

A New Way to Protect Your Bike

"An accurate and long-lasting bike tracker with cutting-edge NB-IoT coverage." more

Then I Got a Bike


"...I was not an athletic kid. I was a pudgy little bowling ball with asthma..." more

E-Bikes & The Future of 2-Wheeled Transport

NV - "...According to the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association or People for Bikes, e-bike sales in the U.S. have nearly doubled every year since 2016." more

New Gravel Bikepacking Trails set to Boost Tourism


UK - "A network of off road cycling routes across Perthshire is to be created in a bid to boost tourism from both the UK and beyond." more

Personal Project Turned Into a Handmade Bicycle Company

"Diego Cárdenas made his first bicycle at the end of 2007..." more

The Best Carbon MTB Wheels of 2019


"These days, it seems that carbon fiber mountain bike wheels are all the rage..." more

Specialized Epic Pro Is a World-Class XC Bike

"The Epic Pro offers nearly identical ride qualities as the S-Works Epic at a fraction of the cost." more

Judge Rules Counterfeiters to Pay Specialized Millions

"...'These are not legitimate bike shops or legitimate businesses,' he told Bicycling, in regard to the defendants in his company’s sweeping lawsuit against 43 sellers who it claimed were pushing knockoff products..." more

Where the Water Ends

The A-Z of Cycling in Melbourne


AUS - "On one day each year thousands take on the epic challenge of cycling around Port Phillip Bay en masse." more

How Effective is Training with a Heavier Bike?

"...strapping 5 to 7 pounds on my frame to go for a ride sounded as fun as towing yard waste to the dump." more

9 Great Gloves for Riding in Cold

"Nothing takes the fun out of cold-weather activities like numb hands and feet..." more

What Happens When a City Tries to End Traffic Deaths

"Several years into a ten-year 'Vision Zero' target, some cities that took on a radical safety challenge are seeing traffic fatalities go up." more

Craft Brewery Coming to Beavercreek Trail

Beavercreek, OH - "...Located near the Miami Valley Bike Trails Creekside bike trail in Beavercreek, the building and surrounding two-acre parcel previously housed Banjara Banquet Center and All In One Banquet Center, as well as a Factory Lighting Outlet store..." more

'Trailside Provisions' along the Little Miami Trail

Loveland, OH - "...'Trailside Provisions,' just opened their doors to the community on Saturday, November 16th and let me tell you the shop’s lingering smells are bringing people in to see what the new 'mom and pop' shop is all about!" more

4 Scenic Florida Bike Trails

FL - "...Each offers scenic views, quality paved surfaces and minimal interaction with traffic. Two are rail trails in Central Florida and two are South Florida trails that take advantage of famous destinations." more

Tucson Cyclist is Ready to Conquer El Tour

AZ - "A Tucson man won’t let anything get in the way of him riding in the El Tour de Tucson... not a near-death experience or even a bike theft." more

The Huckleberry Trail

VA - "...The always-improving and ever-expanding Huckleberry Trail is one of the region’s greatest assets..." more

Cowboys in Paradise

Lessons from the Streets of Paris


FRA - "...For mobility start-ups, Paris offered an irresistible target. The region’s population is more than 12 million and it attracted approximately 40 million tourists in 2017..." more

Copenhagen’s Lessons for the ‘Green Wave’


NY - "As New York expands the bike network, it should protect lanes on both sides and employ people-powered data." more

Bikes & Hikes

MD - "’s my take on a few of the numerous places to bike and hike in Bay Country." more

Taking on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

"...Rajiv Dhaliwal purchased a $250 mountain bike, cobbled together a basic set of bikepacking bags, and headed to Banff to begin riding south..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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The Bike Guy is Finished


MN - "The column concludes today, but the issues for attention and discussion are abundant." more

A Disneyland for Mountain Bikers


Bentonville, AR - "Our New York City–based bike columnist visited America's most up-and-coming cycling destination and found it well deserving of the hype." more

Zwift Confirms Plans to Develop Its Own Hardware


"While it hasn’t specified what kind of equipment exactly, 'the picture has more depth than manufacturing our own hardware,' the company stated." more

Small Victories

KS - "My Garmin read 108 degrees Fahrenheit in the baking Kansas sun. My body read at least that, and I was nearly out of water..." more


Santa Cruz Bicycles Will Put $1M Towards MTB Trail Access

"...Santa Cruz calls the mission PayDirt and 'wants to support activities that benefit riders and their local communities. And, we want to inspire others to do the same'.” more

Performance Road E-Bikes Make the Hills Easier

"...a critical look at the burgeoning market for performance e-road bikes..." more

Riding a Bike in Winter


ME - "...for some people it's still not time to put their bikes away." more

Riding in Paris vs. Portland


Portland, OR - "...I am a lover of our bike lanes and our bike share system, but holy-moly we ain’t seen nothing yet." more

13-Speed Shimano Gearbox

Can a Smart Helmet Prevent Bike Crashes?


"After a couple close calls with cars, Eu-wen Ding, an avid cyclist, became concerned that maybe he wasn’t visible enough to drivers — especially since he often forgot his bike lights at home." more

Cycling in the City


"The other day, I was biking down a road, and then it hit me: a bus. Well, almost." more

Sidewalk Labs Details Self-Driving Garbage Cans

"Sidewalk Labs released a lengthy document providing more details on the technology it plans to use in developing the Quayside smart city project..." more

30 Hardest Hill Climbs in the World

"There’s beauty in the pure physical and mental torture of climbing a hill on a bike..." more

A Dreamy Bikepacking Adventure

The Bike-Loving Bulldog of L.A.


CA - "...Princess Leia is a 2-year-old miniature English bulldog who would much rather go on a bike ride than a regular old walk..." more

18 Awesome Bikes for Women

"...If you’re a woman shopping for a bike, your choices aren’t limited to only women’s models (that said, some women’s bikes are a better fit for some men)..." more

Field Test: 2020 Pole Stamina 140


"The Pole Stamina 140 EN was always going to be the most interesting bike at the Field Test..." more

New Section of Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail

OR - "...This is an exciting and inspiring project that — despite its vast complexity and cost — continues to move forward at a respectable pace" more

Chasing Fabio Wibmer with a Racing Drone

Top 5 bike Trails in the Highlands & Moray


UK - "There are some fantastic bike trails across the Highlands and Moray which are ideal for both thrill seekers and easy riders!" more

Thoughts Every Cyclist has on a Steep Climb


"...eight things that have probably gone through your mind while tackling those steep uphill sections of your ride." more

10 Great Bikes for Girls

"...Here’s what to look for when shopping for a girls’ bike, plus 10 bikes we recommend..." more

A Q&A With Ryan Chao

U.S. - "For more than three decades, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has served as the nation’s preeminent voice for trails—setting the precedent that rail-trails are vital community assets, and establishing policies and practices that have helped result in more than 2,000+ completed rail-trails on the ground in American communities..." more

Cville Couple's Crusade for Bike Safety


"Friends and supporters of cyclist Robyn Hightman are preparing to rally in Richmond this week. The 20-year-old rode to New York City last summer and was working as a bike messenger when she was struck by a box truck and killed." more

25 Great Safe-Biking Destinations in Denver


CO - "...He's the creative force behind, which uses crowdsourcing to identify Mile High City streets that are cycling-friendly and provides maps showing routes to get riders to terrific spots safely." more

Floyd Landis Is Now a CBD Mogul

"Floyd Landis is up to his eyebrows in cannabis..." more

Sneak Peek—Garmin’s Vector Air

"An Affordable Power Meter and Aero-Drag Sensor." more

More Cyclists are Dying on the Streets

U.S. - "...Conversations about why cyclists die are frequently contentious, but at least no one is disputing the statistics..." more

Whiskey Rebellion Gravel

Family Biking: Kids + Leaves = Fun!

Portland, OR - "...Kids, bikes, and dry leaves go together like hungry tummies and bagfuls of leftover Halloween candy first thing in the morning..." more

Safe Places to Hike and Bike During Hunting Season


MI - "Rifle hunting deer season begins tomorrow, and the woods is one place non-hunters shouldn’t be." more

Hiking Jagged Ragged


"NH - "...A week ago, I learned something new about Ragged Mountain — the awesome trail that runs over the two main summits of the east-west running ridge, highlighted by two prominent peaks, Ragged and Pinnacle." more

Napa Valley Vine Trail

CA - "Wining and dining aren’t the only draws of Northern California’s Napa Valley. Now the famous region is becoming known for another major draw—the 47.5-mile Napa Valley Vine Trail..." more

“America’s Best” Award fior Clintonville Bike Shop

OH - "Clintonville’s Johnny Velo Bikes has been named one of the top bike shops in the nation..." more

Skidkhana - A Gravel Bike Film in 4K

The City Where Everyone Cycles

DNK - "Nearly half of all journeys to school and work in Copenhagen take place on bicycles. And people like it that way." more

The World's Most Flexible Mode of Transport

"The average bicycle travels thousands of miles before its very first ride out." more

The Nashua River Rail Trail

"New England in autumn is nature’s spectator sport, and a special place to view its riotous colors is the Nashua River Rail Trail, spanning just over 12 miles in Massachusetts and spilling into New Hampshire..." more

Cycling along Quebec’s P’tit Train du Nord

CAN - "Forty years ago, you could still take the ski train from Montreal to Mont Tremblant or ride the same route in the summer or fall past scenic rivers and lakes in the Laurentian Mountains." more

Santa Fe Trail

Pedestrian’s Injury Underscores SF’s Risky Streets

CA - "It’s strange what you remember about the ho-hum moments before your life is upturned. .." more

Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

"...We polled our mountain bikers and test editors for their top picks, checked out hundreds of new products, and asked a few experts what topped their list..." more

The Great American Rail-Trail Experience

U.S. - "...The Great American Rail-Trail’s own unique journey through 12 states and the District of Columbia, combined with its ties to both National Scenic Trails and National Historic Trails, offers an enriching and meaningful lens through which to see the country...." more

Recall of BMC Teammachine SLR01 Disc Bikes


"...Customers should take their Teammachine SLR01 Disc bikes to a BMC retailer where it will be determined whether the fork needs to be replaced." more

Grinduro, California's Gravel Adventure Ride

Bike to Work in L.A.


CA - "An editor at USC University Communications shares the risks and rewards of his daily, eco-friendly commute from downtown L.A. to the University Park Campus." more

Hikers Pick Their Favorite Trails Around the U.S.


"For these 12 hikers, local trails so inspired them that they made it their mission to open the outdoors to everyone, one mile at a time..." more

Essentials for Winter Riding

"Riding in the cold can actually be awesome, if you have the proper winter-riding gear..." more

Paws & Wheels II

The Best Pacific Northwest Road Trips


"The best thing about road trips? You don’t have to plan every little detail..." more

The Man Who Started the First-Ever All-Diabetes Pro Cycling Team


"When Phil Southerland, now 37, was 7 months old, doctors told his parents he likely wouldn’t live past the age of 25." more

Teddy Bridgewater Needs a Ride to the Bike Shop

"New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater turned to Twitter to ask for a ride to a bike shop, presumably to pick up his bike from a repair." more

Travelling a Trio of Central Otago Rail Tails


NZL - "It was snowing the first morning of our planned three-day cycle journey through stretches of Central Otago." more

Broken Roads

Zeehan Bush Camp's 'Glamping' Experience Reopens


AUS - "A seemingly insatiable appetite for extreme mountain bike trails in Tasmania couldn't have come at a better time for the owners of the Zeehan Bush Camp." more

Normalizing Difficult

"My gaze fixated on a very jagged elevation plot that stretched across the entirety of my computer screen, and as I stared, I could feel my heart rate accelerate a bit and my hands become clammy..." more

Latest Bike Lighting Innovations


"As the nights close in and winter draws nearer, Hayley Everett looks at the latest product developments and technical advancements brightening up the lighting sector..." more

When Does a Trail Become a Roadway?

"...Your idea of the perfect mountain bike trail probably hinges upon where you came from..." more

Biker "Cheats" Her Way Thru Traffic


PHL - There are 33 kilometers of uneven, difficult roads between Quezon City’s White Plains and Bacoor, Cavite..." more

Transforming Connellsville


PA - "Sometimes, a change in mindset alone can be a catalyst for change." more

E-Bikes Provide Intense Exercise


"...a surprising new study from three BYU public health professors finds pedal-assist bikes can provide essentially the same level of workout as conventional bikes." more

Liv’s Avail AR 3

"This is the bike equivalent of a 'Wanna Get Away' plane ticket..." more

Circling Greater Yellowstone by Bike

"The inspiration for a 1,200-mile bikepacking trip around the Greater Yellowstone area came from staring at a shaded relief map hanging above Don Carpenter’s desk at work." more

Cycling in America - Stuck in 1st Gear

"...With no car and only an unreliable public transportation system to get around, Buehler had some hard lessons to learn about highway-loving America." more

Licking Park District Volunteer Spotlight


Licking County, OH - "November’s Volunteer Spotlight shines on Mirra Galbreath!.." more

Ross Family Wants Back in the Bike Business

FL - "Two members of the Ross family, whose last name was emblazoned on millions of bikes in the last century, want to bring the brand back to the market..." more

Death of the Derailleur?


"Shimano has filed a patent that strongly suggests that it is finally developing a gearbox for both road and mountain bikes." more

A Cycle on the Great Western Greenway


IRE - " I went to the Mayo/Galway region to check out the 42km traffic-free Great Western Greenway cycle route, using the Galway Coast Cottages in Barna as my fortress..." more

Peloton Subscription Revenues Doubles, While Losses Mount

NY - "Peloton's subscription revenue increased 103% in its first quarter as a public company, compared to the same quarter last year, the company reported Tuesday." more

Gladys Bikes’ Saddle Library is the Place for Moms

Portland, OR - "I’m not going to beat around the bush: The Gladys Bikes Saddle Library will change your life!" more

How to Mountain Bike in the Dark

"With modern high powered, lightweight and long running lights, mountain biking in the dark is a must-do winter cycling activity..." more

Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack


"...This review will look at the five-bike version along with the optional swingarm..." more

Canada's Longest Trail


CAN - "The Great Trail — previously known as the Trans Canada Trail — is a bit of a misnomer..." more

Winter Biking is a Thing

"...commuters are using fat bikes to get to work in December, January and February. Mountain bikers are racing and riding when the ground is frozen." more

Strava Updates Maps

"Fitness app Strava unveiled a new update to improve the appearance and function of maps within the app." more

Michael Bonney says his Final Goodbye


"Former managing director of Orange Bikes was paralysed from the neck down after a crash in 2013." more

Mesa's Top 3 Bike Rental Spots


CA - "...Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top bike rental spots around Mesa..." more

How to Keep Cycling Into Fatherhood

"...American author William Bridges offered a three-stage model of transition that is a useful tool for cyclists who are new parents..." more

A Blueberry Trail Derailed My Cycling Trip


"...I was 15 and left our campsite in California to climb a large hill..." more

Retro MTB vs. Gravel Bike

Q&A with Gary Vernon on Building MTB Trails


AR - "Gary Vernon is the man tasked with transforming Northwestern Arkansas into a mountain biking destination under the vision of Tom and Steuart Walton, grandchildren of Walmart founder Sam Walton." more

The Factor Vista


"The Factor Vista is a bike that bucks the segmentation trend and can hold its own in a wide variety of uses, from cyclocross to gravel to road riding." more

4 Australian Cycleways Built on Former Rail Corridors


AUS - "From Victoria’s high country to the south coast of Western Australia, these cycling holidays have gentle hills and few cars to contend with." more

Cleveland National Forest is Hiker's Heaven


CA - "For visitors, the San Diego area is more than beaches, beautiful weather and lively, walkable neighborhoods." more

What Did Rail Transit Look Like in Cincinnati in 1912?

OH - "Greater Cincinnati's electric interurban rail system once stretched across the region..." more

Different Types of Bicycles—Explained

"...How do you know which kind of bike is right for you and the riding you’ll do?.." more

MTBiking Growing in State with no Mountains


NE - "...Thanks to the hills on the eastern side of the state, that's what makes having mountain bike trails possible." more

The Baton Rouge "Health Loop"


LA - "...The ride on a crisp, sunny morning was meant to celebrate BREC's completion of a key part of the $6.8 million planned 'health loop'...” more

Officer Surprises 5th-Grader with New Bike


FL - "...The police department said the kid relies a bike to get to and from school." more

My E-Bike Ate my Car


"...I have now been riding a Gazelle Medeo e-bike for six months and can report that it's true; it ate my car." more

Cyclist Uses Fitness Tracker to Manage Diabetes


"Zack Hawthorne has been living with type 1 diabetes for about 15 years..." more

The Fastest Bike We’ve Ever Ridden

"The Takeaway: The fastest, most badass aero road bike. Ever." more

Cycling Adventures in Iran

"...Personally, I wouldn’t want to cycle alone through Iran. Unaccompanied women will receive unwanted attention, simply because Iranian’s will find your journey unusual..." more

Ride Showcases Beauty of McCloud River Trail

CA - "...On Saturday, Shasta Gravity Adventures took a group of 14 mountain bikers ranging in age from 28 to 64, from novice to advanced, on part of the McCloud River Trail." more

Most Unusual Bike I've Ridden'

Biking Around Richmond

VA - "...Biking has become second nature for her boys, ages 6 and 2, and alternative transportation has quickly become the norm in her family, she says..." more

Google to Buy Fitbit for $2.1 Billion

"Today, Google announced it will buy Fitbit, using the sale to expand their own fitness tracking platform..." more

Holy Mountain Ride


OR - "...OMTM’s third version of the Holy Mountain delivered a route that combined everything I love: roads steeped in history, challenging singletrack, lonely destinations, and statistics that lead to a sense of accomplishment..." more

1 Reason You Shouldn't Threaten a Cyclist with Violence

Best Bike Rental Spots in Milwaukee


WI - "...Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top bike rental spots around Milwaukee..." more

Cycling Season Drawing to a Close for Many


CAN - Cycling around the Okanagan in October can be chilly — like this week’s unseasonal below-zero temperatures — but there are still lots of people using their bicycles for recreation and to get to work." more

The Best Fat Bikes


"A fat bike is the perfect tool for extending your riding season if you live where it’s snowy or wet..." more

Smart Helmets Won't Save Cyclists

"...The Lumos Matrix, however, is truly dystopian—not because it’s inherently malevolent, but because it’s a potent symbol of just how completely we’ve surrendered to motor vehicles..." more

Bike Shop Owner Elected to National Association Board

Columbus, OH - "Johnny Velo Bikes owner, John Robinson, has been elected to the National Bike Dealers Association (NBDA) Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning October, 2019. Robinson is one of three bicycle dealers in the United States elected to the seven-person board for the upcoming term." more

11 Awesome Fixies

"The fixed-gear bicycle is the grandfather of every bike you see today..." more

Repurposing Parking Garages

"Parking garages are staples of car-clogged cities — but they are ugly and take up prime urban real estate. So building owners and developers are looking for new uses for that space." more

NASA Wants City Skies Filled with Transport Vehicles

"In less than a decade, the air above at least one United States city will be buzzing with unmanned electric aircraft delivering people and packages -- at least if NASA's plan for the future of drones comes true..." more

Ready to Ride Detroit?

MI - "...The Detroit Greenways Coalition brought together two existing entities to solve a problem: 'How to use the city’s built trail and bike infrastructure'...” more

Getting Hit by a Car while Biking in Madison

Madison, WI - "...staying on the right side of the road. A small, silver sedan started pulling out, turning left on Campus Drive, and right toward me..." more

Vermont Officials Take a Two-Wheeled 'Learning Journey'

VT - "...the Montréal bike trip attracted many who already embrace alternative transportation..." more

Engineers Reinventing the Way Your Bike Rides

"The quality of every bike ride you take rests solidly on your tires." more

Documentary on Paul Basagoitia’s Life to Air on HBO

"...'Any One of Us,' which looks at the life of pro mountain biker Paul Basagoitia after he suffered a paralyzing spinal cord injury..." more

The Grandeur of the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail

CA,NV - "On Oct. 3, a new section of Tahoe-Pyramid Trail was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting..." more

Kenyon College’s Ominous History


Gambier, OH - "...In recent years, Kenyon has acquired a nationwide reputation for haunted buildings, unexplained deaths and other supernatural goings-on..." more

Coastal Rail Trail: Encinitas and Solana Beach

CA - "The San Diego Coastal Rail Trail is an ongoing project that will ultimately provide a way to navigate the 44 miles between downtown San Diego and Oceanside without a car..." more

11 New MTB Trail Openings in October


See the list.

Self-Charging Smart Helmets


UT - "POC is working with a Swedish startup tech company to develop smart helmets that charge themselves via a new material that converts light energy — from solar or artificial sources — to an electric charge..." more

Colorful Streets Coming to Select U.S. Cities

"Bloomberg Philanthropies’ new initiative illustrates how 'asphalt art' makes cities safer and more vibrant." more

12 Vacations Best Done by Bike


"There’s no better way to see the world than on two wheels." more

Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness Singletrack

TN - "...A few years back, Knoxville won the Bell Built Grant, which not only delivered a helluva good downhill trail complete with wood ramps and that massive wall ride shown in the top photo. It also put the area on the national map..." more

Bike Touring in Taiwan


"Included in bike tours organized by county government and travel agency are visits to tourist attractions and dining at local restaurants." more

Lonely Mountains Downhill MTB Video Game Review


"...Successfully funded on Kickstarter and available now on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a game about going off the beaten path..." more

10 Haunted Tales from America’s Trails

"...In the “spirit” of fun this Halloween, RTC searched for the spookiest tales we could find on America’s diverse collection of rail-trails and multiuse pathways." more

Meet Abby Rhodebeck

Columbus, OH - Central Ohio Greenways Behind the Scenes Interview Series.

30 Hardest Hill Climbs in the World

"There’s beauty in the pure physical and mental torture of climbing a hill on a bike..." more

The Planned Verdi-to-Gerlack Art Trail

NV - "...the first of two flanking sculptures that will mark the endpoints of the Washoe ArTrail—a 200-mile-long county trail project that is planned to stretch from Verdi to Gerlach, passing through towns and tribal lands, displaying yet-to-be commissioned artworks along the way." more

Review: The Trek Stache

"...I’d never ridden a “plus bike” prior to the Stache, which makes me a late adopter of this mountain biking trend..." more

Rail Biking in the Adirondacks

NY - "...passengers of Revolution Rail’s tourist excursions earn their views by pedaling rail bikes along the upper Hudson in specially built carts, similar to recumbent bicycles but on railroad tracks." more

Duluth Remakes its Image with Recreation Trails

MN - "Recreational paths are becoming a selling point in home listings." more

I Biked to Work Every Day in Berlin

"As a New Yorker who often cycles in the city, it was incredibly refreshing to live in a place with significantly better bike infrastructure and much more respect for cyclists’ rights on the road." more

High School Cycling League takes over Mount Kato

MN - "Every kid cheers for every other kid. It doesn’t matter what team they’re on..." more

A Low-Cost Cyclocross Bike With High-End Chops

"The CruX E5 Sport is a race-worthy aluminum cyclocross rig hung with low-cost components, making it a great first race bike." more

West Newton to Ohiopyle on the GAP

PA - "As bicyclists pedal south, away from Pittsburgh on the Great Allegheny Passage, the towns get farther apart, the woods get deeper and the views get even more impressive." more

Boston Mills Visitor Center Opens


Building Bike Trails at Harmon Lake

ND - "When the weather has allowed, Brian Houle has been on the trails surrounding Harmon Lake near Mandan, working with Blue Sky Trails to develop mountain biking paths around the lake..." more

STEM Program Expands to Woodburn

OR - "Teaching young people about how to work on bikes and ride them with confidence is the bread-and-butter of many cycling-related nonprofit groups. At the Community Cycling Center, they take that idea one step further..." more

E-Bikes Let Me Ride Mountain Bikes Again

CO - "I’m a 68-year-young, 42-year resident who started riding mountain bikes on Emerald Mountain in the ’70s, pre-bike trails..." more

How Minnesotans Bike All Year Long

MN - "In most places, winter is when bikes are stowed away until spring. Not in Minnesota..." more

The Great Ride: Great Falls

Biking on San Antonio’s River Walk

TX - "...But there are also miles of the River Walk through the rest of San Antonio that are perfect for a bike ride and don’t have the crowds you see downtown..." more

13 Reasons Bicycles Are Perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse


"Just in time for Halloween, your list of 13 reasons bicycles make the perfect vehicle for the zombie apocalypse." more

11 Super-Versatile Fitness & Hybrid Bikes


"There are few better ways to get in shape or maintain your fitness than riding a bicycle..." more

Riding the Whole Enchilada

Cyclist Rides Every Single Street in His County


MN - "...Being new to the area, he figured riding as many different streets as possible would be a great way to explore." more

Meet Kelly Scocco

Columbus, OH - The Behind the Scenes Interview Series.

E-Bike Sales Hit Almost $15 Billion Last Year


"...Everybody loves to talk about electric and autonomous cars, but the real transportation action is happening in e-bikes, which are booming right now..." more

Moms on Cargo Bikes


MN - "A new documentary explores a growing subculture of women and families ditching the car for two-wheeled bike 'minivans'." more

Behold the Highwheel (Penny Farthing)!

Thoughts on Carrying Tweens and Biking Less


Portland, OR - "It’s been eye-opening and fun playing at being an electric cargo biking mom these last few weeks..." more

Electric Bicycle Sales Soar

"...Giant’s massive e-bike sales predictions for this year further underscore the rate at which consumers are switching to electric bicycles." more

14 Best Indoor Cycling Trainers


"Whether you’re training for an early-season event, just trying to keep a regular riding schedule..." more

30 Most Gorgeous Roads in America


"Roll through stunning miles on some of the most popular rides in the country." more

Riding the GAP

Futurama Moment Needed for Biking & Micromobility Movement


"... It's time to stop building bits and start building big." more

Central Ohio Greenways: Meet Ted Miller

Columbus, OH - Get to know Ted Miller through this Q&A interview.

The Best Santa Cruz Bikes

"Though today Santa Cruz is a staple in the mountain bike world, it started as a small, boutique brand founded in 1993..." more

History Lessons from Cycling in NYC

NY - "It has been a difficult time for bikers in New York City with a series of cyclist fatalities amid continued calls for more and better bike lanes." more

My Year in Bike Commuting: Erin’s Story

Columbus, OH - "I flirted with bike commuting for 3 summers before finally taking the plunge almost two years ago..." more

Cowboy Lassoes Bike Thief

Actor Michael Kelly Makes Time to Ride Every Day

"...A former NYC bike messenger while he was waiting for his big break, Kelly credits his two wheels for helping him build his career, decompress after stressful days on set, and keep his health in check..." more

A 28 MPH E-Bike for $1,399


"The saying with electric bicycles (and many other things, to be fair) goes something to the effect of 'You can have it good, fast, or cheap. Pick two.'.." more

Surly Rack Recall


"...We’re writing today to let you know that we have recently received reports of a small number of Surly 8-Pack and 24-Pack Racks loosening, contacting the front wheel and causing accidents." more

Worcester By Bike, Episode 26


MA - "...In Episode 26 of Worcester By Bike, we chose our destination - Barre Falls Dam - and headed out..." more

Cycling in NYC

NY - "...The first bike path in America — Brooklyn’s Ocean Parkway — opened in 1894. Back then, it was considered downright scandalous to ride a bicycle." more

Santa Clarita Valley Cycling


CA - "In the Santa Clarita Valley, miles upon miles of paved trails offer bicyclists of all ages the opportunity to put on a helmet, kick up the kickstand and feel the breeze against their face as they go for a relaxing bike ride to explore the natural beauty of our City." more

Potato as Effective as Carbohydrate Gels

"Consuming potato puree during prolonged exercise works just as well as a commercial carbohydrate gel in sustaining blood glucose levels and boosting performance in trained athletes, scientists report." more

Grand Canyon Greenway Trail

AZ - "...All told, Arizona's Grand Canyon Greenway Trail totals 13 miles of paved pathway for biking and walking, providing access to numerous scenic viewpoints and attractions in the park." more

A New Cycling Trail in Flanders


"A 800km network across French Flanders is so easy to follow (and ride) you don’t even need a map to find the country’s favourite village, inspiring landscapes and great food." more

Residents Eager for Revitalized Lower LA River

CA - "...In the last half-century, the LA River served primarily as flood control infrastructure, but open space and wildlife advocates fomented a movement to make it wild and accessible to all." more

How The Bicycle Changed The World For Women

"In 1897, Cambridge students lined the streets to protest a vote that would grant women the right to earn a degree at their prestigious all-male university..." more

New 350m Ridge Walk Opens in Botanic Gardens


SGP - "Visitors to the Botanic Gardens can now walk along a 350m-long hiking trail, taking them past the new highest point in the park..." more

Redwood Forests Ride on a Rail Bike

Wilkes, A Livable Community

PA - "...As a Wilkes native, I’m sure I’m biased, but I think Wilkes is a very livable place in which to reside..." more

Six Ways Portland Can Kill the Car

OR - "...Conventional wisdom says Portland seeks to discourage the motor vehicle—with road diets, replacing highways with MAX trains, and turning city streets into bike avenues... It's somewhat of a façade." more

RTC Delivers TrailNation Vision

"In late September, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) was invited to Bogotá, Colombia—a dynamic mega-city on the crest of the active-transportation wave—to lend our assistance in the planning of the country’s first rail-trail project, just outside of Bogotá." more

Hong Kong's Trail Running Scene


"I was first introduced to trail running when my girlfriend ran the Barclays Moontrekker and the Oxfam Trailwalker six years ago, in our first year in Hong Kong." more

The Bike Path that the State Forgot


MN - "It was such a darned wonderful, visionary thing the Legislature did in 1967 when it created the Casey Jones State Trail on the prairie in Minnesota’s southwest corner..." more

Champaign County’s Leaf Peeping Guide


Urbana, OH - "...Are you a leaf peeper? If not, your chance to become one is approaching very quickly..." more

Ashokan Rail Trail Worth the Trip


NY - "We were just a mile into our bike ride on Saturday when a police car appeared on the embankment above us..." more

Scooter Driver Takes on Panelo's Commute Challenge


PHL - "29-year-old Jaime Limpo shares that bike lanes in some Metro Manila cities aren't protected, threatening the lives of cyclists and riders." more

13 Best Race Bikes


"...Some are pro-level bikes straight out of the box, while others are meant to help you get in the game without forking over a ton of cash." more

5 Chicago-Area Trails for Fall Rides

IL - "...check out these Chicagoland locations for bicycling through the beauty of fall." more

Eagle Scout Completes Historic Beverly Bike Trail


MA - "...Reynolds' idea was to create a 5 mile bike loop that intorduced nine of Beverly's points of historic interest to the rider..." more

Inside the Tuscany Trail

Tweens on a Family Bike Part 2

Portland, OR - "Welcome to my follow-up of last month’s post about my two tweens on our family bike." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Cycling on the Rise in Paris


FRA - "More than 200,000 Parisians rode their bikes on October 13th, a milestone figure that’s available thanks to the newly installed counter meters (unveiled on September 4th) keeping count on this growing trend..." more

Tianfu Greenway Blazes Trail through Chengdu

CHN - "Chengdu's Tianfu Greenway, parts of which are still under construction, will be the longest greenway system in the world." more

Best & Worst Bike Industry Trends

Village Bicycle Cooperative

Bay Village, OH - "...At the Village Bicycle Cooperative (VBC) in Bay Village, we were given the opportunity to witness greatness at a Cleveland school." more

Skeleton Unearthed Beneath California Peak


CA - "The climbers were closing in on the top of California's second-highest peak when they came upon the grisly discovery of what looked like a bone buried in a boulder field." more

Digging the Midtown Greenway Trench


MN - "As the sunken railway route was dug from 1912–16, flower gardens disappeared, railroad flagmen lost their jobs and streetcar passengers were forced to “portage” through a mucky excavation site." more

Bike Commuting Horror Stories

Portland, OR - "...I saw him moving in my peripheral vision, and when I looked up into the spitting rain as I pedaled uphill, he was standing in the bike lane and had a handgun trained at my face from mere feet away." more

Gridlock Guy: Rainbow Crosswalks are not Unsafe

"...The assertions by the feds that these crosswalks are dangerous is questionable at best..." more

Amsterdam Is Cutting Cars Out of the Picture

"Armed with a street-design tool called the knip, the Dutch capital is slashing car access in the city center, and expanding public transit hours." more

The 14 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

"Now more than ever, there are tons of great mountain bikes that aren’t just capable, reliable, and fun to ride; they’re affordable, too..." more

How to Get Around in Japan

"In Japan, 78% of households own bikes for some reason or another..." more

Trailbuilding through the Squamish Rainforest

CAN - "If you go mountain biking in Squamish, B.C., north of Vancouver on a regular basis, chances are you have biked down a trail built by 'Big Red Ted' Tempany." more

A Bike is Like a Rolling Walking Stick


"...Every time a bike lane is proposed, one of the main arguments used to fight it is the concern that disabled and elderly people won't be able to park. But in fact, for many older and disabled people, bikes could be mobility aids." more

E-Commerce Innovation With Cargo Bikes


"...Bunch Bikes has focused on 'larger bikes for larger families'..." more

Saints Quarterback Rides His Bike to Games


LA - "...He’s not the first athlete—or even the first NFL player—to do this, but it seems to be captivating the faithful Saints fans..." more

Cyclist or Biker?

"...Bicycling took to social media to ask our readers this important question, hoping to solve it once and for all..." more

How Exercise Can Boost Your Brain


"A recent study published in Nature looked at fitness levels in young people and compared that to their brain function." more

10 Great Bikes for Girls

"...While most of us learned to ride a bike using training wheels (or the close-your-eyes-and-pray method), kids today have balance bikes..." more

The Swytch Conversion Kit


"...I am so intrigued by the Swytch e-bike conversion kit, up on Indiegogo. It’s the latest version of a unit that sold 3,000 copies in 45 countries..." more

20 Fall Bike Rides

U.S. - "...Add some excitement to your fall calendar by planning a getaway bike trip for the coming weeks..." more

Bike Lane in the Middle of a Highway


PRK - "...In South Korea, there's a solar bike path that shields riders from the sun while at the same time generating power from it..." more

E-Bikes Stir Up Controversy

CO - "A new mode of transportation is joining the ranks of popular outdoor activities in the valley, but not without a touch of controversy." more

Great Smoky Mountains Travel Guide

"Despite being one of the most popular destinations in the U.S., the Smokies make it easy to plan a last-minute trip and avoid crowds year-round..." more

Electrifying Change


WI - "The promise and peril of e-bikes and scooters." more

The Rise of Gravel Cycling in Vermont

VT - "The persistent zipping of tires on dirt and the panting of riders fills the late-summer air as bikers lean into their mounts—and their suffering—to make the climb up a long steep dirt road in the Green Mountain Forest in Lincoln..." more

Designing for People, Not Cars in Copenhagen

"...It will come as no surprise to urbanists that the city of Copenhagen offers a vision of what that could look like..." more

Carson Storch Redefines Train Hopping

Family Biking: Intersections are Scary

Portland, OR - "...until they’re protected, or we get more leading bicycle intervals, intersections will remain the spookiest part of most bike rides..." more

6 Lessons from Portland

OR - "In August, the Civic Commons Learning Network hosted a multi-day learning journey to the Pacific Northwest. We started with two and a half days in Portland, Oregon where they pride themselves on doing things differently..." more

History of American Anti-Car Protests

U.S. - "A wave of traffic safety activism in the 1970s helped reshape Dutch streets. But the U.S. had its own anti-car movement earlier, led largely by women." more

Family Dispute Alters Cycling Scene

OR - "For the past 50 years, the Alpenrose Velodrome has been the centerpiece of Portland's racing community. A family argument threatens to shut it down." more

What Does This Street In Zürich Mean?

"If you see how cars, streetcars, bikes, and pedestrians use this Swiss street, you can better understand what’s wrong with so many other urban thoroughfares." more

Which Hill Will I Die On?

"San Francisco... You have so many hills..." more

The Best Bike Lights

"Over the past decade, brands have made big improvements in increasing the output and reducing the weight of their bike lights..." more

A Link to the Future


CA - "A couple bumps in the road hardly deter Tom Kirk from championing a supersize bike path giving pedestrians and small electric vehicles a healthier route across the Coachella Valley." more

When Biking and Bears Don’t Mix


MT - "The death of a ranger, Brad Treat, in 2016 was a wake-up call for grizzly bear biologists." more

There’s Nothing “Controversial” About Bike Lanes


"Cycling is already mainstream. It’s time for the media to catch up." more

9 Tips for Cycling Longevity

"At 41 years old, Katerina Nash is one of the most decorated off-road racers in the world..." more

The 9 Best Balance Bikes

"... it took about a decade for the pedal-less, two-wheel balance bike to become ubiquitous this side of the Atlantic..." more

History of Cycling in New York City

"...Following the Civil War, cycling became trendy again, fulfilling a growing population’s need for transportation and recreation..." more

Hit These Colorado Trails for Days


CO - "Colorado is a mecca for multi-day cycling, known as bikepacking." more

McAllister Park Offers Fast, Fun Off-Road Bike Trails


TX - "After four years of riding off-road at McAllister Park in north central San Antonio, it feels like an old friend, and it’s always gratifying seeing friends change for the better." more

Endurance Exercise May Slow Alzheimer’s

"Endurance exercise can reduce the progression of atrophy in a part of the brain associated with memory among people at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study found." more

The Cadillac of Fat-Tire Road E-Bikes


"The Evelo Aurora Hub-Drive really surprised me with its usability." more

Million-Dollar Views on Tahoe Pyramid Trail

NV - "The newest segment of the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail between Reno and Truckee features a million-dollar view. Literally." more

Judean Desert Blooms on Cycling Tour

"At the end of our six-hour bike ride through the Judean Desert, Tal Rozow apologized to my husband and me." more

Complete Guide to Buying a Bicycle

"...Before you head to the bike shop to pick up your new favorite mode of transportation, it’s helpful to know all the little details that will make the bike buying process easier..." more

Zwift gets Cyclist Back to Racing

"Indoor cycling is not what is used to be. Gone are the days of stationary riding monotony..." more

Marin's Alpine Trail 8

"The Alpine Trail 8 is a competent climber and a thrilling descender that straddles the line between enduro bike and trail bike." more

Wetlands Park Scenery a Feast for Cyclists

NV - "Looking to boost your odds that a coyote or a roadrunner will cross your path?.." more

Bikepacking Accident in Peru

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

How to Fix a Flat

"Whether you ride on smooth pavement, rough gravel, or rocky singletrack trails, at some point your bike will get a flat tire..." more

10 Best Kids Bikes

"The world of kids’ bikes has been turned upside down in the past decade..." more

Best Fall Rides in the Midwest

"...Fall is a fantastic time to take a Midwest cycling trip." more

Summit, Portage Counties Work to Attract Visitors


OH - "While the north coast of Lake Erie doesn’t draw the same crowds as Florida or warm ocean beaches, local business leaders and officials say attracting people to town is an important part of their economies." more

The Best Apps for Cyclists

"Regardless of whether your ride competitively or for leisure, you should check out these apps for optimizing your cycling game." more

Insider's Guide: The Grand Canyon


"From dayhikes to weekends to weeklong hikes, our Grand Canyon experts will have you ready to hit this natural wonder in no time." more

The E-Scooter with a Swappable Battery

"...One of the problems with electric vehicles (and with cars in general) is that many people do not own parking spaces, so they don't have an easy way to charge their cars..." more

John Forester - The Complete Interview

This appears to be the full interview with John Forester, part of which was posted earlier this week on StreetsBlog.

To follow the debate between vehicular cyclists and those that support separate cycling infra, see the StreetsBlog post comments section.

7 Bucket List Rail-Trail Destinations Around the World

"With more than 24,000 open miles of rail-trails to explore—more than any other country in the world—trail lovers in America are a pretty lucky bunch. But the rail-trail movement is not limited to our borders. Thousands more miles of rail-trails are available all across the globe..." more

5 Amazing Fall Hikes

Columbus, OH - "In case you haven’t heard, fall has officially arrived." more

The High Line at 10

NYC - "Manhattan's elevated walkway inspired both a movement and a backlash. A decade later, Karrie Jacobs revisits the project and discovers a surprising truth." more

Why I Ride My Bike to Work

NLD - "...It's little wonder Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte enjoys commuting to his office there. And recently he's made the journey by bike as often as possible." more

8 Great California Bike Trails

CA - "The Santa Clarita Valley has great places to ride for bicycle enthusiasts..." more

Alcoa's Most Scenic Greenway

TN - "...It’s been called the 'Pistol Creek Greenway, Phase IV' in planning procedures. But it could also be called the 'missing link' in Alcoa’s already large network of pedestrian paths as it will link two existing sets of trails." more

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