Towpath Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

Sleeping Bear Trail a Great Ride


MI - "If you haven’t ridden the new Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail you’re missing one of the region’s best bike paths." more...

Some Great Bicycle Routes in Memphis

TN - "It's no secret that Memphis and surrounding communities have become much more bike-friendly places in recent years." more...

Four L.A. Bike Rides


Los Angeles, CA - "...The routes are a mix of different objectives and surroundings..." more

Another E-Bike Convert


ME - "For longtime mountain bike aficionado Jon Cabe of Mount Desert Island, reservations about battery-boosted electric bicycles evaporated on his first ride..." more

Focus E-Mountain Bikes


"Explore more of your favorite trails with Focus's new e-mountain bikes." more...

D.C.'s Best Bike Trails


D.C. - "...In the D.C. area, there are a wide variety of options for bicycle trails worth venturing to, ranging from the paved and easy to the rocky and strenuous." more...

Unruly Bicyclists from the Past

"An Evening Item, September 1881, headline took exception to the growing mass of bicyclers menacing Richmond." more...

Bar Mids & Saddle Sores

"His name is Zed. I named him. Had to name him, because he’s been around so long. Can’t seem to get rid of him..." more

An Interview with Momoko Saunders

Portland, OR - "...As co-founder of Bike Farm, a nonprofit dedicated to bike repair and education, Momoko developed the administrative back-end that makes or breaks any new enterprise..." more

Cycling Wish Comes True


"Pauline Lawrence may be nearly blind. She may be 94 years old. And she stands just 4 feet, 10 inches tall. But don’t underestimate the petite blonde dynamo." more...

6 Cleveland Bike Rides to Try this Fall

Cleveland, OH - "There are hundreds of miles of multi-purpose trails popular among bicyclists in Northeast Ohio." more...

L.A.'s Most Beautiful Bike Path


CA - "The views are classic Los Angeles." more...

MacAskill Conquers Kilimanjaro


"The mountain biking legend scaled the highest mountain in Africa. His reward was a 20,000-foot descent on wheels." more...

The Best Spin Class for Every Type of Cyclist


"Soul Cycle? Flywheel? Peloton? Here's how to find the right indoor ride for you." more

The Bike Helmet That Saved My Life


"These eight cyclists share their terrifying close-call stories — and the helmets they credit with saving their skulls." more...

Hocking Hills Seeks Ecotourists


Shawnee, OH - "...for the first time in a long time, locals say they’ve found a promising answer for the future of this Appalachian town and others like it in the Hocking Valley." more...

A Taft Tunnel to Adventure

ID - "A North Idaho trail offers fun both on and off the bike, as well as the 1.66-mile Taft Tunnel." more...

Bend to the Cascades


OR - "Bend local Adam Craig recently road-tripped with longtime friend and former pro racer Kathy Pruitt from his high-desert home trails to a stash of rehabbed singletrack on the other side of the mountains..." more

The Junges Bike the KATY


"She caught the KATY, and left me a mule to ride..." more

Ofo Test Ride


MA - "As any intrepid reporter would do on a Friday afternoon, I decided to take one of the new ofo bikes around and tweet about it..." more

Students Take Hands-On Project to the Trail


Lake County, OH - "Heritage Middle School sixth-graders walked three miles on the Lake Metroparks Greenway Corridor carrying various items that weighed about 20 pounds to simulate the struggles of people walking miles carrying buckets of water." more...

Touby's Run: The Story Behind Two Streams

"There is a creek in the north end of Mansfield called Toby’s Run. If you have been on the Richland B&O Trail in the miles nearest its terminus at North Lake Park, then you are familiar with the stream." more...

What to do When Caught in a Lightning Storm on your Bike

"You can’t always predict the weather pre-ride; here’s how to deal when storms strike fast and hard." more

Greenway Stalwart Steps Down After 12 Years

UK - "A volunteer who has kept a former railway line near Gnosall tidy for cyclists and walkers is bowing out after 12 years’ dedication." more...

Happy Hour on the Greenway


NC - "It was quitting time, and Joyce Hughes knew just where she was headed as she slipped off her work shoes, slid on something more comfy and made a beeline for her usual happy hour spot..." more

Relaxing Bear Ruins Bike Ride


"A Reddit user (whose name is so touchy that we can't put in on a family website) was just enjoying a bike ride when ... BEAR!" more...

Celebrating Mill Creek

Cincinnati, OH - "In 1996, Mill Creek was recognized as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. more

The Hiking Trail That Will Transport You To Another World

Columbus, OH - "If you’re looking for an unbelievable trail to hike in Columbus, check out the Sycamore Plains Trail at Prairie Oaks Metro Park..." more

Destination Akron aims to Attract Professionals


Akron, OH - "...We get it. We know what our reputation is nationally: a distressed Rust Belt, boring place. But let's talk about the reality." more...

Cowboy Recreation & Nature Trail

NE - "...At a whopping 219 miles, it’s already the third longest rail-trail in the country and yet has 100 more miles awaiting future development." more...

How to Join a Group Ride

"...Group rides come in all shapes and sizes. They range from social rides that end at a local coffee shop to intense training rides that push the boundaries of speed and distance..." more

Mountain Bike Trail Guide: Duodenum


OR - "Duodenum is a relatively new loop trail in the Wanoga complex southwest of Bend." more

12 Rad Cycling Women


"From casual riding shots to peeks inside the peloton, these Instagram feeds capture everything that’s awesome about women’s cycling." more...

New Trekz Air Headphones


"New bone conduction headphones let you rock your playlist without tuning out your surroundings." more...

Cyclist Flys Over Handlebars During Race


"A racer's handlebars slipped off their mount during the Tour de Moselle..." more

Lock 2 is a Revamped Tranquil Pocket Park


Akron, OH - "One of Akron’s historic canal locks has gotten a makeover." more...

The Blessing of the Bikes


Columbus, OH - "...If God’s design for our bodies is movement, can we not honor that design by riding a bicycle?.." more

How to Make More Time to Ride


"Follow these six steps to eliminate stress and make more space in your life to enjoy your bike." more

How to Ride Defensively


"...A dooring is when the occupant of a parked vehicle opens the vehicle’s door into the path of a passing cyclist..." more

The Trails at Ciaiola Conservation

NY - "...if mountain biking is more your thing than hiking, you’re in luck, there’s about 13 miles of trails in the park and mountain bikes are allowed on all but 2 miles of them." more...

Bicycles Made from Whiskey Casks


"Portland brand Renovo is known for their eye-catching and functional wood-framed bikes..." more

Hummingbird Folding Bike

"The weight is only one thing that's changed since its Kickstarter two years ago." more...

The New Apple Watch Series 3


"The latest wearable from Apple has built-in cellular connectivity so you can go truly phone-free on a ride." more...

Best Bike Rides Near Your 12 Favorite Cities


"​Whether you’re traveling to a new town or just tired of your usual loop, we’ve got an awesome route for you..." more

Retro E-Bikes with Vintage Style

"They may be light on practicality and cargo space, but they're heavy on nostalgia." more...

Minnesota's Best Autumn Shows


MN - "...Timed right, a hike on the Oberg Mountain Trail, part of the Superior Hiking Trail near Tofte, brings views of not only Lake Superior but also a sea of blazing maples..." more

Q& A with a E-Bike Retailer


"This interview covers a lot of ground, from e-bike benefits to how to buy the right one for you." more...

Bike Mechanic Knows How to Get Your Stolen Bike Back

"Matthew Feiner of The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop in New Haven, Connecticut, has found dozens of customers' stolen bikes. Here's his best theft-prevention tip." more...

Former Resident Appraises Columbus Trails


"We met up with friends last weekend in Columbus, Ohio, to participate in the Midwest Tandem Rally." more...

Spoke Life Cycles


OH - "...One of the main benefits of biking is that it grants access to some of the most beautiful trails in the area like the Wabash-Cannonball Trail, a 63-mile multi-use recreational path running through northwest Ohio..." more

Rhode Island Bike Trail


RI - "I pause on the East Bay bike path to admire the view, which includes a picture-perfect island and lighthouse..." more

Taking a Spin on the New Greenway


CAN - "In the case of the 138-kilometre Rotary/Mattamy Greenway, a $5 million investment is paving the way for better connectivity..." more

East Rosebud Makes for a Great Road Trip


MT - "...The East Rosebud Trail winds its way across the Beartooth Mountains, past spectacular lakes and stark plateaus..." more

California’s Richmond Rides

CA - "California’s Richmond Greenway is a vibrant open space, community hub and active transportation corridor in Richmond..." more

Disconnecting From Devices to Ride

"...It’s amazing to see how quickly generations can change, molded by advances in technology, in some ways for the better, but in others not so good." more...

The New Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

"Prepare to do way more than just count your steps..." more

Bike Camp Offers a Providential Pedal

RI - "It’s a heartwarming sight, watching a new rider roll down the trail, a slow grin spreading across his or her face..." more

5 Disappointing Collaborations from Brands you Know

"Bicycle manufacturers grouping together with car and motorcycle manufacturers to produce limited runs of exclusive and expensive bikes is nothing new, but it’s something that was particularly prominent at Eurobike this year..." more

MTB Destination: Kingdom Trails, VT


VT - "...As one of the most talked-about mountain bike destinations on the east coast, the Kingdom Trails have been on my short list for a while. I finally got the chance to see if they live up to the hype." more...

The World's Largest Urban Cycling Network


China - "...The greenway will extend a whopping 17,000 kilometers (more than 55 million feet), according to the South China Morning Post..." more

Cyclist Video Evidence

"Assault and reckless driving do not require a collision." more...

Portland's Network of Bike Clubs for Women


OR - "The community of people who love bicycling in Portland is always changing and evolving. As someone who watches over it everday, I’ve noticed a nice trend of late: A proliferation of riding clubs devoted specifically to women." more...

5 Reasons Why Plus-Size Tires Are Overrated


"When I first rode plus tires, I thought they were a gift from the mountain biking gods, sent down to earth with a mission: to rescue us from inferior traction and pinch flats." more...

Riding to the Tree of Life

I'm Moving by Bike on Sunday


Seattle, WA - "Moving by bike is one of my favorite things to do. It turns a stressful day of trying to cramp stuff into a car or strapping things to the roof into a fun day of riding bikes around town with friends..." more

Thrilling Ride Down one of the County's Biggest Peaks

CA - "The Cerro Alto Trail is one of the most grueling in San Luis Obispo County - but the summit views are unbeatable." more...

15 Driving Tips to Make Streets Safer


Portland, OR - "We all know driving is a challenging endeavor that carries grave responsibility..." more

Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists?

"EVERYBODY who knows me knows that I love cycling and that I’m also completely freaked out by it..." more

MTB Racing Expands in Public High Schools


VA - "...Last Wednesday marked the first gathering of new co-ed mountain bike racing clubs at all of Charlottesville and Albemarle County’s comprehensive high schools." more...

World Trail Director Revels in Mountain Biking


"Glen Jacobs, director of mountain bike trail-building company World Trail, has been stalked by bears and cougars, lost overnight in the woods in freezing temperatures and dropped off cliffs – all while riding his bike..." more

6 Ways To Make Your Next Spin Class Harder


"Learn how to get your form down for more gains from SoulCycle instructor Lily Miesmer." more...

How to Treat Road Rash

"...Crashes happen to the best of us, and the accompanying road rash is almost a rite of passage for many cyclists..." more

Historical Atlas of the Richland B&O Trail

Richland County, OH - "Gatton Rocks was known as a resort area for 40 years, with rustic cabins on the cliffs overlooking the Clear Fork..." more

Top 10 Columbus Hiking Spots


OH - "...Built around two rivers – the Scioto to the west and the Olentangy in the middle – and crisscrossed by smaller creeks, Columbus’s landscape stands out with its deep ravines, shale walls, prairies, and waterways." more...

15 of Britain's Best Wild Cycling Routes


UK - "...Wild cycling means using bridleways, trails and tiny lanes to explore the countryside..." more

7 Best Bike Rides in Austin


TX - "Cycling around Austin is one of the best ways to get to know the city. The hills in west Austin can be a bit steep and challenging, but most of the hills in central Austin are of the gently rolling variety..." more

Off-Road Labor Day Excursions


"There are certain times a year when I stay off the road and take my cycling to the woods - Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day..." more

6 Awesome Outdoor Places


"...The next eight weeks are prime time for adventuring as the deserts will be cooling down to bearable daytime temperatures and the mountains aren’t yet buried in snow." more...

With These Thighs

"...We look at photos of an awesome bike ride, race or trip we did, and how often do we cringe, thinking ‘ugh my thighs/butt/waist/cheeks/enter body part here?’. What if, instead, we look back through those photos and say, 'Heck yeah, I did that! My body did that.'" more

Exploring the New Towpath Section


NE OH - "...To celebrate the trail's growth, Fresh Water photographer Bob Perkoski set out to photograph the Towpath Trail, documenting both the old and the new and their seamless connection through beautiful Cleveland and beyond. more

Neighborhood Cooperative Teaches Bike Repairs


Columbus, OH - "...The former warehouse offers an open space jammed with boxes of bike parts, work stations and knowledgeable volunteers who teach newcomers how to repair their two-wheelers." more...

The Great Trail is a Trail Mix all its Own


CAN - "...On Aug. 26, as part of Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations, communities and volunteers across Canada marked the connection of 90 per cent of the trail that stretches across 22,000 kilometres, starting in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and ending in Victoria." more

Bike Elkhart Advocates for Cyclists


IN - "Not only does Paul Eash ride his bicycle to his office in downtown Elkhart everyday, he pedals 100 miles every Saturday on the trails around Elkhart County." more...

Are Riding E-Bikes Cheating?


" much has happened in the last few years that this idea should really be relegated to the dustbin of history..." more

Bill's Yay Bikes! Journey

Columbus, OH - "The thing that has surprised me most is the social networking aspect of riding. It’s opened up more opportunities for me than anything else I’ve been a part of!" more...

Wausau's new Sylvan Hill trails


WI - "A new trail system designed specifically for downhill, flowy-style mountain biking is open for business in Sylvan Hill Park on Wausau's north side." more

To the Oregon Coast and Back


OR - "Riding to the coast from the city is something of a rite of passage for many Portlanders. Getting there via Nestucca River Road is a privilege." more...

Floating Bike Crosses 439-mile Texas Coastline

"...Yes, Virginia, fat bikes float." more...

E-Mountain Bike Tackles 40 Degree Inclines


"Both models of e-bike from PESU feature powerful mid-drive motors and battery packs that can get up to 100 miles of range per charge." more...

Bike Tour of North Chagrin Reservation


Cleveland, OH - "The Cleveland Metroparks' North Chagrin Reservation - featuring a nature center, Stawberry Pond, Foster's Run and Squire's Castle - can be crossed on the park's multi-purpose trail." more...

Ride Mills Peak for Epic Views and Tasty Brews


CA - "...Located near Graeagle, Calif., in the Plumas National Forest, the Mills Peak trail is a bumpy, 10-mile ride with incredible views and a brew pub nestled in a grove of trees at the end..." more

New Bike Infrastructure Tour in Washington County

OR - "...The County spent $18.3 million to widen Cornelius Pass road between Cornell and Highway 26. The project included new sidewalks on both sides of the roadway, a buffered bike lane on the west side of the road, and a separated, two-way bike path on the east side (among other things)." more...

The Defensive Rider & the Right Hook


"...This post is meant to share riding skills for people who want to take extra precautions against drivers who are distracted, careless, aggressive, inexperienced, or simply fallible humans..." more

Conor McGregor Trained on Two Wheels


"The UFC pro got ready to go head-to-head with Floyd Mayweather using cycling as cardio prep." more...

Bike Tour of Bedford Reservation


Cleveland, OH - "The Cleveland Metroparks' Bedford Reservation - featuring Bridal Viel Falls, Tinker's Creek Gorge and Shawnee Hills Golf Course - can be crossed on bicycle using the park's hilly multi-purpose trail." more...

Bicycling in Boulder

CO - "The bike paths and lanes are the veins of Boulder, pumping people to and fro." more...

Garmin Edge 1030 In-Depth Review


"After over three years, Garmin has updated its flagship GPS navigation computer with a new edition - the Edge 1030..." more

Cycle up a Building

"A graduate from the Innovation Design Engineering masters program at London's Royal College of Art has recently designed a bicycle that allows users to vertically scale buildings..." more

North Mountain, a Mountain Biking Destination

WA - "...The North Mountain trail project - a joint effort between Department of Natural Resources, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and the Darrington community - recently opened the first portion of its network of trails..." more

Denver Area Trails


CO - "Get on your bike and hit these 3 Denver trails." more...

Exploring Germany's Largest Island


"...I've done just a few miles through shady woodlands and sleepy villages of quaint thatched cottages. There are cycle paths almost all the way and I'm enjoying myself. The sun comes out. In a lovely patch of forest, I swing off down an unmarked track..." more

Prime Parking Spaces for People, Not Cars

NYC - "Prime parking space on a teeming block in Manhattan's garment district is reserved for people, not cars." more...

Hike-Bike Trail Highlights Great Lakes


CAN - "...Today, the multi-use Great Lakes Waterfront Trail stretches 2,100 kilometres and continues to grow to the delight of bikers and hikers." more...

Madman Rides Bike with Exploding Rockets!


"...climbing aboard a custom-built bike packed with 1,000 rockets while you're protected by nothing but a fireproof slab of foam strapped to your back is risk on a whole other level..." more

5 Trails Funded by TIGER

"The federal TIGER program has funded more than $340 million in projects for trails, walking and biking to date - making it a powerful resource for those who want to create multimodal transportation choices in their communities..." more

Paving the Way for a Bike-Friendly Future


MI - "Growing up in northern Michigan's bicycle community was, and still is, pretty amazing." more...

Why I Ride a Bike Without a Brake


"As a widower urges 'reckless' cyclists to learn from the death of his wife, who was knocked down and killed by a teenager on bike with no front brake in east London, a courier explains to the BBC's Laura Lea what made him ride a 'fixie' - and why this may now change." more...


Cruising along a Cleaner Cuyahoga River

Cleveland, OH - "While Northeast Ohio does not have a Grand Canyon, or a huge mountain range, or even an actual wilderness area, it does have a unique river - the Cuyahoga..." more

Gold Dust & Sheep Creek Trails


CO - "...We have numerous, well-traveled trails here in Summit that have maximum aspen effect (Aspen Alley, duh), but there are a few just outside the county that are just as good." more...

25 Years, 50 Rivers, 1 Greenway

"The East Coast Greenway, by its scope and vision, is a big idea: A 3,000-mile protected biking and walking route that connects major cities from Maine to Florida. So when it came time to celebrate our 25th birthday, we knew we had to think big..." more

Explore Chicago by Divvy


IL - "Divvy bikes have been around for a few years now, but not all Chicagoans have figured out how to harness the power of these little blue bikes..." more

Light and Motion Urban 500 Headlight


"This powerful-yet-small bike light is perfect for city and mountain riding..." more

Bike Tour of Rocky River Reservation

Cleveland, OH - "The Rocky River Reservation, at about 13 miles from Bagley Road in Berea to near the mouth of the Rocky River at Lake Erie, is one of the busiest parks in northern Ohio." more

Rim Country's Highline Trail


AZ - "The eastern portion of the Highline Trail is Rim Country's mountain biking gem..." more

New York City: Living 'The Life' by Bike


NYC - "Streets buzz with the excitement of New York City's nightlife, and there's laughter surrounding you..." more

One Century Ride to Rule Them All

Portland, OR - "You know I have a soft-spot for Columbia County..." more

Beginner's Guide to Setting up Your Strava Account

"The cycling social media and training platform can seem intimidating, but it's easy to start getting Strava-obsessed; in fact, it only takes a few seconds." more...

School District Hits the MTB Trails


NY - "...Years ago, Sodus Central School District... put their time and effort into applying for a Specialized Bicycle Components Grant." more...

Trail Smart Videos give Tips and Advice


UK - "Focusing on technical skills to open up the outdoors and helpful advice for a trouble-free trip, the beautifully shot videos follow our Race Smart, Ride Smart and Commute Smart resources..." more

Bedford Hikers Continue Forging New Paths


MA - "It is quite special when an informal social group can remain intact for close to three decades, especially one that includes 11 people." more...

Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Bicycle

"Looking for a cheap bicycle? Avoid the pitfalls when finding the right second-hand bicycle." more...

German Bike Company Could turn Industry on its Head

"...This week, however, an anticipated direct-to-consumer bike brand from Germany called Canyon comes to the U.S., a move that may have a marked effect on the industry." more

6 Best Car-Free Bike Roads in U.S.


"Avoid the auto traffic and ride these scenic roads, some of which are open only to bikes for part of the year." more...

3 Days on an Island with no Cars

MI - "...The idea of experiencing life without cars, even in a somewhat contrived setting (and despite the irony that I had to ride in a car to get there), was too compelling to pass up..." more

The Electric Bike Conundrum

"...We were in the midst of saying goodbye on the small island between the bike lane and the avenue when a bike whooshed by, soundless and very fast..." more

Meet Laura Crawford

"Adventure Cycling is excited to announce that we've hired Laura Crawford to coordinate the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS). You might already know Laura from The Path Less Pedaled, a business she runs with her partner, Russ Roca..." more

Canadian Mountain Bike is a Little Different


CAN - "It's not unusual for new mountain bikes to be unveiled at the Crankworx festival in Whistler, British Columbia. What certainly is unusual, though, is a carbon fiber bike that premiered at this year's event..." more

Pedaling on RR Tracks in the Adirondacks

NY - "You can take the train from Saratoga Springs to North Creek, and now you can pedal your way farther into the Adirondacks, thanks to a startup company that offers so-called rail bike tours." more

Bike Trails Popular in Decatur


IL - "The Decatur Park District's bike trail system is among the most popular amenities in the parks system..." more

Seattle Morphed from Bikeshare Failure to Industry Leader

WA - "Seattle, long known for great coffee and cloudy days, has added a new distinction -- bikeshare hotbed." more...

The Death of Road Riding

"The Spandex-clad 'roadus velocipedus' species is being subsumed by the "adventure bike" category. Has the sun finally set on road riding?" more...

5 Ways You're Wrecking Your Drivetrain

"Stop doing these things - especially the ones you think are good for your bike - if you want to prolong the life of your pricey parts." more...

Hiking / Biking Redstone

CO - "We've been out exploring campgrounds and new bike areas this summer. One great new spot we discovered is Redstone Campground." more...

Fremont Adventure Recreation Grows

CO - "Within 15 minutes of hiking the Le View trail on the Royal Gorge Park Trails, hikers can see scenery that stretches on for miles." more

BeltLine Founder Turns Focus to Buford Highway

"The visionary behind the Atlanta BeltLine is setting his sights on Buford Highway as the very first project of a new urban planning nonprofit he created." more...

Jakarta, the City Where Nobody Wants to Walk


"Dita Wahyunita doesn't like walking the streets of the Indonesian capital." more

25 of the Most Influential Bicycles

"The bicycle celebrates its 200th birthday this summer. From the 1817 Draisienne to today's fat bikes, these are the bikes that have shaped how we ride." more...

Shuttered Subway Draws Huge Crowds


Cleveland, OH - "Thousands of people toured the shuttered subway on the lower level of the Veteran's Memorial Detroit Superior Bridge on Saturday." more...

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

The South Mountains


NC - "...I also sat in quiet silence beside a waterfall, heard no sound other than that of the rushing water, and reconnected with a bit of my soul." more...

Juggernaut 3-Wheeled Cargo Bike


"Denver, Colorado's Juggernaut has developed a cargo bike built for 'hauling freight and pushing weight' as an "economic & environmental alternative" to driving a car." more...

Portlanders Cycling to view Total Eclipse


OR - "...Portland, unfortunately, will only experience 99.2 percent obscuration of the sun and not the whole deal, meaning there will be very strange shadows under trees..." more

Green Lake's Bike Trails Add to Area's Appeal

WI - "...We saw that there was such a need for great trails in our area..." more

36 Hours in Cincinnati

OH - "Cincinnati is experiencing a boom, especially in the Over-the-Rhine district where rich cultural offerings and breweries thrive." more

View the Solar Eclipse from a Great Rail Trail

"On Aug. 21, Americans will have an opportunity to take in the astral beauty of a total solar eclipse! Thanks to data provided by NASA and the National Park Service, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy was able to identify the most ideal course - and best rail-trails - across the nation to view this rare phenomenon." more...

Stunning Sights from New England Trail Mapping Trips


"Proud mountains, roaring seashores, tranquil lakes, forests with forget-me-not foliage, scrumptious chowders and wicked-awesome trails - yes, we're talking about New England..." more

Now You Can Cycle 'Big Sur Island,' a Car-Free Stretch

CA - "...A series of landslides have left a breathtaking stretch of the state's iconic Pacific Coast Highway almost completely cut off from mainland California, forming what locals are calling Big Sur Island..." more

6 Reasons Akron Should Be On Your Radar


Akron, OH - "If there were a contest for the Ohio city with the most unexpected history, Akron would win..." more

Rallying for the Rock Island Trail


MO - "...I'm just coming off of a trip to Jefferson City, Missouri, where I met dozens of people who live along the Rock Island rail corridor..." more

A Simple Stealthy Singlespeed E-Bike


"This customizable e-bike is available in 200 colors, gets up to 50 miles per charge, & weighs in at 33 pounds, yet costs just over $1000." more...

Neighborhood Bikeway Photos


"...there's a third type of low-stress bike infrastructure that is notoriously difficult to describe - right down to the name we use for it..." more

Understanding the Four Types of Cyclists

"...Geller suggested that Portland's [cycling] population could be categorized into the following four groups..." more

The Mailman Who Delivers by Bike

AFG - "...Deliveries are almost never simple in Kabul, Afghanistan, which has about five million people but few street names or addresses." more

Community, Policer Officer help Boy get New Bike

Albuquerque, NM - "Lynea Jauriqui walked out of her South Valley house on Friday to a peculiar sight: a boy riding a bike without any tires." more

Raccoons Use Hanging Bike Wheel as Swing

UK - "These guys are having trouble taking turns." more...

Why Doctors Support Bike Lanes

"Cycling is very effective in promoting good physical and mental health, and it's infrastructure like protected lanes that makes widespread bike use possible." more...

Ohio Nature Preserves


OH - "...have you ever heard much about the Division of Natural Areas & Preserves?" more...

Happenstance: Life on a Bike

Cycling with Kids in Portland

OR - "For me there is a real test as to whether a city or town is cycle friendly - can my two boys ride their bikes safely around it?.." more

Sign Makes Sense in Town that Doesn't


Durango, CO - "My son wants to ride his bike to Animas High School. So he showed me a photo of the sign directing northbound bicycle traffic how to turn west to go on U.S. Highway 160..." more

25 Best Bike Travel & Touring Documentaries

"Traveling by bicycle is one of the most adventurous and rewarding ways to explore the world..." more

Kids tackle Junior Tour de Naperville

IL - "Matthew Russo put on his helmet Saturday, the last step before taking off on his Star Wars bike to tackle the bike trail at Commissioners Park." more...

Top 10 Michigan Bike Trails


MI - "Mountain biking's popularity has grown during the past 25 years..." more

Eat, Sleep, Surf - Taiwan

Middle-Aged Men in Lycra


UK - "The British cycling boom of the last decade has brought a new creature onto the UK's roads..." more

10 Things I Learned From Racing an Ironman

"You can't swim, run, and bike 140.6 miles without learning a few lessons the hard way." more...

The Perfect Cycling City


"If you were building a city for bicycles from scratch, what would you include and leave out? In an edited excerpt from his new book Velotopia, Steven Fleming imagines a pedallers' paradise." more

Using Bicycling to help Manage ADHD

"Riding for Focus is based on the bike company's founder's experiences using biking to help clear his mind, an experience the company is now bringing to schools around the country." more

Creating a MTB Culture for Kids

WY - "It didn't take long for Stoney Blouse to find his niche in the Tetons." more...

Pampered Bike Racer Decides to Ride Across the Country


"A California cyclist puts her cushy life on hold..." more

Magnetic Bike Light Needs no Batteries


"There is a lot of controversy about what makes for safe bike riding, but one thing everyone agrees with: lights are important. Even during the day..." more

Folding E-Bike with 50-Mile Range


"... sales of e-bikes have been exploding in recent years and now Brompton - the makers of one of the nicest folding bikes out there - are entering the fray too." more...

World's Longest MTB Route Gets Longer


"...Now, nearing its 20th anniversary, the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) is ready for an overhaul and an extension." more...

The Case Against Bike Bells

"Why bells aren't always the answer." more...

I Rode RAGBRAI to Honor my Lost Love


"Joined by our family and 10,000 strangers, I crossed Iowa and found the joy, challenge, and healing I needed." more...

10 Things You Should Carry on Every MTB Ride

"...We try to keep our riding bag as light as possible, while still carrying all the essentials." more...

Bike Enthusiast Opens Shop


"Josh Porter would tell you a day on a Mountain Bike is better than any day at the office..." more

Exploring the 41-Mile AT in Maryland

MD - "...For a taste of the AT - without having to quit your job - the 41 miles of trail through Maryland can be done in a long weekend..." more

ECO Cycle Parks your Bike in 13 Seconds


"It may not make economic sense to park bikes this way, but it sure is fun to watch." more...

Why Bikes are Better than Electric Cars in Cities


"...Focusing on switching from diesel and petrol vehicles to electric will most likely result in people simply changing the type of heavy box that they drive around our towns and cities in..." more

Headbadge Hunter

"Jeffrey Conner doesn't remember exactly how he acquired his first bicycle headbadge during a post-college gig as a bike mechanic in Seattle, but he does know it was an English-made, Rocket-brand badge someone had spray-painted blue..." more

Gazelle CityZen is a Sporty Step-Through E-Bike


"Together, the powerful mid-drive Bosch motor and 500Wh Li-ion battery pack promise quick acceleration and a range of up to 90 miles." more...

A Summer Jam West Art Spot

Columbus, OH - "...The 2017 mural is 95 feet of wild and crazy, painted along the Camp Chase Trail on the Hilltop. It's most easily accessed off of N. Sylvan, 200 feet to the east (towards downtown)." more...

Snow Lake Preserve

Geauga County, OH - " The natural beauty of Snow Lake and the surrounding expanse of virgin hardwood forest, sedge meadows and pristine wetlands has stayed relatively untouched for the past century..." more

Ireland's Longest Off-Road Cycling Route


IRE - "Greenways are inspiring a whole new wave of casual cyclists - with Waterford's stunning 46km trail just the latest example." more...

The Winnebiko from 1987

"...Well, what if I told you that I live full-time on a 220-pound recumbent, and am roughly 12,000 miles into a journey of unknown length?.." more...

Hocking Hills Offers Outdoor Activities

Hocking Hills State Park, OH - "...This summer, two new trails have opened for visitors, Whispering Cave and Hemlock Bridge Trail..." more

Bike Team Hits the Trails

GA - "There's a youth sport that begins in the fall, has the kids wearing helmets, and has them navigating on dirt and grass for long stretches of time." more...

Williamsburg Native goes Global on Bike


VA - "A friendly man with a long, white beard wearing a dirty, white Tilley hat is a familiar sight on the Lower Trail during the summer." more...

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sweat

"Stay cool and stink-free this summer with our primer on perspiration." more...

90-Second Bike Tour of Big Creek Reservation

Parma, OH - "The Big Creek Reservation connects neighborhoods with the Cleveland Metroparks perhaps more so than any reservation in the sprawling system." more...

Educator Biking across Michigan on Iron Belle Trail


MI - "Who says you never have to learn how to ride a bike a second time?" more...

Enjoying East Bay Trails on E-Bikes


Danville, CA - "Seated in an electric bike and coasting on the Iron Horse Trail, I discover the thrill of the throttle and hidden Harley-Davidson dudehood." more...

Why Do Rich People Love Endurance Sports?

"Participating in endurance sports requires two main things: lots of time and money..." more

The People Behind Red Bike

Cincinnati, OH - "...Meet the team that keeps Cincy Red Bike rolling along throughout the streets of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Launching in 2014 with 29 stations and 260 bikes, Red Bike now has 56 stations and 442 bikes making their way around town..." more

Compact Cargo E-Bike

"The new Tern GSD looks to be a perfect blend of electric and cargo bikes, as it can carry several passengers & a total of about 400 pounds, without being any longer than a standard bike." more...

AUS Gravel Road Racing 1940s - 1970s

"Long before the advent of tubeless tyres, electronic shifting, GPS navigation, power meters and now suspension - on gravel bikes - there were the hard men of road racing..." more...

How Minneapolis Became a Bike Mecca

MN - "Most people's first reaction to Minneapolis-Saint Paul is a shiver." more...

The Waterford Greenway: Not Just for Cyclists

IRE - "The newly reopened final 19km segment of the Waterford Greenway, from Kilmacthomas to Waterford city, is a joy to traverse on foot." more...

Expanding Colorado Bike Trails

CO - "Colorado was ranked the most physically active state in the country..." more...

Fall Bike Adventures


"Cooler temperatures and colorful scenery make autumn a pretty much perfect time for a bike ride." more...

You Belong with Us

Columbus, OH - "One of the great joys of increasing our organizational capacity is that we are finally in a position to better engage volunteers and support your leadership in Yay Bikes!.." more

Volunteers Maintain B&O Trail


Richland County, OH - "...As a member of the Mid-Ohio Bikers, Reynolds can normally be found pedaling his bicycle on the 18.4-mile trail, but other times he can be spotted clearing debris or mowing around the popular attraction." more...

Building a Social Scene Around a Bike Path


New Orleans, LA - "The 'crown jewel' of New Orleans' cycling network isn't just a way to get around town. It also promises a vibrant space to live, shop, and grab a drink." more...

Ride to a Quiet Beach


Portland, OR - "...We all know how Portland's 90-mile network of neighborhood greenways are great at getting us across town; but they can also help us get away from town." more...

Crossing Europe by Bike

"One in 2 Europeans are regular cyclists, so if you haven't booked your summer holiday yet, then maybe it's time to get on your bike!" more...

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