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Getting Healthy in Motown

Detroit, MI - "...Mike MakCool, co-founder of Slow Roll Detroit, had the idea to start this group seven years ago. It started with just a few people, but quickly grew to about 5 to 6,000 riders each week." more...

Portland’s Pedaling Trash Picker-Upper

OR - "...Since the end of August, Danny has been picking up trash while he bikes around town..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Extreme Downhill Wedding


"Rings? Check. Dress? Check. Mountain bikes? Well, of course." more...

Retro Bidon Making a Comeback


"Ubiquitous in pro cycling in the '40s and '50s, the Coloral Bidon disappeared with the advent of plastic. Now it's back, 2018-style." more...

8 Places to Ride in the Big Easy

New Orleans, LA - "A (very long) bike tour courtesy of Bike Easy’s executive director, Dan Favre." more...

Hike-a-Bike Diaries: Colorado's Gold Rush

CO - "If you follow a Coloradan on Instagram, chances are you’ve experienced a recent bombardment of fall aspen pictures in your feed..." more

Family Biking: How to get Halloween Night Right

Portland, OR - "Do you take your bike trick-or-treating? We do." more...

I Woke Up Unable to Speak English


"...It all started with a cycling accident." more...

Death in D.C.


D.C. - "...I stood at the corner of H Street and 15th Street, waiting for the crosswalk signal..." more

Biking the Delaware and Lehigh Trail

PA - "Fall is a terrific time to bike some of the phenomenal multi-purpose trails repurposed from rail lines and canal tow paths." more...

Grand Traverse Commons

MI - "...Adventure photographer Erik Olsen tells how one trip down his hometown hill was all it took to get hooked." more...

Colorado’s Mineral Belt Trail

CO - "I felt like Luke Skywalker zipping through the forests of Endor on a speeder." more...

Riding on Sand


"This guy took a cross bike to the beach..." more

2018 Bicycling Gear of the Year


"...exceptionally cool products that will make every ride better." more...

Seattle's Commuter-Friendly Vibe

WA - "The city has its share of traffic woes, but there are alternatives to getting around by car." more...

How Bikes Make Cities Cool

The Forgotten Era of Women's Bicycle Racing

"Roger Gilles tells the story of the 1890s women who fought stereotypes to become professional cyclists..." more

E-Cargo Bikes or Drones?


"...Here are two dramatically different approaches to delivery..." more

Why We Should Lose the Words "Pedestrian" and "Cyclist"

"They are people who bike or walk, not some separate species." more...

It's Time to Ban Aerobars


"They’re dorky, antisocial, and dangerous. So should we outlaw them?" more...

Portland By Bike - Day 2

Should You Get an Electric Bike?

"When I first heard about electric bikes, they struck me as the ultimate life hack..." more

Best Strider Bikes for Your Kid

Balance bikes are a great way to introduce your children to cycling." more...

Gifts for Tech-Obsessed Cyclists

"Stumped on how to tell a gadget-obsessed rider you care?.." more

The Crested Butte Trail Network

CO- "Nestled in Crested Butte (CB) and the Gunnison Valley are a copious amount of singletrack mountain biking trails, in fact, the highest concentration you’ll find in North America..." more

Ebike Nation


"...I tweeted at sunset on day one of a four day 518 mile power ride to Northstar at Lake Tahoe from the Bosch eBike Systems offices in Irvine, California." more...

Adjusting to Riding with Cooler Temps


"Use these training, gear, and nutrition tips to successfully navigate the shoulder season." more...

6 Benefits of Spinning


"Every class offers more than just a good workout." more...

Gifts for Kids Who Love to Ride


"They'll use and love these pieces of gear and accessories for years to come." more...

Fast Talk Podcast with Lennard Zinn


"...Today we’re sitting down with a legend of the cycling industry to talk about a variety of factors in frame design that most cyclists have never heard of..." more

6 Unique Bike Accessories


"Whether or not you use your bicycle for leisure or competition or simply for exercise, there is no shortage of bicycle accessories to fit your traveling preferences and keep you safe at the same time..." more

How to Use a Torque Wrench

"This pocket-sized tool can keep your bike in better working order." more...

Alone, Together

"Jenny Tough explores the importance of fixing your own problems, and taking strength from others, at the Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan." more...

Fall Foliage in Lake Metroparks

Painesville, OH - "The leaves are changing across Northeast Ohio and there are plenty of places in the Lake Metroparks to take in the beauty." more...

Beechview-Seldom Seen Greenway

Pittsburgh, PA - "This secluded walking trail is a hidden gem of a Pittsburgh park." more...

Bike & Build Inspires

"...Bike & Build engages young adults in service-oriented cycling trips to raise money and awareness for the affordable housing cause..." more

The Different Types of Bikes Explained


"Use this handy guide to find the type of bike that best suits you and your riding." more...

West Virginia’s Small-Town Revival

WV - "...That so few of these places are familiar beyond outdoor recreation circles is a pity..." more

Guide to Riding a Bike in New York City


NYC - "Essential tips for what, when, where, and how to ride in the big city." more...

Jimmie Johnson Buys Bicycles as an Apology

DE - "...The Truex team had a gift waiting for them Sunday morning: 12 children's bikes sitting on the team's car hauler lift gate." more...

Yes, it's Possible to Bike Through Snow

"...When I got my first fat bike in 2011, there were probably five to 10 [riders] in Bend with fat bikes..." more

The Fuji Gran Fondo 2.1

"...this endurance bike is really good at staying out all day." more...

How we Ranked America’s Best Bike Cities


"Our 100-point system favors safety above all else, relying on more than 130 interviews and thousands of data points." more...

Best Fall Color Biking Trails in Utah


UT - "...Here is a look at some of the biking trails that offer the best fall colors in Utah." more...

The Six-Figure Sacrifice to Save Dirty Kanza

"Race director Jim Cummins had a big decision to make." more...

Laser Bike Light

"...We have combined a high-spec white front light with the patented Beryl laser projection, allowing cyclists to both see and be seen..." more

Cannondale Launches All-New Habit Trail Bike


CT - "More control, more fun, and more efficiency for all riders." more...

GAP Gives Connellsville Residents Hope

PA - " officials and business owners are optimistic about a renaissance, thanks in large part to the Great Allegheny Passage, a 334-mile bike path linking Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C..." more

What's Your Favorite Rain Gear?


Portland, OR - "We don’t need special gear to bike for transportation, but for a lot of us a couple key things make things a lot more pleasant, especially if we want to bike in all conditions." more...

How to Get the Best Deal on a Bike


"The bicycle market is always changing. Here's what you should keep in mind when copping a new set of wheels." more...

Zebra OTB : 21st Century Penny-Farthing

"...this one is a mountain penny-farthing so I thought it needed more gears, hence that big front hub." more...

The Specialized Roubaix Comp


"Future shock suspension and a vibration-dampling seatpost won't sacrifice speed on the road, but will make all-day rides super pleasant." more...

Discoveries After Riding a Bike to Work for a Month

"You get healthier, feel a surge of energy, and avoid the curse of the deskbound life." more...

World’s First Anti-Doping Dog


"The pooch is on a mission to keep sports free of doping." more...

Cycling’s Cutest Rider


"This adorable pup in goggles loves riding..." more

Steve-O Competes in Triathlon


"I really can't believe how far I've come on this journey of life." more...

Best E-Cargo Bikes for Families

"We’ve spent months riding and testing the best electric cargo bikes for every budget." more...

Building the 750-Mile NYC to CAN Trail

NY - "’ll soon be able to hike (or walk, jog, skip, bike, even cross-country ski) from The Battery in Manhattan to the Canadian border by way of the Empire State Trail." more...

Michael Woods Has Arrived


"The middle distance runner turned cyclist just made the podium at the world championships." more...

How to Ship Your Bike

"Get to know your options, then send off your ride with a little peace of mind." more...

Fitbit’s Top Fitness Trackers


"Fitbit's range of smartwatches and fitness trackers are made for athletes of all ages and levels. Here's how they compare." more...

Reviving a Section of the Mohawk-Hudson Trail

NY - "Grasshoppers buzzed and leaped as we rode our bikes carefully along what remains of town Glenville's section of the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail." more...

Take a Hike - Ride a Bike


Fenton, MI - "Enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn in all its outdoor splendor." more...

BMC Alpenchallenge AC02 Three Is a Great First Bike


"Sturdy aluminum frame, rack and fender mounts, wide tires, stylish good looks-it all adds up to a kickass daily rider." more...

Specialized Men's Turbo Levo Comp


"An pedal-assist mountain bike that's as beastly on the trails as it is on paper." more...

Reintroducing Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail

CVNP, OH - "In September, visitors to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) began to see new outdoor exhibits along the trail..." more

Folsom History Museum Brews up Some Bike Culture

CA - "...Bikes & Brews: Brewing a Cycling Culture gives visitors a look at the history behind cycling along the American River and the brewery culture in Sacramento and points beyond." more...

Mountain Biking in Rotorua


NZL - "A new mountain bike trail with rich history and stunning views has been opened and is ready for bikers to enjoy all it has to offer." more...

A Month of Microadventures in New York City

NYC - "I'm not exactly sure when New York City started to feel like home since I moved here seven years ago..." more

The Life of a Red Hook Crit Announcer


"Gabe Lloyd's job depends on how interesting you are-on and off the bike." more...

Bike Trail Puts Spin on Gym Class

Mechanicsburg, PA - "Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School is pedaling a new direction for its physical education curriculum, and it won't be hitting the brakes anytime soon." more...

The Tar­ry­town Lakes Park

NY - "Tar­ry­town’s Lakes are de­vel­op­ing into an in­creas­ingly ex­cit­ing venue for aquatic and ter­res­trial recre­ation by area res­i­dents." more...

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area MTB Trails

CO - "...It's got climbs — big ones — and views to complement those climbs..." more

Bike Helmet Looks Like a Baseball Cap

"...It is a form-fitting helmet that looks pretty much like a baseball cap..." more

Fuji's Absolute Carbon

"Go fast, or take it easy on this comfortable, responsive flat-bar fitness bike." more...

The Toilet Paper Test

"The Toilet Paper Test is simple: If you're at home and you need to buy toilet paper, can you do so conveniently without using a vehicle?" more...

‘Blood Road’ Doc Wins Emmy

"The world-champion mountain biker debuted her film last year to confront the scars of war in southeast Asia." more...

Floyd Landis Starting Pro Cycling Team


"After finally settling his lawsuit, Landis wants to give back to the sport he hurt." more...

Every Cyclist Deserves to Get Rowdy

"The mountain handbiker partnered with Trailforks to rate and document singletrack for non-traditional bikes." more...

Zip-On Bike Tires

"...The reTyre presents one of the craziest bike tire designs we’ve seen in a while." more...

8 Best Bike Trails In Columbus

OH - "Whether it’s a leisurely family ride or you’re training for a triathlon, Columbus is full of epic bike trails." more...

It's Bike-to-Pumpkins Season!


Portland, OR - "Fall has arrived! That means we’re replacing outgrown rain gear, changing our minds about Halloween costumes every five minutes, and planning bike rides to pumpkins." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Moots Titanium Cycles Factory Tour

Meet Kate Courtney


"The newly minted world champion shares her secrets on training, motivation, and the perfect manicure." more...

I Did an Ironman Without Training


"He decided to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112, and run a marathon off the couch. This is what happened." more...

Geocaching Trails in Ohio


Coshocton, OH - "...Although a number of Ohio counties have geotrails created by residents, Coshocton County is one of several with trails created by a tourism bureau." more...

A Journey Beyond II

The Best Part of Running


"My daily life is full of pressures and responsibilities. But on long runs, they all disappear." more...

Please Share This Post When I Die

"I’ve been stewing on this for awhile and I’ll make a video on it eventually, but I had an incident today and I want to write about it before I cool off..." more

The Secret Life of Teen Scooter Outlaws

"Teenagers are flocking to electric scooter services like Bird and Lime, ignoring requirements that riders be age 18 or older." more...

Best Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches

"14 of our favorite fitness trackers for cyclists who love data." more...

The Rylo 360 Action Camera

"This action camera is seriously easy to use." more...

Okanagan Rail Trail Opens


CAN - "It’s pretty spectacular for an urban-type trail to have so much nature around it..." more

Cargo Bike Pioneers in Brussels

BEL - "...Not all cities are cargo bike nations like Copenhagen, but many are re-discovering this unique bicycle..." more

9 Awesome Touring Bikes


"These bikes will capably withstand most any multi-day tour or cross-country adventure." more...

2018 Doppelt Family Rail-Trail Champion

"One of the most important moments in the history of the rail-trail movement happened behind the scenes, with little fanfare or notice, when National Park Service (NPS) staffer Peter Raynor drafted an invaluable piece of legislation in just a few words." more...

Fancy a 300 Km Bike Ride?


AUS - "Unless you are a cyclist, you may find it hard to comprehend the love cyclists have for their two-wheeled adventures." more...

10 Great MTB Trails

"Get your adventure on with these epic routes." more...

The Tern GSD S00 E-Cargo Bike

"This cargo bike offers convenience and usability for your daily errands." more...

A Better Mountain Bike Light


"...Mystic Devices, a small startup brand, introduces a light that predicts and shines in the direction you want to go." more...

Columbus Parks Get You Closer to Nature


Columbus, OH - "...All of these parks are along the Alum Creek Trail..." more

The Río Grande Trail


NM - "The dream of a world-class trail that meanders through New Mexico along the Río Grande is a little closer to reality." more...

True Confessions of Everyday Cyclists


"Got an embarrassing cycling secret? You're not alone..." more

Pedal-Equipped FitCar

"...Saudi inventor Nasser Al Shawaf has taken an Audi A4 and replaced the accelerator pedal with a bike pedal mechanism connected to a flywheel which sends a signal to the throttle, replacing the pedal..." more

Rest Stop Named for Local Cyclist


Kent, OH - "No matter the weather, Kentites often saw the Rev. Harold Walker Jr. riding his bike around town until just a couple of years prior to his death last year at the age of 90." more...

Fear not the Night nor Rugged Bike Path


IN - "Actors dress as zombies during last year's night climbs..." more

Earn Your Turns

Mountain Biking the Solitude Trail


WY - "When most people think about mountain biking at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, they envision riding chairlifts and cruising the bike park." more...

School Biking Club Builds Love for Cycling


NC - "A group Ashe County Middle School students and a local bike shop owner are helping to build a legacy at one of the state’s newest mountain biking parks." more...

10 Amazing State Parks

Ten parks you have to visit this fall. more...

The Most Dangerous Place to Bicycle in U.S.

FL - "Pinellas County, Fla., has the highest cyclist death rate in the Tampa Bay metro area—which has the highest rate of any metro region in the U.S." more...

PBMA's President Suggests the 1/3 Rule for Bike Mechanic Salaries

"...My challenge to you, the storeowner or manager, is to begin paying your best mechanic one-third of your store's hourly labor rate..." more

What Exactly Is the FTP Test?

"It's one of the most misunderstood terms in cycling, but we'll break it down for you." more...

30 Bike Hacks


"Our favorite tips, skills, and saddlebag secrets." more...

Life in a City That Banned Cars

ESP - "...With all but the most essential traffic banished, there are no revving engines or honking horns, no metallic snarl of motorbikes or the roar of people trying make themselves heard above the din..." more

Bikepacking Jack Saloon

Visually Impaired Riders Explore D.C.


D.C. - "Qudsiya Naqui is legally blind, but most Thursday evenings, she hops on a bike in either D.C. or Maryland and rides the trails." more...

Fox’s Electronic Live Valve Suspension

"The electronically controlled suspension system is so much more than automatic lockout." more...

Meet Army Jay


PA - "A local legend we call Army Jay proves that the outliers in cycling make it better." more...

5 Amazing Fall Hikes


Columbus, OH - "There are plenty of amazing parks in and around Columbus. And while I love the seclusion that innercity parks offer, there’s nothing like actually getting out into nature..." more

What If Bicycles Were Designed like Cars?

"...At Bike Shop Girl, we love fitness, road, and mountain bikes but we strongly believe that if more bikes were designed with an everyday user in mind that we would start to see a shift in mode share or at least a rise in hobbyist riding by normalizing the bike." more...

The History of Cycling Shorts


"From wool to leather to lycra, here's how your riding has evolved." more...

The Jamis Hardline

"A solid pedaling platform with 160mm of travel makes the Hardline great for trails and bike parks." more...

Quebec’s Tomibofia Trail


CAN - "...The wide trail is a quiet, rich mix of rural life, nature and railroad history..." more

Presque Isle’s Multi-Purpose Trail


PA - "It started in 1968 as an idea to provide a path where families could bike ride bikes safely on Presque Isle..." more

17 Best Bike Locks


"Whether you're just ducking in for a coffee or leaving your bike out all day, there's a lock for you on this robust list." more...

5 Easy Ways to Store Your Bike


"Because it's all fun and games until someone trips over the hallway bike." more...

The Haro Shift R7 LT


"Grippy tires, smooth shifting, and a new Rockshox fork complete a great-value build." more...

Hit the Rail in the CVNP

CVNP, OH - "Take one national park, add in a scenic railroad, and the result is magic." more...

Coolest Gear For Fall 2018


"Ride better and look better with this innovative new gear." more...

New Rivendell Model Designed for Dirt


Reno, NV - "For the first time since it began selling lugged steel custom bikes in 1994, Rivendell Bicycle Works is exhibiting at Interbike..." more

Surf 'n Turf on the Chippewa


WI - "...A surf-and-turf trip is a canoe trip down a river coupled with a bike trip on the same stretch of river..." more

Bicycling Dutchmen Rediscover Their Roots


NYC - "As many locals know, Red Hook’s roots go all the way back to being settled by Dutch colonists in 1636..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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The Record-Breaking Bike


"A look at the ride that broke the motor-paced bicycle land speed record." more...

Guy Starts Racing Bikes, Reaches World Tour 3 Years Later


"How Michael "Rusty" Woods became one of the oldest rookies in the peloton at age 29..." more...

Learning Cycle

Columbus, OH - "Self reliance has been marketed out of the modern bicycling industry over the past few decades, but small local bike shops and scrappy co-ops like Franklinton Cycle Works have made it their mission to bring it back..." more

North Adams Bike Culture Is Gearing Up


MA - "Organizers of a free weekly event in North Adams, Massachusetts want to boost cycling in the city of roughly 13,000." more...

The Mastic Trail

"Yellow mastic tree thrives in Grand Cayman’s inland forest." more...

Giro and Pearl Izumi Transitioning to Sustainable Fabrics


"...Giro and Pearl Izumi are utilizing fabric recycled from previously-discarded nylon for their newest clothing lines." more...

The Ritchey Outback


"There is something authentic about steel bike frames that’s intangible until you ride one..." more

Huffy Rolls with the Times


Dayton, OH - "In its 126-year history, Huffy Bicycles has proved time and again that the ability to adapt is embedded in its DNA..." more

The Walking Bike for an Active Life

"What a cool way to get around if you have trouble walking or cycling." more...

Merlin's Classic Newsboy is Back


"Merlin Bikes is back, and just like in the 1990s, the brand has brought a crowd-pleaser to Interbike: the Newsboy." more...

Proper Tire Inflation


"Learn to inflate your tubes efficiently and correctly for a smoother, radder ride." more...

Face-lift at Diamond Lake

OR - "...You can bike on the road around Diamond Lake, but it just doesn’t give you the great views of Mt. Thielsen, Mt. Bailey and Crater Rim that you get on the trail." more...

Floyd Landis to Open Cycling-Themed Cannabis Stores


Portland, OR - "Remember Floyd Landis?" more...

New Multisport Smart Watches

"Today Polar, best known for bringing heart rate measurement to the masses, announced two new multisport smart watches..." more

Ritchey Ultra Trail Bike Returns


"Classic steel frame updated for modern cross country shredding." more...

4 Great Reno / Tahoe MTB Trails

NV - "...I'm leaving this list of four of my favorite places to ride in the Reno-Tahoe area." more...

New Valemount MTB Trail Named for Pain


CAN - "...It’s called Stinger. It’s a tribute to the pain endured by trail builders due to a calamitous wasp season." more...

Man Wins National Race 1 Week After Finishing Chemo


"After a stage 3 cancer diagnosis, Jim Nelson upped his training so he could get back on the track." more...

The Shady Creekside Trail


MI - "...During your hike, you’ll appreciate delightful views of the water and a truly calming atmosphere." more...

Explore Seattle by Bike

5 Great MTB Trails in the Verde Valley

AZ - "Throughout the Verde Valley, from Cottonwood to Sedona to the Village of Oak Creek, there is an abundance of mountain bike trails to challenge the skill set of the most experienced to novice riders." more...

The SB130


"The 130MM - travel 29er is what a modern trail bike should be." more...

Biking a way of life in Ocean City

NJ - "With more bike shops in town than you can count on both hands, it’s clear that biking is popular in Ocean City..." more

Island Line Trail Offers Plenty to View


VT - "...We were spending a blazingly hot day exploring the Island Line Trail, a 13.5-mile-long multi-use trail (aka bike path) that runs from downtown Burlington north along the shore of Lake Champlain..." more

Building California's Most Epic Bike Route


CA - "In Sonoma, Mendocino and Humboldt counties, 300 miles of old, decommissioned railroad tracks wend through river canyons and redwood forests in some of Northern California’s most gorgeous and pristine backcountry..." more

This is How We Liv

What's Lighter Than Titanium & Stronger Than Steel?


"Allite Super Magnesium has the potential to shake up product design and manufacturing across many industries." more...

Bicycling Capital of America


Sparta, WI - "...Sparta is the Bicycling capital of America because it is home to the first rails to trails conversion..." more

San Jose’s Three Creeks Trail

CA - "...San Jose’s Willow Glen Neighborhood just got a new trail that celebrates the valley’s former railway and the canneries it once served back when the Silicon Valley was known as 'Valley of Heart’s Delight'." more...

Newberry Crater Rim Loop


OR - "The 20-mile loop around Newberry Crater is a challenging ride with volcanic views." more...

Scamp Life

Light & Motion’s Vya Pro Commuter Combo


"A USB interface built into the lights lets you plug them directly into your laptop, no charging device required." more...

Out of Control

TX - "Houston’s roads, drivers are country’s most deadly." more...

Escape From Babylon

How to Buy a Used Bike


"Buying a secondhand bike can save you thousands. Here's how to avoid picking a lemon." more...

Family Friendly Cycling Routes in the York Region


CAN - "Traffic-free trails perfect for family bike rides." more...

Indiana’s Cardinal Greenway

IN - "Decades ago, a disused railroad line found new life, becoming the Cardinal Greenway, Indiana’s longest rail-trail..." more

How a Bike Shop Saved a Neighborhood


"When Gregory Chichlow opened Chocolate Spokes, there were junkies outside." more...

Blind Rider Completes 30-Mile Trail Ride

UK - "An inspirational blind woman is the first in the UK to cycle a 30-mile bike trail on her own." more...

Working Out Might Give Your Memory a Serious Boost


"Here's how to schedule your workout for the greatest effect." more...

Cannondale Topstone Apex1

"Start your adventure today on a drop-bar bike that is ready for anything." more...

Bicycle Capital of the Midwest


OH - "...when talk turns to comprehensive and beautiful bike trail networks, well, in my kooky world Ohio can definitely hold its own with the heavy hitters..." more

Lessons in Bike Commuting from a Non-Cyclist


Columbus, OH - "When my kids finished the school year in the Spring, I decided to try my hand at riding my bike to work..." more

Cyclist Encounters Aggressive 'Roo

"An Australian rider had one encounter with an aggressive 'roo, then nearly collided with a second." more...

Keep Bike Etiquette in Mind


"...Here are some basics etiquette tips to keep you and those around you safe." more...

The Speedy Trek CrossRip+

"This full-featured commuter offers road-bike handling and a boost up to 28 mph." more...

Early Bikes Sparked Fears that Scooters do Today


Columbus, OH - "The 1890s bicycle boom raised the same concerns that scooters are raising now. Here’s a look at how Columbus reacted when bikes boomed." more...

Ohio State Reformatory Tour Impresses Tourism Director


Mansfield, OH - "...The group started their day with a tour of downtown Mansfield and the Carrousel District, ate lunch at City Grille and spent the afternoon touring the Reformatory." more...

Bike Thief Shamed Into Returning Bike


"Andrew Loys has been through a lot. In addition to surviving cancer three times, someone recently stole his bike that had been specially modified for his disability..." more

Best Bikes for College Students


"A bike is your ticket to freedom and fun." more...

The Down Under Seat Roll


"A leather to strap and waxed-canvas wrap harken back to a bygone era in cycling." more...

The Algonquin Experience


CAN - "...With nearly 3,000 square miles of forest, streams and interconnected lakes, that fascination could last a lifetime..." more

Bike Trails Across Volusia & Flagler Counties


FL - "Explore Volusia and Flagler counties on these bike trails." more...

What Happens When You Leave Your Bike Outside

"Here's how quickly your parts start to degrade-and what you can do to bring them back from the dead." more...

A PLatinum Bicycle Friendly Business in CA


CA - "...This space eventually became The Hub, a free full-service bike shop and transportation center right in the middle of Facebook’s Menlo Park, CA Headquarters..." more

Veteran Trailmaster Steps Back After 25 Years


Middlebury, VT - "Former Middlebury Area Land Trust Director Amy Sheldon during the early 1990s imagined the Trail Around Middlebury as an emerald necklace. A 19-mile path weaving its way through lush green hills, waterways, rolling pastures and other natural gems that could be experienced for free." more...

The Arbutus Greenway

CAN - "A 12-hour snapshot of the number of people using Arbutus Greenway reveals a significant increase from 2017 to 2018." more...

Biking the Humboldt Bay Trail


"On the path, in the weeds and around the eucalyptus bark." more...

High School MTB Leagues

"High School mountain bike leagues are pumping thousands of kids into the U.S. cycling scene. What impact has it had on bicycle racing?" more...

Alex Ovechkin on Northern Virginia Bike Trail

VA - "...Later in the afternoon, Ovechkin was back working on his cardio, biking on the the Washington & Old Dominion Trail..." more

Bontrager Ion 200 RT & Flare RT Lights


"The focused beam and flash patterns are visible from over a mile away." more...

A Bike Light Primer

OR - "...As much as it pains me to say it, the days are getting shorter and now’s the time to prepare for darker mornings and evenings." more...

A Remarkable Journey Of Healing

"Iraq war and combat veteran Sgt. Sarah Lee has had an extraordinary journey spanning 4,000miles and 10 states and over 200 communities." more...

Love Spin Class? Consider Riding Outside


"Taking an outdoor ride once a week can be more beneficial than being a spin class regular." more...

Bikepacking Hacks

"We asked our favorite bike mechanic what to bring and what to know before departing on a bikepacking adventure." more...

The KHS Aguila


"Minor component updates and not-so-subtle geometry tweaks bring the KHS Aguila up to date." more...

The Silence After Hit-and-Run

NYC - "Five years ago, several shocking fatalities pushed the police department to expand its crash investigation squad. Apart from renaming the unit, little has changed." more...

Enjoying Nature by Bike

IN - "As fall slowly approaches, one of our favorite ways to exercise is biking on the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail..." more

Kingdom Trails, a 100-Mile MT Bike Paradise

VT - "With no experience or plan, Worth built one of the most legendary trail systems in the northeast." more...

Jimmie Johnson is on a Mission


"How the celebrity driver is winning over the unlikeliest converts..." more

Mongoose Salvo 29 Sport

"This entry-level Mongoose is capable of conquering more than just singletrack." more...

Moose Takes Stroll on Rail Trail

MA - "A Facebook post with video of a full-grown bull moose sauntering south on the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail has been raising some eyebrows." more...

Conquering the Province Lands Bicycle Trail

MA - "Swooping through the winding roller coaster ride that is the Province Lands Bicycle Trail is a rare treat, particularly in June and September..." more

A Hotbed for Mountain Biking


MT - "...The combination of the Butte 100 race series, the nearby Discovery Bike Park, and the popularity of the Continental Divide trail system is fast producing a mountain biking destination." more...

A Fatibike Saved his Life

"Getting on a bike helped the Navy veteran combat his PTSD and lose 280 pounds." more...

Outrageously Expensive Bikes

"Solid gold fat bikes? Real butterflies on your rims?.." more

Riding the Ohio-to-Erie Trail

OH - "...We left Massillon shortly after 7:30 in heavy fog..." more

The Beauty of the Hocking Hills


OH - "...The 2,356-acre park, roughly 45 miles southeast of Columbus, offers towering cliffs, waterfalls, and deep hemlock-shaded gorges." more...

MTB Program has Empowered 3,000 Women

"Lindsey Richter launched the ladies allride clinics to get more girls on trails." more...

Pain of Auto-Pedestrian Crash Still Lingers


TX - "...More than two years ago, Parker was crossing John Stockbauer while jogging on the Lone Tree Creek Hike and Bike Trail when she was struck by a car that didn’t yield to her in the crosswalk..." more

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