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2020 Rail-Trail Hall of Fame Nominees

U.S. - "...In July, the Hall of Fame nomination committee at Team RTC voted in the 'trail primaries' to narrow down the running to four exceptional candidates..." more

3 Women Try Bikepacking for the First Time


OR - "...29-year-old Portland-based filmmaker Analise Cleopatra decided to jump head-first into a bikepacking trip even though she’d never mountain biked or camped..." more

Mark Satkiewicz Dead at 52


CO - "Former Smartwool executive and SBT GRVL co-founder Mark Satkiewicz died of suspected cardiac causes while cycling near his home on Saturday." more

Riding an E-Bike Has Changed My Perspective

"...I don’t own a car, but with the trusty RadCity Step-Thru e-bike that Rad Power loaned to Earther, I feel limitless..." more

How to Use Hand Signals


"...another key part of getting through your ride safely is communicating clearly with other commuters on the road." more

7 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Sydney

AUS - "... the NSW capital is full of some of the best mountain biking trails in not only the state, but the whole country..." more

The Mount Vernon Bike Trail is a Gem


VA - "...The trail is unofficially cut into three parts: the nine-mile stretch from George Washington’s Mount Vernon Plantation; a mile or two through Old Town, Alexandria; and about six more miles up the river to Key Bridge..." more

East Bay District Offers Scenic Bike Trails


CA - "...there are lots of options throughout the East Bay Regional Park District..." more

Old Mine Pits Become MTB Destinations


MN - "Redhead Mountain Bike Park at the Minnesota Discovery Center boasts 15 miles of single-track trail. That will double soon." more

Pedaling Through the Pandemic

NYC - "I cycle most days now..." more

Best Bike Paths in Michigan

MI - "...Here are some of the best bike paths in the state..." more

Bikepacking Cornwall

The Singing River Trail Project

AL - "... It’s a 70-mile greenway under construction that planners say will connect north Alabama along and near the Tennessee River from Huntsville west to Decatur, Madison, and Athens." more

Cycling the Waterford Greenway

IRE - "With plenty of pit-stops and trailside attractions along the way, exploring the 46km route really is a perfect short break." more

Mountain Bike Trail Build Boom Continues


MN - "Trail building throughout Northeastern Minnesota shows no sign of slowing down." more

Nashville Greenways Mix Views, History

TN - "...Nashville's nearly 100-mile greenway system includes paths that range in length from a short 10- to 15-minute walk to 10 miles or more..." more

Ep. 12: Gold Hill

Riding the Narrow Gauge


ME - "One of the most unique bike trails in Maine is the historic Narrow Gauge Pathway in Carrabassett Valley..." more

3 Great Cycle Routes on Westmeath’s Old Rail Trail Greenway

IRE - "The 42km Old Rail Trail Greenway traces the historic Midlands Great Western Railway along a relatively flat, off-road route with lots of places to stop along the way..." more

Cycling the Great Trail


CAN - "...It was our third, last and best day of cycling on the Rossburn Subdivision pathway, which stretches 172 km from Neepawa to Russell..." more

The Case For Titanium Bikes

"Why modern hardtails, gravel bikes and bikepacking rigs have resurrected this legendary material." more

The Birk & Berg Bike Track

IN - "A group of new and experienced mountain bikers has been meeting since last year to build a mountain bike track in Jasper..." more

San Francisquito Motorway & Warm Springs Truck Trail

Garmin Experiences Sales Drop as it Recovers from Cyber Attack


KS - "Garmin Ltd. reported a 9% year-over-year revenue decrease in the second quarter, but gains in the fitness sector helped mitigate the losses." more

Kool Stop Founder Richard Everett, 76, Dies


OR - "Richard Everett, founder of Kool Stop International who led a quiet revolution in the manufacturing of rim brakes, has died..." more

Are Delivery Bots Coming to Your City?

UK - "The robots are coming. Fortunately, they’re bringing groceries and takeout with them.." more

How to Be a Rider: Katie McCain

"Katie McCain, 34 and an advertising agency producer from Portland, Oregon, shares what she thinks makes her a true rider..." more

America's Most Unique Trailside Attractions


U.S. - "...Connecting some of the most diverse communities, landmarks and geography in America, trails are the perfect places to find the inspiring, the unique and—in some cases—the truly bizarre." more

Lake Erie Adventure

Top 5 Full-Suspension E-Bikes


"When it comes to extreme comfort for the road or extreme handling for the trail, it’s hard to beat the benefits of full-suspension electric bikes..." more

Finding the Best Bicycling Insurance

UK - "...Read our guide on how to compare cycling insurance and get the right cover[age] for your bike." more

Insurance Issues for Cyclists

"...Unfortunately the 'Bike Insurance' policies I’ve seen do not begin to replace good Auto coverage. They don’t offer big enough policy limits..." more

Uncuttable Bike Locks?

"Bike locks don’t work well: More than two million bikes are stolen each year in North America alone..." more

The Historic Railroad Trail

NV - "...Following the route of an early-1930s railroad that was built specifically to serve the construction of the nearby Hoover Dam, the trail offers a unique insight into that mammoth engineering feat." more

Solar-Powered GPS Bike Computer

Peter Stetina Bet on Himself in 2020

"Pete Stetina was lying in bed one April morning last year, when his phone buzzed..." more

An Open Letter to "Real" Cyclists


"Hello from the nice people currently ruining your riding life..." more

Specialized Teases the New Tarmac SL7

"While we wait for bike racing to return in earnest, bike brands aren’t slowing the roll-out of their latest equipment..." more

Learning From London & Bogota Bike-Friendly Streets


IND - "How can India re-introduce the cycle as a preferred mode of transport?" more

Cycle Around Lake Balaton

Riding Bike Trails in PA


PA - "If you have a bicycle, take some time to get out and enjoy scenic trails." more

Google Maps Just got Better for Cyclists

"...Google Maps has rolled out an update of its cyclist offering. It’s now more sophisticated, more accurate and more up-to-date, and has some handy new features for bikeshare users too." more

Mountain Biking at 11,000 feet on Bunker Creek Trail


UT - "When the Southern Utah summer sun sears down on the desert, outdoor enthusiasts tend to look toward higher elevations and cooler climates where they can still enjoy the outdoors." more

Natural Beauty along the Virginia Creeper Trail

VA - "Did you know that you and your family could cruise a bicycle down the former Virginia Creeper steam locomotive’s route and through a gorgeous national forest?.." more

Forgotten Highways - Of the Whanganui River

Bike Guide: Lenawee Trail


CO - "The Lenawee Trail has one of the shortest seasons of any mountain bike trail in Summit County. However that doesn’t keep it from becoming a favorite for everyone who rides it..." more

Riders Flocking to Mountain Trails

ID - "It’s been a banner year for local mountain biking destinations, who have seen solid attendance..." more

Cyclists and their Bikes


"When Josh Tack and Sarah Raz cycled across Alaska and then down to the border of Mexico, Raz used one of her favorite bikes..." more

10 Awesome Touring Bikes

"Chalk it up to the call of the open road, but there’s nothing more romantic than the idea of a multi-day bike tour..." more

Richmond to Jamestown on the Virginia Capital Trail

Richmond, VA - "...there’s a new favorite route in Virginia that runs from Jamestown to Richmond: The Virginia Capital Trail." more

Mount Lowe Railway

Cleveland Metroparks Celebrates 103 Years

Cleveland, OH - "When Brian Zimmerman was growing up on a farm in rural Wisconsin, he loved being outside. He just didn’t realize he could translate that energy into a profession." more

A Bike Route with Potential


NY - "Perusing the interim recreation plan for the Sable Highlands, I especially was keen on finding new opportunities for mountain biking and hiking..." more

Entrepreneur Offers 'Uber for Overlanders'


Denver, CO - "A Colorado business is offering short term rentals of fully outfitted overlanding vehicles for visitors and locals who want to go offroad camping with all the toys, including bikes." more

Michigan Off Road Expedition

MI - "An 1100 mile Off Road Bike-Packing Route through the great state of Michigan." more

My Last Day Of Summer

Roanoke’s Greenway System will Surprise You


VA - "No car is no problem with the Roanoke Valley's greenways system, over 500 miles of paved and natural trails that stretch throughout the region..." more

Garmin Outage Leaves Users Unable to Sync Rides


"On Thursday, July 23, Garmin posted on its website and social accounts that they are experiencing an outage that 'affects Garmin.com and Garmin Connect'.” more

“Robot Arms” to Keep Motorcycles out of Bike Lanes


THA - "Students from Thammasat School of Engineering (TSE), Thammasat University have developed 'AI Bike Lane Robot Arms'. These smart robot arms with AI technology that can detect motorcycles and keep them out of the bike lane..." more

Shakopee Breaks Ground on MTB Park


MN - "...The park, which will be located at Xcel Energy's Blue Lake power plant and Quarry Lake Park, will feature four loops that go around Quarry Lake with riding options for everyone from beginners to advanced riders..." more

Doing the Double

Hiker Stranded for 40 Hours in the Desert


CA - "Robert Ringo went for a hike in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California when he fell and broke his leg..." more

The 15-Minute City Is Having a Moment

"...This decentralization of services has become known as the 15-minute city, where you can do your job, go to school, see your doctor, and be entertained all within a 15-minute radius of where you live..." more

The Best Smart Watches for Cyclists

"Each year, GPS watches become more like dedicated bike computers, adding cycling-specific features to their growing list of fitness-tracking capabilities..." more

How Much Does Standing While Climbing Boost Power?


"According to a recent study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, standing in the saddle is more effective than the seated position for generating high pedal forces." more

Detroit Bikes Brings Schwinn Production Back to U.S.


Detroit, MI - "...Founded nine years ago, Detroit Bikes LLC now produces up to 10,000 bikes a year, said CEO Zak Pashak. And it’s poised this month to begin assembling 500 copies of Schwinn’s classic Collegiate cruiser..." more

The Hippy Hop Knee Slide

Reporting a Citi Bike Theft

NY - "...So began my Kafkaesque journey into the bureaucratic nightmlare of losing (or being forcibly relieved of) a Citi Bike." more

15 Tampa Bay Trails to Explore


FL - "Some of the region's treasures are moderately known, while others are hiding in plain sight." more

The Izip E3 Simi Step-Thru

"The iZip E3 beach cruiser offers a smooth, upright, electric-assisted ride for a low, low price." more

Building a $12M MTB Trail

"The Pike 29 Memorial Track was built as a living memorial to the men who died in the 2010 Pike mining disaster..." more

COVID State of Mind

Cincinnati, OH - "...The last four and a half months we have acclimated to a new normal here at Spun..." more

Fixing the Outdoors

"Our lands and waters are fundamental to our heritage, health, and culture. We must invest in them." more

Can We Play Bikes Without Races?

"..as pandemic countermeasures mow down events nationwide by the dozen, we have all had to reorient our physical practice..." more

Electric Balance Bike for Kids

"The hardest part when learning to ride a bike is balancing it on two wheels, and what makes a bike easier to balance? Speed..." more

12 Best BMX Bikes

"BMX is arguably the most diverse and inclusive form of cycling out there..." more

A Ride into Ashton's Nearby Backcountry

ID - "...Ashton is a launch point for some great trails and access to nearby adventures. The town is not too far from the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park and the Bechler Ranger Station." more

BMC Teammachine SLR01 One

"...BMC took what worked so well on the previous Teammachine and tweaked it to make the new version lighter and more aero..." more

Teen Helps Build Bike Field of Dreams


NZL - "Manawatū teen Isaac Springett's dream of having a bike track near his house has come to fruition." more

Empowering Youth Through Bikes & Coffee


NM - "Scott Nydam is a longtime bike racer who has been inspired to start a NICA program for youth in Gallup, New Mexico..." more

Why Are Traditional Men’s & Women’s Bike Frames So Different?


"Growing up, I always found it odd how different boys’ and girls’ bikes were..." more

Cyclists Head for the Hills in Mexico City


"With new bike routes and the pandemic pushing more people to cycle, the mountains outside one of the world’s megacities are drawing new and veteran enthusiasts." more

Riding the Skin & Bones Trail


Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Bikes Wedge Their Way into Paris Traffic


FRA - "Stein van Oosteren was cycling along the Avenue Denfert Rochereau in Paris when, to his surprise, he found himself in a 'caravan" of bikes'." more

Local Bike Shops Are Community Lifelines

"...It’s also been a good time to welcome new customers into the sport..." more

Biking the 32-Mile "Moose Loop"


AK - "...Immediately, I asked my editor if I could write a story about the Moose Loop. Clearly, I would have to go on the ride myself." more

Bike Fishing: Valles Caldera

Grab a Beer on New Solon-to-Ely Trail

IA - "Six-mile stretch, now paved, had been a missing link in Eastern Iowa's trail network." more

You Don't Have to Be Skinny to Cycle Fast

"Dylan Lorimer was stoked." more

The 9 Best Bikes for Girls

"Girls’ bikes have changed a lot..." more

The Ohio Gravel Grinder Story

OH - "I’ve ridden gravel roads since I was a kid, so this whole gravel grinding thing seems to come naturally..." more

Lightweight Bikepacking Gear List

Paul Brodie offers Youtube Frame Building Classes

CAN - "...Brodie has launched a Youtube channel with instructional videos, adding a new video each week." more

Tips from a Bike Lube Geek


OR - "...Chain lubes are probably one of the most underrated components on a bicycle..." more

Lessons from the Life and Death of the Segway

"...was the Segway really such a failure? Or was it just two decades too early?.." more

American Southwest Is Like One Giant Bike Park

U.S. - "...Some of the most beautiful bike trails in the US snake through the Southwest, land of red rocks and quaking aspen, alpine lakes and saguaro forests, vast deserts and bizarrely beautiful geological formations." more


6 Great Indiana Hikes


IN - "...amazing Hoosier trails I’ve fallen in love with during the past few years." more

Bike Fever


D.C. - "As the summer sunshine glows, a resurgence of bike fever has hit the residents of the nation’s capital..." more

A Guide to Tubeless Tires

"...tubeless tires have gotten lighter, more reliable, and now offer an improved ride experience..." more

LeMond Bicycles Moves $2M Closer to Launch


TN - "LeMond Bicycles LLC recently raised a bit over $2 million in a private placement investment, possibly bringing the company closer to launching a bike line using technology developed by Greg LeMond's other business, LeMond Carbon..." more

My Great Divide Gear and Bike

U.S. National Parks E-News

Read the latest edition.

Nibby Priest offers Free Safety Rides

Henderson, KY - "...Unlike many people, Priest didn’t forsake biking when he learned to drive..." more

Cycling Center Food Delivery Program Ramps Up


OR - "Now in our third month of using bikes to respond to the coronavirus crisis, the Community Cycling Center (CCC) and a team of volunteers continue to hold it down with weekly food deliveries to New Columbia in north Portland and the Cully neighborhood in northeast..." more

The Little Beaver Creek Greenway

OH - "Tucked away in a quiet corner of eastern Ohio, the Little Beaver Creek Greenway introduces visitors to the beauty and history of the Appalachian foothills..." more

New Bike Route from Minneapolis to Yellowstone

"...The route starts in Minneapolis and heads west through a whole bunch of wide open spaces, eventually taking cyclists 1,374 miles to West Yellowstone in Montana." more

Matt Jones Transformed his Backyard into a Bike Track


"For the past 10 weeks, as half the country was baking banana bread, this has been Jones’ passion project: building a DIY bike track from scratch, in his own backyard..." more

Bangor Expands Trails for Biking and Mountain Biking

ME - "...Places you might not even realize like Essex Woods, which used to be a landfill, is now a mountain bike park for all abilities." more

Saving America's Prairies


"...Local trail developers and conservationists have recognized the potential to convert the corridors in their midst to multiuse trails, and thus, they hope to permanently protect a disappearing natural treasure—tallgrass prairies..." more

The Road Runner Burrito Handlebar Bag


"...A seat bag is a good solution for carrying small items you don’t need immediate access to..." more

Tennessee’s Best Bike Trails

TN - "Tennessee is home to some of nature’s most spectacular wonders. From its rolling hills and waterfalls to its wildlife and rivers, there’s so much to explore. And what better way to see it all than on a bike ride?.." more

Cycling Surge Includes Mountain Biking

"Mountain bike trail counts across the United States are showing increases of 100% to over 500% compared with the same time in 2019..." more

Riding High on Mount Nebo

AR - "hase II of Monument Trail network offers something for cyclists of all skill levels, and for non-cyclists, too." more

Widow Speaks about Road Safety


NZL - "Celia Hope doesn’t know how she’s going to cycle without her beloved husband and biking buddy." more

The 9 Best Tandem Bicycles

"There are plenty of reasons to want a tandem bicycle..." more

How to Use Tire Levers

"Getting a flat tire is an inevitable part of cycling..." more

Cannondale Issues Safety Notice


Wilton, CT - "Cannondale is conducting a recall of the front racks used on some Cannondale Treadwell bike models because the rack's bolts can allow the rack to fall off." more

Riding a Bike Fun Again, Shop Workers Say

IL - "If there is such a thing as a positive side to the coronavirus, it may just be the renewed interest it has sparked in bicycling." more

Hellobike Unveils AI-based Shared Mobility Technologies

"The company has partnered with local governments to develop a non-motorised vehicle safety management system tailored to each city’s unique traffic conditions." more

How to Carry Stuff on Your Bike

"Who needs a trunk when you’ve got a rack and some bungee cords?" more

Have You Noticed All the Bikers on the Streets?

"...She’s spent eight hours a day on her bike since she moved to New York five years ago, but now things are different on the streets..." more

Jeff Hiatt and his Fat Bike


"...I wanted a fat bike so I could ride year-round on the snow and dirt. They ride very well on sand, too. Basically, it’s the perfect Michigan bike!" more

7 Scenic Bike Paths on Long Island

NY - "...With the renewed popularity of biking comes the need to find new and exciting places for two-wheeled adventure..." more

Sulfuric Volcano MTB Ride

How to Build a Route for Riding


"...it’s easier than ever to build a memorable route while traveling..." more

Green Bike Co-Op Keeps on the Move


OR - "...In operation for 14 years, Green Bike offers free bikes and a bike repair service, with donations welcome and proceeds supporting Seashore Family Literacy programs..." more

Specialized Selling Equipment Through Backcountry & Competitive Cyclist

"If you browse the homepages of Backcountry or Competitive Cyclist today, you’ll find big new addition to the e-commerce inventory: Specialized..." more

10 Best Bike Paths in Metro Detroit


MI - "Here are 10 of the best bike paths in Metro Detroit..." more

Knox County Park District Geotrail 2020


What’s Next for Northerly Island?


Chicago, IL - "Chicago planned to turn the 91-acre peninsula into an oasis on Lake Michigan. A decade later, it’s a noble failure." more

Seeing the Gorge with Less Traffic


OR - "It has now been over three months since the State of Oregon closed about 14 miles of the Historic Columbia River Highway..." more

The Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB

"...a mid-upright speed bike that craves variety..." more

The End of the Fix Gearing Debate?

"Wireless shifting, hub gears and a cassette - is this the future?" more

Remembering Chuck Harris, a Cycling Innovator

Knox County, OH - "...Chuck was a beloved figure in the cycling community who made rearview bicycle mirrors at his workshops in Knox County, not far from where the Kokosing Gap Trail is today." more

7 Picturesque Hikes In Ohio

OH - "With a northern border established by Lake Erie, a southern boundary of forests, and the Appalachian Plateau filling much of its middle, Ohio is full of natural beauty..." more

Behind the Scenes of 'Homeoffice'

Yamaha's Newest E-Bike hits 28 mph


"The Civante is a Class 3 electric-power assist bicycle, the company announced Wednesday, that's arriving at U.S. bike shops later this summer with a $3,399 price tag." more

I Rode the New Shalesmoor Bike Lane in Sheffield


UK - "...Welcome to the new ‘pop-up’ bicycle route on Shalesmoor, one of Sheffield’s busiest streets..." more

The Best Parks in Columbus, Ohio

OH - "...To help fellow trekkers, I’ve rounded up my list of favorite Columbus hikes in the best city parks." more

Best Bike Trails in the U.S.

U.S. - "...These bike routes—from a 20-mile run in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to a woodsy route in the Cascade Mountains—provide some serious payoff in the form of jaw-dropping views..." more

Hitting Every Trail at Middle Hill Bike Park

NZL - "New Zealand is well known for its great riding and relaxed vibe - well, we think we found the pinnacle of that..." more

3 Outstanding Florida Bike Trails


FL - "Florida was made for bicycling — it’s flat, so cycling is easy, and the weather is good for biking year round." more

The Seamstress Who Conquered Bike Racing

"Cyclist Tillie Anderson came out of nowhere to shatter records, dominate her competition, and earn the world champion title during the late-19th-century women's racing craze." more

Trail Memorial Project Seeks to Honor Dedicated Volunteer


WA - "...Hall saw a vision of a bike trail that would connect the Puget Sound to the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula and he would not stop until it was complete and he could bike it himself." more

How to Replace a Bike Chain

"Besides your tires, your bike’s chain is arguably the component that needs the most frequent replacing..." more

The Mountain Biker Who Vanished

"...Jon Billman looks at the rare, tragic case of a fat-tire rider who couldn't be found." more

Whistler's Dirt Merchant With Yoann Barelli

Zed Bailey Dead at 41


OR - "Zed Bailey beamed into Portland in 2012 and wanted to take our already legendary bike fun scene to the next level..." more

It Really Was About the Bike

"...I grew up like most American kids, playing baseball in the summer and football in the fall. I didn’t really know anything about the sport of cycling..." more

What’s the Deal with Hookless Rims?

UK - "Road tubeless has been in the wind for over a decade and in the last couple of years the technology has shown real signs of going mainstream..." more

Schwinn & Detroit Bikes to Revive the 1965 Collegiate

"To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Schwinn collaborated with frame builders at Detroit Bikes to re-create a limited-edition cruiser inspired by one of its most iconic models..." more

Urban Kayaking through Columbus


OH - "...this route, which begins on the Olentangy River and eventually converges with the Scioto River to the south, exists at the confluence between nature and urban sprawl." more

Former Shimano Chairman Yoshizo Shimano Dies

JPN - "...The contributions he made to Shimano's business cannot be measured and his impact will be felt forever..." more

Riding a VanMoof, the Tesla of E-Bikes


"...To put it to the test, we used it for two weeks in Milan..." more

The Best Mountain Bike Helmets

"...deciding which helmet to spend your money on can quickly and become overwhelming endeavor..." more

Gravel Riding in Northern Colorado


CO - "...One segment of cycling that was growing before the pandemic is gravel cycling..." more

Bikepacking Vancouver Island

Cycling on Trails a Biker's Paradise

"...Our modern side paths are often former railroads, built for the iron horse and then abandoned. Two-wheeled vehicles came to fill the void, for if you build it, something will come." more

Summit County Mountain Bike Alliance

CO - "...Ideally we want to be the unified voice of Summit County mountain bikers..." more

Juliana Furtado CC X01 RSV

"Juliana’s most popular bike just got more capable, smooth-riding, and fun." more

A Cyclist & His Macaw Hit the Trails

WI - "If you’ve been biking around Madison this summer, you may have done a double take at some point." more

Castle Creek Trail a Reality after 14 Years

CO - "After 14 years, a lengthy lawsuit by area residents and nearly $4 million in construction costs, a half-mile trail to two school campuses in the Castle Creek Valley was finally completed this week." more

Only Revolutionary War Fort in Ohio


Bolivar, OH - "...The Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail, an 80-mile long recreational trail, goes through the site today." more

We Need to Get Girls Racing


"...There is a huge amount of women who mountain bike, but there are too few racers..." more

What I Learned from Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day

"These days, it seems you can barely go anywhere without hearing about the benefits of staying hydrated..." more

These Cities are Becoming More Pedestrian Friendly

"...From San Diego and Seattle to Athens and Rome, cities are reimagining themselves as they reopen, and that vision comes with more walkability, streets closed off to cars, and wider, better bike lanes..." more

Woodside to Central Park Via Bike Lanes

NYC - "...Queens will receive 2.4 miles of newly designated open streets, as well as a protected bike lane that will connect Woodside with Manhattan and run to Central Park in plans announced by the mayor last Thursday." more

Celebrating Boston's Pedestrian Bridges

MA - "Today’s bridge design combines architecture, urban design, and urban planning, and establishes key connections throughout the city with style and grace." more

Doc Back Riding After Brawl at Medical Clinic

"...After a CT scan, he was diagnosed with three fractures of his spine." more

Could New York Finally Become a Bike City?


NY - "...Could the current demand for [bikes] finally be what transforms the city into a bike-friendly metropolis?" more

Mayor Imagines City Connected by Bike Trails


Annapolis, MD - "...one idea has persisted throughout his tenure, one that Buckley said he hopes would change Annapolis character to include micro-transit options like bicycles and scooters and ridesharing." more

Bentonville: Mountain Biking Capital of the World?


AR - "...A quick Google search reveals several locales around the world that stake a similar claim as the 'capital' destination for mountain biking. In the United States, Moab, Utah, which has hundreds of miles of accessible trails, is at the top of most tourism lists." more

Cycling Like Your Life Depends On It

"Everyone wants safe cycling but until we address the actual causes of crashes, all the post-crash pontification, proposals and demands for new laws and changes to infrastructure, especially bike lanes, are just wasted time and effort." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Bike Ridership Continues to Rise During the Pandemic


"If there’s one thing Cris Matos doesn’t miss about her life before the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the way she moved throughout the five boroughs of New York City..." more

Awesome Trails in the Champaign-Urbana Area


IL - " There is no better time to get out and enjoy all the beautiful bike paths in Champaign-Urbana that helped Urbana earn the title of “Bicycle Friendly Community” from the League of American Bicyclists." more

Biking the Cape Cod Rail Trail

Bike Shop Recycles Bicycles back into Community

CO - "Recycled Cycles Bicycles and Fitness bike shop is recycling commuter bikes in Fort Collins to give back to the community during a pandemic." more

Garmin Acquires Firstbeat Analytics


CHE - "Garmin Ltd. has acquired Firstbeat Analytics Oy, a privately-held provider of physiological analytics and metrics for consumer devices in the health, wellness, fitness and performance markets." more

23 Awesome E-Bikes

"...The beauty of e-bikes is that they make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people in so many ways..." more

Try Bicycle Camping

"...Camping by bicycle — bike-packing — adds to the adventure and sense of accomplishment, they say..." more

16 New Mountain Bike Trails


U.S. - "...Earlier this year new trail openings were pushed off due to various travel restrictions and stay at home orders. Now that it’s June, we’re tracking more than a dozen new mountain bike trails that have opened to the public this month." more

How to Be a Rider

"Joshua Page, 29, a framing and conservation technician in London, shares what he thinks makes him a true rider..." more

Juiced Scorpion E-Bike Review


"...The Juiced Scorpion may be an electric bicycle by definition, but its retro-inspired design harkens back to the classic mopeds of decades past..." more

Aerodynamics Benefits Are Real— Just Not Always Realistic

"Before you whip out your credit card to buy the latest aero wheels in an attempt to take the lead on a local Strava segment, consider this..." more

Catching Up with E-Bikes


"What’s an aging cyclist to do when the hills get too long and steep..." more

Enjoy the Outdoors in Ashtabula County


Ashtabula, OH - "Plenty of adventures await outdoor enthusiasts who visit Ashtabula County. Here’s a sample of what the county offers..." more


ODNR Designates Ohio’s 14th State Water Trail


Findlay, OH - "Ohio Department of Natural Resources has designated the Blanchard River Water Trail as Ohio’s 14th state water trail, according to an ODNR news release." more

Katy Trail State Park Is More Popular Than Ever


MO - "...We have been seeing about double our normal visitation at all of our trailheads..." more

The Best Cheap Road Bikes


"If your budget for a bike is close to a grand or less, now is a good time to shop..." more

11 Awesome Hitch Racks

"The latest generation of hitch racks makes it easier than ever to transport your bike without the hassle of wrestling it into your car..." more

Specialized Issues Safety Notice


CA - "Specialized Bicycle Components has issued a safety notice about certain 2019 and 2020 Sirrus and Sirrus X models because of incorrect crankset installation." more

Overnight Bikepacking Towpath Ride to Bolivar

A Response to the Name “Dirty Kanza”

"...Last year, for the first time, I signed up to race in the Dirty Kanza..." more

How to Convert a Bike to E-Power


"With all the noise currently being made about electric bikes, you might be tempted to get some extra push on your rides..." more

Revonte's ONE E-Bike Drive System


"Revonte are a Finnish company offering a complete drive system for ebikes, but with a twist..." more

Hitting the Trails in the Toledo Area

Toledo, OH - "...'Trails are the number one reason people say they come to the park,' said Scott Carpenter, spokesman for the Metroparks Toledo." more

The New Trails at Bike Park Wales

3 Trails that Offer Quiet Treks Thru Lush Landscapes

D.C. - "The pandemic, for all its misery, has made me fall in love with the Washington area all over again. This is a green paradise, its nature offerings serene under the human retreat." more

The Power of Cargo Bikes

"...Cargo bikes, especially the electric-assisted kinds, have already shown their value as a means for freight transportation under the right circumstances..." more

7 Mountains You Can Climb

"With no races on the calendar, Everesting has become the hottest trend amongst cycling’s elite and diehard fans of the sport who are looking for a new challenge to tackle..." more

A Cycling Overnight on the Holmes County Trail


Millersburg, OH - "...For years, I have contemplated an overnight bike trip..." more

Reggie Miller on StacheTV

Northville Biking Trails Open Just in Time

MI - "As a biking renaissance surges throughout southeastern Michigan, Northville Township displayed impeccable timing Friday with the opening of a beginner-friendly mountain bike trail..." more

Detroit Bike Introduces its First E-Bike

Detroit, MI - "Detroit Bikes is releasing a new e-bike called the E-Sparrow, a $900 commuter based on its popular Sparrow model..." more

Gravel-Biking is Well-Suited for the Strange Summer Ahead

"Despite a crippling pandemic, biking's hottest trend is here to save you during 2020's hottest months." more

Lessons From the Mountain Kingdom


"...Johan Wahl and his wife Jana picked up a couple of bargain vintage bikes from their local classified ads and headed off on a three-week, 700-kilometer journey across Lesotho..." more

Jekyll Island's Bike Trails


GA - "... Jekyll Island's bike trails in Georgia will take you away from reality for a bit to really make your vacation one of a kind." more

Bike Cleveland Is On A Roll

Cleveland, OH

Adventure Biking in Southern Idaho

ID - "Biking adventures can be found nearly anywhere in the Magic Valley and in northern Nevada." more

High Country offers a Bustling Road Cycling Community


NC - "Cyclists of all ages love to experience the beauty of the High Country and breathe the fresh mountain air from the seat of a bicycle." more

How Uber Turned a Promising Bikeshare Company Into Garbage


"...Former employees told Motherboard how getting acquired by Uber led to JUMP bikes being destroyed by the thousands." more

Apple to Add Bicycling Directions


"On June 22, Apple announced the new features coming to WatchOS, iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS at its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference..." more

Best Bike & Hike Trails in NE Ohio


Cleveland, OH - "...Ever wonder 'where the best bike trails near me' are in Northeast Ohio?" more

Trails Worth Exploring near Philadelphia


PA - "...The Greater Philadelphia region is home to hundreds of miles of trails. Some greet you with riverside views. Others are scattered with historic attractions..." more

Their Only Portait

Kids on Bikes get Creative


Holland, MI - "...These bike-loving kiddos are out riding and participating in the Velo Kids Summer Bike Adventure." more

Bicyclists Paved Way for Better Roads

OH - "...Most of the original roads in central Ohio were dirt trails 4 to 5 feet wide..." more

Best MTB Trails on the Western Slope


CO - "Determining where Colorado’s best mountain biking exists is like choosing your favorite child: it’s not going to happen." more

Happy Rebirthday Cuyahoga River!


Cuyahoga County, OH - "...Another Cuyahoga River infrastructure project that had a major impact on the vitality of the river was the Scranton Flats portion of the Towpath Trail extension project, where a former steel-jacketed section of the river was converted into a fish-friendly naturalized riverbank..." more

5 Most Common Bike/Car Collisions

The Crown Zellerbach Trail


OR - "...The Crown Z (what Columbia County would prefer you to call it) underwent a major facelift late last year and with summer finally here, this rail-trail is ready for its close-up." more

Santa Barbara Named 3rd Best Cycling City

CA - "...In 2019, Santa Barbara ranked 12th in the U.S. in the City Rankings. This year, as a result of our robust bike culture and enhancements to our biking infrastructure, Santa Barbara placed in the top five across the nation." more

Prevention is Key During Tick Season


OH - "...ticks hide in tall grassy areas waiting to attach themselves to clothing or fur." more

Revel Bikes Introduce the Ranger Trail Bike


"In keeping with the tradition of making the bikes we want to ride, we are thrilled to announce the new Revel Ranger!" more

Is It Safe to Ride in Groups Again?

"While there are still many unknowns about coronavirus spread, experts consider risk to be lower in outdoor settings where safe social-distancing practices are in place." more

Devonian Pathway is "a Real Gem"

CAN - "One can derive endless pleasure from a civic treasure that is known colloquially as the bike path." more

Old Cemetery on Hiking Trail Spurs Curiosity


Middlesex, PA - "It’s a curious sight to come upon while walking the Appalachian Trail in Cumberland County: a tiny, ancient cemetery, nearly consumed by trees, brush and earth." more

Tiffanie Stanfield Fights Hit-and-Run Driving

"...I started Fighting H.A.R.D. after my sister Jameca was killed in a hit and run crash on April 12th, 2016 — our mother’s birthday..." more

Upcoming Google Maps Features Uncovered

"...Today, Jane Wong posted to Twitter a bunch of new features coming to Maps — here’s a breakdown." more

The Annapurna Circuit

"The Annapurna Circuit is one of the world's most beautiful high-altitude hiking trails, winding its way through some of Nepal's tallest mountains and encircling Annapurna I, which towers at 26,545 feet (8,091m)..." more

5 Best Hiking Trails in Philadelphia

PA - "...To help you find the best Hiking Trails located near you in Philadelphia, we put together our own list..." more

Buddy the Welsh Terrier

'Bob the Bike Guy'

"During the pandemic, many of us have been stuck at home whether working or out of work, but not Bob Charland." more

Zanardi in Artificial Coma after Horrific Handbike Crash


ITA - "Ex-Formula One driver and four-time Paralympic gold medalist Alex Zanardi remains in an artificial coma after suffering severe head injuries in a horrific cycling race crash." more

Demetrius Dallas

Cincinnati, OH - "As Demetrius Dallas sat on his porch in North College Hill one night, he witnessed a scene that would come to impact him immensely." more

New Pandemic Bikers have lots of Questions


MN - "With interest in biking on the rise due to COVID-19 boredom, a lot of questions about cycling rules and regulations are coming..." more

5 Great Summer Hangouts

Muncie, IN - "...Muncie has a trail system for cyclists and pedestrians that makes other communities jealous." more

Pedaling ‘Pure Michigan’


MI - "There are more than 1,300 miles of biking trails in Michigan to explore. Add another two miles to that opportunity when the Argentine Township portion of the LAFF (Linden, Argentine Township, Fenton Township, Fenton) pathway is completed." more

Bicycles Fly off the Racks in Boise


ID - "2020 has been a bad year for nearly everything else, but bicycles are having a moment." more

Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 8.0 Di2


"A fast, fun carbon road bike with Di2 electronic shifting..." more

The New Trek Émonda


"The Émonda SLR is a benchmark pro race bike—and it’s surprisingly rider friendly." more

Rocky Mountain Bikes Recall


CAN - "...we have decided to initiate a voluntary safety recall of specific alloy only Instinct, Instinct BC and Pipeline bikes of 2018, 2019 and 2020 model years. Carbon models are not affected." more

Redlands gets Broze Medal for its Trails


CA - "...When the International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA) hit this area’s trails system with a bronze award earlier this year, it became a big deal — a first for California." more

Must See U.S. 40 Sites


Cambridge, OH - "Long before it was hip to take a trip on Route 66, the National Road (Route 40) served as America’s first highway to adventure..." more

The Mystery of the Light-Speed Cyclist


"...New research breaks down the ways our eyes would process an object moving at light speed." more

Thinking About Riding a Bike?


"These days, with limits on public transportation and daily protests, cyclists dominate cities around the country. Here’s how to become one." more

6 Cincy Bike Trails to Ride


Cincinnati, OH - "With more than 570 miles of trails, we asked Tri-State Trails Director Wade Johnston his picks for the six best trails people should bike this summer..." more

Couple Celebrates their Anniversary Riding the Ohio-to-Erie Trail

OH - "Louise and Lawrence completed a round trip on the trail, riding 675 miles in 11 days to celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary..." more

Triumph Motorcycles Enters E-Bike Market


UK - "...the company took the motorcycle world by surprise with the electric bicycle launch this week..." more

Evil Bikes Offering Bike Demos


Winter Park, CO - "Evil Bikes is offering bike demos in this mountain bike destination town this summer, at an unusual but fitting venue: a craft brewery's tap room." more

How to Get Your Stolen Bike Back

"...Think positive and operate under the assumption that you will recover that bike..." more

Mountain Biking the Black Rock Trail


OR - "Although only 4½ miles long, Black Rock Trail might be one of the most important paths within the vast network of Central Oregon singletrack..." more

Bikepacking in Sedona

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Getting Stoked About E-Bikes

"...Electric bike sales jumped by an incredible 91 percent from 2016 to 2017 alone..." more

Bird Launches Navigation App


"Bird is rolling out a new standalone app, called Bird Maps, in Paris and Tel Aviv that will provide turn-by-turn navigation for riders who want to use bike or micromobility lanes for their entire trip." more

Does the UCI Understand Gravel?

"...The UCI reached out to me on this date with a proposal for a potential gravel gran fondo series..." more

Prepping For An Overnight Bikepacking Trip

11 Best Handlebar Tapes


"Your handlebar tape covers two of the five contact points you have with your bike..." more

Learn How to Bunny Hop

"Big air isn’t just for mountain bikers..." more

People for Bikes to Redo City Rankings


"...It’s not uncommon for cities to get left out, Wagenschutz said. Some bigger cities with well-established infrastructure routinely choose not to submit applications..." more

A Rookie's Guide to Biking in Philly


PA - "...In Philly, with our robust urban biking community (in 2019 alone, Indego bike share usage increased by 11 percent, to 740,000 trips, and bike traffic last fall increased by 53 percent) it can feel intimidating for newbies to know where, or how, to get started..." more

From Couch Potato to Bike Trails


MI - "Out on the Dequindre Cut on a nice day in Detroit, anyone on two wheels these days finds lots of company." more

The Next Great Bike Boom Is Here

"...If you’ve found yourself experiencing mixed feelings about this proliferation of new riders, you’re not alone..." more

10-Year-Old Backflips his Bike


"Just a few weeks ago, we saw 10-year-old mtb phenom Harry Schofield learn to backflip his BMX bike..." more

Bikepacking Iranian Kurdistan

"Photographer Ana Zamorano spent a month pedaling through Iranian Kurdistan..." more

Finding the Perfect Saddle

"A love letter to the Pro Stealth Superlight." more

Exercise Can Boost Your Immune System

"A recent review published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science found that aging, obesity, and inactivity can have negative effects on the immune system." more

The Best Cities for Bikes

U.S. - "PlacesForBikes is a data-driven approach to identifying the best U.S. cities and towns for bicycling to help city leaders pinpoint improvements, and make riding better for everyone..." more

Creepy Fatique

Bridging the GAP


PA - "On a sunny Saturday in June, Ohiopyle is a happy jumble of hikers, cyclists, rafters and kayakers. Located at Horseshoe Bend on the Youghiogheny River, aka “the Yock,” this Pennsylvania town of 59 permanent residents thrives as a jumping-off point for outdoor experiences." more

Mountain Town Expanding Network of Trails


CO - "...now with the expansion, it will become a destination for trail running and mountain biking in the summer..." more

Biking in Birmingham


AL - "It’s no wonder that the biking industry has experienced a massive surge due to coronavirus. It’s an activity that makes social distancing easy, it provides a solid workout and it’s really fun..." more

Q&A with 'The Greenway Imperative' Author


"...We hope you enjoy this Q&A and extended preview of the book with author Charles A. Flink. An award-winning author, planner, and landscape architect..." more

Chisholm’s Redhead Mountain Bike Park

MN - "Construction began last summer for the new 15-mile bike trail, so Friday couldn't come soon enough for riders to test out the addition." more

Picking Up Glass in the Bike Lane

D.C. - "I saw this kind man who was collecting glass on the 15th St bike lane by flashlight last night..." more

Wanna Bike?


NY - "4 trail systems available within minutes of Oneonta." more

10 Best Bike Baskets for Hauling

"No matter what you need to haul across town—beer, groceries, a rashly adopted puppy—there’s a bike basket for the job." more

Dick's Sporting Goods Ends Furloughs


Pittsburgh, PA - "Dick's Sporting Goods restored salaries and ended furloughs for employees after stores closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic." more

Explore the Outdoors in Mansfield


OH - "Ohio has a lot to offer those seeking the outdoors, scenery and beauty. One place to see is Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield, now open year-round." more

Fixed Gear Bogotá

Specialized Pledges $10M to Outride

"...Specialized is pledging $10 million over the next three years towards improving diversity and inclusion in cycling." more

SRAM Eagle 520 Flattens the Hills


"New 10-52 cassette offers 20% more range." more

Hiawatha Bike Trail Provides a Family Challenge

ID - "Midway into the one mile-and-one-half long, cold, pitch-black, and muddy Taft Tunnel it started: My 10-month-old son was not happy." more

Pinery Dam


CVNP, OH - "Three weeks ago construction workers began notching the Brecksville Dam, the first step in the removal of a concrete structure that’s spanned the Cuyahoga River since 1951. As water from the dam pool has been released, another dam dating back to the beginning of the Ohio & Erie Canalway is slowly being unveiled. And there’s a lot of history behind the Pinery Dam." more

How to Corner on a Bike

"...I attacked early, railed the corner, and opened a gap. I raised my arms in victory at the finish, only to be told that this gesture was against the rules..." more

Central Maine Cycling Clubs Experiencing Ups & Downs


ME - "Though rides have been canceled, some clubs have seen active participation, increase in volunteers." more

Become a Bike Enthusiast this Summer

"...The longest lines right now aren’t at grocery stores but outside the bike shops..." more

Austin Earns Spot Among Best Bike Cities


TX - "...The city received an overall score of 3.0 out of 5, tying with Los Angeles, Detroit and New Orleans while securing the 20th spot on a list of 567 North American cities..." more

Cycling with America’s First Black Sports Hero


"...It’s a book about cycling, and about race relations at an earlier time in the United States." more

11 Best Beginner Bikes

"Beginner bikes are more affordable and better than ever..." more

Pennsylvania’s Tacony Creek Trail


PA - "Philadelphia is tucked between two major rivers, the Delaware to the east and the Schuylkill to the west; between them, Tacony Creek—a tributary of the Delaware—runs its course through the city’s northeast neighborhoods..." more

Regional Trail Network Adds New Opportunities


WI - "Area bicyclists have been afforded some new opportunities, with the addition of shared-use paths in Waunakee and Westport this spring." more

The Kit You Can't Take Off

"...Every time I leave my house on two wheels, I have to contend with the fact that at any time, for no reason at all, somebody might kill me..." more

The Golden Gate Bridge is Humming

CA - "If you are anywhere in the vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge right now, you are probably asking yourself: What in the world is that sound?.." more

How To Lock Your Bike

More People Taking Off on 2 Wheels

"...Believe it not, toilet paper isn’t the only essential product coronavirus-obsessed Americans have been guilty of hoarding." more

Many People Dusting Off Old Bicycles


Lewisburg, PA - "...Study findings also reveal that cycling’s popularity is likely to prevail, with half of Americans (50 percent) planning to ride their bike more after the COVID-19 pandemic is over." more

Visit Historic Miamisburg

Miamisburg, OH - "Miamisburg holds all the charm it did when it was originally settled next to the Miami River banks." more

Bikepacking the Arizona Trail

To E-Bike or Not?

CO - "...An e-bike can be a great tool to help you ride trails or climb hills that maybe you would otherwise not be able to. But e-bikes are not approved for use on all trails, especially singletrack..." more

Rail-Bikes in West Sacramento

CA - "A long-awaited attraction has finally opened in West Sacramento. The Sacramento RiverTrain’s railbikes are now taking on some of its first riders." more

The 3T Exploro RaceMax

"The 3T Exploro RaceMax blurs lines and defies categorization." more

A Bridge of Dreams Crossing


Brinkhaven, OH - On the Mohican Valley and Ohio-to-Erie Trails in Knox County, Ohio.

Exploring Chuck Flink’s 'The Greenway Imperative'


"Grand Canyon National Park is one of our most beloved and visited national parks, but few know the story behind the indelible greenway that winds through its pine forests and along the canyon’s rim. “The Greenway Imperative” by Charles A. Flink gives us a peek behind the curtain to its creation and that of nearly a dozen other impactful greenways." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

Fly Away From it All on a Bike


"...Lines of toilet paper seekers outside Costco have been replaced by lines of bike seekers outside bicycle shops..." more

Superpedestrian Launches E-Scooter Service


"...CEO Assaf Biderman tells The Verge Link will soon launch in four cities in the US and in Europe..." more

Montana’s Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail

MT - "Thompson Park beckons on the southern outskirts of Butte, where the vast openness of Big Sky Country gives way to the backcountry beauty of lodgepole pine, spruce and Douglas fir..." more

Go Local

Watch Cyclists Charge a Tesla

"A Finnish inventor has come up with a new way to charge a Tesla: using human power." more

Why You Should Exercise for Stress Relief


"...research is emerging about how the past couple months are driving anxiety and stress toward record levels." more

13 Best Sunglasses for Cyclists


"...Performance eyewear is designed to integrate seamlessly into your ride..." more

25 Great Trails in Ohio

"...We’ve assembled a hiking and biking guide to 25 great trails across the state of Ohio..." more

5 Reasons to Explore the World on A Bicycle


"As World Bicycle Day spins around again on June 3rd, digital travel platform Agoda shares five reasons you should explore the world on two wheels, as well as great cycling routes to help you get on your bike now or bookmark for later travel." more

Preparing for Mountain Biking in Duluth


MN - "...Day Tripper guides kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and biking trips. Co-Owner Jake Boyce says he's already had a surge of business with the warm weather." more

Logging Changes Bike Trail Aesthetic


CAN - "I remember the first time we rode up Munday Grind to the Bacon turnoff as a family..." more

A look at the United States Bicycle Route System


U.S. - "...The USBRS was established in 1978 by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the same body that coordinates the numbering of interstate highways and U.S. routes..." more

Cancer Survivor Conquers Tanglefoot Trail


MS - "A woman who grew up in New Albany did not let cancer stop her from biking the 44-mile Tanglefoot Trail." more

A Unique Hiking Experience


NC - "...We have so many places to camp that we should be known for our camping opportunities..." more

The 26 lb. Eeyo E-Bike


"...E-bikes don’t all need to be heavy cargo haulers or feel like you’re riding a battery, so we created the Eeyo 1 to be ultralight, quick, responsive, and fun..." more

13 Best Bike Saddles of 2020

"It’s a great time to shop for saddles. Not only is riding weather upon us, but the products keep getting better..." more

Anchorage’s Terrific City Trail System

AK - "...Anchorage boasts more than 120 miles of paved bike and multi-use trails, not to mention 130 miles of plowed winter walkways, 105 miles of maintained ski trails and 87 miles of non-paved hiking trails..." more

Jam Session by Bike

Stephanie's Trail is Mountain Biking Delight


CO - "...Please, a moment of silence for Stephanie the cat." more

More Training Plans During the Pandemic

"...Not only are more riders riding (we can see that by just looking out our windows and reading the news), but also more riders are performing structured training, according to data just released..." more

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