County Line Trail

Kokosing Gap Trail

The Kokosing Gap Trail stretches 13.4-miles from Mt. Vernon to Danville in Knox County, Ohio. [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

Latest Update: 4/1/20 - Historic Marker Installed Along Trail

Howard, OH

3/31/20 - New Signs Along the Trail

Knox County, OH

3/27/20 - Kokosing River Safety Addressed

Gambier, OH - "A work crew from the Knox County Park District erected eight river safety signs Friday at canoe and kayak access points along the Kokosing State Scenic River, which became an imperative for river safety following two drownings on the river last summer." more

3/26/20 - Trailside Playgrounds Close

Knox County, OH

3/25/20 - Knox County Trail Rack Cards

Knox County, OH

3/23/20 - Removing Dead Trees along the Trail

Knox County, OH

3/5/20 - Bridge Construction Progress Report

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...The second [phase] will involve the reconstruction of the north side, and the third will center around intersection improvements and the construction of multi-use trails." more

2/7/20 - Large Tree Down on the Trail

Knox County, OH

2/7/20 - Howard Arch to Receive Historical Marker

Howard, OH - "...The arch now serves as a bridge for U.S. 36 over the Kokosing Gap Trail. The former Howard railroad station now has a playground for children and is a stopping point for travelers on the trail." more

2/4/20 - GoFundMe Effort for Water Fountain & FixIt Stand

Mt. Vernon, OH - "The Mount Vernon terminus of the Kokosing Gap Trail; is the most heavily used access point on the KGT. Trail users will no doubt appreciate a water fountain and bicycle repair Fixit station at this trail head. more

1/12/20 - Fallen Trees Cleared from Trail

Knox County, OH

1/8/20 - New Coffee Shop & Restaurant Near Depot

Mt. Vernon, OH

12/7/19 - Tree Removal Continues

Mt. Vernon, OH

12/1/19 - Dozens of Trees Cleared From Trail

Knox County, OH

11/26/19 - City Ready to Bid Out Trail Underpass Construction

Mt. Vernon, OH - City Council has given the green light to bid out the construction of a trail underpass at Rt. 13 (Main Street) in Mt. Vernon. more

11/23/19 - Viaduct Underpass Details Headed to City Council

Mt. Vernon, OH - "The route will pass under South Main through the south arch of the viaduct..." more

11/2/19 - Trail Volunteers Slay a Beast

Knox County, OH

11/1/19 - Trail Parking Lot Closure Nov. 4 - 6

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...For those who park at the Kokosing Gap Trail parking lot located at Mount Vernon Avenue and Lower Gambier Road, please be advised starting Monday, November 4 Mount Vernon Avenue will be completely closed, intermittently, extending through Wednesday, November 6, weather permitting..." more

10/30/19 - Trail Erosion Control

Knox County, OH

10/21/19 - Trail Section Closing

Knox County, OH

10/9/19 - Recent Trail Maintenance

Knox County, OH

8/30/19 - Kokosing River Closure Sept. 3

Mt. Vernon, OH - "Beginning Tuesday, September 3, the Kokosing River will be closed to boaters at the Mt. Vernon Avenue bridge project for demotions work." more

8/23/19 - 'Music for River & People' on Display Thru Sept. 8

Mt. Vernon, OH - This light and sound display can be found on the trail bridge where the Heart of Ohio and Kokosing Trails meet in downtown Mt. Vernon. The display will be in place thru Sept. 8. more

8/6/19 - Kokosing Gap Trail Founders Honored

Howard, OH - "In recognition of their 30 years of volunteer service to the Kokosing Gap Trail, a new picnic table in the Howard shelter along the trail was recently dedicated to founding board members Doug McLarnan, Randy Cronk, and Dick Frazee. more

8/2/19 - Trail Volunteers Tackle Big Jobs

Knox County, OH - "KGT volunteers, Kenzie, Don, and Randy, tended to the trail this fine summer morning - clearing erosion, setting mile markers, removing fallen trees, and clearing a log jam from beneath one of the lovely trestle bridges..." more

7/3/19 - Flooding along the Trail

Mt. Vernon, OH - "This is the current condition at the Lower Gambier Road Parking Lot of the Kokosing Gap Trail." more

4/8/19 - New Bridge Will Include Bike Lanes

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...Bike lanes on the north and south sides of the bridge will be 13-feet wide. The north side will carry the Kokosing Gap Trail to Memorial Park and downtown." more...

2/16/19 - Downed Tree Removed

Knox County, OH - "First trail work of 2019. KGT volunteers Don, David, and Randy have the trail open again..." more

2/3/19 - Handicap-Accessible Port-o-John Put in Place

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...a handicap-accessible port-a-john will now be available for trail users. We would like to shout out United Aggregates for donating and placing the compacted aggregate for the pad in which the unit was placed..." more

12/12/18 - Kokosing Gap Celebrates 30 Years

Mt. Vernon, OH - "The Kokosing Gap Trail Board of Trustees recognized its 30th anniversary at a recent dinner at The Alcove Restaurant, with three of the founding members in attendance.

"The board was incorporated as a non-profit organization Nov. 10, 1988, to oversee the yet-to-be-built Kokosing Gap Trail. The trail opened for the public’s enjoyment and enrichment in 1991." more...

12/8/18 - Section Closure

Knox County, OH - "KGT improvements are in process. Do expect trail closures until this project is complete." more...

OB: No further info was provided. If you have more details regarding this closure, please contact us and we will update accordingly.

10/1718 - Gravel Added to Trailhead Parking Lot

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...Our Operations Managers were busy preparing loads of gravel to be placed at the parking lot adjacent from the Kokosing Gap Trai on Mt. Vernon Avenue..." more

9/22/18 - Downed Trees Cleared from Trail

Knox County, OH - "...Surprise! Before they could get to the cherry at the 6-mile mark, they had to clear two huge oak trees at the 2-mile mark and then pull a widow-maker down at the 3-mile mark..." more

9/17/18 - Bump-Leveling Project

"Don and Randy completed the 2018 bump-leveling project on the KGT. In 2017, volunteers leveled 60 of the most annoying bumps along the entire trail. This year, Don and Randy leveled an additional 49 bumps, focusing on the Mount Vernon-to-Gambier section of the trail..." more

5/15/18 - Bicyclist Injured on the Trail

From, "...The cyclist, a 48-year-old Columbus man, was flown from the scene of the accident by medical helicopter with a possible, spinal injury..." more

Here's a follow up report on the accident and the cyclist's recovery.

9/11/16 - Viaduct Underpass Funded

From, "The Ohio Department of Transportation informed the city this week that funding has been approved for the project to route the bicycle trail under the Main Street viaduct, Safety-Service Director Joel Daniels reported Friday.

"...The money will become available in fiscal year 2018, which begins July 1, 2017."

5/25/16 - $1M Price Tag for Viaduct Underpass in Mt. Vernon

From, "City Council gave its approval Monday for the administration to apply for Ohio Department of Transportation alternative funding to design and build a bike path under the southernmost arch of the viaduct on South Main Street.

"...City Engineer Brian Ball explained the need to purchase the land between the railroad bed where the main bike path is located and the river, through which the path leading to the viaduct will be built."

5/1/16 - Trail Connection Almost Complete

From, "The bicycle trail is now complete to the CA&C Depot...

"The only thing left to completely unite the Heart of Ohio Trail and the Kokosing Gap Trail is the trail loop under the Viaduct on Newark Road."

3/20/16 - Heart of Ohio Trail Connection Getting Closer

From, "Safety measures for pedestrians and bicyclists are part of the recent projects for the Heart of Ohio Trail in Mount Vernon. Employees with the Ohio Central Railroad were installing a large control panel near the trail's railroad crossing just south of the CA&C Depot this morning... two red flashing towers which are to go up following the installation of the control panel."

The trail work in Mt. Vernon includes an already completed downtown connector for cyclists. The final phase is to connect with the Kokosing Gap Trail along the dikeway, just east of Main Street.

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Knox County, OH

Class: A1++

Length: 13.4 miles / asphalt

Condition: Very good

Facilities: Trailside facilities in Mt. Vernon, Gambier and Howard, OH. (Danville may have portable toilets.)

Parking: Along the edge of campus in Gambier, OH. (See trail map for more options.)

Worth Noting: The Kokosing Gap is a part of the cross-state Ohio-to-Erie Trail.

Map: Kokosing Gap Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: Mostly flat

More Trails in this Region: NE OH Trails List

Much of the trail is tree-lined with the Kokosing River weaving its way alongside. There are a number of river crossings on perhaps 4 or 5 wooden-decked steel bridges, two of which are fairly long and provide great views. One of the longer spans has a built-in observation deck where you can stop and enjoy the scenery without blocking the trail.

Posts mark the distance you've traveled every half mile. A number of the original concrete markers that were used by the railroad still remain and benches are stationed along the bikeway every half mile or so. Street name signs have been erected at most road crossings and even post the mileage you've covered when riding from Mt. Vernon.

The trail provides some interesting scenery as it passes briefly along the edge of a college campus in Gambier. Lights have been installed here at the depot-like trailhead across from a wonderful display of an old steam engine, coal car, flatbed and caboose alongside the trail. The cars have been restored and painted and serve as a fine monument to this rail-trail's past.

Ohio-to-Erie Sign
Ohio-to-Erie Signs along the Trail

Trail users become more scarce as you head toward Danville and the scenery changes to farmland, some hills, woods and pastures. The trail ends without fanfare at a roadside trailhead in Danville. Turn right and ride a couple of blocks into town (follow the bike route signs) and you'll find a local park where you can take a break before your return ride. Or, head over to the nearby Mohican Valley Trail to explore another trail along this corridor.

As you may know, the Kokosing Gap, Heart of Ohio Trail, Mohican Valley Trail and the Holmes County Trail are all part of the same former rail corridor. These 4 trail segments are also part of the larger Ohio-to-Erie Trail, a cross-state bike trail.

Trail improvements in 2012 included bridge deck replacement, grading along the trail shoulders and center bollard replacement along the entire bikeway. The rigid bollards were replaced with a flexible, fold-over design. The Kokosing is one of several Ohio trails that has received improvements intended to mitigate the trail bollard hazard.

Downtown Connector
Kokosing Bridges near Downtown Mt. Vernon

At Mt. Vernon Avenue in Mt. Vernon, there is a split in the trail. The section that continues along the old rail corridor moves straight across the road and ends at Phillips Park.

By heading west across the bridge at Mt. Vernon Avenue, you continue on the main trail along the river toward Main Street (Rt. 13), near downtown.

The trail passes Memorial Park as it continues on to Main Street to connect with downtown and the Heart of Ohio Trail out of Centerburg, OH. An underpass is in-the-works to eliminate the road crossing here.

The Kokosing Gap is open 24 hours a day. It is among the best maintained bikeways in Ohio. It never fails to provide an enjoyable trail riding experience. And that's no accident. This bikeway is maintained entirely by volunteers that do a terrific job.

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