Lake Metroparks Greenway

At a Glance

Location: Painesville, OH in Lake County

Length: 4.7 miles / asphalt

Class: A1++

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By Lynda Warner

The Lake County Greenway Corridor is 4.4 miles of paved bike/hike/rollerblade trail - most of it a former railroad bed - with a few breaks at street crossings. [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

Lake County
Greenway Corridor in Lake County     Photo by Lynda Warner

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Lake County, OH

Class: A1++

Length: 3 sections totaling: 4.7 miles / asphalt (+ 2.5 miles of road routes)

Condition: Very good

Facilities: Water near Concord Hambden Rd, Portable Toilets may be available near Rt. 84 (Johnny Cake Ridge Rd) & the I-90 bridge.

Parking: Johnnycake Rd in Painesville, OH. (See trail map for more options.)

Worth Noting: There is a .4-mile section of this bikeway that is connected to the Maple Highlands Trail to the southwest. It resides in Lake County and is therefore considered a part of this trail, despite the 2 mile distance between trail sections.

Map: Lake County Greenway Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: North to south

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It is a gentle uphill climb if riding from north to south; pleasant coasting most of the way from south to north. The surface consists of asphalt that apparently has chunks of iron throughout which became rusted, giving the trail an all-over design with squiggly brown spots.

Trail Rider
Lone Rider along the Trail     Photo by Lynda Warner

The northern section of the trail, from Jackson Street to Liberty, is through the city of Painesville, with about six road crossings. The one at Liberty can be pretty heavy with traffic during peak times, but there is a traffic light. From this point south it is smooth, straight sailing, with a couple of small country road crossings and an impressive bridge over Interstate 90.

I believe that the future plan is to connect this bike trail with [the short segment that's linked to the Maple Highland Trail] to the south. At present, however, there is a good-sized gap between the two, but it can be navigated without much trouble.

[At first glance on the map, it looks like the Maple Highlands Trail extends north to Girdled Rd. But in fact, the trail stops at the Geauga County line at Colburn Rd. This short .4-mile segment between the two roads is actually in Lake County and belongs to the Lake Metroparks Greenway.]

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