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Solon Connects with Trail Network Planning Grant


OH - "...The release makes no mention of the proposed Solon to Chagrin Falls Trail that has been in a holding pattern for months after the city received up to $800,000 in state grants, but encountered strong opposition from neighbors along the former railroad right of way." more

Findlay Working on Street Safety


OH - "A project in Findlay that began as an effort to add new bike lanes has grown to make a stretch of busy road safer for everyone." more

Scooters May Return to Cleveland


OH - "The city has begun its application process to bring scooters and bike shares back." more

Royal Oak to get 6 MoGo Bike Share Stations


MI - "...MoGo has been operating in Detroit since May 2017 and has seen steady increases among users of its more than 430 red bicycles at more than 40 stations there." more

Trail Renderings Unveiled


Philadelphia, PA - "At Cherry Street Pier Wednesday evening, The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation unveiled renderings of what the Delaware River Trail will look like from Washington Avenue to Spring Garden Street..." more

Eminent Domain Trail Case Continues


VA - "...Walker sued the city a month ago after years of back and forth over the city’s desire to acquire a narrow strip of the foundry’s land along the Roanoke River in the Norwich neighborhood to complete the Roanoke River Greenway..." more

Police Seek Suspicious Person


IL - "According to officials, a man seen riding a black and red small-framed bicycle approached several children on a bike trail between Oakton and Dempster in a forest preserve near Morton Grove." more

Bike Lane Vigilante in Court for Hitting Car


NY - "...Lately he’s been posting Instagram Stories of himself yelling at delivery drivers who dare park in his beloved New York City bike lanes." more

Car Occupants Detain Cyclist for Allegedly Scratching their Car


NYC - "...The traffic cop then told them they had every right to hold on to her and block her." more

Hundreds of Fires along Greenway

OR - "...With close to 90 percent of fires in Oregon listed as human-caused, the greenway is an area fire agencies watch closely." more

Google Maps Displays Bike Share Locations in 24 Cities

"...In selected cities, Google Maps will now show bike-sharing stations and display how many bikes are available at each one..." more

Electric Scooters Companies Getting Serious About Safety


"Lime has joined rival Bird in establishing a safety advisory board tasked with helping the e-scooter industry shape local regulations—and shake its risky reputation." more

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Chip / Seal Paving on the Simon Kenton Trail


Bellefontaine, OH - "It’s happening right now; paving of the Northern section of the SKT, between SR 296 and Lippincott Rd. Grading and rolling today. Chip/seal on Tuesday, weather permitting.

"That section will be totally closed for the next three days!.." more

Miami & Erie Towpath Improvements Continue


Delphos, OH - "Work continues on the trail improvement between Zion Church Road and the south city limit of Delphos." more

Olentangy Trail Section Reopens


Columbus, OH - "Olentangy Trail 3rd-5th Ave (south of OSU campus) is back open for travel, looks like no more detour." more

Driver Ignores 3-Feet Law, Buzzes Cyclist


Cleveland, OH - "...He says he rides his bike to work a few days a week and he almost always has some sort of an incident." more

New Bike Trail to Open in Cincinnati


OH - "...The first phase of the 1.4-mile, unpaved, multi-use trail is aimed at mountain bikes, hikers, walkers and trail runners." more

Vision Zero Faltering in NYC


NY - "...Halfway through the year, 15 cyclists have already been killed on city streets, compared to 10 cyclist deaths in all of 2018. Pedestrian fatalities are also on the rise..." more

Former Boxing Champ Killed by Driver


VA - "...I guess he was wearing dark clothes, the road was dark, and the driver didn't see him..." more

Protesters ask Long Beach to Address Traffic Safety


CA - "..Those folks asked the city to take another look at ways to improve the bike lanes, or to remove them altogether..." more

Homeless Change Greenway Vision


Medford, OR - "...with the homeless population in Jackson County on the rise in recent years, Lt. Mike Budreau of the Medford Police Department says the greenway’s developed a reputation for 'other' things." more

Most Used Bike Lane in North America


CAN - "Proponents of a landmark bike lane in Vancouver are using its 10-year anniversary to chide those who originally thought the idea would be a disaster for transportation in the city." more

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Ohio-to-Erie Trail Navigation Tips


Columbus, OH - "...In the metropolitan areas with multiple trail intersections, people get confused thinking every 'bike route' and trail sign is for the Ohio to Erie Trail..." more

Bike Detour Draws Safety Complaints

NY - "...Bicylists and pedestrians used to both be allowed to use the promenade along the Hudson River between 72nd and 83rd. But complaints about collisions and congestion convinced city officials to separate the two users groups..." more

Could Boston Create a 'Car-Free' City Center?


MA - "When you have limited space, who should that be for?.." more

Trying to Force Cyclists to Ride Single File on the Road


U.S. - "Cyclists love riding the scenic roads in the Hudson River valley, but a Draconian municipal law could have cops ticketing riders..." more

Most Deadly U.S. House Districts for Walking


U.S. - "The number of people struck and killed by drivers while walking increased by 35 percent over the last decade..." more

Scooters, Segways and Skates

"You have a meeting in 15 minutes, 20 blocks away. Are you going to get there on time?" more

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VeoRide Announces Tallahassee Partnership

FL - "VeoRide announced a partnership with the city of Tallahassee to help launch their 1,000 scooter pilot." more

Bike Signs Altered in Old Strathcona


CAN - "The city says bike lane signs in Old Strathcona and Oliver that say ‘Garsconastraße’ and ‘Oliverbahn’ have been altered..." more

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The Caracara Trails Vision

TX - "In the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas, the Caracara Trails is a vision for a 428-mile trail network..." more

Bike Trail Rider Attacked, Bike Stolen


Portland, OR - "...Jay says he was thrown off his bike..." more

E-Bikes on the Valley Trail


CAN - "...The advent of e-bikes—which are significantly heavier, and (most often) run far faster than pedal bikes on flats—has thrown things out of balance." more

Traps Set Along Cycle Paths


UK - "...Items found in recent weeks include large rocks moved out of position, pins dropped on the road and branches arranged at head height across paths." more

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Closing the Middletown to Franklin Trail Gap


Middletown, OH - "...The 1.4-mile bike path from Middletown to Franklin is a large component of integrating the river-way into the community. Construction will occur in 2020, and the project will cost $1.74 million, including $900,000 for a retaining wall." more

OSU Study on Bicycling in Columbus


OH - "...more people would be willing to bicycle to and from work if there were more bicycle trails, bike-sharing chances and covered parking, researchers found." more

2-Way Protected Bike Lanes Getting Closer to Center City

Philadelphia, PA - "Philly’s getting another two-way protected bike lane, and this time it’ll be located a little closer to the heart of the city." more

Who to Blame for Cycling Deaths in NYC: Cyclists or NYPD//Mayor?

NY - NYC’s privileged bicyclists won’t even discuss best way to stop bike deaths.

It’s Shocking How Badly New York City Is Failing Cyclists.

NYC's Cyclist Deaths Should Surprise No One.

Have You Experienced the 'Milwaukee Slide?'


WI - "...Milwaukee has a lot of drivers edging cyclists off the road." more

Can Congress Reverse Ped Death Trend?'

U.S. - "A proposed federal bill would require states to set aside highway funds for safer streets." more

Pilot Program: MTBikers to Oversee Illegal Trails


UK - "...It hopes the move can help to tackle issues surrounding the rapid growth of the sport and a resulting rise in the number of unauthorised trails being built in forests." more

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Bike Trail Reopens after Storm


St. Clairsville, OH - "A portion of the St. Clairsville Bike Trail was closed Monday through Tuesday due to Sunday’s storm, which caused flooding throughout various regions of Belmont County." more

City Considers Bike Trail Contribution


Bellefontaine, OH - "Just 3.6 miles of the Simon Kenton Bike Trail will be left to chip seal after a project to cover 7.8 miles of gravel bike path is completed this year..." more

Abandoned Bikes Find New Homes


Columbus, OH - "The annual summer bicycle abatement program is underway at The Ohio State University." more

Bike Lane Revamp Begins


Philadelphia, PA - "The city has begun its highly anticipated revamp of the Spruce and Pine street bike lanes." more

DIY Bike Lane Barriers in NYC


NY - "...The 'Transformation Dept,' a group of biking activists based in New York City, installed toilet plungers to act as DIY bike lane barriers in several spots throughout the West Village in south-central Manhattan." more

Cyclists Protest Unprotected Bike Lanes

Boston, MA - "...The protest is the first in what’s planned to be a continued campaign calling for physically separated bike lanes in the Boston area..." more

Missouri's 2nd Biggest Bike Trail gets Boost


MO - "Gov. Mike Parson approved legislation Wednesday allowing individuals and organizations to donate money to pay for Missouri’s second cross-state bike and pedestrian trail." more

Cyclist Blocks Driver Making Illegal Maneuver


UK - "A cyclist in London confronted a furious motorist after they attempted to drive the wrong way down a road." more

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Bike Lanes to Close During Bridge Construction


Cleveland, OH - "Major resurfacing work is set to begin on the Detroit-Superior Bridge on Sunday, July 14th. During the construction period, vehicle travel lanes will be reduced to one in each direction. The work will shift from one side of the bridge to the other at some point during construction – and during this period the bike lanes will be removed. One sidewalk is due to remain open during the project." more

Land Preservation and a B&O Trail Connection

Mansfield, OH - "...Development of trails and two parking lots are anticipated to begin sometime in the next few years..." more

Scout Proposes Bike Trail

Hillsboro, OH - "...a 14-year-old Girl Scout as she laid out a presentation that would create, if grant funding could be secured, A more than one-mile- biking and walking trail for the city of Hillsboro..." more

Traffic Safety Progress in Cincinnati

OH - "By this time last year, Cincinnati saw roughly 200 pedestrian-involved crashes. This year, we're closer to 170." more

200 Miles of Bike Lanes Proposed for Grand Rapids


MI - " Grand Rapids’ quest to be known as a bicycle-friendly city is looking to advance further with the adoption a proposed master plan for bicycle transportation..." more

People Want Barriers to Protect Cyclists


IN - "...a frequent biker in the area, says when he rides over the new 56th Street causeway trail over the Eagle Creek Reservoir, he's terrified of getting hurt." more

New Wider Bike Lanes


VA - "..They also painted new visual cues along the road to remind drivers that cyclists have the ability to share the lane with them." more

Libraries Launch Bike-Sharing Programs


U.S. - "...Ohio has the most public libraries with bike-share programs in the U.S., with at least eight towns being served..." more

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Stark Parks Flooding Reports

Stark County, OH - "Hoover Trail: Expect water over the trail in areas especially between Marquardt and the ballfields near E. Maple St. and areas near Washington Square after July 7 downpours. The Market Ave. Tunnel remains an active construction site...

"Middle Branch Trail: Expect water over the trail in areas especially between Martindale Rd. and Spangler St. under Rt. 62 after July 7 downpours...

"Mahoning Valley Trail: The trail is closed after heavy rains and flooding." more

ODOT Walking / Biking Survey

OH - "What are your views on walking and biking in Ohio? Take the survey and tell us by 8/31." more

MetroParks Officials React to Bike Trail Concerns


Canfield, OH - "Mill Creek MetroParks officials say they feel those denouncing the MetroParks for using the courts to acquire private property to complete a bicycle trail make up only a small, albeit vocal, minority in the community." more

Car Chase Turns Onto Bike Trail

PA - " one point, Jackson allegedly turned onto a bike trail and narrowly avoided pedestrians." more

First Steps for Hal Greer Ped Safety


WV - "For many years Hal Greer Boulevard has been unfriendly to pedestrians, especially from the railroad underpass south toward Interstate 64. The first project to correct that problem has been announced." more

Here’s How to Protect Cyclists

NYC - "...Last week, the mayor finally responded to this year’s blood tide of carnage against cyclists, calling on the NYPD and the Department of Transportation to solve the problem..." more

London Breaks Cycling Record

UK - "...Cyclists in the British capital rode an average of nearly 2.5 million miles per day last year, up 5 percent from the previous year." more

Bike Lanes Make Cities Safer for Everyone


"Evidence is mounting that designing cities with bikes in mind has a profound effect on everyone—not just cyclists." more

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Huffman Dam Trail Closing for 45 Days

Dayton, OH - "The trail on top of Huffman Dam will be closed for about 45 days beginning tomorrow (July 8). We are replacing the abandoned roadway with a proper trail..." more

Legislation Pending in Eminent Domain Fight


Salem, OH - "...State Rep. Don Manning, R-New Middletown, introduced a bill June 18 that would revise state law to prevent the government from using eminent domain for a recreational trail, like a bike trail. House Bill 288 had 10 cosponsors on the day it was introduced." more

Hospital Receives Pathways Grant

MI - "...Trinity Health will get $50,000 to build pathways connecting the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s Chelsea campus with Chelsea locations..." more

The Cyclist Crash Crisis


NY - "...Between January and June, 34 cyclists were involved in crashes in Astoria, compared to 32 in Flushing and 31 in Elmhurst, the data shows." more

Man Attacks Woman on Jogging Trail

TX - "...On June 24, a woman was jogging on the Blunn Creek trails when a man wearing a long white T-shirt and no pants approached her at around 3 p.m., according to an affidavit. The man was later identified.." more

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Bikes Banned from Park

Frankfort, KY - "After casting the deciding vote that banned bicycles from a public park surrounding a Civil War landmark, Mayor Bill May has directed city staff to look into the possibility of bike paths in every other city-owned park." more

Teenagers Fight off Attacker on Bike Trail

CA - "...The man, identified by police as Sampson Marianito, attacked the boy when he refused to leave his friends..." more

Citibike Rider Refuses to Stop for Cop

NYC - "A Citibike on an allegedly wild run through the East Village ended up partially wedged under an NYPD patrol car in an incident now under review by the department." more

Winnipeg's 'Patchwork' of Bike Lanes


CAN - "Despite improvements in recent years, Winnipeg cyclists say the city's bike lane system remains disjointed, difficult and risky to navigate." more

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New Display Along The Towpath

Cleveland, OH - "...Check out a new unique interpretive space welcoming users of the Towpath Trail at a promontory above Literary Avenue in Tremont..." more

Child Hit by Car on East Side

Cleveland, OH - "...the child was riding their bike near the intersection of East 104th St. and Miles Ave. when they were hit. EMS crews tell WKYC the child is in stable condition..." more

Bike Share Opens in Downtown Kokomo


IN - "In what was once a dumping ground, Kokomo has kicked off its newest offering: a bike-share program." more

Grant to Help Add 1.3 Miles to Iron Belle Trail


MI - "A $300,000 grant could add to the longest state trail in the nation, extending it through Richfield County Park." more

Harrisburg Bike share Program Growing


PA - "...Officials say in the last year, annual members have gone from 1,990 to 5,140, and total rides climbed from 9,397 to 15,988." more

Citi Bike Rider Dies from Injuries


NYC - "... He suffered severe bodily trauma in the crash, including a 'partially severed leg,' but was initially believed to be in stable condition. He did not make it out of Bellevue Hospital..." more

Riverwalk Bike Ban May Get a Committee Hearing

Chicago, IL - "’s important that the riverwalk, which was funded as a bike/ped facility, stay open to cyclists, for several reasons..." more

Bungled Bike Lane Disappoints

Baltimore, MD - "Because of the cycle track’s concrete barrier, there will be no vendors on upper Mount Royal Avenue – even though underground wiring was laid there specifically for the annual event." more

New Transport Tech Brings Licensing Questions


CAN - "...What do you do about electric power-assist bicycles, which have no trouble keeping up with traditional motor vehicles? They are obviously too dangerous for segregated bike lanes: Travelling at 50 kilometres per hour in a dedicated inner-city lane is dangerous..." more

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Olentangy Trail Upgrades to Begin This Month

Columbus, OH - The bikeway will be closing July 22 for a widening project that will extend the trail width from 9 to 12 feet in the Antrim Lake area. This closing is expected to last 3 weeks and a signed detour will be provided.

Construction of a new connector trail under Rt. 315 at Bethel Road is also in the works, with expected completion by November 2019. more

Towpath Closures Update

Summit County, OH - "Thru November 2019: The Towpath Trail is closed for work associated with an Army Corps of Engineers invasive species project on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. between Manchester Rd. and Fairview Ave... The Towpath in this section will be open on weekends and weekdays after 5 p.m.

Thru November 2019: "The Towpath Trail will be closed between Manchester Rd. and State Route 224 for work associated with an Army Corps of Engineers invasive species project and a Cargill utility line replacement during the following timeframes:

  • 7/9 to 7/12 - Full closure
  • 7/15 to 7/26 - Full closure
  • 7/26 to 11/30 - Weekday closure in effect from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The closures above are subject to change due to weather.

June thru July 31: There will be periodic trail closures between June 17 and July 31 while First Energy replaces a power pole approximately 2,000 feet south of the Botzum Trailhead... The trail will be open on weekends, holidays.."

Great Miami River Trail Paving to Begin

Troy, OH - "Portions of the Great Miami River Trail within Troy’s city limits are scheduled to be repaved from Lytle Road to Miami Shores Golf Course over the next month, weather permitting. Paving is expected to start no sooner than July 8...

"The trail will be split into segments for paving. For multiple segments, there will be detour routes signed and posted. Each segment is expected to take approximately 3-5 days..." more

Do You Know About Dial #ODNR?

SW OH - "If you see someone committing a violation of the Little Miami State Park rules and regulations (like operating a motorized vehicle on the trail) you can dial #ODNR (#6367) from a cell phone to report it..." more

Are Philly Streets Ready for E-Scooters?


PA - "...Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering a bill to permit e-scooters on streets across the commonwealth. The City of Philadelphia, however, has expressed objection to this bill and would seek a ban on e-scooters should the bill pass..." more

Land Trust Wants to Preserve Green Space


PA - "Allegheny Land Trust is working to raise funds to close on the sale of a nearly 40-acre parcel in Bethel Park with the goal of preserving it as green space and natural park." more

Car Smashes into Couple in Bike Lane


Atlanta, GA - "A car smashed into a couple riding their bikes on Saturday afternoon and never stopped to see if the two were okay." more

'Floating' Bus Stops, Bike Lane set to Debut


Baltimore, MD - "...The elevated stops include a ramp from the sidewalk for passengers, and ramps in the bike lane to allow passing bicyclists to ride over the section between the curb and the platform..." more

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Opening of Dam Causes Olentangy Trail Flooding

Columbus, OH - "Bike paths and trails along the Olentangy River are flooded after a dam north of here was open to alleviate flooding." more

Mad River Trail Section Reopens

Dayton, OH - "The Mad River Trail between Findlay Street and Eastwood MetroPark is open..." more

Flooding along the Kokosing Gap Trail

Mt. Vernon, OH - "This is the current condition at the Lower Gambier Road Parking Lot of the Kokosing Gap Trail." more

Upcoming B&O Trail Closure July 10

Mansfield, OH - "The Richland B&O Trail will be closed from Marion Avenue to Deer Park on Wednesday morning to permit repairs to a culvert near mile marker #15." more

The Library that lets You Check Out Bikes for Free

Lorain, OH - "If you find yourself in Lorain, Ohio, and have the urge to ride, try heading to the local library." more

Lost & Found on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway


Athens, OH - "I found a bicycle tail light on the bikeway about a quarter mile west of Eclipse on Tuesday. If you’re missing one and can name the correct brand, its yours." more

Cops Parking in Bike Lanes

NYC - "Police cars are frequently spotted in bike lanes despite the NYPD's promise to crack down on drivers who do the same thing." more

Homeless Enforcement Along Creek Trail

Santa Rosa, CA - "Homeless encampments on a central Santa Rosa trail and underneath a downtown highway overpass are the latest to find themselves in the city’s sights, with plans in motion to clear out residents in those problem areas by the end of the month." more

Update on Scooter Injuries

Chicago, IL - "...A little over two weeks into the pilot, Chicago has already seen a fair number of scooter-related crashes..." more

Cars Vs. Bikes in Canada

CAN - "Advocate calls for improvements to cycling infrastructure to ease road rage." more

Aussie Death Prompts Change in NY


AUS - "The death of Australian tourist Madison Jane Lyden, who was hit and killed while cycling around Central Park, will lead to lasting changes in the streetscape of New York." more

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Blackhand Gorge Trail Section Reopens


Toboso, OH - From, "The 4-mile bike trail is now fully open! Please use caution at the former point of closure (3/4 mile from west parking lot), as the trail narrows down to 5 feet in that area. Thank you."

No Scooters Allowed at Red-White-and-Boom!

Columbus, OH - "...Police say there will be hundreds of thousands of people plus vendors crammed into a small area. Scooters will make it dangerous for both the people riding and the people walking." more

Cincinnati Launches 'Vision Zero' Website

OH - "The city announced Monday the launch of a new website that will allow residents to provide direct and immediate feedback on traffic and pedestrian safety in their neighborhoods." more

Repeated Break-ins at Non-Profit Bike Shop

Cincinnati, OH - "A Northside non-profit is reeling from back-to-back-to-back break-ins." more

Park District to Install New River Safety Signage

Mt. Vernon, OH - " In response to two drownings that have occurred on the Kokosing River in the past month, the Knox County Park District plans to reinforce river safety at access points through new, informational signage." more

NKY Bike Advocates Test Roadways


KY - "Bicycling advocates in Newport took to the streets on Tuesday to explore how bike infrastructure could positively transform the city." more

10 Common Myths about Bike Lanes


"From congestion to cost, there are many entirely misguided arguments in circulation." more

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5 Cleveland Trail Projects that are Game Changers


Cleveland, OH - "Cleveland is about to get even more connected, thanks to Cleveland Metroparks. Five new trail projects are either in progress or ready to take flight, in part due to a $7.95 million TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) grant awarded in 2016." more

ODOT Launches Walk.Bike.Ohio

OH - "ODOT is launching its first-ever pedestrian and bicycle policy plan — Walk.Bike.Ohio — to address growing interest in active transportation among Ohioans. This plan will guide active transportation policies and program investments in the state for years to come." more

Heartland Trail Update


Marshallville, OH - "The Heartland Trail is still not completed in the area just north of Back Massillon Road. The good news is the rainy weather gave us a very clear picture of what is needed in order to ensure this section will drain properly in future years..."

Learn more in the Rails-to-Trails Wayne County July Newsletter.

New Bike Trail Signs in Moraine


OH - "The Moraine Street Division has installed over a dozen of new bike trail signs along the Moraine Bike Trail thanks to funding from the Snyder Brick & Block, the Moraine Rotary Club and Rotary District 6670." more

Driver Claims GPS put Him on Bike Trail


MA - "...[also] an over-height truck struck and damaged the bridge [on the same trail]..." more

Oakland Bollard-izes Protected Intersections


CA - "...The City of Oakland finished installing bollards on its new protected intersections and pedestrian bulb outs around the Lake Merritt BART station last week. And so far, they seem to be working as planned, slowing turning traffic, making it easier for Oakland Chinatown’s large elderly population to cross the street, as well as offering safer crossings for cyclists." more

LA Tests Wavy Bike Lane Barrier


CA - "Bicyclists traveling along a three-block stretch of Venice Boulevard Sunday enjoyed a little extra protection from passing cars." more

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Body Found at Alum Creek Trail Parking Lot

Delaware County, OH - "Authorities have identified the body found near the Alum Creek Mountain Bike Trail, according to Ohio Department of Natural Resources." more

Metroparks to Takeover Botanical Garden & Bike Share

Toledo, OH - "Metroparks Toledo took action Wednesday to finalize a long-standing deal it has had with the city of Toledo to assume ownership of Toledo Botanical Garden while also setting the wheels in motion for the city to assume sole ownership of the bike-sharing program..." more

Study Supports Cycle Track, Ped Crossing


Holland, MI - "Projects recommended by a downtown traffic study that could be completed in the near future include adding a two-way cycle track, pedestrian crossing and advisory bike lane throughout Holland." more

E-Scooters Replace Spin Bikes in Lexington

KY - "...As of Sunday, June 30, 2019 the ‘Spin’ bike program is no more." more

Man Allegedly Steals $6,000 Bike, Mails it Back

NY - "The suspect was caught, and now faces charges..." more

Bike Share Rider Injured in Bus Crash

Seattle, WA - "A bicyclist remains in critical condition after police say he was hit by a King County Metro bus Friday night in South Lake Union." more

Scooter "Hate"


"While some have called it a 'scooter war' and other 'scooter rage,' the motive is the same..." more

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Pittsburgh to Release Bike Master Plan


PA - "...By year’s end, the administration plans to release a bike master plan for the city that will attempt to strike a balance between businesses’ need for parking and cyclists’ need for safety..." more

Why Bikers are Demanding Safer Conditions

NYC - "...We are left with... another harsh reminder of a reality of cycling: the roads are not a safe place for us and we all must work harder to change that..." more

Planners Put Vehicles First, People Second


San Antonio, TX - "...I am with the mayor. Broadway needs a road diet, not a redesign that only encourages more vehicle traffic..." more

The Madness I Witnessed Just After a Cyclist was Killed


CAN - "When I left my home on Burnaby Mountain on Saturday, I had no idea a cyclist had been killed on Gaglardi Way just an hour before." more

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Towpath Trail Reopens at Tinkers Creek


CVNP, OH - "The Towpath Trail is now open at Tinkers Creek following a closure due to a breach under the trail." more

Also, towpath flooding alerts have been removed for Summit County Metro Parks Trail Alerts page.

Weekend Closures for GMRT Section

Dayton, OH - From, "Weekend closures of the Great Miami River Recreation Trail where it passes under the Main Street/SR 48 bridge repair project are possible for the duration of the project. Upcoming closures include July 5, 12 and 19. Signed detours are in place to guide trail users around the closed sections on the north and south sides of the river."

NYC Cyclists Call Out Blocked Bike Lanes


NY - "Bicyclists frustrated with the police response to a midtown crash that left a 20-year-old cyclist dead are flooding Instagram with their footage of blocked bike lanes across the city." more

Brooklyn Bicyclist Killed in Late Night Crash


NY - "A bicyclist was fatally struck by a passing car in Brooklyn, the second cyclist to die on a city street this week..." more

Pacers Bikeshare offers Free Rides for 1st Knozone Day

Indianapolis, IN - "...The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has declared an Air Quality Action Day — or Knozone Action Day — for counties in central and southeast Indiana..." more

Secret History of the Riverwalk Bike Ban


Chicago, IL - "...If I’d known city officials were going to try to ban bicycling on the new Chicago Riverwalk, I never would have helped rally support for building it..." more

Unauthorized Bike Trails to be Removed


UT - "The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will be removing and restoring unauthorized bike trails in the Timpanogos Wildlife Management Area this weekend,.." more

Off-Leash Dog Takes Down Cyclist on Trail


CAN - " came from behind me at an angle I had no time to even try to brake..." more

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Bike Lane Restriping Continues


Cleveland, OH - "...The W41st and 44th bike lanes have been returned safely home..." more

Stark County Trail Conditions Update

OH - "Olde Muskingum Trail: Water has receded and all trees have been cleared from the trail after severe flooding. The trail is open, but use caution as crews continue to work on unpredictable surface areas."

"Towpath Trail: ...Water has receded and all trees have been cleared from the trail after severe flooding. The trail is open, but use caution as crews continue to work on unpredictable surface areas."

Some Stark County trails remain closed from flooding. Learn more

Trail Closings for July 4th Celebrations


Columbus, OH - From Columbus MetroParks, "The following trail closures are expected due to 4th of July events...

"July 3rd (unknown time) - west side of Scioto Trail for Red, White & Boom!"

"Olentangy Trail near Whetstone Park -- from end of July 3rd until July 5th."

Also, some sections of the Olentangy Trail in and around Worthington are closed due to high water.

Mad River Trail Closure Continues

Dayton, OH - "Mad River Recreation Trail is closed for several weekdays from 7 to 3:30 while our crews grind woody debris left after the Memorial Day tornadoes." more

Koko-Go Bike Share Launches


Kokomo, IN - "Details about Kokomo’s incoming bikeshare program have started to emerge." more

ISU has a New Bike Share Program

IN - "Indiana State University has a new bike share program that will be fully launched when students return in August." more

NYPD To Reconsider Ticketing Cyclists


NY - "An NYPD Chief said on Thursday that the department will reconsider its longstanding practice of ticketing cyclists near locations where cyclists have been recently killed by drivers." more

Advocacy Needed for Skokie Valley Trail Extension

IL - "...If completed, the trail would fill a 4.5-mile gap through the Villages of Skokie, Northfield, Glenview, and Wilmette to create a continuous trail from Lake Bluff to Chicago..." more

Bike Bypass is An Accident Waiting To Happen


NY - "...The newly designated detour on the nation’s busiest cycling path is well intentioned... But the 'solution' is deeply flawed — so flawed, in fact, that the city should reconsider its decision forcing cyclists to use the bypass." more

PeopleForBikes Opposes Proposed E-MTB Rules


Boston, MA - "...A proposed rule change would bar e-bikes from all natural surface trails (including singletrack), improved trails that are less than 8 feet wide, and dirt roads that are not open to vehicular traffic in properties managed by the DCR." more

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University Parks Trail Extension Opens Today

Sylvania, OH - "...The recently completed extension begins west of King Road and ends at Silica Road, adding 0.6 miles of paved linear trail to the popular multi-use University Parks Trail that begins at the University of Toledo." more

Alum Creek Trail Flooding Update


Columbus, OH - From Columbus MetroParks, "The Alum Creek Trail is still flooded in several sections including near Refugee Rd. Please use caution"

Riverfront Trails Planned


Pittsburgh, PA - "...A groundbreaking ceremony was held in recent days at the future site of the Etna Riverfront Trail and Park, located at the foot of Bridge Street and a new extension of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail system..." more

Head-On Bike Collision on Cherry Creek Trail


CO - "A bicyclist is in critical condition and riders across Denver are talking about safety on the Cherry Creek Trail after a high-speed, head-on crash there Tuesday night." more

Signs Reinforce Scooter Ban on Trail

TX - "...E-scooters have become part of the Austin culture, and we want to educate users on where they are allowed to ride so that the trails continue to be a treasured asset that we protect in our city..." more

Carmichael E-Bike Blog Post Generates Debate


NC - "As a former professional, Chris Carmichael understands the mentality of the competitive cyclist and is well aware of the ire e-bikes spark among some of his brethren..." more

E-Bikes Encounter Rocky Road to Approval


CO - "...Across the country, regulators are sorting out how to classify the two-wheelers, which are something more than a bicycle, something less than a motorcycle..." more

More News...

Mad River Trail Clean Up Closure


Dayton, OH - "...the Mad River Trail will be closed during the work day starting tomorrow as our crews begin the process of grinding the pile of trees and limbs blown down by the May tornadoes..." more

Miami-Erie Towpath Improvements

Spencer Twp., OH - "...Contractor has started their work for trail improvement [here]." more

Avon Adds Funding for Bike Path


Avon, OH - "City Council added the remaining funding for a study into creating a citywide bicycle and multiuse path." more

Proposed Trail Would Connect Loudonville with Brinkhaven


Loudonville, OH - "...The opportunity here, to connect the Loudonville bike path and Wally Road byway with the Holmes County Trail, Mohican Valley Trail, as well as the exciting spirit of cooperation between the engineers and commissioners of three different counties..." more

New Bike Lanes on Madison Avenue


Cleveland, OH - "We are pleased to report that there are NEW bike lanes on Madison Avenue from West Boulevard to W117th Street. Fresh, smooth asphalt awaits you as well..." more

Bike Lanes or Bike Trails?


Cincinnati, OH - "...Only building trails and expecting them to encourage cycling would be like only building interstates and expecting people to be able to navigate to their houses without side streets..." more

Public Warned to Stay Out of Cuyahoga River


Kent, OH - "Despite numerous public warnings by local authorities in recent days to stay out of the swollen Cuyahoga River in Kent, crews were called out to rescue people from the rough waters multiple times Sunday." more

Coast to Coast Trail will Pass Thru Pennsylvania


PA - "The Great American Rail-Trail will change your definition of a cross-country trip." more

New Trail Signs Spark Confusion


WV - "...The signs are confusing but we are looking into it to see if there is a way to reduce that confusion and make it a little clearer about what’s going on..." more

Separating Peds from Bikes in NY

NY - "Cyclists must now use a path separate from the Hudson River Greenway to travel between West 83rd and 72nd streets." more

Car Passenger Wields Knife at Cyclist


OR - "...when he saw the knife he immediately got a lawyer and contacted the sheriff’s office." more

Minnesota Is Making Bike-Friendly Cities

MN - "...a statewide effort is making communities across the North Star State more bikeable." more

E-Scooter Use Explodes Across U.S.

UT - "Rentable bike and e-scooter ridership exploded in the U.S. last year... drawing over 84 million trips in 2018, more than twice the tally from the previous year." more

More News...

Tinkers Creek Towpath Closure Update


CVNP, OH - From, "Due to a breach under the Towpath Trail at Tinkers Creek (approximately 0.6 miles south of Canal Exploration Center and 1.25 miles north of Frazee House), the trail is closed at the footbridge over Tinkers Creek. Collapse hazard. No detour."

Woman Hit, Robbed on Towpath Trail

Akron, OH - "...Around 10 p.m., a 32-year-old woman from Cuyahoga Falls reported she had been robbed on the towpath trail under West Market Street, police said." more

Great Miami Trail Detour June 26-27

Dayton, OH - "The Great Miami River Recreation Trail section under the Main Street/SR 48 bridge will be closed from 8 PM on June 26 through 6 AM on June 27. Detour signs will be posted." more

Ann Arbor Considers Road Diets

MI - "The city is considering narrowing and reducing traffic lanes, and adding bike lanes on three roads in Ann Arbor." more

Bicyclists Attack Man and Passenger in Car


NYC - "A group of angry riders rode the streets of Manhattan blocking traffic — and attacked a man and his passenger, the driver claims." more

Related: Box truck fatally strikes NYC bicyclist, keeps going.

NYPD Forced to Protect ‘Protected Bike Lane’


NYC - "The Department of Transportation’s so-called protected bike lane in the notoriously dangerous area called the “Second Avenue Gap” is such a failure of design that the NYPD is using sawhorses and police tape to keep cars out of it..." more

Notes from Capitol Hill


D.C. - Current news regarding U.S. bike advocacy legislative work by the League of American Bicyclists. more

More News...

Towpath Section Closed


CVNP, OH - "Please note: There is a breach in the Towpath Trail near Tinkers Creek. The Towpath is closed at this point..." more

Final Stage of Cleveland Towpath Construction to Begin


OH - "...The $8.95 million project, being completed by Independence Excavating, picks up where Stage 3 leaves off at Literary Avenue in Tremont..." more

Legislature Urged to Approve Protected Bike Lanes


PA - "...Protected bicycle lanes encourage a safer experience on our roads for all riders, and parking protected bicycle lanes have consistently been demonstrated as a best practice in cities across the country..." more

Grand Blanc to Install Bike Fix-It Stations

MI - "If you bike, you know a flat tire can ruin your ride..." more

Hit-and-Run Highlights Dangerous Conditions


NE - "...Despite being caught on video and observed by several witnesses, the driver still hasn’t been caught." more

Sidewalk Vigilante Repairs Sidewalk

D.C. - "For three days Kurt Madsen has been toiling on a pro bono project that’s probably a first of its kind in Washington DC." more

British Columbia Promotes Active Transportation

CAN - "Many jurisdictions do not get e-bikes or scooters. British Columbia, Canada, is a different story altogether..." more

More News...

Parks Director Stands By Eminent Domain Use


Youngstown, OH - "...Steve Avery, MetroParks’ planning and operations director, reminded The Vindicator’s editorial board last week that Volney Rogers, the MetroParks forefather, used eminent domain rights to appropriate natural areas to first establish the parks system in the 1890s." more

Bike Path Dog Attack Faked


Gallia County, OH - "The Gallia County Sheriff said Sunday morning that a report of a woman and her young child being bitten by a pair of dogs running wild on a bike path near McCormick Road is false." more

Bike Shop a Place to Teach/Mentor Kids


Lorain, OH - "...The shop will hire youths and young adults ages 16 to 24 and teach them how to repair bicycles." more

Woman Struck by Car Crossing State Street


Harrisburg, PA - "A woman remained in serious condition Saturday, one day after she was struck while trying to cross State Street near 19th Street in Harrisburg." more

Destroyed Historic Bridge Finds New Home


IN - "A historic covered bridge that was destroyed by storms and has been stored in a barn for years will soon provide access across a river in suburban Indianapolis." more

Cyclists say New Lane Configurations are Dangerous


Seattle, WA - "According to the bike riders, the problem is the new dedicated turn lanes that are supposed to keep car traffic moving." more

Is B.C.'s Bike Lane Plan Realistic?'


CAN - "...Erin O’Melin with HUB Cycling thinks so." more

More News...

Boy Fatally Struck by Motorcycle


Akron, OH - "...The first two motorcyclists changed lanes to pass the bicyclist, but the third motorcyclist struck the child, witnesses reported to police." more

Cops Handcuff Man for Riding Bike To Work

MI - "...Video posted to Facebook last week shows Michigan police officers handcuffing a man and holding him in the back of a police car for more than 45 minutes." more

Philly Considers Dockless Bike Share


Philadelphia, PA - "The city of Philadelphia is considering a controversial dockless bike-sharing program that allows borrowers to leave their wheels just about anywhere..." more

Boise's 1st Bike-Only Parking Garage

ID - "...The new 'BikeBOI' storage was created for convenience, security and can store up to 42 bicycles at a time.." more

Coalition Advocates Seek Trail Network


Naples, FL - "The Naples Pathway Coalition is advocating for a more than 70 mile trail that will connect different parts of Collier County." more

Search for Man Who Attacked Teen on Bike Trail


Minneapolis, MN - "...A 16-year-old girl says she was riding her skateboard on a walking path when a man grabbed her, pulled her into the woods..." more

82-Year-Old Cyclist Sues Airport


CA - "An 82-year-old cyclist is suing a California airport over a bike crash that, he claims, was caused by a gust from a jet engine blast." more

22 States Adopt 3-Class E-Bike Definitions


CO - "...As of June 19, 22 states now define e-bikes within the three classes, effectively doubling the total in just six months..." more

We Need Protected Mobility Lanes


"The number of people using alternative mobility devices is exploding, and they will be demanding safe routes." more

More News...

Towpath Flooding Update


CVNP:, OH - "...Last night’s flooding means the Towpath will be impassable South of Tinkers creek, South of Station road and at Lock 29 access until the water recedes..." more

Great Ohio Lake To River Greenway Development Continues

Youngstown, OH - "...An updated map of the [trail plan] that stretches through Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana counties shows great progress, but there are still some holes..." more

Speeding Tickets for Bicyclists Start at $100

CO - "If you go to Denver and ride a bike in one of its parks or trails– and ride too fast–according to bike police– you could get a ticket of $100 or more." more

Bike Path not the Right Place for Pedal Bus

MA - "...They take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the bike path and are hard to see around..." more

Crowdfund Launched for Cyclist Who Crashed into Distracted Ped


UK - "A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for a cyclist ordered to pays tens of thousands to a pedestrian who was looking at her phone as she crossed the road when the two collided." more

Toronto Doctors Call for Bike Lanes


"CAN - "More than 150 doctors in Toronto and the GTA are taking a stand for cyclists by calling on the city to extend the existing Bloor bike lanes east onto the Danforth." more

More News...

Ohio-to-Erie Trail Flooding


OH - "ALERT: High Water at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park With more rain in the forecast, be prepared for continued closure of trails and areas of the park. Detour - After crossing the bridge over the Darby, head east on Alkire Road up the hill and go right on Darby Creek Drive to join the trail again.

"Camp Chase (OET)/Indian Ridge Trail- under the train tressel is flooded, you are not able to hike/bike from the Canoe Access to Indian Ridge." more

Paint Creek Trail (aka Tri County Trail) Clear and Open

Ross County, OH - "Bike path update: Thanks to the park district maintenance staff and help from the community, the bike path is now clear and open. There are still slick spots due to thin layers of mud that we couldn't scrape off with beware of those..." more

Great Miami River Trail Section Closed June 20 & 21

Troy, OH - From Miami County Parks, "The Bikeway will be closed for maintenance on Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21 from the Dye Mill Road parking area to Tipp City." more

Worthington Adopts Complete Streets & Bike Plan

OH - "...Last evening Worthington's City Council adopted both a Complete Streets policy and a Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan. Thanks to the City of Worthington Government and Worthington Parks & Recreation Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Board for all their fine work..." more

Devola Trail Plans on Pause


OH - "...a couple of segments of the extension that Woolpert recommended 'were clearly unsafe, not quiet and not scenic'.” more

Cincy Applies for Grant to Build Bike Path


Cincinnati, OH - "The proposed bike path just west of Central Parkway would run from Marshall Ave. to Ludlow Ave." more

Police Looking for Hit-Skip Driver

Cleveland, OH - "Cleveland police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the driver of a vehicle who struck a 70-year-old man on a bike." more

Knox Bounty Parks Summer E-News

OH - Read their summer newsletter.

Final Report On Connecting Bike Trails Across Indiana


IN - "A state task force announced Wednesday its final report on connecting existing bike trails and expanding the trail network throughout Indiana." more

Historic Bridge Moves to New Home


Muncie, IN - "Pedestrians and bicyclists lined up across the East Jackson Street bridge over the White River on Wednesday morning to watch cranes lift a historic bridge to its new home a short distance upstream." more

Rescued Ohio Hiker Takes Blame for Near-Death

NH - "An 80-year-old Ohio man rescued on Mount Washington said he was not left behind by his grandsons, as Fish and Game officials have said..." more

Bike Trail Booby-Trapper gets Probation

OR - "A man who police say set up several booby traps across the Interstate 205 multi-use path with a friend in Southeast Portland was sentenced Tuesday to one year of probation and 20 hours of community service." more

Group says 30mph Cyclists are 'More Alarming' than Speeding Motorists

UK - "They caught one motorist doing 50mph in a 40mph but said they were more worried about the danger posed by cyclists riding within the speed limit." more

Company Says Dockless Scooters Need Docks

"...The company plans to install charging stations that can charge up to 10 scooters at once..." more

More News...

Paint Creek Trail Alert

Ross County, OH - "...Trees down and small landslides in multiple locations on the bike path, particularly between Frankfort and Hopewell. Probably the biggest hazards are the muddy places on the asphalt...looks are deceiving and the mud can be extremely slippery! Walking your bike across these areas, rather than riding, is the safest bet..." more

On a brighter note, "Thanks to the ODOT Metropark fund (a little portion of the gas tax we all pay at the pump), we have a new and needed parking lot for the bike trail at our Maple Grove Prairie! On Anderson Station Road near the intersection with Maple Grove road..." more

More Flooding for Stark County Trails


Stark County, OH - "Olde Muskingum Trail: Water is over the trail in many areas especially near Butterbridge Rd."

"Sippo Valley Trail: Expect running water along and over the trail in many areas."

"West Branch Trail: Rising water from the Nimishillen Creek has closed several areas along the trail, including under 12th St. and Rt. 172/Tuscarawas St."

"Towpath Trail:: The following areas are under water: Lake Lucerne, north of Canal Fulton, Lock 4 Trailhead, Butterbridge Rd. area, Crystal Springs Trailhead, Lake Ave. in Massillon, north of Warmington Rd. and under Rt. 30 in Massillon, south of Wooster St. and near Craig Pittman Trailhead in Navarre..." more

Maple Highlands Trail Phase 2 Construction Delayed


Chardon, OH - "...the final phase of the Maple Highlands Trail connector through town now isn’t expected to be built until next spring." more

Cars Seen Driving on Camp Chase Trail


Columbus, OH - "We're receiving reports of motor vehicles on the trail. Please be on the lookout for these reckless drivers (Hall Road Area). Law Enforcement needs a license plate, driver description and car description..." more

Armed Man Spotted on Bike Trail

Bexley, OH - "Capital University issued an alert Tuesday after someone said they spotted an armed man running along a bike trail near university apartments." more

City Council Faces Questions about Riverfront Development

Steubenville, OH - "...Dodds contends the plan would give the city the funds it needs to develop a biking-walking trail..." more

Bicyclists with Helmets Ticketed with "Tasty Citations"

Austintown, OH - "Bicycle riders in Austintown will soon be ticketed, but it’s not for doing anything wrong. It’s for what they are doing right." more

People Trail Flooding Closures

Columbus, IN - "The Columbus Parks and Recreation Department has closed several portions of the People Trail, including trails along State Road 46, Mill Race Park and Noblitt Park." more

Police Get Donated Bike After Crash


Luzerne, PA - "A crash on the Back Mountain Trail led to a donation that will give Luzerne police officers a new way to patrol." more

Plans for Parks, Trails along Allegheny River

PA - "...A groundbreaking ceremony was held June 3 at the future site of the Etna Riverfront Trail and Park. Late last month, Aspinwall, O’Hara and Sharpsburg unveiled plans for the Allegheny River Trail Park." more

Mounds Greenway Seeking Funding for Land Acquisition

IN - "Progress is slow but steady for the proposed Mounds Greenway, as the Hoosier Environmental Council works to get access to land along the White River between Anderson and Muncie." more

Upcoming E-Bike Ban on Greenway Stirs Controversy

NYC - "The outrage has only just begun over state lawmakers’ apparent plans to bar e-bikes and e-scooters from the Hudson River Greenway." more

Startup Offers Insurance for Bike Share, E-Scooter Users


ISR - "Many riders who hop on a shared e-scooter or e-bike are unaware that they may not be insured for liability..." more

Pedestrian, Cycling Fatalities Jump in 2018


U.S. - "For the second year in a row, the number of people who died on the nation’s roadways dropped slightly, but the number of pedestrians and cyclists killed has risen considerably." more

Distracted Ped Wins Payout from Cyclist


UK - "...Three pedestrians told police that the cyclist was 'not at fault' as Ms Brushett was 'not looking where she was going'." more

More News...

Flooding Reports from Stark County Parks

OH - Hoover Trail: "Trail closed due to flooding in the E. Maple St. ballfields area..."

Middle Branch Trail: "The trail is closed between Martindale Rd. and Spangler St. due to flooding..."

Mahoning Valley Trail: "The trail is closed after heavy rains and flooding."

West Branch Trail: "Rising water from the Nimishillen Creek has closed several areas along the trail, including under 12th St. and Rt. 172/Tuscarawas St."

Towpath Trail: "The following areas are under water: Lake Lucerne, north of Canal Fulton, Lock 4 Trailhead, Butterbridge Rd. area, Crystal Springs Trailhead, Lake Ave. in Massillon, north of Warmington Rd. and under Rt. 30 in Massillon, south of Wooster St. and near Craig Pittman Trailhead in Navarre..."

Towpath Trail Open Within CVNP


OH - "All sections of the Towpath Trail are open within the national park. Watch out for road closures..." more

City Requires Helmets for Riders Under 16

Richmond Heights, OH - "It is now mandatory in Richmond Heights that bike riders younger than 16 wear helmets." more

New Trail Coming to Calvert City


KY - "A new path will make it possible to ride your bike or walk from Calvert City to Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park." more

City Council’s Bike-Lane Bonanza


Philadelphia, PA - "If all goes to plan, the legislation will help the city more than double its current 4.35 miles of protected bike lanes." more

E-Bike Legalization Bill Will Pass on Wednesday


NYC - "No shared e-scooters in Manhattan. No e-bikes or scooters on the Hudson River Greenway. No helmet requirements. Bike lanes filled with e-scooters. But, most important, e-bikes are legal." more

More Bike Parking Coming to Seattle

WA - "...Complaints have mounted for disability rights groups who say bikes left parked on sidewalks and not along the curb line where they are suppose to be have become a big problem." more

More News...

Great Miami River Trail Reopens in Dayton


Dayton, OH - Five Rivers Metroparks reports that all paved trails in the Dayton area that were closed due to storm damage are now open. more

County Line Trail Flooding


Wayne County, OH - "Please note that the section of Atlantic Avenue in Sterling which serves as part of the County Line Trail (as of Sunday afternoon) is impassible due to high water. Also the west end of the trail in Creston -- including the normally dry trailhead parking area -- is also inundated..." more

Towpath Trail Flooding


CVNP, OH - "...The mighty Cuyahoga is cresting at around 14 1/2 feet at the gauge in Independence. This means that you can expect water across the Towpath at Tinker's Creek, Chippewa Creek, and other locations. Lock 29 access is also under water..." more

Summit County Parks reports these towpath closure locations.

  • From the Big Bend Trailhead to Weathervane Lane
  • From Snyder Avenue and south to the Stark County line

Trail Development in Question in Harrison County


WV - "The Harrison County Commission has asked for a detailed plan and potential costs for the county’s rail trail system, as a rift appeared to develop between commissioners over whether the county can afford the trails." more

Cyclist Scared by Fight on Bike Trail

Seattle, WA - "A couple of men came to blows along a bike trail, stopping a cyclist in her tracks outside a homeless encampment." more

Bicycling on the Rise

U.S. "... the number of American cyclists by last count in 2017 was 47.5 million, an increase of 4.5 million from the three previous years..." more

Painted Bike Lanes are a Waste of Money

UK - "...painted cycle lanes are a 'gesture' and do nothing to make people feel safer on a bike. Recent studies have shown they can actually make people less safe..." more

Micromobility Will Be Poised For A Massive Surge

"...According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), the introduction of e-scooters to the ecosystem increased the total number of US micromobility trips from 35 million in 2017 to 84 million in 2018!" more

More News...

Cycling on Chicago's West Side

IL - "...Abonce said that much of the region doesn't have any bike lanes and that some areas are prone to crashes." more

2 Cyclists Killed in Hit-and-Run

FL - "The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said they worked with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office to find the vehicle that was involved in a hit-and-run on Race Track Road that killed two bicyclists." more

Traffic Ordinances to be Amended

TX - "Two ordinances will be considered at the Wichita Falls City Council meeting Tuesday that affect bicyclists." more

Dorset Council Says No to Cycle Lanes after Cyclist Death

UK - "...A coroner said such measures could prevent further deaths, but the council says it does not want to encourage people to cycle on a dual carriageway." more

Cycling in Downtown Kuala Lumpur


MYS - "What is it like to travel along Kuala Lumpur’s 11km blue bicycle lane? CNA's Amir Yusof tested to see if it is a practical option for commuters." more

More News...

Mad River Trail Reopens

Dayton, OH - "Mad River Recreation Trail is open! Trail users should be cautious where debris piles reduce sight distance. Over the next 30-60 days we will need to close the trail again temporarily to dispose of these piles..." more

Great Miami River Trail Section Remains Closed

Dayton, OH - "The Great Miami River Recreation Trail between Wagner Ford (a.k.a. Rip Rap Road) and Keowee is closed until further notice..." more

ODOT Launches Your Move Ohio Safety Program

OH - "...Caitlin Harley explained that the project is 'a broad, public-facing campaign to educate Ohio’s road users on critical information that can help keep people walking and biking more safe'.” more

New Cannonball Trail Signs Erected

Colton, OH - "Two new trails signs erected today by our volunteers on S Fork at Henry cty RD 4 and just west of Colton at Napoleon st." more

Off-Duty Bus Driver Hassles Cyclist

NY - "The MTA is investigating an off-duty bus driver who was allegedly driving drunk this morning when he nearly collided with a cyclist in Fort Greene." more

7-Year-Old Boy Struck, Killed While Bicycling

MI - "...As they attempted to cross, a truck driven by a 22-year-old Ottawa County man struck the child. The father was not injured." more

Oregon's Version of 'Idaho Stop' Moves Closer to Passage

OR - "It’s not the Idaho Stop, but a law that would allow bicycle users to treat stop signs and flashing red signals as yields (when safe, of course) would be a major step forward for bicycle users in Oregon..." more

Wellfleet Trail Project Safety Concerns Remain

MA - "Many residents came away from a hearing Thursday night on the proposed extension of the Cape Cod Rail Trail still convinced that the state is not listening to them." more

15 Mind-Blowing Bike Projects


"The projects featured in the new Bicycle Architecture Biennale–from bike lanes through a pond to soaring bike bridges–highlight just how beautiful and transformative bike infrastructure can be when done right." more

Building a Safer Mid-Block Crossing


"...Various studies have found compliance rates between 16 and 32 percent for drivers yielding to pedestrians — as required by law — at crosswalks that don’t have a traffic light or stop sign..." more

More News...

Firefighter Charged in Road Rage Incident with Cyclist


NY - "An off-duty firefighter was caught on camera driving his car into a cyclist during a dispute in Manhattan." more

Bull Takes Stroll on Bike Trail

SD - "A small bull is back at Leif Ericson Day Camp after it went for a stroll on the Sioux Falls Bike Trail Friday morning." more

Over 100 Miles of Katy Trail Closed to Flooding

MO - "According to the Missouri State Parks Current Flooding Conditions page, over 100 miles of the Katy Trail is currently closed due to flooding along the Missouri River..." more

Woman Found Dead, Infant Revived on Yakima Greenway


WA - "...the woman appeared to have been dead for at least a day. Officers initially thought that the baby was also dead, but they began performing CPR and were able to revive the child." more

Seattle Bounces Back from Bike Share Failure


WA - "A mandatory helmet law was one of the factors behind the failure of one of the first docked bike-share systems launched in the US." more

More News...

Euclid Lakefront Trail Project & Erosion Control

Euclid, OH - "...Last year, city officials broke ground on the $7 million lakefront trail and stabilization project, a unique arrangement between the city and private property owners..." more

$4.9M Greenway to Connect East Vernor to Riverwalk

Detroit, MI - "Construction is underway on the Joseph Campau Greenway, a $4.9 million, 1.2 mile greenway that will run from Vernor to the Riverwalk, connecting more neighborhoods safely to Detroit’s international riverfront..." more

Plans to Complete Newtown Rail Trail


PA - "Only five more miles are needed to complete the 23-mile project." more

Lancaster to Hold Off on Chestnut Street Bike Lane


PA - "...analysis by Kittelson & Associates... showed that the proposed bike lane configuration would create 'queueing issues'..." more

Bike Trail Would be Advantageous to Preserving Site


Frankfort, KY - "...having a well-maintained, formal trail that is relatively free from thorns and located away from the apex of the hill where the earthen works are located would be advantageous in preserving the site..." more

See the previous post on this topic.

Recalled E-Bikes Returning to the Streets

D.C. - "...Lyft (LYFT) pulled its e-bikes off the streets of San Francisco, New York and Washington, DC, in April following a spree of crashes in which riders were thrown over the handlebars..." more

Wilderness Bill Reintroduced


D.C. - "The Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act would allow land managers to permit bikes and other human powered vehicles in federal Wilderness areas." more

Do Better Bike Lanes Keep Drivers Safer?


"...If you're going out of your way to make your city safe for a broader range of cyclists ... we're finding that it ends up being a safer city for everyone..." more

Repurposing Parking Lots in Portland


OR - "A little less asphalt. A little more greenery." more

More News...

Mad River Trail Closure

Dayton, OH - "Mad River Recreation Trail remains closed today. Heavy equipment moving trees downed by the tornado makes the area extremely dangerous to trail users..." more

Willoughby Seeks Funding for Trail and Sidewalk

OH - "The City of Willoughby is seeking to add a sidewalk and bike trail along Route 91 between Route 84 and Euclid Avenue, pending the awarding of grant funds." more

Bus Lane Plan Concerns Bike Advocates

Columbus, OH - "...But Catherine Girves of Yay Bikes! said she fears those buses will push away bicyclists." more

Miami Valley E-Bike Policy

SW OH - "The agencies that manage the Miami Valley Trails recognize the increasing popularity of electric assist bicycles (e-bikes) as well as the many benefits they offer to individuals with disabilities, senior cyclists, and bicycle commuters. For these reasons safe, courteous, and responsible use of Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes (as defined in Ohio law) is welcomed on the Miami Valley Trails." more

New Trails Coming to South Bend, Mishawaka


IN - "The next couple of years will see trails pop up in South Bend and Mishawaka in places you may not expect..." more

House Committee Passes Protected Bike Lane Bill

Philadelphia, PA - "...Once law, this bill would allow for easier installation of parking-protected bike lanes in municipalities all over Pennsylvania..." more

Lackawanna River Heritage Trail Vandalized

PA - "Police need your help to find the vandal who damaged part of the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail. Several newly-planted trees were knocked over in the Carbondale area." more

Car Crashes Onto Bike Trail

Chicago, IL - "One person was critically injured after a car left the roadway on Lake Shore Drive and crashed on the Lakefront Trail bike path on the North Side Monday morning." more

Man Attempts to Steal Shwarzenegger's E-Bike

CA - "Arnold Schwarzenegger was pumping iron Friday when his security guard nearly pumped some heavy voltage into a man allegedly trying to steal the 'Terminator' star’s bike." more

Cyclist Struck Blocks from Bike Lane Protest


CAN - "...Just blocks away, his fellow cyclists were setting up a symbolic bike lane composed of red plastic cups in front of city hall..." more

More News...

Ohio Bill Coming to Stop Eminent Domain for Trails


Youngstown, OH - "...State Rep. Don Manning of New Middletown, R-59th, said he plans to introduce legislation Monday to stop the state from appropriating land for recreational purposes, including bike trails, through eminent domain powers..." more

City Planning to Allow Buses to Use Bike Lanes


Columbus, OH - "...The City of Columbus is planning to allow COTA buses to travel in the bike lanes downtown on Third Street during evening rush hour. In the days since Yay Bikes! was alerted, we have been actively working to reverse this decision..." more

Dayton Area Storm Clean Up Update


OH - "...The following paved recreation trails also are closed until further notice:

Bikes Banned From Park


Frankfort, KY - "Frankfort city commissioners not only voted Monday to ban bicycles on the 140 acres surrounding the Civil War battle site of Fort Hill but also requested an official investigation of how construction began on a multiuse trail in the park without city officials' knowledge." more

Madison Sets Bike Share First


WI - "Madison will soon become the first city in the country to fully convert its bike share system to electric bikes." more

Vancouver Builds a Better Bike Lane


"The Western Canadian metropolis' bike network is thriving because it considers 'all ages and abilities' in its street designs." more

More News...

State Rep Fights Against Taking of Land for Trail


Mahoning County, OH - "State Representative Don Manning will introduce legislation that will outlaw taking of property by eminent domain for a bike trail introduced by Mill Creek MetroParks." more

Trail Connections in Northwest Ohio

OH - "...There are plans for the North Coast Inland Trail, which stretches to Cleveland and goes to Elmore, to extend into Millbury and Genoa..." more

Simon Kenton Pathfinders Fundraising for Phase 3

Urbana, OH - "We are Soooo close to having enough money to complete Phase #3 of the Simon Kenton Trail; connecting Urbana to Bellefontaine! If we can raise another $40,000 by the end of August, it will be finished this Fall..." more

Cars vs. Bikes in Detroit


MI - "... the reaction was somewhat predictable last month when the news broke that officials in Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge were considering narrowing a 2-mile stretch of busy Woodward Avenue and adding bike lanes." more

The Risk of Using Multi-Use Trails


MI - "When stepping on a hike-bike path to take a walk and get some exercise, it's doubtful many of us think about the inherent risk of injury delivered by other users of the path." more

Getting Around Without a Motor in Battle Creek

MI - "...Over the past several years, Battle Creek has taken measures to improve the safety and transportation infrastructure for cyclists, runners and pedestrians alike..." more

West Thames Street Pedestrian Bridge Finally Welded Into Place


NY - "The last week of May saw momentous progress on the construction of the West Thames Street pedestrian bridge..." more

Push Back Against 'High Comfort' Bikeways

Denver, CO - "A group of Denver residents has started a petition in hopes of preventing the city from modifying bike lanes in their neighborhood..." more

When is a Bike Lane a Bike Lane for All?


" cities also know that quality of bike lanes is just as important as quantity..." more

Safety Glitch Lets Some E-Scooters Exceed Speed Limits

"Consumer Reports was able to replicate the problem on a model for rent from Bird and other e-scooter companies." more

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Towpath Trail Spurs Rediscovery of Cuyahoga Valley


Cleveland, OH - "...The Towpath itself will extend nearly 22 miles from the county line in Brecksville north to downtown Cleveland. Of that amount, just 1.7 miles remain to be completed in various segments north of Harvard Road." more

$1M Bike Path for Milan


OH - "As Norwalk officials consider whether to pursue a $1.6 million multi-use trail that would connect the reservoir and recreation center, a neighboring community is going ahead with its own plans for a connector path." more

Eminent Domain Being Used to Build Bike Trail


Washingtonville, OH - "The West Pine Lake Drive farm Mike Cameron’s family has owned for at least five generations could be split in half by the Mill Creek MetroParks." more

SKT Sinkhole Repairs Complete, Chip/Seal Project Coming


Urbana, OH - "The repair on the sinkhole between Edgewood Ave. and the Depot in Urbana was completed yesterday/Friday...

"The North/Gravel Simon Kenton Trail is open also but we still believe that our chip/seal project on that section will start soon; perhaps as soon as Monday, 6/10..." more

Troubling Start to Cycling Season


Cleveland, OH - "A plea is being made by those who use bicycles to get around town after another bicyclist was killed navigating the streets of Northeast Ohio." more

Business Catering to Heart of Ohio Trail Users


Mt. Vernon, OH - "...Collins Country Greenhouse and Farm Market as they are adding a few more items to their market for our Heart of Ohio Multi-Use Trail users. The Park District has provided a portable restroom as well..." more

[This stop is 2 miles east of Mt. Liberty, or 6.8 miles southwest of Mt. Vernon along the trail.]

Kokosing River had Dangerous Current at Time of Accident


Howard, OH - "When Mount Vernon resident Mark Booth disappeared into the Kokosing River on Thursday afternoon, only to be found dead the next morning, U.S. Geological Survey data shows the river was moving at 997 cubic feet per second." more

Teen Attacked on Ten Mile River Greenway


Pawtucket, RI - "Pawtucket police are investigating a sexual assault in the area of the Ten Mile River Greenway." more

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Arson at Rockside Boarding Station

CVNP, OH - "CVNP Rangers are asking for your assistance. On Saturday afternoon June 1, someone set fire to the bathroom at the Rockside Boarding Station. If you have any information about this incident..." more

Park / Sand Volleyball Courts Coming to Akron

OH - "...The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition and Summit Sports & Social are working together to install four public sand volleyball courts and a park along the Towpath Trail in an industrial complex known as Canal Place." more

Vet Hiking Across U.S. Passes Thru Knox County

Brinkhaven, OH - "...William Shuttleworth, 71, is walking across the United States, from Massachusetts to California, in an effort to spread awareness and raise money for issues concerning veterans..." more

Counting Trail Users Along the Monon Greenway


IN - "... The City of Carmel has installed a bicycle and pedestrian counter with a 'real-time' display tracking the number of bikes and pedestrians crossing its path..." more

Sullivan gets $2M Grant for Sidewalks and Bike Trails


IN - "A project that's been in the making since the 1980s can now take life thanks to a $2 million grant." more

Trash From Greenway Sweep Fills Dumpster


Medford, OR - "A big sweep of the Bear Creek Greenway this week resulted in more than 40 illegal camping citations and 10 arrests." more

City Mediates Dispute Over Bike Lane Flex Posts


Emeryville, CA - "...Initial reports noted the Post Office ceased delivery because of the inability or inconvenience of parking caused by the bollards..." more

Notes From Climbing Capitol Hill


D.C. - "Every day, the [Bike] League is working to promote and protect bicyclists' rights at the federal level..." more

Bettering Bike Infrastructure for U.S. Cities


U.S.- "...Not a single U.S. city made it onto the top 20 list of the Copenhagenize Index 2017, billed as the “world’s most comprehensive inventory and ranking of bicycle-friendly cities'..." more

Central US Flooding hits Recreation, Tourism


AR - "As the waters of the swollen Arkansas River rose in Little Rock, and threatened to reach record heights, Samuel Ellis had to make the tough, but prudent, decision to indefinitely shutter kayak rentals from his tour company." more

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Dayton-Area Trails Storm Damage Update

OH - "...The following paved recreation trails also are closed until further notice:

Learn more about storm damage in this area.

Man Tries to Break Into Vehicle at Trailhead

Mansfield, OH - "A man who police say was impersonating a detective attempted to break into a woman's vehicle at 9:25 a.m. Thursday at the Richland B&O Trail parking lot on Millsboro Road." more

Hit-and-Run Driver Arrested

Avon Lake, OH - "66 year old male cyclist hit by a person driving a car on Lake Rd. at Miller Rd in Avon Lake tonight." more

Hit-and-Run Driver Waives Pretrial Hearing

Lorain County, OH - "A Lorain County grand jury will decide whether the Avon Lake woman accused of hitting a cyclist with her car will face felony charges." more

Cyclist Found Dead Along Bike Trail


MI - " Michigan State Police are investigating after a cyclist was found dead along a bike trail." more

DNR Awards $1.4M to Iron Belle Trail Project

MI - "...Stretching more than 2,000 total miles, the Iron Belle Trail is the longest state-designated trail in the nation." more

Concierge Service for Traveling Cyclists


NY - "...The startup will deliver a high-end road bike to a hotel, office, or Airbnb, professionally tuned and adjusted. It also offers guided rides." more

Seattle Produces "Bike Blockers" Video


WA - "Haphazardly abandoned bike shares are unfortunately commonplace on the sidewalks of Ballard, but the City’s trying to change that." more

Many in Saskatoon Assume Cycling is Dangerous


CAN - "Minority of people quizzed by city-hired consultant see people who bike as 'just regular people'." more

Treating Delivery Robots Like Pedestrians

"The vice president behind Amazon's autonomous delivery robot wants people to treat the machines like pedestrians if they see them on the road." more

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Easements Obtained to Extend Heartland Trail

Orrville, OH - " A direct route from Orrville to Marshallville and eventually Clinton is one step closer to completion for cyclists riding the Heartland Trail." more

Cannonball Trail Section Closing During June

Liberty Center, OH - "Due to the First Energy project replacing the electric towers along the south fork, the new extension of trail from Henry cty RD 6-c to Pleasantview RD, just east of Liberty Center, will be closed to all trail traffic at times thru the month of June." more

View a map of the closed trail section.

Visitors Endangering Themselves at Hocking Hills

OH - "...ODNR told WSYX that a person broke their pelvis after scaling Cedar Falls, another was injured at Rose Lake and a third barely escaped death after falling off the upper rim of Conkle’s Hollow while trying to take a selfie." more

Extending the Midtown Greenway into St. Paul


MN - "The Midtown Greenway Coalition has a dream. Members want to extend the Greenway bike trail – six miles of blissful carlessness in the heart of Minneapolis – to St. Paul..." more

The Shareable Moped?

Chicago, IL - "...Yesterday Bird, one of the leading scooter companies, unveiled a new electric, rentable vehicle called the Cruiser. I’m not sure whether to classify it as a seated scooter, an electric moped, or a heavy-duty e-bike." more

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Simon Kenton Trail Alert

Urbana, OH - "There is a sinkhole which has recently appeared on the SKT, between Edgewood Ave. and the Depot, in Urbana..." more

More Details on Cyclist Fatality

Columbus, OH - "Delaware County troopers tell NBC4 39-year-old Michael Tighe, of Westerville, was doing everything he was supposed to be doing safety wise while riding his bike early this morning when he was struck and killed by a car." more

3 Rescues in 1 Week in Hocking Hills

OH - "...Despite the warnings ODNR has already had to help facilitate rescues of three people this summer who broke more than just the rules by going off the trails." more

Katy Trail Flooding Dries Up Businesses

Hartsburg, MO - "...While it remains dry in this southern Boone County town of 106, miles of the trail are under water, upending travel plans and undoing business models for the companies that cater to trail users." more

SAFE Streets Act

U.S. - "...Recently, Representatives Julia Brownley and Adriano Espaillat introduced HR 3040, the Safe and Friendly for the Environment Streets Act, or the SAFE Streets Act to put federal dollars towards making our roads safer..." more

POC and Volvo Develop Car-Bike Helmet Crash Test


"Swedish brands aiming to improve safety for cyclists on the road." more

8 Deaths Now Tied to E-Scooters

"At least eight people in the U.S. have died while using a rentable e-scooter since the fall of 2017..." more

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Bicyclist Hit, Killed on Rt. 37


Delaware County, OH - "A bicyclist is dead after being struck by a vehicle early Tuesday morning in Delaware County." more

Athens Bikeway Extension Paving

Athens, OH - "The extension is next to US-50 east of Athens running from the Holzer clinic to CR-24 (S Canaan Rd), and it’s about 1.5 miles." more

Centerville Bike Route 12

OH - "...The project creates an East-West connector route through Centerville and Washington Township for bicyclists of all riding levels. Using low-stress surface streets, Bike Route 12 keeps riders off busier corridors through town..." more

Milan Plans Trail to High School


OH - "The Ohio Department of Transportation agreed to spend almost $1 million to help Milan Township achieve its longtime goal of connecting the village to Edison High School." more

Clean Up Begins at Clark Field


Tremont, OH - "Years after a popular park in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood was closed due to toxic contaminants being discovered in the soil, environmental remediation is finally underway at Clark Field..." more

Cycling Lanes Reduce Fatalities for All Road Users

CO - "Roads are safer for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists in cities with robust bike facilities." more

Streetfilms in Amsterdam

"Remove Parking and Watch a City Bloom." more

Mopeds Kicked Out of Bike Lanes in Amsterdam

"Dutch capital steps its pro-cycling reputation up a gear with new regulations – and not everyone is happy." more

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Push to Legalize E-Scooters & E-Bikes

NY - "...Fourteen City Council members penned a letter to the State Senate and Assembly on May 21 that urged lawmakers to pass legislation, which would legalize e-scooters that can travel up to 20 miles per hour and as well as use of some e-bikes on streets." more

Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths in L.A.

CA - "From 2012 to 2016 more than 14,200 pedestrians were injured in collisions on Los Angeles City streets and 439 pedestrians lost their lives." more

Deputy Killed by Driver


FL - "The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is mourning the loss of a senior deputy who died after being struck by a car while riding a bicycle Sunday morning." more

The E-Scooter Invasion is Coming to Canada

CAN - "They’re fast, nimble and increasingly common on big-city streets around the world – but to some, they’re a nuisance..." more

Is PoGo the Next Mobility Option?

UK - "...if a Swedish startup has its way, Millennials will soon switch from Bird and Lime e-scooters to a Cangoroo-branded shared mobility device–a non-electric pogo stick..." more

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Volunteers Beautify Downtown Niles

OH - "...About two dozen volunteers picked litter and other trash downtown. They focused on areas around the police station, the bike trail and city hall." more

Opening Of Island Lake Trail Connector

MI - "A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held next weekend to dedicate the new Island Lake Trail Connector at the Green Oak Village Place mall." more

New Website Features Lehigh Valley's Multi-Use Trails

PA - "The Link has launched, offering a one-stop website for the Lehigh Valley’s multi-use trail network." more

Metro Manila can be Bike-Friendly


PHL - "If more people ride bikes for transport, there would be less cars, and city roads would naturally unclog, freeing up more road space for cyclists." more

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Dayton Trail Closures Due to Storm Damage

Dayton, OH - From, "The following paved recreation trails also are closed until further notice:

Stillwater update: "...Stillwater River Recreation Trail in Dayton is clear and open between Island MetroPark and Siebenthaler Avenue -- through Triangle and Deweese parks. Our friends at Five Rivers MetroParks tell us the trail north of Siebenthaler Avenue will remain closed through the weekend..." more

Sandel Legacy Trail Intermittent Closures June 3 - 8

Delaware County, OH - "...some repairs to Sandel Legacy Trail will be made at the same time, causing the trail to be closed at times." more

Robers Pass Closing June 10-14


Madison County, OH - "Trail Alert: Roberts Pass west of Camp Chase Trail will have a detour during [sealcoating], June 10-14..." more

Ohio-to-Erie Trail Switchback Causing Confusion

Columbus, OH - "...West of downtown Columbus many people get confused where the Scioto Trail has a switchback near Grandview Ave... After the 2nd bridge over the Scioto River, watch the pavement markings and check the info kiosk for clarification..." more

Girard Continues to Pursue Railway Property for Bike Trail

OH - "...The city is still negotiating with the Ohio Central Railroad, seeking to acquire some of its 42-acre crescent-shaped property along the Mahoning River for a trail to run from North State Street to the Mahoning River..." more

Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County E-News

OH - Read their June newsletter.

Making Cincy One of the Most Bike Friendly Cities


Cincinnati, OH - "...Both the mayor and City Council have done great work boosting our trail system but have passed on multiple opportunities to boost our on-street infrastructure, as well." more

Kitselman Trailhead Enters Second Phase of Construction


Muncie, IN - "...This entrance into Muncie will be fundamentally transformed with the addition of a pedestrian bridge, new trail connections, trailhead parking, and a sloped lawn with seating overlooking the White River..." more

For more news, visit the 2019 Archive.

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