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Great Miami River Trail Section Closed

Hamilton, OH - "Recent flooding of the Great Miami River damaged bikeways along its shoreline, including in Hamilton.

"... The path is shut down from the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, which is located south of the High-Main Bridge, northward to the river’s hydraulic canal, which is near Hamilton’s 3rd Street power plant, until further notice." more...

Sidewalk & Trail Plan Move Forward

Green Twp., OH - "...The Harrison Avenue bike path was initially started in 2016. This year the path will be extended from Lee Court to the Hutchinson Road trailhead. The entire path will be approximately a mile and is expected to be finished by the summer." more...

Philly: Safe Streets or Faster Traffic?

Philadelphia, PA - "...OTIS officials seem to be testing the theory that the city’s adoption of Vision Zero as a policy goal will provide the moral reasoning to push back on congestion complaints as it attempts to redesign the city’s streets with safety, not speed..." more

Bike Messenger Seeks Stolen Bike

Indianapolis, IN - "A downtown Indianapolis bike messenger is hoping the public can help find the bike he uses to earn his livelihood after it was stolen from a gas station Tuesday night." more...

Spurned Boyfriend Kills Teen Near Bike Trail


CA - "...The slain boy’s body had been found Wednesday along a bike trail in South El Monte, 12 miles east of downtown Los Angeles." more...

French Rider Shot


FRA - "The Frenchman escaped serious injury after a passing car shot at him while on a training ride." more...

Seems Like 'Bikelash' is Everywhere

"Bike lanes are, to mix another transit metaphor, a third rail in politics. There are fights about them everywhere..." more...

Electric Scooters - The New Transport Clutter?

"...We've been riding motorized scooters around San Francisco to get a handle on all the fuss..." more...

Where are Electric Scooters Permitted in Austin?


TX - "...Riding an electric scooter on the Lady Bird Lake hike-and-bike trail, and other off-street park paths, is illegal, city officials say." more...

Ben & Bikes Podcast to Include PeopleForBikes Segment


"...The PeopleForBikes segments will highlight a current legislative issue and how to get involved. The first segment looks at Iowa lawmakers' push to require bike riders to wear high-visibility clothing..." more...

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Ribbon Cutting Set for Wasson Way Trail

Cincinnati, OH - "...after eight years of work we are announcing THE RIBBON CUTTING for Phase One of the more dreams we are walking, riding, rollerblading and wheelchairing on the WW!!! Mark your calendar-Saturday, July 14..." more

Towpath Flooding Update


Stark County, OH - From, "The Towpath Trail is closed due to high water and flooding at Lake Ave. in Massillon..."

Dover Seeks Grant to Build Trail


Dover, OH - "As the network of hiking and biking trails grows in Tuscarawas County, the city of Dover is taking steps to expand its portion of that network." more...

$950K Grant to Repave Conotton Creek Trail


Scio, OH - "SCIO Harrison County commissioners have received a grant of up to $950,000 to repave the entire 11.2 miles of the popular Conotton Creek Trail." more...

Nord Family Greenway Nears Completion


Cleveland, OH - "A huge field of green sod, new plantings and park benches are all hopeful signs that the Nord Family Greenway will be opening soon this spring in University Circle." more...

Short Trail Will Make Some Big Connections


Lexington, KY - "A short walking and bike trail that will connect two other trails in Lexington will officially open Saturday, city officials said Thursday." more...

What Happens When a City Bans Non-Resident Drivers?

Leonia, NJ - "Besieged by commuters taking Waze-powered shortcuts, Leonia, New Jersey, closed its side streets to non-residents. Not everyone is happy with the results." more...

PBOT Bets on "Smart City" Tech


Portland, OR - "...The Portland Bureau of Transportation announced two major data-driven projects last week aimed at making biking safer..." more

Roadmap for Zero U.S. Traffic Deaths


"As a member of the Road to Zero Coalition, the League of American Bicyclists is excited by the progress made to articulate the need for a national movement for Vision Zero – zero traffic deaths and severe injuries. Today’s release of a groundbreaking report setting a goal to eliminate traffic fatalities in the U.S. by 2050 is an important step toward nationwide buy-in for the concept of zero traffic deaths and serious injuries." more...

Fraudulent Bike Sales Websites Sweep Social Media

"Scott taking action against emerging numbers of fraudulent websites." more...

Lance to Pay $5M in Government Fraud Settlement

"Lance Armstrong reached a $5 million settlement with the federal government in a whistleblower lawsuit that could have sought $100 million in damages from the cyclist..." more

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Flooding Damages Spur Trail in Athens

Athens, OH - From, "The Columbus Road Spur Trail [of the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway] has been badly hit by the flooding the last couple of days. There is now a second area of heavy bank erosion that has further impacted the trail. Reconstruction will take some time."

Bald Eagles Return to Little Miami

SW OH - "Most people of my generation remember with clarity the first time they saw a wild bald eagle." more...

Dangerous Intersection Getting Makeover

Lexington, KY - "The intersection of Loudon and Bryan avenues in North Lexington has long caused headaches for motorists and pedestrians alike." more...

Making Clinton County More Bike Friendly


Lock Haven, PA - "The Rail Trail 'is our No. 1 priority as Clinton County'..." more

The Greening of the Greenway!


Kokomo, IN - "...volunteers with the Hartford City Urban Forest Greenscape Commission and the Blackford County Greenway joined together to plant 16 trees and 11 grasses along the Greenway trail..." more

South Bend to Test Street Changes that Curb Speeding

IN - "...Kain says drivers will be maneuvering through five traffic-calming measures at different spots around the city." more

A Look at Florida's 'Complete Streets' Record


FL - "A new study highlights the successes and shortcomings of the state's 1984 law that mandated consideration of walking and biking routes in transportation projects." more...

We Blame Pedestrians for Dying

"...It seems as though that sense of duty and care that we all apply while we’re walking, up and vanishes when we get into a car." more...

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Towpath Reopens in Cuyahoga Valley


CVNP, OH - "...The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail suffered minor damage, according to a news release..." more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - "Read the latest edition.

Contractor Selected for Trail Construction


Petoskey, MI - "City council members on Monday picked a contractor to handle the next construction phase for the Downtown Greenway Corridor..." more

Driver Charged with Murder for Killing Cyclist

CA - "...Though Huerta was initially charged with vehicular manslaughter and released on $75,000 bail, prosecutors at his arraignment last week introduced new charges of murder, DUI, and driving with a suspended license..." more

Why Portlanders Don't Bike with their Kids


OR - "A few weeks ago I wanted to know what prevents you from biking with your young children. I got a lot of feedback..." latest edition.

Woman Stabbed While Biking Tells Her Story


West Palm Beach, FL - "A woman who was stabbed while riding her bike in downtown West Palm Beach describes the horrifying attack." latest edition.

E-Bikes Allowed in Mammoth Bike Park


Mammoth Lakes, CA - "The United States Forest Service has approved e-bike usage in the Mammoth Bike Park, making it one of the first bike parks on USFS land to allow e-bikes." latest edition.

Dockless E-Bikes Might go BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery)


"...One really interesting idea that is being tried out is BYOB, or Bring Your Own Battery. At least two companies, CycleHop and JCDecaux, are giving it a try..." more.

California's 'Prop 68'


CA - "...Although it’s not obvious from it's title, the Parks, Environment and Water Bond—on this June's statewide ballot as Proposition 68, or “Prop. 68”—includes major funding opportunities for trails, walking and biking..." more

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More Towpath Flooding Reports


Cleveland, OH - "The Towpath Trail through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is closed Monday because of flooding. more...

Boys & Girls Clubs to Create Nature Preserve


Cleveland, OH - " Land that once was part of the giant Cleveland Worsted Mills complex will be developed into a nature preserve and learning center." more...

‘Bike Train’ Planned for L Train Shutdown

NYC - "Commuters, advocates and elected officials rallied Thursday for the first L train 'bike train'." more...

Pedestrian Deaths Continue in Phoenix


AZ - "...In the first week of March alone, drivers stuck and killed 10 people walking on Phoenix streets. A 2014 complete streets ordinance hasn’t made much of an impact in a city that consistently rates as one of the most dangerous places in America for walking..." more

Prague Bicycle Ban to Begin Soon


CZE - "A controversial plan to keep bicycles out of pedestrian zones in Prague 1 during business hours is set to take effect April 26..." more

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Towpath Flooding Reports


Stark County, OH - From, "The Towpath Trail is closed due to high water and flooding at the following trailheads: Lake Lucerne to the county line, Lock 4, and Crystal Springs. Water is expected to rise and also close Lake Ave. in Massillon and Wooster St. in Navarre..."

Hockinghocking Adena Bikeway High Water Forecast


Athens, OH - From, "With over 1 1/2" of rain on Sunday, April 15th, the Hocking River is again starting to rise. Looks like it will flood the low portion of the bikeway (~15.3') again by 8AM tomorrow, Monday morning.

"Flood potential is not as high as the flood 2 weeks ago, but likely scenarios are for high water in Athens around minor flooding stage (~20'), but possibly as high as major flooding stage (22')..."

Detroit Bike Lanes to be Finished this Spring

MI - "...Like many of the new bike lanes on major corridors in recent years in the city, the bike lanes will be protected by a lane of parking..." more

Why Car Dealerships may be Doomed

Detroit, MI - "...In order for the automobile to preserve its surface function, it's simply going to have to evolve. We all know this end state is coming..." more...

Bike Trail Cleared after Big Blizzard


Sioux Falls, SD - "Here's a good indication that we live in a bike city -- the trail system was plowed on Sunday afternoon following a blizzard that dumped more than a foot of wet snow on the city." more...

Man Found Dead on Sacramento Bike Trail

Rio Linda, CA - "...It appeared he had 'sustained trauma to his body,' according to the sheriff’s department." more...

“Life Is Sacred” in Bogota

COL - "In just 10 years, from 1996 to 2006, Bogotá’s traffic fatalities dropped by half..." more...

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Tredway Trail to Add 1.5-Mile Expansion


PA - "Scenic sections of the Allegheny River sprinkled with historic sites will highlight the new 1.5-mile extension for the Tredway Trail..." more

Converting a Former Heroin Hotspot into a Greenway


Philadelphia, PA - "...The Conrail tracks here used to be a magnet for heroin users looking for a hidden place to get high..." more

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Great Miami River Trail Section Closed

Dayton, OH - From, "In Dayton, a short section of the Great Miami River Trail is closed just upstream of the Monument Avenue bridge on the south/left bank of the river..." more

Dickson Bike Path Group on a Roll


MI - "The Dickinson County Bike Path group is dedicated to giving cyclists — and pedestrians as well — room to roam in the region." more...

Public Input Positive on Greenway Trails


KY - "...Months of rain have delayed the parks department from pouring the asphalt that would complete the second phase of the trail." more...

Syracuse Tries a New Placement for Bikes


NY - "The Syracuse suburb of Dewitt is overhauling its wide traffic artery -- and putting bikes at the center." more...

Cape Cyclist Ticketed for Taking the Lane

Cape Coral, FL - "A Cape Coral cyclist cited for riding in the middle of the road claims he chose the safest option he could." more...

Storm Drain Filter Bags Obstruct Bike Lanes


Portland, OR - "...He slammed into one of these, fell to the ground, and tore open a nasty gash in his elbow that required a number of stitches at the ER." more...

New Transit Startups Taking Over Streets & Sidewalks

"Local government needs to catch up to the challenge of controlling streets and sidewalks crowded with new ideas for urban mobility." more...

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Is Euclid Becoming the Next Biking Hotspot?


Euclid, OH - "...In January, the city unanimously approved a master plan that will introduce protected bikeways..." more

Crossing the Ohio River Poses Challenges for Cyclists

Covington, KY - "If you're trying to travel between Cincinnati and Covington by bicycle, you might find your options leave something to be desired..." more

Restored Railroad Car Opens for Earth Day Tours


Urbana, OH - "Take a tour while walking or cycling the Simon Kenton Trail." more...

Police Arrest Serial Bike Shop Thieves

WA - "Issaquah police arrested a man they say is responsible for bicycle thefts and burglaries at stores in three states." more...

Starting a Movement


"...Every day, more than 100 people are killed in traffic crashes on American streets..." more

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Top 8 Most in Demand Trail Projects

Columbus, OH - "...Based on public feedback and demand." more...

Adventure Guide for Mahoning County


Youngstown, OH - "...The Mahoning County Convention and Visitors Bureau has an outdoor adventure guide that points out some hidden gems." more...

Akron's Parks Improvement Plan

Akron, OH - "...The Akron Parks Collaborative will be tasked with engaging the community in 'friends groups' near each park to help keep Akron parks clean and inviting..." more

Monon Greenway Improvements in Carmel


IN - "The expansion and widening of the Monon Greenway is underway in Carmel..." more

Police Ignore Violent Assault Against Cyclist

"A road-raging driver in Portland, Oregon, sucker punched a cyclist and broke his jaw. The responding officer did nothing." more...

Chaos Breaks Out at Intersection in L.A.


CA - "...The group started surrounding him, and then started damaging the police car... Hitting the vehicle, kicking it, throwing the bikes at it, and then also breaking a window and slashing the tires." more...

Ped-Friendly "Superblocks" Proposed for Melbourne

AUS - "Melbourne's CBD could become largely 'car-free' under a proposal to counter a growing pedestrian crush, and planning experts and advocates say change needs to happen soon." more...

More on the Uber Bike Share Acquisition

"...Rzepecki told TechCrunch the decision to sell came down to Uber’s ability to help the dockless model scale..." more

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Officer Delivers New Bike to Young Girl

Toledo, OH - "Haylee McClellan Rowe called Toledo police for a purchasing dispute at a local toy store, and she found the call answered by a thoughtful officer who resolved it himself." more...

Wright Brothers Foundation Wants to License its Trademark

Dayton, OH - "The foundation has previously licensed its mark to companies including Shinola..." more

New Steps Include Bike Runnel


Pittsburgh, PA - "...Including a runnel in the redesign of the new Joncaire Steps will provide a way for people using the Junction Hollow trail on a bike in Schenley Park to access all the amenities that Oakland contains without riding on a cobblestone street..." more

Dismembered Body Found Near Bike Path


Brooklyn, NY - "The body of a dismembered woman was found along a bike path inside of Canarsie Park Monday evening, police say." more

City Council Against Bike Share Fees

Dallas, TX - "...council members and bike-share operators were united in their opposition to the fees as presently proposed." more...

Group Wants to Organize NYC Cycling Workers

NYC - "A crowd of about 30 cyclists gathered in Manhattan’s Union Square on a recent Saturday night in March..." more

I am so Frightened Just to do My Job

"Professional cyclist Macey Stewart posted a video to Indtagram today in which she pleaded with motorists to give riders space when overtaking them." more...

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Boy Uses Gun to Try to Steal Bike


Akron, OH - "Two Akron women were shaken up after a 14-year-old boy allegedly pointed a gun at them during a failed attempt to steal a bicycle." more...

$200K Approved for LMST Repaving

SW, OH - From Friends of the Little Miami Trail, "The Capital Budget has been signed into law by Governor Kasich, including the recommended $200,000 for repaving parts of the [Little Miami Scenic] trail! These funds, requested by FLMSP, will be administered by ODNR, and they will determine the timing of the disbursement."

Mill Creek MetroParks Receives Endowments


Canfield, OH - "...Naming rights also are in the works for the MetroParks Bikeway, following the establishment of a $100,000 endowment." more...

Smoking Banned in City Parks & Upcoming Bike Trail

Sandusky, OH - "Anyone looking to smoke in Sandusky city parks, will have to go elsewhere." more...

Bike Aboard! Opens Season in CVNP

CVNP, OH - "Ride your bike along the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in one direction and ride the train back in the other!.." more...

Devou Trails & Cycling Program to Grow


Covington, KY - "Cycling and hiking in Devou Park are having a major economic impact in Covington according to a study released by the Devou Good Project (DGP)." more...

Cyclists Insist on Protected Bike Lanes

Philadelphia, PA - " concerns have been heightened since Emily Fredericks was struck and killed by a trash truck as she rode in the bike lane..." more

Uber Acquires Jump


"Jump Bikes has a new owner: Uber..." more

Runaway Success of UT-Austin Bike Share

TX - "...Forty days after launching a free pilot program for UT students with 85 new bikes to serve them, Austin B-Cycle says it’s on track to more than double the ridership of the city’s entire 530-bike system." more...

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Licking River Greenway Trail Extension


Covington, KY - "Construction is nearly ready to begin on the final two phases of the Licking River Greenway Trail." more...

Riding to Prosperity


CO - "Three popular bike trail systems bring almost $14.6 million to Mesa County per year, according to a study recently published by researchers with Colorado Mesa University." more...

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Trail Paving Celebration Scheduled

Middlefield, OH - "...'The [Maple Highlands] trail is now paved in its entirety,' Oros said. 'It’s over 20 miles now, stretching from the Lake County line in Chardon Township to Swine Creek Reservation in Middlefield Township'..." more

Vandals Strike MTB Trail Before Grand Opening

Chattanooga, TN - "...the biggest slap in the face was the damage to the trail markers. Those markers were placed by Boy Scouts, the Eagle Service Project of one Scout in particular..." more

Cities Easing Rules on E-Bike Use


"A surge in the use of electric bicycles throughout the United States is prompting cities to revise regulations that restrict their use..." more

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Safety Improvements Coming to Xenia Station

Xenia, OH - "...As part of a multi-year traffic improvement plan, the city will re-stripe Detroit Street between Church and Third streets this spring, turning a southbound car lane into a bike lane..." more...

Beatty Station Improvements


Springfield, OH - "...The district has made the improvements to Beatty Station, a stop and parking area on the Little Miami Scenic Trail, a 112-bike trail that stretches from Bellefontaine to Cincinnati." more...

Exploring Cleveland's Rails-to-Trails

OH - "...Oberg was standing along the Cuyahoga River at the Scranton Peninsula explaining how Cleveland’s growing network of trails increasingly showcases a Great lake and a world class trail system." more...

The Law of Riding a Bicycle in Ohio

"I often see people riding bicycles on the road. Is that really legal?" more...

Proposed Bill Would Allow Communities to Lower Speed Limits

OH - "Currently, to lower the speed limit on the street in front of your house requires an act of legislation in the Ohio Legislature..." more...

Johnny Valiant Killed Crossing Street

PA - "The 71-year-old - whose real name was Thomas Sullivan - was hit by a pick-up truck while crossing a road in his hometown in Pennsylvania on Thursday." more...

Pop Up Bike Lane in Orlando

FL - "...The street safety demonstration will begin April 7, and last about four weeks." more...

Blaming Peds for Being Killed by Cars

"... In the aftermath of crashes between drivers and vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, there’s a tendency to blame the victim..." more

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E-Bikes Allowed on the Paint Creek Trail?

MI - "...The new state legislation allows electric bicycles on linear trails with “an asphalt, crushed limestone, or similar surface, or a rail trail.” This includes Paint Creek Trail and surrounding trails..." more

Don't Kick Mamma Moose


Anchorage, AK - "...the moose injured the man Thursday morning... ...the cow and a calf were on a trail, and the 'guy was trying to go through them' when he kicked the mother." more...

AV Twitter Chat


"In response to an automated Uber vehicle killing 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg while she was pushing a bicycle across the street, the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) held a twitter chat (#apbpchat) last week..." more

Big City Commutes are Often More Convenient by Bike

"Whether at the office or a social function, mention to a colleague that you happened to cycle there, and you’ll get a familiar reply..." more

Hi-Vis Clothing Law

UK - "New study pours cold water on claims that compulsory hi-vis provides safety benefits." more...

Prague to Ban Bikes From Historic Squares & Streets

CZE - "Cyclists will soon be banned from historic central spots in the Czech capital by officials citing pedestrian safety – yet 1,000 cars will not." more...

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The Ongoing Trail Bollard Hazard - Part 2

"...People develop their own beliefs concerning bollard use. Those beliefs are not only subjective, but often wrong (not backed up by data). Public safety should never be a subjective matter." more...

More Trail Flooding Reports

OH - Flooding in Athens has resulted in water over the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway’s Columbus Road spur.

And in Stark County the Middle Branch Trail, Shoreline Trail, Mahoning Valley Trail and West Branch Trail have also been affected by flood waters.

Connecting Trails Near Marietta

Marietta, OH - "April 10 meeting to get public views on tying in Devola path with Marietta’s." more...

NCIT News from Huron County

Huron County, OH - Read their Spring newsletter.

Require AVs to "See" Bicyclists & Pedestrians

"...Right now the Senate is considering S. 1885: AV START Act to set guidelines for automated vehicle manufacturers to test their vehicles on our streets.

"Please join the League in asking Senators to require AVs to pass a vision test proving they can see bicyclists and pedestrians." more...

AVs Will Make Our Streets Worse

"There are a lot of people very excited about automated vehicles and their potential to transform our cities. I’m not one of them..." more

2 Transportation Tragedies That Show it's Time to Put Peds First


"On National Walking Day, a look at how putting cars first kills people who walk..." more

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Towpath Flooding in Summit & Stark Counties


Clinton, OH - From, "The Towpath Trail is closed north and south of the Clinton Trailhead due to flooding."

Stark County, OH - From, "Water is over the trail in many areas, including Lake Ave., Wooster St., and north of Canal Fulton. Rising water is expected in more areas of the northern Stark County section. We urge everyone to use caution when heading out on the trail."

Columbus Area Trail Flooding


Columbus, OH - From Columbus MetroParks, "Flooding on the Olentangy and Alum Creek Trails."

Knox County Trails Report

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...She plans a volunteer day to clear brush on the untamed HOOT section between Huffman Road and the county line." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Cyclist Struck, Sent to Hospital

Traverse City, MI - "...The woman was riding her bike, coming out of the alley off of Cass Street when she rode through a stop sign." more...

Volunteers Establishing New Biking, Hiking Trail


WV - "...with the blessing of Nitro City Council, Toler and his friend Jim Caudill, also of Nitro, and other volunteers, including Steve Warnick and Matt Poff, have been carving out another trail at Ridenour that is suitable for both mountain bikers and hikers" more...

Bike Trail on Rural Roads a Great Idea


KY - "...there are so many bicycle enthusiasts in and around our community, it only makes sense to add more trails that cover more distances than they currently do..." more...

NYC to Legalize Some E-Bikes


NYC - "New York City will legalize the use of pedal-assist electric bikes, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday..." more

Uber AV Death Won't be the Last

"...I think the sensors on the vehicles should have seen the pedestrian well in advance..." more

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Hi-Rail Project Extends Greenway


Evansville, IN - "A two-and-a-half mile expansion to Pigeon Creek Greenway is underway in Evansville." more...

Kentucky Becomes 30th State To Pass '3-Feet' Law


KY - "...This law will require motorists overtaking a bicycle to: Change lanes to pass if on a multi-lane road and able to safely do so, and provide no less than 3 feet when passing on a single lane road. The law also allows drivers to cross double yellow lines in order to comply with the 3 foot minimum distance under certain circumstances." more...

Hoboken Prioritizes Intersection Visibility

Proposed Bylaw Addresses "Chopping" of Stolen Bikes

CAN - "Toronto city council is set to debate a proposed bylaw Tuesday that would ban the "chopping" of stolen bicycles in downtown parks." more...

4 Ways to Go Beyond Bike-Friendly

"...Some leading companies are going above and beyond employee incentive and community programs, by building an environment that makes it easy and comfortable for employees to “go by bike” to and around work." more...

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Medina Park Volunteers

Medina, OH - " steward volunteers spent 2,181 hours monitoring the trails, 24.5 hours planting beneficial plants..." more

Cold Weather Delays Dogwood Trail


Paducah, KY - "...The Paducah Dogwood Trail began in 1964 and has taken place every year since except 2009, when a severe ice storm struck the region." more...

Driver Crashes into Bike Shop

RI - "A South Kingstown man is facing DUI charges after police say he crashed his car into a nearly century old business in Wakefield, Stedman’s Bike Shop." more...

E-Bikes Pulling People Away from Cars


"A study of nearly 1,800 North Americans using electric bikes has found that a large chunk primarily took to pedal-assist bikes in order to help ditch their private cars." more...

People Overestimate Walk/Bike Travel Time

"...These findings, published recently... underscore one of the biggest barriers to getting people to use more active forms of transportation: the perceived time commitment." more...

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Bike Route Could Roll Through Warren County


KY - "...A plan to bring the proposed U.S. Bicycle Route 23 through Warren County and other parts of the region is picking up momentum..." more

Springtime is Bicycle Time


Fort Wayne, IN - "With the start of spring, more of Fort Wayne's bicyclists will once again be pedaling the city's streets. That means drivers will have to share the road." more...

Hats Off to Trail Volunteers


PA - "Hiking and biking trails have become important quality-of-life amenities in Northeast Pennsylvania..." more

Miami Ped Bridge Collapse still has Experts Baffled


"Engineers the world over have scrutinized the data in search of the bridge’s mysterious and elusive breaking point, but can’t identify the cause." more...

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High Water on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway


Athens, OH - From, "The Bikeway at the low point between Stimson Ave and US33 overpass is currently under ~1 foot of water.

"The river is cresting this morning, so the bikeway should be passable again soon. If you are trying to get through the flooded section, please use caution. It is safer to go around at the public library or on the dirt path."

Towpath Flooding Report


Stark County, OH - From, "Water is over the trail at Lake Ave. in Massillon and is expected to flood over other lower areas in Stark County over the weekend."

Public Meeting to Discuss Multi-use Trail


Solon, OH - "A proposed walking trail would link Solon and Chagrin Falls. Before the project starts, though, resident input is wanted." more...

Cleaning Up Trailside Homeless Camps

Columbus, OH - "...Their mission was to clean up three abandoned homeless camps along the Camp Chase bike trail." more...

Albuquerque Removes Protection from Protected Bike Lane

NM - "Just months after they went up, the city of Albuquerque has dismantled protective posts for downtown bicyclists." more...

FIU Wants to Pave Over Nature Preserve


Miami-Dade County, FL - "...The 13-acre Arch Creek East preserve is known for its bike trail and nature walk that pours to FIU's Biscayne Bay campus -- dedicated by the city to preserve its habitat." more...

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Man Sought in Attempted Robbery on Trail

Nelsonville, OH - "Authorities are looking for a man who reportedly attempted to rob someone Wednesday afternoon on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway." more...

Philly Looks to Flip Bike Lanes After Fatality

Philadelphia, PA - "...The change would be a safety improvement on streets where a cyclist died last year, city officials said..." more

Bikes Can Run Red Lights in NYC

NYC - "...On Tuesday, the Department of Transportation and Streetsblog NYC announced a new pilot initiative that will literally give cyclists a head start on traffic at select intersections across the city..." more

Uber Settles with Victim's Family

"Uber Technologies has reached a settlement with the family of the woman killed earlier this month in Tempe, Ariz., after one of the company's self-driving test vehicles struck her as she was crossing a street." more...

What Uber's AV Failure Tells Us

"...The reality is that we’re still in the nascent stages of this new technology and streets are inherently dangerous places..." more

150 Million Users Affected by MyFitnessPal Data Breach


Baltimore, MD - "Sports apparel merchant Under Armour has become the latest victim of a massive digital theft of sensitive information about tens of millions of customers." more

Pro Cyclist Attacked


ITA - "An irate driver assaulted a professional cyclist in Italy this week, sending him to the hospital with a head injury." more

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Making Akron More Bike-Friendly

Akron, OH - "...To truly become a more bicycle-friendly community, Akron needs a core network of connected bike lanes that will link our neighborhoods to key destinations and business districts across the city..." more

Trumbull County Considers Parks Levy


Warren, OH - "Trumbull and Columbiana are the only two counties in Northeast Ohio that don’t have park levies, but now, Trumbull County is thinking about changing that." more...

Hit-Skip Victim Back on the Bike


PA - "...The fact that he’s now back on the seat of a bike is simply inspiring to those around him." more...

Sullivan gets $696K for Greenway


IN - "The city of Sullivan has been awarded $696,000 in federal funds as part of a downtown greenway project..." more...

Signs Allow Parking in Bike Lane


Rochester, NY - "...Bryan Agnello noticed this issue months ago and alerted the city of the problem, but nothing has been fixed." more...

Hot Brake Rotor Starts Forest Fire


AUT - "...The fire was caused by a mountain biker, who put his bike in the meadow during a descent for a break. Presumably due to the overheated brake disc, a tuft of grass is likely to have ignited..." more

Amtrak Bike Service Survey

Take the survey.

'Idaho Stop' Still Misunderstood by Some


"...There’s a perception among some people that this is giving special rights to bicyclists and legalizing an unsafe behavior." more...

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70,000 Sign Petitions Protesting Pipelines

VA - "...Activists also gave Northam an online petition signed by more than 62,000 citizens from around the country calling on Northam to stop the pipelines, which they said would threaten the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Appalachian Trail and miles of national forest land..." more

Company Sued for Bus Design That Caused Cyclist Death


"...51-year-old Kavyan Khiabani was killed in April 2017 after he was sucked underneath the wheels of a large coach manufactured in 2008 by Motor Coach Industries (MCI)." more...

Safer Roads are Possible

"A new World Resources Institute report study explores the barriers to reducing road fatalities." more...

Shared Intersections

More News...

New Bike Racks Coming to Fremont


OH - "...Fremont Mayor Danny Sanchez said the project was developed as a way to attract bike riders using the Northcoast Inland Bike Trail, which runs through Sandusky and Ottawa counties, and to promote health and wellness among residents and tourists." more...

Industrial Heartland Trail Network

Meet the group that's working to complete trail networks that connect four states: Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. more...

See the map of their envisioned trail network.

Ann Arbor Considers Reducing Traffic Speeds

MI - "...Some of the ideas in the new report include adopting a zero-tolerance policy on speeding in the city, doing more traffic-calming projects..." more

Uber AVs Shut Down in AZ


AZ - "...The move follows the death of Elaine Herzberg, a pedestrian who was struck and killed by one of the company's self-driving vehicles on March 18." more...

Plans to Connect Baltimore’s Green Space

MD - "...The Baltimore Greenway Trails Network project currently comprises 25 miles of existing trails and 10 miles of corridor gaps that could create integral trail connections to complete the network..." more

Crash Potential with "Speedy" E-Bikes

S. Korea - "...It appears seniors, mostly with reduced agility and physical abilities, were unfit for maneuvering fast electric bicycles, increasing the accident rate involving the bikes..." more

More News...

Mill Creek Gears Up for Major Upgrades

Canfield, OH - "As warmer weather approaches, Mill Creek MetroParks is gearing up for a slew of capital improvements." more...

ODNR Launches New Trails Website

"With more than 5000 of miles of trails, from biking, hiking, running, walking, water trails, and equestrian, Ohio has numerous opportunities to get out and explore." more...

State Seeks Input on Biking/Walking Improvements


PA - "If you are a pedestrian or a bicyclist — and most of us are one or both — the state Department of Transportation wants to hear from you." more...

Police Search for Ped Who Scratched Car

Allen Park, MI - "Police are searching for a suspect who scratched the hood of a car while walking past the parked car on an Allen Park sidewalk earlier this month." more...

Trails at Rocky Flats Refuge Set to Open


CO - "...The neat thing about Rocky Flats is it has been undisturbed for the past 70 years..." more

More News...

The Good & Bad from 2017 Ohio Bicycle Crash Stats

OH - "...It used to be that $400 in property damage was sufficient to generate a crash report that added to the total – the State bumped up the minimum damage for reporting such crashes to $1000..." more

It's Time to Shut Down Uber AVs

"Uber’s self-driving program has never played by the rules, and now our safety is at risk." more...

The Bike-Share Oversupply in China Via Photos

"Last year, bike sharing took off in China, with dozens of bike-share companies quickly flooding city streets with millions of brightly colored rental bicycles..." more

More News...

TJ Evans Trail Section Closed

Granville, OH - From, "A section of the TJ Evans Bike Path is closed from Main St at Granville Milling up to the Granville Rotary Bridge [a distance of 1 mile], until further notice. The closure is due to bank erosion and unstable bank conditions."

"For your safety, please observe all path closure signs and do not cross into closed areas.

"Updates will appear on the Licking Park District website, Facebook and the Trail Hotline (740.349.4823). Thank you for your cooperation as safety issues are addressed along the Bike Path."

Granville, OH

Trail Club Seeks Expansion Help


MI - "...the CHTC has been successful in completing Phase One and Phase Two of the trail project, which extends the trail to the tip of High Rock Bay..." more

Hudson Valley Rail Trail Getting $3.6M Boost


NY - "Officials announced Friday they will spend $3.6 million to forge a key link for the Hudson Valley rail trail by fall." more...

Bicycle Revolution, A Course On Wheels

"...Harvey Mudd College Professor of Political Science and Environmental Policy Paul Steinberg has developed a unique course conducted entirely on wheels..." more

More News...

Akron's Bike Lane Plans


Akron, OH - "...The city says the Knight Foundation grant will help make Akron more bike-friendly with a plan for connecting neighborhoods, the downtown business district and the Towpath Trail with bike lanes..." more

Columbus Rd Bike Path Spur Repairs Scheduled


Athens, OH - "...Repair of the bank is planned to begin in late April. The path is currently open to users." more...

Video From Deadly Uber Crash Released


"Footage shows what happened inside and outside the vehicle moments before the fatal crash that killed a woman walking her bicycle." more...

Cyclists will Need Detection Beacons to Be "Seen" by AVs


"Many lives would be saved if cycles were fitted with “bicycle-to-vehicle” sensors, a cycle industry association boss told automotive leaders..." more

Bike Share Brake Lines Being Cut in Seattle


WA - "All three of Seattle's bike-share companies say vandals are cutting the brake cables on their bikes." more...

Company Wants to Redefine Bike Parking


"Oonee, a Brooklyn-based startup, will debut its colorful, customizable 'bike pods' in April." more...

More News...

Akron to Partner with Copenhagenize Design Co.

Akron, OH - "The city of Akron is working with Copenhagenize Design Co. to plan a connected bicycle grid that will make it easier for residents to bicycle around the city." more...

Ohio Capital Budget Highlights

Columbus, OH - "Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) announced Wednesday night the Senate's passage of the state's Capital Budget, a $2.62 billion investment in Ohio's infrastructure and local community projects." more...

Niles Township considers LimeBike


Niles, IN - "Those bright green, shareable bicycles in South Bend have a way of migrating north up around Niles." more...

'Twisted Oliver' to Open Soon


Scottsville, KY - "As we wait for Spring-like weather to arrive, several volunteers are ready to open a new trail for hikers and bikers at Port Oliver on Barren River Lake." more...

Economic Analysis of the Devou Park Trail System

KY - "We are pleased to release our analysis on the effect of the Backcountry Trail System located in Devou Park, Covington, KY." more...

“Things in Bike Lanes” Campaign

CO - "Bicycle Colorado and Bike Denver have teamed up to raise awareness about safety issues in Denver’s bike lanes." more...

Milwaukee Drivers Don't Like to Yield to Peds


WI - "Researchers observed 364 crossings at 20 intersections in Milwaukee, and drivers only yielded 16 percent of the time." more...

E-Bikes Are Getting More People Out of Their Cars


"A new survey takes a deep dive into how and why people use electric bikes. Spoiler alert: They tend to ride more often after they buy one." more...

Energy Is Real


"...The driver’s anger poisoned the energy of the other drivers on the road. Everyone started honking." more...

More News...

Study Finds 29% of U.S. Drivers Drive Like Jerks


"The good news from the latest ZenDrive study is that 71 percent of drivers on the road in the USA drive safely. The bad news is that the remaining 29 percent are phone addicts, frustrated lead-footers and speed demons." more...

Independence to Break Ground on New Trail


Independence, OH - "The city will soon be breaking ground on a new biking and hiking trail connecting the city to the Towpath Trail." more...

Cincy Bike Plan Has Stalled


Cincinnati, OH - "...eight years into the plan's adoption, the city has only installed or implemented roughly 20 miles worth of new bike infrastructure, according to city data." more...

Royal Oak to Begin Creating Bike Lane Routes

MI - "Royal Oak is getting ready to establish north-south bike lane routes through the city this spring." more...

Making Bike Connections in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA - "...Nobody builds a road that’s unconnected to another road, right?.." more

More Details on Fatal Uber Crash

"...Traveling at 38 mph in a 35 mph zone on Sunday night, the Uber self-driving car made no attempt to brake..." more

Take Action to Require AVs to See Bikes & Peds


"On Sunday night, an autonomous vehicle operated by Uber hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, AZ, as she was walking her bicycle across the street. While the details of the crash are still forthcoming, the League of American Bicyclists is concerned that these vehicles are being deployed without having to first prove their ability to recognize and respond to people biking and walking in our streets." more

Bike Share Rider Takes to Highway


Boston, MA - "Harrowing footage shows someone riding a Hubway bike through a highway tunnel in downtown Boston." more...

Closer to Bike Share is Better for Business


"A new study from researchers at New York University (NYU) shows that restaurants closer to bike share stations do better business than those farther away..." more

Police Officers Schooled on Traffic Laws


AUS - "...The police officers wasted little time pulling into a nearby driveway and beginning to explain our wrongs..." more

More News...

Woman Killed by Self-Driving Uber


AZ - "A self-driving car operated by Uber struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona, as she was walking her bicycle..." more

$35K for Ohio & Erie Canalway


Akron, OH - "...The Summit County Trails grant provides essential seed funding for the planning, development and activation of multi-use recreational trails throughout Summit County..." more

Park Board Looks to Finalize Supervisor Position


Madison County, OH - "The Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails (FMCPT) have decided the new Park District Supervisor should be a county employee." more

Have Smart Streets Driven Downtown Turnaround?

South Bend, IN - "...He found that smart or 'complete' streets were a common thread running through success stories..." more

Computer Scientist Fights Blocked Bike Lanes

NY - "...Three years ago he sued U.P.S., targeting the delivery company’s trucks for blocking his bike path..." more

Bike Share Companies Face Uphill Ride in U.S.

San Francisco, CA - "A bike-sharing craze that has swept China over the past two years is picking up speed in cities across the United States, but with a different spin..." more

Ofo Bike Share Co. Raises $866M

"...'Ofo has been transitioning from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development,' founder and CEO Dai Wei said in the company statement." more

More News...

Sandusky County is Getting About $1.5M for Improvements


Sandusky County, OH - "Sandusky County is getting about $1.5 million for projects in the new state capital improvements bill, including money for local universities and for parks development." more...

Group Wants Nickel Plate Rail Preservation


Fishers, IN - "A group that promotes trails and greenways is trying to persuade officials in two Indianapolis suburbs to include both a railway and a trail in the redevelopment of an old rail line." more...

No Reduction in Sentence for 14-Year-Old Who Killed Cyclist

PA - "Derrys Sanders Jr. was 14 years old when he killed another teen because he wanted the victim's bicycle." more...

Ped Deaths Spike in Richmond

VA - "...It’s the most pedestrian deaths in the city since at least 2010, when the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles starting tracking the data statewide." more...

Seattle Experiments with Bike Share Parking


WA - "...There are five locations in Ballard where SDOT painted bikeshare parking stalls. They are located in “furniture zones” of the neighborhood’s sidewalks..." more

Amateur Motor Doper Receives Punishment

UK - "...Fontayne’s case is the second example of a rider being banned from racing for what is officially known as 'technological fraud'..." more

More News...

Huron County Projects will Improve Park Trails


Norwalk, OH - "...The three projects are $150,000 for improvements to Willard Reservoir at Willard, $100,000 for improvements to a trail in the City of Norwalk, and $33,000 for a trail project in Monroeville." more...

Protected Bike Lanes Coming


Philadelphia, PA - "Protected bike lanes are coming to Market Street and JFK Boulevard in Center City by the spring, Philadelphia officials announced on Saturday." more...

Commissioner Sees Countywide Trail Project as a Conspiracy


Lackawanna County, PA - "...I don’t have a problem if a borough or a town wants to build their trail, but they’re talking about this being a countywide trail and there’s a specific agenda behind that, and it’s to try to get people out of their cars..." more

Suspect Sought in Fatal Attack on Bicyclist

AZ - "A Scottsdale man has died from head injuries after another man forced him to be thrown from his bicycle last month, police said." more

Man Killed when Motorized Bicycle Malfunctions

MO - "...Pavel A. Nadtochayev, of Willow Springs, was riding the bicycle on a private road about seven miles west of Pomona when the bicycle malfunctioned and Nadtochayev was ejected..." more

Stolen Bicycle Leads To ‘Little Acts Of Kindness’

Brooklyn, NY - "If you walked down Clinton Street in Caroll Gardens in early March, chances are you noticed the 8-foot by 3-foot sign making a plea to whoever stole a bicycle..." more

What Google Maps Could Learn From Strava


"...Strava’s route-planning feature is my go-to. It’s the type of alternative that Google could learn from to make its bike-based navigation not just acceptable, but excellent..." more

More News...

Cyclist Identified from Fatal Crash

Elkhart County, IN - "...Miller died at the scene. Police say he was wearing a reflective vest and had lights on his bicycle.." more...

DOT Prepping More Barrier Work Along Bikeway

NYC - "Construction is slated to start this summer and last into 2019." more...

[Barriers/bollards create permanent hazards for trail users. Learn more...]

What Caused the Miami Ped Bridge Collapse?

"The unfinished pedestrian overpass that toppled onto the Tamiami Trail on Thursday was being built under a relatively novel approach called accelerated bridge construction..." more

Bridge Collapse Is About So Much More Than a Failed Structure

"It's an indictment of the approach to transportation planning that opts for pedestrian bridges instead of making streets safe for people to cross on foot." more

Coast to Coast Trail Spurs Business Growth


FL - "Entrepreneurs across Central Florida have opened inns and bike shops — and one city is investing more than $1 million to boost business — all in hopes of benefiting from a bike trail that’s carving a path through the state." more...

Spurring Mobility in Cities of the Future


"Rails to Trails was at the SXSW Cities Summit this week, exploring the role of trails in the cities of the future. I sat down with Jeff Risom, partner and managing director U.S. of Gehl—a cutting-edge, international design firm that focuses on the intersection of quality of life and the built environment." more...

More News...

At Least 4 Dead in Ped Bridge Collapse

Miami, FL - "A pedestrian bridge under construction collapsed Thursday, just days after crews had dropped an elevated 950-ton span in place..." more

'Book-a-Bike' Program in Athens

Athens, OH - "Book-a-Bike is a FREE bike borrowing program available at library branches in Athens, Glouster, The Plains, Nelsonville (and Chauncey–coming soon!)." more

Dayton MetroPark About to Grow


Dayton, OH - "...Five Rivers MetroParks has entered into a purchase agreement with Calvary Mission Baptist Church for 45.8 acres of land..." more

City Seeks $55K for Sidewalk Project

Port Clinton, OH - "The City of Port Clinton is seeking additional grant funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation for a sidewalk project on Jefferson Street..." more

Stolen FL Bike Turns up in Ohio

Fairview Park, OH - "...Officers checked the bicycle's serial number through the computer system and found it had been stolen from the Orlando area..." more

Finishing the Trail Bridge at Cocalico Creek

PA - "The rail trail bridge over the Cocalico Creek just west of Akron is still a project in progress." more...

Greenways + Blueways 2020 Plan Introduced

IN - "...The plan encourages local governments and private land owners to create connections between patches of natural areas in Northwest Indiana." more...

Montreal Considers 'Idaho-Stop' Law


CAN - "Many cyclists (including this one) complain that rules designed for cars don't make sense for bikes..." more...

More News...

Woman Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter

Athens, OH - "...Summer J. Bess, 37, of Glouster, was charged with the second-degree misdemeanor after she allegedly hit Russell Wade Cullums, 56, of Guysville with her car as he was walking his bicycle along the berm of Ohio Rt. 13..." more

Truck Rolls Over Bike While Rider Escapes

Orange Twp., OH - "A cyclist escaped from the path of an oncoming truck -- but his bike did not..." more

Protected Bike Lanes Ease Congestion

Philadelphia, PA - "...protected bike lanes can lead to less space for cars — and, by extension, they reason, more congestion. But analysis proves otherwise." more...

Another Pedestrian Death on SE Division


Portland, OR - "...In a sad twist, it appears the exact location where Mr. Chan was hit is waiting for a new rapid flashing beacon, median island and marked crosswalks." more...

Complete Streets in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles


"In late February, I attended the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)’s Public Listening Summit on Automated Vehicle Policy..." more

More News...

Flooding Erosion Threatens Athens Trail

Athens, OH - "More than a year after winter flooding damaged a portion of the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway’s Columbus Road spur in North Athens, the path has seen more damage in past few weeks..." more

IU Professor Dies after Bike Crash


Richmond, IN - "...He was found unconscious at the scene around 6:30 a.m. Monday. The circumstances surrounding the crash remain under investigation." more...

Feds Award $750K for Belle Isle Trail

Detroit, MI - "Federal funds will help pay for a 6-mile, multi-use loop trail around Belle Isle Park in Detroit." more...

Seattle Passes E-Bike Law


WA - "...The new law, Senate Bill 6434, classifies the bicycles into three categories, eliminates a minimum-age requirement for the slower e-bikes and requires manufacturers to label the classification number... more

Driver Hits Trail Users Crossing the Road


Saugus, MA - "...In light of a recent accident in which an elderly couple were walking on the trail and were struck by a car, Planning Board chairman Peter Rossetti said he would like to see additional signs with flashing lights installed where the rail trail crosses major roads." more...

Apple Maps Now Includes Bike-Share Stations


"The new tool can help you find bike-share services in about 180 cities around the world." more...

Naked Cyclists Demand Safer Streets

BRA - "In São Paulo, Brazil, the World Naked Bike Ride was once again a rallying cry against an alarming rate of cycling deaths." more...

Behold, the Dockless Scooter

"Both LimeBike and Bird plan to bring the new urban mobility option to cities beyond California." more...

DeFeet Uses Blockchain Technology to Deter Counterfeiting


Hildebran, NC - "...Consumers will be able to scan their products with a mobile device to ensure they are not counterfeit and to register the product." more...

More News...

Miami Valley Trail User Survey Results

SW OH - "...Here are some of the key findings from the most recent survey released Friday." more...

Trumbull County MetroParks Eyes Tax Levy

Warren, OH - "Declining revenue from natural gas wells and increasing costs are just two of the reasons Trumbull County residents may be asked to approve a levy to operate the County MetroParks." more...

New Greenway Coming to Beech Grove

Beech Grove, IN - "...The 2.5-mile trail will run through the city and the parks system. It will feature four bridges and five trailheads..." more

Lackawanna County Looks to Create New Trail

Elmhurst Twp., PA - "...In 1980, Lackawanna County bought a ten mile stretch of land which is basically abandoned rail line that stretches from Dunmore to Jefferson Township." more

Rally Demands Safer Streets

NYC - "Hundreds of traffic safety advocates and Park Slope residents made their demands for safer streets heard on Monday at a march and rally held exactly one week after two children were fatally struck by a car in the neighborhood." more

Over 200 Felled Trees in Nickerson State Park

Brewster, MA - "...Over 200 trees were felled between the january and March nor'easters, according to state Department of Conservation and Recreation spokesman Troy Wall.

"...69 large trees had fallen across the park's bike trail..." more

Coloradans Sound Off on E-Bikes

CO - "...a few local governments are trying to get ahead of an expected surge in electric bike activity. This too is unleashing a strong undercurrent of emotion." more...

HOPR is the All-in-One App

"A new app by bike-share company CycleHop lets you find, plan, and pay for different ways to get around a city." more...

400 Cyclists Killed or Injured Due to Potholes

UK - "...The figures have prompted Cycling UK, which says that casualties are on 'a steadily worsening trend,' to urge the government to take action." more...

New Device Designed to Stop Cars from Driving on Sidewalk

UK - "Yannick Read, 47, of Bristol, has created the 'Catclaw' and says it will save lives and could even stop terror attacks." more...

Dockless Bike Shares: Why Can't We Have Nice Things


"It is exhilarating to have a bike anywhere you want it. It is depressing to see the state of the bikes." more...

More News...

Little Miami Trail News

SW OH - Read the latest edition.

Ped Bridges to Coke Ovens Need Replaced


Leetonia, OH - "...Siembida said council needs to replace the current wooden bridges at the coke ovens park with ones that are handicap accessible..." more

Bike Park Fundraising in Lebanon

Lebanon, OH - "...Every $10 individual donation to the bike park between now and June 2nd will be entered to win this sweet new ride..." more

Ann Arbor Bike Share to Relaunch

MI - "The Ann Arbor-based Clean Energy Coalition is getting out of the bike share biz." more...

Truckers Don't Like Bike Share

Boston, MA - "A deal to dump 1,200 new rental bikes on the streets of Boston under a new pact with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has a state truckers’ group fearing trouble is ahead." more...

BionX Shuts Down, Searches for New Owner

CAN - "BionX Canada, the maker of retrofit e-bike conversion kits, has entered into receivership..." more...

More News...

Volunteers Create & Maintain Moon Lake Park Trails


Plymouth Twp., PA - "When the formerly county-owned Moon Lake Park became the property of the state, Meghan Martin wondered what would happen to some of her favorite mountain biking trails." more...

6 Cities Trail Plan Coming to Fruition


TX - "Local North Texas cities are making headway on establishing an interconnected trail system among six neighboring cities..." more

Boring Tunnels will be for Cyclists & Peds?


"Elon Musk's Boring Company is set to revolution the face of ... cycling?" more...

More News...

Akron Awarded $8M TIGER Grant

Akron, OH - "The project will design and reconstruct a portion of South Main Street to incorporate complete streets elements including roadway reconstruction with traffic calming and a road diet, streetscape improvements, upgraded traffic signals, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, bus shelter enhancements, lighting, wayfinding signage, and improved storm water management." more...

Trail Development in Galena


Galena, OH - "...Surveying has been completed and design is in process for the Galena Brick Trail Phase 2 project north of Holmes St." more...

Move to Change Adirondack Park Rules to Allow Rail-Trails


NY - "The Cuomo administration is again pushing forward with a controversial plan to build a rail-trail path from Lake Placid through Saranac Lake to Tupper Lake." more...

Trail Opening Delayed Due to Golf Ball Hazard


CA - "...As the construction of the trail neared completion early last month, members of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department noticed that golf balls mishit over the net were a risk to walkers and riders using the trail..." more

3 Steps to Designating U.S. Bicycle Routes

"One of the key tenets of the U.S. Bicycle Route System is the fact that each route is officially designated. But what does that mean?.." more

NCUTCD Online Survey


"This doesn’t happen very often: The obscure but hugely influential National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices is asking for direct feedback from ordinary transportation pros." more...

More News...

Little Free Pantry Opens on Razorback Greenway


Fayetteville, AR - "...The idea behind the pantry is to give people an opportunity to give while providing a helping hand to those in need." more...

Cyclist Knocked Out, Robbed on Trail


WA - "Police in Aberdeen say a man was struck from behind while riding his bike Wednesday and woke up to find his bike, cell phone and sneakers gone." more...

Unhelpful Ways Cities Talk About Bike Helmets


"...'We’re obsessing over helmets, but we’ve already sort of skipped over the problem,' Culver said. 'The actual problem is people getting hit by cars'..." more...

The Gender Gap in Walking


"A recent Stanford study examined walking rates around the globe, finding that in a diverse range of countries, girls and women walk less than boys and men." more...

More News...

Little Miami Trail Closure Alert

South Lebanon, OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "The trail will be closed at the State Route 48 overpass near South Lebanon beginning March 26 as ODOT works to fix the washout issues. This work is scheduled to last 5 days."

Solon Gets $300K in Trail Funding

Solon, OH - "...That in itself goes a long way toward securing funding for the proposed 'Solon-to-Chagrin Falls Trail'..." more

The Miami 2 Miami Trail Plan

Butler & Warren Counties, OH - "...Called the Miami 2 Miami Connection, the idea was first proposed in 2002, but Tri-State Trails has rejiggered the plan and gained support from all of the communities it would traverse." more

Cincy Must Become More Bike-Friendly

Cincinnati, OH - "...For a city with a well-established and centrally-located urban population, the lack of accommodations for cyclists and their safety is disappointing..." more

County Working on Extending Karst Farm Greenway

IN - "Several former railroad bridges will be reconstructed for pedestrian use along an unopened portion of the Karst Farm Greenway." more...

3 Foot Law Heads to KY Senate for Final Approval

Frankfort, KY - "The Bluegrass State is one step closer to a safe-passing law for the Commonwealth's roads." more...

Michiana Trail Now on Google Street View

IN - "...Hundreds of miles of trails are covered across Indiana, says Lisa Nye, director of the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association, which coordinated the photo-mapping blitz that spring." more...

Citizen Patrols on Northdale Lake Park Trail after 2 Attacks

Lutz, FL - "Since Feb. 24, people who live in Northdale have been on edge. A woman was attacked in broad daylight while walking along the Northdale Lake Park Trail." more...

Lake Natoma Bike Trail Still Closed After 2017 Rockslide

CA - "A popular bike and walkway on a stretch of the American River Parkway Recreation Trail is still shut down more than a year after a rockslide blocked it." more...

Paris Offers Incentives to Ditch Cars

FRA - "The city will reimburse residents who buy e-bikes and cargo bikes for up to €600​." more...

Why Vision Zero is a Failure


"...the authorities talk about the 3 E’s, Engineering, Education and Enforcement, but always manage to ignore the first, because true vision zero slows cars down and inconveniences drivers..." more...

More News...

Greenway Construction Brings Street Closures


Cincinnati, OH - "Construction on the Lick Run Greenway has been going on for eight months." more...

Hocking Valley Scenic Trail Plan

Athens, OH - "...Last month, the Hocking Valley Scenic Trail (HVST) Committee held a public meeting in Logan to present its plans to create a new rail trail that will connect to and extend the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway (HAB) from Nelsonville to Logan. Once complete, the project will add 11.6 miles of paved multi-purpose trail..." more

The Olentangy Gap

Columbus, OH - "...In January, Clintonville Area Commission members voted 8-0 to send a letter to OhioHealth and city officials, urging that an extension of the Olentangy Trail to close the gap..." more

Hartville Supports Bike Route


Hartville, OH - "Hartville Village Council approved a resolution declaring support for a proposed state bicycle route." more...

Philly Slow on Building Bike Lanes


Philadelphia, PA - "...One reason for the slow progress is a special rule, enacted in 2012 as part of the city’s complete streets policy, that gives each City Council member veto power over bike lanes..." more

Bike Share Litter Treacherous for the Blind

Dallas, TX - "...The problem arose when I actually fell over one of these things. I really screwed up my knee, partially tore my ACL..." more

Wichita Builds on Bike-Friendly Status


Wichita, KS - "...In the past year, the city installed approximately six miles of new bikeways bringing the total within the city to 115 miles of bikeways..." more

New Bicycle Route Navigator App

"... the bicycle touring community is buzzing after the release of Bicycle Route Navigator, Adventure Cycling’s new mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, and ready to help you pilot your journey along the 46,846-mile Adventure Cycling Route Network..." more

Better Biking Conditions Can Help Bike Shops

"...Until recently, there wasn’t an easy way to show a direct relationship between good biking conditions and strong independent bike shop (IBD) sales. The launch of PlacesForBikes’ Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) changes all that..." more

More News...

OU Students Could Soon Borrow Bikes

Athens, OH - "Ohio University students will soon be able to participate in a bike-sharing program on campus." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Residents Speak Out Against Trail Route


Bellefonte, PA - "Some Bellefonte residents are not happy about the proposed route for the future Bellefonte to Milesburg greenway trail." more...

Wisconsin Bike-Friendly Ranking Plummets

WI - "...It doesn’t help that Wisconsin redirects half of our federal funding for bike and pedestrian projects to highways, the maximum allowed under federal rules, or that we became the first (and so far the only) state to repeal a Complete Streets law." more...

Facebook-Shaming to Clear Sidewalks

NY - "Erich Krueger is tired of trudging through snow-clogged sidewalks, and he's taking his campaign against the property owners online." more...

Fatality Rates Remain High for U.S. Pedestrians


"America isn’t making progress on pedestrian safety, with people on foot accounting for a steadily rising share of overall traffic fatalities." more...

More News...

$21.2M Initiative for Grand River Trail Network


MI - "...The Grand River Greenway, first envisioned three decades ago, has the potential to become a significant lure..." more

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Next Border-to-Border Trail Segment


MI - "On Saturday, Feb. 24 just outside of Chelsea’s city limits, a groundbreaking ceremony signaled the beginning of the next Border-to-Border trail segment that will travel through Washtenaw County." more...

Residents Want Trails

NY - "...the passive pursuits offered by trails and pathways are increasingly becoming a municipal priority..." more

What is a STROAD?

More News...

Boyertown Eyes Walking/Biking Trail


PA - "As part of ongoing plans to attract tourists, Boyertown is hoping to provide a walking, biking and running trail called Hidden Valley Trail in the Boyertown area..." more

Bike-Ped Advisory Committee Replaces Greenways Commission


Bowling Green, KY - "The Greenways Commission of Bowling Green and Warren County is no more, but its work establishing walking and bicycling trails will live on under a new advisory role..." more

E-Bike Debate Coming to Aspen Trails


Aspen, CO - "Multiple jurisdictions in the Roaring Fork Valley are going to determine this spring if they can get on the same path regarding use of electric bikes on paved trails." more...

Dockless Bikes Increase Access & Chaos


Dallas, TX - "...Joel Miller, bike share program manager for the Seattle Department of Transportation, said preliminary data shows the number of miles ridden on dockless bikes "far exceed" what they had with their dock-based system..." more

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Connecting Cleveland-Area Greenways


Cleveland, OH - "...If fully implemented, the Cuyahoga Greenway will eventually include hundreds of miles of linear parks with biking and walking trails as well as on-road bike lanes..." more

County Approves Payment for Greenway

Wellsboro, PA - "...This phase of the project does not include construction of the trail connecting the Pine Creek Rail Trail northern terminus at the Wellsboro Junction to Wellsboro..." more

Fund will Help IMBA Create 100 New MTB Trails in 2018


"Partnering with the Walton Family Foundation, IMBA says it is poised to launch its largest trail fund ever." more...

Suspected Serial Killer Taken Into Custody

Kansas City, MO - "A man already charged with killing three people in the Kansas City area was indicted Friday in the deaths of three more men, all of whom were shot in apparently unprovoked attacks along or near hiking trails..." more

Police Brutalize Jaywalker

NC - "...Police body camera video obtained by the Citizen Times on Wednesday shows Officer Chris Hickman beating Johnnie Jermaine Rush with punches to the head while Rush was being restrained..." more

The Design Bible That Changed How Americans Bike in Cities

"A movement has brought safer bicycle lanes to the United States. But it took a manual to spread them." more

How American Transportation Engineers Resisted Bike Lanes


"...Davis, California, began to build protected bike lanes in the early 70s, drawing significant interest from other cities. But instead of embracing these street design concepts, American transportation engineers shunned them for a generation." more

5 Things Preventing Justice for Cyclists

"Many riders have been hit and killed by distracted drivers. Italian professional Michele Scarponi was one of the most famous victims in recent years." more

Following Backlash, Strava Makes Changes


"After reports that its Global Heatmap accidentally revealed military bases around the world, the fitness app quietly changed its privacy settings." more

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Towpath Flooding Reports


Clinton, OH - From, "Towpath Trail is closed north and south of the Clinton Trailhead due to flooding."

Canal Fulton, OH - From, "High water has closed the Towpath Trail at Lock 4 Trailhead. Other low areas might also be under water soon..."

Connector Trail Closing During Construction Hours

Northfield, OH - The Old Carriage Trail Connector in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park will be undergoing construction that is set to begin soon. This connector, along with a portion of Holzhauer Rd, connects the Towpath Trail with the Akron Hike-Bike Trail in Sagamore Hills. (See map below.)

Sagamore Hills, OH

The Old Carriage Connector Trail will be closed during construction hours, 7 am -- 6 pm, Monday through Friday. It will be open after hours and on weekends. Learn more...

Franklinton Loop Trail Planned


Columbus, OH - "The City of Columbus is moving forward with plans for an off-street trail that would run north from the Mount Carmel campus in Franklinton to the Scioto River..." more

Upgrades Coming to Olentangy Trail

Columubus, OH - "Two major upgrades are planned for the Olentangy Trail: one that will widen a large section of the trail and another that will connect it to Bethel Road..." more

1 Coyote Killed, 2nd at Large After Attacks


NY - " unsettling 24-hour series of attacks that included a dog killed, a police officer and a postal worker bitten and a cyclist attacked." more...

Santa Ana River Trail Homeless Camps Removed


CA - "The last of more than 700 homeless people living in the tent encampments at the Santa Ana River Trail left on Monday — 697 of them gone to motels." more...

A Look at Trail Funding & Advocacy


"[ are] a few highlights from 2017—and a peek at what’s to come as we keep our eye on 2018 and beyond." more...

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Columbus Trail Flooding


Columbus, OH - From Columbus MetroParks, "Trail Alert: Trails are flooding again due to rain. Please use caution.

"The Blacklick [Trail] is closed under Winchester Pike."

Man Struck, Killed by Driver

Chauncey, OH - "...The patrol said Summer J. Bess, 37, of Glouster, was driving north on Route 13 when her car went off the right side of the roadway and struck Cullums, who was pushing a bicycle northward on the unpaved berm." more...

Latest on Bike Route Through Struthers


Struthers, OH - "...Mayor Terry Stocker said that Struthers had little input in determining the path the bike route would take, and recommended the resolution be sent back to committee until the city could make route recommendations to ODOT." more...

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