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Maple Highlands Trail Paving Completion Coming


Middlefield, OH - "...Discussed for years and now coming to fruition, paving of The Maple Highlands Trail-South will be completed later this month..." more

Bridge Bike Lane Update

Cleveland, OH - "...Based on the weather forecast for the next few weeks it does not look like we’ll be able to place the rest of the green paint this year. The key areas are done, but we still need to add green backgrounds at all of the remaining bike lane symbols..." more

New Name & Logo for Schuylkill Trail


Pottstown, PA - "...Our new identity better represents the work we do, building and promoting the Schuylkill River Trail, championing the river and revitalizing the communities along it." more...

Bike Lane Critics Wants "Grass Roots" Transportation Planning

MA - "Fired up by protected bike lanes they feel are hurting local retailers, a group of residents and business leaders are vowing to take over citywide transportation planning by forming a grassroots group." more...

Littler Fire Engine Could Make Cities Safer


"...This fire engine seems like a small-ish symbol that the city can build an infrastructure that’s safer for daily commuters and yet swift enough in emergencies." more...

$35 Billion City Designed to Be Carless

S. Korea - "As more cities look to ban cars, newer cities are discouraging them from the get-go." more...

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Little Miami Trail Closure

Loveland, OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "The Little Miami Scenic Trail is closed between Fosters and Adams Road (north of Loveland) for dead tree removal. Closure will continue through Nov. 21 or until further notice.

"For the safety of trail users and workers, please observe all closure notices and barriers. Thank you!"

Miami 2 Miami Survey

SW OH - Take the survey.

Bike Owner Hugs Man Who Stole His Bike


CA - "Rob Greenfield was also inspired to crowdfund new rides for kids who lost their bikes to theft." more...

Bellevue Plans Game-Changing Bike Lane


WA - "...Using low-cost materials, city staff will install at least one stretch of mostly-protected bike lane that they can learn from and easily modify. If it goes well, the city can easily make the lane (or lanes) permanent." more...

Allies Clash Over Design of Saluda Riverwalk


SC - "...In a heated set of emails, Charlene Coleman, regional coordinator for American Whitewater, writes, 'The project, as proposed, would needlessly impact the natural beauty and river viewing opportunities.'" more...

Study: Cyclists Make Better Drivers

AUS - "Researchers in Australia find that those with experience of riding a bike process visual information more quickly." more...

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6 Projects that are Moving Ohio Trails Forward

OH - "...Here’s a brief overview of just six projects that are moving the dial in the Buckeye State." more...

Metro Parks Approves Purchase of 62-Acres Quarry Site

Columbus, OH - "...The new park is to feature quarry lakes, along with rock cliffs, vegetation, a trail system and a 25-foot waterfall, along with 2 miles of waterfront along the Scioto River..." more

Bus Driver who Killed Pedestrian gets Probation

Cleveland, OH - "The former RTA bus driver who fatally struck a woman crossing the street in Public Square last December sobbed through her Monday sentencing hearing..." more

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Paralyzed After Crash, Cyclist Sues Over Unmarked Bollard


"A grandfather was left quadriplegic after crashing into an unmarked bollard on a Washington state bike trail. Should the obstruction have even been there at all?" more...

OB: The general public, as well as many cyclists, are not aware that bollards can cause life-altering injuries or death.

The knee-jerk reaction to add bollards and barriers to bike trails after the NYC terror attack, further demonstrates that trail managers and law enforcement are also largely clueless to that fact. Learn more about the trail bollard hazard.

Crews Installing Steel Bollards Along Vegas Strip Sidewalks

NV - "As construction crews began installing steel posts on the Strip early Monday to protect pedestrians, locals and tourists walking along Las Vegas Boulevard said the addition will help them feel safer." more...

Cyclist Killed by Tesla Driver


UK - "It’s still unclear if the Tesla Model S was in autopilot mode at the time of the crash." more...

Building Support for Walking/Biking Infrastructure

"Set expectations you know you can meet or exceed with each step..." more

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Massillon Planning for Bike Share

Massillon, OH - "...Between eight and 16 bicycles are to be purchased with grant dollars so people can pedal around parts of downtown and, eventually, link up with the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail." more...

Toledo Metroparks Planning Another New Park

Maumee, OH - "...We'll have a water feature. Pretty substantial lake for kayaking and fishing. People like to be by the water. It also has access to Wabash Cannonball Trail..." more

Grant Sought for Irishtown Bend Project

Cleveland, OH - "In another step forward on the Irishtown Bend project, The Port of Cleveland and NOACA applied for a federal $11.5 million Infrastructure For Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant earlier this month..." more

Kenda Opens Bike Tire Test Track in Ohio

N. Canton, OH - "...Tire maker Kenda recently hosted an open house at their R&D facility in North Canton, Ohio..." more

Red Bike Needs a Mechanic

Cincinnati, OH - "Red Bike is looking for a part-time (20 to 29 hours/week) mechanic to help with all aspects of repairing and maintaining Red Bike’s fleet of 442 bikes..." more

Petition to Illuminate People Trails

Columbus, IN - "...we are now encountering a major problem that was never before considered—the 27 miles of people trail are unlit, and the hazards of the dark are widespread." more...

Trail Network Celebrates 100th Mile

IN - "...the Regional Trail Network has been a welcome feature to life in and around Fort Wayne. The multi-use Network is expanding and recently paved its 100th mile, with an additional seven miles to be added by the end of 2017." more...

Lakefront Trail Safety Questioned following NYC Terror Attack

Chicago, IL - "After a man drove onto a New York City bike path Oct. 31 and killed eight people, local bicyclists are concerned about the security of Chicago’s bike paths." more...

Ballistic Evidence Found on Greenway

Boston, MA - "...A worker noticed a male suspect in the bushes and observed a camouflage vest with rifle magazines and a live round..." more...

Jogger Robbed at Knifepoint


Charlotte, NC - "...Channel 9 has covered several high-profile crimes on trails this year." more...

Duct Tape as a Bike Infra Tool

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Euclid Lakefront Trail Could Set Precedent


Euclid, OH - "...The big idea is that in exchange for access to the [trail] land through easements, the city would take responsibility for solving erosion that threatens homes and apartment buildings." more...

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Driving in the Bike Lane in San Francisco

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Trail Building in Cillicothe


Cillicothe, OH - "...The trail building is part of an effort to increase the number and boost the quality of multi-use trails in Ross County to take advantage of the local area's natural beauty and make it a destination for cyclists..." more

Greenway Experts Emphasize Importance of Grassroots Engagement


Charlottsville, VA - "...Local planners and environmental organizations are initiating a conversation to take years of greenway and trail ideas from plans to reality." more...

Helping Planners Understand Peds & Cyclists

"Long neglected in transportation planning, popular jogging and biking routes are getting more attention thanks to new data collected by Strava." more...

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Save the Bike Commuter Benefit!


"Proposed Senate tax bill ENDS bike commuter benefit BUT keeps commuter tax breaks for driving!" more

"Outrageous" to Repeal Bike Commuter Tax Break


"...there is absolutely no reason to wipe out incentives for one of the cleanest, healthiest, and environmentally friendly modes of transportation that exists today..." more

County Supports Rail Trail Land Purchase


Parkersburg, WVA - "...It has been our dream for many years to purchase an additional rail bed to get the North Bend Rail Trail right into downtown Parkersburg..." more

Colorful Crosswalk Connects Trail with Downtown Pittsburgh


PA - "...The painted crosswalk is the first step to improve the trail’s entry into the Downtown area..." more

Yellowstone Cycle Trail Rolls Toward Completion


"Imagine two national parks, three national forests and three states linked by more than 180 miles of trail..." more

Plastic Wands Installed to Protect Bicycle Users


Portland, OR - "The Portland Bureau of Transportation is on a bit of a plastic wand binge." more...

IMBA Softens Stance On E-Bikes


"The International Mountain Biking Association will now offer a seat at the table for motor-assisted mountain bikes after years of opposition." more...

The Guy Who Saved the Bloor Street Bike Lane


Toronto, CAN - "...I was determined the city would keep them, but I knew they needed it to seem like people used them. I hatched a plan..." more...

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Little Beaver Creek Greenway Awarded Grant


Lisbon, OH - "The Columbiana County Park District has been awarded a $142,860 grant by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to repave part of the Greenway Bicycle Trail." more...

Little Miami Trail Section Closure


SW OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "November 9-17: The Little Miami Scenic Trail will be closed between South Lebanon and Fosters for dead tree removal.

"For the safety of trail users and workers, please observe all closure notices and barriers."

Brewed on the Bikeway


Athens, OH - "...Coast into southeastern Ohio’s beer scene via Brewed on the Bikeway, a new ale trail that connects four breweries and one cider house along an old railroad line in Athens County." more

Columbus Riverfront Concept


Columbus, IN - "An in-water recreation park for kayaking and tubing, a river-themed children’s play space with climbing apparatuses, and an expansion of the People Trail along the East Fork White River between the Second and Third Street bridges are all part of a preliminary design concept..." more

How San Diego Screwed Up Bike Sharing

CA - "In many cities, bike-share programs have been successful, with large, growing ridership. That hasn’t been the case in San Diego." more...

Can Optical Illusions Slow Drivers Down?


"...A handful of cities around the world have painted optical illusions on roadways — think raised beams and even images of children — that appear, at first glance, to be blocking motorists’ paths." more...

Say No to Higher Fees in National Parks

"Write today to express your concern on the recent proposal to increase entrance fees at 17 of our country’s National Parks. The new structure will double, or in some cases triple, the fee required to enter our parks in peak season." more...

Walkability Makes a Street More Complete

"When people consider a street 'walk-friendly,' simply put, they are more likely to walk." more...

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Great Miami Trail Section Closure

Dayton, OH - From, "We anticipate that the trail will be closed between the downstream end of Carillon Boulevard and East River Road Wednesday, November 8 to Friday, November 10. MCD is constructing a small retaining wall near the railroad overpass.

"A possible way around construction would be via East River Road, an on-street trip of approximately 1.3 miles. This route is not particularly pedestrian-friendly, given there is no sidewalk along the road most of the way."

UPS to Deliver by Cargo Bike in Downtown Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh, PA - "...UPS on Wednesday debuted an e-bike that the company will use to deliver packages in Downtown Pittsburgh starting Thursday." more...

Lakefront Trail Users Want Guardrails


Chicago, IL - "...Although there are guardrails along some sections of Lake Shore Drive, they are missing in spots along the South Side stretch that is expected to be completed by the end of the year..." more

Troy Proposes Plan to Make Trail Safer


NY - "It’s supposed to be a trail that makes it easier to get around, but after suspicious activity and one horrific crime, neighbors said they don’t feel safe near it." more...

The Jersey Barrier Games Continue in NYC


NYC - "...If we’re going to use jersey barriers to keep cars off the greenway, this orientation is a big improvement and probably the best that can be done. But the agencies responsible for the greenway can’t leave this in place for long. Especially during peak season, there are too many people biking, skating, jogging, and walking on the greenway to cram through these 20-foot-long cattle chutes." more...

Goal: 500 Miles of New MTB Trails in 2018


"...Launched this month, the Dig In campaign highlights 68 projects across 31 states that will, when complete, create 500 miles of new trails..." more

2017 Bicycle Friendly Universities Announced


"Today, the League of American Bicyclists announced 46 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Universities℠ (BFUs), There are now 182 BFUs in 45 states and Washington, DC, a cutting-edge group of colleges and universities across the United States transforming their campuses and the communities around them." more...

Another Brick in the Wall


"...The whole “bikes-versus-cars” meme deserves to die a quick and painless death. To say cyclists and motorists are at war in our streets, and that the government must side with cyclists, will only increase conflict..." more

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Maple Highlands Trail Connector - Phase 2

Chardon, OH - "...When Geauga Park District’s Maple Highlands South section is completed, the entire route will extend a total of 21 continuous miles, allowing users to travel from Colburn Road at the Lake/Geauga border to Reeves Road in Parkman Township." more...

Boy Struck by Vehicle, Killed

Union Twp., OH - "...Police say two other children were hurt in the accident. Both were taken to Anderson Mercy Hospital." more...

Delaware County Parks gets Boost from Voters


Delaware County, OH - "Preservation Parks of Delaware County has big plans to expand its parks system after 63 percent of voters approved a 10-year parks levy that would raise more than $6.5 million annually." more...

Peds Getting More Respect in Ann Arbor

MI - "...The study, geared toward pedestrian safety and local drivers, showed a doubling in stopping at crosswalks with increased enforcement from the Ann Arbor Police Department." more...

Authorities Need Help Identifying Dead Man


Knoxville, TN - "Knox County authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying a man who was found dead last month along Third Creek Greenway." more...

Seattle Kicking the 'Drive-Alone' Habit


WA - "...fewer than 30 percent of trips to work in the city center are in single-occupancy vehicles, according to Commute Seattle (47 percent of commuters take transit, 9 percent walk or bike, and the rest find other means)." more...

Vancouver Rolls out a Cycle Crime Revolution


CAN - "...a remarkable turnaround has taken place on Granville Island, which was at the time the worst spot in Canada’s worst city for bike theft. Since then, bike thefts have declined by more than 70%, an incredible improvement in a problem that is pervasive in nearly every major city in the world..." more...

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Pedestrian Killed in Hit-and-Run

Lemon Twp., OH - "A 47-year-old man trying to walk across Oxford State Road late Friday night was struck and killed, possibly by two vehicles." more...

Elkhart County Bike Path Proposal


IN - "A controversial proposal for a bike path near Bristol is a step closer to being resolved." more...

WKU / Bowling Green Consider Bike Share


KY - "...We got a really strong response from the residents that would be interested in the bike-share on campus..." more...

Purdue Gets Bike Share Option


IN - "...VeoRide Inc. launched 160 of its bicycles this month for part of its pilot bike-share program, and so far, about 500 students have tried out the new bicycles." more...

Security Theater Continues to Squeeze West Side Greenway


NYC - "...The state DOT promised on Friday to straighten out the barriers to make more room for people using the greenway, but dangerous pinch points remain." more...

Terror Victims Remembered at Greenway Ceremony


Tribeca, NY - "Mayor Bill de Blasio and Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Monday honored the eight people killed in last week's terror attack on the Hudson River Greenway..." more...

Lawmaker Wants to Barricade Trails


WA - "...He admits it would take tens of thousands of boulder barriers, and tens of millions of dollars to keep cars and trucks out of all the trails..." more

Georgia Loses Bike Trail Money


GA - "...projects could have been funded with $4.3 million in federal money through the transportation alternatives program. But the state of Georgia didn't use the money before the September 30th deadline." more...

SDOT Adding Side Guards to Trucks


Seattle, WA - "...In a recent five-year period, USDOT found that at least 556 people walking and biking were killed in collisions specifically with the sides of trucks..." more...

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High Water on Columbus Trails


Columbus, OH - From Columbus MetroParks, "Please look out for flooded trails. We have confirmed high water (several inches) covering the Olentangy trail at the Goodale Blvd pedestrian walkway and the trail.

"The following sections of the Alum Creek Trail are flooded: Trail under Agler Rd, by Innis Park, south of Easton play fields, near golf course, under Morse Rd, between Airport Drive and Ohio Dominican Campus."

IU Planning Bike Share Program

Bloomington, IN - "Indiana University and the city of Bloomington are planning to start a joint bicycle-sharing program early next year." more...

Trail 'Lounges' Offer Best Views of Tampa Bay


FL - "Ten free 'lounges' complete with an art-deco design, palm-tree landscaping, bike tools and pumps are now in place along the Courtney Campbell Trail..." more

Massachusetts Cities Turning to Bike Shares


MA - "...And in 2016, 1.27 million trips were taken in Boston through the city's bike-share program, Hubway." more...

Designing Streets for Robocars


"...If you believe the hype about self-driving cars, another paradigm shift is coming, and the effect could be similarly transformative. But will it work for city residents or against them?" more...

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Cultural Trail Becomes Unique Drawing Card


Indianapolis, IN - "...almost no one imagined it would become one of the city’s top drawing cards for meeting and convention planners." more...

Man Dies While Biking near Moab


UT - "A Breckenridge man who had been mountain biking with friends in Utah died after falling off his bike while riding up a rock ledge Friday..." more

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These are the Cyclists Who Died in NYC

"...The victims included six foreign tourists and two Americans..." more...

Bike Racks Added to Richland County Buses

Mansfield, OH - "...Thursday afternoon, Richland County Transit (RCT) announced that most of its buses will soon be equipped with bike racks, which were purchased through a grant provided by Richland Public Health." more...

Man Dies in Hit-and-Run

Cleveland, OH - "A 54-year-old man died late Wednesday in a hit-and-run crash while crossing the street on the city's East Side." more...

Park Shutting Down Water Fountains for the Winter Season


Summit County, OH - Summit Metro Parks announced today that it is turning off water fountains for the season. This also means that any restrooms with flush toilets will also be closing. So plan accordingly.

Other park districts in northern Ohio will likely follow suit, if they haven't already.

Driver Hits Bicyclist at Trail Crossing


PA - "...It was not immediately clear if either party will be cited as a result of the accident, which occurred in an area where relatively high volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic often intersect." more...

Stop Ruining the Hudson River Greenway in the Name of Security


NYC - "...The 20 foot linear jersey barriers installed across the greenway by the Governor’s State DOT are particularly dangerous, as they are channeling two-way bike traffic into one lane, effectively putting north and southbound cyclists on a collision course." more...

Vote Coming on Onondaga Lake Trail


Syracuse, NY - "...The county plans to connect the trails and eventually build a continuous "Loop the Lake " trail around the entire lake..." more

Portland's Transportation Reform Activism


Portland, OR - "People who use a busy section of Willamette Boulevard in North Portland will be safer by the end of this month (if all goes according to plan)..." more

Toronto's Bike Lane Clearing Enforcement Officer is Shut Down


CAN - "Relations between pedestrians and cyclists in Toronto are often rough; the feeling is that police tend to take the windshield view of things. That's why Parking Enforcement Officer Kyle Ashley was so refreshing and unusual, tweeting his way through his day keeping the bike lanes clear..." more

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Terror on the Bikeway


"...Before everyone goes into a panic over this knee-jerk reaction to "fix" supposedly vulnerable bike trails, let’s take a closer look at terror attacks on bikeways." more...

New Wakeman NCIT Section Almost Complete


Wakeman, OH - "The U.S. 20 bikeway project near Wakeman is getting its finishing touches." more...

Little Miami Trail Closure Alert


SW OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "There will be rolling closures along a 13.3 mile section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail between Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve and South Lebanon Ohio from November 1, 2017 through November 22, 2017 for trail maintenance.

"For the safety of trail users and workers, please observe all closure notices and barriers."

Mill Creek Bike Trail to be Extended


Youngstown, OH - "The trail will stretch to Youngstown State's campus and Front Street, where the new amphitheater is being built." more...

Complete Street Sought in Pittsburgh

PA - "...Right now the Mount Royal corridor has limited use for pedestrians. It's primarily a transit vehicle corridor." more...

Cyclists Pedal on After Deadly Terror Attack


"...many riders said the attack didn’t discourage them from returning to the same bike path where the carnage occurred." more...

Senator Proposes Bike Lane Barriers


"A new U.S. Senate bill would fund barriers along bike lanes to better protect riders from cars and trucks." more...

Roundabout Proposed to Extend Trail Along Highway


CA - "...a plan to make entry to the park safer and slow down motorists at this blind curve. And believe it or not, their solution involves installing a traffic calming device known as a roundabout, more often seen in tony neighborhoods than on state highways." more...

The Myth of a Distracted Walking Crisis


"...So, is distracted walking a pressing issue? Anecdotally, many drivers will tell you it is. But what do the numbers show?.." more...

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Moonville Rail Trail Awarded $85K Grant

McArthur, OH - "...The money will be used for engineering expenses related the installation of three large bridges over Raccoon Creek near Moonville Tunnel..." more...

Council Considers Cincy Road Diet

Cincinnati, OH - "Liberty Street in Over-The-Rhine could have fewer lanes soon." more...

Ground Glass used to "Paint" Bike Lane


Cleveland, OH - "...the very first phases of green “paint” are being applied to the Detroit-Superior bike lanes. But to call this stuff paint is an understatement..." more...

New Ped Bridges & Other Ideas for Dayton

Dayton, OH - "Seven local organizations have partnered together on a riverfront master plan for the rivers that converge in the downtown area and become the Great Miami River." more...

Youngstown Seeks TIGER Grant

Youngstown, OH - "...Key project elements include... improvements to pedestrian and bicycle facilities that include dedicated bike lanes and marked paths to Mill Creek MetroParks." more...

Bike Bits - November E-News


Read the latest edition from Adventure Cycling.

Manhattan Attack Doesn't Stop Cyclists, Runners

NYC - "...Streams of cyclists, runners and dog walkers on Wednesday returned to the tree-lined Hudson River Greenway, the popular path for runners and cyclists that stretches up Manhattan’s West Side." more...

San Diego City Council Moves To Shrink Bike Lane ‘Gap’

CA - "The San Diego City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to make room for new bike lanes on University Avenue in Hillcrest, shrinking a controversial gap in the city's future bike network." more...

Which Bike Lanes Should Be Protected?


"...At its annual conference Tuesday in Chicago, the National Association of City Transportation Officials released a free 16-page document that makes one of the first comprehensive attempts to answer that question." more...

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Wasson Way Project Breaking Ground


Cincinnati, OH - "...Construction will begin on the first phase of the trail, a half-mile stretch between Tamarack Avenue and Madison Road, just a portion of the more than four-mile trail stretching across 10 Cincinnati neighborhoods." more...

Towpath Times E-News

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Wayne County Trails November E-News


Wayne County, OH - "Read this month's edition.

Terror Attack on West Side Bike Path


NYC - "...The bikes that were broken, the Citi Bikes, they were broken on the floor next to them, and when we walked past just recently, the cops were putting covers over the bodies..." more

Seattle man recalls recent bike ride on NYC trail.

Bus Driver Cited for Killing Cyclist


NYC - "...Dave Lewis, 52, was arraigned on a misdemeanor and a violation in the death of Credit Suisse banker and former Israeli army sergeant Dan Hanegby in Chelsea on June 1." more...

Bike Share System Gets Boost


Chicago, IL - "...One of the main parts of the Regional Active Mobility Program would be to expand the bike sharing program Aurora already has started with Zagster and make it regional to cover the bike trail system throughout the Chicago suburbs..." more

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Towpath Awarded $500K Grant for Stage 1


Cleveland, OH - "...The latest grant would help complete the short, but problematic section of trail between Harvard Avenue and Steelyard Commons by late 2019..." more

Olentangy Trail Section to Reopen Nov. 3


Columbus, OH - "A portion of the Olentangy Trail that runs under I-270 will now open on Friday, November 3, weather permitting." more

Bike/Ped Deaths so far this Year

OH - "Somber stats from today's ODOT 'Groundwork' Active Transportation issue..." more

Gran Rapids Looks to Improve Ped Safety

MI - "Crosswalks full of art and murals in intersections are among a list of ideas Grand Rapids city staff have developed to make streets safer for pedestrians." more...

Bill Allows E-Bikes on Michigan Trails


Lansing, MI - "...Certain e-bikes will be allowed on paved multi-use trails unless local communities opt out. Other electric bikes will be allowed if authorized by the local authority or state agency with jurisdiction over the trail." more...

Will Private Bike Share Become A College Campus Fixture?

" campuses have precisely the spatial layout needed to expand this bikeshare momentum..." more

County Shutting Down Homeless Camp along Trail


CA - "The county will begin enforcing public access hours to a 10-mile stretch of the Santa Ana River Trail... and plans to permanently close part of that area, a move that will dislocate at least 100 homeless people living in a concentration of tent encampments on the trail near Centennial Regional Park." more...

5,000 Cyclists per Day on Manchester's Protected Cycleway

UK - "...The most cyclists counted in one day has been 5,803, which was reached on Tuesday 3rd October." more...

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Nebraska Ranks as Least Bike-Friendly State

"...Nebraska was in the basement with some other Plains states. North Dakota ranked 48th, Kansas 47th, Oklahoma 46th and Wyoming 42nd..." more

San Diego Downtown Mobility Plan

CA - "...Residents will get a sneak peek at what downtown will look like when many vehicle lanes and on-street parking spots are transformed into protected cycling lanes and pedestrian promenades over the next two years." more...

Group Stages 'Die-In' for Safer Cycling


Montreal, CAN - "'We always appear after someone has died, and that's too late,' said Gabrielle Anctil. 'We don't want to be setting up ghost bikes. We want to be preventing people from being hit and dying.'" more...

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Alum Creek Trail Boardwalk / Bridge Work

Columbus, OH - From, "Application of anti-slip surface treatments to Innis boardwalk, Brittany Hills bridge, and Mock/Sunbury bridge will begin 10/27/17 and continue through the first week of November. The work will be daily and weather dependent.

"The boardwalk and bridge decks will remain open while one-half of the wooden decks are closed for surface treatment. Please proceed slowly through these areas heeding signage and marked barricaded zones."

Cyclist Killed by Motorcycle Rider


Newport, OH - "Teresa L. Fillmon, 49, of Newport, was riding a bicycle while traveling northbound on State Route 7. Fillmon was struck by a motorcycle also traveling northbound." more...

Police Shut Down 'Bike Kill'


NYC - "About 200 bike punks who were prepared to ride their mutant art bikes around at Bike Kill, jousting in their strange costumes and getting energy from the party atmosphere, were shut down by the NYPD this afternoon." more...

'Road-Ragey' Incident Caught on Video

Toronto, CAN - "A cyclist who says a driver nearly killed him Thursday on Danforth Avenue during the evening rush hour has posted a video of the altercation on social media to raise awareness of the dangers of cycling — but the driver involved has told CBC Toronto it was the cyclist who was too aggressive." more...

$44M for Texas Bike/Ped Projects

Austin, TX - "...46 projects across the state would receive a total of $44 million in federal funding as part of the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program..." more

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Little Miami Trail Section Closing


Oregonia, OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "The trail will be closed between Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve and Oregonia from October 30-November 22, 2017 for maintenance.

"Trail users may detour onto Corwin Rd for this 3 mile stretch."

New Bike Connection Highlights Changing Attitudes


Cleveland, OH - "The route between downtown Cleveland and Ohio City has always been a bit harrowing on a bicycle." more...

Red Line Greenway Funding Complete


Cleveland, OH - "...The grant means that Metroparks will start construction on the 2-mile, multi-purpose trail in 2019 and complete it by late 2020." more...

26-Mile Greenway Trail Named After Joe Louis


Detroit, MI - "...We own all 26 miles, we bought the last $7.5 million from Conrail in June and the first five miles is operational..." more

Greenway Plan Moving Forward

Anderson, IN - "Chesterfield is the first section of the proposed Mounds Greenway that organizers would like to get started on." more...

Wave-Like Lanes Proposed for Greenway


NY - "...The firm’s $70 million proposal calls for two lanes: a slow one for plants and pedestrians and a fast-lane for bikers and runners." more...

City Seeks Vandalism Charges Against Guerilla Sidewalk Advocates

San Antonio, TX - "...The City’s attorneys are 'looking into legal action'... If caught, the offender would be fined and required to pay the cost of restoring public infrastructure, he said, 'which could be a pretty hefty fine.'" more...

How Self-Driving Cars Might Take Cyclists Off the Road


"Two new studies suggest the rise of ride-hailing apps and self-driving cars could lead to greater congestion and fewer trips by bike." more...

Bike Commuting Numbers Down in Copenhagen

"Copenhagen may have a justified reputation as a cyclists’ paradise, but over the past three years, something shocking has happened..." more...

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Limited Funding Slow Bike Trail Growth


Cincinnati, OH - "It's been a long and winding road for East Side bike commuters and cyclists moving for a connection between Cincinnati's Ohio River Trail and Anderson Township." more...

Broken Gas Line Closes Roads, Towpath


Cleveland, OH - "A construction company hit a gas line in Akron Thursday causing part of the Towpath Trail to be closed and Malco Products to be evacuated for a short time." more...

Grant Submitted to Complete Greenway


IN - "...The Marquette Greenway is a planned 58-mile off-road trail facility from Calumet Park in Chicago, IL, through Northwest Indiana, and linking up in New Buffalo, MI..." more

Ju-Ju Gets Stolen Bike Back

Pittsburgh, PA - "The Pittsburgh Steelers rookie turned to Twitter to help recover his Ghost Square cross bike." more...

Man Assaulted While Riding His Bike


New Orleans, LA - "A University of New Orleans student said he was attacked while he was riding through Elysian Fields, and the entire incident was caught on camera." more

Crash Sparks 350-Acre Cleveland National Forest Fire


CA - "A fast-moving wildfire at a remote off-road vehicle park in the Cleveland National Forest ignited Thursday afternoon after a motorcyclist crashed into a tree..." more

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Ohio May Regulate E-Bikes


OH - "Cycling advocates and bicycle manufacturers are urging Ohio lawmakers to adopt uniform rules of the road for electric-bikes, which use motors and human power to make pedaling easier." more...

Citizens Demonstrate Power of Connecting Trails


Columbus, OH - "Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and the Ohio Trails Partnership organize celebration on the Scioto Greenway Trail to launch 'Year of the Trails.'" more...

2 Stage Bicycle Turn Boxes Coming to Cleveland

OH - "...Two Stage Bicycle Turning Box arrangement will be used at both ends of Detroit-Superior Bridge as part of the completed design. These additions will come towards the end of the project, as current (non-related) construction projects at both ends of the bridge are currently underway – so it may well be Spring before we see them..." more...

UA Eyes $2M Henderson Road Upgrade


Upper Arlington, OH - "Upper Arlington officials are looking at an estimated $2 million upgrade of Henderson Road in 2019 geared at reducing stormwater flooding and better accommodating bicyclists and pedestrians." more...

Distracted Driving Bill Advances


Columbus, OH - "A bill that would boost the fine for distracted driving in Ohio got closer to becoming law Tuesday, though some supporters wish it were stronger." more...

ODOT Recognizes 28 Killed in Work-Zones


OH - "Twenty-eight fluorescent yellow vests fluttered in the wind Tuesday from 28 make-shift crosses planted in the ground next to the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Northwood Outpost, representing 28 people killed statewide in work-zone crashes during 2016." more...

Portlanders Bewildered by Bike Boxes


OR - "On a ride into downtown this morning I came across a common sight: People on bikes waiting for a red light in a single-file line at an intersection that has a bike box. The bulk of the bike box — a large green space at the front of the intersection intended to make auto users to stop further back — was empty." more...

Guerrilla Safety Tactics in San Antonio

TX - "...anyone with a sense of humor has to appreciate the creative use of toilet bowl plungers to erect a safety barrier between vehicles and pedestrians at the dangerous intersection of North St. Mary’s and East Mistletoe." more...

Some States Squander TAP Funds


"...The good news is that most states took their responsibilities under TAP seriously – nearly $350 million in TAP funds were obligated just between July and September – meaning hundreds, if not thousands, of Safe Routes to School, biking, and walking projects are moving forward..." more

Washington Maintains Rank as Most Bike-Friendly State


"For the ninth time in a row, Washington won the top spot on the League of American Bicyclists' state rankings. What does it have that other states don't?" more...

Bikes & Peds Have Right-of-Way on Dutch Roundabout

More News...

Bike Lane Additions to Bridge Show Change in Policy


Cleveland, OH - "...We've done a couple of member surveys and when we asked people what's the most dangerous road you bike on, Detroit-Superior Bridge has always been at the top of people's responses." more...

Central Parkway Protected Bike Lane Closures

Cincinnati, OH - From City of Cincinnati Bike Program, "The Central Parkway Protected Bike Lane will be intermittently closed October 24 through October 29 while children are being dropped off and picked up behind Music Hall. The bike lane will re-open each day as soon as pick up and drop off times end."

Licking River Trail Faces Cost Overruns

Covington, KY - "The City of Covington continues to search for funding options for the Licking River Greenway & Trails after coming up $120,000 short for latest phase the project. more...

Detroit Wants to Rename City-Wide Greenway


MI - "The city of Detroit has finally come up with another way to honor Joe Louis, the late iconic boxer..." more

Trail Maps/Logo to Promote Two Rivers Trailway


PA - "...Local officials worry that most people don’t realize how extensive the trail system is. So they plan to draw attention to it..." more

Where's JuJu's Bike?


Pittsburgh, PA - "...JuJu posted a video on Twitter Tuesday morning of him walking to practice saying, 'Man somebody stole my bike'..." more

Police Investigating Trail Attacks / Robberies


Baltimore, MD - "...She said her group sees clusters of attacks and robberies flare up a few times a year..." more

Bike Trail Police Patrols Continue


Austin, TX - "...It's a direct result of the three sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults of female joggers that happened in August and September on and near the trail." more...

2017 Bicycle-Friendly State Ranking


U.S. - "Today, the League of American Bicyclists released its 2017 Bicycle Friendly State ranking. This is the League’s ninth Bicycle Friendly State ranking and first since 2015." more...

E-MTBikes Big in Europe, not North America

"E-mountain biking isn't as popular in North America as it is across the pond—yet..." more

UPS Testing Cargo Bike Deliveries in Toronto


Toronto, CAN - "...It’s time we take a look at something like this, because it’s being done in Frankfurt, in Vienna, in Hamburg, in Rome.” more...

More News...

Driver Who Killed Cyclist gets Lesser Charge

Cleveland, OH - "...told officers that he had several drinks at Don's Lighthouse Grille on Lake Avenue prior to the crash... failed field sobriety tests..." more...

Girl Hit by Pickup Truck

Carlisle, OH - "A girl and her bicycle landed underneath a pickup truck after she was hit by the vehicle." more...

Random Acts of Brightness


Cleveland, OH - "...This past Friday saw outstanding weather, an enthusiastic group of members, and an all-directions effort around Cleveland to distribute lights to riders out at night without them." more...

Bids for Bike Path Under Review


Oregon, OH - " Oregon City Council on Monday will consider passing three ordinances as part of the Pickle Road Storm Sewer Relief Ditch project and a multi-use bike path between Seaman and Brown roads." more...

Police Investigate Attacks on Bicyclists


Baltimore, MD - "...The cyclists said the attacks have been happening in the same general location along the Jones Falls Trail that runs along Falls Road in Midtown." more...

Dallas Bike Clutter Growing

Dallas, TX - "...Free-range bike rentals are growing in popularity and communities are seeing the bikes left on sidewalks, parking lots and at times in the street..." more

The U.S. Car Boom is Back

"...It’s over. The boom in car-free and car-lite living that led urbanists and the media to speculate that Americans were letting go of automobiles is over..." more

While in Europe, they claim car ownership will soon be a thing of the past.

Google's 'City-of-the-Future' Plan

"Google's urban-innovation outfit Sidewalk Labs has today signed a deal with Toronto to trial a future-cities concept that majors on the public realm. Cars are out, bikes are in..." more

The British Obsession with High-Vis Clothing

UK - "...If you thought that the now-widespread view of high-visibility clothing as a panacea is a problem only for cyclists, think again..." more

More News...

Cedar Rapids Striping 'Urban Shoulders'

IA - "Dee Anderson was walking this week along 34th Street SE, inside a newly painted lane — what officials call an 'urban shoulder.'" more...

Protected Bike Lanes Being Tested


Charlotte, NC - "As a part of 'Biketoberfest' this year, a two mile protected bike lane is being featured in Uptown to separate cars from those on their bike." more...

Phoenix adds 'Flex Posts' to Bike Lanes

AZ - "The City of Phoenix is taking action to make cyclists feel safer sharing the road with drivers." more...

More News...

A Look at the New Towpath Mounds


Cleveland, OH - "...The mounds have vaulted their part of the Towpath into the realm of landscape art." more...

Spread of Bike Lanes Prompts Excitement & Ire


MN - "Growing network in Minneapolis and St. Paul frustrates critics; supporters say cars can't always be king." more...

2015 Hiker / Biker Trail Clash Revisited


CA - "A report last month that a bicyclist assaulted a hiker on a trail near Mount Tamalpais has led to renewed interest in an even more violent clash between a hiker and biker on the Luiz Ranch Fire Road near the 680 Trail on Marin County Open Space land in February 2015." more...

More News...

NYC Declares War on E-Bikes


NYC - "...Currently, anyone caught riding an e-bike in New York City may face a fine of up to $500..." more

Bollard Crash Leaves Cyclist a Quadriplegic


WA - "A man left quadriplegic after a bicycle wreck earlier this year says the trail he was using was unsafely maintained..." more

Learn more about the trail bollard hazard.

Bike Mom Responds to Online Critics


Kingwood, TX - "...The mom didn't realize people were upset about her peddling past them, until she was stopped by a police officer, who she says, told her she was completely in the right." more...

Missing Hiker Deaths Now Ruled Murder-Suicide


CA - "A Southern California man whose body was found alongside his girlfriend's after a nearly three-month search is believed to have killed her and then himself in Joshua Tree National Park..." more

French Racer Killed in Head-On Crash During Race


"A promising young French rider has died after a high-speed collision with an ambulance during a race in the French overseas territory of New Caledonia." more...

More News...

Trailside Camping Popularity Growing

London, OH - "Since it began operating in April 2016, the Madison County camp site at the scenic Prairie Grass / Roberts Pass Trail has been used almost 180 times by campers, including 21 by campers from other countries."more...

Cincy Tops in National Sustainablility Rankings

Cincinnati, OH - "Cincinnati is the most sustainable city in the U.S., according to a new ranking from Site Selection magazine." more...

Kenyon College Bike Thefts

Gambier, OH - "...Though bike thefts have not increased, Deryck has noticed an increase in public outcry over bike thefts this semester..." more...

Delivery Rider Hit Near Downtown

Dayton, OH - "Multiple police agencies are on the scene after a man delivering for Jimmy John's was hit by a car." more...

New Vision Needed for Gordon Park

Cleveland, OH - "...It's not just Gordon Park. It's the neglected Gordon Park. We need to stop neglecting such important places like this in Cleveland." more...

Rebuilding Akron

Akron, OH - "Rebuilding Akron as a 21st century city could mean overhauling zoning codes, embracing its historical architecture and putting city streets on a diet..." more...

Columbus Makes Pitch to Amazon

Columbus, OH - "...Among the transit solutions Schoeny suggests: 'mass transit' in rights of way that can 'accommodate a variety of transit and complete streets solutions,' self-driving shuttles and 'smart mobility hubs' where different forms of transportation converge." more...

Legislator: Trail to Elk Rapids will hurt Farmers

MI - "A group in Antrim County has been working for more than a decade to connect a bike trail between Suttons Bay and Harbor Springs..." more

Directors Support Bike Trail Connector

Burrel Twp., PA - "The Blairsville-Saltsburg school board pledged unanimous support for a proposed bike/walking trail connector from Blairsville to Burrell Township, with school board members saying it would be a positive thing for the community." more...

Greenbelt Trail to get Bike Repair Station

PA - "...Bicycle South Central PA recently donated Dero Fixit Station it to HACC, which will give riders on the Greenbelt Trail use of bike tools while on the go..." more...

Greenway Design Competition Attracts International Attention


MO - "Chouteau Greenway backers are getting the international response they desired from landscape architects and engineers who want the job to design the biking and hiking route between Forest Park and the St. Louis riverfront." more...

Can Seattle Bikeshares Survive Winter?


WA - "After the failure of Pronto, a municipal bikeshare system that cost the taxpayers $1.4 million, three privately owned startups have taken its place..." more...

Recreation not Red-Tape Act & What it Means

U.S. - "...The current approach to managing public lands involves many different agencies, each with its own perspective on recreation..." more...

More News...

Olentangy Trail Closure Extended

Columbus, OH - From, "The closure of the Olentangy bike trail between Herrick Drive and King Avenue, previously scheduled to be in place from Wednesday (10/11) through approximately Wednesday (10/18), has been extended through Saturday (10/21) due to weather..." more

New Off-Road Vehicle Regulations in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "City Council approved new regulations Monday that Mayor Frank Jackson requested to help curtail illegal use of dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles on city streets." more

New Columbus Metro Park Coming

Detroit Bike Share Supasses 100,000 Rides

MI - "...Lisa Nuszkowski, MoGo's founder and executive director, is pleased by the news, saying the number of rides — an average of 705 per day — has exceeded expectations..." more

Old Rail Corridor Becoming Part of Greenway

IN - "Miles of an old railroad track is slated to be a new portion of the Pigeon Creek Greenway." more...

Bike Bits Oct. 18

Read the the latest edition from Adventure Cycling.

Rails-to-Trails E-News

Read the latest edition from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

Regional Bike Share Would Connect 16 Boston Communities

MA - "...MAPC, the regional planning agency serving the people who live and work in 101 cities and towns across Greater Boston, is working to bring this new bike share network to the Metro Boston area by spring." more...

World's First 3D Printed Bike Bridge

Netherlands - "Crossing printed from 800 layers of concrete could take weight of 40 trucks, designers say." more...

Can Coloring Books Demystify Bike-Lane Design?


"To share concepts from its 'low-stress' bicycle master plan, Montgomery County, Maryland, chose the ultimate stress-busting medium of the coloring book." more...

More News...

Hit-and-Run Leaves Cyclist Hospitalized


Dayton, OH - "...Police say the man on the bicycle suffered a head injury..." more...

Cincy Police Bike Squad Seizing Drugs & Guns

Cincinnati, OH - "In 31 weeks, the 14 officers of the Cincinnati Police Department's bike squad have made more than 900 arrests and gotten more than 50 guns off the streets." more...

Issaquah Trail Crossing Death

WA - "...According to witness reports, the cyclist had been traveling southbound on the East Lake Sammamish Trail and was in the crosswalk with the 'walk' signal flashing when he was hit." more...

Beaverton to Build Separated Bikeways


OR - "...While safety concerns were part of the motivation, the project was identified as the top priority of a business-oriented plan known as the West Five Strategy..." more

Actor Gerald Butler Hit While Cycling


"...The 47-year-old actor was riding his push bike around Los Angeles when a woman ploughed into him and sent him flying through the air..." more

Business Puts Safety First for People on Bikes

"...Waste Management’s anchor bicycle and pedestrian safety program is ‘One Hundred Days of Summer Safety.’ From late spring through late September the entire U.S. operation places a special emphasis on pedestrians and bike riders..." more

Investors Betting that Bike Share is the Next Uber

"...Investors are hot on bike sharing because the Chinese companies have proven it can be a big business..." more

More News...

Trolley, Pedicabs Come to Hamilton


Hamilton, OH - "There are two new ways — and five new vehicles — people will soon be able to use to travel through Hamilton." more

Planners Eye Safer Intersections & Bike Lanes

Grand Rapids, MI - "Downtown planners are spending up to $15,000 to design pedestrian safety improvements for four intersections..." more

Towpath Times E-News

Read the latest edition.

Woman Followed Along Trail by Man with Knives

Skiatook, OK - "A Skiatook woman is sending out a warning after she says she was chased down a trail with her five-month-old daughter." more...

Hoax Begets Bike Lane Protest, Counter Protest

Minneapolis, MN - "...this protest began on social media as a hoax, but became very real after spreading to credulous bike-haters on Facebook..." more...

Ed Sheeran Suffers Broken Arm in Car-Bike Crash

"The English singer-songwriter may need to cancel his upcoming tour of Asia after a car-bike crash in London on Monday." more...

2 Bodies Found by Searchers in Joshua Tree National Park

CA - "Authorities say the bodies of two adults have been found in Joshua Tree National Park, near the area where a Southern California couple vanished while hiking almost three months ago." more...

Smartphones Are Killing Americans, But Nobody’s Counting


"Amid a historic spike in U.S. traffic fatalities, federal data on the danger of distracted driving are getting worse." more...

Smart Crosswalk Puts Peds First

Starling Crossing is a responsive road surface that reacts to cars and peds in real time. more...

More News...

Holmes County Trail Section Closing

Holmesville, OH - From their facebook page, "The Holmes County Trail will be closed for scheduled maintenance and bridge repairs October 18th & October 19th.

"The closure will be south of Holmesville starting at TR 346 and continuing south for approximately 1.1 miles to the spur to SR 83. The Trail to Millersburg will be accessible from the spur. Additional closure dates may be needed..."

Winston-Salem Connecting Trails

NC - "Piece by piece, Winston-Salem officials are connecting our extensive bike trails to one another..." more

Man Shot While Riding Bike

Chicago, IL - "A 22-year-old man was shot while riding a bicycle Sunday night in the Cragin neighborhood on the Northwest Side." more...

Van Driver Hits Alleged Bike Thief

NYC - "A victim took matters into his own hands in Manhattan Saturday, when police say a man whose bike was stolen went after the alleged thief and ended up hitting him with a van." more...

Cyclists Warned as Hurricane Batters UK


UK - "Foolhardy Irish cyclists tempted by the prospect of huge tailwinds have been warned to stay inside as Hurricane Ophelia strikes the country on Monday." more

More News...

Fort Wayne Building Bike & Ped Trails


IN - "...We have put the greenways and trails in the public works area instead of recreation, which has allowed us to grow by over 120 percent in 10 years in the amount of trails in our network..." more

Man Sentenced for Shooting Cyclist with Pellet Gun

CO - "...Brown told deputies he was frustrated as he drove up the canyon because he thought the bike was a 'road hazard,' so he pulled out his pellet gun and fired at the couple." more...

Woman Flees Wildfire on Bike with 70-Lb. Dog

CA - "Plane, train, or bike, Natasha Wallace of Santa Rosa, California, was going to find a way to flee the destructive wildfire approaching her neighborhood — with her dog." more...

More people fleeing fires on bikes: Pregnant woman evacuates daughters out of Santa Rosa.

Cindy Cash, Folsom Officials Open Johnny Cash Trail


CA - "Phase two of Folsom’s 2.5-mile Johnny Cash Trail opened Saturday with a festival, two fun runs and a community bike ride." more...

Is Biking Getting Better in Your Town?

"Here’s some good news: A new survey of 28,000 people who ride bikes found that 58 percent feel bicycling in their town is improving." more...

Guerrilla Bike Activism: A Case Study

"In the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, the anonymous collective Massa Crítica pressured the government to construct hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes..." more

More News...

Alum Creek Trail Boardwalk getting No-Slip Surface


Columbus, OH - "A nasty spill involving seven bicyclists this past July has prompted the city to clean a long wooden boardwalk on the Alum Creek Trail and place non-skid material on it." more...

Detroit-Superior Bridge Getting Bike Lanes

Cleveland, OH - "The next time you pedal across Detroit-Superior Bridge, take a peek down at the roadway. There are some first-stage markings on the road for what is in our future! B = Bike Lanes!" more...

Unique Bike Racks Unveiled


Hamilton, OH - "A project to bring unique yet functional bike racks to city parks, businesses and schools will make its debut this weekend during Operation Pumpkin." more...

Matthaei Botanical Gardens Trail Opens


Ann Arbor Twp., MI - "A hiking and biking path connecting botanical gardens at the University of Michigan's with the area's network of trail systems is opening this weekend." more...

Portsmouth's Trail Project Making Strides


VA - "...The trail will be part of the South Hampton Roads Trail, a 41-mile stretch intended to eventually run from downtown Suffolk to the Virginia Beach oceanfront." more...

Using a Vehicle as a Weapon


Seattle, WA - "OK, Seattle, we need to talk about this close call video going around." more...

Undercover Distracted Driving Sting includes 107 Stops


Portland, OR - "Just how rampant is dangerous driving and law-breaking among drivers?.." more

Photo of Girl & Her Burned Bike


CA - "...Arilyn Edwards turned 6 only a week before her house burned to the ground. She received the sparkling cobalt blue bike from her parents for her birthday. Now it doesn't have tires—they melted away." more

More News...

New Philly Acquires Property for Boat Launch/Trailhead


New Philadelphia, OH - "Now that New Philadelphia has taken possession of the former Riverview Welding property at 530 S. Broadway, the city can move forward with plans to develop it into a boat launch and ultimately the trail head for the Towpath Trail." more...

Ped Struck by SUV is in Critical Condition

Perrysburg Twp., OH - "A pedestrian walking across State Rt. 795 in Perrysburg Township was struck by an SUV and critically injured..." more...

Ex-Bus Driver Pleads Guilty to Hitting/Killing Pedestrian

Cleveland, OH - "A former RTA bus driver pleaded guilty last week to hitting and killing a woman crossing the street on Public Square." more...

Norway Bike Trail Opens


MI - "Kyle Peterson of Kingsford takes the first ride on a new mountain bike trail in the Marion Park area of Norway..." more

Hit-and-Run Driver Caught

CA - "After a crash injured four during the California charity ride, police arrested the driver using tips based on GoPro footage." more...

Greenway Steps Up Watch Program Following Sexual Assault


San Antonio, TX - "...In just a few days there will be dozens of extra eyes and ears monitoring trails for all kinds of threats through the department's Trail Watch program." more...

U.S. Speed Limits Based on 1950s Science


"Around 40,000 people still die on American roads every year, but technology and data could change that." more...

More News...

Lawyer May Lose License Over Road Rage Incident


Columbus, OH - "...Okuley passed Hansen and slammed on his brakes, with the man’s bicycle striking the rear of the lawyer’s vehicle..." more

Sneak Peek at New LaSalle Trail


South Bend, IN - "...officials hope to fill all of the key gaps in the Mishawaka-Niles trail by the end of next year, including about 1.1 miles from Auten north to the Michigan line and a separate 1.2-mile stretch just north of U.S. 12 in Niles Township..." more

Female Cyclists Attacked

Hamtramck, MI - "...two guys in a green and gold SUV stopped, jumped out, put a bag over my head and threw me into the trunk the car..." more

Phoenix Installs 1st Protected Bike Lanes


AZ - "...This is just the first step in our effort to build safe, protected bike lanes in the City of Phoenix..." more

Is E-470 Building a Bike Path to Nowhere?


Denver, CO - "The multi-million dollar expansion of the E-470 highway is bringing with it a brand new bike path on nearby land, but Denver7 discovered that it's being built with a missing link." more...

Changing the Car Culture within Transportation Engineering


"...A majority of our profession is on board with this, but there are still some powerful people who are not sympathetic to vulnerable people. There was a guy on that committee, I think he should lose his engineering license. His response was like, 'Why should we care about pedestrians?'" more...

Prison Sentence for Man Who Caused Race Crash


France - "A spectator at last year’s Tour Cycliste Antenne Réunion who caused a crash at the sprint finish when he dragged the finish line barriers across the road as the riders were sprinting for the win has been sentenced to prison for ten months..." more...

More News...

Agency Seeks $24M to Finish Marquette Greenway


IN - "...Plans call for the Marquette Greenway to run from the South Side of Chicago to New Buffalo, Michigan..." more

Walker's War on Bikes


WI - "...According to the Wisconsin Bike Fed... Gov. Scott Walker has taken direct aim at cycling during his time in office by slashing state funding for bike infrastructure..." more

Who is Starting Fires along the Yakima Greenway?

WA - "...Jeff Pfaff with the Yakima Fire Department said natural brush fire in Yakima are not unheard of, but after so many along the greenway this summer he’s sure that someone is sparking these blazes." more...

Driver Who Killed Cyclist Admits to Watching Video on Phone

UK - "Van driver is due to go on trial shortly on manslaughter charges in connection with death of 2011 Giro d'Italia champion." more...

Hi-Vis Vests not Effective

UK - "Research from the UK suggests that the use of hi-viz clothing by cyclists will not prevent drivers from passing extremely close to cyclists." more...

More News...

Olentangy Trail Closure


Columbus, OH - From centralohiogreenways, "As early as Wednesday (10/11), the Olentangy bike trail will close between Herrick Drive and King Avenue for approximately one week.

"The closure is needed while crews conduct tree removal required for future phases of the Cannon Drive Relocation project..."

Child on Bike Killed in Latonia

Covington, KY - "...Christopher Wells, 45, of Cincinnati, is lodged in the Kenton County Detention Center where he is charged with leaving the scene of an accident/failure to render aid..." more

Ann Arbor Trail to Open to Public on Oct. 14

MI - "Path links U-M botanical gardens to campus and a network of trail systems." more...

Free Bike Share for Transit Riders

Pittsburgh, PA - "...The integration of the bike share with other transit systems is made possible due to a shared technology system..." more

Driver Hits Cyclists During Charity Ride

CA - "Four bicyclists participating in a group ride in West Marin on Saturday were struck and injured by a vehicle that fled the scene." more...

Endangered Squirrels Along Bike Trail

IL - "The term 'share the trail' is taking on new meaning at Centennial Park with the addition of new signs to warn bicyclists to be on the lookout for Franklin’s ground squirrels." more...

Levee Bike Trail Construction goes to Court

Port Allen, LA - "...The parish is seeking legal action against four residents who own property abutting the levee, claiming the landowners have used locked gates, vehicles and made verbal threats with guns to block contractors crews from accessing their properties." more...

Make-or-Break Moment for U.S. Bike Shares

"...Previously, cities needed millions of dollars to acquire bikes and stations for parking. But now, money isn’t a barrier to introducing a bikeshare system." more...

Twin Cities Plan for Fewer Cars

MN - "...they aim to remove 50,000 private cars from regional roads over the next 10 years." more...

Bike Path Paved with Recycled Toilet Paper

Netherlands - "...when it comes to reinventing asphalt, the Netherlands is leaving nothing to waste..." more...

Angry Motorist Tackles Cyclist


UK - "A driver from Harrogate could face prison after admitting assault causing actual bodily harm following an attack on a female cyclist in a road rage incident." more...

More News...

Flooding on Blacklick Trail


Columbus, OH - From Franklin MetroParks, "There is flooding on the Blacklick Trail north of Three Creeks Metro Park."

Friends of the Little Miami E-News

SW OH - "Read the latest edition.

Trailhead Ribbon Cutting on Iron Ore Trail


Ishpeming, MI - "RAMBA, the Range Area Mountain Bike Association, held a ribbon cutting ceremony for their newest trailhead at Iron Ore Heritage Trail." more...

City Councilor Caught Driving on Ped Path in Park

Pittsburgh, PA - "...Does Darlene Harris realize it is a sidewalk not a road through our park?.." more...

Philly Takes Safer Streets Plan to the Public

Philadelphia, PA - "...rather than convene a series of single-issue Vision Zero meetings, which might attract a self-selected group of advocates and not many others, they opened online comments to everyone and brought the discussion to community meetings..." more

Cyclist Runs Down Walker on Centennial Trail


WA - "...Two of us were on the trail as he [cyclist] went by and we saw the whole thing from about 50 yards away. The left side of the trail was wide open." more...

Car Infotainment Systems Distract Drivers

"We hear so much about the carnage caused by those distracted pedestrians looking at smart phones or listening to music. But there is rarely a peep about how car infotainment systems get more elaborate and complicated and take up more dashboard and mind space." more...

More News...

Wayne County Rails-to-Trails E-News

Wayne County, OH - Read the latest edition.

Trailhead Honors Fallen Soldier

MN - "...The battle to get it built along a rural state trail once pitted slow-moving state bureaucracy against the unwavering determination of the parents of a fallen soldier." more...

Eureka Trail Expansion to Begin Soon


TN - "...The roughly 1.3-mile section will connect the existing trail to the outskirts of Englewood, a small town of 1,500..." more

More News...

Miami-2-Miami Trail Plan Re-Energized


SW OH - "...the goal of the Miami 2 Miami Action Plan is to outline a path forward to complete the multi-use trail network that will connect Hamilton to Mason via the Little Miami Scenic Trail and Great Miami River Trail." more...

Suspect in Trail Killings Faces New Charges


Kansas City, MO - "A suspect in the surprise-attack shooting deaths of two men in Kansas City, Missouri, is now charged in a woman's killing." more...

Penalties for Distracted Driving Vary Widely

"Zac Rudolph was biking through an intersection in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado, six years ago when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small Mazda hatchback heading directly for him..." more...

Wildfire Closes Part of Appalachian Trail


North Woodstock, NH - "Public safety officials from several Grafton County towns have joined state and federal officials in fighting a hard-to-reach wildfire in the White Mountains that has burned more than 70 acres and closed a portion of the Appalachian Trail." more...

More News...

Legislators Want More Attention for Ohio Trails


Austinburg Twp., OH - " State legislators put more than 12 miles on their walking shoes Thursday... to draw attention to the state’s outdoor trail system, which has found new representation in the Ohio Legislature." more...

Glasgow Getting Closer to Building Trail


Glasgow, KY - "After more than three years of waiting, the Glasgow Bike Trail may finally become a reality." more...

Penn State Bike Share a Quick Success


PA - "In just more than a month, Penn State is Zagster’s top in nation for average daily trips." more...

Greenway Sweep Brings Citations, Arrests


Medford, OR - "...They issued 11 citations for prohibited camping, arrested three people for trespassing, and arrested five people on outstanding warrants." more...

Human Remains Found near Greenway


San Antonio, TX - "Two people walking near the Salado Creek Greenway Thursday evening found skeletal remains." more...

Delaware Adopts 'Idaho Stop'

"The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act also includes ban on honking at bikes and other rule changes." more...

Bikes Provide Economic Benefits for Cities

"...With the cost of building bike lanes fairly low and the potential for gain so high, it’s one of the highest returning investments our cities can make." more...

More News...

Plaques Stolen from Art Displays Along Trail

Newark, OH - "Police in Newark are investigating the thefts of three bronze plaques from a public bike trail near Ohio 16 and Country Club Drive." more...

Cyclists from Across the Nation Pass Through Xenia Station

Xenia, OH - "...I manned the Xenia Station booth for roughly 4 hours. In that short span of time, I met bicycle enthusiasts from California, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania..." more

Huffy Moving Dayton Headquarters

OH - "...Huffy Corp., now based in Centerville, is planning a new Miami Twp. headquarters that will give the company 40 percent more space." more...

Trail Connections Starting to Add Up


MI - "From a new trail through a bit of urban wetlands to a single-track park for mountain bikers, Kalamazoo's non-motorized pathways have seen planned routes become bikeable realities in 2017." more...

Bike Share Comes to Harrisburg

PA - "...The bike-sharing service Zagster has set up nine stations across the capital where it will rent 55 bicycles. Two more stations are in the works." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits Oct. 4 E-News

Read the latest edition.

Murder along Cherry Creek Trail

Denver, CO - "A mysterious death along Cherry Creek Trail has neighbors worried and a family in mourning..." more

Bike Share Problems not Unique to Baltimore

"...In the inaugural year of Washington’s bike-rental program, thieves uncovered a technical vulnerability that allowed them to force bikes out of docks..." more

Another Bike Superhighway Announced in London


UK - "...Mayor Sadiq Kahn has announced an entirely new, fourth superhighway bringing segregated lanes to Southeast London for the first time..." more

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North Royalton Seeks Grant to Connect Trails


North Royalton, OH - "...The city would now like to extend that multipurpose path about 1,100 linear feet to the south, to Valley Parkway, where it would connect to Cleveland Metroparks trails..." more

Alum Creek Section Closing


From Franklin Metro Parks, "Boardwalk at Innis Park closed between 8am and 5pm beginning Oct. 10 [for approximately] 4 days."

Commission Puts Hold on Next Phase of Licking River Greenway


KY - "Commissioners will wait a bit longer before moving forward on a project to build a sidewalk to connect the city’s parks..." more

Boone County Mapping Out Transportation Plan


KY - "Boone County is creating a new transportation plan to address increasing traffic problems and public transportation in an area that continues to grow." more

Bicycle Couriers Pedal Through Lincoln Tunnel

NY - "Bicycle riders have recently been pedaling through the Lincoln Tunnel, where bikes are banned." more...

Driver Asks if He can Legally 'Hit' Jaywalker


MN - "...My question is, can I legally hit him since he is breaking the law by jaywalking and forcing me to come to a stop in the middle of a block..." more

Asheville Cyclist Assaulted by Driver


NC - "An Asheville cyclist was punched in the face by a motorist on 9/27 and video of the event has been provided for Asheville on Bikes to share. It should go without saying that this is unacceptable behavior on the part of the motorist." more...

Florida DOT Moves Toward Context-Based Street Design

FL - "...Under this new system, planners and engineers will consider existing and future characteristics such as land uses, building configuration, and street connectivity to ensure that roads are designed for the right vehicle speeds, road users, and trip types." more...

Drones Used to Scout Cycling Routes


UK - "New cycling 'Greenway' routes could be the future of transport in and around Cambridge, so it is no surprise futuristic methods are being used to decide where they will go." more...

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Great Guernsey Trail to be Extended

Lore City, OH - "The Great Guernsey Trail east of Lore City will be extended exactly one-mile longer thanks to the Cambridge Development Corp..." more

Roberts Pass Trail Reopened

London, OH - From fmcpt, "The Roberts Pass segment of the Ohio to Erie Trail is now open between Maple Street in London to Spring Valley Road. Some work remains to be completed in the area of the gas pipeline repair. Please proceed with caution in that area."

'Walk Left - Ride Right' Revisited


"...I thought it was time to revisit this topic and take a more serious look at this really bad idea." more...

Innerbelt Future Discussed


Akron, OH - "...The four panelists told about 75 people at the Akron Art Museum last night that they anticipate the now-closed stretch of the Innerbelt may eventually include housing to replace some of the neighborhoods the highway tore up 40 years ago..." more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Grant Targets Toledo Safe Routes to School

Toledo, OH - "...The $710,000 grant from ODOT will support the Safe Routes to School program and active transportation throughout the city..." more

Donations Help Extend Ernst Trail

PA - "...At this point, a 1,600-foot section of the extension has already been completed..." more

Dearborn Gives Cyclists 5 Feet


MI - "Dearborn has an active, growing community of bicyclists and an ordinance recently passed by the City Council takes another step in ensuring they are protected on the roads." more...

Cyclist Hit by Police Car, Dies


Colorado Springs, CO - "Police say a 30-year-old bicyclist who was hit by an unmarked Colorado Springs police car has died." more...

Pedestrians Have Right of Way

Spokane, WA - "At any intersection, crosswalk or not, people can step off the curb and walk across the street. Cars must stop for them. It’s the law." more...

Paris Tries Car-Free Day


France - "Paris’s 'day without cars' last week led to such a dramatic drop in both air and noise pollution that the mayor’s office is now planning more vehicle-free days in the French capital." more...

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Trail Repair Drains Maintenance Funds


Peru, IN - "...A leader of the Nickel Plate Trail organization says it spent about $12,000 to replace a trail section after heavy rains in June washed out a culvert near the Miami County city of Peru." more...

Sacramento Tries Parking Protected Bike Lanes


CA - "...The city will introduce the concept as a demonstration project for three days this week on two blocks of P Street to give motorists and cyclists a sense of how it works, and to get their feedback." more...

Bike-Sharing Is Flourishing in Washington


D.C. - "Washington could soon bypass Portland, Ore., as the American city with the highest share of bicycle commuters..." more

Woman Attacked on Grandview Walking Trail


Grandview, MO - "Saturday afternoon a 17 year-old Grandview woman was attacked and knocked unconscious by three teenage boys while she was walking on the trail..." more

Why Cyclists Take the Lane

"...Cyclists ride in the middle of the lane for good reasons..." more

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Mill Creek Metroparks Improvements Continue

Youngstown, OH - "Currently, work is being done on West Newport Drive and the East Cohasset Hike and Bike Trail." more...

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