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Lime Might Find a Home in Worthington

OH - "After a successful six-month trial, Worthington might have a permanent bike-sharing service." more...

Is Traverse City Bucking a Trend?


MI - "Fewer people are riding their bikes to work, but according to Julie Clark, executive director for TART Trails, Traverse City might be bucking that national trend. more...

Ann Arbor Plans Network of Protected Bike Lanes

MI - "Ann Arbor will begin construction on its first protected two-way bike lane this spring." more...

City Funds Next Phase of State Street Revitalization

Columbus, IN - "...A 10-foot-wide multi-use trail will be added at the back of the Third Street curb, in addition to pedestrian lighting, a two-foot-wide brick shy zone similar to what is already on State Street and a brick gateway node..." more

Schuylkill Greenways Launches Updated Website


Pottstown, PA - "...The renovated '' now encompasses two websites into one, with bonus features." more...

Lakefront Trail Separation Creates Safer Environment


Chicago, IL - "...When 100,000 people share a narrow slab of pavement on an average summer weekend day, there are bound to be issues..." more

Dallas Bike Share Seems to Have Increased Bike Deaths


TX - "A riddle: What happens when you cram more bicyclists onto streets without bike lanes?" more...

DeVos Recovering from Bicycle Accident


D.C. - "Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is in a wheelchair as she recovers from a recent bicycle accident that broke her pelvis and hip socket." more...

Hitman Cyclist Sentenced for Murders


UK - "A British cyclist, runner, and mob hitman has been convicted of the murders of two rival gangsters, in part because of his GPS watch." more...

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Grant Sought to Connect B&O Trail with City Trail


Mansfield, OH - "The City of Mansfield is applying to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for a 2019 Clean Ohio Trail Fund grant to build a 1.13-mile bike trail..." more

Sugarcamp Mountain Trail Receives Expansion Grant


Floyd County, KY - "The Sugarcamp Mountain Trail is about 20 miles long and counting." more...

Newest Segments of East Coast Greenway

"The number of miles of East Coast Greenway built as safe, off-road paths jumped in 2018 by 44.4 miles. The 24 new segments are found in 10 states, Maine to Florida..." more

Driver Offers "Apology" for Hitting 10-Year-Old Bicyclist

"Julian Moore, 10, was upset and insulted by the nonapology..." more

Driver Slams into Cycling Celebrity


"A new video making the rounds in Spain shows just how scary it can be when cyclists must share the road with distracted drivers." more...

We Need Walkable, Wheelable, Scooterable Cities


"Fewer people are walking and more people are voting with their gas pedal." more...

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2019 Ohio-to-Erie Trail Maps Available

OH - "...Published in 2019, the entire 326-mile route is shown including mileage and necessary road routes and services..." more

Richland County Parks Hires B&O Trail Manager

Mansfield, OH - "Jason Larson, Executive Director, Richland County Park District, announces the hiring of Mike Solon as the Richland B&O Trail Manager..." more

Fatal Ohio Bike Crashes in 2018

"...2018 was unusual in a number of ways. First, the location of the fatal crashes was unusual..." more

Plans for Joe Louis Greenway to be Presented


Detroit, Mi - "The Joe Louis Greenway, a 31.5-mile loop of connected trails, made our list of the most exciting developments of 2019..." more

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Making Cook County Trails More User Friendly


IL - "...Known as 'wayfinding,' the idea is to provide trail users with more information through signs and other methods to create a strong first impression and increase use." more...

Ghost Bike Removal Causes Controversy


"A homeowner removed a ghost bike from an adjacent public road. The vitim's mother wants it returned." more...

Are Bike Activists Selling Out?


"...As companies like Uber, Lyft, Lime, Bird, and Spin bring the ways of tech to bikes and scooters, they have recruited former cycling, street safety, and urbanism advocates to help them out..." more

People-Before-Cars Transpo Alliance Launches


"The New Urban Mobility alliance – NUMO for short – has been launched today in Washington, D.C..." more

E-Bike Battery Fires Cause Concerns


"...The expert is quoted as saying that Lithium-Ion batteries are, 'rather unreliable, rather explosive. You are never sure if or when they will explode'..." more

New Segway Electric Scooters

"The scooters were designed specifically for sharing services." more...

Transit Pods -- a Sign of Things to Come?

St. Louis, MO - "This is probably what the future looked like when you thought about it as a kid -- lightweight pods zipping people around the city on elevated ribbons called podways." more...

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Opposed to Development Next to Red Line Greenway


Cleveland, OH - "...I'm very much in favor of dense, urban development. But dense transit-oriented development only works when balanced with accessible green space." more...

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U.S. Bike Route 23 in Kentucky


Gasgow, KY - "...U.S. Bike Route 23, which includes Mammoth Cave National Park, is 118 miles in length." more...

Insane Driver Runs Over Cyclist


"An Illinois judge found a hit-and-run driver not guilty of attempted murder by reason of insanity." more...

Bike Share Input Mostly Ignored in NYC, Chicago


"When New York and Chicago decided to expand their public bike share systems a few years back, city officials tried to go about it democratically..." more

E-Scooters are a Game Changer


"...We reached out to key bike advocates in Kansas City, Baltimore and Nashville to get a sense of just how big of an impact e-scooters have made in their cities..." more

The Limits of Autonomous Vehicles


"...Waymo’s CEO, John Krafcik, has admitted that a self-driving car that can drive in any condition, on any road, without ever needing a human to take control... will basically never exist..." more

Braking Issue with Lime E-Scooters


"...News broke over the weekend that Lime is pulling all of its e-scooter fleet from Switzerland, after reports came in about people being injured after multiple scooters abruptly braked on their own." more...

How Chinese Bike Share Crashed & Burned


"In a nation once known for cycling, hundreds of thousands of abandoned bikes now litter cities." more...

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Cost & Use of Trails Discussed

Goshen, IN - "A fold-out brochure that contains maps of the bicycle and multi-use routes and trails in Michiana, stirred emotions Saturday morning at the Elkhart County Council meeting." more...

E-Bike Catches Fire During Ride


AUS - "An Adelaide man has had a lucky escape after the lithium battery on his electric bike exploded." more...

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Winter Maintenance on the Cannonball Trail


NW OH - "Clearing down[ed] tree on north fork today..." more

Cyclists Killed on Highway 30


OR - "...40-year-old Dustan Thompson was driving a semi-truck (without a trailer attached) southbound on the highway (toward Portland) in the rightmost lane when he collided with 54-year-old Scottie Graser. Graser was riding in the same direction..." more

Trail Users Ignoring Hunting Notices


NY - "The recreation trail at the Calverton Enterprise Park is closed this month for deer hunting season — but town officials are having a hard time keeping bicyclists and hikers off the trail..." more

Bike Lane Sabotage Continues to Spread

Manhattan, NY - "...On Thursday, police say someone intentionally sprinkled shards of glass for blocks and blocks - on the brand new bike lanes on 12th and 13th Streets, which move crosstown through the Village." more...

Getting Cars Out of Bike Lanes

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Little Miami Scenic Trail Section Work Complete


Washington Twp., OH - "...The trail project between SR 350 and Strout Rd is complete. The trail was shifted away from the river here..." more

Junior Ranger Pitches in to Keep CVNP Clean

Stow, OH - "Some people enjoying the Cuyahoga Valley National Park during the partial government shutdown have forgotten to 'leave no trace,' but a junior ranger is on patrol removing their litter." more...

Towns get Trail Grants for 19 Projects


CT - "The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has awarded over $3 million in grants for 19 projects to enhance trails and greenways in towns throughout the state..." more

Residents Prepare to Fight Development near Greenway

Murfreesboro, TN - "A group of nearly 60 concerned Murfreesboro residents challenging a housing development proposal that would be built near the city's greenway..." more

Death of Bike Commuting Exaggerated


"Though fewer americans biked to work in 2017 compared to previous years, bike commuting is still way up in the last decade." more...

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Franklin Seeking Grant for Trail Extension


OH - "Franklin will seek grant funding to help it pay for extending the Great Miami River Recreation Trail ..." more

Driver Pleads Guilty in Fatal Crash


Elyria, OH - "An Amherst man pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide in connection with a crash in which a bicyclist was struck and killed in October 2017." more...

Did You Know that Bike Licenses are Required in Stow?

OH - "Stow council member at-large Mike Rasor said he’s been breaking the law -- he and thousands of other residents who live in the city of Stow." more...

$150K Settlement Expected in Apparatus Crash


Dayton, OH - "In 2015, a then-18-year-old bicyclist was hit by and trapped under a Dayton Fire Department apparatus. Now, the city is expected to settle a civil lawsuit by the bicyclist." more...

A Case for Bike Commuting in Seattle


WA - "There's definitely not going to be anything convenient about the upcoming Seattle Squeeze..." more

Residents Call for More Bike Lanes

Hampton, VA - "There's a growing concern among drivers in Hampton and York County about an increase in cyclists on a busy stretch of road." more...

1st Greenway Sweep of the Year


Medford, OR - "With a new year sometimes comes new beginnings, but for the City of Medford, 2019 looks to provide more of the same — in the form of periodic sweeps of the Bear Creek Greenway." more...

Are National Parks Closed During Shutdown?

U.S. - "...unlike in October 2013, when an Obama-era impasse resulted in a 16-day shutdown, the gates to national parks across the country have remained open. Parking lots aren’t barricaded and trailheads aren’t blocked..." more

Anatomy of an Electric Scooter Crash


"...What happens when a new mobility mode meets the American legal system?" more...

Paris will Roll Out Free Transit


FRA - "Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo... wants to make it easier for kids and families to travel the city sustainably by using transit or bike share." more...

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South Old State Road Sidepath Construction


Columbus, OH - "...Newest addition along west side of South Old State Road - between Wilshire/Gladshire Blvd, E. Powell, Polaris, Wystone Dr." more...

Sparks Fly in Debate Over Electric Bicycles


NYC - "As the city’s bicycle culture continues to grow, electric bikes remain a flashpoint regarding pedestrian safety and which types of e-bikes – and what type of speed — should be allowed." more...

Bird Ends Bike Lane Subsidy


"The scooter company Bird has quietly abandoned its much-hyped plan to give cities $1 per scooter per day to build bike infrastructure..." more

Ofo Dismantles Overseas Business Unit


Shanghai - "Multiple Asian news sites are reporting that bike share giant Ofo has dissolved its overseas business unit, retreating from operating in the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore and France." more...

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Trails Highlight Park District Accomplishments

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...Two of the most exciting multi-use trail accomplishments of the 2018 season included clearing the last section the HOOT (Heart of Ohio Trail) from Huffman Road to the Knox/Licking County line, which can now be mountain biked or hiked, and the completion of the Mohican Valley Trail repaving project from the Bridge of Dreams to the Knox/Holmes to the Knox/Holmes County line..." more

Related: Read the latest edition of the Knox County park newsletter.

Ohio-to-Erie Trail Development

Delaware County, OH - Several segments of the OTE will be linking up in Delaware County in the coming years. Here's a map from the Preservation Parks website that shows current progress. more...

Bike Left for a Christmas Gift

Bay Village, OH - "On Dec. 25, an officer reported that a bicycle had been left by the pedestrian door on the west side of the police station..." more

Victim's Mother Wants Justice

Warren, OH - "...Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins and Miriam Fife have worked together to see justice done in the murder of Fife’s son, Raymond, since September 1985, when Raymond, 12, was brutally murdered as he rode his bicycle to a Boy Scouts meeting." more...

Philly's Plan for Safer Residential Streets

PA - "From more than 20 Slow Zone applications, just two will be chosen for the pilot." more...

Bikes Rescued from Recycling Bin

Erie, PA - "Many seemingly good bicycles were discovered in a recycling bin at Erie's Salvation Army store in Summit Twp." more...

Former Uber Driver Pleads Guilty to Killings

MI - "A former Uber driver charged with killing six people during an hours-long shooting rampage in Michigan nearly three years ago, pleaded guilty to all charges on Monday..." more

Group Crowdfunds for New Bike Trail

Roanoke, VA - "A Roanoke Cycling group is working to get new bike trails in the city and they've turned to crowdfunding to raise money for the project." more...

Nails in the Bike Lane

Portland, OR - "...The case of nails being strewn in the bike lane on North Interstate Avenue has gone unsolved for years. Now the police and a city commissioner are on the case." more...

What's Next for Walking & Biking in the U.S?


"In 2019, our movement of biking advocates will have several opportunities to create a more Bicycle Friendly America on Capitol Hill and through local partners at the community level..." more

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Funding Could Close Olentangy Trail Gap


Columbus, OH - "...The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission on Dec. 18 released a list of proposed new transportation projects around central Ohio that could receive federal funding. That list included nearly $3.5 million to close the Clintonville gap in the Olentangy Trail..." more

Teen Cyclist Hit by Driver, Seriously Injured


The Plains, OH - "A 15-year-old boy suffered serious injuries Saturday after being hit by a car on Ohio Rt. 682, just outside The Plains, while riding his bicycle." more...

Detroit Bike & Trail Projects for 2019


MI - "...In 2019, there will be an 'overwhelming' amount of bike and trail projects throughout the city, according to Detroit Greenways, a nonprofit organization that promotes biking, walking, tails and complete streets in Detroit." more...

New Transport App Launches


"...the app launched in 15 cities around the world, including Los Angeles, with plans to add about five cities a month." more...

Why Pedestrians ‘Break the Rules’


"...They’re more likely engage in risky behavior — like walking or rolling in the street or crossing mid-block — when the pedestrian infrastructure is incomplete or lacking." more...

China Elevates Bike Lanes


CHN - "...In the southern Chinese city of Xiamen, a visionary solution to the problem is the Bike Skyway, which enables cyclists to literally soar over cars and pedestrians on the street below." more...

Dutch Cycle Lane Hell

"Police union chief says it is impossible to keep lanes safe due to variety of vehicles and rules." more...

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Richland B&O Trail Section Closure


Butler, OH - From, "Purdy Construction is starting clearing the Butler bridge log jam today and will be there until about Wed. 1/09. The [.5-mile] section of trail from 97 to the bridge and the opposite side of the bridge from Butler will be blocked through that time."

Middle Neshaminy Greenway Trail Open House

Newtown, PA - "The proposed alignment of the Middle Neshaminy Greenway Trail... is underway, and the Bucks County Planning Commission wants the public’s input." more...

Florida’s Biking Problem

"...I just think the motorists are just too uneducated, too distracted, they drive too fast, and we allow a certain level of behavior on our roadways that consistently imperils the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians..." more

Raised Crosswalk Aggravates Drivers

CAN - "...These are generally located near schools and are walkable speed humps that are at the same grade as the sidewalk on either side of the street..." more

Welcome to Bike 3.0


"This is Part 1 of a two-part series exploring the new market dynamic for the specialty [bicycle] retail segment, how we got there, and how the industry can respond and adapt to the new reality..." more

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Connecting Portage Bike Paths


Portage County, OH - "Could Mickey Marozzi, our Portage County engineer, be a key player in turning the county’s two parallel bike-friendly trails, the Headwaters and The Portage Hike and Bike Trail, into a true bicycle trail network?" more...

Road Rage Incident That Landed Cyclist in Hospital

OH - "...Last July, they decided to take a ride along a road they've ridden dozens of times along Belpoint Road and Hinton Mills in Union County." more...

Did USA Today Publish Bad Numbers on Bay Area Cycling?

CA - "National newspaper writes that bicycle commuting dropped 19.9 percent in San Francisco... except that it didn't." more...

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Open House Event for New OTE Trail Section


Galena, OH - "Preservation Parks of Delaware County will hold a public open house and is seeking public comment on a proposed project to pave a 2.2-mile segment of the Ohio to Erie multiuse trail northeast of Sunbury..." more

Tree Removal on Heart of Ohio Trail


Knox County, OH - "Hardwick Tree Service will be working along the Heart of Ohio Trail this winter, removing trees that are too close to the blacktop, clearing lines of site at road intersections, and removing dead trees..." more

Stolen ToleGo Bike Found


Toledo, OH - "Police are still looking for a man who stole a ToleGo bicycle that was later found Friday evening." more...

More on New Ohio E-Bike Law


Winesburg, OH - "...starting next year, all E-bikes will be required to have prominently displayed labels." more...

Learn more about what e-bikes can do and how they may impact your local trails. more...

Meet America's New Rail-Trails of 2018

"This year was an exciting one for the rail-trail movement; as 2018 comes to a close, nearly 2,100 rail-trails are now open across the country..." more

Are E-Scooters a Threat to E-Bikes?


"Before I present my thoughts, it is only fair that I provide an introduction and confess..." more

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Construction Along Olentangy Trail

Columbus, OH - From, "There will be construction occurring along the Olentangy Trail in the OSU section between Herrick Drive and King Avenue from January 7th thru January 31.

"The trail will not be closed. A temporary bypass path will be provided around the work site."

Uber Charging $25 to Use Bikes Outside of "Bike Zone"

Seattle, WA - "...The zone will expand and ultimately go away as Uber adds more bikes." more...

Parking in Protected Bike Lanes Poses Danger

CA - "...There are red curbs to deter cars, but people are still parking in the no parking zones." more...

New Law Affects Scooter, Bike Trails

CA - "New road rules went into effect Tuesday for drivers across the Central Coast and state of California with an emphasis on helmet use for motorized scooters as well as reporting hit-and-run collisions on bike trails." more...

Lessons From Once-Mighty Bike Share Giants


"...E-scooter companies would be wise to adopt a different business model instead of attempting to scale up rapidly..." more

Counting Bikes in the U.S.


"...A few months ago, in collaboration with the BFC, we conducted a survey to examine the current state of bicycle counting. The survey provided a timely and much needed understanding of the way communities across the country approach bike counting, including the challenges and opportunities they face." more...

Bike-Friendly Mayor Hurt in Car-Bike Collision

CA - "Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose, California, was hospitalized with a broken sternum and vertebrae." more...

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Towpath Flooding & Hunting Closures

Stark County, OH - From Stark Parks, "Flooding over the trail has closed several spots. Expect varying trail conditions at Lake Ave. in Massillon, north of Lake Lucerne near the Summit County line, and Wooster St. near Navarre.

"The Towpath Trail between Riverland Ave. and the Tuscarawas County Line (Rt. 212) will be closed due to hunting on nearby private property from Jan. 5 to 8, 2019."

2-Year-Old Struck by Driver on Sidewalk

Cincinnati, OH - "A 2-year-old boy is fighting for his life at Cincinnati Children's Hospital after he was hit by a truck on the sidewalk." more...

Becoming a Bike-Friendly Business

Cleveland, OH - "...Cyclists like to frequent businesses they identify as bike friendly, and prospective & current employees will view your company more favorably if you take a forward approach to integrating bicycles into your company culture." more...

Trash Problem at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

OH - "...Staff members are asking the public to pack their trash out with them instead of leaving it in the park until the [government] shutdown ends." more...

Metro Opens Door to Bikes During Rush Hour

D.C. - "...The policy change is the result of decades of advocacy by local bike advocates, dating back to a seminal protest at which cyclists carried cardboard bicycles aboard Metro trains to demonstrate that there was enough room..." more

Study Reveals Some Drivers Think They Own the Road

"This will come as a surprise to exactly no one who rides a bike, but there are some car drivers out there who don’t like cyclists. Like, really don’t like cyclists." more...

Planners Outline Bike Beltway Vision

D.C. - "Transportation planners are sketching out a vision to build out a fully connected regional bike trail network by 2045, linking a “Bike Beltway” around D.C. to the rest of the suburbs surrounding the capital." more...

Thief Tries to Steal Bike at Police Station

OR - "The would-be thief surrendered after an officer walked out the front door to confront him." more...

Airbnb-Style Bicycle Rental Platform


UK - "...What would be ideal would be the ability to hop on your own bike. This is often impossible so the next best thing would be to rent a lookalike – or even a superbike..." more

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Westerville Northfield Pathway

Westerville, OH - "Future north/south trail corridor (~1,200 long) that's been partially blazed between Maxtown Rd and Westdale Ave in far north Westerville." more...

Pittsburgh Drafting AV Reporting Rules

PA "...Mr. Peduto thinks it’s reasonable for companies testing robot cars on city streets to report incidents that wouldn’t necessarily end up in a police report." more...

Landowners File Lawsuit Against Rock Island Trail


MO - "...Two lawsuits contend land owners adjacent to the corridor should be compensated..." more

Arizonans Attack Self-Driving Cars

Chandler, AZ - "...Some people have pelted Waymo vans with rocks, according to police reports. Others have repeatedly tried to run the vehicles off the road..." more

Bikes for Disabled People in Cardiff


UK - "People with disabilities will be able to hire specially adapted bikes around Cardiff via an app as a public cycle share scheme expands across the city." more...

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Plans for 'Hanging Rock' Marker along Bike Path

Chardon, OH - "...City Manager Randy Sharpe noted that the city obtained a grant to recognize 'Hanging Rock' with a historical marker. The site will be on the next portion of the Maple Highlands Trail south of the square. more...

Knox County Parks 2018 Recap


Mt Vernon, OH - "...Our interns hosted numerous programs from Birding by Kayak to Moonlit Miles on the bike trails and a band concert at Thayer Ridge Park..." more

Master Plan for 500-Mile Trail


Santa Fe, NM - "A master plan that charts out the next steps for developing a 500-mile trail along the Rio Grande from one end of New Mexico to the other has been adopted." more...

The Rise and Fall of China’s Cycling Empires


"China’s bike-sharing firms were supposed to be the next big thing..." more

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Lake Trail Becomes "Speedway" for Bicycles

FL - "...Coniglio said she has contacted a couple of bicycle clubs to remind them there’s a 10-mph speed limit on the trail and that bicyclists must yield to pedestrians." more...

Development Costs Could Sink Potential 144-Mile Trail Corridor


Eugene, MO - "...Park officials said they're concerned with the potential cost of developing the corridor, which could hurt the state's ability to operate existing parks..." more

Lime Lobbies for Embracing Scooters


NC - "...instead of embracing this subsidy-free solution, the City Council seems bent on suffocating it." more...

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Drunk Driver Kills Cyclist

Butler County, PA - "David Lohr, 51, of Oak Court is facing aggravated assault and DUI charges after allegedly striking a cyclist and dragging him..." more

New East Coast Greenway Section Opens


Bolton, CT - "A new 3-mile section of the East Coast Greenway has opened in Eastern Connecticut." more...

Falling Tree Kills Woman at Smoky Mountains Park


Gatlinburg, TN - "A woman from Texas has been killed by a tree knocked down by high winds..." more

London Bike Share Bikes Hired 35,000 Times on Christmas Day


UK - "On Christmas Day there were no buses operating in London. Nor were there any Tube trains or trams. River taxis were also taking the day off..." more

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Towpath Connection Construction Expected in 2019

Bolivar, OH - "...The grant will help fund the connection McDonnell Trailhead on the border of Stark and Tuscarawas counties with existing Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail heading toward Bolivar. Pending approval, work on this section of trail is expected to begin in 2019." more...

Nature Center Planned for Former Pump House

Akron, OH - "...The park district liked the pump house because of its historical significance; its location on the lake and next to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail; and its accessibility..." more

Resident Speaks Out for Bike Safety on Roads

Granger Twp., OH - "...DeVon Griffin said he found out the trustees had rejected Bike Medina County’s proposal to add signs to township roads enforcing the State of Ohio’s 3-foot passing law for vehicles passing bicycles and expressed his views on the matter as a bicyclist..." more

Thieves Stealing Bikes From Homeless

Grand Rapids, MI - " It’s a crime that would even make the Grinch flinch: people are stealing bikes from the homeless." more...

NYC Traffic Fatalities Lower, But Ped Deaths Climb

NYC - "...a slightly higher number of pedestrians and motorcyclists died this year than in 2017, stats show..." more

Google Mapping the Queenstown Trail


NZL - "...Google has been mapping the 120km trail for the past couple of weeks, as part of a project led by the Queenstown Trails Trust and the Queenstown Lakes District Council Parks and Reserves team." more...

Section of River Trail Opens for Skating


CAN - "The Forks said the rink on the river at the port is now open, with extensions of the Red River Mutual Trail to follow, provided the weather cooperates." more...

Hellobike Raises Millions, Despite Bike-Sharing Woes


"Today news broke that Hellobike, a China-based bike-sharing startup, has raised a new raft of cash..." more

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Towpath Trailhead Improvements in Bolivar

OH - "Parking at McDonnell Trailhead along the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is now smoother and safer for visitors of the trail...

To continue reading, see the latest edition of the Towpath Times.

Rails-to-Trails Case Progresses

Girard, OH - " officials are looking forward to wrapping up the case so they can begin developing bike trails that will eventually connect Girard with the Western Reserve Greenway." more...

Car Break-In at Lunken Airport Bike Trail

Cincinnati, OH - "...Lisa Graham said she came to the Lunken Airport Bike Trail the weekend before Christmas to walk her dogs, but when she came back to her vehicle, the window was shattered and her wallet was missing." more...

Where Can I Ride My E-Bike in the Cleveland Area?

OH - "...Before we can delve into where you can take them, a basic understanding of the categories is needed – as many of the restrictions are based upon them." more...

Feds Rule in Favor of Trail


Fishers, IN - "Federal regulators have ruled in favor of a plan to convert central Indiana's Nickel Plate Railroad corridor into a recreational trail." more...

Slight Climb in Gross Bike Sales


Boulder, CO - "...Year-to-date figures through November show a 4 percent increase in dollars and a 9 percent decrease in units." more...

Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Teen, Flees U.S.

Portland, OR - "...Law enforcement officials now say they believe Noorah got an illicit passport and boarded a plane — likely a private carrier — to flee the country." more...

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New Gravel Grinders Website

OH - Check it out.

1st U.S. City with Over 2M Trips on Lime Bikes


Seattle, WA - "Lime’s recently-released year-end 2018 report boasts some staggering numbers for the bikeshare service, both in Seattle and across the globe." more...

Decapitation of Ashland Man Remains Unsolved


OR - "...The 23-year-old was walking on the bike path along the Bear Creek Greenway near Hunter Park when someone nearly decapitated him." more...

Cars Kill More Kids Than Guns Do


"A new study looks at causes of deaths among children..." more

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Cannonball Trail Year-End Updates

NW OH - "...We have accomplished much this year from our [Cannonball] trail extension on south fork into Liberty Center, our involvement w/ Williams County active Transportation plan committee, the establishment of trailhead/ w parking lot on Williams cty RD 17, to the improvement of our Oak Savanna in Fulton county and much more." more...

Bikes and Ohio Laws


Cleveland, OH - "We have updated our Bikes and the Law page with help from our supporters at Knabe Law Firm Co., LPA and the Ohio Bike Lawyer - Steve Magas. It's a good refresh for what your rights are, your responsibilities as a rider, and ... your responsibilities when you are the one behind the wheel of an automobile." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest news.

More MTBiking Options Coming in 2019


Glen Jean, WV - "Mountain biking options in southern West Virginia will be expanding next year, thanks to a new partnership..." more

Greenway Sues City of Yakima

WA - "The City of Yakima is being sued over its decision to rezone land near the Yakima Greenway for use as a permanent homeless shelter." more...

E-Bikes Voted Down on JoCo Parks Trails

MO - "...The county Park & Recreation District’s Board of Commissioners on Wednesday voted against a proposal that would have allowed visitors to use e-bikes and electronic unicycles on the 15-mile Gary L. Haller Trail..." more

North Dakota’s National Parks Remain Open During Shutdown

ND - "...The National Park Services says national parks in North Dakota will remain 'as accessible as possible' during the partial shutdown." more...

Latest Shift Up Podcast


Denver, CO - "In the latest Shift Up podcast, host Arleigh Greenwald takes her regular quarterly look at the State of the Industry..." more

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ToleGO Bikes will Stay Out for the Winter


Toledo, OH - "...They’re specially fabricated to endure the cold, wet winter months and can be ridden so long as the roads and sidewalks are clear." more...

Parents Rally for Safer Streets

Cincinnati, OH - "...Two more students went to the hospital this week with injuries after drivers struck them on their walks to school through West Price Hill." more...

Friends of Madison County Parks & Trails E-News

Madison County, OH - Read the latest edition.

Cyclists Aid Man in Distress


Bellevue, NE - "A group of men are being hailed as heroes after finding a man who had been trapped in a car in a creek all night." more...

Cyclists Say Reconstruction Plan Puts Them in Danger


NYC - "A plan to reconstruct the rotunda over Riverside Park at 79th Street does not include a protected bike lane, a factor that angered some residents who attended a meeting last week." more...

The Weirdest Places We Found Scooters

"Scooters were everywhere in 2018. Here’s proof." more...

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Government Shutdown & the Towpath Trail


CVNP, OH - There's no word yet on exactly how the government shutdown may affect the 20-miles or so of towpath trail and Ohio-to-Erie Trail through Ohio's national park in the Cuyahoga Valley.

Based on shutdowns during the previous administration, here's what you can expect: The trail should be open, but some (or all) of the facilities may be closed, as staff may not be available to maintain them.

Here's the official word from the National Parks website, "...Some national parks may remain accessible to visitors; however, access may change without notice. Some parks are closed completely. Some visitor services may be available when provided by concessioners or other entities. For most parks, there will be no National Park Service-provided visitor services, such as restrooms, trash collection, facilities, or road maintenance..." more

Simon Kenton Trail Section Closing Dec. 26


Urbana, OH - "Weather permitting, a section of the Simon Kenton Trail, South of Urbana, from State Route 55 to Hickory Grove Road, will be totally closed beginning Wednesday, December 26th-Friday, December 28th..." more

The "Bicycle Beltway" Vision


D.C. - "...the “Bicycle Beltway,” formally known as the National Capital Trail, would be a 60-mile loop circling the region and crossing through Maryland. Virginia and the District..." more

Officers Track Down Stolen Kids Bikes in Time for Christmas


CA - "A family has law enforcement to thank for tracking down two stolen bicycles intended for children who lost their bikes in the Carr Fire." more...

Plan to Route Pathway Through St. Louis


MO - "The face of St. Louis is changing thanks to the proposed Chouteau Greenway..." more

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2018 was the Year of the Scooter

"...They could also be the kick in the butt that cities need to demand safe streets." more...

E-Bike Industry Requests Exemption from Tariffs


"PeopleForBikes and the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association have submitted requests on the industry's behalf for exemption from the 25 percent tariff on Chinese-made e-bikes that took effect last summer..." more

6 Things D.C. has Learned About Scooters & Dockless Bikes


D.C. - "Overall ridership increased significantly, but the growth was uneven across the city." more...

Zwift Secures $120M Investment

Long Beach, CA - "...The company, which started with a gaming-style virtual riding experience, has expanded into a running game and non-gaming indoor training options..." more

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North Coast Inland Trail Progress

Huron County, OH - "...The connector from the east end of the bridge to SR 60 and the Wakeman US 20 bikeway will be completed in the coming months. The final section of trail in Lorain County west of Kipton is now paved and open as is the US 20 Bikeway."

For more Huron County NCIT news, check out FRTTI's latest newsletter.

Navy Pier Flyover Partially Opens for Bikers

Chicago, IL - "Those who use the Lakefront Trail will now be able to avoid some downtown traffic." more...

Seattle & Bellevue Make Best New Bikeways List

WA - "Seattle and Bellevue both turned heads nationally with protected bike lanes that opened this year, making People For Bikes’ list of 'America’s 10 Best New Bikeways of 2018'." more...

RTC is Stronger Than Ever


"...We have grown significantly in the past two decades, seizing new opportunities to first build rail-trails and now to maximize those trails by connecting them with each other. Today, we have powerful initiatives underway designed to catalyze the development of trail networks nationwide." more...

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Alum Creek Trail Connector Paved


Westerville, OH - "Newest short paved wide path link. Alum Creek Trail to/from Otterbein U's STEAM Point building at Collegeview in Westerville..." more

$90M Indiana Trail Program

IN - "By the year 2020, Indiana wants to put a hiking and biking trail within 5 miles of every Hoosier." more...

AVs Allowed Back on Streets in Pittsburgh

PA - "...PennDOT issued Uber’s official 'letter of authorization' allowing the company to return its robot cars to city streets in autonomous mode for the first time since March, following a fatal accident in Tempe, Ariz." more...

20.9 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes Built This Year


NYC - "...The shortfall in protected bike lane installation comes as the city is headed for one of the safest years in history, with fewer than 200 roadway fatalities for the first time..." more

Man Claims to Have Completed Coast-to-Coast Self-Driving Trip


"If true, it would be the longest recorded autonomous road trip without human intervention." more...

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Proposed Solon Trail "Stuck in the Mud"

Solon, OH - "It's a tough road that the proposed Solon to Chagrin Falls Trail is traveling." more...

MORPC Proposes $21M in Federal Projects

OH - "The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission has proposed more than $21 million in federal funding for projects such as the Olentangy Trail and improvements to Fishinger Road in Upper Arlington." more...

Bike Share Programs See What Attracts Riders

Harrisburg, PA - "A full year into bike share programs in some midtate cities, communities have a better idea of what works and what doesn't." more...

Senator Allegedly Parks in Bike Lane

NY - "Kevin Parker sent the taunt to a senate staffer who noted his parking placard was found on a car in a Manhattan bike lane." more...

Final Vote Looms for Created Butte Trail

CO - "The 'high-priority' 83-mile trail will encounter highways, rivers and neighbors concerned about limiting the impact on wildlife and the environment as the state pursues a more expansive trail connection." more...

Residents Want Trail, Not Train

Santa Cruz, CA - "Supporters of Santa Cruz County Greenway presented signatures Tuesday of 10,000 county residents on a petition backing a trail instead of a train on the 32-mile rail corridor..." more

Uber's New Jump E-Bikes

"New features include swappable batteries, retractable locks, and a phone mount." more...

82 Bike Friendly Businesses


"Today, the League of American Bicyclists is honoring 82 businesses in 30 states with its prestigious Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) designation. This award recognizes companies for their efforts to promote and support active, healthy transportation options for their employees, customers, and guests." more...

Are E-Scooter Unsafe?


"...The CDC is gearing up to do the first authoritative study of e-scooter safety. The study will examine 68 e-scooter injuries that took place over a two-month period in Austin..." more

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Towpath Trail Construction Updates

Cleveland, OH - "Even though the winter weather keeps trying to slow things down now and then, progress on the Towpath connections around the Tremont area continue to happen..." more

WKU Bike Share Eyes Expansion

KY - "After a fleet of bikes arrived this month on Western Kentucky University’s campus as part of a new way for students and staff to get around, the program is eyeing expansion into downtown Bowling Green." more...

Dad Confronts Bike Thief

Nitro, WV - "...Clark said he was on his way into work, just hours after the theft, when he saw that same suspect, in the same clothes, walking over the bridge with his daughter's bike." more...

The Rock Island Trail Would be Game-Changer

MO - "...The planned Rock Island Trail would intersect the Katy Trail, a popular 240-mile rail-trail route that traverses the rolling terrain along the Missouri River. It also would link up with a recently opened 47-mile segment, the Rock Island Spur of Katy Trail State Park, which connects the Katy Trail to the greater Kansas City area..." more

London's Cycling Action Plan

UK - "...This five-year plan sets out the timescale for tripling the number of protected cycleways since Khan came to office and also reveals new quality standards for cycling infrastructure." more...

Google Maps Recommending Lime Bikes Option

Seattle, WA - "Lime’s bikes and scooters now show up as a transit option in Google Maps in a select number of cities..." more

The Pedestrian Strikes Back

"Officials in several countries are getting the message: Cities are about people, not cars." more...

Panic Ensues Over Ofo Refunds


"Troubled bike-share startup Ofo, which has been quitting cities around the planet this year, has a fresh crisis – millions of people are demanding their deposits back." more...

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Water on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway


Athens, OH - "The #HockingRiver is cresting this morning, and it is currently flooding the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway at the low culvert between Stimson Ave and the US33 overpass. The waters are predicted to recede and the path should be passable by tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018." more...

NCIT Clearing in Norwalk

OH - "Work has officially begun on the future [~1-mile] trail section between Townsend Ave and Laylin Rd, which will be the final link between our eastern trail section and Norwalk..." more

New Trails & Bike Lanes Coming to Dayton

OH - "West Dayton has few bike lanes but some major projects in the works will make it easier to ride a bicycle there." more...

West Philly Residents Form Transit Task Force

Philadelphia, PA - "Philadelphia continues to see more traffic deaths than any county in the state." more...

Changes Planned to Boost Bike Share Ridership


Lancaster, PA - "...The main problem, several would-be users told LNP, is the limited number of pick-up and drop-off locations..." more

Bird Scooters Taking a Bath

"Why do people keep throwing electric scooters into rivers and lakes?.." more

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Simon Kenton Trail Fundraising Totals

Urbana, OH - "...We are 'Over the Top' on the Honda of America paving challenge with a final amount donated by the November 30th deadline of $30,250.

"...[Honda's] $25,000 match brings the amount in the paving fund to $55,250 at the end of November..." more

New Opportunity for Marquette Greenway Funding

IN - "The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission's hope for a federal grant to pay most of the cost of completing the Marquette Greenway was disappointed last week..." more

E-Scooters Normalize Scooting for Adults


NZL - "...While the lime scooter craze continues its popularity in Auckland and Christchurch, other Kiwis are opting for foot-powered scooters - including dusting off their childhood, metal-framed scooters for their commute." more...

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Towpath Section Closes Until Spring

Peninsula, OH - From, "The Towpath is closed between Deep Lock Quarry and Hunt Farm [in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park] for bridge replacement through early spring. There are no detours available."

Big Walnut Creek Trail Bridge Connector


Gahanna, OH - "New Big Walnut Creek Trail bridge connector between Ol Ridenour Rd (Gahanna golf course/Lower McCorkle Park) and E. Johnston Rd/Mill St at Cherrybottom Rd. 2018-2019 construction project..." more

Hoosier National Forest Trail Use Permits Available


IN - "The Hoosier National Forest, operated by the U.S. Forest Service, has more than 260 miles of recreational trails, spread over nine counties..." more

Striped Sign Poles in Seattle


"...When you approach an intersection in Seattle, the stripes immediately show you whether people entering the intersection from other directions must stop..." more

Suspect Held in Bike Test-Ride Thefts


CA - "Police here have arrested a suspect in a series of thefts at Southern California bike shops in which fake identification and credit cards were used to take high-end bikes out on test rides and never return them." more...

NABSA Includes Micro-Mobility Plans for 2019


"The North American Bike-share Association (NABSA) has unveiled its strategic vision for 2019, including plans to integrate shared micro-mobility options into its bike-shares." more...

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Stage 1 Towpath Bridge Installed


Cleveland, OH - "Thursday morning crews installed a 211 foot, 211,000 pound galvanized steel truss bridge spanning the Cuyahoga River that passes under Harvard Rd..." more

Board Recommends $26M for Recreation Projects


Lansing, MI - "A state panel has recommended awarding $26 million in grants for outdoor recreation projects and land purchases." more...

Detroit to Spend More on Bike Lane Snow Removal

MI - "The city of Detroit increased its residential snow plowing budget by 20 percent and bought equipment to help keep protected bike lanes clear." more...

Trail in Development at Meyer Broadway Park


MI - "...St. Joseph County Parks and Recreation Department plans to put finishing touches on a seven-mile trail. It has been developed as a loop inside a forested section of Meyer Broadway Park in Fabius Township." more...

Scout Reserve Opens 35-mile Bike Trail System


WV - "Area mountain bikers will soon be able to ride the Summit-Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve’s 35-mile network of mountain bike trails, as well as a dual-slalom course, a skills park and a dirt-jump learning zone, during the months the Reserve is not being used for Scouting encampments." more...

U.S. Driving Schools to Teach "Dutch Reach"

"You’ve just parked your car. It’s time to open the door and get out. Which hand do you use to reach for the handle?" more...

U.S. Leads World in Traffic Deaths


"A new report on global traffic deaths illustrates exactly why the U.S. trails the developed world on traffic safety..." more

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Hit-and-Run Driver Hunted by FBI


"...The pursuit and arrest of Chan Reyes is notable not only because it spanned the globe, but because authorities don’t often go to such lengths when a cyclist is killed..." more

Concerns Raised about Self-Driving Program Before Fatal Collision


"An 890-word email was sent to Uber’s executives that raised safety concerns about the company’s autonomous vehicle program just days before an Uber vehicle killed a pedestrian in Arizona last March..." more

County Restricts Cannabis Operations Near Trails


CA - "...Supervisors’ unanimous vote made that policy official when it comes to buffers between county trails and pot businesses. The county now will require 1,000-foot setbacks from such trails..." more

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$340K Secured for Epic Trail Corridor


WV - "...[these funds] will specifically help acquire three segments of disused CSX corridor totaling 3.35 miles along a developing 150-mile stretch of rail-trail from Parkersburg to the state’s border with Pennsylvania." more...

Ann Arbor's Rapidly Shifting Mobility Landscape

MI - "This time last year, most Ann Arborites thought of scooters as a children's toy..." more

MoBo Providing Adaptive Alternative Bike Share Options

"...Programs in cities like Detroit have only recently started offering adaptive alternatives while cities like New York and Chicago don’t offer adaptive bikes..." more

Cycling Advocate Hit by Truck on Highway

CA - "A cycling safety advocate is in critical condition as a result of injuries she suffered when she was hit by a truck while biking in Encinitas." more...

Rails-to-Trails Call to Action

"America’s next great rail-trail could be a world-class tourism draw, connecting dozens of small towns and bringing millions of dollars to local communities.

"Or it could be lost forever, if officials turn down a historic offer to preserve this 144-mile rail corridor.

"Speak out now to help keep America’s next great rail-trail on track!" more...

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Ohio Passes E-Bike Law


Columbus, OH - "Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill making Ohio the 11th state with an e-bike law supported by the industry." more...

Girard Seeks Funding to Cleanup Leatherworks Site

Girard, OH - "...Mayor James Melfi said he would like to see the grant application moved froward, so the city can get a jump on the recreational projects it has planned, such as bike trails." more...

New Millworks Owners Putting Down Roots

Yellow Springs, OH - "...he is working with an architect on plans to refurbish the various buildings to 'build on what the brewery' has done and connect it with the bike path..." more

New Walking/Biking Trail Planned for Bridgeport

WV - "...the city has received a $120,000 Transportation Alternative grant through... to design a 2 mile trail connecting the Bridgeport Outdoor Recreation Complex to Compton Park." more...

Robbery Suspects Getaway on Lime Bikes


Seattle, WA - "Local bikeshares are meant to make it more convenient for Seattleites to get around; even, apparently, when they need a getaway vehicle after a robbery." more...

Driver Tells Cyclist He Can Safely Use Phone, Then Crashes


UK - "A cyclist called out a man for using his phone while driving. Moments later, the driver—who had insisted he could drive safely while on his phone—crashed his car..." more

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Fairfield Plans to Extend Great Miami Bike Trail

Fairfield, OH - "...That includes extending the Great Miami River trail, which ends in Fairfield at Waterworks Park, through Marsh Park and connecting it to the Hamilton County’s portion of the trail just south of the park." more...

Canal Fulton Looks to Improve Connectivity

Canal Fulton, OH - "The city is conducting a study to review sidewalk needs, improve connections between neighborhoods, improve accessibility to trails and recreation areas and encourage the use of bicycles." more...

More Clark County Kids will get Bikes this Year


Springfield, OH - "...This week, the Salvation Army teamed up with Walmart and Rollins Moving and Storage to complete shopping for more than 150 bikes to be delivered to Clark County kids during the holidays..." more

Council Members Want Transit App

Cincinnati, OH - "Council members Tamaya Dennard and Greg Landsman want the city to study the possibility of creating a single app from which riders can select and pay for rides from SORTA, rideshare, bike-share and scooter rental companies." more...

A New Manassas, Safe for Bikes & Pedestrians

TN - "...Our priority was to create a safer street for all users – pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles — and we’re very proud of the results..." more

Strava Data Suggests Bike Commuting Boom

"30% increase in commuting sees North Americans ditch their cars in favor of the bicycle for smaller journeys..." more

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Trailblazers in Monroe County


PA - "...Horan is pulling together decades of trail plans and maps, updating them, and identifying opportunities for connections..." more

Distracted Driver Kills Bicyclist


TN - "The Tennessee Highway Patrol says a man was distracted by his cell phone Friday afternoon when he crashed in Loudon County, killing a bicyclist." more...

Performance Bike Store Closings Begin

Boston, MA - "Gordon Brothers announced today that it will begin store closing sales at 102 Performance Bicycle locations across the country..." more

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Kokosing Gap Trail Closure


Knox County, OH - "KGT improvements are in process. Do expect trail closures until this project is complete." more...

OB: Unfortunately no details were given as to where the closing is taking place, why the section is closed, or when it may reopen. If you are able to provide more details regarding this closure, please contact us and we will update accordingly.

Pacers Bikeshare Expanding in 2019

IN - "The Indiana Pacers Bikeshare program, whose network of 29 stations is focused almost entirely downtown, plans to roll out 23 new stations next summer..." more

Learn to Bike Share Safely in Snow & Slush

Detroit, MI - "MoGo bike-sharing is for all Detroit seasons, says the nonprofit organization..." more

'Keystone Bike Trail' Could Cost $6M

Bellefonte, PA - "A two-and-a-half mile bike trail connecting Bellefonte to Milesburg could become a reality, but it’s going to take a community effort..." more

Trail Alliance Formed to Offer MTBike Access


WV - "The New River Gorge Trail Alliance has announced a new partnership with The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, which will allow mountain bikers to ride the world-class bike trails at the Summit Bechtel Reserve." more...

In-Depth Look at Greenway Sweeps


OR - "You might have seen the photos shared by local law enforcement-- piles of trash, needles and old clothes left behind by homeless camps after police wipe through the Bear Creek Greenway during their monthly sweeps." more...

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Disagreement Over Solon Trail Continues

Solon, OH - "Residents and some council members continue to question the need for a $37,000 design and engineering study for the proposed Solon-to-Chagrin Falls recreational trail." more...

More Support for Countywide Bike Plan


Port Clinton, OH - "...The resolutions approving the plan are intended to enable future funding opportunities, such as state and federal grants, for its implementation and eventual construction of the bike trail." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Man Arrested for Trying to Run Down Cyclist

TX - "...The man was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is in Taylor County Jail on a $25,000 bond." more...

Tacks Dumped in Bike Lane

NY - "...he saw them scattered across the parkway for four blocks he traveled." more...

8 Wins for TrailNation in 2018

"...Here is a spotlight on some of the critical project advances we made in 2018—and how they are bringing to life our vision of trails at the heart of healthy, thriving communities." more...

61 New and Renewing U.S. Bike Friendly Communities


"The League of American Bicyclists honored 61 towns and cities in 27 states with prestigious Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) awards for their leadership and investment in infrastructure, education and outreach that enables and inspires people to ride bikes." more...

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Work Underway on River Trail Extension


Marietta, OH - "City crews... started construction last month on phase five of the River Trail Bike Path. more...

‘Sierah’s Law’ passes Ohio House


Columbus, OH - "...In 2016, 20-year-old Sierah Joughin of Fulton County was riding her bike when she was attacked, kidnapped and murdered...." more

Pittsburgh Bike Share Expanding

PA - "...The nonprofit program, which allows users to rent bikes for $2 per half-hour at one location and drop them off at another, installed its 100th station last week and expects to expand to 175 next spring..." more

Bike League Changes its Bike Friendly State Report Cards


WA - "Perhaps tired of handing the top honors to a barely-deserving Washington State year after year, the League of American Bicyclists changed its annual state-by-state rankings into a set of 50 individual report cards that track each state’s progress..." more

Denver May Force Scooters into Bike Lanes


CO - "...the city may change where people ride scooters and tweak the 'pilot' program that has allowed several companies to deploy hundreds of scooters and bikes here." more...

Portland Ponders Transportation Data Tool


OR - "A powerful new data collection tool has local transportation agencies salivating." more...

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The Red Line Greenway Plan


Cleveland, OH - "...a big part of the reason the project has already gotten millions of dollars in federal grants is because it reconnects parts of Cleveland that have become disconnected over time." more...

Chesterfield Open to Greenway Plan


IN - "Chesterfield and Daleville are on board to collaborate on the Mounds Greenway project going through the two towns." more...

Explore Bike Share Maps Show Bike Ride Data


TN - "Explore Bike Share riders have taken more than 25,000 trips since the system launched six months ago, and a new series of maps shows exactly where those riders have been." more...

The War for 35th Avenue

Seattle, WA - "...As first reported by The C Is for Crank, the future of a safe street redesign is in the hands of Mayor Jenny Durkan." more...

Cyclist Rides to Doctor with Knife in his Head


"The attack occurred on the same South African road where two riders were assaulted the week before." more...

Judge Regulates Performance Bike Sales Tactics


Durham, NC - "A U.S. bankruptcy judge has ruled that a liquidator company may not promote sales at some Performance Bicycle locations as 'Store Closing,' 'Going Out of Business,' 'Liquidation Sale,' 'Bankruptcy Sale' or similarly themed sale events..." more

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Ohio-to-Erie Trail Set to Grow Near Sunbury

Delaware County, OH - "Preservation Parks of Delaware County has added 3.7 miles to what eventually will be about 15 miles of the Ohio to Erie Trail running through the southeast corner of the county." more...

Heartland Trail Paving (Photos)


Marshallville, OH - "...a miniature roller and a trail made of asphalt..." more

Sewer Pipe Project along Alum Creek Trail


Columbus, OH - "Alum Creek Greenway Trail through far north Columbus is clear of temporary sewer pipes from City of Columbus Public Utilities Department underground line repair work..." more

Philly Looks to NYC for Safer Streets

NYC - "Members of Philadelphia City Council visited here to determine whether this city's successful traffic enforcement efforts could work in Philly." more...

Delivering Mail with Cargo Bikes on UW Campus

WA - "...UW is the first campus in the country to move to delivering mail via electric bikes..." more

Entrepreneurs can Manage their Own Fleet of E-Scooters

"Bird announced today that it will sell its electric scooters to entrepreneurs and small business owners, who can then rent them out as part of a new service called Bird Platform." more...

Cycling to the Airport

"...Other airports around the country have also become bicycle accessible, among them Baltimore-Washington and the airports in San Diego and Portland, Ore..." more

The Bid to Shutdown London's Flagship Bike Lane

UK - "A new group supported by the Canary Wharf Group property company and lorry, coach and taxi drivers is attacking one of the city’s most popular routes." more...

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Detroit Bike Share hits 237K Rides

MI - "Detroit's public bike share system, MoGo, has been used for more than 237,000 rides since its launch last year despite the introduction of electric scooters in the city." more...

Trade Truce Means New Tariffs on Hold for 60 Days

"...The round of goods that would have been subject to the 25 percent tariffs includes most bike products made in China, including complete bikes, frames, wheels and other components and accessories. It does not affect lights, helmets, shoes or apparel, however." more...

Liquidator Running Sales at Performance Bike


"The company hired to run liquidation sales at 40 Performance Bicycle stores last month has expanded those sales to the chain's 62 remaining stores." more...

How Trail Organizations Spend Money


"...Singletracks looked at a few different ways that organizations raise money for [mountain bike] trail building." more...

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Commissioners Open Bids for Stavich Trail Paving


Lawrence County, PA - "...The commissioners also opened five bids for rehabilitation of the county’s seven-mile portion of the Stavich Bike Trail, which lies in Union and Mahoning townships..." more

Big Data Through Bicycle Lights


"...Along with his wife he created a tech company that put sensors on bikes, sensors that would not just plot journeys but also measure road roughness so city planners would know where smoother asphalt is needed " more...

How E-Bikes can make City Streets Safer

"E-bikes are a game-changer for the people who need them most." more...

Drivers Give Cyclists Wearing a Helmet Less Room

"...He rode the same stretches of road with and without a helmet, and with and without a wig to make him look like a woman..." more

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Heartland Trail Construction Progress


Marshallville, OH - "Construction on the trail has continued into late November with cold and wet weather slowing the progress. Still, beginning at Marshallville, nearly half of the trail has the stone base in place and it is ready for asphalt..."

For more info, read the Wayne County December Newsletter.

For more news, visit the 2018 Archive.

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