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Beltline Path to Take Years to Complete

Hamilton, OH - "...officials hoped construction would start this year on Phase I... but that start has been pushed back until next year..." more

North Shore Trail Groundbreaking


Ashtabula, OH - "...The trail, spearheaded by the Metroparks, will connect the Greenway Trail to Walnut Beach." more

Volunteers Sought for Little Miami Trail Maintenance


SW OH - "Volunteers needed to work our Chain-saw Gang!" more

Lakefront Access Key in Land-Use Plan

Avon Lake, OH - "...The six goals of the plan aim to establish a more natural town center, improve bike and trail connectivity, create new parks, maintain high quality housing and diversify housing options, and to build on Avon Lake’s development of industrial innovation. more

Bike, Pedestrian Improvements in Erie


PA - "Erie Refocused, the city’s long-range comprehensive plan, recommends that local leaders pursue ways to improve transportation and public accessibility throughout the city, particularly for bicycles and pedestrians." more

Cyclist Struck And Killed in Queens

NY - "A bicyclist was fatally struck in Queens on Sunday, prompting nearby residents to say the roadway is just too dangerous." more

Milwaukee Embraces Micromobility


WI - "...Although e-scooters have taken Milwaukee by storm, they don’t pose a threat to Bublr — the area’s original shared micromobility option, according to that program’s executive director James Davies." more

E-Scooters as Safe as Bikes?

CAN - "...In U.S. cities like Portland and Miami that have investigated and carefully aligned and compared e-scooter and bicycle crash rates, the findings have consistently shown parity..." more

Eddy Merckx Suffers Bad Bike Crash


"Eddy Merckx is in hospital with a head injury following a crash while riding his bike on Sunday, according to Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad." more

Cities Told to Take Control Back From Google


"Cities should develop their own transport apps and take back control of data from Google as demand rises for information on how to move around." more

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Towpath Closing at Manchester Rd Bridge Oct. 14-18

Akron, OH - "...Beginning October 14 and continuing through October 18, the Towpath Trail will be closed under the Manchester Rd. bridge as part of this project." more

Expanded Pacers Bikeshare Offers Connectivity


IN - "The increased accessibility of Pacers Bikeshare ensures more people have access to affordable transportation." more

Nine Mile on a Road Diet

MI - "...The city’s planning department reduced its five lanes to three, with one being a turning lane, and implemented a new bike lane on both sides. This form of holistic urban planning has a name: 'Road Diet'.” more

Bike Signal Detection Methods Being Refined

Portland, OR - "...First they put little bicycle markings over the signal sensor. Then they added signs telling people to stop over the markings. Then they added a blue light that could detect your presence and offer assurance that your request had been submitted..." more

Bills Seek to Boost Rail Trail Creation

Boston, MA - "Both the Massachusetts State Senate and House of Representatives have bills before them looking to accomplish one goal: allowing Community Preservation Act funding to establish new rail trails for pedestrians." more

Owl Attacks Close Whistler Trail

CAN - "Attacks by an ornery owl have prompted the municipality of Whistler to warn the public to steer clear of a local bike trail." more

Driver Tells Cyclist to Use the F#cking Bike Lane


UK - "...With the introduction of Cycle Superhighway 3 in 2016, there are protected cycle lanes and early start traffic lights at several of the entrances to the square, but it can often be quicker and easier to take the main carriageway when the lights there are green." more

MTB Pro Dies at 36

"Canadian mountain bike legend Jordie Lunn died after a biking accident in Mexico earlier this week ... his family announced on Friday..." more

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Cincy Bikeways Receive Federal Funding


Cincinnati, OH - "Two major efforts to build bike paths in Cincinnati will move forward with the help of federal grants administered by the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments. The city's bike-share program will also get a boost from the federal money." more

Bad Behavior Comments Abound in Towpath Trail Courtesy Post



FurField Park Ready to Open


Fairfield, OH - "...It will also serve as a trailhead for the planned Great Miami River Trail extension..." more

Youths Attacking / Robbing Trail Users


Boston, MA - "The challenges of cycling though busy traffic in Jackson Square pales to what some have recently encountered on the neighboring bike path." more

A Micromobility Experiment in Pittsburgh

PA - "...It’s a first-of-its-kind consortium—the first big group to service the micromobility needs of a big city together." more

Student Stalked on Roanoke River Greenway


VA - "A Virginia Tech Carilion student told police an unknown man has chased her twice in recent weeks on the Roanoke River Greenway." more

Queens Pol Suggests Banning Bikes From Some Streets


NYC - "Queens Assembly Member Cathy Nolan suggested at a community meeting on Thursday that street safety advocates need to trade protected bike lanes for a cycling ban in 'industrial' areas..." more

Call to Action: For a Better Market Street


San Francisco, CA - "Advocates are going all-in to support the Better Market Street Plan, which will ban private cars from Market Street and add protected bike lanes from Octavia to the Embarcadero..." more

Transport for America calls for No More New Road Funding


"They say it's time to fix what we've got, and make roads slower and safer." more

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Improvements / Repairs Continue on B&O Trail

Bellville, OH - Two trailside bollards have been removed at the parking area near Ogle Street in Bellville, Ohio.

Richland B&O Trail
These Bollards Were Removed in Bellville, OH - Richland B&O Trail in NE Ohio

While bollards installed on the trail surface present an obvious danger, those next to a trail can also pose a threat. Some are so close that if you ride along the edge of the trail you can strike them with your handlebar.

And if you happen to wander off the trail -- unexpectedly -- at the wrong spot, you risk running into a bollard, which can prove to be a serious or even life-threatening crash. Learn more about common unsafe conditions on multi-use trails.

$2M in TAP Funding for SE Ohio

"...Athens County is getting $262,000 to pay for preventative maintenance of the Hockhocking Adena path." more

Pedestrian Safety Ordinance Now in Effect

Louisville, KY - "...It makes it illegal for people, including panhandlers and jaywalkers, to stand on streets and medians." more

Abandoned Turnpike Tunnel to Receive Facelift

Breezewood, PA - "...The Pike to Bike trail sits outside Breezewood and features the 1.3-mile long tunnel, which was once part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike." more

Copenhagen Style Bike Lane Complete


AUS - "...There are around 25,000 bike movements each weekday morning in the City of Yarra. Approximately 1000 people ride on Wellington Street during the weekday morning peak, making this an important investment for cyclists..." more

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Kokosing Gap Trail Maintenance

Knox County, OH

Cops Seek "Black Box" Data from Cars

Philadelphia, PA - "The Philadelphia Police Department wants to think inside the box to better understand traffic crashes." more

More Bike Lanes for Lansing?


MI - "The city of Lansing is inching along building out its bicycle network even as it struggles to keep up with its crumbling road network." more

Demonstrators Form "Human Bike Lane"


Nashville, TN - "...We're showing with our bodies how you can keep a bike lane protected and safe..." more

$2M to Boost Regional Bike Trail Expansion


CO - "...A vast recreational paved trail project in southeast Aurora has won a more than $2 million grant to patch a missing piece of a far-reaching trail system." more

Brass Knuckles Jogger Threatens Trail Users


CA - "A man was arrested Wednesday morning on suspicion of brandishing brass knuckles after he allegedly accosted people on a bike path as he jogged by them..." more

Bike Lanes or Residential Streets -- Which are Safer?


TX - "Parents are more willing to let their kids ride a bike on a busy street with a protected bike lane than to let them ride in their own neighborhood, according to a new survey out of Rutgers University..." more

Victoria Bike Lane Surpasses 1M Trips


CAN - "The City of Victoria says cyclists have clocked more than one million trips on the Pandora Avenue bike lanes since the city opened them more than two years ago." more

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Veoride Bikes Parked in Random Places


Kent, OH - "Kent State students have complained about the university’s new bike share system because people are leaving bikes in inappropriate places." more

Right to Bike on Riverwalk Preserved


Chicago, IL - "...Streetsblog Chicago, with support from many other local bike advocates, was able to stop downtown alderman Brendan Reilly from following through on his threat to ban cycling on the Chicago Riverwalk this summer." more

Another Cyclist Killed in Denver


CO - "A 31-year-old man on a bicycle was killed in a crash with a sedan, according to Denver police. The road fatality is the 62nd so far this year, which is the same number of people killed on the city’s streets in all of 2018." more

Bike Share Program Launches in Downtown Wheeling


WV - "Ten bicycles stationed at Heritage Port in Downtown Wheeling are ready to ride as part of the city’s newly-launched bike share program." more

Why So Many Pedestrian Deaths In Nevada?

NV - "Between 2008 and 2017, drivers struck and killed 601 people who were walking on streets in Nevada, the overwhelming majority of them them in Clark County. That’s about an average of 60 people per year..." more

Car Speeds Across Bike Lane, Injures 4

CAN - "Vancouver police are investigating a single-vehicle crash the left a car flipped upside down and four people in hospital." more

Drivers Inhale More Pollution Than Cyclists


UK - "...People who drive end up being exposed to more pollution from their cars than people who ride bikes or walk, a new report found." more

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Justice Sought for Hit-and-Run Victim

Cleveland, OH - "Community members and loved ones gathered Saturday night to fight for justice after 26-year-old Ayana Barkley was nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver." more

Thousands Ride Scooters in Dayton


Dayton, OH - "Just weeks after launching in Dayton, Spin has doubled the number of electric scooters it has in the city, citing their popularity." more

Lawsuit Settlement Over Greenway Bike Crash


Evansville, IN - "A consulting firm reportedly will pay $325,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging it designed an unsafe portion of the Pigeon Creek Greenway trail underneath the Franklin Street bridge." more

County Wants to Add 165 Miles of Trail


IN - "...What started as long-distance training has led Parker to take part in a different kind of marathon: adding 165 miles of walking and biking trails throughout Johnson County..." more

Bald Eagle Euthanized


Derry, PA - "State wildlife authorities say a bald eagle found shot last week on a western Pennsylvania trail has been euthanized." more

10-Year-Old Bicyclist Killed in NYC


NY - "A 10-year-old boy riding his bike in Kensington was struck and killed by a man driving a car without a license Saturday, according to police." more

Tahoe-To-Reno Region Trail Now Complete


CA - "...The milestone comes following the completion of a complicated trail section in the Truckee River Canyon." more

Coast Highway Bike Plan


Encinitas, CA - "...The route through the Cardiff community between Encinitas and Solana Beach is believed to be the most frequently ridden corridor for bicyclists in San Diego County." more

Safe Cycling Routes Differ Between Parents & Traffic Planners


"Researchers say transportation practitioners should expand definitions of bicycle safe streets." more

Amsterdam Is Cutting Cars Out of the Picture


NLD - "Armed with a street-design tool called the knip, the Dutch capital is slashing car access in the city center..." more

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B&O Trail Erosion Control Work


Richland County, OH

Attorney Pounces on Potential Mohican Greenway Corridor Plan


OH - An attorney has posted an 'article' regarding property rights in regards to eminent domain use for recreation trails... regarding a potential trail that is barely in the concept phase.

Athens-Belpre Trail Acquires Right-of-Way

Athens, OH - "...The Athens Conservancy has entered into a purchase agreement with the seller for a fixed $20,000 purchase price with a fundraising deadline of November 2019. On completing the purchase the Athens Conservancy will take title to the property and hold it in the public trust for multi-use muscle powered trail purposes." more

Soft Opening for West Creek MTB Trails

Parma, OH

You Can Track Fatal Traffic Crashes in Philly

Philadelphia, PA - "A new, publicly transparent PPD database allows you to monitor where crashes occur — and if those incidents result in charges." more

Petition to Halt Bike Trail Reaches 1,300 Signatures


MA - "...The petition was started by the Concerned Citizens for a Sensible Wellfleet Bikeway, which says that the expansion of the trail along Route 6 would be a danger for cyclists and motorists alike." more

The Case for Bicycle Turnouts


CA - "Across the narrow, twisty back roads of the Bay Area foothills, car-versus-bike conflicts could be solved with one simple correction: Add bicycle turnout lanes." more

Why Don't Cyclists Use Cycle Lanes?


UK - "Here's what the law says and why you might sometimes prefer to give them a miss." more

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Toledo Streets Plan

Toledo, OH - "...Envisioned are streets with narrower lanes, wider sidewalks, curbside parking, and lanes available to bicyclists." more

CVNP Set to Buy Golf Course

Peninsula, OH - "...The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park said it signed a purchase agreement to buy the 215-acre property and convert it to park land." more

Black Bear Chases MTBikers

CAN - "Mountain bikers are being advised to steer clear of several popular trails on the North Shore after a black bear gave three cyclists a scare. more

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Phase II of Oxford Trail System Begins

Oxford, OH - "...This second phase of the trail system will connect to the existing coal ash path off of Ohio Route 73, near the DeWitt cabin and travel under the highway, behind Miami’s Western campus, travel under US 27 and end at Peffer Park, a distance of about 1.3 miles..." more

Police Nab Hit-and-Run Suspect Who Hit Cyclist

Columbus, OH - "A bicyclist is hospitalized with critical injuries after a hit-and-run car accident earlier this week." more

Trail of Two Cities Progresses


MI - "Bulldozers and other heavy equipment fill the space where Beaverton’s Ross Lake trail head will reside, bringing the deemed Trail of Two Cities closer to reality." more

Dragon Trail Breaks Ground


MI - "A pair of Northern Michigan counties broke ground today on a new 47-mile long recreational path dubbed the Dragon Trail." more

How to Make Mid-Town Greenway Safer?


MN - "...At different points along the trail, the narrow corridor is home to long-distance runners, sex workers, bike commuters, opioid users, homeless communities and weary workers on lunch break" more

City Bans Pedal Party Tour Bus from Rail Trail

MA - "...On Wednesday, the Easthampton City Council passed an ordinance amendment that, among other things, bars vehicles wider than 4½ feet and longer than 15 feet from the Manhan Rail Trail..." more

Bike League Partners with Bicycle Benefits


D.C. - "...More customers at local businesses and more cyclists on your neighborhood streets: win-win, right?.." more

Supreme Court to Rule on Pipeline Crossing the AT

D.C. - "The Supreme Court will consider reinstating a permit that was tossed out by a lower court that would allow construction of a natural gas pipeline through two national forests, including parts of the Appalachian Trail." more

Novel Approach to Busting Distracted Drivers

OR - "...the Hillsboro Police Department is unprecedented (as far as we know) in our region. They put an officer in civilian attire on the corner of SE 10th and Oak Street holding a hand-written cardboard sign that read, 'I’m a cop put down your phone'..." more

Woman Removed from Vision Zero Task Force after Twitter Rant

Portland, OR - "A series of tweets last week by a State of Oregon employee has led to her removal from a City of Portland task force." more

Enfield Cycle Scheme Suspended after Bikes Vandalized

UK - "Beryl Bikes pulled out of the borough on October 1 – just three months after it began a trial scheme of its dockless bikes service with Enfield Council." more

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Bike Path Tunnel Closure Oct. 7

Dayton, OH - The bike path tunnel under Riverside Bridge at RiverScape MetroPark will be closed on Monday, Oct. 7.

Lazelle Road Sidepath Paved

Columbus, OH

Keys Found on the Simon Kenton Trail

Urbana, OH - Learn more.

Park District to Expand in Brinkhaven

OH - "...The Knox County Park District, by taking over Brinkhaven Park, will expand its park offerings near the Mohican Valley Trail and the Bridge of Dreams..." more

Officials Eye Completion of Rail Trail Loop


PA - "...A two-mile extension of the trail past Revloc opened in August. And 5.5 miles remain to be developed in Cambria Township to complete its 32-mile and 16-mile loops, which will make it the first continuous rail-trail loop in the nation." more

Plan for Harrisburg’s Second Street Leaves Bike Lane Behind


Harrisburg, PA - "...Community members largely favored a center turning lane over a dedicated bike lane, city officials said." more

StreetsBlog Takes Aim at John Forester


Known as the founder of vehicular cycling in the U.S., John Forester is sometimes targeted for his anti-bike infrastructure views.

D.C.'s First Open Streets Event


"Residents along Georgia Avenue NW have mixed reactions about the plan to close three miles of the busy thoroughfare to vehicles this Saturday for D.C.’s first-ever Open Streets event." more

Judge Blames Cyclist for Crash


ID - "...A Boise bicyclist whose ankle was shattered when she was hit from behind by a reckless driver was slapped with a $90 ticket for running a red light..." more

Hundreds of Students Walk to School for Safer Streets

MO - "...Kansas City ranks near the bottom for pedestrian safety, according to the Alliance for Biking and Walking. The city comes in 43rd out of the top 51 most populated cities." more

Bike Products Escape New EU Tariffs


MN - "Hubs and cassettes were on the original list, but testimony from industry apparently led to their removal." more

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CVNP E-Bike & Towpath Rules Continue to Evolve

CVNP, OH - Despite a speed limit of 15 miles per hour on the towpath within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a recent comment period revealed that concerns about speed on the trail remain high.. more

Huron County Offers Improved Trail along NCIT

OH - "Ladies and Gentlemen, we only manufacture one product: TRAIL. And never before has it been this good!" more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

90-Mile Trail Planned along Wabash River

IN - "A 90-mile connected pedestrian and bike trail close to the Wabash River could be coming to five counties including Tippecanoe County, thanks to a grant from Wabash Heartland Innovation Network." more

Philly Traffic Deaths on the Rise, Despite Vision Zero

Philadelphia, PA - "Two years after Mayor Jim Kenney launched the Vision Zero initiative aimed at eliminating traffic deaths in Philadelphia by 2030, the number of people being killed in crashes is on the rise." more

Ford, Ann Arbor Partner on Mobility Data Platform

MI - "Ford Motor Company is partnering with Ann Arbor to launch a data gathering and analysis platform to explore mobility solutions across the city." more

Nashville Cyclist Recovering from Hit-and-Run in Bike Lane

TN - "...she felt a thump and heard the whoosh of a car going by. The next thing she knew, she and the other cyclist were on the ground after her bike slammed into his in a chain reaction crash." more

Mayor Explains Bike Lane Removal

RI - "...Elorza tells Eyewitness News he believes Eaton Street wasn’t an appropriate starting point to begin adding bike lanes." more

Walkers / Cyclists Compete for Space at UNC

NC - "...Multiple memes have been posted in the group criticizing the behavior of bikers and walkers from both sides..." more

Lyft is Trying to Shut Down Bikeshare in Transit

"Lyft is blocking bikeshare access unless you download their apps. It’s their attempt to turn transportation into a walled garden." more

Study: New Car Ped-Safety Features Fail


"New safety features being rolled out by auto makers to keep drivers from hitting pedestrians don’t work at times in some of the most dangerous situations and frequently fail at night, according to a new study by AAA." more

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Galena to Sunbury Trail Construction Continues

Galena, OH

House Bill 288 Testimony Continues

OH - Those opposed to House Bill 288, legislation that would no longer permit the use of eminent domain for trails, testified against the bill.

An interesting double-standard in the proposed legislation has come to light. Apparently, "...Eminent domain would still be permitted for other recreational purposes, such as parks..." more

Plainfield gets its First Bikeshare Program

IN - "...With nearly 30 miles of trails in Plainfield, the program is providing 15 bikes and three docking stations..." more

Greenway Trail Extension Almost Complete


Paducah, KY - "The Greenway Trail's newest phase is nearing completion in downtown Paducah." more

Scooters Coming to UK


KY - "UK has long been known as a bike-friendly campus, but recently, students have increasingly turned to a different mode of transportation – scooters." more

Construction Starts on Coastal Greenway Extension


NY - "Construction on a $16.2 million project to extend the Ocean Parkway Coastal Greenway is underway." more

Connecting Rail Trails In Boston Suburbs


MA - "... Additional trail segments currently under design will knit together 30 miles of the Wayside Trail from Cambridge to Hudson, plus a connected 20-mile section of the Bruce Freeman rail trail between Sudbury and Lowell." more

E-Scooter Company to Provide Data to Help Build Safer Streets


U.S. - "... the people behind Spin e-scooters are offering five non-profit safe-street advocates the facts and figures to bolster support for protected bike lanes." more

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Olentangy Trail Work Continues

Columbus, OH - Work continues on the trail tunnel under the ramp from Bethel Road to 315.

The widening of the Olentangy Trail at Antrim Lake has been completed. Still in-the-works is bike lane access to the trail from Bethel Road. more

Towpath Trail Resurfacing Oct. 14

Summit County, OH - Resurfacing of the towpath between the Clinton and Wolf Creek trailheads will commence Oct. 14 and last about 5 weeks. The trail will be open during this project. Visitors are advised to use caution.

Also, the Center Road parking lot will be closed Oct. 11.

See the work zone shown on the map below.

Towpath Trail

Bike Club Building Trail in Jasper

IN - "...Lovelace and Trusty presented their plan to the Greater Jasper School Board last week, and received approval to move forward with the trail, which is planned to be about a three-quarter-mile loop..." more

Micro Mobility Conference Comes to Indy

Indianapolis, IN - "Hundreds of people are downtown in Indianapolis to check out the Pacers Bikeshare and Cultural Trail." more

Cops Illegally Block Bike Lane


NY - "...Police officers and city bureaucrats are illegally parking their cars in a Downtown Brooklyn bike lane at all hours of the day, leaving one out-of-towner to question why have a bike lane in the first place." more

Providence Tries Installing More Bike Lanes


RI - "As the newly-installed bike lanes on Eaton Street in Providence are set to be removed due to backlash, the city is going forward with construction on even more bike lanes on city streets." more

Foundation Lands $6M to Help Close Trail Gap


GA - "Vision calls for making an extended Silver Comet the longest paved trail in the United States." more

Study Evaluates Dockless Bike Share on Campus


TX - "School of Public Health researchers find 1/3 of university population quickly adopted bike program." more

E-Bike Tariff Exclusion Requests Pour In


D.C. - "...exclusion requests are pouring in to the U.S. Trade Representative as importers and trade organizations hope to duplicate the success of State Bicycle, which requested an exclusion for single speed road bikes and was granted it..." more

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Zoning Changes Proposed to Thwart Bike Trail Expansion


Greenford, OH - "...other changes prohibit the construction of a bike trail or other similar structures within 200 feet of an existing structure, within 200 feet of a cemetery, anywhere it restricts traffic to a public site if people had previous access or if it bisects a person’s property. The changes also include the requirement a trail or similar structure not be within 75 feet of a body of water..." more

B&O Trail Section Closure Coming


Richland County, OH

Michigan Road Funding Impasse Could Bring Government Shutdown

MI - "Michigan officials are taking steps to prepare for a government shutdown in just a few days as the Democratic governor and the Republican-controlled Legislature stand at an impasse over proposals to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on road funding." more

Goshen Bike Paths Growing


IN - "...The good news is that Goshen is getting more safe, paved paths for bicyclists and pedestrians." more

Cyclist Goes Off Trail, Plunges Down River Bank


Dunbar Twp., PA - "A rescue attempt is underway in Fayette County for a cyclist who went over a riverbank." more

Feds Oppose Crosswalk Art


U.S. - "The federal government is continuing to crack down on crosswalk art and colorfully painted intersections without hard evidence that the street designs — which have become a popular way to brighten up (and make safer) avenues across the nations — is adversely affecting traffic." more

Cyclists Slammed for Refusing to Use Bikeway


AUS - "A video showing a group of cyclists on the road next to a new $100 million Brisbane cycleway has sparked heated debate online." more

Recyclers Face 'Mountains' of Abandoned Bikes

CHN - "Mobike, China’s leading bike-share firm, said it had recycled nearly 1.5 million tires and 10,000 tons of scrap metal this year." more

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Work on Miami 2 Miami Bike Trail Continues

Hamilton, OH - "Butler County MetroParks and the county’s largest city will work together to create segments of the Miami 2 Miami Regional Bike Trail, even building parts of the bicycle path on each other’s property to help the project’s progress." more

Portland Bike Commuting Lowest in 12 Years

Portland, OR - "The latest numbers from the U.S. Census bureau estimate that the number of people who bike to work in Portland is down to 5.3%. That number is down from 6.3% in 2017 and it’s the lowest we’ve seen since 2007..." more

D.C. Driver Gets Jail Sentence in Cyclist Death

UK - "The motorist responsible for the death of Washington DC cycle campaigner David Salovesh has been jailed for eight-and-a-half years..." more

Bcycle Trips Increase with Switch to E-Bikes


WI - "...We’ve witnessed more than twice as many trips this summer than last, and our figures continue to climb each week..." more

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Towpath Section Closing Sept. 30


Metroparks Begins Work on PV Greenway Trail


Andover, OH - "The long-awaited Pymatuning Valley Greenway Trail is making some headway, but it will still be a number of years before bicyclists can cruise on pavement." more

11-Mile Iron Belle Trail Extension Officially Opens

Gaylord, MI - "After years of planning, finding the money and construction, an 11-mile trail extension in northern Michigan is complete and now open to the public. more

Greenbelt Extension Along U.S. 60 to Open Soon


Owensboro, KY - "...The extension project spans a .8-mile stretch along U.S. 60, connecting with the walking trail in the Heartlands subdivision." more

Advocates Celebrate Final Trail Link


VA - "A web of trails snake through the Vienna and Tysons area in northern Virginia, but for decades, they didn’t connect to each other, and people even found it difficult to get to area parks by foot or bicycle..." more

Project Connects 76 miles of State Trails


WI - "Bicycle riders can now pedal 76 miles through connecting state trails, thanks to the completion of the bike path extension in the Village of Lake Hallie." more

'Livability Team' Tacking Homelessness on the Greenway

Medford, OR - "...The team was approved by the city council in June as a solution to crack down on criminal behavior downtown and along the greenway." more

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Great Miami River Trail Closures

Dayton, OH - Riverscape Bike Path Tunnel: The bike path tunnel under Riverside Bridge will be closed on Monday, Sept. 30 for maintenance. It will reopen on Tuesday, Oct. 1, but will be close again later in the week.

Main Street Bridge Closure: The Main Street bridge over the Great Miami River will be closed from 8 PM Friday, Sept. 27 through 6 AM Monday, Sept. 30 for construction. Traffic should follow the detour signs to navigate around the closure.

Wayne County Rails to Trails E-News

Wayne County, OH - Read their latest post.

Feedback on Cleveland Scooters

Cleveland, OH - "...After the first few weeks, the comments that McCormack has received from constituents have been largely positive." more

Cuyahoga River to get Water Trail Designation

Cuyahoga Falls, OH - "Fifty years after an infamous fire on the Cuyahoga River sparked a national environmental movement, the waterway will receive a state designation as a water trail to encourage tourism, recreation and conservation on the river." more

Lancaster's First Protected Bike Lane Opens


PA - "Lancaster’s first parking-protected bike lane is to debut Friday evening on Walnut Street, where repaving is wrapping up after months of utility work." more

Residents Complain of "Chaotic" Bike Lanes


Jersey City, NJ - "Jersey City officials say the new bike lanes were meant to improve safety – but residents say the change has actually created a dangerous problem right near a school." more

Queensboro Bridge Lane to Pedestrians?


NYC - "The city’s failure to give more space to the increasing number of pedestrians and cyclists on the Queensboro Bridge is a betrayal of Vision Zero — and that failure seems based on a fealty to car traffic on a span where bikes and walkers sometimes outnumber drivers." more

Just-Completed Bike Lanes on Eaton Street to be Removed


RI - "The controversial new bike lanes on Eaton Street in Providence are going to be removed." more

Feds Frown on "Inclusive" Crosswalk


IA - "...According to Ames officials, the FHWA noted its position that its Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices prohibited the use of anything but white paint in crosswalks..." more

Officials Predict Future Where People Dump Their Cars


UT - "...improved smartphone tools will ease the use of transportation options that might just kill off the need for personal cars — or at least help most families reduce from two cars to one." more

World's Largest Bicycle Garage

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New Philly Trail Plan & Towpath Update

New Philadelphia, OH - "...Recently, the county was awarded an ODOT grant for construction of the Towpath Trail from Zoarville to state Route 416. A grant has also been received a grant to develop the trail outside of Bolivar along state Route 212. In addition, Zeisberger Trail and Parks has received funding to develop bicycle lanes to connect New Philadelphia with the village of Tuscarawas..." more

Montpelier Working Toward Trail Town Status

Montpelier, OH - "With a section of the Wabash Canonball Trail within the village, and plans for a new 2.5-mile-long recreational trail along the St. Joseph River, the pieces are coming together for the village..." more

Cincy School Board Endorses Vision Zero

Cincinnati, OH - "Just over a year after a car struck and killed a Cincinnati Public School student while she tried to cross a street to catch her bus, the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education yesterday voted unanimously to back a raft of policies called "Vision Zero" that seeks to end traffic fatalities and injuries entirely." more

Police Release Description of GAP Attacker

PA - "Police have released a more detailed description of a man accused of attacking a woman riding a bike Tuesday on the Great Allegheny Passage trail in Whitaker, near the Rankin Bridge..." more

Fight Breaks Out at Meeting Protesting Bike Lanes

NYC - "A bike lane battle gets ugly in Brooklyn." more

Car Goes Off Road, Crashes Onto Bike Trail

CO - "...It happened before daybreak after a crash with another car on Speer Boulevard at Champa Street." more

Denver Installs Rubber Curbs to Protect Cyclists

CO - "...The city also installed verticl signage to keep drivers out of the bike lanes and made sure drivers no longer needed to cross the bike lane in order to turn left off of 15th." more

Mayor Unveils $5M Plan for Safer Streets

Atlanta, GA - "...Bottoms’s action plan, a highly anticipated response to recent e-scooter-related injuries and fatalities, is projected to triple the amount of protected bike lanes within city limits before the end of 2021..." more

Data Says Bike Commuting is Down -- Except Where It Isn't


U.S. - "...When we pull back a bit, we can appreciate that 77 percent of the large cities the League has tracked since 2005 show a long-term upward trend in bike commuting. While places like Portland and Washington, DC may have a lower estimate this year, they have strong upward trends over the long-term..." more

Trees Planted in Bike Lane


UK - "A city council has outraged cyclists by planting trees into a brand new £2,750,000 bike lane." more

Why Build Bike Lanes? Slow Streets Instead

UK - "...The head of a British organization advocating for reduced road speed, King asks why we build great quality separated infrastructure for cycling when the real problem is the speeds that drivers travel at..." more

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Proposed Bill Would Stop Eminent Domain Use for Trails in Ohio

Related: Learn more about Eminent Domain use for trails.

Wayne County Trails E-News

OH - Read the latest edition.

Greenway Project Costs Reduced

Brunswick, OH - "The city’s funding portion of a planned trail project connecting Plum Creek and Mooney parks has been reduced by more than $30,000..." more

Attack Along theGreat Allegheny Passage Trail


Whitaker, PA - "Police in Whitaker and neighboring communities are warning people to be on alert after a woman was attacked while riding her bike." more

Groundbreaking for Rail-Trail Extension


Hopkinsville, KY - "The $4.64 million project will extend the city’s rail-trail an additional 1.7 miles, taking it from Pardue Lane to Foston Chapel Road near Eagle Way bypass." more

Women Attacked on Greenway

IL - "Two women have been hospitalized after they were reportedly attacked by a man with a hammer on a Crystal Lake bike trail Tuesday." more

Judges Uphold Right-of-Way Law


NY - "A state appeals court has affirmed the legality of the city’s 'failure to yield' law, rejecting an argument by a killer driver that the law is unconstitutional because it effectively criminalizes a car crash." more

Upstate NY City Makes it Illegal to Block Bicycle Lanes


Rochester, NY - "...Finally, the City Council voted earlier this month to give police the authority to write a ticket for simply blocking a bike line..." more

County Looks to Address Homeless Camps along Greenway


MN - "Samantha Mattson has a new favorite spot for sleeping outdoors in Minneapolis: the Midtown Greenway..." more

Downtown Bike Lanes Bring Needed Safety

Tulsa, OK - "...This is really the first step in a major change in how we get around downtown Tulsa..." more

Why Throw Subsidies at Electric Cars?

CAN - "...They all want to spend billions, replacing cars with – cars. Meanwhile, a new study from INRIX Research shows that fully 48 percent of trips taken by cars in the USA are less than three miles..." more

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Camp Chase Trail Extension Nearing Completion

Galloway, OH

Heartland Trail Adds Finished Trail to Great American Trail

Marshallville, OH - "...The new trail segment, between Marshallville and Forrer Road, is on the preferred route of the Great American Rail-Trail, marking the first new trail miles to be added to the 'Great American in Ohio since the project was announced in May of this year..." more

Bicyclist Blamed in Beavercreek Crash

Beavercreek, OH - "Bicyclist hit by vehicle in Beavercreek near bike trail at fault, crash report says." more

Ashtabula County Metroparks Upgrades


OH - "The Ashtabula County Metroparks have a number of ceremonies planned this week to highlight the progress made on a number of trail projects." more

Project Linking Bridge to Empire State Trail

NY - "...The pedestrian path is part of the Empire State Trail project, a continuous 750-mile route spanning the state from New York City to Canada and Albany to Buffalo, creating the longest multiuse state trail in the nation." more

PBOT Resorts to Cheerleaders to Try and Slow Drivers


Portland, OR - "...Desperate for anything that will shake drivers out of their speeding stupor, the City of Portland’s latest initiative will take the message directly to them with a new marketing campaign..." more

Bike Trail Critics See Opportunity in Delay

Seattle, WA - "The Burke Gilman Trail 'missing link' has been held up by legal appeals for years..." more

The Two-Wheel Safety Illusion

U.S. - "More women are cycling, and more are dying..." more

How Drivers Can Support Biking


U.S. - "...As specialty license plates have become a staple of car culture, they have increasingly allowed people who bike, or care about biking, to support people who bike through a specialty license plate." more

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Little Miami Scenic Trail Turns 40


SW OH - "It takes 5,000 to 6,000 volunteer hours annually to maintain the Little Miami State Park bike trail running 50 miles from Newtown to Xenia..." more

New Trail Coming to Great Seal State Park

Chillicothe, OH - "A new mountain biking and hiking trail is nearing completion in Great Seal State Park after nearly two and a half years of work." more

Motorcade on Mackinac Island Causes Stir

MI - "Vice President Mike Pence arrived at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in an eight-vehicle motorcade Saturday, prompting cries of 'sacrilege' on social media." more

Bike Path Causes Flooding Controversy

Richmond, IN - "A pair of letters exchanged between the city of Richmond and the firm that designed the bike path along East Main Street show both sides placing blame in different directions for flooding in the basement of a downtown business." more

Family of Fallen Teen Bicyclist Demand Answers

NY - "...We don’t have a police report, we don’t have anything..." more

Tuscon Gets Rolling With Bike Boulevards


AZ - "...There are at least nine established bicycle boulevards, with more on the] way in 2020..." more

Students at Odds with Campus Cycling Rules Enforcement

AZ - "...President of the UA cycling team Joey Iuliano disagreed and claims UAPD focuses more on fining students rather than educating them on what they are doing wrong. Iuliano believes that UAPD should focus more on pulling over motorized vehicles." more

Apple Watch Saves Injured Mountain Biker

AZ - "Apple Watch's fall detection, as well as its other emergency features, has helped another person get emergency help when they needed it most." more

The Small-City Vision Zero Challenge


U.S. - "Smaller cities with limited budgets present particular traffic-safety problems. Here's how some transportation planners managed the issues." more

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Teen Cyclist Killed in Queens


NY - "A 14-year-old cyclist was struck and killed by a private sanitation truck in Queens on Saturday — bringing the number of accidental bike deaths this year to 21 — more than double the number killed in 2018..." more

HIt-and-Run Leaves 3 Cyclists Injured


AZ - "Chandler police are looking for the driver of the vehicle involved in a hit-and-run with three bicyclists early Saturday morning near Black Hills Way and Riggs Road." more

Developer Frustrated Over Building "Unusable" Bike Lane


CAN - "...We’re dedicating this, we’re doing this big compromise on our project … putting (in) a bike lane that will never be used in the guise of the city creating bike lanes..." more

Light at the End of the Tunnel for Greenway


IRE - "A crucial step forward has been taken in the ongoing task of upgrading the Great Southern Greenway with the re-opening of the Barnagh Tunnel." more

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Olentangy Trail Tunnel Construction

Columbus, OH

Man Steals Car, Kidnaps Child, Kills Bicyclist


Cleveland, OH - "A 38-year-old man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly stole a car with a toddler inside and then struck and killed a bicyclist while fleeing from police." more

Plans to Link GAP & 9/11 Trail


Shanksville, PA - "A longtime plan to connect the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail to the Flight 93 National Memorial Trail may reach a breakthrough with Gov. Tom Wolf’s Restore Pennsylvania proposal..." more

Norway Trails Ogee System Opens


MI - "...The DTN and volunteers were able to build a 2.25-mile Norway School Forest Loop and the 0.75-mile Alwine Trail that connects this trail system to Piers Gorge Road." more

Foundation to Sell Bike Share Bikes

Columbus, IN - "The Columbus Parks Foundation will attempt to repurpose and sell the bicycles and docking stations from the city’s soon-to-be defunct bike-share program." more

How Much Would it Cost to Ditch Your Car?

Indianapolis, IN - "...We crunched the numbers to find out how much it will cost you to ditch the car." more

Lyft gives $100M to Citi Bike


NY - "If you didn’t know before, now you know: Lyft is the new operator of the Citi Bike program in New York City." more

1st Protected Bike Lane for Nashville


TN - "A pop-up along Commerce Street in downtown Nashville is highlighting bike lane safety concerns in the downtown footprint." more

Bike Lane Brawl At Sac State Campus


CA - "...Police say an angry exchange started when Soller was illegally parked in a bike lane on College Town Drive and a bicyclist complained." more

Avoiding Fines & Bike Confiscations on Federal Land


CA - "...Three years ago, dozens of people had their bikes confiscated for unknowingly riding on federal land. They said they were confused because the trails had no signs saying they were trespassing on government property." more

State Bicycle Receives Tariff Exclusion


AZ - "While requests are being accepted until Sept. 30, so far just five bike companies have requested that their products be excluded from new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration..." more

Crazy Aussie Driver Caught on Video

AUS - "Crikey, don’t ride near this bloke." more

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E-Bikes Allowed on Lorain County Parks Trails

Sheffield Village, OH - "...In summary, we are going to be allowing these E-Bikes, class one and class two." more

Pantless Man Found on Bike Trail

Austinburg Twp., OH - "A woman called the sheriff Monday after coming across an intoxicated man on a bike trail who was wearing no pants." more

$6.5M Road Project to Add Bike Lanes, Remove Car Lanes

Kalamazoo, MI - "...The goal of the street redesign is to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety while offering a balance of travel options..." more

East Whiteland Gets $250K For Bike-Pedestrian Trail

PA - "A bike and pedestrian trail connecting office, residential, educational and recreational areas to the Chester Valley Trail will be built." more

Lower Macungie Twp. Opens New Section of Greenway

PA - "...t's part of a master plan that aims to connect the trails in [the] township." more

ColumBike to Cease Operations in November


IN - "...We tried several different business models to sustain the program and while we had many very loyal riders, it never reached enough rides and sponsors to allow it to be sustainable." more

Another Cyclist Assaulted, No Police Action

NYC - "A NYC cyclist says he was assaulted by a pedestrian who knocked him off his bike while he was riding through the East Village this week—but he's even more enraged by the police response to the incident." more

'Green Wave' Pedals Past Local Foes


NY - "...The Department of Transportation recently began installing a protected bike lane along Shore Parkway, near Coney Island — the latest sign the agency intends to plow past community board opposition while racing to add 80 miles of safer paths for cyclists by 2021." more

VeoRide Eyes 100,000 Rides


AR - "VeoRide bike share program rolled out in Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas campus one year ago..." more

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Powell Bike Path Closure

Powell, OH - "The bike path that connects Rutherford Estates to the new Seldom Seen Park will be closed for paving starting today through this weekend." more

Officials Agree to NCIT Campus Connector

Fremont, OH - "The Sandusky County Park District's board approved an agreement with Terra State Community College Wednesday to connect the North Coast Inland Trail to the community college's campus." more

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Seeks E-Bike Comments

CVNP, OH - "Cuyahoga Valley National Park is seeking public comments on its change in the regulation of e-bikes in national parks." more

Baileys MTB Trail Starts Construction


Chauncey, OH - "...Phase 1 of the trail, which is a 13-mile stretch near Chauncey, began construction and is expected to be finished by the end of the year." more

Teenager Charged in Trail User Rape Case


Columbus, OH - "...Thomas is charged with the April 12 sexual assault at gunpoint of a woman who was pushing her child in a stroller on the Camp Chase bike trail..." more

Outdated Street Design in Cincinnati

OH - "...About 150 pedestrians were involved in crashes over the last six months in Cincinnati, according to city data." more

Kentucky's 1st Urban Trail Town


KY - "...the title will go to Elizabethtown for its Greenbelt Trails system and officials plan to recognize the accomplishment on Oct. 1 with a ceremony." more

‘Greenway’ Plan Sparks Neighborhood Tension


Chicago, IL - "A proposal to add a so-called greenway for cyclists and introduce pedestrian-focused safety measures on a Lincoln Park side street has sparked an outpouring of attention from neighbors." more

Cohoes Bike Trail Killing Trial to Begin


Albany, NY - "Lawyers will deliver opening statements Thursday morning in the murder trial of Thomas Slivienski, the man charged with fatally shooting 17-year-old Albany High School student Johni Dunia on a Cohoes bike path in November." more

Syracuse Adds Bike Path


NY - "...With the additional bike path, there is now a six-mile set of continuous bike lanes connecting Syracuse’s downtown to its Eastside..." more

700-Mile Bike Network Planned


WI - "...The Route of the Badger would create a more than 700-mile trail system by connecting a patchwork of existing trails in seven counties in and around Milwaukee..." more

PBOT to Build First "Alternative Pedestrian Walkway"


Portland, OR - "...The idea is to provide safe space for vulnerable road users when full-fledged sidewalks are considered too expensive or onerous to build." more

Car-Free Zones Eyed in SF, Elsewhere


CA - "After a spate of pedestrian deaths, San Francisco leaders are considering restricting cars from some residential neighborhoods." more

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Brunswick Lake Master Plan

Brunswick, OH - "...Eppink called plans to complete the second phase of the trail extension project known as the Plum Creek Greenway Project a potential 'game changer'..." more

Report: Fewer New Yorkers are Cycling

NY - "The number of New Yorkers who regularly ride a bicycle dropped 5 percent in the last two years, data released by the city Tuesday showed." more

City Council Votes to Ban Cars from Bike Lanes


Rochester, NY - "City Council voted Tuesday to prohibit cars from stopping or parking in bike lanes." more

Woman Attacked On Bike Path In Mattapan


MA - "...She was taken to a Boston hospital to receive treatment for cuts and bruises. She has since been released from the hospital." more

Scooters, Bikes Can Work in Tandem


Memphis, TN - "...At the end of the day, both programs working hand in hand certainly have made an impact on shared mobility in the city..." more

Surface Solutions for Tree Root Bumps on Paved Trails


Medford, OR - "...the county received a Recreational Trail Program grant to test what materials fared better than the asphalt against root bumps, which can regrow a year after paving." more

Why E-Bike Schemes Have Failed in Two Cities


"Is this the death knell for dockless e-bike shares?" more

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RiverScape Bike Path Tunnel Closure

Dayton, OH - The bike path tunnel underneath Riverside Bridge will be closed Tuesday, Sept. 17 and Wednesday, Sept. 18 for mainline water source repair.

ODOT to Install 11-Mile Bike Lane


Cincinnati, OH - "...By 2020, U.S. 52 will have an 11-mile bike lane stretching from Five Mile Road to New Richmond. The span will be marked with better signage, new paint and rumble strips to keep drivers from weaving into the wrong lane." more

Shepard Connectors Progress

9/17/19 - Columbus, OH

See photos.

See a map of the connectors.

Harrison County Trail Plan Revealed


Cadiz, OH - "...Dan Rice, president of Ohio Erie Canalway Coalition, said upon completion, the trail will be able to connect five regional and five national trails." more

Bike Lane Recommendations for Longmont


CO - "Cyclists and motorists in the future are unlikely to encounter many vertical posts, rails or curbs physically separating bike lanes from motor vehicle lanes on Longmont streets." more

Bluebikes’ 10 Millionth Trip


Boston, MA - "...Bluebikes will notch its 10 millionth trip in the next few days, the bike-share system announced on September 16. Nearly one-fifth of those rides occurred in 2019." more

Bikes and Scooters Could Replace a Lot of Car Trips


U.S. - "Almost half of all car trips in U.S. cities are three miles long or less. That little nugget of information has long been understood, hinted at by U.S. Census surveys, but now a transportation data company has confirmed and expanded on it..." more

Moped Gangs Attacking Cyclists


UK - "...Moped gangs have been filming themselves pushing cyclists off their bikes and posting footage on social media as part of a dangerous trend." more

Swooping Magpie Causes Fatal Bike Crash


AUS - "...The 76-year-old rider fell while trying to get away from the swooping bird." more

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New Park will Serve as Future Trailhead

Fairfield, OH - "The grand opening of FurField, the city’s new multi-use and dog park, is set for October, but an exact date has not been determined." more

Zoning Changes to Protect AT Section


Nazareth, PA - "An eastern Pennsylvania township has approved zoning changes aimed at blocking projects such as natural gas pipelines, wind turbines, solar panels and cellphone towers from being located near its section of the Appalachian Trail." more

City To Create Protected Bike Lanes During U.N. General Assembly


NYC - "The city will create a special lane for cyclists to ride past the United Nations building during the annual General Assembly next week, a change from a longstanding security policy that banned bikes from the area even though car drivers were not similarly restricted." more

Portland Needs to Step Up Traffic Enforcement

OR - "...I've lived and driven in the city for over 30 years and I cannot believe the flagrant disregard for laws and human life that I see almost every day." more

France to Invest €43M in Cycle Lanes


FRA - "Around 150 areas across France will receive state funding to have more bike lanes and improvements to existing ones, part of plan to get the French on their bikes." more

ER Doc: Stay Off E-Scooters


MN - "...Smith estimates at least five people are treated in the ER each day for e-scooter-related injuries. That adds up to several hundred ER visits this summer..." more

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Trail Work Day Along the AC&Y Trail

New London, OH - Brush removal along the developing AC&Y Trail, also known as the New London-Greenvich Trail.

Derr Road Reconstruction Moves Ahead

Springfield, OH - "...On Friday, the TCC approved the amended project to reconstruct Derr Road from its current state into a a four-lane road with added designated turn lane and multi-use paths on either side of the road for pedestrians and bicyclists..." more

Greenbelt Extension Along U.S. 60 Nearly Complete


KY - "The latest extension of Owensboro's David C. Adkisson Greenbelt Park walking trail along the former U.S. 60 bypass is nearing completion." more

City Council Approves Controversial Bike Lanes

VA - "The Alexandria City Council voted 4 to 3 Saturday for a controversial plan to trade traffic lanes for bike lanes on Seminary Road, despite protests from many residents who said it will worsen gridlock..." more

Razorback Greenway Continues to Connect NW Arkansas


AR - "...The greenway connects six downtowns; three hospitals; 23 schools; the University of Arkansas; and the Walmart, J.B. Hunt and Tyson headquarters..." more

Transformative Impact of Trails in the Quad Cities

IL, IA - "...two powerful trails in the region—the Riverfront and Great River trails, both host trails of the Great American and “spines” of a regional trail system between the states..." more

Paris Transit Strike Boosts Use Of Cycleways


FRA - "Never seen so many people using bikes to get to work in Paris before..." more

More News...

New Towpath Connector Opens

Independence, OH - A new towpath connector opened in Independence today, September 14.

Maintenance & Repair Progress on the B&O Trail

Richland County, OH - A summary on the trail ongoing trail work on the Richland B&O Trail.

Olentangy Trail Ramp Improved

Columbus, OH - Posted on 9/13/19.

Road Construction Incudes Shared-Use Path

Upper Arlington, OH - "The first rebuild of Henderson Road is nearing completion -- and more than a month earlier than expected." more

Driver Charged in Fatal Crash with Cyclist

Cleveland, OH - "A 21-year-old woman is charged in a crash that killed a bicyclist in the city’s Tremont neighborhood." more

How 2-Way Protected Bike Lane Will Work


Ann Arbor, MI - "Ann Arbor's first two-way protected bike lane is being installed on William Street from State to First streets in October and the Downtown Development Authority is providing tips on how to use it. " more

Cars Driving in Boston Bike Lanes


MA - "...This video, shared by Reddit user u/FostersFloofs, shows a number of vehicles 'taking advantage' of the lane designated for cyclists so they can bypass traffic more easily..." more

Battle Over Bike Lanes


VA - "...A proposal to remove two driving lanes on one stretch of the road in favor of bike lanes and add a turn lane and pedestrian crossing signals triggered a classic clash in the city..." more

Tackling the Bike Share Parking Problem


WA - "...In Portland, things are a little different, where the city issues citations to poorly parked bikes. Bikeshare companies will then charge that to the person who last used the bike, providing a motivation to park it correctly in the future." more

Conservation Groups Decry E-Bike Use on Federal Trails


WY - "...The scary part to me is to look at all of these nonmotorized routes suddenly becoming open to e-bikes without any kind of scientific process or public process to take a look at what the impacts on wildlife might be or impact on other trail users..." more

Uber To Pull Jump Bikes From Atlanta And San Diego


"..Over the summer, both San Diego and Atlanta ratcheted up regulations on shareable bikes and electric scooters." more

Rail-Trail State Policy 2019

U.S. - "This year, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s (RTC’s) state policy arm focused on strategies aimed at building financial support for trails, walking and bicycling over the long term, including the creation of advocacy infrastructure that should pay dividends for active transportation for years to come." more

More News...

9/11 Memorial Trail Approved by Senate

D.C. - "...The September 11th NMT is a 1,300 mile network of roads and paths that connect the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, Va., the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pa., the National September 11th Memorial and Museum in New York City, N.Y., and the 9/11 Memorial Garden of Reflection in Yardley, Pa." more

Citi Bike Cyclist Assaulted in Bike Lane

NYC - "A cyclist says she was assaulted in Midtown South this week by two men who tackled her off of her bike and punched her multiple times." more

In 2023, You Could Bike From Fort Worth to Dallas


TX - "...The roughly 52-mile trail mostly follows the Trinity River, offering a scenic and quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of Metroplex traffic..." more

Study: Bike Share Eases Traffic Congestion


" increased use of bike share programs would ease traffic in Seattle, a study by Inrix found." more

Bike Share Service Opens in Reykjavík


ISL - "...One hundred bikes will be on offer at 41 locations..." more

More News...

Ohio Eminent Domain Reform Bill in Committee

"...The legislation being debated, H.B. 288, would amend the state’s eminent domain laws to limit this power by prohibiting the seizure of land for creating a recreational trail." more

Lose Your Glasses on the Heart of Ohio Trail?

See original post to learn more.

Worshipers Given Pass to Block Bike Lanes


Philadelphia, PA - "...The recently painted bike lane on the left side of Spruce Street in front of the Society Hill Synagogue was wide open Saturday until a little after 9 a.m..." more

Berkeley Cyclists Fined $200+ for Rolling Stops

CA - "While San Francisco rushes to redesign intersections and put posts around its bike lanes, Berkeley has taken a different approach to traffic safety: penalties of more than $200 for cyclists who roll through stop signs." more

Brookline Police Cracking Down on Cars in Bike Lanes


MA - "Police in Brookline are cracking down on drivers who double park in bike lanes..." more

Judge Rules Bike Path Built on Private Land


RI - "Rhode Island built a section of the Blackstone River Bikeway on private property and will have to compensate a construction company for taking its land..." more

In-App Ticketing Comes to Denver

CO - "RTD, Transit and Masabi have come together to enable travellers to plan and pay for trips involving multiple modes of transportation on a single platform." more

E-Scooters Aren't the Greenest Way to get Around


"Shared electric scooters, or e-scooters, may be greener than most cars, but they can be less green than several other options, according to new research." more

More News...

Simon Kenton Trail Section Closure 9/11/19


Urbana, OH - The Simon Kenton Trail will be closed for paving repair, Wednesday 9/11/19 for one day. The section closed will be from Miami St. in Urbana to Edgewood Ave. There will be NO access to this area for anyone during this job.

Filling the Gaps on the Great Miami River Trail


Butler County, OH - "...there are 4.7 miles of proposed trail in Butler County that are the only pieces for which no funding has been found..." more

Preservation Status Sought for Darby Plains


Madison County, OH - "...The site has 350-year-old oak trees, and endangered species such as Ohio largest stand of Prairie Dropseed grass, plus prairie violets and Bicknell’s Sedge, a grass-like prairie plant that can grow more than two feet tall." more

Plainfield Launches Bike Share Program

IN - "Joining Indianapolis and other surrounding communities, Plainfield on Tuesday kicked off a new bike share program." more

Micromobility a Major Solution to Traffic Congestion


Boston, MA - "INRIX report finds that nearly half the car trips in the Boston area are under 3 miles..." more

Cyclists Demand Amazon Pay for a Bike Lane

Arlington, VA - "...We think Amazon, as part of the infrastructure of HQ2, should be improving the bike infrastructure right in front of their building..." more

Taxi Drives Down Bike Lane in Vancouver


CAN - "Police are investigating a hair-raising video that shows a taxi driving down a separated bike lane in downtown Vancouver." more

Toronto Locals Soured on "Neighborhood of the Future"

CAN - "Sidewalk Labs, a sister company of Google, has a wildly ambitious plan for Toronto’s waterfront. But concerns about Big Tech and privacy are only growing." more

More News...

Students Raise Bike Share Concerns

Kent, OH - "...Where the bikes are being parked is not the only problem. Kelsie Kline, a communications major said the bikes need tune ups as well." more

William Street Getting New Bike Lane

Ann Arbor, MI - "...The city and Downtown Development Authority are partnering to improve William Street to include a two-way protected bike lane..." more

London Cyclist Headbutts Pedestrian


UK - "Police are hunting a cyclist who headbutted a worker to the ground after a near-miss on a pedestrian crossing." more

E-Bike Rider Struck by Garbage Truck

NY - "Another cyclist has been injured after colliding with a garbage truck in Brooklyn." more

More than 20 Serious or Fatal Hit-n-Runs in Denver

CO - "So far in 2019, more than two people each month on average have been killed or seriously injured in Denver by hit-and-run drivers. But arrests have been made in fewer than half of the incidents." more

Federal Plan To Allow Electric Bikes Raises Safety Concerns

CA - "Last month, the Trump administration ordered a change in regulations to allow electric bicycles on every national park trail on which regular bikes are permitted. The news has drawn a mixed reaction." more

Some Protected Bike Lanes Leave Cyclists Vulnerable to Injury


VA - "...There is evidence that protected bike lanes help prevent the worst crashes, Cicchino says. What our study shows is that certain locations are better than others for this type of infrastructure." more

More News...

Towpath Section Closure Sept. 9-12

CVNP, OH - The towpath will be closed between Botzum and Ira Road today thru Thursday, Sept. 12. The section is being resurfaced.

Towpath Detours are Scary

Trail user reports that towpath detours are no fun.

Road Repaving, Bike Path Repairs Scheduled in Mentor

OH - "...Work is anticipated to begin on or about Oct. 7 and be complete within the month, according to a report to City Council.

"The project involves resurfacing portions of Hendricks and Hopkins, and bike path repairs along Hendricks." more

Cyclists Pedal for Change in State Law

Pittsburgh, PA - "...Ms. Innamorato is a co-sponsor for House Bill 792... which would amend state law so bike lanes and parking spaces would switch places, putting a barrier between bikes and cars." more

City Seeks More Funding for Bike Lane Project


Sharon, PA - "Sharon officials are trying to figure out a way to install candlesticks in the bike lane along North Sharpsville Avenue using the money a grant allotted." more

Copperheads Spotted on Bike Trail


Lancaster County, PA - "...Rothacker pointed out these snakes could easily be mistaken for a stick, putting passersby at risk of a venomous bite and the snakes in danger of being trampled upon or run over." more

Dangerous Bike Lane Draws Concerns


NYC - "...The new bike lanes are dangerous, ill-conceived and poorly thought through. They could result in many more pedestrians and cyclists being injured or killed..." more

County Marks Completion of $5.5M Bike Path

VA - "...Prince William County officials recently marked the completion of a new section of the path, which closed a gap along a more than 13-mile stretch of shared-use asphalt along Va. 234..." more

More News...

Niles Approves $20K for Trail Maintenance


Niles, OH - City council approved the appropriation of $20,000 for repairs to the Niles Greenway Trail. No money has been spent on the 3-mile trail section that falls within the city's jurisdiction since the trail was built.

Galena Trail Extension Progress

Galena, OH - Ongoing construction to linke these 2 segments of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail continue. Work is expected to be completed in November 2019, weather permitting.

See construction photos.

ODOT Developing Bike & Ped Policy


Champion, OH - "...Those who choose to voice their concerns and provide feedback should visit the Walk.Bike.Ohio website..." more

Forcing Cyclists to Wear Helmets?


"A mandatory helmet law in NYC is how Vision Zero ends." more

Pot Taxes Help Fix Dangerous Street


Portland, OR - "A project on Southwest Capitol Highway will impact traffic between Huber and Kerr Parkway but will make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists — and is paid for largely through pot revenue." more

Bikes "Startling Elk to Death"


OR - "...trail closures on public land to give the elk privacy during calving season often don’t work..." more

Frisco Bike Plan Calls for More On-Street Bike Routes


CA - "...The focus on bike lanes and routes in the master plan was driven by the growing demand in Frisco..." more

More News...

Paving Request for Friendship Trail Section

Sabina, OH - "...If the Sabina to Borum Road section does get paved this fall, the portion from Reesville (State Route 72) westward to Melvin Road would remain a stone path and would need new grant funds before it too gets paved to finish the blacktop for the entire 7.1-miles Clinton County leg of the Clinton-Fayette Friendship Trail." more

Toledo Cyclists Donate $5,000 to NORTA


Delta, OH - "We were shocked at our board mtg last night when Mark/Nancy Beerman from Toledo Area Bicyclists showed up to present us w/ check for $5000 from their Maumee Area River Ride as donation to Norta [Northwestern Ohio Rails-to-Trails Association]." more

90,000 Rides in 1 Day a New Citi Bike Record!


NYC - "...The bike rides have surged as New Yorkers have discovered that the bikes are one of the fastest ways to get around the city — even faster than taxis or the subway..." more

Campus Bike Share Stations Added


University Park, PA - "...With the additon of these four new stations and 25 new bikes, Penn State's Zagster bike share program is now comprised of 110 bikes across 21 stations." more

Ground Rules for E-Bikes in New Orleans


LA - "...The council unanimously agreed to permit "pedal-assist" bicycles, which are motorized bikes that can reach speeds of 20 mph. It also allowed pedal-assist bicycles that reach speeds of 28 mph on certain bikeways." more

How Advocates Brought the Idaho Stop to Oregon


"...The new law does not include freedom to yield and roll through traffic signals at intersections. Idaho added this provision in 2006 and many cyclists feel like it is only a natural and logical extension of the stop sign provision..." more

Cyclist Deaths are Exploding in U.S.


"...cities gaining new cyclists are quickly, tragically finding that they do not have the proper infrastructure to keep them safe..." more

Changing Skyscraper Designs to Benefit Peds, Cyclists


UK - "Wind tunnels and downdrafts can make life difficult for cyclists and pedestrians. London’s new design rules aim to reduce headwinds." more

More News...

Teen Charged with Raping Trail User

Columbus, OH - "...According to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, on April 12, 2019, 16-year-old Desmond Lee Thomas pulled a gun and sexually assaulted the woman who was pushing her child in a stroller on the Camp Chase bike trail on the west side of Columbus." more

Cannonball Trail Section Review with Photos

Fulton County, OH - "I hiked 9 miles today from CR23 near Elmira to Rotary Park in Wauseon in northwestern Ohio. This section is entirely on the Wabash Cannonball Trail, a converted railroad..." more

Alison Steele Creating Historical Bike Route

Avon Lake, OH - "...Alison said the path will visit some of the city’s most important historical locations: the Avon Lake Public Library, the Folger Home, Lake Shore Cemetery, Beach Park Plaza, the Power Plant and the Peter Miller House..." more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Trail Getting Rave Reviews, But it's not Open


Angola, IN - "...The reason we can't publicly open it is the contractor is still on the hook for some items and we can't open it up and have the public out there if the contractor's still out there working..." more

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Expands

Indianapolis, IN - "Nearly 300 new bicycles and over 20 new bike share stations across the city have been added for the Pacers Bikeshare program expansion." more

Redesigned Bike Lanes Could Protect Cyclists


Pittsburgh, PA - "A demonstration of how parked cars can protect bicycle lanes and their users may be a sign of things to come in Pittsburgh and other communities along the region’s three rivers." more

2nd Plunger Protest in Boulder


CO - "For the second time in two weeks, city officials had to remove plungers from the streets of Boulder." more

Red Tape Slows Louisiana Ave Bike Lane


D.C. - "The four-year-old plan to add a protected bikeway to Louisiana Avenue is at a standstill while the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) continues to negotiate the street design with Congress..." more

Vancouver Bike Share Use Grows


CAN - "Mobi Bike Share in Vancouver is coming off its busiest month in its three-year history." more

5 Myths About Jaywalking Pedestrians


"Studies prove these myths aren't true but nobody is listening." more

More News...

National Parks Service Opens Trails to E-Bikes

Cleveland, OH - "...Cuyahoga Valley spokesperson Pamela Barnes said her park was picked for the showcase because its Towpath Trail draws many bicyclists. Also, the Cuyahoga Valley has already put the new policy into effect, ahead of some other parks, though hers and others are still working out some details." more

Copley Township Envisions Trail System

OH - "A trail system through the township might be years away, but officials hope it will one day become a reality that would create public green space and potentially help curb flooding in Barberton and other communities to the south." more

Riverwalk Extension Taking Final Steps


Jasper, IN - "...Part of a master plan that aims to one day complete a 10- to 11-mile multi-use trail loop around the city..." more

Ocean Parkway Bike Path Won't See Repairs Until 2022


NY - "A rough road remains for bikers, pedestrians seeking access to Coney Island's attractions and beaches." more

E-Bikes Now Allowed on Mt. Vernon Trail


VA - "Cyclists can now ride e-bikes around national parks, including the Mt. Vernon Trail along the GW Parkway, thanks to a recent policy change from the National Park Service." more

BCycle E-Bike Launch in Madison a First


WI - "...Madison is the first bike share program to fully convert its fleet to electric..." more

Carriage Drivers Concerned about Bike Lane


NYC - "...Horse carriage drivers fear this section of the bike lane could increase chances of collisions between the animals and cyclists." more

Amsterdam’s Cyclists & Peds Don't Get Along

NLD - "...Woe betide those who accidentally step onto a bike path..." more

More News...

Great Miami River Trail Section Closure

Troy, OH - "Portions of the Great Miami River Recreational Trail within Troy’s city limits are scheduled to be repaved between Miami Shores Golf Course and Trade Square Road over the next week. Paving begins today, September 3 and should be completed by September 6, weather permitting..." more

See a map of the affected area.

The Success of the Saucon Rail Trail

PA - "After officials opened portions of the Saucon Rail Trail along Water Street Park in 2011, Hellertown business owner Steve LaBrake noticed [positive] changes." more

2 Peds & 1 Cyclist Killed in Chicago this Past Week

IL - "... One of the pedestrians was at least the fourth person killed by a driver this year while on the sidewalk, and the third person killed at a bus stop..." more

Whatcom County Planned Border-to-Border Bike Route

WA - "...a proposed 50-mile trail spanning Whatcom County’s entire coastline..." more

Citi Biking Thru Midtown Faster, Cheaper than Cab

NY - "...Citi Bikers in Midtown travel around 30% faster than their taxi-riding counterparts..." more

More Deaths by Red Light Runners

OR - "...Nationally, deaths from drivers running red lights reached a 10-year high in 2017 and are up 28 percent from a decade ago." more

COO Dies in Bike Accident


CA - "Chad Peterson, the chief operating officer at Intense LLC, died Monday from injuries sustained in a bike accident near Temecula." more

5 Myths about Collisions with Peds

CAN - "As people continue to die on Toronto’s streets in alarmingly high numbers, there appears to be growing consensus among the public and local leaders that the city is in the midst of a road safety crisis." more

More News...

Towpath Trail Section Closing Sept. 27


Akron, OH - The trail will be closed for the Akron Marathon, which will take place in the area of the Wilbeth Road Trailhead and will utilize the Towpath Trail heading north through Summit Lake and into downtown Akron. The Wilbeth parking lot will be closed beginning at 8 p.m. on September 27 and will re-open after the race on September 28.

Dispute Over Pothole Won't Be Settled in Court

Walbridge, OH - "...Who is responsible for the road came to a head in January when a pothole popped open and there was a small game of chicken on who would repair it." more

Another Death at Old Man's Cave

Hocking Hills, OH - "...Victoria Schafer, 44, was on stairs near Old Man’s Cave when she was struck by a falling tree branch..." more

14 New Mountain Bike Trail Openings


U.S. - "August 2019 was a huge month for mountain bike trail openings. From new connector trails within larger, established trail systems, to full-on, brand new bike parks, there’s more singletrack for mountain bikers to ride than ever before..." more

Cyclists: Edmonton Should Adopt 1-Meter Clearance Rule


CAN - "Bylaw requires motorists to keep buffer zone when passing cyclists." more

More News...

Wayne County Rails-to-Trails E-News

OH - "... This is the fourth and final chapter of the March interviews with Board Members." more

Toronto Bike Lane Improved Economic Activity

CAN - "The Bloor St. bike lane was initially a pilot project but was later made permanent because of the positive impact it's had." more

New Off-Road Cycle Route Links England & Scotland

"A new 800-mile mainly off-road cycle route between England and the north coast of Scotland has been launched." more

Bike Share Failures in Melbourne

AUS - "Melbourne might have a claim on the title of Australia’s cycling capital, but it's also turned out to be the graveyard for public bike share schemes." more

The Unsafe Laziness of Painted Bike Lanes


AUS - "Painting white lines to mark bike lanes on city roads and assuming cyclists will be safe and motivated to use them is delusional..." more

More News...

Trail Connection Construction Continues

Delaware County, OH - Construction progress to link two trails along the Ohio-to-Erie Trail corridor continues in Delaware County. The Galena Brick Trail is being extended to connect with the Sandel Legacy Trail in Sunbury, Ohio. View photo.

Water Line Work Brings Trail Detour Sept. 2


Fairborn, OH - "The City of Fairborn will be doing water pipeline work along the Wright Brothers-Huffman Prairie Bikeway at Kauffman Avenue near Garland Avenue. A small portion of the trail will be impacted and a temporary gravel detour will be provided. Please walk your bikes through the detour. This work is scheduled to begin the week of September 2nd and is scheduled to last 1-2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact Greene County Parks & Trails at 937.562.6440.

New Cannonball Trail Mileage Sign

Liberty Center, OH - A new trail mileage sign has been installed at the Henry County Rd 6-C trailhead along the south fork of the Wabash Cannonball Trail, just southeast of Liberty Center, Ohio. View photos.

Former Chief Counsel to Governor Killed While Biking

Hilliard, OH - "A 58-year-old man, who served as the Chief Counsel for Gov. George V. Voinovich, died Saturday morning after he was struck by a vehicle while riding on a bicycle in Brown Township near Hilliard." more

How to Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

Columbus, OH - Some good tips from Columbus Metroparks on how to properly secure your valuables and vehicle when parking at trailheads. more

40th Cougar Report in Michigan Since 2008

MI - "...The confirmation was made after an image of a cougar was captured Aug. 17 on a trail camera on public land in the Upper Peninsula's Delta County." more

Building the Northeast Texas Trail


TX - "...The Northeast Texas Trail, or NETT, is in the process of being established across 130 miles, stretching through seven counties and 19 small towns between Farmersville and New Boston..." more

For more news, visit the 2019 Archive.

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