Prairie Grass Trail

At a Glance

Location: Xenia to London, OH

Length: 30.4 miles / asphalt

Class: A1++

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As trail-builiding expanded the cross-state Ohio-to-Erie Trail, it created new sections that sometimes swallowed up older, smaller trails. Such was the fate of the Cedarville Trail, which was extended eastward through South Charleston to London and christened the 'Prairie Grass Trail.' [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

London, OH
London, OH

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Greene, Clark & Madison Counties

Class: A1++

Length: 30.4 miles / asphalt (includes 1.8mi road routes)

Condition: Good

Facilities: In / near the towns along the route.

Parking: S. Charleston Trailhead (See trail map for more options.)

Worth Noting: Expect plenty of sun exposure on sunny days.

Map: Prairie Grass Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: West to east

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The Prairie Grass now refers to a 30-mile bikeway that extends from Xenia eastward to London, Ohio. After a short gap in the trail, a 6.6-mile section dubbed Roberts Pass carries on toward Columbus, OH.

S. Charleston, OH
S. Charleston, OH Trailhead

The Prairie Grass Trail is one of 5 trail sections that converge in Xenia, Ohio at the Xenia Station. To learn more about this unique trail junction, visit the Xenia Station page.

This trail, along with the Little Miami Scenic Trail (which also connects to Xenia station), combine for 89-miles of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail route in SW OH.

The Cedarville section is a rural trail that was paved in 1998. There are a couple of dips and small undulations along this bikeway -- hardly enough to be called hills, but a bit of a departure from ultra flat rail-trails. There are also two wooden viewing platforms that overlook a small ravine on either side of the trail.

As you approach the heart of Xenia, a Xenia Station sign lets you know you are nearing the largest intersection of paved bikeways in the state of Ohio.

The trail comes to an end at Hill and Detroit Streets (Rt. 68) in Xenia. From here a widened sidewalk guides you through 2 crosswalks before you reach trail again on the edge of the Xenia Station grounds.

Typically crossroads along the bikeway are marked with street signs. And where the trail encounters these crossroads, the path has been designed to be perpendicular by curving to meet roads at right angles. This increases safety at these junctions by giving cyclists a better view of oncoming traffic. It also adds small curves to the pathway, giving the trail more character.

Midway Street
Trail End - London, OH

Where the trail currently ends at Midway Street in London, a signed bike route leads riders to the next section of completed trail about 1.5 miles away.

Plans are in the works to reduce this gap to Roberts Pass, on London's eastside. Update: 9/16/17 Groundbreaking took place earlier this month for trail construction that will close about .3-miles of this gap.

The construction will extend the trail on the eastside of London -- the Roberts Pass Trail -- west to S. Walnut Street. When construction has been completed, a .9-mile gap will remain in the trail.

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