Southeast Ohio Bike Trail & Map List

Largest Trail Network

Newark, in Licking County


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SE OH Class City / County Length & Surface
Athens-Belpre Rail Trail C3 Torch / Athens County 3mi / gravel - 14mi when completed
Blackhand Gorge Trail A3+! Toboso / Licking County 4.3mi / asphalt
Fairfield Heritage Trail A++ Lancaster / Lancaster County 9.5mi / asphalt (includes road routes)
Gallia County Hike & Bike Trail A3 & C3 Gallipolis to Spring Valley & Kerr to Bidwell / Gallia County 2 sections open: 4.5mi & 3.3mi / asphalt & crushed stone (28mi when completed)
Great Guernsey Trail A3 Cambridge to Lore City / Guernsey County 6.1mi / asphalt
Heath Trails A1 Heath / Licking County Main Trail: 5.5mi / asphalt; Connectors total: 3.1mi / asphalt
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway A3+ Nelsonville to Athens / Athens County 20.4mi / asphalt
Marietta River Trail A3 Marietta / Washington County 4.4mi / asphalt
Moonville Rail Trail C3 Zaleski to Mineral / Vinton & Athens Counties 9mi / ballast stone & natural surface (under development)
Muskingum Recreational Trail A3 Dresden / Muskingum County 5.1mi / asphalt (includes .2mi road route)
National Road Bikeway A3 St. Clairsville / Belmont County 2.5mi / asphalt
Ohio Canal Greenway C3 Hebron / Licking County 2.2mi / cinders & gravel
Panhandle & Panhandle River Trails A2+! Newark to Hanover / Licking County 9.8mi / asphalt + (River Trail 1.6mi / asphalt)
Thomas J. Evans Bike Trails A1+ Johnstown to Newark / Licking County 14.2mi / asphalt & 7.3mi / connecting trails to campus & YMCA
Zane's Landing Trail A3 Zanesville / Muskingum County 2.7mi / asphalt

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