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Simon Kenton Trail

Roughly half of the Simon Kenton Trail is unpaved at this time, giving the trail a dual personality. [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

Unpaved Rail-with-Trail - Photo by Billy Helfrich

Lastest Update: 7/23/17 by D Andy - Tree Down on Trail

Where this trails splits in Urbana to head towards Bellefontaine at the Depot Coffee House in Urbana, about .5m up the path there is a downed tree across the bike trail. It extends across the path almost to the train tracks.

It is still attached at the trunk so I was unable to move it. You will have to walk around it to continue on to Bellefontaine or to finish coming into Urbana.

Springfield Bike Patrols Expanding - 7/15/17 OB

From, "...The Springfield Police Division is expanding its bicycle patrols to Springfield's greenway trail network.

"The Little Miami Trail, Simon Kenton Trial and the east-west connector, Buck Creek Trail will be patrolled by certified bike patrol officers to off-duty staffing from now into early fall, Clark County Combined Health District officials said Friday. "

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Clark, Champaign and Logan Counties

Class: B, A1+

Length: 17.8 miles / asphalt + 1.6 mile spur; + 15.9 miles / crushed stone

Condition: Good

Facilities: No known trailside facilities between Bellefontaine & Urbana.

Parking: Lewis Moore Dr. in Urbana, OH. (See trail map for more options.)

Worth Noting: The SKT's connection with the Little Miami Trail essentially ties it to the SW OH trail network and the cross-state Ohio-to-Erie Trail.

Map: Simon Kenton Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: South to north

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Shortly after leaving Urbana and heading north toward Bellefontaine, the bikeway's asphalt surface turns to crushed stone for the remainder of the 16-mile journey.

This segment also shares the corridor with a train track, whereas paved trail coming southwest out of Urbana has the corridor all to itself.

In Springfield, OH the trail connects with the Buck Creek Trail before ending at Center Street, a mere .2 miles from the Little Miami Trail. This final connection, via a protected bike lane, effectively connects the Simon Kenton with trails throughout SW, central and NE Ohio via Xenia Station.

Urbana, OH
Restored Depot in Urbana, OH - Photo by Billy Helfrich

Here's a description of the trail by Billy Helfrich:

The Simon Kenton Trail runs 18 miles from the YMCA in the east end of Urbana, Ohio, meandering west and then to the north, and eventually south to downtown Springfield, Ohio. Mostly flat, it's mainly a rail trail with lots of shady areas and wide open spots too. There are many wildflowers to see and lots of corn and soy bean fields.

There are interesting sights along the Trail with much farm land and a few streams to cross.

There are plenty of places to stop for refreshments in West Liberty and Bellefontaine.

Photo by Billy Helfrich

Cedar Bog Nature Preserve is conveniently located nearby on Woodburn Road.

Spurs branch off to the Melvin Miller Park in Urbana, the Urbana University, the Springfield Soccer Fields, the Splash Zone Water Park, and the Buck Creek Trail.

The Simon Kenton Trail, which has become known simply as the "SKT," crosses over the old 1916 Buck Creek Bridge and it has been connected with trail into downtown Springfield to Center Street where It connects via downtown streets to the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

If you like to go fast and enjoy long stretches of trail, then riding on the SKT is just where you want to be.

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