Southwest Ohio Bike Trail & Map List

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SW OH Class City / County Length & Surface
4-C Trail A1 Wilmington / Clinton County 1.3mi / asphalt (+ a .4mi & .7mi trail extensions)
Alum Creek Greenway Trail A1++ Columbus / Franklin County 23.9mi / asphalt & concrete
Big Walnut Creek Trail A1 Hoover Reservoir to Gahanna to Big Walnut Park / Franklin County 5 sections: 6.9mi / asphalt
Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail A1 Columbus / Franklin & Fairfield Counties 14.8mi / asphalt
Buck Creek Trail A1 Springfield / Clark County 6mi / asphalt
Camp Chase Trail A1 Lilly Chapel to Columbus / Madison & Franklin Counties 2 sections totaling 15.7mi / asphalt; .4mi gravel section
Canal Feeder Trail A3 Sidney / Shelby County 2.4mi / asphalt
Canal Run Trail A1 Piqua / Miami County 2.3mi / asphalt
Creekside Trail A1++ Xenia / Greene & Montgomery Counties 15mi / asphalt
Darby Creek Trail C2 Georgesville / Franklin & Madison Counties 3 sections totaling: 8.8mi / gravel
Dayton-Kettering Connector A2 Dayton-Kettering / Montgomery County 1.9mi / asphalt; 5.2mi roadway / bike lanes
Downtown (I-670) Connector A1 Columbus / Franklin County 4.2mi / asphalt (includes wide sidewalks & road routes)
Friendship Trail A3, B3 Sabina / Clinton County 2.5mi / asphalt + 4.6mi / crushed stone & gravel
Galena Brick Trail A1 Galena / Delaware County 1.5mi / asphalt
Genoa Township Trail A1++ Genoa Township / Delaware County 4mi / asphalt
Great American Rail Trail A Preble, Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Madison, Franklin, Delaware & Knox Counties SW OH trail miles: ~121.3mi / asphalt; ~32.5 unfinished miles
Great Little Trail A1 Austin Landing, Miamisburg / Montgomery County 6mi / asphalt & concrete
Great Miami River Trail A1++, A3++ Fairfield to Piqua / Miami, Montgomery & Butler Counties 80mi / asphalt (~87 miles when complete)
Hellbranch Trail A1 Hilliard / Franklin County 5.2mi / asphalt
Heritage Trail A1 Hilliard to Plain City / Franklin & Madison Counties 6.2mi / asphalt
Hoover Scenic Trail A2 Hoover Reservoir / Delaware County .6mi / asphalt
Iron Horse Trail A1 Kettering / Montgomery County 9.8mi / asphalt (includes road routes and sidewalks)
Lebanon Countryside Trail A1 Lebanon / Warren County 7.8mi / asphalt; includes .8mi road route
Little Miami Scenic Trail A1++ Cincinnati to Springfield / Greene, Warren, Clermont, Hamilton & Clark Counties 78mi / asphalt
Lunken Field Trail A1 Cincinnati / Hamilton County 5mi / asphalt - Loop around airfield
Luther Warren Peace Path A2 Wilmington / Clinton County 1.2mi / asphalt
Mad River Trail A1 Dayton / Montgomery & Fairborn Counties Approx. 6.9mi / asphalt
Meredith State Road Trail A3 Centerburg / Delaware County 1.6mi / asphalt
Miami Whitewater Trail A3 New Haven / Hamilton County 7.4mi / asphalt loop trail
Mill Creek Bikeway A3 Cincinnati / Hamilton County Sections total 3mi / asphalt & concrete
Ohio River Trail A1 Cincinnati / Hamilton & Clermont Counties Currently 3 segments totaling 7.4mi / asphalt; + 2.5mi road route (bike lane)
Ohio-to-Erie Trail A, B, C Cincinnati to Columbus to Cleveland ~320mi when completed (a cross-state bikeway)
Ohio-to-Indiana Trail A1 Piqua / Miami County 5.5mi / asphalt
Olentangy Trail A1++ Columbus / Franklin County 13mi / asphalt (includes .7 mi road section)
Paint Creek Trail
(formerly Tri County Trail)
A3 Washington Courthouse to Chillicothe / Fayette, & Ross Counties 34.2mi / asphalt (includes road routes)
Prairie Grass Trail A1++ Xenia to London / Greene, Clark & Madison Counties 30.4mi / asphalt (includes 1.8mi road routes)
Roberts Pass A1 London / Madison County 6.6mi / asphalt (London, OH east to Wilson Rd)
Sandel Legacy Trail A1 Sunbury / Delaware County .7mi / asphalt
Scioto Trail A1 Columbus / Franklin County 11.4mi / asphalt (includes trail on both sides of the river)
Simon Kenton Trail B, A1+ Springfield to Urbana to Bellefontaine / Clark, Champaign & Logan Counties 17.8mi / asphalt (includes 1.6mi spur in Urbana) + 15.9mi / crushed stone
Stillwater River Trail A1 Dayton / Montgomery County 2 Trail Sections: 3.5 & 3.1mi / asphalt (includes road riding) + ~1mi spurs
Tecumseh Trail A3 New Carlisle / Clark County 2.7mi / asphalt (includes .2-mile road route)
Wasson Way Trail A Cincinnati / Hamilton County .6mi asphalt / 7.6mi when complete
Westerville Rail-Trail A1 Westerville / Franklin & Delaware Counties 2.6mi / asphalt (~29mi Bike & Walk network throughout Westerville)
Williamsburg-Batavia Trail A3 Williamsburg to Batavia / Batavia County 5.4mi / asphalt (~13mi when complete)
Wolf Creek Trail A1 & A3 Trotwood to Verona & Dayton / Montgomery County 2 Trail Sections: 12.6mi & 3.9mi / asphalt
Wright Bros. - Huffman Prairie Bikeway A1 Fairborn / Greene County 5.3mi / asphalt & concrete
Xenia-Jamestown Connector A2 Xenia to Jamestown / Greene County 15.9mi / asphalt (includes .4mi road routes)
Xenia Station Trails A1++ Xenia / Greene County 5 paved trail sections converge at or near Xenia Station

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